GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

  1. From Sceptre (07/31/2003; 64KB) All Training Completed, 60000 coins, 7 missions finished
  2. From kenb215 (02/08/2004; 64KB) Campaign at Mission 12 Naval Clash, Rank is Gold Rat, Maps: Spann Island- Point Stormy, Dire Range, 41 coins
  3. From SeANMcBAY (01/05/2003; 64KB) Gameshark save. Everything unlocked. All COs. All maps. Golden Dragon rank. S-rank on all missions. Gold letters on all menus.
  4. From joshma2 (06/25/2003; 64KB) In hard mode. S rank on every hard mode campain level.
  5. From Biospark3 (01/12/2003; 64KB) On mission 19, purchused many battle maps, and Jade Rat ranking.
  6. From SciFi guy (01/05/2003; 64KB) Version 1.1 All CO's, all maps, Advance Campaign unlocked, only War Room not gold/flashy

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

  1. From Mykas0 (07/17/2005; 64KB) Advance campaign finished with an S-rank, lots of things unlocked, you have 999 coins.
  2. From RadioShadow (03/23/2006; 64KB) All the COs unlocked, Normal and Hard Campaign completed, everything brought from Hachi shop and a few war rooms S-Ranked.

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