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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Rej72380

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                            FINAL FIGHT ONE
                      By Robert Johnson (Rej72380)
                          Created on 3/23/2007
                         For the Gameboy Advance
        3.1) GUY
        3.2) CODY
        3.3) HAGGAR
        3,4) ALPHA GUY
        3.5) ALPHA CODY
    4) FAQS
        5.1) STAGE 1--SLUMS
        5.2) STAGE 2--SUBWAY/PARK
        5.3) STAGE 3--WESTSIDE
        5.5) STAGE 5--BAY AREA
        5.6) STAGE 6--UPTOWN
    Welcome to my FAQ/Walkthrough for the GBA version of Final FIght,
    which is known as Final Fight One. This guide will give
    you the information of all five characters in the game
    and will provide a walkthrough for all six stages of
    the game. And now, here is the guide.
    NOTE: These are the default controls. You may change them
    through the "Options" menu.
    Control pad--Moves character
    A Button--Jumps
    B Button--Punches
    R Button--Uses super move (Uses life energy to
    Control pad towards + B Button--Throws an enemy
    (Must be close enough to execute)
    A Button, then B Button--Jump kicks
    B Button (Rapidly)--Performs combo
    Control Pad + A Button, then B Button-- Executes
    Pile Driver (Haggar only)
    A Button + B Button--Uses Super move (Uses
    Life energy to execute)
    Start Button--Pauses game
    When you buy the game brand new, or reset all data from
    the main menu, you begin with three characters.
    As you kill many enemies, you unlock many bonuses,
    including two more characters. Here is the list
    of characters:
    3.1) GUY
    Guy is a fighter from Japan. He would later appear in
    the 1995 arcade fighting game "Street Fighter
    Alpha" as a playable character. He is known
    for his lightning-quick movement and super-fast
    punches. However, all that speed comes at a
    price--He is generaly considered the weakest of
    the five, his is punches barely killing a minot thug
    on the easiest difficulty.
    + Moves very fast
    + Can get combos in quickly
    - Weak punches
    - Could easily get killed if not careful
    3.2) CODY
    Cody is childhood friends with Jessica Haggar, the
    daughter of the Metro City Mayor and one who is
    kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang. His attacks and
    speed is pretty normal, but not enough to
    quickly defeat some of the tougher enemies,
    like the Andore brothers. IF any thing, he
    should be best used for fighting until you
    unlock the other two characters.
    + Normal speed
    + Normal attack
    - Normal speed
    - Normal attack
    3.3) HAGGAR
    Mike Haggar is the Mayor of Metro City,
    former pro wrestler and Street Fighter, and
    father of Jessica, the Kidnapped. He
    has brute strenght. Because he's a former
    wrestler, he's the only character to know the
    illegal wrestling move known as the Pile
    Driver, which slams the enemy to the ground,
    head-first. Unfortunatly, his large body
    causes him to slow down, If you're looking for
    brute strenght, go with Haggar.
    + Very strong
    + Only one to use Pile Driver
    - Very slow movement
    3.4) ALPHA GUY
    This the exact character from the "Street Fighter
    Alpha" series. He is super fast, much stronger
    and attacks a whole lot more quiclky than
    the regular Guy. However, his only weakness
    is his low vitality. Other than that, he's
    + Super fast
    + Super strong
    + Attacks very quickly
    - Gets killed rather quickly
    3.5) ALPHA CODY
    This version of Cody came out of nowhere, and for good
    measure. He's what you would call perfect
    in the "Fifth Element" sense. That means, just
    like Milia Jovcovich's character in in the movie,
    he's super strong, super fast, has
    very fast combos and can take a licking but still
    keep on ticking. This is the best character you
    can get in this game.
    + Super strong
    + Super fast
    + Super fast combos
    + Takes a lot of hits to kill him
    - Why is he wearing prison clothes?
    4) FAQS
    Q: How many points do I need to get an extra life?
    A: It depend on how you got the  "Player" setting to.
    You can earn lives at either 100,000 point for the
    entire game. 200,000 points for the entire game,
    every 200,000 points, or choose not to have any extra lives
    at all.
    Q: Where the heck of Roxy and Poison in this game?
    A: As a carry-over from the SNES version, both
    of those enemies recieved sex changes and are known
    as Billy and Sid, respectively. The original
    reason why Capcom decided to change that in the
    SNES version was because of Nintendo's
    censorship policies in the early 1990's,
    which didn't allow negative stereotypes of women,
    in this case, being stereotyped as
    Q: Help! I'm having troble with (Insert Boss name
    A: I would suggest readint the boss strategy in each stage
    sub-section of the walkthrough.
    Q: Three continues is not enough for me. What should
    I do?
    A: As I mentioned earlier in the guild, you can unlock
    different bonuses by killing a lot of enemies. One
    of them is the Stage Select unlockable. See the section
    "THE LIST OF UNLOCKABLES" for more info on how to
    unlock that feature.
    Here is the meat and bones of the guide--the
    walkthrough. Note that this walkthrough is based
    on the fact that the difficulty is set to
    "Very Easy". In other words, indivisiual results
    may vary. Without further ado, here's the walk-
    5.1) STAGE 1--SLUMS
    After the first boss, Damnd, runs off with Jessica,
    kill two enemies there and then move forward.
    There's a stack of tire. Punch it to get a
    bonus item. Next, kill a J, Bred and Jake, then
    go forward.
    Nex up is a couple of drum barrels, destroy them
    for more bonus items. There will be a Simons and
    a Two-P there. Kill both of them to move on.
    Once you're inside, destroy the wooden crate for another
    bonus item. Next, kill a Bred and a Dug. More enemies
    will come now, this time, a J and another Bred. Move
    forward. There's another wooden crate to break.
    Up next is a Bill Bull, a Dug, a Bred, and a Holly
    Wood. You'll then move on outside.
    From there, punch the stack of tires of a chicken,
    which feplenished you life energy to full. Then,
    kill a Simons, a J, a Dug, a Jake, and a Two-P.
    Move forward to meet the first boss:
    *************BOSS ALERT!***************************
    BOSS NAME: Damnd
    MOVES: Jump kick, whisles for reinforcements
    STRATEGY--Damnd is the first boss of the game.
    In order to do damage, punch him while he's
    laughing evily. That's your cue to punch him
    After his life bar is down to 3/4 and 1/4,
    he'll jump toward the subway entrance and
    whisle for reienforcement. Kill those enemies while
    avoiding Damnd's Jump kick, which causes
    a ton of damage to your character. Repeat
    the process until he's dead.
    ********END OF BOSS ALERT**************************
    To start, kill a Slash, a J, a Sid, a Jake
    another J and a Billy. Destroy the two drumcans 
    for some bonus items. Move forward.
    From there, kill a J, an AXl and a Simons. You'll
    move onto the subway.
    From there, kill 2 Breds, a Dug, a J, a Two-P
    and an Axl. Move forward. from there, kill a Jake,
    a Dug, a Holly Wood, a J, a Sid and an Andore
    Jr. Move forwad.
    From there, destroy two wooden barrels for some
    bonus items. Next, kill a Bred, a Holly Wood,
    a Dug and a Two-P. Again, move forward.
    From there, leave the two barrels alone, as
    they're not worth the effort to get them, as
    you'll have to kill a Holly Wood, a Billy
    an Andore and an El Gado.
    Once you're in the underground, kill a Jake,
    a Two-P, a Sid, a Dug and a Billy. Crack open
    another drumcan to get a much-needed
    chicken. Move forward.
    From there, kill a Bred and a Two-P. You'll
    then enter a boxing ring, in which you'll fight
    the next boss:
    **************BOSS ALERT!**********************
    MOVEs--Attacks with Katanas, charge attack.
    STRATEGY--This guy is extremely tough, but you
    can beat him. When he's pauses from his
    katana attack, punch him to force him to drop of
    his katanas. Immediatly pick it up and slash
    him with it, while avoiding his charge attack.
    If you should be hit by him, he'll
    quickly pick up hit katanas. In this case,
    repeat step 1. Repeat this process until he's
    ********END OF BOSS ALERT*********************
    -----------BONUS STAGE ALERT------------------
    BONUS OBJECTIVE--Destroy a brand-new car
    STRATEGY--There are three different
    areas in which you can damage the car. quickly
    punch the left side, the hood and the right
    side of the car to complete the bonus
    stage. The look on the owner's face
    will be sad once the damage is done.
    -------END BONUS STAGE ALERT-------------------
    5.3) STAGE 3--WESTSIDE.
    From the start, kill a Bred, a J, a Two-P,
    a Jake, a Dug, an Andore, a J and a Dug.
    Move forward and punch the door open.
    From there, kill a Holly Wood, a a Bred, a Dug,
    an El Gado, Punch the barrel to get a bonus
    item, then kill a G-Orbitor, and a Dug.
    Destroy anothe barrel and kill a Slash,
    an Androe and two El Gados. Move forward
    amd punch the door open. You'll then be
    hogtied by an Andore and into a steel
    From there, kill the F. Andore and the
    U. Andore. From there, destroy the door
    and move forward.
    Kill the G, Orbier, the Wong Who and
    a Sid, then a Simons. Move forward.
    From there, kill a Bred, a Dug, a J,
    a Two-P, a Jake, a Billy and a J.
    Move forward to meet the next boss:
    **********BOSS ALERT!**********************
    NAME--Edi E.
    MOVES--Pistol whip attack, fire
    with pistol
    STRATEGY--At the start, use jump kicks
    to cause some damage to him. Don't get
    too close, or you'll be pistol-whipped
    for some serious damage. Once you get his life
    bar down to yellow, he'll start firing his pistol,
    and they're not blockable by punches.
    He'll also move away if you get too close to
    him. Keep on the Jump kicks going
    until he's dead.
    ********END BOSS ALERT*********************
    Be careful walking around the first part of
    the stage, as flames will spew out of the
    floor and cause serious damage to anyone
    touching them, enemies includes.
    From there, kill a Slash, a Two-P. Then kill 2
    Simonses, 2 Jakes, a couple of Two-Ps, 2
    Slashes, 2 Andore Jrs, and 2 Sids. move forward.
    Next up, kill a Dug and a Simons, while
    destroying three drumcan that are in the way.
    Next, kill the 2 Bill Bulls and a G. Oriber.
    Move forward. Then, kill a Billy, a Slash
    and an Andore, while avoding the rolling
    drumcans. Move forward. Kill two Holly Woods,
    2 El Gados, a Bred and a J. From there, kill
    three more Holly Woods and a few more enemies.
    Next up, you'll fight a gauntlet of enemies,
    leading up to the boss:
    *************BOSS ALERT!**********************
    MOVES--Various use of weapons, spear attack.
    STRATEGY--Just like the previous boss,
    use jump kicks to damage him. Be
    carefull jump kicking if he jump toward the wall--
    he'll attack you for sure.
    Also, beware of the hand grenades he throws on the
    ground, as they'll cause damage to you.
    Once his Life bar is yelloy, he'll use a
    spear attack if you get too close to him.
    Keep on jump kicking him until he perishes.
    ********END BOSS ALERT************************
    5.5) STAGE 5--BAY AREA
    First off, kill a J, a Bred, a Two-P and an
    Axl. Move forward.  From there, kill a Simons,
    4 Breds and 3 Dugs. Move forward.
    From there, kill the 2 G. Oribers 2
    Bill Bulls and a Wong Who. Move forward.
    Destroy the three barrels blocking your way and
    kill an Andore Jr and a Two-P. Move forward.
    Avoid the rolling drumcans and kill 2 Dugs,
    2 Breds and a Jake. Move forward. Next,
    kill a Sid, a Billy and another Sid. Move forward.
    From here, kill a Bred, a Simons, a J, a Two-P,
    three Slashes and two Js. Move forward. From there,
    kill a Bred, a Slash, two Dugs a J and a Two-P.
    Move forward.
    From there, ignore the three Holly Woods, as they'll
    only throw bottles of fire before running away.
    Move Forward. From there, kill a Sid and a Billy.
    Then move forward and ignore three more Holly Woods
    with bottled fire. Ignore three more of them
    and kill a Two-P, a J, a Dug and a Jake.
    There will be more fire-throwing Holly Woods
    in the area. After that, move forward.
    From there, kill a group of knife-throwing
    Holly Woods and El Gados before moving on.
    From there, will a Dug, a Bred, a Jake,
    a few more Dugs and 2 Simonses. Move on
    to another Dug, a J, 2 Jakes and an Axl.
    Move forward.
    Kill a Bred, a Dug and a Simons before
    moving on to the boss of the stage:
    ***********BOSS ALERT!**************************
    MOVES--Charge attack, super throw,
    rage attack.
    STRATEGY--Just like Edi E. and Rolento
    before him, use jump kicks to
    damage him. This time around, jump
    kick him when he's in the middle of his
    Rage attack, in which he'll turn red with
    Don't get too close to him, or he'll throw
    you around like crazy. Keep on
    expoiting the Rage attack patern until he's
    ******END BOSS ALERT****************************
    --------BONUS STAGE ALERT!----------------------
    STRATEGY--Line up with the row of glass,
    punching them as quickly as possible. There is no
    time to hesitate, so break every glass panel you
    can get your hands on before time runs out.
    --------END BONUS STAGE ALERT------------------
    5.6) STAGE 6--UPTOWN
    From the start, destroy three rolling drumcan to earn a
    1-up, then kill a couple Two-Ps, a J, a Dug and a
    Jake. Jump over another three rolling
    barrels, then kill Jake, a Simons, a Bred, an Axl.
    anothe Jake, and another Simons. Move forward.
    From there, kill a Jake, a Dug, A Simons and
    another Dug. Move forward. Next, kill an Andore,
    a Holly Wood and a G. Oriber.
    From there, kill a bunch of Bill Bulls and a Sid.
    Move forward. Next, kill a J, a Two-P and
    an Andore. Move forward.
    Next up, kill a group of Js and 1 Two-P, then
    ignore the fire-throwing Holly Woods. Move
    forward. From there, kill a Jake, two Simons
    and avoid the Holly Woods with the fire.
    Kill an Axl and 2 Js and move forward.
    From there, kill a couple Sids, an El Gado,
    a Dug, a Simons, 2 Js, a Two-P and a
    G. Oriber. Move forward. Kill a Dug, a Bred,
    a Jake, a J and two Andores. Move forward.
    From there, kill a Simons, a Jake, a J and a
    Wong Who. Move forward. Kill a group of
    El Gados and Holly Woods and a group of Breds
    and Simons. Move forward.
    From there, kill a group of Billies/Sids
    and a group of El Gados> Holly Woods and a
    Simons. After that, go through one more
    gauntlet of enemies and prepare for the
    final boss:
    ************BOSS ALERT!********************
    MOVES--Robotic chair, crossbow attacks
    STRATEGY--To start, get close enough to
    to hit him to damage his chair. enough
    hits will destroy the chair.
    From there, he'll use his crossbow to
    inflict major damage on you. Use jump kicks
    to damage him. Once his life bar is completely
    down to yellow, he'll go
    towards the glass window, firing his
    crossbow to no end. It is best to sacrifice a
    life or two to get a temporary
    invincibility bonus. That's when you
    go for the kill.
    Once his life bar is gone, Belgar will
    be thrown out of the window, falling to
    his demise.
    ********END BOSS ALERT*********************
    Congratuations on beating this fine game!
    Enjoy the ending.
    Here it is, the list of unlockables for the game,
    by order of which get unlocked first and how many
    enemies needed to kill in order to unlock that
    Alpha Guy: Defeat 50 Enemies
    9 Lives: Defeat 200 enemies
    Alpha Cody: Defeat 500 enemies.
    Stage Select: Defeat 800 enemies
    Change character costume: Defeat 1,300 enmeies
    Rapid punch: Defeat 2,000 enmeies.
    Hopefully you've enjoyed this guide, as the game is
    extremely hard in it's own merit.
    If you got any questions about this guide or any other
    of my guides, drop me a line at the following e-mail
    This guide is the copyright (c) 2007 of Robert Johnson.
    You are free to post this on your website, as long
    as you include the original author's name
    on the page.
    Final Fight One is a trademark of Capcom, Ltd.
    Gameboy Advance is a trademark of Nitendo of
    America. This guide is note endorsed,
    approved nor made my Capcom nor Nitendo of

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