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FAQ/Walkthrough by Akuma22

Updated: 04/05/03

		= = = = = = =       =          =                =      =           =
	       =                   =          = =              =      = =          =
	      =                   =          =  =             =      =   =         =
	     =                   =          =    =           =      =     =        =
            = = = = = = = =     =          =      =         =      =       =   
           =                   =          =        =       =      = = = = = =  
          =                   =          =          =     =      =           = 
         =                   =          =            =   =      =             =
        =                   =          =              = =      =              
=   =
       =                   =          =                =      =                
=  = = = = = = =
    	     = = = = = = =      =     = = = = = = = =       =       =   = = = = =
= = = =                    =                  =     =                     =    
  =           =                            =                  =                
          =       =           =
     	  =                  =     =                     =       =           =
         =                  =     =                     =       =           =  
          	         =                  =     =                     =       =   
       = = = = = = =      =     =                      = = = =            =    
                       =                 =      =                     =       =
          =                            =                  =                    
      =       =           =
    =                  =     =           =  =  =   =       =           =
   =                  =     =               =     =       =           =
  =                  =     =               =     =       =           =
 =                  =     =               =     =       =           =
                          = = = = = = = = =     =       =          =
            = = = = = = = = =   =                 =   = = = = = = = =
           =               =   = =               =   =
          =               =   =   =             =   =
         =               =   =     =           =   =
        =               =   =       =         =   = = = = = = =
       =               =   =         =       =   =
      =               =   =           =     =   =
     =               =   =             =   =   =
    =               =   =               = =   =
   = = = = = = = = =   =                 =   = = = = = = = = = =

                    General Outline & FAQ For FINAL FIGHT ONE on Game Boy
                                   Submitted and created by Akuma22
				  E-mail: tian_hzukhoo@hotmail.com
					All rights reserved
					  Copyright 2002
Legal Stuff: All this work has been done entirely by me and has not been copied
word-for-word from anybody else's FAQ or ANYWHERE! It's based on the Final
Fight One game for the Game Boy Advance, not on Arcade, SNES, Genesis, or ANY
other system!
If you want to post some of this information in your own website or something,
let me know first. E-mail me (address is given at the top of the FAQ), and I
will allow you to take
some of the information that I have produced throughout the guide to use if you
If you DON'T, and just copy it anyhow without my consent and I find
out...chances are, you're pretty much dead meat...and so is your chance of ever
getting more information from this guide! You have been warned. I do not take
for granted those who just copy my information straight off, just because they
can't be bothered doing the work themselves.
I put a lot of work into making this FAQ, so I deserve some respect as well as
credit for trying to make a good FAQ as this one with every single information
in this game that I can cram up in here (even though if I'm sure I missed out
on something vital or minor).
Plagiarism is a crime and is a serious offense in all circumstances.
If you choose to break this, it's your own choice....but then again, you'll be
creating a lot of problems for yourself as well and end up as dead meat, so
don't blame anyone but yourself.
Name of game: Final Fight One
Platform: Game Boy Advance (GBA)
Genre: Beat-em-up (sides-crolling action)
Company: Capcom (Final Fight Guy was released in 1989, and Final Fight One was
released in 2001 for GBA.)
Final Fight One is also similar to Final Fight Guy, except that it features 3
characters plus 2 hidden characters and a few different levels, besides the
usual 2 characters in Final Fight Guy.
1A) Introduction
 B) Metro City: Plagued With Major Crimes & Thefts
 C) The Heroes Of Metro City...Who Would You Choose???
 D) The Villains & Bosses Of Mad Gear
 E) Weapons & Items
 F) Status (on screen)
 G) Survival Tips & Tricks
 H) Hidden Characters & Secrets
 I) Sequels To The Game
 J) Credits
A) Introduction:
Yes...well, this is my second FAQ guide that I've created, since its already
December and school is finished. I decided to create an FAQ guide for Final
Fight mainly because I was playing it for a few days and had a sudden
inspiriation to create another FAQ guide...by me. Akuma22.
Those of you might remember my very first FAQ guide that I created for
Wolfenstein 3D (SNES) back in September....
Well, this is my second FAQ and due to a few cheats and reviews in which I have
written up quite a while ago, I found that I was quite eager to start another,
so here it is.
I am also currently working on a third FAQ guide in which I have already
started a while ago based on "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story", but need more
information and details.
I have already set up the FAQ and planned out, and expect it to be finished by
the end of December 2002, hopefully.
Otherwise, I should be able to finish it (if I can get myself to work on it
some more! D'oh!) during my spare time, so it shouldn't be too much of a
One last word before I start the guide: I've been playing the sequel "Aliens Vs
Predator 2" just recently on my PC, ever since my friend Harry Shum burnt it
for me on his computer and added the patch and crack for me to play without the
disc itself.
There is a possiblity that I MIGHT start an FAQ on it, but I'll just have to
wait and see how it turns out. That also depends on how much time I spend on
each level and campaign in the game.
However, I will of course, need more time to complete the missions and
campaigns so stay tuned!
B) Metro City: Plagued With Major Crimes & Thefts
Metro City is known as the "Crime Capital Of The World"  for the crimes that
are committed everyday are by an enormous ongoing gang, known as "Mad Gear" are
responsible for all of this, but it wasn't just the crimes that were concerned:
here, they were also known to be ruled by violence and death that plagued the
city day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. With each
passing day, their control over the city tightened even more.
As death, violence, crimes, and total destruction continued to wreak havoc in
Metro City, it seemed that the "Mad Gear" gang could never be stopped, no
matter how much effort was taken into reducing their crimewaves and
never-ending thefts.
However, one day a man rose one day to break out all this trash, and that was
the newly-elected mayor Mike Haggar, a former Street Fighter who promised to
rid Metro City of all the thugs of Mad Gear, that have been plaguing the city
for many years.
However, the Mad Gear thugs got hold of this information, and When the Mad Gear
learnt of Haggar's intention of taking down the gang, they devised a plan and
kidnapped the daughter of the Mayor - Jessica.
The cut-scence starts off at Haggar's office one day, when he suddenly received
a telephone call from one of the Mad Gear thugs:
Mayor Haggar: "Hello. Mayor Mike Haggar."
Mysterious Voice: "Hee hee hee... Mr.Haggar...so pleased to meet your
Mayor Haggar: "Who is this!?"
Having been suspicious, Haggar didn't know there was something going on at
first, but when he learnt of Jessica's kidnapping, Haggar demanded that she be
brought back to him, immediately after seeing her tied up on a chair in some
place on his television set, in which the voice told the Mayor to look if he
wanted to see his daughter.
Mayor Haggar (angrily): "You fiends! What have you done to her!?"
Mysterious Voice: "Nothing, yet...but we will soon if you don't co-operate."
The screen then flashed and a picture of a face, fat and ugly with long yellow
hair with square-shaped sunglasses with an open mouth that was laughing at him,
nastily and evilly in the blue glow of the televsion.
Haggar then decided to embark on his mission to rescue his daughter Jessica,
before it was too late and track down and arrest every Mad Gear member if he
However, Haggar wasn't the only one who decided to rescue Jessica from the evil
clutches of the Mad Gear gang: here, Jessica's boyfriend Cody joins the fight
after he learns of Jessica's kidnapping, along with Guy, Cody's friend who also
decides to join the rescue and help Cody in his quest.
Cody, having heard the news, could hardly believe it.
Cody (aghast): "What? Jessica's been kidnapped!"
Guy: "Who is Jessica?"
Cody: "She's my childhood friend. The Mad Gears will pay for this!"
Guy: "What a dirty trick! I will help you out."
And so, these 2, having been good friends and working out at the same gym,
decide to help Haggar get Jessica back, but the question is: Who will get to
her first? Haggar? Guy? Cody?
Only 1 can get to her first! And that is....
C) The Heroes Of Metro City...Who Would You Choose???
Besides Haggar who decides to take out Mad Gear once and for all and rescue
Jessica, Cody and his friend Guy also join in the fight to regain Jessica, and
help Haggar maintain control of the streets of Metro City once more.
There are 3 characters in the game in which you can play, plus 2 hidden
characters (I'll get to that later on) in Final Fight One:

    1) Name: Guy                2) Name: Cody             3) Name: Mike Haggar
       Age: 24                     Age: 22                   Age: 46
       Height: 5 ft, 9 inches      Height: 6 ft              Height: 6 ft, 6
       Weight: 159 lbs             Weight: 187 lbs           Weight: 297 lbs
       Style: Ninjitsu             Style: Normal             Style: Normal
       Strength: Very Weak	   Strength: Normal          Strength: Strong (can
also be Weak)
       Speed: Fast	           Speed: Normal             Speed: Slow
       Rate: 3/10	           Rate: 5/10                Rate: 6/10

Character Description for Guy:
Guy partners up with Cody after he learns that Jessica is missing...caused by
the horrible leader of the Mad Gear gang!
He wears an orange Gi (martial arts uniform)with (orange??) boots and has flat
black hair.
He is capable of using multiple hits on his enemies with up to 5 times in a
row, and can jump quite high onto drumcans and tires.
If you face him away from a stack of tires, for instance, and make him jump
backwards by pressing the A button (jump) and the back button (Forward or Back,
it depends on which side you're facing) at the same time, Guy will perform a
somersault right over the tires!!!
His 5-hit combo consists of 2 backhand strikes, a straight punch (reverse), an
elbow strike into the guts, and finally finished off by a roundhouse kick. His
throw isn't that bad, either.
However,when using Guy, there are some facts in which you should know first
before you pick him:

Good Points About Guy:
* He can jump high over tires and onto drum cans.
* He can move at a fast speed and avoid a couple of attacks now and then.
* His 'special attack', which is the spinning hurricane kick in the air, is
quite good.
* He can double-jump using walls, thus causing him to rebound and fly-kick at
his enemies!

Bad Points About Guy:
* His 5-hit combo isn't very strong and is only capable of taking out the
weaker enemies.
* He is extremely weak and very vulnerable to heavy attacks, and wouldn't last
long than 2 secs.
* He can take up to only 2 heavy hits and that's it. For smaller ones, it would
be about 4-5.
* He is the weakest hero in the game and I wouldn't recommend playing him too
much on basis.
* His strength on using pipes and masamunes are also limited and don't inflict
so much damage.
* He is useless against the early and latest bosses, such as Damnd, Sodom,
Edi.E, and Abigail.
* He is quite slow in recovering damage taken, and would be knocked out in 3
seconds flat.
* He would not stand a chance against tougher enemies, such as the Andore
brothers, or Slash.

Character Description for Cody:
Cody is obviously Jessica's boyfriend and they have been friends since they
were little.
He wears blue jeans, a white muscle shirt, white sneakers (with no socks) and
has flat blonde hair.
Cody is slightly more stronger than Guy and can take out slightly more menacing
thugs, such as Holly Wood, El Gado, and even a few J's and Two P's.
He is also good at handling knives, especially at close range and can perform a
combo of up to 3 hits on an enemy.
His 4-combo consists of 2 normal punches, a straight reverse punch, and finally
an uppercut to the jaw. Pretty cool.
Again, there are some notes in which you should acknowledge when using Cody:

Good Points About Cody:
* He has Guy's speed and Haggar's strength (possibly, but he's a lot stronger,
* He is good at handling weapons such as knives and pipes.
* He is quite durable to normal attacks, but cannot take more than 2 or 3 hits
from heavy types.
* He is a reasonable hero to use in the game, but he also inherits some of
Guy's weakness too.
* He is quite fair against only the first boss in the game.
* His recovery time from damage is approxmiately 2 seconds and is fair to
inflict damage.

Bad Points About Cody:
* His weaknesses are somewhat identical to Guy's, which makes him pretty much
worse off.
* He wouldn't stand much of a chance against 3-4 Holly Woods or El Gados if
cornered or so.
* His durability cannot last for more than a few minutes or so, then it's
lights out for him.
* He isn't that great as you might make out, so be careful when you control his
* He can take on up to 4 enemies, but would also be knocked out flat in a
matter of 4-5 seconds.

Character Description for Haggar:
Mayor Mike Haggar is the third main hero in which you can choose to control.
However, his strength and size may be a big plus, his speed is a big minus,
because he moves so slowly at the pace of a cow...ok, make it a bull.
Haggar's triple hit combo is a good advantage to the player, as is his special
ability to spin around in circles with his fists oustretched to knock away
enemies, just like Zangief's clothesline spin (anybody remember the early
Street Fighter games/arcades?).
His 3 hit combo consists of 2 almighty punches into a thug's stomach, thus
rendering him temporarily vulnerable to stop for a few seconds, before the
double-fisted hammer-side slam moves in for the kill, thus slamming into the
thug on the side of his head and knocking him off balance and onto the hard
dusty ground. KO! (Except that this isn't exactly a one-on-one fighting game,
it's a beat-em-up! Make it both, if you want)
As if that wasn't enough, Haggar can also grab a thug and headbutt him 3 times
with more damage!
Haggar's costume is basically just a dark pair of long gray-green trousers,
brown shoes, and a shoulder-belt thing, with dark brown hair combed up on his

Good points About Haggar:
* He is quite strong and durable, and is capable of lashing out with his hard
fist to plow with.
* He can perform a powerful screw piledriver, just like Zangief in the Street
Fighter series.
* He can jump with an enemy and slam their neck into the ground.
* He can reach over backwards and slam the enemy hard onto the ground on the
other side. Owww!

Bad Points About Haggar:
* His reaction time to punch enemies is rather slow and by the time he has his
fists up, POW!
* His speed is VERY slow, and when you want to pound some thugs, they will move
offscreen. D'oh!
* His headbutt technique has some kind of flaw, because sometimes when you pick
an enemy up, he
  will simply slide from the grip after 1 or 2 headbutts given. What's happened

* His recovery time from punches and heavy blows renders him vulnerable just
like Guy & Cody.
* He can only take up to approximately 4-5 normal hits and 2-3 hard heavy
blows. Poor Hag.

Now...remember when I said that there were 2 hidden characters? Well, that's
right, because these 2 secret characters are MUCH, more powerful than the 3
listed above.
Why? Well...it was Capcom's decision to, anyway. Maybe it was because they
figured out that 3 weak heroes just doesn't cut it, so they made 2 characters
of the same type...except stronger and they have been given a completely new
design (sprite) and look.
You'll find out why in a minute.

Hidden Characters of Final Fight One: Alpha Cody & Alpha Guy.
Now, before you make a big deal and start thinking that I'm typing he wrong
information down, it IS true that Alpha Guy & Alpha Cody make their unexpected
appearance in Final Fight One.
You'd be thinking: "Yeah, but why in a BEAT-EM-UP game!?"
That's what I thought in the first place, and I suddenly remembered that Alpha
Guy was featured in Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams and Street Fighter
Alpha 2! (SFA2)
Well, well...surprise surprise...is it not?
But the thing is...Alpha Cody & Alpha Guy are DEFINITELY stronger than the
ordinary Guy and Cody in the game. Here's their character descriptions:

Name: Alpha Guy                  Name: Alpha Cody
Age: unknown 	                 Age: unknown
Height: same as Guy's            Height: same as Cody's
Weight: same as Guy's            Weight: same as Cody's
Style: Bushin  	                 Style: Normal
Strength: Very Strong            Strength: Immense
Speed: Fast (same as Guy's)      Speed: Normal (same as Cody's)
Rate: 9/10 		         Rate: 10/10

History: Alpha Guy first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams,
Street Fighter Alpha 2, and Street Fighter Alpha 3: Upper.
I don't think Alpha Cody appeared ANYWHERE in the Street Fighter Alpha series,
that what what I thought until I got my copy of Street Fighter Alpha 3: Upper
for the Gameboy Advance...but note what he's wearing. Why would he be wearing
prison clothes with a handcuff? It gets more interesting:
What crime was he convicted of? Did he rob a bank? Murder somebody rich and
famous? It's pretty mysterious for a good fighter and his personality used to
be good...unless he was framed of a crime or something he didn't do. That fits
the explanation best...but who knows? However, he and Alpha Guy are FROM the
future (if you read both what they say whenever they meet a boss) and have
obviously travelled back to the year 1989 to rescue Jessica (seeing as this was
the year Final Fight Guy was made...it gets pretty confusing, I know).
It's something like a time-shift game (anybody remember the movie "Back From
The Future" Parts 1 & 2? That involves time-shifting of course...as well as
"Groundhog Day", "Time Bandits", and "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure")where
it involves someone coming back to the future from the past to prevent
something from happening, except that's its not a movie of course.

Character Description of Alpha Guy:
Alpha Guy is way, way better than the normal Guy. Heaps better.
He is given a very new look with a completely new costume and complex has been
taken care of to make him look more like an anime character in which he is.
In other words, what I'm trying to say is that his old form has been replaced
by a newer and better form, (they're known as sprites of course, like, the
drawing of him) known as "Alpha".
Alpha Guy still retains the same quality to hit opponents with his usual 5-hit
combo, except that he's more stronger and durable than the normal Guy.
Of course, everything about Alpha Guy is different, it's just that his
personality and his design is, while his stats just remain the same as ever and
the same applies for Cody.

Good Points About Alpha Guy:
* His attacks are slightly more stronger than usual and so is his throws and
air attacks.
* He is more harder to take down and can receive less damage from a heavy blow
or punch at him.
* His ability to knee people in the guts has been enhanced and can prove to be
more powerful.
* His durability has been improved and can last up to 2-3 stages in the game.

Bad Points About Alpha Guy:
* He is proved to be only the second strongest hero next to Alpha Cody.
* Against Abigail, his chances are pretty slim (25%) so be careful on how to
use him.

Character Description About Alpha Cody:
Alpha Cody is the strongest hero of all in Final Fight One, despite the fact
that his normal old self was weak and ordinary-looking.
Alpha Cody is more or less the same as the original Cody, except that he looks
more sturdier and tougher.
His 4-hit combo has definitely been improved and in a matter of 2-3 seconds,
you can now finish off the thugs of Mad Gear just as easily! Hooray!
His details are just the same as Alpha Guy's (the sprites and design...that
sort of thing) but I'm not sure if his personality has also been
reformed....maybe not.
He doesn't seem to be featured in any of the SFA series at all, surprisingly.
Or is he?

Good Points About Alpha Cody:
* He is the strongest hero out of the 5 in the game (don't forget that he & A.
Guy are hidden).
* His ability to use knives is more stronger when used against dangerous thugs.
* His durability in the game can last way, WAY longer...probably to up to 3-4
* Against most bosses, he can run them over as if he was a steam-roller

Bad Points About Alpha Cody:
* His speed could've been the same as Alpha Guy's.
D) The Villains & Bosses Of Mad Gear
Who would've thought that some of the villians of Mad Gear are simply homeless
tough guys who like nothing more than picking on other innocent victims for
their own cause?
It's up to YOU to ensure that these bad dudes don't get up again...but it won't
be easy in doing so! Some enemies are of course, harder to knock down than the
basic ones, so if you want Metro City to become free of crimes, violence, and
death, it's up to YOU to make sure that justice is served once and for
all!!!....And rescue Jessica, of course. Don't forget that detail!


* Jake
Jake is a VERY basic thug to take down with only 3-4 hits, sometimes requiring
5 if so.
All he can do is walk about and throw a punch occasionally, but you're not
going to go easy on him just because he's a poor and weak fighter, are you?
Jake wears blue clothes so he should be very easy to spot, and he is also a

* Bred
Bred is another basic thug to kill off that only requires 3-4 hits as well, or
just a piledriver to put him out of commission. He wears grey coloured clothes.
Yuck! Take him out!
His fighting style is the same as Jake, so don't get too friendly with him,
even though he appears to be a harmless dude who sits around doing nothing on
the streets or tram.
Another coward to look out for.

* Dug
Dug is a brown-looking bad guy who wears a red outfit with dark sunglasses to
cover his eyes.
He is also one of the very weakest villains to knock out, requiring only 3-5
hits or a throw if you like.
His method of attack is very basic and poor so don't worry too much about him.
Just kill him.
Fighting style is the same as Bred's, and Jake's.

* Simmons
A Dug-look-alike, but otherwise a horribly dressed yellow bad guy with
sunglasses, just like Dug. His method of attack is to punch and kick you from
behind and retreat to safety.
Fighting style is the same as Bred's, Jake's, and Dug's. Just how many more is
Be careful, though: You'll be seeing him a lot of times during the game.
Don't let this coward live, either.

* J
J is one mean tough fighter, and talk about fast!
He is very quick on his feet as well as his punches, so keep a lookout for him
if you see him.
His method of attack is to usually sit down and wait until you come or move in
for the kill straight away without warning.
Beware: once he hits you, he won't stop and will continue to bash you in the
face until you are knocked off balance and are on the floor. Try and avoid this
if you can!
Overall, quite a worthy thug to face...and beat up, too.
J's costume consists of blue trousers, a blue band around his forehead, and
yellow jacket with a picture of a blue nuclear symbol on his back.

* Two.P
Two.P is basically the same as J. Same sprite and all.
However, Two P is different to J. Two.P likes to also move in for the kill and
to ALSO retreat!
He can be a real pain to take down as he keeps appearing out of nowhere and
attacking you before you even have enough time to react or defend yourself, so
keep a lookout for this goon as well.
Two.P's costume is just stupid...honestly, why PINK!? Why can't it be orange or
black or something? Even his hair is pink! (Dyed, I guess) And he wears green
sunnies...ooo...real SCARY!

* Axl
Now, HERE's the real deal! Axl is one mean tough thug to beat off, but
otherwise very weak.
His method of attack is to usually close in and start beating the hell out of
you by either using his double-fisted hammer slam by holding it from his head
and bringing it down, or by kicking when you least expect it.
To get this thug who is dressed in a horrible grey velvet 80's costume with
ugly cream-looking cowboy boots, try and get close and knee him a couple of
times in the gut, before you finish him off or a couple of punches and a throw
can also do the trick.
Beware though...Axl is capable of blocking a few of your attacks, without
sustaining any damage himself.

* Slash
If you thought Axl was bad, think again, because this thug is no easier than
Axl himself...nor he going to spare any mercy at all.
It's time to show this monkey-faced man that you're powerful than him and that
the 80's is DEFINITELY over. That ought to knock some sense into him and go
even more backwards into time.
Dressed in a red 80's velvet jacket and 80's velvet trousers, and topped off
with a pair of
disgusting cowboy cream-looking boots, this Michael Jackson wannabe cam be
found ALL the time, especially in groups, so you have to be on your guard
constantly, no matter what.
His method of attack is to usually walk straight in when your back is turned to
him and start thumping you until you topple over, or retreat when he faces you
and move in from a different angle and try hitting you that way.
Another trick he has has is to come in clones, which is even WORSE!
Again, try not to be cornered by these tough guys, and ALWAYS get to them
Since they're always blocking your attacks (about 100% of the time which is
true), it may seem at first that damage can't be inflicted on them....but it
Treat Slash the same way as you treat Axl, except retreat if necessary.
Don't just stand there and keep throwing punches because it won't work. You
need to get in real close, grab him and give him a few good heatbutts/knee to
the guts and then either throw him or perform a powerful screw piledriver, so
he will be at least damaged significantly enough for you to easily finish him
off without you worrying about him blocking all your attacks constantly.
That way, he stays down and if he comes at you again, just attack him normally
if his health is real low, because he won't stand be able to a chance if this
Warning: Slash is capable of blocking ALL your attacks at times! (especially if
you're Guy)

* Wong Who
Bashing a fat Chinese goon can prove to be very satisfying, yet repetitive and
frustrating as he is more likely to appear in groups of 3 or 4, so try and keep
your distance and beware!
Wong Who's method of attack is simple; all he does is just rush on screen as
fast as he can in with his head down in a head-rush attack, but you can easily
avoid it by dodging away from his painful attack.
To attack, wait until Wong Who stops charging at you like a bull and then move
in and start bashing the stuffing out of him and finish them off with a throw
or piledriver. It's that easy.

* Bill Bull
This thug is just like his name. Fat, ugly and exactly like a bull! He's
another fat thug who likes charging at you in a bull-stance, just like Wong
Treat this overweight scumbag at bay, and attack him when up close, or do an
air-attack like a jump kick. It'll do the trick.
He should be knocked out just as easily, because he doesn't have that much
health when you're through with him! All he can do is kick and try charging at
you like a bull! Big joke!

* G. Oriber
Really...how many more fat thugs are there? As if Wong Who and Bill Bull wasn't
enough, we need 3! Seriously, these guys are starting to sound really dumb and
out-of-place in the game.
Treat him as the same way as Bill Bull, but be careful if he comes in large
groups for reinforcements if necessary.

* Billy
Get real! Why does this punk look overdressed?! Beats me! Anyway, he can be
more annoying than the fat ones, or any other bad day and that's a fact.
Thin, with green dyed hair, ripped ragged white shirt, blue jeans and blue
sunnies, these fools are ALWAYS bound to come in groups of up to 5 or even 6!
Billy can easily avoid your attacks by doing a ridiculous-looking dance of
backflipping, then jumping high in the air at you with his foot outstretched to
kick you over.
Believe me, this guy never learns and is so annoying in every way, that you'll
be tearing your hair out as they keep dodging your attacks constantly! His
attacks are hard to dodge and are annoying as hell! Try and keep your cool,
though...it won't rain forever.
Just get in real close, and deal out a few good punches or otherwise a
roundhouse kick to his head will knock back his senses into never bullying you
again! Not. Pity.
A powerful screw piledriver could come in handy, though.

* Sid
This guy is more stupid than Billy... no, really he is. It's true.
He is exactly the same as Billy in every way, except that he has orange dyed
Same style of attacking, all he can do is move in quickly and start slapping
you in the face and his kick is just pathetic if you really want to know. Just
like Billy.

(Before I go on, I just want to note that Billy & Sid resemble of course to
Poison & Roxy, who are 2 FEMALE thugs in Final Fight Guy. Their attacks are
identical to Billy & Sid's, or vice versa if you want to put it that way.
Now, why would Billy & Sid act as though they were females? They're MALES,
right? Unless they decided to undergo a sex change...they are just as pathetic
as ever with not a single change! OK! On with the FAQ! Just wanted to clear
that bit up)

The Andore Brothers
These giant sturdy thugs would like nothing more than punching your face in and
doing a powerful piledriver to put you out of commission, and you're not going
to let them have a stab at it, are you?
The Andore brothers sometimes come in groups, or otherwise individually.
It also depends on which Andore guy you're taking on, whether it's just Andore,
Andore Jr (he's pretty weak, but don't enderestimate him!), G. Andore, F.
Andore, AND U.Andore!
Each Andore is stronger than the last, starting with Andore Jr, Andore, and so
You will also notice how each Andore stands out easily, just by noting down
what colour costume they're wearing (E.G: Andore Jr wears a red leopard skin
costume, and Andore wears a purple coloured leopard one which should be a
different colour if you ask me).
However, in the middle of stage 3 you will be taken by an Andore to participate
in a fighting competiton which consists of 4 Andore-bosses in total, and
believe me, the last 2 are VERY evasive and tricky to overcome.
The colour costumes in which the Andore brothers wear, are: red, purple, green,
blue, and white.
To defeat the Andores, just wait until they come on screen and then try
trapping them against a barrel or a drumcan.
That way when you knock them down, they will get up and still walk straight
into your attacks, thus draining their lifebars quite easily, but make sure
that you're not TOO close to the drumcan/barrel, otherwise your attack will
destroy it and you will have no other barrier unless there are 1 or 2 more that
you have for backup.
Remember: all it takes to destroy a drumcan/barrel is 1 punch, so be warned!
The Andores' method of attack, by the way, is to sometimes come rushing in and
stretch out their fists either just short in front of you or all the way where
they can hit you and you would fall down. Another one of their favourite
attacks, is to grab you and start choking you when you least expect it.
Their punches can be avoided as usual, but if they ever lay their hands on you
to do the powerful piledriver, you might as well call yourself a goner, unless
you are at full health or Alpha Guy/Alpha Cody.
Another annoying thing is that even though when you're still down on the ground
and struggling to get up, sometimes an Andore would leap right towards you and
if you're hit, you'll go down again! They will do this twice, so try and keep
your distance between them if possible!

El Gado
This Osama bin Laden look-alike (no, really, I'm serious)is quicker than you
think, but he lacks the brains in which to actually knock you out, but he has a
few tricks up his sleeves, so watch out! He may be smarter than you think.
El Gado is a knife-wielding bad guy who is skilled in throwing them right at
you, just for the fun of seeing you stabbed with it, but you can easily knock
them away and use it against himself if you want.
There are 2 ways in which El Gado makes his appearance: he can either just walk
from offscreen to onscreen, or he will appear upside down on the screen with
both arms slashing at you with both knives. You can avoid this attack easily by
spotting a circular shadow on the ground, because then you will know it is El
Gado himself! Or Holly Wood, seeing as they are pretty much both the same
character with the same sprites except different faces...
However, El Gado is a pretty weak fighter and doesn't stand much of a chance
against you, especially if you're armed with a pipe or masamune, because all it
takes to bring them down is about 6-7 blows from the pipe and 5-6 blows from
the masamune!
If you trap him against the wall (or if he comes in groups) just keep him
trapped there and keep pounding the living daylights out of him until he just
hits the ground for one last time!
There are also a few ways in which El Gado can attack: an upside-down leap with
2 knives, a sliding tackle, a knife thrown straight at you, or a close in stab.
A few knee hits and a couple of combos would end his desire to hurt you, but
beware if they're in groups (especially 4 or even 5 on hard mode!), for your
hero could surely perish without a doubt, and would not stand a chance against
these ugly thugs.

Holly Wood
What kind of a name is that!? HOLLY WOOD!? Come on, you can do better than
that, Capcom! Oh well...might as well get on with it.
Holly Wood is an average fighter and a very evasive one at that too, just like
El Gado, except he's a bit smarter and can easily dispose of you as if you were
a trashbag.
Holly Wood also deals with knives and would not hesitate to even throw one at
you just to see the look on your face on the ground.
His sliding tackle is also a nuisance, and so is his upside-down knife attack,
ALONG with his surprise attack (the one when he just appears upside down with
both knives stretched out from out of the blue, like El Gado), but he also
prefers to close combat to make a stab or 2 at you.
Holly Wood's method of attack is quite tricky to interpret, seeing as it is
difficult to detect when he would come at you on screen or off screen, so
that's a bit of a worry.
Another thing is that Holly Wood doesn't always use knives to attack you with.
Instead, now and then you'll see him running on screen quickly and chuck a
petrol bomb at you in the hopes of seeing you being turned into human toast!
Then he will run off before you can catch him, unless you're near enough to
grab him and kill him, but don't worry; the Holly Wood carrying the petrol bomb
is a very weak conversion with only a small lifebar, but the Holly Wood with
the knives are more troublesome and are a constant nuisance because he keeps
showing up, even in groups if necessary for backup!!!
If you find that you're surrounded by a group of about 8-9 Holly Woods, say
goodbye and throw in the towel, unless you have 9 lives or so, but don't think
you can pass that easily, because you won't. Holly Wood won't give you much of
a chance for you to stand up for yourself so the best you can do is have a
friend team up with you, thus making the job easier.
It's also easy to notice which Holly Wood is which; the Holly Wood who throws
the petrol bomb is dressed in red and is VERY weak, and the normal
knife-wielding Holly Wood is dressed in pink. Ugh.

The Bosses of Mad Gear:
There are 6 bosses in total (with 4 mid-bosses on stage 3)in Metro City, so if
you want to beat them all, you'll have to fight your way to get through each
and every one of them! Each boss has taken over a stage, so it won't be easy
getting through! Do you think you could beat them all? Well? Ready for some
serious hard knuckle fight? Let's go!

First Boss: Damnd
Location: Slum
Difficulty: Very Easy!
Damnd is a stupid great big ugly dude with yellow hair the colour of wall
insulation and big blue sunglasses.
His costume is a huge yellow jacket, brown slacks and big boots.
If you remember correctly, you will have seen his face in the introduction of
the game!
However, in the beginning of the game on the first level, he will just laugh
that raspy horrible laugh and make off with Jessica!
You'll catch up to him though, and meet him when he bursts out of the double
doors at the end of the level.
He will then greet you and tell you to get lost, but don't let some wise punk
push you around.
Just try and get in some punches and throws if you can.
Damnd's method of attack is pretty simple; all he does is jump around like a
monkey, doing a few somersaults now and then, which causes him to evade your
However, you should be careful of his sturdy punch, because he will need only
2-3 hits and you'll be lying on the ground.
When you inflict enough (or more than enough) damage to him the first time,
Damnd will somersault back to a wall and sit there.
He will then whistle and out of the broken doorway will emerge 2 thugs, Simmons
and Jake.
Kill them both as quickly as you can and retreat, because if you linger for too
long near the open doorway, Damnd will come flying over with a jump-kick, so
get out of the way.
Once you dispatch the 2 bad guys, inflict more damage to Damnd.
He will then once more somersault back to the wall and whistle, just like
However, you should be a little more careful now, because a few more enemies
will come up on screen and start attacking you, so knock them out first and
take care of Damnd at the same time as well.
Once you knock out Damnd, he will sit up, shake his head, stand up, shake some
more, fall back down onto the ground, sit up for a few more seconds, shake his
head a few times and fall back.
Don't worry if he sits up again and starts to shake his head for one last time,
because he's already out of health, so don't even bother anymore about him.
Just head off to Subway Park.

Second Boss: Sodom
Location: Subway Park
Difficulty: Hard
Well, what a surprise! Who would've thought Sodom was later featured in SFA2?
Wonders never cease...he even has this quote; "Come on! I'm Oni Samurai!"
Exactly, just what does he mean?
However, you should pay attention because Sodom is a more serious and agile
fighter in the game.
He is basically dressed as a Japanese samurai, but he is really American.
He wears a blue helmet which hides his face, blue pants (or jeans), white
sneakers, a huge red muscle shirt and carries 2 nasty Masamunes!
His method of attack isn't too easy to figure out, because he will constantly
take you by surprise with 1 or 2 of his attacks.
For instance, if you manage to knock him down, one of his masamunes will fly
from his grip and land on the floor. He will then stand up with his head drawn
down and suddenly charge at you full speed!
If you're lucky, perform a flying hurricane kick or clothesline spin to put him
out of commission as he is now vulnerable, but don't think that you can just
pass him off like that, because that blow was only a very mild type that has
only inflicted a scratch on him, so don't get cocky.
Pick up Sodom's fallen Masamune and proceed to keep hitting him, but from a
good distance, otherwise it won't work and he'll have it back again in his
If you manage to knock both masamunes from his hands, Sodom will still charge
at you and then perhaps retreat to get one from the ground.
Don't think that you can also beat Sodom just using your fists and throws,
because that won't work either. You need to use that masamune, of course.
If you're playing with a friend, have one player hit out at Sodom with the
Masamune while the other covers up. Then, take turns in hitting him down and
doing special attacks.
If you play your cards right, Sodom would just stand up with his body shaking
fast, and then fall backwards and give a cry of defeat.
Congratulations! You've just beaten a hard Mad Gear boss, but there's more to
come, so keep going!

Third Boss: Edi.E
Location: Westside
Difficulty: Normal
Edi.E is the third Mad Gear boss in which you have to get pass, but don't think
for a minute that he's going to go soft on you just because he's a cop, because
he's not.
When he sees you, he will start coming at you close enough so he can grab you
and give you a couple of whacks with the handle of his revolver, and then maybe
even throw you off.
Don't even think he's going to fight you by himself, for he also has backup
goons to help him dispose of you.
Expect about 4 or more Mad Gear goons to come at you and start beating you up,
so be careful.
When you move in for the kill, don't even bother using the throws, because
Edi.E will just grab you anyhow and give you another dose of painful whacking
on the head.
Instead, just keep hitting him and keeping him at bay until he comes for you
Once you have done enough sufficient damage, he will retreat to the far screen
of where he is and start letting off shots from his revolver at you in the
hopes that you will die in the attempt of trying to win over him, which is a
VERY cowardly thing to do.
When Edi.E starts shooting at you, he will let off about 3-4 shots and stop. A
few enemies will come in and attempt to surround you or something so don't let
However, these enemies can also be hit and damaged by the flying bullets from
Edi's gun killing them even, so that's a big plus for you.
You'll still need to get to Edi, so try staying in spot and wait for him to
fire before moving to safety and then getting up close to him when he has
stopped firing.
He will then try and retreat to the opposite direction away from you, but he
won't fire when you're that close so don't worry.
Once you get close enough, attack him and then grab him and start giving him a
few headbutts or knee-shoves. If he stands up again, let him have it in the
face with your fists and finish him off with a special if you want.

* Also note that there is a mid-boss in this level (right after you destroy the
door in front of you and proceed to go in when an Andore appears and marches
you off) so be sure that you're at full health.
You'll have to take on 4 Andores, 2 at a time, but don't worry because the
level isn't that long so take your time. There is a knife, a masamune (don't
know why they are called muramasa, my friend says its a mistake) and a pipe so
use them to your advantage!
Keep your distance and attack the Andores, preferably with the masamune as it
causes a lot of damage to them. If 1 or the other rushes at you, try a fly kick
towards their face. This will knock the Andore over (and maybe the other) but
don't depend on this technique too much.
However, the amount of damage you inflict depends on which Andore you're
fighting and how strong they are (keep an eye on their vitality bar. It will
help you to remember how much strength one actually has).

Fourth Boss: Rolento
Location: Industrial Area
Difficulty: Hard
Many of you who have played Final Fight Guy, will be surprised to find out that
Rolento is actually the boss of this stage, and that the stage itself has been
completely re-designed.
This also features the "missing" scene in which you fight Rolento, but in the
next sequel, Final Fight 2, Rolento makes his appearance once more as the
military boss.
In the original Final Fight Guy, Rolento isn't featured in this game.
However, on the release of the remake of Final Fight, Capcom decided to throw a
few characters later on in 2001 that were featured in the Street Fighter Alpha
series, such as 2 and Warriors' Dreams.
Enough with the history! On with the Boss analysis...
Rolento is obviously a military-related boss who not only specializes in
grenade attacks...his specialty includes attacks such as a Mekong Delta Air
Raid, Mekong Delta Attack, or the Mekong Delta Escape (they're all SFA2
attacks) but in this game, Rolento won't do anything that relates to a Mekong
attack or anything like that.
Instead, you will only see him (because you have a bunch of thugs to take on
first) busily climbing a ladder in the background chucking down about 4
grenades at a time onto the elevator on where you're standing. Here, they'll
roll around and explode.
However, as you deal with the thugs first, a few items will drop down first,
and then another few with a total of 6.
When you deal with the first 3 goons, a knife, a pipe and a masamune will drop
down onto the elevator. Don't use the pipe or the masamune; you'll need to save
them when you're confronted by Rolento. Use the knife if you must, but
otherwise just attack normally.
After a bit, 3 more items will drop down as will a couple more gangsters, so
look out for them.
The last 3 items are food; a hamburger, a pizza and a whole cooked chicken (on
a plate, that is.
I don't mean that the hamburger or the pizza will be on the plate, IT'S JUST
THE CHICKEN ITSELF!). They will drop in almost exactly the same place as the
first 3 items did.
However, you should save the last 3 items for ONLY when necessary, when your
vitality bar is low or nearly gone.
If you pick up a whole chicken when your vitality bar is full, it'll add about
3000 points to your score, but does it matter? OK, there is a high score list
in the game...but you're not exactly going to try and achieve a score of
999999999, are you?....In this game, SURVIVAL is what matters! NOT THE SCORE!
Anyway...back to the boss-guide....
It won't matter if you dispose of all the thugs, but if you do; GREAT! You can
now take on Rolento much easier than a bunch of thugs along with him as backup.
If you didn't...Rolento will still join in the fight anyway and get his
henchmen to try and help him in his aid to put you out of action.
His quote of: "Say it! Who's the real leader here!?" will be said to every hero
you play when you meet him, and then the speech diagloue will change, as is
with Damnd, Sodom, Edi.E, Abigail, and the last boss, Belgar.
Defeating Rolento is twice as difficult as defeating Sodom and Edi.E put
together, so you need to be very quick and alert to all his attacks and
When Rolento jumps down, he will walk around a bit tossing grenades, but about
50-60% of the time when they blow up, they're likely to miss you, so just
concentrate on getting the first hit on Rolento.
If you get too close in, however, Rolento won't strike out with his staff
repeatedly but this WILL happen if you inflict enough sufficient damage on him.
After you manage to wear down about 3-4 bars of Rolento's vitality, he will
start moving around a bit faster and toss more grenades. Again, don't worry
about them hitting you, because they're not likely unless you move into their
path when they blow up.
However, you should also note that the elevator restricts your space of
fighting from a distance, but you can double-jump on either side and fly kick
Rolento, because that can also work. Just don't get cocky, because Rolento has
a few tricks up his sleeves...and you won't like them.
When Rolento is in his "slightly-faster" mode, you should be more careful of
where he chucks the bombs, because some of them are bound to detonate almost
immediately, so be warned about that.
Also, if you try and get in close, he will strike out and land you a stab in
chest with his staff so don't try that idea.
Just keep moving about and when Rolento least expects it, move in and grab him.
Land in a few knees to his guts, and throw him.
When he gets up, he will DEFINITELY be much faster now...his speed has now been
increased to approximately 80-90%, and soon it would seem impossible to even
punch him because of his super enhanced speed.
He will now just start walking around at nearly-full speed, chucking grenades
as usual, and striking out occasionally when you come to near him.
However, this method isn't always like that; instead, he will just grab you,
and throw you over his back right across the screen to the other side of the
elevator wall!
This attack will cause you to lose half your vitality bar, so you had better
had saved those goodies as I mentioned earlier before...otherwise, you're a
goner to the hands of a military bad guy.
There is still a hope though; if you can't grab Rolento or find it too
difficult, do a spinning hurricane kick or clothesline spin.
Rolento is vulnerable to this attack, and could even walk straight into it! Try
When you have finally managed to crack down on this Mad Gear boss, he will
stand up and his body shiver (or does he shake?)rapidly for a fraction of a
He will then toss down 4 grenades and blow himself up! Get near or right up to
him if you want to...the grenades won't damage you at all.
His body, covered completely in red flames, will rise up and fall off down the
bottom of the screen.
Excellent work! You've just defeated one of the quickest bosses in the game,
but don't think it's all over yet! You still have more work to do, and 2 stages
to complete, so push on...

*Note: If you're hit by one of Rolento's grenade, look at the top right hand
side of the screen
where it will tell you the name of the weapon, except that it is spelt wrongly:
Capcom/Ubi Soft have obviously missed out on correcting that little mistake
where it states "GRANADE", when it should be "GRENADE"! Better luck next time

Fifth Boss: Abigail
Location: Bay Area
Difficulty: Extremely Difficult!!!! (Beware at your own risk!)
You're in DEEP trouble now, because if you thought Sodom and Rolento were tough
to knock out, you need to think again and more clearly.
Because what you're about to face is nothing like the first 4 bosses you've
ever thought would be that hard to conquer over or so.
Abigail is one nasty, colossal, and dangerous Mad Gear boss to bring down, and
Don't expect him to go all soft and scared of you just because you're a
fighter, because he won't...his size of that of an Andore plus his long ugly
face, with painted blue stripes over his white unstaring eyes, and complete
with an Arnold Schwarzenegger hairstyle not only makes him look like a wild
animal...he looks just like a stupid clown in a circus...only worse, because he
doesn't wear any makeup! Maybe he's a zombie?! Enough of that.
Abigail's method of attack is difficult to interpret as you will find yourself
getting constantly beaten up most unfairly and painfully, but he does have one
attack which he uses repeatedly, and that is his rushing fist slam attack.
It works like this: Abigail will back up a fair distance and wait for a
Then, his face will start blushing redder and redder until it's kinda
purple-looking and at the same time let out a yell (like those DBZ episodes
where Goku/Vegeta/Gohan yell out long and loud whenever they cast out a strong
fireball or something) AND also come dashing straight at you.
If you're not quick enough to react to his attack, Abigail will simply knock
you over with his fist as he stops short in front of you and back up a bit as
you struggle to get off the ground.
It won't be of any use using jump-kicks or air attacks of any kind when you're
up close to him, because Abigail will simply just grab you anyhow, and throw
you high up into the air and watch you fall down!
This attack is also smiliar to Rolento's, because it takes off half (or more)
of your vitality bar!!! This one ugly dude can prove to be even more
frustrating than ever, so expect to lose a few extra lives here, because it's
just impossible to get pass this Incredible Hulk, without sustaining a lot of
damage and about 4-5 lost extra lives, so you're going to have to make up for
it. In simple terms, prepare to lose some, but try and gain more later on after
you deal with this colossal tough guy. This is gonna be a LONG FIGHT!!!
Abigail is immensely strong, so you're going to have a VERY hard time (and a
long one) reducing his vitality bar as it is set at the maximum colour: white.
Don't be fooled by his simple costume, though, just because it happens to look
exactly as the Andore brothers', only that it's silver.
Abigail may not have much taste for a costume for himself, but when it comes to
a hand-to-hand combat, you'll be wishing your vitality bar was as high as his
because you've only got ONE bar, remember. Abigail has about 8 extra vitality
bars, to take down!
There's only one type of method to defeat this huge oaf, so you'll have to be
quick when doing this, especially if you're Alpha Guy or Alpha Cody.
If you chose Guy/Cody/Haggar, you're in serious trouble, because they're
EXTREMELY weak against this type of boss, so don't say I didn't warn you,
because I did earlier on in their status.	
The attack method is this: Whenever Abigail charges up and lets out a roar to
let you know that he's going to charge at you (his face will turn red whenever
he does this attack, so at least you're being warned), quickly do a jump-kick
towards him as he runs towards you.
This will knock him off balance, so if you play your cards right, you should be
able to survive and defeat Abigail's reign of terror eventually.
However, don't walk into his attack or stand there and try to do the multiple
hit combo, because it won't work much, and Abigail would just grab you and
throw you high up into the air so that when you come falling back down onto the
hard dusty ground, you will lose approximately half your vitality on screen.
If Abigail just comes towards you normally, DON'T USE YOUR ORIGINAL ATTACKS OR
THE JUMP-KICK METHOD. Instead, wait until he's nearly close to you, and then
perform your special ability to knock him off his feet again.
Remember to keep your distance from Abigail, though. He will always dash
towards you and if he can, punch you hard so that you'll be knocked right over.
Fight hard and try to stay alive!
Alpha Cody is an ideal hero to use against Abigail as he is so strong, he can
take out a group of 3-4 goons in 5 seconds flat! Try it...you might even
surprise yourself, as with Alpha Guy.
If you manage to get a masamune (which is highly unlikely), GREAT! Even a pipe
could work, so use this to your advantage to reduce more of Abigail's monstrous
vitality, but don't get smart and think you can easily defeat it with him,
because there's a 99.9% chance that you'll be hit while carrying the weapon,
thus causing you to drop it and it'll be gone before you can even get in a
decent hit!
Trust those punks to hit you, unless the weapon itself doesn't fade away,
because you might get a 2 or 3 tries to pick it up before it fades off, SO BE
If you manage to beat Abigail, CONGRATULATIONS!!!
You have just beaten one of the VERY HARDEST( and ugliest) boss in Mad Gear of
the game!!!!!!!
But....can you manage the very final boss of Mad Gear who is responsible for
all this in the sixth and final stage of the game?

Sixth Boss: Belger
Location: Uptown
Difficulty: Normal
The final confrontation has begun. Belger will be waiting for you in his
personal private office (if you can call it that, because it looks nothing like
it) with Jessica as hostage!
This is your chance to beat this thug-leader once and for all, and reclaim
Jessica at all costs!
However, reaching Belger isn't as easy as you think!
Belger has recruited a lot of Mad Gear thugs to take care of you outside
building and inside as well! So, you've got to keep fighting them hard, no
matter what. Jessica's life depends on yours!
When you have finally fought through all the thugs and reach Belger, he will
greet you nastily and drive around in his vehicle-wheelchair thing with Jessica
on his lap!
Because he drives rather slowly, you can easily catch up to him and start
hitting the vehicle chair until it breaks apart in pieces completely, or you
can simply just walk to up the vehicle chair and your hero will automatically
grab hold of Belger, thus causing the wheelchair to break, anyway.
However, you should be careful, though, because Belger will be using a dart
gun, and will shoot numerous darts at you, but you can easily knock them away.
Treat these darts as though they were petrol bombs or knives thrown at you, or
you can dodge them is another alternative.
Jessica will walk away from the fight and hide herself on the floor, in a
crouching position with her head down.
Belger, who is out of his wheelchair now, will now move and jump around the
room, still shooting darts at you.
Some Mad Gear thugs will make their appearance and try to fight you, but if you
are smart, you'll figure out that the darts will hit them too, so you can
either fight them, let them get hit by the darts (you'll have to line them up,
carefully though), or both.
Once you've disposed of the rest of the thugs, it's now time to take care of
Belger and send him off to Deathland.
Fighting Belger is pretty easy, but he can also be evasive and will constantly
jump and move around the room while firing up to 3 or 4 darts at a time
straight at you, relentlessly.
You will only need 1 method of attack, so just go right up close to Belger and
start pounding him. Retreat a little way off, and then charge in again, keeping
him trapped against the huge glass window.
Once you have worn down about 4-5 layers of his vitality bar, Belger won't
react any differently to any other attack, except that he will shoot his darts
a bit faster now and jump around the room faster. You won't be able to hold him
because he will simply slip from your grasp, so keep that in mind while you're
fighting him.
When you have worn down his vitality to the last bar, continue beating him up,
and when he is at his last bit of health, give him 1 final punch/kick/throw and
he'll go crashing out the glass window of his building!!!
The next screen will display a short cut-scene of Belger falling upside down
from the building at high speed and screaming, but it will stop and there will
be a loud THUD as Belger smashes onto the hard ground, cutting off his scream
and signaling that he is gone, forever!
Excellent work! You've defeated the mastermind and leader of Mad Gear!!! Metro
City is now safe!!
The ending of the game depends on which hero you picked; for instance, if you
chose Cody, it will show him and Guy walking away in what looks to be a private
park of some kind (it belongs to Belgar) for some time, until Jessica calls out
to Cody and catches up to both the fighters.
Guy will bash Cody and knock him down and then walk off (I wonder why he does
that?), leaving Cody to pick himself off and talk to Jessica.
(I used to think that Guy did this because he was jealous of Cody, but in Final
Fight 2, Guy actually has a fiance called Rena, so that rules it out....or
doesn't it?)
If you picked Haggar, it will show him embracing his daughter and comforting
her (he even mentions something about his wife, like she dies and he had to
care for Jessica himself).
If you picked Alpha Guy/Alpha Cody, their ending will be just the same as the
one with Guy, Cody, and Jessica.
Likewise, if you chose Guy, his ending will just show him walking off by
himself (as in Final Fight Guy).
E) Weapons & Items
In the streets of Metro City, you'll come across drumcans either rolling or
standing, or barrels that conceal useful weapons and items within, but don't
get your hopes up!
Not EVERY barrel or drumcan will conceal anything that may be of use to you. In
other words, if you break a barrel or drumcan, it might be empty.

Weapons you can gain:

Knife - a very basic weapon that can be thrown at a far distance to hit an
enemy or close up, but there is a 40% chance that you'll miss the target (which
is strange).
Cody is good at handling knives at close combat, remember, so treat him as
though if he is carrying a pipe or masamune, and don't throw it away.
Knives can be gotten off an El Gado or Holly Wood, besides it being found in a
barrel or drumcan and they are plenty of these in the game. Use them!

Pipe - this weapon is quite useful at odd times when you need it, and appears
in a rather rare way, but can still clobber thugs, and inflicting normal damage
or a bit more to their vitality.
If an enemy is at its weakest, you can easily finish him off with 1 hard whack!
This pipe can also be found in the first bonus stage where you have to destroy
a car within a given time limit.

Masamune - Oh, YES! This is the most powerful and best weapon in the game, so
use it to every advantage you've got! Behold the awesome power which is within!
Just one hit of this weapon onto your enemies can inflict a HUGE amount of
damage to their vitality, and can kill them, even! Weak enemies like J, Two.P,
Bred, or Dug hate this and will feel the intense pain of this blade, so
consider it as an added bonus!
Haggar is especially good with this weapon, as he is quite strong and capable
of using it as is with Alpha Cody.
Getting a masamune is very rare in the game, so good luck in trying to find
one! They are very good in quality and highly powered and recommended, so be
patient if you want one!
You never know where you'll find a masamune will be hiding!
(I once found a masamune on the first level of Final Fight Guy/Final Fight One
by breaking a drumcan anyhow, and it was awesome! I killed every single Mad
Gear thug before heading off underground!)
However, there is one bad thing you've got face: Even when you're armed with a
pipe or masamune, you'll be bound to be hit while carrying it, thus causing you
to drop it and it will fade away!
Or it might not...the pipe doesn't seem to fade away quite so easily, but the
masamune has the opposite effect.
Once it falls out of your hands when you're hit/kicked by a single enemy, its
bound to fade away straight off, so BEWARE of this! You're not likely to keep
it very long!

Radio - just an electronic device which is worth 1000 points to add to your
score on the screen.

Hammer - not exactly a handy weapon, because you can't use it, but it also adds
points to your score on the screen. A treasure...not.

Gold Bars - can be found now and then, and adds points to your score as well.
It can also be obtained to help you gain extra lives faster.

Hat - a useless piece of junk that does nothing, except add 1000 points to your
score. Pathetic.

Extra Life - adds one life to your stock. It can either be picked up (it's seen
as a doll to which hero you're playing. For example, if you're playing as Guy,
the doll will be a small figure of him, etc) or gained for every 20000 points
(you can also alter the number of points that you want to gain before you get
an extra life).

Dollar/Yen - adds in 1000 points, but doesn't help very much and can be found
now and then.

Diamond - a pink triangular shiny piece of gem which is worth about a few
hundred points.

Bracelet - a silver bracelet with a pink gemstone set in the middle. Worth
about 1000 points.

Jessica-like Doll - gives you invincibility for a short while (no damage).

Vitamine - replenishes only a couple of inches of your vitality bar, but better
than nothing.

Orange - replenishes a bit of your vitality, but is otherwise not much use
after all.

Apple - same as the orange. Can also be consumed for extra points to your

Pineapple - replenishes approximately a third of your vitality bar, and is
fairly rare.

Whisky - replenishes a bit more than the Vitamine, but is otherwise a rare item
to come across.

Gum - a packet of chewing gum that can be consumed to replenish a bit of your
vitality bar.

Hamburger - replenishes nearly all your vitality when low, but can be consumed
for extra points.

Pizza - replenishes just about all your vitality when low, and can be consumed
for extra points.

Cooked Whole Chicken (on plate) - replenishes all your vitality, and adds 5000
points to your score if consumed, when no damage has been done to your hero.

Little Wooden Tray Of Sushi (4) - same as the chicken, and can be consumed for
5000 points too.
F) Status (on screen)
I'm going to go trhough this very quickly, because this is all very basic and
you should know it anyway! In case you don't, here it is anyway:
On the left hand side of the screen in the top left-hand corner is your status:
it displays your character portrait, vitality bar, and score points which
builds up enormously when you beat up constant Mad Gear thugs, pick up food
when no damage has been inflicted upon you, break drumcans and barrels, or pick
up treasure items, such as the radio, hammer, bracelet, gold bars, and yen.
On the right hand side of the screen in the top right-hand corner is your
enemy's status: it displays his character portrait, and vitality bar.
Basically, it's exactly the same as your own hero's side, so there's no
If you pick up an item or weapon, the name of the object will be displayed on
the right hand side of the screen in the top right hand corner for a few
seconds before it vanishes.
G) Survival Tips & Tricks
- Only use the special attack when necessary, if you find yourself being
surrounded or cornered, for instance. DON'T use it when you're low on health,
because each time you do your special attack, it takes off a tiny bit of your
vitality off, so save it for emergenices.

- When up against tough bosses, try and hit them first before they move in for
the kill. That way, at least you landed in the first strike before they did.

- If you're fighting a boss and there's a few thugs coming in to help, bash one
up, but don't kill him yet. Instead, grab him and throw him across the screen
towards the boss directly, especially if he's performing a rushing/charging
attack to knock you off your feet.

- Jump kicks are useful for taking down weaker opponents and fairly strong
thugs, like Andore.

- If you have a weapon and find that bunches of enemies are pouring in, back up
and whack/slash out at them. Perform a special attack to try and knock them all
on 1 side of the screen, so you
can deal with them much easier. Try not to lose your weapon at all costs!

- When bashing a thug up, keep hitting him until the final blow. Instead of
hitting with the last powerful blow, press the opposite direction in which
you're facing and the attack button (B).
Your hero will throw them across the other side of the screen or slam them down
onto the ground (depending on which hero you chose, remember?) and that will
inflict DOUBLE the damage that you would normally do when you just throw them
normally, but you wouldn't expect this method...
It can also kill the weak and fairly strong enemy types (especially in the
early stages of the game) if you use this method.

- If you're playing as Haggar, find a very strong enemy first, preferably an
Hit him twice, and, instead of smashing them away with your fists, grab him,
head butt him twice, then jump and piledrive him into the ground.
This method of attack can kill an enemy instantaneously, and is most useful
against troublesome and annoying thugs like Billy or Sid.
This can inflict more than triple the damage, so use it whenever you're ready!

- If you're playing as Alpha Guy, follow Haggar's pattern of attack; find a
strong thug, hit him 4 times (instead of the usual 5 hit combo), grab him, and
knee him in the gut 3 times.
This attack is also very useful and strong, like Haggar's, so use it when
you're in trouble.
H) Hidden Characters & Secrets
As I mentioned above in the guide, the 2 secret characters you can pick in this
game are Alpha Guy and Alpha Cody, both from the SFA series.
If you want to play as Alpha Guy, you need to beat up at least 500 Mad Gear
thugs in the game, so that it will count towards the number of thugs you have
defeated in total so far.
To unlock Alpha Cody, you need to defeat more thugs than the usual 500 so you
can unlock him.
However, that isn't all....you can also alter the number of lives you want,
change the colour costume of all 5 heroes (including your favourite hero),
select the stage number in which you want to start off, and change the number
of points you want in order to earn an extra life!!!
However, to unlock all these goodies, you will have to defeat more and more
thugs in the game!
If you want to unlock the secrets faster, set the difficulty level to "Very
Hard" and be prepared to face the unexpected challenge yet!
Note: Once you defeat 2000 enemies in the game, you can't unlock anymore
I) Sequels To The Game
There are 4 sequels in which I've figured out, starting with: Final Fight Guy,
Final Fight One, Final Fight 2, and finally followed up by Final Fight 3.
The difference between Final Fight One and Final Fight Guy is that:

- In Final Fight Guy, you can only select between 2 fighters; Guy or Haggar (No
- In Final Fight One, you can select 5 characters; 3 normal fighters plus 2
hidden fighters.

- In Final Fight Guy, Rolento isn't featured at all in the Industrial Area and
the whole stage   is completely different.
- In Final Fight One, Rolento is featured in the "missing" scene and you get to
fight him!
  However, he's also featured in Final Fight 2 as a boss again.

- Final Fight Guy has almost terrible music that is repetitive and is slow.
  The sound effects aren't that bad, but they also sound rather simplisic
without any effort to
  make it sound any enjoyable or lasting.

- Final Fight One has better, catchy and enjoyable music that is smooth and
  The sound effects are MUCH better, and have been improved quite considerably
without any
  slip-ups. The graphics and backgrounds may have remained the same, but the
4th stage is more     outstanding and bright with detailed texture, resembling
to the 1994 arcade action beat-em-up
  game, "Alien Vs Predator", also created by Capcom.

Just a brief outline of the 2 sequels to Final Fight One:

- (SNES) In Final Fight 2, Haggar is once more forced to fight it out with more
thugs...but not in the Metro City streets this time! It seems that Mad Gear has
somehow secretly banded again with the remnants without his knowing, and broken
But, this time, it's not in Metro City...no, the gang are spreaded over
countries and states in the game! Hong Kong, France, Holland, New York,
etc...have all been spread out with Mad Gear thugs in the streets, buildings,
and undergrounds!
With Cody and Jessica away on vacation, and Guy training overseas, Haggar is
asked by a girl named Maki to help her, but not only to deal with Mad
Gear...the fiends have also kidnapped her father Genryusai and sister, Rena!
(She's also Guy's fiance, by the way)
However, knowing that Haggar cannot handle this alone, a man named Carlos
pleads to join in his quest to overcome this madness and stop the Mad Gear from
regrouping any further, and rescue Rena and her father at all costs!

- (SNES) In Final Fight 3, Haggar discovers that there's a weapon syndicate of
some kind going on secretly and has been continuing for a long time, for the
gang who started this are in the deal for making more money out of it and thus
increasing their profit. (I can't remember much of it...the story is unclear
and doesn't seem to make any sense, but I think that's what it is)
Once more, Guy joins in the fight alongside with Haggar, plus 2 new heroes this
time want in; a female cop named Lucia and a mysterious fighter called Dean.
Lucia helps Haggar and Guy for the same reason; to stop the gang stealing
weapons and bombs, but Dean enters for a different reason; to avenge the deaths
of his family caused by the riotous gang who killed them in cold blood.
So...with Guy, feeling that Haggar would need help with this case, Lucia
teaming up with Guy and Haggar, Haggar out to bring justice, and Dean thirsty
for revenge...will this be their final fight? The future looks rather bleak....

Out of the 4 games, I prefer Final Fight 2 mostly because it's better than
Final Fight 1 of course. Capcom even produced creepy music in some of the
stages even though the environments in the game doesn't look as though it would
have anything that would produce any threat to the hero.
J) Credits
These are the following people I would like to commend:

- Capcom for making some really good beat-em-up games, the Final Fight series
and "Alien Vs Predator" arcade game made back in 1994.
I actually clocked "Capcom Vs SNK 2: Millionaire Fight 2001 EO" at the Box Hill
arcade, but that's another story......maybe......
I actually miss playing the AVP Arcade game...but at least I know where to find
one! (No, it's not located at an arcade centre, it's actually in Brisbane in a
little gaming room inside a carpark basement of an apartment called Beach

- Harry (Scum) for burning me a copy of "Aliens vs Predator 2" on his computer
and installing the patch plus the crack in it.

- Rainer El Shataly for unlocking the secrets of "Tekken Advance" on his own
GBA and getting Heihachi for me as well as the Team Battle Mode.

- George Papastavros for lending me his own copy of "Wario Land 4" on GBA.

- And last, but not least.... James Nickless for lending me his PC CD-ROM of
the first installment of "Aliens Vs Predator" on computer. Thanks, Wheat! (his
very own personal nickname which will stick until the end of time)

				        Copyright 2002
			 Final Fight One GameFAQ for Game Boy Advance
				      Created by Akuma22
				      All rights reserved
			       E-mail: tian_hzukhoo@hotmail.com

      Thanks for your co-operation and for taking the time to read through this
vital FAQ.

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