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A pretty good game, I guess. 02/03/09 bambi300
Alright port, but not great 07/08/11 Betaman214
Wonderful graphics! 08/16/01 bombmanpro
Awesome game, but whoa, it's kind of hard... 12/20/04 CC Ricers
If i had a dollar for every time i thought, "whoa, this game rocks," I'd be like... really rich 09/03/01 chillindude829
Before Globox and The Teensies 08/06/03 CKY2KWC
An incredible game with a few minor flaws... 06/30/01 Future-Trunks
A visual treat. It's a fun game, too. 12/28/01 Hank
Quest through a limbless world 07/11/01 hyncer
This little guy packs a lot of punch! 07/09/02 ItsJiv
One of the most disappointing GBA launch games.... 06/29/01 Jake Edwards
Rayman is back, but on GBA! 03/16/02 Joel
Although Rayman is Advanced, he is still a low-down bum! (Alternative Tagline : A Brilliant console to handheld converstion) 07/23/01 Lagunathemoron
One of the best games on the GBA 07/26/04 Light Arrow
Make Room for Rayman! 07/26/01 LiNkIn
Refreshingly Rabbid-free 12/14/08 madhair60
Plenty of hard feelings. 10/01/18 Malorkus
Although Rayman is a no-limbed freaky idiot, he can show you a good time 01/28/02 MikeN
PSX v shrinks... with success! 08/18/01 Mormelv2.0
It might look a little strange, but it's a truly GREAT game! 10/19/02 MoSkiTo
See what the GBA can do - Rayman style! 08/13/01 NeoPV
look ma, no arms....or legs...yet still great fun 06/30/01 NWolfwood
The best side-scroller ever hits the GBA 06/30/01 roadkill
Rayman advance totaly rocks 08/17/01 slimjim25c
Although UbiSoft chose to conform and remake a classic game to release with the GBA, it shows the Advance's true shining colors. 06/29/01 The Spam Man

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