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Guide and Walkthrough by Syonyx

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/16/2004

                          ***  HEART OF DARKNESS  ***

                          FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.0

                                   by Syonyx
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  TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                GAME INFO

A) Introduction                                       Title: Heart of Darkness
B) Controls/Moves                                  Platform: Sony Playstation
C) Characters                                     Developer: Amazing Studio
D) Walkthrough                                    Publisher: Interplay (NA)
     1. Crash Landing                                        Ocean (EU)
     2. Swamp Journey                          Release Date: 31 July 1998 
     3. Underwater Adventure
     4. Cave of Dangers
     5. Amigo Island Assault
     6. In the Darklands
     7. Raise the Magic Rock!
     8. The Hunt for Whiskey
     9. The Great Escape
     10. Pieces of the Magic Rock
     11. Heart of Darkness
E) Closing Info

     -----======               A) INTRODUCTION                ======-----

Welcome to my guide to Heart of Darkness on Sony Playstation.  I am Syonyx, 
and I wanted to produce this guide to provide some help through the sometimes 
frustrating sections of this graphical platform adventure.  The game contains 
many puzzles requiring patience, determination, and experimentation.  Other 
parts of the game aren't about figuring out a solution, but just surviving an 
onslaught of enemies, where one wrong move means restarting several screens 
back.  Having played the game through a few times, I wanted to share my 
experience to help others to make it through without the same increase in 
blood pressure it can sometimes cause.  I hope I have been successful in this 
venture.  If you want to let me know what you think, or have any general 
comments or suggestions for updates to this guide, drop me a line at: 
syonyx_faqs at yahoo dot com.

This guide was written primarily for GameFAQS.com, which still needed a guide 
for this game with punctuation, but you may end up seeing it elsewhere over 

This version completed June 16, 2004.

     -----======               B) CONTROLS/MOVES              ======-----

First of all, you should just look at the game manual.  But in case you don't 
have one, or you're just lazy, here you go:

Directional buttons: Move
X: Jump / Select menu options
O: Fire 1
Triangle: Fire 2
Square: Run

Jump in place: X 
Salto the Somersault: X, X (double jump)
Jump short distance: X + left/right
Jump longer distance: X + left/right while running in that direction

Move about on handholds: direction buttons
Grab onto handholds: Hold X
Jump off wall: Direction button + X

(Plasma Cannon)
Fire: O or Triangle (default direction of fire is straight ahead)
Directional fire: Fire + left, right, up, down-left, down-right,
                  up-left, or up-right
(Magic powers)
Regular shot: O to ready, release to fire
Powered shot: Hold Triangle to charge, release to fire
Directional shots: release fire button while pressing left, right, up, 
                   down-left, down-right, up-left, up-right, or down (only
                   while climbing)

Push an object: walk into it
Shake off a shadow: press left/right alternately in a slow rhythm

     -----======                C) CHARACTERS                 ======-----

Our hero.  Clocking in at about 8 years old, Andy's courage in rescuing his 
best friend is unquestionable.  Along the way, he'll make some new friends and 
reveal his devotion to doing whatever it takes to help them out.

Andy's loyal canine companion.  He gets kidnapped by the forces of darkness, 
prompting a rescue by his master.

Lord of the dark realm, and utterly humorless.  The full extent of his powers 
is unknown, but he demands obedience and won't tolerate failure by his 

Looking an awful lot like the bad guys from The Raccoons cartoon (anyone 
remember that?), this creature lacks a proper name.  But he's so slimy that he 
probably doesn't deserve one.

As far as we know, the only friendly residents of the darklands.  These goofy 
flyers make up for their lack of intellect with their good-hearted nature.

-Regular: These mostly ground-based troopers make up the bulk of the shadow 
arme.  Their slightly malleable forms allow them to flap in the air over short 
distances.  They can grapple Andy and keep him from firing unless he manages 
to shake them off, or they can just grab him and swallow him.
-Flying: These true flyers have the added deadly ability of throwing fireballs 
in any direction.
-Crawling: These shadow dogs slink in low places waiting to grab unsuspecting 
boys.  You can only shoot them firing low to the ground.

-Giants: Well, they're giant, able to swallow boys in a single gulp.  Their 
skin is tough as nails, too, so firing on them won't do a thing.
-Armored warriors: Apparently made of ooze, since they dissolve into blobs of 
goo when destroyed.  These blobs will re-form into 2 new warriors if not 
destroyed in time.  Capable of shooting fireballs straight ahead or along the 

     -----======                D) WALKTHROUGH                ======-----

** Note: This guide was written while playing on Medium difficulty **


Ways to die: -falling off a cliff
             -eaten by shadows
             -knocked off a cliff
             -eaten by giant shadows
             -squashed in a giant monster skull

How to live: 

From the ship, you can only make one move: jump!  Press X to achieve this, 
then get used to the basic controls over the next couple of screens.  You can 
do either a walking or running jump across the first gap in the path.  On the 
next screen, shoot the skeletal dinosaur head hanging down with your home-made 
plasma cannon, or else it's shadow will get you.  This is, of course, after 
crouching to shoot the slinking shadow coming at you along the ground.  Shoot 
the hanging skeleton ahead on the next screen too.  Next, you get grabbed by a 
ghoulie (wait, that's a different game), and you have to shake him off.  
Alternate pressing left and right to thrust him off, then immediately shoot 

Now comes the fun part.  Shoot the giant snake head on the top right of the 
screen to break down the wall.  A lot of shadows start pouring out.  Stand 
your ground near the left side and shoot them, alternating between straight 
and crouching shots, will diagonal and overhead shots to hit the flying 
shadows that come across the screen at you.  Once you clear a wave, run to the 
next screen.  Here, repeat your shooting strategy, staying a couple steps in 
from the left side, but also periodically shoot behind you to get the shadows 
creeping up there.  When it seems like you've cleared them all, continue 
forward.  Next, there are running shadow dogs that are immune to your plasma 
cannon.  You must somersault (double jump) over them.  There are 4 in total.  
Then, shoot the other shadows and keep on going.  Next you'll encounter a 2-
level screen with a bone ladder in the middle.  A shadow will come out on top 
and will bang the ground, shaking you off your feet.  Jump when he does this 
and shoot him before he does it again.  Climb the ladder to take the top path.

After the giant shadows break through the wall, run past them to the right.  
Stop running, but keep walking, as you cross the narrow rock bridge, with a 
shadow close behind you.  At the end of the bridge, hold the run button while 
finishing crossing, and keep running until the shadow gets vaporized in the 
sunlight ahead.  Weaponless, hopeless, girlfriend-less, continue onward 

Follow the lizard up the wall.  Jump where he does across the gap in the wall, 
and lower yourself to the ledge on the far side.  Remember to hold the jump 
button so that you'll grab onto something when you jump.  At the end of the 
ledge, climb the wall again and jump right, then up.  When you're on the ledge 
with the giant spine going down the left side of the screen, jump in place on 
the ledge a couple times to break it, then climb up.  Climb up the ribcage of 
the skeleton.  In his head, quickly jump out the front to grab the rocks 
before the jaws close on you.  Above, climb until you break the long bone, 
then push it over and cross it to climb up the other side.

An FMV reveals Whiskey's fate.  


Ways to die: -sucked under by swamp monsters
             -caught in a venus boy trap
             -scooped up by flying shadows

How to live: 

Walk ahead from the top of the hill where you start.  Jump to the hanging vine 
to open the path ahead.  Hop to the rocks to reach the next screen.  Here, 
stand on the edge and jump in place to grab the swinging vine, then press jump 
again to drop off the far side.  Wait until the purple mantrap is chewing one 
of the fireflies that go by before jumping across it.  Climb the tree and 
follow the branch forward.  Jump to the swinging vine, then to the next, then 
jump off at the end of the swing to get launched to dry ground again.  

Now its safe to walk through the swamp water.  As you do so, note that the 
depth changes.  In the deeper areas, duck down to avoid getting scooped up by 
the flying shadows that are hunting for you.  Keep ducking whenever you reach 
a deep area, and wait for them to move before plowing ahead to the next spot 
as quickly as possible (unfortunately, you can't run in this stuff).  On the 
far side, quickly pass through the sunlight so the shadows can't follow.

Ahead, climb the grey rocks and take the first landing to the right.  From 
there, run and jump to the black thing hanging down; it's a man trap that's 
blocking the way overhead.  Continue to the right along the ground to enter a 
cave.  Wait for the mantrap to eat a firefly, and while he's chewing, jump 
under the green glowing globe (that's alliteration, that is) to release a 
bunch of fireflies.  This will illuminate the way above.  Go back to the grey 
rocks and climb up to the next screen.  Cross the top to enter the top portion 
of the same cave.  When the lower mantrap eats a firefly, run and jump across 
the gap (the upper mantrap will miss you) and keep going right.  In the next 
screen, wait for the middle mantrap to eat a bug, then grab the swinging vine 
and jump in front of him, then immediate run the rest of the way through the 

When you're hanging upside down, start swinging back and forth.  Andy will 
grab the stick on the left and use it to defend himself from the giant swamp 
monster.  Keep swimming to the right until you reach land.  Climb the tree at 
the end of the path all the way up.  When you see someone in trouble, jump to 
the rope to unleash some sunlight.  You made a new friend!


Ways to die: -fried by fireballs
             -didn't come up for air
             -swallowed by sea plants
             -snatched by a mantrap
             -gored by grubs
How to live:

Swim straight downward and touch the glowing rock.  Swim to the right along 
the bottom next and enter the cave.  Follow it upward until you get out of the 
water, then practice using your new energy powers, especially using a powered 
energy blast to knock down the rocks blocking the tunnel (press triangle).  
Walk ahead and note that you're kicking a seed in front of you.  Once it 
reaches the wall, shoot with a powered energy blast (press triangle and down), 
then climb the plant you made and jump to the high ledge.  In the room with 
the pink mushrooms, drop down to kick the seed across the water (it floats), 
then shoot it to make it sprout once its on the far side.  Climb the mushrooms 
on the wall and jump across to the plant, climb up it and go to the next 

Jump in the water and swim down.  The sea plant sucks water in, and you with 
it if possible, so stay on the right side and angle away from the plant to get 
past it.  Below, swim past the anemone once their tentacles retract.  Get a 
breath of air up top and continue down to the left.  Stay along the bottom and 
go down to avoid the three sea suckers.  Keep on swimming until you reach 
another three.  These are tougher to avoid getting sucked in.  Try to swim 
horizontally under the right one, then up and to the left past the top one.  
Go down after this and follow the tunnel to reach a spot of air, then return 
and go up.  Get past three sets of anemone to reach a breathing spot above.

To get past the plant and mantrap, note that the bubbles from the plant go up, 
indicating that it's blowing, not sucking (tee hee hee!), so start swimming 
across its top so you won't get shot up into the mantrap.  Next, you have to 
swim without stopping past all of the anemone.  Watch the pattern of their 
tentacles to know when to start swimming (you want to swim so that you reach 
the second set of tentacles just as they're retracting).  After that, climb up 
out of the water.  

On dry land, you now have to get past a bunch of mantraps.  If you shoot them 
with powered energy, you can stun them momentarily (of course, it's too much 
to ask to kill them).  Shoot the first one at the top, then jump right and 
hang onto the mushrooms.  Shoot the bottom right mantrap while hanging, then 
jump to the right past him and fall down the hole, but hold the jump button to 
grab onto rocks below.  You now have to shoot the giant grubs.  One good spot 
is to hang at the top center, and be ready to shoot directly below as grubs 
emerge from that spot to suck you into the wall.  Shoot them once to inflate, 
then a second time to send them off.  Drop through the hole at the bottom left 
after dispatching 3 grubs.  


Ways to die: -torn apart by shadow piranhas
             -snatched by a mantrap
             -gored by grubs
             -grabbed by shadows

How to live:

Below, you enter a large puzzle area.  First, go left.  Shoot the shadows with 
normal energy blasts.  Next, shrink the plant with a powered energy blast, 
then do another to stun the mantrap, then another to re-grow the plant, and 
climb up it before the mantrap recovers.  Above, push the boulder over, then 
run from far back past the upper mantrap.  In the next room, shoot the grubs.  
This can be tricky, since they hide when you're firing.  Just stay at the side 
and shoot kind of randomly when they're popping out.  Once they're clear, 
climb down at the pink mushrooms.  Below, get into the water and swim to the 
right.  There's a slight current going that way.  At the end of the tunnel, in 
the room where you started here, push the rock out, so that the current will 
float the seed over to the pedestal, then quickly swim back and climb up where 
you got in before the piranha get you.  Go back up and around, remembering to 
run past the mantrap in the ceiling.  

Jump down where the plant is and run immediately right before the mantrap 
notices you.  Go right to the starting room.  Shoot the far plant to reduce it 
to a seed again, then go back left, shoot the plant and then the mantrap in 
the wall again.  This time, kick the seed to the right (you can kick it to the 
wall then back again), and push it into the water.  It'll float over and 
displace the other seed on the small platform in the water.  Now, grow both 
seeds (the lower one by shooting diagonally) and jump across both plants.  
From the second plant, on the right side, climb down and stand on the left 
edge of the platform.  Shoot the plant right beside you (you may need to shoot 
upwards to hit it), and kick the seed to the right.  In the next room, you 
should now have a seed on both platforms.  Shoot the first one to grow it, 
then jump to the plant, and shoot the second seed while hanging from it (be 
off the ground, of the piranha will jump and eat you).  Climb the second plant 
through the ceiling.

Above, shoot and stun the mantrap on the left, then climb up on the left side 
and stun the other one hiding above on the right.  Climb up past it.  Above, 
you have to shoot each mantrap in turn, and get past it before it recovers.  
You have to shoot them all diagonally from just below them.  Once you reach 
the ledge, immediately start firing on the shadows there, both above you and 
to the left.  Go left and climb up in the corner of that screen.  

Above, in a larger cave, there are a heck of a lot of shadows that come after 
you, too many to fight.  Run left, and grow the seed where it lay along the 
ground in the next room.  Quickly climb it and go left, then shoot the few 
shadows up where you are.  From this ledge, you can shoot the shadows below by 
firing diagonally downward.  Once they're clear, drop down and continue left.
Shoot the shadows, then climb the rocks on the left side and continue.  Walk 
slowly across the stone bridge to meet up with your old friend Amigo.


Ways to die: -fried by fireballs
             -grabbed by shadows
             -tumble off the cliff wall
             -knocked off by rocks
             -ravaged by spiders

How to live: 

This is a hard area to get used to.  From start, head left a little bit, then 
spend some time picking off flying shadows by firing energy right and 
diagonally up.  Duck under fireballs shot straight across at you, and jump 
over ones fired diagonally from the air.  You can't get rid of all of the 
enemies, so just clear some room and run to the right.  There, shoot some more 
flying shadows and some regular grounded ones too, again watching out for 
fireballs (dodge them in the same way).  When you can, run right again.  Cross 
the bridge and it'll collapse, but that's okay, you want that to happen.  

Hanging from the bridge, go down a bit and shoot the flying shadow that comes 
down on the right.  You could wait for him to come alongside you and just 
shoot straight out if that's easiest for you.  Climb down, and jump right from 
the bottom, grabbing onto the lattice on the rocks there.  Go right and shoot 
two grubs, then jump to the bottom right roots in the rock wall.  On the next 
screen, shoot the bone formation with a powered energy blast to keep its 
shadow from knocking you off the wall.  From the bone ledge, jump to the 
swinging vine.  Jump off the far side and shoot the pair of shadows and climb 
the short ladder.  You can't climb the plant here because of the shadows it 
creates on the wall, so shrink it and kick the seed right until you're clear 
of the cliff wall, then re-grow and climb it.  

Jump to the cliff wall again and climb up and to the right, avoiding the 
shadow of the large root.  Above, use a powered shot to stun the left tree 
root and climb past it.  Above, take out a few grubs and continue upward, just 
avoiding the root here.  Above, deal with a couple grubs on your way up and to 
the left.  On the screen with a hanging boulder, just go up again.  (If you 
fall anywhere here, just hold the jump button to grab onto rocks down below).
Deal with more grubs, and stun the tree roots to get to the bottom right side, 
then climb down to the ledge by the hanging boulder.  Have your shadow push 
the boulder's shadow by walking to the right, and then shoot the flying 
shadows that come out from the right (duck and jump the fireballs as before, 
from the edge of the ledge so that when you jump you won't just grab the rock 
wall and get fried).  

Now you can return to the screen where the flying shadows were previously 
trapped and climb up through the opening in the bottom of that area (to get 
off the screen with the boulder, you can just jump down and grab the rock wall 
on the next screen below, then climb back right and up).  Inside the 
enclosure, jump up to the rock wall and climb up.

Above, dodge the falling rocks by shifting left or right as need be.  Jump to 
the left side of the screen and climb up to see why rocks were falling.  Those 
dirty buggers.  Cross between falling rocks (you can tell where they'll fall 
by where the shadows bang the ground) and climb up on the right side to shoot 
the shadows.  Climb up again on the left side.  Above, you will be pursued by 
shadow spiders.  You can shoot them, but there's an awful lot of them and I 
don't think you can get them all.  You can, however, outrace them, so just 
keep going up to reach the tip of the mountain.


Ways to die: -taken by shadows
             -fried by fireballs
             -dipped in lava
             -digested by grubs

How to live:

Press any button to get off the cushy flower you landed on.  Walk right a bit 
and three crawling shadows will come from the left.  Shoot them by firing 
along the ground and go right.  There, there are I believe 4 crawling shadows 
and 2 flying ones.  Shoot the ground ones by firing along the ground, jumping 
to avoid the fireballs, then take out the flying shadows by firing up and 
diagonally.  There's a grey pressure plate on the ground here.  Leave it for 
now.  Go right and shoot the single shadow, then return and step on that 
plate.  Run right again and either jump over the second pressure plat here, or 
just wait for the small stone to lower again and run to the end of the screen 
before the large black stone comes out again.  

Ahead, you find some delightful liquid hot magma.  Jump to the first pedestal, 
and then quickly jump to the next before the first one sinks.  From the second 
pedestal, jump up and grab the rocks.  Between bursts of lava, move left and 
up, then right across the top.  Ahead, a spider drops green goo into the 
handholds in the rocks.  This goo drips down, and if you touch it you'll lose 
your grip and fall into the lava.  Cross the screen, dodging the goo, and you 
might be able to shoot the spider if you get right underneath it (he likes to 
dodge your shots).

Over to the right, there are 3 shadows.  The top one likes to bang the ground, 
shaking you off the wall.  Climb straight up the left side, holding the jump 
button for if you get knocked off (so you'll grab another hold below).  Try to 
climb up just enough to shoot the top shadow from the side (it's when Andy is 
just reaching for the top right handhold).  Once he's gone, climb down and 
shoot the left shadow from straight across, then hop to his ledge.  Shoot the 
last shadow from there, then climb up and to the right.  Fire right to kill 
the flying shadow before he kills you, then climb over into his ledge.  Walk 
to the right and start shooting everything in sight, always to the right.  
There are 2 flying shadows who will toss fireballs, one high, one low.  Duck 
under the former, and jump over the latter (do a somersault for safety), and 
just keep firing until you kill everything.  Now, go back, climb the wall, and 
pass under the ledge, past the lava spouts, then up the wall.  

Above, there are a pair of spiders for you to take out.  Avoid the green goo 
and keep firing, hopefully getting lucky.  You'll probably only be able to hit 
a spider when it comes right up to you to try and eat you.  Above, more 
spiders, more goo, and three grubs as well.  Remember, if you slip off the 
wall, hold the jump button to grab on below, then dodge the goo that will 
still be coming down to you.  Climb to the top for a little FMV.

Go right up top, and shoot the grub between lava burst.  To jump across, get 
close to the lave bursts, then jump over after they both shoot together.  You 
have to jump from the very top of the wall to make it.  To the right, there 
are a couple spiders, so check for goo coming your way right away.  Climb up a 
bit to make it easier to shoot them.  Ahead, there's one more spider, then a 
flying shadow up top.  Get onto the ledges at the top.  Another flying shadow 
or two come over when you cross the middle ledge.  Shoot and dodge.  Go right 
to finish them off, then go back left and climb the wall past the lava spouts 
along the bottom.  Cross each during the pause after the 2 small bursts, but 
before the large burst.  Once across, push the seed along the ground to the 
right side, then shoot it under the stalactite to grow it, then climb the wall 
back left, up, and around to the top again.  Climb the plant to reach the 
handholds.  Once you approach the exit, 2 more flying shadows come down, so 
drop to the ground and prepare to duck and fire.  Climb up again once it's 


Ways to die: -crushed by rock columns
             -taken by shadows
             -eaten by mantraps

How to live:

Once you enter the area, immediately walk to the right and fall to the ground, 
then into the hole just ahead, before you get squashed by the horizontal 
columns that will shoot out.  When you land, rather than trying to get past 
the three vertical columns, step right again to go down another screen.  
There, immediately power an energy shot and shoot the seed to make it sprout, 
blocking the large column that comes from the left side.  Walk right to the 
next screen and walk into the wall panel at the end of the tunnel to push it.  
Return to the previous screen and drop down in the new hole.  Go right, walk 
closer to the shadow and shoot it from the ground.  Kick the seed all the way 
to the right and sprout it, then climb up and jump right.  Shoot all of the 
shadows on the next screen, alternating high and low shots.  Shake off any 
that grab onto you.  Fall through the hole on the right and defeat more 
shadows below in the same manner.  Crawl through the space to the right.  
Crawl across the room, always staying along the ground to avoid the mantraps 
in the ceiling.  Crawl under the crusher after it makes a move.  Crawl to the 
end, then turn around, and with the seed ahead of you, crawl back out the way 
you came.  Place the seed under the column sticking down from the ceiling, and 
sprout it to push this column up, which, if you recall the screen above, will 
push up the glowing meteor.  

Above ground, you have two screens within which to take out the flying shadows 
without getting fried.  Make a stand at either end of this area.  It can be 
confusing with all of the Amigos flying around, but just keep firing around, 
and especially watch for shots directed towards you.  Duck or jump as 


Ways to die: -fried by fireballs
             -taken by shadows
             -eaten by grubs

How to live:

Walk forward a bit and a flying shadow will appear.  Kill it, then the shadow 
on the top shelf will float over.  Don't let it drop on you, and kill it with 
an energy blast.  On the next screen, there are more ground shadows and a 
couple flying ones.  Take the latter out first if you can, but fire straight 
to keep the ground shadows back while you're trying.  Climb the wall and back 
to the top shelf on the first screen when they're all dead.  You have to jump 
across a small gap in the wall, then use a powered energy blast to break the 
rocks blocking the tunnel.  

WARNING!: This next part can be very frustrating, because you will, in all 
likelihood, die often, and have to restart at the very beginning.  You have to 
get past the first two paragraphs described below to reach the first continue 

Inside, you face an armored warrior.  You can kill him with 2 regular shots or 
one powered shot, but either way he splits into 2 grey blobs that must be 
destroyed with powered shots along the ground.  If you don't blow them up in 
time, each blob regenerates into a new armored warrior.  Deal with him and 
advance.  Cross the chain by walking, not running (if you fall, skip down two 
paragraphs to see how to get back up).  When you reach the middle, the flying 
shadows will come out at you.  Shoot one straight ahead, then turn around 
quickly and shoot the other.  Continue across to the other side.  On the next 
screen, your first task is to shoot at least most of the shadows crawling on 
the ceiling, using diagonal shots.  Stay at the left edge of the screen to do 
this, while ducking or somersaulting over the armored warriors' air and ground 
shots.  When you've cleared most of the shadows, then take on the warriors, 
making a strong effort to destroy the grey globs before they can reform.  
Continue to the right along the top.

Shoot the shadow past the stomping goo feet.  He'll dodge a lot, but just keep 
firing and you'll hit him soon enough.  Now to get past the goo feet.  I'll 
number them 1, 2, and 3 from left to right.  #1 only stomps when you step on 
the pink pressure plate, so don't.  To get across safely, wait until foot 3 is 
going to come down just after foot 2.  Jump over the pressure plate as foot 2 
has just come down, then run the rest of the way across.  Finally, this 
section is complete once you cross to the next screen.

Climb onto the wall and get ready to shoot some grubs.  You should know how to 
handle these by now.  There are 4 to take out.  Climb down when done, and 
shoot the shadow on the ground while still hanging on the wall.  On the 
ground, press the pink pod on the right wall to reveal more handholds, then 
climb back up and to the left.  Immediately shoot the shadow on your left when 
you enter the next screen, and push the pink pod there.  Return to the 
previous screen, and shoot the crawling shadows diagonally from the upper 
ledge.  Once you jump down four more come out of the tunnel, so be ready to 
shoot along the ground at them.  The fourth one takes a moment longer to 
emerge.  Press the pink pod and climb back up to the screen above, where you 
now face some spiders instead of grubs (though any grubs you didn't kill 
earlier will be there too).  Kill them then dismount at the top and go back 

Get past the stomping goo feet again by running across and jumping over the 
pressure plate.  Go back to the chain that you walked across, and run while 
standing at the left edge to fall down below.  Use normal shots to take out 
the shadows while dodging fireballs, then start to kill the armored warriors 
when you've cleared some space.  When everyone's dead, walk right and kill the 
pair of shadows there.  Jump across the gap (if you fall down now, you'll be 
overrun instantly).  Trigger the pressure plate on the other side.  {If you 
want to get back to the top, continue to the right.  Kill another shadow and 
sprout the seed, then climb up.  At the top, go left, step on the plate, and 
kill the shadow, who seems to be invulnerable to normal shots [i.e. use a 
powered shot].  You can now climb up the ladder and follow the instructions 
from two paragraphs above}.  Jump to the handholds, climb down and to the 
right, then drop down on to the right pressure plate.  Turn and kill the 
multitude of shadows that come from the left side.  Once they're dead, you can 
step on the center pressure plate and face the armored warriors from the right 
side.  Once everyone's dead, go left and climb down the ladder at the end to 
push a pink pod, then go back up and to the right end, then down the ladder 

This next part is a bit of a lark.  The grubs are especially nasty, and you 
won't be able to kill them, since they hide as soon as you start to generate a 
shot.  As soon as you climb onto the wall, too, they suck you in.  Now, as for 
the armored warrior below, you can't reach him, because there's only a small 
break in the wall, and it ain't at ground level.  The only way to get through 
here is to first do a powered shot while hanging near the bottom of the 
ladder, fired diagonally down through the gap in the wall beside you.  It'll 
run along the ground and melt the warrior into 2 blobs.  Now leave those blobs 
alone!  When both warriors regenerate, the grubs will go for them, giving you 
a moment to get across the top while they are distracted.  Now you have to 
climb past a lave pit.  New blocks will appear as you reach the end of each 
new section.  After climbing to the upper left, you have to jump to the 
handholds at the bottom right, and jump from there to the bottom left, all 
between bursts of lava.  In the next screen, shoot the shadow above you when 
you enter, then cross to the next screen.  


Ways to die: -sucked in by grubs
             -fried by fireballs
             -grabbed by shadows

How to live:

Getting out of the cell is fairly easy.  Shoot a powered shot directly upward 
underneath the seed, then sprout the seed through the same hole.  Walk right 
to push the boulder in the hole.  Press the pink pod and walk off to the left.
From the stone handholds, shoot the armored warrior below.  When he turns into 
two, the grubs will go after him.  At this point, jump left, press the grey 
button on the wall, and climb straight up beside it to the top before the 
grubs finish their snack and come after you.

Walk left and take out all of the shadows, including the ones on the ceiling.  
Head left again and do the same for the armored warrior and the shadows there.
Step on both pressure plates and climb up to go left.  After the FMV, drop 
into the gap.  Wait for an armored warrior to throw a ground fireball.  Jump 
in place over it.  It'll burn the wooden bridge in the middle.  Fall through 
the hole this creates.  Immediately run to the right upon landing below.  Jump 
over the crawling shadow on the right side of the next screen, and then walk 
as you enter the next screen, since you need to cross a chain without falling.
On the other side, once you drop to the ground, crawl to the left underneath 
the previous screen.  On the other side, press the silver pressure plate in 
the wall, jump over the crawling shadow who's been chasing you once he lunges 
at you, and crawl back through the tunnel.  At the other end again, run to the 
rock handholds you made by pressing the plate, and climb up them.    

Back up top, run left along the ground, past the pressure plates, and jump 
over the hole you previously fell into.  Instead, fall into the hole at the 
very left end of the path.  But is this the end?

Of course not!  Andy finds his old plasma rifle inside the monster, who just 
happens to be the guy who ate it back above ground at the start of your 
adventure.  Fire a few times inside his belly to break free, then zap the 
shadows with impunity.  The next screen will test your rifle skills, with 
ceiling shadows that will try to drop down on you, and occasionally shadows 
that come from behind.  Once you've cleared the room, keep heading to the 

Zap the armored warriors.  When there are grey globs to destroy, keep firing 
along the ground, standing only to jump over fireballs.  Continue to the right
along the bottom.  Shoot the flying shadows diagonally first, then take out 
the armored warriors.  Step on the pressure plate at the end, retrace your 
steps to the ladder, and climb up.  The pressure plate up here will open the 
nearest door.  Go through, then jump across the top platforms.  Ahead, stay 
low to take out the flying shadows, but don't let the crawling ones get 
directly over top of you.  Drop to the ground and eliminate the warrior when 
the rest are gone.  Next, take out the ceiling crawlies, but watch for 
fireballs from the warrior at the same time.  Don't miss the crawling shadow 
behind the ladder when you're done.  Go up and walk right to finish this area.


Ways to die: -taken by shadows
             -flamed by fireballs
             -crushed by a gate

How to live:

Go into the right tunnel to find the first piece of the magic rock.  Kick it 
to the wall, then walk past it, turn around, and kick it back to the central 
room.  Go back and climb the ladder.  Note the hole to its right, where you 
can drop future rock pieces.  As soon as you start to crawl into the tunnel on 
the left, a shadow crawls out to you, so shoot it.  Then shoot the one on the 
next screen, then stand outside the tunnel and shoot the one just above 
diagonally.  Go up the ladder and finish the rest off.  Crawl along the middle 
level to the right to the next screen, then go up the ladder there, then again 
to the next screen above.  Touch the pressure plate, then jump over the gap 
and go to the left to find the next piece.  Push it right and down the hole, 
then go down after it.  While standing on the pressure plate that lifts the 
gate below, shoot the rock with the plasma cannon to roll it along.  Once it's 
off the screen, climb down and follow it.  Push it back and forth to the 
central room, then head into the fray once more.  

Climb up past the area you've already explored.  Along the ground, you'll find 
a crawling shadow following you and triggering pressure plates.  When it's in 
the middle, run to the ladder, climb up, and quickly jump across the gap 
before he closes the gate.  Walk past the ladder and wipe out the armored 
warriors on the next screen, then return and climb the ladder.  Kill the 
armored warriors on both levels, then trigger the top pressure plate on the 
left side.  On the top platform, go right and shoot the magic rock piece.  Go 
back, go down, trigger the lower pressure plate, go right and shoot the piece 
further over.  Go back and back up, trigger the plate again, go right and 
shoot the magic rock piece to the right for the last time, then go down a 
level and get it.  Push it back and forth down to the central room the same 
way you did the last one.  

It seems that there's still one shard missing.  From the central room, go left 
again.  Kill the armored warriors and approach the barrier gate for a brief 
FMV, after which it will open.  Drop down, shoot the shadows, drop down on the 
far end and shoot some more from the middle ledge.  Get the ground shadows on 
this side by shooting diagonally down.  Don't step off the ledge, but jump 
off, because the crawling shadow underneath it will grab you otherwise.  Shoot 
him, then the last shadow across the way, and finally fall into the hole in 
the ground.  

In the lowest cavern, you first have to take out a pair of armored warriors, 
which is no big trouble at this point I hope.  On the next screen, there are 
lots of shadows to take out.  Watch for the flapping ones that land behind 
you.  When they're clear, the real fun starts.  Head to the next screen for 
more shadows.  While you're fighting them, however, the Master of Darkness 
himself comes out and occasionally shoots double fireballs along the ground.  
You must use Salto (the double jump) to get over them, and you want to jump a 
tad early.  It's okay to land on the fire tail, it's the ball itself that'll 
kill you.  Jump these when he throws them, and continue to fire on the 
shadows.  Once they're all gone, run to the next screen.  The boss will follow 
you, and you will face yet more shadows, with a couple armored warriors thrown 
in for good measure.  Only either the master or the warriors will shoot 
fireballs at one time, so you won't be totally screwed by an undodgeable 
barrage.    Finally, walk up to the final piece of the magic rock on the next 


Ways to die: -devoured by darkness

How to live:

You can only swing your plasma rifle like a club, and move back and forth.  
There will be many swirling shapes, but the only two to watch for are the 
shadow mouths with eyes, and the blobs with two tentacles on top.  These, you 
must hit with your rifle to dissipate them.  The mouths, though, when hit, 
turn into a hand that will come down on the spot you were just standing in, so 
move as soon as you hit them.  After a couple minutes of this, the game end 
cinema will kick in.  

After the credits, you will be prompted to put on the 3-D glasses that came 
with the game and press X.  You now get to watch the FMV that took place after 
Andy picked up the last piece of the magic rock again, but in glorious three 
dimensions.  Enjoy!

     -----======               E) CLOSING INFO                ======-----

Well, thanks for making use of this guide.  I hope you were able to put it to 
some good use.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please 
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Thanks to the creators of Heart of Darkness for making a pretty solid, 
colorful, beautifully scored game based on the power of a boy's imagination.  
You're a swell bunch of French guys.

That's it!  

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