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Reviewed: 09/02/01 | Updated: 09/02/01

An otherwise great game hampered by EXTREME difficulty

You know, if you really think about it, Nintendo is probably the best game company of all time (next to Namco and Sega, or course). They not only started the kart racing phenomenon, (Mario Kart stands with CTR as the only good kart games)they also brought us such classic games as Mario, and uh...Mario...and...uh...I know! F-Zero, the prequel to this game! I consider it a prequel because this game features all-new cars and tracks. If you liked the SNES version you'll probably like this one, but let me tell's not easy. Oh man, is it not easy. Expect to chuck your GBA into the wall (don't worry, it'll come out okay) because the CPU is the must annoying, cheating, and compulsive-rage-inducing CPU I've seen in a game for a long time. You will lose. A lot. Prepare to memorize the courses. Prepare to learn the subtle nuances of each car so you know which one will do best on the track. In my thirteen years of existence, (ten of which I have been playing video games) I have never played something that is so freakin' impossible, yet so hopelessly addictive. Prepare to be playing this game a lot. And losing. Anyway, it's time for the ever-popular subcategories.

While the graphics are fairly good, this is definitely not the showpiece for your GBA. If you want incredible, beautiful graphics, I suggest Rayman Advance, Tony Hawk 2, or Iridion 3D.

While the music is pretty kickin', The sound is pretty uninspired and boring. But, to get that crucial headstart at the beginning of a race, you have to be able to hear. So bring some headphones on that car trip.

Very, very fun. Fairly simple, yet complicated. Hard to explain really. You need to incorporate techniques such as banking, blast turning, and turbos. Also, there are obstacles on the road such as explosives, slow-down zones, and other cars. Fun, fun.

I have never harped so much on a game's difficulty, but this is just plain insane. You need to be amazing to complete this game 100%. I am not even close to what it takes to beat it. You might be, but I sure aren't.

If this game wasn't so damn hard, I would've given it a 9. I figures out why Nintendo made it this way! As soon as yo lose for the 935th time, they figure you'll chuck your GBA against the wall, and then it will break! So you'll have to buy a new one! A clever marketing ploy. Too bad they made the GBA's too sturdy for it to work. If you enjoy racing games that are impossible, then buy this game right now. Hurry up!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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