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Reviewed: 08/17/01 | Updated: 08/17/01

My favorite all time f-zero game

This is probably the best f-zero game I ever played.IT's just like the one for the SNES but way better. The only thing I don't like is it's way too much like the SNES one. It practicaly is the SNES one except with new racers and tracks.

Graphics 8.3/10
The graphics are the excact same as the f-zero for the SNES. There really good. To tell the truth I like these graphics better than the ones on f-zero X for the n64.

Music 8.4/10
The music is awsome! It's a whole different tune when you put on the headphones. Well not a whole different tune. Sometimes I would just listen to the music instead of playing the game:) I really like the music for this game.

Sound 8.1/10
I think the sound is very great too. Sounds real when you crash.

Gameplay 8.1/10
has lots of cars and tracks. very challenging, and fun. Once you beat it you can still try to beat your best race times or beat the game with every car. Thats f-zero's gameplay.

multiplayer 8.4/10
Can play with 4 players with game one game pak! The only thing that stinks about that is you can only race one course and can only be one car. But the course that you race is a secret course that you can't unlock with one player. If every one has a game pak they can play any course and any character. I think the multiplayer is fun.

Diffitculty 10/10
This game is very challenging. It would take up a lot of free time to beat this game. It has four different modes
It's really hard because the computers are faster then you in master mode. This game is very difficult. I think the hardest thing about this game is winning a grand prix with the jet vermillion. It's also really hard because there's these little yellow cars and explosive bombs on the track that really mess you up.

Play control 7.6
IT really stinks when you start out, but gets a little easier. The play control is very hard for some certain cars like Jet Vermillion. So it takes a long time to get used of the play control. There is a trick to make the play control easier though.

Overall 8/10
A very fun game, I love it and play it every day. This is one of the best games right now for the GBA

Buy or rent
Buy, because it takes a loooooong time to beat and it never gets boring.

Well that's my review, hope you liked it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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