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Reviewed: 07/02/01 | Updated: 07/02/01

Why is this game so darn popular?

F-Zero for the SNES gets revived. But is it any good? NOT A CHANCE! This is the worst game I have ever played (while, it's on the list anyway). I can’t understand it, why is this game so popular? I look through the reviews and what do I see? 9, 10 maybe an 8. Man, I just know I’m going to get flamed for this one, but, this is my opinion of the game. If you don’t agree to what I’m saying, you don’t have to read it.

Graphics - 4
Graphics, what graphics? It's just some badly drawn 3 dimensional cars on a 2 dimensional courses. I don't get what all the ''F-Zero is the best racing game ever'' comments are all about. These courses are horrid. All are 2D as stated above, but all the obstacles are drawn in with the course. It's like driving on a piece of paper that bends. They did add some new courses, that's pretty much the only difference between this and the SNES version.

Sound - 4
Varooom, screeetch, that's it. Man, I'm starting to wonder just how much room they took up in this cartridge. There may be more sounds, but if there are, you can count on those not being very well done either. There's probably some background music thrown in there two. But if there is, the reason I didn't notice it is I killed the sound right away. Yes, it's that bad. I prefer Pole Position, that was better sounding then this.

Control - 5
This is horrid as well. There's accelerate, brake, left and right drift. It uses the GBA buttons quite nicely but still, the game handles like crap. Your car is too hard to control, the corners are treacherous, combine all that with the fact that if you hit the wall, your cars energy (kind like life) goes down. All this will make for an incredibly short game.

Replay - 3
Replay? The only cool thing about this game is its multiplayer. You only need one gamepack, not two, that's the coolest feature. You hook up your two GBAs together, the person with the game initiates the challenge, his GBA sends the data to yours and the battle commences. Of course, this still doesn't change the fact the this game sucks no matter how many cool features its got which, by the way, is a total of ohhh...let me break out the calculator

Overall - 4
I'm sorry, if you do by and slim chance like this game, you are a freak of nature. How could anyone like this game? I didn't like it on SNES and a sure don't like it much here. If you're planning to purchase this game, just send the money to me, you'll feel better that way. This game makes me want to use my GBA as a large paperweight (the game itself isn't too heavy so the would make a lousy paperweight).

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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