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Reviewed: 06/30/01 | Updated: 06/30/01

F-Zero is one of the fastest, most intense racers around. Does the GBA port live up to the name?

I picked this launch title up with my GBA, and ended up being quite happy that I did.
The game takes place 25 years after the previous incarnations of the series, and therefore sports all new machines and pilots, but the same action-packed game play we all (besides people who haven't played F-Zero) love.

Graphics: 8/10
Very nice. The cars look cool, the courses look cool, the color usage is good and the screen isn't dark, and a lot of the background scenery is quite impressive. The GBA may be able to handle better, but this looks just like F-Zero should.

Music/Sound: 7/10
Nothing too special, though some circuits (courses) do have some pretty cool music. Some on the other hand, don't, and the sound FX are fair, at best.

Gameplay: 8/10
It's F-Zero alright...Hit speed bumps, travel at hundreds of miles per hour, and take jumps (it could use some more of these mind you, and they're aren't very big...). The races work like this: Your objective is simply to finish the race, and you do this by placing in the top three at the end. At the end of each other lap, you have to be at at least a certain place (eg. At the end of a lap, you have to be ranked (insert number) or lower), or you'll be eliminated (rank out), though the computer-controlled cars can place however they want and still be in the race. Odd, no? Anyway, in both single-player and multi-player, the game is overall a lot of fun. You can play multi-player with up to four people, and using either one cartridge, or one for each person playing. With single-pak, you can only use one course. The game can get extremely frustrating at times, but that comes along with F-Zero.

Replay Value: 8/10
There is lots to unlock (6 additional cars, and a new series, class, and circuit) but you should have a lot of that by the time you beat the game (which, I believe, is once you win in Master Class, as that's when it plays the credits). So after completion, you should still have two tough cars to unlock and the Championship Circuit. The final machine, the insanely hard to get, Jet Vermilion, should make the game last you long enough on its own, but getting it is a very gruelling, pain in the you-know-what task. With all this and multi-player, you should be playing this game for quite a while.

Overall Score: 8/10

Buy or Rent? Not the best launch title, but definitely among the top ones. Worth the purchase.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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