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Reviewed: 06/19/01 | Updated: 06/19/01

Best GBA launch game

F-Zero Maximum Velocity is very cool game. The are over 20 tracks and there is a lot of variety. They are very fun to race on. You can choose from 4 cars at first, but if you're good at the game you can win more. The cars are very different and you can actually feel the difference in the way they perform. They all look very cool and each car has its own style. Pick a car that fits your personality!

The game is very fast and you need quick reflexes. To win you have to have to use your boosts at the right moments, find shortcuts, and control your car well. That might be a problem for people who aren't video game veterans. The cars can be difficult to control sometimes and it takes a lot of skill to get the best times. You will have to learn to use all the buttons to win.

The music in this game is very good. If you heard the music in the original F-Zero for Super Nintendo, then expect something similar. In my opinion the music in this game is even better. It is more upbeat. The graphics are okay. The cars look great from every angle even though they are 2D sprites. Some cars even look photo-realistic when up close.

However, the game has a big flaw. The races take place miles above the planet's surface, but it doesn't look like it in the game. As you are racing, the ground scrolls by as fast as the track does. But if you were really that high, wouldn't the ground appear to be moving very slowly, or not at all? When you turn your car, the ground appears to turn by itself, which gives the illusion that you really are very high above it. This inconsistency is very unrealistic and takes away from the overall experience.

But if you can look past that, then you will have a lot of fun playing F-Zero Maximum Velocity. In my opinion it is the best Game Boy Advance game at launch and it has a lot of replay value. It is fun to win a car, and then use that car to win the next one. To find everything in this game, you will have to master driving all the cars.

I haven't played this game's multiplayer mode but I guess that this game has the best multiplayer mode so far for any Game Boy Advance game. There are many cars and many tracks to choose from so you and your friends can play a long time before getting bored. A problem with some multiplayer games is that the games are very one-sided, and the best player keeps winning. Because there is a lot of variety and strategy in maneuvering the tracks, I don't expect that to happen with this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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