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Reviewed: 06/16/01 | Updated: 05/20/02

A racing classic is reborn

Game Play-8/10

The game play is good, but the control is bad with certain cars. I ended up overcoming that problem by beating the game with every single car. I think there are ten cars. There are six unlockable cars. There are a lot of tracks too. The racing premise is simple. You race five laps, after every lap you get a quick turbo boost to use anywhere. You can use up to three boosts on one lap. The deadline for the cars decreases with every lap. For instance, you can be as low as fifteenth place on the first lap, but it goes down to tenth on the second lap, then seventh, then fifth, then third. The game is an extremely hard challenge. The car names are pretty bad too, like J.B. Crystal. What kind of car name is that? I wish Nintendo ‘d put the old tracks from F-Zero and F-Zero X in there, such as Mute City and Big Blue, in there. The game is recommended for racing fans.


There are six unlockable cars in this game, and there is a mode of difficulty and another set of races in this game. The game is addictive, but it takes a while to find the right car for you. Good replay, but it takes a long time to unlock everything.


The music is worse than the SNES version. I didn’t care for the music in this game. It isn’t triumphant, and it doesn’t match the scenery well. But, they used the same style of music for this game as they did it the SNES version. I’d suggest turning the music off in this game, it just doesn’t match up to the music in the SNES and N64 versions.


The sound effects are basically the same from the SNES version. There is nothing special in this department.


The graphics are the same as the SNES version, except in level design. In my opinion, the cloud level is the best-graphical track in the game. The graphics are great, some of the best on the Game Boy Advance so far. They are pretty good. Basically, the graphics are the same as the SNES version, except with minor revisions.

Fun Factor-8/10

The game is fun, more addictive than the SNES version.

Overall 8/10 (Not An Average)

If you like racers, get this game. If you like wasting time, get this game. This game is recommended for everyone, except people who give up easily.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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