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zoooOOOOooooom..... KABOOOOOM!!!! 11/27/06 Archmonk Iga
A Great Futuristic racer 12/29/01 CHIEF
An otherwise great game hampered by EXTREME difficulty 09/02/01 CrashMan
A racing classic is reborn 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
A Great Game To Keep You Entertained On Long Rides 07/08/01 DreThug
Easy to learn, hard to master 07/07/01 gameboy555
An SNES classic brought back into the future! 04/21/01 Gamer128
An old great game reformatted to the handheld wonder! 07/09/03 GCMasta
The Original fast and furious racer doesn't dissapoint 08/28/01 LCartwright
Bronze medal winner. 06/02/16 Malorkus
Very intense racing game, great demonstration of GBA's Power. 06/26/01 myforwik
F-Zero is one of the fastest, most intense racers around. Does the GBA port live up to the name? 06/30/01 Omnislasher
Why is this game so darn popular? 07/02/01 roadkill
Best GBA launch game 06/19/01 rockmanegg
One of the best portable racers EVER! 06/26/01 Shenmue Fan
A game thats always bordering the rails of fun and frustration. 06/28/01 shigman
My favorite all time f-zero game 08/17/01 slimjim25c
Vroom VROOM! 03/13/02 Tom Clark
One of the best launch titles for the GBA! Don't pass this one up! 08/27/01 Tyrant007
WARNING: If you read this review, I will try to convince you to get this hard game. This really hard game. 01/08/02 Utopusfalcon
Defy Gravity 06/17/01 Valentino da Legend
Finally, the F-Zero series returns and this time, it's better than ever for the Advance. 07/15/01 WainioTheMaster

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