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Leveling Guide by A Man in Flames / genestealer

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/14/2008

Golden Sun - Perfect Leveling Guide  |
By Ben Da Costa and Johan Qvicker    |
Contact us at- amaninflames@gmail.com|
or johan@aqa-d.se                    |
Creation Date: 10/28/05              |
Updated: 03/14/08                    |
Version: 1.3                         |

Version History:

V.1.0- 10/28/05: So damn long in the making, thanks to my big procrastination,
the very first draft of this guide is finally produced. Its a bit on the sloppy
side as far as content goes, but I hope its enough for people to get by on. I'm
looking for submissions and corrections big time. You got any? Send em to mine
or Johan's email addresses written above and we'll be sure to check it out and
post your name in the credits! This guide is so very prone to updates and
changes, so be on the look out for them!

V.1.1- 10/09/06: Wow, its been nearly one full year since the file has been
released but today I update it with a special method for people who CAN'T 
soft reset. Thanks goes to fsb2nsxform!

V.1.3- 03/14/08: Nearly one and a half years since V.1.1 and I finally got
around to posting all the methods various people have e-mailed me. I'm really
sorry it took this long, I have a full time life between a job, college, and
as a Hardcore Gamer. This update brings some extra level methods to the table,
minor grammar/spelling changes and some tiny format tweaks. Also, I have posted
some very crucial notes to solving some problems some of you guys may have had
when using this guide. Many thanks to Gregory Zitelli.

Sections -                                              |
A. Introduction/History to this FAQ by A Man in Flames  |
B. Legal Information                                    |
I. Getting Started by A Man in Flames                   |
II. What a Perfect Level is by A Man in Flames          |
III. Perfect Levels all Characters by A Man in Flames   |
IV. Walk-through methods by genestealer                 |
V. My super Venus Lighthouse Method by A Man in Flames  |
VI. Extra methods by various players                    |
VII. Credits                                            |

A. Introduction/History to this FAQ by Ben (A Man in Flames)

Allow me to introduce to you the first and probably only guide to gaining
perfect level ups. Along your play time spent in Golden Sun, you've seen the
level ups vary in values. There have been tons of RNG methods to getting rare
items so you might have thought at least once-"Is there a way to ALWAYS get
a perfect level up? Can we find ways to manipluate the Random Number Generator
into to giving us the best possible level ups?"

You're in luck because the answer to that question is YES. Perfect leveling
may not be as big as item drop RNGs but with this guide, I'm making it a big
thing. Theres some history to perfect levels that I'd like to point out now,
it cannot wait until the credits.

I got this game years ago the day it came out, in 2001. I think it was around
November or maybe a little bit earlier. Anyway, only about a month after I had
the game, I found that its possible to gain a level up that respectively
increases all five of your stats by the greater number of the two

By the end of that year, I brought it to the boards but around that time,
nobody knew what the hell I was talking about. Finally, four years later, I
bring the big deal back to the boards and I got much more understanding
responses. Its average nowadays for people to know that the RNG for this game
can be manipulated. And so, people have also learned that levels can be
affected by the outcome of the battle.

Originally I was going to compose this guide myself, especially since I
strongly feel the whole perfect levelng thing is my idea but along the lines of
time, one rad dude came about as to doing something I was too lazy to do: plot
out perfect level formulas that gets you from the begginning of the game to the
Venus Lighthouse. That man my friends, is my co-author: genestealer or Johan
Qvicker if you will. So in conclusion, Johan and I, bring you the first ever
perfect leveling guide!

I apologize for all that randomness but it had to be said in advance.

B. Legal Information

This file is (C) copyright to both, Ben Da Costa and Johan Qvicker 2008 and
Golden Sun and its trademarks are (C) copyright to Nintendo and Camelot
2001-2008. This file may not be reproduced in part or whole in any, shape or
form and is to only appear on http://gamefaqs.com. You may save this file to
your PC but only for personal and private use, no profit may be generated from
this document. All submitted data contained in this file are copyrighted to
their respective owners.

I. Getting Started

First off, let me point out that this FAQ assumes you have beaten Golden Sun
at least once. Whether your first time or fifth time through GS, please
consider that this FAQ is for perfectionists. If you are not the perfectniost
type of gamer, then I recommend you do not waste valuable gaming time on what
is not a necessity to beating this game. With of all that being said, we move
on towards the basics.

To get started on your perfect levels file, the first and obviously most
important thing is to begin a new game. Keep in mind that this play file is
going to be somewhat restricted as far as regular leveling and traveling is
concerned. This guide fully requires that you follow ALL steps if you want to
gain every last level perfectly without hassle. So please read the information
in this guide both throughally and carefully. You may want to save this
document to your PC or print it, but DON"T EVEN THINK ABOUT ANY MASS

*AHEM* excuse me, had something stuck in my throat! Carry on to the next

II. What a Perfect Level is

By perfect level, this refers to gaininng the BEST possible level up the game
can generate. With the exception of Isaac and Garet having the same possible
level gains, each character differs.

Heres an example of what a level up may look like for say, Isaac:

Maximum HP rises by 8!
Maximum PP rises by 2!
Attack rises by 4!
Defense rises by 1!
Agility rises by 4!

Its a pretty decent level, but NOT perfect. You missed out on 1 point of PP
and 1 point of Defense. Each stat increase by 1 of 2 possible numbers. What
we look for in a perfect level is to get all FIVE stats to go up by the
higher of the two possiblities.

Now heres what the perfect level up would look like for Isaac:

Maximum HP rises by 8!
Maximum PP rises by 3!
Attack rises by 4!
Defense rises by 2!
Agility rises by 4!

So these are what just the numbers look like-8 3 4 2 4. To save time, I will
refer to the stats as just numbers instead of saying 8 HP or 4 Attack. The
reference is in the order the stats are presented in a level up or your status

Again, there are only two possibilities for each of the five stats. Take a look
at this example:

7 OR 8 HP
2 OR 3 PP
3 OR 4 Attack
1 OR 2 Defense
3 OR 4 Agility

I used Isaac as my example again. This can slightly vary with a different
character like Mia or Ivan. Its all 50/50 either you look at it, the only
trouble is getting a success on the 50/50 spin FIVE times in a row.

III. Perfect levels for each Character

Let me first point out one very important fact, at a certain level the
perfect levels change. Its not the same set of stats from level 1 all the way
to level 99. At level 20, Ivan and Mia's levels change. At level 40, Isaac
and Garet's levels change. Heres a complete list:

Levels 1-19: 8 3 4 2 4
Levels 20-39: 8 3 4 2 4
Levels 40+: 8 2 4 2 4

Isaac stops getting 3 on his PP gains at 40.


Levels 1-19: 8 3 4 2 4
Levels 20-39: 8 3 4 2 4
Levels 40+: 8 2 4 2 4

Exact same thing as Isaac.


Levels 4-19: 7 4 4 2 4
Levels 20-39: 7 3 4 2 5
Levels 40+: 7 3 4 2 5

Ivan has a differnt level curve as you can see. At level 20 he can no longer
gain 4 PP but can now gain 5 Agility. He is also the only of the four chars
to get a 5 on a stat.


Levels 10-19: 8 4 4 2 4
Levels 20-39: 8 3 4 2 4
Levels 40+: 8 3 4 2 4

Mia also has a different level curve. She is also the only character who can
get both 8 HP and 4 PP in a single level. Unfortunately that only lasts for
until she becomes level 20. At least she keeps up with the 3s though for the
rest of however many levels she gains.

Please note that for any change of levels, its on the dot. If Ivan becomes
level 20, EXACTLY AT 20 NOT AFTER, he starts up the 3 PP and 5 Agility. Same
thing applies to Isaac and Garet's 1 less PP at 40+. One last thing, Jenna
can gain perfect levels too, which is an 8 4 4 2 4, but it does not affect
your file transfer to TLA. Whether you send data to GS-TLA by either cable
or password, she will start on level 5 with the same stats.

IV. Walk-through methods by genestealer

Quick notes by A Man in Flames

Here it is, the grand and most important part of this guide. All the data
contained here is all of genestealers work. He was very kind enough to go out
of his way for all of us to getting us some RNG methods to pull us through the
game all the way to the Venus Lighthouse so people can gain perfect level ups
without trouble. Once in the Lighthouse, I take over. I have a HUGE method that
has taken me years to perfect that is UNIVERSAL, it works for the whole party.
And it gets even better because it works for high levels to.

!!!Read this very vital passage about an important RNG term:
About 're-attacking'
This guide will sometimes tell you to 're-attack'. This is a method that 
was found out by A Man in Flames, and that makes some perfect level-up RNG 
methods, not to mention all perfect level-ups between about level 30 and 99!
It is a simple method with a simple name, and it has affected a lot of 
level-up RNG:s. It's done like this:
Make a character do anything on his turn by selecting a command, but when
the next character gets to choose his/her move, press the B button to
return to the last characters, and select the attack you're actually going
to do. Or for short; choose any attack, press B and choose the attack you
really want to do. Navigating through the menu this way affects the RNG,
and doing it multiple times has also be proven to affect the RNG, up to an
unknown limit. It's not known where the RNG resets when you do this 
multiple times, and multiple re-attacks has not yet been used in any 

So without further
ado, the walk-through for your perfect levels file begins now.

Here we go, turn on that GBA of yours, start your new file and set out on your
quest. I'm not gonna waste our time (thats right, mine and yours) by going
through plot analysis and puzzle solutions. Either you know all this by now, or
you can go get it from another FAQ. Just follow all the formuals below and you
very well be able to make it to the Venus Lighthouse with perfect stats, where
my super method is waiting for you.


So, the time has come for me, genestealer. My first, unsuccessful attempt to
perfect level through the whole game didn't seem to do much more than ruining
my gaming experience of Golden Sun (OK,'gaming experience'... whatever).
But, it did give birth to the idea of creating methods to perfect level through
the whole game, and when I started posting the methods I had invented on 
A Man in Flames' topic about perfect level-ups, the further discussions would 
soon result in the guide you are now reading. With all the methods ready, you 
should be able to play through the game with perfect level-ups, and still enjoy
it. If you haven't already realized, I just have to tell you how lucky you are!

One more thing before we get started-this guide will keep track of the 
experience points (exp.) you gain during your game, and the guide demands that
you have _exactly_ the same exp. value for everyone. I have been thinking that
there might be an optimal combination of exp. that will result in never risking
two characters to level up simultaneously, but that will be saved for future
updates. As for now, everyone having the same exp. value should be more 
appealing to perfectionists like you and me.
Oh, and scripted battles will be listed as well as exp., even if they don't 
affect your value when you're done training in one area, to keep track of exp.
Djinni and stat boosters will also be listed.

Allright, let's get started!


1.1 Vale
You know this, join up with Garet and go find an Adept to save Felix. You can
fight the enemies if you want. After failing miserably at saving Felix, go to 
be beat up by Saturos and Menardi.

3 years later...

Join up with Kraden and go into

1.1 Sol Sanctum
(exp. 0-5)
If you want to fight the monsters here and attempt perfect level-ups for 
yourself, then fine. This guide will, however, assume that you fight no enemies
in Sol Sanctum. Or for that matter, no enemies at all except those used to
enough experience to use a level-up method, the ones in the method, and
scripted battles. Isaacs Cure and your herbs are more than enough to keep you 
alive from any failed attempts to run from a battle. At the end, solve the
statue puzzle and go into the elemental star chamber to steal the stars and 
release the power of the Djinni to the world. Escape the Sanctum (quickest way
is to use retreat) and return to Vale. Now the fun is about to begin!


0.1 World Map
(exp. 0-5)

Here goes your first perfect level-up method, use it until you reach level 4:

Classes: Isaac-Squire
Location: World Map (between Vale and Vault, not in the forest)

Vermin appeared!
Isaac's party attacks first!
Isaac attacks!
Garet attacks!
Isaac unleashes Flint!
You felled Vermin!

When you have reached level 4, make sure your exp. is exactly 194, then enter...


2.1 Vault
(exp. 194)
Stat booster: Mint
Join up with Ivan, then go fight the Thieves.

Boss Battle: Thief 1, Bandit, Thief 2
+66 exp. points

Now go to:

3.1 Goma Cave
(exp. 260)
After entering, it's time for the second method. Use this to level 5, go battle
the Mars Djinni Forge, and then keep using the method until you reach level 8:

Classes: Isaac-Squire
         Ivan:Wind Seer
Location: Goma cave (the very first room)

Skeleton appeared!
Ivan casts Whirlwind!
Isaac unleashes Flint!
You felled Skeleton!

Djinni Battle: Mars Djinni Forge
+28 exp.

Now exit the cave and go to Bilibin

4.1 Bilibin
(exp. 1,482-1,495)
Stat booster: Hard Nut
Speak with Lord McCoy, get the Jupiter Djinni Gust and move along to Kolima.
Fight no enemies on the way.

5.1 Bilibin Barricade
(exp. 1,482-1,495)
Just pass through.

6.1 Kolima
(exp. 1,482-1,495)
Stat booster: Apple
Upon entering Kolima for the first time, before exiting MAKE SURE to get
Granite! It is imperative to have this Djinn as it is needed for Isaac to be a
Knight for a level method later on at the Mercury Lighthouse! Also, you should
pick up some Turtle Boots for later methods.
(Credits to Gregory Zitelli, thanks man!)

7.1 Kolima Forest
(exp. 1,482-1,495)
In here, fight the Jupiter Djinni Breeze before facing Tret.

Djinni Battle: Jupiter Djinni Breeze
+88 exp.

Boss Battle: Tret
+226 exp.

After Tret is defeated, return to...

5.2 Bilibin Barricade
(exp. 1,796-1,809)
Pass through again... I only list this place because you'll get a stat booster
here later. Go train in Goma Cave again.

3.2 Goma Cave 
(exp. 1,796-1,809)
Use the same method as before until you reach level 10. Make sure you get 
exactly 3184 exp. points (the Lizard Man battle in Mercury Lighthouse will 
raise to 3226)

8.1 Bilibin Cave
(exp. 3,184)
Don't fight any enemies. Remember to go fetch the Elven Rapier!

9.1 Imil
(exp. 3,184)
Stat booster: Lucky Pepper
Pick up the Empty Bottle and the Mars Djinni Fever before you meet Mia

10.1 Mercury Lighthouse
(exp. 3,184)
Battle the Lizard Man and Join up with Mia. Later on, fight the Mercury Djinni
Sleet. Run from all other fights. When you reach the statue on which you should
use Ply to travel up the waterfall, backtrack until you find yourslef in a room
with many waterfalls. Now it's time for me to introduce my own, _brilliant_
method that will perfect level-up everyone, even Mia! Using this method, train
until you reach level 19(!). Yeah, it's hard work, but necessary. Of course,
you're free to try and come up with an own method to perfect level-up Mia...

Battle: Lizard Man
+42 exp.

Battle: Mimic (#1)
+164 exp.

Djinni Battle: Mercury Djinni Sleet
+164 exp.

At level 11, Garet must not have more than 5611 exp. points when performing the 
method listed below.

Classes: Isaac-Knight
Location: Mercury Lighthouse (in the room with multiple waterfalls that is 
closest to Saturos.)
Soft-reset, exit through the left door and enter again.

Siren appeared!
Ivan casts Impact! (on Mia)
Isaac casts Spire!
Garet unleashes Gust!**
You felled Siren!
*Garet must be slower than Isaac
**Gust must hit twice, or the method won't work

"Wanderer Mia is necessary for the Mercury Lighthouse method to work,
thus she needs two Mars Djinn set on her. Illusionist Garet has given me
some problems, and it appears that Gust only hits twice when Breeze is
on Standby.

When just starting out (levels 10, 11, and 12) I encountered some
problems with the turn order, however I was able to work it out. When
trying to get everybody to level 14, however, I found that Wanderer Mia
is faster than Page Garet, and taking off any of Mia's Djinn makes the
method fail.

The easiest way to get around this that I've found is to pick up the
Turtle Boots while you're around Kolima and then equip them to Mia. This
gives the following setup.

Knight Isaac
Page Garet (Breeze on Standby)
Elder Ivan
Wanderer Mia (w/Turtle Boots)

Using this setup the methods works perfectly."
(As quoted, Credits to Gregory Zitelli. Much appreciated.)

When You have finally reached level 19, go to own Saturos with your
over-leveled characters. Steal some Water of Hermes on your way out.

Boss Battle: Saturos
+331 exp.

8.2 Imil
(exp. 25,780-25,824)
You can upgrade your equipment and say bye to the kids, then advance to Kolima

5.3 Bilibin Barricade
(exp. 25,780-25,824)
Save the tree!

7.2 Kolima Forest
(exp. 25,780-25,824)
Go give tret his 'medicine', then if you want you can return to...

5.4 Bilibin Barricade
(exp. 25,780-25,824)
Stat booster: Hard Nut
Finally get your Hard Nut! Now if you want, you can go to Bilibin to get your
reward, if you do so, pick the right most chest. It contains a Water of Life.

6.2 Kolima
(exp. 25,780-25,824)
All is well here, upgrade your equipment if you want. Then go on to the Kolima
Bridge, to get to Fuchin Temple


11.1 Fuchin Temple
(exp. 25,780-25,824)
The Fuchin Falls Cave is your main interest here, so Mind Read Master Nyunpa to
get permission to enter. In the cave, get some stuff, including the Orb of 

Battle: Mimic (#2)
+164 exp.

Djinni Battle: Jupiter Djinni Zephyr
+150 exp.

12.1 Mogall Forest
(exp. 26,094-26,138)
Stat booster: Apple
It's up to you if you want to use the Orb of Force to get the apes to show you 
the way, but by now you should know the way already. My game has a glitch that 
makes the Killer Ape invisible if you use Force on the tree stumps, and I think
others has this as well, so you decide. Give Garet the Elven Shirt when you
find it, he has it in all of the following methods from now on. Also, go battle
the Venus Djinni Quartz. Then fight your way to the exit.

Djinni Battle: Venus Djinni Quarts
+172 exp.

Boss Battle: Killer Ape
+460 exp.

0.2 World Map
There's a Mars Djinni above Xian, on a long string of land.

Djinni Battle: Mars Djinni Corona
+173 exp.

13.1 Xian
(exp. 26,449-26,493)
Get the Mercury Djinni Mist and visit Master Feh's Kung Fu school (and show off
with your Force psynergy)

14.1 Alpine Crossing
(exp. 26,449-26,493)
Stat booster: Power Bread
Speak with Feizhi, tell her to keep looking for Hsu (just say 'no').

15.1 Altin
(exp. 26,449-26,493)
Stat booster-Cookie
You can't do a lot here, so go beat up some Living Statues. Yay. Go deeper into
the mine when you can.

Battle: Living Statue (#1)
+377 exp.

Battle: Living Statue (#2)
+377 exp.

Battle: Living Statue (#3)
+377 exp.

After fighting these statues, go fight the Mimic (#3). USe the below method,
Isaac will gain a level.

Classes: Isaac-Knight
Location: Altin Peak (in front of Mimic #3)

Isaac checked the chest...
The treasure chest was really a Mimic!

Mimic appeared!
Ivan casts Sleep!
But it has no effect on Mimic!
Isaac unleashes Flint!
Garet unleashes Fever!
Mimic is wrapped in delusion!
Mia unleashes Mist!
Mimic falls asleep!

Ivan Summons Jupiter!
Isaac summons Venus!
Garet summons Mars!
Mia summons Mercury!
Mimic wakes from slumber!
Mimic sees clearly once again!

Ivan is defending!
Isaac casts Ragnarok!(re-attack)
You felled Mimic!
*Ivan must have 1 unset Jupiter Djinni

Djinni Battle: Mercury Djinni Spritz
+190 exp.

Now, when you've fought Spritz, it's finally time for some level level-up
training! Remain in the same room, and follow the below methods until you reach
level 25.

At level 20, Garet must not have more than 3469 exp. points when performing the
method listed below

Classes: Isaac-Knight
Location: Altin Peak (the room in which you fought the Mercury Djinni Spritz)

Rat Fighter 1 appeared!
Rat Fighter 2 appeared!
Isaac’s party attacks first!
(all cursors on Rat Warrior 1 on turn 1)
Ivan casts Ray/Plasma/summons Mars!!*
Isaac casts Quake!
Garet casts Flare!
Mia casts Wish!
(all cursors on Rat Warrior 2 on turn 2)
Ivan casts Plasma!
Isaac casts Clay Spire! (re-attack)
You felled Rat Fighter 1!
You felled Rat Fighter 2!
Rat Fighter’s party was defeated!
*For Isaac, summon Mars.For Garet and Ivan, use Ray. For Mia, use Plasma.

When you've reached level 25, go fight the Hydros Statue. Then you won't level
up for quite a while again. Don't forget to go grab the Cookie in the mine once
you have the Lifting Gem. Then advance to Lama Temple.

Boss Battle: Hydros Statue
+496 exp.

16.1 Lama Temple
Just go speak with Master Hama to learn Reveal, then return to Alpine Crossing

14.2 Alpine Crossing
(exp. 66,907-67,076)
Use lift on the boulder to save Hsu, this affects your transfer password. You
will be returned to Lama Temple, now go to the Lamakan Desert.

17.1 Lamakan Desert
(exp. 66,907-67,076)
Stat boosters: Lucky Pepper, Mint
As always, don't fight any enemies, use reveal from a distance of the rock
rings to avoid Ant Lions. You will get the Jupiter Djinni Smog without a fight.
At the end, fight the Manticore to get out.

Boss Battle: Manticore
+590 exp.

0.3 World Map
(exp. 67,497-67,666) 
Search for the Venus Djinni Vine before entering Kalay

Djinni Battle: Venus Djinni Vine
+230 exp. points (67727-67896 exp. points)

18.1 Kalay
(exp. 67,727-67,896)
Enter the secret tunnel to get the Mars Djinni Scorch. Enter the palace to watch
the cutscene, and before you leave make sure you talk to the tour guide dressed 
in green at the Inn, to trigger the cutscene with the tourists. The bridge has
been rebuilt, so go to Vault.

2.1 Vault
(exp. 67,727-67,896)
First off, you should go talk to the mayor, then ring the bell. Enter the Vault
Cave using reveal, battle a Mimic and get the Venus Djinn Sap at the end. When
you're done here in Vault, return to your old hometown, Vale.

Battle: Mimic (#4)
+321 exp. points

1.2 Vale
Stat booster: Power Bread
Free, infinite psynergy recoverY! How nice... You can go talk to the
townspeople, old friends and families, but your main interest is the Vale Cave.
In the Vale Cave, get the Halt Gem and the Jupiter Djinn Kite. Move along to
the Kalay Docks. If you want, you can go get the items in Bilibin cave and 
refill your empty bottle at Mercury Lighthouse.

19.1 Kalay Docks
Buy tickets and board the ship. Now, there's one rule for fighting the monsters
on the boat: don't use DP-kills, there's a risk that you'll level up if you do.
(Actually, you should never use DP-kills for the scripted battles).As you're 
going for a perfect file, you should try to get the Crossbone Isle cutscene.
To access it, choose the rowers in this order:
#1 the North East-most person, a boy with brown hair wearing blue
#2 the North East-most girl, blonde, with blue shirt, brown skirt, & apron
#3 the South East-most guy, with brown hair and a sword on his back
#4 the girl talking to the cook, blonde and wearing a green skirt
There are other possible methods, but this is what I did. Here comes the
battles with the sea monsters:

Battle: Man o’ War 1, Man o’ War 2, Man o’ War 3
+165 exp.

Battle: Rabid Bat 1, Lizard Fighter, Rabid Bat 2
+211 exp.

Battle: Man o’ War 1, Virago, Man o’ War 2
+197 exp.

Boss Battle: Kraken
+711 exp. points

20.1 Crossbone Isle
(exp. 69,332-69,501)
Stat booster: Mint
As you are here, you might as well clear up the entrance, but don't fight any
of the guardians of this isle. Instead, when you're done at the entrance, just
return to the ship.

21.1 Tolbi Docks
(exp. 69,332-69,501)
Get a Potion... nothing of interest here, but you can return here after you've
beaten Colosso to watch another cutscene of no confirmed importance.

0.4 World Map
(exp. 69,332-69,501)
There's a Mercury Djinn to the far East of the map, make sure you get it. Also,
get the Venus Djinni Ground. Then enter the cave South East of Tolbi.

Djinni Battle: Mercury Djinni Hail
+279 exp.

22.1 Gondowan Cave
(exp. 69,611-69,780)
Stat booster: Apple
Get a Lucky Medal here before going to Tolbi.

23.1 Tolbi
(exp. 69,611-69,780)
Stat boosters: Hard Nut, Power Bread
Pick up the Mars Djinni Ember. Walk around in town to collect all Lucky Medals.
If you have collected all the lucky medals on the way here, you can win 
everything at the Tolbi Spring except for one item (13/14) that can be gotten 
after you have beaten Colosso. A little tip: changing your equipment changes 
what you will win from each ring inthe fountain. None of these can be obtained 
in the Lost Age, so for the sake of completeness you can transfer them. It's 
actually possible to transfer _all_ Golden Sun-exclusive items to the Lost Age,
assuming that you have almost no non-exclusive items. When you're done here for
now, head up to Altmiller cave.

24.1 Altmiller Cave
(exp. 69,611-69,780)
Stat booster: Cookie
Go find Babi (you know it's Babi) in the shadows, and contionue through the
cave. You'll battle a Mimic and the Jupiter Djinn Squall here. Don't fight any
other enemies. Go and do that spinning-lights-junkie-stuff-puzzle, you can use
reveal if you forget the colors. Give babi his draught, and escape the cave.

Battle: Mimic (#6)*
+374 exp.
*Mimic #5 is located on Crossbone Isle

Djinni Battle: Jupiter Djinni Squall
+295 exp. points

For level-ups from now on you will only use the Skeleton method by Quizer to
level up, until you've reached Venus Lighthouse (where you can use A Man in
Flames' universal method). This can be found in section VI: extra methods.
There are a few other methods, but I don't know where they are located, if 
they still exist.

23.2 Tolbi
(exp. 70,280-70,449)
When you enter Colosso, I would recommend these classes:
Isaac: Barbarian - high HP and attack, with this you will _only_ have to use 
ordinary attacks to win all the fights. And they still say you used psynergy...
Garet: whatever - you'll only use Move
Mia: whatever - just make sure you have the Douse Drop and Frost Jewel
Ivan: Shaman or Enchanter(earth) - has growth, and give him the Halt Gem and
Orb of Force
When you're done with Colosso, make sure you 'borrow' the Cloak Ball from Babi
(you'll never have to return it in this game, OR in the Lost Age, because of
very logical reasons...). You can watch a new cutscene at the Inn to get a
Lucky Medal to win your last item from the fountain, and you can watch a 
cutscene at the Tolbi docks. Go to...

22.2 Gondowan Cave
(exp. 70,280-70,449)
Just pass through, you're on your way to Lunpa. Before you enter Lunpa, though,
you should level everyone up on the Skeleton.

25.1 Lunpa
(additional exp. total: 1,809)
Stat booster: Power Bread
From now on I won't list exp, but I will list the total exp. from enemies in an
area, to keep you from gaining levels accidentally. (if you're going for level
99, this sounds REALLY stupid...)
Enter Lunpa from the West Lunpa Cave. You know how to use the Cloak Ball, enter
the fortress. You can avoid one of the Brigands on your way to get the key and
all items and fighting Toadonpa. When you're done here, you'll be returned to

18.2 Kalay
(additional exp. total: 0)
Stat Booster: Apple
Go into the secret tunnel again to grab some goodies, then talk to Hammet and
Liana before you return to Lunpa.

25.2 Lunpa
(additional exp. total: 486)
Upgrade your equipment with some artifacts, and go into the fortress again.
Fight no unnecessary Brigands. Talk with Donpa to get the Mercury Djinni Tonic.
Now it's time to go to the continent of Gondowan.

26.1 Suhalla
(additional exp. total: 0)
Stat booster: Hard nut
Visit the Tolbi soldiers if you want, there's not much to do here.

27.1 Suhalla Desert
(additional exp. total: 3680)
Stat booster: Cookie
You won't get any items during your first going through the desert, as you will
fight only three Tornado Lizards. Fight the Mars Djinni Flash and Storm Lizard 
at the end. If you know you will level up on one of the coming Djinnis, let one
of the tornadoes blow you back to Suhalla so you can use the Skeleton to level
up. If you're going through the Suhalla Desert more times, and you certainly
will, you can subtract 1820 exp. from the additional exp. total, as you won't
have to fight the Storm Lizard or Flash again. We're going to backtrack here
to get the stuff when you can level up in Venus Lighthouse. Move along.

28.1 Suhalla gate
This is the end of the walk-through. Scurry into that lighthouse and get ready
to go ballastic on A Man in Flames super method!

V. Super Venus Lighthouse Method by A Man in Flames

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the grand finale (sort of) ! This method is
pretty tight and strict and does have certain pre-requisites. So be sure to
follow all the instructions carefully.

Here are the basic party requirements:

- Mia is equipped with the Douse Drop.
- Everybody has a Running Shirt and a pair of Quick Boots.
- Everybody is able to attack before the enemy can, mainly aimed towards Garet
  as hes the slowest.
- Everybody is alligned with their elemental djinn, at least 6 or all 7.
- Finally, this is a HARD reset method which is done in the very first room of
  the light house where the Psy Crystal is conviently located.

Alrighty... I have used this method to haul myself through the 30s to the 40s
and it workerd every time. It should also work for the late 20s. I had to
tweak the method at the 40s or around the 40s (I did it around 44,45ish) as
the party was pretty strong so I couldnt finish the metohd because of killing
the enemies too soon. Regardless of the case, in the 40s the method becomes
easier to do and memerise.

So here are the commands:

Save game in first room of light house. Turn off GBA, reboot... load and get
into a battle. You will encounter a one of each: a FENRIR and an ICE GARGOYLE.

Its first strike of course so heres round ones command prompts:

Isaac: can use either Quake or Earthquake (prefferably Earthquake).
Mia: casts Wish (any level should work).
Garet: can cast something like Flare or Flare Wall (prefferably Flare Wall).
Ivan: casts Whirlwind.

Second round:

Isaac: Heres the tricky one... Isaac needs to do an Attack reselect. Meaning
he selects an enemy for a regular attack but you press B to go back to his
commands. We're gonna go with Quake as his new command.
Mia: casts Douse.
Garet: casts Flare Wall.
Ivan: casts Whirlwind.

Hopefully your damage ranges will be enough to end the battle at Garet's Flare
Wall. If that pulls through, you should very well be looking at a nice shiny
perfect level up. I do apologize if this method is a bit vague, I composed it
years ago so you MIGHT have to tweak it a little. I guarantee you if anything
something along these lines will work.

However, when I picked my game back up last year, in 04, I tweaked the formula
to something I know for a FACT works all the time. (This has been proved to
work until level 54, but will most likely work all the way to level 99).

Its nearly the same thing as the first version but with different Psynergies.
Takes place in the same room, also a HARD reset formula.

Here are the command:

First round:

Isaac: casts Clay Spire.
Mia: casts Wish (any level should be fine).
Garet: casts Eruption.
Ivan: casts Plasma.

Second round:

Isaac: attack/reslect, change command to Clay Spire.
Mia: turn does not come up.
Garet: turn does not come up.
Ivan: casts Plasma.

The Fenrir should be the last enemy alive and he must go down by Isaac's
Clay Spire in round two. If you manage to kill off the enemies too soon, its
the way you target the enemies. Try to make the psynergy targets balanced by
having the first spell mainly target either the Fenrir or Ice Gargoyle and
then the next spell target the other... vica versa.

Well, that covers up the grand method... sadly. Doesn't look or sound like
much does it? I put a lot of time and effort into conceiving this formula so I
hope my efforts are worth it by helping out many players out.

VI. Extra methods by various players (including the writers of this guide/FAQ)

You'll find a random assortment of various methods that you might want to try
for yourself in case somethings not working right or just want to try
something different! These are not listed in any particular order and are not
100% guaranteed to work as level ranges and current RNG values may wind up
giving you different results. None the less... you'll probably find at least
one or two to be useful!


A few by A Man in Flames

Isaac/Mia: outside suhalla in forest (save then soft reset to fight dirty ape
and rat warrior)

Isaac- Ragnarok on dirty ape, dies
Mia- attack rat warrior (dies on her attack)
Garet- doenst matter (doesnt get his turn)
Ivan- attack rat warrior

no first strikes, no criticals or unleash attacks and everything goes fine.

Garet: in suhalla desert, fight a storm lizard (no first strike)

Isaac- Ragnarok
Mia- attack (dies on her attack)
Garet- doesnt matter
Ivan- attack

no first strikes, no criticals or unleash attacks and everything goes fine.

***Ivan: inside goma cave (save and then soft reset to fight a single skeleton)

Isaac- attack (must be critical hit)
Mia- defend (turn does not come up)
Garet- defend (turn does not come up)
Ivan- defend

for best chances of critical hits: unequip the gaia blade, wear: spike armor,
hyper boots and warriors helm.***

*** Means this one is really credible to Quizer. I confirmed it for myself and
also descripted it further. ***

I used these in the early 40s, but I soon rediscovred my super Light house
method so these are kinda useless but hey, we need as much variety as possible!


This guy was kind enough to post some of his methods he found to work on my
topic. He says it works for 21-40. Heres what he wrote:

What I did was go back to Goma Cave for 21-40, and fight the Skeleton.

For Isaac 8 3 4 2 4 I just defend with Ivan then use ragnarok.

For Garet 8 3 4 2 4 I do the exact same thing I do for Isaac.

For Ivan 7 3 4 2 5 I use douse with Ivan then attack with Isaac.

For Mia 8 3 4 2 4 I use whirlwind with Ivan then attack with Isaac.

The Goma Cave Skeleton can easily be encountered in the first room/area of the
cave by saving and HARD reseting.


Some more extras... brought to you by KindElisD!

All my characters are around level 25. For perfect level up I go to Suhalla
Desert and save in the first area. Make sure that the sand is not blowing.
Hard Reset and you should fight a Harridan.

Mia: Isaac attacks first with Flint, then Ivan kills it with Smog.

Isaac: Isaac attacks with Flint, Ivan kills with Squall.

Garet: Ivan attacks first with Smog, Isaac kills with Flint.

Ivan is a little different. Save outside the desert on the world map and do a
soft reset. You should fight a Warrior Bee and a Kobold. Have Isaac attack the
Warrior Bee with Flint. It should die. Then have Ivan attack the Kobold with
Gust. It will die if Gust does the double strike. If Gust does not double
strike, then reset and try again.

Location: Mogall Forest (the last area, where you fought the Killer Ape)
Hard-reset on the World Map, enter Mogall Forest, exit and enter again
Enter Mogall Forest. Leave. Re-enter.

Death Head appeared!
Iban unleashes Breeze! (re-attack)
Isaac casts Ragnarok.
You felled Death Head!

Comment: Use this if Garet accidentally got more than 3469 exp. on level 20

Credit goes to: RandomWyvern, who is also freaking rad.


Enemy: Rat outside of Bilibin.


Save outside of Bilibin.

Hard Reset.

Run in non-forest, not entering any building.



Isaac equipping the Elven Rapier.

Turn Order being Ivan, then Isaac, then Mia/Garet.


Level 1-??


Ivan casts Impact (re-select, Impact on Mia first, Impact on Ivan second)

Isaac's Elven Rapier lets out a howl!  Vorpal Slash!

Garet defends. (Turn will not happen)

Mia attacks. (Turn will not happen)


Isaac + Garet + Ivan + Mia perfect level ups.


For those who can't soft reset like me.

NOTE: Vincent says this should be go for levels 1-19 and POSSIBLY 20-39. He
came up with this method due to not being able to soft reset. Check it out
and see for yourself!

Here is another extra method by Budford Pu:

For ONLY Ivan (Lv 8-19) in Goma Cave
Hard Reset in the first room, coming from Vault.
Encounter a Skeleton.
Ivan casts Plasma!
You felled Skeleton!

A little something from Z Clifford:

Go to Goma Cave, first room.
Run around til you find the Skeleton. (The poor guy. He dies about a million
Turn Order: Ivan, Isaac, Garet
Perfect levels for Isaac and Garet:
Turn 1: Ivan, Isaac and Garet all use normal attacks.
Turn 2: Ivan uses normal attack, Isaac unleases Flint, Garet Defends
Perfect levels for Ivan:
Turn 1: Ivan uses normal attack, Isaac uses normal attack, Garet casts Fire
Some disclaimers:
You will need to water down the attack stats once the levels get too high. For
example, when Garet was level 9, and Ivan and Isaac at level 10, the party was
just too strong to use this method, even with no weapons equipped. I somehow
managed to get perfect level by trial and error, something along the lines of
running from battles until fighting a single skeleton again.
This method will help those who can't soft reset.  It also seems similar to
Dragon Aura's method, but for low levels (ie Before Isaac learns Ragnarok).
When I get further in the game, I will see if I can get a replacement for
other soft-reset methods.
I also made a mistake and ended up with Ivan having less experience than
Isaac and Garet. I came up with a method to equalise the experience points:
(Again I did this before level 10, but it should be appropriate at any point
in the game)

    * Equip some djinn on Ivan. Get into a fight, anywhere with anyone
      (the more enemies you face the quicker it works, but there is also a
      greater risk of losing).
    * Defend with all characters and heal ONLY Ivan when needed.
    * Let both Garet and Isaac go down.
    * End the battle (fleeing or killing opponents).
    * Now run around somewhere where the enemies are not all that potent.
      Now when you gain experience, only Ivan is affected.
    * Rinse and repeat til experience points are level, then heal Isaac and
      Garet (with water of life or sanctum). 

The problem with this method is that you may find the enemies KO-ing Ivan as
well, sending your whole party back to the last sanctum visited.

More are coming soon! Submissions are very welcome! And any feedback would be
greatly appreciated!

VII. Credits

Closing time with closing credits. Many people have been involved with the
making of this extremly overdue FAQ, whether directly involved or not, the
names here deserve to be here! If you want to have a different name creditted
in this FAQ, contact me (A Man in Flames) and I'll make changes when possible.

Me (Ben/A Man in Flames) for fostering Perfect levels and for structuring and
updating this file.

genestealer for kicking so much ass as to being the first person to
write a perfect level walkthrough and for writing the other half of this file.
He really put a lot of effort into writing the meat of this file.

gamefaqs and its founder, CJayC, for being a home for us gamers.

CobraGT because he was like there for me and stuff when I was contemplating
this guide.

RandomWyvern for supporting this guide with some real helpful tidbits and some
methods for levels.

Dragon Aura for providing some extra methods.

KingElisD for also handing in some extra methods.

Quizer... well, we got some info from him too, so yeah!

fsb2nsxform, this guy was so cool to send in a method for certain
handicapped people who are without soft reset. It may be worth more than it

Gregory Zitelli for giving me the headsup about getting Granite and Turtle
Boots upon first visit to Kolima. And for the altternative setup for the
method in the Mercury Lighthouse.

Budford Pu for his extra Hard Reset method.

Z Clifford for his extra methods as well.


                                   THE END

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