GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File03/26/03inhix64K
2 clear data. 1 is level 33 and the other is level 55. Another data not cleared yet. Currently at Suhalla Desert!
Save Game File05/05/04Cyan of Doma64K
Awesome party, all great items, all that remains is the final boss.
Save Game File02/21/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Currently at Suhalla Gate. Elemental Stone of Mars acquired. Mia, Ivan and Garet are with you. Djinns: 1 Venus, 3 Mercury, 1 Mars, 2 Jupiter. Characters at level 23.
Save Game File02/11/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Currently on the World Map, One Elemental Star acquired, Garet is with you. You are on a journey to save your girl and the world.
Save Game File05/24/04Mykas064K
Game saved at the entrance of Venus Lighthouse, Characters around level 26, don't have all the Djinis.
Save Game File08/07/04Darkloud64K
Just in the final fight. All in level 54. All psyenergy unlocked. All djinns. Best weapons and armor for everyone. And great rare items. Everything!
Save Game File07/29/04moneydog9664K
Level 40 Characters. File One on top of Venus Lighthouse, all Djinn and good equipment. File two Clear Data.
Save Game File01/06/03Volandum64K
Level 47 characters, all Djinn, all items collected.
Save Game File12/24/02SciFi guy64K
Lots of gold, end of game, good items, about level 40
Save Game File02/14/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Now you are at Vault. One Elemental Stone is yours. Garet is in your party, you can now use the Djinn and already have a Venus one called Flint with you.
Save Game File04/01/04codejunkie64K
One clear data at level 56, all dijinn, some of the best weapons
Save Game File02/04/04NessZidane64K
One clear data file with everything. One file in middle of Suhalla Desert with 20 Djinn. One file in Vale at level 20.
Save Game File11/05/04ChandooG64K
Save after winning the colosso event and characters at max stats
Save Game File02/23/03SS3 Grown Trunks64K
Slot 2: Clear data of Slot 1
Save Game File03/27/03evilexorcist64K
Top of Venus Lighthouse. All party level 50. All items collected, including 2 K-Swords, and all Djinn. By the way, this is UNHACKED. Enjoy!
Save Game File10/13/06TheNoobKing64K
Very start of the game, with the best equipment hacked in. (including the cleric's ring and hyper boots, items with hard-to-find codes.)
Save Game File04/16/04Skye770764K
You're in Altin, got 12 Djinn

GameBoy Advance GameShark SP Save File (North America)

Save Game File01/29/13PurestProdigy65K
3 saves. 1st is right before the end boss with all Djinn and best equipment. 2nd is right after the end boss and the 3rd is the clear game save for the above two

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File03/19/06the zelda master64K
Files 1 and 3 are each at Venus Lighthouse with Isaac at Level 32 and with all Djinn. File 2 contains File 1's clear data.
Save Game File04/03/05Mr Biz64K
Level 99, Excellent Equips, All Djinn
Save Game File06/26/05nfuse64K
Party with best weapons at level 32, all Djinn, Venus Lighthouse. Issac w/Gaia Blade, Garet w/Muramasa and Cleric's Ring, Ivan w/K-Sword, Mia w/ Blessed Mace.
Save Game File01/23/06JockoMay64K
Save 1 Clear Data, Save 2 Lavliero, All Dijinni

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File01/31/08CobraGT64K
Level 18 landing on Crossbone Isle - all events

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (Europe)

Save Game File07/28/03Tetzcatlipoca64K
Slot 1: At Final Boss Battle. Top of lighthouse. Only use this if you want to beat boss(es), and see ending. Lv 29. Slot 2: Gate To Suhalla. All Lv 99 (AR). 296750 coins.

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