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A Breath of Fresh Air in a World of Ports 06/10/04 Aegis Shield
Looking Back With Sunglasses 06/19/03 Alecto
The Golden One 04/08/04 Alucard517
This game are fun and is good graphics dood! 12/01/01 Andy787
With the original GBA, you could only see this game in the Golden Sun. 03/01/05 asherdeus
Wind! Water! Earth! Fire! Go Planet, er, Golden Sun! 12/05/06 Balin the Wise
Alchemy for everyone. 03/20/07 Bkstunt_31
One of the best RPGs ever. 04/07/04 BlueInferno83
Maybe the plot isn’t deep enough, but the gameplay is top notch. 05/04/04 Braben
Hype bites. 04/30/03 Centurion
All that glitters is not gold 11/07/04 clarkisdark
Golden Sun Microfiction: "Well, Prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Bonapartes..." 10/19/09 Crack Addict
This game could of used a little more work before it was released. 07/11/04 Critic Man
The first RPG for Game Boy Advance and possibly still the best the console has to offer 12/18/06 darthjulian
Can't hold a candle to the top RPG's 10/31/05 Dethmeista
The first RPG on the GBA... 03/06/04 discoinferno84
A Golden Legacy 12/22/09 EJRICH
One of the first RPG's on GBA to kick it into high gear. 09/01/08 Fossil
Game Review: Golden Sun (Game Boy Advance) 05/08/18 GoldenSun
Camelot nailed a very solid semi-traditional feel on this one. 03/23/10 Gravity81688
Welcome to my world; Psyenergy, bad guys, and big hairy apes. 07/26/03 IAX
Mediocrity (mE-dE-'ä-kr&-tE) defined: Golden Sun. 02/27/02 Jaksiel
Best RPG available for the GBA, ever. 08/28/03 Kaiden
If you're looking for a great RPG, regardless of the console it is on, you should definitely give Golden Sun a go. 07/21/06 KnightsoftheRound
One of the best New-Generation GBA RPGs to date 01/03/03 Lasareth
One of the Most Disappointing Games I Have Ever Played 01/12/09 LordShibas
You: Is this a good game? - Isaac: [YES] NO 01/09/06 Mamsaac
When the greatest industries collide once again they create Golden Sun 11/30/04 MetalSonic700
Golden Sun didn't live up to its own potential 03/28/04 michiyoko
Gold plated sun. 12/13/06 MSuskie
Exceptional graphics, horrific story 11/14/05 onlyoneinall
If I start rambling mindlessly, I'm just getting into the spirit of this game. 10/28/04 Overdrive
While Golden Sun may not bring anything new to the genre, it's still a perfect example of a superbly refined RPG. 06/06/08 Platyphyllis
I would not even play this if it was the only RPG on the handheld. 07/24/06 Psycho Penguin
Camelot sets the standard for RPGs on the GameBoy Advance. 11/29/03 Pyro Vesten
A decent experience, if you can ignore the story. 10/23/15 RageBot
A fun little adventure that misses key RPG elements... 11/06/02 RPGOverlord
This game does not qualify to be an RPG! 01/02/03 Sana chan
This Game is in a World of it’s Own. 01/26/04 Shadow Trunks
Gilded Sun 08/08/06 Shotgunnova
A good game gone wrong 09/14/03 SpriteChild
Game over, please insert $30 to continue 07/09/03 terrisus
The first or one of the first RPG's for Game Boy Advance. 02/01/04 Walker Boh Ohmsford
A Golden Classic 07/06/06 Yoh_of_Izumo
Good RPG, but a bit disappointing 06/09/03 YusakuG
Good RPG profiling the best of the GBA 11/08/02 zephyrmaster

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