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FAQ/Walkthrough by Gravity81688

Version: 1.19 | Updated: 10/09/06

      _________     ______________                 ________              
      __  ____/________  /_____  /___________      __  ___/___  ________ 
      _  / __ _  __ \_  /_  __  /_  _ \_  __ \     _____ \_  / / /_  __ \
      / /_/ / / /_/ /  / / /_/ / /  __/  / / /     ____/ // /_/ /_  / / /
      \____/  \____//_/  \__,_/  \___//_/ /_/      /____/ \__,_/ /_/ /_/

           "No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings."
                               ^-William Blake-^

By: Michael W. Stevens
    Username: Gravity81688
Made With: Metapad
*Version 1.19 (March 23, 2010) - 192-196 KB
~I cannot believe this guide is almost seven years old! I updated my contact
 information and plan on becoming an active contributor to GameFAQs again. I'd
 like to thank the 54,000+ viewers of this guide so far for checking out my
 guide over the years.

*Version 1.18 (October 2, 2006) - 196 KB
~Nine months ago, I joined the Army. At the end of this month I'll deploy to
 the Iraqi theater of operations in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom V. I
 had taken all my work off of GameFAQs over nine months ago for some reason...
 I think I was pissed off at the lameass new board moderators or something and
 said hell with it. But ah well, I'm back, and I fixed a typo. Yes. *A* typo.

*Version 1.17 (November 28, 2005) - 196 KB
~Contact information update, and fixed a couple typos.

*Version 1.16 (July 27, 2005) - 195/196 KB
~Added Luke Kim's contributions to the guide.

*Version 1.15 (July 6, 2005) - 194 KB
~Updated contributor name and contact information. I added a little bit more
 detail in the final boss fight section, but other than that, nothing new.

*Version 1.14 (January 4/22/29/February 15, 2005) - 194 KB
~Updated contributor name and contact information. Nothing to the actual guide
 itself has been changed. Why two updates like this in a row? Because my damn
 computer has been doing some freaky shninkenlocken (made up word, as far as I
 know) as of late, that's why. This ought to be the last time though, as I
 think the bugs have been worked out. Ya know what, I actually did make a tiny
 change to the guide in the Table of Contents section - too many people didn't
 know where to go for the Lunpa Side Quest (though I said multiple times that
 it is the Extraction part of the guide), so I added the words in beside it in
 the Table of Contents. Maybe people will quit e-mailing me about it.

*Version 1.13 (December 3, 2004) - 193 KB
~Updated contributor name and contact information. Nothing to the actual guide
 itself has been changed.

*Verison 1.12 (November 24, 2004) - 193 KB
~A minor walkthrough correction made pertaining to the exact location of the
 Mercury Djinni named Sleet. Thanks to Firegirl for the heads up. Also, I've
 got a new e-mail address (MichaelStevens@Army.com), which is, in effect, just
 a redirect to Michael81688@gmail.com, but the other one looks so much better
 on paper, don't you think?), so feel free to e-mail me at that one instead.
 Oh yeah, I added a brand new section to the guide - Basic Training, which you
 can skip to by searching for the reference code: (~BT). This new section
 encompasses all the little things about Golden Sun - controls, the battle
 engine, etc. Why wasn't this part of the guide implemented sooner, or better
 yet, since version 1? Well, I didn't think it was necessary. I've come to
 realize, however, that it's my duty to include such things... It's still put
 where I deem rightfully placed, though: *after* the walkthrough. Also added a
 Psynergy list, which I have no idea why I didn't input earlier. I even had
 the data to create it, too. Basically, I am spicing up the guide a little. 
 It needs/needed more. Unfortunately, I don't think I can possibly cram much
 more information into this thing. Gyah.

 Author's Note: Whoa... 59 extra kilobytes went into this after the initial
                version. I have an odd sense of accomplishment, bite me.
                Thanks to all who have contributed and helped make my guide
                better. It was really appreciated and I am grateful for your
                time and your patience is waiting for updates and whatnot.
                And, of course, thanks to those watching at home, at work, or
                wherever you may be.

                Hold the phone, Michael, what if you have a mistake? You're
                still gonna update, right? My answer is simple - Yes. But only
                if it's necessary. I don't think I've got really anything to
                add, so it's all minor mistakes that need fixin', I s'pose.


*Version 1.11 (August 28, 2004) - 168 KB
~My contributor links got screwed in my info pages, plus I was getting sick of
 using some kind of an alias or another. I figured I'd just flat out use my
 real name, Michael, and create Michael81688 (my birthdate). Therefore, for
 all you people who have been contacting me, sorry that the guide was tempora-
 -rily unavailable. It's back up now, as you can see, and there is updated
 contact information for you to continue using. Sorry for the inconveniance,
 but I just hate it when things mess up, :|. There have been no further 
 questions asked pertaining to the guide or game, but I'm still all eyes if 
 you got any you'd like answered.

*Version 1.10 (August 27, 2004) - 167  KB
~Updated vital contact information to make readers known about my changed
 e-mail. I've been getting a lot of them so I figured I ought to keep that

*Version 1.9 (August 26, 2004) - 167 KB
~Nyergh! Made some contributional errors and this version was created to fix
 those. I spaced the updates so they were easier to read (no idea what the
 hell I was thinking before, putting them together like that) and that's about
 it for this guide update. Oh, wait, actually I did some work on the Credits
 section as well. Some of the things in there were wrong but they're all fixed
 and straightened out now.

*Version 1.8 (August 24, 2004) - 166 KB
~I got my Vimminent account banned at the boards (so what, y'know?) and made
 the decision to go back using this old name, Diveyed. Oh, and I added a Q to
 the Common Questions section.

*Verison 1.7 (August 16, 2004) - 166 KB
~I got a helpful e-mail from someone named Nephetsman, and I updated the guide
 with the information given. Thanks to him for the help. Oh, yeah, and today
 is my birthday. I'm 16 years old.

*Version 1.6 (August 13, 2004) - 165 KB
~randomwyvern strikes again and fixes a critical problem under my Crossbone
 Isle section. This just might be [close to the] last version of this guide. I
 don't have anything to add to it except if questions are asked and I have to
 update the Common Questions part. Other than that, if you see any errors, 
 lemme know and I'll fix them, and as always you'll be credited. Thanks for
 putting up with those two dastardly errors that randomwyvern had to correct
 for me, but it's all good, now. Enjoy the guide.

*Verison 1.5 (August 12, 2004) - 162 KB
~Almost the entire Tunnel Ruins section was rewritten by a master Golden Sun
 player named randomwyvern. That guy knows his Golden Sun! His work is
 authentic - I checked all the guides at GameFAQs and many other guides around
 the net to see if he copied and pasted any information, but apparently he did
 not, from my findings. If anyone can prove different, let me know, and his
 work will be removed from the guide. However, I seriously doubt you will due
 to the fact that randomwyvern just doesn't seem the kinda person to commit
 such a stupid crime. Homies in the 'hood, thug w00t, I got his back, son!
 Or somethin' like that... However, I did find yet another problem in my guide
 and that needs fixin', so ugh! It can be found at reference code (RSC6). If
 anyone can figure out what the hell I meant and give me the correct route, I
 will credit you in full and offer to have your children... Well, everything
 'cept the last part, there, that's just a serious overstepping of boundaries.

*Version 1.4 (August 10, 2004) - 160 KB
~Added two sections to the guide: The Djinn and Common Questions. I figured
 that it could use those two sections. Questionable Paragraph inserted in 
 Version 1.1 = answered by a person named randomwyvern. Many thanks to him for
 helping out the guide. Since he wasn't 100%, if it is still wrong, you can
 still contact me and give me the correct path. You will be credited, but
 since randomwyvern helped, he'll still be in the credits section and his
 opinion on how to get by that spot will remain as an alternate.

*Version 1.3 (July 31, 2004) - 146 KB
~Changed the headers to ASCII, so it's not as bland anymore. Hope you like the
 changes, 'cause I do. -_- Still looking for the Questionable Paragraph
 implemented in version 1.1, please take a look and see if you can help the
 guide out by filling in the blanks. As stated, you will be fully credited. Oh
 yeah, a few, minor grammatical errors were fixed, too.

*Version 1.2 (July 30, 2004) - 139 KB
~Fixed some of those pesky typos, thanks to my loveable girlfriend Rose who
 picked them out. There were nineteen. -_- I also went and found an ASCII
 generator, which can be found in the Credits section, and got the title ASCII
 from there. Changed title layout, too. Still seeking correction to the
 paragraph mentioned in the below version update.

*Version 1.1 (July 29, 2004) - 139 KB
~Reformatted the guide to 79 characters per line one by friggin' one, fixed 
 some grammatical errors and added the "Questionable Paragraph," located at 
 the following reference code: (RSC1). If anyone can help with that, it would
 be greatly appreciated. If you are wondering *why* I reformatted the guide, I
 was told that CJayC accepts .txt files more often than .rtf, and though the
 .rtf was accepted, I felt that it would make the guide better if I gave it a
 better look, at least to some extent.

*Version 1.0 (July 27, 2004) - 134 KB
~I started this thing a year ago. Sheesh. I should have finished it way back 
 then, but nope... Meh. Anyway, here it is. What you see is what you got, for 
 now. Anyone wanna send in corrections or whatever, check the Contact section.
 You will be given full credit, of course.

                      __ __|     |     |               _|
                         |  _` | __ \  |  _ \    _ \  |  
                         | (   | |   | |  __/   (   | __|
                        _|\__,_|_.__/ _|\___|  \___/ _|

                     ___|             |              |       
                    |      _ \  __ \  __|  _ \ __ \  __|  __|
                    |     (   | |   | |    __/ |   | |  \__ \
                   \____|\___/ _|  _|\__|\___|_|  _|\__|____/

1. INTRODUCTION........................(~I).........................(COMPLETE)
2. WALKTHROUGH.........................(~W).........................(COMPLETE)
  2a. Vale
  2b. Vale 2
  2c. Sol Sanctum
  2d. Home of the Elemental Stars
  2e. Vault
  2f. Goma Cave
  2g. Bilibin
  2h. Bilibin Cave
  2i. Imil
  2j. Mercury Lighthouse
  2k. Kolima Forest
  2l. Tret Tree
  2m. Kolima
  2n. Bilibin 2
  2o. Fuchin Temple
  2p. Fuchin Falls Cave
  2q. Mogall Forest
  2r. Xian
  2s. Altin
  2t. Altin Peak
  2u. Lama Temple
  2v. Lamakan Desert
  2w. Kalay
  2x. Kalay Docks
  2y. Tolbi-Bound Ship
  2z. Tolbi
  2a2. Atmiller Cave
  2b2. Tolbi 2
  2c2. Suhalla
  2d2. Suhalla Desert
  2e2. Suhalla Gate
  2f2. Lalivero
  2g2. Venus Lighthouse
  2h2. Babi Lighthouse
  2i2. Upper Venus Lighthouse
  2j2. Aftermath
3. SIDE QUESTS........................(~SQ).........................(COMPLETE)
  3a. Sap
  3b. Kite
  3c. Extraction (The Lunpa Side Quest)
  3d. Crossbone Isle
4. THE DJINN..........................(~TD).........................(COMPLETE)
5. PSYNERGY...........................(~P)..........................(COMPLETE)
6. BASIC TRAINING.....................(~BT).........................
  6a. Controls
  6b. Fighting
7. COMMON QUESTIONS...................(~CQ)........................(REVISABLE)
8. CREDITS............................(~C)..........................(COMPLETE)
9. CONTACT............................(~CT).........................(COMPLETE)
10. LEGAL WHATNOT.....................(~LW).........................(COMPLETE)

HOW TO SEARCH: Press Ctrl+F, then type in the reference code and press enter.
Example: Want to quickly get to the Tolbi subsection? Ctrl+F, type "2z" and
         press enter.
Example 2: Want to skip to the Side Quests? Ctrl+F, type "~SQ" and hit enter.

1. ___ _  _ _____ ___  ___  ___  _   _  ___ _____ ___ ___  _  _ 
  |_ _| \| |_   _| _ \/ _ \|   \| | | |/ __|_   _|_ _/ _ \| \| | Some things
   | || .` | | | |   / (_) | |) | |_| | (__  | |  | | (_) | .` |  you gots
  |___|_|\_| |_| |_|_\\___/|___/ \___/ \___| |_| |___\___/|_|\_|   to know
Beyond this paragraph begins the walkthrough. Since it was handwritten to 
begin with, there may be a couple errors. I welcome any assistance in pointing
them out (you will be credited), because I honestly am fed up with playing 
Golden Sun and therefore am not going back to play through the game and find 
them. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the guide. My writing style, you may see, 
changed a bit over the long year spent going back and leaving the guide again 
and again. Might not be all that noticeable, but I noticed it... I wrote the 
damn thing, after all. But alas! Go on, read your fill. Revel in my hard work.

2.__      ___   _    _  _______ _  _ ___  ___  _   _  ___ _  _ 
  \ \    / /_\ | |  | |/ /_   _| || | _ \/ _ \| | | |/ __| || | Didn't take
   \ \/\/ / _ \| |__| ' <  | | | __ |   / (_) | |_| | (_ | __ | long to find,
    \_/\_/_/ \_\____|_|\_\ |_| |_||_|_|_\\___/ \___/ \___|_||_|   did it?

Here it is - the walkthrough.

Note: All words in brackets (ex: [Move]) are Psynergy skills, save for a 
couple instances where it was grammatically correct for brackets to be used.

2a.__   __    _     
   \ \ / /_ _| |___ 
    \ V / _` | / -_) And so it begins...

You'll automatically name the main character (Default: Isaac) after you choose
to start a new game. You'll be awakened, kind of Chrono Trigger-like, by your 
mom. Only in this case, it's in the middle of the night and boy-howdy, it's 
stormin' outside. The urgency is all caused by the disturbing fact that the 
Mt. Aleph Boulder is falling (doesn't sound good). Yo mama will [Catch] your 
tunic, then you'll head for the door. Doesn't really ever matter, not just in 
this case but in any situation in which you are asked, if you say yes or no. 
You'll automatically exit the room.

On the way out, a man will come and warn you. A scene will take place where 
the man's name is revealed as Kyle (speculation as to relation) and you are 
directed to go south to the Plaza for safety measures. Once they go on their 
way, you gain control. Check the door on the left, slightly above yourself. 
Some insignificant man rushes out and is gone before you know it. Go up the 
stairs on the right. Go up and talk to the guy pulling away at some 
crate/chest. After a brief deliberation as to whether or not he should drop 
his junk or not, childhood friend and neighborhood oaf Garet will join you. 
Head up and cross the bridge. Here is where I pondered, "Why did that man stop
trying to push back the Boulder? He doesn't need to cut off just to talk to 
you." After he requests you buck the hell outta there, go down the stairs and 
a rock will fall to block your path, leaving you no choice but to go left.

Follow the path, past the stairs and head up. Talk to the guy lying on the 
ground by a fence with a rock perched on top of it. I hereby declare that man 
was a douchebag. At least now you know there are bad guys to kill in your 
randomly generated battles. After gaining control, head down, descend the 
steps, and go all the way right, to the next area. Once there, head down. Pass
the bridge, head down the stairs, and watch. A young boy named Felix is 
struggling to hold on to a small piece of wood, or rock, I can't tell what the
hell that is supposed to be, exactly. Against the currents, it doesn't seem 
like he's going to make it, if you ask me. Go down and up the stairs to the 
left, then across a bridge. Head right, all the way right to the next screen, 
and then all the way down. Continue down and check out the events. Some man is
charging up his Psynergy so he can help more villagers, and once the mission 
of rescuing the brother of Jenna, the pony-tailed girl, there is a pointless 
extra minute or so of blabber before the two join up with ya'll. Once they 
join, backtrack to Felix. Behold the first thing that made my jaw drop on the 
Game Boy Advance. I was *effected*!

You're the only one cold-blooded enough, or rather, you're the first to 
recover from the seizure everyone else looks to be having, and as such no 
one's coming with you, so go back towards the plaza. A scene occurs with two 
enigmatic figures, who don't exactly look human. They must make you forget 
what you overheard them talking about - breaking in to Sol Sanctum and 
unleashing a fragment of its retribution.

Mystery Woman - HP: ?
Mystery Man - HP: ?
-Just lose; Garet being there at the last second makes no difference. They 
will overpower you in one round or less.


And there you have it - the end of a prologue.

2b.__   __    _       ___ 
   \ \ / /_ _| |___  |_  )
    \ V / _` | / -_)  / /  Three years later...
     \_/\__,_|_\___| /___|

A rather long and boring story scene will occur right off the bat. Come now, 
it's just a roof. Alright, stop reminiscing. No, really, I mean it. Shut up! 
... ZzZzZzZ... Wha? Oh, the guide, yes. Ahem! Garet and Jenna will join you, 
so all was not for... naught. There are a lot of buildings around; check them 
and their boxes for items (nothing you find will be of heavy significance; if 
it was, I'd notify you, and if I missed something, someone please tell me). 
First thing you should do is go to the Weapons/Armor/Item shop, down in the 
plaza. Don't bother getting anything for Jenna (trust me). For Isaac and 
Garet, get a Long Sword, Wooden Shield, and a Travel Vest (one for each). If 
you can't afford them now, come back after nine paragraphs. 

Anyway, go all the way back to the first bridge in the Prologue. Cross it and 
head down. Go into the left path. Ah! Look who it is - Saturos and Menardi, 
the two people who castrated you and made you eat dirt three years ago. After 
a somewhat eerie speech of reunion, head past them and up the stairs. Watch 
as the old man contemplates the reason for such hooligans being about. Talk 
to him (his name is Kraden). Once he joins you, go back the way you came. 
Cross the bridge again and head up. Go left and head around the tree. Bah. 
Well, when the guy heads around to the right and starts to turn around, run 
past the tree and up to the Sol Entrance. Follow the path to the doors and 

2c. ___      _   ___               _              
   / __| ___| | / __| __ _ _ _  __| |_ _  _ _ __  
   \__ \/ _ \ | \__ \/ _` | ' \/ _|  _| || | '  \  Into the Sanctum
   |___/\___/_| |___/\__,_|_||_\__|\__|\_,_|_|_|_|

Head up and to the far right. To jump the stones and progress, do as follows: 
Up(3), left(2), down(2), left, up(2). Continue on to the next room. Now, just 
follow the path to the next area. Go up the middle path and collect the Small 
Jewel. Head to the right path, follow to the end and place the Small Jewel in 
the minotaur relief. Now, get to the far left and enter the newly made door. 
Kraden will start babbling about how he always thought this room looked more 
than what it was. Go to the right and push (or use your Psynergetic Move) the 
statue. Enter and go up the stairs. Head right and up, to a four-way 
intersection. Go left and get another Small Jewel. Go back to the +, head up, 
and left, following the path to the door.

More incessant commentary from Kraden. The far left statue has another 
minotaur relief behind it. Place the Small Jewel there. Use [Move] on the far 
right statue, and enter the door behind that. To the upper left is an Herb. 
Now, go back down, right and up. Kraden starts talking about the room, Alchemy
and all that junk. After the sequence takes place, head right and another 
scene will occur in a similar yet different room. If you're going to tell me 
they somehow don't interconnect, I'm going to stick you in cryogenic freezing 
liquid. But besides that, go down, then up the stairs. Below is a room with a 
Psynergy Stone. Head up and skip the first room - go straight into the left 
room. Push both statues at the top upwards and into their respectful positions.
Now, jump to the platform and stand before the hole. Move the last statue into
the hole with Psynergy and it'll fall into place with a click. Now, go to the 
other room. Push any statue on to its square. Thought you brought down the 
mountain, didn't you? Well, you didn't, so too bad. Push all the statues into 
place once you regain control.

Now, go back to Kraden. Blah blah blah. Check the room on the left. Examine 
where the beam is coming out from; the wall. You'll be transported to a 
magical place of milk and honey, complete with a giant red spoon and a fork 
that doubles as a jukebox.

Not really, but you will be beamed up, much like Scotty from Star Trek, yep.

2d. _  _                      __   _   _        
   | || |___ _ __  ___   ___ / _| | |_| |_  ___ 
   | __ / _ \ '  \/ -_) / _ \  _| |  _| ' \/ -_)
   |_||_\___/_|_|_\___| \___/_|    \__|_||_\___|                              
 ___ _                   _        _   ___ _       The House That Alchemy Built
| __| |___ _ __  ___ _ _| |_ __ _| | / __| |_ __ _ _ _ ___
| _|| / -_) '  \/ -_) ' \  _/ _` | | \__ \  _/ _` | '_(_-<
|___|_\___|_|_|_\___|_||_\__\__,_|_| |___/\__\__,_|_| /__/

Kraden knows, oh yes he does. He knows the value of the place you are in. Here
you learn also of Garet's stupidity - thinking he's in the ocean. I guess we 
can't blame him. Once you get a hold of yourself, do as follows, starting from
the upper right: Right, up, right(5), down(2), left, down(3), left. This is 
the Venus Star. Backtrack to "right(5)." Now, head up(2), and right(2) to the 
Mercury Star. Go all the way back to the main platform. Take the southern 
route and follow it to the Jupiter Star.

And in come a tribe of particularly bad people. They demand of you that you 
bring them all of the Elemental Stars. What choice do you have, right? Right, 
but first, Alex, the smartest and undoubtedly coolest person of the bunch, 
expects you to attain the Mars Star as well. Revealed is Felix, Jenna's long 
lost brother whom was thought dead due to that large rock that plopped atop 
his head. At least he can say he wasn't raised by wolves, but by people who 
wish to throw the world into chaos, eh?

To get the Mars Star, go back to where you got the Mercury Star. Get to the 
uppermost path, follow, head down, and left to the area with the Mars Star on 
it. As soon as you nab it, all blue hell breaks loose. Jenna and Kraden are 
taken hostage and the chamber is collapsing. The next thing you know, a 
floating rock-looking thing with a giant eye attached to it named the Wise One
saves your ass.

Once back in control outside the Home of the Elemental Stars, use [Retreat]. 
Run back to Vale and peep the scene that occurs. Placed upon you is the fate 
of the world. So what else is new? There's a Target being built down the 
street. But you won't be seeing it because, after about ten minutes of 
incredibly boring and repetitive dialogue, everyone will say farewell to you, 
but not before being given the Catch Beads from someone who got them from 
Isaac's mother, who couldn't bear the sight of her son leaving so she didn't 
show up to bid adieu.

***You'll regain control on the World Map. Be sure to equip the Catch Beads.
Follow the path for a couple seconds to your first Djinn: Flint, a Venus 
Djinni. The helpful little bigger gives you a short tutorial on how to work 
the Djinn system, so listen up. He'll join you.***

Once he's done, you should level up a little. Whenever you need healing, use 
Cure until your HP is full and then use the Psynergy Stone in Vale to restore 
your PP. Buy an Antidote if you do not get at least one in your battles. 
There's a Nut in a tree up the stairs that don'tlead to the bridge by the 
house where Felix was near in the prologue. You have to use [Catch] to acquire
the Nut. Do not bother buying a Game Ticket. Never, ever buy a Game Ticket. 
Talk to the Item shop girl (behind the counter) for a free Herb. 

---On the World Map, you should be Level 3 before moving on. Follow the path 
to the next civilized area, across the bridge on the right. Before entering, 
however, a scene will take place with a small wagon train in distress. After 
the wagons pass by, enter the town.---

2e.__   __         _ _   
   \ \ / /_ _ _  _| | |_ 
    \ V / _` | || | |  _| That's my purse! I don't know you! I killed Kenny!

Upon entering the town of Vault, explore a bit. There is a weapon/armor shop, 
an item shop and an Inn. The sanctum is up the stairs to the right of the 
weapon/armor shop. The shops are located behind the first two buildings on the
right. Both Isaac and Garet should have at least five Herbs and one Antidote. 
If this is not so, then make it so. To progress on with the adventure, go up 
the stairs on the left and enter the Mayor's house.

If you talk to all the other people other than the person in the top left, 
then you will realize that it must be a he and he must be Ivan. Talk to him. 
He'll read your mind, "give you the ability to read people's minds," and of 
course, having accepted to search for and retrieve Master Hammet's stolen 
Shaman's rod, will join your party.

Now, send the trio to the Inn. Head upstairs and go around the corner. There 
you will find two people whom react to Ivan's presence with a couple hateful 
remarks. Once they start dodging you, try to exit. The three will make a plan 
with a spark of genius. *Cough* Now, just capture one of the fellows. This is 
easy to do; just go up and left... Ivan will trap the bottom escape route, and
then use Mind Read on whoever you caught. If that doesn't work, pretty much 
just walk around until you get one stuck between you and Ivan. After an 
unbelievable amount (not necessarily a lot) of Mind Reading, go downstairs and
leave the Inn. 

See the ladder that leads to the hole in the roof beside the frantic woman on 
the left? Well, go up that and into the hole. [Move] the big box to the left, 
then follow through the door on the right. Talk to the guy all bound and 
gagged to learn that he was knocked unconscious by a bumrush. That's when the 
three thieves walk in to attempt to kick maximus rumpus, though we both know 
that ain't going to happen.

Three thieves, three heroes. What a coinkidink.
|---Djinn Setup---|
|-Isaac: Flint    | 
Bandit - HP: 250
Thief x2 - HP: 110
-The Thieves and the Bandit aren't tough. Use Flint and summon it, too, just 
for the hell of quickening the inevitable end of your opponents. Take out the 
two thieves with everything you've got, and use Fire, centered on the Bandit. 
Ray is fun, too. The Bandit can use Herbs and Smoke Bombs. Not much of a 
problem at all, though. The Bandit can use a move called Slice, which does 
around 15 damage to one party member. The Thieves ain't got boosnip for moves.
I killed them before they did anything special to me.

EXP: 66 / Coins: 110 / Items: Bandit's Sword

A scene will take place after the battle where the thieves are taken away for 
imprisonment. Justice has been served! Ivan will grab the Shaman's Rod and 
then you will gain control. Sleep here at the Inn to replenish your lost HP/PP
and then go back towards the Mayor's house and enter it.

**The Venus Djinn in this town is unattainable right now, but you'll be able 
to get it in time.** 

Enter the Mayor's House. By the way, equip the Bandit's Sword on Isaac, sell 
the Long Sword and buy 2 Leather Caps. It'll lower your present attack power 
by 2, but that can be spared; the loss is inconsequential due to the weapon's 
special attack. After done equipping, talk to the Mayor for your reward. He'll
give you Water of Life, which is a revival item. Think Phoenix Down, Final 
Fantasy aficionados.

After the scene with the Mayor, go back to the Inn and to the far left. Talk 
to the woman beside the barrel with a bone on it. Get ONE bone. To get to the 
dog, go up the stairs by the Mayor's house and follow the path south until you
meet up with the white pooch. Talk to the dog for the complimentary "Ruff! 
Rrruff!!" and your menu will automatically open up. Go to your items and use 
the bone on the dog. He'll move back. This would have to be done sooner or 
later, so I figured you do it now. There's nothing left to do in this town, so

---Take my advice and don't bother leveling anyone up just yet. Belie' in me. 
Head right, all the way right, across one bridge and up past the first bridge 
a tad to the cave across another bridge facing east. I wouldn't have brought 
you here if you didn't have to do the obvious.---

2f. ___                    ___              
   / __| ___ _ __  __ _   / __|__ ___ _____ 
  | (_ |/ _ \ '  \/ _` | | (__/ _` \ V / -_) Easy Fo'reezy, Lizzle Shizzle
   \___|\___/_|_|_\__,_|  \___\__,_|\_/\___|

Go up and jump across the broken bridge. Push the big stump all the way to the
right and head up the ladder. Use [Move] on the stump across the gap, dropping
it into the space. Cross that and go up the ladder. Attempt [Move] on the 
stump and then cancel it, afterwards. Ivan rains blah blah upon you as to how 
he regarded the seriousness of your quest via reading your mind, henceforth 
deciding to join your party. Seeing so Ivan pre-emptively removed the ivy from
the stump, [Move] it into the water. Hop over and [Whirlwind] the bushes to 
shreds in front of you. Do not yet enter Goma Cave!

---Halt! For the sake of all things bulletproof, go back to Vale. Go as far as
you can up on the first level of ground, behind the shops. [Whirlwind] that 
bush and collect the Power Bread, an item that boosts your maximum HP by 7. 
Note that within this small area you can fight enemies that'll level you up 
much quicker than those you may find out on the world map, due to the fact 
that they appear in greater numbers. Don't get mad at me for not telling you 
earlier, because if you had tried to leave Vault when you had Ivan before, he 
would have left your party until Isaac and Garet returned from outside, and 
therefore attaining the Power Bread would not have been possible.---

I s'pose it's time to set a couple Psynergy shortcuts. To do this, enter the 
Psynergy menu. Press L, then select [Move] on either Isaac or Garet. After 
that, press R, then select Ivan's [Mind Read]. To read the minds of others 
(always a joy), just stand close to them and press R.

In the cave, simply follow the path. Once you are stopped by the earthen 
outgrowth, jump left, across the stream. Go down, up the stairs and then 
through the hole leading down. Go all the way right and talk to the man. 
Push the stump right(2) and then up(3), into the hole it is designed to set in
(Isaac noticeably jumps around it if you step close to it on-screen). Go all 
the way down and jump the water. Enter the stairway, which also goes down. 

Follow the path and head all the way to the left. Jump up to the rock in the 
water, then left, back to land. Continue following the path and waltz up the 
stairs. [Move] the stump. Jump down. [Move] the stump on the bottom right, 
pushing it outwards off the edge. Now, [Move] the stump above you to the left.
Jump up and right to the chest containing a Lucky Medal. Backtrack, push the 
stump to the right and go back down the stairs. Jump on to the stone on the 
right, then jump right, to land. Go up the stairs. Jump across the stump and 
try to communicate with the Djinn. It looks like it wants to communicate, too,
though not in the most friendly of ways.

***The Mars Djinni has 200 HP and can use Flare, which does around 15 damage 
to two party members. Use Flint, then summon Venus. Use Ray and have Garet 
slash away with normal attacks. You get 28 EXP, 85 coins, and Forge the Mars 
Djinni for winning. Be sure to Set it, for it comes on Standby mode as all 
newly acquired Djinn do.***

Jump back across the stump after the man leaves and head up the stairs. Follow
the path and be sure to push the stump over on to the water. Don't bother 
going across the water; that will only lead to the beginning of the cave. (See
the "earthen outgrowth?) Follow the northern path. You'll be out of the cave 
in no time.

---Enter the civilization to the left.---

2g. ___ _ _ _ _    _      
   | _ |_) (_) |__(_)_ _  
   | _ \ | | | '_ \ | ' \  Badabing!

Upon entering, [Mind Read] the tree in front of you. It's a man, obviously. 
Head into the, uh, subcity. There's an Inn, a Weapon/Armor shop and an Item 
shop all placed simplistically about the area. The Weapon/Armor shop is behind
the Inn and the Item shop is to the left a little ways.

Go up and talk to the guard on the right in the next screen standing by 
McCoy's Palace and say yes. Enter and simply follow the red carpet through a 
wooden door. Here you will talk to Lord McCoy and be denied passage through 
the barricade to the west. However, when escorted out of the room by a guard, 
he'll drop a hint as to whether or not a key is essential to getting past the 
barricade. Go up the stairs on the eastern side of town by the equipment shops
and head down, across the walls. Follow the path all the way to the leaves 
against the tiny cliff. [Whirlwind] them off and enter. Go down the ladder and
then head right. [Move] the statue downwards, then jump across. 

***The Jupiter Djinn Gust will join without a fight. Now, leave Bilibin.*** 
---Go southeast, all the way to the Bilibin Barricade. [Move] the box on the 
left downwards and follow the path out of here. Go right and up the bridge. 
Head east to the cursed town of Kolima. Ivan will mind read a "treed man" and 
then he will notice the sparkly stuff on the ground seconds before some form 
of wave rains down upon the party and stuns them, laying them out on to the 
ground. More of that sparkly stuff will fall from the sky, and the next thing 
you know, bubbles of Psynergy form around each of the three members of your 
company and protect them from the falling pieces of overproduced glitter. 
Turns out Psynergy is an innate, instinctive essence (who knew?). The sparkles
will fall from the sky once more and your Psynergy will once again reject the 
harmful effects. A freaky lookin' face and a more feminine one with dialogue 
will appear and do its best impersonation of a twisted Ent from Lord of the 
Rings. The womanly tree gives you a sudden mission to reawaken Tret's (the 
evil Ent) gentle side. After a couple of those pointless yes/no questions, 
you'll gain control. Enter the BACK of the southernmost building. Follow the 
path, all the way to the next ladder.

***Granite the Venus will join without a fight.***

Head back to Bilibin and stay at the Inn. Leave and head north and follow the 
land, crossing a bridge to the entrance to Bilbin Cave.---

2h. ___ _ _ _ _    _         ___              
   | _ |_) (_) |__(_)_ _    / __|__ ___ _____ 
   | _ \ | | | '_ \ | ' \  | (__/ _` \ V / -_) Hop, skip and jump
   |___/_|_|_|_.__/_|_||_|  \___\__,_|\_/\___|

Head all the way up and use Growth (simply have a Venus Djinni coupled with a 
Mars one and Growth will appear on that person's Psynergy list) on the plant 
ahead of you. Climb the vine and then follow the path. Jump across the gap. 
Follow the path and drop down once (there's a dug-up spot on the small cliff 
facing the screen - just walk towards it and you'll slide down). Go around the
corner and enter the cave. Follow the path to a chest with an Elven Rapier in 
it and equip it on Isaac. Drop down, here, and follow the path. Pass the path 
that leads down; that just leads outside. Continue left, turn north, follow 
the path for a second and then head right. Enter the doorway at the end of the

Go all the way right to the paired torches and push the torch on the right to 
the ice block beside it. The ice block will melt. Jump over the puddle and 
follow the path to a chest with a Vial in it. Backtrack and head down to leave
the cave.

---Head up and go right. Cross the bridge and head left. Follow the land to 
the next town.---

2i. ___       _ _ 
   |_ _|_ __ (_) |
    | || '  \| | | A Bit Nippy Up In Hurr!

Welcome to the town in the far north of the Angaran continent; Imil. First 
things first, sleep at the Inn (that is, if no one's died - if so, revive at 
the sanctum across the bridge and down the stairs). After, go up and left, up 
the stairs. Face the snowman across the fence (stand close to it). [Move] it 
left and it'll drop to the ice. Now, cross the bridge and go down to the first
entryway to the ice. Slide right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up,
right, up and that'll lead you to the one-room Imil Falls Cave.

***Lookie here, a Mars Djinn. Fortunately, Fever will join without a fight.***

Leave this place and go all the way down to where you started out on the ice. 
Go right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, down, left, up and right to
get to the ladder. Around the tree is a chest with another Vial in it. 

---I recommend that you fight around outside until you get at least 2,680 
coins, then journey back to Bilibin. Buy the equipment you need if you haven't
yet managed to pick everything up. Return to Imil.--- 

Enter the house by the entrance and talk to the old man. He'll have an 
epileptic seizure, or something to that effect, and the old lady will politely
command you to find some chick named Mia. Get the chest on the left containing
an Empty Bottle. Once you get this item, go to the Sanctuary, which is across 
he ice. Enter it and talk to the person who isn't behind the altar. Knowing 
what you know now, head back to the Old Couple's House. A scene will take 
place where that Mia girl uses Psynergy on the old man. When you are ready, 
enter the Mercury Lighthouse to the east of Imil. At this point, you should 
be around Level 13.

 __  __                            _    _      _   _   _   Yay. Lighthouse.
|  \/  |___ _ _ __ _  _ _ _ _  _  | |  (_)__ _| |_| |_| |_  ___ _  _ ___ ___ 
| |\/| / -_) '_/ _| || | '_| || | | |__| / _` | ' \  _| ' \/ _ \ || (_-</ -_)
|_|  |_\___|_| \__|\_,_|_|  \_, | |____|_\__, |_||_\__|_||_\___/\_,_/__/\___|
                            |__/         |___/
Go up the path and talk to Mia. Go up to the statue and [Move] it to the left.
Take heed to what she does to open the door. Follow her through the entryway 
and a scene with a monster takes place. Put your Djinn on Standby, then head 
up and try to talk to the monster to cause a fight. Summon your most powerful 
Djinn and you'll have the Lizard Man beat in no time. Follow the sexy, animé 
porn star femme fetale to the next room (-_-). Go through the one after it and
the one after that. Jump across the water and go up the stairs. Go down and 
easily [Move] the statue towards you so it'll fall into place. Mia will join 
you soon afterwards.

***When Mia joins the party, Fizz the Mercury Djinni is pre-equipped on her.

Jump over the statue and continue on to the door. Go right, all the way, of 
course, and down, into the next room. 

Push the pipe to the right. Go down and get pushed by the water. Head down and
up the stairs and get pushed by another water jet. Rush to the left and do 
another staircase. Go all the way up to another staircase and cross that. Head
down and push the pipe to the left. Run down and to the right. Follow the path
to the chest with a Psy Crystal in it. Now, backtrack and go left instead of 
right. Head around the corner and go down, through another staircase, and then
make your way to the next room.

Jump across the gap, go all the way right and around the corner to the statue 
on the other side. Push the statue all the way to the circular tile on the 
other side of the area. That will open the door in front of you. Now, go all 
the way right, down, and slide to the bottom. Circle around to the newly 
opened door and enter. Slide down the dip and into the hole you go.

"He who honors the heart of the goddess shall stand at the center of all, like
a swan in the center of a rippling pond." Groovy.

Well then, hop up to the arms of the statue and stand facing the jewel 
emitting the light. [Ply] the jewel. Notice anything different? Bwaha... jump 
back to the stone. It would seem as though you can jump across water, and so 
you can, though how many times you're allowed is limited. But the restraints 
to this are easy to deal with: after 3 jumps, your next jump must put you on 
land, or you end up back to where you started. So, go all the way up on the 
right side, through the door and jump on the stone. Hop all the way right, to 
the next stone and then take the apparent way out.

Check the waterfall on the far right and you'll enter it. Jump on the stone 
and skip three times to the right, and once up. Grab the Psynergy Armor in the
chest and equip it on Isaac. Now, jump on the stone closest to you and go all 
the way left. Do not pick up the chest on the right, here, unless you wish to 
fight a Mimic. Three rounds of Ragnarok's and Heat Wave's will destroy the 
Mimic, gaining you 164 EXP, 178 coins and a Water of Life. Not a hard fight, 
therefore no paragraph to itself. Anyway, move along, little minion.

Go back through the left waterfall and head back to the central piece of 
flooring. Now, head up one area. If you stick to the right-side wall, you'll 
end up going all the way around to the left (if you want, you can drop in and 
get the Sleep Bomb). It's really easy. Once on the left side, just jump all 
the way across to some land and migrate to the next area.

Jump across to the next door. Enter the middle waterfall and up to the next 
area. Push the top pipe up, the other horizontal pipe up and then the vertical
bar left. This will connect the pipes and fill the area outside with water. 
Jump over to the next door and make the U-turn. In this room, simply push the 
pipes around, starting with the vertical one. Just go back and forth between 
the two until the puzzle is completed. Now, go back to the room where the 
statue landed. Push the statue on to the tile and the door will open. Enter. 

The next to the last statue on the right (not including the one on the other 
side of the wall) has a door behind it. Enter it and get the chest containing 
a Nut. Go around to the statue on the other side of the wall, on the right, 
and [Move] the statue either way. Enter. Push the pipe into its place and the 
water will somehow push the wall aside, unveiling a door. Enter. 

***The third (I was told via e-mail by one Firegirl, "Actually, the Djinn is 
in the fourth waterfall from the right. ^^;" and so it may be; check both, you
lazy bum, =p) waterfall from the right has a Water Djinn behind it. However, 
this Djinn will fight. Simply use what you've got to take it out quickly. The 
name of the Djinn is Sleet.***

Enter the door on the left. Just follow the paths until you reach the 
waterfalls. The far right waterfall is the only one you can go into. Once 
inside, go to the right, jump up and [Move] the statue to the left to proceed.
Follow the path and you will come out of some kind of a multicolored, 
rainbow-lookin' gate. Save your game and then [Ply] the statue. 

Here we go, here we go, here we go! Er... sorry, reminiscing with Drowning 
Pool. Anyway, make sure Flint, Forge, Granite and Sleet are all junctioned, if
you will, to separate members of your party. You'll want to heal up before 
taking the Psynergy Stone ahead of you, by the way. Save your game. Try to 
ascend the stairs and on your screen you'll soon be watching a scene of 
proposed intimidation warning. Sharpen the swords, spill some gore, yada yada 
|------Djinn Setup------|
| -Isaac: Flint\Granite |
| -Garet: Forge\Fever   |
| -Ivan: Gust           |
| -Mia: Fizz\Sleet      |
Saturos - HP: 1200
-In the first round, use Granite, Forge and Sleet. In the second round, use 
Flint (as soon as safely possible, use Ramses). Also, use Fever, continuously 
make Ivan use Plasma when he can, and use Fizz. Heal in the third round, if 
you need to. Saturos can use an incredibly powerful spell called Eruption, 
which does 85 damage to 3 members of the party. Summon Kirin and Nereid. In 
the fourth round start repeating the last 3 (note that Kirin doesn't do a lot 
of damage compared to the others, due to it being of the fire element like 
Saturos, so you may differ Garet's attack pattern as you see fit). However, 
Sleet won't be available in the fourth, so use the person with Sleet for 
healing purposes. Saturos' Heat Flash does 25 damage with Granite around and 
could possibly still manage to cause delusion. Saturos can also use Fireball, 
which does around 40 to 75 damage to 3 party members.

EXP: 331 / Coins: 800 / Items: Psy Crystal

And the next thing you know, Alex appears and lets you in on a little secret -
Saturos was not at full strength due to the elemental essence of the Mercury 
Lighthouse and was merely stalling you. Of course, they will leave ya'll there
to act a foo', but no one stays still forever, not as long as they've life in 
their marrow! Ah, sorry... too much Lord of the Rings as of late. Go left once
you gain control and the elevator will come up. Jump across and get on to the 
elevator. It will go down by itself. Go down the steps and ladder and you will
see people whom I'm assuming are villagers from Imil around the fountain. Go 
down to the water, beside the old lady and check out the fountain. Remember 
the Empty Bottle you got in Imil? Well, now's the time to make use of it. 
Leave, right after you've gotten the water. Stop at Imil to refresh 
yourselves, but leave right after you do so. 

---Head back to the Kolima area. At the Kolima Bridge, be sure to save the 
tree in the water by entering the water from the super-small bay below the 
horizontally fallen tree. [Move] the tree in the water toward you and an 
indiscrete scene will take place. After this is done, leave. Enter the Kolima 
Forest, just northwest of Kolima.---

2k. _  __    _ _              ___               _   
   | |/ /___| (_)_ __  __ _  | __|__ _ _ ___ __| |_ 
   | ' </ _ \ | | '  \/ _` | | _/ _ \ '_/ -_|_-<  _| Rectification
   |_|\_\___/_|_|_|_|_\__,_| |_|\___/_| \___/__/\__|

Push the log to the right in the water. Go up, without crossing, over the 
logs. Follow the path and push the log to the left. Go up and around the log 
and follow all the way left to the next area. Nevermind the first log and 
follow the southern path. Push the log down, then go up the new path. Follow 
it all the way to the next area. Push the log that is facing the river. Go 
around and push it back. Push the log that was beside it up. Push the log on 
the bottom down. Head around the corner and shove the log into the water. 
Cross. Follow the path all the way and you'll end up in a differently designed

Flip the switch on the right; this will drain the water out of the area above 
you. Go to that area and push up the two logs that are side by side. Now, push
the log that is on the top left to the right. Push both the logs down. Now, 
push the two logs on the right up and the other to the left. Push the next to 
bottom log to the right and shove the other vertical log in the same general 
direction. Now, push the log on the top down and the log on the next to bottom
to the left. There, dammit! Now go flip the switch, hop across the logs and 
get the chest which contains a Fur Coat. After getting that, go flip the 
switch again. That's right, a little editing must be done to progress with the
game. I do hope you didn't think you were done screwin' 'round with these 
friggin' chunks of wood. Push the two logs up and the one on the far right to 
the left. Push the top left log down and leave the other one where it is. Go 
flip the switch for the last time, cross the logs and continue on through the 

Here, there are two trees. The one on the left has an ounce or so of sanity 
left and the one on the other side, well... different story. Talk first to the
one on the left. You'll learn of what's gone down in the forest, of how it and
the surrounding area has been corrupted by Tret's terrible power due to the 
somewhat large Psynergy stones falling from the sky. If you [Mind Read] this 
one, you will see that the healing powers of the waters of Mercury Lighthouse 
may save Tret.

And it just so happens that you already have the water. Uhn, yea, break it 
down! Uhn, yea, yea, yeaaaaah! Uhn, can't see me boi, what? What!? Uhn, yea! 
Yea! Disregarding that case of Ghetto Tourette's, move on to the other 
not-so-sure-about-blessed tree. Talk to Tret and then climb the nearby vine 
directly into him.

2l. _____        _     _____            
   |_   _| _ ___| |_  |_   _| _ ___ ___ 
     | || '_/ -_)  _|   | || '_/ -_) -_) I Deem This A Serious Case of
     |_||_| \___|\__|   |_||_| \___\___| Trespassing!

Follow the left path and climb the vine at the top left of the screen. From 
here, go to the bottom of the screen and jump right three times, across the 
things in the web. Leave to the right and you'll be on one of Tret's branches.
Go straight, all the way to the end of the central branch and climb another 
vine. Head left, back into Tret.

Circle clockwise to the chest containing a Healing Ring. Jump back on to the 
web and you'll fall through to the floor below. Familiar, right? Of course it
is, so backtrack to where the chest was, pass it and climb the vine. In this 
room, leave through the southern entrance and ascend yet another vine on the 
bottom branch.

***Go to the highest branch and run to the right to find a hostile Jupiter 
Djinni named Breeze.***

Once attaining the Djinni, head down one branch and enter Tret to the left. 
The chest in your face has a Nut in it. Jump to the only place you can and 
you'll fall a level - from there, go a half-circle counterclockwise and leave 
to the west.

Take the lower branch and climb a vine. Follow the branches to enter Tret on 
the right side of the screen (the doorway is obscured by leaves). Jump on the 
far right thing attached to the web, heading down, then down again, left once,
down, then back up to fall multiple floors to Tret's "basement."

Save your progress and follow the path on the right to a face in the wood - 
it's Tret, and after a few threats, you'll fight him.

|------Djinn Setup------|
| -Isaac: Flint\Granite |
| -Garet: Forge\Fever   |
| -Ivan: Gust\Breeze    |
| -Mia: Fizz\Sleet      |
Tret - HP: 700
-You'd think this guy would be tough, but he ain't. In the first round, use 
Granite, Forge, Breeze and Sleet. Chances are Tret will hit you with a wimpy 
Quake spell that'll do next to no damage to a few members of your party. For 
the second round, use Flint, Fever and Gust. Flint and Fever will subtract 
from Tret around 98 hit points apiece - huzzah! Have Mia cast a spell or 
regularly attack, but do not yet use Fizz (just in case). Summon Ramses, Kirin
and Atalanta in the third round - each will inflict some heavy damage. You can
do whatever you want for the second round in a row. Once the third round ends,
you should have beaten Tret. Waka waka waka!

EXP: 226 / Coins: 700 / Items: Potion

Once you beat Tret, a queer little story scene will take place where you 
persuade Tret to help you restore the state of normality to the cursed people 
of Kolima. However, in his present measure of strength, the old tree cannot do
such a thing. First, he must be healed!

Dun dun doo doo!

But alas, we've the cure! Climb the vine in the center of the "basement" and 
leave to the south. Talk to Tret and your main menu will open up. Remember 
Hermes' Water? Select and use it on the dying Ent-like being and voila, olé 
and presto, he's back to normal. As such, the forest becomes not-so-dead and 
Tret regains the power he needs to retransmogrify the Kolimans. Throughout a 
little sequence of dialogue, you'll learn that Tret only became possessed with
the "horrible power," as his counterpart, Laurel, puts it, because of the 
"strange gemstones [that] fell from the sky." Psynergy stones, buddy (heh... 
buddy... inside joke). There is mention of an evil forest south of the river 
that leads to Tret's, so you'll inevitably end up going there sooner or later.
Once you gain control, either meander your way back through the woods or 

---Since Kolima is restored, go there. It's to the east, remember?---

2m. _  __    _ _            
   | |/ /___| (_)_ __  __ _ 
   | ' </ _ \ | | '  \/ _` | More Rectification

The only real thing to do here is buy new weapons, armor and whatever else you
want to get. The equipment shop is the second tree on the top right (the 
Sanctuary is between the two trees) and the item shop is the first tree on the
bottom left. I recommend only decking yourself out in new armor - nevermind 
the weapons. Sleep at the inn if you wish (the top left tree). Once you're 
done, head back towards Bilibin.

---At the Bilibin Barricade, a scene will take place where the tree you pulled
from the water earlier (at least, that's what I told you to do), having become
a person, will thank you and give you a Hard Nut, which is a healing item.---

2n. ___ _ _ _ _    _        ___ 
   | _ |_) (_) |__(_)_ _   |_  )
   | _ \ | | | '_ \ | ' \   / /  Stopping by to pick up some stuff, mkay?
   |___/_|_|_|_.__/_|_||_| /___|

Go to McCoy's crib and, what's this!? "You're under arrest!" Grrr... The fuzz 
never stop, do they? No matter, you'll be led to Lord McCoy who will let you 
off with a token of gratitude - a choosing of chests. From left to right, the 
chests are: Vial, Potion, Psy Crystal, Water of Life. I recommend you take the
last option, for it is the most useful and the item is harder to come by. 
Leave the room and make your way out of the palace. There's a Nut in a tree 
you need to face from the east in order to [Catch]. The woman standing nearby 
is Lady McCoy, but she's useless, which figures. Exit Bilibin.

---Pass Kolima and continue east on to the Kolima Bridge (make sure to go west
when you reach the fork on the world map). The man on the other side of the 
river will drop the bridge so you can cross. Once back on the world map, 
follow the path to the Fuchin Temple, nestled in the mountains.---

2o. ___        _    _        _____               _     
   | __|  _ __| |_ (_)_ _   |_   _|__ _ __  _ __| |___
   | _| || / _| ' \| | ' \    | |/ -_) '  \| '_ \ / -_) Yeah, and how do you
   |_| \_,_\__|_||_|_|_||_|   |_|\___|_|_|_| .__/_\___| pronounce "Fuchin?"
Head up the nearby stairs (note the Psynergy Stone on the right because you 
might need it now or later) and enter the building. Talking to the man does 
you no good, so [Mind Read] him. Blah blah blah and five Busta Rhymes CDs 
later, you'll regain control with a task at hand. The old man says he'll help 
you get through the neighboring Mogall Forest (read: the "evil forest" Laurel 
the wannabe-Ent spoke of) if you complete the trials in the waterfall grotto. 
As Nike would say, "Just Do It." Head down to the waterfall, talk to the man 
and enter.

2p. ___        _    _        ___     _ _       ___              
   | __|  _ __| |_ (_)_ _   | __|_ _| | |___  / __|__ ___ _____ 
   | _| || / _| ' \| | ' \  | _/ _` | | (_-< | (__/ _` \ V / -_) Uh huh.
   |_| \_,_\__|_||_|_|_||_| |_|\__,_|_|_/__/  \___\__,_|\_/\___|

The log on the right leads to a Mimic, so bother with it only if you please. 
Use the left log and head up the next screen. Hop on to the second to the left 
stone, then go right(2), up(2), right, up, left, across a small patch of land, 
left(2) and down(2) to a more land. Go up the stairs and follow the path 
through a doorway to a darker area. Head down the nearby flight of stairs. The
log to the right and below the first leads you to a chest with an Arctic Blade
(chances are Garet needs it over Isaac). Go back and roll the top log down. 
Continue on about the path to the next area.

Don't touch the spikes (of course). Hug the western wall, head south and take 
the log to the other side of the small pond. Go down into another screen. Roll
the log right and go through the entryway. Head south of the spikes, ride the 
log down and roll the one beside it to the left. Take the horizontal log back 
up, jump to the stone and back to the second log.

***Ride it over to where a violent Jupiter Djinni named Zephyr is waiting. 
Beware that Zephyr can use two destructive spells, Wind Cutter and Flash Bolt,
that can hit three members of your party for 40-60 damage.***

Roll the southern horizontal log north to a doorway for you to go through. 
Ride the second horizontal log all the way up. The vertical log to the right 
is the next one to take. Once you ride that one over, jump up and loop around 
to the first horizontal log. Take it over to meet the vertical log you just 
moved, hop left on to land and head down the stairway. There you will find the
Dragon's Eye, and item you'll need to use pretty soon. Retreat to the area you
were just in and head up the northern staircase to a new room.

Go through the door into a familiar dark-lit area. Go up to the statue of the 
dragon and use the Dragon's Eye on it. It'll breathe fire as an odd shadow 
spreads across the area in front of the statue. Hm... Backtrack to where you 
were on the other side of the shadow and try to walk on it - it's a bridge! 
Creep across it and enter the next area.

Follow the path, drop down and go through the door. Jump across the water and 
nab the chest containing the Orb of Force (be sure to equip it). Leave and 
climb the nearby ladder. Continue on into the next room. Drop down and simply 
waltz your way out of Fuchin Falls Cave.

-Tell the man you completed the test, then go talk to Nyunpa (the old man in 
the building up the stairs). After a bit of philosophy, you'll gain control 
and be able to leave the Fuchin Temple.-

---Head south to Mogall Forest.---

2q. __  __                     _   ___               _   
   |  \/  |___  __ _ __ _ __ _| | | __|__ _ _ ___ __| |_   I
   | |\/| / _ \/ _` / _` / _` | | | _/ _ \ '_/ -_|_-<  _| Hate/Love
   |_|  |_\___/\__, \__,_\__,_|_| |_|\___/_| \___/__/\__| Mazes

Go south two screens and cross the log-bridge. Push the log further down to 
the right, then push it back after pushing the other log down. Shove the log 
up into the water and cross. Go all the way right for a chest containing an 
Apple. Use it. Head back one screen, then down two. Go to the log whose path 
is blocked by a rock. [Move] the rock into its hole then push the log over. 
From there, push the remaining two logs in the order they come to progress.

***At the end of the path is Quartz, a Venus Djinni who will put up a fight 
before he lets you have him. Quartz can cast Gaia, which does around 50 damage
to multiple party members.***

Exit this area by going across the log-bridge and heading west. Continue in 
that direction for a couple screens, where you end up in an area with a log, 
rock and chest. [Move] the rock into its place and give the log a shove, then 
take the chest containing a cool, party-friendly Elven Shirt. From here, go 
right one screen and down. Cross another log-bridge, [Move] the rock into its 
hole, push the log into the water and nevermind going across on that log. 
Instead, go down and to the left, push your way through and cross on to the 
other side via log in the water.

Go down and cross a log-bridge. A monster will jump out of the stump and then 
book it off screen. Don't move! There's a boss coming up. Prepare by healing, 
setting every Djinn on Standby except for Granite, Fever, Zephyr and Sleet, 
and saving your game. Once you're ready, continue on and the boss of Mogall 
Forest will attack you.

|---------Djinn Setup----------|
| -Isaac: Flint\Granite\Quartz |
| -Garet: Forge\Fever          |
| -Ivan: Gust\Breeze\Zephyr    |
| -Mia: Fizz\Sleet             |
Killer Ape - HP: 1000-1050
-In the first round, use Granite, Fever, Zephyr and Sleet. In the second 
round, unleash Cybele, Procne, Kirin and Nereid. There, the battle is over 
half won already! However, this foo' has got a smidgeon of fight left in him. 
His regular physical attack does 40 damage, and his Ransack move causes 
upwards of 75 damage to a single character. Use Ragnarok and Heat Wave 
continuously, substituting Flint for the former when able. If you drop below 
90 hit points, heal yourself. That is, if you don't want to die.

EXP: 460 / Coins: 1400 / Items: Douse Drop

Head south and you'll be out on the world map.

---Follow the road west and then north, across a bridge and into Xian.---

2r. __  ___           
    \ \/ (_)__ _ _ _  
     >  <| / _` | ' \  Ai-yi-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki! Tango, el gato, el fuego...
    /_/\_\_\__,_|_||_|                       ... los pantalones.

Oh goody, a town. First things first, stay at the Inn right in front of you 
for a mere 40 coins. After you've been rejuvenated, go to the upper left, 
where the Sanctuary and shops are. Purchase what you wish, but pick up at 
least 10 Sacred Feather's for the sake of security, mkay?

***Want the Djinni in this town? Of course you do. In order to attain it, 
follow these steps: The girl walking back and forth from the waterfall is 
carrying water, though you can't tell that from the visual representation. 
Talk to her when she gets on the bridge, then talk to her again while you're 
standing beside the bucket by the door on the right. Talk to her before she 
moves up. She'll spill the water and get all pissy, but the important thing 
is, she spilled the water. [Frost] it and jump on it from the upper level. Hop
right and go to Mist the Mercury Djinni, whom will join without a fight.***

Enter the upper right building. Talk to the man at the top of the screen, 
standing by the upright log. He tells you that if you can use Chi to knock 
down the log, he'll take you to see Master Feh. In order to do what he asked 
of you, simply stand at the edge of the line, in-line with the log, and use 
[Force]. The log will fall over and you'll witness a purple-haired chick named
Feizhi storm out of the room, Master Feh behind her but not one to follow. 
Turns out she was clonked on the noggin by a Psynergy stone that fell from the
sky, much like Tret and Laurel back in Kolima Forest. It also turns out that 
Feizhi is Master Feh's daughter. Ho-hum, hrm... You'll have to [Force] the 
tree down once more, so do that...

Leave the Feh Temple and talk to Feizhi at the edge of town. She hopes you 
will go west, does she? Hm... in a minute. First, you must collect a hidden 

***Go north of Xian until you come upon a bridge. Cross it and you'll be on a 
small island. Fight in the forest until you battle Corona the Mars Djinni. Its
Mad Blast spell can do around 55 damage to a few companions, but that's about 
all its got besides Flare Wall, which does a little less damage to multiple 
party members (around 40).***

---Head west of Xian, cross a bridge to the north and run west a little ways 
to get to Alpine Crossing. Feizhi will run in and whimper more about that Hsu 
character. [Frost] the puddle and use [Growth] on the plant. Ascend the vine 
that appears and follow the path across the ice log to a chest containing some
Power Bread. Use it. Leave Alpine Crossing to the north and enter the nearby 
civilization of Altin (as you may recall, Feizhi foresaw as flooded).---

2s. _   _ _   _      
   /_\ | | |_(_)_ _  
  / _ \| |  _| | ' \  Oh, my, God, Becky, look at her butt, it is, SO, big...
 /_/ \_\_|\__|_|_||_|

[Move] the statue in plain view to the right and grab the Psy Crystal inside. 
Go down the ladder on the far side of town. A monster is at the end of the 
path, spewing water into "Altin Lake." It will see you and then haul ass into 
the mines, where you must go to progress in the game. Note that the last 
couple hours of the game has had virtually no effect on the central plot 
whatsoever. Blargh!

2t. _   _ _   _        ___          _   
   /_\ | | |_(_)_ _   | _ \___ __ _| |__  Meanwhile, as Alex and company
  / _ \| |  _| | ' \  |  _/ -_) _` | / /  pillage and burn and steal from
 /_/ \_\_|\__|_|_||_| |_| \___\__,_|_\_\  Burger King's everywhere...

Follow the path and the beast will literally show you what to do. It's... 
weird. Pursue the beast (Standby all Djinn except Granite, Fever, Zephyr and 
Sleet) and fight it. No, it's not a boss. In two rounds, you can have the 
Living Statue beat. The first round is there for you to use your Set Djinn, 
then summon your most powerful Djinn to take out the bad guy. For winning, you
get 377 EXP, 900 coins and a Vial, plus a Frost Jewel and a shortage of water.
Living Statues have 500-550 HP.

-Return to Altin via [Frost] and go down the ladder. Follow the path to some 
rails and re-enter Altin Peak (note: the item shop is to the right of this 

Follow the path all the way to the second door you come to (don't do anything 
in the first one, yet). Enter. Follow the railway to the next room. Head left.
Follow to the switch (just past the railcar) and flip it. Get in the railcar 
and you'll end up by the next Living Statue. Kill it the same way you did 
before. Once you defeat it, the water level will drop again.

Take the railcar back. Leave the room and go back to the first room in the 
tunnel (the one I told you not to enter in the previous paragraph - at the 
time, the water was too high for you to get into the doorway in which you 
should now go through).

Follow the railway to the right when you enter. Hop in the railcar and ride it
to the switch. Flip it and ride the railways twice to get where you need to 
be. Go through the entryway and follow the path, neverminding the Mimic that's
on the northern part of the fork. Head in the other direction and continue on 
to the next area. Pass the ladder and [Frost] the puddle. You know the drill 
from here. In the new room, go down the ladder and head up/left. [Frost] the 
puddle in the first inset, head back down and continue left. Ascend the 
closest ladder and cross the [Frost]ed gap. Take the railcar and ride to a 
chest containing a Dragon Shield. Ride the railcar back to where you started, 
re-cross the [Frost]ed gap, go down the ladder, go up the ladder to the left 
and flip the switch a little to the north. Backtrack to the railcar and ride 
it to your next destination. Descend the ladder to the east and follow the 
path to another Living Statue. Once beating it like Ike, that water level will
drop again. On that note, [Retreat] to Altin.

-Buy what you can in the newly recovered equipment shops (down a ladder, the 
armor shop being a house and the weapons shop being below it, set in the 
landscape). Be sure to rid yourself of any excess junk. [Mind Read] the couple
inside the building beside the weapons shop.

"The bottom of the mine... the end of the easternmost passage..."

Got that? Goody. Now let's go to that spot, mkay? You may want to replenish 
your HP and PP at the Motel 6... er... the Inn, I mean. Yeah, you might want 
to replenish your HP and PP at the Inn before entering the bottom level mine.-

Follow the rails and head right when you come to a fork. Continue on past the 
next two areas and, when you come to another fork, go either way - you end up 
in the same place. I'll just tell you to go right, so... go right. Follow the 
path all the way to the next room. 

***Running up, you'll see a Mercury Djinni just out of your reach. In order to
get it, you must go right and [Move] the log left. [Frost] the puddle. Ascend 
the nearby northern ladder, flip the switch and [Frost] the puddle just above 
you. Go left and do it again. Head back to the ladder, then go right and down.
Jump across the [Frost]ed puddle and the log to the railcar. Ride it twice and
you'll get over to the Djinni that ain't going to come peacefully. The only 
spell cast on me was Tundra, which did 40+ damage to three members of my 
party. No matter, because once you beat it, Spritz the Mercury Djinni will 
join you.***

Ride back and climb the closest ladder. Hop across the [Frost]ed puddle and 
follow the path to do it again. Go through the entryway and run through this 
simple area. In the new room, navigate your way through the rocks to the 
north. Read the sign that says, "Do not strike the wall! Bloogida, humbaaaa!" 
or something to that effect. Line yourself up with the tree and [Force] it 
over. A boulder will come down and you'll automatically scramble away faster 
than any scrambler has ever scrambled. Drop down and use the top part of the 
broken railway as a ladder to descend into the hole you just made. You dirty 
vandal, you.

The boss of Altin Peak awaits you, but use the same pre-battle Djinn 
preparation as before. Once you're ready, follow the path to the final and 
most difficult boss in Altin Peak.

|---------Djinn Setup----------|
| -Isaac: Flint\Granite\Quartz |
| -Garet: Forge\Fever\Corona   |
| -Ivan: Gust\Breeze\Zephyr    |
| -Mia: Fizz\Sleet\Mist\Spritz |
Hydros Statue - HP: 1300
-You know the routine - in the first round, use all Set Djinn, and in the 
second round, summon your best. From then on, have Garet use Heat Wave every 
round as the Hydros Statue is to fire as Firestone is to flat. Make Isaac use 
Ragnarok frequently, and have Isaac switch between attacking and healing while
Mia acts as the designated healer. Oh, why am I even bothering? The Hydros 
Statue will fall by the end of the third round, anyway, though it can hit you 
pretty hard with Water Blessing and Ice Horn, both being water elemental 
spells that inflict 70+ damage to three members of the party.

EXP: 496 / Coins: 2400 / Items: Lucky Medal

A brief discussion within your party will take place and the Hydros Statue 
will disintegrate, revealing a chest behind where it just was. Inside the 
chest is the Lifting Gem, which you should equip immediately. After you attain
that, [Retreat]. Follow the path. Behind the switch is a small boulder you can
[Lift], so do it. Go through the entryway and head to the far left. [Move] the
log here and get the Vial in the chest behind it. Head up the middle route, 
[Lift] the rock out of your way and follow the path to the end of Altin Peak.

---On the world map, enter the nearby Lama Temple.---

2u. _                      _____               _     
   | |   __ _ _ __  __ _  |_   _|__ _ __  _ __| |___ 
   | |__/ _` | '  \/ _` |   | |/ -_) '  \| '_ \ / -_) Oh, come on!
   |____\__,_|_|_|_\__,_|   |_|\___|_|_|_| .__/_\___|

There's a Psynergy Stone just over the bridge and to the left, if you need it.
Enter the only building here and a scene will take place. Some foo' named 
Master Hama seems to know who you are and hints towards incredible powers Ivan
has yet to harness. I found it amusing when Ivan said, "I'm not a Jupiter 
Adept! What are you talking about?" when it was so, so obvious. You're 
stretching it, ain't'chu, Camelot? *Shakes fist* Oh, boy oh boy...

Feizhi will ruin the moment by busting in and declaring more boosnip about 
that Hsu guy again. Master Hama will teach Ivan the Reveal spell (replace 
[Move] in the shortcut menu with it) and leave with Feizhi to help save Hsu. 
Master Hama and Ivan will meet again, methinks.

When you regain control, leave the building and cross the water to the right. 
[Reveal] the stone to be a chest with a Water of Life in it. Now, exit Lama 

---Head east to Alpine Crossing. [Reveal] a nearby doorway and go through the 
path it leads to. A scene with Feizhi, Master Hama and Hsu takes place. Turns 
out Hsu is stuck under one hell of a rock and, of course, only you can get him
out. Maneuver yourself into position and [Lift] the boulder over Hsu. He'll be
pulled to safety by Feizhi and Master Hama, then sent off to Master Feh for 
healing. You'll be zapped back to Lama Temple where you'll converse with 
Master Hama for a few minutes, and Ivan will suddenly become a little bit 
cooler, in my books at least. When you get control of your company back, head 
southwest. You'll soon enter the roaring hearth that is the Lamakan Desert.---

2v. _  It's Gettin' Hot  _  In Hurr, So  ___  Take Off All    _   
   | |   __ _ _ __  __ _| |____ _ _ _   |   \ ___ ___ ___ _ _| |_  Ya
   | |__/ _` | '  \/ _` | / / _` | ' \  | |) / -_|_-</ -_) '_|  _| 
   |____\__,_|_|_|_\__,_|_\_\__,_|_||_| |___/\___/__/\___|_|  \__| Clothes...

Notice the meter on the left side of your screen? If it reaches the top, you 
lose 50 HP. Plain and simple. However, the meter only rises if you're standing
on the sand, not the dirt.

Follow the path and [Reveal] the oasis in the middle of the circle of stones. 
Continue on and try to stay away from the sand as much as possible. The bottom
left of this area [Reveal]s a Psynergy Stone. Above that is another oasis. 
Follow the path northwest and head straight up from the edge of the sand to 
[Reveal] a chest with a Vulcan Axe in it. To the right is a stone circle that 
[Reveal]s a monster to fight, if you want to. Above that is an oasis, and 
above that is the next area.

There's a Potion to the left, and above and to the right is an oasis. To the 
upper right is a Psynergy Stone, and slightly below and to the left is another
monster. All, of course, must be [Reveal]ed.

***The connecting circle right on the monster's circle's left hip [Reveal]s a 
Jupiter Djinni named Smog whom will not put up a fight.***

In the upper left is some Lucky Pepper in a chest, right beside a monster. Use
the Lucky Pepper. There's another monster by the exit to this screen on the 
far left.

Alright, not so much sand! That's a positive thing, chum. Cross both the sand 
rivers and follow the path around a loopity-loop to heavier sand. That's a 
negative thing, chum. But on the bright side of the situation, there's not 
much sand to traverse because you just have to [Reveal] the doorway behind the
sandfall. Enter it.

Follow the path to the next area. Descend the ladder and go left to [Reveal] a
Mint (use it), monster and an oasis. Go back up, cross both the sand rivers, 
and face the last sandfall. There's a boss to be revealed, so heal up, put 
every Djinn on Standby except Granite, Fever, Zephyr and Sleet, save your 
progress and then [Reveal] the ugly beast to commence the fight sequence.

|----------Djinn Setup-----------|
| -Isaac: Flint\Granite\Quartz   |
| -Garet: Forge\Fever\Corona     |
| -Ivan: Gust\Breeze\Zephyr\Smog |
| -Mia: Fizz\Sleet\Mist\Spritz   |
Manticore - HP: 1700
-Use your set Djinni and then summon them. Behold the power of Boreas, what!? 
Yea, boooooi! By the end of the third round, you'll have Manticore beat. 
However, if you somehow suck royally and didn't listen to me, you'd have to 
face Manticore the hard way. What's the hard way, you ask? By suffering 
through he plethora of powerful attacks. Nova - up to 80 damage to all party 
members. Mad Blast - up to 50 damage to three party members. He can Delude, 
Impair and Curse you, too. Oh, and you can't forget his Poison Tail, which 
does 60-80 damage on strike and 40/turn poison damage. Yeah, you're not liking
that, are you? Didn't think so. You can start thankin' me 'bout now.

EXP: 590 / Coins: 3400 / Items: Psy Crystal

After the battle, heal up and re-[Reveal] the sandfall's hole where the 
Manticore came out from. Go into it and follow the path to the end where 
you'll exit the Lamakan Desert to the world map.

***Cross the closest northwestern bridge and fight in the small forested area.
Eventually, you will fight Vine the Venus Djinni, who can use Briar that does 
70+ damage to three members of the party.***

---Cross the nearest bridge and head all the way west until you reach a city.

+++At this point, you can begin the short sidequest I've documented as 3a. It 
will take only a couple minutes and you'll nab a Venus Djinni for your 
minuscule troubles, so I recommend doing it. Right now.+++

Enter the biggest civilization you have thus so far seen.---

2w. _  __     _           
   | |/ /__ _| |__ _ _  _ 
   | ' </ _` | / _` | || | I have a sudden urge to watch Aladdin...
   |_|\_\__,_|_\__,_|\_, | ... on DVD

Go left from the entrance to the middle of the circle of stones. Use [Reveal] 
and a jar nearby will make its presence known - search it for a Vial. Buy what
you can in the shops. Two powerful weapons await Ivan and Mia in the weapon 
shop's Artifacts section, the Frost Wand and the Psynergy Rod. Be sure to 
purchase those as they help out Mia and Ivan dramatically.

When you're done messing around in town, head up the few stairs on the upper 
right side of town. The top part of that building is broken on one part, so 
walk over it on to land. Go north, [Move] the statue and a doorway is 
unveiled. Enter.


***Follow the path, push the statue into the falling water and the area below 
it will flood. Go down the ladder, climb the one beside it and talk to Scorch 
the Mars Djinni for it to join you, thankfully without a damn fight. I feel 
like a failed activist when the things I try to help attempt gnawing on my 

The path continues, but you can not yet accomplish anything by following it. 
Go back to Kalay. Follow the path north, up the stairs. Run on until you get 
to a northern path to take - take it. Go down the stairs at the end. Continue 
south, loop northwards and go up the stairway. 


Head north, up the stairs in the central section of Kalay. A scene will occur,
with Ivan getting you into Hammet's Palace. You'll relate the current stature 
of Lord Hammet and a bit of your story with an automated, short sequence done 
in the presence of Lady Layana. You'll learn that Lunpa, a town of 
once-righteous thieves, ain't so righteous anymore due to their leader, the 
grandson of the noble thief, Lunpa, and son of another good bandit, Donpa - 
Dodonpa being the name I'm trying to get at, dammit! Lady Layana will inform 
you that Master Hammet swore an oath to a Jupiter Adept, a prophecy fulfilled 
pertaining to Ivan and three warriors from Vale...

... Wait a second, Mia's from Imil... Whatever. Perhaps they meant Jenna. :O 
But if that's the case, I wonder where Mia fits in? Hm...

Turns out Hammet was saved by Jupiter Adepts on the southwestern edge of the 
world years ago. At their unnamed village, he was given business advice, the 
Shaman's Rod, golden doubloons (which appears to be lots of money) and a young
boy named Ivan. The Jupiter Adepts told Hammet that the Shaman's Rod would 
help him recover a lost item for them, but the master merchant never found it.
Something or other, and that's why he took Ivan on his last journey north.

When you regain control of your party, leave the room. Go down and through the
western door. In this room, go south and you'll find a chest with a Water 
Jacket in it. Exit this room and go through the door on the other side of the 
hall. Head right and check the southern portion to [Reveal] a Nut in a barrel.
Go to the Inn and talk to everyone, yes, everyone. They're all tourists 
heading to Tolbi, and if you don't talk to them all, something important will 
not happen in order for you to continue on in the game. Once you're done 
talking to them all, try to leave Kalay. A long and utterly pointless scene 
will take place regarding a missing passenger among the tour group that lines 
up to go to Tolbi. After the two tour guides count by two's more times than 
the number of pounds Oprah has put on, you'll be able to exit Kalay.

+++I recommend you complete side quests 3a and 3b at this point in the game. 
Trus' in dat. Or you could do them later, that's up to you.+++

---Head southwest, around the mountains a little ways to the Kalay Docks.---

2x. _  __     _             ___          _       
   | |/ /__ _| |__ _ _  _  |   \ ___  __| |__ ___
   | ' </ _` | / _` | || | | |) / _ \/ _| / /(_-< The Loveboat has SUNK!
   |_|\_\__,_|_\__,_|\_, | |___/\___/\__|_\_\/__/

After Garet makes a fool of himself (again), enter the building and buy the 
tickets you need for 600 coins. If you go north, you'll see that there's a 
Venus Djinni on the other side of the blocked road. You'll be able to pick it 
up later, but sure as hell not now. Talk to the woman by the small bridge and 
she'll ask you to pass a message to her daughter; no biggie. Head left, give 
your tickets to the man before the plank and board the ship.

2y. _____    _ _    _     ___ Hey, little boy,  _   ___ _    _  you're going    
   |_   _|__| | |__(_)___| _ ) ___ _  _ _ _  __| | / __| |_ (_)_ __  to
     | |/ _ \ | '_ \ |___| _ \/ _ \ || | ' \/ _` | \__ \ ' \| | '_ \ Hell,
     |_|\___/_|_.__/_|   |___/\___/\_,_|_||_\__,_| |___/_||_|_| .__/ SON!
Walk over to the three men on the left side of the ship. They'll talk to each 
other about how setting sail is dangerous and that only the big Mexican 
bodyguard looking fellow will be able to fight if the ship is attacked by the 
unduly "them." The man with the blue bandana isn't so happy about setting sail
and, if you ask me by his remark, he's planning on sabotaging the ship so it 
can't set out to sea.

The rowmen are through the door above you and the ladder leads to the 
currently empty crow's nest. There are 23 coins in a barrel just before the 
rowmen, a Lucky Medal in a barrel on the far end down the stairs closest to 
the ship's entrance, and a Nut in a jar beyond the southern door. Before you 
can go through the southern door, however, the man with the blue bandana comes
out, says he didn't do anything, and turns tail towards the other end of the 
ship. Follow and talk to him again.

"At the risk of sounding repetitive, I didn't do anything!" Hm... cute. [Mind 
Read] him to find out the bastard hid Captain Kaja's "lucky" anchor charm on 
top of the mast (a.k.a. the "Crow's Nest"). Climb to the top and face east 
towards the rising mast. You'll receive the Anchor Charm. Go back down to the 
deck and visit the oarsmen. On your way there, the two warriors heading to 
Colosso will decide to go "persuade" the captain to hurry up and set sail. 
Head to the captain's quarters (the far southern door) and talk to the only 
man you can reach to watch a scene where the two (Ouranos and Sean) decide to 
help out if the ship is attacked by monsters. However, the captain won't set 
sail without the Anchor Charm. 

Do yourself a favor and put 4 Earth Djinni on Standby. 

Go give it to him, and you'll set sail after Sean picks you out (somehow, one 
way or another, the damn Carnegie clown...) to protect the oarsmen if needed. 
Head down to where the rowmen are and you'll set sail.

Sheesh, these people are really judgmental...

Pansy sea monsters will come and after you kill them with the awesome summon 
called Judgment, you have to go ask a passenger to row as an oarsman has been 
knocked unconscious. Pick any one you wish from the passengers above the 
rowers, run around to recharge your summoned Djinni, and then restandby them. 
Go back to the oarsmen and you'll set sail again.

Repeat the scenario once, twice, thrice! However, the third time, you'll have 
to fight the Kraken, an actual toughy. Prepare accordingly (leave Mia's Djinn 
alone, as you need her Wish spell for healing), save your game and whatnot 
after fighting the Vigaro and the two Man'o War beasts.

|-------------Djinn Setup---------------|
| -Isaac: Flint\Granite\Quartz\Vine\Sap |
| -Garet: Forge\Fever\Corona\Scorch     |
| -Ivan: Gust\Breeze\Zephyr\Smog\Kite   |
| -Mia: Fizz\Sleet\Mist\Spritz          |
Kraken - HP: 2600-2650
-Do the first two rounds as usual, have Mia heal constantly, and attack with 
the most powerful spells you have. I recommend Isaac's Ragnarok and Garet's 
Heat Wave. Kraken can attack with Spinning Beat, a physical strike that causes
upwards of 120 damage to a single character. It can also use Ply on itself. 
The Kraken is susceptible to paralyzation. Kraken's Drench water spell does 
45+ damage to three members of your party, and Water Blessing around 50-55. 
Soon enough, the Kraken will fall.

EXP: 711 / Coins: 5200 / Items: Water of Life

Save your game after Setting and recharging your Djinn (and healing, too, of 
course; if you even need it). Go pick another passenger to row and you'll sail
off again. Eerily familiar is the present situation, I know, but behold, land 
ho! Thank you, thank you.

2z. _____    _ _    _ 
   |_   _|__| | |__(_) This is what the fuss was all about?
     | |/ _ \ | '_ \ | Por favor!
     |_|\___/_|_.__/_| Lame/10, playa'


Talk to the first woman you see on land by the tiny bridge. She's the one 
you're supposed to deliver the message to from her parents. Just talk to her 
and then go left. [Move] the left box two spaces to the left and the right box
one space in the same direction. Hop across and grab the Potion by the trees. 
Go back and exit the Docks by going left.

***Go northwest to Tolbi, but don't enter just yet. Head across the bridge to 
the left of the city, go northeast and right all the way to the other side of 
the Kalay Docks. There you will find Ground the Venus Djinni.***

***Also before entering Tolbi, head across the same bridge you first passed in
order to get Ground. Go northwest from there and cross another bridge, heading
south to a forest forthwith. You'll end up fighting Hail the Mercury Djinni, 
whose most damaging maneuver is the Ice Horn, which does 70+ damage to three 
members of the party.***

After that, go back to Tolbi.

***As soon as you enter, head east. Hug the outside walls of Tolbi (before the
gate) and use [Growth] on the plant. Ascend the vine and [Frost] the puddle. 
Enter Tolbi, go up the two flights of stairs slightly to the northwest and hop
across the [Frost]ed puddle, heading north a little bit to attain Ember the 
Mars Djinni.***

Buy what you can in the shops. Up the stairs to the left of the weapon/armor/
item building is a [Reveal]able chest containing some Power Bread. There's a 
Lucky Medal in a jar outside the house by the vine (you can see the jar by 
standing by the vine) and another in a barrel by the stove in the doorway 
above the equipment shops. You can also find a Vial in a barrel in the 
building northwest of the inn.

There are a couple different games you can play in Tolbi. None of them are 
very enlightening, but they're rather fun and one of them can get you some 
great equipment.

/Lucky Dice\
\Location: Down the steps to the left of the Inn.
\Appearance: A building with a dice sign and a blue roof.
\How to Play: You simultanenously throw 2 6-sided dice to see what numbers you 
get, 170 coins a toss. 
\Rewards: If you get one pair, that's your money back. Two pair wins you 340 
coins, 510 coins for three, and 1000 coins if you score a perfect, which is 
four pair.

/Tolbi Springs\
\Location: Go straight from the entrance of Tolbi and you can't miss it.
\Appearance: A small pool of water; a spring, evidently.
\How to Play: Throw either coins or rare Lucky Medals into a ring with four 
moving animals inside, trying to get whatever you threw in as close to the 
center of the ring as humanly possible. If you hit a animal, the coin bounces 
off of it with a boost of acceleration; this could either be good or bad for 
you. After being hit once, the animal struck will move faster until, after 
even more hits, it will slow back down. Hitting the animal doesn't have an 
effect on your reward, just the trajectory of what'chu threw.
\Rewards: Check out the lists following this sentence to see what you can win.
~-~-~|*Object Thrown: Lucky Medal*|

AREA                        PRIZE (Worth Mentioning)          FOR CHARACTER(S)
Outside Circle              Cocktail Dress                          Mia
Outside Circle              Ninja Hood                              All
Outside Circle              Potion                                (Item)
Outside Circle              Psy Crystal                           (Item)
Last Line                   Guardian Armlet                      Ivan/Mia
Middle of Circle            Assassin Blade                   Isaac/Garet/Ivan
Middle of Circle            Earth Shield                        Isaac/Garet
Middle of Circle            Spirit Armor                        Isaac/Garet

Throwing coins is nigh-pointless... you throw one coin, and at best, win 20. 
******* amazing, it ain't.

/Lucky Wheels\
\Location: Doorway above the inn.
\Appearance: A, er... door... above the inn.
\How to Play: You know those Game Tickets you've been accumulating throughout 
the game? Well, here's where they finally have their use. Basically, this game
is the same as the common slot machine, only with a bit of a twist. It works 
like this:

5 rows/5 columns of 6 different symbols, winning in correspondence as follows:

Shirts - undershirts (Running Shirt - All), (Silk Shirt - Mia)
Rings - rings (Sleep Ring, Adept Ring, War Ring).
Boots - boots.
Hearts and Stars - items (Vial).
Moons - anything.

You can change your bet to win a prize not only if the center line is a 
winner, but the two lines above and below (2 bets), the four lines above and 
below (3 bets), or every line including the diagonal ones (4 bets). For every 
bet, you give up a Game Ticket, and you have 5 spins to win a prize.


Once you get done messing around, go through the northwestern gate of Tolbi 
and enter Babi's Palace. Go right from the entrance, up two flights of stairs,
and search the barrel for a Lucky Medal. Head up either staircase closest to 
the palace's entrance and go straight to listen in on a conversation between a
man, Iodem, and two soldiers. They say they went to Atmiller Cave as was 
requested, but could not find the missing Lord Babi; not even a trace. Iodem 
claims to have followed him into the cave before, but Babi had vanished before
his eyes on every occasion. Hm...

Once you regain control, head down the stairs to the left and then the next. 
Check the blue/white jar that's the bottom of the pair to the right for a Hard
Nut. Backtrack to the top of the stairs and descend those on the opposite side
of the hall. Go through the door and talk to the girl on the left. Her name is
Sheba and she's being held hostage by Babi in order to complete the 
*lighthouse* by her hometown, Lalivero. [Mind Read] her to learn that A) She 
has "power" and B) She seems to have known you read her mind. Interesting. 
After that, waddle out of Babi's Palace and leave Tolbi.

---Head north, across a couple bridges to Atmiller Cave.---

2a2. _  _         _ _ _            ___              
    /_\| |_ _ __ (_) | |___ _ _   / __|__ ___ _____    Why don't you
   / _ \  _| '  \| | | / -_) '_| | (__/ _` \ V / -_) search and rescue
  /_/ \_\__|_|_|_|_|_|_\___|_|    \___\__,_|\_/\___|     yourself?

Note: Use [Reveal] to light up the darkened areas.

Simply follow the path to the next room, then go left, down the stairs. The 
chest on the right is really a Mimic, so just run the course of the path to 
the left and stick to it until you come across the white outline of a shape of
some kind against a wall. Talk to the invisible man and tell him you'll find 
his draught in which he is in dire need of. You'll have to go deep into this 
obviously horribly lit cave and solve a puzzle or two, but have no fear, for I
am here. Leave him once done and go downstairs.

Follow the northwestern loop to grab a chest with a Vial in it. Re-loop and 
run south, hugging the wall until it flattens out and begins to rise. Chug up 
from there and go down the stairs.

***Go left, head north, and then engage in the nearby puzzle. Push the first 
pipe over, then the button one up. [Frost] the puddle and walk -behind- the 
left upright pipe. Push the pipe that was on the bottom back down, the right 
pipe left, and then go around to the top pipe and push that down. Head left 
to Squall the Jupiter Djinni. Fighting it is easy, as with all Djinn, and its 
Wind Cutter attack only does 45+ damage to three members of the party.***

Once you acquire the Djinni, circle back to the bottom right part of the 
puzzle. Push the log into the hole and hop across to the next area, down some 

From the entrance, head south a little and then immediately go left. Grab the 
chest containing a cookie (boosts maximum PP) at the path's end, then run back
where you first started going south and continue in said direction. Hug the 
southern wall till you pass some rocks, then go north and right, through the 
path the stones make. Follow the way until you reach some more stairs to 
tumble down.

The puzzle in this room is rather pointless - just go south, up the staircase 
and run the path to the drop-down spot close to a doorway.

This is the room with the stones the invisible man told you of. [Reveal] the 
rocks to see that they're colored. In order to progress, examine and rotate 
the stones in this order: yellow, white, green, blue, red. A spinning shape of
each of the colored rocks will appear. At the top of the shape, one orb will 
oscillate, and you'll have to re-rotate the rock it signifies. It's simple. A 
doorway will open once completed.

Go through and attain the Mystic Draught. Whether you [Retreat] and bring it 
to the invisible man from the entrance to Atmiller Cave or backtrack from your
current position, bring the Mystic Draught to the invisible man. Examine him 
to rejuvenate the fellow, who turns out to be none other than whom you 
predicted it was: Lord Babi, Ruler of Tolbi.

Within the conversation that will commence, you'll learn of the power Babi was
using to conceal himself and of its origins. He'll go into a cutoff deep 
lecture about an ancient race called the Lemurians. Babi seems to known 
Kraden, too. He'll enter you into the Colosso finals and leave you standing 
there like a bruised stripper. All you gots to do is head back to Tolbi.

2b2. _____    _ _    _   ___ 
    |_   _|__| | |__(_) |_  )
      | |/ _ \ | '_ \ |  / /  Good books = The Icwind Dale Trilogy. Nice.
      |_|\___/_|_.__/_| /___|

Note: You can't sleep at the inn - the only real thing you can do is go 
straight up to Colosso.


Once you pass through the central gate at the top of Tolbi and talk to a few 
people, you'll be informed by soldiers that Isaac is the only member of the 
party that will be competing in the events at Colosso. You'll also get a 
guided tour of the finals, as well as gaining the knowledge of the fact that 
you do not enter the finals with your equipment. What you must do is go 
through each stage you are given and collect the items you will use in the one
and only battle for that level. However, none of the fights are even breathing
on the back of the tough side, so all I've done is strategically outline each 
stage, for you are given the opportunity to place one of your party members 
(Garet, Ivan or Mia) at any three of the stage events. When you wish to 
continue on, talk to the solder who brought you into the area and you'll be 
made to believe you're about to get on with the festivities. Instead, however,
you have to wait. How long depends on you, because you don't have to talk to 
any of the seven other combatants in Colosso if you don't want to. Just step 
inside the small circle to the right of the red warrior for the guard to ask 
if you're ready. If so, the finals will begin.

/The layout reads like this:
/-Stage: [Psynergy that has to be used to benefit Isaac]
/And it's that simple.

...Part 1...
-Stage 1: [Move].
-Stage 2: [Douse].

...Part 2...
-Stage 2: [Halt] the man standing by the lever.
-Stage 3: [Frost] the eastern puddle.
-Stage 4: [Growth].

...Part 3...
-Stage 1: [Frost] the puddle.
-Stage 2: [Move] the log right.
-Stage 3: [Halt] the man operating the pistons.

As you may have noticed, I am not directing you through the traffic here. 
Wanna know why? Because the items you -could- pick up along the way to aid you
in the fight you don't need, and getting to the spot where the battle will go 
down before the other man is the most important thing because you'll 
automatically pick up the more beneficial item. As for the fights, all you 
should do is put four Djinn on Standby and summon Judgment, then follow-up 
with a round or two of physical hits and that'll be it, because none of the 
fighters have more than 700 HP.

After the finals of Colosso (you winning, of course), Isaac will pass out. The
screen does the same and then Isaac reawakens in Babi's Palace.


When you regain control, leave the room and go up the stairs to the right. 
Head straight and there you'll find Babi and Iodem. Babi will give you the 
Lure Cap for beating Colosso. After about 7 and a half minutes of talking 
about how you're to find Lemuria, you'll once again exorcise the demons.

Leave Tolbi, then re-enter. Go back to where you were just talking to Babi and
go left, down some stairs and through a door. Examine the object on the desk 
and you'll receive the Cloak Ball, which bestows [Cloak] when equipped. Once 
you get that, leave the city.

---Head south from Tolbi and go through the Gondowan Passage, collecting the 
non-playable character Iodem along the way. Run east to the little town of 

2c2. ___      _         _ _      
    / __|_  _| |_  __ _| | |__ _ 
    \__ \ || | ' \/ _` | | / _` | Bring your Matrix shades

Welcome to that damn sand-ridden staple of near all cookie-cutter RPGs. 

Firstly, go right, past the inn and to the sanctuary. On the outside of it, 
hug the eastern wall and jump across the northern gap. Head straight west from
there for a chest with a Nut in it.

Enter the outermost southeastern building and talk to the Tolbi soldiers. 
Sounds like Alex and company have taken Sheba (hostage situation #481). The 
soldiers let slip to you that some form of water can get you through 
sandstorms in the upcoming desert. You, if you're actually reading this guide,
have no need to pay attention to that. I, on the other hand, had to, so...

---Leave town and chug south to the Suhalla Desert.---

2d2. ___      _         _ _        ___                  _   
    / __|_  _| |_  __ _| | |__ _  |   \ ___ ___ ___ _ _| |_ 
    \__ \ || | ' \/ _` | | / _` | | |) / -_|_-</ -_) '_|  _| WTF, n00b...
    |___/\_,_|_||_\__,_|_|_\__,_| |___/\___/__/\___|_|  \__|

The bright side (get it, "bright side," hah... I am teh genuz!!1) to this 
desert is that, unlike the Lamakan Desert, this little wasteless sprawl of 
dust doesn't have any hydration meter, or whatever you'd like to call it. That
means you can take your time going through this area. However, there is one 
aspect that this desert has that the other doesn't, and that's a few 
minibosses. More on that in a jiff.

Go right, head down and look at that sandstorm. Don't touch it. Go into your 
Djinn setup and put all the Venus Djinn on standby mode. Now, go into the 
sandstorm and you'll elevate a little bit. Quickly [Douse] it and the 
sandstorm will instantly dissipate, though you have to fight a wimpy Tornado 
Lizard. Simply summon Judgment and finish it off with physical attacks if it 
still lives. What I want you do to from here on in, every time you see a 
sandstorm like that, is what I just told you to do. Why? 'Cause it works, 

Once you've killed it, go south a bit more and get the chest for a Virtuous 
Armlet. Backtrack and follow the path to an open area. Both of the southern 
routes lead to the same Mimix, so run east and continue on to the next screen.

The right path has a Lucky Medal in a chest at its end, and the left one has a
Cookie. Follow the central path until you are between the huge twister beyond 
the eastern rockface and a ladder. 

***Use [Reveal] to see tracks of some kind and an upright log you can hop to 
cross the gap to the left. Continue on and you'll see a Mars Djinni. Beat it 
up and you'll receive Flash the Mars Djinni.***

BIGGEST SUBQUEST IN THE GAME ALERT: If you go through the door by Flash, 
you'll have to pass a small one-way road a couple screens to a giant, calico 
tornado. If you [Douse] it, you fight a strong Tempest Lizard. If you allow 
yourself to be swept away, you'll end up at Crossbone Isle, which, at the 
moment, you are not ready for. Don't backtalk me, son, daddy knows best.

Anywhat, if you go down the ladder before the gap crossing to Flash, you can 
get chased and caught in a large, silvery tornado and [Douse] it to fight a 
Storm Lizard. Although neither the Tempest Lizard or Storm Lizard are actual 
bosses, both of them have high somewhat high HP and do decent damage to your 
party. The Tempest Lizard has 3000 HP and the Storm Lizard has just under that
with 2900 HP. For killing the Storm Lizard you get 1300 EXP, 6100 coins and a 
Psy Crystal - the Tempest Lizard will cough up 1360 EXP, 6400 coins and a 
Potion when you spank him. Both Lizards basically use the same attacks: Wind 
Cutter - 75-125 damage to 3 party members, Sonic Slash - 80-115 to all, with a
normal physical attack that does damage somewhere in the vicinity of 80-130.

But, in the end, you have to leave the desolate desert, and to do that you 
must keep on course south past the Storm Lizard. There's a Psynergy Stone to 
[Reveal] in the middle of circular stones, and just down the path from that 
is the exit. When Iodem questions, say yes and leave.

---Head east, following the road to Suhalla Gate. Looks like those you pursue 
have passed the gate by force, eh?---

2e2. ___      _         _ _         ___       _       
    / __|_  _| |_  __ _| | |__ _   / __| __ _| |_ ___ 
    \__ \ || | ' \/ _` | | / _` | | (_ |/ _` |  _/ -_) Gate? Where? Hello?
    |___/\_,_|_||_\__,_|_|_\__,_|  \___|\__,_|\__\___|

The nearby door is merely a Sanctuary incognito, so use that if you must. 
Continue east and use the drop-down point on the next screen to nab a Mint. 
Climb up the double vines to the right and run in said direction once you get 
to the top.

***Descend from the third spot and you'll land beside Dew the Mercury Djinni. 
Apparently he is perplexed to the point of violence as to how a human could 
survive an 85 yard drop without a scratch, but after you beat him, he doesn't 
seem to care anymore.***

From there, drop down and head right. Climb down the first vine and run east 
through the entryway.

Follow the path to a Psynergy Stone a couple screens away. Continue on and 
you'll end up at the world map. Floating there will be Babi's Lemurian ship. 
Iodem gives you a Black Orb to use on it (which would supposedly allow you to 
control the boat), but upon examining and using without any results, ya'll 
give up and Iodem takes the item back.

Backtrack to Suhalla Gate, climb the vine(s) and head right to the next area. 
Talk to the soldier and he'll tell you Venus Lighthouse was attacked by 
strange wanderers. Hm, perhaps the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? What do you 
think? Milli Vanilli? The 1984 St. Louis Rams? Hm? What? Well, no matter - 
you'll eventually find out the answer to this mindbender if you follow the 
path down a few flights of stairs and on to the world map.

---Go east to Venus Lighthouse. Instead of entering, though, head east all the
way through and you'll be back on the world map. Follow the road north and 
enter Lalivero.---

2f2. _         _ _                 
    | |   __ _| (_)_ _____ _ _ ___ 
    | |__/ _` | | \ V / -_) '_/ _ \ Wherefore art thou local drunken bum?
    |____\__,_|_|_|\_/\___|_| \___/

At first glance, Lalivero is just another outhouse mass by the water. However,
it's a sliver more than that. There are a few good items to pick up here, ya 

After a scene with two soldiers and Iodem, examine the statue just ahead for a
Psy Crystal. Buy the best at the weapon/armor shop to the southeast.

***Go up the ladder in the Inn. On the roof, jump right and run north along 
the wall. Follow it and hop across to the next building. Climb up the vine and
talk to Torch the Mars Djinni to collect the last of its element.***

There's a Lucky Medal in a barrel in the first upstairs room of the Inn, as 
well as one in a barrel through the second doorway of the same building of the
weapon/armor shop.

Ascend the ladder in the southwestern building and jump onto the wall. Run 
along it, over the archway where you entered, till you get to a vine by a 
chest. Descend and grab the Warrior's Helm.

Seeing so Lalivero is no treasureless, you might as well jet.

---Head south, back to Venus Lighthouse.---

2g2. __   __                 _    _      _   _   _                     
     \ \ / /__ _ _ _  _ ___ | |  (_)__ _| |_| |_| |_  ___ _  _ ___ ___ 
      \ V / -_) ' \ || (_-< | |__| / _` | ' \  _| ' \/ _ \ || (_-</ -_)
       \_/\___|_||_\_,_/__/ |____|_\__, |_||_\__|_||_\___/\_,_/__/\___|
        The light...               |___/                  ... it burns!

Head north into the Lighthouse. Pass the scholar on the bridge and [Reveal] a 
passageway. Go down the stairs that have appeared and grab the Carry Stone 
(bestows [Carry] when equipped - do it), then head back up the stairs. Go 
through the doorway on the northern side of the room. Go right and down the 
stairs. From the southern stone, hop left (3), down, right, down, right, down 
(3) and head up the staircase. Nab the Lucky Cap in the chest and backtrack 
across the stones and up the stairway.

Head left and go through the doorway. Follow the path (skip the stairs) to the
next room. Push the block over, and after Garet disturbs the momentum of the 
game, [Carry] the block and drop it to the right. With that, you're clear to 
head up the stairs.

The four lines of electricity you can't pass through, though you'll take no 
damage if you touch them. [Reveal] another staircase to the right and go up 
them. Continue on, past the small statue of Venus Lighthouse and to the large 
one previously seen at the Mercury Lighthouse. Talk to it and lights will 
appear on the floor. Talk to the statue again to switch the position of the 
lights. Now, leave Venus Lighthouse.

---Go back to Lalivero and leave through the northern exit. Take a few steps 
to enter Babi Lighthouse.---

2h2. ___       _    _   _    _      _   _   _  Estimated Running Time:
    | _ ) __ _| |__(_) | |  (_)__ _| |_| |_| |_  ___ _  _ ___ ___     42
    | _ \/ _` | '_ \ | | |__| / _` | ' \  _| ' \/ _ \ || (_-</ -_)  minutes
    |___/\__,_|_.__/_| |____|_\__, |_||_\__|_||_\___/\_,_/__/\___|

Climb the nearby ladder, then go down the next. Shove the block left two times
and up into the gap. Go climb the other ladder and hop to some Lucky Pepper. 
Head north to the next screen.

Go down the ladder to the left. Cross to the pillar and [Move] it toward you. 
Backtrack up the ladder, go right and push that pillar aside. Climb down that 
and [Move] the pillar ahead of you to the left and cross the gaps. Climb the 
ladder and use [Growth] on the plant. Ascend the vine, drop-down and head 
through the door.

***Drop-down again and fight Luff the Jupiter Djinni, also the final one of 
its kind.*** 

Drop-down once more and go up the stairs to the left two times and plummet 
down the first spot you can. You'll land in a room with four people, including
Feran, Sheba's guardian of sorts. He'll diss you a time or two, claiming you 
are mere children and the same old, same old. Bleh... stereotypes make the 
world go 'round. ~_~

Iodem will persuade the other to allow you to demonstrate your powers, so 
let's not let him down. Go up to the door and [Reveal] a switch to the left. 
Press it and the door will open. When the others try to go through, the door 
will close 'cause people without Psynergy cannot pass. U R T3H WINNAR. Re-open
the door and head down the stairs on the other side.

-TUNNEL RUINS- <-- Written by randomwyvern until further notified.

A room reminiscent of the last one in Venus Lighthouse is here. Now, the light
map on the floor in this room will tell you which route is set up. If there 
are no lights, then you didn't follow the walkthrough and therefore you didn't
talk to the statue in Venus Lighthouse. Why didn't you follow the walkthrough?

Southern Route:
O       |
O       |-------X
O       |
        X       Lighthouse
O       |-------X

Western Route:
|       O
X               O
|       O
|       X       Lighthouse
X       |-------X

The O are unlit holes and X are lit ones. There's nothing to do here, so move 
on to the next room. ^_^

In this room, [Move] the right pillar east twice, and down once. [Move] the 
western pillar right and down, one time apiece. Now, hop across and run into 
the next room.

Now, this is where the path branches based on the route you chose. You will 
only be able to go one way here; only one route is available at a time. To 
change routes you'll have to go back to Venus Lighthouse and talk to the 
statue. You do not need to complete both routes, unless you want to get both 
items (Asura's Armor and Oracle's Robe).

The guide for the Western Route is after the Southern Route guide.

__Southern Route__

Push the statue on to the water drop icon. Hop across and do it again but 
[Douse] the pillar so it has water in it. Go to the next room and jump over 
the gaps to the eastern room. [Reveal] the statue to be Asura's Armor. Return 
to the previous room. Now head south.

To get through this room, go down both stairs to the bottom. Cast [Douse] on 
the hollow pillar. [Move] the pillar down twice, right twice, and then up 
twice. Go up the short flight of stairs and stand in front of the water-filled
pillar. Cast [Frost]. Go up the longer flight of stairs. Jump on the [Frost]ed
column and then jump right. Go to the next room.

This room is where the Southern and Western Routes join. Jump over to the 
middle platform. You won't be able to reach any of the western platforms; 
those are only for the Western Route, so don't worry about it. Move south into
the next room.

~~*~~An e-mail from one Nephetsman clarified my doubts about not having to
change the lights in Venus Lighthouse to go to the Western Route. Indeed, you
do have to do just that. He writes, "When you talk to the statue in the Venus 
lighthouse, and change the lit paths, you can go to the south, get the armor, 
then you have to go talk to the statue again, and change the path again." That
means that after you get Asura's Armor, go back to Venus Lighthouse, talk to
the statue and change the position of the lights. That is the only way you can
progress and run the Western Route.~~*~~

__End Southern Route__

__Western Route__

[Move] the western pillar down once and west thrice. As for the other one, 
[Move] that one down and left as far as possible. Jump across those and 
continue on into another screen.

Push the tiny left pillar all the way in that direction. [Move] the eastern 
pillar left three times. Jump over the bushes and [Whirlwind] the spot twice 
to unveil another small pillar. [Move] it down once and left just as many 
times, then shove it to the bottom level. Go back down and push the eastern 
pillar to where it originally was. [Move] the third pillar around its track 
until you place it in its little space. Hop across to the bush - blocked 
doorway, use [Whirlwind] and go through.

Follow the path and you'll reach a room with three blocks. [Carry] two blocks 
on to the scale on the right. Walk on to the left scale and jump left. Go on 
to the next room.

This room is where the Southern and Western Routes join. Jump onto the west 
platform, and go south into the room. Use [Reveal] on the statue to find a 
chest containing the Oracle Robe. Go north to the room you just came from.

Jump over to the middle platform. You won't be able to reach the eastern-most 
platform; that is for the Southern Route only, so don't worry about it. Move 
south into the next room.

__End Western Route__

This room has 5 colored statues. If you [Mind Read] each, they hint you as to 
where they go on to the 5 area on the floor. The correct placement is:

*+*End randomwyvern's input in the guide - many thanks to that man!*+*


Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Violet.

The door will open to the east, so go through it and up the stairs. 

2i2. _   _                     __   __               
    | | | |_ __ _ __  ___ _ _  \ \ / /__ _ _ _  _ ___
    | |_| | '_ \ '_ \/ -_) '_|  \ V / -_) ' \ || (_-<
     \___/| .__/ .__/\___|_|     \_/\___|_||_\_,_/__/
          |_|  |_|                                   
        _    _      _   _   _    What in the blue hell?                 
       | |  (_)__ _| |_| |_| |_  ___ _  _ ___ ___ 
       | |__| / _` | ' \  _| ' \/ _ \ || (_-</ -_)
       |____|_\__, |_||_\__|_||_\___/\_,_/__/\___|

Note: Fight the Fenrir's until you get the powerful Kikuichimonji, which has 
an attack of +124 and unleashes Asura. It's Ivan's best weapon.

T3h stairs to the left lead straight to t3h side you saw from behind electric 
beams in Venus Lighthouse. That might be the way to go if you don't feel like 

Go through the northern door (take the Psynergy Stone onlify if you really 
need it). Head through the western doorway, push and [Carry] the block into 
the gap, hop across and pass through another doorway. Screw the stairs, screw 
the stairs right in the eye, and run across the sandfall to the north, holding
your course right till you get on land. Go south to get the Thunder Crown 
(beware: it's cursed, so I really wouldn't even bother with it if I was you) 
and north to proceed.

Walk through the far eastern sandfall. Follow the path south and enter an area
where you have to push a lined-block (I'll call them "circuits," 'aight?) into
a gap. Do so, and a spark of energy will channel through and open the door. 
Step on the switch in the next room and the sandfalls below will switch. Run 
around to the other side of the room and go downstairs.

Head down and then right to a ladder (where you first entered). Descend that, 
climb the next, cross the sandfall and walk through the doorway. Run down and 
[Move] the western pillar south. Go through the doorway, push the pillar west 
three times, backtrack and hop across to ascend a staircase.

Follow the path, down a ladder, up another and up some stairs. Here, you'll 
find a puzzle, solved as follows:

Top piece - southwest gap.
Western piece - northeast gap.
Eastern piece - southeast gap.

Go through the newly opened door. Follow the path over a gap, a sandfall and 
another gap.

First, run south and walk through the first sandfall for the Dragon Scales. 
The second sandfall leads up some stairs to three lined-up blocks. Drop two on
the western scale and cross the gap, going through the nearby exit into 
another room. Step on the switch and another sandfall will switch below. Jump 
the gap north of you and chug down the stairs. Run the length of the sandfall 
to your right, hugging the left wall to stop on the land. Go up the stairs and
follow the path to a room with sand flowing in different directions.

Be sure to grab the chest in the southeast corner because Isaac's best weapon 
- The Gaia Blade - lies within. Once you get it, leave through the northeast 
doorway. Go through the door and just to your east to find a puzzle solved as 

(Pieces identified as 1-4, left-right)

1 - Far southeastern gap.
2 - Far northwestern gap (closeby).
3 - Second gap below the one positioned by #4.
4 - Gap below #2.

Head through the now-open door, press the switch to move a sandfall on a lower
level, cross the gap and run up, across another gap to a hovering platform and
a downward staircase. You have to go down the stairs to progress, so do that.

Follow the floor till your screen opens up to three sandfalls. Simply run 
through the northeastern path and up some stairs to a Psynergy Stone and a 
drop-down point that leads you to the hovering platform, which in turn brings 
you to the roof of Venus Lighthouse to fight in the last boss battle of the 
game. Heal up, use the Psynergy Stone, and descend.

At the top, Saturos and Menardi will be attempting to light the beacon of the 
Lighthouse. Felix will try to take Sheba to the ship where Jenna, Kraden and 
Alex wait, but Saturos and Menardi won't allow that. A trust issue comes into 
play and it appears as though Felix is going to fight the pair when you regain

Put all Djinn on Set right now, but have the following on Standby mode: 
(Venus: Flint, Quartz, Ground), (Mars: Forge, Fever, Ember), (Jupiter: Gust, 
Breeze, Kite), (Mercury: Fizz, Sleet, Spritz). If you haven't done the 
sidequests, you really should do them. The final battle is based on the 
character strength that you have done the sidequests. The benefits are very...
beneficial... o.o 

Go over to the group and the Rod of Hesperia - a rod required to reach Jupiter
Lighthouse - will be the hot topic. In a few minutes, the Shaman's Rod is 
revealed as the Rod of Hesperia, and you must hand it over so as to not let 
any harm befall Sheba. However, when give over the Rod, Menardi and Saturos 
won't allow to go with your party, because they merely said no harm would come
to her and not that they'd let her go. They tricksed us, they dids... Lies, 
tricksies, we should make them pay, yeees...

And then you get the opportunity to do just that.

|-----Djinn Setup------|
| -Isaac: All 7 Venus  |
| -Garet: All 7 Mars   |
| -Ivan: All 7 Jupiter |
| -Mia: All 7 Mercury  |
Saturos - HP: 3000
Menardi - HP: 2800
-In the first round, use Granite, Corona, Zephyr and Hail. In the second 
round, heal (for the rest of the fight, use Mia's Wish Well every turn, once 
it becomes available) and summon Judgment, Meteor, Thor and Boreas (as soon as
possible). Be sure to use Wish Well every turn! I cannot stress the importance
of that enough! Focus your attack on Menardi first, because she's a damn 

After the initial summons, start using Djinn one by one but DO NOT summon 
again. Never have Mia or Ivan use another Djinn, though - your party needs her
for healing and him for reinforcing offense and defense. Have Ivan cast Resist
and Shine Plasma, as well as heal if Mia's Wish Well ain't quite enough. Do 
not use Granite or Corona for the rest of the battle. Your regular physical 
attack shouldn't be too shabby, either. Quicker than you think, this battle 
will be over...

EXP: 6000 / Coins: 7800 / Items: None

*Saturos - Potent Cure (restore 300+ HP, grrr). Break (lowers attack). Protect
(boost defense to both). Pyroclasm (100-180 Fire damage to all). Inferno 
(85-115 Fire damage to all).

*Menardi - Impact (boosts attack). Fiery Blast (100+ Fire damage to all). 
Death Size (120-150 [elemental?]/physical damage to party member). Resist 
(boosts resistances). Flare Storm (40-85 Fire damage to three).

There's that music I like from the beginning of the game! ^_^ Anyway, when you
try to take Sheba, Felix won't let you. Saturos and Menardi will get to their 
feet. And then Saturos chucks an Elemental Star into the beacon - though it's 
the Venus Lighthouse, "fire and earth share a symbiotic relationship," as 
Menardi puts it (Saturos and Menardi are Mars Adepts, remember). Felix will be
ordered to take Sheba to the ship and so he does - just as S&M become one.

|-----Djinn Setup------|
| -Isaac: All 7 Venus  |
| -Garet: All 7 Mars   |
| -Ivan: All 7 Jupiter |
| -Mia: All 7 Mercury  |
Fusion Dragon - HP: 5000
-If you've done as I said in the previous round, you can summon Judgment and 
Meteor in the first round. As before, have Mia use Wish Well every friggin' 
turn and Ivan cast Resist and Shine Plasma, healing as necessary. In the 
second round, you should use Granite, use Corona, and become aware of the fact
that the Fusion Dragon can attack twice per round.

Make use of Flash as soon as it's available, as well as Sap, Scorch, Vine, 
Torch and Bane. Have Garet use Protect periodically but not every round. Once 
they're used, summon Judgment and Meteor again (yes, I know that they're S&M's
elements, but you need Mia and Ivan for keeping your maximus rumpus alive, so 
deal with it). Now just repeat the process and, with any smidgeon of luck, 
you'll finish off Saturos and Menardi once and for all.

EXP: None / Coins: None / Items: None

-Outer Space: 50-200 to all, more damage towards Isaac.
-Dragon Driver: 50-130 to all, more damage towards Ivan.
-Deadly Gas: Small damage, but poisons - rid the ailment with
 either Isaac or Garet, because Mia and Ivan cannot, must not
 differ from their regular round routine.
-Break: Lowers strength.
-Evil Blessing: 40-80 to three party members, causes Curse.
-Severe Blow: Drops HP to 1 on one party member. Ugh.
-Drain Fang: 70-85 to one party member; FD absorbs that much HP.
-Regular Physical Attack: 100-120 to one party member.

Saturos and Menardi will plummet to their demise (cake, anyone?) down the same
hole where the former threw the Venus Elemental Star earlier. Felix will come 
to a realization that he's no match for you and then a beam will split Venus 
Lighthouse in half from top to bottom. Egads!

The orb of the beacon's light will rise and release an awesome, immense amount
of energy that knocks the party off their feet - and Sheba over the edge of 
the Lighthouse, though she grasps that very edge. Felix will be trying to 
reach her arm, but they can't reach each other. The foundations shake, Sheba 
falls, and Felix dives off the Lighthouse after her! (WTF moment). The camera 
pans back to the party, who do that weird jump-up-'cause-it's-all-good-in-the-
hood thing. They talk of how Felix is an idiot, yet incredibly... cool.

Venus Lighthouse will piece back together and Isaac and company will walk off.

2j2.   _    __ _                      _   _    
      /_\  / _| |_ ___ _ _ _ __  __ _| |_| |_  "We will meet again...
     / _ \|  _|  _/ -_) '_| '  \/ _` |  _| ' \  many more times.
    /_/ \_\_|  \__\___|_| |_|_|_\__,_|\__|_||_| In the sequel."

"But despite a long and tiring journey, Jenna was nowhere to be found." 
Oooo... kaaaay? 

You'll see Feran talk to your party about Sheba and how the sea literally rose
up to meet her as she fell from the roof of the Lighthouse. Henceforth Feran 
believes Sheba is alive. From what is said, one would think Sheba is an 
unnaturally, innately powerful Adept whose abilities have yet to develop. 
You'll regain control for some reason, so leave the house and try to leave 
Lalivero (which is where you are).

Iodem wishes to speak with you about Lemuria, and he'll give you the Black Orb
which you used earlier on a failed attempt to activate a Lemurian ship that 
could have possibly been Saturos', but no one will ever know. Babi's ship, 
however, is docked at the edge of town. Save your game and then talk to the 
soldier guarding the building to the left of the Inn. Go through the door and 
run left. Board the Lemurian Ship.


Walk up to the bridge and go into your inventory. Use the Black Orb and the 
Lemurian ship will come to life, rising in an eerie, mystical and neat way. 
The party will briefly talk about how their journey doesn't end when or even 
if they find Jenna, Kraden, Felix (and let's not forget the ever-cool Alex), 
for the exploration of Lemuria is also an integral priority.

With a few final words, Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia - Adepts living their 
somewhat normal lives just thirty or so gameplay hours ago - set out on to the
fabled ocean.

Roll credits, save your adventure, and watch the events that unfold, setting 
up the sequel.

3. ___ ___ ___  ___    ___  _   _ ___ ___ _____ ___ 
  / __|_ _|   \| __|  / _ \| | | | __/ __|_   _/ __|
  \__ \| || |) | _|  | (_) | |_| | _|\__ \ | | \__ \ Can't forget the sauce...
  |___/___|___/|___|  \__\_\\___/|___|___/ |_| |___/

Golden Sun doesn't have a lot of side quests to complete, but the ones there 
are be ones you actually benefit from doing, unlike some RPGs where all you 
get out of the ordeal is a Hi-Potion and 100 Gil, if you know what I'm sayin'.
Then again, those games have many, more interesting side quests to complete, 
whereas Golden Sun is a game that feels like one, huge side quest to begin 

But whatever...

3a. ___            
   / __| __ _ _ __ 
   \__ \/ _` | '_ \ Never leave a Djinni behind, soldier... Pancakes?
   |___/\__,_| .__/

---This sidequest is first available to you as you reach Kalay. Go north of 
the city and simply take a shortcut to Vault by heading north across a bridge,
then north a bit more across another (remember to hold the L shoulder button 
to enlarge the view of the world map so you can see where you are going). 
You'll come out by Vault, so enter.---

So, why have I brought you here, exactly? Well, there's a Djinni to pick up 
that you were unable to get earlier in the game.

From the entrance, go up the stairs on the northwest side of town. Loop all 
the way south, then east, pass the dog, over the head of a woman and across a 
bridge. Continue on and you'll reach a small tower with a ladder. Climb the 
ladder and you'll see a Djinn's head all hidden-like behind a tree on the 
outskirts of the town - trying to reach the Djinni by walking up to it on the 
lower level of Vault is a no-no, because you'll be forced to exit the town 
before you can get to the Djinni. Ring the bell atop the tower and the Venus 
Djinn will jump to where you want it to be. Now, go back to the dog and the 
circle of stones. Earlier in the game, I told you to get a bone from the Inn 
and give it to the dog so he'd move out of the way - if you have yet to do 
that, do it now. Stand before the dog and [Mind Read] him to learn that 
there's a hidden underground passage nearby. [Reveal] it and proceed.


The chest on the right is really a Mimic (which pose such a small threat to 
you now that it's not a bad idea to fight them for the hefty 321 EXP they give
you). Head left and go through the entryway to the north. In the next room, 
just go east and enter. Here, push the left statue with a flame on top of it 
on to the switch to make the gate drop. Go through and continue on. 
[Whirlwind] the bushes you come upon and grab the Vambrace in the chest. Go 
back and take a look at the puddles. Here's a cruddy depiction of what to do:

1   2
34  5

'Aight, L is the ladder (_ is land), J is the spot where you should jump from,
and 6 is the only puddle you don't need to [Frost]. Hop across the ice logs 
and pass into the next room.

Nevermind both sets of stairs for now and go down the ladder. Follow the path 
to the next area, where you have to go up the nearby stairs and push the 
button that will flood the room of its water. Head south and follow the path 
to a room with two lit statues (I'm just going to call them "torches" from now
on) and one that ain't. There are drops of water falling from above, and you 
need to move the unlit torch to the side so you can get the southern lit torch
to the switch. If two drops of water hit the torch, the flame goes out and you
need to leave and re-enter the room to start over. Firstly, move the unlit 
torch all the way to the left so it's out of the way. When a drop of water 
lands to the right of the lit statue, push it up, then immediately right. 
Shove it around so the lit statue is diagonal and to the upper left of the 
eastern invisible one, like so:
|      | 
|      | <-- Lit Statue
        o     o
        o     o  <-- Invisible Statue

Once the top left drop of water hits the ground, halfway between the point 
where it hits and begins to splatter, quickly push the lit statue to the left 
and up to the switch to drop the gate. Go through the entryway and head left. 
Go up the stairs. Head through the next couple rooms, descend a ladder and 
enter the doorway. Jump across the gap and follow the path. 

***You'll come out to where Sap the Venus Djinni is waiting for you.***

Re-enter Vault Cave and then [Retreat], which will put you all the way to the 
other side where you first came in to the cave. Climb the ladder and you'll be
back out in Vault. 

This side quest is officially complete.

3b. _  ___ _       
   | |/ (_) |_ ___ 
   | ' <| |  _/ -_) Mama Said, Ma-Ma-Mama Said, M-M-ama, Mama Said...

---Go to the left of Kraden's house in Vale, where the game began. See the 
rock atop the fence to the left of his home? [Lift] it and proceed into Vale 


Hop onto the stone and [Reveal] another. Follow the path until you come upon 
some more stones. Jump up, face the eastern box and [Move] it into the water. 
Do the same to the western box. Skip to the stone by the fallen log and roll 
to the next area. Head left and continue to a new room.

Push both the logs into the water and drop down. Give the third log a shove 
(don't take the southern exit because you'll have to backtrack the whole way 
and do everything again) and cross, continuing to the next room.

***Climb the ladder, grab the chest containing the Halt Gem and equip it. The 
Jupiter Djinni ahead of you will drop down and circle the rocks continuously. 
You won't be able to catch it under normal circumstances, so use [Halt]. Kite 
the Jupiter Djinni will become immobile, so just go over, talk to it and it'll
join you.***

The exit/entrance of Vale Cave is to the south a couple screens.

There, now was that so difficult?

3c. ___     _               _   _          
   | __|_ _| |_ _ _ __ _ __| |_(_)___ _ _  Go leeeft, go leeeft, go leeeft,
   | _|\ \ /  _| '_/ _` / _|  _| / _ \ ' \            riiight,
   |___/_\_\\__|_| \__,_\__|\__|_\___/_||_|           leeeft...

---Take the road east that begins just south of the Tolbi Docks and enter the 


Go left from the entrance and through a doorway. [Lift] the boulder and 
continue on to the next area. Follow the path and hug the northern route. Grab
the chest containing an Apple and backtrack to the stones. Cross them, nab the
Lucky Medal and continue to another room. Head up the stairs, stand really 
close to the stump and [Move] it over the western ledge. Pass that, [Move] the
new log into the eastern gap, hop over and leave the cave.

---North of you is Kalay. Keep heading north, over a bridge or two and you'll 
see Vault. Continue north and enter the town of Lunpa. [Catch] the Nut in the 
tree to the left, leave and enter the nearby cave.---


Follow the path to the right. [Frost] the puddle and continue on to Lunpa.


There's a ring of rocks down the stairs and to the south. [Reveal] a Psynergy 
Stone in the middle. There's a Vial in a barrel in the room above the weapons 
shop and a Nut in another barrel below the item shop. In the building just 
beside the Nut, there's a barrel with a Lucky Medal.

If you talk to the lady here, she'll tell you that the Inn's chef is the only 
one in town who can enter the fortress.

Before going to the Inn, go to the northern gate and [Reveal] the rock to be a
puddle. [Frost] and cross, following the path to what appears to be a dead 
end. [Reveal], examine the shining object against the cliff and a passage will
open beside it. Go through and grab all six chests, collectively containing a 
Water of Life, 44 coins, Smoke Bomb, Lucky Medal, Elixir and Antidote. 
Backtrack and use the drop-down spot by the item shop.

The chef standing by the fire place at the northwest corner of the Inn will 
tell you he was blindfolded and led along a damp path. He walked for a while 
and could hear his own footsteps, which he believes means he was underground. 
[Mind Read] him to learn he feels bad for some poor man in a dungeon...

Hm... well, it's this simple: go through the northern gate. Don't cross pass 
point where the two soldiers will react. Hug the western wall, staying in the 
shadows. [Cloak] yourself, run pass the soldiers, keeping concealed, and 
enter the fortress.


Go through the archway and [Cloak] yourself in the eastern shadows. Run behind
the guard (if you're caught, you're merely thrown out of the building) and 
into the next room. Immediately [Cloak] yourself and enter the northern room. 
Search the northeast barrel for a Vial, leave the room, [Cloak] and enter the 
southwestern door.

When the guard comes up, [Cloak] and when the guard goes left, book it by his 
area of light and through the southern door. [Cloak] and go up the stairs to 
the south. [Cloak] yourself and run up when the guard patrols west. Duck into 
the eastern dent in the wall, wait for the next guard and chug through the 
northern door, then through the one on the eastern side of the next room.

After fighting the easy Brigands, walk to the next area. Loop around and beat 
a lone Brigand. Go through the door he was defending and talk to the woman. 
Tell her you are the one Dodonpa, who lies sleeping on the nearby bed, said 
would come to punish Donpa. Leave and go through the southern door.

[Cloak] and stand by the left path. When the guard goes right, run through the
southern door. Behind the cell bars in the next room, stand close to'em and 
[Catch] the Cell Key (which is automatically used once you try to go through 
the cell doors). Fight off the Brigand and go down a couple flights of stairs.
[Whirlwind] the bush to the left, [Reveal] a button, push it and go through 
the door.

Note: You start encountering random enemies from here on in.

Go east, [Whirlwind] the bush and go through the doorway. Grab the Power Bread
in a chest in the central cell, then go south through a passageway. Follow the
path and head north. Push the crate south fifteen times and it'll drop. Hop 
left, through a cell and [Whirlwind] the bush. [Reveal] a button, press and go
through the door. Be sure to heal up and save the game, as well as put four of
each character's Djinn on Standby.

Walk through the cell to find (dun dun dun!) Master Hammet. After about twenty
seconds of talk, Dodonpa will enter, pull a level and shabooya - we've got a 
boss to fight. Don't worry... he's insanely easy.

|---------Djinn Setup---------|
| -Isaac: Any four+           |
| -Garet: Any four+           |
| -Ivan: Any four+            |
| -Mia: Guess what? Any four+ |
Toadonpa - HP: 2800
-Those 16 Djinni on standby? Use'em. You win.

EXP: 999 / Coins: 3200 / Items: Psy Crystal

After that crapfest, Dodonpa will have tried to get behind you, and therefore 
will end up under his fallen monster. Good stuff. Push it off of him and after
a few moments, Donpa will walk in and initiate some events. He'll scold his 
son and request you leave the same way you entered. You'll automatically leave
the fortress with Hammet in tow. Re-enter West Lunpa Cave.


On your way out the other side of the cave, Hammet's friend, Bunza (what a 
name!), will come out and talk to you. After some rather pointless chatter, 
decide to - NOT go with Hammet and his friend in the wagon! I IMPLORE YOU!

***Backtrack to where Donpa was lying down on a bed. Yes, back there. Talk to 
him and he'll let you pass into the room behind the woman. She'll move. Go 
through and Tonic the Mercury Djinni will join you. On a side note, this was 
the final Djinn I collected to complete the list of 28. Go I.***

Leave Lunpa and go back to Kalay.


Go to Hammet's Palace and straight to his room. You'll have to leave due to 
Layana's stepmotherly persistence, but before you go, Hammet will say, "Take 
[the/your?] Shaman's Rod and go to Hesperia," quoting the Jupiter Adept who 
gave him the item. [Mind Read] the two to learn Layana's not being a meanie 
toad by choice, then resume your quest to save the world.

This ends the Extraction subquest.

3d. ___               _                    ___    _     
   / __|_ _ ___ _____| |__  ___ _ _  ___  |_ _|__| |___ 
  | (__| '_/ _ (_-<_-< '_ \/ _ \ ' \/ -_)  | |(_-< / -_)       E=mc²
   \___|_| \___/__/__/_.__/\___/_||_\___| |___/__/_\___|
---To get here, DO NOT kill the Tempest Lizard in the Suhalla Desert and allow
yourself to be carried by the representative tornado. Once you land on the 
island, head south and enter the vacant area between the mountains.---

Note: At the door of each new level, you'll fight some somewhat tough enemies.
They shouldn't be able to kill you unless you're incredibly lame, though. =p

Use [Growth] on three consecutive plants and climb them. Head east and [Catch]
a Nut in a tree. Drop down the far east drop-down spot and grab the Mint in a 
chest. Push the log away and climb back up the vines. If you want an 
unnaturally measly 1 coin, drop down the center. You could probably spare 
yourself that, so plummet to the ground via the western point, [Whirlwind] the
bush against the cliff and enter.

Follow the path, go down the stairs and through the door in the next room. 
There's an Antidote around to the right if you want it. If you [Move] the log 
left, you can get a Nut, but can't get back, so [Move] the log right and grab 
the 111 coins. [Move] the log above the coin chest to the left (you can get a 
Hard Nut the other way but, once again, can't return to progress), and hop to 
the next log. [Move] that one right, jump across and stand by the new log. 
[Move] it right and skip through the platforms in said direction (easy to 
follow) and you'll end up back by the last log. [Move] it right some more and 
follow the path to the next room. [Move]. [Move]. [MOVE!].

The chest at the top of the stairs is a Mimic. Go down those stairs and 
through the door. Grab the three chests from ahead of you to the right 
(Elixir, 222 coins, Mystery Blade) and at the latter, shove the pipe left. Go 
down and push a pipe to the north, then just a drunken stumble to the left. 
Grab the chest and continue on, down some stairs and to another door.

[Catch] the nearby Blue Key. Hop up the western row of platforms and you'll 
automatically use the Blue Key on the first door. Grab the 333 coins in the 
chest and then jump on to the far right stone. [Reveal] the Red Key in the 
center of a circular ring of stones and [Catch] it. Back to the far left, hop 
down three times, once right, up once, then right twice. [Catch] another Blue 
Key and go open the second blue door for a Fairy Ring. Stop laughing you 
hyena, that's what it's called... Anyways, skip back to the entrance, jump 
right thrice, up twice and [Catch] another damn Blue Key. Use it on the third 
door to get a Cookie. The fourth chest is a Smoke Bomb, and you don't need it.
Trust me. Ain't gonna have you wasting your time like I did. :| Continuing on,
go through the red door to the far left. Follow the path, down some more 
stairs and through another guarded door.

Walk up to the closest statue. If you try to pass it, it'll block you. That's 
Spud Webb-tight D right thurr! Run it to either side and [Halt] it. Go up and 
grab the Sleep Bomb. Do the same thing to the right statue, but when you pass 
it, you can't pass the next because it's too far away to effect with [Halt] 
(author's note: while I was typing the previous sentence, I originally had 
"effect with the Halt Materia," - don't ask; -_-). However, your body, like 
Lord Babi's was in Atmiller Cave, is covered in shadow. Therefore, [Cloak] 
yourself and the statue won't see you as you go by and nab the 444 coins. 
Backtrack to the entrance afterwards and go left. [Cloak] yourself again and 
sneak by the statue. Follow the path, grab the Psy Crystal and exit. Go down 
the stairs and through yet another door.

Head right, all the way around to a chest with 555 coins in it. Go down the 
stairs and push the top left log in that direction. Push the log just below it
to the north, then shove the first log back. Go press the switch you skipped 
and the water level will rise. Run back to the stairs and hop across the logs,
west then north to a chest containing a Lucky Medal. Backtrack, re-flip the 
switch to drain the water. Go back and push south the horizontal log to the 
right of the first one you pushed before. Push the latter to the right, then 
the other back up. Give the next-to-most southern log on an eastern shove and 
roll the topmost log south. Push the new top log left, the horizontal log back
to its original position, and the lowest vertical log all the way left. Shove 
the top horizontal log down and the southwestern vertical log to the east. 
Once again push the horizontal log back where it came from and then cap this 
part of the puzzle off by pushing the western vertical log to the east. Flip 
the switch and cross the logs to a chest with Ninja Garb in it, which just so 
happens to fit Ivan perfectly.

Flip the switch to drain the water again. At the logs, push both verticals to 
the west. Shove the bottom horizontal log north, and the top vertical log back
east. Push the top log south and go press the switch a final time. Cross the 
logs and grab the Potion in the nearby chest. Head south, down some stairs and
to a new yet same old door. o_o

Go northwest to a stump with a chest perched atop it. Push the log up twice 
(you'll get it later). The two logs near the entrance need to be [Move]d to 
hop across and head north to an at-this-point-in-the-game-practically-useless 

***Follow the path, down and up a ladder. Head west and in direct line with 
you is a Venus Djinni. On approach, it'll drop down a level. Go south, push 
the stump over the drop-down point and follow it. Hop left and go [Frost] the 
puddle. Jump across the log/[Frost]ed puddle bridge and head north to a chest 
containing a disturbing 666 coins. Continue on - the Djinni will charge 
eastward and you'll hear a noise. Shove the nearby stump right and over the 
ledge. Go [Move] it twice to the east, then ascend the two ladders. Descend 
the big one and you'll hop on to the log. Go right and nab the cursed, albeit 
powerful Garet's best weapon strength-wise, the Demon Axe. Head back up and 
follow the Djinni. You'll chase it to a small area with three stones between 
you and it. [Halt] is good, here. Talk to it and Bane the Venus Djinni will 
join you. It was my final of the type.***

And now just re-step back to the western side of the room, leave through the 
southern door and - well, you know.

In the next area, head north, cross the gap and enter the upper area. Push the
block left twice, [Carry] on to the next level of land, cross the gap, climb 
and descend the ladders, [Move] the block one space left and [Carry] it north.
Hop across to grab the chest. Go south and jump a gap. Push the block two 
spaces down and five spaces left. [Carry] it north and then hop over. Follow 
the path to a chest with 777 coins in it. Jump over just south of the chest 
and leave the level. Damn this routine, it's really, really starting to 
make... me... angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry. -.-

*+*Luke Kim e-mailed me with this little bit of information*+*

In Level 7 of Crossbone Isle, you forgot to put how to get the Wicked Mace in 
your guide. It has to do with that block you have to carry at the NW point. I
carried it up like you told me to, and [Move]d and pushed it left until it 
fell off. [Move] and push it into a fishy looking gap. Go up the tall ladder, 
down the short one, and hop over. Follow the slightly raised ledge over to a 
chest containing the WICKED MACE (Unleashes POISON DEATH)

*+*And thank you, Luke Kim!*+*

Here, go up and [Frost] the two puddles, left to right. The statue of the 
dragon will breathe fire and melt the first [Frost]ed puddle, but it's all 
good. Hop across it, [Frost] it again, climb the ladder and hop some more 
(unless you want that space-clogging Smoke bomb to the east). Grab the 888 
coins in the foremost chest, and then use the nearby drop-down point (not the 
ladder). Go around the logs and push the rock right two times. 

To get the Cleric's Ring, use this paragraph. Once you get that ring,
backtrack to the end of the last paragraph and continue from the next. Okay?
Alright, go up the ladder to the northwest and backtrack the gap to the
dragon. [Frost] the puddle under the pale platform. When you do this, the
dragon will burn down the pillar blocking your path to the ladder. Hop across
it and re[Frost] it when you're on the other side. Use the ladder, cross the
gap, and then use the drop-down point. Give the horizontal log a downwards
shove and then climb the ladder to grab the chest containing a Cleric's Ring,
which allows you to use cursed items without the negative effects. However,
you will still be deemed Cursed; that'll have to be removed at a Sanctuary.

[Frost] the puddle to the left (after hopping across it) and grab the Potion 
in the chest. Drop-down and leave to the south. This time, going down the 
stairs, how about you purposely trip yourself so as to add entertainment 
value? Sounds like a plan...

Take the first log up, the next to the right. Go on to land and ride the 
bottom horizontal to the north. Head back east to land and roll the bottom 
vertical log to the chest in the center with 999 coins. Ride that back and 
go north. Ride south, loop back to the northeast corner and ride the one log 
you have yet to have gained access to - roll it west and on to land. Grab the 
chest containing a Water of Life. 

*+*randomwyvern takes over until I notify you... again*+*

Okay, now it's time for the log rolling puzzle from Hell. Or the programmers 
at Camelot. At times like these it's hard to tell the difference. ~.^

There are six logs in this puzzle: 3 horizontal and 3 vertical.

Go to the middle vertical log. Roll it west.
Go to the middle horizontal log. Roll it north.
Go to the bottom vertical log. Roll it west.

Move over the logs to the middle vertical log. Roll it back east.
Roll the top vertical log west.

Run around to the left horizontal log. Roll it north.
Step over to the middle horizontal log and roll it north.

Step onto land. Run back around to the middle vertical log. Roll it west.
Walk down to the bottom vertical log. Roll it east.

Go to the right horizontal log. Roll it north.
Jump over to the bottom vertical log. Roll it west.

Walk over the logs to the top vertical log. Roll it east.
Go around to the middle horizontal log. Roll it north.

Run around to the top vertical log. Roll it west.
Step down to the middle vertical log. Roll it east.

Step on to land. Jump on to the bottom vertical log. 
Step on to the right horizontal log and ride it north.

Jump over to the middle vertical log. Roll it west.
Walk over the logs to the middle horizontal log. Ride it south.

Run around to the bottom vertical log. Jump on to it.
Walk over the logs to the top vertical log. Ride it west.

Run around to the middle vertical log. Jump on.
Step on to the right horizontal log. Ride it north.

Run around to the middle horizontal log. Roll it north.
Step to the top vertical log. Ride it east.

Step on to land. Jump on to the middle vertical log and ride it west.
Walk over the logs to land.

Go to the right horizontal log and ride it south.
Jump over to the top vertical log. Ride it west.

Jump north and you're at the chest!
You get Muramasa, a cursed long sword with an attack of +124 that unleashes 
Demon Fire.

And there you go! ^_^

*+*Thanks much, randomwyvern! I'll take it from here*+*

Go south, then down even more stairs and... holy hell, not a door!
A cave, it seems. liek omgawd g0 in rofl1!

Go up the bridge to the deck of some broken and tattered ship. Don't yet head
towards the other part of the ship! The chest is a Mimic, and there's a boss 
waiting for you.


|-------Djinn Setup--------|
| -Isaac: All 7 Venus      |
| -Garet: 6 Mars/1 Jupiter |  <-- Flash
| -Ivan: 6 Jupiter/Flash   |
| -Mia: All 7 Mercury      |

Beware, the following fight may possibly be the toughest in the game. 
Deadbeard, as he is named, is no pushover. To defeat him, you can either go 
at him with all your might or use the slower but safer alternative, dubbed 
the "Flash tactic." If you want to know what the Flash tactic is, read the 
next paragraph...

The Djinn setup would be the same as always, save for the fact that the Mars 
Djinni named Flash would be put on Ivan. Why is this? Because Flash would be 
used one round, put on "Set" the next, and used again. Why? Because it 
greatly reduces the amount of damage done by Deadbeard's attacks. Garet is 
much more of an attacker than Ivan, therefore the latter would have Flash 
equipped for the battle and not the former. Mia would use Wish Well every turn
as Isaac and Garet attacking, using Djinn and summoning the big four whenever
possible. Simple, time-consuming, but works every time.


|-----Djinn Setup------|
| -Isaac: All 7 Venus  |
| -Garet: All 7 Mars   | <-- Bash
| -Ivan: All 7 Jupiter |
| -Mia: All 7 Mercury  |

Judging from the name, you should get the gist of what the Bash tactic is all
about. Put four Djinn on each character on Standby, summon them right off the 
bat (summons do a mammoth amount of damage to Deadbeard, more so than even 
regular baddies), have Mia use Wish Well every turn and Ivan cast Shine Plasma
and act as the secondary healer if Mia falls behind. A bit more dangerous, 
but quicker.

Deadbeard - HP: 6000-6400
-Use either of the two plans of action described above. They work.

EXP: 8000 / Coins: 9000 / Items: Water of Life
ATTACKS (without Flash)

-Impact: Boosts attack.
-Break: Lowers party attack.
-Freeze Prism: 120-190 [Cold?] damage to three party members.
-Ward: Boost resistance +40.
-Spark Plasma: 120-160 to all party members.
-Regular Physical Attack: 190 to one party member.
ATTACKS (with Flash)

-Impact: Boosts attack.
-Break: Lowers party attack.
-Freeze Prism: 20-40 [Cold?] damage to three party members.
-Ward: Boost resistance +40.
-Spark Plasma: 30-40 to all party members.
-Regular Physical Attack: 50 to one party member.

Grab the chest just ahead for the Demon Mail to complete the Crossbone Isle

4.  _____ _  _ ___   ___     _ ___ _  _ _  _ 
   |_   _| || | __| |   \ _ | |_ _| \| | \| |       Putting the Djinn
     | | | __ | _|  | |) | || || || .` | .` |     back together again...
     |_| |_||_|___| |___/ \__/|___|_|\_|_|\_|      ...Alphabetically.

1. Bane - Venus
Location: Crossbone Isle. See the Crossbone Isle Sidequest for more info.
Description: Attack with nature's venom.
Visual: The wielder leaps forward and slashes at the enemy one time. Upon
        striking, there's a flash of red and a fiery cloud.

2. Breeze - Jupiter
Location: Tret Tree.
Description: Boost party resistance +40.
Visual: Breeze appears over the party and drops wind-born energy into them.
        Something that looks like a purple shield covers the party members and
        that's that.

3. Corona - Mars
Location: An island landmass north of Xian.
Description: Boost party defense.
Visual: Same animation as Breeze, only instead of the blue, purplish colors,
        it's all got a reddish hue.

4. Dew - Mercury
Location: Suhalla Gate.
Description: Revive a downed ally.
Visual: Dew appears over the target and feathers of light are dropped from it.
        As the feathers dissipate, a blue beam strikes the party member.

5. Ember - Mars
Location: Just outside the gates of Tolbi.
Description: Restore party Psynergy Points.
Visual: Ember appears over the characters and craps out some red glitter all
        over their 'do. Sick, huh?

6. Fever - Mars
Location: Imil Falls Cave.
Description: Wrap a foe in feverish delusion.
Visual: Same exact animation as Bane.

7. Fizz - Mercury
Location: Mia is pre-equipped with this Djinni when she joins the party.
Description: Restore Hit Points to a single party member.
Visual: Fizz appears above the target and pisses on his or her head. Somehow,
        this heals the party member to a small degree.

8. Flash - Mars
Location: Suhalla Desert.
Description: Block damage to party with a firewall (damage divided by 10[?]).
             Damage divided is an estimate and not a proven figure. In other
             words, I'm not entirely sure.
Visual: Flash appears above the caster, then circulates over the party. Tiny 
        beads of fire spiral into the party members and a red, sheet-like 
        barrier covers each friendly.

9. Flint - Venus
Location: Waiting for you on the World Map just outside of Vale.
Description: Hard physical attack, +Earth damage.
Visual: Caster leaps forward, blade raised into the air. Just before s/he
        comes down upon the enemy, s/he is suspended for a split second and
        Flint flashes at the tip of the blade before the caster cuts into the

10. Forge - Mars
Location: Goma Cave.
Description: Boost party attack.
Visual: Forge appears above the caster, then circulates over the party. Small
        beads of fire coalesce into the party members and then a red sword
        flashes over them.

11. Granite - Venus
Location: Kolima.
Description: Creates a mighty earthen barrier (damage divided by 2[?]).
             Damage divided is an estimate as much as Flash damage reduction
             is, but I think it's pretty accurate. Only, the 2 might be a 5,
             instead, but I'm not thinking so.
Visual: Same animation as Flash, only instead of the redness, there's a golden

12. Ground - Venus
Location: Outside of Tolbi, follow the coast and keep it on Isaac's right 
          side. Continue on until you get to this Djinni.
Description: Use gravity to hold a foe.
Visual: Ground appears over the caster's upraised arms, then disappears as it
        sends forth four black spheres with what appears to be electrical
        energy pulsing inside, radiating a generic core. These spheres collide
        into the enemy all at once.

13. Gust - Jupiter
Location: Bilibin.
Description: Attack with mighty wind gusts with a chance for 2x damage.
Visual: The Djinni appears above the caster, then slings out to the enemy two
        times and slams into it.

14. Hail - Mercury
Location: Encountered in an area reached by going northwest over two bridges
          beyond Tolbi.
Description: Does Water-based damage and lowers target defense.
Visual: An entire level of water rises suddenly from the earth, projecting
        itself in a spire at the enemy's location and knocking it back in a
        blue splash.

15. Kite - Jupiter
Location: Vale, later on in the game (not the beginning). See the Kite 
          Sidequest for more information.
Description: Attack twice next round. Bonus!
Visual: Kite appears over the caster and then quickly disappears. That's it.
        No, really. That's it. Stop reading. Why are you reading this? There's
        nothing more to be seen. Stop! ... 'Aight man, for real, quit it. Must
        I go get the iodine and toothpicks? Yeah. Didn't think so.

16. Luff - Jupiter
Location: Babi Lighthouse.
Description: Seal a foe's Psynergy, meaning the target can't use Psynergy for
             two or three rounds. I don't think this works on the main bosses,
             like those you'll find in the Upper Venus Lighthouse or in the
             bowels of Crossbone Island.
Visual: Luff appears over the caster and then flies around the enemy. A shape,
        more specifically a triangle, rotates and closes in on the target. As
        it gets closer, the triangle stops and three circular symbols appear
        on the three straight sides of the triangle, at the middle of each

17. Mist - Mercury
Location: Xian.
Description: Lull a foe into a deep sleep. Webster's defines this as: useless.
Visual: The caster charges forward and slaps the enemy with his or her weapon,
        a flash of blue emanating from the strike.

18. Quartz - Venus
Location: Mogall Forest.
Description: Revive a downed ally with half of his or her max HP.
Visual: Same animation as Dew, only switch the blueness with yellow. Whee.

19. Sap - Venus
Location: Vault, later on in the game (not the beginning). See the Sap 
          Sidequest for more information.
Description: Attack a foe and steal HP.
Visual: Same as Flint's animation, except for the strike effect being a splash
        of earthly energy. Once the enemy is knocked back, yellow healing
        particles transport from the bad guy to the caster.

20. Scorch - Mars
Location: Kalay Tunnel.
Description: Stun a foe with a blast attack.
Visual: Pretty much the same thing as Forge and Bane, only Scorch's cloud is
        more of an explosion and not a little poofer.

21. Sleet - Mercury
Location: Mercury Lighthouse.
Description: Drench a foe to drop its attack.
Visual: Sleet appears over the caster and spews blue vomit at the target. Yay!

22. Smog - Jupiter
Location: Lamakan Desert.
Description: Veil a foe's vision in smoke. Bleargh.
Visual: The caster runs to the enemy and slaps it with his or her weapon. A
        splash, for some reason, is the result of this impact.

23. Spritz - Mercury
Location: Altin Peak.
Description: Restore party HP with a soothing mist.
Visual: Same as Fizz, only it pisses on everyone.

24. Squall - Jupiter
Location: Atmiller Cave.
Description: Paralyze a foe with a storm.
Visual: The caster strides toward the enemy and strikes it while a bolt of
        electrical energy darts from the sky and into the target.

25. Tonic - Mercury
Location: Lunpa, specifically Lunpa Fortress. See Extraction Sidequest for
          more information.
Description: Heal all party ailments, aside from "Knocked Out," or "Downed."
Visual: Tonic appears over the party, flies in circles a couple times and then
        the characters sparkle with a bluish light for a second or two.

26. Torch - Mars
Location: Lalivero.
Description: Lowers target defense and does low Fire damage.
Visual: A cool pyro-wave pulsates across the screen for a couple seconds and
        then goes away. It's neat while it lasts, anyways.

27. Vine - Venus
Location: At the exit of Lamakan Desert, head northwest to a bridge and then
          over to a tiny forested area. Sooner or later, you'll fight this 
Description: Tangle foes to drop agility.
Visual: The Djinni appears between the party members and the enemies, then
        disappears. A half second later, vines rise from the ground beneath
        the baddie's feet and squirm around a bit before going away.

28. Zephyr - Jupiter
Location: Fuchin Temple.
Description: Boost party agility with a swift wind.
Visual: Zephyr appears over the caster and bombards them with a gentle breeze.

5. ___                                
  | _ \____  _ _ _  ___ _ _ __ _ _  _    "Roses are red,
  |  _(_-< || | ' \/ -_) '_/ _` | || |       Violets are blue,
  |_| /__/\_, |_||_\___|_| \__, |\_, |             I love Specter..."
          |__/             |___/ |__/

Here, I'll list out all the Psynergy skills in the game, what they do, and how
many Psynergy points it'll set you back. I'll also tell you how many opponents
or party members are effected by the spell. The listing is alphabetical.

Note that the last part of the list (#) is the number of enemies or members of
the party that are effected.

The X/O column is simple terminology - spells labeled X effect the enemy while
spells labeled O effect the party. The term "X-O" is used only twice to
describe the draining effect of the Drain and Psy Drain abilities.

This list may or may not be complete. I'm really not sure; I'd really like to
know how the hell I missed one, :|. If something is incorrect and/or you know
what's missing from the list, let me know and you will be given full credit 
for your addition to my guide.

                              /INNATE PSYNERGY\
(Name                |X/O|  |PP|  Effect                                 | # )
Avoid                |N/A|  |5 |  Encounter fewer monsters               |N/A
High Impact          | O |  |12|  Boost party's attack                   |All
Mind Read            |N/A|  |1 |  What do you think?                     |N/A
Move                 |N/A|  |2 |  Move an object on the ground           |N/A
Retreat              |N/A|  |6 |  Return to the dungeon's entrance       |N/A
Reveal               |N/A|  |1 |  Perceive hidden truths                 |N/A
(Name                |X/O|  |PP|  Effect                                 | # )
Annihilation         | X |  |18|  Attempt to annihilate a foe            | 1
Avalanche            | X |  |30|  Attack with a blast of rock            | 5
Briar                | X |  |11|  Attack with sharpened briars           | 3
Clay Spire           | X |  |13|  Attack with earthen spire              | 3
Condemn              | X |  |8 |  Disable your enemy with evil power     | 1
Cure                 | O |  |3 |  Restore 70 HP                          | 1
Cure Well            | O |  |7 |  Restore 150 HP                         | 1
Curse                | X |  |6 |  Draw the spirit of death to a foe      | 1
Demon Night          | X |  |12|  Unleash a myriad of monsters           | 3
Earthquake           | X |  |7 |  Attack with a mighty tremor            | 5
Gaia                 | X |  |7 |  Attack with the earth’s might        | 3
Grand Gaia           | X |  |32|  Attack with the earth's might          | 5
Growth               | X |  |4 |  Attack with wild plants                | 1
Haunt                | X |  |5 |  Haunt a foe with an evil spirit        | 1
Helm Splitter        | X |  |8 |  Paralyze a foe with a mighty blow      | 1
Mad Growth           | X |  |10|  Attack with ferocious plants           | 3
Mother Gaia          | X |  |17|  Attack with the earth’s might        | 5
Nettle               | X |  |23|  Attack with stinging nettles           | 5
Potent Cure          | O |  |10|  Restore 300 HP                         | 1
Punji                | X |  |7 |  Attack with a bamboo weapon            | 3
Pungi Strike         | X |  |24|  Attack with a bamboo weapon            | 5
Punji Trap           | X |  |13|  Attack with a bamboo weapon            | 3
Quake                | X |  |4 |  Attack with a powerful quake           | 3
Quake Sphere         | X |  |15|  Attack with a massive quake            | 7
Quick Strike         | X |  |12|  Blind an enemy with a rapid strike     | 1
Ragnarok             | X |  |7 |  Strike with a massive sword            | 1
Rockfall             | X |  |5 |  Attack with a blast of rock            | 3
Rockslide            | X |  |15|  Attack with a blast of rock            | 5
Spire                | X |  |5 |  Attack with earthen spire              | 1
Stone Spire          | X |  |22|  Attack with earthen spire              | 5
Thorn                | X |  |6 |  Attack with stabbing thorns            | 3

(Name                |X/O|  |PP|  Effect                                 | # )
Angel Spear          | O |  |12|  Boost attack with a heavenly blade     |All
Astral Blast         | X |  |5 |  Attack with a celestial force          | 1
Bind                 | X |  |4 |  Block a foe's Psynergy                 | 1
Blue Bolt            | X |  |14|  Attack with a lightning bolt           | 3
Bolt                 | X |  |4 |  Attack with a lightning bolt           | 1
Death Plunge         | X |  |14|  Plunge your weapon into a foe          | 1
Demon Spear          | O |  |7 |  Boost attack with a demonic blade      | 1
Destruct Ray         | X |  |21|  Attack with a magnetic storm           | 3
Drain                |X-O|  |3 |  Transfer enemy's HP to yourself        | 1
Dull                 | X |  |6 |  Drop enemy attack                      | 1
Enfeeble             | X |  |6 |  Drop enemy party's resistance          | 3
Flash Bolt           | X |  |7 |  Attack with a lightning bolt           | 3
Gale                 | X |  |3 |  Attack with the wind's might           | 3
Impact               | O |  |7 |  Boost ally's attack                    | 1
High Impact          | O |  |12|  Boost party's attack                   |All
Hurricane            | X |  |25|  Attack with the wind's might           | 7
Magic Shell          | O |  |3 |  Boost Elemental Resistance             | 1
Magic Shield         | O |  |5 |  Boost Elemental Resistance             |All
Mist                 | X |  |4 |  Wrap a foe in a cloud of delusion      | 3
Plasma               | X |  |8 |  Attack with a barrage of bolts         | 3
Psy Drain            |X-O|  |0 |  Transfer enemy's PP to yourself        | 1
Ray                  | X |  |6 |  Attack with a magnetic storm           | 3
Resist               | O |  |5 |  Boost party resistance                 |All
Shine Plasma         | X |  |18|  Attack with a barrage of bolts         | 5
Shuriken             | X |  |8 |  Attack with a huge throwing knife      | 3
Slash                | X |  |4 |  Attack with a blade of focused air     | 1
Sleep                | X |  |5 |  Lull multiple enemies to sleep         | 3
Sonic Slash          | X |  |20|  Attack with a blade of focused air     | 5
Spark Plasma         | X |  |37|  Attack with a barrage of bolts         | 7
Storm Ray            | X |  |10|  Attack with a magnetic storm           | 3
Tempest              | X |  |27|  Attack with a fearsome windstorm       | 5
Thunderbolt          | X |  |19|  Attack with a storm's fury             | 5
Thunderclap          | X |  |9 |  Attack with a storm's fury             | 3
Thunderstorm         | X |  |39|  Attack with a storm's fury             | 7
Tornado              | X |  |14|  Attack with a mighty tornado           | 5
Typhoon              | X |  |12|  Attack with the wind's might           | 5
Ward                 | O |  |3 |  Boost an ally's Resistance             | 1
Weaken               | X |  |4 |  Drop enemy Resistance                  | 1
Whirlwind            | X |  |5 |  Attack with a swirling tornado         | 3
Wind Slash           | X |  |9 |  Attack with a blade of focused air     | 3

(Name                |X/O|  |PP|  Effect                                 | # )
Blast                | X |  |7 |  Attack with a massive explosion        | 3
Carpet Bomb          | X |  |29|  Attack with a bomb blast               | 7
Cluster Bomb         | X |  |11|  Attack with a bomb blast               | 5
Debilitate           | X |  |6 |  Drop enemy party's defense             | 3
Dragon Cloud         | X |  |6 |  Strike with a Dragon Cloud             | 1
Eruption             | X |  |14|  Attack with volcanic might             | 3
Fiery Blast          | X |  |19|  Attack with an explosive blast         | 5
Fire                 | X |  |6 |  Attack with a scorching fireball       | 3
Fire Bomb            | X |  |5 |  Attack with a bomb blast               | 3
Fireball             | X |  |12|  Attack with a scorching fireball       | 5
Flare                | X |  |4 |  Attack with flaring flames             | 3
Flare Storm          | X |  |12|  Attack with incinerating flames        | 3
Flare Wall           | X |  |7 |  Attack with searing flames             | 3
Guard                | O |  |3 |  Boost ally's defense                   | 1
Guardian             | O |  |3 |  Boost Defense with a divine might      | 1
Heat Wave            | X |  |6 |  Attack with fiery bolts                | 1
Impair               | X |  |4 |  Drop enemy's defense                   | 1
Inferno              | X |  |23|  Attack with a scorching fireball       | 5
Lava Shower          | X |  |4 |  Attack with a volcano's might          | 1
Mad Blast            | X |  |9 |  Attack with an explosive blast         | 3
Magma Storm          | X |  |27|  Attack with a volcano's might          | 5
Molten Bath          | X |  |12|  Attack with a volcano's might          | 3
Nova                 | X |  |13|  Attack with a massive explosion        | 5
Planet Diver         | X |  |7 |  Leap skyward and lunge into a foe      | 1
Protect              | O |  |5 |  Boost party defense                    |All
Protector            | O |  |5 |  Boost party defense with a divine might|All
Pyroclasm            | X |  |29|  Attack with volcanic might             | 3
Supernova            | X |  |31|  Attack with a massive explosion        | 7
Volcano              | X |  |6 |  Attack with volcanic might             | 1

(Name                |X/O|  |PP|  Effect                                 | # )
Break                | X |  |5 |  Eliminate enemy's bonuses              |All
Cure Poison          | O |  |2 |  Cleanse the body of poison             | 1
Cutting Edge         | X |  |5 |  Inflict damage with a shock wave       | 1
Deluge               | X |  |20|  Attack with a deadly flood             | 5
Douse                | X |  |5 |  Attack with a torrent of water         | 3
Drench               | X |  |10|  Attack with a torrent of water         | 3
Freeze Prism         | X |  |31|  Attack with ice crystals               | 5
Frost                | X |  |5 |  Attack with frigid blasts              | 3
Froth                | X |  |5 |  Attack with frothing bubbles           | 3
Froth Sphere         | X |  |12|  Attack with frenzied bubbles           | 5
Froth Spiral         | X |  |31|  Attacl with a bubble vortex            | 7
Glacier              | X |  |15|  Attack with frigid blasts              | 3
Hail Prism           | X |  |16|  Attack with ice crystals               | 5
Ice                  | X |  |5 |  Attack with spikes of ice              | 1
Ice Horn             | X |  |11|  Attack with spikes of ice              | 3
Ice Missile          | X |  |23|  Attack with spikes of ice              | 3
Ply                  | O |  |4 |  Restore 100 HP with faith's power      | 1
Ply Well             | O |  |8 |  Restore 200 HP with faith's power      | 1
Prism                | X |  |7 |  Attack with ice crystals               | 3
Pure Ply             | O |  |12|  Restore 1000 HP with faith's power     | 1
Pure Wish            | O |  |20|  Restoire 300 HP to the entire party    |All
Restore              | O |  |3 |  Remove sleep, stun and delusion        | 1
Tundra               | X |  |8 |  Attack with frigid blasts              | 3
Wish                 | O |  |9 |  Restore 80 HP to the entire party      |All
Wish Well            | O |  |13|  Restore 160 HP to the entire party     |All

                         /PSYNERGY GRANTED BY ITEMS\
(Name (Item)         |X/O|  |PP|  Effect                                 | # )
Catch (Catch Beads)  |N/A|  |1 | Grab light objects from afar            |N/A
Carry (Carry Stone)  |N/A|  |2 | Lift and move light objects             |N/A
Cloak (Cloak Ball)   |N/A|  |1 | Hide away in shadows                    |N/A
Douse (Douse Drop)   | X |  |5 | Attack with a surge of water            | 3
Force (Orb of Force) |N/A|  |2 | Strike a distant object                 |N/A
Frost (Frost Jewel)  | X |  |5 | Attack with frigid blasts               | 3
Halt (Halt Gem)      |N/A|  |2 | Stop a moving object                    |N/A
Lift (Lifting Gem)   |N/A|  |2 | Lift an object vertically               |N/A

~ Catch: Used primarily to grab Nuts in various trees in Golden Sun. Nuts will
         heal a character for 200 HP.

~ Carry: Used to move blocks and place them on something else, or drop them
         off a ridge.

~ Cloak: Absolutely necessary to complete the Crossbone Isle and Extraction
         side quests. Cloak allows Isaac to slip into the shadows, becoming 
         one with them so as as to not be seen. As long as Isaac stays in the
         range of the darkness, he will be invisible.

~ Douse: It's not just an attack to be used in battle. Sometimes, Douse has to
         be used to place water in certain areas or extinguish tornadoes in

~ Force: Knocks over stuff, but not most stuff. Only stuff the game requires
         you kinda stuff.

~ Frost: Just like Douse, Frost can be used outside of battle. The benefit of
         this is that Frost will freeze puddles of water which, as the game
         would have it, is always an utter necessity to surpassing challenges
         set up by the environment.

~ Halt: Fun little thing that allows you to stop moving objects dead in their
        tracks. You use it, like, three times.

~ Lift: If there's a boulder in the way, use Lift to give Isaac and company a
        passage. That's about it.

6. ___          _      _____         _      _           
  | _ ) __ _ __(_)__  |_   _| _ __ _(_)_ _ (_)_ _  __ _     The stuff
  | _ \/ _` (_-< / _|   | || '_/ _` | | ' \| | ' \/ _` |  that gets you
  |___/\__,_/__/_\__|   |_||_| \__,_|_|_||_|_|_||_\__, |     started.

This section is all about the small stuff. You don't have to sweat it, but you
should at least know (if you don't already) the controls and how to operate
smoothly in and out of the battling. I will begin with controls for and then
make the transition into a more elaborate analysis on the Golden Sun fighting
system. There just may be a few things you don't know about.

6a. ___         _           _    
   / __|___ _ _| |_ _ _ ___| |___
  | (__/ _ \ ' \  _| '_/ _ \ (_-<               Correspondence.
   \___\___/_||_\__|_| \___/_/__/
~ D-Pad: Move around.
~ B: Pressing it does nothing, but holding it down and using the D-Pad makes
     you run.
~ A: Opens party menu.
~ Start: Opens game menu, where you can Save, put the GBA in Sleep mode, or
         change some settings.
~ Select: Opens party menu.
~ R: Opens world map. A tiny dot and the words "Present location" show you
     where you are. Places you haven't been to yet will not be marked.
~ L: Hold it down to zoom out on Isaac. This is key in some situations where
     you have a choice between two different paths.
~ D-Pad: Move around.
~ B: Hold to run \/ Advance current conversation.
~ A: Opens party menu \/ When in close proximity, talk to people and advance
                         the conversation.
                      \/ Performs environment related action, such as using
                         the Psynergy Stone in Vale.
~ Start: Opens game menu.
~ Select: Opens party menu.
~ R: Use preset Psynergy set to R \/ Advance current conversation.
~ L: use preset Psynergy set to L \/ Advance current conversation.
~ D-Pad: Choose between options.
~ B: Cancel \/ Go back one submenu.
~ A: Confirms selection.
     Status submenu - View specific details about the selected party member.
~ Start: Cancel \/ Go back one submenu.
~ Select: Serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
          Status submenu - Brings up a list of collected Djinn.
~ R: Nothing.
     Psynergy submenu - Set a Psynergy to a preset command (R).
     Djinn submenu - Toggle the Standby/Set mode of the selected Djinni.
     Item submenu - View equipment \/ After selecting a character, R changes
                                      to view the items of the next character 
                                      in line.
     Status submenu - Rearrange the order of the party.
~ L: Nothing.
     Psynergy submenu - Set a Psynergy to a preset command (L).
     Djinn submenu - View character status.
     Item submenu - Nothing \/ Hold + A = automatically arrange items.
     Status submenu - Rearrange the order of the party.
~ D-Pad: Choose between options \/ Toggle between which enemies to strike.
~ B: Cancel \/ Go back one submenu.
~ A: Confirms selection.
~ Start: Nothing.
~ Select: Nothing.
~ R: Nothing.
     Djinn submenu - Check what Psynergy is lost/gained upon using selected
~ L: Bring up character status screen from the primary list of battle options,
     but from the other menu screens it doesn't do anything.

6b. ___ _      _   _   _           
   | __(_)__ _| |_| |_(_)_ _  __ _     CRAAAAAAAWLIIIIIIING
   | _|| / _` | ' \  _| | ' \/ _` |          IIIIIIIIN
   |_| |_\__, |_||_\__|_|_||_\__, |               MYYYYYYYY
         |___/               |___/                     SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!

Fighting in Golden Sun is done through a very straightforward, turn-based
battle engine. This section will tell you all the things I know involving the
act of beating up the evil thingies in this game.

In some RPGs, you can see the enemy before you fight them. But, as in most, it
is not that way in Golden Sun. All battles take place on the world map or in a
dungeon, with very few exceptions (that are story-based). Using an item called
a Sacred Feather will drastically reduce the chance of a fight. As in, you
most likely won't get into a battle under its influence. Note that all boss
battles are not ones easily foreseen by the player. Therefore, as you would in
every role playing game, save your progress often.
******************    **********
~ Physical Attacks: The basis of all combat. Most battles that you take part
                    in will have you bashing something up against the head
 + Requires no PP   with a sword, axe, or mace of some kind. Since there are
 + Can always be    no ranged physical attacks in Golden Sun, such as the use
   used             of a bow & arrow, you don't have to worry about which row
 - Doesn't close    a party member is in. Physical strength is dependant on
   enough damage    two independant variables - STR (character) and ATK
   later in the     (weapon). However, certain Djinni can raise either/or of
   game             the two, thus giving a character's base physical attack
 - Some enemies     a sharper edge. Some weapons have innate special attacks,
   take virtually   which I will elaborate more on later.
   no damage       
                    A big problem with physical attacks is that later on in
                    the game, enemies tend to shrug off anything you smack'em
                    with. No physical attack will strike multiple enemies and
                    when the game kicks into high gear, you will have to rely
                    more on Psynergy to eliminate the competition. However,
                    underestimating the effect of simply chipping away at an
                    opponent can be highly detrimental to your party.

~ Psynergy: Psynergy is just another term for magical spells. Earth, water,
            fire and wind (which somehow encompasses electricity) make up the
 + More     four basic elemental attacks. For a list of all these, visit the
   potent   Psynergy section located at reference point (~P).
 + Kills
   quicker  Who has what Psynergy depends on a few different factors. One is
 + Best     character class, which is the result of character level and what
   healing  Djinn s/he has equipped. Not specific Djinn, but by element. Say
   route    Isaac has three Venus Djinn and two Mercury Djinn equipped. His
 - May be   character class is X. Drop one Djinn, put in a seperate elemental
   useless  Djinn and you've got character class Y. It's quite simple, really;
   on the   but the trick is finding out what character class is best for your
   offense  style of play. Judging from my guide, you can tell which I prefer.
 - Can be
   "shut    Psynergy changes when you use a Djinni in combat. Take note of
    off"    what Psynergy you will not be able to use by pressing the R button
            in the Djinn screen while fighting.

            Psynergy, unlike physical attacks, can pinpoint what an enemy is
            more susceptible to and what it's strong against, which ultimately
            gives you the edge in battle. The only thing you have to watch out
            for is the Bind spell, which will make one character [at a time]
            unable to use their Psynergy. If this occurs, you have to wait it
            out (I think it's three turns) until you can cast again.

7. ___ ___  __  __ __  __  ___  _  _ 
  / __/ _ \|  \/  |  \/  |/ _ \| \| | Any questions that you ask will be added
 | (_| (_) | |\/| | |\/| | (_) | .` | to this section. Doesn't matter if you
  \___\___/|_|  |_|_|  |_|\___/|_|\_| ask by E-mail or messenger or whatever.
  ___  _   _ ___ ___ _____ ___ ___  _  _ ___ 
 / _ \| | | | __/ __|_   _|_ _/ _ \| \| / __| It does matter, however, if they
| (_) | |_| | _|\__ \ | |  | | (_) | .` \__ \ are related to Golden Sun.
 \__\_\\___/|___|___/ |_| |___\___/|_|\_|___/ Ask away. I'll try to respond.

Q: What does the A button do?
A: This is a perfect example of a question I will not answer. -_-

Q: I've heard about this thingy... What is the Kikuichimonji?
A: The Kikuichimonji is Ivan's best physical attack weapon. It can be only be
   found by killing the Fenrir's in the Upper Venus Lighthouse, as they are
   the only enemies in the game that can drop it. The Kikuichimonji cannot be
   bought from a vendor.

Q: Just pwned a group of Fenrir's, where's my Kikuichimonji?
A: Stupid n00b. They don't drop the item every time you fight them. It will
   likely take a few tries, sometimes more. I am not certain of the drop rate
   but it's not that deep. Try again.

Q: How many Djinn are there in Golden Sun?
A: There are a total of 28 Djinn. They are listed in the Djinn Spots section,
   but greater detail on attaining them can be found reading the walkthrough.

Q: How do I get to Crossbone Island?
A: There's a gigantic calico tornado on a branching path in the Suhalla Desert
   that will take you to Crossbone Island.

Q: Alright, so I got to Crossbone Island. How do I get those statues to stop?
A: You have to use [Cloak] and slip by in the shadows, so that the statues
   won't be able to see you, thus they won't be able to keep you from passing.

Q: Cloak? o.o
A: Gah! Yes, Cloak. To attain it, you must get the Cloak Ball and equip it on
   a character to activate the Psynergy. To do that, you gotta save Babi in
   Atmiller Cave and then visit him after Colosso in his room. Search for the
   following reference code for more information: (RSC2)

Q: I'm cursed! How the hell do I get rid of that?
A: Visit a Sanctuary and pay for the curse to be removed.

Q: I'm dead! How the hell do I get rid of THAT?
A: 1) Use an item called Water of Life.
   2) Go to a Sanctuary and get Revived.
   3) Use Quartz the Venus Djinni.
   4) Use Dew the Mercury Djinni.
   5) Use the [Revive] Psynergy.

Q: How come I can't go back through Mogall Forest?
A: I don't know the reason, but the fact remains that you can't. To get back
   to the other side of the forest, you have to use the bridge that was broken
   earlier in the game - the one Hammet could not cross. You may remember it.

Q: The Cleric's Ring is fun. Can I have two?
A: Only if you chop off whatever makes you the gender you are and use a
   cheating device.

Q: I've heard you can play as Sheba, Felix, and some other guy. Is that true?
A: Not if you play legit.

Q: How long does it take to complete this game?
A: The average time it takes to complete Golden Sun, in my experiences, has
   been right around 30 hours. Of course, the file I did the walkthrough with
   says 42 hours, but I wrote the guide as I played the game (for the third
   and likely last time).

Q: What level should I be when I finish Golden Sun?
A: Anywhere around level 32 will do nicely.

Q: I've got a fair collection of Lucky Medals and Game Tickets going. What am
   I suppose to do with'em?
A: They can be used for games in Tolbi, one of which you can actually benefit
   from, and that'd be the Tolbi Springs game in which you toss your Lucky
   Medals. Only way to go.

Q: Are you ever going to stop updating your guide?
A: Eventually.

Q: How do I do the Lunpa sidequest? How do I get there?
A: That would be my "3c. Extraction" part of the guide. I give directions on
   how to get there and what to do when you arrive.

Q: Can you switch Djinni between characters during battle?
A: No.

8.  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _____ ___ 
   / __| _ \ __|   \_ _|_   _/ __|
  | (__|   / _|| |) | |  | | \__ \ Hold the following responsible...
   \___|_|_\___|___/___| |_| |___/
I made this walkthrough by myself (originally) 'till I needed to have some
errors fixed...

First of all I'd like to thank the United States Army for letting me be a 13F,
Fire Support Specialist/Forward Observer, and for assigning me to a great unit
in the 1st Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas. I will be deployed with
them for a year to eighteen months starting late this month of October, 2006.

A gaming friend of mine named Rose. She also picked out a load of typos that 
I corrected in Version 1.2. Can't forget that she went and alphabetized my 
jumbled lists of Psynergy for the Psynergy section implemented in Verison 
1.12. Thanks.

Props to randomwyvern, who answered the "Questionable Paragraph" problem that
had been eating away at me for a couple weeks. He also made a big impact on
the guide by correcting some things that were wrong in the Tunnel Ruins
section - that entire part save for the last few lines are of his creation.
He posted them on the Golden Sun message board and I copied and pasted them,
with his permission of course. Again, huge props to randomwyvern for his input
in the guide... Myeh, well, randomwyvern helped the guide out big-time again
in version 1.6. Back-to-back version contributions, and he undoubtedly help
put the nail in the coffin on this guide.

Thanks to Nephetsman, who e-mailed me and told me the truth behind the lights
pertaining to the Southern and Western Routes near the end of the game. His
input is well appreciated.

Thanks to Firegirl, who e-mailed me about the mistake I made pertaining to the
exact location of the Mercury Djinni called Sleet. Keep in mind that I got her
e-mail on October 20th, but my neglection to my inbox kept the guide from
being updated. I apologize to both the one reading this guide and to Firegirl
for the unprecedented busy spurt I had. =p

Thanks to Luke Kim, who e-mailed me about the Wicked Mace on level 7 of
Crossbone Isle. He also saw a typo in the Common Questions section (where I
accidentally said the Kikuichimonji is Isaac's best weapon when in fact, as I
mentioned earlier in the guide, it is indeed Ivan's) and corrected it for me.

ASCII by the ASCII generator located at: http://www.network-science.de/ascii
Huge props to those guys for creating a very nice ASCII engine!

9.  ___ ___  _  _ _____ _   ___ _____ 
   / __/ _ \| \| |_   _/_\ / __|_   _| I'm assuming you've interacted with
  | (_| (_) | .` | | |/ _ \ (__  | |            a human before...
   \___\___/|_|\_| |_/_/ \_\___| |_|

If you have any questions or comments, E-Mail me at Gravity81688@gmail.com.
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http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/66379.html |

10. _    ___ ___   _   _     __      ___  _   _ _____ _  _  ___ _____ 
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   | |__| _| (_ |/ _ \| |__   \ \/\/ /| __ |/ _ \| | | .` | (_) || |   Adhere.
   |____|___\___/_/ \_\____|   \_/\_/ |_||_/_/ \_\_| |_|\_|\___/ |_|

This is a document of Michael Stevens, and is copyright (©) 2003-2010. All 
rights reserved. No content shall be taken, edited, and/or reproduced in any 
way without my written, spoken or typed consent via E-mail, messenger, in 
person and/or otherwise.

You may use my guide for non-profit purposes on your website only if you have
my permission to do so.

If you wish to use part of my guide for your own, please E-mail me and wait
for my response. I will get back to you most likely within 24-48 hours. Be
sure to credit me in your guide as well. That's all I ask.


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