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Save Game Hacking Guide by 90Kirsdarke

Version: 1.71 | Updated: 10/24/06

Written by 9┬░Kirsdarke

Always remember: Back up your data!

Table of Contents

A.0 Version History
A.1 About This Guide
A.2 The Save File
A.3 Hacking
A.4 A Few More Notes

1.0 Libraries
1.1 CheckSum
1.2 Character Stats
    1.21 Issac
    1.22 Garet
    1.23 Ivan
    1.24 Mia
1.3 Psyenergy
    1.31 Character Psyenergy Addresses
    1.32 The Moves
1.4 Item Hacking
    1.41 Item Addresses
    1.42 Weapons
    1.43 Armor
    1.44 Key Items
    1.45 Psyenergy Items
    1.46 Minor Items
1.5 Djinn Hacking
    1.51 Djinn Hacking Addresses
    1.52 Djinn Values
    1.53 One more time
1.6 Class Hacking
    1.61 Class Addresses
    1.62 The Classes
1.7 Gil Hacking
1.8 Theoretical Hacking
    1.81 Characters in Party
    1.82 Storyline Data
    1.83 **Location!**
    1.84 Treasure Chests/Character Status
    1.85 Helpful Hints for Hopeful Hackers
    1.86 A Good Place to Start

A.5 Frequently Asked Questions
A.6 Legal Stuff
A.7 Contact Info
A.8 Credits
A.9 Coming Soon

A.0 Version History

10/24/06 Version 1.71
Fixed something in Libraries. Added my favorite section, my
Theoretical Hacking section. If you have felt the urge to do some
hacking of your own, now's your chance!

10/23/06 Version 1.70
Added a few people to credits, fixed a typo, added a new item and
added the Gil Hacking section.

9/17/06 Version 1.66
Wow, either I'm a horrible typer or a horrible speller. I just
fixed a billion and a half typos. Also I added the section
explaining the different types of save states.

7/8/06 Version 1.65
I just had to add a very important piece of information concerning
the CheckSum. Also added items + 01.

7/6/06 Version 1.6
I've been working my butt off and have a massively huge update for you.
I've added a bunch of notes I've discovered about hacking. Also added
a table of contents, psyenergy 01 + 02 modifiers, Djinn hacking :),
item hacking, class hacking, fixed a bunch of typos and put a bunch of
things into columns so you can save some paper.

There should be two or three more entries in here, but they haven't
accepted my guide yet :)

7/4/06 Version .5
Finished Ivan and Mia's addresses.

7/3/06 Version Number .25
Here's my explanation of save game hacking as well as the addresses
for Issac and Garet's stats + all the 00 psyenergies.

A.1 About this guide

Welcome to my first guide :) Since you are reading this guide I can assume
we both have a huge respect for Camelot's Golden Sun. The first time I
ever played this game I fell in love with it, as many others have before
and after me.

The story of Golden Sun is split into two parts; Golden Sun which is
played with Issac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia is part one; Golden Sun 2: The
Lost Age played with Felix, Jenna, Sheba and Piers is part 2. This guide
covers ONLY Golden Sun, not Golden Sun 2. Use any of the addresses
listed here in Golden Sun 2 and you will have unpleasant consequences.

A.2 The Save File

In terms of getting/playing your game on your computer, there are three main
types of game saves: battery saves, emulator save states and imported game
saves. The batterysave is a mimicry of what the GBA cart does. Whenever your
playing a GBA game and you save it, it saves the game as a battery save. The
emulator save states are what you get if you use your emulator to save your
game. Imported saves are what you get when you use a special device to copy
the game onto your pc.

All of the hacking done in this guide can only be done on a battery save with
the extension .sav. I use Visual Boy Advanced to play my games and if you do
the same then any battery save will automatically be a .sav file and ready to
be hacked. It cannot be done with either a save state or an imported file.

If however you transfered your data directly to your pc, there might be a
chance. I've never transfered my data from my games directly before. All I
have to go on is speculation and what others have told me. I can't guarantee
that this method described will work.

From what I've read imported game saves are saved as a .sps file. If your's
isn't a .sps or .sav file, sorry you're outta luck. On Visual Boy Advanced
it is possible to both import and export these saves. The only other thing you
need is a ROM for the game you want. ROMs arent' that hard to find, just Google
them. However it's worth noting that downloading ROMs is %100 illegal even if
you own a copy of the game.

So once you've got your ROM, use Visual Boy Advanced to open it. As soon as it
opens go to File-> Import-> Gameshark Snapshot. This will automatically take a
.sps file and covert it into the .sav file you need play the game and hack it.
If you  want to try this out, you can download save games from Gamefaqs.com
that are all .sps files.

So once you've got your game save hacked, we run into another problem. How do
you get the save back onto your game pack. Well in VBA to File-> Export->
Gameshark Snapshot. This will convert your game back into a .sps file to be
transfered back to your game pack. But again, I DO NOT KNOW if this works. For
all I know, exporting a .sps file to your pack will render it corrupted and
totally usless. Although I'm fairly certain it should work, I CANNOT make any
guarentees. Try at your own risk.

If you don't transfer any data and just use a ROM to play the game, then you
should not have any difficutly in hacking it. I should also point out that
those who would rather transfer their game save, you also need a ROM to get it
into the right file type.

A.3 Hacking

So now that you are past my intro, you may be asking yourself "I've never
heard of save game hacking. It must be difficult." Fear not! Hacking a save
can be incredibly simple. All you have to do is understand the basics.

On your game, there is the game itself saved, and some RAM that holds all
of your game saves. Save game hacking deals directly with the hacking of
those save files. Unlike a Gameshark which bypasses code, hacking your save
physically (or electronically) alters your data permanently.

So how does one go about hacking a save game file? Well in order to do
it you need a Hex Editor, preferably (almost mandatory) one that can
calculate Hash/Checksums. I personally like using WinHex the best (saves you
a lot of clicking and dragging) These programs are free software and are
available at www.download.com. They're not that big. Just search for them.

So anyway fire up that editor and open up your Golden Sun .sav file. You
will be greeted with what appears to be a long matrix of numbers; a long
string of numbers at the top and a long list of numbers at the side.

First off, let me explain the numbers. Golden Sun uses what's called a
hexadecimal system. Every computer in the world is built off a system of on
and off switches. They can either be on or off, which leads to a two number
binary system. As humans we count everything as a decimal system, which
uses  ten numbers. So these two numbers are very difficult to convert from
one to another.

But fear not. Enter the hexadecimal system. It uses sixteen digits, 0-9 and
A-F. Since sixteen is a power of 2, hex and binary numbers can be easily
swapped. That's the job of the hex editor.

Notice how the hex numbers are grouped into pairs? Each group of two is one
byte of data. It is important you realize this because all of the information 
is saved on one byte, even if it is only a single digit number.

Of course it would be immensely difficult to just spew all the data out into
one continuous line. Enter the address: also known as the offset. On your
left, you have a long column of hex numbers like this:


and continues on...

And so on, all the way to the end of your data. If your left column doesn't
contain any letters, click on it until it does. All the addresses in this
guide are written in hex form, and it would be difficult (if not impossible)
to find them otherwise.

Now each row contains the all of the possible locations for you data in that
address. They are written like:

00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F

Since hex is a base of sixteen, the next number after 0F (which is 15 in
decimal) is 10. (which is 16 in decimal)

Each of those addresses has a value stored there, which are all of the
numbers you see in front of you.

So reading a address is quite simple. You read it exactly like you do a grid
on a map.

         00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
0000A060                      **

If the address you are looking for is A067, then you would go down to A060,
and over to A067, which is indicated by the stars.

So when you wish to change a value for something, all you do is travel to the 
correct address, and then the correct byte.

Now if all you had to do to hack was load up your game, change some numbers
and load up your game, then life would be great. Unfortunately for you
Golden Sun includes two ways to stop the game save hacker: Libraries and

The comprehension of Libraries is crucial to be able to hack. Golden Sun
contains a multitude of different libraries where your data could be
located. Now you may ask "But aren't there only three save slots?" To
which I will reply "Why, yes, I guess you're right." While its true there
only three save files, the game includes some "backup" libraries. Whenever
you save on your game, the data is automatically saved into two of these
files. Why two? Just in case your power goes off while saving, or any other
sort of saving nightmare.

The reason Libraries are so important becomes obvious very quickly if you
ignore them. Your game is saved in one of these many files. Now when I say
one, that's exactly what I mean. If you edit the wrong library, nothing will
happen. You must find the right library if you ever wish to successfully hack
your game save. Failure to do so will result in hours of wasted time and tons
of effort and frustration on your part.

Thankfully, Golden Sun is very easily divided into its libraries.
The start of each one is signified by the word CAMELOT in the right column,
and continues all the way to just above the next CAMELOT. So how can one be sure
they are editing the correct library? Well its actually very simple.

      00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07  08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
1000  43 41 4D 45 4C 4F 54 10  ** **                   | CAMELOT
1010                                                     Issac

There are a few easy signs. One if it actually contains your data. If you can
scroll down and see your characters names then the data is good. If all you
see is a jumble of random symbols, you're in a backup.

Next each block is started with the line "CAMELOT" with your characters name
below it. If you MUST have more than one save slot, make SURE you use a
different name for Issac or you will have a lot of searching to do. Last
but not least are the Checksum (explained below) , or ** ** bytes. If there
is no data here then you can keep on scrolling.

Golden Sun also uses another security method called the Checksum. The
checksum is the sum of all the values of each byte of data in a block
of code. Basically whenever you load up your game, the file adds up
all of the bytes in your save and checks it against the checksum. If
they are the same, then you data loads up no problem. But if they
are not equal, the game does not recognize it as valid and you will
meet an empty save slot.

That may sound horrible to you but actually it is a great help. In
Golden Sun, the Checksum is always located in the exact same spot for each
library. Just scroll through checking all of your libraries until you
find the one with a Checksum. If you have two save different save
files, however, you will probably have to manually search character stats
to find the correct one. But rest assured if a file does not have a
checksum it is not one that you should be hacking.

The Checksum will always be written as two bytes of data. So when even if you
add it and you get a checksum of 03, you still use two bytes.

And for all you WinHex users, I have good news. First, right click anywhere on
the matrix and go to edit block. Then set the block to *010 to *FFF. The *
is for whichever library you are in at the time, whether its 0010 or 3010. Then
go up to tools and click on Compute Hash/Checksum or something like that,
set it to 16 Checksum and viola, you have your Checksum.


When storing the Checksum, the game automatically uses the "reverse-byte"
method of storage. Basically, if you get a checksum of 03A6, you would break
it into two bytes 03 and A6, and reverse them. The Checksum would then be
written as A6 03. If for any reason you get a Checksum larger than 2 bytes,
then just take the last four numbers and reverse them to get your Checksum.
This reverse-byte method applies to many multiple byte things so make sure to
read whether you need to reverse byte or not!

Well that's basically everything you need to know (and I know) about hacking!:)

A.4 A Few More Notes

Here's a few factoids I have had to find out the hard way.

1) At the beginning of the game, do NOT hack Issac's agility. The reason being
is shortly after you leave Vale, you encounter your first Djinn. During the
tutorial, the game automatically takes over the controls. If you have are
quick enough to get two moves in a row, the game enters an endless loop.
If you know of any other time the game automatically takes over a battle,
again please let me know.

2) All stats have limits. Don't be disappointed when if find out you can only
hack Garet's agility  up to 700. The game has limits so that even uber
powerful, your characters still have noticeable strengths and weaknesses. The
only way that I know to get stats even higher is through Djinn or through
certain items.

3) Elemental Stats are weird. At this point in time, every time I hack Issac's
elemental stats, they automatically revert to 200. I'm pretty sure that Djinn
increase your stats, but I haven't tested it yet.

4) Hacking Felix, Jenna's or Sheba's stats does not carry over to Golden Sun 2.
As far as I know only Jenna is the only character you can hack, but I haven't
tried it so I'm not sure. All you truly need to do is hack Issac and Garet in
the beginning: don't waste your time trying Jenna.

5) Make sure when you save it, you do so using the start - save method. If
you save it any other way it won't be a .sav file and thusly impossible to

6) When you wish to back up your game, don't use the hex editor backup method.
Just open the folder where your game is saved and make a copy of it. That way
if something goes wrong, just delete the bad file and it automatically loads
the good one. Just make sure you rename it.

7) Many times when you are hacking the "Your write time has changed. Would you
like to reload" message will appear on your screen. If you click yes, the data
is reloaded and you have to find the correct library again. The only time it
is truly necessary is if you have done something in the game and saved it.
Otherwise it is just a waste of time to keep doing it.

8) Base stats are the stats to hack. You don't even have to hack any of the
others for the stat to take effect. The only thing to remember is that in
order to see the change, you have to equip or un-equip one of your items. Then
the stat becomes permanent.

9) Make SURE to hack in items as unequipped. The problem is if you hack a stat,
say attack to 300, and then hack in an item with a power of 200, the game
assumes that what you're really have is an attack of 100 + the 200 from the
stat. The only way to avoid this confusion is to hack items as unequipped.


I will start off with a story. I started a new file, hacked in my stats/Djinn
and life was good. Then I decided to hack in all of the item/class psyenergies
(like Halt and Carry) in for Issac. After completing Vault I thought "Why not
go rescue Hamlet now in Lunpa?"

So off I went to Lunpa. I broke in and rescued Hamlet. All was good until...

After trying to leave out of the western cave, I was stopped by another
character who was greeted as a friend of Hamlet. I fast forwarded through the
text until they asked if I would accompany them to Kaylay. "What the heck",
I thought, "I'll go."

So I arrive at Kaylay. Since I had just rescued Hamlet, I thought saving would
be a good idea. WRONG!!!! I still had not gotten Ivan/Mia in my party! I
frantically checked the bridge and it was still gone! I tried to backtrack
through the forest and no luck at all. I was trapped in Kaylay with only half
a party.

So why not continue forward? Well as soon as you go into the Colesium and
startthe battle with Issac, the game enters an infinite loop with where Ivan
is the combatant and you can't do anything with him.

So forewarned is forearmed. DO NOT make this mistake or you will very sorely
regret it!

1.0 Libraries

Each block of code is *010 to *fff. I only use the last 3 digits of each
due to the fact the libraries change.

1.1 CheckSum

The Checksum is always located in the same spot at the very top of your
current library. If for some reason the CheckSum is 00 00, then you're
in the wrong library. That's the one nice thing about CheckSum: it let's
you know where the correct library is.

Checksum - *008 - *009

When you calculate the CheckSum, make sure you use 16 bit. Anything else
simply will not work.

1.2 Character Stats
Quick explanation of the stats. Note that the actual stats are reverse

Name, level, experience: quite self explanatory.
      Note that if you are at level 99 experience is not required.

Max (name) This stat is bogus. Your stats only change in the status
         menu and are not effective in combat. After a battle all
         stats are reverted back to their base value.
Base (name) This is the stat to hack. Base is whatever any bonus is
         added to, like the stat bonuses of Dijinn. Hacking this one is
         permanent as far as I can tell. Only thing to remember is that by
         hacking base values is not shown in your status but in battle.

Current (HP/PP) The amount of HP/PP out of your total your character has at
         the time

** Make sure when you edit your data you are using hex values for instead
of decimal numbers. Otherwise when you enter 99 you are really changing it
to 159 (63 is more appropriate).

1.21 Isaac

Name: 510 - 51E
Level: 51F
Experience: 634 - 636

Current HP: 548 - 549
Max HP: 544 - 545
Base HP: 520 - 521

Current PP: 54A - 54B
Max PP: 546 - 547
Base PP: 522 - 523

Max Attack: 54C - 54D
Base Attack: 528 - 529

Max Defense: 54E - 54F
Base Defense: 52A - 52B

Max Agility: 550 - 551
Base Agility: 52C - 52D

Max Luck: 552
Base Luck: 52E

Elemental Stats

Earth Power: 558 - 559
Earth Resistance: 55A - 55B
Fire Power: 55C - 55D
Fire Resistance: 55E - 55F
Wind Power: 560 - 561
Wind Resistance: 562 - 563
Water Power: 564 - 565
Water Resistance: 566 - 567

Earth Power: 534 - 535
Earth Resistance: 536 - 537
Fire Power: 538 - 539
Fire Resistance: 53A - 53B
Wind Power: 53C - 53D
Wind Resistance: 53E - 53F
Water Power: 540 - 541
Water Resistance: 542 - 543

1.22 Garet

Name: 65C - 66A
Level: 66B
Experience: 77E - 781

Current HP: 694 - 695
Max HP: 690 - 691
Base HP: 66C - 66D

Current PP: 696 - 697
Max PP: 692 - 693
Base PP: 66E - 66F

Max Attack: 698 - 699
Base Attack: 674 - 675

Max Defense: 69A - 69B
Base Defense: 676 - 677

Max Agility: 678 - 679
Base Agility: 69C - 69D

Max Luck: 69E
Base Luck: 67A

Elemental Stats

Earth Power: 6A4 - 6A5
Earth Resistance: 6A6 - 6A7
Fire Power: 6A8 - 6A9
Fire Resistance: 6AA - 6AB
Wind Power: 6AC - 6AD
Wind Resistance: 6AE - 6AF
Water Power: 6B0 - 6B1
Water Resistance: 6B2 - 6B3

Earth Power: 680 - 681
Earth Resistance: 682 - 683
Fire Power: 684 - 685
Fire Resistance: 686 - 687
Wind Power: 688 - 689
Wind Resistance: 68A - 68B
Water Power: 68C - 68D
Water Resistance: 68E - 68F

1.23 Ivan

Name: 7A8 - 7B6
Level: 7B7
Experience: 8CC - 8CE

Current HP: 7E0 - 7E1
Max HP: 7DC - 7DD
Base HP: 7B8 - 7B9

Current PP: 7E2 - 7E3
Max PP: 7DE - 7DF
Base PP: 7BA - 7BC

Max Attack: 7E4 - 7E5
Base Attack: 7C0 - 7C1

Max Defense: 7E6 - 7E7
Base Defense: 7C2 - 7C3

Max Agility: 7E8 - 7E9
Base Agility: 7C4 - 7C5

Max Luck: 7EA
Base Luck: 7C6

Elemental Stats

Earth Power: 740 - 741
Earth Resistance: 742 - 743
Fire Power: 744 - 745
Fire Resistance: 746 - 747
Wind Power: 748 - 749
Wind Resistance: 74A - 74B
Water Power: 74C - 74D
Water Resistance: 74E - 74F

Earth Power: 7CC - 7CD
Earth Resistance: 7CE - 7CF
Fire Power: 7D0 - 7D1
Fire Resistance: 7D2 - 7D3
Wind Power: 7D4 - 7D5
Wind Resistance: 7D6 - 7D7
Water Power: 7D8 - 7D9
Water Resistance: 7DA - 7DB

1.24 Mia

Name: 8F4 - 292
Level: 903
Experience: A18 - A1A

Current HP: 92C - 92D
Max HP: 928 - 929
Base HP: 904 - 905

Current PP: 92E - 92F
Max PP: 92A - 92B
Base PP: 906 - 907

Max Attack: 930 - 931
Base Attack: 90C - 90D

Max Defense: 932 - 933
Base Defense: 90E - 90F

Max Agility: 934 - 935
Base Agility: 910 - 911

Max Luck: 936
Base Luck: 912

Elemental Stats

Earth Power: 93C - 93D
Earth Resistance: 93E - 93F
Fire Power: 940 - 941
Fire Resistance: 942 - 943
Wind Power: 944 - 945
Wind Resistance: 946 - 947
Water Power: 948 - 949
Water Resistance: 94A - 94B

Earth Power: 918 - 919
Earth Resistance: 91A - 91B
Fire Power: 91C - 91D
Fire Resistance: 91E - 91F
Wind Power: 920 - 921
Wind Resistance: 922 - 923
Water Power: 924 - 925
Water Resistance: 926 - 927

1.3 Psyenergy List

Quick break down of psyenergy.

Psyenergy hacking can be very confusing if you don't understand it
properly. First of all each spell is stored over a four bytes: That's
four sets of two numbers. The first byte is which spell it is. The
second is the "type" of psyenergy. There are three types: 80 means
the psyenergy is bounded by a class; if you change classes you lose
the psyenergy. 40 are psyenergies bound by an item, like Frost,
Douse, Catch, ect. 00 is universal; make all your psyenergies this
if you wish to keep them.

Here is an example of a psyenergy spell:

Offset | 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07  08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
001560 | 03 80 00 00 04 80 00 00  05 80 00 00 06 80 00 00
  Isaac's Earthquake ^^ ^^ psy type

The 04 is the spell number. 80 is the type, bound by Issac's class.

**The two sets of 00's are MANDATORY! Put them in or face the

But wait there's more. If instead of 00 you use 01 or any other modifier
I can find you gain access to a whole other set of psyenergy. Just
substitute 01 in for 00 and viola.

You can have a total of 32 psyenergies without the game getting all
messed up on you.

** Please note that some of the moves listed will appear as "not able
to be used in battle." I'm not sure why they do that but contrary to
what they say they can be used in battle.

1.31 Character Psyenergy Addresses
Isaac:  568 - 5E7
Garet:  6B4 - 733
Ivan: 800 - 87F
Mia: 94C - 9CB

1.32 The moves

psyenergy + 00 modifier

00 - Blank               18 - Frost                 2D - Flare
01 - Attack              19 - Tundra                2E - Flare Wall
02 - Defend              1A - Glacier               2F - Flare Storm
03 - Quake               1B - Ice                   30 - Fire
04 - Earthquake          1C - Ice Horn              31 - Fire Ball
05 - Quake Sphere        1D - Ice Missile           32 - Inferno
06 - Spire               1E - Prism                 33 - Volcano
07 - Clay Spire          1F - Hail Prism            34 - Eruption
08 - Stone Spire         20 - Freeze Prism          35 - Proclasm
09 - Gaia                21 - Douse                 36 - Blast
0A - Mother Gaia         22 - Drench                37 - Mad Blast
0B - Grand Gaia          23 - Deluge                38 - Fiery Blast
0C - Growth              24 - Froth                 39 - Blast(2)
0D - Mad Growth          25 - Froth Sphere          3A - Nova
0E - Wild Growth         26 - Froth Spiral          3B - Supernova
0F - Thorn
10 - Briar
11 - Nettle

42 - Bolt                5A - Cure                  69 - Blunt
43 - Flash Bolt          5B - Cure Well             6A - Guard
44 - Blue Bolt           5C - Potent Cure           6B - Protect
45 - Ray                 5D - Ply                   6C - Impair
46 - Storm Ray           5E - Ply Well              6D - Debilitate
47 - Destruct Ray        5F - Pure Ply              6E - Ward
48 - Plasma              60 - Wish                  6F - Resist
49 - Shine Plasma        61 - Wish Well             70 - Weaken
4A - Spark Plasma        62 - Pure Wish             71 - Enfeeble
4B - Slash               63 - Cure Poison           72 - Taint
4C - Wind Slash          64 - Restore               73 - Poison
4D - Sonic Slash         65 - Revive                74 - Delude
4E - Whirlwind           66 - Impact                75 - Confuse
4F - Tornado             67 - High Impact           76 - Charm
50 - Tempest             68 - Dull                  77 - Paralyze

78 - Sleep               8C - Move                  A0 - Dragon Cloud
79 - Bind                8D - Mind Read             A1 - Demon Night
7A - Haunt               8E - Force                 A2 - Helm Splitter
7B - Curse               8F - Lift                  A3 - Quick Strike
7C - Condem              90 - Reveal                A4 - Rockfall
7D - Drain               91 - Halt                  A5 - Rockslide
7E - Psy Drain           92 - Cloak                 A6 - Avalanche
7F - Break               93 - Carry                 A7 - Lava Shower
80 - Regenerate          94 - Catch                 A8 - Molten Bath
81 - Reflect             95 - Retreat               A9 - Magama Storm
                         96 - Avoid                 AA - Demon Spear

AB - Angel Spear         B4 - Punji Trap            BD - Thunderbolt
AC - Guardian            B5 - Punji Strike          BE - Thunderstorm
AD - Protector           B6 - Fire Bomb             BF - Mist
AE - Magic Shell         B7 - Cluster Bomb          C0 - Ragnarok
AF - Magic Shield        B8 - Carpet Bomb           C1 - Cutting Edge
B0 - Death Plunge        B9 - Gale                  C2 - Heat Wave
B1 - Shuriken            BA - Typhoon               C3 - Astral Blast
B2 - Annihilation        BB - Hurricane             C4 - Planet Diver
B3 - Punji               BC - Thunderclap

Weapon Unleashes                                    Minor Items

D2 - Terra Strike        E1 - Barrage               FA - Herb
D3 - Posion Cloud        E2 - Demon Fire            FB - Nut
D4 - Deadly Posion       E3 - Acid Bath             FC - Vial
D5 - Mortal Danger       E4 - Vorpal Splash         FD - Potion
D6 - Bad Omen            E5 - Stun Voltage          FE - Soothing Water
D7 - Life Nourish        E6 - Blinding Smog         FF - Psy Crystal
D8 - Aqua Sock           E7 - Murk
D9 - Blizzard            E8 - Cyclone Splash
DA - Frost Bite          E9 - Psyphon Seal
DB - Drown               EA - Rapid Smash
DC - Life Leech          EB - Sonic Smash
DD - Psy Leech           EC - Asura
DE - Broil               ED - Titan Blade
DF - Meltdown            EE - Shining Star
E0 - Heat Mirage

Psyenergy + 01 modifier

Minor Items(cont)

00 - Antidote            06 - Apple                 0B - Smoke Bomb
01 - Elixir              07 - Hard Nut              0C - Sleep Bomb
02 - Water of Life       08 - Mint                  0D - Adept Ring
04 - Power Bread         09 - Lucky Pepper          0E - Corn
05 - Cookie

Djinn Unleashes

2C - Flint       40 - Fizz        54 - Forge       68 - Gust
2D - Granite     41 - Sleet       55 - Fever       69 - Breeze
2E - Quartz      42 - Mist        56 - Corona      6A - Zephyr
2F - Vine        43 - Spritz      57 - Scorch      6B - Smog
30 - Sap         44 - Hail        58 - Ember       6C - Kite
31 - Ground      45 - Tonic       59 - Flash       6D - Squall
32 - Bane        46 - Dew         5A - Torch       6E - Luff


7C - Venus       82 - Mercury     88 - Mars        8E - Jupiter
7D - Ramses      83 - Nereid      89 - Kirin       8F - Atlanta
7E - Cybele      84 - Neptune     8A - Tiamat      90 - Procne
7F - Judgement   85 - Boreas      8B - Meteor      91 - Thor

Enemy Moves

A4 - Fire Blessing       B0 - Acid Blessing         BC - Wing Stroke
A5 - Fire Blessing       B1 - Storm Blessing        BD - Evil Blessing
A6 - Fire Blessing       B2 - Storm Blessing        BE - Deadly Gas
A7 - Water Blessing      B3 - Sonic Wave            C2 - Rumble
A8 - Water Blessing      B4 - Sonic Wave            C3 - Bone Chiller
A9 - Water Blessing      B5 - Shriek                C4 - Slice
AA - Ice Blessing        B6 - Banshee Howl          C5 - Bone Charge
AB - Ice Blessing        B7 - Crazy Voice           C6 - Mystic Flame
AC - Ice Blessing        B8 - War Cry               C7 - Numbing Sting
AD - Dark Blessing       B9 - Wicked Howl           C8 - Brute Force
AE - Dark Blessing       BA - Wing Beat             C9 - Sticky Goo
AF - Dark Blessing       BB - Wing Flutter          CA - Cannibal Fang

CB - Bear Claw           D5 - Vampiric Fang         DF - Acid Bite
CC - Posionous Bite      D6 - Bacteria Rush         E0 - Dynamite
CD - Flying Attack       D7 - Swift Strike          E1 - Headbutt
CE - Undead Sword        D8 - Rotten Blood          E2 - Poison Ink
CF - Ransak              D9 - Forcible Arm          E3 - Truncheon Fist
D0 - Sticky Poison       DA - Double Fang           E4 - Counterstrike
D1 - Poison Fang         DB - Mortal Blow           E5 - Mad Dash
D2 - Electric Bite       DC - Freebite Rush         E6 - Soothing Star
D3 - Poison Tail         DD - Twin Beaks            E7 - Spider Web
D4 - Onslaught           DE - Rabid Fang            E8 - Heartrender

E9 - Mad Spatter         F1 - Recovery              F9 - Sidestep
EA - Spasm               F2 - Flee                  FA - Total Defense
EB - Sleep Star          F3 - Contain               FB - Stand Ready
EC - Decompose           F4 - Threaten              FC - Search For Help
ED - Haunting            F5 - Tremble               FD - Can't Use
EE - Worms               F6 - Fortify               FE - Posion Beat
EF - Beserk              F7 - Speed Surge           FF - Spinning Beat
F0 - Lucid Prophecy      F8 - Ally Search

Psyenergy + 02 modifier

Enemy Moves(cont)

00 - Heat Flash
01 - Death Size
02 - Outer Space
03 - Dragon Driver
04 - Drain Fang
05 - Severe Blow
06 - Thrash

1.4 Item Hacking

Hacking items is a lot like hacking psyenergy.

     00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
3580                         0B 02
3590                    Item ^^ ^^ Equipped/Quantity

Item: Simply change the byte and get the item.

Equipped/Quantity: The second part follows the same
mentality as pysenergy. It's best to hack all weapons
and armor as 00 so you don't accidentally have a
conflict of interest

00 = Unequipped    48 = 10         98 = 20         E8 = 30
02 = Equipped      50 = 11         A0 = 21
08 = 2             58 = 12         A8 = 22
10 = 3             60 = 13         B0 = 23
18 = 4             68 = 14         B8 = 24
20 = 5             70 = 15         C0 = 25
28 = 6             78 = 16         C8 = 26
30 = 7             80 = 17         D0 = 27
38 = 8             88 = 18         D8 = 28
40 = 9             90 = 19         E0 = 29

Like psyenergy, items also have a second group. The
second group is the 01 modefier group and instead
of using 00 as unequipped, it instead uses a 01.

01 Modifier

01 = Unequipped
03 = Equipped

Again it's best to hack these as 01 so you don't
have a conflict of interest.

1.41 Item Addresses

Issac: 5E8 - 604
Garet: 734 - 751
Ivan: 880 - 89D
Mia: 9D0 - 9ED

Items + 00

1.42 Weapons

01 - Long Sword          0F - Machete              1A - Kusanagi
02 - Broad Sword         10 - Short Sword          1B - Bandit's Sword
03 - Claymore            11 - Hunter's Sword
04 - Great Sword         12 - Battle Rapier        1F - Battle Axe
05 - Shamshir            13 - Master Rapier        20 - Broad Axe
06 - Silver Blade        14 - Ninja Blade          21 - Great Axe
07 - Masamune            15 - Swift Sword          22 - Dragon Axe
08 - Arctic Blade        16 - Elven Rapier         23 - Giant Axe
09 - Gaia Blade          17 - Assassin Blade       24 - Vulcan Axe
0A - Sol Blade           18 - Mystery Blade        25 - Burning Axe
0B - Muramasa            19 - Kikuichimonji        26 - Demon Axe

2B - Mace                37 - Wooden Stick         3F - Crystal Rod  
2C - Heavy Mace          38 - Magic Rod            40 - Zodiac Wand  
2D - Battle Mace         39 - Witch's Wand         41 - Shaman's Wand
2E - War Mace            3A - Blessed Ankh
2F - Righteous Mace      3B - Psyenergy Rod
30 - Grevious Mace       3C - Frost Wand
31 - Blessed Mace        3D - Angelic Ankh
32 - Wicked Mace         3E - Demonic Staff

1.43 Armor

4B - Leather Armor       59 - Cotton Shirt         67 - One-Piece Dress
4C - Psyenergy Armor     5A - Travel Vest          68 - Travel Robe
4D - Chain Mail          5B - Fur Coat             69 - Silk Robe
4E - Armored Shell       5C - Adept's Clothes      6A - China Dress
4F - Plate Mail          5D - Elven Shirt          6B - Jerkin
50 - Steel Armor         5E - Silver Vest          6C - Cocktail Dress
51 - Spirit Armor        5F - Water Jacket         6D - Blessed Robe
52 - Dragon Scales       60 - Storm Gear           6E - Magical Cassok
53 - Demon Mail          61 - Kimono               6F - Mysterious Robe
54 - Asura's Armor       62 - Ninja Garb           70 - Feathered Robe
55 - Spiked Armor                                  71 - Oracle's Robe

76 - Wooden Shield       7F - Padded Gloves        89 - Armlet
77 - Bronze Shield       80 - Leather Gloves       8A - Heavy Armlet
78 - Iron Shield         81 - Gauntlets            8B - Silver Armlet
79 - Knight's Shield     82 - Vambrace             8C - Spirit Armlet
7A - Mirrored Shield     83 - War Gloves           8D - Virtuous Armlet
7B - Dragon Shield       84 - Spirit Gloves        8E - Guardian Armlet
7C - Earth Shield        85 - Battle Gloves
                         86 - Aura Gloves

91 - Open Helm           9C - Leather Cap          A6 - Circlet
92 - Bronze Helm         9D - Wooden Cap           A7 - Silver Circlet
93 - Iron Helm           9E - Mail Cap             A8 - Guardian Circlet
94 - Steel Helm          9F - Jeweled Crown        A9 - Platnium Circlet
95 - Silver Helm         A0 - Ninja Hood           AA - Mythril Circlet
96 - Knight's Helm       A1 - Lucky Cap            AB - Glittering Tiara
97 - Warrior's Helm      A2 - Thunder Crown
98 - Adept's Helm        A3 - Lure Cap

FA - Mythril Shirt
FB - Silk Shirt                                                 
FC - Running Shirt

---------------        ---------------------
1.44 Key Items         1.45 Psyenergy Items
---------------        ---------------------

DC - Venus Star         C8 - Orb of Force
DD - Mercury Star       C9 - Douse Drop
DE - Mars Star          CA - Frost Jewel
DF - Jupiter Star       CB - Lifting Gem
E0 - Mythril Bag        CC - Halt Gem
E1 - Small Jewel        CD - Cloak Ball
E6 - Dragon's Eye       CE - Carry Stone
E7 - Bone               CF - Catch Beads
E8 - Anchor Charm
EA - Cell Key
EB - Boat Ticket
ED - Mystic Draught
F2 - Black Orb
F3 - Red Key
F4 - Blue Key

1.46 Minor Items

B4 - Herb                BF - Power Bread
B5 - Nut                 C0 - Cookie
B6 - Vial                C1 - Apple
B7 - Potion              C2 - Hard Nut
B8 - Hermes' Water       C3 - Mint
B9 - Empty Bottle        C4 - Lucky Pepper
BA - Psy Crystal         E2 - Smoke Bomb
BB - Antidote            E3 - Sleep Bomb
BC - Elixir              E4 - Game Ticket
BD - Water of Life       E5 - Lucky Medal
E9 - Corn
EC - Sacred Feather
EE - Oil Drop
EF - Weasel's Claw
F0 - Bramble Seed
F1 - Crystal Powder

Items + 01

00 - Hyper Boots         06 - Adept Ring
01 - Quick Boots         07 - War Ring
02 - Fur Boots           08 - Sleep Ring
03 - Turtle Boots        09 - Healing Ring
                         0A - Unicorn Ring
                         0B - Fairy Ring
                         0C - Cleric's Ring

1.50 Djinn Hacking

Let me start off by saying this: Djinn hacking is incredibly tricky. You
have to do everything perfectly or you will be greeted with useless and
unresponsive Djinn.

Up to this point, everything you've hacked has been controlled by multiple
bytes, aka items and psyenergy. Every different psyenergy and item has had
it's own byte that controls it.

Djinn hacking is far more complex. It is controlled by more than one byte,
which change depending on the status of your Djinn,(standby, set, recovery)
which elements you have and how many of each you have.

Issac's Djinn
    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
600                         01
610                         01
620                         01          01

All of those numbers control one Djinn. Unfortunately at this point I only
understand which numbers to add; not really what they do.

The byte at 608 controls which Djinn you have. Unlike items and psyenergy,
where each item/psyenergy is accounted for in its own byte, which Djinn you
have is not controlled by separate bytes. They are controlled by only two.

The game uses a binary system of counting to keep track of your Djinn.

01 - Flint
02 - Granite
04 - Quartz
08 - Vine
16 - Sap
32 - Ground
64 - Bane

So then what the game does is it adds up the value for each individual djinn
and its total is what ends up at 608. So for example if you have Flint,
Granite and Quartz, the game adds up the values (1 + 2 + 4) and you get seven,
which goes at 608.

Here's where my understanding of Djinn fails. For some unknown reason you must
put the same value you got above (in my example its 7) and put it in the byte
directly below in this case 618. If you don't again bad things will happen.

Also like the Checksum if the value for your Djinn is over 2 digits, you must
use the "reverse byte" method. So if you get a value 0f 1FF, you must enter it
as FF 01. 

Status bytes

The last two bytes are determined by the status of Djinn you have. A value of
1 means that the Djinn are all in standby. Make sure to ALWAYS use a 1. That
way you can use my method of merely counting the number of Djinn you have and
thusly determining which value belongs to that byte. Referring to my example,
if I use 1 for each Djinn I get a value of three, which is what I would then
put in both status byte locations.

Now as I previously stated, the location also determines which Djinn you have.
For Issac, the bytes listed above all control Venus Djinn. If you were to take
the 01's and move them to 610 and 620, the element of the Djinn changes. So
instead of getting Flint, Granite and Quartz you instead get Fever, Forge
and Corona even though they have the same value.

Confused yet? Just read the addresses and values and maybe you'll get it.

**PLEASE note that if you hack the Djinn the way I do for this guide what you
must hack only one element at a time. If you try to hack multiple elements of
Djinn at once the addresses change and I am not going to list all of the
possibilities at this point. That also includes trying to hack when your
character has two or more Djinn of different elements. Your best off hacking
in all of the Djinn and then arranging them in game. That way the game will
take care of the messy points for you.

1.51 Djinn Hacking Addresses

Okay so maybe the explanation was kinda tricky but I think once you see what
I'm talking about you'll be able to successfully hack your Djinn and only have
to do it once.


Vs - Venus
Ms - Mars
Jr - Jupiter
Mc - Mercury


I think this time a picture is much more appropriate to illustrate the
Djinn hacking address. Just remember that you must put the same value
in for both the Djinn addresses and the same number in for both the

    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
600                         Vs          Mc
610 Ms          Jr          Vs          Mc
620 Ms          Jr


Vs - 628 + 62C
Ms - 62A + 62E
Jr - 62B + 62F
Mc - 629 + 62D


    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
750 Jr          Vs          Mc          Ms
760 Jr          Vs          Mc          Ms


Vs - 774 + 778
Ms - 776 + 77A
Jr - 777 + 77B
Mc - 775 + 779


    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
8A0 Vs          Mc          Ms          Jr
8B0 Vs          Mc          Ms          Jr

Vs - 8C0 + 8C4
Ms - 8C2 + 8C6
Jr - 8C3 + 8C7
Mc - 8C1 + 8C5


    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
9E0                                     Vs
9F0 Mc          Ms          Jr          Vs
A00 Mc          Ms          Jr

Vs - A0C + A10
Ms - A0E + A12
Jr - A0F + A13
Mc - A0D + A11

1.52 Djinn Values

The formula for figuring out which Djinn you have is simple: simply add up the
values assigned to each Djinn. Then use the hex converter to obtain the correct
hex value. Since there are over a hundred possible combinations per element,
I will only list the values assigned to each Djinn.

    Venus Djinn      Mars Djinn       Jupiter Djinn       Mercury Djinn
01  Flint            Forge            Gust                Fizz
02  Granite          Fever            Breeze              Sleet
04  Quartz           Corona           Zephyr              Mist
08  Vine             Scorch           Smog                Spritz
16  Sap              Ember            Kite                Hail
32  Ground           Flash            Squall              Tonic
64  Bane             Torch            Luff                Dew

Just so you know, 7F will get you all Djinn of one element.

** Note that these values are NOT hex values. You must use the hex converter
to get the correct value.

1.53 One more time

With any luck by now most of you have at least a basic understanding of
hacking Djinn. For those who don't, here's a real life example that I hope
will bring about your understanding of Djinn hacking.

    00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
600                         07
610 01                      07
620 01                      03    01    03    01

The 07 is code for three Djinn, the 1, 2, and 4 value Djinn. The address of
608 for Issac means that the Djinn are all of Venus element. The 03 in both
628 and 62C both are status bytes and MUST be there and have the correct
value, in this case three because I have three Djinn. 

Now if we switch to the 1 at 610, that's coding for the 1 Djinn for Mars
element. Because there's only one, we place a 1 at 0A and at 0E.

Again please note that these are two separate examples: one for Venus and
one for Mars. If you were to hack them at the same time, the addresses
would change and you would be left with useless Djinn.

1.6 Class Hacking

Class hacking appears to be another very easy hack. It appears to only
be controlled by one byte, but I'm not entirely sure.

     00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
0160                         01 02 
                       Class ^^ 

All you have to do is input the appropriate value in the correct address.
The 02s are only there for consistency.

1.61 Class Addresses

Issac - 639
Garet - 785
Ivan - 8D1
Mia - A1D

1.62 The Classes

01 - Squire         0A - Guard        14 - Wind Seer     1E - Water Seer
02 - Knight         0B - Soldier      15 - Magician      1F - Scribe
03 - Gallant        0C - Warrior      16 - Mage          20 - Cleric
04 - Lord           0D - Champion     17 - Magister      21 - Paragon
05 - Slayer         0E - Hero         18 - Sorcerer      22 - Angel

28 - Swordsman      32 - Swordsman    3D - Dragoon       46 - Apprentice
29 - Defender       33 - Defender     3E - Templar       47 - Illusionist
2A - Cavalier       34 - Cavalier     3F - Paladin       48 - Enchanter
2B - Guardian       35 - Luminer                         49 - Conjurer
2C - Protector      36 - Radiant                         4A - War Adept

50 - Page           5A - Ninja        64 - Seer          6E - Seer
51 - Illusionist    5B - Disciple     65 - Diviner       6F - Diviner
52 - Enchanter      5C - Master       66 - Shaman        70 - Shaman
53 - Conjurer                         67 - Druid         71 - Druid
54 - War Adept                        68 - Oracle        72 - Oracle

78 - Medium         82 - Pilgrim      8C - Pilgrim       96 - Ranger
79 - Dark Mage      83 - Wanderer     8D - Wanderer      97 - Bard
7A - Death Mage     84 - Ascetic      8E - Ascetic       98 - Warlock
                    85 - Water Monk   8F - Fire Monk
                    86 - Guru         90 - Guru

A0 - Brute          AA - Samuri       B4 - Hermit        B9 - Wizard
A1 - Ruffian        AB - Ronin        B5 - Elder         
A2 - Savage                           B6 - Scholar       CA - Flame User
A3 - Barbarian                        B7 - Savant
A4 - Beserker                         B8 - Sage

Glitch Classes

CB - Enemy                            D0 - Issac Appeared!
CC - Waiting for opponents input      D1 - Issac's party attacks first
CD - Mystery Man                      D2 - Issac's party was caught by surprise
CE - Mystery Woman                    D3 - Issac attacks
CF - Issac Appeared!                  D4 - NPC

D5 - Issac is defending               DA - Issac's item has already been used
D6 - Issac uses a ???                 DB - Your ??? broke!
D7 - Issac raises the ???             DC - Issac recovers 0 HP
D8 - Issac's ??? lets out a howl      DD - Issac recovers 0 PP
D9 - Nothing!                         DE - Issac returns to battle

Yes there are more but I really don't feel like wasting any more room.

1.7 Gil Hacking

So I guess this is getting it's own section since there's really no where
else to put it. Basically gil is controlled by two sets of bytes: one that
controlls how much gil your party has on the select file screen and another
that is your actual in game gil.


Select Screen -> 024 - 026
In Game -> 260 - 262

Hacking these values over the normal max of 999,999 might produce some weird
results. But really can't you be happy with 999,999?

1.8 Theoretical Hacking

So here's the section dedicated to my hacking research. Even though it may
seem I have given up on this guide, there is a fair chance I am frantically
researching it. The problem is that in many areas I have found certain bytes
that change major things, but I don't understand how they work. This section
is dedicated to providing information so others can possibly crack what I

Currently there are a few major areas that I have tried to hack but have had
little/no success. They include

Characters in party
Storyline Data
Tresure Chests
Character Status

Below are listed my theories concerning these hacks. Below that is help if
you are intrested in starting some reseach of your own!

1.81 Characters in party

This hack has been driving me absolutely crazy! It appears that hacking the
characters is dependent on more than one thing, most likely the story.
Basically the values that I have changed seem to be completely random and
are not even remotely consistent. 

Known Character Bytes: 050
Suspected Bytes: 054

In the beginning of the game, right after Garet joins your party, this value
(050) is set to 03. Simple enough. But this byte does not seem to follow any
sort of pattern. A value of 04 will reduce your party to just Issac and 30
will get you both Issac and Garet. Some will actually even give you more
Issacs! (I got to 6)

Also these values are not consistant accross game saves. I tried to copy
exactly the whole line of bytes to see whether that would change my party,
but even this wouldn't work. Unfortunately this only strenghtens my theory
of the party size being story related. So this leads into my next section...

1.82 Storyline Data

Ah, the storyline. The Holy Grail of hacking. If I'm correct, whoever can
crack how to hack the story will have the Keys to the Kingdom, because
the story data affects the whole game. Who would have thought?

The problem with hacking the story is what events classify as a story event?
Also there is the problem with optional story line data. If you're up for a
serious challenge and think you can beat me to having it cracked, get to it!

1.83 **Location!**

Talk about keys to the Kingdom! If you can get either location OR story
hacked you will go down in history as the greatest hacker of all time.
Fortunately for you, I actually have some experience with hacking the
location (a lot of good it's gonna do you!)

This one is very easily the hardest hack in the entire game! As far as
I can tell, at least 6 (yes, SIX!) bytes control just the camera alone!
I haven't even found the byte that controls your actual physical location!
That byte is so secret I think it even has it's own Checksum! OMG!

1.84 Treasure Chests/Character Status
Again, honestly I haven't put alot of effort into these ones yet. I think
someone could very quickly/easily hack this one. You just gotta beat me
to it!

1.85 Helpful Hints for Hopeful Hackers

So now that I (sorta) explained some of the things I know about things
yet to be hacked, one might ask themself "Gee, this might be so easy for
you Mr. Incredibly Intellegent, but how are us Average Joes supposed to
hack something even you can't?!" Well again fear not! I am ready to profess
my knowledge and techniques to help you crack things on your own!

First you have to understand how to approach this the right way. For me,
the easiest and most effective way through comparison. With WinHex, simply
rename your old file as a .sav1 or something like that and start a new one.
When you're done, change the old save back to a .sav file and viola. If you
don't want to or can't use a new file, make SURE to copy your good one.

So open up your save in WinHex and click on the box in the corner (NOT
Winhex, the save file) Next, Open up your game and do something related to
what you are researching. For example if you are trying to figure out what
bytes control chests, open the chest and save it. Then bring up WinHex
again and open your new save file.

So now you should have 2 save files opened up in WinHex, with the only
difference being what you just did (aka open a chest) Now here's the fun
part: you have to make both the windows small enough to take up about 1/2
the screen each. Next you scroll down in each window until you get to your
current library. Make SURE that the line with CAMELOT is the top one on
both screens.

Following me? Well here's the awesome part. After getting both screens set
up, go up to view and click the box "sychronize + compare". What this does
is set both screens to move at the same time and same speed. Also (the best
part) is it highlights in black all of the DIFFERENCES between game save 1
and 2. How does this help? Well if you only did 1 thing, there should only
be a few differences.

Now I take a quick break to explain the way the data is arranged in Golden


Part A is from the 010 to just before Issac. Part A I believe contains all
of the story information, like Location, Party, Chests ect. Part B contains
all of your character data. Part C is mostly a mystery to me. If you are
researching anything I haven't hacked, chances are very high you will find
it in Part A.

So back to the differneces. The reason I mentioned the sections is because
there will be more than one difference when you sync + compare. Loction,
time and possibly a few other things change as well. This is the part where
you have to use your own intellence to narrow down the possible changes and
isolate the one you are searching for.

After you think you've found the bytes that control something, you then have
to desipher what values do what and which to use. Truly you can only get
this through trial and error. Try changing bytes around it, or chaning the
byte that changed. Just remember: Everything follows a pattern. Whether it
is clear or not, there has to be a pattern. Nothing can be completely

I hope this helps those who want to try to crack something on their own.
If you have a theory or believe you have cracked something, please feel
free to e-mail me. I will give you all the credit you deserve!

1.86 A Good Place to Start

If you are intrested in beginning research, here is a good start. I
started a new file, stepped outside and saved it. Then I opened it
again, moved a little, and saved it again. Below are all of the bytes
that changed:

008 009 00A

020 021

03C 03D 03E 03F

254 255

42C 42D 42E 42F(Not really sure if it changes, but it should...)

434 435 436


This info is a great start if you're intrested in hacking location,
time or possibly even party. The rest is up to you!

A.5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get my game onto the computer?

A: There are two ways that you can get your save on the computer. The first
is to buy a special flash reader that connects to your pc and allows you to
transfer your data, much the same way a gameshark works. The second is to
obtain a "ROM" of the game from the internet.

Q: So this works with my GBA, right?

A: I'm pretty sure that it is. If you can get your GBA save file on the
computer, this is the method to use to hack it.

Q: Where can I find a ROM for Golden Sun?

A: I honestly don't know. Just Google it and best of luck to you.

Q: What should I use to play my ROM?

A: Visual Boy Advanced is top dog when it comes to GBA emulators, and it's
a free download.

Q: Is this even legal?

A: After reviewing a certain section of gamefaqs.com, I have realized that
the only legal way to have a copy of the game on your computer is to make one
personal copy. It is illegal to download the game from the internet or any
other method. Sorry but if you decide to try this out using illegal methods
it's not my fault.

Q: So what was the name of the hex editor again?

A: You really need to pay attention. I strongly recommend WinHex because it
allows you to highlight large chunks of code effortlessly.

Q: Why is it my Djinn hacking is not working?

A: Did you even read the explanation? You can only hack one element per
character. This is the last time I'm saying so and if I have to answer
to a email where you are trying to hack more than one element per character,
I will not be pleasant. :)

A.6 Legal Stuff

This guide is to only be posted on Gamefaqs.com and Neoseeker.com.
If you wish to put this guide on your site contact and I'll let you know.
This guide is not to be reproduced for profit; only personal use. But you
wouldn't even think of doing something like that, would you. :)

Copyright Cody Trombley 2006

A.7 Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, typos, maybe some help please feel free 
to email me at keyblade_master_02(at)yahoo.com or AIM me at skye0052.
Unfortunately I do not check my email often enough and if I take a while to
get back to you I apologize in advance. If you are truly desperate to
contact me, I am almost always on Xfire as skye0053 whenever I'm online so
if you request to be added to my friends list please just make sure to say
for hacking help or I will most likely ignore you.

A.8 Credits

Ahh, so much credit to give. First I have to give credit to Camelot for
making undoubtedly the greatest RPG for GBA and one of my favorites of all
time. Second a huge amount of credit goes to Kaitia who wrote the GS2 game
save hack and is responsible for getting me started in hacking and in
helping me explain the hacking process. And for my friend for originally
giving me the game.

Also those wrote to me with improvments:

Liq - Pointed out a typo and that 00 01 is actually an item.
Big Stu - Who also pointed out the same item at the same time I checked my
          e-mail so they both get credit.

Thanks to everyone who helps!

If you want to get your name here, just contact me with an improvement or
anything and I'll be sure you get here.

A.9 Coming Soon

So everyone, it's up to us to finish hacking Golden Sun! You honestly don't
expect me to do it all, do you :) Now get to work!

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