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Game Script by Shotgunnova

Version: Mars | Updated: 01/26/06

 ########                                  ###########
#                                          #
#                #     #                   #
#   #####  ####  #     # ##### #   #       ##########
#       # #    # # ##### #  #  ##  #                #
#       # #    # # #   # # #   # # #                #
 #######   ####  # ##### ####  #  ##                #

------------------------------------.      #        #
                                    |      #        #
            GAME SCRIPT             |      #        #
  by: Shotgunnova (Patrick Summers) |      #        #
  texastornado6_9 (at) hotmail.com  |      #        #
        From: 1/4/06 - 1/9/06       |       ########
                                           #        #
------------------------------------.      ##       #
Authorization Notice:               |      # #      #
                                    |      #  #     #
This script cannot be hosted, sold, |      #   #    #
reproduced, or edited without the   |      #    #   #
permission of the author. Doing the |      #     #  #
above without it is a direct breach |      #      # #
of federal copyright laws. Also,    |      #       ##
plagiarizers kill kittens.          |      #        #

Notation Notes:                                                |
-Dialogue is grouped together. If Garet saays seven boxes of   |
 speech in one go, it'll appear as one block of text.          |
-R1, R2, and so on designate yes/no repliees. Speech that      |
 follows after any given reply part is indented to show that   | 
 it only comes with that option, not as main dialogue, which   |
 is always left-centered.                                      |
-Since the main character is mute (i.e. hee has no lines       |
 himself), some of the dialogue may seem rushed. Since most    |
 expressions are shown in visuals, substitute a "..." or a     |
 different response to show that there something happened in   |
 between.                                                      |
-Besides character names, there are no descriptive NPC titles  |
 that would work as "nametags". I made the ones you see up     |
 for clarity's sake.                                           |
-To get to any given section of the Table of Contents, just    |
 Ctrl+F the number and you'll be there instantly -- it's much  |
 easier than manual scrolling.                                 |

| TABLE OF CONTENTS                                           |
|                                                             |
| 01. Vale (Past)                                             |
| 02. Vale (Present)                                          |
| 03. Sol Sanctum                                             |
| 04. Vale (II)                                               |
| 05. The First Djinn                                         |
| 06. Vault                                                   |
| 07. Goma Cave Entrance                                      |
| 08. Bilibin                                                 |
| 09. Kolima                                                  |
| 10. Kolima Forest                                           |
| 11. Imil                                                    |
| 12. Mercury Lighthouse                                      |
| 13. Kolima Forest Revisited                                 |
| 14. Kolima Bridge                                           |
| 15. Fuchin Temple                                           |
| 16. Xian                                                    |
| 17. Alpine Crossing                                         |
| 18. Altin                                                   |
| 19. Lama Temple                                             |
| 20. Alpine Crossing Revisited                               |
| 21. Kalay                                                   |
| 22. Kalay Docks and the Tolbi-bound Ship                    |
| 23. Tolbi                                                   |
| 24. Altmiller Cave                                          |
| 25. Tolbi Revisited and Colosso                             |
| 26. Gondowan Passage                                        |
| 27. Suhalla                                                 |
| 28. Suhalla Desert                                          |
| 29. Suhalla Gate                                            |
| 30. Lalivero                                                |
| 31. Babi Lighthouse                                         |
| 32. Venus Lighthouse                                        |
| 33. Venus Lighthouse via Tunnel Ruins                       |
| 34. Lalivero, Lumerian Ship, and Epilogue                   |
|                                                             |
| 35. Help Shotty!                                            |
| 36. Contribution Credits and Thanks...es                    |
| 37. Updates                                                 |
| 38. Sites That Can Host This                                |

| 01. Vale (Past)                                             |

[The game begins with a dark screen, signifying the middle of
the night. Someone yells to your main player (known as Isaac
from hereon, since it's the default.]

Voice: "Isaac, wake up! Please, dear, wake up!"

[The screen brightens and a woman stands over her sleeping

Woman: "The Mt. Aleph Boulder is going to fall! Come on, Isaac.
       We have to go----now!"

[Isaac gets out of bed.]

Woman: Isaac! You forgot something!

[The woman uses a magic (?) called Catch to pluck the boy's
tunic off the wall.]

Woman: "It's pouring outside! Don't go out without your tunic!"

[The woman and Isaac rush to the stairway.]

Woman: "Have you got everything you need?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Good for you, Isaac. A lost possession can be replaced;
           a lost life can't."

       R2: "I'm sorry, but we don't have time...You'll have to leave
           it behind." 

[The two run downstairs and a man runs in.]

Man: "Isaac, Dora, hurry! The Boulder could fall at any second!"

[The man runs back out into the pouring rain and the woman (Dora)
follows the man outside with Isaac in tow.]

Dora: "Kyle...Will they be able to stop the Boulder?"

Kyle: "I don't think so...Not for long, anyway...You two go on ahead
      and take refuge in the plaza."

Dora: "Aren't you coming?"

Kyle: "I need to help evacuate the other villagers."

Dora: "Let me help you, Kyle!"

Kyle: "It's too dangerous, Dora. Please, just take good care of

Dora: "Isaac is old enough to get to the plaza on his own. You can
      find your way, can't you, Isaac?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "You know the way -- just go south to get to the plaza.
          Be careful!"

      R2: "You're a big boy, now, Isaac. Why don't you go on your
          own?" [Picking this option has Dora repeat the question
          until you pick the right answer.]

[Dora and Kyle run off at the correct answer. If Isaac tries to
head south, a boulder comes out of nowhere and blocks his descent.
Isaac has no choice to but to run north, where he finds another
boy tugging on a chest wrapped in a coil of rope.]

Boy: "Ugh...Hrnghhh...Isaac, what do you want? I'm trying to save
     my things! What, you want me to just dump my stuff?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No
     R1: "You think I should forget these things and save my own
         life? You know, you're right. OK! Let's get out of here!"
         [Garet joins Isaac's party.]

     R2: "Hmm...If a rock hits me now, I'll lose both my chest and
         my life. You're right -- I should just ditch my stuff.
         Let's get out of here." [Garet joins Isaac's party.]

[As the two cross the nearby bridge, someone yells from the north:]

Voice: "Ahhh! The Boulder! It's falling!"

[Up north, there are a bunch of priestly characters using their
magic (?) to stop a giant boulder from crushing the village below.]

Person: "Ugh...Ughnn...It's too heavy! We can't hold it for long!
        If our Psynergy runs out, Vale will be destroyed! We have
        to hold on until the villagers are safe!"

[One of the people stopping the boulder turns around and sees the
boys a ways away.]

Man: "Hurry, boys! Run!!! It's just a little farther!"

Garet: "Come on, Isaac, run! The Boulder is coming!"

[The two continue but another boulder blocks the path southward.]

Garet: "We can't get around this rock! We'll have to find another

[The two journey eastward, down, and soon try to find an alternate
path. An injured man nearby yells out to them.]

Injured Guy: "Rockslide...destroyed fence...Monsters everywhere...
             I'm hurt pretty badly...Do you think I'll die?"
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No
             R1: "I knew it...This is the end for me. Save

             R2: "This is awful. I'm left here for the monsters
                 to...Wait...That's strange...I'm not hurt at
                 all! But I'm serious about the monsters, so be
                 careful on your way to the plaza!" [He leaves
                 after this.]

[Taking another southbound route, the party hears a little girl
yell out from near the waterfall.]

Girl: "Oh no! My brother!"

[The boys see a household yelling out to a boy in the water, who
is only remaining buoyant by clinging to a post. Kyle yells out
to him.]

Kyle: "Hang on, Felix!"

Dora: "Felix will be all right. We'll find a way to save him..."

[Felix disappears beneath the waves.]

Girl: "Nooooo! Felix!"

[Felix appears again in the same position.]

Kyle: "The rope won't reach...We should use Psynergy. Do you have
     any left?"

Man: "I've used all mine up. What about you, Kyle?"

Kyle: "I'm drained from helping the other villagers..."

Dora: "We have to get help."

Kyle: "Can Felix hang on long enough for us to find help?"

Dora: "There's nothing else we can do for him here, is there?

Kyle: "Then go get help, but be as quick as possible!"

Man: "Jenna, can you go too? You'll go find help, right?"

Dora: "Your brother's counting on you, Jenna. All right, let's
      get going!"

[Dora and Jenna run near the cottage.]

Dora: "I'll go look up north...You head for the plaza, all right?"

Jenna: "Yes, ma'am. We're looking for anyone with any Psynergy
       left, right?"

[Dora sees the two boys after Jenna's ran off.]

Dora: "Isaac! You saw what happened?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No
      R1: "I have to go get help before Felix drowns! I don't
          suppose...Could the two of you help me?"
          R3 --> Yes (See Below)
          R4 --> No (See Below)

      R2: "I'm looking for someone who can help Felix. He's
          fallen into the river. I don't suppose...Could the two
          of you help me?"
          R3 --> Yes
          R4 --> No

          R3: "Jenna has gone to the plaza to get help. Go join
          R4: "You don't have to if you don't want to...Just get
              yourselves to the plaza."

[Dora runs off and the two boys bolt to the plaza. There, they
find Jenna talking to a bunch of men.]

Old Man: "Go aid the elders! The Boulder is too heavy for them to
         hold much longer."

Man: "We can't let the Mt. Aleph Boulder destroy our village."

Other Man: "Let's go help the elders."

Old Man: "We're counting on you."

[The two men run off to help combat the boulder.]

Garet: "Grandpa! Jenna!"

Jenna: "Garet, Isaac...You came to help me?"

Old Man: "Jenna told me about Felix. Is that why you're here?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1: "Good boys! Jenna could use a hand."
         R2: "Well, regardless, I want you two to help Jenna.

[The man at a large stone in the center of the pond nearby 
gets ready to leave.]

Man: "Great! I'm all charged up!"

Old Man: "How are you? Have you recovered your Psynergy?"

Man: "Enough to save Felix, thanks to the Psynergy Stone."

Old Man: "OK, Jenna, you heard him. Now hurry back! The path may
         be blocked by fallen rocks. You two can show them the

Jenna: "...Thank you, Isaac."

[On the way back, the four stop on the bridge overlooking Felix'

Jenna: "Mom! Dad! We're back!"

Dora: "Is that you, Jenna?"

Jenna: "Yes, ma'am..."

Dora: "I couldn't find anyone who could help...How did you do?
      You're just in time."

Jenna: "Then my brother is still..."

Dora: "Felix is all right. He's hanging in there. Come down here,
      so we can save Felix!"

[The ground shakes sending the party into confusion. They look above
and see the massive Mt. Aleph Boulder bounding down the cliffsides.
It crashes into the wooden dock where some of the people helping out
Felix were standing, including Kyle. Isaac runs off across the 
bridge back to the plaza.]

Garet: "Isaac...I can't let him go alone...It's times like these
       that we men have to stand together!"

[In the next screen, Isaac stops as he hears a strange person
talking nearby.]

Foreign Man: "Only the two of us survived..."

Foreign Woman: "How could we have anticipated Sol Sanctum would
               unleash such fury?"

Foreign Man: "It's a miracle that even the two of us were spared..."

Foreign Woman: "That switch...It must have been a trap..."

Foreign Man: "But to think it could conjure up a storm this

Foreign Woman: "...Another demonstration of the awesome powers of

Foreign Man: "Regardless, we must not fail the next time we challenge
             Sol Sanctum."

Foreign Woman: "Next time, we shall certainly..."

Garet: "Isaac! Wait!"

[Garet runs into the screen and finds Isaac listening intently to
the strangers' odd conversation.]

Foreign Man: "You were eavesdropping on us just now...weren't
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No

             R1 (Garet): "Isaac...Isaac, they look scary...Are you
                         sure you should be talking to them?"
             R2: [Same as R1]

Foreign Woman: "You must forget everything you heard."

Foreign Man: "Don't worry...We'll help you forget!"

[The mystery man and woman quickly defeat the two boys in battle,
and then make their escape with equal alacrity. The title screen
comes up, telling that that part of the game is done now.]

| 02. Vale (Present)                                          |

Narrative: Three years later...

[The town of Vale's returned to normal somewhat, with no more flash
floods and no more incoming boulders. Jenna walks along the path to
Isaac's house, where she finds Dora and Isaac outside -- the latter
who is patching up holes in his roof with straw.]

Dora: "Isaac! Haven't you finished mending the roof yet? You're 
      almost done? OK! Keep at it!"

[Jenna walks past the house and heads up the stairs to Isaac's abode.
She stops as she hears the red-haired teen yelling from his backyard.]

Garet: "Hyaa!"

Jenna: "Hee hee...Still training, Garet?"

[Garet's training with his Move psynergy, pushing a large stump 
near the cliff face.]

Jenna: "You sure do put your heart into it, Garet!"

Garet: "Oh, I'm just finishing up."

Jenna: "That's good. It's time to go, and I was about to leave
       you behind. Say, what exactly happened to you two? The
       accident three years ago...Is that why you've been studying
       Psynergy? I appreciate your concern but...my family's never
       coming back, and neither is Isaac's father...I just want to
       forget that day. I wish everyone would...

Garet: "That awful day...We went to get help, but they found us

Jenna: "Well, let's get Isaac and go to Kraden's..." [This and the
       dialogue part above are said in unison.] "What, Garet? Huh?
       You were about to say something, weren't you? Don't be
       weird, Garet! Whatever..."

Garet: "Jenna, are you mad at me?"

Jenna: "I don't want to talk about it. Come on!!!"

Garet: "Huh?"

Jenna: "Isaac's waiting for us."

Garet: "But, Jenna...!"

Jenna: "I'll leave you behind if you're too slow."

Garet: "Jenna..."

[Garet and Jenna travel back to Isaac's house, finding him using
his own Move psynergy to patch the holes in the roof.]

Dora: "Good job, Isaac."

[Dora climbs up.]

Dora: "You patched it nicely. All right. You're all done. You're
      very reliable, Isaac...just like your father was. What is
      it, Isaac? Do you still think about the accident?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "I thought so...Isaac...You and Garet have been
          working yourselves to the bone studying Psynergy. Do
          you think things would be any different if you'd had
          stronger abilities?"
          R3 --> Yes
          R4 --> No
      R2: "I don't believe you...You and Garet have been working
          yourselves to the bone studying Psynergy. Do you think
          things would be any different if you'd had stronger

      R3: "That's what I thought."

      R4: "Hmm...I wonder..."

Dora: "I was devestated when Kyle died. I felt all alone...It's
      taken some time, but I'm better now. I still have you, 
      Isaac. You're almost seventeen. You're so much like Kyle was
      when he was young. I'm looking forward to seeing where life
      takes you."

[Garet and Jenna, who had previously eavesdropped, walk into plain
sight. Jenna climbs the ladder onto the roof.]

Jenna: "MA'AAAAM!!!"

Dora: "Hello, Jenna."

Jenna: "Good morning."

Dora: "Yes, yes...Good morning."

[Garet climbs up, too.]

Dora: "Well, if it isn't Garet, too! Where do you all plan to go

Garet: "We're going to Mt. Aleph with Kraden."

Dora: "Mountain climbing with Kraden, eh? Kids and their games..."

Jenna: "No! It's part of our studies..."

Dora: "Ah, yes...Alchemy. Alchemy is the foundation of all
      Psynergy...And you all know Mt. Aleph is the greatest source
      of Alchemy. They say Kraden is the best teacher around.
      Alchemy...I wonder what use it all is? Your mother would rather
      see you grow up to be a happy, ordinary man. But I suppose you
      want to go..."
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Well, if that won't persuade you, I guess nothing will!"

      R2: "It's nice of you to humor me, but I know you don't mean 

Dora: "You're just as stubborn as your father!"

[Dora takes a step back on the patch in the roof.]

Dora: "Ahhh!"

Garet: "Be careful, ma'am!"

[Dora falls off the roof and Garet rushes to help her.]

Jenna: "Garet, don't!"

[Garet falls into a hole and Dora climbs back up.]

Dora: "Oh! That was exciting! I'm sorry I scared you like that. Well!"

Garet: "I...I'm sorry, ma'am. I'll get out of your way right away!"

[Garet unplugs himself and jumps back.]

Jenna: "Wait! Not there!"

Garet: "Huh? What's wrong with--"

[Garet falls in the other roof hole.]

Dora: "Oh, never mind...But you'd better get going...This old house
      will fall apart if you stay much longer. I'll get this fixed
      up. You don't have to hang around here."

Jenna: "Thank you, ma'am."

Dora: "Please, call me Dora."

Garet: "We'll get going right away!"

Dora: "Wait, Garet...Just watch your step."

[Garet and Jena join Isaac's party and they all climb down. Together,
they head towards Kraden's house in eastern Vale, but as they come 
into sight of it, they hear a familiar person speaking around the

Foreign Man: "They seem to know little of Sol Sanctum's mysteries.
             The elders of Vale must not permit anyone to enter it,
             not even Kraden."

Foreign Woman: "Kraden...Can we use him?"

Foreign Man: "Hmm...His knowledge is no meager thing. ...We can use

Foreign Woman: "But he's more stubborn than we expected..."

Foreign Man: "And cunning, too...Cunning beyond measure."

Foreign Woman: "If he won't go willingly, then we can always..."

[The party stops and walks around the corner, finding the three teens
waiting there, hearing every word.]

Foreign Man: "You there! What are you doing?"

Garet: "What are we doing?"

Foreign Woman: "Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?"
               R1 --> Yes
               R2 --> No

               R1: "Oh ho! Well...I can't permit you to continue
                   your spying."

               R2: "Hmph! I guess that I should take you at your 

Garet: "Hey, you're the ones who were sneaking around!"

Foreign Man: "Sneaking...Who are you, to accuse me!"

Foreign Woman: "So Kraden's engagement was with you..."

Jenna: "Yeah, we're off to meet him right now."

Foreign Man: "And this appointment is important enough to drive us
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No
             R1: "Pfeh! If your errand is more important than our
                 own, then...Go..."
             R2: "Nevertheless, Kraden sent us away. He awaits you.

Jenna: "You're letting us go?"

Foreign Woman: "Are you sure, Saturos?"

Saturos: "Menardi, we have no reason to delay these children any

Garet: "Let's...Let's go, Isaac."

[The party leaves Saturos and Menardi alone and walk through the
three-covered yard of Kraden. They soon hear him pondering the
visit aloud to himself.]

Kraden: "Just who were they? They already know too much about Sol
        Sanctum......things that even the elders of Vale don't
        know. And what were they saying about elements? The
        elements of Alchemy: earth, water, fire, and wind...They
        plan to set them into motion? And the four Elemental Stars
        are the key? These are things that I, a trained Alchemy
        sage, do not know."

[Isaac's party walks up.]

Kraden: "Oh! Isaac..."

Jenna: "You look like something's bothering you."

Kraden: "Me? Ah, well..."

Garet: "It's those two, isn't it? Saturos and Menardi were their
       names, right?"

Kraden: "Are they still out there? They're very persistent..."

Jenna: "Did they want something from you, Kraden?"

Kraden: "That seems to be the case..."

Jenna: "Seems to be?"

Kraden: "Mt. Aleph and Sol Sanctum...They spoke as if they'd seen
        them with their own eyes...Isn't that strange?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Yes. You can't enter Mt. Aleph without a very good

        R2: "Why, I had to wait many yers before I was allowed into
            the sanctum. Of course it's strange."

Jenna: "And if they entered secretly, then they might be thieves!"

Garet: "We have to go tell the high elders and the villagers!"

Kraden: "Wait, everyone! I still don't know how accurate the things
        they said were...We can do nothing until we confirm what
        they told me."

Jenna: "Then what should we do?"

Kraden: "Well, we go confirm it."

Garet: "...Do you mean we should go into Sol Sanctum ourselves?"

Jenna: "Isn't that impossible?"

Kraden: "Why would it be? Just because climbing Mt. Aleph is
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "We're just going to see whether they've been to
            the mountain. Surely, that would be acceptable!"

        R2: "That's right. We're just going to see if they've
            been to Mt. Aleph."

Garet: "We'll be fine if they don't see us, right?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Right. We won't be doing anything bad up there."
       R2: "Sure, you say no, but you know you want to!"

Jenna: "This will just be our secret, OK?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: [They all nod at each other.]
       R2: "No, Isaac! You can't even tell your mother!"

Kraden: "Then it's decided! We'll make you the leader, OK, Isaac?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "There are some dangerous places between Mt. Aleph and
            Sol Sanctum, but you can handle it right, Isaac?

        Jenna: "You're more cautious than Garet is, Isaac, so you'll
               be fine!"

        Garet: "You don't have to be so blunt..."

        R2: "There are some dangerous places between Mt. Aleph and
            Sol Sanctum, so I'll take over if you get nervous."

        Jenna: "If Garet is our leader, we'll be the ones who are
               nervous. Don't you agree, Kraden?"

        Garet: "You don't have to be so mean..."

[Kraden walks inside his house, takes a metal bag off of the table,
and walks back.]

Kraden: "This is our best bet. All right! Let's go!"

[The party starts walking to Mt. Aleph, but a man hiding behind a
tree jumps out and rushes them back. He's dressed like a priest.]

Priest: "You're not planning on sneaking up to Mt. Aleph, are you?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Mt. Aleph is a sacred peak. No one can climb it without

        R2: "Well, I'll overlook it this time...But I've got my eye
            on you, Isaac."

[Ignoring the guy's warning, the party runs up the mountain and into
the front entrance when he's not looking.]

| 03. Sol Sanctum                                             |

Kraden: "This is the entrance to Sol Sanctum. This is your first time
        here, right?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "It's an important relic of our past. Take a good look
            at it."

        R2: "I doubt that...Few ever get the chance to see this
            sanctum firsthand."

[The party continues through until they come to a large, ornate
chamber filled with warrior statues. Kraden comes to a halt.]

Garet: "What's wrong Kraden?"

Kraden: "Hmm...Those two said there was a hidden passage leading
        deeper into the sanctum. I've come here many times, and
        I've always thought it looked...strange. I had always
        imagined Sol Sanctum would look different, somehow."

Jenna: "What do you mean?"

Kraden: "Sol Sanctum was built in honor of the sun. There ought
        to be something here to reflect that. I was always puzzled
        why ther wasn't. If there is a hidden passage, then maybe
        it leads to...Well! Let's see if we can find it!"

Garet: "I think he's serious! Should we help him, Isaac?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "But it's too dangerous for us to split up. We should
           stay together.

       R2 (Jenna): "You can't seriously want to turn back after
                   we've come this far.

          Garet: "Let's help Kraden. We should stick together, 
                 after all."

[After finding a stairwell behind a statue, the party eventually
comes to a room subdivided by a tiny moat. Statues stand on one

Kraden: "More statues...Hmm...It doesn't look like we can reach
        them from here. Perhaps Psynergy is the key...Isaac, try to
        use your Psynergy!"

[The party moves past one of the statues and, after using a relief
of a minotaur to open up another entrance, they come to a hall with
a sparkling floor design of the sun.]

Kraden: "This is it! We've found it! Clearly, this is the mark of
        the sun...the heart of Sol Sanctum. It's just as I'd
        imagined...which means those two were telling the truth!"

Jenna: "But if what they said was true, then that means they must
       have been..."

Garet: "They were thieves! They came to rob the sanctum!"

Jenna: "Let's hurry back to the village and tell everybody!"

Garet: "Kraden? What's the matter?"

Kraden: "We're so close..."

Jenna: "Close? Close to what?"

Kraden: "We've come all the way to the heart of Sol Sanctum. To
        turn our backs on it and leave..."

Garet: "There's something wrong with that?"

Kraden: "Sol Sanctum holds the origins of Alchemy. It would be a
        waste to...What do you think? Shall we go a little farther?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Thank you!"
        R2: "Then you can all go back to the village without me."

Jenna: "If you put it that way, we don't have much choice."

Garet: "I'm with Kraden. I want to look inside..."

Kraden: "Really? We'll just go a little bit further! Good! It's
        decided. Let's move ahead!"

[In the adjacent room, the party sees a similarly styled room, but
this one is for promoting the moon.]

Kraden: "Wh-What is this room? There's a moon in the center...A
        picture of Luna. This must symbolize night...These rooms
        must be connected somehow, don't you think?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Luna and Sol...These rooms must hide some secret. What
            could it be?"

        R2: "But a room for Luna and one for Sol? It can't be
            mere coincidence."

Kraden: "What does it all mean? Isaac, would you look farther up
        the passage?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Let me know what you find."
        R2: "Then just wait here."

[Isaac goes into the upstairs room and moves on of the statues so
that it casts a beam on the moon relief. A part of the relief then
changes into part of a sun, and downstairs, the statues frighten

Kraden: "Wha-what's...What's happening? Isaac must have found

[A whole bunch of lightning starts to hit the room from above.]

Kraden: "Isaac! Stop!!! You're about to make a big mistake!"

[Kraden hightails it up to Isaac's party.]

Kraden: "Wait, Isaac!"

Jenna: "What's wrong, Kraden?"

Kraden: "This is a most interesting mechanism you've found, Isaac.
        But this is clearly...some kind of trap."

Garet: "This is...a trap?"

Kraden: "Go look in the Luna room, and you'll understand. You've
        done well. Finding this means you're looking in the right
        place. But if you just move one statue, you'll be caught
        in the sanctum's trap."

Jenna: "But why would anyone put a trap here, anyway?"

Kraden: "I don't know who did it...but they've hidden something very
        important. Perhaps...they've hidden the key to Alchemy
        itself. Should I tell you more?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Hmm...Honestly, I doubt you could understand it if I
            explained now."

        R2: "Hmph. Well, even if I told you now, you probably wouldn't

Kraden: "We must try to find a solution to this mystery."

Garet: "Sheesh...Another mystery?"

Kraden: "I'll keep checking the Luna room. You continue exploring
        the sanctum. My intuition tells me...that light must be the
        key to this secret. ...We should test it."

[Kraden goes back to the Luna room.]

Jenna: "Isaac, let's see if we can't figure this out ourselves.

[After completing the puzzle to the left of the "trap," they go
to work on the trap itself. After triggering the first statue,
downstairs, Kraden experiences a similar experience...]

Kraden: "Wha-what's...What's happening?"

[A piece of the floor relief turns into a sun.]

Kraden: "Isaac must have found something!"

[Kraden retreats back to the teenagers, and this time, without
any lightning ready to smoke him where he stands.]

Kraden: "You found it, Isaac!"

Jenna: "Kraden!"

Kraden: "Excellent work, Isaac! Where did that hole come from?"

Garet: "When Isaac moved those statues, two beams of light shot
       out from them, and then this hole appeared in the floor."

Jenna: "And Isaac dropped the statue into it after that."

Kraden: "Hmm...Good work, everyone! So the statue puzzle was the
        trap...and that other statue was here to...disarm the
        trap. And now that you've disarmed it, we've should be
        all right. I'll observe from the Luna room, where it's
        safe. You handle the rest!"

[Isaac pushes the rest of the statues to displace the moon
picture with the sun one. Downstairs, they find Kraden has just
seen the same thing.]

Kraden: "Look, Isaac! The picture of Luna changed to Sol! But other
        than that, nothing looks different...That's strange....They
        went through the trouble of putting a trap here...And this
        is all that happens? Somewhere, something else must have
        changed. We must find it."

[They head into the room right beside the Luna room.]

Kraden: "Look! The symbol on the floor! It changed from Sol to
        Luna! Surely...there must be something in this room."

[The party looks at the wall where a beam of light is pointing into
the center of the moon relief, which used to be in the first room
with the sun.]

Kraden: "Ah ha! This has to be it. Let's go, Isaac!"

[Isaac goes up to the portal formed on the wall by the beam and

Kraden: "Wait for me, Isaac...I'm on my way!"

[Kraden teleports after him. They arrive in a large, cavernous
room with pillars elevated through some water. It's all crystalline,
and very pleasing to the eye.]

Kraden: "Wha-Where are we? Is that...the ocean? No, it couldn't 
        be...The ocean has waves."

Garet: "The ocean...What's that?"

Kraden: "The ocean is a thing of endless water at the end of the
        world.You would not understand...Someday, I'll show it to
        you myself. The Elemental Stars...they really exist...The
        Elemental Stars exist!"

Jenna: "You taught us about those...Elements are the foundation of
       all matter."

Garet: "Stones, wood, even us...All things are made from those four
       elements. Did I get it right, Isaac?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Kraden): "Exactly..."
       R2 (Kraden): "No, Isaac...Garet is quite correct."

Kraden: "As I have told you many times, the elements are the source
        of all matter. Earth, water, fire, and wind -- these are the
        four elements. Legend holds that the four Elemental Stars
        contain the purified essence of each element. And now, those
        legendary stones are before us!"

[Kraden looks off to one of the pillars, to a statue that glows
with a dull yellow luster.]

Kraden: "The Venus Star...The elemental stone of earth!"

[He looks off to a blue one, with a harmonious aqua color.]

Kraden: "Mercury Star, possessing the power of water's many forms!"

[He then looks to another of Stars, gleaming a furious red.]

Kraden: "There is the Mars Star, glowing red with a fire contained

[Kraden then looks to the fourth star, a glorious purple shimmer.]

Kraden: "And Jupiter Star, bound with the wind's fury!!!"

Jenna: "Kraden...Why are you getting so excited?"

Kraden: "How can you be so calm in the face of such wonders!? You're
        looking at the very source of all Alchemy! ...Haven't I told
        you this before?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1 (Garet): "What? I must have fallen asleep, then, because
                    I don't have a clue what he's talking about!"

        R2 (Garet): "Then it muts be a lot for you to take in."

Kraden: "The Wisdom Stone...the Stone of Sages. This stone dominates
        everything...It can transmute crude matter into gold, even
        thwart death itself! You understand now, don't you?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "The study of Alchemy began with the search for this
            very stone."

        R2: "You still do not understand? Alchemy exists because of
            the Elemental Stars."

Jenna: "I don't really get how it works, but they have enormous
       power, right?"

Kraden: "Beyond enormous...With a single gem, one could conquer the
        world! Now, perhaps, you begin to understand."

Garet: "Don't scare us like that, Kraden. I totally thought you were
       serious. Heh...Conquering the world..."

Kraden: "Who can say what the truth is? That's why I've been
        searching for the Elemental Stars. I seek the truth about
        these stones. Now they lie before me..."

[Kraden jumps to one of the pillars and teeters.]

Kraden: "Whoa..."

Jenna: "Be careful, Kraden! It looks slippery."

Kraden: "But I must examine the Elemental Stars..."

Jenna: "Make the boys do it!"

Kraden: "Oh, I couldn't ask...Would you mind?"

Jenna: "He'd be glad to get the stones for you, right, Isaac?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Thank you!"
       R2: "

[Isaac hops the pillars and gets the Venus Star.]

Kraden: "Good, good! Now, go fetch the others! [He says this
        after getting the Mercury star, too.]

[After getting the Jupiter Star, the boys don't hear Kraden cheering
them on. They turn back to see if anything's up, and there they find
Saturos and Menardi standing, waiting for them to hurry up.]

Saturos: "It looks like they've spotted us."

Menardi: "I thought we'd be safe until they'd gotten all the
         Elemental Stars."

Kraden: "You! You mean to steal the Elemental Stars!"

Saturos: "Master Kraden...Are you calling us thieves?"

Menardi: "As I recall, aren't you the one who stole our information?"

Jenna: "What will you do with us once you've got the Elemental

Kraden: "I'm sure they'll do us in once they no longer need us!"

Masked Man: "Relax...You will not be hurt."

[A man in an odd mask warps into the room.]

Masked Man: "That was our agreement, was it not?"

Saturos: "That all depends on how well they cooperate."

Menardi: "They'll be safe, as long as they hand over the Elemental
         Stars. Isn't that enough?"

Saturos: "You heard us...If you wish to save your friends, then
         give us the Elemental Stars!"

Menardi: "Do you accept our terms?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No
         R1 (Kraden): "No, Isaac! You must not give them the 
                      Elemental Stars!"

         R2 (Kraden): "Very good, Isaac! You must not give them the 
                      Elemental Stars!"   

Saturos: "Why would you deny us? Don't you want your friends to be

Kraden: "What guarantee do we have once we've given you the Elemental

Menardi: "Guarantee...Ah. I have one. You will have to remove your

Masked Man: "Th-That means..."

Saturos: "Ah, of course. A fine idea...He will be our guarantee.
         Under the circumstances, we have little choice. Felix!
         Remove your mask!"

Garet: "What? What did he say? He called that guy Felix...That's
       what he said, isn't it?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No
       R1: "You heard it too? Felix? It can't be...That day...The
           Boulder...We saw him die, didn't we?"
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

       R2: "But that's what I heard. Felix? It can't be...That
           day...The Boulder...We saw him die, didn't we?"
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

       R3: "You remember it, too, Isaac? Then...what kind of 
           guarantee are they giving us?"

       R4: "We searched for weeks, but we still couldn't find him."

Menardi: "What's wrong, Felix...Don't you want them to feel safe?"

Kraden: "Felix...Wasn't that the name of your brother?"

Jenna: "But that accident...My brother, he..."

Felix: "I'll do it. I'll...take off my mask."

[He unmasks himself.]

Jenna: "I-It's not possible..."

Kraden: "Is he..."

Felix: "I know I've caused you much grief, Jenna. It was a miracle
       that I survived that day..."

Saturos: "We are the ones who saved him."

Menardi: "We saw him floating unconscious in the river as we passed."

Felix: "I've been with them ever since...I've experienced a lot."

Jenna: "But why? Why did you leave me all alone..."

Felix: "Jenna..."

Jenna: "My own brother...I thought you were dead!"

Saturos: "Save this teary reunion for later.

Menardi: "That's right. The Elemental Stars come first."

Saturos: "Is this acceptable? Felix would never allow us to harm
         you...or his sister."

Menardi: "Felix will be our guarantee. Now, give us the Elemental

Garet: "We don't have any choice. Should we give them the Elemental
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "I guess I should take the Elemental Stars over to them!"
       R2: "If you don't hand them over, they won't let Jenna go!"

[Picking R1 has Isaac give Garet the Stars; R2 has Garet swiping
the Stars and jumping towards the central platform. A blue-haired
man teleports in and blocks Garet's progress.]

Blue-haired Man: "Will you permit me to relieve you of those
                 Elemental Stars?"

Saturos: "Oh, Alex...You're late! Alex is another of our companions.
         Hand the stones over to him."

Garet: "Oh, great. After we did all that work..."

[Garet hands over the Stars.]

Alex: "I'm afraid I must apologize in advance...For you will be
      bringing us the remaining Elemental Star, as well."

Garet: "Wait a second! You want us to grab the other one for
       you, too?"

Alex: "Oh, did you not understand me?"

Garet: "You said you'd set Jenna free once we gave you the
       Elemental Stars. You promised..."

Saturos: "No, my friend...We want you to bring us ALL the
         Elemental Stars!"

Menardi: "Stop grumbling and bring us the last Star!"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1 (Alex): "Thank you for your cooperation. We'll be
                    waiting for the rest."

         R2 (Alex): "You don't want anything to happen to your
                    friends, do you?"
                    R3 --> Yes
                    R4 --> No

                    R3: "I doubt that's how you really feel. I'll
                        ask you once again." [He repeats R2.]

                    R4: "Thank you for your cooperation. We'll be
                        waiting for the rest."

[Isaac and Garet go get the Mars Star...but, a large explosion
set off by the last statue starts to cause a cave-in.]

Menardi: "What's the matter? What happened?"

Saturos: "No! Not again!"

Jenna: "The water's gone!"

Alex: "Without the energy of the Elemental Stars, the chamber
      is collapsing!"

Kraden: "Is this the "terrible retribution" the villagers spoke of?
        No, this must be more of Alchemy's power!"

[The shaking of the cavern stops.]

Menardi: "Whew! It's over...But what was it?"

Jenna: "What is that?!?"

Saturos: "No!"

[A large stone with an eyeball floats off near the central

Garet: "That rock...It's floating...Do you know what it is,
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Yeah, I know it's a rock, stupid!"
       R2: "Me neither. It looks like someone is using Psynergy to
           lift it..."

Kraden: "Could that be...the Wise One?!?"

Alex: "Such power...Incredible!

Garet: "!!!"

Jenna: "Wow..."

Saturos: "It must be the guardian of the Elemental Stars!"

Felix: "This doesn't look good...Maybe we should just escape while
       we can."

Menardi: "But we need the Mars Star. We can't leave it behind!"

Alex: "I agree with Felix. We're not match for the guardian."

Saturos: "The Mars Star will have to wait for another day."

Jenna: "What about Isaac and Garet? You can't just leave them there!"

Saturos: "Forget about them. They won't make it out alive."

Menardi: "But, Saturos, there's still a chance they might survive."

Saturos: "Anything is possible...So what do you suggest we do?"

Alex: "We take this "Jenna" with us...If they survive, they will
      want her back. And if they want her back, they will bring
      us the Star. Regardless, Kraden must come with us. He is
      connected to all of this."

Felix: "Alex...Are you breaking our promise?"

Alex: "Conditions have changed since we made that promise."

Felix: "Jenna's not any part of this. I won't let you hurt her!"

Kraden: "Do what you will with me. Just let Jenna go!"

Saturos: "Your bravery speaks well of you, old man, but you
         cannot help Jenna now."

Menardi: "If we leave Jenna, she will surely die. Is that what
         you want, Felix?"

Alex: "Perhaps we ought to continue this elsewhere, Felix."

Jenna: "Felix..."

Alex: "Please...can we go now?"

Menardi: "Let's make haste!"

Felix: "Hey, don't push my sister!"

Menardi: "Who do you think you're talking to? You owe us your life!"

Saturos: "Menardi! Master Kraden, you will be joining us, of course!"

[Saturos and Menardi jump into the portal.]

Jenna: "Isaac, Garet! Don't die!"

[Jenna and Felix pile into the teleporter.]

Alex: "The Mars Star...It's a pity that we have to leave it, but
      perhaps we'll be seeing it soon..."

[Alex gets in the teleporter, too.]

Garet: "Well, this turned out badly, wouldn't you say?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "It's a miracle we survived."
       R2: "How can you be so calm at a time like this?"

Garet: "Jenna and Kraden are gone! You don't think they'll hurt
       Jenna and Kraden, do you?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Thanks a lot...But seriously, Jenna and Kraden will
           be fine. Felix is with them..."

       R2: "Yeah, they'll be safe. Felix is there..."

[Garet scours the area, which is falling apart and on the brink
of bursting into flames.]

Garet: "This really is terrible...We've got a long way to go if
       we're gonna make it out of here. We're in big trouble."
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Let's get out of here..."
       R2: "Quit acting so tough! Let's get out of here!"

[The Elemental Star guardian flies over.]

Garet: "Hey, Isaac...Isaac, I'm over here. Come on, we've gotta go."

Guardian: "Why are you standing there? This place has become

Garet: "You're the dangerous one!"

[The guardian starts to use a psynergy.]

Guardian: "The volcano will soon erupt...I cannot hold it long.
          You must leave this place."

[A few specks of light form on the Mars statue and shoot away.]

Guardian: "The Elemental Djinn...They have returned...Take out
          the Elemental Star..."
          R1 --> Yes
          R2 --> No

          R1: [Isaac takes it out.]
          R2 (Narrative): Isaac cannot resist.

Guardian: "Return it to its bag. The Elemental Stars are...moving
          away from here..."

[More of the specks of light disappear from the statues.]

Guardian: "Without the power of the Elemental Stars to contain it,
          the magma flows freely once again, and this chamber is
          collapsing. There will be no chamber for the Elemental
          Stars to return to...The world will be exposed to the
          threat of Alchemy."

Garet: "Alchemy? A threat?"

Guardian: "It can be a dangerous power if it is misused...If the
          Elemental Stars ignite the flames of the four lighthouses,
          that power will be released. As long as the four
          lighthouses remain unlit..."

[The place starts to cave in, but the guardian uses its psynergy
to keep it at bay for a moment.]

Guardian: "The volcano...It's erupting..Flee, now!"

Garet: "But how..."

Guardian: "Ah. I see. I will help you..."

[The guardian teleports the boys back to the room where the
beam of light had been.]

Garet: "Did that floating eye thing save us?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Yeah, right! Let's get out of here..."
       R2: "Yeah, right! Let's get out of here..."

[The party runs back to the entrance and back to Vale.]

| 04. Vale (II)                                               |

[A large party of people had felt the tremors of the volcano
and had gathered near the shrine before the entrance to Mt.

Elder: "I thought Mt. Aleph was inactive..."

Old Man: "Oooh, my grandson! Will Garet be safe in this eruption?!?"

Woman: "Grandpa, we don't even know if he's up there!"

Boy: "But, Sis, someone saw him and his friends climbing Mt. Aleph."

Priest: "They were hanging around here while I was on guard duty."

Dora: "Isaac and Garet went to Mr. Kraden's house."

Old Man: "Didn't they say they were studying Alchemy?"

Dora: "Yes, they did...but...what does that have to do with the

[Garet and Isaac come down the steps near the shrine.]

Garet: "Uh-oh. It's Grandpa and the others. What should we do,
       Isaac? Should we go back up?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No
       R1 (Boy): "Garet!"
       R2 (Boy): "Garet!"

Dora: "Isaac!"

Elder: "You're safe!"

Old Man: "Come over here, both of you! Where have you been?"

Elder: "What happened?"

Dora: "Weren't Jenna and Kraden with you?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "They were taken away? By whom?"
      R2: "What do you mean, they were taken away?"

Elder: "This is all very complicated. We'll need you to tell us
       exactly what happened on the mountain. Come into the
       sanctum, both of you."

[The boys go into the shrine nearby and act out their story for
the folks present.]

Old Man: "We had no idea...The true sanctum..."

Dora: "And Jenna and Kraden...They're prisoners?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "They've been taken against their will...How awful!"
      R2: "Well...we can only hope they're all right."

Priest: "Do you think they can be saved?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "Jenna's brother, Felix, will protect them, won't he?"
        R2: "Then our hopes must lie with Felix."

Old Man: "What is it, Great Healer? You have been very quiet."

Dora: "It's like you're a thousand miles away."

Great Healer: "That hovering stone, the one that appeared before

Old Man: "What about it?"

Great Healer: "I have seen it before in my dreams. In my mind's
              eye, it appeared again just now and spoke to me."

Garet: "You saw it just now?"

Great Healer: "It must be the Wise One, guardian of the Elemental
              Stars. It told me what happened to you in Sol Sanctum."

Old Man: "So what does the Wise One say about the eruption?"

Dora: "Will the volcano destory Vale?"

Great Healer: "It is impossible to stop the eruption now."

Priest: "Will Vale be..."

Great Healer: "Vale will be safe. The Wise One will prevent the
              lava from reaching us."

Old Man: "What's the matter, Great Healer?"

Dora: "...The village will be destroyed, won't it?"

Great Healer: "Something even more dreadful than Vale's destruction
              looms ahead."

Garet: "What could be worse than the destruction of Vale?"

Great Healer: "A terrible power. The Elemental Star gems house
              incredible power."

Old Man: "...And Vale has been guarding those gems?"

Great Healer: "The elemental lighthouses will loose that power
              upon the world. Once the power of the gems has
              been released, the whole world will..."

Dora: "The Wise One wants us to get the gems back, doesn't he?"

Great Healer: "The world is ours, to save or to destroy. Our
              inaction may bring about its destruction."

Old Man: "What a pity..."

Great Healer: "We cannot hope for salvation. We must save

Dora: "Then what can we do?"

Great Healer: "Acquiring the Elemental Stars is their fate alone."

Dora: "Are you suggesting we place the fate of the world...in the
      hands of Isaac and Garet?"

Old Man: "Garet is only a child. You can't expect him to bear such
         a burden..."

Great Healer: "The Wise One has spoken. Each of you shares
              responsibility for this. Now, each of you must make
              your own decision!"

Garet: "I don't know what to do. Isaac, you decide."

Great Healer: "Isaac, will you accept responsibility for the fate
              of the land?"
              R1 --> Yes
              R2 --> No

              R1 (Garet): "You accept? Oh, Isaac...You can't mean
                  Old Man: "You chose to leave your decision to
                           Isaac. There shall be no further

              R2 (Old Man): "I can't blame you...I couldn't do it
                            if I were in your shoes.

[After choosing R1:]

Great Healer: "O, Wise One, these two have accepted your quest. Give
              us your next command!"

[The Wise One appears in the sanctum.]

Wise One: "You two are quite brave to take on this quest. I shall
          be watching you. Choose your destiny wisely, young ones.

[The Wise One disappears.]

Dora: "That was the Wise One..."

Old Man: "What did the Wise One say?"

Great Healer: "Felix must unlock the power. Find the lighthouses...
              You'll have the guidance of the Elemental Star..."

Garet: "Um...Then what?"

Dora: "What should they do there?"

Old Man: "Surely, that cannot be all the advice you can offer them,
         Great Healer..."

Great Healer: "Seek the elementals...The Djinn...They will prove

Garet: "Isn't there anything else?"

Great Healer: "That is all."

Old Man: "That's it!? Isn't there anything else you can tell them?"

Great Healer: "That is all, Mayor. I leave it up to you, Isaac...

[The Great Healer leaves.]

Priest: "H-Hey, isn't it almost...time to meditate?"

Other Priest: "Oh yeah! Meditation! Let's go!"

[The two priests leave.]

Old Man: "Well, what good are those guys!? Sending children off
         with no help or direction..."

Dora: "I agree, but...They didn't give us any other choice."

Old Man: "Then, when should they go?"

Dora: "It doesn't sound like we can afford to wait."

Old Man: "Tomorrow, then?"

Dora: "Tomorrow? Yes."

[The next day, two little kids stand near the Psynergy Stone in
the town plaza.]

Girl: "Why's everyone hanging around the town gate?"

Boy: "What, didn't you hear? Isaac and Garet are leaving Vale on
     a journey."

Girl: "I wish I could go!"

Boy: "I heard it's going to be really dangerous!"

Girl: "Oh, yeah? So everyone's down there to say good-bye?"

Boy: "Hey, what's the matter?"

Girl: "Weird. Isaac's mother isn't there to see him off!"

Boy: "You're right. She's not there."

Girl: "Hey, should we go say good-bye, too?"

Boy: "Sure! Let's go!"

[The little boy and girl run to the town gate, where the villagers
have congregated to see the two boys off on their adventure.]

Great Healer: "We are counting on you, Isaac. Oh, and you, too,

Woman: "Don't drink the water if it smells funny. And...take this
       with you, too."

[She gives Isaac an herb.]

Garet: "I know not to drink stagnant water, Sis!"

Other Boy: "Don't listen to him, Isaac! He's a pig! He'll eat
           anything that's not tied down!"

Priest: "Hmm...Dora is very late..."

Other Boy: "Oh! That's right! Aunty Dora asked me to give this
           to you, Isaac."

[He gives Isaac some Catch Beads.]

Garet: "I guess we're all set to go, huh, Isaac?"

Garet's Sister: "Think again, Garet! It must be very difficult
                for Dora..."

Garet's Mother: "As Garet's mother, I know how Dora must be feeling.
                But I still have Garet's father, while Dora has only
                Isaac. She doesn't want you to go, Isaac, but she
                knows you have to, and it hurts to see you leave."

Mayor: "They can't keep standing around here like this, or they'll
       never leave. So, one final farewell!"

Villagers in Unison: "Farewell!"

[The boys leave through the gates.]

| 05. The First Djinn                                         |

[As the boys walk on the world map, they see a weird brown
creature running around nearby.]

Creature: "Oh! A traveling warrior! And I see you're an Adept,
          too! You are just the kind of fighter that I've been
          looking for. Won't you please take me along with
          you? I am a Venus Djinni. My name is Flint. I must
          find my comrades. We were separated from each other
          when the volcano erupted. ...Maybe you can help
          gather my friends together as you travel. If you
          let me join you, I'll prove to be very beneficial to
          you Adepts! Your Psynergy will grow stronger, and
          your Adept skills will also improve. You can call on
          us in battle or just use our power to boost your own!
          If you call on many of us at once, our powers will
          work together! What do youthink? Will you take me with
          R1 --> Yes
          R2 --> No

          R1: "Oh, you'll see! You won't regret it!"
          R2: "Come on! I promise you won't regret it! Please
              take me with you!"
              R3 --> Yes
              R4 --> No
              R3: [Same as R1]
              R4: "Pleeeease! I'll never let you down! Can't
                  I go with you?"
                  R5 --> Yes
                  R6 --> No

                  R5: [Same as R1]
                  R6: "No, I'm serious! I'll never, ever disappoint
                      you. Please!!!"
                      R7 --> Yes
                      R8 --> No

                      R7: [Same as R1]
                      R8: "PLEASE take me with you! Please! I'm
                          R9 --> Yes
                         R10 --> No

                          R9: [Same as R1]
                         R10: "Please!"
                              R11 --> Yes
                              R12 --> No

                              R11: [Same as R1]
                              R12: "Take me with you!"
                                   R13 --> Yes
                                   R14 --> No

                                   R13: [Same as R1]
                                   R14: "Meanie! I don't care what
                                        you say! I'm coming along
                                        with you!"

Flint: "Now, I'll briefly teach you how to use Djinn. After bringing
       a Djinni into your party, you must set it to somebody. To
       give your Djinni to someone else, move it like this. After
       choosing who will take the Djinni, you can set it. Setting a
       Djinni changes your attributes and maybe even your class.
       When your class changes, the Psynergy you can use may also
       change. Next, I'll show you how you can use us in battle. Each
       Djinni has different powers. Once we are set, you can unleash
       us to use our powers. So, let me demonstrate the power of my
       attack, Isaac."

[A practice battle initates.]

Flint: "Choose this command to unleash me in battle, OK? That's all
       you have to do to unleash a set Djinni! See! When you
       unleashed me, I attacked with my might stone-cleaver! After
       being unleashed, we Djinn will then stand by to be summoned...
       If you have standby Djinn, you can summon even greater
       powers! See! We Djinn can be very useful, can't we? And one
       more thing...After a Djinni has been used to summon, it must
       spend time in recovery. And after we recover, we will set
       ourselves again and be ready to attack. So, we go from set
       to standby to recovery, then back to set. This is the simplest
       way to use us. Did you get all that?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Oh, yeah! If you want to learn more about Djinn, refer
           to the help, OK? Okay, I'll join you now. Thank you very
           much! Please, use us Djinn wisely." [Flint joins.]

       R2: "Hmmmm, shall I explain it all to you again?"
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

           R3: "Well, then, I guess I'll start from the beginning,
               OK?" [He then repeats last two major paragraphs.]

           R4: [Same as R1]

[The party continues eastward across a bridge, and then heads to
a tiny southern town. Before they can enter it, however, a large
wagon train pours out of the city.]

Bearded Man: "We can't stay another minute in a dangerous place like
             this. We return to Kalay immediately!"

[The wagons head south, but stop at the broken bridge.]

Man: "Master Hammet! This is terrible! The bridge has been
     destroyed...We cannot continue southward!"

Hammet: "What...? The bridge? This is awful...How are we going to
        get to Kalay now?"

Man: "...Master Hammet, I'm worried about leaving Ivan behind..."

Hammet: "As fond as I am of Ivan, it is his fault my rod was
        stolen...And his strange powers wil aid him in search of
        the rod."

Man: "Ivan has strange powers?"

[A large rock falls from the sky and crashes near the wagon train.]

Hammet: "We must leave this treacherous place immediately!"

Man: "But to where? Where can we go?"

Hammet: "We have no choice. We're heading north."

Man: "We'll wind up in Lunpa if we go north..."

Hammet: "Well, it's better than being smashed by falling rocks
        here, isn't it?"

[The wagon train retreats and heads north this time, out of sight.
The two boys head into the town nearby, called Vault.]

| 06. Vault                                                   |

[Once in town, the party pays a visit to the mayor's house. They
walk over to a strange boy just standing around and he uses Mind
Read on Isaac.]

Boy: "Yes. I...I do possess strange powers."

[He Mind Reads again.]

Boy: "You have them, too, don't you?"

[He Mind Reads again.]

Boy: "What? My power...It's called Psynergy? I had no idea! We
     have so much in common...I feel I can trust you with this.
     I am quite troubled -- Master Hammet's rod was stolen. Would
     you please help me get my master's rod back?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No
     R1: "Thank you. With your help, I believe we can recover the

     R2: "I see. I suppose it's a lot to ask of a total stranger..."
         [You can't continue the game by picking this option.]

Boy: "Your names are..."

[He Mind Reads again.]

Boy: "Isaac and Garet. I am Ivan. Pleased to meet you. My ability
     to read people's minds frightens you, doesn't it? Am I
     really...Is my Mind Read so frightening?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1 (Narrative): Ivan and Isaac clasped their hands together.
     R2 (Narrative): Ivan and Isaac clasped their hands together.

[Ivan then turns to Mind Read Garet. In his thoughts, Garet is

Garet: "Ahh! My mind...Stop reading my mind, Ivan!!!"

Ivan: "So, Isaac...Could you read Garet's mind? Just as I thought."

Garet: "What? You read my mind, too, Isaac?"

Ivan: "I guessed that I could help you read minds if we shared our

Garet: "Hey, that's not fair! Why do you get to read my mind?"

Ivan: "You're right...It's not fair to read one-way."

Narrative: Ivan and Garet clasped their hands together.

Garet: "Whoa! I did it! I read your mind, Isaac!

Ivan: "Let's use Mind Read to find the thieves!"

Garet: "Wait a second...Won't people know that we're using
       Mind Read?"

Ivan: "Oh, I see...You two can tell when I am using Psynergy?
      Isaac, both you and Garet are Adepts...Maybe that's why
      you can tell when I'm reading your minds. Ordinary
      people can't see anything. There's nothing to worry about.
      Don't worry...I will not read your minds again."

[Ivan joins the party.]

Ivan: "Let me read the minds of the townspeople to find the

[The party learns that some suspicious people are upstairs in
the inn. They go up there and one of the men says:]

Purple-haired Guy: "What do you want? It looks like that weird
                   kid is with them!"

Brown-haired Guy: "I can't stand him. Don't let him near me!"

[The three teens start chasing the men around the two beds. After
the chase goes on for a while, the party regroups.]

Ivan: "They're acting suspicious. Something's not right..."

Garet: "But you can't use Mind Read if they keep running away,
       can you?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No
       R1: "Isn't there any way I can catch them?"
       R2: "There should be a way to read them, but how?"

Ivan: "Maybe the three of us can surround one of them. Don't
      worry! This is going to work!"

Garet: "Isaac, you take the lead."

[The party advances again.]

Brown-haired Guy: "Hey, they're back!"

Purple-haired Guy: "Uh-oh! They're comin' for us one-on-one!"

Brown-haired Guy: "Do whatever it takes...Just keep away from them,
                  like before!"

[Soon, the party's trapped one of the men. If you capture the
purple-haired guy:]

Purple-haired Guy: "Uh-oh! I'm surrounded!"

Garet: "Now, Ivan!"

Ivan: "A-All right!"

[Ivan starts reading the purple-haired man's mind.]

Purple-haired Guy: Wha-What is this? What is he doing?!"

Brown-haired Guy: "He shut his eyes. What's he doin'?"

Garet: "Are you done, Ivan?"

[If the party corners the brown-haired guy:]

Brown-haired Guy: "There's nowhere to run!"

Garet: "Now, Ivan!"

Ivan: "A-All right!"

[Ivan Mind Reads him.]

Brown-haired Guy: Wha-What is this? What is he doing?!

Purple-haired Guy: "He shut his eyes...What's he doin'?"

Garet: "Are you done, Ivan?"

[The party regroups again after Mind Reading the subject.]

Garet: "What did you learn, Ivan?"

Ivan: "It's them, all right. I think they tok a lot of other
      things, too. It looks like they're hiding it all somewhere
      in this inn...But they won't let me near them again."

Garet: "Then, I guess we have no other choice -- we have to search
       the inn..."
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Leave it to us! Isaac always comes through! I trust
           your sense of duty! Well, it's decided. Let's go,

       R2: "It's a lot to cover, but we're the only ones who can
           do it, right?"
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

           R3: [Same as R1]
           R4 (Ivan): "Please, Isaac...I beg you..."
                      R5 --> Yes
                      R6 --> No
                      R5: [Same as R1]
                      R6: "It cannot be done?"
                          Garet: "Don't worry, Ivan. He's just saying
                                 no because he doesn't feel 
                                 confident...But when it really comes
                                 down to it, he'll help. It's just
                                 the way he is. I trust your sense of
                                 duty! Well, if that's the case, then
                                 let's go, Ivan."

[The party goes outside and climbs the ladder into the inn's roof.
After moving a crate, the party comes upon a man, bound and gagged,
sitting beside a bunch of treasure chests and crates]

Bound Man: "Uhnn...Uhnn..."

Narrative: Isaac cut him free from the ropes.

Bound Man: I came into this loft while I was fixing the roof...
           But I found I couldn't get all the way to the back of
           the loft...So I was looking into it when WHAM! Someone
           whacked me in the head from behind! When I came to, I 
           was all tied up. Strange...I don't remember all these
           crates being up here before!"

Ivan: "Maybe all that stolen stuff is in these crates..."

Voice: "Looks like we've been found out!"

[The three bandits come into the room.]

Brown-haired Guy: "You're pretty persistent for one of Hammet's
                  whelps, kid! 

Purple-haired Guy: "Why are you working so hard for Hammet? What's
                   it to you?"

Purple-haired Guy 2: "Anyway, Hammet's already been caught by a
                     worse bunch of thieves than us!"

Brown-haired Guy: "I hear Hammet fled to Lunpa after the eruption."

Bound Man: "Did you say Lunpa? A man with Master Hammet's money
           shouldn't go anywhere NEAR Lunpa!"

Garet: "What kind of place is Lunpa?"

Bound Man: "The town was named after its founded, Lunpa, the
           noble thief..."

Brown-haired Guy: "That family of thieves remained noble even when
                  his son, Donpa, took over."

Purple-haired Guy: "But Donpa's son, Dodonpa, is an evil thief."

Purple-haired Guy 2: "The man has no morals. I've heard he's truly

Brown-haired Guy: "See, we're not so bad. How about it? Will you let
                  us go?"
                  R1 --> Yes
                  R2 --> No

                  R1: "Seriously? If we return all the stolen goods
                      and repent, you'll let us go?"

                      Purple-haired Guy: "You must be joking! We
                                         stole this stuff fair and

                      Purple-haired Guy 2: "We'll just have to keep
                                           you quiet!"

                      Brown-haired Guy: "And there's only one way to
                                        do that! Get 'em!!!"

                  R2: "What? You mean, even if we return everything
                      we stole and apologize, it's still a crime?"

                      Purple-haired Guy: "You must be joking! We stole
                                         this stuff fair and square!"

                      Purple-haired Guy 2: "We'll just have to keep
                                           you quiet!

                      Brown-haired Guy: "And there's only one way to
                                        do that! Get 'em!!!"

[The bandits soon are lying on the floor in pain.]

Brown-haired Guy: "They...They got us..."

Bound Man: "Actually, for a second there, I thought we were 
           goners...Wow! We won! I...I'll get the mayor!"

Brown-haired Guy: "After all the trouble we went to, stealing all
                  this stuff..."

Garet: "Haven't you heard? Stealing from others is wrong!"

Purple-haired Guy: "Sheesh! I told you...I told you we should have
                   skipped town..."

Garet: "Evil never prevails!"

Ivan: "If you'll give me Master Hammet's rod, I'll head to Lunpa
      now. What will you two be doing, Isaac?"

Garet: "I suppose we have to go after Felix and the others..."

[Ivan Mind Reads Isaac.]

Garet: "He's reading our minds again! Shouldn't we stop him?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "It's too late, Isaac. He's already done."
       R2: "If you say so, Isaac..."

Ivan: "I see...So that's what happened..."

[The once-bound man walks back into the loft.]

Bound Man: "These are the thieves, Mayor..."

[The mayor walks in with to large men.]

Mayor: "What you did was horrid. Stealing? In the middle of a

Brown-haired Guy: "Hey, you're the ones who left all your doors
                  open! You were practically begging us to--OUCH!
                  Sorry...I couldn't help myself..."

Large Man: "What should we do with them?"

Mayor: "We're going to lock them up for a long, long time."

Large Man 2: "Hey, wake up! Let's go--get up! Get up! Hey, can
             you help me tie them up?"

[Later, the thieves are tied up and ready to move out.]

Brown-haired Man: "Hey, you! Isaac, right? I won't forget this!"

Mayor: "Take them away!"

[The thieves leave with one of the large men.]

Mayor: "Thank you for catching the thieves! You have our sincerest

Large Man: "Really, you were a big help!"

Mayor: "Let's look at what they stole."

[The mayor and the man walk over to the first treasure chest.]

Narrative: Found the mayor's precious urn.

Large Man: "Mayor...Isn't that your family's urn?"

Mayor: "My precious urn has been returned."

[The Large Man kicks open another chest.]

Narrative: Found a gold statue.

Large Man: "Hey, that belongs in the...They stole from our
           Sanctum? Those monsters!"

Mayor: "The town's treasures...They're back at last."

Large Man: "Mayor, we found another chest over here, you see?"

Mayor: "Ivan, isn't that what you were looking for? Now, you can
       return to Master Hammet! That's right! I heard Master
       Hammet was seen heading toward Lunpa!"

Ivan: "Oh no...Dodonpa wouldn't miss an opportunity like that..."

Mayor: "I'm certain that your master has been kidnapped."

Ivan: "How can I rescue Master Hammet?"

Mayor: "No one can enter once the gates are closed."

Ivan: "What will happen to Master Hammet?"

Mayor: "Calm down, Ivan. Master Hammet is probably still alive and
       unharmed. Dodonpa knows that he can use Hammet to extort a
       ransom from Kalay. We can't do much until Dodonpa makes his
       move, but at least we know Hammet's safe...for now. Your name
       is Isaac, right? And you are..."

Garet: "It's Garet."

Mayor: "Thank you both. You have my deepest gratitude. Well. Let's
       go then. Before you leave town, please come see me. I have
       something for you."

[The Large Man and the Mayor leave.]

Garet: "What a mess. We finally get the rod back, and now this. I
       wish I could cheer you up...You look so depressed..."

Ivan: "I just want to rescue Master Hammet...That's all...But I
      couldn't ask you two to help me. You have a very...important
      mission, right? That's right. I saw it in your minds. I had
      no idea that the volcano's eruption held such a secret!"

Garet: "Yes, we have to find Felix and his gang, or we'll all be
       in trouble."

Ivan: "Then, I suppose this is good-bye, then."
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: [Ivan walks over to the chest and takes the Shaman's Rod.]
      R2 (Garet): "Isaac said he would help you, Ivan..."

         Ivan: "No, you've already done so much for me. I couldn't
         impose on you any further."
         [Ivan takes the Shaman's Rod from the last chest.]

Ivan: "I shall never forget this town's hospitality...I wish you
      all the best."

[Ivan leaves.]

Garet: "Well, I guess we'd better get moving, too.

[Before the boys leave, they stop by the Mayor's house.]

Mayor: "You were such a great help, Isaac. Allow us to show you
       our gratitude, like we promised."

[The Mayor gives Isaac some Water of Life.]

Mayor: "Are you heading out beyond the Goma Range, by any chance?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Look for a cave in the mountains of the Goma Range,
           northeast of us. Once you've passed it, you'll reach

       R2: "Hmm...There's no other way to get out of here right

[The party leaves and heads to the cave.]

| 07. Goma Cave Entrance                                      |

[Garet and Isaac head northeast and come to a waterfall. Near the
top, a log with leaves on it sits in front of the entrance. After
a failed use of Move Psynergy, the party wonders what to do.]

Garet: "It's no use. Our Psynergy isn't strong enough to free that

[Ivan comes up.]

Ivan: "You want to move that stump, right? It looks like its
      trapped in the ivy. Isn't there anything we can do? I know!
      I have a great idea. Leave it to me!"

[Ivan uses Whirlwind and frees the ivy from the stump.]

Garet: "All right, Ivan!"

Ivan: "I did it!"

Garet: "...Thanks for the help. But why are you here, Ivan?"

Ivan: "I couldn't get into Lunpa...Don't get me wrong! I didn't 
      come here to ask for your help. Your quest has been on my
      mind ever since I left Vault. Remember? I read everything
      that happened in your minds. I couldn't just leave, not with
      all these terrible things happening. If I can't rescue Master
      Hammet, then I want to help you...Please, allow me to join
      your quest."

[Ivan joins the party permanently.]

Ivan: "Are you trying to get to Bilibin through this cave? Then
      let's go!"

[The party heads into Goma Cave after clearing the entrance of
a similar entanglement. On the other side, Bilibin waits.]

| 08. Bilibin                                                 |

[Once in town, the party wanders around until they find themselves
at the foot of McCoy's Palace.]

Guard: "The lord will only meet with brave and mighty warriors. You
       don't seem the type. Think you're up to it?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Hmmm, I see...You seem pretty confident..."

       R2: "Your honesty is good. But I can't send such inexperienced
           children to see my lord." [You can't continue by picking
           this option.]

[After picking R1:]

Other Guard: "What do you say? They look a little young to get
             involved in this ugly mess."

Guard: "Nobody else seems up to the challenge, though. What do
       we have to lose?"

Other Guard: "All right. I shall let you pass. Follow me!"

[The party follows the guard into McCoy's office.]

McCoy: "What's the matter, then?"

Guard: "Sir! Some new warriors have just arrived in the palace!"

McCoy: "New warriors, yeh say? We've sent many a man intae Kolima
       Forest, but not one has returned. These warriors...Did yeh
       get a good look at 'em?"

[Isaac walks forward.]

McCoy: "Come closer, laddy."

[Isaac advances.]

McCoy: "Hey...Are these the ones yeh were talking about? They're
       but children! And yeh expect me to believe yeh can save
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No
       R1: "Hmmm. Well, I'll grant yeh're a brave lot. Here. This
           key'll get yet past the barricades tae the east...Even
           with the key, such wee lads as yerselves'll never reach

       R2: "Bah! Yeh're too young. Yeh cannae handle the job. Yeh
           can leave now..." [You cannot progress by picking this

[After picking R1:]

Garet: "He's making fun of us! Calling us children! That's just
       irritating, don't you think, Isaac?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Well, don't let him get to you. We'll just have to prove
           we can handle the job, whatever it is!"

       R2: "Are you serious, Isaac? It doesn't bother you?"
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

           R3: [He repeats the question for some reason.]
           R4: [Same as R1]

[After picking R1:]

McCoy: "So, yeh've decided to accept our little job?"

Garet: "Hey, Ivan! You...You don't look too enthusiastic."

Ivan: "That curse can turn a man into a tree! You think we stand
      a chance?"

Garet: "What? Yeah, of course we do! You know we do, right, Isaac?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: [They all nod at one another.]
       R2: "Come on, Isaac! You said you'd do it! We're still going,
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

           R3: [Same as R1]
           R4: [He repeats the question.]

Ivan: "Well, if Isaac's going, I guess I'm in, too."

McCoy: "At least we all agree on something!"

Guard: "What troubles you, Milord? They seem willing enough..."

McCoy: "They call themselves warriors...but they're naught but
       wee children! Aye, these are desperate times, but I cannae
       send such wee lads tae their doom!"

Guard: "Then what will happen to Kolima Forest?"

McCoy: "We cannae give up hope on our other champions!"

Ivan: "But...But what about us?"

McCoy: "We cannae send yeh intae certain doom."

Garet: "What if we said that we were going east anyway?"

McCoy: "Yeh can go once things have settled down."

Ivan: "But that means...you're not going to let us go?"

McCoy: "Ach, it's fer yer own good, lad. I dinnae want tae talk about
       it anymore. Captain?""

Guard: "I'm sorry, but you should leave now."

[The guard follows them out.]

Guard: "Your name was...Isaac? I'm sorry you were rejected. I never,
       ever, expected anything like this to happen to Bilibin. Will
       you promise me you won't go to Kolima?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "That's good. That barricade...You may not need a key.
           Oops...I shouldn't have said anything. Well, I'm going
           to go now."

       R2: "You are persistent, aren't you? That barricade...You
           may not need a key. Oops...I shouldn't have said anything.
           Well, I'm going to go now."

[The guard leaves and the party heads to the Bilibin Barricade. By
using Move Psynergy on the leftmost pillar, they can just slide it
off and walk right through. After that, it's only a short walk to

| 09. Kolima                                                  |

[The party walks into the silent village of Kolima, filled with
people-sized trees all around.]

Garet: "It's so quiet..."

[Ivan goes over to a tree and Mind Reads it.]

Garet: "What's the matter, Ivan?"

Ivan: "This tree...was a person."

Garet: "Everyone in Kolima has been turned into a tree. Why? Do
       you know why this happened?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "I see...It was because they hurt the holy tree?"
       R2: "I see...Who could have known?"

[Ivan, puzzled, looks around.]

Garet: "What is it now, Ivan?"

Ivan: "That sparkly stuff on the ground...What is it?"

[All of a sudden, a huge beam of wave energy starts to come down
on the party members.]

Garet: "Aaah! What's happening!?:

Ivan: "My mind!!! Someone is attacking my--"

[Paralyzed, the boys fall over. A strange glow comes over the
town, and dust-like particles start to fall across the town in a
systematic form.]

Garet: "What is that? Something's falling from the sky!"

Ivan: "It's sparkling! Could this be what turned those people into...
      We've got to get out of here!"

Garet: "I can't! I can't move!!"

[The dust comes over the boys, but domes of...something protect
them from being turned into pieces of human arbor.]

Garet: "Isaac...What just happened to us? That barrier...Did it
       save us?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Ivan): "I think so, too, Isaac. I think I know what
                  those domes were...It was our Psynergy."

       R2 (Ivan): "No, I think Garet is right. I think I know
                  what those domes were...It was our Psynergy.

Garet: "What are you, crazy? I didn't use any Psynergy! Hey...I
       can stand...I can move again! Ivan, it's okay! Go ahead!
       Stand up!"

Ivan: "Those barriers...We thought that Psynergy was only used
      when we concentrate, right?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Garet): "When I was training, I'd focus so hard, I thought
                  my head would burst."

      R2 (Garet): "You're such a liar, Isaac! When I was training,
                  I'd focus so hard, I thought my head would burst."

Ivan: "Well, maybe it's just easier for you, but when I use
      Psynergy...Anyway, I'm certain that was Psynergy we were
      projecting. That must mean that some Psynergy acts only when
      it's needed."

Garet: "You mean, like when we're in danger? I think it's like when
       we strike critical hits in battle. We can't control it, but
       it's there when we need it."

Ivan: "I can agree with what Garet is saying. It is definitely

Garet: "Wouldn't it be something if we could use this power at any
       time, Isaac?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Yeah! Let's start trying to master this power!"
       R2: "You...You're not really into this, are you?"

[The odd glow comes over the town again.]

Ivan: "Watch out! It's happening again!"

[This time, the party forces the barriers to come over them instead
of it happening naturally. From somewhere, a voice says:]

Voice: "Hroom! Why? Why don't they turn into trees...?"

[A woman's voice replies.]

Woman's Voice: "Who are they? What people are these, who are immune
               to Tret's glamour? Have they come to save that village
               with their strange powers? It will not be enough to
               save the people of Kolima."

Voice: "They have earned their fate...Kolima took their axes to me,
       and now I shall take mine to them!"

Woman's Voice: "You children may not know this...but we are dying.
               And Kolima Forest will wither and die when we are

Voice: "We are not hte only ones who will die, Laurel. Once we
       are gone, they, too, will go!"

Woman's Voice: "Tret was once a kindly forest king. But he is slowly
               dying, and his heart has torn in two...His wrathful
               side turned the people of Kolima into trees. The kind
               Tret speaks no more."

Voice: "Hroom! The kindly heart invites destruction...I need no

Woman's Voice: "If you wish to save those whom Tret turned into
               trees, you must reawaken his gentle side. But...if
               you cannot stop Tret from withering, we all will...
               Look for Tret deep within the forest."

Voice: "It's no use, Laurel. Humans cannot be trusted! I shall
       die...and the rest of the forest will die with me!"

[The strange glow fades and the voices stop speaking.]

Ivan: "Isaac...Isn't there anything we can do?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "What can we do? Do you have any ideas?"
          R3 --> Yes
          R4 --> No

      R2 (Garet): "You're right, Isaac...There isn't much we can do

          Ivan: "So the people of Kolima will just remain trees
                until they wither and die?"
                R5 --> Yes
                R6 --> No

      R3 (Garet): "It looks like Isaac has something in mind."
          Ivan: "We'll leave it up to you, Isaac. Let's go save

      R4: "He's as stumped as we are, but he says he'll help..."
          Ivan: "I trust Isaac. He'll come up with an idea."

      R5: "I'm disappointed in you, Isaac...How can you give up
          so easily?"

          Garet: "But what can we do? How can we bring back the
                 good Tret and save Kolima?"

          Ivan: "I guess I really don't know what to do. Just
                promise me one thing...Promise you will do
                everything in your power to save Kolima."

      R6: "That's a relief, Isaac. I thought you'd given up on
          Kolima altogether."

          Garet: "But what can we do? How can we bring back the
                 good Tret and save Kolima?"

          Ivan: "I really don't have any idea right now...I don't
                know just yet...But I'm sure we'll think of
                something. Well, let's get on with it!"

[The party leaves the village and, remembering that Tret is in a
nearby forest, head northward to the nearest forest.]

| 10. Kolima Forest                                           |

[The party pushes logs around and water-hops until they finally
get to a screen with a large tree with two trees: one with a 
woman's face, the other with an angry man's. The party can enter
the man's trunk and, after a bit of climbing, they fall into through
the interior into the very bottom, where they're confronted by the
man's face.]

Tret: "Hm HROOOM!!! You! You hoped to find my kindly self? Fools!
      You should never have come here, and now, you shall never
      leave! Your powers protected you in the forest, but now you
      are in the heart of my power! Here, you will all become trees,
      and you'll wither with the rest of us!

[Tret attacks, but the party fells him like one of the withered
trees he keeps talking about. A vine falls into the room after
they've defeated it.]

Tret: "Oh...Mmmmm...What has happened to me? Was I...I see...My
      heart was all but lost in my rage. And you defeated the evil
      within me? I thank you. I could not leave this world with so
      much evil in my heart. I am free now to leave the world
      without regret. Good-bye, great warriors."

Garet: "Hey! Wait a minute! We can't let Tret die like this!"

Ivan: "That's right, Isaac. We still need his help!!"

Tret: "...What? Why have you not left me to my dying? Do you need
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: [See below.]
      R2 (Garet): "What are you doing, Isaac! Now's not the time
                  to fool around!"
            Ivan: "That's right, Isaac...We have to save everyone in

Tret: "I turned the people of Kolima into trees? Hroom! I must
      release them before they die with the forest!"

[Tret tries to break the curse, but gives up after a few seconds.]

Tret: "I can't do it...My power no longer reaches Kolima...People
      of Kolima...Forgive me..."

Garet: "Tret's too weak! He doesn't have the power to save Kolima."

Ivan: "No! We have to heal him! We can't let the people of Kolima
      die with the forest!

Garet: "Every life in Kolima depends on us!

Ivan: "We have to restore Tret and save the people of Kolima!"

[Having no real way to proceed in the direction they've come in
since Bilibin, the party ventures north through the Bilibin Cave
and, after meandering with the river, come out near the town of

| 11. Imil                                                    |

[After witnessing a horrible epidemic, the party learns that a
girl named Mia is the one helping everyone out. A girl in a
church gives a hint to her whereabouts, and the boys soon find
her nursing an old man in his house near the entrance.]

Mia: "How are you feeling?"

Old Man: "Cough...Cough..."

Old Woman: "He's been coughing for quite a while, now..."

Mia: "You'll feel better soon."

[Mia casts Ply on him.]

Old Man: "Cough cough...Cough...Cough...Cough..."

Mia: "How do you feel now?"

Old Man: "Much better..."

Mia: "No, Grandpa. You mustn't push yourself too hard!"

Old Woman: "Thank you, Mia...I can't imagine how this village would
           ever manage without you...Cough..."

Mia: "Don't mention it...You should rest in bed, too, ma'am."

[Mia turns to exit and sees the boys staring at her.]

Mia: "Who are you? Can I help you?"

[A bright light shines outside and Mia runs to the window.]

Mia: "Was that the lighthouse? It can't be...Only I can...Oh, no...

[Mia rushes out and the party finds her at the Mercury Lighthouse.]

| 12. Mercury Lighthouse                                      |

[Mia is standing at the entrance to the lighthouse, unable to

Mia: "Somebody...is here. Someone is here...Can you hear it,
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1: [See below.]
     R2: "You can't hear it? Well, I can.

Mia: "Alex is the only one other than I who can enter Mercury
     Lighthouse. But this statue is blocking my way..."

[Isaac uses his Move Psynergy to remove the obstruction.]

Mia: "Did you do that?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1: "I knew it...I saw a ghostly force pushing it!"
     R2: "No, I saw it! I'm certain that flow of force came from you."

Garet: "You...You could see our Psynergy?"

Mia: "Psynergy...Is that what you call that power?"

Ivan: "We had thought you were using Psynergy when you healed that
      old man, Mia."

Mia: "That's a special power, handed down to members of the Mercury
     Clan from generation to generation. It is called Ply, a power
     generated through meditation. It was once much stronger..."

Garet: "This Mercury Clan sounds a little like people of Vale, don't
       you think?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Sure...They're the sworn protectors of a special power,
           just like us!"

       R2: "Oh, come on! Both of them are protectors of special 
           powers! It's just the names that are different!"

Mia: "I have to go...I have to find whoever entered the lighthouse."

[Mia uses Ply on the entrance and enters. After saving her from a
Lizard Man, the party encounters her again having trouble with a
statue, which they move out of the way for her.]

Mia: "You've saved me again, haven't you! Do you have business in
     the lighthouse, too?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1: "I thought so...I am sure there will be more places ahead
         that I cannot pass alone. Only those of the Mercury Clan
         are permitted to enter this place. However, I sense there
         is something special about you. I feel that I can trust 

     R2: "Please tell the truth! I can't believe you'd go so far to
         help someone you just met. You have some errand in this
         lighthouse, don't you?"
         R3 --> Yes
         R4 --> No

         R3: [Same as R1]
         R4: "Please tell the truth!"
             R5 --> Yes
             R6 --> No

             R5: [Same as R1]
             R6: "Please, don't hide anything. Just tell me the
                 R7 --> Yes
                 R8 --> No

                 R7: [Same as R1]
                 R8: [This option repeats until you pick R7]

[After picking to tell her the truth, Mia joins the party. After a
while, the party finds a ladder that drops them in front of an
enormous faith statue.]

Narrative: He who honors the heart of the goddess shall stand at
           the center of all, like a swan in the center of a 
           rippling pond.

[Mia uses Ply on the statue and the lone stepping stones in some
of the rooms start to blink, letting anyone who passes on them
walk further with the statue's power. Soon enough, the party
finds themselves in a similar situation.]

Narrative: He who honors the goddess of rainbows shall be guided
           to the heavens upon wings of fluid grace.

[Mia casts Ply on the statue nearby and the waterfall the party
had just walked under starts to flow upwards! They all take a
nice, long ride and arrive at the lighthouse aerie. They rush to
the scene where a large sphere now shines atop the tower.]

Garet: "It's too late! The lighthouse has already been lit!"

Mia: "It...It can't be! The beacon cannot be lit without the
     Mercury Star..."

Ivan: "...The Elemental Stars were stolen from Sol Sanctum, on
      Mt. Aleph."

Mia: "Mt. Aleph...Sol Sanctum...Are you healers from Sol Sanctum?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1 (Garet): "We came from a village called Vale to recover the
                 three Elemental Stars. But, unlike you, we are not

     R2 (Garet): "We came from Mt. Aleph, but we're not healers. We
                 came from a village called Vale to recover the three
                 Elemental Stars."

Mia: "Did you say Vale?"

Garet: "Our village was there to protect Sol Sanctum, but the Stars
       were stolen."

Mia: "That sounds just like my clan...I have failed in the one duty
     placed upon me...This is terrible."

Jenna: "Isaac! Garet!"

[The party looks to the opposite elevator and sees Menardi, Kraden,
Felix, and Jenna standing there.]

Felix: "So it's you, Isaac!"

Menardi: "Heh heh! Those kids are still alive? You came all this way
         to save Jenna and Kraden?"

Garet: "That's not all...We're after the Elemental Stars!"

Menardi: "In other words, they've come to stop us. Then we have no
         choice...Let's take care of them now, before they can do
         any harm!"

Saturos: "Menardi...Wait!"

[Saturos walks out from behind the large sphere.]

Menardi: "Oh, Saturos...They want to..."

Saturos: "I heard everything. They were lucky to survive the eruption
         of Mt. Aleph. You have endured so much, and now you want to
         throw your lives away? Fine. If that is your wish, prepare
         to have it granted."

Menardi: "Saturos...Are you going to fight them alone?"

Saturos: "Menardi, I can't expect you to leave our hostages alone
         and help me, can I?"

Menardi: "Umm...That's true..."

Saturos: "Besides, I want to see how much their powers have 

Menardi: "Are you sure about this, Saturos?"

Saturos: "Leave me be! Head for the next lighthouse--now!"

[Menardi turns to Jenna.]

Menardi: "Come here, child..."

[Jenna doesn't move.]

Menardi: "Do you mean to defy me? I should teach you a lesson,
         child, but...Felix, I'd get your sister to obey me, if
         you hope to keep her from harm."

Felix: "Jenna, please...Just do as she says for now."

Jenna: "Felix..."

Kraden: "It's all right, Jenna."

Felix: "Isaac and Garet shouldn't have come after us..."

Jenna: "I'm sorry, Isaac, Garet..."

Menardi: "I'm counting on you!"

[The four leave Saturos and Isaac's party alone. Kraden bellows
as the elevator leaves:]

Kraden: "Isaac! Garet! Don't die!"

Garet: "Jenna...Kraden!"

Saturos: "If you want to save them, you'll have to beat me, first!"

Mia: "No! Get back!"

Saturos: "What's the matter!"

Garet: "Saturos is extremely powerful. I could sense it when I
       faced him."

Ivan: "You have to be very careful when fighting him...We have to
      match his strength..."

Saturos: "Match me? Pah! You think you can match the great Saturos?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1: "You overestimate your chances. Fine then...I'll just
             teach you all a lesson!"

         R2: "And yet you still want to fight? Ship of fools...Fine
             then...I'll just teach you all a lesson!"

[Saturos advances and then rapidly turns towards the sphere.]

Mia: "What's happened? Saturos is moving strangely."

Saturos: "What's this!? The light of Mercury...It's weakening my
         Psynergy! I must finish this quickly...Come on, fools!"

[However, the combined power of the party is too much for Saturos,
and the party's soon plowed over him.]

Garet: "Isaac, we got him!"

Saturos: "Who would have thought that Mercury Lighthouse held such
         great power? If only my Psynergy had been at its full

Ivan: "Saturos...You said you were weakened. What did you mean?"

Saturos: "I...I meant nothing..."

Alex: "I shall tell you what he means..."

Mia: "That voice! Could it be?"

[Alex walks out from behind the rotating sphere.]

Mia: "Alex!"

Alex: "It's been a while, Mia."

Mia: "Alex, do you realize what you've done?"

Alex: "Ha! Of course...I have freed a great power that has long
      been sealed away. Mercury, the lighthouse of Water...What
      a mighty force."

Mia: "Alex, you...Are you mad?"

Alex: "No, Mia...Don't you understand? The lighthouse granted you
      great power during your battle with Saturos."

Mia: "It's true...I could use my power without ever depleting it."

Alex: "Don't you see? The Mercury Lighthouse supplied you with
      limitless Psynergy."

Mia: "Psynergy? Are you telling me my powers come from Psynergy?"

Alex: "You and I are both members of the Mercury Clan...Masters
      of Water Psynergy."

Garet: "Mia is an Adept too, isn't she?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Geez, Isaac, you knew all along, and you didn't tell us?"
       R2: "I know it's hard to believe, but it looks like Mia's one
           of us."

Ivan: "Tell me, Alex...Why wasn't Saturos able to use his full power?"

Alex: "Ah, yes..I shall explain it all. Saturos is aligned with Mars,
      the clan of fire. Fire and water are opposing elements...His
      full power was bound by the Water Psynergy of the lighthouse."

Mia: "Didn't Saturos know that?"

Alex: "Of course he knew. However, he failed to appreciate the power
      of this lighthouse. As did I..."

Garet: "Is that why we were able to defeat Saturos?"

Alex: "No...There is more to it. I stood by, watching your battle
      from afar..."

Ivan: "You were watching us?"

Alex: "Yes. I did not help Saturos, because I was certain he would
      win. But I was wrong...You have become such great fighters in a
      short time.

[Saturos rises.]

Ivan: "Saturos is up again!? But we beat him!"

Saturos: "Me? Beaten? Never! I lost to this lighthouse, not to you!"

Alex: "I was merely stalling you until Saturos regained his strength."

Mia: "You were just buying time! That's not fair, Alex!"

Garet: "I won't let Saturos escape!"

Alex: "And just what are you going to do? Will you finish him off?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "If that's the case, you will have to fight me, as well.
          I've seen how you fight. You cannot hope to win. And I
          doubt you are the type to 'finish' anyone off!"

      R2: "Yes, Isaac. You seem like a smart warrior. You can't beat
          our combined might, now that we've seen how you fight. And
          I doubt you are the type to 'finish' anyone off!"

Saturos: "Of course, you are welcome to believe anything you want."

[Alex warps out but warps back in nearby.]

Garet: "He warped again!"

Mia: "Again? He's done that before?"

Garet: "Yeah, in Sol Sanctum..."

Ivan: "That Psynergy...the warp. Does that mean Mia can use it?"

Mia: "No, it's impossible. Even Alex didn't have that kind of power

Alex: "Ah, well...I can't stay the same Alex you knew forever..."

[The elevator Jenna and Kraden took comes back up.]

Alex: "Well, it seems that my ride has returned while we were
      speaking. And so, I bid you adieu."

Ivan: "Isaac, Saturos still has the Elemental Stars!"

Garet: "That's right! We can't let them leave now!"

Alex: "Oh? And you want to take the Elemental Stars from Saturos?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Saturos): "Ha! Too bad! Menardi has them. You'll have to
                    ask her!"

      R2 (Saturos): "Ha! You're right...Menardi has the Elemental

Alex: "That reminds me...Do you still have the Mars Star?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "I appreciate your honesty."

      R2: "Are you telling the truth? Well, I shall believe you for

[Alex and the injured Saturos warp to the elevator.]

Alex: "I suppose you'll be willing to pursue us for the Elemental
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "I look forward to it. I shall see you soon, then.

      R2: "That's too bad...I shall look forward to seeing you again.

Saturos: "I look forward to our next battle.

[The two take the lift down.]

Ivan: "They're gone..."

Garet: "Shoot...We couldn't even save Jenna..."

Mia: "I don't deserve to be a healer...We couldn't stop them from
     lighting the beacon. I've failed my clan, failed in my duty..."

Ivan: "That's not true! We can still best them, right, Isaac?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "That's right, Isaac! All we have to do is stop them from
          lighting all the lighthouses! The beacon of Mercury
          Lighthouse has been lit, but we'll stop them next time."

      R2: "You're not helping here! We're fine as long as the 
          lighthouses aren't all lit! The beacon of Mercury Lighthouse
          has been lit, but we'll stop them next time."

Garet: "That's right. We can save Jenna at the next lighthouse."

Mia: "Yes. We won't let Alex get away with this...Let's go after
     them now! What's the matter? We should hurry!"

Garet: "We? Mia, are you coming along with us?"

Ivan: "But the people of Imil need you, Mia."

Mia: "It's okay. "The fountain shall be filled as long as light
     fills the house." That's an old saying. The fountain will
     run over with healing waters now. I have mixed feelings about
     leaving, but Imil will be fine as long as the fountain continues
     to flow with the Water of Hermes. We should hurry if we're going
     to follow them."

[The party takes the elevator down and snags some Hermes Water on
their way out.]

| 13. Kolima Forest Revisited                                 |

[After finding out that Hermes Water is a panacea for ailments,
the party brings some back to Tret. After giving him some, the
forest flashes with the power seeping into his being. The dank
forest where Laurel and Tret rooted.]

Tret: "I feel a great power spreading through me...Hroooom...
      Life flows within me once again."

Laurel: "Tret...As you have recovered, so has our forest..."

Tret: "I am sorry to have worried you so, Laurel. And you, young
      ones...Didn't you have a favor to ask of me?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Laurel): "Yes, Tret...You must turn the people of Kolima
                   into humans again."

      R2 (Garet): "Isaac! Did you forget? We need to save the people
                  of Kolima!"

              Mia: "Tret should be able to do it, now that his energy
                   has returned."

             Ivan: "Ask him to save everyone he turned into a tree!"

           Laurel: "Please, Tret...You have to save those whom you
                   turned into trees.

Tret: "Yes, that's right...I must hurry."

[Tret closes his eyes and breaks the curse with ease.]

Tret: "That should do it. The people of Kolima are cursed no more."

Laurel: "Tret did not always possess this horrible power."

Tret: "It only started when those strange gemstones fell from the

Garet: "Gems from the sky...Do you think he means Psynergy Stones?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "You really think Psynergy Stones caused all of this

       R2: "I know you don't want to believe it, but nothing else
           makes sense..."

Tret: "I was indeed angry that people had laid waste to my forest...
      They had even taken their axes to me! Then those gems fell into
      my branches...Then all of a sudden...my fury overwhelmed me,
      and I was lost in anger!"

Laurel: "The gem reached me when I was filled with sorrow...Our
        actions spoke our hearts' desires, but we had no idea..."

Tret: "Those gems twisted my anger into a force beyond my control."

Laurel: "Have any of the saplings been transformed by those stones,

Tret: "No...Only the elder trees were affected by the falling
      Psynergy Stones."

Garet: "There are others that this happened to?"

Ivan: "So the same thing could be happening elsewhere!"

Laurel: "You must have fought many monsters on your way here."

Garet: "Those monsters...Maybe they were just animals that were..."

Tret: "Once, they were pure of heart...Hroom...Those gems have
      brought a great evil to the world..."

[Laurel starts sending out waves of energy, just as Tret did when
he broke the Kolima curse.]

Ivan: "Oh! Laurel, you were given powers, too?"

Tret: "Different from my own, but stemming from the same source."

Ivan: "Laurel! What in the world are you doing?"

Tret: "Wait. You will soon see."

[Laurel starts sending out the energy.]

Tret: "What did you see, Laurel?"

Laurel: "It's true -- even the monsters have become monsters. And
        beyond the river..."

Tret: "The river that feeds our forest?"

Laurel: "Yes...An evil forest has risen up to the south of the river."

Tret: "Will you be heading south across the river?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "That area will only grow more dangerous as time passes...
          If you must go, you'd better hurry..."

      R2: "That's good...I would be foolish to risk your lives

Tret: "I owe you a great debt. You have saved Kolima, this forest,
      and me."

Laurel: "May your roots dig deep and your branches reach high."

| 14. Kolima Bridge                                           |

[The party walks the plains near the river until they find a
meeting point with a bridge. A man stands on the other side.]

Bridge Guard: "Are you going to cross the bridge?"

[Isaac nods.]

Bridge Guard: "Oh...Right! Go on ahead!

[The bridge is lowered and the party continues around the bend,
coming to Fuchin Temple, nestled next to a small mountain range.]

| 15. Fuchin Temple                                           |

[The party makes a pitstop at the temple, and after climbing the
stairs to the top, they find a house with a man meditating. He
won't answer regular conversation, but after being Mind Read...]

Meditator: Mmmm...Who is that? Who speaks to my mind?

[He wakes from his trance-like state.]

Meditator: "Young master...Was that your voice I heard in my mind
           just now?"
           R1 --> Yes
           R2 --> No

           R1: "I knew it! You follow them, do you not?"
               R3 --> Yes
               R4 --> No

           R2: "Speak no lies to me!

               [He mind reads Isaac.]

               "I knew it! You follow them, do you not?"
           R3: "I knew it! But you must go through Mogall Forest,
               the endless woods. The forest itself is a mystery,
               and its paths even more so...No ordinary man can
               pass from one side to the other. But perhaps I
               could, young master. If you can endure the trials
               in the waterfall grotto, I will tell you. Will you
               take the test?"
               R5 --> Yes
               R6 --> No

           R4: [He Mind Reads them.]

               "You speak lies...You are indeed following them!
               [Insert R3 here.]

           R5: [He sends brain waves out to someone.]

               "Do not worry. You will be permitted to enter the
               grotto. Go now, Isaac! Just remember, you are not
               the only ones who can read minds."

           R6: "Then I cannot tell you. Give up and go back from
               whence you came." [You cannot proceed without 
               picking the other option.]

[Isaac goes down to the waterfall where a man stands.]

Monk: "I have already heard of your test from Master Nyunpa.
      You may enter."

[Isaac and company progress through the Funchin Falls Cave and
recover the Orb of Force. The monk talks to them as they exit.]

Monk: "Young master, did you complete the test?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Why, you have mastered the secrets of Fuchin Temple!?
          Master Nyunpa is waiting for you...Proceed to the temple."

      R2: "But you must have...Master Nyunpa is waiting for you...
          Proceed to the temple."

[The party walks back up the stairs to Nyunpa.]

Nyunpa: "Excellent, Isaac! I am glad to see you master the secrets of
        Fuchin Temple! We monks call the power you have obtained Ki.
        You seem confused, Isaac."
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "This is called "force" by the western world, but it is
            really a spiritual power. I will teach you, as I
            promised. Use this power to get through the forest. What
            would happen if you let loose this energy in the forest?"
            Ha ha! You are curious, no?"
            R3 --> Yes
            R4 --> No

        R2: "You possess great wisdom for one so young, but I feel I
            must explain this. [Insert R1 here.]

        R3: "Monsters that wait in hiding would show themselves. You
            would then try to defeat them, would you not?"
            R5 --> Yes
            R6 --> No

        R4: "I can read minds, you know. You are curious, aren't you?"
            R7 --> Yes
            R8 --> No

        R5: "Sometimes, you must let go of your belief that fighting
            solves problems...Monsters are cowardly. They will run
            once they know you can see them. They are creatures of
            the woods...So they do not get lost there.
        R6: "Ha ha...That is right. There is no good in wanton
            destruction. Monsters are cowardly. They will run once
            they know you can see them. They are creatures of the
            woods...So they do not get lost there."

        R7: [See R3.]

        R8: "You don't have to try so hard. You are curious, are
            you not?"
            R9 --> Yes
           R10 --> No

        R9: [See R3.]

       R10: [He repeats R8]

[With Nyunpa's advice in hand, the party sets off to meet the 
challenge that is Mogall Forest. Using Force Psynergy, the party
is able to track a monster all the way to the exit. Once out, the
nearest town, Xian, comes into view.]

| 16. Xian                                                    |

[Xian is home to Master Feh's training school and, since the 
town seems caught up in kung fu, the party decides to see the
Master himself. Unfortunately, they can't get in without first
demonstrating Chi. They quickly use Force to knock a solid log

Fighter: "What did you do, warrior?"

Fighter 2: "The warrior used Chi! He did it from the line...and
           the tree fell!"

Fighter 3: "He knows kung fu! Do you know kung fu?"
           R1 --> Yes
           R2 --> No

           R1: "Your Chi must be strong if you can use it from afar.
               I must tell Master Feh!"

           R2: "It is unbelievable that someone who does not know
               kung fu can use Chi.

[Fighter 3 walks to the door to Master Feh's room.]

Fighter 3: "Ya! What happened!? The door opened on its own!"

[A purple-haired girl and a man walk out.]

Master Feh: "Feizhi! Wait! Are you worried that Hsu is late? He is
            only a little late in returning from Lama Temple. Do not

Feizhi: "Something is wrong with Hsu...I sense it."

Master Feh: "Ahhh, Feizhi...Is it your power again?"

Feizhi: "Ever since gems fell from the sky and hit me, I have sensed
        bad things."

Master Feh: "You say you sense evil ever since you received the power
            of prophecy. You have told me already. I do not believe
            it, Feizhi. Your visions are just coincidences."

Feizhi: "My visions came true many times, no? I had a vision about
        Mogall Forest, and that came true..."

Fighter 3: "Yes, your predictions came true, Feizhi! It was very

Feizhi: "The flood in Altin...Did I not predict that, too?"

Bystander: "All Feizhi's predictions come true."

Feizhi: "See, Father?"

Master Feh: "I have heard this all. I was surprised, too, but it is
            still coincidence."

Feizhi: "You still don't believe it?"

Master Feh: "Hsu is late, so you worry too much. But do not think
            bad thoughts."

Feizhi: "You sent people to find Hsu, correct?

[Feh shakes his head.]

Feizhi: "Stubborn old man."

Master Feh: "What did you say, Feizhi? You should not speak so to
            your elders."

Feizhi: "I will not ask anyone. I will go alone, then!"

Master Feh: "It is too dangerous."

[Feizhi leaves anyway.]

Bystander: "Ya! Master Feh! Feizhi has gone!"

Fighter: "Feizhi was very angry. She was frightening!"

Fighter 3: "Hsu is in danger. Feizhi is going to help."

Master Feh: "Feizhi knows kung fu. She will be all right. Feizhi
            is alone. She cannot go too far. She will give up soon
            enough. Until then, let her be."

[Feh sees that the log has been upended.]

Master Feh: "The tree...It fell. What happened?"

Fighter 3: "The warrior did it. He used Chi."

Master Feh: "Warrior, you...Can you use Chi?"
            R1 --> Yes
            R2 --> No

            R1 (Fighter 3): "Do it again, warrior. Let me see your

            R2 (Fighter 3): "Warrior, you speak nonsense. You used
                            Chi. Do it again!"
                            R3 --> Yes
                            R4 --> No

                            R3: "Show me your Chi, warrior."
                            R4 (Feh): "I want to see your Chi,

[Isaac knocks the log over again.]

Master Feh: "Ya! The tree fell!"

Fighter 3: "Master, did you see? The warrior used Chi. The warrior's
           Chi is excellent! Are you surprised, Master?"

[Feh doesn't answer.]

Fighter 3: "What is wrong, Master?"

Master Feh: "Hmmmm...The warrior did make the tree fall. I grant
            you that..."

Fighter: "Is something wrong with the warrior's Chi?"

Master Feh: "What the warrior did...It is not Chi."

Girl Fighter: "What? It is not Chi?"

Master Feh: "Hmmm...It looks very similar...but it is not Chi.
            Warrior...Have you been to Fuchin Temple?"
            R1 --> Yes
            R2 --> No

            R1: "Ah...I knew it."
            R2: "Hmmm...That is strange."

Fighter 3: "How are Chi and Fuchin Temple related?"

Master Feh: "I learned my Chi from Master Hama of Lama Temple.

Fighter: "Then it is the same as Chi, is it not?"

Master Feh: "Very similar...But still different...Chi concentrates
            the energy of the body into the hand...then releases it
            onto a distant object. You, warrior, used energy focused
            from the mind. Understand?"
            R1 --> Yes
            R2 --> No

            R1: "This warrior is wise. The power to will something
                to move requires much wisdom. Fuchin's Ki releases
                the mind's energy like Chi releases the body's. The
                body's energy has limits, but mental energy has few
                limits. Train your Ki. It will grow very strong. Do
                your best, warrior. Practice, everyone! Chi has its
                limits, but anyone can use it. Practice, practice!
                Until you learn the power of Chi."

            R2: "Remember this...Wishing for something is the same
                as thinking very hard. Fuchin's Kii releases the
                mind's energy like Chi releases the body's. The
                body's energy has limits, but mental energy has few
                limits. Train your Ki. It will grow very strong. Do
                your best, warrior. Practice, everyone! Chi has its
                limits, but anyone can use it. Practice, practice!
                Until you learn the power of Chi."

[Isaac's party leaves and heads north and west, coming to the
Alpine Crossing.]

| 17. Alpine Crossing                                         |

[As the party arrives at the crossroads, Feizhi shouts from 

Feizhi: "Yahh! Silk Road! Boulders block the road!"

[Feizhi runs into the screen and looks around.]

Feizhi: "My vision...It came true. Hsu, Hsu! It is no good. I cannot
        hear Hsu's voice!

[The road west to Lama Temple is blocked. The nearby signpost tells
that the town of Altin is north, so the party heads there.]

| 18. Altin                                                   |

[They come to the town submerged in water, and by the looks of the
houses in the water, it's evident that there's been a flood for 
the ages. The party walks along until they see a monster spewing
water into the already-drenched town. It flees into the mine when
it sees Isaac, so, naturally, they follow it. After travelling the
mine and defeating some flunkies, the party defeats a statue-come-

Garet: "We did it, Isaac! We beat the last water beast!"

Ivan: "I wonder why Altin's guardian statues turned into monsters.
      Isn't it strange?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "And what's up with this strange, tiled room at the bottom
          of the mine?"

      R2: "Oh, I'm sure you get that sort of thing all the time.
          Still, it's strange that the bottom of the mine was made
          of carved stone.

Mia: "The guardian statues were created long, long ago."

Garet: "What are they for?"

[Everyone turns around as the giant Hydro Statue crumbles and
leaves a treasure chest behind.]

Ivan: "There's a treasure chest behind the guardian statue!"

Mia: "It must all be related to these ruins, buried deep in the

Garet: "I guess so...Hey, Isaac, we should check that chest
       before we go!"

[They open the chest and take the Lifting Gem out. Using said
gem to progress through the bottom part of the mine, they enter a
tunnel and come out near Lama Temple, on the other side of the
Alpine Crossing.]

| 19. Lama Temple                                             |

[The party walks to the large house on the upper west side of 
town (;p).]

Man: "Master Hama is meditating. Please be extremely quiet."

Master Hama: "So, Isaac, you and your Adept companions have
             finally come."

Garet: "Finally come? Was she expecting us?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "But how did she know we'd be here now?"
       R2: "Then, how come she knew we were coming, Isaac?"

Master Hama: "I had anticipated your arrival."

Mia: "You knew we were coming, then?"

Master Hama: "I have been waiting a long time for you. You come
             seeking the Elemental Stars."

Ivan: "You know about the Elemental Stars, too? Who...Who are you?"

Master Hama: "I am a Jupiter Adept, just like Ivan."

Ivan: "I am not a Jupiter Adept! What are you talking about?"

Master Hama: "You are, Ivan, although you may not know it yet."

Ivan: "Why do you say that?"

Master Hama: "Do you not have the power to read minds? This ability
             is unique to Jupiter Adepts."

Mia: "You predicted our coming...Is that also Psynergy?"

Master Hama: "Ho ho! Excellent question, Miss Mia. Yes, the ability
             to foresee events also belongs to the Jupiter Adepts."

Garet: "Then, can Ivan learn the power of prediction, too?"

Master Hama: "He already has."

Ivan: "I don't think I have--"

Master Hama: "You do. You merely do not yet know that you have it."

Garet: "The power of Jupiter must be great if it lets you see the

Master Hama: "Oh, but Ivan can learn to use an even greater power!"

Ivan: "What greater power?"

Master Hama: "Reveal."

Ivan: "Reveal?"

Master Hama: "Yes. I have waited long to pass the power of true sight
             on to you."

Mia: "You waited here in Lama Temple just to teach Reveal to Ivan?"

Master Hama: "You will need Reveal if you are to achieve your
             goals...Jupiter Adepts can learn Reveal on their own,
             over time...But that power alone will not help you find
             Saturos as his company moves on. It was Saturos and his
             companions who blocked Silk Road."

Garet: "Felix and the rest of them, huh? Those cowards!"

Master Hama: "Felix bears a terrible fate, a burden I would not wish
             on any man."

Garet: "A terrible fate? What do you mean?"

Master Hama: "I am sorry, but I can say nothing more of this matter.
             Now, we must focus on the power of Reveal. You will need
             the power of Reveal to cross the evil Lamakan Desert."

Garet: "An evil desert? Is that even possible?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "You believe that, Isaac? Well, I just don't buy it."

       R2: "It's hard to believe, isn't it, Isaac? I feel the same

Ivan: "Why will we need Reveal to cross the desert?"

Master Hama: "Crossing Lamakan Desert was hard enough without the
             extreme heat. But evil has taken hold of the desert,
             and its heat has become unbearable. Entering the desert
             now is nothing short of asking for death."

Ivan: "Then how can Saturos cross such a deadly place?"

Master Hama: "Saturos and Menardi are Mars Adepts. I am merely
             guessing...but their powers might help them suppress
             the heat as they cross."

Mia: "I still don't understand...How will Reveal help us in such
     an evil place?"

Master Hama: "Reveal will help you find oases to cool you against
             the heat."

Garet: "Why would we need Reveal for that? Won't we be able to see
       the oases?"

Master Hama: "Do you know what a mirage is?"
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No

             R1: "The desert is filled with mirages that prevent you
                 from seeing clearly. Without Reveal, you cannot find
                 the oases."

             R2: "Intense heat creates a curtain of air that distorts
                 the terrain. Mirages will deceive your eyes, 
                 preventing you from finding any oases."

Garet: "Sounds like we should have Ivan learn Reveal, don't you
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Yeah! I don't want to die in any evil desert!"
       R2: "Oh, come on, Isaac! If we're going to follow Felix, we'll
           need Reveal!"

Mia: "Ivan, you should let Master Hama teach you how to use Reveal."

[Hama looks around.]

Ivan: "What's wrong, Master Hama? You can pass Reveal on to me, 
      can't you?"

Master Hama: "I am unsure that it will work. In preparation for this
             day, I tried to pass a power on to a young girl, 
             although that power was not Reveal. My student was not
             an Adept...But I thought anyone could hone a skill he
             or she already possessed...However, I saw no change in
             the girl."

Feizhi: "No, there was a change!"

[Feizhi rushes in.]

Master Hama: "Feizhi...Why are you here?"

Feizhi: "I sensed it!"

Master Hama: "Sensed it? What did you sense?"

Feizhi: "Hsu is in great danger!"

Master Hama: "Hsu left this place a long time ago."

Feizhi: "I know...But Hsu did not return to Xian."

Master Hama: "...The boulders in the mountains!"

Feizhi: "I sensed it. I came through the mine. I came to ask for

Master Hama: "I sensed nothing, as I was focused on Isaac's 
             arrival...But why has the power come to you now,
             after all this time?"

Feizhi: "Gems fell from the sky. One hit me right on the head."

Master Hama: "Gems...Psynergy Stones...Then this may work after

Feizhi: "What about Hsu?"

Master Hama: "Let us hurry to Hsu's aid!"

Garet: "Master Hama, what about us? What about Reveal?"

Master Hama: "I had completely forgotten. It seems I succeeded
             in passing my power to Feizhi. You will be fine."

[Hama and Ivan glow and she passes Reveal on to him.]

Master Hama: "This should do it. Use Reveal to cross the desert.
             But your Reveal may not be that strong yet...The
             oases maynot appear. The rest is up to Ivan's abilities.
             Ivan, I am very glad to see you have grown to be such a
             strong man."

[Hama, the man, and Feizhi run out.]

Mia: "Ivan, do you and Master Hama...know each other?"

Ivan: "No...But she doesn't feel like a stranger..."

Garet: "Felix and the others must be far ahead of us by now..."
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Then we'd better get moving! Let's go!"
       R2: "The desert may have slowed them down, but we can't waste
           a second!"

Mia: "We can't just leave like this! Hama might need our help...She
     only has Feizhi to assist her. Shouldn't we help, too?" 
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1: "I'm more worried about Felix and the others...But I'm
         not opposed to rescuing Hsu. We'll go with you, Isaac,
         whatever you decide!"
         Ivan: "I wonder what Master Hama was talking about...Oh,
               I'm sorry...Let's go."

     R2: "I am worried about Feizhi and Master Hama...But I
         understand why you want to chase after Felix."

         Garet: "We'll go with you, Isaac, whatever you decide!"

          Ivan: "I wonder what Master Hama was talking about...
                Oh, I'm sorry...Let's go."

| 20. Alpine Crossing Revisited                               |

[The party walks back to Alpine Crossing and finds Feizhi and
Master Hama huddled around a man trapped under a boulder. Using
the new-found power of Reveal, they find a hidden entrance and
run over to the two women.]

Master Hama: "Hsu, are you okay?"

Hsu: "Master Hama, I am okay. But the boulder...I cannot move."

Master Hama: "Hsu seems unhurt. You must be glad, Feizhi."

Feizhi: "Yes. Thank you, Master. But how can we free him."

Master Hama: "I don't know what we can do."

[Isaac uses Lift on the boulder atop Hsu.]

Master Hama: "Isaac, did you lift the boulder?"

Feizhi: "Oh my! The boulder! It floats!"

Master Hama: "Quickly, Feizhi. We must pull Hsu free! Ready
             yourself, Hsu. I am going to pull. One, two, three!"

[Hsu is dragged a ways.]

Feizhi: "He is halfway out. Just a little further."

Master Hama: "Can you hang on just a moment longer, Isaac?"
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No

             R1: "Thank you, Isaac! Ready? I am going to pull! One,
                 two, three!"

             R2: "You cannot back out now! You must be responsible!
                 Ready? I am going to pull! One, two, three!"

[They pull Hsu out from under the boulder, finally.]

Feizhi: "We did it! Master Hama, Hsu is free!"

Master Hama: "We did it, Feizhi! Thank you, Isaac! We must contact
             Master Feh and ask him to tend to Hsu's injuries."

Feizhi: "I will ask him to clean up the rocks, too."

Master Hama: "Excellent. If Silk Road remains blocked, everyone will

[Later on, the party gathers at the entrance to Master Hama's house.]

Master Hama: "Adepts, let me thank you again. I am truly grateful.
             I did not expect you to come and aid us."

Mia: "No, Master Hama...We are the ones who should be grateful."

Ivan: "Thank you for passing the power of Reveal on to me...But
      what you said..."

Master Hama: "What is it, Ivan?"

Garet: "Well, really, I was the one who suggested we help you,
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Mia): "What? Didn't you want us to hurry on to the desert,

          Garet: "Did I, Mia? Did I really? I think you must be
                 mistaken. Yeah, that's it!"

       R2 (Mia): "No, Garet...You wanted us to get moving!"

          Garet: "Isaac, Mia...Don't make me look like a fool..."

Master Hama: "Do not worry, Garet. I do not mind. Travel well, my
             friends. I hope to see you soon."

[Hame retreats inside her house.]

Garet: "Weren't you going to ask Master Hama what she meant earlier?"

Mia: "We do not know when we will be able to see Master Hama again."

Garet: "Isaac, don't you think we should ask Master Hama what she
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "See? If it's bothering you, you should just go ahead and
           ask now!"

       R2: "Huh? You think we should just leave it as is?"

Ivan: "Thank you, everyone...but it is better that we leave now."

Mia: "What do you mean?"

Ivan: "Master Hama hasn't looked me in the eye since she said those

Garet: "Well, that just makes me even more curious!"

Ivan: "Don't worry about it. I doubt she would tell me even if I 

Mia: "Well, that's just..."

Ivan: "Master Hama will tell me when we have completed our mission.
      I have to believe that..."

[After that, the party passes through the Lamakan Desert, only
stopping to kick the crap out of the Manticore boss. Through the
cave said boss guarded, it's only a few bridges to Kalay.]

| 21. Kalay                                                   |

[Having finally returned to Master Hammet's hometown, the party
quickly heads to his palace at the northern part of town. The
guards, however, immediately block the entrance.]

Guard: "This is Lord Hammet's palace. The lord is away. Please,

Guard 2: "We will happily welcome visitors once Lord Hammet has

Ivan: "Leave this to me. It is I...Please permit me to see
      Lady Layana."

[The two guards look at each other.]

Ivan: "Don't you recognize me? I am Ivan, servant of Lord

Guard: "Ivan...? I didn't recognize you--You're so tan! But
       it really is you, Ivan!"

Guard 2: "Oh, it's Ivan! You've grown so much in such a short
         time, Ivan!"

Ivan: "Have I really changed that much?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No
      R1: "Really? I"m surprised...It doesn't feel like it's
          been that long..."

      R2: "You probably wouldn't know. You only met me after
          I got left in Vault."

Guard: "That doesn't matter...What's important is that the thieves
       freed you!"

Guard 2: "Please tell us, will Lord Hammet be freed soon, too?"

Ivan: "Freed? Lord Hammet is a prisoner?"

Guard: "...You haven't heard? I can see we'll need to fill you in
       on everything. This is a private matter. Would your friends
       please leave?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "No, Isaac! There are no secrets between us!"

       R2: "My companions and I have overcome many hardships

Guard 2: "Very well, then...Why were you not with Lord Hammet?"

Ivan: "I remained in Vault to look for his stolen rod."

Guard: "Stolen? Someone stole his rod?"

Ivan: "Yes, the Shaman's Rod. But I was able to recover it..."

Guard: "Then Lord Hammet must still be imprisoned in Lunpa..."

Guard 2: "I must report this to Lady Layana!"

Guard: "Ivan, come see Lady Layana with me...You can explain it all
       to her."

Ivan: "Isaac, you saw Lord Hammet heading north, didn't you?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "That must have been when Lord Hammet went toward Lunpa.
          Lady Layana will surely be glad to hear your tale. Please,
          come with me, and tell her the full story."

      R2: "No, I mean the day Lord Hammet went toward Lunpa...Lady
          Layana will surely be glad to hear your tale. Please, come
          with me, and tell her the full story."

[The party is permitted to enter and they tell Layana the full
story in a short while.]

Layana: "When I heard that you were back, Ivan, I had dared to hope...
        that Lord Hammet had returned with you."

Guard: "We thought Lord Hammet had been released from Lunpa, too."

Guard 2: "We sent the ransom money they demanded, so he should return
         soon, right?"

Ivan: "What's been happening in Lunpa these days?"

Guard 2: "The leadership in Lunpa passed from its founder, Lunpa,
         the noble thief, to his son Donpa, and then to Lunpa's

Guard: "Dodonpa is a very evil man. His father, Donpa, is heartbroken
       at the state of Lunpa now."

Ivan: "When did you send the ransom money?"

Layana: "Let's see...First, the volcano erupted..."

Guard 2: "And the ransom note came right after the eruption. We rushed
         the money to them right away. I remember it well."

Ivan: "It's been quite a while since the eruption...Is it possible
      they have no intention of letting Lord Hammet go?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "You think so, too, Isaac?"
      R2: "I don't want to believe it either, but something seems
          wrong about this."

Layana: "Are you saying Dodonpa won't release Hammet!?"

Garet: "I agree with Ivan. If they were going to release him, they'd
       have done it by now."

Mia: "I am sorry, Lady Layana, but I think Ivan might be right."

Layana: "What should we do? How can we rescue Hammet? What...
        What if something has happened to him!?"

Guard: "Let us handle this! My lady, this is exactly what the
       soldiers of Kalay are here for!"

Guard 2: "Yes, Lady Layana! Please let us handle this!"

Guard: "Command us to attack, and we shall!"

Layana: "I cannot do that...Not without thinking it over carefully...
        How can we guarantee Hammet's safety if we send soldiers to
        attack? I cannot do it. I cannot put Hammet's life at risk..."

Garet: "Can't we do something to help?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Oh! Well, it's about time you started agreeing with me,

       R2: "What!? Look, we both know Hammet's life is in danger!"

Layana: "What are you two talking about?"

Ivan: "Garet thinks that we can help."

Layana: "It is too dangerous...If you fail, your lives would be in
        danger, too. Besides, don't you have your own quests to
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "I thought so...I knew there had to be a reason Ivan had
            stayed with you, instead of returning home directly from

        R2: "I do not believe that...Ivan would not have stayed with
            you for so long if you did not have an important task

Mia: "Then what will happen to Lord Hammet?"

Layana: "Hammet is a good hostage for them...They will not kill him.
        We shall wait for another message from Lunpa."

Ivan: "Lady Layana, I cannot leave like this..."

Layana: "It will be fine, Ivan. Hammet would not want to distract
        you from-- I apologize. I have said more than I should..."

Garet: "It sounds like Hammet knows about our mission...doesn't it?"

Layana: "I suppose I can keep it a secret no longer...Very well, I
        shall tell you...He swore an oath to a Jupiter Adept."

Ivan: "A Jupiter Adept!?"

Layana: "Have you heard of a village called Vale?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "You are from Vale? Really? Then the prophecy was true."

        R2 (Garet): "Give me a break! You don't know Vale!? It's our

            Layana: "You are from Vale...? Really? Then the prophecy
                    was true."

Mia: "What prophecy?"

Layana: "Three years after the terrible storm that struck only Mt.
        Aleph...Ivan must depart on a journey with warriors from
        Vale...So it was foretold."

Ivan: "I've heard nothing of any such prophecy."

Layana: "It happened several years before Hammet founded Kalay...He
        was off traveling. Hammet felt he had reached an impasse as
        a merchant then. He risked his life on a journey to find a
        new source of business...He was in mortal danger at the
        southwestern edge of the world, when some Adepts appeared
        and saved his life. He had lost consciousness. When he awoke,
        he found himself in their village."

Ivan: "Just a moment...Am I from that village?"

Layana: "Yes. The Adept gave him the Shaman's Rod and you...along
        with some doubloons."

Mia: "Doubloons...Were they golden doubloons?"

Layana: "Yes...Let's see...You are...called..."

Mia: "I am Mia, Lady Layana."

Layana: "It was a lot of gold, Mia, but he also received some
        business advice."

Garet: "Business advice? Hammet? The greatest merchant ever known?"

Layana: "Yes, Garet. Hammet has the Adepts to thank for his success."

Guard: "Wow...I've never heard anything like that..."

Layana: "He was advised to buy silk in Xian and sell it in Tolbi. To
        see anything sell so well, it's like a dream come true.
        There's no denying that was when Hammet picked up his knack
        for business."

Ivan: "Did he have to promise them anything in return?"

Layana: "Ah, yes, Ivan...It is something you will need on your

Garet: "Something we need on our journey..."

Layana: "The Adept asked Hammet to use the Shaman's Rod to obtain it.
        He looked for this object wherever he went...But he could
        never find it. Then, three years ago, a storm struck, one
        that hit only Mt. Aleph...Hammet was worried that time was
        running out...But he had managed to unearth a clue just in
        time. That, Ivan, is why he took you with the caravan on his
        last journey north."

Ivan: "I had no idea...So that must be why he left the rod in my care.
      But then--"

Mia: "No, Ivan...You mustn't blame yourself..."

Ivan: "It was my carelessness that caused the rod to be stolen. And
      ultimately, that's why Lord Hammet is being held in Lunpa..."

Layana: "You must continue your journey and complete your quest. You
        can't blame yourself."

Mia: "But what will happen to Hammet?"

Layana: "I will handle this."

Guard: "And don't forget the soldiers of Kalay!"

Guard 2: "Continue on your journey, and do not worry about Hammet!"

Layana: "I am sorry I cannot tell you more about the Shaman's Rod..."

Ivan: "No, don't apologize..."

Garet: "The Shaman's Rod'll help us find that thing we need on our
       quest, right?"

Layana: "Will you look for it?"
        R1 --> Yes
        R2 --> No

        R1: "If Isaac says we will, then there's nothing to worry

        R2 (Garet): "What's wrong with you, Isaac? Did you forget why
                    we're here? If we need it for our quest, we'll
                    have to find it sooner or later."

Layana: "Very well...Take care of yourselves. Return to your posts,

[As the party goes to head out, someone yells from the center of

Voice: "OK! Are we all listening? Let's stop right here."

[It's a tour guide and his band of guests.]

Cook: "Why are we stopping in a place like this?"

Green-dressed Woman: "Yeah! We have to hurry or we'll be late for

Bald Man: "Late for Colosso? We can't have that!"

Long-haired Man: "That won't do at all! We paid good money to
                 see Colosso! We can't be late!"

Green Tour Guide: "Everything will be just fine, folks! We're
                  just checking to make sure no one's missing!"

Red-haired Man: "Well, I guess that's OK..."

Blue-haired Man: "But if anyone is missing, we're the one's who'll
                 miss out. Forget about them! Let's just get a
                 move on!"

Purple Tour Guide: "Oh, dear..."

Green Tour Guide: "All right, hurry up and start counting!"

Purple Tour Guide: "Uh-oh...We're short one person..Now here could
                   he be?"

Cook: "What's going on? Why aren't we leaving for Tolbi yet?"

Green-dressed Woman: "There are a lot of people waiting to see
                     Colosso, here!"

Bald Man: "Hey? What's up? Why are the guides pacing back and

Cook: "Come on! Why aren't we leaving yet?"

Young Man: "I hear there was a landslide on the road to Tolbi.
           We paid good money to take this cruise to see Colosso!"

Long-haired Man: "We have to decide if we're entering Colosso once
                 we reach Tolbi."

Red-haired Man: "Right when we're leaving, they tell us we have to
                ride a boat? I can't stand boats...If I had known,
                I never would have come."

Blue-haired Man: "It's just a shame a man like you can't ride on a
                 boat, Ouranos."

Cook: "That's it...We can't wait any longer!"

Purple Tour Guide: "Can't wait? What do you mean?"

Long-haired Man: "We all knew that anyone who was late would be
                 left behind, right?"

Cook: "Everyone understood that. 

Long-haired Man: "Then what's the problem? We'll miss the boat if
                 we wait any longer!"

Cook: "Miss the boat? We can't let that happen!"

Green-dressed Woman: "We paid a lot of money...We have to arrive
                     before the carnival starts!"

Purple Tour Guide: "There's nothing we can do...Let's go!"

Green Tour Guide: "Yeah! Let's go! OK...Follow me, and stay in

[They all walk off. As they disappear, an old man walks to the
spot they were just at.]

Old Man: "Hmm...Now where did my tour group get to...? No! They
         wouldn't have left without me, would they? Oh, no! I'd
         better get moving!"

[The party leaves with the words of Lady Layana in mind. On the
world map, the southwest passage to Kalay's port is the next

| 22. Kalay Docks and the Tolbi-bound Ship                          |

[As soon as he enters, Garet rushes to the pier.]

Garet: "Incredible! So this is the ocean Kraden was talking about!"

Bystander: "The Karagol is surrounded by land, so technically, it's
           not a real ocean. A true ocean is totally open."

Garet: "What? But this looks just the way Kraden described it!
       Someday, I want to see the real ocean, Isaac!"

[The party goes up to the ticket-taker after buying theirs.]

Ticket-taker: "Tickets, please. Please show your tickets. Thank
              you very much. Please board the ship, and we'll 
              set sail soon."

[Isaac and company walk onto the deck and see the captain.]

Captain: "I wonder what could have happened."

Bandanna Guy: "You mean you still intend to cross this dangerous

Captain: "It would be too big a loss to let so many passengers
         get away..."

Bandanna Guy: "Say, Kaja, how are the oarsmen doing?"

Kaja: "They're fearless. There's no problem there. It's just

Captain: " "It's just that"...what?"

Kaja: "If a whole bunch of...them appear while we're crossing the
      sea, I won't be able to handle them alone."

Bandanna Guy: "I'm sorry, but you'll have to. I can't let anyone
              else fight but you, Kaja."

Captain: "Remember, the oarsmen will have their hands full rowing.
         They can't fight. There's nothing we can do...Let's set

Bandanna Guy: "Wha-What are you talking about! If we set sail now,
              we'll never make it to Tolbi."

Captain: "We'll be fine...We have a protective amulet!"

Kaja: "Amulet...Amulet, you say...You mean that little anchor

Captain: "The litle anchor has always protected us from danger."

Bandanna Guy: "Captain, get ahold of yourself! That's just
              foolish superstition!"

Captain: "It's okay. We'll be fine. Even if we can't find any
         mercenaries, that little charm will protect us. Now then,
         let's hurry up! Prepare to set sail! This is great...
         We'll be setting sail soon!

[The Captain and Naja walk away.]

Bandanna Guy: (Not if I have anything to say about it.)

[The guy in the bandanna sneaks into the Captain's cabin. Isaac
stands by the door as the guy's coming out.]

Bandanna Guy: "I didn't do anything...Really, I mean it..."

[The man runs off. Isaac walks into the cabin at the opposite
end of the Tolbi-bound ship. Two warriors--one with red hair
and the other with blueish--are talking with a third man.]

Red-haired Man: "If we aren't going to set sail right away,
                I'm going to go ashore!"

Tour Guide: "Yeah, but...we're going to set sail real soon, so please
            be patient."

Blue-haired Man: "When is "real soon"? I'm asking how long real soon
                 is going to be!"

Tour Guide: "You're wondering when...Well..."

Blue-haired Man: "We're planning to go see Colosso. You know, my
                 friend Ouranos here is scared of ships."

Tour Guide: "Ouranos? But he's huge!"

Ouranos: "It's not that I'm scared. I just can't stand water... I'd
         rather be bitten by poisonous spiders than sail across the

Tour Guide: "Hmmm. Spiders, huh?"

Blue-haired Man: "And even Ouranos is ready to cross the sea right
                 now. Well, if we're not going now, when are we going
                 to set sail?"

Tour Guide: "That's...not an easy question."

Blue-haired Man: "You mean you wouldn't know even if I asked? We're
                 going, Ouranos."

Ouranos: "Going? Where?"

Blue-haired Man: "Where else? To the captain's quarters, of course."

Tour Guide: "What do you think you're going to do in the captain's

Blue-haired Man: "Make him set sail."

Ouranos: "And what if he refuses?"

Blue-haired Man: "In that case, we'll just have to do our best to
                 persuade him...Right, Ouranos?"

Tour Guide: "That sounds crazy!"

Ouranos: "That sounds great! Count me in."

[The two rush off.]

Tour Guide: "I don't want any violence!"

[He rushes off as well. Isaac follow them into the captain's cabin.]

Bandanna Man: "Now what? You want to see the captain too?"
              R1 --> Yes
              R2 --> No

     R1: [See below.]
     R2: "Well, you don't have any business here then. Off with you
         now!" [You cannot progress unless you pick the other option.]

[After picking R1:]

Kaja: "You're trying to launch the ship? We can't set sail in this
      dangerous sea!"

Ouranos: "What was that?"

Tour Guide: "We don't care about that! We paid our money, and now
            you have to launch the ship!"

Kaja: "But the captain decided to set sail just a second ago."

Blue-haired Man: "So...we're taking off?"

Captain: "Yes. Preparations are being made right now."

Blue-haired Man: "Well...maybe we were a bit rash, running up here
                 like that."

Tour Guide: "Please, launch the ship when you're ready."

Ouranos: "... Dangerous sea...That's what you said, isn't it? It's
         dangerous out there...Is that why you wouldn't launch the

Kaja: "Yeah, I did...The sea is dangerous now. There are monsters..."

Tour Guide: "Monsters, you say?"

Kaja: "Lately, we've been sighting creatures never before seen in the

Blue-haired Man: "Dangerous ones?"

Captain: "Actually, some even came onboard the ship and attacked
         the crew."

Tour Guide: "That is dangerous!"

Kaja: "We suspect that our replacement ship may have been attacked."

Ouranos: "With such dangerous creatures around...You might need

Captain: "It is certainly dangerous, but the ship is okay. After
         all, we--"

Ouranos: "If there are monsters, I'll be glad to help out."

Kaja: "Oh, really?"

Blue-haired Man: "Hey, Ouranos, I thought--"

Ouranos: "We have to make it to Colosso...If we're late, we can't

Blue-haired Man: "That's true, but..."

Ouranos: "He, maybe you can give us a hand, too, Sean!"

Kaja: "Really? Are you really going to help out?"

Ouranos: "I'm a man of my word. If I said I'll help, I'll help."

Kaja: "With you guys helping me to keep the deck safe, the ship 
      should be okay."

Captain: "So, can we set off now?"

Kaja: "No...Now, we need someone to protect the oarsmen..."

Sean: "Protect the oarsmen, huh? You guys need some warriors..."

Ouranos: "You have an idea?"

Sean: "I saw some warriors in among the passengers belowdecks."

Kaja: "Do you think they'd help us out?"

Sean: "If they're from Angara, they will."

Captain: "Hmmm...If they could help out, we'd be unbeatable.
         And, of course, we still have my lucky anchor..."

[The captain looks at where it last was.]

Captain: "It's gone...It's vanished!"

Kaja: "What!? The captain's beloved anchor!"

Ouranos: "The anchor...Our good luck charm?"

Sean: "Oh, that? What's the big deal? So what if the old trinket's

Captain: "What do you mean "Oh, that"!? That anchor's been keeping
         my sihp safe for years!"

Tour Guide: "It's just decorative, right?"

Captain: "Even if we find some warriors, we won't make it without
         that anchor. We're not leaving!"

Sean: "But you just said we were leaving..."

Captain: "That was when I thought we still had the anchor!"

Ouranos: "Why all the fuss over a little trinket?"

Tour Guide: " "Little trinket"!? Weren't you listening to what he

Kaja: "It's not just a decoration! It's a good luck charm!"

Captain: "This ship doesn't leave until we find it."

Bandanna Guy: (What's the problem? We've got some warriors to help
              us...Maybe we shouldn't have taken it.)

[He turns around and sees Isaac still right behind him.]

Bandanna Guy: "Hey! Hey, you! What are you doing here? You heard the
              captain--This ship goes nowhere!!"

[After Mind Reading the Bandanna Guy, the party finds the trinket
up on top of the mast. They fetch it and go to the Captain.]

Captain: "Oh, of all the bad luck...losing my lucky charm! This
         ship can't leave until we find it!"

[They hand over the charm.]

Captain: "Hey! It's my lucky anchor! Well, look at that! Did you
         find our charm for us?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1 (Kaja): "It was atop the mast? Why there, of all places?"
            Captain: "I...I don't know what to say...Thank you. Now,
                     we can set sail."

         R2 (Kaja): "You climbed up the mast to see the Crow's Nest,
                    and there it was? How on earth did it get up

            Captain: "Thank you so much! Now, I can finally launch
                     this ship!"

Tour Guide: "Boy, that's a relief! Now we can set sail. Right, 

Sean: "Mmm, not just yet..."

Ouranos: "Not yet? What's the problem this time?"

Sean: "The Karagol Sea is thick with monsters..."

Tour Guide: "But you don't..."

Kaja: "Well, it's just like Sean said. The best we can do is protect
      the deck."

Sean: "We need someone to protect the oarsmen."

Captain: "Sean, you look like you have someone in mind to help us..."

Sean: "Yeah."

Ouranos: "Someone to help? Who?"

Sean: "Those warriors, that's who! They may look young, but each
      of them is a force to be reckoned with."

Kaja: "When you put it that way, sure. Why not?"

Captain: "I can't argue with that...How about it? You want to join
         forces with us and help out the ship?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1: "So, you'll help us? That means we can finally set sail."

         R2: "You lack confidence, but Sean has faith in you."
             Sean: "With you at our side, we'll be fine. I'm sure
                   you can protect the ship."

             Kaja: "If you want to reach Tolbi, you'll give us a hand
                   so we can set sail."

Tour Guide: "Oh, good! That means the ship is taking off!"

Captain: "There's just one thing left to do..."

Tour Guide: "Oh, no...Now what?"

Captain: "I need some volunteers to help with the rowing...just in

Tour Guide: "What? Are you going to ask the passengers to help row
            the ship?"

Captain: "The ship won't move without oarsmen, so..."

Ouranos: "Don't worry--we'll do that, too!"

Bandanna Guy: "Wa-Wait a minute...You're supposed to protect the

Kaja: "We'll need to ask the other passengers."

Captain: "These passengers are part of your tour, so why don't 
         you go ask them?"

Tour Guide: "This is crazy..."

Kaja: "We need you to help out. Even with the crazy stuff."

Sean: "Well then, let's all go to our stations while we wait for
      the launch."

Captain: "Come to think of it, I don't know your name. You want
         to tell me?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1: "Ah, Isaac. Well then, Isaac. I'm looking forward to
             working with you. Well then, Isaac...Well, everybody,
             let's get this ship to sea!"

         R2: "Well, I'll need to call you something. Hmm...You
             look like Isaac. Well then, Isaac...Well, everybody,
             let's get this ship to sea!"

[Isaac and company take their role below deck, with Kaja and the

Kaja: "Our replacement never arrived, but we're shoving off just
      the same."

Oarsman: "What about the sea monsters? Who's going to protect the

Kaja: "That'll be me, Ouranos, and Sean on the deck, and...Isaac
      and his friends protecting you down here."

Oarsman 2: "Can we really depend on them?"

Kaja: "Isaac and his friends have seen more combat than even I have,
      so there's nothing to worry about."

Oarsman 3: "If you say so, Kaja. We trust your judgment."

Kaja: "And what will you do if any of you becomes incapacitated?"

Oarsman: "We're not sure...What happens then??"

Kaja: "Another passenger will help row the ship. Don't worry about
      it! I had a word with the passengers."

Oarsman 2: "Who will go and give the order when the time comes?"

Kaja: "Hmmm. Good point..."

[He turns to Isaac.]

Kaja: "You should select a replacement and bring him here."

Oarsman: "Rowing requires teamwork. Be sure to balance the two

Oarsman 2: "That's right. If we're not balanced, we won't make 
           much progress."

Kaja: "Right. You have your orders. I trust you'll all do your

[Kaja goes to the deck and signals to the mate nearby.]

Mate: "Preparations...Ready!"

Bandanna Guy: "Ship's course...Clear!"

Captain: "All right. Cast off!"

[Kaja walks back inside.]

Kaja: "Row those oars!"

[The oarsmen start rowing in accordance with the drum sound. After
a while, the ship's mate in the crow's-nest sees something.]

Bandanna Guy: "Avast! Monsters sighted!"

Captain: "Monsters?"

Kaja: "Aye, Captain! Sea monsters!"

Sean: "Captain, turn the rudder hard to starboard!"

Captain: "All right, I'm turning!"

Ouranos: "It's no use. It's too late!"

[The monsters head down into the oarsmen's deck.]

Voice: "Arrgh!"

[Isaac and his friends go back down to see an injured oarsman.]

Oarsman: "Monsters belowdecks! Isaac! Take care of these beasts
         and save my my mates!"

[Isaac and co. take care of the creatures.]

Kaja: "Hey, are you OK? Looks like you took care of those sea
      monsters. We're missing an oarsman! Oh no! He's unconscious!
      It looks like the sea monsters got one of our rowers...There's
      no way around it...Isaac, go ask one of the passengers to row,
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Hop to it!"

      R2: "Look, I know you don't want to do this, but you promised...
          Now, bring a passenger who can help row."

[Isaac goes up and finds a replacement.]

Kaja: "Isaac, you're back! And you brought an oarsman with you! Well,
      you're going to have to row for us. All right. Take your place.
      Now, we'll need you to protect this area again, Isaac."

[Kaja goes back up to the deck.]

Mate: "Preparations...Ready!"

Bandanna Guy: "Ship's course...Clear!"

Captain: "All right, we're off!"

Kaja: "Row those oars!"

[The ship starts moving again. It's only a little while before the
deck is attacked again.]

Sean: "Monsters!"

[Some of the monsters go belowdecks to the oarsmen.]

Voice: "Arrgh!"

[Isaac checks on them.]

Voice: "Monsters belowdecks!"

Oarsman: "Isaac! Take care of these beasts and save my mates!"

[Isaac's party fells the monsters again. Kaja comes back down.]

Kaja: "Hey, are you OK? Looks like you took care of those sea
      monsters. We're missing an oarsman! Oh no! He's unconscious!
      It looks like the sea monsters got one of our rowers...There's
      no way around it...Isaac, go ask one of the passengers to row,
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Hop to it!"

      R2: "Look, I know you don't want to do this, but you promised...
          Now, bring a passenger who can help row."

[Isaac goes up and finds a replacement.]

Kaja: "Isaac, you're back! And you brought an oarsman with you! Well,
      you're going to have to row for us. All right. Take your place.
      Now, we'll need you to protect this area again, Isaac."

[Kaja goes back up to the deck.]

Mate: "Preparations...Ready!"

Bandanna Guy: "Ship's course...Clear!"

Captain: "All right, we're off!"

Kaja: "Row those oars!"

[The ship starts cruising again. It's only a little while before 
the deck is attacked again. Some of the monsters drop back down
into the hold where the oarsmen are.]

Voice: "Arrgh!"

[Isaac checks on them.]

Voice: "Monsters belowdecks!"

Oarsman: "Isaac! Take care of these beasts and save my mates!"

[Isaac's party fells the monsters again. Kaja comes back down.]

Kaja: "Hey, are you OK? Looks like you took care of those sea
      monsters. We're missing an oarsman! Oh no! He's unconscious!
      It looks like the sea monsters got one of our rowers...There's
      no way around it...Isaac, go ask one of the passengers to row,
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Hop to it!"

      R2: "Look, I know you don't want to do this, but you promised...
          Now, bring a passenger who can help row."

[Isaac goes up and finds a replacement.]

Kaja: "Isaac, you're back! And you brought an oarsman with you! Well,
      you're going to have to row for us. All right. Take your place.
      Now, we'll need you to protect this area again, Isaac."

[Kaja goes back up to the deck.]

Mate: "Preparations...Ready!"

Bandanna Guy: "Ship's course...Clear!"

Captain: "All right, we're off!"

Kaja: "Row those oars!"

[Yet again, the ship starts moving. This time, nothing comes down,
but the ship shakes horribly.]

Mia: "I wonder what's wrong...The ship shouldn't be rocking this

Kaja: "Isaac!"

Ivan: "Isaac, up on deck!"

Kaja: "Isaac, there's a huge sea monster on the ship! If we don't
      do something...we'll sink! You have to help us!"

Garet: "If this ship sinks, everythign we've done will mean
       nothing...Let's go bag us some sea monsters."

[The party goes up and defeats the Kraken monster that was
causing the tremors on the ship.]

Kaja: "Thank you, Isaac. You did good against that Kraken. We
      lost another oarsman, though. I need to check the hull. Go
      find someone to row the ship."

[Isaac finds another replacement.]

Kaja: "Isaac, you're back! And you brought an oarsman with you! Well,
      you're going to have to row for us. All right. Take your place.
      Now, we'll need you to protect this area again, Isaac."

[Kaja goes back up to the deck.]

Mate: "Preparations...Ready!"

Bandanna Guy: "Ship's course...Clear!"

Captain: "All right, we're off!"

Kaja: "Row those oars!"

[Up in the crow's-nest, the mate sees the sea gulls all fly

Bandanna Guy: "Land ho!"

Sean: "Hey, I can see land!"

Ouranos: "It looks like we made it!"

[The boat docks in the port and the passengers come up on the deck.]

Purple Tour Guide: "We made it? Finally! We're lucky to be alive after
                   all those attacks!"

Cook: "The other passengers have already disembarked...Didn't even
      say good-bye."

Bald Man: "We don't have to row anymore? Oh, what a relief!"

Young Man: "Ohhh! I haven't had a workout like that in years!"

[Isaac and company walk up, too.]

Kaja: "Thanks for all your hard work. Your efforts got this ship
      to shore. I thank you again. Hurry, everyone! Colosso is
      already underway in Tolbi! You'd better get moving to Tolbi,

[And so ends the slowest-moving chapter ever. The town of Tolbi is
a skip and a jump from the dock area, and that's where everyone is
going...and I do mean everybody.]

| 23. Tolbi                                                         |

[While exploring Tolbi, the party is cornered by two guards running
down the stairs. They show him a picture of an old man with a title
of "Missing Person" under it.]

Guard: "Hey, have you seen anyone who looks like this?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Babi must be nearby!!!"
       R2: "Where's Babi!? He doesn't seem to be here. Let's look
           over there."

[The party goes to Babi's Palace, which is where the guards were
just coming from. Upstairs, they run into the guards again who are
talking to a bearded man walking away.]

Guard: "Iodem, Iodem! We went to Altmiller Cave, as you commanded."

Iodem: "And what have you? What news is there of Babi?"

[They shake their heads.]

Iodem: "This is futile..."

Guard: "Iodem, why did you send us to look for Babi in a place
       like that?"

Guard 2: "Why would Lord Babi enter such a dangerous cave alone?

Iodem: "Inconceivable? Is that what you were going to say?"

Guard: "Altmiller Cave is an evil place. If Babi went there alone,
       a monster might have..."

Iodem: "I'm aware of Altmiller Cave's...eccentricities."

Guard: "You knew? Then why would you send us in there, Iodem?"

Iodem: "Lord Babi has left in secret before..."

Guard 2: "You mean, this isn't the first time Lord Babi has
         disappeared, Iodem?"

Guard: "Do you know where he went before?"

Iodem: "I followed Lord Babi once...I was certain he had gone
       into Altmiller Cave..."

Guard: "Did you ever investigate the cave, Iodem?"

Guard 2: "What was he doing in the cave?"

Iodem: "Once he entered the cave, Lord Babi vanished before my
       very eyes."

Guard: "Vanished?"

Guard 2: "You mean you lost sight of Lord Babi. Is that it?"

Iodem: "After he entered the mouth of the cave, I followed him...
       but he had vanished, leaving no trace. I tried following 
       him several times after that. Each time, he vanished within
       seconds of entering the cave's mouth."

Guard: "And you think that's where Lord Babi went this morning,

Guard 2: "But if he always returned from Altmiller Cave before...
         Then he should be back soon, right?"

Iodem: "No. This time is different. Something puzzles me..."

Guard: "What do you mean?"

Iodem: "It is certainly strange that Lord Babi should go right
       before Colosso. But there's something else..."

Guard 2: "What is it?"

Iodem: "Lord Babi's bedding was not disturbed this morning."

Guard: "What's unusual about that?"

Iodem: "Last night, Lord Babi did not use his bed. That is the
       problem. Lord Babi has, in fact, been missing since last
       night. And that is why I am so worried. He has never done
       this before."

Guard: "We didn't know he'd been missing so long..."

Guard 2: "You don't think Lord Babi's been ki--"

Iodem: "Speak no such foolishness! I am sure Lord Babi is alive
       and well somewhere!"

Guard: "Ah, yes, of course."

Iodem: "I will go to the colosseum in Lord Babi's stead. You must
       find him..."

Guard 2: "We will all conduct another round of searches."

[The guards walk off.]

Iodem: "Lord Babi, where have you gone?"

[Iodem walks off as well. Since the party miraculously eavesdropped
without being confronted, they know that Babi's probably in 
Altmiller Cave somewhere. They leave Tolbi and head north to find

| 24. Altmiller Cave                                                |

[The party enters the cave. In one of the pitch-dark lower levels,
they spot a mass outlined in white, lying on the floor. They "talk"
to it.]

Mass: "You...You can see me?"

Ivan: "Someone's there."

Mia: "Wrapped in Psynergetic light...Who could it be?"

Mass: "You know about Psynergy? And you can see me?"

Garet: "Come on, mister! Don't hide--show yourself!"

Mass: "Even if I wanted to show myself...As you can see, I cannot

Ivan: "What do you mean, "as you can see"? You're invisible!"

Mass: "Oh...That's right."

Mia: "You say you can't move...What happened?"

Mass: "Mmmm, yes. I ran out of my draught and collapsed here."

Garet: "Draught? Exactly what kind of draught is it?"

Mass: "You couldn't even begin to comprehend if I tried to tell you.

Mia: "You seem to be in a lot of pain. Your life depends on that
     draught, huh?"

Mass: "It does. Could you do me a favor?"

Ivan: "A favor? What is it?"

Mass: "I'd like you to get my draught for me."

Garet: "Get it? Where is it?"

Mass: "Deep in this cave..."

Mia: "What, is there a pharmacy down there?"

Mass: "Witty, aren't we? I'll have to tell you how to find it.
      Can you do this for me?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Garet): "Are you kidding, Isaac? We haven't even actually
                  seen this guy!"

      R2 (Garet): "I'm with you, Isaac. I don't trust anyone who's
                  afraid to show himself."

Ivan: "He said he couldn't move even if he wanted to, right?
      Someone is in trouble! It's only natural to want to help."

Mia: "I agree with Ivan--whoever he is, he needs our help."

Garet: "Fine! Okay! We should help people in need. Is that better!?"

Mass: "Will you get it for me?!"

Ivan: "What do we have to do to get your draught?"

Mass: "First, you'll have to go deep into the cave. You'll find
      five rocks sticking up out of the ground. Rotate the rocks
      on the left and right sides. When you turn the rocks in the
      right order, five colored lights will appear."

Mia: "Colored lights? This sounds weird."

Mass: "That's right. Lights will appear on the wall. There will
      be five colors: blue, green, white, yellow, and red. Turn
      the five rocks in accordance with those colors."

Garet: "Riiight...Spin the rocks in accordance with the color of
       the light..."

Mass: "The blue light corresponds to the rock farthest to the left.
      In order, the other rocks are green, white, yellow, and red.
      When you see the light, rotate the corresponding rock."

Ivan: "So, in order, left to right, the colors are blue, green,
      white, yellow, red?"

Mass: "Correct. If you do this correctly, a hidden door will open."

Garet: "A door? Somewhere deep in a cave? Who put it there?"

Mass: "An ancient civilization, long since vanished. Ohhh! Please

Mia: "He seems to be in a lot of pain. We'd better find that cave,

[The party goes to the door.]

Mass: "Wait...The draught is...on a table behind the door."

[The party descends and brings the draught back.]

Mass: "You...You came back...Please, the draught--quickly."

[They give it to him.]

Mass: "Oh, thank you! You've saved my life. Squeak...Glug glug
      glug...Thank you for your help. I'll be okay now."

[The man comes out of the shadows and they see it's Babi.]

Garet: "Look! It's a man!"

Ivan: "What are you talking about? What did you expect?"

Garet: "Wel, I mean, we couldn't see who was talking..."

Babi: "My sudden appearane seems to have startled you."
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "I would have revealed myself sooner, but I could not even

      R2: "You must be well traveled indeed if that didn't shock you."

Mia: "How did you become paralyzed while you were invisible?"

Ivan: "And that ability to conceal yourself...Are you an Adept?"

Babi: "An Adept? What are you talking about?"

Garet: "You used Psynergy to conceal yourself, didn't you? Only an
       Adept could do that."

Babi: "Oh, um...Yes, I was using Psynergy to conceal myself..."

Ivan: "Something in his tale doesn't seem right...I shall peer
      into his heart."

[Ivan Mind Reads him.]

Mia: "What's the matter, Ivan?"

Ivan: "This is Babi, the ruler of Tolbi! And that wasn't Psynergy
      he was using to conceal himself...It was the power of an
      ancient civilization!"

Babi: "I said nothing of the kind! How can you know that? So, I
      guess that would make you Adepts...Does that mean...Have I
      finally found true Lemurians!?"

Garet: "That's what I've been saying! We're Adepts. ...But what's

Mia: "Yes, what is this "Lemuria"?"

Babi: "What? You're Adepts...but not Lemurians? So, I was wrong..."

Ivan: "Are you searching for these Lemurians, Babi?"

Garet: "Babi, you're the ruler of Tolbi...You can have anything you
       want. Why would you want to find these Lemurians?"

Babi: "Even the ruler of Tolbi has his limitations. Every year, I
      grow older and more frail...This body's had it."

Ivan: "And you regret growing older?"

Mia: "I understand your desire to remain young, but there's nothing
     anyone can do about it."

Garet: "Wait a sec, Isaac! Do you remember when we were in Sol
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "That's right! Kraden said Alchemy could thwart death

       R2: "You forgot? Kraden said Alchemy could be used to thwart

Babi: "What was that? Did you say you know Kraden?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: [The lights in the cave come on, somehow.]
      R2: [The lights in the cave come on, somehow.]

Voice: "Babi!"

[Two of the guards stand behind Isaac's band.]

Guard: "We've been searching everywhere for you, Babi! Iodem said
       we would find you in Altmiller Cave!"

Guard 2: "You're...not glad we found you?"

Babi: "No, it's not that."

Guard: "What are you doing in a cave such as this, my lord?"

Babi: "I have my reasons..."

Guard 2: "Everyone in Tolbi has been in a panic over your

Babi: "I di not mean to cause anyone any undue concern."

Guard: "We're just happy we found you before the finals began."

Babi: "The trials have already ended?"

Guard 2: "Why have you been in this cave for so long?"

Babi: "I had an important errand, but it has been taken care of."

Guard: "Splendid! Then you can attend the finals."

Babi: "I must speak more with these people."

Guard 2: "Who are they?"

Babi: "I owe my life to them..."

Guard 2: "Pardon our rudeness. You have our gratitude for saving
         Babi's life. We must have Iodem grant them a reward."

Guard: "You can speak with them again after the finals are finished."

Babi: "Oh. I see...If that's what we have to do, then..."

[They start to walk off.]

Babi: "I have not heard your names yet."

Garet: "I'm Garet. This is Isaac."

Ivan: "I am Ivan."

Mia: "My name is Mia."

Babi: "Come see me at my palace once the finals have ended. I would
      like to speak with you further. Say, I have an idea...Why don't
      you enter the finals? You have some interesting powers."

Guard: "But, Lord Babi, they have not cleared the trials."

Guard 2: "Only warriors who clear the trials can appear in the

Babi: "And you don't think that saving my life qualifies as a suitable

[Babi turns to Isaac.]

Babi: "I look forward to seeing you battle!"

[Babi and the guards leave.]

Garet: "He's asking us to appear in Colosso, isn't he?"

Ivan: "Is he serious?"

Mia: "He wants to see us fight using our Psynergy...That's what it

Garet: "The finals...Should we do it?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "So we'll do it?"
       R2: "You don't want to either, do you?"

Ivan: "Either way, we're stuck here in Tolbi until Colosso is over."

Mia: "Babi said that he wanted to talk to us, didn't he?"

Garet: "He seemed to know Kraden."

Ivan: "What could be the connection between Lemuria and Adepts?"

Mia: "I suspect he knows quite a bit about what's going on with us."

Garet: "I guess all we can do is wait around until Colosso is over...
       I hate just waiting around...Come on, let's enter Colosso! Can
       we do it?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Great! It's decided. We'll just have to do our best!"

           Ivan: "If you want to do it, Isaac, we'll go along with

       R2: "What? Don't let me down like this!"

           Ivan: "I guess we'll just wait until we reach Tolbi and
                 let Isaac decide there."

[The party heads back to Tolbi.]

| 25. Tolbi Revisited and Colosso                                   |

[After arriving in Tolbi, the party heads to the colosseum entrance,
where they're immediately noticed by a guard.]

Guard: "Hey, you're Isaac!"

Guard 2: "You're kidding...That's Isaac? The one Babi picked?"

Guard: "Yeah, there's no mistaking it...He's Isaac, for sure."

Guard 3: "He's just a kid! What does Babi think Colosso is? A 

Guard 4: "Putting him in the finals is an insult to everyone who
         cleared the trials!"

Guard: "Don't you people have faith in Babi?"

Guard 2: "Babi wouldn't let him into the finals just to repay a

Guard 3: "I guess Babi wouldn't let Isaac in if he weren't a good

Guard: "We've been waiting for you and your friends, Isaac. All of
       the Colosso participants go to the waiting room, OK?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "All right, this way please."

       R2: "Isaac! you can't just watch the finals! You're fighting
           in them!"

           Guard 2: "Babi is looking forward to seeing your battles."

           Guard 3: "He'll be angry if you just watch from the
                    sidelines. Trust me on that."
           Guard 4: "We were told to make sure you appear in the
                    finals, no matter what."

             Guard: "Really, you might as well get used to the idea.
                    You're competing in the finals."

              Ivan: "Well, it seems we have no choice--we have to
                    fight in the finals!"

               Mia: "Would it cause problems for everyone if we
                    didn't do this? I don't want to be in the source   
                    of any trouble. Let's fight."

             Garet: "We're in a fix, Isaac. We have to do it, don't
                    you think?"
                    R3 --> Yes
                    R4 --> No

                    R3 (Guard): "We appreciate this, Isaac. Well,
                                come this way, please."

                    R4: "Why do you have to be so stubborn at a time
                        like this?"

                        Ivan: "Garet, why don't you pretend to be our
                              leader...just until we're in the
                              participants' room?"
                         Mia: "Yes. Maybe once we get that far, Isaac
                              will have a better mindset."

                       Garet: "All right, guys! Lead on!"

[The party gets to the finals portion and the gang is told that they
all can't participate in the finals.]

Ivan: "Huh? Isaac's the only one entering the finals?"

Guard: "The warriors entered in the finals must go in alone."

Mia: "But why Isaac?"

Guard 2: "This is what Babi wanted..."

Garet: "But I wanted to enter, too!"

Guard 3: "We aren't accepting any more entries."

Guard 4: "Well, Master Isaac, please prepare yourself."

Ivan: "I guess all you can do...is get it over with, Isaac."

Mia: "I know you want to enter, too, Garet, but there's nothing
     we can do."

Garet: "This is crazy! Isaac won't survive against those Colosso

Ivan: "If Isaac wants to win, he'll have to use Psynergy."

Mia: "Well, Babi does seem very interested in his Psynergy..."

Garet: "Even so, how's he supposed to use it here?"

Ivan: "What does Babi say we're supposed to do while Isaac is

Guard: "We've made a slight exception. You can cheer him on from
       the stage."

Guard 2: "You'll be able to see from right up close."

Guard 3: "This is the first time it has ever been permitted! You
         should thank Babi for the chance to sit in these special

Guard 4: "If everything is settled, I shall take you there."

Ivan: "Umm, can't Isaac go to see the final stages, too? I bet you
      want to learn as much as you can about the finals, eh, Isaac?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Come on, you can make another exception, can't you?"

      R2: "Of course, we won't argue if you don't, but if you can,
          you should."

Guard: "I don't see the harm in it."

Guard 2: "I can't believe Isaac is entering midway through Colosso!"

Guard 3: "This is a first! Totally unheard of! ...Like I said

Guard 4: "Are we ready? I'll give you a tour of the arena. Let's go."

[The guard takes them to the arena stands.]

Guard 4: "This is the site of the first finals battle."

Mia: "So this is where warriors test their mettle against each other."

Guard 4: "Well, no...It's actually more than that."

Ivan: "What else is involved?"

Guard 4: "The warriors are racing to get here first and get the best

Garet: "So there's an advantage to getting here first? That's quite
       a test!"

Mia: "That's too hard for Isaac. We must support him as well as we

Guard 4: "Um, don't you want to hear my explanation?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1: "All right. Then let me explain in detail...Warriors
             enter the finals without any of their own equipment.
             Please look over there. That is the starting point of
             the first stage of the finals. You must get through
             several stages before you reach the arena. The chests
             along the way contain items that may be useful in
             battle. This is the battle arena. After getting here,
             the warriors do battle. You can get weapons in the
             arena, too, but one is weaker than the other. So you'll
             have the advantage if you get here first. Also, you can
             use the equipment you get here in your next match. What
             do you think, Isaac? Do you understand the rules for the
             R3 --> Yes
             R4 --> No

         R2: "Ask attendants for explanations of the stages. ...Isaac,
             you're a contestant in the finals. Do not forget that.
             I'll be right here, so come see me when you're done
             looking things over."

         R3: "You'll notice that each stage has its own attendant.
             Ask the attendants for explanations of the stages.
             ...Isaac, you're a contestant in the finals. Do not
             forget that. I'll be right here, so come see me when
             you're done looking things over."
         R4: "...Then I will explain it to you once more." [Insert
             R1 here.] 

Garet: "Hey, where do we cheer from?"

Ivan: "Would you like to visit the stages and hear a description for
      each one?"

Mia: "Yes. We'll decide where to cheer for Isaac after hearing the

[Isaac sets his party members in their cheering spots.]

Guard: "Isaac, did you get a good look around?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Let's head back, then."
       R2: "Let me know when you're done looking around."

[Isaac's brought back to the contestants' hall.]

Guard: "Prepare yourselves, contestants! The finals will begin

[Isaac walks to his circle.]

Guard: "Are you ready for the finals?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: [See below.]
       R2: "We'll be starting soon, so you'd better get ready fast!"

[After R1:]

Blue Knight: "Hey, any day now! We're tired of waiting! Let's get 
             this thing started!"

Green Knight: "I agree...Let the finals begin already."

Red Knight: "Um...Yeah. I'll show you...We're here to win the finals."

Gray Knight: "Hey, what's the matter...Hurry up and start!"

Guard 3: "Line up starting with the top-ranked warrior, and await
         the signal!"

[Everyone lines up.]

Guard: "Now then, chosen warriors. Let the finals begin!"

[Isaac walks out to the finals. His friends can help him along
by using their Psynergy to help his trials. When he gets to the
arena battle position, he fights Azart, whom he promptly cleans
the floor with. Afterwards, in the participants' room:]

Guard: "I see you've made it through your first match."

Guard 2: "Winning your first match after jumping right into the 
         finals is awesome!"

Guard 3: "I should have expected as much from a warrior selected
         by Babi."

Guard 4: "Now, we can go have a look at what next series of stages..."

[They go to the next arena section.]

Guard 4: "This is the site of the second finals match. As I explained
         earlier, each stage has its own attendant. Please ask the
         attendants directly for descriptions of each stage.
         ...Isaac, your first match was terrific. I'll be right here,
         so tell me when you're done looking around."

[Isaac places his friends and talks to the guard with the same
dialogue as last time. He breezes through the second round after
beating up the contestant called Satrage. Back at the contestants'

Guard: "You've managed to win both of your matches."

Guard 2: "You're incredible, Isaac! If you win the next one, you'll
         be the champion!"

Guard 3: "A fantastic performance, just as Babi expected...I won't
         underestimate you again!"

Guard 4: "Let me take you to the next group of stages."

[They go visit them.]

Guard 4: This is the site of the third finals match. By now, you
         know that each stage has its own attendant. Ask the
         attendants descriptions of the stages. Honestly, Isaac, I
         didn't think you'd make it this far! I'll be right here,
         so tell me when you're one looking around."

[Isaac places his friends for the last time and heads back to the
contestants' lounge, which has the same dialogue as previously
told. His friends lend him a hand and use their Psynergy to get
him to the arena site first, and he fights Navampa for the 
championship. Isaac pulls it out of his hat in the last second,
and wins Colosso!...but he passes out after winning.]

Garet: "Isaac!!!"

Ivan: "Isaac..."

Mia: "Isaac...Isaac..."

Garet: "Isaac..."

Ivan: "Isaac..."

Mia: "Isaac..."

[Isaac starts to fall asleep.]

Garet: "Isaac fell asleep..."

Ivan: "He must be exhausted."

Mia: "Let's leave him to sleep for now."

[Later on, Isaac wakes up back in Babi's Palace. His friends are
nearby, too.]

Ivan: "Isaac..."

Mia: "Huh? You've awakened."

Garet: "Colosso? Duh! That ended long ago!"

Ivan: "You fell into a deep sleep...Don't you remember?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Garet): "Oh, gimme a break. You were out cold! You don't
                  remember a thing!"

      R2 (Garet): "Of course he doesn't! He was out cold! ...You had
                  us worried!"

[Ivan looks at Garet.]

Garet: "I'm sorry for shouting at you."

Mia: "You fought brilliantly to the end, Isaac. Babi was singing
     your praises."

Ivan: "Are you okay now? In body and mind?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Garet): "He'd better be all right, after sleeping this
                  long. Sheesh!"

      R2 (Garet): "If you feel out of sorts, it's probably because
                  you slept too long! Sheesh!"

[Ivan look at Garet again.]

Garet: "I'm sorry for shouting again."

Mia: "Babi said he wanted to see you when you came to, Isaac."

Ivan: "If you're okay, shall we go see Babi?"

Garet: "You're fine! Aren't you, Isaac? I'm more worried about what
       Babi wants. Let's get going!"

[Isaac gets out of bed.]

Mia: "Are you sure you should be getting up so suddenly like that?"

Garet: "He's fine. He doesn't want to lounge around all day!"

Ivan: "I see. Let's go see Babi then."

[They go upstairs to Babi's throne room. Iodem is there as well.]

Iodem: "I've been waiting for you and your companions, Isaac!"

Babi: "I've been waiting here because I wanted to speak with you."

Iodem: "It's hard to talk when you're so far away...Come over here."

Babi: "The battles at Colosso were spectacular!"

Iodem: "It was most rewarding to see Babi's favored warrior steal
       the day."

Babi: "Iodem, bring him the victor's prize."

Iodem: "Yes, sir, right away."

[Iodem gives an item to Babi, who gives it to Isaac. It's a Lure

Babi: "Incidentally, Isaac, are you feeling better now?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Iodem): "Ah, the recuperative powers of youth...and after
                  such fierce battles!"

      R2 (Iodem): "You must be exhausted. I'm amazed to see you on
                  your feet after Colosso."

Babi: "Who could expect less from the warriors who rescued me?"

Garet: "Enough with the flattery. Let's get to the point: why were
       we summoned?"

Iodem: "Such insolence! Who do you think you are, to speak to Babi

Babi: "Let it be, Iodem. There are other ways to judge a man. What
      is it you said you were called?"

Ivan: "He's talking to you, Garet."

Babi: "That's right, Garet. We shall explain all."

Iodem: "We intended to thank you and your companions for saving
       Babi, Isaac. But it would seem that gratitude is not enough..."

Babi: "I have disclosed everything to Iodem."

Ivan: "What do you mean by everything?"

Babi: "You do wish to know more about Lemuria, correct?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No
      R1: "Yes, indeed...Your desire is as plain as day."
      R2: "You cannot hide your interest from me. It is written on
          your faces.

Iodem: "I have just seen Psynergy for the first time...It is an
       awesome power..."

Babi: "I used my Cloak Ball to show him Psynergy."

Iodem: "No one else could see it, but I knew Isaac's tournament was
       strange. I thought it unlikely that you would fight using
       such power..."

Babi: "No need to be ashamed, Isaac. Psynergy is also a warrior's
      power. When I first learned of your power, I was shocked. I
      thought you might be Lemurians."

Mia: "You have mentioned Lemuria many times, Babi. Why is it?"

Babi: "It is the city of an ancient people, lying far out at sea."

Iodem: "Many years ago, about the time of the great flood, Babi went
       to Lemuria."

Garet: "I see..."

Babi: "The great flood struck while I was traveling with Lunpa."

Ivan: "Lunpa...You mean Lunpa the thief?"

Babi: "I know it is heard to believe...It happened a hundred years

Iodem: "You mean...those rumors about you are...true?"

Garet: "Kraden once mentioned the Stone of Sages. Do you think that's
       what did it?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "So the stone that grants immortality came from Lemuria?"
       R2: "Huh? Don't tell me you forgot about the Stone of Sages..."
           R3 --> Yes
           R4 --> No

           R3: "It rules all, can change anything into gold, grants
               immortality. Ring a bell?"

           R4: "I can't think of anything else what would let him
               live for so long."

Babi: "So you've even heard of the Stone of Sages...I'm afraid I
      don't have it. It is the draught from Lemuria that has allowed
      me to live for so long."

Mia: "The draught of Lemuria?"

Babi: "It is a magical draught once taken by those who lived in

Ivan: "And just drinking stops you from aging?"

Iodem: "Is that what it does?"

Babi: "Hmmm...It would be more accurate to say it slows the aging
      process. There is death in Lemuria...But it only comes to those
      whose senses have failed from centuries of use."

Garet: "Do the people of Lemuria use Psynergy, like we do?"

Ivan: "You have that draught, Babi...That's why you've lived so
      long. And become wealthy enough to rule Tolbi."

Babi: "What are you getting at?"

Ivan: "What is your purpose in making everyone study Alchemy?"

Iodem: "I'm starting to wonder myself. What do you hope to gain,

Babi: "Ah. If I had attained true immortality...There would be no
      need for all this research."

Iodem: "I'm not sure I understand."

Babi: "I had precious little draught, and now I am running out.
      You all saw it. There was but little left in the cave..."

Iodem: "How long will it last? And what will happen when it runs out?"

Babi: "It will run out any day now. And when it does, my life is at 
      its end..."

Iodem: "Why didn't you tell us sooner? We must hurry to Lemuria!"

Babi: "It is pointless..."

Iodem: "What on earth do you mean, pointless?"

Babi: "We cannot find Lemuria."

Iodem: "But you just said that it lies far out at sea...If we 
       search the seas, we're sure to find it!"

Babi: "I've sent so many ships in the past to search of Lemuria..."

Iodem: "This must have been long before I joined you...But still 
       you failed?"

Babi: "I needed more Lemurian draught, but I couldn't find Lemuria."

Garet: "Why did you collapse in the cave if you still had more

Babi: "I have been rationing it, but this time, I waited too long
      between drinks."

Mia: "You were trying to make it last longer..."

Babi: "I overexerted myself trying to find Lemuria before it ran out."

Ivan: "And your reason for calling us here has to do with Lemuria?"

Babi: "Exactly. I want you to find Lemuria. I have not been able to
      locate Lemuria by sea, but perhaps by air...I can hide it no
      longer...I have built Babi Lighthouse to see if I can find
      Lemuria at sea."

Iodem: "What? That's why you're building the lighthouse?"

Babi: "No, there's more to it than that. We've spotted something
      in the ocean southeast of the lighthouse...where Lemuria should

Garet: "Something dangerous, no doubt. What, monsters? We can handle

Babi: "That may be...However, something else troubles me more."

Iodem: "What is it, my lord?"

Babi: "No sailor has been able to keep his bearings at sea."

Ivan: "You're kidding! You mean they can't even keep a straight

Mia: "Is there something that distorts distance or direction or

Babi: "The currents shift there, subtly changing a ship's direction.
      So the lighthouse will help the ships keep their bearings..."

Garet: "So, how exactly did you get away from Lemuria after the
       flood, Babi?"

Babi: "That's the thing, Garet! I crossed the sea in a Lemurian ship.
      I am hoping you can sail it..."

Mia: "But why us, when you have so many powerful soldiers at your

Babi: "None of them have the ability to use Psynergy. One must have
      Psynergy to sail this ship!"

Ivan: "Then that would mean that Babi is an Adept, wouldn't it?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "That must be it. No normal person could use that Cloak

      R2: "But, Isaac, no normal person could master the Cloak Ball!"

Babi: "I learned to use a little Psynergy during my stay in Lemuria.
      With what little I'd learned, I was able to guide the ship."

Iodem: "In that case, perhaps...I could sail the ship."

Babi: "No. It must be an Adept."

Garet: "What should we do, Isaac? Will you do what he wants?"

Babi: "If you do, I will grant you whatever you wish."

Mia: "You shouldn't make vows you will later find you cannot keep..."

Ivan: "I haven't even considered my own wishes lately."

Babi: "In that case, I could provide you with a wealth of items you
      might like."

Iodem: "Babi's offer is very generous...You will consider going,
       won't you?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Garet): "Isaac, we have to beat Felix and the others to
                   the lighthouse."

       R2 (Garet): "Not this time. We have to beat Felix and the
                   others to the lighthouse."

Iodem: "The lighthouse!? Do you mean Venus Lighthouse?"

Babi: "Well then, our paths are intertwined. I, too, must go to
      Venus Lighthouse."

Iodem: "But we cannot get to the top of Venus Lighthouse, can we?"

Babi: "These Adepts may be able to solve the riddle that blocks us."

Iodem: "Ah, I see...The thought hadn't occured to me."

Babi: "Isaac! I shall go to Venus Lighthouse with Iodem. Do not
      worry...You can take care of your own business first."

Iodem: "I see...If they can solve the riddle of the lighthouse...then
       our own wishes will have been fulfilled. So, we can search for
       Lemuria after they complete their own quest..."

Babi: "Is that acceptable?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Babi): "Ah, you will undertake this quest! I am most

      R2 (Babi): "If you need time to make up your mind, then please
                 do so."

Iodem: "In any case, you will need my assistance to reach the 
       lighthouse. I'll make preparations so that I am ready to leave
       at any time. I take my leave now to make preparations."

Babi: "Then you can all meet at Gondowan Passage..."

Iodem: "That's a brilliant idea!"

Babi: "One more thing. I'd like you to think about a suitable

Iodem: "Yes. I will take care of that immediately, as well. I
       shall be waiting for you at the passage."

[Iodem leaves.]

Babi: "Your first task shall be the riddles of Venus Lighthouse. I
      am counting on you, Isaac!"

[Babi leaves. The party follows him down and sees the Cloak Ball
on his bedside.]

Babi: "Isaac! Is the Cloak Ball what you desire?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "That Cloak Ball is very precious to me. I can't just give
          it away. But perhaps you could borrow it. Take it with you
          on your quest." [Isaac gets the Cloak Ball.]

      R2: "Then please leave the Cloak Ball alone. Do not worry
          about your reward. Iodem has prepared it for you."

[The party leaves, with or without the Cloak Ball, and heads to
Gondowan Passage in the southern part of the Tolbi region.]

| 26. Gondowan Passage                                              |

[The party meets Iodem on the bridge.]

Iodem: "I've been waiting for you, Isaac! We should go to Babi
       Lighthouse soon."

[Iodem tags along (not as a fighter) with Isaac's party, and they
all head to the nearby desert, which is a crossing point to Babi

| 27. Sulhalla Desert                                               |

NOTE: This part is *not* mandatory, but it was recommended that it
      be put in there for clarification issues, seeing as how Sheba
      is put on a pedestal during the last stretch of the game and
      it's not really clear why. For the record, this was submitted
      by scaryisntit. The following part takes place in the
      town of Suhalla, in one of the houses:

Guard 1: "Iodem..."

Iodem: "You soldiers were supposed to be heading for Babi 

Guard 2: "Iodem... What are you doing here?"

Iodem: "Babi ordered me to go to the lighthouse with Isaac. You were
       escorting Sheba to Lalivero, no?"

Guard 1: "We've disgraced Tolbi..."

Iodem: "What has happened to Sheba? Where is Sheba!?"

Guard 2: "I don't know. When we awoke, we were here in these beds."

Iodem: "If anything has happened to Sheba, what will become of the
       lighthouse? Sheba was the sole reason Lalivero aided us in
       its construction. We entrusted you with Sheba to speed up the
       construction. Was that a mistake?"

Guard 1: "Iodem... I know that at the very least, Sheba wasn't in 
         the sandstorm."

Iodem: "Is this true!?"

Guard 2: "Sheba was entrusted to our care, so we shielded her from
         any risk."

Iodem: "You acted properly, then, but when is Sheba now?"

Guard 2: "Probably not far from the edge of the sandstorm that hit

Iodem: "Isaac, we must go to the desert and find Sheba."

Guard 1: "If you're going to the desert ...beware of that cyclone!"

Guard 2: "At first, we couldn't avoid getting caught in the 

Guard 1: "But there were others who were able to make it through the

Guard 2: "Who knows how they got it, but they used water to stop the

Iodem: "Water? You can stop the sandstorms with water... I think I
       understand. Now get some rest..."

Guard 1: "Wait, Iodem... There is more. You must not meet our fate...
         The sandstorms are caused by monsters."

Iodem: "Can this be?"

Guard 2: "The others... They slayed the beasts... That's how they
         got through."

Iodem: "Wh-Who--what are they?"

Guard 1: "When the storms stopped they would move ahead, but a new
         storm always..."

Guard 2: "They had strange powers. We had to bring barrels filled
         with water... But carrying the barrels exhausted us...and
         then the beast..."

Iodem: "That's enough...Get some rest!"

Guard 1: "They are dangerous, those others. Slay that beast and take
         up the trail..."

Iodem: "Thank you for your help. You have dispatched your duties 
       with honor. Could these others be the ones you are following,
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "You took the same impression from their tale that I
           did...We must find Sheba as quickly as we can! Then we
           shall get through the Suhalla and pursue your opponents."

       R2: "I don't know why...but that is the sense I get from 
           this tale...We must find Sheba as quickly as we can!
           Then we shall get through the Suhalla and pursue your

| 28. Sulhalla Desert                                               |

[The desert doesn't have scorching heat, exactly, but when the 
party tries to progress, mini-tornadoes pop up.]

Iodem: "A sandstorm! There'll be trouble if we get caught up in one
       of those...But something is wrong...Why are there so many?
       If we don't get past here, we'll never make it to Babi
       Lighthouse. We must step carefully if we hope to escape the

[The party uses Douse to progress through the tornadoes and 
eventually makes their way out of the desert. Past there, the next
stop is the Suhalla Gate.]

| 29. Suhalla Gate                                                  |

[When the party arrives, they see the guards who had stood vigilant
at their post sprawled out on the ground in pain.]

Iodem: "What is the meaning of this!?"

Guard: "Uh! Is...Is that Iodem...?"

Iodem: "What has happened to the gate?"

Guard: "There was a strange group...No papers...They wanted to

Guard 2: "Uhh...Iodem...We tried to hold them back...but they were
         too powerful! They had strange powers...We were no match
         for them."

Iodem: "It must have been Felix!"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Yeah...No one else is capable of this. We must get to
           Babi Lighthouse as soon as possible! Yes, but we cannot
           leave the soldiers like this..."

       R2: "Don't you know the work of your own foe's hand? Who else
           could it be? We must get to Babi Lighthouse as soon as
           possible! Yes, but we cannot leave the soldiers like 

Guard: "We're okay! Don't worry about us! Get after them, please..."

Iodem: "But that would be..."

Guard 2: "We were bested in battle, but we will survive...Now go!"

Guard: "If they have done anything at the lighthouse...It would
       be our..."

Iodem: "He's right. We've got to stop them! We're going after
       them, right, Isaac!"

[The party continues through the pass and heads out towards Babi
Lighthouse once more, after passing Venus Lighthouse. They soon
arrive at the gates of Lalivero.]

| 30. Lalivero                                                      |

[Guards lie unconscious at the city's gate.]

Iodem: "More of Tolbi's soldiers lay defeated...Is this more of 
       their work?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Guard): "That voice...It's Iodem..."
       R2 (Guard): "That voice...It's Iodem..."

[The party turns to one of the guards on the ground.]

Iodem: "You survived!"

Guard: "We suffered great losses..."

Iodem: "Were you fighting a group of six people?"

Guard 2: "There were...seven..."

Iodem: "You survived as well! There were seven? Is this the same
       group you were following before?"

Guard 2: "I'm certain of it. One of them must have been...Sheba."

Iodem: "Sheba, you say...Is this true!?"

Guard: "The scholar Kraden was protecting her. I'm certain it was

Iodem: "Did you hear that, Isaac? What do they want with Sheba?
       Sheba...They all..."

Guard 2: "Once they finished with us, they headed for Babi

Iodem: "What do they hope to find at Babi Lighthouse?"

Guard 2: "They spoke of the ruins beneath the lighthouse..."

Iodem: "Ruins? Of course! The foundations of the lighthouse!"

Guard: "And Faran, the master of the Lalivero, followed them into
       the ruins..."

Iodem: "I see. Faran, too...Isaac! We must head for Babi Lighthouse
       as well. Are you concerned about these soldiers?"

Guard 2: "We're fine...You must hurry to the lighthouse."

Guard: "The lighthouse...Sheba...If anything happens...Just hurry..."

Iodem: "Even the soldiers insist, Isaac! Come on!"

| 31. Babi Lighthouse                                               |

[The party arrives at the bottom of the would-be lighthouse and
finds two men in conversation, with two men inspecting a door.]

Blonde Man: "You're sure they went through this door?"

Black-haired Man: "Yes, they opened the stone door and entered!"

Blonde Man: "Wel? Does the door open?"

Headband Guy: "It's hopeless. It won't budge..."

Young Man: "Of course not! I told you, this door doesn't open! If it
           did, we would have gone in long ago to study the ruins."

Black-haired Man: "But I'm certain they went through this door!"

Young Man: "And I'm saying no one has ever gone through here..."

[Everyone turns to face Isaac's party.]

Blonde Man: "Oh! Iodem..."

Iodem: "Faran! I am so sorry about Sheba..."

Faran: "Why did this sort of thing have to happen?"

Mia: "Are Felix and the others beyond this door?"

Ivan: "Yes. Beyond the door that no normal man can open..."

Garet: "If they got through, then we can, too. Right?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Iodem): "Will you go for us?"
       R2 (Iodem): "There is no one else who can go after them."

Faran: "Iodem, just who are these people?"

Iodem: "They come from the far north. They have chased the ones who
       took Sheba all the way here."

Faran: "They've been chasing that fearsome group?"

Mia: "Yes. They are most fearsome."

Ivan: "Such awful power...And what they're trying to do seems very

Garet: "We're the only ones who can stop them."

Faran: "You think you can stop them?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "You seem quite sure of yourself, but what do you think
           you can do?"

       R2: "Hmph! Not with that attitude, you can't!"

Iodem: "I have never heard such harsh words from you, Faran.

Young Man: "What do you expect when, in the midst of such dangers...
           you ask me to leave Sheba's fate in the hands of children?"

Headband Guy: "If you want me to trust them, they must give me a
              reason to trust them!"

Iodem: "First, you will have to demonstrate your powers to us. Can
       you follow the same paths that they took?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Your confidence means nothing unless you show that you
           can do it."

       R2: "Well, you have no choice...You will have to try."

Faran: "Iodem asks only that you stand back and watch. Now, show me
       what you can do."

[Using Reveal, they find a switch that opens the door.]

Iodem: "The door!"

Faran: "I don't believe it! The door opened!"

Young Man: "Incredible! It really does open."

Headband Guy: "How in the world did you open the door?"

Mia: "I don't know how to explain it..."

Ivan: "We did it because we're us!"

Garet: "It would take too long to explain."

Iodem: "There's no time for an explanation, anyway."

Faran: "That's right. We must rescue Sheba!"

Iodem: "Let's go, Faran. We've got to save Sheba!"

[The open door closes when Iodem approaches.]

Iodem: "Hey, the door's closing!"

Headband Guy: "Why did it close?"

Young Man: "I don't know...Why does anything close?"

Ivan: "It closed to prevent people with no Psynergy from entering!"

Mia: "It would be perilous for those without Psynergy to try to get

Garet: "I agree! You'll have to let us handle it from here!"

Faran: "What? You're telling us to stay back?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Since we can't even open the door, we'd just be getting
           in your way."

       R2: "It won't stop you, but if we can't open the door, we
           can't go with you."

Iodem: "This is true..."

Faran: "But we can't leave Sheba in their hands just because it's

Iodem: "They have greater power than you can even imagine."

Faran: "And without such power, this door will not open for us?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Iodem): "That is how it seems."

       R2 (Iodem): "The power they just displayed is but a fraction
                   of their true might."

Faran: "Without that sort of power, we would just get in their way.
       I understand. Sheba's life is in your hands. Do not fail us.
       You must bring Sheba safely back!"

Iodem: "Make haste, Isaac. All our hopes lie with you!"

[After going into the lighthouse, they find out that there's a dead
end! Time to backtrack and tackle the Venus Lighthouse from the

| 32. Venus Lighthouse                                              |

[The party heads into the lighthouse and, after reading a mural, 
finds a Carry Stone that helps them move pesky blocks out of their
way. Soon, they need to use it.]

Garet: "Hmmm. We can't push the block farther than this. I'd be 
       great if we could carry that block and drop it to the ground.
       Can our Psynergy help us at all?"

[The party uses the Carry Stone they found earlier to remove the
obstacle. They climb up, use Reveal on a suspicious-looking plaque,
and find a statue akin to the one in the Babi Lighthouse tunnel

Narrative: The statue speaks to Isaac's soul...Ye who seek to
           climb Venus Lighthouse, I shall grant thy wish. The
           path long closed shall not be opened here. That path
           begins far, far away, on the soil of an ancient people,
           with the sunrise to your left as you gaze upon the

[The room grows white and the path opens in Babi Lighthouse. The
party backtracks.]

| 33. Venus Lighthouse via Tunnel Ruins                             |

[The party traverses through the earth-elemental lighthouse, and
they finally reach the aerie at the top. Sheba, Menardi, and
Saturos are all there when they arrive.]

Menardi: "At long last, the time has come to light Venus Lighthouse's

Saturos: "With the second beacon lit, only two will remain."

Menardi: "No. Lighting Jupiter is virtually the same as lighting

Saturos: "That is true. Jupiter is really all that remains."

Felix: "That's right. Your dreams are within your grasp now."

[Felix walks up the stairs.]

Saturos: "Why are you still here, Felix?"

Menardi: "I thought I ordered you on ahead to the ship."

Felix: "I've already sent Jenna and the others to the dock at

Saturos: "Then why did you come back?"

Felix: "Because I have a different promise to keep."

Menardi: "A promise, you say? You must mean Sheba..."

Felix: "Yes, Sheba. Why haven't you released her yet? You promised
       to free her once you got into Venus Lighthouse."

Menardi: "And that's what brought you back here?"

Felix: "You promised not to involve anyone who wasn't related to
       this matter."

Saturos: "Sheba is special."

Felix: "Of course. Because Sheba is a special Adept? You guys
       learned something from the first two lighthouses."

Menardi: "And what would that be?"

Felix: "In order to enter each lighthouse, you needed an Adept
       of that clan. Right now, we have Fire, Earth, and Water
       Adepts, but no Wind Adept."

Saturos: "That does seem to be the case."

Felix: "Do we need Sheba to get into the Jupiter Lighthouse?"

Menardi: "I'm sorry, Felix, but we cannot even enter without a
         Wind Adept."

Felix: "That being the case, I guess I can understand why you
       can't set Sheba free."

Saturos: "It seems that you, too, have learned something. If
         that is all, then you should go, Felix!"

Felix: "No. I cannot leave Sheba behind! I'm taking Sheba to
       the ship!"

Menardi: "What are you talking about, Felix?"

Felix: "We don't know what will happen when you light this beacon.
       I won't leave Sheba here to find out!"

Saturos: "We told you that we'd protect Sheba. Don't you trust

Felix: "That's not what I'm saying...It's just best to be safe."

Menardi: "Don't tell us what's best, Felix. You're not taking

Felix: "Why not? What? You don't trust me?"

Saturos: "How can we, after you just demanded we free Sheba?"

Menardi: "If we had trusted you a moment ago, Sheba would be
         free now."

Felix: "Come with me, Sheba! I shall protect you!"

Saturos: "Are you ready to do this, even though it means fighting

Menardi: "I believe he is! He would not have defied us if he lacked
         the will to fight."

Felix: "If it means protecting Sheba from harm, then I must."

Saturos: "You have seen what we can do. You know you can't stop us."

Menardi: "How can you protect Sheba, when you can't even protect

Saturos: "This rebellious attitude is exactly why we've never let
         you fight."

Menardi: "Haven't you been given enough reason to fear us on these

Saturos: "You're no fighter, Felix. How can you hope to stand against

Menardi: "You've questioned us for the last time! Let's see what
         you can do!"

[Over at the lift...]

Garet: "It looks like they're having a falling out over Sheba."

Mia: "There's something more to it, though..."

Ivan: "It seems Saturos and Menardi no longer trust Felix."

Garet: "Looks like the perfect opportunity has just fallen into
       our laps! Now's our only chance to prevent them from
       lighting the beacon!"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "There's not a moment to spare! Let's move!"

       R2: "Don't chicken out now! If we hesitate, they'll light
           the beacon!"

[The party rushes to the scene of the confrontation.]

Felix: "Isaac..."

Saturos: "So! You've come to stop us?"

Menardi: "Look what your defiance has brought us, Felix!"

Felix: "I don't need you or anyone to rescue me, Isaac! I was just
       about to settle things with Saturos and Menardi...You can
       watch! And then we'll show you the true power of this beacon's
       light! But...Sheba has nothing to do with this! So set Sheba

Saturos: "Silence! You'd best tread lightly, Felix, or both you
         and Sheba will suffer!"

Mia: "If anything happens to Sheba, we will have failed Faran..."

Ivan: "We won't permit you to lay a hand on Sheba or Felix!"

Menardi: "Oh ho! So you're worried about Sheba, too?"

Saturos: "Don't worry. We won't hurt Sheba...if you meet our

Menardi: "What are you doing, Saturos?"

Saturos: "Leave this to me! Sheba! Do you remember the rod connected
         to Hesperia?"

Sheba: "The Rod of Hesperia?"

Saturos: "The rod required to reach the Jupiter Lighthouse!"

Sheba: "Ye-Yes..."

Saturos: "Those who pursue us bear a rod...Is it the one?"

Menardi: "Sheba! Stay where you are! You can do it from there!"

[Psynergy flickers around Sheba.]

Saturos: "How about it, Sheba?"

Menardi: "Well, Sheba?"

Sheba: "...Perhaps..."

Saturos: " "Perhaps..." Perhaps what!?"

Felix: "Don't yell at her!"

Menardi: "We're not yelling! We just want a straight answer. So,

Sheba: "Their minds are veiled. I cannot see clearly...but I 
       think...it's the one."

Saturos: "It's a waste to make her try again."

Menardi: "So, what do we do?"

Saturos: "Do you know the terms we will require before we agree not
         to harm Sheba?"
         R1 --> Yes
         R2 --> No

         R1: "You're smarter than I thought if you've already figured
             it out. If you give us the Shaman's Rod, Sheba will not
             be harmed. Agreed?"
             R3 --> Yes
             R4 --> No

         R2: "I want the rod that will get us into Jupiter Lighthouse.
             If you give us the Shaman's Rod, Sheba will not be
             harmed. Agreed?"

         R3 (Ivan): "The Shaman's Rod? If it means saving Sheba, I
                    will give it to you."

         R4 (Ivan): "He wants the Shaman's Rod. If it will save
                    Sheba, I'll give it up."

Garet: "What? But Hammet gave that to you, Ivan!"

Menardi: "Do you care what happens to Sheba?"

Saturos: "Then you will give us the rod!"

Menardi: "Well done, Saturos! We finally have the Shaman's Rod!"

Saturos: "Go get it, Felix!"

Felix: "Why me?"

Saturos: "To ensure your loyalty to us!"

Menardi: "Go on, Felix!"

[Felix gets the rod.]

Felix: "What should I do with the rod?"

Saturos: "Keep it safe!"

[Sheba starts to walk away.]

Menardi: "Where do you think you're going, Sheba?"

Mia: "We gave you the rod. Now, release Sheba!"

Saturos: "Whatever do you mean?"

Ivan: "You said you'd free Sheba if we gave you the rod."

Menardi: "Those were your terms."

Mia: "We gave you the rod, so release Sheba!"

Saturos: "You seem to have misunderstood. I said we wouldn't harm
         Sheba...but I never said we'd let her go!"

Garet: "You're altering the bargain?"

Menardi: "Ha ha! We can't help it if you misinterpreted Saturos's

Saturos: "Besides, if we were to release Sheba, she'd be in quite
         a fix."

Mia: "What do you mean?"

Menardi: "Sheba can't go back to Lalivero alone."

Ivan: "What do you mean? We're going to take Sheba...Oh no..."

Saturos: "That's right. You won't be going back. This is it for you!"

Mia: "Excuse me?"

Garet: "Enough! You're the ones who aren't going anywhere!"

Saturos: "Bring it on, whelp! You won't live long enough to regret
         your stupidity!"

Menardi: "Prepare to experience first-hand the horror of a master
         Fire Adept!"

[Saturos and Menardi attack but are repelled with a vengeance.]

Garet: "We did it! We beat 'em!"

Mia: "All right, Sheba...Let's go!"

[Felix moves in front of Sheba.]

Ivan: "Felix! What are you doing?"

Felix: "I cannot give up Sheba..."

Garet: "What!? But we just saved you!"

Felix: "I never asked you to help us..."

Mia: "Felix, you're not one of them. You're free to go now...So
     why are you doing this?"

Felix: "The four beacons must still be lit..."

Ivan: "You're going to light the beacons!? That's ridiculous!"

Felix: "I felt you'd say that. But I'm going to do it anyway!"

Garet: "So, wait...If he means to light the beacons, then he's
       our enemy, right?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Felix): "Do what you will, Isaac, but if you try to stop
                   me, I'll fight you."

       R2: "Friend or enemy, you won't stop me from taking Sheba
           with me!"

Saturos: "I hope you don't think you've finished us off."

[Saturos and Menardi get up, albeit a bit injured.]

Mia: "You may not be finished, but you can barely stand."

Menardi: "Right now, yes...But we'll be back on our feet...as soon
         as we do THIS!"

[Saturos throws the elemental star into the lighthouse hole.]

Ivan: "Oh, no! He threw the Elemental Star into the lighthouse!"

Mia: "How could this happen...We couldn't keep them from lighting
     the beacon!"

Saturos: "That's not all...The energy of the beacon will restore
         our power."

Garet: "How can it restore their power? Venus is earth elemental,
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "Then why would Venus give power to Fire Adepts?"

       R2: "Have you forgotten everything we've learned? Venus is
           earth. It shouldn't be the source of power for Fire

[The lighthouse suddenly shakes and a pillar of light bursts out
of the hole where the Star was disposed of.]

Menardi: "Fire and earth share a symbiotic relationship."

Saturos: "This light will restore our Psynergy!"

Mia: "We'll fight you as many times as it takes. We won't lose."

Saturos: "You may have beaten the two of us..."

Menardi: "But now, you face the true might of the Fire Clan of the

Garet: "Fire Clan of the north?"

Saturos: "Bear witness to the true strength of the northern wilds!"

Garet: "Oh, give it up! We beat you one, we'll do it again!"

Menardi: "Go, Felix! Take Sheba and go!"

Felix: "I can...go?"

Saturos: "We may not have the strength to protect Sheba after this.
         You must take Sheba to the ship without fail!"

Menardi: "What are you waiting for? Go! Now!"

Felix: "No. I cannot leave you to fight them alone."

Saturos: "Are you saying you don't want to lose to Isaac?"

Menardi: "I wonder if that's true..."

Felix: "What was that?"

Menardi: "Wouldn't you be just a little sad to see your childhood
         friend perish?"

Felix: "What are you saying?"

Menardi: "I'm saying you're here to protect this brat from your past."

Felix: "Do you really think that I would help them?"

Menardi: "Let's just say that I wouldn't put it past you."

Felix: "And you, Saturos? Do you agree?"

Saturos: "I wouldn't say that...But it would be best not to raise
         our suspicion."

Felix: "Now, who's telling whom what's best? Fine! I'll take Sheba
       for you! Come on, Sheba!"

[Sheba and Felix go to the elevator.]

Garet: "Wait, Felix! I won't let you go!"

[The aerie suddenly glows a deep red.]

Saturos: "Heh heh...Felix is the least of your worries right now."

[Menardi and Saturos flash like strobe lights.]

Mia: "Oh my--they're glowing!"

Menardi: "It's time you learned what true power is!"

Ivan: "Their Psynergy is overflowing!"

Saturos: "Hya ha ha! It's too late to run!"

Garet: "Uh-oh...They're fusing!"

Ivan: "They've merged into one another! Everyone get back!"

[The two Fire Adepts attack as the Fusion Dragon, but they get
another loss handed to them. Afterwards, they stand defeated
near the pillar of light.]

Saturos: "How...How...did we lose?"

Menardi: "We are superior in every way, but still we were defeated..."

[The two fall backwards into the hole the light pillar stems from.]

Garet: "We did it! We won!"

Ivan: "We beat them...but have we really won?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1: "Even though we couldn't stop the beacon from being lit?"
      R2: "All our efforts were for naught."

Garet: "What are you talking about? We did everything we could! Sure
       we couldn't save the Venus Lighthouse, but...We beat them!
       They're gone! You saw them fall down into the pit...So we don't
       have to worry about any more beacons being lit!"

Mia: "But Felix is gone, and he's taken Sheba..."

[Everyone starts looking to the left of the tower.]

Garet: "What's with you guys? Isaac...What are you guys lookin' at!?"

[Garet turns to the elevator.]

Garet: "Felix!"

[Felix has come back with Sheba.]

Felix: "Did you finish them? No one knew their power better than I
       did. If you destroyed them...Then I am no match for you now,
       Isaac...I must go...Come, Sheba!"

Mia: "Wait, Felix!"

Ivan: "Why do you run from us?"

Garet: "They fell into the lighthouse. It's all over!"

Felix: "Poor fools...If you think it's over, you are sadly mistaken!"

Mia: "If you plan to light the other beacons, you will still need..."

Felix: "The Elemental Stars? We have them!"

Ivan: "They're gone, Felix! You don't have to light the beacons

Felix: "Yes, I do. If I don't light the beacons..."

Garet: "What will happen?"

Felix: "It's no use talking about it...Just wait and see!"

Mia: "If you won't release Sheba, we'll have to take her back!"

[Just then the lighthouse splits in two with a tremendous crack
brought on by the now-gone pillar of light.]

Ivan: "The lighthouse...!"

Garet: "Isaac! They're too far away! We can't reach Felix!"

Mia: "That's not all! There's light coming from down below!"

[The sphere of light that usually adorns the top of the lighthouses
comes up and knocks everyone unconscious in its wake...well, except
for Felix and Sheba that is.]

Felix: "Noooo! Sheba!"

[Sheba is clinging to the edge of the tower after the tremor.]

Felix: "Hold on, Sheba! Take my hand!"

Sheba: "I can't..."

Felix: "You must try! If you don't, you'll fall!"

Sheba: "Look down...The foundations of the lighthouse are crumbling!"

[On the world map, flurries of dust are kicked up as the lighthouse
starts to divide and break.]

Felix: "Why is this happened? Is it to protect Venus Lighthouse?"

Sheba: "I'm slipping...I can't hold on any longer."

Felix: "Nooo! Don't let go! You can't! You'll..."

Sheba: "Good-bye, Felix, and thank you."

[Sheba drops (...or slides...?)]

Felix: "Sheba!!! No! I won't let you die!"

[Felix, in a weird move of heroism, dives after her.]

Isaac: "!!!"

Felix: "Sheba fell after that last tremor..."

Ivan: "Felix didn't dive into the sea after her, did he?"

Mia: "I can't believe he did that from so high up!"

Garet: "You idiot, Felix! I can't believe he said he'd light the
       other beacons."

Ivan: "We would have had to fight him if this hadn't happened..."

Mia: "But he sacrificed himself to save Sheba. He's not like

Garet: "I'm at a loss, Isaac. We have to decide what to do next."

Ivan: "What to do? What can we do?"

Mia: "What about Jenna and the others at Idejima?"

Garet: "Oh yeah! I completely forgot about Jenna! Isaac! Listen up!
       We've got to find Jenna! Look at that! Isaac has finally
       come back to his senses! Shouldn't we go find Jenna and the
       others right away?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "It's about time you started agreeing with me!"
           Ivan: "Isaac, you'll have to tell Jenna about Felix."

            Mia: "I know it will be hard, but you'll be there to
                 comfort her."

       R2: "After all this, you don't have the guts to tell Jenna
           about Felix?"

           Ivan: "If you don't tell her what happened to Felix, who

            Mia: "You're going to have to find a way to console

[Garet starts looking around erratically.]

Ivan: "What's the matter, Garet?"

Garet: "I was just thinkin'...How the heck are we supposed to get

Mia: "Good point. This is going to make leaving very difficult..."

[All of a sudden, the two lighthouse halves merge together again!]

Ivan: "It's back to normal!"

Garet: "That was odd...What's going on around here?"

Mia: "I don't think we'll ever know."

Ivan: "At least now, we can go search for Jenna and the others."

Garet: "All right, let's go, Isaac! It's time to find Jenna."

[The party heads to the elevator and the screen blacks out. Some
narrative appears.]

Narrative: But despite a long and tiring search, Jenna was
           nowhere to be found.

| 34. Lalivero, Lumeran Ship, and Epilogue                          |

[The party arrives back in Lalivero.]

Ivan: "How did the search for Sheba turn out?"

Faran: "We were unable to find any sign of her. The seas are too
       rough to search. And there's no sign of her on land..."

Iodem: "Tolbi is responsible for Sheba's fate. No apology can reflect
       the sorrow I feel at your loss, Faran..."

Faran: "All we can do for Sheba now is...hope. But tell me, what
       of Jenna and the others?"

Garet: "The same. We've searched all over, but they're nowhere to
       be found."

Mia: "The ground tore apart from the shock of the lighthouse..."

Ivan: "And then Idejima was swept out to sea..."

Iodem: "My goodness...Then...Jenna and the others must have..."

Garet: "Felix said at the lighthouse that he sent Jenna ahead to
       the ship. But we think they survived."

Mia: "They may have been washed out to sea with Idejima..."

Ivan: "So, we have decided to continue searching for Jenna. Haven't
      we, Isaac?"
      R1 --> Yes
      R2 --> No

      R1 (Faran): "Do not worry about Sheba. I just hope you are
                  able to find Jenna. We will find Sheba without
                  fail...Sheba has been in dangerous situations
                  before and lived. But this time, I believe it
                  was nothing short of a miracle...Who knew the
                  sea would rise up to the lighthouse just as she

      R2 (Faran): "You need now worry about Sheba...We will find
                  Sheba without fail...Sheba has been in dangerous
                  situations before and lived. But this time, I
                  believe it was nothing short of a miracle...Who
                  knew the sea would rise up to the lighthouse just
                  as she fell?"

Mia: "Can you really call that a miracle?"

Faran: "Do you think it was just good luck?"

Iodem: "Let's call it mere coincidence, for now."

Faran: "Nothing is coincidental when it comes to this child."

Ivan: "So, you believe...Sheba survived...?"

Faran: "Yes. I am sure of it."

Iodem: "Just because Sheba...was an Adept?"

Faran: "An Adept...What is that?"

Iodem: "Well, it's...It's someone with abilities like theirs."

Faran: "Isaac, you and your friends are truly amazing. You were able
       to enter the ancient ruins and get to Venus Lighthouse. But
       Sheba was different. She couldn't enter the ruins."

Iodem: "That's just because Sheba's abilities are different from

Garet: "No matter how many times I explain it to Faran...He doesn't
       get it!"

Iodem: "Garet, don't be rude..."

Garet: "Unfortunately, we don't have time to talk. We've got to go!"

Faran: "That's right. I didn't mean to keep you..."

Ivan: "That didn't come out right..."

Faran: "We mean that while we're talking, Jenna and the others are
       lost at sea. I understand your desire to leave as soon as
       possible. The seas have been very rough since the beacon was
       lit. Be careful!"

Garet: "You, too. Farewell."

Faran: "Take care...and farewell!"

Mia: "Thank you very much. I hope your search for Sheba yields

[Outside, the party starts to move.]

Garet: "Where are you going, Isaac? Iodem asked us to wait. Did
       you forget?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Mia): "We're going to need to work on your memory, Isaac."

       R2 (Mia): "I know we need to leave, but we should hear what
                 Iodem has to say."

Ivan: "We can delay our departure a little longer. Let's wait."

[Iodem soon comes out.]

Iodem: "Thank you for waiting for me. As you no doubt have guessed,
       I need to speak with you about Lemuria."

Mia: "Yes, the island of the ancients far out to sea."

Iodem: "When you could not find Jenna, you returned to Venus

Garet: "Yeah. The base of the lighthouse was flooded, so we couldn't
       get out."

Iodem: "And that's when you gazed out to sea, as you promised Babi
       you would."

Ivan: "Yes...And we saw an area wrapped in mist."

Iodem: "I remember how Babi said Lemuria was always covered in mist.
       I am not sure, but I am beginning to think that may be

Mia: "If it is, then Babi's life..."

Iodem: "...could be saved? Yes."

Garet: "Then I guess we have no choice but to go..."
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1 (Iodem): "Good. Then it's settled. I'll make arrangements
                   for you to leave at once."

       R2 (Iodem): "You swore an oath. It is meaningless unless you
                   go immediately."

Ivan: "But...we have to find Jenna first..."

Iodem: "That is the other reason I wanted to see you...to give you

[Iodem takes out a Black Orb.]

Mia: "Oh, isn't that..."

Iodem: "You will need it to sail Babi's ship. Babi told me the ship
       of ancients is an incredible vessel. It will make your search
       for Jenna easier."

Garet: "We appreciate it."

Iodem: "But I want you to find Lemuria as soon as possible."

Ivan: "We promised Babi we would find Lemuria. We will not fail him."

[Iodem gives them the Black Orb.]

Iodem: "The ship is docked at the edge of town. You will know it when
       you see it. Farewell! And bring back news of Lemuria!"

[Iodem goes back inside.]

Garet: "Right on, Isaac! We finally get to see the ocean!"

Mia: "To sea we go!"

Ivan: "It is time to depart."

[Isaac and his crew go into the building the guard used to bar
entrance into. They use the Black Orb on the sunken ship and it
rises out of the depths.]

Garet: "It looks like it's finally time to leave Gondowan."

Ivan: "It's so strange...We've been traveling for so long, and
      yet it feels like we've only just begun."

Mia: "Now that I think about it, so many things have happened."

Garet: "But our journey will be over as soon as we find Jenna, right?"
       R1 --> Yes
       R2 --> No

       R1: "The end of one journey, but the beginning of another? No

       R2: "What did you say? Our next journey? What journey is that?"

Ivan: "You didn't forget, did you, Garet?"

Mia: "Our promise to Babi."

Garet: "Oh...Lemuria!"

Ivan: "I wonder what kind of place Lemuria is."

Mia: "We have to find Jenna before going to Lemuria, don't we?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1 (Garet): "Yeah. That's important."

     R2 (Garet): "Huh? Jenna's going to be very sad when I tell her
                 what you said!"

Ivan: "At any rate, this will be our first time on the ocean."

Garet: "So this is the ocean Kraden wanted me to see."

Mia: "The seas are very rough. Do you think we will be okay?"
     R1 --> Yes
     R2 --> No

     R1: "This is a Lemurian ship. We'll be fine."

     R2: "I guess it's hard to say. Stil, we must go, just the

Garet: "Well...Shall we, then?"

Ivan: "To sea..."

Mia: "Jenna is waiting for us!"

[The party jumps aboard and slowly sets out to sea. The credits then
play at this time. Afterwards, the game can be saved. Following that,
the final scene rolls with a drifting Idejima out in the middle of
the wide, wide ocean. Kraden and Jenna are collapsed on the land,
but still have a ship available to them nearby.]

Jenna: "Oh, Kraden...How long will this island continue to drift?"

Kraden: "I don't know...I wish you could tell me."

Jenna: "Sheesh...You're no help in times like this."

Kraden: "Hey, I'm hungry..."

Jenna: "How can you think about food? I wonder what happened to my

Kraden: "I can't be certain, but it looks like they lit the Venus

Jenna: "You don't have to tell me that. Thats how we wound up
       adrift at sea, right?"

Kraden: "You are so cranky today, Jenna! Well, I suppose you must
        be worried about Felix."

Jenna: "Isaac and his friends must have been nearby, too."

Kraden: "They probably were..."

Jenna: "I miss them...Isaac...Felix..."

[Alex walks over to the two.]

Alex: "There is something I wish to show you. Walk this way."

[Jenna and Kraden follow him to the other side of the island. There,
Felix and Sheba have washed up.]

Kraden: "Felix! Sheba!"

Jenna: "Felix...Sheba..."

Kraden: "They...They're alive."

Jenna: "They're alive!"

Kraden: "What is this? Alex, what happened?"

                            TO BE CONTINUED

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01-25-06                  + Added optional dialogue in Suhalla, to
                            show that Sheba had been through there.
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