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FAQ/Walkthrough by strawhat

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 08/09/06

                                               M .#
                                               #  .MK                     
                                               Mj  .MM                    
                                               ZR7  ZMM7                  
                            iMP772              ML:   MM,       .M        
                              Ki :29K9#:        M2i   jMMN     X.@        
                               RMX     L5R5L Pj29;7:   5MM#   7, MX       
                                 MM2   : .  .K2i5:.,,,  NR@MXML :M#       
                                    MM#   i:j2iji;j2, .;,;HZ5RHKRMMP      
                                     MMMXZ2ji;;i7,:;;,. :ZMHPPPP9MX       
                                       MMM#K5;PZP5j:i;:,; M@L559KMP       
                     : :        jMM  .    ,7j2L2ZZ99jj;i7 7XZNZZ;  :9MN   
                  @#M,:7KP:      XMMMKZ:.   ; .   .. L;7j7;   572R#MMMi   
            #HH9MK;    . ,7Z         7MMMMMMMMMMMMMK@X:    :NMMMMMMMj     
         XHK: Z.M#ZMMMMM5L7XL         MMMMNKM@    MM9RNMMMMMRjMH, M       
       ,M;    Z:jHMMX   MjjZM        ML:jRMHK,     MHR5j,. :PMM   M       
      5N   :. 2RZR9MKZ   MMMM       9  PL9RMMM#;M@LMMMMMMMMMMM# 5HM       
      M  . LKH@M#K5@HZ  :MRNM      KM  @MMH;jMMMM@MHMMMMMMMMMNMMHM        
     MX ,j7MH#RP5LZ MX  MMZ92     @. :j@5      ii       ::     ZHHM       
     XH .7LM9XMNMMM9M   ML7ZM   ,M. :2PMMKMMMMRPL2,         ZMMMMMMM:     
     5M.,jMRX@H  MRMN   MMZ.  Z:M7i:2P@MMM9;MMM##MMMMMMMNMMMMMMH:         
     XML.2N9XNR  RMM     MK7;ZMNL 7PPHNM:      RMM@X55P9XPKMM             
      MMR5KKPKK  MMi     MMMMMMKMMMM#N#;         .XMMMMMM#HKH             
       KMMMMXKM9          PMMMM9@NNMMNX5:               ;jZ@N             
         XMMMMMMMi           :9MMH#MM@PRXZ22j:.       ,iZ9KMZ             
                              ,    ,P@;5@H#H9L7,;iij22X@H99#              
                            NL    ;;5MMZ7XXK#RXHMM#@NMK9LKMXHM@M          
                          ,M   j5MMMHKRMH@K9RK@HMMM#9PKNMM#L;   ;XK2.     
                         :M;i5@MMNKHNNMMZ ZLKK@N#K#MMMMMKRXKMHXi,   5:    
                        jM@KMMMMMMMMMX7             ;2MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMi  
                        MMMMNXPL ,                                        
                                      ___     _    _            ___           
                                     / __|___| |__| |___ _ _   / __|_  _ _ _  
                                    | (_ / _ \ / _` / -_) ' \  \__ \ || | ' \ 
                                     \___\___/_\__,_\___|_||_| |___/\_,_|_||_|

| Golden Sun(GBA)                             |
| FAQ/Walkthrough                             |
| By strawhat                                 |
| Version 1.0                                 |
| Last Update: 8/9/06                         |
| E-mail: plasmad00d13smooth{at}gmail[dot]com |

Note: For easy searching, highlight a section name and number(without the
spaces at the beginning), press Ctrl + F and paste the section name in the
menu. Press find and voila! For Mac users, use the command key in place of the
control key.

Table of Contents
{1.0} Introduction
     [1.1] Good Links

{2.0} Basics
     [2.1] Story and Characters
     [2.2] Controls
     [2.3] Field Screen
     [2.4] Battling
     [2.5] Using Items

{3.0} Walkthrough
     [3.1] Prologue
     [3.2] Sol Sanctum
     [3.3] Vault
     [3.4] Goma Cave
     [3.5] Bilibin
     [3.6] Kolima Forest
     [3.7] To Imil and Mercury Lighthouse
     [3.8] Mercury Lighthouse
     [3.9] Fuchin Temple
     [3.10] Mogall Forest
     [3.11] Xian
     [3.12] Altin
     [3.13] Lamakan Desert
     [3.14] Kalay and the Karagol Sea
     [3.15] Tolbi
     [3.16] Altmiller Cave
     [3.17] Colosso Tournament
     [3.18] Lunpa
     [3.19] Suhalla Desert
     [3.20] Venus Lighthouse and Lavilero
     [3.21] Babi Lighthouse
     [3.22] Venus Lighthouse

{4.0} Crossbone Isle

{5.0} Djinn

{6.0} Psynergy List

{7.0} Classes

{8.0} Items

{9.0} Weapons
     [9.1] Weapons
     [9.2] Armor

{10.0} Secrets

{11.0} Conclusion


Version 1.02: Minor cosmetic changes.

Version 1.01: Corrected some errors in the class list.

Version 1.0: Finished the FAQ.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and
violation of copyright.

Sites allowed to host this FAQ:

                             {1.0} Introduction

Golden Sun is awesome. Just plain awesome. It's just damn hard at some points
in the game and sometimes, a player might need some help to get through a part
of the game. HOWEVER, that player might also not want spoilers. So, I, here,
create this FAQ for those good people.

I hope that this FAQ helps you. It's main purpose of writing a FAQ. If you
think that for some reason, this FAQ sucks or you do not like it, drop me a
word and I'll see if I can fix it. You can find my E-mail at the very last
section of this FAQ. Now, I'm not one to ramble to let's go to the FAQ.

                              [1.1] Good Links

If my FAQ doesn't help you out, check out some of these In-Depth ones:

1. Djinn/Class Mechanics FAQ by TFergusson:

It's a very, very helpful FAQ that teaches you many advanced techniques and

2. Psynergy/Class FAQ by me, strawhat:

An In-Depth guide I wrote that tells you levels and classes where people
learn techniques.

3. http://www.planetnintendo.com/goldensun/
Don't forget it.

4. Random Number Generator FAQ by WOODENSTICK:

A complicated FAQ that most non-hardcore gamers will not need to know.

                                {2.0} Basics

                         [2.1] Story and Characters

Three years ago, in a town called, Vale, there was a terrible accedent. Vale's
There was a terrible storm and a boulder threatened to crash into the town.
People were evacuated to the central plaza. The elders used a secret power
known as Psynergy to try and stop the boulder, but they failed.

A young boy named Isaac and his friend Garet were among those who fled to the
plaza. There, they found their friend Jenna who was trying to find help.
Together, they led the way back to a river in town where a Jenna's little
brother, Felix, was hanging tightly onto a branch. Jenna's parents stood right
above him, trying to help him verbally. As soon as Isaac and company reached
there, the giant boulder thundered down and crashed. There was a white flash.
After all was over, everyone looked up to see a missing Felix from the branch
he was holding and Jenna's parents nowhere to be seen.

Isaac ran off to get help. Garet followed. As they did, they found two
mysterious people. They talked about Alchemy and stuff Isaac and Garet should
not have heard. They defeated Isaac and Garet and their memories do not
contain a single thing about their little encounter. This was three years ago.

Three years later, Isaac, Garet, and their friend Galen went out to Sol
Sanctum to examine the history of Alchemy, and ancient magic. They found the
elemental stars. When the four elements of Earth, Fire, Wind, and Water are
controlled, the Earth itself will bow down to you. Just then, some mysterious
people came and took all of the elemental stars as well as Jenna and Galen.
Isaac and Garet managed to recover the Mars star. They now embark on a journey
to find Jenna, Galen, and the elemental stars and also to stop the two thieves
that threaten the Earth.

| Characters: |

(This refers to some information at the very, very beginning of the game. So,
if you haven't played through the first five minutes of the game, this section
will contain minor spoilers.)

Isaac is a resident of Vale. He is the quiet hero of the story. He is an Earth
Adept and is probably the strongest character that you can control. Because he
barely speaks, we don't really know too much about his character.

He is Isaac's best friend and also neighbor in Vale. Garet is a Fire Adept and
is strong, but slow. Garet's a good friend and is responsible, although he can
be a little dim-witted sometimes and harsh. Him and Isaac had been practicing
the use of Psynergy ever since the accident at Vale in the beginning of the
game. They both still feel bad about it, even though it was three years ago.

Although Ivan appears to be like that quiet nerdy kid in your math class, he's
actually very kind. Many people tend to shy away from him because of his
ability to read minds. He's a Wind Adept. He has very strong Psynergy skills,
but one poke and he's dead.

Mia was the sole purpose that Imil survived through their epidemic. She has
great healing powers and is a Water Adept. She will always do what she thinks
is right, even if it strays a bit from your main goal.

Jenna's not very lucky. Like Garet, she's a Fire Adept. Her family was killed
at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, she gets captured and it's basically
part of your goal to rescue her. She lives in Vale and is a neighbor and
friend of Isaac and Garet.

Felix is a mysterious man. He is Jenna's little brother. He supposedly died
at the beginning of the game after the boulder crashed down into Vale.
Apparently, that's not the case. It's unknown what his role is, but he tends
to hang out with two other villains. He still tries to protect Jenna, but is
keen on staying on his task.

                               [2.2] Controls

| Button  | Effect                  |
|    A    | Bring up menu, confirm, |
|         | talk                    |
|    B    | Cancel, run(with D-Pad),|
|         | bring up menu           |
|  D-Pad  | Move character          |
|    R    | Use Psynergy Shortcut   |
|    L    | Use Psynergy Shortcut   |
|  Select | Bring up menu           |
|   Start | Pause                   |

There are also other "special" controls that you can use in menus that serve
as shortcuts. For example, pressing R will automatically set/standby a Djinni
in the Djinn menu. I'm not going to list them since they say what each button
does in the actual game menu.

                             [2.3] Field Screen

You'll be spending most of your time here. While moving on the field, you can
talk to people, examine barrels or pots for items, enter houses, and all that
other nonsense.

While you explore towns, you'll usually see one with two big brown doors. This
is the healer's house. Pay a little bit of money to revive downed characters,
remove curses, remove poison, and repel evil.

You'll probably also find an inn. This will replenish the health and PP of all
your characters. Note that it WILL NOT revive downed characters, so you'll
have to go to a healing house to do that.

The weapon, armor, and item shop are very important.  The weapon and armor
shop are usually together, represented by a sword and shield respectively.
Here, you can buy and sell items. Regular weapons and armor will increase your
stats only. Artifacts will have special random effects during battle. You can
only have one of each artifact. When you sell of drop an artifact, it will go
back to the store.

The item store is represented by a green potion thingy. You can buy herbs here
to restore your health and other things. They're all mostly to restore
abnormal statuses or health, though.

When you're on the field screen, make sure to talk to all the people.
Sometimes, they may give you items or trigger a scene which further develops
the plot and allows you to go further in a game.

On the field screen, you can also use SOME Psynergy. To do this, open up the
menu using A, B, or Select. Go to the Psynergy menu and see what you can use.
This is vital to solving puzzles. You can change the Psynergy you have by
changing your class. This is done by obtaining and changing Djinn, as well
as leveling up. See the Djinn section for more information about changing

Once you leave a town, you'll be on the World Map. There isn't much to do on
the World Map except move on to the next destination or a different town/cave.

                               [2.4] Battling

Whenever you enter the World Map or a dungeon/cave, you'll probably encounter
monsters. It's guaranteed that you will find some monsters lurking about.
First, there are two things that you should think about when a monster pops

1. Fight
2. Flee

Sometimes, you won't successfully get away if you run from a fight. You'll
have to lose one turn taking some damage from the enemies before you can
attempt again. You don't lose anything from running.

If you choose to fight, there are some other things that you can do.

1. Attack
2. Psynergy
3. Djinni
4. Summon
5. Item
6. Defend

The first option allows you to attack normally. If you have an artifact
weapon, there's a slight chance that it'll unleash a special attack.

The second option is Psynergy. All playable characters have Psynergy that you
can use in battle. Read about the effects of the attack in the game and choose
whether or not you want to use it. Be careful though, using Psynergy takes up
PP. Once your PP's out, you can't use Psynergy anymore.

If you have "set" Djinn(read Djinn section for more details), then you can
unleash it in battle. Read about Djinn and their effects in the Djinn section.

After you have Djinn on "standby", you have the ability to summon. Summoning
creates tons of damage, especially if you have over four Djinn of one type
on standby.

You can also use an item. There aren't many items that can be used during
battle. You can use an Herb to heal yourself, throw a Smoke/Sleep Bomb, etc.
This should be pretty obvious. Each character has their own inventory of

If there's nothing that you can possibly do and don't want to attack, you can
always defend and reduce the damage taken on that one character for the turn.

After making a decision on what to do in the battle, everyone will attack.
The order will be based on agility.

After the enemies are vanquished, you will gain experience and earn rewards.
When you get a certain amount of experience points, you character will level
up. This increases your stats and you might learn new Psynergy!

                              [2.5] Using Items

You can find items while on the field by looking in barrels or pots by
pressing A near them, finding them in chests, or finding them as monster
drops. There are different types of items.

The first is a normal item. This can be used in and out of battle to restore
health, cure abnormal statues, and basically heal yourself.

There are also battle items. These will affect the enemies that you are
fighting some way. They can be damaged, be status effect'd, and so on.

You will probably pick up on many important items along the way. These are
called Key Items and they can't be sold or dropped. There are many kinds of
key items. Some, like the Catch Beads, bestow new Psynergy abilities to your
character. Some, like the Mars Star, is there just for storyline purposes.
Others, like the Black Orb, must be used in order to continue with the

Equipment counts as an item. To equip an item, select Equip from the item

                              {3.0} Walkthrough

                               [3.1] Prologue

When you start a new game, you will have to name Isaac. He's the only
character in the game that you can name UNLESS you tap Select three times. Do
what you wish. I will be using the default names for the sake of simplicity.

Yup, watch the scene here. The Yes and No questions don't matter at all here.
After the beginning scene, go ascend the stairs at the top. You'll meet Garet.
Watch the scene, then head left across the bridge. There will be another scene
here. When that one's done, walk left to a different screen. Talk to the man
lying near the boulder if you want. It has no effect what you say, but he'll
tell you that there are monsters running about. The monsters all suck, so
don't worry too much about them.

The path is quite linear. You'll soon reach a house and witness a scene.
There's nothing we can do, so ignore what's happening and continue on the
path. Head right to the next screen.

We're finally at the plaza. Go find Jenna near the bottom. Watch the scene,
then head all the way back to where Felix was. Watch yet another scene, then
exit back to the right. Meet the baddies, then fight them. There's no possible
way to win this. Just die.

When you regain control of Isaac, we will be free to go wherever we want. When
you're ready, go to the screen left of Garet's house across the bridge. You'll
view a scene with Saturos and Menardi. Go up the steps and meet Kraden for
some more scene action. After that, go right one screen, then towards the
Healing House. Someone will confront you. Sneak past him to the left when he's
not looking to continue. Head inside.

                              [3.2] Sol Sanctum

The first room is pretty easy. Hop onto the stone on the very right and
continue from there. Follow the long corridor to the next room. Hop onto the
stone in the center. Go up at the fork to get a small jewel. Go right at the
fork to get to a statue. Insert the small jewel that you found before.

Head back to the entrance of this room and take the left path of stones to
get to the next room. Watch the scene here, then go to the eastern side of the
room. Push the statue with dotted lines around it and go in the passage.

You should arise into a new room. Take either path and you'll end up at a
three-way fork. Take the left path first. It'll lead to a small jewel. Return
to the fork, then take the middle path. It should lead to another fork. Take
the left path which will take you to a door. Go through to a new room.

In this room, Kraden will mention something about using Psynergy. Go to the
statue on the very left and use Isaac or Garet's Move to get the statue out of
the way. It will reveal a skull, just like the one near the beginning of Sol
Sanctum. Insert your Small Jewel in and then go to the statue on the very
right. Use Move here too to reveal a hidden door.

At this new door, you can go west for an herb. Otherwise, go north, then east,
then north again. You should arrive at a room. Watch the scene, then go next
door to the east. Watch the scene here, then continue to the next room.

Taking the southern path will lead you to a room with a Psynergy Stone. Going
north will take you to a room with some statues. Push a statue to view a
scene. After it's over, go to the room on the left. Push the statues near the
top into the holes, then use Move to drag the large statue in the center
inside the hole.

Return to the room on the right. Push the statues here into the holes since
the trap has been deactivated. After all the statues has been pushed into the
holes, return to the Luna Room where Kraden is waiting. Watch the scene, then
head to the Sol Room to the left. Examine the light on the wall.

Watch the long scene, then receive the four Mythril Bags. Grab all the
Elemenal Stars before another scene starts up. You'll lose Jenna as a party
member. Watch the very long scene, then accept your fate. You'll end up on the
World Map.

Proceed a bit to view a sort of tutorial scene. You'll get your first Djinni,
Flint. Set it on Isaac, then head East across the bridge, then South. You'll
end up in Vault. Watch the scene before entering.

                                 [3.3] Vault

Note: There's a Djinni here in Vault, but we can't get it yet.

Head towards the house on the topright of town, right above the stairs. Talk
to the kid inside for a scene. This kid's name is Ivan and he'll join your
party. Set Mind Read as a shortcut(just because it's a whole bunch easier >_>)
and go to the second floor of the inn. Watch the scene there, then try to

Surround the purple guy. Wait for Ivan to walk him into a corner, then go up
to block him. It's not really that hard. Leave the Inn afterwards. Go up the
ladder, then into the hole. Use Move to get the box out of the way. Hop over
the gap, then into the next room. Watch the scene, then fight the mini-boss.

| MINI-BOSS!                       |
| Thief 1: HP: 100                 |
| Thief 2: HP: 100                 |
| Bandit: HP: 260                  |
|                                  |
| EXP: 66       Coins: 110         |
| Items Dropped: Bandit's Sword    |
| These guys aren't really that tough. Attack all three of them at once using|
| Flare, Whirlwind, Ray, whatever Psynergy you have. Have the person with a  |
| Djinni use it and summon. All the thieves can do is throw a attack. Once   |
| in a while, they might throw a smoke bomb at you. This will fog up your    |
| vision and make your attacks miss sometimes. Just cast Psynergy when this  |
| happens. The thieves also carry a plentiful supply of Herbs. The Bandit in |
| the middle can use an attack called Slice. This does around 15 damage, so  |
| it won't really hurt you that much. Have Isaac Cure if you're hurting.     |

There isn't much to do after the fight. Just watch the scene, then head by the
Mayor's house to get a Water of Life. Ivan will leave your party. Buy some
supplies, then leave Vault.

                               [3.4] Goma Cave

The next place isn't too far away. Head northeast. You might pass Lunpa and
West Lunpa Cave along the way, but we can't do anything about that now. Keep
going Northeast and you'll eventually reach The Goma Cave entrance.

Hop across the broken bridge and push the stump to the right. Climb the ladder
and use Move to pull the stump into the hole. Keep going and you'll reach a
stump covered in ivy. Try to Move it and it won't budge. Watch the scene.
Ivan will rejoin your party. Now Move the vine-free stump and hop over onto
the ledge. Use Whirlwind on the vines and it will reveal a cave. Head inside
the Goma Cave.

Walk forward until you see the stepping stone. Hop across and go down. Head in
the next room. Go all the way right. Push the log right and up so that if you
were up above, you could use it as a stepping stone. You should also see a
Djinni nearby. Head back and down. Hop across the water to the next room.

Follow the path to the next room. Use Move to push the log out of the way.
Jump onto where it was, then down. If you want the chest containing a Lucky
Medal on the right, use Move again on the log to bring it back to its original
position. Go forward a bit to find a stump. Use Move here to knock it off the
edge. Return to the previous room.

If you go to the right, you should see a new stepping stone. Use it to get to
the right and into a new room. If you did what I said before in moving the
log, then you should be able to jump to the right and get fight the Mars
Djinni. Defeat it quickly or it will run away. If it does, retreat to the
previous room and come back. It'll still be chilling there.

After you defeat the Mars Djinni, set it to someone(think Garet >_>) and head
up into the new room. Push the stump out of the way, then head up. You'll be
out of here in no time. After exiting, head a bit to the east and enter

                                [3.5] Bilibin

Bilibin is a tiny little place. First thing you should do is get the Jupiter
Djinni lurking here. Head up the stairs on the right and follow the path all
the way around the border of the town until you reach a vine-covered cave. Use
Whirlwind, then go inside. Push the statue away and jump across to recover a

There are some weapons in this town too. Make sure to buy some supplies,
especially if you're rich. When you're done, just head up towards the north
end of town. Talk to the guard on the right, then head inside the palace.

Explore the place a bit if you wish, but there's not really anything there.
Follow the red carpet to meet McCoy when you want and view the long scene.

Leave afterwards. Head southeast. You'll come across the barricade. Use Move
on the tall box to the left of the door. Exit the barricade.

Back on the world map, head east. You'll soon reach Kolima. Watch the scene,
then head towards the house connected to the Djinni enclosed in a fence.
There's an invisible back door to the house. Go through it and follow the path
to collect Granite. Leave Kolima.

Head back West and up. You'll see Kolima Forest. Enter.

                             [3.6] Kolima Forest

This first screen is quite easy. Budge all of the logs a bit and walk around
them to proceed to the next screen. Push the log out in front of you, then
walk below it. Head around to the other side of the screen and push the
vertical log to the right. Go push the log underneath you down. Now push the
vertical log back left. Now, onto the next screen.

OK, first, push the vertical log to the left. Then go around to the top and
push the log there down. Push the vertical one back to the right. Push the
horizontal logs away from each other, then the vertical log into the river.
Hop across the river, then to the next screen.

Walk along the south bank and examine the Floodgate Switch. Now head down to
where there was once water. Push the vertical log on the northwest and refill
the lake. Now hop across the logs to the next screen. Whew! We're finally done
with those damn logs.

Talk to the trees, then head inside Tret. Climb the vines to the next screen.
Head towards the bottom of the screen. Jump across the golden leaves, then
head outside to the next screen. Follow the main path. Climb the vine, then
head back inside Trent.

On this screen, there are two items. One is a Psynergy Stone, the other is a
Healing Ring. Both require you to redo some rooms. IMO, both are rather
useless. The southern path here leads to a dead end, so climb the vines at the
northeast side of the room to head to the next screen.

There are two exits here. Make sure to take the southern path first, then
coming back here and taking the left path. Why? Because there's a nice Djinni
hangning around the top branches of the southern path. Take the left path here
after collecting the Djinni though because you can't progress through the door

Coming into the new room from the left path of the previous room, head towards
the bottom of the screen. Get ready to jump onto the golden leaves. Go up,
right, up, right, then back left. Yes, you'll fall through, but end up in a
new room. Heal your party members, then approach Trent.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Trent: 710HP                     |
|                                  |
| EXP: 226       Coins: 700        |
| Items Dropped: Potion            |
| Trent is a Venus element, so use many fire attacks against it. I recommend |
| using the classes that you start out with so Garet would have access to    |
| Volcano. Isaac's Psynergy isn't exactly usefull here since Trent is        |
| resistant to it, but Cure can come in handy. While Garet's using Volcano,  |
| have Ivan use his strongest Psynergy and Djinn. If you can summon Atlanta, |
| make sure to do so! It did over 100 damage for me which is very helpful.   |
| Using Impact on Isaac also helps greatly.                                  |
|                                                                            |
| Trent can deal damage to all of your characters. They have a variety of    |
| names, but all you need to know is that they are earth elements and can    |
| attack all of your party members, so make sure that they are all above 40  |
| HP. Trent rarely attacks normally. Trent has one move called Sleep Star.   |
| This can make some of your party members fall asleep. Sadly, there's isn't |
| too much that you can do to prevent this. Just keep your snoozing party    |
| members alive and deal damage if they are still healthy.                   |

After the scene, head out of the new vine. Talk to Trent and Mrs. Trent, then
cast Retreat to get out of here.

                    [3.7] To Imil and Mercury Lighthouse

Head back to Bilibin. Head North from there, then west along the snow-capped
mountains. You should soon find a cave entrance. Enter the Bilibin Cave

If you give a Venus Djinni to Garet or Isaac, you can use Grow on the little
shrub. This will lead you to an Elven Rapier. When all's done, enter the cave.
Head West at the fork, then East. Exit the cave.

The path now is pretty straightforward. Frollic through the snowy road until
you reach the safehaven of Imil. Go towards the Healer's house. Talk to the
kid there, then return to the old couple's house; the very first house that
you see in town. Watch the scene.

Before we go out chasing this person, make sure to get the Mars Djinni, Fever.
Use Move on the Snowman to the north of the town, then head towards the
opening above the graves. Go right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left,
up, right, and up.

Leave Imil when you're done and head to the Mercury Lighthouse. It's only a
short way to the right.

                           [3.8] Mercury Lighthouse

Talk to Mia at the top of the steps. Use Move on the statue, then head inside.
Fight the Lizard Man blocking the way. Now go into the next room. Go up three
more rooms, then down the hallway. Hmm, looks like someone really doesn't want
you here, huh? Use Move on the statue, then Mia will join your party. Head on
to the next room.

There's nothing in this waterfall room. Just go across to the next one.
There's a bunch of pipes here. Push the one in front of you to the right to
stop the water. Follow the path and you'll end up to the right of the pipe
that you just pushed. Push it back to the left, then follow the path to the

Hop south over the gap, then run around the ledge. Don't go down the ladder
just yet. You should see a switch on the floor and a statue. Push the statue
onto the switch, then slide down the dented part of the wall. Go through the
door and to the next room. Slide down. Hop over to the statue and use Mia's
Ply. The stone you were just on will glow. Hop back there. The gold circles
above your head will tell you how many times you can jump on the water before
drowning. Head back onto land and through either door.

You can hop some stone to the right if you want some chests, otherwise go one
more room up. Hop onto the stone in front of you, then go right, right, down
and down. Get some more golden rings, then go right twice. Once your have some
more rings, go north twice, then turn left. From here, hop once to the right,
then go all the way up until you reach the little piece of land. Refill your
rings to the right, then go left three times and down once. Hop onto the big
piece of land and go around it. Hop down the rest of the way and you'll get to
the doorway.

Jump across the stone and keep going down to the next room. Go through the
middle waterfall and then up one room. Push the two horizontal pipes up and
the vertical one left. This will fill up the previous room with water, so
return there. Hop across the water to the door on the left. Proceed to the
next room. This is just one long hallway. Follow through to the next room.

We can't do anything here for now, so head through the door on the right into
another pipe room. Go through the steps at the top and push the odd-looking
vertical pipe to the left. Now head back and push that same pipe back right.
After that, push the same pipe back over to the left and the horizontal one
down. Push the vertical one right and the statue will fall. Return to the
previous room. Push the statue onto the switch and go through the door.

The third statue here has a door behind which leads to a Nut. Anyway, follow
the path to another staute and use Move. Go through the doorway and push the
pipe forwards. Go right on through the door.

The fourth waterfall here leads to a Djinni. Follow the paths until you reach
another waterfall room. Head through the one on the very right. Use Move on
the staute, then go through the door. Follow the path until you get to the
room with the mumbo-jumbo. Just cast Ply on the statue and you'll end up in a
new room. Save, heal up, and use the Psynergy Stone placed in front of you.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Saturos: 1200HP                  |
|                                  |
| EXP: 331       Coins: 800        |
| Items Dropped: Psy Crystal       |
| Saturos is pretty easy and definitely beatable this time around. He is a   |
| Mars element, so Mia's attacks should be very effective against him. Use   |
| the same strategy that you've been using against the other bosses: use     |
| your strongest Psynergy and summons. While your Djinn are on standby, cure |
| yourselves and have Mia use her Psynergy.                                  |
|                                                                            |
| Saturos's attacks are similar to Trent's. Most of them attack all party    |
| members with fire damage. He's immune to many status ailments. The only    |
| attack you should worry about is Heat Flash which can delude a character,  |
| making their attacks miss more often.                                      |

Watch the scene afterwards. Follow Mia down the elevator and follow the path.
The fountain is flowing again, so if you have en Empty Bottle, use it to get
some nice Hermes' Water. Leave.

Drop by Imil to buy some stuff at the Weapons and Armor shop. They have good
stuff! Now return to Kolima Forest. Make your way to Trent again(read that
part of the walkthrough if you're having trouble) and use your Hermes' Water
on it. If you don't have Hermes' Water, go back to Imil and check the old
couples' house. Then go to the Mercury Lighthouse and use the Empty Bottle you
found there.

Anyway, after watching that scene, return to Bilibin. Go to McCoy's place and
watch the scene. The four chests contain a Vial, Potion, Psy Crystal, and
Water of Life, respectively. Pick a prize and leave the palace.

Our next destination is past Kolima. The path east of Kolima will lead you to
the bridge. It'll be let down. The path will then lead you to the Fuchin

                             [3.9] Fuchin Temple


OK, there are no shops and such here. Just go up the stairs and talk to the
head monk dude. Read his mind, then go to the guy underneath the waterfall.
Talk to him and go through into the cave.

Inside the cave, step onto the log on the left and roll forward. Go to the
next screen. Hop onto the log that you have to hop on to(>_>) and proceed to
the WESTERN side. Go forward three rooms. You should see two logs in front of
you. Take the vertical one on the side first to get a useful weapon, the
Arctic Blade. Now go back and take the horizontal one down and into the next

Make your way to the left side of the room, then roll across the log to the
right. Go to the next room.

We're back in the first room again! Take the horizontal log to the right and
into a new room. Roll the log down, then move the vertical log to the left.
Roll the horizontal log back up. Jump across the stump in the water to the
vertical log. Roll it to the right. Get your Jupiter Djinni here, then take
the horizontal log at the bottom all the way up. Head into the next room.

Here, we want to get to the room in the middle. To do this, ride the
horizontal log up, then the vertical one at the top to the left. Hop across
to the top, then head back to the other horizontal log. Ride that up, then
hop onto the log to the left and into a new room. Pick up Dragon's Eye, then
return to the previous room. Go through the door at the top.

Place the Dragon's Eye into the dragon. This will light up the room. Head all
the way back past the room with three logs, the room with a spiky path, all
the way until you reach the previously "dark" room. You should see the shadow
of a bridge. Follow it and you'll reach a fork. Go inside the room and open up
the chest containing the Orb of Force. Equip someone with it and use Retreat.

Outside, talk to the master. Now leave Fuchin.

Head South and you'll see Mogall Forest. Whether you have or do not have
Force, you'll be able to go through this forest.

                            [3.10] Mogall Forest

When you enter the forest, you'll see an ugly monster jump into the stump. If
you feel like using Force(if you have it), then go ahead and use it. Either
way, go south twice.

Cross the bridge here. Using Force on the stump here will cause an ape to
attack you. Push the vertical log to the left, then the horizontal one up.
Hop over. Go right twice. On the screen with two stumps, you can take the
right path for an Apple. Go down otherwise.

When you get to the sceen with a river, use Move on the gray rock to push it
into the hole. Shove the log down, and the next horizontal log down also. Push
the vertical log to the left and make your way to the Venus Djinni. Battle it,
then go thorugh the southwestern exit to the next screen. Go left again to a
new screen.

This screen has three stumps. Taking the left path will lead you to an Elven
Shirt. Taking the path at the bottom will allow you to continue.

In this new screen, there's another log puzzle. Push the vertical log in the
middle to the right, then the horizontal log down. Go around to the left and
push that same log back up. Now push the last vertical log to the right. Hop
across the river and go down.

Save, then follow the path.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Killer Ape: 1500HP               |
|                                  |
| EXP: 460       Coins: 1500       |
| Items Dropped: Douse Drop        |
| Killer Ape sucks. What you want to do is get your summons ready before the |
| battle and use them quickly. Its weakness is Mars, so have Garet cast a    |
| bunch of Heat Waves to help speed up the battle. Mia can't really do much  |
| since her default Psynergy is ineffective and can't deal damage. Have her  |
| heal your characters. Summoning will still deal effective damage though.   |
| Anyone else should just attack with their strongest moves.                 |
|                                                                            |
| Mr. Killer Ape has a variety of attacks, but unlike previous bosses, most  |
| effect only one target. Its Debilitate targets three party members and can |
| lower your defense. Ransack and Douse just deal damage. Its bind can stop  |
| one party member's Psynergy. Finally, War Cry can totally stop a party     |
| member for a turn or so.                                                   |
|                                                                            |
| As you can see, the ape's strategy is to not deal damage, but to stop you  |
| from attacking and lowering your stats. Using an item or Djinni to create  |
| a status ailment on it helps greatly. Try not to stall too much.           |

After defeating the Killer Ape, head west to Xian.

                                 [3.11] Xian

This is a completely optional pit stop. First that you would want to do is to
check out the weapons and armor store. Get what you need, then talk to the
woman next to the water. Wait for her to be one step underneath the second
door, then talk to her. Use Mia's Frost to turn it into a pillar. Go up the
steps and hop over to get another Djinni.

If you have Force, go inside the house at the top of the steps. Use Force
behind the line to knock down the piece of wood. Watch the long scene and do
it again. Watch the rest of the scene, then leave Xian.

There's a Mars Djinni that you'll find in a random battle on the small island
directly north of Xian. Get that, then head West of Xian until you reach the
Alpine Crossing.

Give a Venus Djinni to somebody so they have Growth. Use it on the plant, then
Mia's Frost on the puddle of water. Climb the plant, fall down the slope, then
jump across the ledge. There will be a Power Bread in a chest. Head abck and
slide down the slope. Go up back onto the World Map, then left into Altin.

                                 [3.12] Altin

Push the statue right near the entrance to reveal a Psy Crystal. Then head
down to the bottom left corner of the town. Enter Altin Peak. Keep following
the monster inside, then defeat it. The water will drain, so go down the
ladder. Use Frost on the puddle, then head back up the ladder and jump across
it. Leave Altin Peak.

The water should have receded a bit back in Altin. Go inside the mine. Head
right at the fork, then left at the next one. Go to the top of the room and
flip the switch, then ride the mine cart to the monster. Kill it. The water
will drain some more. Before returning, there's a cave that has a chest if
you climb the ladder down. You need Lift for this though which you can't get
until a bit later.

Go back through the same cave. At the entrance, go north at the first fork.
Jump down the ladder and through the door to a new room. Before riding the
mine cart, make sure to flip the switch down the path.

Taking the mine cart will lead you to a door. Go through. Head down at the
fork. Use Mia's Frost on the puddle, then climb the ladder and jump across to
the new room.

Use Mia's Frost again on the puddle. If you want a Dragon Shield, take the
cart now and open the chest. Ride back, then climb the ladder at the very
left. Flip the switch and ride the cart to the last Living Statue. Defeat it
and return to Altin with Retreat.

Enter Altin Peak again through the new door at the very bottom of the town.
Take the path on the right at the fork. Go to a new room, then up into another
room. Head south and east at the forks to get to the next room.

Freeze all the puddles here and use Move on the stump. Flip the switch and
ride the cart to the Djinni. Ride it back, then climb the ladder at the top
of your screen. Hop across the ice pillar to the next room. This room is not
really a room, it's more of a hallway. Er, head to the next one. Go north at
the intersection.

Now, for those with Force, use it on the stump. I'm not sure what happens if
you don't(I got Force :)), but I believe that Garet kicks it. Either way,
watch the semi-scene and climb down the new hole. Save, then proceed to the
monster, who is the boss.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Hydros Statue: 1250HP            |
|                                  |
| EXP: 496       Coins: 2400       |
| Items Dropped: Lucky Medal       |
| I beat this guy in two turns. It really sucks. Have everyone summon, then  |
| attack the next turn. After the summoning, have everyone cast their        |
| strongest Psynergy like Ragnarok or Fireball except for Mia, who, as usual,|
| should be kept aside for healing. Hydros Statue may have low HP, but it    |
| can deal plenty of damage.                                                 |
|                                                                            |
| Hydros is pretty much a Living Statue with more powerful attacks. All of   |
| its special moves are of water element and attack three party members.     |
| Garet should be very effective here. If you have Mad Blast on anyone else, |
| make sure to use that as well.                                             |

Collect the Lifting Gem behind the statue afterwards and equip it on someone.
Return to the very first room.

Go forward to the next room. Right behind the arrow sign, you should see a
boulder. Use Lift, then go through the door. The path on the very left leads
to a vial, the one on the right to a dead end, and the one in the middle to
your next destination. Use Lift on the boulder in the middle path, then exit
the mine.

Back on the World Map, take a left to the Lama Temple.

This will be a quick stop. There's nothing here, so just go talk to the
master in that big house. Watch the long scene here. Ivan will learn Reveal.

From there, leave the Lama Temple and go right. We'll be back at Alpine
Crossing. Test out Ivan's new Reveal. You'll find a hidden doorway. Go through
and watch the scene. Use Lift on the boulder, watch more scenes, then leave
the Lama Temple once more. This time, go south to the Lamakan Desert.

                            [3.13] Lamakan Desert

When you enter, look at the meter to the left. This is your thirst meter. It
goes up while you're walking on sand and when it's maxed out, you'll take
damage. To make it go down, use Ivan's reveal to find oases.

Anyway, move along. There is an oasis in the circle of rocks. Go left at the
fork. The next ring of rocks only has a Psynergy Stone, but the next has an
Oasis. Head left at the next fork. Use Reveal at the circle of rocks to find
an oasis. From oasis, go right at the next fork. The left fork has a hidden
Vulcan Axe if you wish to get it. The next ring of rocks will have a monster
in it. The one after has an oasis. Go north to the next screen.

Head due west here to the next screen. Just run across the flowing sand here
until you reach the end of the path. Use Reveal and go through the secret
doorway. We're not quite out yet! Follow the path out of the cave.

Head west across the sand rivers. Use Reveal on one of the sandfalls to see
a monster blocking a door. Heal up, save, then get ready to rumble!

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Manticore: 2000HP                |
|                                  |
| EXP: 590       Coins: 3400       |
| Items Dropped: Psy Crystal       |
| Manticore can be hard if you don't finish it fast. Of course, this means   |
| to have all of your Djinn ready to summon. Manticore has two whole turns   |
| to attack you. It won't just attack either. It will poison and curse you.  |
| If all of your summons can't take out this guy, then have Mia start healing|
| you while everyone else attacks with their strongest. Its weakness is      |
| water, or Mercury. Manticore can also attack your entire party at once and |
| is able to delude several party members.                                   |

After Manticore dies, enter the cave it was blocking.

When you exit the desert, you should see two bridges to your left. Take the
one up top and look in the forest area for a Djinni in a wild battle. Take
the lower bridge and then go east to reach Kalay.

                       [3.14] Kalay and the Karagol Sea

At Kalay, go to the screen on the north and watch a long scene. Before leaving
Kalay again, make sure you get the Mars Djinni, Scorch. On the building at the
top right, head to the second floor and jump onto the ledge. Use Move on the
statue and go inside. Push the statue there to block the water. One more
thing, make sure to talk to the tour group inside the inn. When you try to
leave, you should encounter a scene.

Our next destination is the Kalay Docks. It's very near here, only a short
trip to the southwest.

Once at the docks, go inside the only house and buy your tickets. You may
notice a Djinni near the north, but we can't get it yet. Just get your tickets

Onboard the ship, talk to the captain at the bottom left corner of the ship.
Follow the man into the captain's quarter at the bottom of the ship, then go
to the room at the top of the ship. After that, return to the room at the
bottom of the ship and say that you want to see the captain. Watch the scene.
Now head outside and climb that ladder to the mast. Examine the barrel to get
the Anchor Charm. Head back to the captain. Use the Anchor Charm, then head
back out.

Go to the room at the top. Climb the stairs inside to watch the scene.
Finally, the damn ship is sailing. After a while, you'll encounter some
monsters. Kill 'em all. You must now choose a passenger to row the boat.


BIG NOTE!!: If you want to go to Crossbone Island, choose these rowers in

1. Man in purple
2. Woman with green dress
3. Dude with the sword
4. Woman with blonde hair

This is the only way that you can go to Crossbone Island. If you need help on
this, read its own section.


After going through the same scenario three times, we have to fight a boss.
Prepare yourself!

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Kraken: 2450HP                   |
|                                  |
| EXP: 711       Coins: 5200       |
| Items Dropped: Water of Life     |
| Kraken, like all the other bosses, will pretty much die if you have        |
| everyone use their strongest summons. If that doesn't kill him, then watch |
| out! Kraken attacks twice per turn. Although it can't do more than attack  |
| three party members at a time, it'll attack very powerfully.  It's best to |
| set Mia to healing here. Its weakness is fire.                             |
|                                                                            |
| Ivan's Sleep is very usefull here. Kraken will fall for it pretty much all |
| the time. While it's sleeping, just bang away with Ragnarok, Heat, Wave,   |
| etc. Not really much else of a strategy here.                              |

After this, we'll land. Yay! Before going to Tolbi, there are two Djinn that
you can get. Go west past Tolbi, then north over the bridge. The first Mercury
Djinni can be found wandering around the island west of here. The other one
is found to the east. Keep walking along the coast until you find the Kalay
Dock. Enter it, grab the Djinni, then head back out.

                                [3.15] Tolbi

Tolbi's a nifty little place. First, we get to play some games here.

Well, it's not really a game, but it yields great prizes! All those Lucky
Medals that you get can finally come into use. Just stand on the platform and
toss in a coin or Lucky Medal. If you land near the middle, you get prizes.
A coin will get you more coins while a Lucky Medal can get you rare armor.

Just toss the dice. If you get a pair, you win coins. It's a bit like poker.
Two pairs, three of a kind, and four of a kind will get you many coins. If you
look to the left, you should see some dice numbers. Get those numbers as a
pair or greater and you'll win a bigger bonus.

Just a slot machine. The more tickets you shove in, the more lines allow you
to win. Yeah, we can finally use those damn Game Tickets. Each icon means
something different. You need four to win.

There's also a Djinni here. See, it's pretty sneaky. You can actually walk
along the right perimeter edge of the town without going to the World Map. Do
so and use Grow on the plant(mess around with your Venus Djinn to get it) and
then Frost on the puddle. Head back to the heart of the town and hop the
pillar to get to the Djinni.

Anyway, go up the left staircase. Watch the scene, then enter the castle.
Move forward and you will see another scene with a man named Iodem. Hmm.

After all this, leave Tolbi and head west to Altmiller Cave. Follow the dirt

                            [3.16] Altmiller Cave

First room is pretty easy. Just follow the path. It gets darker and darker as
you go. In the second room, use Reveal if you're having trouble making your
way through the rocks to the next room.

Yeah, this is just another long, dark, winding path. As you walk along, you
should notice a white shape. Talk to it. Watch the scene and proceed to the
next room. Head south at the fork and you should get to a door. Go through to
another room.

You'll find some pillars here and a Djinni. Push the pillar in front of you to
the right, then the one below it up. Freeze the puddle, then push the second
pillar from the top down. You can walk behind the broken pillar, believe it
or not. Now, go around the bottom and push the vertical pillar left, then
finally push the pillar at the top down. Get your Djinni.

Push the wooden pillar down and hop across to the next room. Head northwest to
the next room. Don't bother pushing the pillars here. Just go south and up the
steps. Run around the perimeter of the room and slide down the slope. Head on
to the next room.

There are five stones here. Examine the one at the very left first, then the
one at the very east. A colored wheel will appear. On the color that it stops
(it's random), pick the right stone.

White = Center
Green = Second rock from the left
Blue = Far left
Yellow = Second rock from the right
Red = Far right

Do this twice and a door will open. Open the chest, then return to Mr.
Invisible. Watch the scene and return to Tolbi.

                          [3.17] Colosso Tournament

At Tolbi, go to the screen at the north. Chat with the guards and watch the
scene. Afterwards, you can set your party members to cheer for you. Talk to
the attendants. For the first stage, have someone with Move cheer for you. On
stage three, have someone with Growth cheer for you. The other stages don't
matter. Talk to the guard next to the exit to continue.

First Round
Wait in the fourth circle of the top row for the match to start. You should be
able to "lend a hand" before the match actually begins. So, as the party
member cheering, use Move on the stump to push it to the left once. The camera
will switch over. Use your other party member to use "Grow" on the plant.

OK, the goal is to reach the end of the stage fastest to get the better
equipment. The first stage is easy. Just push the first stump down(or just
jump across if you had the party member with move move the other stump). Move
the next stump for a Nut if you want it, but if you're short of time ignore
it. Next, push the pillar into the pipe. Hop across.

Now we're at the moving bridges. If you used Grow on the plant before, just
climb it and run over. If not, then you'll have to run across the moving
bridges. Be careful! After that, you should be at the center platform. Grab
the Iron Shield and wait for the contender to come. Defeat Azart. Just keep
using Ragnarok/Cure Well and you'll be fine.

Second Round
After that, we'll be in the second round. Set up your party members so the
first stage has a person with Move cheering you, the third Frost, and the
last Force. If you don't have Force, then too bad. :( There's not much else
you can do.

OK, when you're lending a hand, have the person with Move move the log to the
very right. The person with Frost should freeze the puddle to the very right.
The person with Force should use it on the log.

Now the second round should begin. The first stage is easy. Weave around the
maze. If you had Move help you, just hop the log and follow the path. The
second stage requires you to hop across the moving platforms. Pretty self-
explanatory...For the third stage, you shove the logs a bit to give you the
room to proceed.

Ignore the chests if you're a loser like me and isn't very fast. Get the Chain
Mail as your prize(hopefully) and battle Satrage. Like Azart, he sucks. A
simple 4 Venus summon should deal with him quickly, otherwise Ragnarok/Cure
Well will work. If he starts to use Nuts and you're having trouble, resort to
your Djinni for help. Always leave some PP for Cure Well.

Third Round
As you can probably guess, beating Satrage will lead you to the third and
final round. For the first stage, have someone with Frost cheer you one. For
the second, have someone with Move, and the fifth should have someone with
Force. If you don't have force, have someone with Grow on the fourth stage.

For the dude with Move, move the stump one step right. The rest should be
self-explanatory; just use the Psynergy on the thing that's right in front of
your face.

Now, when actually competing in the match, jump right across the platform the
person with Frost helped you with. If you didn't move it, then just push the
stump into the pit and hop across. The next stage, follow the path given to
you. If you had someone "Move" the stump, then hop towards it. On the next
stage, climb the big wall. If the you had someone "Grow" the plant, you should
be able to just climb that to the top.

Two more stages. The next stage, all you have to do is run. Run, run, run.
Finally, on the last one, Push the stumps out of the way. Move 'em up and down
into the pit. Then roll the log into the water. Hop across and grab the weapon
at the top. Battle Navampa.

Navampa is definitely harder than the other two competitors. First off, he's
got a couple of Nuts up his sleeve. He also has some sleep bomb. Nothing we
can do about this. Have all of your Djinn set. With them on Standby, Isaac
will go second and probably die before getting the chance to summon and not
kill him. Don't waste you PP this time on Ragnarok. Attack normally and use
the PP for Cure Wells. If you have a Sleep Bomb/Smoke Bomb, use it.

Whether or not you lose the fight, thye story will continue. See Babi after
the tourney is over. Watch the scene. If you won the battle, you'll get a
Lure Cap. If you won Colosso, after the scene, follow Babi to the left. He
will be in a room with his darling treasure, the Cloak Ball. Say that you want
it. Equip it on someone and leave Tolbi.

There are now two paths that you can take. The first is that you go to Venus
Lighthouse and finish the game's last dungeon. Or, you can sidetrack a bit and
go to Lunpa to save Hammet. Only go to Lunpa if you have the Cloak Ball. In
this walkthrough, I'm taking the latter path, only because I'll be beaten with
tomatoes if I don't cover the entire game. Bah humbug.

Head east to the Gondowan Cave.

                                [3.18] Lunpa


Take the path to the left to the next room. Use Lift on the boulder, then go
to the next room. Hop the stepping stones to the next room. In this room, use
Move on the stump. Go forward(not down the steps) and use Move on the large
stump. Push it into the pit and jump across. Soon, you'll be out of the cave.

Note: If you want to revisit Vale and Vault for Djinn, it's best that you do
it now. View the Djinn location section for more details as they're rather
annoying to get.

The town that you see in front of you is Kalay. Head north of that since it's
not really of any use to us. At Vale, head north north east. You should see
Lunpa still there right next to the cave. The people of Lunpa still won't let
you in, so stroll into the cave next to it. Use Mia's Frost on the puddle near
the door to open it. Head through and we'll be in the heart of Lunpa.

Once in Lunpa, head to the screen to the North. I would set Cloak to a hotkey
(L or R) right now as we're going to be using it pretty often. Talk to the
guards and they'll boot you out. Use Cloak and appear in front of their faces.
This should bring them out towards the front. Remember, you can only use Cloak
in the shadows. Use Cloak and crawl along the edges of the screen to gain
entrance to Lunpa Fortress.

**Note: I'm going to be assuming that you're cloaked as often as you can.

Head to the next screen inside the fortress. Use Cloak and run by the two
guards to the right. In the next screen, run around the guard in a counter-
clockwise direction. Head through the door on the left. Wait for the moving
guard to move above you, then run down to the next room. Go down the steps
into yet another new room.

There are many moving guards here. Ignore the door to the right and sneak past
each guard moving back and forth. Head to the next room. There is nothing in
this hallway, so just move on to the next room. You'll be forced to fight
three Brigands here. They're weak against everything(!), so kill 'em and move

Defeat the Brigand blocking the door in the new room. Go to the room to the
south. The guard moves around in a semi-circle. He's still easy to avoid. In
the new room, use Catch(equip those Catch Beads!) on the key to open the
door. Defeat the Brigand, then enter the room to the right. Unlocking the door
here is a shortcut out, but we don't want that yet! Enter the room to the

Use Whirlwind on the vines. Press the switch and a new door will open. Go
through. Monsters will start appearing now. Head up the steps to the right and
use Whirlwind on the vine-covered door. Go through. Obtain some Power Bread
in the middle door, then go to the next room. Push the block all the way down.
When it falls in the pit, jump to the left. Use Whirlwind on the vines. Use
Reveal to find a hidden switch. Press it and the door will magically open.
Go through and get ready to fight. View the scene. Yay!

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Toadonpa: 2900HP                 |
|                                  |
| EXP: 999       Coins: 3200       |
| Items Dropped: Psy Crystal       |
| Toadonpa has powerful attacks. If you don't have 4 Djinn summons, make     |
| to set all the Djinn for Ivan and Mia as one of Toadonpa's stronger attacks|
| can easily knock them out. Toadonpa's attacks can have a side effect of    |
| lowering defense, further making it hard for you. It can also delude your  |
| party members. It is weak against Mars, so Garet should be able to help    |
| greatly.                                                                   |
|                                                                            |
| Toadonpa can easily be affected by status ailments however. A simple Smoke |
| or Sleep Bomb should knock it out for a while, giving you the chance to    |
| summon and recover. I'm sure that you rarely use those bombs, so now's     |
| your chance!                                                               |

After that, watch the scene. When all's done, head back through the Gondowan
Cave back South of Kalay.

                            [3.19] Suhalla Desert

Head South of Tolbi to the Gandowan passage. Talk to the guy waiting for you,
then follow the path to Suhalla. There's nothing much there. Just visit the
house at the bottom right and exit. Go south of there to Suhalla Desert. :)

There's a chest on the right path. Take the left fork to continue. You should
see a tornado come up. Climb in a quickly use Douse here. A Tornado Lizard
will appear. Defeat it and move along. Use Douse on the rest of the twisters;
I won't mention this since it should be pretty obvious. Take the path to the
right at the fork and we'll enter a new screen.

OK, follow the path until the road splits in three. Take the path to the
right. At the next fork, take the path in the middle. The rest is pretty
linear. Near the end of the desert, use Reveal and you'll see footsteps headed
left. Use Reveal to find a log. Jump across to claim a Djinni.

Note: The path with the Djinni will lead to a pink tornado. If you use Douse
on it, you'll fight another boss. If you don't, you'll get blown away to
Crossbone Island. It's always going to be there unless you use it.

Sooner or later, a big ass tornado will come and get you. Use Douse and fight
the boss, as we're supposed to.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Storm Lizard: 3000HP             |
|                                  |
| EXP: 1300      Coins: 6100       |
| Items Dropped: Psy Crystal       |
| Storm Lizard is definitely tougher than all the other Tornado Lizards that |
| you fought. First, it will attack twice in a turn, much like many other    |
| recent bosses that you've fought. Its attacks will hit three party memhers.|
| It can also increase its attack and/or defense if it feels like it.        |
|                                                                            |
| Storm Lizard's weakness is Venus. That's Isaac! Have him summon the first  |
| turn, then use Ragnarok until out of PP. It's resistant to Mars, so Garet, |
| if he doesn't have Mad Growth or whatever, attack normally. Using your     |
| Djinn to increase defense and to slow down Storm Lizard helps greatly.     |

After Storm Lizard goes down, exit the desert.

                     [3.20] Venus Lighthouse and Lavilero

Follow the dirt path to Suhalla Gate. Watch the scene at the top of the steps.
There's a Djinni on the screen with the slopes on the ledge. Take the third
one. Follow the path out and to Venus Lighthouse. Head inside.

In the first room with the tree symbol, use Reveal. The path there will lead
to a Carry Stone. Make sure to get that and return to this room. Head through
the path at the top now.

There will be two doors. The one on the right leads to a Lucky Cap, so take
the one on the left. There will be another two doors. Take the one at the top.
Now we must make use of that new Psynergy that we found before. Equip the
Carry Stone and use Carry the bring the rock off the ledge. Go through the
newly unblocked door.

There are electrical currents here. Use Reveal and go through the secret
passage. Go through, then examine the statue twice. Use Retreat and get out
of here for now.

Head right and exit the Venus Lighthouse. Follow the dirt path to Lavilero.
Lavilero has some good stuff in the weapon and armor shop. Also, take the
ladder there and hop around the wall of the town to get to a Djinni. After
everything's done, leave through the northern exit. Head to Babi Lighthouse.

                            [3.21] Babi Lighthouse

First off, if you want a Djinni, go down the ladder to the left. Use Move on
the pillar, then come back out. Move the pillar to the right and go down that
ladder. Use Move on the pillar there. Jump across and follow the path to the

OK, head inside the lighthouse. Head down the steps. There will now be two
doors that you can go thorugh. Go down the one at the bottom. There will be
a scene here. Use Reveal and press the switch next to the door. Head on
through. Go south in the new room to the next room.

Use Move on the pillars here, then push them so that you can hop over to the
other side. Go to the next room. There's nothing to do here, so hop to the
south to the next room. Push the pillar into the switch and hop across to the
other side. Do the same thing here, except remember to use Douse on the
pillar. This will activate another platform to come up, so hop across to the
next room.

There are two doors to choose from here. The door to the right has a statue
which, when revealed, contains Asura's Armor. The door to the left lets you

First, move the pillar here using Move to get it two spaces to the right of
where it was originally. Then use Douse on it and Frost. Climb the stairs and
use it as a nice stepping stone to get to the other side. Go to the next room.
Exit downwards into another room.

There will be five colored statues here. Use Mind Read to find clues, or just
follow these directions for the answer. See the five squares in the center of
the room? Place yellow on the middle, red at the top left, blue to the top
right, green to the bottom left, and purple to the bottom right. This should
open up the door.

After going through the door, we'll be back in the Venus Lighthouse. Wee!

                           [3.22] Venus Lighthouse

Enter the room in the middle. Take the first door on the left. Push the block
once to the left, then Carry it into the pit. Hop across, then go north
through the door. Head up and cross the sand. The room to the south has a
chest containing a cursed Thunder Crown. The room to the north allows you to

There are three piss-colored waterfalls here. You can go through the last one.
Do so, then go through the room to the south. You'll see a piece of the floor
here. Push it into the hole to see that the current flows through the floor
and opens the door. Keep this in mind.

In the next room, step on the floor switch. Head around the corner and through
the door at the top. We're back at the second room. Climb down the ladder,
then up the ladder left of the gold waterfall. Run across to the right and
go through the new room.

Climb down the ladder. Use Move on the pillar to the left to reveal an
opening. Go through and push the pillar there all the way to the left. Head
back up the ladder and jump across the new stepping stone. Keep going
downwards until you reach a new room with floor pieces.

Move the -- piece to the top right. Move the _| piece to the bottom left. The
 _ piece should go at the top left.

After the door opens, go through. Hop across the ledges and waterfall, then go
through the door at the bottom. There are two waterfalls here. The one at the
right leads to a chest containing Dragon Scales and the one to the left leads
to a door. Go through to find yourself in a room with three blocks. Carry two
onto the scale on the very left edge of the screen. Then go right across to
the door. Step on the switch, then hop upwards to the door.

We're revisiting a room here. Hop down the waterfall and let it carry you to
the bottom. Run the room on the bottom left. Keep going through the rooms
until you come across a room filled with sand. There's a chest containing a
very powerful Gaia Blade here, so make sure you get that. At the holes, go
down, right, up and up to get to the next door. Enter to the door on the

K, first thing you do is move the | block to the very, very bottom right of
the puzzle. Push the __ block to the hole that connects to the | block. Now,
push the L shaped block into the hole that connects to the left. The __ shaped
block should go right above it.

After all that crap, the door should open. Go right on through. Step on the
floor switch and follow the path back to the room with now three waterfalls.
Go through the room at the top right. Grab the Psynergy Stone, then save your
game, make sure to have a nice amount of PP, and most importantly, save your

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Saturos: 3000HP                  |
| Menardi: 2000HP                  |
|                                  |
| EXP: Random    Coins: Random     |
| Items Dropped: None              |
| Saturos and Menardi and almost unfairly strong. For the first turn, use    |
| all of your defensive Djinn or you'll get slaughtered. Have Mia use Wish   |
| every turn until one of them is defeated. If you have something to increase|
| your speed, be sure to use it. Don't have all of your party members whip   |
| out their Djinn on the first few turns so that you can summon. Only have   |
| people with high defense do that. ;)                                       |
|                                                                            |
| Concentrate on Menardi first, since she has a much lower HP. It's going to |
| be a long time before even she goes down. Both her and Saturos are Mars,   |
| so they'll be dishing out a lot of fire attacks. Sealing their Psynergy    |
| is pretty useful in battle. They're not going to fall for any other status |
| ailment. Not only can both of them damage you, they can heal themselves    |
| and boost defense. Don't worry about that; the most important thing is that|
| you are alive. They tend to target Ivan a lot since he's easiest to kill,  |
| so don't let up on those Wishes even if you're near full health.           |
|                                                                            |
| After one goes down, the battle will become a lot easier. Make sure that   |
| you prepare your Djinn for the battle that comes right after this. Saturos |
| is pretty crappy by himself, but don't let up! If you have extra Psy       |
| Crystals around, don't be afraid to go overboard with Ragnaroks. Slowly    |
| but surely, they'll go down.                                               |

Scene, alive, blah, blah, blah.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Fusion Dragon: 5000HP            |
|                                  |
| EXP: None      Coins: None       |
| Items Dropped: None              |
| Fusion Dragon is tough. Hopefully, your defense is still high from the     |
| last battle. If not, then have Garet increase it or use your Djinn. DO NOT |
| have Isaac summon as his Revive is extremely helpful, if not necessary.    |
| Same with Mia. Have her use Wish Well every turn. Fusion Dragon's weakness |
| is water, but that doesn't really matter here. Just damaging it is good    |
| enough!                                                                    |
|                                                                            |
| The strategy here is to attack slowly. Have Isaac Revive or Ragnarok. Garet|
| and Ivan should slowly use their Djinn to summon(or just Garet if your     |
| party is weak) and Mia should Wish Well every turn, even if your HP is     |
| full. Fusion Dragon can attack twice per turn, so chances are that at least|
| one of those attacks will make one of your party member's life tremble.    |
| Each time you manage to summon, you chip away a large portion of Fusion    |
| Dragon's life. If you think you might die the next turn, instead of        |
| summoning or using a Djinni with Garet, boost your defense so you can live |
| and Mia will have a chance to heal you.                                    |
|                                                                            |
| Watch Isaac and Mia's PP because if one of their PPs is out, you're done.  |

After beating Fusion Dragon, watch the scene. Go to the door that is being
guarded. Chat a bit, then enter the house. Use the Black Orb you recieved at
the pier. Watch the ending. Congratulations, you beat Golden Sun!

You'll have a save state for the sequel. ;)

                            {4.0} Crossbone Isle

There are two ways to get to Crossbone Isle. The first way is, while you're
riding the boat at Kalay Docks, pick certain people in an order. There may be
several orders. According to the GameFAQs message boards, you should have
strong guys on one side and weak on the other. I wouldn't recommend going to
the island this way because it's just a bit too random and you won't be able
to complete everything just yet. If you still want to, try this order:

1. Woman with green dress
2. Woman with blonde hair
3. Bald guy
4. Green merchant

The second way it to go to Suhalla Desert and use Reveal near the end to find
a set of footprints. These will lead to a pink tornado. DO NOT use Douse on it
and it'll take you to Crossbone Isle. Regardless of the two ways, it's the
same place with no changes. Crossbone Isle has great pickups for your party
and is quite useful.

Just for reference, I'm writing this guide based on the pink tornado way of
getting to Crossbone Isle.

When you get to Crossbone Isle, use Growth on the plants and climb to the top.
All the slides except the second one leads to a chest. The second slide will
lead you to a whirlwind covered door. Use Whirlwind on it and it'll open up
revealing the entrance to the caves.

These descriptions of the floors will be rather brief, especially if they are
easy ones. It's a little hard to describe these without maps.

Floor 1
Defeat two Viragos and a Hobgoblin to gain entrance to the door. They're just
normal enemies if you went to Suhalla Desert already. Defeat them, then go

This room has only a few treasures worth picking up. If you want all of them,
you'll have to exit and re-enter this room a couple of times and move all the
logs. To proceed to the next floor, move the first log to the right, the
second to the left, and the third to the right. When you get to the next log,
pull it towards you to the right. Hop around the platforms on the right and
you'll encounter this log again. Use Move and get it to the right, clearing
your path to the next floor.

Once outside, push the log in front of you to the right to provide a shortcut.
Now move on to the left and to the next floor.

Floor 2
This room is guarded by a Succubus and two Grislies. Again, easy. If you
really don't feel like fighting, you can defeat them just by using your
summons. Head inside the room when you're done.

Grab all the chests within your reach, then push the vertical log at the top
right to the left. Now push the two horizontal logs at the bottom all the way
up. You should see a second vertical log to your left. Push that to the right,
then the final horizontal log to the left up. This should free up a chest and
allow you to exit.

One more log to the right, then on to Floor 3.

Floor 3
Two Fiendish Ghouls and a Lich guard this door. Summons should kill them quite
easily. Once inside, equip your Catch Beads(you have them, for sure) and use
it on the key right in front of you. Do this to all of the other keys in the
room, then head to the top. Go through the doors and collect the chests. The
second and third doors havea Fairy Ring and Cookie which are very nice
goodies. Still on that top ledge, head over to the right and jump down onto
the gray block. Use Reveal, then Catch on the Red Key.

Jump over back up and down the line of blocks to the very left. Open up the
red gate and leave the room. Push another log to the right and head down to
the next floor.

Floor 4
This room is guarded by two Gryphons. They have about a thousand HP each, so
it's no big deal. Summon and they'll go down just like the other guardians.

This room requires Cloak. If you don't have the Cloak Ball, then I'm afraid
that you can't go any further than this. The Cloak Ball is won by winning
Colosso and talking to Babi in his castle basement, in case you're wondering.

This floor is really easy. You'll need Halt if you want to get all the chests.
Go up to the moving statues in the light to halt them, then sneak around the
rest with Cloak. Not too much to explain here. If you lack Halt, don't worry
so much about it as you can still continue/return here after getting it.
Anyway, exit the room when you're done.

After pushing down your shortcut log, head down to Floor 5.

Floor 5
We're about halfway through this island now. The next guardians is a bit
harder without summons, but still very beatable. You'll have to fight a Lizard
King, Harridan, and two Stone Soldiers. If you don't have summons, defeat the
weak Stone Soldiers first with your characters that lack strong Psynergy, then
the Harridan. Lizard King has the most HP, so focus on him last. It can't do
any spectacular damage, so just watch your HP once in a while and use High
Impact if you think it'll help. Go inside after defeating them.

The only thing worth getting here is the Ninja Garb, so I'll explain how to
get that and how to get to the exit. The other chests contain a Lucky Medal,
Potion and 555 Coins.

To get the Ninja Garb:
See the unmovable log to the very bottom left next to a chest? Move the
vertical log right of that to the left. Now move the two horizontal logs that
were above it down, leaving the horizontal log to the very right untouched.
Move the vertical log which you move on the right back over to the left, then
the horizontal log touching it on the right back up. Flip the floodgate switch
and hop the logs to the chest.

To the next floor:
With all the logs in default position, push the vertical log on top to the
left and the horizontal log beneath it up. Push the vertical log you just
moved back to the right. (Flip the floodgate switch if you want the Lucky
Medal in the chest here, otherwise continue.) Push the horizontal log at the
top back down, then flip the switch. Cross the logs to get a Potion and exit
the room. Knock down the shortcut log outside, then head to the next floor.

Floor 6
This floor is guarded by two Chimeras. Nothing a little summoning can't do.
Defeat them, then enter. OK, first, move the log with the chest on top of it
three spaces up. Now, look to the right of the entrance. Move the two logs so
that you can jump across them and go up. Climb the ladders after collecting
the chest to end up on the top ledge. Run to the left and you'll chase a
Djinni away. That's OK, just keep running along the left wall until you reach
another log. Push it down the slope in the wall. Slide down after it.

Jump to the right and follow the path to a chest containing 666 coins(uh oh)
and to the Djinni. It'll run away again. Push the log next to it to the right
so it falls of the ledge. Move it in front of the ladder, then get back on the
top ledge. Climb down the ladder so you're on top of it and hop to the right
to collect a chest containing the rare Demon Axe.

Before we exit, chase the Djinni that ran off to the right. Follow it down.
You'll see it circling around the blockade. Use Halt when it's across from
you, then run to it. Head to the exit when you're done.

Floor 7
Definitely without a doubt the hardest guardian yet. If you don't think that
your summons can take it out, juice up your stats with High Impact and Resist.
Have Mia Wish Well/Pure Wish while Isaac and Garet dish out damage. Mia's
hands will be busy during this battle.

This room's chests contain 777 coins, a Psy Crystal, Lucky Medal, and a Wicked
Mace. In my opinion, only the Wicked Mace is worth picking up and that's the
chest located around the middle of the screen. Reuse your Carry Block if you
plan to get all the treasures here by exiting and re-entering the room. Carry
them onto ledges or use them as stepping stones.

To exit the room, head to the bottom left. Push the Carry Stone as far left as
you can without it falling off. Use Carry to bring it up a space, then hop
across to the exit.

Floor 8
Almost at the exit now! This door is guarded by a Poison Toad and two Thunder
Lizards. Use a summon or two so you can get rid of the Thunder Lizards first,
then concentrate on the Poison Toad. It's not really that strong, it's just
got tons of HP. Poison Toad can lower defense, so make sure to boost it back
up with spells like Resist. High Impact should also help Isaac's Ragnarok a
lot which will speed up the battle. Not too hard.

Inside, you'll see that this is a Frost puzzle. The chest to the right
contains a Smoke Bomb if you want it. Hop across the puddle, then freeze it
WHILE FACING DOWNWARDS. Climb up the ladder and hop across when done. Collect
the money-containing chest, then head down the ladder to the left. Face down
on this puddle while freezine it too, then hop back up and cross for a Potion.

Exit and re-enter from the entrance. Beneath the two logs, there is a rock.
Push all the way to the right. Now push the log underneath down from the right
side. Freeze the puddle under the platform to melt the ice pillar, then
refreeze it while facing downwards so you can get back over to the left. Now
push the log on top down from the left side.

Note: You can't get the chest above the log(Cleric's Ring) if you exit and
      re-enter from the exit.

Leave the room when you're done and head down to the final floor.

Floor 9
This room is guarded by two Cerebuses.(cerebi?) They deal a medium to high
amount of damage, but nothing that Wish Well shouldn't heal. Throw your
summons at them and they'll be gone.

Inside the room, take the log at the bottom left up. Then take the log above
it to the right. Walk back around to the bottom. Take the only horizontal log
left on the bottom up. Hop to the right, then roll to the left once. Hop once
down, then roll that log all the way to the left. Grab the Water of Life from
the chest.

Note: You'll be able to exit now, but I'm sure you want the super-powerful
      Masamune, right?

You should now see three logs to your left and three to the bottom. Roll the
three on the bottom all the way up, then head back to the right side of the
shoreline. Take the vertical log on the bottom left, then roll down the
horizontal log in the middle. Now roll the vertical log in the middle to the
left, then the horizontal log to the right down. Hop to the right, roll the
log left, then hop up to open the chest.

Exit towards the bottom and heal yourself to the best of your capability.
Head to the left and board the (insert scary name here) ship. Deadbear will
appear towards the top and we'll have to fight him. Oh noes.

| BOSS!!!                          |
| Deadbeard: 6000HP                |
|                                  |
| EXP: 8000      Coins: 9000       |
| Items Dropped: Water of Life     |
| Deadbeard's not really that hard. Deadbeard's got some powerful attacks,   |
| but he tends to stupidly use then. He has Guard, Ward, and Impact which all|
| boosts his stats. He also has Inferno, Freeze Prism, and Spark Plasma      |
| which are different elements and has a wide range dealing massive damage.  |
| If you Deadbeard has Impacted, use Break right away or use a defensive     |
| Djinni like Granite.                                                       |
|                                                                            |
| You can unleash all of your summons on him and kill him in a few turns,    |
| but it's a bit risky, especially at lower levels. When you don't have the  |
| speed to summon, the slower characters are really at risk with low stats.  |
| Sometimes, Deadbeard will be a retard though and cast Impact/Ward/Guard    |
| the first few turns allowing you to pound him.                             |
|                                                                            |
| If you really want to beat Deadbeard at low levels, always have Granite    |
| ready. Have the person holding it use it and set it every turn, then have  |
| anyone with Wish Well/Pure Wish use it. This will give you enough staying  |
| power, but the battle will drag out really long.                           |
|                                                                            |
| You can also beat Deadbeard the old-fashioned way without any summons. I   |
| recommend having Isaac and Garet set as Samurais/Ninjas, then someone with |
| Break and Wish. Samurais are useful since they can increase the party's    |
| Attack and Defense quickly. Even if Deadbeard uses Break, continue to use  |
| them as it's a great help. Annihilation is an excellent move to use in this|
| fight.                                                                     |
|                                                                            |
| All in all, Deadbeard's sorta easy if you're over level 30. Just be sure   |
| set your classes right if you're not summoning.                            |

After Deadbeard's dead, approach the chest to get a Demon Mail. Retreat out of
here, you've completed Crossbone Isle.

                                 {5.0} Djinn

Djinn is plural, Djinni is singular. Each one of these creatures that you find
has amazing powers and gives you the ability to summon. There are four types
of Djinn: Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter. To obtain one, you must go find
it. They each have different abilities.

First, equipping Djinn. Open up the menu with A, B, or Select and go the Djinn
menu. Here, you can set or standby your Djinn. If its name is in red, that
means that it's in standby. Setting a Djinni will increase your stats and give
you different abilities, but you can't summon. Press R to quickly set or
standby your Djinn.

Each character must have the same amount, or near the same amount of Djinn.
So you can't have Isaac with 7 and Mia with 3. If you mix up the Djinn and
give them to people that are of different classes(ex: Venus Djinni to Garet
who is a Mars Adept), this will change their class and moves. Make sure to do
this to your advantage.

When you find a Djinni, sometimes they will battle you. They might flee during
the battle, but if you leave the room and come back, they should be there.

With all the basic crap out of the way, here's a list of Djinn, what they do,
and where they can be found, sorted by type.


Effect: Deals earth damage.
Location: You get it automatically when you first leave Vale.

Effect: Creates a protective barrier. Very useful for tough fights.
Location: At Kolima Village, go behind the house that's connected to the pen
          where the Djinni is at. There's a hidden back door, so go through.
          Follow the path and you'll come out to this Djinni. It won't fight

Effect: Revives a downed party member.
Location: It is in Mogall Forest. When you get to the sceen with a river, use
          Move on the gray rock to push it into the hole. Shove the log down,
          and the next horizontal log down also. Push the vertical log to the
          left and make your way to the Venus Djinni. Battle it. Quartz is
          rather hard to miss; it's standing right out in the open.

Effect: Temporarily stop an enemy. Doesn't always work.
Location: When you reach Tolbi, follow the coastline to the left. You should
          reach the opposite side of the Kalay Docks.

Effect: Absorbs HP from an enemy.
Location: Once you get Reveal, return to Vault. Ring the bell at the tower to
          make the Djinni run. Then go to the circle of rocks above and to the
          left of town and use Reveal. There will be a ladder there. Take it
          down. When you get to the room with the torch, push it onto the
          switch to open the door. The next room has a bunch of puddles. Just
          freeze all of them and go to the next room by hopping over each one.
          At the next room with torches, make sure that you get them LIGHTED
          onto the switch. You must push them quickly around the path without
          getting the water to drip on the flame. The rest of the cave is very
          straightforward. Flip the switch to drain the water, then follow the
          path. If you need more help, feel free to E-mail me. I don't want to
          clog up this section. >.>

Effect: Lowers enemies' agility.
Location: Take the bridge to the north after exiting Lamakan Desert. Wander
          around on that small island to find the Djinni.

Effect: Deals damage and poisons.
Location: 6th level of Crossbone Island. Read that section for more details.


Effect: Deals damage.
Location: At Bilibin, go use the stairs at the eastern part of town. Run
          around, then use Whirlwind to clear the vines on the wall. Head down
          the ladder and use Move on the statue. That should clear your way to
          the Djinni.

Effect: Increases the party's resistance.
Location: This Djinni is hanging around one of Tret's branches at the upper
          levels. Search the eastern branches around the upper levels.

Effect: Increases the party's agility.
Location: This is in the Fuchin Temple. It's rather a long place, so please
          check that part of the walkthrough for it. ^_^; 

Effect: Lowers the enemies' accuracy.
Location: Somewhere in the Lamakan Desert. It's the screen where it's nothing
          but the HUGE desert. You'll have to use reveal in one of the rock
          circles to find it.

Effect: May paralyze an enemy.
Location: Altmiller Cave. Read that section in the walkthrough for more

Effect: Allows you to attack twice in one turn.
Location: Revisit Vale after finishing getting Lift. Use Lift on the boulder
          next to Kraden's house. This will lead you to a cave. Use Reveal and
          look to the right. An extra log should appear allowing you to hop
          across to the next room. The room to the right here contains a Nut.
          Use Move on the boxes so that they plop right into the water. Take
          the log all the way to the right to the next room. In the room with
          the two logs, push them both down. Slide off the slope in the ledge,
          then push the log there north. Get the Halt Gem in the next room and
          chase the Djinni down. Slide down the slope and the Djinni will run
          around three rocks. When it is right across from you, use Halt from
          the Halt Gem and run to it. Press A and Kite is yours.

Effect: Seals an enemy's Psynergy. Very accurate.
Location: Right outside Babi Lighthouse, go down the ladder at the left. Move
          the pillar down there one step left, then come back out. Push the
          statue to the right and go down the ladder there. Move the pillar
          there once to the left and hop across to the Djinni.


Effect: Increases party's attack strength.
Location: In one of the first few rooms at Goma Cave, head to the right side
          of the room and you'll see a man looking at a Djinni. Use Move on
          the pillar so it's in the middle. Now progress through the rest of
          the cave and you'll pass right by it. Make sure to examine and
          battle it and the Djinni will be yours.

Effect: Might delude an enemy.
Location: In Imil, make sure to use Move on the snowman near the northern part
          of town. Then head to the entrance to the ice puzzle right above the
          gravestones. Go right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left,
          up, right, and up.

Effect: Increase your party's defense.
Location: After exiting Xian, cross a bridge to the north to an island. Search
          around there and this Djinni will appear as a random encounter.

Effect: Might stun an enemy.
Location: On the building at the top right, head to the second floor and jump
          onto the ledge. Use Move on the statue and go inside.

Effect: Restores a teeny weeny bit of PP to the party.
Location: This Djinni is pretty sneaky. You can actually walk along the right
          perimeter edge of the town without going to the World Map. Do so and
          use Grow on the plant(mess around with your Venus Djinn to get it)
          and then Frost on the puddle. Head back to the heart of the town and
          hop the pillar to get to the Djinni.

Effect: Protects your party with a barrier.
Location: In Suhalla Desert, go to the last screen before exiting. Up on the
          ledge, use Reveal. You should see a hidden pillar and footsteps
          leading across it. Follow them to the Djinni.

Effect: Damages enemy regardless of defense.
Location: In Lavilero, climb the ladder in the weapons shop and run around the
          perimeter of the town walls. Hop over some rooftops and you should
          get to the Djinni in no time.


Effect: Restores HP to a party member.
Location: Comes with Mia.

Effect: Damages and reduces the attack power of an enemy.
Location: In the Mercury Lighthouse, look for the room with six waterfalls.
          Check the fourth one. You'll be able to go through it and find this

Effect: Might make an enemy fall sleep.
Location: In Xian, there will be a woman next to the water. Talk to her, then
          wait until she is one step below the door to the very right. Talk to
          her again and she'll spill her water. Freeze the new puddle, then
          walk up the steps and hop over to find this Djinni.

Effect: Restore some HP to the entire party.
Location: Enter Altin Peak through the door at the very bottom of the town.
          Take the path on the right at the fork. Go to a new room, then up
          into another room. Head south and east at the forks to get to the
          next room. Freeze all the puddles here and use Move on the stump.
          Flip the switch and ride the cart to the Djinni.

Effect: Lowers an enemy's defense.
Location: Head west from Tolbi and go across a bridge to the north. Go
          northwest from there and walk around on the island there. Hail will
          appear in a random encounter.

Effect: Revives a downed character.
Location: Just go to Suhalla Gate. On the third screen, slide down the third
          slope on the wall and fight Dew.

Effect: Cure all status ailments on the party.
Location: Defeat Toadonpa, then view the scene in the West Lunpa Cave. Return
          to Dodonpa's Fortress and seek out Donpa's room. He'll open up a

                             {6.0} Psynergy List

This is a list of all the Psynergy in the game. It is listed in alphabetical

Remember, the Psynergy that you can use depends on the character, class, and
level. Naturally, you're going to get stronger Psynergy at higher levels. To
change one's class, you must set, standby, or switch your Djinn around.
Although in my opinion, I find the default ones the best, you can change them
to whatever you want. I'm not going to list which Psynergy is for which
classes though because frankly, there's a lot. Check out the good links
section to find out.

Note: There are two different attack that are labeled Nova.

| Name             | PP Used | Range | Element | Effect(if any)              |
| Angel Spear      |    7    |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Annihilation     |    18   |   1   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Astral Blast     |    5    |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Avalanche        |    15   |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Avoid            |    5    |  None |  None   | Lowers enemy encounters.    |
| Bind             |    4    |   1   | Jupiter | Blocks a foe's Psynergy.    |
| Blast(Nova)      |    7    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Blast            |    5    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Blue Bolt        |    14   |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Bolt             |    4    |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Break            |    5    |  All  | Mercury | Removes enemy's stat bonuses|
| Briar            |    11   |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Carpet Bomb      |    29   |   7   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Catch            |    1    |  None |  None   | Catches light objects.      |
| Carry            |    2    |  None |  None   | Lift and move objects.      |
| Clay Spire       |    13   |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Cloak            |    1    |  None |  None   | Hides in shadows.           |
| Cluster Bomb     |    11   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Condemn          |    8    |   1   |  Venus  | Disables enemies.           |
| Cutting Edge     |    5    |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Cure             |    3    |   1   |  Venus  | Restore 70 HP.              |
| Cure Poison      |    2    |   1   | Mercury | Cures poison.               |
| Cure Well        |    7    |   1   |  Venus  | Restore 160 HP.             |
| Curse            |    6    |   1   |  Venus  | Foe dies in a few turns.    |
| Death Plunge     |    14   |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Delude           |    4    |   3   | Jupiter | Inflicts delusion.          |
| Deluge           |    20   |   5   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Demon Night      |    12   |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Demon Spear      |    7    |   1   | Jupiter | Raises attack.              |
| Destruct Ray     |    21   |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Douse            |    5    |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Dragon Cloud     |    6    |   1   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Drain            |    3    |   1   | Jupiter | Absorbs HP.                 |
| Drench           |    10   |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Earthquake       |    7    |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Enfeeble         |    4    |   1   | Jupiter | Drop foe's party's defense. |
| Eruption         |    14   |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Fiery Blast      |    19   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Fire             |    6    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Fire Bomb        |    5    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Fireball         |    12   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Flare            |    4    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Flare Storm      |    12   |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Flare Wall       |    7    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Flash Bolt       |    7    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Force            |    2    |  None |  None   | Knocks down distant objects.|
| Frost            |    5    |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Freeze Prism     |    31   |   5   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Froth            |    5    |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Froth Sphere     |    12   |   5   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Froth Spiral     |    31   |   7   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Gaia             |    7    |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Gale             |    3    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Glacier          |    15   |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Grand Gaia       |    32   |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Growth           |    4    |   1   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Guard            |    3    |   1   |  Mars   | Boosts ally's defense.      |
| Guardian         |    3    |   1   |  Mars   | Boosts Defense.             |
| Hail Prism       |    16   |   5   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Halt             |    2    |  None |  None   | Stops moving objects.       |
| Haunt            |    5    |   3   |  Venus  | Inflicts "Haunt"            |
| Heat Wave        |    6    |   1   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Helm Splitter    |    8    |   1   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| High Impact      |    12   |  All  | Jupiter | Raises party's attack.      |
| Ice              |    5    |   1   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Ice Horn         |    11   |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Ice Missle       |    23   |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Impact           |    7    |   1   | Jupiter | Raises attack.              |
| Inferno          |    23   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Lava Shower      |    4    |   1   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Lift             |    2    |  None |  None   | Lifts heavy objects up.     |
| Mad Blast        |    9    |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Mad Growth       |    10   |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Magic Shell      |    3    |   1   | Jupiter | Boost elemental resistance. |
| Magic Shield     |    5    |  All  | Jupiter | Boost elemental resistance. |
| Magma Storm      |    27   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Mind Read        |    1    |  None |  None   | Reads peoples' minds.       |
| Molten Bath      |    12   |   3   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Mother Gaia      |    17   |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Move             |    2    |  None |  None   | Moves obstacles.            |
| Mist             |    4    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Nettle           |    23   |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Nova             |    13   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Plasma           |    8    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Ply              |    3    |   1   | Mercury | Restores 100 HP.            |
| Ply Well         |    8    |   1   | Mercury | Restores 200 HP.            |
| Prism            |    7    |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Potent Cure      |    10   |   1   |  Venus  | Restore 300 HP.             |
| Protect          |    5    |  All  |  Mars   | Boosts party's defense.     |
| Protector        |    5    |  All  |  Mars   | Boosts defemse/             |
| Psy Drain        |    3    |   1   | Jupiter | Absorbs PP.                 |
| Punji            |    7    |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Punji Trap       |    13   |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Pure Wish        |    20   |  All  | Mercury | Restores 400 HP to party.   |
| Pure Ply         |    12   |   1   | Mercury | Restores 1000 HP to party.  |
| Pyroclasm        |    29   |   5   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Quake            |    4    |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Quake Sphere     |    15   |   7   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Quick Strike     |    12   |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Ragnarok         |    7    |   1   |  Venus  | A really powerful move. :)  |
| Ray              |    6    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Retreat          |    2    |   0   |   None  | Teleports to the beginning  |
|                  |         |       |         | of a dungeon.               |
| Resist           |    5    |  All  | Jupiter | Raises party's defense.     |
| Restore          |    3    |   1   | Mercury | Removes sleep, stun, and    |
|                  |         |       |         | delusion.                   |
| Reveal           |    1    |  None |  None   | Reveals hidden objects.     |
| Revive           |    15   |   1   |  Venus  | Revives a downed ally.      |
| Rockfall         |    5    |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Rockslide        |    15   |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Shine Plasma     |    18   |   5   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Shuriken         |    8    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Slash            |    4    |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Sleep            |    5    |   3   | Jupiter | Lulls foes to sleep.        |
| Sonic Slash      |    20   |   5   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Spark Plasma     |    37   |   7   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Spire            |    5    |   1   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Stone Spire      |    22   |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Storm Ray        |    10   |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Supernova        |    31   |   7   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Tempest          |    27   |   5   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Thorn            |    6    |   3   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Thunderclap      |    9    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Thunderbolt      |    19   |   5   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Thunderstorm     |    39   |   7   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Tornado          |    14   |   5   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Tundra           |    8    |   3   | Mercury | Damage                      |
| Typhoon          |    12   |   5   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Volcano          |    6    |   1   |  Mars   | Damage                      |
| Ward             |    3    |   1   | Jupiter | Boosts ally's resistance.   |
| Weaken           |    4    |   1   | Jupiter | Drops enemy's Resistance.   |
| Whirlwind        |    5    |   3   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Wild Growth      |    19   |   5   |  Venus  | Damage                      |
| Wind Slash       |    9    |   1   | Jupiter | Damage                      |
| Wish             |    9    |  All  | Mercury | Restores 80 HP to party.    |
| Wish Well        |    13   |  All  | Mercury | Restores 160 HP to party.   |

                                {7.0} Classes

As you should know, changing the Djinn around will change your class and
possibly altering your stats and abilities. I will only list one way to get
each class. Here's a list of how to get each class for each character based on
having have every Djinn in the game. Well, for most classes anyway; some
crappy classes require few Djinn.

Note: Each character will have two classes that have the same name, but
different abilities. These will have some parentheses() next to the class.

Squire: 1 Venus
Knight: 3 Venus
Gallant: 5 Venus
Lord: 7 Venus

Brute: 6 Venus, 1 Mars
Ruffian: 5 Venus, 2 Mars
Savage: 4 Venus, 3 Mars
Barbarian: 2 Venus, 5 Mars
Berserker: 1 Venus, 6 Mars

Apprentice: 6 Venus, 1 Jupiter
Illusionist: 5 Venus, 2 Jupiter
Enchanter: 4 Venus, 3 Jupiter
Conjurer: 1 Venus, 6 Jupiter
Shaman(Wind): 7 Jupiter

Swordsman: 6 Venus, 1 Mercury
Defender: 5 Venus, 2 Mercury
Cavalier: 4 Venus, 3 Mercury
Guardian: 1 Venus, 6 Mercury
Shaman(Water): 7 Mercury

Dragoon: 3 Mars, 4 Mercury
Ninja: 3 Mars, 4 Jupiter
Samurai: 4 Mars, 3 Jupiter

Guard: 1 Mars
Soldier: 3 Mars
Warrior: 4 Mars
Champion: 7 Mars

Brute: 6 Mars, 1 Venus
Ruffian: 5 Mars, 2 Venus
Savage: 2 Mars, 5 Venus
Berserker: 1 Mars, 6 Venus
Barbarian: 5 Venus

Swordsman: 6 Mars, 1 Mercury
Defender: 5 Mars, 2 Mercury
Cavalier: 4 Mars, 4 Mercury
Luminier: 1 Mars, 6 Mercury
(Water) Ascetic: 7 Mercury

Page: 6 Mars, 1 Jupiter
Illusionist: 5 Mars, 2 Jupiter
Enchanter: 4 Mars, 3 Jupiter
Conjurer: 1 Mars, 6 Jupiter
(Wind) Ascetic: 7 Jupiter

Dragoon: 3 Venus, 4 Mercury
Ninja: 3 Venus, 4 Jupiter
Samurai: 4 Venus, 3 Jupiter

Wind Seer: 1 Jupiter
Magician: 3 Jupiter
Mage: 5 Jupiter
Magister: 7 Jupiter

Hermit: 6 Jupiter, 1 Mercury
Elder: 5 Jupiter, 2 Mercury
Scholar: 3 Jupiter, 4 Mercury
Savant: 1 Mars, 6 Mercury
Sage: 6 Mercury, 1 Jupiter

Seer: 6 Jupiter, 1 Venus
Diviner: 5 Jupiter, 2 Venus
Shaman: 3 Jupiter, 4 Venus
Druid: 1 Jupiter, 6 Venus
(Earth) Enchanter: 7 Venus

Pilgrim: 6 Jupiter, 1 Mars
Wanderer: 5 Jupiter, 2 Mars
Ascetic: 3 Jupiter, 4 Mars
Fire Monk: 1 Jupiter, 6 Mars
(Fire) Enchanter: 7 Mars

Ranger: 4 Mars, 3 Mercury
Medium: 4 Venus, 3 Mercury
White Mage: 3 Venus, 4 Mercury

Water Seer: 1 Mercury
Scribe: 3 Mercury
Cleric: 5 Mercury
Paragon: 7 Mercury

Hermit: 6 Mercury, 1 Jupiter
Elder: 5 Mercury, 2 Jupiter
Scholar: 3 Mercury, 4 Jupiter

Savant: 1 Mars, 6 Mercury
Sage: 6 Jupiter, 1 Mercury
Pilgrim: 6 Mercury, 1 Mars
Wanderer: 5 Mercury, 2 Mars
Ascetic: 3 Mercury, 4 Mars
Fire Monk: 1 Mercury, 6 Mars
(Fire) Cavalier: 7 Mars

Seer: 6 Mercury, 1 Venus
Diviner: 5 Mercury, 2 Venus
Shaman: 3 Mercury, 4 Venus
Druid: 1 Mercury, 6 Venus
(Earth) Cavalier: 7 Venus

Ranger: 4 Mars, 3 Jupiter
Medium: 4 Venus, 3 Jupiter
White Mage: 3 Jupiter, 4 Venus

                                 {8.0} Items

Most of these items are found in some kind of shop or as an enemy drop.
Nothing here is really that rare.

Normal Items:
| Item Name          | Effect                                                |
| Antidote           | Cures poison.                                         |
| Apple              | Permanently strengthens attack.                       |
| Bramble Seed       | Damages enemies.                                      |
| Cookie             | Boosts PP.                                            |
| Corn               | Restores 100 HP.                                      |
| Crystal Powder     | Damages enemies.                                      |
| Elixir             | Cures stun, sleep, and delusion.                      |
| Empty Bottle       | Can carry liquids*coughHermes'Watercough*.            |
| Game Ticket        | Plat the slot machine in Tolbi.                       |
| Hard Nut           | Permanently boosts defense.                           |
| Herb               | Restores 10 HP.                                       |
| Hermes' Water      | Restores all HP.                                      |
| Lucky Medal        | Chuck it at Tolbi Springs for special prizes.         |
| Lucky Pepper       | Permanently boosts luck.                              |
| Mint               | Permanently boosts agility.                           |
| Nut                | Restores 200 HP.                                      |
| Oil Drop           | Deals fire damage to enemies.                         |
| Potion             | Restores all HP.                                      |
| Power Bread        | Permanently boosts HP.                                |
| Psy Crystal        | Restores all PP.                                      |
| Sacred Feather     | Reduces enemy encounters.                             |
| Sleep Bomb         | Chance of enemy falling asleep.                       |
| Smoke Bomb         | Chance of causing delusion to enemies.                |
| Vial               | Restores 500 HP.                                      |
| Water of Life      | Revives downed ally.                                  |
| Weasel's Claw      | Damages enemy.                                        |

                                {9.0} Weapons

Actually, this section is more a list of equippable items rather than just
weapons only. :)

Note: Some weapons can be found in multiple locations. I will only name ONE
location for each weapon.

Note: Artifacts, when sold, can be rebought.

Note: Enemy drops are really, really, rare.

Note: Some weapons are not obtainable, but programmed into the game. These
will NOT be included in this list.

Note(yes, yet another one): The Machete is a weapon that you use way, way at
the beginning of the game. You can't use it again after that. It's not going
to be listed here as it's not a "real" weapon.

                                [9.1] Weapons

Long Sword: Equippable by Isaac and Garet
| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Arctic Blade        | Unleashes Blizzard        | Fuchin Falls Cave/2600   |
| Broad Sword         | None                      | Bilibin/1000             |
| Claymore            | None                      | Altin/4000               |
| Gaia Blade          | Unleashes Titan Blade     | Venus Lighthouse/17000   |
| Great Sword         | None                      | Tolbi/7000               |
| Long Sword          | None                      | Vale/200                 |
| Muramasa(cursed)    | Unleashes Demon Fire      | 9th level, Crossbone     |
|                     |                           | Island/13600             |
| Shamshir            | Unleashes Acid Bath       | Lunpa/10000              |
| Silver Blade        | Aqua Shock                | Lavilero/12000           |

Axe: Equippable by Isaac and Garet
| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Battle Axe          | Damage                    | Vault/280                |
| Broad Axe           | Damage                    | Kolima/1300              |
| Burning Axe         | Unleashes Broil           | Tolbi Springs/7500       |
| Demon Axe           | Unleashes Poison Cloud    | 6th level of Crossbone   |
|                     |                           | Isle/1600                |
| Dragon Axe          | Unleashes Heat Mirage     | Lunpa/10300              |
| Giant Axe           | Unleashes Meltdown        | Earth Golem drop/14000   |
| Great Axe           | Damage                    | Kalay/5200               |
| Vulcan Axe          | Unleashes Barrage         | Lamakan Desert/4600      |

Light Blade: Equippable by Isaac, Ivan, and Garet
| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Assassin Blade      | Unleashes Mortal Danger   | Tolbi Springs/7800       |
| Battle Rapier       | Damage                    | Xian/2900                |
| Bandit's Sword      | Unleashes Rapid Smash     | Dropped by bandits in    |
|                     |                           | Vault/700                |
| Elven Rapier        | Unleashes Vorpal Smash    | Outside Bilibin Cave/2200|
| Hunter's Sword      | Damage                    | Bilibin/520              |
| Kikuichimonji       | Unleashes Asura           | Fenrir Drop              |
| Master Rapier       | Damage                    | Tolbi/6800               |
| Mystery Blade       | Unleashes Life Nourish    | Crossbone Isle, 2nd      |
|                     |                           | level/6400               |
| Ninja Blade         | Unleashes Cyclone Attack  | Lunpa/8800               |
| Short Sword         | Damage                    | Vale/120                 |
| Swift Sword         | Unleashes Sonic Smash     | Lavilero/9400            |

Mace: Equippable by Isaac, Mia, and Garet
| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Battle Mace         | Damage                    | Kalay/2600               |
| Blessed Mace        | Unleashes Shining Star,   | Thunder Lizard drop/14500|
|                     | retores 200 HP and can    |                          |
|                     | break.                    |                          |
| Grievous Mace       | Unleashes Terra Strike    | Tolbi Springs/7000       |
| Heavy Mace          | Damage                    | Bilibin/500              |
| Mace                | Damage                    | Vale/80                  |
| Righteous Mace      | Unleashes Binding Smog    | Lavilero/8400            |
| Wicked Mace(cursed) | Unleashes Poison Death    | 7th level of Crossbone   |
|                     |                           | Isle/13800               |
| War Mace            | Damage                    | Tolbi/6200               |

Staves: Equippable by Mia and Ivan
| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Angelic Ankh        | Unleashes Life Leech      | Tolbi/6400               |
| Blessed Ankh        | Unleashes Psyphon Seal    | Imil/1600                |
| Crystal Rod         | Unleashed Drown           | Lavilero/13400           |
| Demonic Staff(curse)| Unleashed Bad Omen        | Lunpa/10000              |
| Frost Wand          | Unleashes Frost Bite      | Kalay/5400               |
| Magic Rod           | Unleashes Murk            | Vault/380                |
| Psynergy Rod        | Unleashes Psynergy Leech  | Altin/3800               |
| Shaman's Rod        | Damage                    | Mandatory/Can't be sold  |
| Witch's Wand        | Unleashges Stun Voltage   | Imil/860                 |
| Wooden Stick        | Damage                    | Vale/40                  |
| Zodiac Wand         | Unleashed Shining Star    | Grand Golem drop/11400   |

                                 [9.2] Armor

Although the armor in the game has "classes", sometimes they can be equipped
by some party members and not others, or all of them in the same class. So,
I'm not going to list who can equip what. Most should be pretty obvious
though, like only Garet and Isaac being able to wear armor.

Normal Armor:
| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Armored Shell       | Defense                   | Tolbi/3600               |
| Bronze Shield       | Defense                   | Bilibin/500              |
| Circlet             | Defense                   | Vault/120                |
| Chain Mail          | Defense                   | Altin/2000               |
| Cotton Shirt        | Defense                   | Vale/20                  |
| Guardian Circlet    | Defense                   | Tolbi/3400               |
| Guantlets           | Defense                   | Tolbi/1600               |
| Heavy Armlet        | Defense                   | Tolbi/2000               |
| Iron Helmet         | Defense                   | Altin/1600               |
| Iron Shield         | Defense                   | Altin/1200               |
| Jerkin              | Defense                   | Kalay/2400               |
| Knight's Helmet     | Defense                   | Lavilero/4600            |
| Knight's Shield     | Defense                   | Tolbi/3000               |
| Leather Armlet      | Defense                   | Vault/180                |
| Leather Armor       | Defense                   | Bilibin/240              |
| Leather Cap         | Defense                   | Vale/30                  |
| Leather Gloves      | Defense                   | Bilibin/220              |
| Mail Cap            | Defense                   | Kalay/2000               |
| Padded Gloves       | Defense                   | Vale/10                  |
| Plate Mail          | Defense                   | Lunpa/4400               |
| Platinum Circlet    | Defense                   | Lavilero/4200            |
| One Piece Dress     | Defense                   | Vale/25                  |
| Open Helmet         | Defense                   | Bilibin/180              |
| Silver Armlet       | Defense                   | Lunpa/4000               |
| Silver Circlet      | Defense                   | Kalay/1300               |
| Silver Helmet       | Defense                   | Lunpa/3900               |
| Silver Vest         | Defense                   | Tolbi/3200               |
| Steel Armor         | Defense                   | Lavilero/4900            |
| Steel Helm          | Defense                   | Tolbi/3100               |
| Travel Robe         | Defense                   | Bilibin/200              |
| Travel Vest         | Defense                   | Vale/50                  |
| Wooden Cap          | Defense                   | Bilibin/400              |
| Wooden Shield       | Defense                   | Vale/40                  |

| Name:               | Effect:                   | Location/Price           |
| Adept's Helmet      | Max PP x1.2               | Tolbi Springs/3700       |
| Asura's Armor       | Recover 8 HP per turn     | Tunnel Ruins/15000       |
| Aura Gloves         | All elements resist       | Dropped by Magicores/2100|
| Battle Gloves       | +8 attack                 | Tolbi Springs/2150       |
| Blesed Robe         | Recover 5 HP per turn     | Lunpa/7000               |
| China Dress         | Drop enemy's attack       | Xian/1600                |
| Cocktail Dress      | Max PP +15                | Tolbi Springs/4000       |
| Demon Mail(cursed)  | -10 Wind Resist           | 10th level of Crossbone  |
|                     |                           | Isle/17000               |
| Dragon Scales       | Fire/Wind Resist +30      | Venus Lighthouse/17000   |
| Dragon Shield       | Fire Resist +30           | Altin Peak/2400          |
| Earth Shield        | Earth Resist +20          | Tolbi Springs/4100       |
|                     | Restoresd 150 HP(breaks)  |                          |
| Elven Shirt         | Agility x1.5              | Mogall Forest/1700       |
| Feathered Robe      | Agility, Water Resist +30 | Venus Lighthouse         |
|                     | Wind Resist +20           |                          |
| Fur Coat            | Water Resist +20          | Kolima Forest/400        |
| Fur Boots           | Water Resist +15          | Tolbi Slots/1050         |
| Glittering Tiara    | Prevents delusions(breaks)| Tolbi Springs/3500       |
| Guardian Armlet     | Defense(breaks)           | Tolbi Springs/2500       |
| Hyper Boots         | Increase critical hits    | Tolbi Slots/2400         |
| Jeweled Crown       | Luck +5                   | Lavilero/4000            |
| Kimono              | Fire Resist & agility +10 | Tolbi Springs/2800       |
| Lucky Cap           | Critical hits increase,   | Venus Lighthouse/5215    |
|                     | Recover 2 PP per turn     |                          |
| Lure Cap            | Increase enemy encounters | Win Colosso/3000         |
| Magical Cossack     | PP +2 per turn            | Lavilero/9000            |
| Mirrored Shield     | Deludes enemies(breakable)| Lavilero/5215            |
| Mythril Circlet     | PP +3 per turn            | Lunpa Fortress/7000      |
| Mythril Shirt       | HP +5 per turn            | Tolbi Slots/2900         |
| Ninja Garb          | Agility +30, Wind Resist  | 5th level of Crossbone   |
|                     | +10                       | Isle/6900                |
| Ninja Hood          | Agility +20               | Tolbi Springs/2800       |
| Oracle's Robe       | Water Resist +40, HP +10  | Tunnel Ruins/10000       |
|                     | per turn.                 |                          |
| Prophet's Hat       | Luck +5, predicts being   | Dread Hounds drop/4500   |
|                     | downed when cursed(breaks)|                          |
| Psynergy Armor      | Max PP +20                | Mercury Lighthouse/1000  |
| Quick Boots         | Agility +20               | Tolbi Slots/2150         |
| Running Shirt       | Agility +15               | Tolbi Slots/400          |
| Silk Shirt          | Luck +1                   | Tolbi Slots/2150         |
| Spiked Armor        | Attack +10, Critical Hits | Dropped by Chimera Mages |
|                     | increase                  | and Boulder Beasts/2150  |
| Spirit Armlet       | Earth/Fire Resist +10,    | Lavilero/9000            |
|                     | prevents ailments.        |                          |
| Spirit Armor        | Resist all elements +15   | Tolbi Springs/4000       |
| Spirit Gloves       | All elements power +5     | Kalay Cave/5015          |
| Storm Gear          | Fire/Wind/Water resist +30| 4th level of Crossbone   |
|                     |                           | Isle/9800                |
| Thunder Crown(curse)| PP +4 per turn            | Venus Lighthouse/5000    |
| Turtle Boots        | Agility halved            | Forest west of Kolima/500|
| Vambrace            | Attack +5                 | Vault Cave/2150          |
| Virtuous Armlet     | Fire/Wind power +10,      | Suhalla Desert/7000      |
|                     | restores 100 HP(breakable)|                          |
| Water Jacket        | Fire resistance +20, Water| Hammet's Place/3000      |
|                     | resistance +30            |                          |
| War Gloves          | Attack +10                | Lunpa/4000               |
| Warrior's Helmet    | Earth power +10, critical | Lavilero/10000           |
|                     | hits increase             |                          |

                               {10.0} Secrets

There are few secrets and unlockables in this game, but it's there
nonetheless. Here's a list of the ones I know:

1. Go to the most recently visited sanctom:
Hold L, start, and select before loading the game. When you load it, you'll
be in the sanctom you last visited.

2. Ending?
(may contain very minor spoilers)Way back at Vale, after Sol Sanctum, say No
whne asked if you are going to accept the burden of saving the world. Exit
afterwards and you'll see an ending. Then you'll be teleported back to Sol
Sanctum and you'll be forced to say yes. :)

3. Name People:
At the beginning of the game, press Select three times when naming Isaac.
You can now name Garet, Ivan, and Mia. Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right,
Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, and Select while naming Mia and you'll
be able to name Felix, Jenna, and Sheba.

4. Send:
If you have a completed save file, hold R and Left and Send will come up.
Using the password/link function, you'll be able to send completed information
over to Golden Sun 2. If you don't have it, then this option is pretty

5. Gale:
Gale is a move that works just like Whirlwind outside of battle, minus 2 PP.
Just change Isacc(3 Mars, 4 Jupiter) or Garet(3 Venus, 4 Jupiter) into a Ninja
class and you'll get this move.

                              {11.0} Conclusion

Well, that's it for my FAQ. I hope it helped you. If you have any more
questions, feel free to E-mail me.

Copyright 2005-2006 {c} MG(Strawhat)                               END OF FILE

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