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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sakura Skyes

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 12/07/04

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"All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders."

I'm new to the walkthrough writing world, but when I stumbled upon Golden
Sun I justcouldn't help but feel the need to help fellow gamers get the most
out of this amazing game! So I hope you all enjoy and if there are any
corrections that need to be made or anything I missed, please email me at
SakuraOSX@Yahoo.com   I've played this game a dozen times to make my
walkthrough THE perfect guide, at least for those more interested in the
plot, subquests, and all the treasures and secrets held within. I'm not
one for stats, so if you're looking for help in that area, I suggest
Ikillkenny's walkthrough.

Copyright 2002 Ashleigh Philippi. (Submitted 2004)

I'd like to thank IkillKenny for the use of his walkthrough to get through parts
that I could not figure out on my own.

Note: At the bottom is a list of all Djinn, their descriptions, and where to
find them.

Table Of Contents:

I.   In the Beginning
     a. Vale
II.  Three Years Later
     a. Vale
      1. Sol Sanctum
     b. World Map
     c. Vault
     d. World Map
     e. Gama Range
     f. Bilbin
      1. Bilbin Barricade
     g. Kolima Forest
      1. Tret the Tree
     h. World Map
     i. Bilbin Cave
     j. World Map
     k. Imil
     l. Mercury Lighthouse
      1. Lighthouse Aerie
     m. Imil Revisted
     n. Bilbin Barricade Revisted
     o. Kolima Forest Revisited
     p. Kolima
     q. World Map
     r. Fuchin Temple
      1. Fuchin Waterfall
      2. Fuchin Temple Again
     s. Mogall Forest
     t. Xian
     u. World Map
     v. Alpine Crossing
     w. Altin
      1. Altin Peak
      2. Altin Again
      3. Altin Peak Again
      4. Altin Again (3rd)
      5. Altin Mine Again (3rd)
      6. Altin Again (4th)
      7. Altin Mine Again (4th)
     x. Lama Temple
     y. World Map
     z. Alpine Crossing Revisited
     aa. Lamatakan Desert
     bb. World Map
     cc. Kalay
     dd. World Map
     ee. Vault Revisited
     ff. Vale Revisited
       1. Vale Cave
     gg. Bilbin Cave Revisited
     hh. Kalay Ports
     ii. Tolbi-Bound Boat
       1. Tolbi Docks
       2. Tolbi
     jj. World Map
     kk. Atmiller Cave
     ll. Tolbi Revisited
       1. Babi's Palace
     mm. World Map
     nn. Gondowan Cave
     oo. World Map
     pp. Lunpa Cave
       1. Lunpa
       2. Lunpa Fortress
     qq. Gondowan Cave Revisited
     rr. World Map
     ss. Suhulla
       1. Suhulla Desert
     tt. World Map
     uu. Suhulla Gate
     vv. World Map
     ww. Venus Lighthouse Entrance
     xx. Lalivero
     yy. Road to Babi Lighthouse
     zz. Lemurian Ship
III. Clear Data
IV.  Djinn Collection
V.   Credits


When you first begin Golden Sun you are given the option to change the main
character's name. Do what you will, then hit end. You will then
begin the story.

~In the Beginning~


After the little family convo go up to the house next to yours and try
to go in and some dude will run out of it. After he runs off go up the
stairs to the north and go behind the house there to meet up with your
friend Garet.

Head back south and try to go down the steps in front of your house. A
boulder will come and block it so you will have to go past Garet's house
and over the bridge. You will look north and see your parents and a
couple other villagers trying to hold the boulder back. Your mother tells
you to hurry to the plaza so go down the steps and try going south. This
also will be blocked off by a boulder so go left.

Keep going left until you see a guy lying by a boulder. He'll tell you
the monsters have gotten passed the gate, this of course means you'll
now be running into battles, which are one of the best parts of the game.
Go south down the steps and keep going right until you get to the next
screen. Then go south again then right across the bridge. Try going
anywhere and two boulders will come down (yes, I'm just obsessed with
these boulders). Then go back to before the bridge and keep going south,
down two sets of steps, and you will come upon your friend Jenna's little
brother Felix barely hanging on to a post in the water.

Jenna and your mother go for help and your mother runs into you, asking
for your help. Even if you say no you still have to go to the plaza so
you might as well agree. Go through the house if you want to speak to
the people on the dock. Then go back out and head south, then up the
steps, over the bridge, and continue east. You're in the village now,
and the first three houses have no one in them so just continue down
until you see people hanging around. This is the plaza. Go in a
semi-circle around the plaza to get to Jenna. After the convo is done
retrace your steps to where Felix is at.

After a little chit chat about saving Felix the boulder will come
down and crash into the dock, speak to everyone and finally Garet will
tell you to go get help to save the others. Walk back to the plaza,
Garet will decide to go with you and after you reach the next screen
you overhear two strange people talking. You'll be found out when
Garet yells for you to wait up. They tell you to forget everything you
heard and then get into an unwinnable battle with you. They defeat your
party and the Golden Sun logo comes up to begin the real game.

~Three Years Later~


-Treasure Hunt-
1.) After you get back control of your characters go into the house next
to you and talk to the people. Look in the jar at the foot of the bed to
find 6 coins.

Then leave and go to Garet's house, talk to everyone, then go behind the
house to get chewed out by Garet's sister because Garet's training stone is
on her flowers. Then head south past your house going down three flights of
steps and keep walking south until you can turn right. Go into the upper

-Treasure Hunt Cont.-
2.) Near the bed there's a jar with 3 coins.
3.) Skip the house directly south of that and go down the steps. In the
house after the steps in a jar near the bed you can find a smoke bomb.
4.) Go out of the house and down two flights of stairs to get down to the
plaza. Walk into the house to the left of the weap/arm/item shop. Right
when you walk in look in the wooden crate on the left to get an herb.
5.) When you go to the Inn there's a barrel w/1 coin right in front
of the stairs.
6.) When you go to Kraden's house there's a pot on the left side of it
containing an elixer.
7.) Inside the house is a pot to the right of that big thing in the middle
that has 5 coins.

Go into the Weapons/Armor/Items Shop
Equip either Isaac's or Garet's short sword on Jenna and sell her wooden
Buy the following:
Isaac - travel vest, wooden shield, leather cap, long sword
Garet - travel vest, wooden shield, leather cap, long sword
Jenna - travel vest, leather cap

Leave and go into the inn. Go upstairs and talk to the guy with the mask.
You'll be seeing this guy again later on.

Go back to your house and from there head past Garet's house and take a
left at the bridge. Go down the steps and take a left. You'll easedrop
on some old friends. After they let you pass go up to Kraden and listen
to him rant to himself. Now go chat with him. Leave and go down the steps,
to the right, over the bridge to the north, and head up the steps. Try
going up Mt.Aleph and someone will jump you from behind a tree. After he
finishes speaking to you wait until he's on the right side of the
Sactuary and then run for it!

~Sol Sanctum~

Enter the building and go up into the next room.

Jump on the first block to the very right, then to the 3block. Move to the
right and jump on the 2block in front of that. Move all the way up, then
jump to the two block on the left. Then on the single block, then the
block south of that, the 2block below that, the single to the left, the
3block above it, then to the single block above it, and to the other side.

Follow the path until you get to a room like the one with the jumping

Take the middle 2block and basically keep going forward to get to the
middle path. Get the treasure and go back to the 3block in the middle of
the water. Go to the right single block and move up to get to the eastern
path. Insert the small jewel into the eye of the minotaur. Return to the
other side of the water and take the 3block to the left. Go forward on
the blocks to reach the western path and go through the doorway.

Go past the first four statues and take a right. Push the statue within the
white dotted line out of where it stands. Go through the passage, go down
the steps.

Follow these directions: right, up, 2nd left, get the small jewel, turn
back to the middle way, go up, left, through the passage.

Go to the statue on the very left and move it w/the psynergy "Move". Insert
the small jewel in the minotaur's eye and then run to the statue on the
very right and move it the same way. Go through the passage.

Follow these directions: up, left, up, get an herb from the treasure box.
Then go down, right, and up.

Blabla, go right. Blabla, go down and up the stairs. If you wish to
recover lost psynergy go down and into the room. The purple rock is a
psynergy stone. Then leave and go up.

Don't move any of the statues around the Luna symbol. Instead go left
and move the two Sol statues in white dotted lines onto the gray blocks.
The light from either statue hits the same spot and together the light
reveals a hole. Use psynergy to move the main statue up and into the
hole. Bravo, you've just undone a trap that would have killed you all.

Now go over to the statues around the Luna symbol and move each of them
onto the gray blocks. After you've moved all four statues, give
everything Jenna has in her items to Garet or Isaac. Now return to where
Kraden is. Now walk into the Sol room which is now the Luna room. Walk
up to where on the wall the light is pointing and a portal will open up.

After all that yadda yadda yadda stuff you get to go get the elemental
stars. Because every time you receive a star a few glacial posts that
are sunk down pop up, you have to get the stars in a certain order.
Venus: go to the very top right corner and hop on the post there. Head
right until you are forced to go south and keep going.
Mercury: Then return to the third post you jumped on and head north,
then two hops right.
Jupiter: Return to the main platform. Jump on the post that Kraden was
on earlier and follow the path.

Now we're headed for trouble, you'll see why I told you to take everything
from Jenna. In the end you're forced to get the remaining Mars gem. Head
back to the main platform and go on the path you did for the Mercury star
but this time continue north. The path turns left and when you're almost
to the statue it divides again, go down the southern posts to reach the

After you get control of your guys back use the psynergy "Retreat" to get
out of Sol Sanctum. There are no fights if you retrace your way out so
there's really no point to do it.

After you, yet again, get control of your guys, equip the catch beads to
either Isaac or Garet. You will need this psynergy capability in the

~World Map~

Djinn:  Right after you walk out of Vale you'll see this flying....thing...
go up to it and you will find out it's a Venus Djinn. Keep saying no to
him about joining if you wanna have a good laugh at what Flint (the Djinn)
says. In the end he'll call you a meanie and join you anyway so it doesn't
matter. Then he'll tell you how to use him and all that boring stuff.

After he shuts his li'l Djinn yap (doesn't he resemble a firby?) go south,
then east over the bridge, then south again to reach Vault.


-Treasure Hunt-
1.) Go into the house straight ahead and to the right there's a jar with 7
2.) In the house to the left of it there's a barrel by the bed with 4
3.) In the inn to the left near the bed there's a wooden box with a mint.
4.) In the Items Shop near the bed on the right is a barrel containing a
sleep bomb.
5.) On the left side of the first house up the steps is a wooden box with
a nut.

Enter the last house mentioned. The guy at the upper right is Ivan, speak
to him. After you get him in your party you can go around reading anyone's
mind. Just remember to stand close and choose select instead of A.

Go to the Inn and go upstairs to where two of the newcomers are. After Ivan
reads their minds go outside the inn and go up the ladder. Use psynergy to
move the giant crate and go through the little opening. Da nah!

After you get control of Isaac and Garet go to the mayor's house and get
his present, the Water of Life.

Equip the Bandit's Sword on Isaac. Go to the Weapons/Armor Shop and buy
the following:
Isaac - Nothing
Garet - Battle Axe
Ivan -  Mirth Stick

Go to the inn and get a bone from the girl over to the left. Worry
about this at a later part in the game, just don't throw the bone away.
Now you're ready to leave Vault.

~World Map~

Go a little north and then head southeast, south over a bridge, north,
east over another bridge. Enter the Gama Range cave.

~Gama Range~

Go up and then jump over the log stump in the water. You can't use
psynergy to move the statue out of in front of the little ladder.
Instead you've simply gotta push it. Then use psynergy to move the next
statue into the gap between the ledges and walk over it. Go up the ladder
and keep walking until you see another gap. Attempt to use psynergy to
move the stump. After you give up Ivan will come and help you. Now use
psynergy to push the stump off the other side of the cliff. Then use
Whirlwind or Growth to get rid of the ivy in front of the cave entrance.

Enter. Go forward as far as you can. Hop over the stump to your left
and go down. Then turn left and go up the steps and into the passage.

Djinn:  Go down the steps, turn right and keep going until you see a
guy in the corner and a Djinn up on a higher level. See that post
standing in the middle of nowhere? The ground around it is yellowish,
you can only move the post within that area. Move it as far up on the
yellow as you can. Then when you get to the higher level you can jump
on the post and then get to where the Djinn is. Now turn back left and
go south of that big rock. Hop over the water onto the other piece of
land and follow the path down the passage.

Go up and as far left as you can. Hop the post to get to the other side
of the wall in your way. Go into the passage.

Go up and use psynergy to push the post out of your way. Now hop over
and go down. Turn to face the post and use psynergy to move it back to
the left. Hop up and then right to get the treasure. Now go over to
where that fat post is and push that sucker over the side of the ledge.
Now go back to where that post is, yet again, in your way and use
psynergy to push it back to the right. Hop up and go back down the

See where the fat post landed? it's your connection to going farther
right. Hop on it and go onto the eastern path. Go into the passage.

Djinn:  Now hop over the post and to where the Djinn is. Now you
must fight him, it's pretty easy, use your strongest attacks. Don't
bother healing because usually after two of his attacks you've
finished him off, don't worry about anyone in your party being dead,
just revive them after the fight. You've now got two Djinn handy,
aren't you special? Now hop over the post again and go into the
northern passage.

Go up, go left, push that fat post off the ledge. Now hop over and
go up. Follow the little silver plates on the ground until you're
out of the cave. Enter the city to the east.


Check out the tree, it used to be a man! That'll teach him to mess
with the Sacred Tree huh? If you get Ivan to read his mind he says
"Help me....somebody."

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) In the house directly left of the entrance there's a barrel w/an
2.) There's a jar on the outside left of the same house containing 5
3.) Inside the house behind iss a barrel to the upper right w/a hard nut.
4.) There's an herb in a pot up the stairs by the Weapons/Armor Shop.

Djinn:  Go up the steps to the east but don't go into the sanctuary.
Instead turn south and walk down the fence. Go all around it until you
come to vines covering what you can barely make out as an entrance. Use
whirwind or growth to get in. Go down and push the statue with psynergy
forward. Now go get Gust, the Jupiter Djinn.

Now go up the steps at the top of the town. Talk to the guards to get in. 

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) When you go inside go to the left and down. Go up two flights of steps
and check the barrel for a smoke bomb.
2.) Now go to the right and the barrel to the right of those two girls
holds an elixer.

Follow the red carpet in the middle of the house to get to McCoy. After
the guard talks to you run out to the outside of the house. He's the
guard on the left. Read his mind to find out what he meant.

Go to the Weapons/Armor Shop and buy the following:
Isaac - Broad Sword, Leather Armor, Bronze Shield, Wooden Cap
Garet - Broad Sword, Leather Armor, Bronze Shield, Wooden Cap
Ivan - Witch's Wand (Artifact), Travel Robe, Leather Gloves, Wooden Cap

Leave and go southeast to the Bilbin Barricade.

~Bilbin Barricade~

There's a crate to the very left of the door. Use psynergy to move it
south. Follow the path and you'll come out on the other side of the
barricade. Go over the bridge to the east. Keep going north to get to 
he forest.

~Kolima Forest~

After you get control of your people again go northeast. See that log?
Roll it into the water. Now go past the stumps that were in your way
over the two thin logs tied together. Go west and push that log left.
Now go around it and follow the path ahead.

Push the log in front of you. Go around the bottom part of it. Go
past the log not in your way and push it down. Leave the other log
where it is and walk up a little ways before turning east right
after the red and yellow tree. Get under the tree with the nut
swining on it and use catch to grab it. Now follow the clear path
to the next screen. 

Hug the trees on the right until you can get to the vertical log.
Push it left and get on the other side of the horizontal log. Push
it down, then push the log you had pushed before to the right. Push
the log you haven't pushed. Push the other log up again. Push the
3rd log back where it was. Push the 1st log like you did before,
but this time it should go rolling into the water. Jump over the
water to the other side. Go up the northern steps and follow the path.

When you're at the next screen go to the southern edge. Read the
sign down to the right. The floodgate switch is directly to the
left of it. Hit it. Go down the steps to get to the logs. Push the
two horizontal logs up. Then move the two vertical logs to the right
and move the eastern-most horizontal log back down. Then move
the vertical log below that to the left and move the remaining
horizontal log (the one not moved down) down. Now press the
floodgate button. Get the treasure and go flip the floodgate
switch again.

This time move the two horizontal logs up again, the upper
vertical log to the left, and  the western-most horizontal
log back down. Flip the floodgate switch and go over the
logs, follow the path.

Talk to the first tree guy, then go talk to Tret. Now climb
the vine and go into the tree.

~Tret the Tree~

Level 1: Walk the western side and go up the vine.

Level 2: Go south all the way and hop the  last three yellow
things to get to the other side. Walk straight on the limbs
and climb up the vine.

Level 3: Go left all the way. Find your way to the treasure
chest, then jump on the lowered yellow thing. You fall back
to the previous room. Go back up. Don't bother with the psynergy
stone, remember it comes back to you as you walk. Hop over to
the vine and go up.

Level 4: Walk left. Go down, walk straight, go up the vine.

Level 5: Right, up, and back into the tree. Hop on the lowest
line of yellow pods and hop onto the 3rd one which is lowered
and fall back down.

Level 5: Go out the south passage and keep walking right. Climb
up the vine and walk left, up, up. The Djinn will want to fight
so be ready. Walk into the tree. The treasure contains a nut.
Now jump on the same low yellow pod as before. Go back up
(yes, again), this time through the left passage. Heal yourself.
Now jump on the center most yellow thing, onto an upper yellow
thing, then back on the lowered center one.

Basement floor:  Go up to Tret to fight him. Use your strongest
psynergy against him and repeatedly use the Djinn. Plasma and
Volcano work well, and use Isaac to cure when needed, as well
as the equipped healing ring until it breaks.

After the battle use the vine that appeared to get up one level.
Leave the tree and go read that other tree guy's mind. Mercury
Lighthouse huh? Sound interesting. Use retreat to get to the
beginning of the forest unless you'd like to be stuck b/c at
one point on the way back there is no way to get across one of
the streams of water.

~World Map~

Leave and go west. When you get back to the barricade just
push the same box out. Enter Bilbin if you need to, otherwise
walk north past it.. Turn west after the bridge. Go south over
another bridge and continue west. Now go north and into the
cave. Welcome to Bilbin Cave!

~Bilbin Cave~

Go up. See that little iddy biddy plant that stands out
from everything else? Use the psynergy Growth on it. Magic!!
Climb up. Go north, hop over the water, go east. At the corner
where the land kind of turns you can slide down. Now go into
that cave entrance.

Follow the narrow path and you'll come upon a treasure. Equip
the Elven Rapier within on Isaac. Walk passed the treasure. See
that little brown spot on the edge of the cliff? walk forward
on it and you'll slide down.

Go south, all the way to the left, north, east, north, through
the passage and follow the path out.

~World Map~

You should be outside in the cold now. Go north, west, over the
bridge, west, north, enter Imil.


Enter the first house you see. Get the empty bottle from the
chest. Then talk to the old man by the fire. Something will
happen and the old woman tells you to run and get Mia. Leave
the house.

Djinn:  Walk north, go up the steps, but before going over
the bridge use psynergy to push the snowman into the ice. Now
go over the bridge and down the steps. Before entering the
sanctuary goright and get onto the ice. You've got to get
behind the rock that's past the ladder on the right and get
to the edge of the platform the treasure is on and edge your
way to the ladder by pressing right and down at the same time.
Then go slide your way behind the waterfall to get Fever, a Mars
Djinn. Now go enter the sanctuary.

Talk to the little girl and she'll tell you Mia just went to
visit the old couple. Run back to the house. After Mia runs out,
go to the Weapons Shop. On the left there's a  barrel with a
sleep bomb. Leave the town.

Go up to the lighthouse and enter it.

~Mercury Lighthouse~

 Run up either of the steps and talk to Mia. Use psynergy to move
the statue, then chase after Mia. Fight the lizard man and keep
after Mia. Walk to the left of the pond and enter the passage.

Go right and up the passage.

Jump the block and go up the stairs.

Go south and you'll find Mia. She will now join your party.
Go north, right, south.

Push the pipe on the left of the block to the right. Walk
south and the water will push you. You can barely see it, but
there are stairs leading down and back up. Go through them and
walk south.

Go up and you will see more stairs to cross. Then continue north,
down and up the stairs, south, push the pipe back where it was,
south, then before going to the west go east and get the treasure,
it's a psy crystal. Then go back and through the L in the pipes,
again south, more stairs, and through the southern passage. 3 water
3 fire 1 wind, 3 wind 4 earth, 3 earth 4 water - 7water, 3fire,
4wind, 7earth - 3 wind 4 fire Continue south, but don't climb down
the ladder. Go around the pit and push the statue where designated.
Then go behind the shield looking thing to the right and slide
down it for a short cut to getting into the pit. Now you can go
through the door, yay!

See that shield-like thing? Do the same thing as before.

Now hop up to the statue and use Mia's Ply psynergy. The block
you were just on will begin glowing just like the statue, jump
on it. Once you have the three rings above your head you can make
three hops in the water before you have to go back. All the single
blocks in the lighthouse are like this. Hop to the passage on the

Hop on the block to your right, get the three rings, and hop to the
little passage.

Go all the way to the right upper corner and open the treasure box.
Ha! Tricked you! It's a Mimic! After you battle him go through the
waterfall right next to it.

Water up (as I'm calling it) on the block and hop to the other block
to get the treasure. Equip the psynergy armor on someone and go back
the way you came. Go back through the left most waterfall and get
back over the water.

Now go through the northern passage and hop on the middle block.
Water up and hop to the block to the right. Do it again and go
right again.

Go up seven, left three, down one, left five, and get the treasure.
Now hop back onto the last block you were on, water up, and go
south. This time start from the block you originally did, but
part of the directions is going to be different.

Hop to the block on the right, then the next one on the right,
north seven, left ONE, right one, up three, left one, down one,
left five, walk left, down, hop onto the block to the south, go
down four, and walk through the passage.

Keep going down into the next passage, then go left and into
the middle waterfall. Walk up through the passage.

There are three pipes you can move. First move the uppermost
horizontal one, then the lower horizontal one (you're pushing
both to the north). Then you will notice a third vertical pipe
you can move. Push this to the left.

Now go into the room you were in before. <scratches temple>
Gee did we do that? OOPS! Now hop your li'l butt to the other
side and go up the stairs.

Then go through the next set of stairs.

If you step on the little middle thing you'll see that's what
opens the door in the middle. Go up the next set of steps.

Go around the pipes till you reach the north wall. Go down
and up the steps to get to the other side. Push the vertical
pipe left, the horizontal pipe down, the veritcal right, the
horizontal up, the veritcal left, the horizontal down, the
vertical right. Now go back through the stairs and push the
statue onto the little button and go into the main passage.

Push the third statue and go through the passage. Get the
treasure (a nut) and go back out. 

Jump the break in the ground and go down into the pit. Go
back up on the other ladder and this time use psynergy to
move the statue out of your way. Enter the passage.

Push the pipe into place and the water will spray a wall
back, giving you entrance to another passage.

4th Waterfall: Djinn, battle to join party. Go out the
other passage. Go through the next two passage. Go through
the last waterfall.

Hop over to the right side of the statue and use psynergy to move
it. Go up the steps and follow the path.

You'll step through and come out a waterfall with a rainbow
shining across it. Go up to the statue and use Mia's Ply
psynergy on it.

~Lighthouse Aerie~

Hop those floating pods and go up the steps. Walk toward that
big spinning thing and you get a visit from some friends.
Congrads, you get to fight Saturos and kick his ass. Oh and
what is it with first Jenna, then Kraden telling you not to die?
Weird faith huh?

My advice:
Use each of your Djinn at once and heal when neccessary, then
when you've used all the Djinn begin usuing the Summons instead
of the individual planets. If you only have one Djinn of a planet
then use the planet. Then while your Djinn are recouping begin
healing again and use your strongest magic attacks. Don't wait
for all your Djinn to heal together, just use them as soon as
they're ready. Oh and heal...A LOT!! This is the longest and
hardest battle yet.

After you've defeated him Alex will stall you. They'll get away,
Mia tells you she's coming along, and so now go to the elevator
thing they've been going up and down on and hit A when you're close
to the statue. Go down to where all the people are and walk up
to the little thing where water is pouring out (an old woman is
standing by it). Use the empty water bottle to get some Herme's
Water, this is what you came to get for Tret, remember? Now go
back to Imil and sleep in the inn, you probably need it after
fighting Saturos. 

~Imil Revisited~

Go to the Weapons/Armor Shop and buy the following:
Isaac - Nothing
Garet - Adept's Clothes
Ivan - Adept's Clothes, Blessed Ankh
Mia - Adept's Clothes

Head to the sanctuary after making your purchases. If you
need anyone in your party revived, do it now. Sleep in the inn
before leaving Imil. Retrace your way back to the Bilbin
Barricade. When you get to the Bilbin Cave just use Retreat to
get to the other side of the cave unless you aren't yet annoyed
with all the battles.

~Bilbin Barricade Revisted~

Read the minds of the two trees to the north and you'll find out
someone pushed the three trees that used to stand as one before
going ahead. One of the tree is stuck on a rock in the water. You
can step out into the water a certain way to reach the tree just
enough to use psynergy to move it in. Then Ivan reads her mind and
she thanks you for pulling her in. Now go on to the Kolima Forest.

~Kolima Forest Revisited~

In case you don't recall how to get through the forest again
(everything has gone back to the way it was before you arrived,
besides the fact of Tret dying) then refer back to the Kolima
Forest section. Go up to Tret and give him the Herme's Water.
Blabla, use retreat to get out of the forest again. Leave and
go east. Enter Kolima.


-Treasure Hunt-
1.) The "house" 2nd to your right on the left side has a jar
containing an herb.
2.) In the inn at the top floor there's a pot containing a
gold medal.
3.) At the top floor of the Weapons/Armor shop in a barrel is
7 coins.
4.) On the right side of the shop in the 3rd pot up on the left
is an apple.

Talk to the man and his son, then read their minds. See the fence
outside their house with the Djinn? You want it? Go behind their
house and walk into it. Follow the path to get to the other
ladder and get Granite. Go back out.

Buy the following from the Weapons/Armor Shop:
Isaac - Bronze Helmet
Garet - Bronze Helmet
Ivan - Nothing
Mia - Nothing

Go back to the Bilbin Barricade and you can receive a hard nut
as thanx for saving that tree from being swept away from the river.
Then return to Bilbin itself and go talk to McCoy.
Congrads, you've hit the big lot.
1st - Vial
2nd - Potion
3rd - Psy Crystal
4th - Water of Life

~World Map~
Leave Bilbin and head back through the Bilbin Barricade. Head
east, south, then west. You'll arive at the Kolima Bridge.
Cross over it. Go west, south, southeast, east until you get
to Fuchin Temple.

~Fuchin Temple~

Go up the two flights of steps and enter the Temple. There is
Nyunpa. Behind him on the right is a pot containing a Unicorn
Ring. Read the man's mind and he will speak to you. Go over to
where there is someone in front of the waterfall and speak to
him. He will let you enter.

~Fuchin Waterfall~

Read the tablet in front of you. Then go to the log on your
right and stand on the very left edge. Move forward to get to
a chest. It turns out to be a mimic, kick its ass! Then
return to the other side of the pool and ride the other log.
Walk forward to the next screen.

There is a single pod a jump away from the left side of the
land. Go from it to the 2pods on the right, the 2pods to the
right, the 2pods above, the 2pods above, the 1pod to the right,
the 2pods above, the 1pod to the left. Jump the 2pod to the
left, the 1pod to the left, the 1pod down, and go up the stairs.

Go into the next entrance, then use the log to get to the next
one. Go to the left and down and use the log to get to the next

Use the next log and go through the passage. Hug the lower wall
and go around it. Walk the log and go onto the vertical log. Move
it to the left and return the horizontal log to where it was.
Hop the rock and get onto the vertical log. Fight the li'l cute
djinn. Now go down to a third log and push it to the next passage.

Go to the two logs in the water and move the first one to the
 other side. Move the vertical one on the right to the left. Go
back to the unmoved horizontal log and move it up so it meets the
vertical one. Enter the passage to the left and fetch the dragon's
eye. Now go up the north passage.

Go into the passage after that and insert the dragon's eye into
the dragon. Use retreat to return to the beginning of the waterfall.

Use the left log and go back to the 2nd screen. Hop your way to the
western path. Go north into the next passage but instead of going
into obvious passage go to the edge of the very north of the cliff.
Take one step back and go left. Figure out the invisible path to get
to the second passage on the other cliff.

Walk north and slide off the ledge. Go into the passage and read the
tablet. Now get the treasure and equip it to someone. Use Retreat to
leave the waterfall.

~Fuchin Temple Again~

Go chat with Nyunpa and he'll explain the Force psynergy to you. Go
south to enter Mogall Forest.

~Mogall Forest~

Keep going south till you get to the brown logs. Push the vertical
one right and the horizontal one down. Now push the vertical one back
left and push the horizontal one up. 

Hop over the water and go east, east, east and get the treasure
(an apple). Now west, south, south.

Go up to the log on your right. See that rock the log is seperating
you from? Use psynergy to push it into that little impression in the
ground. Now push the log forward and go through the opening. Go up to
the next log and push it forward. Now get behind the vertical log and
push it to the left.

Go to the djinn and fight him.

Then go behind the horizontal log and push it out of the way. Push
the vertical log left again so this time it'll hit the water. Go up
to the log and use the psynergy Force.

Now go up the screen use Force on the stump. Then head west, west,
north for a psynergy stone, back south, west.

Go up to the log so you're right in front of the rock. Move the rock
to the character's left with psynergy, then move it up. Then roll the
log forward and move the rock again with psynergy. Get the treasure.

Now walk east, south.

Go down to where the log is and move the rock down to its little crater.
Push the log out. Use Force on the stump. Go far to the left so you can
get on the left side of all those logs. See how you can get in to push
the vertical log? Do it, then push the horizontal one, then go around
the stumps to push the other vertical one into the water. Hop on over
and use Force on the stump. Follow the weird dude south.

Follow the li'l path and a big dude (the weird dude's big bro?)
will come out lookin' for trouble, just kick his ass with your
strongest summons and cure every now and then. He's boring really.
Now leave the Mogall forest by going out the southern path and
head west and over the bridge to Xian.


-Treasure Hunt-
1.) In the house past the inn in a barrel at the farthest wall is an
2.) In the left door past that house near the bed is a pot containing
a sleep bomb.
3.) If you go out to where there are trees in two rows and pots at
the left end of either one, the pot on the top row contains a lucky
4.) Up the steps to the li'l temple-like building next to the
jumping girl in a barrel is an antidote.

Go up to the guy over by the tree. He'll tell you to stand on the
line and use your chi to move the tree, so face the tree from the
line and use the Force psynergy. Then move it from behind the line
when the guy tells you to. Master Feh comes out and there's a whole
scene with his daughter Feizhi about her b/f Hsu. Blabla, perform
Force from where you are again, blabla. Leave the temple.

See the girl getting water? Wait until she is in front of the 2nd
door in the cliff (before she turns toward it) and speak to her.
She will drop her water so use Mia's psynergy Frost to freeze the
water into a tall post. Go up the steps, hop onto it, and then onto
the other side of the things blocking your way. Go up to the djinn
and get it. Then go back to the other side of the things that were
in your way.

Go up the steps to the upper left of the city and go into the
Weapons/Armor/Item Shop.

Buy the following:
Isaac - Battle Rapier, Iron Shield, Bronze Helmet
Garet - Battle Rapier, Iron Shield, Bronze Helmet
Ivan - Silk Robe, Battle Rapier, Armlet, Silver Circlet
Mia - Silk Robe, Armlet, Silver Circlet

~World Map~

Leave Xian and head north. Go up to a little island connected to
the mainland only by a bridge. Run around there until you get in
a fight with a mars djinn. She's pretty easy to fight. 

Now head northwest of Xian. Go over a bridge and when you get
to a certain path in walking the screen suddenly changes and it
says you're at the Alpine Crossing.

~Alpine Crossing~

As soon as you get in Feizhi runs around worrying about her
dear Hsu. Tell her whatever, she will stay all the same. See
that funny looking plant? Use growth on it to spring it into a
vine. See that puddle of water? Use Frost on it to grow it into an
ice post. Climb up the vine and walk over to the post. Jump onto
the other cliff and go down into the nook. See the chest? Yay, power
bread! Now go back down and continue your journey. Go into Altin.


What a lovely swimming pool...er...mining town, huh? Move the statue
against the cliff to get a psy crystal. Go past the inn and down the
ladder. Go all the way down until you automatically stop. That water
monster goes into his little cave thing, follow him!

~Altin Peak~

Walk up to the monster and watch what he does. Keep after him.
When he starts pouring water from his mouth he's not gonna run from
you anymore. Go up to him and battle him. Do the same to him that you
did to that dude in the Mogoll Forest. The water will drain from the
pit so go down the ladder. Use frost to freeze the water and go back
up the ladder to hop over it. Now you can leave the cave.

~Altin Again~

Go down into the part of Altin that isn't water drenched anymore and
go into the house in front of the items shop. In a barrel to the
right of the girl is a nut. Now go into the mine entrance exposed
because of the drop in water.

~Altin Peak Again~

Just keep following the train tracks no matter WHAT! EXCEPT when you
get to the water. Go left then up. See that mine cart? Go past it
(going right) and flip the switch so the arrow is pointing to the
right. Now go up to the cart and hit A to get in.

Now you're where that damn water monster is and you've gotta kick
his ass, so go to it! After that's through get back in the cart and
it'll take you back to where you got into it. 

Now trace your way back out of the cave by the train tracks.
*On your way back enter the entrance to another part of the mine
that you passed near the beginning.*

Go in, go down the ladder, and through the opening.

Walk to the left and go south through the overhang. See the arrow?
Flip the switch so it's facing left. Now go back where you were and
this time go right. Get in the mine cart. When it stops go through
the entrance and follow the path.

Keep going to the left to fight a Mimic Treasure (you get a game ticket
for it). Then go back to where the rocks are and go through THAT path
and keep going south.

When you get to the next screen pass up the ladder and go to the water.
Use Frost on it and then go up the ladder.

Go through, down the ladder and keep walking to the left until you see
a ladder and a treasure. Go inbetween those two and up north. Use frost
on the puddle. Go up the ladder, hop the ice, and go to the cart. Get in
and you'll arrive at the treasure. Get back on the cart and when you
arrive, simply slide down the cliff.

Go to the left of the ladder and climb up a different ladder. Run up to
the switch and change it so the arrow is pointing to the right. Get back
 on the cart. Get out and go right, then down the ladder. Kick yet
another monster in the crotch and get him down for the count. Then,
unless you feel like getting up some more experience, use Retreat. 

~Atlin Again (3rd)~

Buy the following Armor/Weapons:

Isaac - Chain mail, Iron helmet, Claymore
Garet - Chain mail, Gauntlets, Iron helmet, Claymore
Ivan - Gauntlets, Psynergy Rod
Mia - Gauntlets, Psynergy Rod

~Altin Mine Again (3rd)~

Now go into the one mine entrance you haven't yet. When you walk in
there's an arrow pointing left. Go right and follow the tracks. When
the tracks end, you keep going. When you see a Djinn on a cliff keep
going right. Go up the ladder and frost a puddle, there's a second one
to the left. Go up the ladder over on the right and use the posts to
get to another opening.

Turn left and just keep going. When you get to a part where there's a
ladder to your left and rocks in the middle, weave between the rocks
and read the sign. Stand in front of the rock directly in front of the
vertical log and use Forcce in front of you and follow the path.
When the path turns a few steps after the track stops go south of
that big block and you'll find a chest with a lucky medal in it.
Say hi to the djinn again and go over to the wooden post south of
the bottom ladder. Move it with the Move psynergy, use the Frost
psynergy on the puddle, then go up the ladder and make sure the red
arrow is turned to the left.

Go down to the ice and wooden posts and hop them. Get into the mine
cart. When it stops at the right simply get back in and it'll go left.
Now you can get the cute li'l djinn! Now use Retreat to get out of the
caves unless you feel like fighting your way back.

If you'd like to get a cookie (boosts max PP) then go back into the
second shaft you entered and follow the tracks back to the now-empty
pit. Go down the ladder and enter the shaft. Use lift the get the
bolder out of your way and open the treasure chest. Who said people
who ask for cookies never get em? Now use Retreat to get out of there

~Altin Again (4th)~

It's been a long time battling so why don't you have a good night's
rest in the inn?

~Altin Mine Again (4th)~

Then go back into the third shaft and use Lift to move the bolder
behind the red arrow. If you're interested in a vial go to the very
left and move the post out of your way to retrieve one. Then use the
middle path to get to the next city, Lama Temple.

~Lama Temple~

Cross the bridge. Right before the steps is a psynergy stone. Go up
the steps to the temple to see Master Hamma. Is it just me or does it
seem like that comment at the end meant Hamma is Ivan's mother? Hm...anyway,
now you've got Reveal! Before going outside of the temple search the jar on
the upper left for 6 coins. Go down the steps and to the other side of the
stream. Use reveal to see that boulder is really a treasure chest.

~World Map~

Leave now and head directly to your right where there is a little
clearing between two mountains.

~Alpine Crossing Revisited~

Go up to the half circle cut off by  the moutain and use Reveal. Go
through the doorway and around to where Hamma and Feizhi are, help them
rescue Hsu. Now you're back at Lama Temple. Leave and go West.

~Lamatakan Desert~

There's a temperature guage on the left. As it gets high you get hotter.
Use Reveal every time you come in contact with a circle of rocks. And
note: the temperature only rises when you're in the sand. I don't have
any directions to give you, just find all of these items:

Lucky Pepper (1)
Ant Lion (4)
Oasis (5)
Coins (1)
Psynergy Stone (2)
Potion (1)
Vulcan Axe (1)
Jupiter Djinn (1, Smog)

After you get out of the first cave keep going at the highest point
walking over the sand waterfalls until you get to the very last one.
When you use Reveal it shows this really ugly monster. Fight him to
get access to the entrance. That's your way out of this hell hole. 

Before using that path go down the sand waterfalls to the ground. There
are three rings of rocks. One contains a pool, one an antlion, and one
a chest containing a mint. Then get back up to the top of the waterfalls
and go through the pathway.

~World Map~

Now walk over one of the western bridges and go to the northern-most
island. Walk around until you get into a fight with a Venus Djinn (Vine).
Now go west into Kalay.


-Treasure Hunt-
1.) The house on the left has a tree with a nut on it.
2.) There's a pot sitting behind two other pots by the graves that holds
a vial.
3.) Look in the oven of the house at the very northeast (2nd floor) for
a smoke bomb.
4.)  Walk into the downstairs of the Inn and straight in front of you is
a barrel holding an elixer.

Djinn: Now go out the 2nd floor door and go left. Hop onto the grass and
go up. Use psynergy to move the statue and go in. Move the next statue all
the way in front of the pouring water. Go over the djinn and he will join

Give Mia the Psynergy Rod.
Buy the following Weapons/Armor:
Isaac - Great axe, Mail cap
Garet - Great axe, Mail cap
Ivan - Frost wand, Heavy armlet, Elven Shirt, Mail cap
Mia - Jerkin, Heavy armlet, Mail cap

Now go all the way north through the town and go up the steps. After
you talk to Lady Layana go to the door on the lower left. By the bed is
a chest with a water vest in it. Now go to the door on the lower right
and go over to where the girl is cooking. The barrel closest to her left
contains a nut.

In the Inn are two tour guides. Speak to them, then try to leave Kalay.
It seems there's a tour going to Tolbi for the Colosso Tournament, what
fun. Now leave Kalay and head north.

~World Map~

Keep going north and over the eastern bridges until you run into, yes,
VAULT! Ain't it great to be back?


Go up the steps to the northwest and to the dog by the grave. Read his
mind and knick knack paddy whack give the dog a bone, then read his mind
again. Walk east to the bell tower and ring the bell to get the earth
djinn to jump out of the tree and onto that cliff. Now return to the dog
and use Reveal. You'll be brought down to a lovely little caveland.

Go right and up to encounter a mimic, then return down and left and
keep going left and then up into a passage, and then right toward another

Push the flame onto the little platform and enter the next passage.

Use whirlwind on the growth of plants and go fetch the Vambrance gloves.
Now go down the stairs and frost all those lovely little water puddles
except the one to the very right. Go back up the steps and hop them to
the other side beginning on the left side of the ladder. Now go through
the passage.

Don't worry about any of the downstairs passageways, they're all dead
ends for now. Instead go down the ladder and up the other, then through
another passage.

Go up the stairs to your right and push the button to release the water,
now go back down the stairs and south, through a small room and then
 coming to another room.

Okay, this is a tricky part. Push the unlit post down 1, then all the way
left. Now go over to the movable lit one. Listen to the water drops and
 realize there is a pattern (1, 2, 3-4). Move up 1, then listen to the
 beats and while beat 1 plays, start pushing the post left 2 turns. Now
move it around that block and stop right before the block where droplet 3
falls. While beat 3 drops, push to the left twice. Move the unlit block to
where the lit block began, then push the lit block around the little block
until it's next to droplet 2. While beat 2 drops, push the block twice.
Now you're home free to the little fire block, enter the doorway.

Gee, doesn't this seem familiar? Walk to the other set of stairs and go
through. Now go through the next doorway. Down the li'l ladder you go,
and through the passageway the water went out of earlier. Hop the small
distance and go up the ladder. Go up the stairs, through the hallway,
and DAH NAH! You've got Sap! Now go back into that cave and use Retreat,
or fight your way out if you truly wish. Now leave Vault and head to Vale.


Use the Inn if you wish, or just the giant psynergy stone if that's all
you need. Go fetch a power bread by using Whirlwind on the leaves behind
the Items/Weapons/Armor Shop. Item Shop. Then head up and cross the bridge,
grab a nut from the tree a little north of the waterfall. Go up to your
house if you want, but if you speak to your mom she's gonna yell at you
for breaking your promise not to come back until your quest was complete.
Be my guest to go visit Garet's family, they are very glad to see Garet.
Don't forget to visit his sister!!

Now go over to Kraden's cottage and talk to the boy by the fence. Thanx to
the Lift psynergy you can get that boulder out of your way and go to the
next screen and go into the cave.

~Vale Cave~

Use reveal near the stumps in the water to get across the middle stumps
to the other side of the little pond and go up the ladder then into the

Hop to the right on those stumps and push the crate to the left. Then go
into the southern passage and get the treasure (a nut), then return to
the other screen. Hop the stumps and get to the crate on the left. Move
it with Move Psnergy to the right until you get it into the water. Now
get to the log and walk it across the water, going into the next passage

Take the left path 'cause the right is a dead end. You'll get to the next

Push both those logs you get to into the water, then hop down the cliff
and push the third log in. Now walk them to the lower area and on to the
next room.

Get the treasure and equip it on someone, then go chase after that Jupiter
Djinn and when you start running around those three rocks trying to catch
it use Halt psynergy on it and it'll join you. Now leave Vale and go to
Goma Cave.

~Bilbin Cave~

Hop the stump in the water and go through the lower cave entrance to the
room with the icicles. Go up to the puddle and flame and Douse the flame,
the puddle with freeze. Now go back out of the cave and get up to the
higher cave entrance. Use reveal when you get to the half circle of rocks
 and go through the passage.

Find your way halfway around the room and go into the little room to get
 two treasures (psy crystal and water of life). Now get outta there and
head southwest again to the Kalay Ports.

~Kalay Ports~

Go into the first house and buy a boat ticket. Then talk to the lady
standing right outside of where the boat is and learn you need to pass
 a message to her daughter. Go up to where Silk Road is cut off and
say hi to the Venus Djinn. You'll have to wait to get this li'l guy.
Now board the boat. 

~Tolbi-Bound Boat~

After overhearing the group on the boat go down the stairs in the middle.

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) Go to the bottom of the screen and check the right barrel for a
lucky medal.
2.) Now go into the cabin right behind the ladder above deck. Right in
front of you is a barrel holding 23 coins.

Go farther up to listen in on yet another conversation. Then follow them
to where that blue haired guy went earlier.

First go straight to the blue and white pot to get a nut, then go up the
ladder and say yes about speaking to the Captain. After the argumenet
is over read the blue haired guy's mind to find out the trinket is
hidden up in the mast. The mast is accessible by going up the ladder
right above the stairs you went down earlier. After returning the anchor
trinket go to the other cabin and down the stairs in that room.

There's not much to know now except if you'd like to go to Crossbones
Island as a detour if you choose first two strong people, then two weak
people. The fourth fight is a boss so be ready for him.

Have all your djinn set and keep healed up 'cause this guy has some
bad attacks. Don't bother with bind, it doesn't help at ALL. Have your
djinn unequip and use the summons. If it looks like your team is totally
screwed just give it all you've got.

~Tolbi Docks~

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) In the box at the north end of the little dock on the very right is 35

Speak to the girl standing right outside the dock. That's the daughter of
the woman you spoke to at Kalay Port.

Go up the steps right above you and go to the left of the house. Notice
the treasure chest? Stand where those two tall boxes are still in your
view and use Reveal. Notice how they retain their colour while everything
else is black and white? Go down the steps and in front of the most left
box. Move it to the left twice. Then move the 2nd box to its left once. Go
back up the stairs and hop the boxes to get to the treasure (it contains a
potion). Now leave and enter Tolbi.


Go to the Weapons/Armor/Items Shop and buy the following:
Isaac - Great Sword
Garet - Great Sword
Ivan - Vambrance
Mia - Angelic Ankh, Guardian Circlet

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) Go over to the graves and use Reveal to find a treasure chest holding
Power Bread.
2.) There are 9 coins in a barrel on the side of a house north and
slightly east of the graves.
3.) Go over the bridge to the house's northeast and enter the first house.
A vial is contained in a barrel on the left wall.

-Time to Gamble-
1.) Go to the Fountain in the middle of the town and throw a lucky coin
in. You should try to gather the following by throwing lucky medals:
Isaac - Earthen Shield, Spirit Shield, Adept's Helmet
Garet - Earthen Shield, Spirit Shield, Adept's Helmet
Ivan - Assasin's Blade, Battle Gloves
Mia - Ninja Hood
This is also a good chance to win more money if you need, just throw in
regular money.

2.) Go up the steps to the right of the fountain and into the house with
the die on it. Have fun winning money ^_^

Now head to the two sets of stairs directly above the graves in the west
of Tolbi. Two guards will ask if you've seen Babi. Continue to Babi's
little mansion. 

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) The southeast stairs contain a lucky coin at the top.
2.) You can sleep in the northeast room through the door by talking to
the girl in there.
3.) On the eastern side of Tolbi, next to a house is a barrel containing
a lucky medal.

Go up either of the two main stairways and head straight. You'll run into
an odd looking man who seems to be in search of Babi.

To your left, down is a room with scholars (who seem to know Kraden oddly
enough) and a jar with a hard nut in it, up is nothing.
The center pathway leads to the throne room. Walk to the right to get
to Babi's room and read his diary on the library shelf. Now go back to
the little four way road (as I call it). To your right, up is a girl
named Sheba, down is the Colosseum Tunnel.

Leave the little Babi palace and leave Tolbi.

~World Map~

Go west, up the bridge, then far far east. You'll get to a beach and
there's a port east of that, go in and you get the Earth Djinn Ground.
Now return west and walk up the bridge you find. Go into the cave.

~Atmiller Cave~

Simply follow the path until you get to the room with rocks. Cross this
and come out into a lovely place, don't you agree?

Go right to fight a mimic, then left until you reach a fork (The Road
Not Taken?). The funny thing is, the right is a short dead end so of
course go left.

When you see that white necklace type thing, talk to it ^_^ Why do I have
a feeling that's Babi? hmmmm....Well, better get going!

In the next room follow the path up if you'd like a vial of your very own.
Then return and go down all the way, then hugh the left of that wall until
 you find the exit of that room.

Go down the steps, then up the other steps. HI DJINN!!
Push the long log, then push the horizontal one south of it upward. Freeze
the puddle then go around the southern rocks and push the vertical log
toward the frozen pillar. Then walk back to the other side of the frozen
pillar and push the northern log south again. Then the vertical log right,
and run to the other side of it to push it left again. Now push the
remaining northern log south and go fight that cute li'l djinn!! GOOO YOU!
Now go push over that brown log and go down the stairs.

As soon as you can, turn left and follow the path all the way to a cookie!
Then return from whence you came and go south then left. When you're on
the left of the rocks go up and right through them, following the little
path to the next exit.

Walk down the steps and push the pillar right in front of you. Head south
until you come upon a staircase. Hop the gap and go around until you find
a place to drop off the cliff. Push the vertical log left again and go
through the entryway.

My my what do we have here? Use Reveal and find out ~_^
Rotate the blue rock, then the red one. A colour circle should appear,
just rotate the rock of the colour the spinner chooses. When it's happy
the little doorway shall appear. ^_^

Get the Mystic draught and either fight your way back to the invisible
guy, or use Retreat to get to the beginning and find him again.

Once you're back to him give him the Mystic Draught. Wow it IS Babi! And
he lied to you =( <sniff> He seems like a real jerk huh? After you've
been basically dragged into doing the Colosso thing, Retreat or walk
back to the entrance of the cave. Return to Tolbi.


Go up to the colosseum, get up on the right side stairs and if you'd
like, see what people are saying about you ^_^ The guards identify
you and you get a tour of the arena, how grand huh? Ick.

When the guard tells you to put people to cheer, put Garet (Psynergy
Move) in 1, Mia in 2, and Ivan (Psynergy Grow) in 3. After you're
all settled you get control of one character at a time. Garet should
move the post in front of him to the left, Mia should just speak
to the guard to say she's done cheering, and Ivan should use grow
on the vine in case you fall off the moving boards.

Going through the maze just hop the log Garet placed and moved the
other one to get a Nut, then push the pipe at the next stage and
hop the sink thing to your right, move across the wooden boards
 and up the steps right after them to get an Oil Drop, and then
push the vertical right, go up and over to the horizontal and
push it down. Go over up and over to the vertical and push it
left, then go down the ladder to get another Nut, then get to the
stage and claim your prize ^_^

Next Stage

Garet (Psynergy Move) in 1, Mia (Psynergy Frost) in 3, Ivan in
2. Make sure Isaac is equipped with Grow for 4. Garet needs to
move the middle post. Mia needs to frost the left puddle. Ivan
just says he's done. Go thorugh the maze until you can get to
the middle post and hop the rest of the way. The fourth white
moving thing leads you to a nut. Move the lower log and then hop
on the frozen post. Use Move to pull the log into place and then
go for the treasure (smo ed to this enough to know how to get
through right? Although on number for don't even bother with
the treasure (sleep bomb) I didn't even use it. Just push the
two standing logs against the wall with the third one and push
the log over ^_^ You're homefree by then.

Yay you fell ASLEEP! lol.

~Babi's Palace~

Aw, Garet keeps yelling <sniff> Don't you feel unloved?
<pat pat pat> After the convo is done hop out of bed and
take the main stairs to Babi's little throne room. Say no
to sailing his ship and then agree when he mentions fulfilling
your own quest at Venus Lighthouse. Follow Babi to his room
to the right and grab his Cloak Ball. Then leave Tolbi.

~World Map~

Head south then east toward the Gondowan Cave.

~Gondowan Cave~

Go straight then take the left fork to the next passage.
Use Lift to move the rock in front of you and head into
another passage.

Follow the side path all the way until you get the treasure
(an apple) Then go back and hop the little rocks to another
treasure (lucky medal) and keep hopping right until you go
down into another passage way.

Go up the steps and use move to push the stump left. Go to
the other side of the high cliff and push the other log off
to get it out of the way and jump the small gap. Go down
the stairs and you're out of the cave ^_^

~World Map~

Head north all the way to the cave next to Lunpa.

~Lunpa Cave~

Just Frost the water puddle under that contraption thingie
to get through ^_^


-Treasure Hunt-

1.) Use Reveal on the grave stones to find a sleep bomb.
2.) The house to the right of the old lady has a barrel
on the right side of it w/a nut.
3.) Use Reveal on the circle of rocks to find a psynergy

Use Reveal by the boy at the north of Lunpa. Frost the
puddle you see and while still in Reveal climb up the
ladder and hop over to the other two logs.

Walk south until you get to the gate and walk over it. When
you reach a dead end use Reveal and go through the passage.
Haha, can we say JACKPOT? <grin> Return to the beginning
of this side of the town and slide down on the right side
of the Items shop.

Go North. Use Cloak in t he left shadows and get past those
annoying guards, then head into the fortress.

~Lunpa Fortress~

Go forward, then forward again. Speak to all the people,
then leave the room again. Go to the right a little,
then use Cloak and hide away in the shadows to get past
the green people and into the passage.

Use Cloak and go right, then up and get a vial out
of the middle barrel on the right. Leave and use Cloak
to get to the other passage on the left.

Cloak and wait until the green guy with the light is
far to your left, then race south and into the next room.
Cloak yet again of course and go up the steps.

You'll have to Cloak, run, Cloak, and run to get past
those two guys with the lights. Then go straight if
you'd like to speak to two girls. The passage to the
right of you has three guards you'll have to fight.
They'll tell you where Hammet is after you beat them
so head into the next room.

Fight the guard at the entrance to Donpa's room, then
go in and talk to his nurse. Leave and go through the
south passage.

Walk down the left isle when that dude walks on the
right side. Use Catch to get the key in the next room.
Use it to open the locked door, then fight the guard.
Go into the left doorway first and fight another guard.
Go into the north room to speak to Dodonpa's son,
daughter, some old lady, and Dodonpa's wife. Then return
to the room with the key and go up the steps to the right.

Go down the next stairs and use Whirlwind on the leaves.
Use Reveal and press the button to open the door to the
right. Hop the water and go up the stairs to your right.
Use Whirlwind on the leaves and go thorugh the passageway.
Open the middle door and get the power bread. Then go
through the left passage and open the next cell. Get
behind the crate and push it all the way forward. Use
it to hop to the left. Open the cell and use Whirlwind
then Reveal on the leaves. Go through the door.

you get to fight a blue lizard, GOOD LUCK!

After you've defeated the stupid lizard you have to
pull it off Dodonpa, pooey. THEN you're basically
kicked out of the fortress and there's NO way to get
back in 'cause Garet has to be a little baby about it.
So walk off all pouty and get out through the cave. A
man named Bunza will find you and start speaking to you.
Thankfully, he's your getaway ride...so what if it's a
getaway wagon? lol!

Walk into Kalay after you're dropped off in front of it
and go straight to Hammet's palace and into the main room.
After the conversation is over head to the Gondowan Cave

~Gondowan Cave~

When you get in hop over to the left, go down the steps,
hop the stump in the water, then use Lift on the boulder
and get the hell outta there.

~World Map~

Walk northwest, then south through the Godowan Passage
where you'll meet up with Iodem. Head to Suhulla (southeast).


Use Grow on the vine by the Inn to speak to the boy on the
roof. Then sleep in the inn.

-Treasure Hunt-
1.) The house right of the Items Shop has a smoke bomb in
the stove.
2.) Hop over the gap in the land on the right side of the
house in the middle of Suhulla and go all the way west to
find a hard nut.

Enter the 2nd house right of the Items Shop and Iodem will
talk to two soldiers entrusted with Sheba. Leave Suhulla and
go south into the desert.

~Suhulla Desert~

When you first enter the desrt walk to the west. You'll get
to a tornado and Iodem will talk blabishly. Then walk straight
into the tornado. While you're floating around use Douse to get
down. Everytime you douse a tornado you will face a Tornado
Lizard. They are semi-dangerous to your health so make sure all
of your characters are ready for each fight. After you beat that
damned reptile go south to the treasure (Virtuous Armlet) and
then head back north, then east and south to another tornado.
Get swept up into this one as well and use Douse, fighting
another dumb lizard.

Follow the path until you get to a sandy clearing. Go straight
and slightly to the right. Douse vigorously and kick the lizard's
butt to get to a treasure chest. HAHA IT'S A MIMIC! Now follow
the curving path and you get to fight another lizard ^_^ Tricked
you twice! Third time's the charm, keep going right and the last
path holds a third tornado before you get to finally be on your
way. Follow this road to the next screen.

Walk toward the first northern path for a Lucky Medal, then the
third one for a Cookie. The middle path leads you aaall the way
to a ladder. Go down that ladder and you get to fight the Storm
Lizard as soon as that giant torado gets you and you Douse it.
I HOPE YOU'RE READY!! He's gotta be one of the toughest guys in
this game!!

After you kick that boy into the ground (5 zillion years later)
go back up the ladder and go to that gap in the cliff. Use reveal
and hop the log to the other cliff. Fight the little Djinn and go
into the cave afterwards. This will just lead you to a pink hurricane
which you've REALLY gotta be ready for, by the time I had defeated
him three of my people had been killed at least once, two had been
killed two times, and another had been killed three times. Two of
those were STILL dead when I defeated the Tempest Lizard. So are you
SURE you're ready? Okay, then DOUSE!!

After you're back to normal do whatever you can to make your people
all happy healthy and alive. Then go back through the cave, up the
ladder, Reveal the log, go down the other ladder, then head south
until you go thorugh a kind of fat little opening and you see a circle
of rocks to your left. Use Reveal to get a psynergy stone, then
keep walking until you get to where Iodem talks about not having
found Sheba. Then continue on and GUESS WHAT?!!! YOU'RE OUT OF

~World Map~

Follow the path to your right, you'll suddenly appear at the Suhulla
Gate after a bit of walking.

~Suhulla Gate~

Go up the steps and you get to look at what that darn Felix did to
the poor li'l guards, aw. Keep going after the conversation is done
and head straight into that door. There's a Shaman who can revive
anyone in your party that you weren't able to. Then head on to the
next screen.

Keep walking until you see a little indent on the side of the cliff
where you can slide down. Use it and you'll get to a Mint. Then
slide down that little cliff and climb all the way back up with
the vines provided. Then move on to the next screen.

The third slide indent is the one you should take. You get to
fight a Mercury Djinn! Then after you're done with that slide
down the little cliff and continue right, Climb one vine then
enter the cave. Go all the way through till you come to a ship.

Iodem will give you a Black Orb to try to start the ship but it
doesn't work <scratches head>. Go back through the cave and climb
up the rest of the vines.

In the next screen talk to the guard and he'll go byebye, then go
down those flights of steps and exit.

~World Map~

Just contine right to the Venus Lighthouse.

~Venus Lighthouse Entrance~

Follow the path of hurt people until you get to the entrance of
the Lighthouse. Then enter.

~Venus Lighthouse~

The guy lying inside will tell you Kraden said the entrance is
not the entrance (the next doorway ahead of you isn't the
 entrance that is). So use Reveal and you will find a staircase
right on that little block, go down it.

Get the treasure and equip it on someone. Then go back out
and go through the entrance to the north. Walk to the right
and go down the stairs.

1down, 3left, 2down, 1right, 1down, 1right, 3down, 1right,
1down. Go up the stairs and get the treasure, then go back.

Get to the left side of the room and go through that passage.

Don't go up the stairs, but instead go around to the other exit
of the room.

Use Carry psynergy on the block in your way, then go up the
 stairs that it was blocking. Use Reveal right when you enter
the next room and go down the stairs that are revealed.

Go all the way up the statue and speak to it, or rather it will
speak to you, then a path for that mini lighthouse will be
revealed. Use Retreat or walk out of the lighthouse, whatever.

Head right until you hit the world map, then follow the path
to Lalivero.


-Treasure Hunt-

1.) After the soldiers hurry you on, go to the yellow spire
in the middle of the town to get a psy crystal.
2.) In the southeastern most house there's a barrel with a
Lucky Medal.
3.) The first room on the right on the second floor of the
Inn contains a barrel with a Lucky Medal.

Go to the Weapons/Armor Shop and buy the following:
Give the Lucky Cap to Ivan.
Isaac - Jeweled Crown, Mirrored Shield, Steel Armour, Righteous Mace
Garet - Steel Armour, Knight's Helmet, Silver Blade
Ivan - Crystal Rod
Mia - Magical Cassock, War Mace

Climb up the ladder on the back wall and then jump to the wall on
the right of the roof. Walk all around until you get to a pot.
 Hop to your right and climb up the vine to get the Fire Djinn.

Start walking back around and after you hop the broken piece of
wall go down onto the Shaman's house and hop to the lower part
of the vine above the Item's Shop. The pot farthest from you
contains a Water of Life.

Now leave Lalivero through the northern most exit and enter
Babi Lighthouse.

~Road to Babi Lighthouse~

Follow the wooden tracks until you see a ladder going down
into the ground. Move the leftmost pillar down there to the
left, then go back up the ladder. Then go to the pillar on
the east and push it out of the way to go down another
ladder. Now you're on the other side of those pillars,
so push the one in your way to the left and hop to the
other side of the path.

Go up the ladder, then use Grow on the vine, slide down
the shield and enter the passageway.

Slide down another shield, fight the djinn, slide down the
shield, go through the northern steps, go up more steps,
and slide down the shield closest to you.

Go up to the two guys speaking and listen in. They will
want you to prove you are worthy so read the message next
to the gate. See with your true heart? Well looks like
Ivan has the answer to this, use his Reveal and flip the
 switch. Do the same thing again after it closes and go
down the steps.

Hm doesn't this seem familiar? Don't bother talking to
the statue, just go down and move the rightmost block
twice to the left and once to the south. Then hop it
to the other side and go through the passage.

Hop the blocks to the next doorway, then go down the
next steps and move the first block so it's at the
northwestern most corner of the lines, then move the
other block so it's at the southwestern most corner.
Go back up the steps and hop the blocks to the next
side and go through the passageway.

Go down the steps and push the first block to the
very end of the dark floor. Then move the other one
so it's a hop away from the first one. Go back up the
steps and hop over to the other side of the wall and
use Whirlwind twice to reveal another block. Push it
down to the floor below and get it right next to that
shield on the other side of the room. Then push the
rightmost other block so it's back against the wall.
Go up the steps and jump to the leaves. Use Whirlwind
again and go through the doorway and keep going to
the next doorway.

Push the leftmost block to the imprint on the wall,
then push the rightmost so it's aligned with that
bar looking thing and use Carry to push it onto the
sink looking thing. Then push the other block so it's
aligned with the same bar looking thing and use Carry
to push it on top of the other block. Hop the sink
and block to the other side and continue on.

Hop to the left side and go through the door. Go up
the steps and use Reveal to find a treasure where
that pretty statue is. Then go back to the previous
room and hop to the right side. In the room you
enter you'll see five different coloured statues.
Mind read each statue to find out where they go
and put them in the correct order to get the door
 to your right to open. Or else put them in this
order: Yellow in the middle, pink then blue above
yellow, green then purple below yellow.

Once you have gone through the door go up some
stairs and you'll REALLY be in Venus Lighthouse.
Grab the psynergy stone then head into the
northern room.

Head to the left and go into the next room. Push
the block in your way, then use Carry to get it
into the gap. Continue on to the next room and
keep going forward, don't worry about the room
right in front of you right now. When you get to
the gold waterfall use it to get to the other side.
Go down first and get the treasure, but DON'T equip
it, it's cursed. Now go back and go up the stairs
directly to your north.

Enter the third waterfall then follow these directions:
2down, 1right, 3down, 1left. Go into the southern room.

Push the block above the line into the break in the
floor. Move ahead. Step on the purple block on the
ground and stuff will move around. Head to the other
side of the room and down the steps.

Jump to the ladder-bearing block and go down. Climb
up the right ladder and walk across the waterfall to
the doorway you couldn't access before. Go south and
down the ladder, use Move to push the lefternmost block
forward and go through the pathway. Push the other block
 all the way to the left and then go back up the ladder
and hop to the stairwell.

Walk down the ladder, through the pathway, up the
ladder, and up the stairs, then continue into the next
room. Push the straight lined block into the hole directly
northwest of the statue, then the one that would be considered
an upper left corner of a square into the hole directly west
of the straight lined one, and the remaining block directly
south of the upper left cornered one. Continue on.

Hop the block to your left and walk all the way up the little
line, then walk across the golden waterfall and hop the next
block. Walk into the southern passage and walk into the first
waterfall for some armour, then the second to continue on.

Go up the stairwell and Move/Carry two of the three blocks
onto the first sink looking thing to get across to the other
side. Go through the southern doorway and step onto the
purple block to get to the next stairwell. Gee doesn't this
room seem familiar? Get to the room south of you.

Continue right to the next doorway and figure out yourself
(sorry!) how to get to the treasure, and then how to get to
the other pathway.

Walk into the room on your right and go to the north of it.
I'll tell you the path to get from the statue to the door and
you can figure out which block goes where to make the math go
correctly: right, up, right, up, left, up, left, up, left, up,
right, up.

Step on the purple block in the next room and hop onto the
blocks after they move into place. Go up the northern stairwell
and then south. As soon as you reach the next room you start
going down the golden waterfall so get to a solid area and walk
up until you get walk across the waterfall and get to the
northeastern path.

Go up two stairwells, then you get to a psynergy stone.
Then slide down that shield looking thing and you get to
an area that looks just like the top of Mercury Lighthouse.
Instead, this is of course the top of Venus Lighthouse and
you're about to run into those bastards you haven't seen in

After everyone finishes talking get ready for battle, then walk
up to that spit spatting group. You'll not only be fighting
Saturos and Menardi, but after they are revived by the Lighthouse
you have to fight them again.

After you have control again go to the house in town that a
soldier is guarding and get onto the ship of the ancients using
the Black Orb.

~Lemurian Ship~

Go to the edge of the dock and use the Black Orb. You will
board the ship and then be off onto the sea....congratulations
...you've beaten the game...

~Clear Data~

Now you can save your data as clear data. This means you can load
it in Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age.

Once you have saved clear data, do the following:

Restart Golden Sun. Go to the screen that shows Continue, etc.
Hold the L, R, and left buttons, and press B once. Now you will
have a fourth option - "send".

This allows you to either send your clear data to Golden Sun 2
through a game link cable (you need 2 GBAs) or get a very long
password to type in to Golden Sun 2.

There are three levels of sending:
Gold - Carries over level, djinn, character stats, items, and money.
Silver - Carries over level, djinn, and character stats.
Bronze - Carries over level and djinn.

The higher the level the longer the password.

Here are mine (I obviously did everything in this walkthrough):


scP+6 =WksM sfe+m 6WRK= QT%n3 FBshD =c%Ly ubQ#q 9Q5hd U=mh4 =n2WD r&2Cv
AiJNh rzfru dKEST 2499G d3viS Lz8e9 ugV=& kZD=P ZEsn5 Jws9u
Cb3$b aaMQz f=wT6 Pm8k# zLYZV Cr5ZK r6JEu SNJz? P?xeT %?iXi
LkFLf c$xSA hYDkz AgfL5 Hwa6A n87XJ fTP$j XTApA 4+p4G C+8Lx
$C&H& JHrYw 9Cgmn 27%5A HjKQC eNDQR 4YFu8 4Kycx HydRM hc9RY


VLv!= Z#wVE  VJEa 8RqZ6
ir?Kx 5g&rQ  E
TkY=5 xNwuZ
ahLey Y&tsU
TygFa 2#hdV


uCfw8 9nsu%
aBx5D h

The End. Enjoy. Maybe one day I'll have Golden Sun 2 walkthrough,
but don't count on it any time soon. I'm busy beating Star Ocean 3 ~_^


When fighting a Djinn do not: use any type of attack that seals
their magic (they run away), do not flee the battle (they go away),
do not use their own element against them (barely does damage).

Flint: Strikes a blow that can cleave stone.
       Found outside of Vale.
Granite: Creates a mighty Earthen barrier.
         Found in Kolima fenced in.
Quartz: Revives a downed ally.
        Found in the Mogoll Forest.
Vine: Tangles foes to drop agility.
      Found around the island northeastern of Kalay.
Sap: Attacks a foe and steals HP.
     Found in Vault.
Ground: Uses gravity to hold a foe.
        Found in Kalay Port.

Forge: Boosts party attack with flame's fury
       Found in the Gama Range Caves.
Fever: Wrap a foe in feverish delusion.
       Found in Imil behind the frozen waterfall.
Corona: Boosts party Defense with a heat aura.
        Found around the island north of Xian.
Scorch: Stuns a foe with a blast attack.
        Found in a cave in Kalay.
Flash: Block damage to party with fire wall.
       Found in Suhulla Desert.
Torch: Penetrates defense with a melting blast.
       Found in Lalivero.

Breeze: Boosts party resistance.
	  Found inside Trent the Tree in the Kolima Forest.
Gust: Attacks with mighty wind gusts.
      Found in a cave at Bilbin.
Zephyr: Boosts party agility with a swift wind.
        Found inside the Fuchin Waterfall.
Smog: Veils a foe's vision in smoke.
      Found in the Lamataka Desert.
Squall: Paralyzes a foe with a storm.
        Found in Atmiller Cave.
Kite: Attack twice next round.
      Found in Vale Cave.
Luff: Seals a foe's psynergy.
      Found in Venus Lighthouse.

Fizz: Restores HP with calming water.
      Owned by Mia.
Sleet: Drenches a foe to drop its attack.
       Found inside the Mercury Lighthouse behind a waterfall.
Mist: Lulls a foe into deep sleep.
      Found in Xian.
Spritz: Restores party HP with soothing mist.
        Found in the Altin Mines.
Dew: Revive a downed ally.
     Found within the Suhulla Gate.



My friends for pushing me to submit this to Gamefaqs.
IkillKenny for his walkthrough.

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