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    Game Script by niai mitch

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      ________       .__       .___                _________             
     /  _____/  ____ |  |    __| _/____   ____    /   _____/__ __  ____  
    /   \  ___ /  _ \|  |   / __ |/ __ \ /    \   \_____  \|  |  \/    \ 
    \    \_\  (  <_> )  |__/ /_/ \  ___/|   |  \  /        \  |  /   |  \
     \______  /\____/|____/\____ |\___  >___|  / /_______  /____/|___|  /
            \/                  \/    \/     \/          \/           \/ 
      ________                          _________            .__        __   
     /  _____/_____    _____   ____    /   _____/ ___________|__|______/  |_ 
    /   \  ___\__  \  /     \_/ __ \   \_____  \_/ ___\_  __ \  \____ \   __\
    \    \_\  \/ __ \|  Y Y  \  ___/   /        \  \___|  | \/  |  |_> >  |  
     \______  (____  /__|_|  /\___  > /_______  /\___  >__|  |__|   __/|__|  
            \/     \/      \/     \/          \/     \/         |__|         
    Golden Sun Game Script
    By: Niai Mitch
    E-Mail: niai_mitch@hotmail.com
    Version: 1.3
    This document is Copyright 2003 Niai Mitch.
    This FAQ is a transcript of all spoken character dialogue 
    throughout the game Golden Sun. Please keep in mind that 
    it only includes dialogue and not actions of the characters.
    If you spot any errors then please feel free to e-mail me with
    the address found above. Remember that this is very incomplete 
    at the moment but I’ll have more up ASAP.
    Please do not copy or reproduce this document without 
    written consent of the author. I’d be more than happy 
    for you to put this on your website, as long as I am 
    being given full credit for it, but please e-mail me
    before doing so. Please put Golden Sun in the message 
    Version 0.1: The first version. The 1st,2nd and 3rd sections
    are done. The 4th section is also nearly complete.
    Submitted: (22/6/03)
    Version 0.5: The 4th and 5th sections are done. Corrected
    some spelling errors. (You wouldn’t believe how many time’s
    I’d spelled Isaac wrongly) Changed the name of the sections 
    to make it sound less boring. I’m so creative aren’t I? ;-) 
    Submitted: (23/6/03)
    Version 0.8: The 6th,7th and 8th sections are done. 
    Changed the headings slightly. 
    Submitted: (25/6/03)
    Version 0.9: I put the Hammet’s Departure bit into the Search
    for the Rod section. The 8th section is done and the 9th part
    is near completion. Added the ASC11 art thanks to 
    Submitted: (28/6/03)
    Version 1.1: Sections 9,10 and 11 are done.
    Submitted: (07/7/03)
    Version 1.3: Sections 12 and 13 are done.
    Submitted: (27/7/03)
    1.  -The Boulder and the Storm 
    2.  -Three years later... 
    3.  -The Secret of the Sanctum 
    4.  -The Elemental Stars
    5.  -The Fate of the World
    6.  -The lost Djinn                          
    7.  -Search for the Rod 
    8.  -Ivan returns
    9.  -Kolima’s Curse
    10. -Mercury,the lighthouse of Water
    11. -The Healing of Tret
    12. -McCoy’s Gift
    13. -Fuchin Temple
    Dora: Isaac, wake up!
    Dora: Please, dear, wake up!
    Dora: The Mt. Aleph Boulder is going to fall!
    Dora: Come on, Isaac. We have to go-now!
    Dora: Isaac! You forgot something!
    Dora: It’s pouring outside! Don’t go out without your tunic!
    Dora: Have you got everything you need?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: Good for you, Isaac. A lost possession can be replaced;
    a lost life can’t.
    Kyle: Isaac, Dora, hurry! The Boulder could fall at any second!
    Dora: Kyle... Will they be able to stop the Boulder?
    Kyle: I don’t think so...
    Kyle: Not for long anyway...
    Kyle: You two go on ahead and take refuge in the plaza.
    Dora: Aren’t you coming?
    Kyle: I need to evacuate the other villagers.
    Dora: Let me help you, Kyle!
    Kyle: It’s too dangerous, Dora. Please, just take good
    care of Isaac!
    Dora: Isaac is old enough to get to the plaza on his own.
    Dora: You can find your way, can’t you, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: You know the way – just go south to get to the plaza.
    Be careful!
    Garet: Ugh... Hrnghhh...
    Garet: Isaac, what do you want? I’m trying to save my things!
    Garet: What, you want me to just dump my stuff?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: You think I should forget these things and save my own 
    Garet: You know, you’re right. OK! Let’s get out of here!
    Elder: Ahhh! The Boulder! It’s falling!
    Elder: Ugh... Ughnn... It’s too heavy! We can’t hold it for long!
    Elder: If our Psynergy runs out, Vale will be destroyed!
    Elder: We have to hold on until the villagers are safe!
    Elder: Hurry, boys! Run!!! It’s just a little farther!
    Garet: Come on. Isaac, run! The Boulder is coming! 
    Villager: Rockslide...destroyed fence... Monsters 
    Villager: I’m hurt pretty badly... Do you think I’ll die?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Villager: I knew it... This is it for me. Save yourselves...
    Jenna: Oh no! My brother!
    Kyle: Hang on, Felix!
    Dora: Felix will be all right. We’ll find a way to save
    Jenna: Nooooo! Felix!
    Kyle: The rope won’t reach... We should use Psynergy.
    Do you have any left?
    Villager: I’ve used all mine up. What about you, Kyle?
    Kyle: I’m drained from helping the other villagers...
    Dora: We have to get help.
    Kyle: Can Felix hang on long enough for us to find help?
    Dora: There’s nothing else we can do for him here, is 
    Kyle: Then go get help, but be as quick as possible!
    Villager: Jenna, can you go too?
    Villager: You’ll go find help, right?
    Dora: Your brother’s counting on you, Jenna.
    Dora: All right, let’s get going!
    Dora: I’ll go look up north... You head for the plaza,
    all right?
    Jenna: Yes, ma’am. We’re looking for anyone with any
    Psynergy left, right?
    Dora: Isaac!
    Dora: You saw what happened?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: I have to go get help, before Felix drowns!
    Dora: I don’t suppose... Could the two of you help me?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: Jenna has gone to the plaza to get help. Go join her.
    Mayor: Go aid the elders! The Boulder is too heavy for them 
    to hold much longer.
    Mayor: We can’t let the Mt. Aleph Boulder destroy our village.
    Mayor: Let’s go help the elders.
    Mayor: We’re counting on you.
    Garet: Grandpa! Jenna!
    Jenna: Garet, Isaac... You came to help me?
    Mayor: Jenna told me about Felix. Is that why you’re here?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mayor: Good boys! Jenna could use a hand.
    Villager: Great! I’m all charged up!
    Mayor: How are you? Have you recovered your Psynergy?
    Villager: Enough to save Felix, thanks to the Psynergy Stone.
    Mayor: OK, Jenna, you heard him. Now hurry back!
    Mayor: The path may be blocked by fallen rocks. You two can
    show them the way!
    Jenna: ...Thank you, Isaac.
    Jenna: Mom! Dad! We’re back!
    Dora: Is that you, Jenna?
    Jenna: Yes, ma’am...
    Dora: I couldn’t find anyone who could help...
    Dora: How did you do?
    Dora: You’re just in time.
    Jenna: Then my brother is still...
    Dora: Felix is all right. He’s hanging in there.
    Dora: Come down here, so we can save Felix!
    Garet: Isaac...
    Garet: I can’t let him go alone...
    Garet: It’s times like these when we men have to stand 
    Mystery Man: Only the two of us survived...
    Mystery Woman: How could we have anticipated Sol Sanctum
    would unleash such fury?
    Mystery Man: It’s a miracle that even the two of us were
    Mystery Woman: That switch... It must have been a trap...
    Mystery Man: But to think it could conjure up a storm this powerful!
    Mystery Woman: ...Another demonstration of the awesome powers of 
    Mystery Man: Regardless, we must not fail the next time we challenge
    Sol Sanctum.
    Mystery Woman: Next time, we shall certainly...
    Garet: Isaac! Wait!
    Mystery Man: You were eavesdropping on us justnow... weren’t you?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Isaac...
    Garet: Isaac, they look scary...
    Garet: Are you sure you should be talking to them?
    Mystery Woman: You must forget everything you heard.
    Mystery Man: Don’t worry... We’ll help you forget!
    Three years later...
    Dora: Isaac! Haven’t you finished mending the roof yet?
    Dora: You’re almost done? OK! Keep at it!
    Garet: Hyaa!
    Jenna: Hee hee... Still training, Garet?
    Garet: Hyaaaa!
    Jenna: You sure do put your heart into it, Garet!
    Garet: Oh, I’m just finishing up.
    Jenna: That’s good. It’s time to go, and I was about to leave you
    Jenna: Say, what exactly happened to you two?
    Jenna: The accident three years ago... Is that why you’ve been 
    studying Psynergy?
    Jenna: I appreciate your concern, but ...my family’s never coming
    back, and neither is Isaac’s father...
    Jenna: I just want to forget that day. I wish everyone would...
    Garet: That awful day... We went to get help but they found us 
    Jenna: Well, let’s get Isaac and go to Kraden’s...
    Jenna: What, Garet?
    Jenna: Huh? You were about to say something, weren’t you?
    Jenna: Don’t be weird, Garet!
    Jenna: Whatever...
    Garet: Jenna, are you mad at me?
    Jenna: I don’t want to talk about it.
    Jenna: Come on!!!
    Garet: Huh?
    Jenna: Isaac’s waiting for us.
    Garet: But, Jenna...!
    Jenna: I’ll leave you behind if you’re too slow.
    Garet: Jenna...
    Dora: Good job, Isaac.
    Dora: You patched it nicely.
    Dora: All right. You’re all done.
    Dora: You’re very reliable, Isaac...just like your father
    Dora: What is it, Isaac? Do you still think about the accident?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: I thought so... Isaac...
    Dora: You and Garet have been working yourselves to the bone
    studying Psynergy.
    Dora: Do you think things would be any different if you you’d 
    had stronger abilities?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: That’s what I thought.
    Dora: I was devastated when Kyle died...
    Dora: I felt all alone...
    Dora: It’s taken some time, but I’m better now.
    Dora: I still have you, Isaac.
    Dora: You’re almost seventeen. You’re so much like Kyle was 
    when he was young.
    Dora: I’m looking forward to seeing where life takes you.
    Jenna: MA’AAAAM!!!
    Dora: Hello, Jenna.
    Jenna: Good morning.
    Dora: Yes,yes... Good morning.
    Dora: Well, if it isn’t Garet, too!
    Dora: Where do you all plan to go today?
    Garet: We’re going to Mt. Aleph with Kraden.
    Dora: Mountain climbing with Kraden, eh?
    Dora: Kids and their games...
    Jenna: No! It’s part of our studies...
    Dora: Ah, yes... Alchemy.
    Dora: Alchemy is the foundation of all Psynergy...
    Dora: And you all know Mt. Aleph is the greatest source of
    Dora: They say Kraden is the best teacher around.
    Dora: Alchemy... I wonder what use it all is?
    Dora: Your mother would rather see you grow up to be a happy,
    ordinary man.
    Dora: But I suppose you still want to go...
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: Well, if that won’t persuade you, I guess nothing will!
    Dora: You’re just as stubborn as your father!
    Dora: Ahhh!
    Garet: Be careful, ma’am!
    Jenna: Garet, don’t!
    Dora: Oh! That was exciting!
    Dora: I’m sorry I scared you like that.
    Dora: Well!
    Garet: I... I’m sorry, ma’am. I’ll get out of your way right 
    Jenna: Wait! Not there!
    Garet: Huh? What’s wrong with-
    Dora: Oh, never mind.
    Dora: But you’d better get going...
    Dora: This old house will fall apart apart if you stay much
    Dora: I’ll get this fixed up. You don’t have to hand around 
    Jenna: Thank you, ma’am.
    Dora: Please, call me Dora.
    Garet: We’ll get going right away!
    Dora: Wait, Garet... Just watch your step.
    Mystery Man: They seem to know little of Sol Sanctum’s
    Mystery Man: The elders of Vale must not permit anyone to 
    enter it, not even Kraden.
    Mystery Woman: Kraden... Can we use him?
    Mystery Man: Hmm... His knowledge is no meager thing. ...We 
    can use him.
    Mystery Woman: But he’s more stubborn than we expected...
    Mystery Man: And cunning, too... Cunning beyond measure.
    Mystery Woman: If he won’t go willingly, then we can always...
    Mystery Man: You there! What are you doing?
    Garet: What are we doing?
    Mystery Woman: Were you eavesdropping on our conversation?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mystery Woman: Oh ho! Well... I can’t permit you to continue
    your spying.
    Garet: Hey, you’re the ones who were sneaking around!
    Mystery Man: Sneaking... Who are you to accuse me!
    Mystery Woman: So Kraden’s engagement was with you...
    Jenna: Yeah, we’re off to meet him right now.
    Mystery Man: And this appointment is important enough to
    drive us away?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mystery Man: Pfeh! If your errand is more important than 
    our own, then...
    Mystery Man: Go...
    Jenna: You’re letting us go?
    Mystery Woman: Are you sure, Saturos?
    Saturos: Menardi, we have no reason to delay these children
    any further.
    Garet: Let’s... Let’s go, Isaac.
    Kraden: Just who were they?
    Kraden: They already know too much about Sol Sanctum...things
    that even the elders of Vale don’t know.
    Kraden: And what were they saying about the elements?
    Kraden: The elements of Alchemy; earth, water, fire, and 
    Kraden: They plan to set them into motion?
    Kraden: And the four Elemental Starts are the key?
    Kraden: These are things even I, a trained Alchemy sage,
    do not know.
    Kraden: Oh! Isaac...
    Jenna: You look like something’s bothering you.
    Kraden: Me? Ah, well...
    Garet: It’s those two, isn’t it? Saturos and Menardi were
    their names, right?
    Kraden: Are they still out there? They’re very persistent...
    Jenna: Did they want something from you, Kraden?
    Kraden: That seems to be the case...
    Jenna: Seems to be?
    Kraden: Mt. Aleph and Sol Sanctum...
    Kraden: They spoke as if they’d seen them with their own eyes...
    Kraden: Isn’t that strange?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: Yes. You can’t enter Mt. Aleph without a very good 
    Jenna: And if they entered secretly, then they might be 
    Garet: We have to go tell the high elders and the other 
    Kraden: Wait, everyone!
    Kraden: I still don’t know how accurate the things they
    said were...
    Kraden: We can do nothing until we confirm what they told me.
    Jenna: Then what should we do?
    Kraden: Well, we go confirm it.
    Garet: ...Do you mean we should go into Sol Sanctum ourselves?
    Jenna: Isn’t that impossible?
    Kraden: Why would it be?
    Kraden: Just because climbing Mt. Aleph is forbidden?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: We’re just going to see whether they’ve been to the 
    Kraden: Surely, that would be acceptable!
    Garet: We’ll be fine if they don’t see us, right?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Right. We won’t be doing anything bad up there.
    Jenna: This will just be our secret, OK?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: Then it’s decided!
    Kraden: We’ll make you the leader, OK, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: There are some dangerous places between Mt. Aleph and 
    Sol Sanctum but you can handle it, right, Isaac?
    Jenna: You’re more cautious than Garet is, Isaac, so you’ll 
    be fine!
    Garet: You don’t have to be so blunt...
    Kraden: This is our best bet.
    Kraden: All right! Let’s go!
    Kraden: This is the entrance to Sol Sanctum. This is your 
    first time here, right?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: It’s an important relic of our past. Take a good
    look at it.
    Garet: What’s wrong, Kraden?
    Kraden: Hmm...
    Kraden: Those two said there was a hidden passage leading deeper
    into the sanctum.
    Kraden: I’ve come here many times, and I’ve always thought it
    Kraden: I had always imagined Sol Sanctum would look different,
    Jenna: What do you mean?
    Kraden: Sol Sanctum was build in honor of the sun.
    Kraden: There ought to be something here to reflect that.
    Kraden: I always puzzled why there wasn’t.
    Kraden: If there is a hidden passage, then maybe it leads to...
    Kraden: Well! Let’s see if we can find it!
    Garet: I think he’s serious! Should we help him, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: But it’s too dangerous for us to split up. We should
    stay together.
    Kraden: More statues... Hmm... It doesn’t look like we can 
    reach them from here.
    Kraden: Perhaps Psynergy is the key...
    Kraden: Isaac, try to use your Psynergy!
    Kraden: This is it! We’ve found it!
    Kraden: Clearly, this is the mark of the sun...the heart of
    Sol Sanctum.
    Kraden: It’s just as I imagined...which means those two were
    telling the truth!
    Jenna: But if what they said was true, then that means they 
    must have been...
    Garet: They were thieves! They came to rob the sanctum!
    Jenna: Let’s hurry back to the village and tell everybody!
    Garet: Kraden? What’s the matter?
    Kraden: We’re so close...
    Jenna: Close? Close to what?
    Kraden: We’ve come all the way to the heart of Sol Sanctum.
    Kraden: To turn our backs on it and leave...
    Garet: There’s something wrong with that?
    Kraden: Sol Sanctum holds the origins of Alchemy. It would 
    be a waste to...
    Kraden: What do you think? Shall we go a little farther?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: Thank you!
    Jenna: If you put it that way, we don’t have much choice.
    Garet: I’m with Kraden. I want to look inside...
    Kraden: Really? We’ll just go a little bit further!
    Kraden: Good! It’s decided. Let’s move ahead!
    Kraden: Wh-What is this room?
    Kraden: There’s a moon in the center... A picture of Luna.
    Kraden: This must symbolize night...
    Kraden: These rooms must be connected somehow, don’t you
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: Luna and Sol... These rooms must hide some secret.
    Kraden: What could it be?
    Kraden: What does it all mean? Isaac, would you look farther
    up the passage?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: Let me know what you find.
    Kraden: Wha-What’s... What’s happening?
    Kraden: Isaac must have found something!
    Kraden: Isaac! Stop!!! You’re about to make a big mistake!
    Kraden: Wait, Isaac!
    Jenna: What’s wrong, Kraden?
    Kraden: This is a most interesting mechanism you’ve found,
    Kraden: But this is clearly... some kind of trap.
    Garet: This is...a trap?
    Kraden: Go look in the Luna room, and you’ll understand.
    Kraden: You’ve done well. Finding this means you’re looking
    in the right place.
    Kraden: But if you move just one statue you’ll be caught in
    the sanctum’s trap.
    Jenna: But why would anyone put a trap here, anyway?
    Kraden: I don’t know who did it... but they’ve hidden something
    very important.
    Kraden: Perhaps...they’ve hidden the keys to Alchemy itself.
    Kraden: Should I tell you more.
    Issac: Yes.
    Kraden: Hmm... Honestly I doubt you could understand it if I 
    explained now.
    Kraden: We must try to find a solution to this mystery.
    Garet: Sheesh... Another mystery?
    Kraden: I’ll keep checking the Luna room. You continue 
    exploring the sanctum.
    Kraden: My intuition tells me... that light must be the key
    to this secret. ...We should test it.
    Jenna: Isaac, let’s see if we can’t figure this out ourselves.
    Kraden: Wha-What’s... What’s happening?
    Kraden: Isaac must have found something!
    Kraden: You found it, Isaac!
    Jenna: Kraden!
    Kraden: Excellent work, Isaac!
    Kraden: Where did that hole come from?
    Garet: When Isaac moved those statues, two beams of light 
    shot out from them and then this hole appeared in the floor.
    Jenna: And Isaac dropped the statue into it after that.
    Kraden: Hmm... Good work, everyone!
    Kraden: So the statue puzzle was the trap... and the other
    statue was here to... disarm the trap.
    Kraden: And now that you’ve disarmed it, we should be alright.
    Kraden: I’ll observe from the Luna room, where it’s safe. You
    handle the rest!
    Kraden: Look, Isaac! The picture of Luna has changed to Sol!
    Kraden: But either than that, nothing looks different...
    Kraden: That’s strange... They went through the trouble of
    putting a trap here...
    Kraden: And this is all that happens?
    Kraden: Somewhere, something else must have changed. We must
    find it.
    Kraden: Look! The symbol on the floor! It changed from Sol to
    Kraden: Surely...there must be something in this room.
    Kraden: Ah ha! This has to be it.
    Kraden: Let’s go, Isaac!
    Kraden: Wait for me, Isaac... I’m on my way!
    Kraden: Wha-Where are we?
    Kraden: Is that...the ocean?
    Kraden: No, it couldn’t be... The ocean has waves.
    Garet: The ocean... What’s that?
    Kraden: The ocean is a thing of endless water at the end of
    the world.
    Kraden: You would not understand... Someday, I’ll show it to 
    you myself.
    Kraden: The Elemental Stars...
    Kraden: They really exist... The Elemental Stars exist!
    Jenna: You taught us about those... Elements are the foundation
    of all matter.
    Garet: Stones, wood, even us... All things are made from those 
    four elements.
    Garet: Did I get it right, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: Exactly...
    Kraden: As I have told you many times, the elements are the 
    source of all matter.
    Kraden: Earth,water,fire, and wind – these are the four elements.
    Kraden: Legend holds that the four Elemental Stars contain the 
    purified essence of each element.
    Kraden: And now, those legendary stones are before us!
    Kraden: The Venus Star... The elemental stone of earth!
    Kraden: Mercury Star, possessing the power of water’s many 
    Kraden: There is the Mars Star, glowing red with the fire 
    contained within!
    Kraden: And Jupiter Star, bound with the wind’s fury!!!
    Jenna: Kraden... Why are you getting so excited?
    Kraden: How can you be so calm in the face of such wonders!?
    Kraden: You’re looking at the very source of all Alchemy!
    Kraden: ...Haven’t I told you all this before?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: What? I must have fallen asleep, then, because I 
    don’t have a clue what he’s talking about!
    Kraden: The Wisdom Stone... the stone of Sages.
    Kraden: This stone dominates everything...
    Kraden: It can transmute crude matter into gold, even
    thwart death itself!
    Kraden: You understand now, don’t you?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: The study of Alchemy begin with the search for
    this very stone.
    Jenna: I don’t really get how it works, but they have
    enormous power, right?
    Kraden: Beyond enormous... With a single gem, one could
    conquer the world!
    Kraden: Now, perhaps, you begin to understand.
    Garet: Don’t scare us like that, Kraden. I totally thought
    you were serious.
    Garet: Heh... Conquering the world...
    Kraden: Who can say what the truth is?
    Kraden: That’s why I’ve been searching for the Elemental
    Kraden: I seek to learn the truth about these stones.
    Kraden: Now they lie before me...
    Kraden: Whoa...
    Jenna: Be careful,Kraden! It looks slippery.
    Kraden: But I must examine the Elemental Stars...
    Jenna: Make the boys do it!
    Kraden: Oh, I couldn’t ask... Would you mind?
    Jenna: He’d be glad to get the stones for you, right, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Jenna: Thank you!
    Kraden: You’ll need this, Isaac.
    Jenna: You brought those from your cottage, right, Kraden?
    Garet: What are those bags?
    Kraden: They’re made of woven threads of Mythril.
    Kraden: I prepared them for just such an occasion.
    Kraden: Now, go fetch the Elemental Stars and put them in
    those bags.
    Kraden: Good, good! Now, go fetch the others!
    Kraden: Good, good! Now, go fetch the others!
    Saturos: It looks like they’ve spotted us.
    Menardi: I thought we’d be safe until they’d gotten all
    the Elemental Stars.
    Kraden: You! You mean to steal the Elemental Stars!
    Saturos: Master Kraden... Are you calling us thieves?
    Menardi: As I recall, aren’t you the one who stole our 
    Jenna: What will you do with us once you’ve got the Elemental
    Kraden: I’m sure they’ll do us in once they no longer need us!
    Masked Man: Relax... You will not be hurt.
    Masked Man: That was our agreement, was it not?
    Saturos: That all depends on how well they cooperate.
    Menardi: They’ll be safe, as long as they hand over the 
    Elemental Stars.
    Menardi: Isn’t that enough?
    Saturos: You heard us... If you wish to save your friends, 
    then give us the Elemental Stars!
    Menardi: Do you accept our terms?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Kraden: No, Isaac! You must not give them the Elemental Stars!
    Saturos: Why would you deny us? Don’t you want your friends to
    be safe?
    Kraden: What guarantee do we have once we’ve given you the
    Elemental Stars?
    Menardi: Guarantee... Ah. I have one.
    Menardi: You will have to remove your mask.
    Masked Man: Th-That means...
    Saturos: Ah, of course. A fine idea... He will be our guarantee.
    Saturos: Under the circumstances, we have little choice.
    Saturos: Felix! Remove your mask!
    Garet: What? What did he say, Isaac?
    Garet: He called that guy Felix... That’s what he said, isn’t
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: You heard it too? Felix? It can’t be...
    Garet: That day... The Boulder... We saw him die, didn’t we?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: You remember it, too, Isaac?
    Garet: Then...what kind of guarantee are they giving us?
    Menardi: What’s wrong, Felix... Don’t you want them to feel
    Kraden: Felix... Wasn’t that the name of your brother?
    Jenna: But that accident... My brother, he...
    Masked Man: I’ll do it.
    Masked Man: I’ll...take off my mask.
    Jenna: I-It’s not possible...
    Kraden: Is he...
    Felix: I know I’ve caused you much grief, Jenna.
    Felix: It was a miracle that I survived that day...
    Saturos: We are the ones who saved him.
    Menardi: We saw him floating unconscious in the river as we passed.
    Felix: I’ve been with them ever since... I’ve experienced a lot.
    Jenna: But why?
    Jenna: Why did you leave me all alone...
    Felix: Jenna...
    Jenna: My own brother... I thought you were dead!
    Saturos: Save this teary reunion for later.
    Menardi: That’s right. The Elemental Stars come first.
    Saturos: Is this acceptable?
    Saturos: Felix would never allow us to harm you... or his sister.
    Menardi: Felix will be our guarantee. Now, give us the Elemental
    Garet: We don’t have any choice. Should we give them the Elemental
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: I guess I should just take the Elemental Stars to them.
    Alex: Will you permit me to relieve you of those Elemental Stars?
    Saturos: Oh, Alex... You’re late!
    Saturos: Alex is another of our companions. Hand the stones to him.
    Garet: Oh, great. After we did all that work...
    Alex: I’m afraid I must apologize in advance...
    Alex: For you will be bringing us the remaining Elemental Star, as 
    Garet: Wait a second!
    Garet: You want us to grab the other one for you, too?
    Alex: Oh, did you not understand me?
    Garet: You said you’d set Jenna free once we gave you the Elemental
    Garet: You promised.
    Saturos: No, my friend... We want you to bring us ALL the Elemental
    Menardi: Stop grumbling and bring us the last Star!
    Garet: Yes.
    Alex: Thank you for your cooperation.
    Alex: We’ll be waiting for the rest.
    Menardi: What’s the matter? What happened?
    Saturos: No! Not again!
    Jenna: The water’s gone!
    Alex: Without the energy of the Elemental Stars, the chamber is 
    Kraden: Is this the “terrible retribution” the villagers spoke of?
    Kraden: No, this must be more of Alchemy’s power!
    Menardi: Whew! It’s over... But what was it?
    Jenna: What is that?!?
    Saturos: No!
    Garet: That rock... It’s floating... Do you know what it is, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Yeah, I know it’s a rock, stupid!
    Kraden: Could that be... the Wise One?!?
    Alex: Such power... Incredible!
    Garet: !!!
    Jenna: Wow...
    Saturos: It must be the guardian of the Elemental Stars!
    Felix: This doesn’t look good... Maybe we should just escape while
    we can.
    Menardi: But we need the Mars Star. We can’t leave it behind!
    Alex: I agree with Felix. We’re no match for the guardian.
    Saturos: The Mars Star will have to wait for another day.
    Jenna: What about Isaac and Garet? You can’t just leave them here!
    Saturos: Forget about them. They won’t make it out alive.
    Menardi: But Saturos, there’s still a chance they might survive.
    Saturos: Anything is possible... So what do you suggest we do?
    Alex: We take this “Jenna” with us... If they survive, they will
    want her back.
    Alex: And if they want her back, they will bring us the Star.
    Alex: Regardless, Kraden must come with us. He is connected to all
    Felix: Alex... Are you breaking our promise?
    Alex: Conditions have changed since we made that promise.
    Felix: Jenna’s not any part of this. I won’t let you hurt her!
    Kraden: Do what you will with me. Just let Jenna go!
    Saturos: Your bravery speaks well of you, old man, but you cannot
    help Jenna now.
    Menardi: If we leave Jenna, she will surely die. Is that what you
    want, Felix?
    Alex: Perhaps we ought to continue this elsewhere, Felix.
    Jenna: Felix...
    Alex: Please...can we go now?
    Menardi: Let’s make haste!
    Felix: Hey, don’t push my sister!
    Menardi: Who do you think you’re talking to? You owe us your life!
    Saturos: Menardi!
    Saturos: Master Kraden, you will be joining us, of course!
    Jenna: Isaac, Garet! Don’t die!
    Alex: The Mars Star...
    Alex: It’s a pity that we have to leave it, but perhaps we’ll be
    seeing it soon...
    Garet: Well, that turned out badly, wouldn’t you say?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: It’s a miracle we survived.
    Garet: Jenna and Kraden are gone!
    Garet: You don’t think they’ll hurt Jenna and Kraden, do you?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Thanks a lot... But seriously, Jenna and Kraden should be
    fine. Felix is with them...
    Garet: This really is terrible...
    Garet: We’ve got a long way to go if we’re gonna make it out of 
    Garet: We’re in big trouble...
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Let’s get out of here...
    Garet: Hey, Isaac... Issac, I’m over here. Come on, we’ve gotta go.
    The Wise One: Why are you standing there?
    The Wise One: This place has become dangerous...
    Garet: You’re the dangerous one!
    The Wise One: The volcano will soon erupt... I cannot hold it long.
    The Wise One: You must leave this place.
    The Wise One: The Elemental Djinn... They have returned...
    The Wise One: Take out the Elemental Star...
    Issac: Yes.
    The Wise One: Return it to its bag.
    The Wise One: The Elemental Stars are... moving away from here...
    The Wise One: Without the power of the Elemental Stars to contain it,
    the magma flows freely once again, and this chamber is collapsing.
    The Wise One: There will be no chamber for the Elemental Stars to 
    return to...
    The Wise One: The world will be exposed to the threat of Alchemy.
    Garet: Alchemy? A threat?
    The Wise One: It can be a dangerous power if it is misused...
    The Wise One: If the Elemental Stars ignite the flames of the four
    lighthouses, that power will be released.
    The Wise One: As long as the four lighthouses remain unlit...
    The Wise One: The volcano... It’s erupting... Flee, now!
    Garet: But how...
    The Wise One: Ah. I see. I will help you...
    Garet: Did that floating eye thing save us?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Yeah, right! Let’s get out of here...
    Healer: I thought Mt. Aleph was inactive...
    Mayor: Oooh, my grandson! Will Garet be safe in this eruption?!?
    Garet’s Sister#1: Grandpa, we don’t even know if he’s up there!
    Garet’s Sister#2: But, Sis, somebody saw him and his friends 
    climbing Mt. Aleph.
    Villager: They were hanging around here while I was on guard duty.
    Dora: Isaac and Garet went to Mr. Kraden’s house.
    Mayor: Didn’t they say they were studying Alchemy?
    Dora: Yes, they did...but... what does that have to do with the
    Garet: Uh-oh. It’s Grandpa and the others.
    Garet: What should we do, Isaac? Should we go back up?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet’s Sister#2: Garet!
    Dora: Isaac!
    Healer: You’re safe!
    Mayor: Come over here, both of you!
    Mayor: Where have you been?
    Healer: What happened?
    Dora: Weren’t Jenna and Kraden with you?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mayor: They were taken away? By whom?
    Healer: This is all very complicated.
    Healer: We’ll need you to tell us exactly what happened on the
    Healer: Come into the sanctum, both of you.
    Mayor: We had no idea... The true sanctum...
    Dora: And Jenna and Kraden... They’re prisoners?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Dora: They’ve been taken against their will... How awful!!
    Villager: Do you think they can be saved?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Villager: Jenna’s brother, Felix, will protect them, won’t he?
    Mayor: What is it, Great Healer? You have been very quiet.
    Dora: It’s like you’re a thousand miles away.
    Healer: That hovering stone, the one that appeared before 
    Mayor: What about it?
    Healer: I have seen it before in my dreams.
    Healer: In my mind’s eye, it appeared again just now and spoke
    to me.
    Garet: You saw it just now?
    Healer: It must be the Wise One, guardian of the Elemental Stars.
    Healer: It told me what happened to you in Sol Sanctum.
    Mayor: So, what does the Wise One say about the eruption?
    Dora: Will the volcano destroy Vale?
    Healer: It is impossible to stop the eruption now.
    Villager: Will Vale be...
    Healer: Vale will be safe. The Wise One will prevent the lava from
    reaching us.
    Mayor: What’s the matter, Great Healer?
    Dora: ...The village will be destroyed, won’t it?
    Healer: Something even more dreadful than Vale’s destruction looms 
    Garet: What could be worse than the destruction of Vale?
    Healer: A terrible power.
    Healer: The Elemental Star gems house incredible power.
    Mayor: ...And Vale has been guarding those gems?
    Healer: The elemental lighthouses will lose that power upon the world.
    Healer: Once the power of the gems has been released, the whole world
    Dora: The Wise One wants us to get the gems back, does he?
    Healer: This world is ours, to save or to destroy. Our inaction may 
    bring about it’s destruction.
    Mayor: What a pity...
    Healer: We cannot hope for salvation. We must save ourselves...
    Dora: Then what can we do?
    Healer: Acquiring the Elemental Stars is their fate alone.
    Dora: Are you suggesting we place the fate of the world... in the 
    hands of Isaac and Garet?
    Mayor: Garet is only a child. You can’t expect him to bear such a
    Healer: The Wise One has spoken.
    Healer: Each of you shares responsibility for this.
    Healer: Now, each of you must make your own decision!
    Garet: I don’t know what to do. Isaac, you decide.
    Healer: Isaac, will you accept responsibly for the fate of the land?
    Issac: Yes.
    Garet: You accept? Oh, Isaac... You can’t mean it...
    Mayor: You chose to leave your decision to Isaac. There shall be no
    further discussion.
    Healer: O, Wise One, these two have accepted your quest. Give us your
    next command!
    The Wise One: You two are quite brave to take on this quest.
    The Wise One: I shall be watching you. Choose your destiny wisely,
    young ones.
    Dora: That was the Wise One...
    Mayor: What did the Wise One say?
    Healer: Isaac must unlock the power.
    Healer: Find the lighthouses...
    Healer: You’ll have the guidance of the Elemental Star...
    Garet: Um... Then what?
    Dora: What should they do there?
    Mayor: Surely, that cannot be all the advice you can offer them,
    Great Healer...
    Healer: Seek the elementals... The Djinn...
    Healer: They will prove useful.
    Garet: Isn’t there anything else?
    Healer: That is all.
    Mayor: That’s it!? Isn’t there anything else you can tell them?
    Healer: That is all, Mayor.
    Healer: I leave it all up to you, Isaac...Garet.
    Villager: H-Hey, isn’t it almost... time to meditate?
    Villager: Oh yeah! Meditation! Let’s go!
    Mayor: Well, what good are those guys!?
    Mayor: Sending children off with no help or direction...
    Dora: I agree, but...
    Dora: They didn’t give us any other choice.
    Mayor: Then, when should they go?
    Dora: It doesn’t sound like we can afford to wait.
    Mayor: Tomorrow, then?
    Dora: Tomorrow? Yes.
    Child#1: Why’s everyone hanging around the town gate?
    Child#2: What, didn’t you hear?
    Child#2: Isaac and Garet are leaving Vale on a journey.
    Child#1: I wish I could go!
    Child#2: I heard it’s going to be really dangerous!
    Child#1: Oh yeah? So everyone’s down there to say 
    Child#1: Hey, what’s the matter?
    Child#2: Weird. Isaac’s mother isn’t there to see him off!
    Child#1: You’re right. She’s not there.
    Child#2: Hey, should we go say good-bye, too?
    Child#1: Sure! Let’s go!
    Healer: We are counting on you, Isaac. Oh, and you, too, Garet.
    Garet’s Sister#1: Don’t drink the water if it smells funny.
    Garet’s Sister#1: And...take this with you, too.
    Garet: I know not to drink stagnant water, Sis!
    Garet’s Sister #2: Don’t listen to him, Isaac! He’s a pig! 
    He’ll eat anything that’s not tied down!
    Villager: Hmm... Dora is very late...
    Garet’s Sister#2: Oh! That’s right!
    Garet’s Sister#2: Aunty Dora asked me to give this to you, Isaac.
    Garet: I guess we’re all set to go, huh, Isaac?
    Garet’s Sister#1: Think again, Garet!
    Garet’s Mother: It must be very difficult for Dora...
    Garet’s Mother: As Garet’s Mother, I know how Dora must be feeling.
    Garet’s Mother: But I still have Garet’s father, while Dora only
    has Isaac.
    Garet’s Mother: She doesn’t want you to go, Isaac, but she knows
    you have to, and it hurts her to see you leave.
    Mayor: They can’t keep standing around here like this, or they’ll
    never leave.
    Mayor: So, one final farewell!
    Everyone: Farewell!
    Flint: Oh!
    Flint: A traveling warrior!
    Flint: And I see you’re an Adept, too!
    Flint: You are just the kind of fighter that I’ve been looking 
    Flint: Won’t you please take me along with you?
    Flint: I am a Venus Djinni. My name is Flint.
    Flint: I must find my comrades. We were separated from each
    other when the volcano erupted.
    Flint: ...Maybe you can help gather my friends together as you
    Flint: If you let me join you, I’ll prove to be very beneficial 
    to you Adepts.
    Flint: Your Psynergy will grow stronger, and your Adept skills
    will also improve.
    Flint: You can call on us in battle or just use our power to
    boost your own!
    Flint: If you call on many of us at once, our powers will work
    Flint: What do you think? Will you take me with you?
    Isaac: No.
    Flint: Come on! I promise you won’t regret it! Please take me
    with you!
    Isaac: No.
    Flint: Pleeeease! I’ll never let you down. Can’t I go with you?
    Flint: No, I’m serious! I’ll never, ever disappoint you. Please!!!
    Flint: PLEASE take me with you! Please! I’m begging!
    Isaac: No.
    Flint: Please!
    Isaac: No.
    Flint: Take me with you!
    Isaac: No.
    Flint: Meanie! I don’t care what you say! I’m coming along with you!
    Flint: Now, I’ll briefly teach you how to use Djinn.
    Flint: After bringing a Djinni into your party, you must set it
    to somebody.
    Flint: To give your Djinni to someone else, move it like this.
    Flint: After choosing who will take the Djinni, you can set it.
    Flint: Setting a Djinni changes your attributes and maybe even your
    Flint: When your class changes, the Psynergy you can use may also
    Flint: Next, I’ll show you how you can use us in battle.
    Flint: Each Djinni has different powers.
    Flint: Once we are set, you can unleash us to use our powers.
    Flint: So, let me demonstrate the power of my attack, Isaac.
    Flint: Choose this command to unleash me in battle, OK?
    Flint: That’s all you have to do to unleash a set Djinni!
    Flint: See! When you unleashed me, I attacked with my mighty 
    Flint: After being unleashed, we Djinn will then stand by to be 
    Flint: If you have standby Djinn, you can summon even greater 
    Flint: See! We Djinn can be very useful, can’t we?
    Flint: And one more thing...
    Flint: After a Djinni has been used to summon, it must spend
    time in recovery.
    Flint: And after we recover, we will set ourselves again and be
    ready to attack.
    Flint: So, we go from set to standby to recovery, then back to set.
    Flint: This is the simplest way to use us.
    Flint: Did you get all that?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Flint: Oh, yeah! If you want to learn more about Djinn, refer to the
    help, OK?
    Flint: Okay, I’ll join you now. Thank you very much! Please, use us
    Djinn wisely.
    Hammet: We can’t stay another minute in a dangerous place like this.
    Hammet: We return to Kalay immediately!
    Man: Master Hammet! This is terrible! The bridge has been destroyed...
    Man: We cannot continue southward!
    Hammet: What...? The bridge?
    Hammet: This is awful... How are we going to get to Kalay now?
    Man: ...Master Hammet, I’m worried about leaving Ivan behind...
    Hammet: As fond as I am of Ivan, it is his fault that my rod was 
    Hammet: And his strange powers will aid him in search of the rod.
    Man: Ivan has strange powers?
    Hammet: We must leave this treacherous place immediately!
    Man: But to where? Where can we go?
    Hammet: We have no choice. We’re heading north.
    Man: We’ll wind up in Lunpa if we go north...
    Hammet: Well, it’s better than being smashed by falling rocks here,isn’t it?
    Ivan: Yes. I... I do possess strange powers.
    Ivan: You have them too, don’t you?
    Ivan: What? My power... It’s called Psynergy? I had no idea!
    Ivan: We have so much in common... I feel I can trust you with this.
    Ivan: I am quite troubled – Master Hammet’s rod was stolen.
    Ivan: Would you please help me get my master’s rod back?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Ivan: Thank you. With your help, I believe we can recover the rod.
    Ivan: Your names are...
    Ivan: Isaac and Garet. 
    Ivan: I am Ivan. Pleased to meet you.
    Ivan: My ability to read people’s minds frightens you, doesen’t it?
    Ivan: Am I really... Is my Mind Read so frightening?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet’s Mind: Ahh! My mind... Stop reading my mind, Ivan!!!
    Ivan: So, Isaac... Can you read Garet’s mind?
    Ivan: Just as I thought.
    Garet: What? You read my mind,too, Isaac?
    Ivan: I guessed that I could help you read minds if we shared our 
    Garet: Hey, that’s not fair! Why do you get to read my mind?
    Ivan: You’re right... It’s not fair to read one-way.
    Garet: Whoa! I did it! I read your mind, Isaac!
    Ivan: Let’s use Mind Read to find the thieves!
    Garet: Wait a second... Won’t people know that we’re using Mind
    Ivan: Oh, I see... You two can tell when I am using Psynergy?
    Ivan: Isaac, both you and Garet are Adepts... Mabye that’s why
    you can tell when I’m reading your minds.
    Ivan: Ordinary people can’t see anything. There’s nothing to worry 
    Ivan: Don’t worry... I will not read your minds again.
    Ivan: Let me read the minds of the townspeople to find the rod.
    Thief: What do you want?
    Thief: It looks like that weird kid is with them!
    Thief: I can’t stand him. Don’t let him near me!
    Ivan: They’re acting suspicious. Something’s not right...
    Garet: But you can’t use Mind Read if they keep running away, can
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Isn’t there any way I can catch them?
    Ivan: Mabye the three of us can surround one of them.
    Ivan: Don’t worry! This is going to work!
    Garet: Isaac, you take the lead.
    Thief: Hey, they’re back!
    Thief: Uh-oh! They’re comin’ for us one-on-one!
    Thief: Do whatever it takes... Just keep away from them, like before!
    Thief: There’s nowhere to run!
    Garet: Now, Ivan!
    Ivan: A-All right!
    Thief: Wha-What is this? What is he doing?!
    Thief: He shut his eyes... What’s he doin’?
    Garet: Are you done, Ivan?
    Garet: What did you learn, Ivan?
    Ivan: It’s them, all right. I think they took a lot of other things,
    Ivan: It looks like they’re hiding it all somewhere in this inn...
    Ivan: But they won’t let me near them again.
    Garet: Then I guess we have no other choice – we have to search
    the inn...
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Leave it to us!
    Garet: Isaac always comes through!
    Garet: I trust your sense of duty!
    Garet: Well, it’s decided. Let’s go, Ivan.
    Man: Uhnn... Uhnn...
    Man: I came into this loft while I was fixing the roof...
    Man: But I found I couldn’t get all the way to the back of the loft...
    So I was looking into it when WHAM!
    Man: Someone whacked me in the head from behind! When I came to, I was
    all tied up.
    Man: Strange... I don’t remember all these crates being up here before!
    Ivan: Mabye all that stolen stuff is in these crates...
    Thief: Looks like we’ve been found out!
    Thief: You’re pretty persistent for one of Hammet’s whelps,kid!
    Thief: Why are you working so hard for Hammet? What’s it to you?
    Thief: Anyway, Hammet’s already been caught by a worse bunch of thieves
    than us!
    Thief: I hear Hammet fled to Lunpa after the eruption.
    Man: Did you say Lunpa!?
    Man: A man with Master Hammet’s money shouldn’t go anyway NEAR Lunpa!
    Garet: What kind of place is Lunpa?
    Man: The town was named after it’s founder, Lunpa, the noble thief...
    Man: That family of thieves remained noble even when his son, Donpa, 
    took over.
    Thief: But Donpa’s son, Dodonpa, is an evil thief.
    Thief: The man has no morals. I’ve heard he’s truly vicious.
    Thief: See, we’re not so bad. How about it? Will you let us go?
    Isaac: No.
    Thief: What? You mean, even if we return everything we stole and 
    apologize, it’s still a crime?
    Thief: You must be joking! We stole this stuff fair and square!
    Thief: We’ll just have to keep you quiet!
    Thief: And there’s only one way to do that! Get ‘em!!!
    Thief: They... They got us...
    Thief: Actually, for a second there, I thought we were goners...
    Man: Wow! We won!
    Man: I... I’ll get the mayor!
    Thief: After the trouble we went to,stealing all this stuff...
    Garet: Haven’t you heard? Stealing from others is wrong!
    Thief: Sheesh! I told you... I told you we should have skipped
    Garet: Evil never prevails!
    Ivan: If you give me Master Hammet’s rod, I’ll head to Lunpa
    Ivan: What will you two be doing, Isaac?
    Garet: I suppose we have to go after Felix and the others...
    Garet: He’s reading our minds again! Shouldn’t we stop him?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: It’s too late, Isaac. He’s already done.
    Ivan: I see... So that’s what happened...
    Man: These are the thieves, Mayor...
    Mayor: What you did was horrid. Stealing? In the middle of
    a disaster!?!
    Thief: Hey, you’re the ones who left all your doors open!
    You were practically begging us to – OUCH!
    Man: Sorry... I couldn’t help myself...
    Man: What should we do with them?
    Mayor: We’re going to lock them up for a long,long time.
    Man: Hey, wake up!
    Man: Let’s go – get up! Get up!
    Man: Hey, can you help me tie them up?
    Thief: Hey, you! Isaac, right? I won’t forget this!
    Mayor: Take them away!
    Mayor: Thanks for catching the thieves! You have our sincerest
    Man: Really, you were a big help!
    Mayor: Let’s take a look at what they stole.
    Man: Mayor... Isn’t that your family’s urn?
    Mayor: My precious urn has been returned.
    Mayor: Hey, that belongs in the... They stole from our Sanctum?
    Those monsters!
    Mayor: The town’s treasures... They’re back at last.
    Man: Mayor, we found another chest over here, you see?
    Man: Ivan, isn’t this what you were looking for?
    Man: Now, you can return to Master Hammet!
    Mayor: That’s right! I heard that Master Hammet was seen heading
    towards Lunpa!
    Ivan: Oh no... Dodonpa wouldn’t miss an oppurtunity like that...
    Mayor: I’m certain that your master has been kidnapped.
    Ivan: How can I rescue Master Hammet?
    Mayor: No one can enter once the gates are closed.
    Ivan: What will happen to Master Hammet?
    Mayor: Calm down, Ivan. Master Hammet is probbably still alive 
    and unharmed.
    Mayor: Dodonpa knows that he can use Hammet to extort a ransom from
    Mayor: We can’t do much until Dodonpa makes his next move, but at least
    we know Hammet’s safe...for now.
    Mayor: Your name is Isaac, right?
    Mayor: And you are...
    Garet: It’s Garet.
    Mayor: Thank you both. You have my deepest gratitude.
    Mayor: Well. Let’s go then.
    Mayor: Before you leave town, please come and see me. I have something for
    Garet: What a mess... We finally get the rod back, and now this.
    Garet: I wish I could cheer you up... You look so depressed...
    Ivan: I just want to rescue Master Hammet... That’s all...
    Ivan: But I couldn’t ask you two to help me.
    Ivan: You have a very... important mission, right?
    Ivan: That’s right. I saw it in your minds.
    Ivan: I had no idea that the volcano’s eruption held such a secret!
    Garet: Yes, we have to find Felix and his gang, or we’ll all be in 
    Ivan: Then, I suppose this is good-bye then.
    Isaac: Yes.
    Ivan: I shall never forget this town’s hospitality... I wish you all the
    Garet: Well, I guess we’d better get moving, too.
    Garet: It’s no use. Our Psynergy isn’t strong enough to free that stump.
    Ivan: You want to move the stump, right?
    Ivan: It looks like it’s trapped in the ivy.
    Ivan: Isn’t there anything we can do?
    Ivan: I know!
    Ivan: I have a great idea. Leave it to me!
    Garet: All right, Ivan!
    Ivan: I did it!
    Garet: Thanks for the help. But why are you here,Ivan?
    Ivan: I couldn’t get into Lunpa...
    Ivan: Don’t get me wrong! I didn’t come here to ask for your help.
    Ivan: Your quest has been on my mind ever since I left Vault.
    Ivan: Remember? I read everything that happened in your minds.
    Ivan: I couldn’t just leave, not with all these terrible things
    Ivan: If I can’t rescue Master Hammet, then I want to help you...
    Ivan: Please, allow me to join your quest.
    Ivan: Are you trying to get to Bilibin through this cave?
    Ivan: Then let’s go!
    McCoy What’s the matter, then?
    Guard: Sir! Some new warriors have just arrived in the palace!
    McCoy New warriors, yeh say?
    McCoy We’ve sent many a man intae Kolima Forest, but not a one has 
    McCoy These warriors... Did yeh get a good look at ‘em?
    McCoy Come closer, laddy.
    McCoy Hey... Are these the ones yeh were talking about?
    McCoy They’re but children!
    McCoy And yeh expect me tae believe yeh can save Kolima?
    Isaac: Yes.
    McCoy Hmmm. Well, I’ll grant yeh’re a brave lot.
    McCoy Here. This key’ll get yeh past the barricades tae the east...
    McCoy Even with the key, such wee lads as yerselves’ll never reach
    Garet: He’s making fun of us! Calling us children! That’s just 
    irritating, don’t you think, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Well, don’t let him get to you. We’ll just have to prove
    we can handle this job, whatever it is!
    McCoy So yeh’ve decided to accept our little job?
    Garet: Hey, Ivan! You... You don’t look too enthusiastic.
    Ivan: That curse can turn a man into a tree! You think we can
    stand a chance?
    Garet: What? Yeah, of course we do!
    Garet: You know we do, right, Isaac?
    Isaac: No.
    Garet: Come on, Isaac! You said you’d do it! We’re still going,
    Isaac: Yes.
    Ivan: Well, if Isaac’s going, I guess I’m in, too.
    McCoy At least we all agree on something!
    Guard: What troubles you, Milord? They seem willing enough...
    McCoy They call themselves warriors...but they’re naught but wee 
    McCoy Aye, these are desperate times, but I cannae send such wee lads
    tae their doom!
    Guard: Then what will happen to Kolima Forest?
    McCoy We cannae give up hope on our other champions!
    Ivan: But... But what about us?
    McCoy We cannae send yeh intae certain doom.
    Garet: What if we said that we were going east anyway?
    McCoy Yeh can go once things have settled down.
    Ivan: But that means... you’re not going to let us go?
    McCoy Ach,it’s fer yer own good, lad.
    McCoy I dinnae want tae talk about it anymore. Captain?
    Guard: I’m sorry, but you should leave now.
    Guard: Your name was...Isaac? I’m sorry that you were rejected.
    Guard: I never,ever, expected anything like this to happen to 
    Guard: Will you promise me you won’t go to Kolima?
    Isaac: No.
    Guard: You are persistent, aren’t you?
    Guard: That barricade... You may not need a key.
    Guard: Oops... I shouldn’t have said anything.
    Guard: Well, I’m going to go now.
    Garet: It’s so quiet...
    Garet: What’s the matter, Ivan?
    Ivan: This tree...was a person.
    Garet: Everyone in Kolima has been turned into a tree.
    Garet: Why? Do you know why this happened?
    Isaac: No.
    Garet: I see... Who could have known?
    Garet: What is it now, Ivan?
    Ivan: That sparkly stuff on the ground... What is it?
    Garet: Aaah! What’s happening!?
    Ivan: My mind!!! Someone is attacking my-
    Garet: What is that? Something’s falling from the sky!
    Ivan: It’s sparkling! Could this be what turned those people
    Ivan: We’ve got to get out of here!
    Garet: I can’t! I can’t move!!
    Garet: Isaac... What just happened to us? That barrier...
    Did it save us?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Ivan: I think so, too,Isaac. I think I know what those domes
    Ivan: It was our Psynergy.
    Garet: What are you,crazy?
    Garet: I didn’t use any Psynergy!
    Garet: Hey... I can stand... I can move again!
    Garet: Ivan, it’s okay! Go ahead! Stand up!
    Ivan: Those barriers...
    Ivan: We thought that Psynergy was only used when we concentrate,
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: When I was training, I’d focus so hard, I thought my head
    would burst.
    Ivan: Well, mabye it’s just easier for you, but when I use 
    Ivan: Anyway, I’m certain that was Psynergy we were projecting.
    Ivan: That must mean that some Psynergy acts only when it’s needed.
    Garet: You mean, like when we’re in danger?
    Garer: I think it’s like when we strike critical hits in battle.
    We can’t control it, but it’s there when we need it.
    Ivan: I agree with what Garet is saying. It is definetly possible...
    Garet: Wouldn’t it be something if we could use that power at any
    time, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Yeah! Let’s start trying to master this power!
    Ivan: Watch out! It’s happening again!
    Tret: Hroom! Why? Why don’t they turn into trees...?
    Laurel: Who are they?
    Laurel: What people are these, who are immune to Tret’s glamour?
    Laurel: Have they come to save that village with their strange
    Laurel: It will not be enough to save the people of Kolima.
    Tret: They have earned their fate...
    Tret: Kolima took their axes to me, and now I shall take mine to them!
    Laurel: You children may not know this...but we are dying.
    Laurel: And Kolima Forest will wither and die when we are gone.
    Tret: We are not the only ones who will die, Laurel. Once we are gone,
    they,too,will go!
    Laurel: Tret was once a kindly forest king.
    Laurel: But he is dying, and his heart has been torn in two...
    Laurel: His wraithful side turned the people of Kolima into trees.
    Laurel: The kind Tret speaks no more.
    Tret: Hroom! The kindly heart invites destruction... I need no 
    Laurel: If you wish to save those whom Tret turned into trees, you
    must reawaken his gentle side.
    Laurel: But...if you cannot stop Tret from withering, we all will...
    Laurel: Look for Tret deep within the forest.
    Tret: It’s no use, Laurel. Humans cannot be trusted! I shall die...
    and the rest of the forest will die with me!
    Ivan: Isaac... Isn’t there anything we can do? 
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: What can we do? Do you have any idea?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: It looks like Isaac has something in mind.
    Ivan: We’ll leave it up to you, Isaac. Let’s go save everyone.
    Old Man: Oooh... Help me...
    Villager: Grandpa! Grandpa! Hold on!
    Villager: Oh, no! This is terrible!
    Villager: Get Mia... Please,get Mia!
    Girl: Have you visited the old couple who live near the entrance
    of town?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Girl: Oh. That’s too bad. That’s where Mia was headed. 
    Girl: You probbably just missed her if you didn’t see her along the way.
    Mia: How are you feeling?
    Old Man: Cough... Cough...
    Villager: He’s been coughing for quite a while, now...
    Mia: You’ll feel better soon.
    Old Man: Cough cough... Cough... Cough... Cough...
    Mia: How do you feel now?
    Old Man: Much better...
    Mia: No, Grandpa. You mustn’t push yourself too hard!
    Villager: Thank you,Mia...
    Villager: I can’t imagine how this village would ever manage without
    Old Man: Cough...
    Mia: Don’t mention it... You should rest in bed too, ma’am.
    Mia: Who are you?
    Mia: Can I help you?
    Mia: Was that the lighthouse?
    Mia: It can’t be...
    Mia: Only I can...
    Mia: Oh,no... Alex!!!
    Mia: Somebody is here...
    Mia: Someone is here...
    Mia: Can you hear it, too?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mia: Alex is the only one other than I who can enter Mercury Lighthouse.
    Mia: But this statue is blocking my way...
    Mia: Did you do that?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mia: I knew it... I saw a ghostly force pushing it!
    Garet: You... You could see our Psynergy?
    Mia: Psynergy... Is that what you call that power?
    Ivan: We thought you were using Psynergy when you were healing that old
    man, Mia.
    Mia: That’s a special power handed down to members of the Mercury Clan,
    from generation to generation.
    Mia: It is called Ply, a power generated through meditation.
    Mia: It was once much stronger...
    Garet: This Mercury Clan sounds a little like the people of Vale, don’t
    you think?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Sure... They’re the sworn protectors of a special power, just 
    like us!
    Mia: I have to go... I have to find whoever entered the lighthouse.
    Mia: A monster inside Mercury Lighthouse? How could this be!?
    Mia: You’ve saved me again, haven’t you!
    Mia: Do you have buisness in the lighthouse,too?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Mia: I thought so...
    Mia: I’m sure there will be more places ahead that I cannot pass alone.
    Mia: Only those of the Mercury Clan are permitted to enter this place.
    Mia: However, I sense something special about you.
    Mia: I feel that I can trust you!
    Garet: It’s too late! The lighthouse has already been lit!
    Mia: It... It can’t be!
    Mia: The beacon cannot be lit without the Mercury Star...
    Ivan: ...The Elemental Stars were stolen from Sol Sanctum, on Mt.Aleph.
    Mia: Mt. Aleph... Sol Sanctum... Are you healers from Sol Sanctum?
    Isaac: No.
    Garet: We came from Mt. Aleph, but we’re not healers.
    Garet: We came from a village called Vale to recover the three Elemental
    Mia: Did you say Vale?
    Garet: Our village was there to protect Sol Sanctum, but the Stars were
    Mia: That sounds just like my clan...
    Mia: I have failed in the one duty placed upon me...
    Mia: This is terrible.
    Jenna: Isaac! Garet!
    Felix: So it’s you,Isaac!
    Menardi: Heh heh! Those kids are still alive?
    Menardi: You came all this way to save Jenna and Kraden?
    Garet: That’s not all... We’re after the Elemental Stars!
    Menardi: In other words, they’ve come to stop us.
    Menardi: Then we have no choice...
    Menardi: Let’s take care of them now,before they can do any harm!
    Saturos: Menardi... Wait!
    Menardo: Oh,Saturos... They want to...
    Saturos: I heard everything.
    Saturos: They were lucky to survive the eruption of Mt.Aleph.
    Saturos: You have endured so much, and now you want to throw your lives 
    Saturos: Fine. If that is your wish,prepare to have it granted.
    Menardi: Saturos... Are you going to fight them alone?
    Saturos: Menardi,I can’t expect you to leave our hostages alone and help
    me,can I?
    Menardi: Umm... That’s true...
    Saturos: Besides,I want to see how much their powers have developed.
    Menardi: Are you sure about this,Saturos?
    Saturos: Leave me be! Head for the next lighthouse-now!
    Menardi: Come here,child...
    Menardi: Do you mean to defy me?
    Menardi: I should teach you a lesson,child,but...
    Menardi: Felix,I’d get your sister to obey me,if you hope to keep her
    from harm.
    Felix: Jenna,please... Just do as she says for now.
    Jenna: Felix...
    Kraden: It’s all right,Jenna.
    Felix: Isaac and Garet shouldn’t have come after us...
    Jenna: I’m sorry,Isaac,Garet...
    Menardi: I’m counting on you!
    Kraden: Isaac! Garet! Don’t die!
    Garet: Jenna... Kraden!
    Saturos: If you wish to save them,you’ll have to beat me,first!
    Mia: No! Get back!
    Saturos: What’s the matter!
    Garet: Saturos is extremely powerful. I could sense it when I faced him.
    Ivan: You have to be very careful when fighting him...
    Ivan: We have to match his strength...
    Saturos: Match me? Pah! You think you can match the great Saturos?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Saturos: You overestimate your chances.
    Saturos: Fine then... I’ll just teach you all a lesson!
    Mia: What happened? Saturos is moving strangely.
    Saturos: What’s this!? The light of Mercury... It’s weakening my Psynergy!
    Saturos: I must finish this quickly... Come on,fools!
    Garet: Isaac,we got him!
    Saturos: Who would have thought that Mercury Lighthouse held such great
    Saturos: If only my Psynergy had been at its full power...
    Ivan: Saturos... You said you were weakened. What did you mean?
    Saturos: I... I meant nothing...
    Alex: I shall tell you what he means...
    Mia: That voice! Could it be?
    Mia: Alex!
    Alex: It’s been a while,Mia.
    Mia: Alex,do you realize what you’ve done?
    Alex: Ha! Of course... I have freed a great power that has long been
    sealed away.
    Alex: Mercury,the lighthouse of Water... What a mighty force.
    Mia: Alex,you... Are you mad!?
    Alex: No,Mia... Don’t you understand?
    Alex: The lighthouse granted you great power during your battle with
    Mia: It’s true... I could use my power without ever depleting it.
    Alex: Don’t you see?
    Alex: The Mercury Lighthouse supplied you with limitless Psynergy.
    Mia: Psynergy? Are you telling me my powers come from Psynergy?
    Alex: You and I are both members of Mercury Clan...
    Alex: Masters of Water Psynergy.
    Garet: Mia is an Adept too,isn’t she?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: Geez,Isaac. You knew all along,and you didn’t tell us?
    Ivan: Tell me,Alex... Why wasn’t Saturos able to use his full power?
    Alex: Ah,yes... I shall explain it all.
    Alex: Saturos is aligned with Mars,the clan of fire.
    Saturos: Fire and water are opposing elements...
    Saturos: His full power was bound by the Water Psynergy of the 
    Mia: Didn’t Saturos know that?
    Alex: Of course he knew.
    Alex: However,he failed to appreciate the power of this lighthouse.
    Alex: As did I...
    Garet: Is that why we were able to defeat Saturos?
    Alex: No... There is more to it.
    Alex: I stood by,watching your battle from afar...
    Ivan: You were watching us?
    Alex: Yes. I did not help Saturos,because I was certain he would win.
    Alex: But I was wrong... You have become such great fighters in a 
    short time.
    Ivan: Saturos is up again!? But we beat him!
    Saturos: Me? Beaten? Never! I lost to this lighthouse,not to you!
    Alex: I was merely stalling you until Saturos regained his strength.
    Mia: You were just buying time! That’s not fair,Alex!
    Garet: I won’t let Satuos escape!
    Alex: And just what are you going to do? Will you finish him off?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Alex: If that is the case,you will have to fight me,as well.
    Alex: I’ve seen how you fight. You cannot hope to win.
    Alex: And I doubt you are the type to “finish” anyone off!
    Saturos: Of course,you are welcome to believe whatever you want.
    Garet: He warped again!
    Mia: Again? He’s done that before?
    Garet: Yeah,in Sol Sanctum...
    Ivan: That Psynergy...the warp. Does that mean Mia can use it?
    Mia: No,it’s impossible. Even Alex didn’t have this kind of power
    Alex: Ah,well... I can’t stay the same Alex you knew forever...
    Alex: Well,it seems that my ride has returned while we were speaking.
    Alex: And so,I bid you adieu.
    Ivan: Isaac, Saturos still has the Elemental Stars!
    Garet: That’s right! We can’t let them leave now!
    Alex: Oh? And you want to take the Elemental Stars from Saturos?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Saturos: Ha! Too bad! Menardi has them. You’ll have to ask her!
    Alex: That reminds me...
    Alex: Do you still have the Mars Star?
    Isaac: No.
    Alex: Are you telling the truth? Well,I shall believe you for now.
    Alex: I suppose you’ll be willing to pursue us for the Elemental Stars?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Alex: I look forward to it. I shall see you soon,then.
    Alex: Good-bye.
    Saturos: I look forward to our next battle.
    Ivan: They’re gone...
    Garet: Shoot... We couldn’t even save Jenna...
    Mia: I don’t deserve to be a healer...
    Mia: We couldn’t stop them from lighting the beacon.
    Mia: I’ve failed my clan,failed in my duty...
    Ivan: That’s not true! We can still beat them,right,Isaac?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Ivan: That’s right,Isaac!
    Ivan: All we have to do is stop them from lighting all the lighthouses!
    Ivan: The beacon of Mercury Lighthouse has been lit, but we’ll stop them
    next time.
    Garet: That’s right. We can save Jenna at the next lighthouse.
    Mia: Yes. We won’t let Alex get away with this...
    Mia: Let’s go afte them now!
    Mia: What’s the matter? We should hurry!
    Garet: We? Mia,are you coming along with us?
    Ivan: But the people of Imil need you,Mia.
    Mia: It’s okay.
    Mia: “The fountain shall be filled as long as light fills the lighthouse.”
    Mia: That’s an old saying. The fountain will run over with healing waters
    Mia: I have mixed feelings about leaving,but Imil will be fine as long 
    as the fountain continues to flow with the water of Hermes.
    Mia: We should hurry if we’re going to follow them.
    Megan: Mia...
    Justin: We were worried that you wouldn’t come back!
    Mia: I’m so sorry,you two...
    Justin: Mia,we have a problem! The Mercury Lighthousr... It’s been lit!
    Megan: Mia,you already knew?
    Justin: What’s the matter? You look strange today,Mia.
    Mia: I... How should I tell you?
    Megan: You have something to say? What is it?
    Mia: Well,I... Uh...
    Mia: I... I’ll be joining Isaac on his quest.
    Mia: It’s very hard for me to leave you,but it’s the lighthouse.
    Justin: You said the world would be in danger if the lighthouse was lit,
    Megan: Is that why you’re leaving? To protect the world?
    Mia: Yes. That’s right...
    Justin: Then there’s nothing we can do...
    Megan: We won’t try to stop you,then.
    Megan: After all,you are trying to protect the Mercury Clan.
    Mia: Yes. I am...
    Justin: As members of the Mercury Clan...we will protect Imil ourselves.
    Justin: So don’t worry,OK?
    Megan: I will try hard and learn to heal as well as you,Mia!
    Mia: Ok,I’ll leave the village in your hands,Megan,Justin...
    Mia: We can leave without any worries,now.
    Tret: Hm HROOOM!!!
    Tret: You! You hoped to find my kindly self?
    Tret: Fools!
    Tret: You should never have come here,and now,you shall never leave!
    Tret: Your powers protected you in the forest,but now you are in the
    heart of my power.
    Tret: Here,you will all become trees,and you’ll wither with the rest
    of us!
    Tret: Oh... Mmmmm...
    Tret: What has happened to me?
    Tret: Was I... I see... My heart was all but lost in my rage.
    Tret: And you defeated the evil within me?
    Tret: I thank you. I could not leave this world with so much evil in
    my heart.
    Tret: I am free now to leave the world without regret. Good-bye, 
    great warriors.
    Garet: Hey! Wait a minute! We can’t let Tret die like this!
    Ivan: That’s right,Isaac. We still need his help!!
    Tret: ...What?
    Tret: Why have you not left me to my dying? Do you need something?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Tret: I turned the people of Kolima into trees?
    Tret: Hroom! I must release them before they die with the forest!
    Tret: I can’t do it... My power no longer reaches Kolima...
    Tret: People of Kolima... Forgive me...
    Garet: Tret’s too weak! He doesen’t have the power to save Kolima.
    Ivan: No! We have to heal him!
    Ivan: We can’t let the people of Kolima die with the forest!
    Garet: Every life in Kolima depends on us!
    Ivan: We have to restore Tret and save the people of Kolima!
    Mia: Let’s go,Isaac.
    Tret: I feel a great power spreading through me...
    Tret: Hroooom... Life flows within me once again.
    Laurel: Tret...
    Laurel: As you have recovered,so has our forest...
    Tret: I am sorry to have worried you so,Laurel.
    Tret: And you,young ones... Didn’t you have a favour to ask of me?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Laurel: Yes,Tret... You must turn the people of Kolima into humans
    Tret: Yes,that’s right... I must hurry.
    Tret: That should do it. The people of Kolima are cursed no more.
    Laurel: Tret did not always possess this horrible power.
    Tret: It only started when those strange gemstones fell from the 
    Garet: Gems from the sky... Do you think he means Psynergy Stones?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Garet: You really think Psynergy Stones caused all of this trouble?
    Tret: I was indeed angry that people had laid waste to my forest...
    Tret: They had even taken their axes to me!
    Tret: Then those gems fell into my branches...
    Tret: Then all of a sudden...my fury overwhelmed me,and I was lost
    in anger!
    Laurel: The gem reached me when I was filled with sorrow...
    Laurel: Our actions spoke our hearts desires,but we had no idea...
    Tret: Those gems twisted my anger into a force beyond my control.
    Laurel: Have any of the saplings been transformed by those stones,
    Tret: No... Only the elder trees were affected by the falling 
    Psynergy Stones.
    Garet: There are others that this happened to?
    Ivan: So the same thing could be happening elsewhere!
    Laurel: You must have fought many monsters on your way here.
    Garet: Those monsters... Maybe they were just animals that were...
    Tret: Once,they were pure of heart... Hroom...
    Tret: Those gems have brought a great evil to the world...
    Ivan: Oh! Laurel,you were given powers,too?
    Tret: Different from my own,but stemming from the same source.
    Ivan: Laurel! What in the world are you doing?
    Tret: Wait. You will soon see.
    Tret: What did you see,Laurel?
    Laurel: It’s true – even the animals have become monsters.
    Laurel: And beyond the river...
    Tret: The river that feeds our forest?
    Laurel: Yes... An evil forest has risen up to the south of the 
    Tret: Will you be heading south across the river?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Tret: That area will only grow more dangerous as time passes...
    Tret: If you must go,you’d better hurry.
    Tret: I owe you a great debt. You have saved Kolima,the forest,
    and me.
    Laurel: May your roots dig deep and your branches reach high.
    12. McCOY’S GIFT
    Guard: Oh! It’s...
    Guard: Oh! Sir!
    Guard: We’ve been looking everywhere for you!
    Guard: The curse of the holy tree... You’re the ones who broke it,
    Isaac: Yes.
    Guard: You’re under arrest!
    Guard: Let’s go. Lord McCoy is waiting.
    Guard: We’ve brought the warriors,milord.
    McCoy: So,yeh’re the wee-I mean,brave lads I met before!
    McCoy: What were yer names,again?
    Garet: He’s Isaac,sir,and I’m Garet...
    Ivan: I am called Ivan.
    Mia: And I’m Mia,from the village of Imil.
    McCoy: Isaac and company...
    McCoy: And did I not devline yer offer when we first met?
    Isaac: Yes.
    McCoy: I did nae give it enough consideration back then.
    McCoy: And yet yeh went oan tae break the curse despite my words,
    did yeh not?
    Isaac: Yes.
    McCoy: I humbly thank you.
    McCoy: I was but worried yeh might nae stop here on yer way back.
    McCoy: I want tae show my appreciation for yer help...
    McCoy: I relied oan my money,but I forgot about my people’s needs.
    McCoy: Yeh reminded me of my duties.
    McCoy: As lord of these lands,I will do my best for everyone’s 
    McCoy: Isaac,it would honor me greatley if yeh’d accept a wee token
    of my gratitude.
    McCoy: I could give it tae yeh here,but would yeh no’ rather choose
    it yerself?
    Isaac: Yes.
    McCoy: Very well. Yeh can choose somethin’ that’ll help yeh along 
    yer way.
    Guard: I will show Isaac and his friends the way,milord.
    McCoy: Many thanks to yeh,and tae yer companians,as well!!
    McCoy: Visit me anytime! Yeh’ll always find a warm hearth here!
    Guard: Follow me,and I’ll take you to the treasure room.
    Guard: Lord McCoy ordered that Isaac and his companians be brought
    Guard: Please show them their reward!
    Guard: You may select a single item from among these four chests.
    Guard: You are always welcome in the palace of Lord McCoy.
    Man: Are you going to cross the bridge?
    Man: Oh... Right! Go right ahead!
    Nyunpa: Mmmm... Who is that? Who speaks to my mind?
    Nyunpa: Young master... Was that your voice I heard in my mind just now?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Nyunpa: I knew it!
    Nyunpa: You follow them,do you not?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Nyunpa: I knew it!
    Nyunpa: But you must go through Mogall Forest,the endless woods.
    Nyunpa: The forest itself is a mystery,and its paths even more so...
    Nyunpa: No ordinary man can pass from one side to the other.
    Nyunpa: But perhaps I could,young master.
    Nyunpa: If you can endure the trials in the waterfall grotto,I will tell
    Nyunpa: Will you take the test?
    Isaac: Yes.
    Nyunpa: Do not worry. You will be permitted to enter the grotto.
    Nyunpa: Go now,Isaac!
    Nyunpa: Just remember,you are not the only one who can read minds.
    Monk: I have already heard of your test from Master Nyunpa. You may
    That’s all for now, folks! More of the script will be up when
    I have time to get it done! 
    I’d like to thank...
    -CJayC for putting this on www.gamefaqs.com. Thank you very much!
    -My parents for buying me a GBA and Golden Sun for my birthday.
    -http://www.networkscience.de/ascii/ for generating my ASC11 art.

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