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    Random Number Generator FAQ by WOODENSTICK

    Version: 3.4f | Updated: 12/11/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    \********************************************| RRRRRRR   NNN    NN   GGGGGG
      \     FOR GOLDEN SUN GAMEBOY ADVANCE      |  R    RR   NN NN  NN  GG
       \           BY Woodenstick               |  RRRRRRR   NN NN  NN  GG   GG
        \             VERSION 3.4f              |  R    RRR  NN  NN NN  GGGGGGG
         \=======================================| R     RR  NN   NNNN   GGGGGG
    Hello and welcome to the Golden Sun RNG FAQ, which is written by me Woodenstick.
    Sorry guys, I'm not longer accepting submissions for this FAQ. It's been a long 
    time in development and I'd like to thank ya'll for reading and contributing.
    This FAQ is meant for GAMEFAQS and NO OTHER SITES. If you find this FAQ on
    another site other than GameFAQS, please contact me.
    Thankyou and PEACE OUT!!!
    Woodenstick, FAQ-artist/genius, signing out.
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    RRRR  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( CONTENTS )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    1. What is the RNG?
    2. FAQ
    3. Example
    4. My Stats
    5. Known RNG Methods
    6. Submitted
    7. Version History
    8. Reference
    9. Special Thanks
    10. Legal Stuff
    Use control + f to jump to each one.
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    RRRR  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 1.WHAT IS THE RNG? ))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    The RNG is short for Random Number Generator, and this is a general
    understanding of what is does. THANKYOU VERY MUCH TO MOMMIEMILO FOR YOUR
    CONTRIBUTIONS IN THIS SECTION!! You really were a lifesaver ^_^
    The RNG is a programming method, which can be entered in to a game so when the
    RNG system is prompted, It generates a Random Number, usually from 0 onwards,
    Which is usually assigned to an action, which is preformed in the game. Put
    simply, it randomly preforms an action, be it whether and attack hits its
    opponent, to how hard your CPU opponents play. When you take Golden Sun into
    account this RNG makes items appear, decides if you can run from battle or who
    you're going to fight next.
    The RNG Method in Golden Sun functions like it would in most RPGs. The
    programmers intend for rare item drops to happen to certain enemies when certain
    things are done. They do not rely on them entirely though, eg in the case of AI.
    Simple example: an enemy is low on health, but they have some means of healing.
    A random AI would give every action the enemy can take an equal weight, so
    they're just as likely to attack as they are to heal themselves. A slightly more
    intelligent AI would take in factors such as the enemy's condition, and take the
    most beneficial action. In this example, it would be to heal itself.
    So, most of the seemingly random actions taken in games are not so. They're
    meant to be that way. Such is the case of item drop in Golden Sun. When an item
    has less than a .004% of appearing normally in a limited set of fights, it stops
    being a challenge and becomes plain irritating. That may not be the case for a
    hardcore player, but it certainly is for the average player, and there are
    more of them buying the game. This is why finishing an enemy with an attack
    opposite to their element yields the item the enemy has. Granted, it probably
    would have been nice of them to not make it a 100% chance of the item dropping,
    but it's still better than draining your GBA's batteries for hours on end
    because you want a particular item.
    Computer-based RNGs require a seed of some sort. The most popular seed for
    computers is the system's time. I don't doubt that the GBA library of functions
    includes its own RNG with its own seed. It's likely that the actions you take
    are not the seed. Rather, they alter the number after it is generated.
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    RRRR  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 2.FAQ ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions on the RNG system and how
    it works:
    Q: What is the RNG?
    A: Are you BLIND? Read what ive just typed above!
    Q: Are you saying the RNG system doesn't do what its supposed to?
    A: Oh, GOD! YES that's what ive been trying to say! You are dumb.
    Q: So technically its not an RNG, because it doesn't generate a RANDOM number!
    A: Well, if you want to put it that way... YES I suppose your right.
    Q: Why are RNGs important?
    A: Because without the RNG many games wouldn't have any challenge to them eg.
    Gambling games and the such.
    Q: Is the RNG really this important? Why make an FAQ about such a small aspect
    in a game?
    A: As mentioned in the above qustion, many games rely on the RNG to work. On the
    Golden Sun box, It states the game has "Gambling References" The RNG plays a big
    part in this. I guess what I am trying to say that the RNG is as important as
    any other aspect of Golden Sun.
    Here are some of the questions regarding the Random Number Generator Flaw:
    Q: So couldn't you cheat the RNG by using the same attacks to get the same rare
    item drops?
    A: hmmmmmmm......YES duh duh duh
    Q: Wouldn't that be cheating?
    A: Yes, it would.
    Q: How do you stumble upon these methods, are they easy to find?
    A: To find an RNG method, you either need a lot of luck or you need to hack the
    system. Don't ask me how to.
    Q: These methods don't work!!!
    A: Trust me, they do. Remember you need to do hard, not soft resets, and you
    need to make sure you are doing everything EXACTLY the way it says on the method
    And here are some other questions I found people asking me during the making of
    this FAQ:
    Q: Can I report spelling mistakes to you in this FAQ?
    A: No you most definitely can not.
    Q: One last question, why is there what appears to be an "R" where you put the
    titles of these sections?
    A: It stands for RNG, Stupid.
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    RRRR  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 3.EXAMPLE )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    Here is an example of how the RNG system can be used to our advantage. I will
    use the well sought after K-Sword method:
    The known drop rate for the K-sword normally is 1:256, but the RNG Methods means
    you can get it 100% of the time. To get an RNG cheat to work, you need to reset
    the RNG in a specific place. To Reset the RNG, you turn off the your gameboy and
    turn it back on again. RNG METHODS DO NOT WORK IF YOU SOFT RESET (That is
    pressing A,B, Select, Start and L, R I think) In the K-sword method you
    (SPOILERS) reset in the first room in the Venus Lighthouse, the one with the 3
    doors and the Psy Crystal.
    Now the RNG should randomly generate a battle after you walk around for a while
    (Not leaving the room) that should be with an Ice Gargoyle and A Fernier.
    Another part of the RNG is run in Golden Sun is what attacks you choose in
    battle. For this method, you must choose:
    Clay Spire for Isacc
    Flare Wall for Garet
    Tornado for Ivan
    Ice Horn for Mia
    And on the 2nd turn:
    Issac defends
    Garet uses the Djinn Torch on Fenrir
    Ivan defends
    Wish for Mia
    Now in this method all large attack arrows are on the Fernier. However In other
    Methods this can vary.
    There are many special requirements in RNG Methods. You may have to have certain
    items equipped, be at a certain level or change who attacks first. These can all
    effect how an RNG method works.
    Most RNG Methods go for 2 turns.
    And that's the example of the RNG system at its best
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((4.MY STATS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    Due to popular demand, I will now post my stats for which I use to test these
    RNG Methods. These levels are strong enough to get most of the "bigger" RNG Item
    Drops and Methods off the ground. Weapons vary according to restrictions, but
    along with comparing your stats to these and reading the RNG methods carefully,
    you can pull anything off.
    If you attempt on of these methods in my FAQ, remember to read the method
    carefully, and make dijinn and item changes as necessary. Also keep in mind that
    if I don't reply to one of your emails, it is likely that you missed something
    in this FAQ.
    ISACC - LORD (all venus djinn)
    Lv 42 (543140 xp)
    Gaia Blade
    Mirrored Shield
    Warriors Helm
    Quick Boots
    War Ring
    Dragon Scales
    GARET - CHAMPION (all mars djinn)
    Lv 41 (543638 xp)
    War Gloves
    Thunder Crown
    Hyper Boots
    Cleric's Ring
    Demon Mail
    IVAN - MAGISTER (all jupiter djinn)
    Lv 41 (532368 xp)
    Aura Gloves
    Jeweled Crown
    Hyper Boots
    Healing Ring
    Storm Gear
    MIA - PARAGON (all mercury djinn)
    Lv 41 (538428 xp)
    Blessed Mace
    Spirit Armlet
    Mythril Circlet
    Quick Boots
    Sleep Ring
    Oracle's Robe
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((5.KNOWN RNG METHODS )))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    These are the known RNG Methods, and most of them will be present in this RNG
    Library, all of which have been fully tested. Thanks to the guys who found these
    methods for the hard work you put into finding them, but remember, before you do
    them, remember to switch the GBA off and on with each method, DO NOT SOFT RESET,
    want to make a method work, you can copy My Stats.
    RNG Methods:
    Water of life AND Zodiac Wand: Created by kafabrith
    Mia must have the Frost Wand
    Change you djinn to this formation:
    Isaac: 6 Wind, 1 Earth    Garet: 6 Earth, 1 Fire
    Ivan: 6 Water, 1 Wind     Mia: 6 Fire, 1 Water
    Ivan's wind djinn is Gust
    Mia's Water djinn is Sleet
    Go to the 2nd part of the Venus Lighthouse in the last
    room where there's the slide to the boss
    Go down the stairs and back up.
    Wander around until you get into a fight.
    1 Grand Golem appeared
    4 Boulder beasts appeared
    Round 1:
    Isaac attacks Boulder beast 1
    Garet attacks Boulder beast 2
    Ivan attacks Boulder beast 3
    Mia attacks Boulder beast 4 (Boulder beast 4 drowns)
    Boulder beast 4 felled
    Round 2:
    Isaac attacks Grand Golem
    Garet attacks Grand Golem
    Ivan uses Hail on Boulder beast 2
    Mia uses Sleet on Boulder beast 3
    Boulder beast 2 felled
    Boulder beast 3 felled
    Round 3:
    Isaac defends
    Garet defends
    Ivan uses gust on Grand Golem
    Mia sets Sleet
    Grand Golem Felled
    Round 4:
    Isaac defends
    Garet defends
    Ivan defends
    Mia uses sleet on Boulder beast 1
    Boulder beast 1 felled
    Prophet's Hat: Created by Jairrame
    Save in Altmiller Cave where you find the wind djinn. Each character has their
    elemental djinn.
    Dread Hound 1 and Dread Hound 2 appeared!
    Turn 1 - psyenergy is aimed at dread hound 1
    Ivan casts plasma
    Isaac casts mother gaia
    Mia casts wish
    Garet casts eruption
    Dread hound 1 dies
    Turn 2
    Ivan defends
    Isaac defends
    Mia unleashes sleet
    Dread hound 2 dies
    Prophet's hat
    Aura Gloves: Created by Jairrame
    Save in the Suhalla Desert by the exit to the world map (near Suhalla gate).
    Leave the desert onto the world map. Return to the suhalla desert. Leave the
    desert onto the world map. Return to the suhalla desert. Leave the desert onto
    the world map. Return to the suhalla desert. Leave the desert onto the world
    map. Return to the suhalla desert. Leave the desert onto the world map. Return
    to the suhalla desert. Leave the desert onto the world map. Return to the
    suhalla desert. Leave the desert onto the world map. Return to the suhalla
    Exit suhalla desert 7 times and return there 7 times! Now you should be back in
    the desert. Walk around until you get into a battle.
    Vile Dirge and magicore appeared!
    Turn 1 (psyenergy aimed at the magicore)
    Ivan casts plasma
    Isaac casts Gaia
    Mia casts wish
    Garet casts eruption
    vile dirge felled
    Turn 2
    Ivan defends
    Isaac defends
    Mia unleashes sleet
    Magicore dies
    Aura gloves
    Aura Gloves: Created by
    This is for those who are too weak to use Jairrame's method.
    Have all characters with their own Element Djinn.
    Have turn order be Ivan, Isaac, Mia, Garet.
    Save at the end of the Suhalla. Turn off Gameboy and then turn it back on. Exit
    and reenter Suhalla Desert 7 times. You should now be in Suhalla Desert. Walk
    around until you get into a battle.  Vile Dirge appeared, Magicore appeared
    Psynergy concentrated on the Magicore.
    1st turn
    Ivan - Plasma
    Isaac - Mother Gaia
    Mia - Wish
    Garet - Eruption
    Vile Dirge dies
    2nd turn
    Ivan - Defend
    Isaac - Defend
    Mia - Unleashes the Djinn Sleet OR Hail
    Garet - Defend
    Magicore dies
    Aura Gloves!
    Lucky Medal: Created by Terence
    Save at the Babi Lighthouse (just outside). Make sure the turn order is Mia,
    Ivan, Isaac, Garet. (Each with elemental Djinn)
    Turn 1
    Mia casts Wish on everyone
    Ivan casts Shine Plasma at Orc Lord
    Isaac casts Mother Gaia at Orc Lord
    Garet casts Guard at Garet
    Turn 2
    Mia casts Wish on everyone
    Ivan Unleashes Squall at Orc Lord
    Orc Lord Dies
    Lucky Medal
    Giant axe: Created by Jairrame
    Save in the first room of the venus lighthouse (the room with the psy crystal
    and 3 doors)
    Go to the room with the electric currents. Each character has their elemental
    Battle start! - Gnome wizard and earth golem
    Turn 1 - Big arrow for psyenergy is placed on the gnome wizard each time
    Ivan casts plasma
    Isaac casts gaia
    Mia casts wish
    Garet casts eruption
    gnome wizard dies!
    Turn 2
    Ivan unleashes smog on the earth golem
    Giant Axe!
    Zodiac Wand: Created by Jairrame
    Save in the first room of the venus lighthouse (the room with the psy crystal
    and the three doors)
    Each have their elemental djinn
    Exit to the room with the electricity. Return to the first room again. Exit to
    the room with the electricity. Return to the first room again. Exit to the room
    with the electricity. Return to the first room again. Exit to the room with the
    electricity. Return to the first room again. Exit to the room with the
    electricity. Return to the first room again.
    You start in the first room of the venus lighthouse and exit to the room with
    the electricity 5 times and return to the first room 5 times. You should end up
    in the first room where we started... Now run around until you get into a
    Battle Start - Grand Golem and Wild Gryphon appeared!
    Turn One - Big arrow for psyenergy is placed on the wild Gryphon each time
    Ivan casts Shine Plasma
    Isaac casts Mother Gaia
    Mia casts Wish
    Garet casts Eruption
    Wild Gryphon "felled"
    Turn Two
    Ivan unleashed smog on Grand Golem
    Zodiac Wand
    Zodiac Wand: Created by thebluebaboon
    Everybody MUST have their own elemental djinn
    go to the first room of the venus lighthouse(w/ the psynergy stone)
    turn off gameboy
    turn on gameboy
    go up the stairs on the left
    go back down
    go back up
    go back down
    go back up
    go back down
    go back up
    go back down
    go back up
    go back down
    that was five ups and five downs
    u should now fight a grand golem and a wild gryphon
    First Round:
    All attack's large arrows are pointed towards grand golem
    Ivan uses Shine plasma
    Isaac uses Mother Gaia
    Mia uses wish
    Garet uses eruption
    Second Round
    Ivan uses Smog on Grand Golem
    Grand golem dies
    Isaac attacks wild gryphon
    wild gryphon dies
    zodiac wand
    Spiked Armor: Created by Pokemon Emperor
    Special Requirements:
    Issac must have Gaia Blade
    Garret must have Muramasa
    Ivan must have K-Sword
    Mia must have Blessed Mace
    Save in the the room before the slide to the final boss
    Exit to the room with the slide
    4. Return to the previous room
    Wander around until you fight a Chimera Mage and a Thunder Lizard
    Turn 1
    Ivan attacks Thunder Lizard
    Issac attacks Thunder Lizard...TITAN SWORD!
    Thunder Lizard dies!
    Mia attacks Chimera Mage
    Garret attacks Chimera Mage
    TURN 2
    Everybody but Mia defends
    Mia unleashes Hail
    Chimera Mage dies
    Spiked Armor: Created by pyroclasmicinferno
    Save in the first room of the venus lighthouse (room with psy crystal and 3
    Exit to the room with electricity and return to the original room. Each have
    their elemental djinn.
    Now run around until you get into a battle.
    Chimera Mage and 2 Fenrir appear!
    Turn 1 - The big arrow is centered on the middle enemy (fenrir)
    Ivan casts Shine plasma
    Isaac casts Mother Gaia
    Mia casts Glacier
    Garet casts Eruption
    The fenrir in the middle dies!
    Turn 2
    Ivan defends
    Isaac defends
    Mia casts glacier on the Chimera Mage
    Chimera Mage dies
    Garet unleashes Torch on the remaining fenrir
    Fenrir dies
    Spiked armor
    Blessed Mace: Created by Pokemon Emperor
    Special Requirements:
    Issac must have Gaia Blade
    Garret must have Muramasa
    Ivan must have K-Sword
    Mia must have Blessed Mace/ a weapon without an Unleash
    Save in the the room before the slide to the final boss
    Exit to the room with the slide
    Return to the previous room
    Wander around until you fight a Chimera Mage and a Thunder Lizard
    Turn 1
    Ivan attacks Chimera Mage
    Issac attacks Chimera Mage...TITAN SWORD
    Chimera Mage dies!
    Mia attacks Thunder Lizard
    Garret attacks Thunder Lizard
    TURN 2
    Everybody but Issac defends.
    Issac unleashes Flint
    Thunder Lizard dies
    Blessed Mace!!!
    Blessed Mace: Created by pyroclasmicinferno
    Go to the room in the Venus Lighthouse with the psy crystal and then exit to the
    room with the electricity. Save and shut off the gameboy. When you turn on the
    gameboy again, you should go back to the venus lighthouse room with the psy
    crystal. Run around until you encounter an enemy. It should be a willowisp and a
    recluse. Flee from battle. Then run around again until you get into another
    battle. This one should be just a thunder lizard.
    Battle Start:
    Ivan attacks thunder lizard
    Isaac attacks thunder lizard
    Mia defends
    Garet defends
    Thunder lizard attacks Mia
    Turn 2
    Ivan defends
    Isaac unleashes flint
    Thunder lizard dies
    Blessed Mace
    There should be no critical hits or item unleashes when Ivan and Isaac attack
    Blessed Mace: Created by Golden God
    1. Equip Isaac with the Gaia Blade, Garet with the Muramasa, Ivan with the
    Kikuichmonji, and Mia with the War Mace.
    2. Get to the room right before the the top floor of the lighthouse (with the
    slide).  This is the room with 2 doorways one to your left and one to your
    right.  It also has the blue floating platform to the far right of the
    3. Save your game there and turn your Game Boy Advance off.
    4. Turn your GBA back on and load up your file.
    5. Enter the top floor with the slide and immediately turn around and go back
    to the room that you saved in.
    6. Walk around until you encounter a Chimera Mage and a Thunder Lizard.
    7. Battle begins... Round One.  Psynergy attacks focused only on the Thunder
    Lizard (point big arrow at it).  Isaac casts Earthquake, Garet casts Flare
    Wall, Ivan casts Storm Ray, Mia casts Tundra.
    8. Round Two
    Isaac unleashes Flint on the Thunder Lizard, killing it off.
    Garet, Ivan and Mia attack the Chimera Mage with their equipped weapons,
    killing it off.
    9.  Battle ends, you receive or should receive a Blessed Mace for your
    Water of Life: Created by Kafabrith
    change classes to:
    Isaac: 4 fire, 3 wind (squall)
    Garet: 3 earth, 3 water (hail) 1 earth (optional)
    Ivan: 3 earth, 4 water (sleet and mist)
    Mia: 1 earth (optional) 3 fire (ember) 3 wind
    go to top room of VL and save, turn off GBA, turn on
    GBA, load your file, go down the stairs and go back
    up. Wander around until you get into a fight.
    1 Grand Golem and 4 boulder beasts appeared
    Round 1:
    Isaac attacks grand golem
    Garet uses hail on boulder beast 2
    Ivan uses hail prism on boulder beast 3
    Mia defends
    boulder beast 2 falls
    Round 2:
    Isaac uses squall on grand golem
    Garet sets hail
    Ivan uses sleet on boulder beast 3
    Mia defends
    grand golem and boulder beast 3 falls
    Round 3:
    Isaac defends
    Garet uses hail on boulder beast 1
    Ivan uses mist on boulder beast 4
    Mia uses ember
    Feathered robe: Created by  Pokemon Emperor
    Special Requirements:
    Issac must have Gaia Blade
    Garret must have Muramasa
    Ivan must have K-Sword
    Mia must have Blessed Mace
    Save in the the room before the slide to the final boss
    wander around until you fight 2 Griffons
    TURN 1
    Ivan attacks Griffon 1
    Issac attacks Griffon 1...TITAN SWORD!
    Griffon 1 dies!
    Mia attacks Griffon 2
    Garret attacks Griffon 2
    TURN 2
    Everybody but Ivan defends.
    Ivan unleashes Squall
    Griffon 2 dies
    Kikuichmonji: Created by eli dirkx
    OK, just make sure your characters are AT LEAST at LV. 30. Everyone MUST be able
    to attack before any kind of enemy.
    Go through the Tunnel Ruins to reach Venus Lighthouse(middle section), then
    save. Isaac/Robin must be at Lord class, Garet/Gerald at Champion, Ivan at
    Magister, and Mia/Mary at Paragon. Turn off your GBA, then turn it back on (NO
    SOFT RESETS!!!). Load file, then walk around until...
    Fenrir appeared!
    Ice Gargoyle appeared!
    Ivan casts Storm Ray! (if you're too strong)
    Isaac casts Clay Spire!
    Mia casts Ice Horn!
    Garet casts Flare Wall!
    Ice Gargoyle was felled!
    Ivan is defending.
    Isaac is defending.
    Mia casts Wish! [RESTORES HP]
    Garet unleashes Torch!
    Fenrir was felled!
    You got ... Experience Points.
    You got ... coins.
    You got Kikuichimonji.
    Always attack in the right order like always: Ivan, Robin, Mary, Gerald.
    Light Blade: Unleashes Asura (a woman with a scythe)
    NOTE: In the first turn, only use Storm Ray with Ivan if you're too strong. If
    not, use Tornado.
    Kikuichimonji : Created by SupahFlySamurai
    Make sure you're at the bottom floor of the Venus Lighthouse2 (where you'll see
    a tree engraved on the ground and three doors - left, middle, right)
    Save your game, Turn off the power, Turn it back on, Get into a battle - it
    should be with an Ice Gargoyle and a Fenrir
    -1st turn:
    Issac casts Clay Spire
    Garet casts Flare Wall
    Ivan casts Tornado
    Mia casts Ice Horn
    -2nd turn:
    Issac defends
    Garet uses the Djinn Torch on the Fenrir
    Ivan defends
    Mia casts Wish
    Potion : Created by evilyoshi
    Isaac: lord, demon axe
    Garet: champion, gaia blade
    Ivan: Magister, Kikuichimonji
    Mia: paragon, blessed mace
    You need a save file in the bottom flor of Venus Lighthouse, (the one with the
    reappearing pynergy stone.) turn on your gameboy, open the file and walk around
    till you get in a fight. (it should be fenrir and ice gargoyle)
    ROUND 1:
    Ivan attacks ice gargoyle
    Isaac attacks fenrir (unleash: poison cloud)
    Mia attacks fenrir (fenrir dies)
    Garet attacks ice gargoyle
    ROUND 2:
    Ivan defends
    Isaac unleases flint (ice gargoyle dies)
    801 exp
    433 coins
    Nut : Created by Gopu
    I think you have to be pretty strong to do this, because you have to be able to
    kill certain enemies in one hit with three of your characters.
    Since this isn't very useful I won't go into very much detail.
    All Djinn should be in the standard setup(Isaac has all Venus Djinn, Garet has
    all Mars and such).
    Save in the top most room of Venus Lighthouse (the room with the slide and the
    psynergy stone).
    Shut off the game and turn it back on.
    The first fight should be Willowisp1, Willowisp2, Willowisp3, Recluse.
    Your first turn:
    Isaac use Flint on Willowisp1
    Garet use Scorch on Willowisp2
    Ivan use Squall on Willowisp3
    Mia use Mist on Recluse.
    Now depending how strong you are, the Recluse may live, but that doesn't matter,
    as long as the Willowisps die in one hit. If the Recluse survives, just kill it
    with regular attacks on the next turn. If the Recluse dies, then you get a free
    nut that much quicker.
    Vial: Created by kafabrith.
    Go to the first room in the second part of the venus
    lighthouse. The room has 3 doors and a psyenergy
    crystal in the middle of it.
    Go through the top door back and forth 3 times.
    Fight: Skull Warrior and Mantigore King
    Round 1:
    Isaac attack mantigore king
    Garet attack Skull Warrior
    Ivan defend
    Mia defend
    Round 2:
    Isaac defend
    Garet defend
    Ivan defend
    Mia use sleet on Mantigore King
    Mantigore King felled
    Round 3:
    Isaac use flint on Skull Warrior
    Garet defend
    Ivan defend
    Mia defend
    Skull Warrior felled
    Kill Tempest Lizard in 2 turns and get Potion: Created by woodenstick(THATS ME!)
    The only special requirement for my method is that Mia must have Crystal Rod
    Head to Crossbone Island and douse the Pink Tornado to Fight Tempest Lizard
    Tempest Lizard Appeared!
    TURN 1
    Isacc uses Cure (On Self)
    Garet uses Guard (On Isacc)
    Ivan  uses Resist
    Mia Attacks
    TURN 2
    Isacc Defends
    Garet Defends
    Ivan Defends
    Mia attacks (It should unleash drown that should suffocate the Tempest Lizard)
    Kill Tempest Lizard in 2 turns and get Potion: Created by Zedd
    Turn 1:
    Ivan uses summon thor
    Issac uses summon judgement
    mia uses summon borealis
    garet uses summon meteor
    turn 2:
    ivan defends
    issac uses bane
    mia defs
    garet defs
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 6.SUBMITTED ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    Ok now before we go any further my above method is different from the others,
    most of the other ones help you get items. My method kill the Tempest Lizard in
    2 turns and is a great way to level up (I myself do my method 4 times a night)
    and gain coins, not to mention potions. Keeping this in mind think of the
    possibilities. There are still heaps of methods that go undiscovered, and some
    can help your game a lot. I have a Method submitted by Quizer. This is a well
    documented piece that shows how the RNG flaw can be flawless (get it?) in
    helping you in the game.
    Stat/level boosting method (submitted by Quizer)
    "Ok you need to save/reset in the goma cave, first room(the little cave in
    vale with the power bread inside works too, strange enough it is considered
    part of the goma cave.
    One of your guys should only miss 10 EXP to next level. You also need the
    ninja blade for most of the time (on any one character).
    just walk around until you meet an encounter, its a single skeleton. If it
    surprised your party or vice versa, reset and try again. Have your guy with
    ninja blade attack, the others defend. now there are 3 possibilities:
    -normal attack   : will happen most of the time, results are generally worst
    of the three
    -weapon unleash: will happen almost as often, results are mostly sufficient
    -critical hit        : very rare, results are top notch!!
    note that the RNG results for critical hit aren't dependable on the weapon
    the attacker is holding. so to get a critical hit, just equip no weapon on
    isaac, but warriors helm, spiked armor and hyper boots to vastly increase your
    critical hit chance!!!
    I'll now list what is necessary to level up your guys best (you'll have to
    go back to the goma cave every time one is close to lvling up, but to me, it's
    worth it):
    Isaac Lv  1  - Lv 19: always(i think)(haven't tried critical yet)
         8 3 4 2 4
            Lv 20 - Lv 39: same as above, everything
          8 3 4 2 4
            Lv 40 - Lv??  : no matter what you do, only
           8 2 4 2 4
                      (suppose up to Lv59, im only lv 45)
    Ivan  Lv  4 -  Lv 19 : need unleash for
               7 4 4 2 4
                               try critical though, it might be worth it!
            Lv 20 - Lv39  : have isaac cast clay spire/critical for
            7 3 4 2 5
            Lv 40 - Lv??  : clay spire works no more, critical for
             7 3 4 2 5
    Mia   Lv 10 - Lv 19 : need unleash, i think for
             8 4 4 2 4 (!)
           Lv 20 - Lv 39 : need unleash for
               8 3 4 2 4
           Lv 40 - Lv??  : need unleash (not sure, though) for
         8 3 4 2 4
    Garet Lv  1 - Lv 19: quite everything works
             8 3 4 2 4
            Lv 20 - Lv 39: a little more difficult but unleash will do
              8 3 4 2 4
            Lv 40 - Lv?? : its a pain...
                      8 2 4 2 4
    As you will have noticed, the maximum values seem to drop as you level up.
    Every twenty levels the RNG patterns change (Lv20 and Lv40 Isaac are equally
    easy, but if you try to level up randomly, you'll find it much harder to get
    those values..."
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  (((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 7.VERSION HISTORY ))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    Version 1.0 - First Version, Started on 15/9/02, finished 19/9/02
    Version 2.0 - Corrected Spelling, give headers makeover, editing and adding
    text, Adding submissions section and submissions, Updated new FAQ questions,
    Started on 25/9/02, finished on 2/10/02.
    Version 2.9 - Added "My Stats" section, Corrected Spelling, updated new and old
    methods, editing and adding text to old sections, Updated FAQ, Updated Reference
    list, Started on 19/10/02, finished on 22/10/02.
    Version 3.0 - Edited Text, Expanded RNG Method Library, Updated Methods,
    Corrected Spelling, Updated FAQ, Updated Reference list, Updated "My Stats"
    section, Updated and fixed "What is the RNG?" Section, Special Thanks, Updated
    and fixed Copyright, Updated intro, Started on 16/2/03, finished on 21/10/03
    Version 3.1 - Edited Text, Corrected spelling, Updated numerous sections,
    Updated intro, Started on 26/10/03, Finished on 26/10/03
    Version 3.2 - Edited Text, Corrected Spelling, Updated and fixed submissions
    section, Updated intro, Updated My Stats section, Fixed Reference, Started on
    24/11/03, Finished on 25/11/03
    Version 3.4f [FINAL VERSION] - Corrected Spelling, Updated Submissions, 
    Updated My Stats, Fixed Reference, Started on 11/12/06, Finished on 11/12/06
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 8.REFERENCE )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    This is where I put the names of all the people who have helped with this FAQ by
    finding out and Posting methods (Preticulary Terence and  Jairrame) Most of the
    RNG Methods are listed on The Golden Sun Message Boards. Thanks guys for your
    marvellous efforts.
    Thanks to:
    Pokemon Emperor
    Golden God
    eli dirkx
    The Elemental
    For your great methods.
    Also props to the 50 zillion people that pointed out I got the Djinn mixed
    up. :P
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 9.SPECIAL THANKS ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    Ok now I thank those guys yet again for their wonderful methods, I would also
    like to thank myself, for I feel without me, this FAQ would not be possible. I
    would like to thank GameFAQS for putting my FAQ on this great site.
    You wanna send me praise, I won't stop you :D My email is jib1337@gmail.com
    No questions though, I can't be bothered doing that anymore. Unless you beg me 
    heaps or something! mwahaha.
    Thanks again.
    "My mum say's Jib is so cool" - Detritus
    R  R============================================================================
    RRRR  ((((((((((((((((((((((((((( 10.LEGAL STUFF ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    R   R===========================================================================
    This FAQ is copyright Woodenstick
    I do not give permission for this FAQ to be reproduced in any way, shape or form
    without permission given by me and only me.
    RNG Methods Copyright their Respective owners.

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