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    Send Option FAQ by Lasareth

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/09/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By: "Lasareth"/"Vindex Altus"/etc...
    Version: 1.3
    Beware, some spoilers ahead...
    Version update information
    8-3-2002/8-4-2002(Ver 1.0): My creation, LET IT HAVE LIFE!
          -Created base of FAQ, added a few passwords to archive.
    12-30-2002(Ver 1.1):
          -Added more passwords to archive
          -Specified procedure of finding SEND option in GS
          -cleared rumors of Mystery Blade
          -Added "Vital Items" for TLA
          -Changed all references from "GS2" to "GS:TLA" or simply "TLA"
    03-01-2003(Ver. 1.2):
          -Added "Vital Events" for TLA
    04-06-2003(Ver 1.3):
          -Updated Password Archive, added warning to archive
          -Added new method of finding SEND option in GS
    Legal Stuff
    Alright, this is a completely ripoffable FAQ, IF you mention where and who it
    came from. Hey, it's my first FAQ, and I'm proud of it!
    I. General Information
          1. What is this "Send" thing???
          2. Why is it important?
          3. Do I need it for GS:TLA?
                a. "Vital Items" for GS:TLA
                b. "Vital Events" for TLA
          4. How do I access it?
    II. The Specifics
          1. The Methods
                a. Cable
                b. Password
          2. Password Level Specifications
                a. Gold
                b. Silver
                c. Bronze
          3. Inputting Passwords in Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    III. Password Archive (Confirmed Passwords with a *)
          *1. Oiram-Lvl. 71
          2. Josh-Lvl. 48
          3. Isaac-Lvl. 55
          4. Isaac-Lvl. 31
          5. Tom-Lvl. 54
          6. Isaac-Lvl. 29
    IV. Special Thanks
    Chapter I: General Information
    What is this "Send" thing?
          -"Send" is a secret option on the Golden Sun main menu which, when
    accessed, can transfer information such as party member levels, Djinn
    collected, items collected, and gold amassed from a (Clear Data) file in Golden
    Sun to its sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
    Why is it important?
          -As stated before, utilizing this option will help an immense amount when
    Isaac and his party join forces with Felix's party (slightly after the Jupiter
    Lighthouse). All information transferred through either the password or cable
    option(more on that later) will be put into effect, and Isaac's party in TLA
    will "mirror" the one transferred from GS with respect to levels, items, etc.
    If information is not transferred from GS, Isaac and his party come with
    sub-par equipment and very few Djinn, as well below-average levels(around 28).
    Why would ANYONE want that?
          -If you want to know the exact base stats for each party member without
    transferring, then read below(contributed by theslayerbob):
    Do I need it for The Lost Age?
          -Transferring data is not essential for completing TLA, but certain
    sidequests, such as a VERY difficult battle with a monster/boss named Dullahan,
    are only available with a certain number of Djinn or items. The mystery blade
          *Vital Items for The Lost Age*
                    -The following item(s) will NOT appear in TLA, and must be
    carried over from GS in order to complete certain events:
                    *Force Orb
          *Vital Events for The Lost Age*
                    -In order to obtain certain "Golden Items" or Multi-elemental
    summons, the following events must be completed in GS:
                    *Beat Colosso--the combatants will challenge you again in TLA.
    If you win, you will receive a Gold Item
                    *Save Hsu--If Feizi's brother is saved from being killed by a
    boulder in GS, you will earn yet another Gold Item
                    *Return to Vault--There, you will learn from the mayor that the
    thieves have escaped from jail. They will return to challenge you in TLA
    How do I access it?
          -It is a relatively simple procedure. First, you MUST have a (Clear Data)
    file saved in one of your save file slots. Without the clear file, none of the
    following procedure will work. Next, go to the Main Menu (New, Continue, Erase,
    Battle) and do the following:
                    *Hold Left on the Directional Pad and the "R" shoulder button
                    *Press the "B" button once while holding Left and R
                    *KEEP HOLDING Left and R
          An icon with a picture of an envelope should appear to the extreme right
    of the menu bar. Congratulations, you have accessed the "Send" option!
          There is another way to find the option without going through all of the
    procedure above. At the title screen (When "Press Start" is displayed) simply
    hold Left on the directional pad and the R shoulder button while pressing
    start. When you reach the main menu, the send option should appear.
    Chapter II: The Specifics
    The Methods-There are two methods of transferring data from GS to TLA: Cable
    Link and Password.
                -Cable: This is almost self-explanatory. This option requires TWO
    GAME BOY ADVANCES with GS in one and TLA in the other. ALL data from GS(Party
    Levels, Djinn, Items, and Gold) will be transferred via a link cable (sold
    separately :)) to the GS2 cartridge. Short and quick, it's the easiest way to
    transfer information.
                -Password (a.k.a. "Sweet Lord! Where did THAT come from???"): This
    is the bane of any person afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome, as it brings
    up many, many screens filled with crazy characters and weird columns. There are
    three levels of Password depth: Gold, Silver, and Bronze
    *Password Levels*
                      *BRONZE: This is the basic of the basics. The information
    transferred with the Bronze password includes only Levels of party members and
    Djinn obtained. This level yields around 16 characters of code(i.e. letters,
    numbers, symbols and the like), and is the easiest of the three levels to
                      *SILVER: This is a bit more complex than the Bronze level; It
    transfers party levels, djinn, and character stats(the individual statuses of
    each character, i.e. Attack, Defense, etc...). This level yields roughly 61
    characters of code.
                      *GOLD: The mother of all passwords, this sucker will keep you
    hunched over your GBA for quite a while. It is the deepest level of password,
    as it transfers levels, djinn, character stats, items(this DOES NOT include
    artifacts in stores), and coins. This password level yields an astounding 260
    characters of code.
    *Inputting Passwords Into GS:TLA*
                -When starting a new game of The Lost Age, you will be asked if you
    wish to transfer data from the original GS. If Yes is chosen, you will be
    prompted for a method of transmission. If you choose cable, you will easily
    transfer data from GS to TLA and begin your game. If password is chosen, you
    will be prompted for the level of password that you wish to use(Bronze, Silver,
    Gold). The password screen will then come up, which slightly resembles the
    input name screen from GS. I believe the password is inputted in rows, not
    Chapter III: Password Archive
    The following is a comprehensive list of passwords submitted by fellow GameFAQs
    members. Each password is presented exactly as it appears in Golden Sun on the
    password screen. Information such as names, levels, djinn collected, and gold
    is also presented. Please, if you want a challenge, do not choose insanely
    powerful files. Level 40-50 should do very well for clearing TLA, or can at
    least be a start. If you frankly don't care if the later game is a breeze, or
    had the misfortune of having a powerful file erased, go ahead and use them.
    EACH PASSWORD IS CASE SENSITIVE. That means that if the password calls for an
    "S" and you input an "s" the password will be altered.
    Not all passwords are 100% guaranteed. As I have yet to test them all out, I
    would appreciate it if anyone who spots a defective password notifies me in
    some way. Password entries with an asterisk (*) are confirmed.
    Have fun!
    *1. Oiram-My game
    Password Level: GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
    Level 71
    All Djinn
    Max. gold
    Kikuichimonji, Feathered Robe, Aura Gloves, Cleric's Ring, among rare items
    BDEXz S!Dz&
    TmXxQ iwi5J
    WJdWx H84gu
    7NWg8 &fv5e
    +GrQp dVgdU
    $%CFL S&AS#
    Y=Z9C Tq2dN
    KcsLt 5vVFt
    dCuVg hB8rk
    QFZie JxKbu
    mzGbx eKiWn
    %nm5w kGGgw
    +7?SE 2YyVE
    #RZhJ aTfxr
    jyFDf vGMAX
    %=pNs 8sitB
    s2=gC kvk!V
    8!r%c $vBgR
    B!GPF $LrKW
    BRwQF V!UKu
    2%ZQ6 95VS2
    GaZfL e5jQz
    jaqVk wuZth
    jz6yp &a#t4
    Af=yH x&vJt
    qJ=Pu MdTu#
    zahQK 55nb%
    eStBX yrAk9
    j8SFS hHZE#
    K!G5# N=Ns2
    Dtkv4 4i95N
    VJrLr 3ZhVC
    WJXKk VjrCy
    N+w!= m
    2. Josh-Contributed by Isaac77
    Password Level: GOLD
    Level 48
    All Djinn
    Max. gold
    All rare items
    (Password coming soon!)
    3. Isaac-Contributed by Indera
    Password Level: GOLD
    Level 55
    All Djinn
    Max. gold
    All rare items
    G2ZGw 4M26p
    ebcST 2F=6X
    YVXhc aCQ2W
    E%kM$ yiQL7
    XVk?9 Kstib
    Xr4QA fgd4K
    j8!%4 ggzrP
    yH=kv e&H$s
    &&N#c Dsv2B
    EZQR6 XTK?!
    S?Dd& kXXcf
    uj6q8 8a5Ve
    xv+GP EPB%p
    E%usM xnyqJ
    $&Xkq U2Hf=
    7HhsG gGZNF
    MqsTR VaXVK
    Wf422 j866Z
    q6RKu hdfy+
    nkk&s qq=wr
    vvJcC zJ+&r
    YMKK8 b#P86
    wUUd2 YYh6z
    55nb6 viJdk
    exkii z5ncJ
    4. Isaac-Contributed by Mia9
    Password Levels: GOLD/BRONZE
    Level 31
    Unknown amount of Djinn
    Unknown gold
    Unknown items
    ?AacX %eQjP
    AagDi CMq?#
    Upa#? %K2+v
    ccZUJ 3%i8G
    FJmvu FZXrc
    pX2yp nsAbR
    ewPZA vDjnN
    jxpj% zS58g
    ETZ#n ijSkC
    pTC6E nUfH9
    6ft#J rKP#F
    ccV#c bDep7
    dn$!2 twr7t
    Te$bB %u%f?
    EnhTa MxPf=
    mDh$U ?d+YJ
    +iD5C nH9GD
    tNeMX SiR?y
    XpW+3 t2C74
    y7Hc# bMgt&
    gSmDk QrHqf
    3wNv7 !Szb8
    %X$gB 3$kTL
    8FrLc Kcpgt
    Q!Vmu P+#YY
    B6w5f 9s9Cy
    bLX=p V3mBK
    Lgscr &
    5. Tom-Contributed by agent007mikem
    Password Levels: GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
    Level 54
    All Djinn
    Max. gold
    Cleric's ring; All rare weapons
    KPcCD 5&wdR
    dtsjQ 2Uur5
    SzGhc QtCmH
    Aw?&K zi+!&
    K46%i L!pZR
    8C8M9 XL!Wi
    BBN76 e4B9k
    9UbZD 5e2F%
    p#6RY QQJwf
    Z4uMZ MfrA?
    RZ&Tu &QV5a
    nEhYX hbFZ5
    $$G$A u7ff!
    vPYng tKi#3
    ra&ef C+ExT
    %YCre $?ja5
    3vaXJ Us?Nx
    Vx+TZ ?CX5q
    +H4g+ M9EG$
    SdjMW hpR2m
    nuW7s q2ber
    &7g?= bk%DY
    grCJk VCNq7
    sMTv$ RXzAM
    W4$FS U!e6?
    dFQbh LnfcS
    PQcu= 6&EhX
    csK#W Rcf&R
    mecE6 mDrXJ
    B5Ezi S2g$+
    !UGzN 5xt5W
    4qHv4 b=7Cs
    e!AMY utbte
    nGgja d
    6. Isaac-Contributed by Miaku
    Password Levels: GOLD/SILVER/BRONZE
    Level 29
    All Djinn
    119497 gold
    Unknown Weapons
    #!fWY 7nSkj
    a!xcM hTr3R
    4mZ7t HgqyA
    NdZkR J7pz%
    G2sB? gR462
    $P4yp EqUBa
    NbczA MY=nZ
    v%GNh 2gdNM
    p!mkd wAh9$
    !kNcD EBfh?
    $Rz4t Jguue
    Jmnd? vWUCM
    AU4pZ ?#x74
    j6#cQ TeivW
    6793N MLdMF
    TD?yv !DyYu
    2Nz3B N=7FH
    TEcLX JgQ3A
    PmV8T zhcZY
    w6z4! av8$&
    fsdBk AhPpj
    ?nLu% sWyBq
    xV&G? Z=L?a
    6ERCa Jdge&
    P2MjT rJyXt
    bWu4f 3R8cd
    pd2RK U35%i
    Pga4Q ?5iWa
    iBJN$ WgTPY
    K5W3T rsSx&
    &mJZ8 d3w%x
    akrvm 9gM$
    T+VA% Z4nTu
    ghta& z
    ----END ARCHIVE----
    Chapter IV: Special Thanks
    -First of all, I would like to thank all of the posters on the GameFAQs, who
    helped answer some questions for me concerning "Send," and those others who
    asked the same question so many times that I decided to make an FAQ on it.
    -Among them, the following deserve the most credit:
          -All the people who contributed passwords to the archive. It took guts to
    write all that! Your names are beside your contributions.
          -SupahFlySamurai for giving me the idea of a password archive, among
    many, many other things.
          -theslayerbob for providing me with information needed concerning TLA and
    the results of not transferring data.
          -Aspartate for informing me of the items recommended to bring to TLA
          -CJayC, of course (If I don't include him, this might not be here!)

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