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    Kikuichimonji Sword FAQ by BlueWizard13

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/17/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Golden Sun
    Developed By Nintendo/Camelot
    Game Boy Advance
    Guide to the Kikuichimonji Sword
    Version 1.6
    This Guide (c) Copyright 2002-2003 BlueWizard13
    Last update: 5/17/03
    E-mail: BlueWzrd13@aol.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Version History
    2. Intro to the Kikuichimonji
    3. Why Should You Want to Get the Kikuichimonji?
    4. Methods of Getting It
       a. Gameshark Code
       b. dark panther Method/Djinn Kill Method
       c. Reset Method
       d. Terence's Method/RNG Method
    5. Credits
    6. Contact/Copyright Information
    ---1. Version History---
    Version 1.6- Here I am again, updating the guide due to last method clarity. 
    This should be it, really this time, lol.  I also revamped the FAQ to make it
    more easily understood, made it more traditional looking, etc.  I also rewrote
    the dark panther method as it has finally been proven that the djinn kill DOES
    improve your chances of a dropped item.
    Version 1.5- Never thought I'd have to update this again, but some people just
    don't understand that they have to READ the fourth method, and do as it says,
    and then there was a contribution I'm adding in there
    Version 1.4- Again, because of countless emails on Terence's method, I have
    made this method even MORE clear.
    Version 1.3- Fixed a few mistakes
    Version 1.2- Made Terence's method more clearly described in what needs to
    Version 1.1- Fixed a few mistakes, added this section
    Version 1.0- Made the FAQ
    ---2. Intro to the Kikuichimonji---
    The Kikuichimonji Sword is a sword long sought out by Golden Sun gamers.  It is
    a Japanese name meaning "Chrysanthemum of the Ichimonji".  The Japanese used to
    name their swords after the man who forged them, so it must translate into
    this, not something else.  Thank WingGaia for this information.  This sword is
    dropped by fenrirs found in the upper part of the Venus Lighthouse.  Its
    abbreviation, used by many gamers whom prefer it, is "The K-Sword."
    ---3. Why Should You Want to Get the Kikuichimonji?---
    This is the RAREST item drop in the game.  For those who like to get everything
    in a game, this is a good bit of information.  It is also said to be the best
    weapon for Ivan though there are many people willing to debate that the Swift
    Sword is better.  Because of many requests, I have included a section on the
    K-sword VS Swift Sword.
    Kikuichimonji           Swift Sword
    Attack = +128           Attack = +104
    Wind Power = +0         Wind Power = +10
    The stats prove that the kikuichimonji is better.  But the question comes in
    the unleashes.
    The kikuichimonji has an unleash known as Asura, a wind based unleash.  (For
    those who just want it to see the unleash, it is a silver haired person that is
    attacks the enemy as the sword holder is attacking)  With the kikuichimonji,
    the unleash comes up more often then on the swift sword.  So at lower levels,
    this is the weapon to choose.
    The Swift sword on the other hand has an unleash known as Sonic Smash.  Its
    first unleash only hits once leaving the kikuichimonji a better weapon.  But if
    you are at a higher level and it unleashes its second unleash, you are in for a
    treat.  Its second unleash hits three times with a multiplied damage effect. 
    So, as this does not come as often as the kikuichimonji's unleash, it will do
    much more damage overall as you gain levels.  However, for lower levels (below
    40), the kikuichimonji is a better weapon.
    To summarize this section, you may want to get this weapon because it is the
    rarest drop in the game, or because you just like to get everything and you
    would be able to use this as a great weapon at a somewhat lower level.
    ---4. Methods of Getting It---
    There are many methods of getting the kikuichimonji.  But with any ethical
    method there is going to be a lot of time involved.  The first thing you will
    need is a lot of PATIENCE!!!!  With patience, you will get the kikuichimonji
    sword.  Without it, you will be lucky to get it at all.
    ---Gameshark Code---
    The first method is the gameshark code.  Short, simple, but you will not feel
    the rewarding feeling of earning it and you will not have bragging rights.  So,
    for those that have a gameshark, here is the gameshark code for the
    kikuichimonji sword.   B65A5CC90491778A
    ---dark panther Method/Djinn Kill Method---
    The second method was formerly known as the "dark panther Method" because he
    was the first to discover that the opposite djinn kill will result in more exp,
    coins, and an increased chance of an item drop.  However, this method is now
    more commonly called the Djinn Kill Method.  If you kill the fenrir with a Mars
    djinni, he will flash green, and when the battle ends, you will have more
    coins, experience, and an increased chance of retrieving the sword.  This will
    simply increase your chances during battles, nothing more.
    ---Reset Method---
    The third method is the reset method.  This method suggests that you go into
    the first room of the second part of the Venus Lighthouse.  You'll know you've
    found the room when you see a purple psynergy stone in the middle of it.  In
    this room, you can save, and reset your game.  Go back into the file, and the
    first battle that you encounter will have a fenrir in it.  Fight it, then when
    you are done, if you don't get a K-sword, just reset the game and try it again.
    This will speed up the process a bit for some, but it also takes some of the
    honor out of getting it and it is still not sure to work.  NOTE: This will
    drain your batteries much faster.
    ---Terence's Method/RNG Method---
    The fourth and final method, is another method that you cannot take bragging
    rights for, but it is a fast easy way to get the kikuichimonji without using a
    gameshark.  This method is known as Terence's method because he created it. It 
    uses the Random Numbers generated by the game to your advantage, so it is also
    known as an RNG Method.
    Before you begin this method, you should go to Lalivero and equip your party
    members with any items necessary to speed them up or slow them down putting
    them in an order in which GARET GOES AFTER MIA BUT IS STILL FAST ENOUGH TO
    ATTACK BEFORE THE FENRIR AND THE ICE GARGOYLE (around 150 agility minimum). 
    You must also make sure that you remove any poison, curses not counteracted by
    the Clerics Ring, and Hauntings that you have on any characters.  These would
    throw off the method.  Now, go to the first room of the upper Venus Lighthouse
    (the one with the psynergy stone in the middle), save, and shut off your GBA
    (DO NOT SOFT RESET).  You are now ready to begin this method. Turn your GBA
    back on and run around for a little while until you enter a battle with one
    fenrir and one ice gargoyle.
    THE BATTLE SHOULD GO EXACTLY AS FOLLOWS! The ONLY exception is the order of
    your guys. The only requirement for that is Mia going before Garet.
    First Round: you get to attack first, if not, turn off your GBA and try it
    again (DO NOT SOFT RESET)
    Ivan casts Tornado at both enemies
    Mia casts Ice Horn at both enemies
    Isaac casts Clay Spire at both enemies
    Garet casts Flare Wall at both enemies
    Second Round:
    Ivan Defends
    Mia casts Wish on all party members
    Isaac Defends
    Garet Unleashes Torch at Fenrir, fenrir dies
    Ice Gargoyle uses his turn
    GONE!!  If someone in your party is not fast enough, see "Troubleshooting This
    Method" below.
    Third Round:
    Kill off the ice gargoyle.  (I am not going to get into details, but it does
    not matter how you kill him off, take your time and kill him off if you want
    to, it doesn't matter how you do it.)
    ADDITIONAL BONUS: This was contributed by final_fantasy_fanatic_7.  If in the
    final round where you kill of the ice gargoyle you defend with everyone except
    Isaac who uses bane to kill the ice gargoyle, and it does kill him, you will
    get a potion along with the kikuichimonji.  Though I do not have the random
    number generator to prove that this works, it has worked for him and I every
    time without fail.
    Troubleshooting this method:
    -If the fenrir or ice gargoyle dies before you can finish off the fenrir with
    the djinn, use less powerful versions of the spells or just use another,
    weaker, area spell (a spell that attacks more than one enemy).
    -If the fenrir doesn't die with the djinn, use a more powerful spell of that
    sort, (an area spell, attacks more than one enemy) or train for a little while
    and try it again.
    -If the fenrir or ice gargoyle attacks before all of your party members use
    their turn in the second round, you can speed them up by equipping Quick Boots
    and Running Shirts found at the Tolbi Slots, or you can equip them with the
    Elven Shirt, an artifact found in Mogall Forest.  Other than that, all you can
    do is train.
    -If none of the above helped, just check the basics over.  Did you actually
    turn off and turn back on your GBA instead of soft-reset it?  Did you get rid
    of curses not counteracted by the Clerics Ring, hauntings, or poison?
    -If all else fails, try it again and do EXACTLY what it says.  With this
    method, if done correctly, you WILL get the kikuichimonji after every one of
    these battles.
    IF YOU STILL HAVE TROUBLE WITH THIS METHOD please feel free to email me with
    your question/problem.  But, before you do, be completely sure that you have
    read the entire section and done what it says, it is all too often that I get
    emails from ignorant people that have just decided to email before reading this
    ATTACKED FIRST, I will then be able to help you further.
    ---5. Credits---
    I would like to thank rebirth flame 2002, WingGaia, and Leebot for some minor
    information about the sword.
    I would like to thank Terence and DarkPanther for methods of getting the sword.
    I would like to thank final_fantasy_fanatic_7 for additional info on Terence's
    And I would like to thank CjayC for hosting this FAQ on the greatest gaming
    site: www.gamefaqs.com
    ---6. Contact/Copyright Information---
    If there is anything I may have missed or you think should be changed, you may
    e-mail me about it at BlueWzrd13@aol.com.   I will try to fit it in my FAQ if I
    think it would be a good addition.  Any Praise is also greatly appreciated.
    With this FAQ, you may print it for your own personal reference, and you may
    post it on your website ONLY with my permission by e-mail, giving me the URL
    address, and giving me, BlueWizard13, full credit for the writing of the FAQ. 
    You may NOT use this FAQ for any commercial use (selling it for a profit, in a
    magazine, etc.).  This Guide Copyright (c) 2002-2003 BlueWizard13

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