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Debug Room FAQ by JackH

Version: 1.7 | Updated: 02/28/04


This FAQ has been written to help answer any queries
people may have about the Debug Rooms in one of the
best games for the Game Boy Advance, Golden Sun.

This guide is Copyright (C) to me, JackH, 2002-2004. 

This guide can only appear on GameFAQs.com, IGN, or
Neoseeker.com. If you wish to have it on 
your site, then contact me with your site's 
address at jackhunter64@hotmail.com

     |           HISTORY          |
More text.

We're now on IGN, apparently.

Some minor changes.

Updated the code list. Now the codes can be used
with the GameShark SP and CodeBreaker.

Updated the codes, and added a link to the upgrade
for the Action Replay V3.

Yet another update to Debug Room 1, and some info
about the rebranding of the Gameshark in the US.
It's now called the Action Replay.

Updated the Debug Room 1 section.

First build! My first FAQ on GameFAQs too!


To enter the Debug Rooms, you'll need the following-

B. A copy of Golden Sun.
C. An Action Replay for Game Boy Advance.
D. The necessary codes to enter.

NOTE: Recently, Datel, the makers of the Action Replay,
split with Interact, who distributed it in the US
under the moniker "Gameshark". Datel have launched
the Action Replay in the US, and it's exactly the same
as the Gameshark, as far as both codes and operation
are concerned.

WARNING: These codes will ONLY work on the English
language version of Golden Sun. Any other versions
will have different codes. If anyone can alert me
to what these codes are for different versions,
please do so.

     |     ACTION REPLAY CODES    |

These are the codes that users of Action Replay V1 or
Interact Gameshark will need to use.

Must Be On [M] 

Debug Room 1

Debug Room 2

These codes only work on the Action Replay V3. To upgrade
your Action Replay or Interact Gameshark to Version 3, 
go to www.codejunkies.com. If the packaging of your 
Action Replay says "Compatible with Game Boy Advance SP" 
and has Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! pictures on it, it's already V3.

Must Be On [M] 

Debug Room 1

Debug Room 2

These codes will work on the GameShark SP, the CodeBreaker,
or the Xploder. The GameShark SP is manufactured by Mad
Catz, and is different to the Interact Gameshark. All three
devices here are identical, it should be pointed out. Codes!

Must Be On [M]
00009B1A 000A
100036E6 0007

Debug Room 1
32000400 00C7
32000408 00C7

Debug Room 2
32000400 00C8
32000408 00C8

     |     ADDING THE CODES       |

First, add the codes to the Action Replay's memory. This
is done by going into the menu "Management", then
choosing "Add/Edit Code". If you haven't added Golden
Sun to the Action Replay's memory, now is the time to do
so. With the Golden Sun Game Pak inserted into the 
Action Replay, choose "Add/Edit Game". Choose "ADD GAME"
and type out Golden Sun on the software keyboard.
Now put in the "Must be on [M]" code listed above.
Whenever you use Golden Sun with the Action Replay, the
Action Replay will recognize Golden Sun, and will auto-
load the codes for your convenience. Now you can
add the codes. Choose "Add/Edit Code", then choose
Golden Sun. Choose "ADD CODE". Now enter the codes
using the on-screen software keyboard. Once you're
done, you're ready to go!

If anyone with an Xploder, Codebreaker, or GameShark SP
can give me a detailed and concise explanation of how to
add codes, they'll be given credit here.

     |      USING THE CODES       |

Load up the codes, and select only one of the Debug
Room codes. Once you've decided which to use, then
press Start to enter the game. When the Nintendo 
logo appears, slide the switch on top of the GSA to
the left, which turns the codes off. Load up your
save, making sure you have a save slot free. Turn
the Action Replay on now, by sliding the switch to the
right. Walk through a door, any door, and gaze in
awe at the sheer majesty. Some sprites on a black
background. Never mind though. Here's the beef:-

     |       DEBUG ROOM ONE       |

This is the less populated room. There's a man who
looks like he comes from Lalivero, a pink statue
and what appears to be a zoomed in sprite of a cat
licking it's paws. Talking to the cat, it says
"Raise everyone's level. A - 1 UP. ST - 5 UP."
Does exactly what it says on the tin. The pink 
statue gives you any item from within the game, and
also provides a description of it and it's extra
properties I.E. Gaia Blade - Attack + 135,
Earth Power +20, Earth Resist +20. This is the only
way to get the dummy items Sol Blade, Masamune, and
Kusanagi. The Sol Blade and Masamune are Long Sword
items equippable by both Isaac and Garet. The other
one, the Kusanagi, is a Light Blade equippable by
Isaac, Garet and Ivan. Talking to the Laliveran man,
he describes the various Psynergies. But, after 
talking to him, the game freezes. Onto the next room...

UPDATE ONE - Going north from the entrance reveals two 
emoticon bubbles are on the right side of the screen.
One is of a unhappy face, the other is '...'.Both of
the faces say "I won't stop you, but I wouldn't go 
unless I had business there. I'd go to Tolbi and 
watch Colloso. That's what I'd do." Going further 
north from that, there's a rather odd statue which
is cut in half. It's off the screen. Speaking to it 
reveals the character face icons used throughout the
game by important characters. Flicking through the icons,
we see the names of Garet's family (Mrs. Jerra, Garet's
mother, Kay Jerra, his elder sister, Aaron Jerra, his
younger brother, and Mr. Jerra, his father). Once we get
to Tret, things start to become dodgy. The name underneath
the icon is of the icon that is next in line. The picture
of Tret is accompanied by the text 'Laurel', the picture
of Laurel has 'Nyunpa', and so forth. There is also another
picture of Felix that isn't used in the game! Young Felix,
in the same vein as Young Isaac, Young Garet and Young Jenna.
Once we get to Shadow Babi, it gets weird. The name beneath
is Gyorgis. The next picture is of Faran, the leader of the
Lalivero. I'm presuming this was an original name of his,
but what if it isn't? What the hell is a Gyorgis anyway?
The picture of Faran is accompanied by the text '...'.

Thanks to Rampaidge and Slothman for alerting me to these
two things I missed out.

UPDATE TWO - Going north of the half cut off statue, and
pressing A on it shows all the Item Icons, same as the bush
in Debug Room Two. Thanks to Link340254 for this.

     |       DEBUG ROOM TWO       |

This is the bigger room. There are various characters
from in the game in here, and this is what they do-

Garet- Claims to have raised you by one level, but
       doesn't, actually.

Jenna- Gives you sturdy equipment. Basically, a lot
       of weapons and armour.

Ivan- Gives you various perishable items, such as Herbs,
      Lucky Peppers and Mints.

Mia- Renames Isaac, and no-one else.

Kraden- Shows you how much your items cost you if you
        buy them from a shop.

Dora (Left)- Gives you all the Djinn.

Saturos (Left)- Says "The body is being torn apart".
		Takes HP from the entire party, and
		afflicts them with various ailments.

Menardi- Gives you "treasure". Most of it is stuff
	 that cannot be dropped or sold, so best to
         avoid this one.

Weapons Shop- Ordinary weapons shop.

Dora (Right)- Acts as a Sanctum Healer.

Saturos (Right)- For some unholy reason, says "Kyle...
		 Will they be able to stop the boulder?"

Bush- Shows all the item icons.

Felix (Upper)- Shows various speeches from the Armour Shop

Felix (Lower)- More Armour Shop Man speeches.

UPDATE ONE: nintendosown corrects me on what Dora does.
"She does in fact give you every Djinn. Luff is given 
to Mia, although not visible. If you go to the last 
Djinn Mia has, then press down again, the bar below 
that will be highlighted. Select it, and give it to 
Ivan. Then you will have all 28 Djinn."

UPDATE TWO: VDCMonger tells me:
"Just thought I'd mention something to you about Debug 
Room 2.  Immediately when you enter, all your characters
automatically get bumped up to level 30, except for 
Isaac, who gets bumped to level 50.  I don't know what 
happens if your characters are already above those 
levels, because my guys were in the 20's when I tried it."

If anyone else can confirm this, please do so.

     |        OTHER STUFF         |

Phoenix Ambrose contacted me to say:
"As you may or may not know, the game Golden Sun changes 
something around when you're in the tolbi-bound ship 
so you can't get godly experience off the big boss 
(or so it doesn't freeze/hang at the one-time-only fight)
or change your setup for the fun of it.  The reason I'm 
telling you this (probably the thousandth time you've 
heard it, though) is because the change in the system 
stays even after you go to the debug rooms.  I've tried 
several different scenarios and they all have the file 
being unable to be recovered."

ElementsOf says a lot of things:
"Debug room 2 does boost your levels to 50 for Isaac and 30 for everyone
else. If your party is above those levels then they're not affected (at
least my level 55 team wasn't).

    Garet will in fact boost your levels; you just have to keep talking to
him. He boosts you 10 levels at a time, though, not 1.

    Also, perhaps it's just my game, but every time I talk to the Weapon
Shop guy Isaac is given a broken (and unfixable) Muramasa, Garet is given a
broken (but fixable) Virtuous Armlet, and Ivan is given a Bone. Mia is
Poisoned and Ivan becomes Haunted, Heaven only knows why. My money is
changed to 200,000, no matter what it was before (higher or lower).

    Perhaps the Weapon Shop guy only attacks Mia and Ivan because when
Saturos (left) damages the party, he inflicts status conditions only on
Isaac (Poison and Haunt) and Garet (Venom). My mind boggles.

    The Weapon Shop guy sells Long Sword, Short Sword, Mace, and Wooden
Stick. As Artifacts, he sells (unlimited numbers of?) Shamshir, Silver
Blade, Masamune, and Witch's Wand.

Ivan gives
    17 Antidotes, 14 Herbs, 11 Nuts, 13 Vials, and 9 Potions to Isaac
    13 Psy Crystals and 12 Antidotes to Garet
    11 Power Breads, 11 Cookies, 11 Apples, 7 Hard Nuts, 13 Mints,  and 8
Lucky Peppers to Mia
    14 Elixirs, 11 Waters of Life, and 16 Sacred Feathers to Ivan

Jenna gives
    Spiked Armor, Asura's Armor, Earth Shield, Dragon Shield, Gaia Blade,
Muramasa, Bandit's Sword, and Kusanagi to Issac
    Demon Axe, Burning Axe, Wicked Mace, Blessed Mace, Demon Mail, Dragon
Scales, Aura Gloves, Battle Gloves, and Adept's Helm to Garet
    Angelic Ankh, Crystal Rod, Storm Gear, Water Jacket, Oracle's Robe,
Feathered Robe, Vambrace, Guardian Armlet, and Glittering Tiara to Mia
    Zodiac Wand, Shaman's Rod*, Ninja Garb, Kimono, Earth Shield, War
Gloves, Virtuous Armlet, and Prophet's Hat to Ivan

*note that you cannot get rid of the Shaman's Rod given to Ivan. You may
want to load him up with items so there's no room for him to be given
anything before you talk to Jenna.

Menardi gives
    Hermes' Water, Halt Gem*, Venus Star*, Mercury Star*, Mars Star*,
Jupiter Star*, and Mythril Bag* to Isaac
    Smoke Bomb, Sleep Bomb, Dragon's Eye* (the jewel for the dragon statue
in the Fuschin Temple cave), 11 Game Tickets, 8 Lucky Medals, Anchor Charm*
(from the ship), Bone (from the Inn in Vault), and Mystic Draught* (from
Altmiller Cave) to Garet
    Water of Life, Orb of Force*, Douse Drop*, Frost Jewel*, Lifting Gem*,
Halt Gem*, and Catch Beads* to Mia
    Black Orb*, Fur Boots, Fairy Ring, Healing Ring, and Running Shirt to

*these items cannot be dropped or sold. If you get them, you'd better like
them, a *lot*, because you aren't getting rid of them any time soon. Or
ever, for that matter."

     |    SAVING AND ESCAPING     |

If you do save inside either Debug Room, make sure it is
on an empty slot, and not over your original save. I hold
***NO RESPONSIBILITY*** for anything that goes wrong. You
choose to go into the Debug Rooms, you take the risks.

Anyway, after saving, exit the game, and go to the Continue
screen. Choose the Debug Room save, then hold down L, R and
Start, then tap A, whilst still holding the buttons. You'll
appear at the last sanctum you visited, with all the stuff
you gained in the Debug Rooms. Now save. Well Done.

     |    THAT'S ALL FOLKS...     |

You've done it. That's it. You're done now. Go play with
your newly acquired ill gotten gains, you.

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