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FAQ/Walkthrough by jesterguy

Version: 1.08 | Updated: 02/04/02

Golden Sun
- FAQ/Walkthrough 
Written by: James Pelchar (jesterguy) 
Version 1.08
Date: 2.4.02
Email: hyper_mickey@hotmail.com 
*If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, send them to my 
 email, I will try to respond as quickly as possible.  I've received
 well hundreds of emails already, so please read the FAQ section before
 mailing me a question!  If I cannot get to your mail, I apologize.


I.    Updates
II.   Coming Soon
III.  Introduction
IV.   Controller
V.    Menu Options
VI.   Walkthrough
VII.  Item List
VIII. Weapon List
IX.   Armor List
X.    Item Drops
XI.   Psynergy List
XII.  Djinn List/Location
XIV.  Legal
XV.   Credits

I. Updates

Version 1.0 - Semi-complete walkthrough and Djinn/Item list.  More will
              follow very shortly, the updates will be frequent as I
              compile more material for it.
Version 1.01 - Added some more onto each section of the FAQ.  Made some
               changes to parts that seemed to give people trouble,
               compiled more for a weapons section to be added at a
               later date.  More to come shortly...
Version 1.03 - Threw some more into the walkthrough, added a Psynergy
               List and worked a bit on the Djinni section.  The
               walkthrough will be complete on the next update so stay 
Version 1.05 - Finished the walkthrough (finally!), sorry for the
               delay.  Added in some new sections, such as the 'Coming
               Soon' area so you can see what I'm in the process of
               doing, and worked on parts people are having trouble
               with in the walkthrough.  Another update within a few
               days, hopefully...
Version 1.06 - Small update this time, added some on the weapon/armor
               lists, also made a semi-complete map for the first
               desert.  I'll add some more at a later date, should be
               pretty soon though.
Version 1.07 - Put some more on the Psynergy List, Item List, and also
               made a little progress on the Item Drop section.  Also
               made the lists into charts so that they are easier to
               read.  Next update will be soon.
Version 1.08 - Wow, been a month since my last update.  No real
               changes to the content, mostly just fixing the format of
               everything so that its easier to read.

II. Coming Soon

Here's my lil' section to let you know what you can look forward to in future 
updates.  They are in no particular order, and there is no date set as to 
when I will finish them, but rest assured they will be on here sometime. 

- More additions to the FAQ section, including a more detailed map of
  the desert (yes, I know its terrible).
- Complete Weapon/Armor lists.
- A revised walkthrough
- A completed enemy list, including the item drops.
- Other stuff...

III. Introduction

Golden Sun is a masterpiece.  I'm a big fan of 2D RPGs, and this game has 
given me everything I've been looking for and more in one.  The battles are 
extremely well done, the charcters are pretty well developed, and the overall 
feeling is great.  Its been a while since I've actually sat down and played 
a game for hours on end, and Golden Sun keeps it interesting the whole way 

IV. Controller

D-Pad:   Walk, Move Object, Select an Option
A:       Confirm
B:       Cancel, (Hold) Run 
Select:  Menu
Start:   Pause Menu
L:       Zoom Out (Map)
R:       Show World Map (Map)

V. Menu Options

Before Game:
- New Game - Begin a new game.
- Continue - Continue a saved game.
- Copy - Copy a saved file.
- Erase - Erase a saved file.
- Battle - Takes you to the Battle Arena.

Pause Menu:
- Save your quest - Save your current quest
- Sleep - Set the game to sleep mode
- Change settings -  Change window color/brightness, message speed,
  speech, and sleep mode

Game Menu:
- Psynergy - Displays the Psynergy available to each party member.
  Hold Select and press a shoulder button to make a shortcut to a
  Psynergy spell. 
- Djinn - Shows the Djinn obtained, as well as the status of each
- Item - Shows the items each member has, includes armor and weapons.
- Status - Gives details on each party member. 

VI. Walkthrough


- Enemies
Bat - 1 exp., 1 coin
Mystery Woman  - ???
Mystery Man - ???
Vermin - 2 exp., 1 coin
Wild Mushroom - 1 exp., 3 coins

Isaac is sleeping and his mother rushes in and wakes him up.  She will give 
you a tunic and rush you out to the door.  She tells you that she's going 
to help, and you must get to the plaza.  Head up and a talk to the person 
standing there.  His name is Jaret, and will join you on the way to the plaza.

Go across the wooden bridge and you will see the villagers trying to hold 
off the oncoming boulder.  A smaller one will block your path again so head 
west.  Speak with the man lying on the ground who thinks he is dying, and 
he will warn you about the monsters on the path.  Head back towards the village 
and down the steps where you will see villagers.

To help Felix, you must continue to the plaza, which is across the bridge 
and to the right.  Head down to where all of the people are.  Find Jenna and 
run back to Felix.  A giant boulder comes crashing down, so now you must go 
back and get help again.  Two strangers are talking and will battle you, you 
can't win.  When you die it will take you to the next part

3 years later...

Read the long dialogue between the characters and Jenna, Jaret will join you.  
Head left across the bridge to Kraden's cottage and you will see the strangers 
from before.  Saturos and Menardi will let you pass, then talk to Kraden and 
then its off to Mt. Aleph.  You can either head straight for it, or go get 
some gear in the plaza.  

---Sol Sanctum---

- Items
Catch Beads
Mars Star
Small Jewel x2

- Enemies
Amaze - 3 exp., 3 coins
Bat - 1 exp., 1 coin
Slime - 2 exp., 2 coins
Vermin - 2 exp., 1 coin
Wild Mushroom - 1 exp., 3 coins

- Recommended Level: 

Enter the sanctum, to get across the water, hop on the far right box to start, 
and just hop around from there.  Also, notice that you have Psynergy abilities 
that you can use to help you out.  In the next room with boxes and water, 
hop on the middle one to go up the middle path.  Open the chest and get a 
Small Jewel.  Take it and go up the right path and use the jewel on the minotaur 
head.  Head back and take the left path this time, a door will have opened 

Go to the statue on the right, and push it out of the way, revealing a hidden 
door.  Go right and all the way up, leading to an intersection.  Going left 
will get you a Small Jewel, then go up and take the first left to another 
statue room.  Use the 'Move' Psynergy, and drag the statues to the left or 
right.  The three statues you should move are:  Far left (minotaur head, use 
the Small Jewel), the one right next to the far left (door), and the far right 
(door).  The far right door will take you to the heart of the sanctum, and 
you should continue on past it from there.  

Kraden will ask you to explore further for him.  When you go out of the door, 
the path to the bottom takes you to a crystal room where you can pick up a 
Psynergy Stone, and it will restore the party's PP.  Go up to the statues 
and if you try to drag one of the ones from the Luna (moon) side, Kraden will 
come and give a long speech.  Go over to the ones on the Sol (sun) side, and 
move the two statues on the side into place.  Then once the hole in the middle 
opens up, use your 'Move' Psynergy to drag the middle one down into the hole.  
Now go back to Luna and move all the statues in place.  Kraden will commend 
you for disarming the trap and runs to a safe distance.  Once they are all 
moved, head back up to where Kraden is waiting for you, talk to him then go 
left and touch the beam coming out of the wall.

Enter the portal and you come to a new area, which contains the Element Stars 
of Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth (and together they form....Captain 
Planet! ...... *walks away*).  Kraden gives a long explanation, which by now 
you should know that when he talks, it won't be a sentence or two, it's a 
lecture.  He asks you to gather the stones for examination, get them in this 
order: bottom right, top right, bottom left.  Saturos and Menardi will appear, 
with another mysterious person, demanding the stars.  The masked person is 
Felix, who was thought to have died earlier.  Hand over the stars to them 
and try to pick up the last one.  There is a lot of dialogue here, the rest 
of the people except Isaac and Jaret leave, and the 'Wise One' will talk for 
a while.  Use the Psynergy to get back to the beginning of the dungeon.

Back in Vale, the elders will bring you into the sanctum and talk about what 
is happening with the volcano, and the events that just happened.  Here you 
will get your mission, which of course is to save the world.  Your mission: 
find the lighthouses, find the Djinns.  After a very long farewell, and a 
few gifts, you appear on the world map, and its off to adventure!

---World Map---

- Enemies
Amaze - 5 exp., 6 coins
Bat - 2 exp., 3 coins
Slime - 4 exp., 4 coins
Vermin - 4 exp., 4 coins
Wild Mushroom - 3 exp., 3 coins
Zombie - 7 exp., 8 coins

- Djinni

Just south of town, you see something flying around in circles.  Go up to 
it, and it will talk to you, its the Venus Djinni, named "Flint".  Let him 
join up with you and it'll give you a brief rundown on how the Djinn work.  
After that, head to the right and down to then town.  A bunch of wagons come 
rushing out and say how dangerous the place is.  After they talk, head into 


- Items
4 coins
7 coins
Bandit's Sword
Sleep Bomb

- Enemies
Bandit - ???
Thief - ???

In the house directly north of the town entrance, look in the pot to find 
7 coins.  In the house to the left of there, you can find 4 coins in the barrel 
near the bed.  In the far left of the Inn you can find a Mint, in the item 
shop is a Sleep Bomb.  Go to the back left of the town, where the steps are, 
and go up into the house.  In the back is a person named Ivan, who will 
demonstrate his mind reading powers to you.  Help him out and he will join 
your party.  Also, outside his house, there is a Nut in one of the boxes.

Head to the top floor of the inn and there are two suspicious people talking.  
They notice you and will run away whenever you get near them, so head back 
towards the stairs and Ivan will make a plan to trap them.  Just get them 
into a corner and Ivan uses his 'Mind Read' ability, he finds out they are 
thieves who stole the rod.  He also finds out that its hidden somewhere in 
the inn.  Go outside and climb the latter into the loft.  Use the 'Move' 
Psynergy to shift the box to the left and go into the door.  Talk to the person 
tied up on the ground and the thieves will appear. 

These guys are a pretty easy battle, as long as you know what you are doing.  
I suggest using Psynergy as much as possible.  For Garet, use Flame, with 
Ivan you can use either one, and for Isaac use his Djinn or attack normally.  
Take out the Bandit first, as he will heal himself and the others a lot.  
Shouldn't take to long, just keep hitting and using Heal if needed.  As a 
prize you get a Bandit's Sword and 73 exp.

After you defeat them, the mayor and villagers will come in to reclaim their 
stolen property, and the mayor tells you to drop by his place before leaving 
town.  Ivan collects his rod, and thanks you for the help you've given him 
and leaves.  Go to the mayor's house (at the top of the steps) and he will 
give you Water of Life.

You can now leave the town and head for Goma Cave.  From Vault, head 
east/northeast across the bridges until you find what looks like an ice cave 
on the side of a mountain.  Enter here and you can go for Goma Cave.

---Goma Cave---

- Items
Lucky Medal

- Enemies
Bat - 2 exp., 3 coins
Ghost - 9 exp., 9 coins
Skeleton - 10 exp., 11 coins
Slime - 4 exp., 4 coins
Will Head - 9 exp., 10 coins
Zombie - 7 exp., 8 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

At the entrance, hop across the river and push the wooden statue out of the 
way to climb the ladder.  Use Move to drag the wooden statue to the right 
down into the pit and walk across it.  After that, head right and try to use 
a Psynergy on the stump near the waterfall.  You can't move it, so Ivan shows 
up and helps you out, then will join the party again.  Use Move to push the 
stump into the river and then use Whirlwind to cut the ivy, revealing a door.

Head upward and jump across to the other side of the water.  Go down, then 
up the stairs and into the door.  All the way left you come across a Djinn 
sitting up on a ledge, move the wooden post right and up as far as you can.  
Head back down and hop over the water and into the door.  Go all the way left, 
jump to the little stone and back over to the other side of the ground and 
up into the door.  

Use Move to push the wooden pole back and jump to the other side.  Jump again, 
drag the post back to where it was and hop over to the treasure chest, where 
you will receive a Lucky Medal.  Go down and push the stump off the ledge, 
and go back to the door you came in.  You'll notice that the stump is now 
in the water to your right and you can hop across it to the other side.  If 
you pushed that wooden post from earlier, you can get over to the ledge where 
the Djinni "Forge" is sitting.

You must defeat Forge quickly or else he will run away.  To do this, use normal 
attack for Jaret, the Earthquake Psynergy for Isaac, and Bolt for Ivan.  You 
should defeat him in 3 turns or less, depending on your level.  Once defeated, 
it will join you and you get 85 coins.

After you collect the Djinni, go to the upper door, and then head to the left. 
Push the stump into the water using Move, and head up to the door.  Follow 
the path from there across the bridge, down the steps, and you will be at 
the world map again.

---World Map---

Bat - 2 exp., 3 coins
Ghost - 9 exp., 9 coins
Rat - 14 exp., 17 coins
Rat Soldier - 17 exp., 19 coins
Skeleton - 10 exp., 11 coins
Zombie - 7 exp., 8 coins

Just as you get to the world map, Bilibin is in view just to the right of 
you.  Southeast is a blockade made by McCoy.  I would take some time to level 
up right here, there are a lot of enemies that can give you a lot of experience 
and coins.  With the money, upgrade all of your armor and weapons in Bilibin.


- Items
5 coins
Hard Nut
Sleep Bomb
Smoke Bomb


Check the barrel in the second house from the left for an Antidote, and also 
the one outside the house to find 5 coins.  In a jar up the steps (to the 
left of the weapon store) is a Herb.  Check the bed in the bottom left house 
in town to get a Sleep Bomb, and a Hard Nut is found inside the house to the 
right of the Item Shop.  To the north of town is McCoy's Palace, use Catch 
to pull the Nut out of the tree to the left, which looks like a floating red 
ball. (Have the Catch Beads equipped)

If you move the statue in the middle of town, you'll notice a hole in the 
ground that leads to an underground area.  You cannot access the Djinni from 
here.  Go up the steps (where the Herb was) and walk around the parimeter 
of the town.  Cut the ivy with the Whirlwind Psynergy, and go down into it.  
Move the statue out of the way with Move, and head for the Djinni "Gust".  
You won't have to battle it, Gust joins you automatically.

Go up to McCoy's place, and talk to the guard on the right, he will let you 
inside.  Check the barrel near the two women inside (on the right) and you 
get an Elixir.  Take the stairs on the bottom left all the way up and there 
is a Smoke Bomb in the room.  After you rob the place, talk to McCoy by 
following the red carpet up to his chambers.  He thinks about giving you the 
key to get past the barricade, but takes it back because you are but children, 
and he feels he'd be sending you to your death.  A guard will give you a tip 
that you don't need a key to get past it, and leaves.   After getting your 
gear, head for the barricade.

Go up to where all the crates are stacked up, blocking the path and face the 
big one on the left.  Use Move to drag it down and out of the way. Walk through 
the door and exit the place to the world map.  From here, you can go north 
to Kolima Forest, or East to Kolima.


- Items
7 Coins
Lucky Medal

- Djinni

Right when you come in, everything, or should I say everybody, is turned into 
a tree.  Something paralyzes the party, and the things that turned people 
into trees start to fall.  A dome is formed around you, keeping you safe, 
which they think is Psynergy.  The things fall again and the domes appear, 
but Tret and Laurel will tell you why everyone is a tree now.

Go to the top floor of the Inn to find a Lucky Medal, and outside of the house 
to the right of the Item Shop is a box with an Herb in it.  On the top floor 
of the tree right of the Inn is a jar with 7 coins, outside the tree are 6 
pots, the back left one has an Apple.  Go behind the bottom right tree, and 
walk into the back of it, its a secret passage.  It will take you on a big 
loop around to where the Djinni is sitting.  Talk to it and "Granite" joins 

---Kolima Forest---

Fur Coat
Healing Ring
Nut x2
Psynergy Stone

- Enemies
Creeper - 32 exp., 38 coins
Drone Bee - 19 exp., 28 coins
Gnome - 29 exp., 40 coins
Rat - 14 exp., 17 coins
Rat Soldier - 17 exp., 19 coins
Skeleton - 10 exp., 11 coins
Spider - 25 exp., 32 coins
Troll - 30 exp., 34 coins
Will Head - 9 exp., 10 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

When you come to the area with a bunch of logs, go to the one on the right 
and push it into the water.  Then go up and left where another one is laying.  
Push this forward so you can get around it and proceed to the left.  Walk 
around the log here, and then go up, there is a tree with a nut on it, use 
the Catch Psynergy to grab it.  Keep walking left and you come to two more 
logs.  Roll the vertical one to the right, then push the horizontal one down.  
Then move up and push the vertical one left so you can get past it.  

In the next area, there is another little log puzzle to do.  Here are the 
*NOTE: I will label the logs 1, 2, and 3.  Bottom horizontal is #1, top
        horizontal is #2, and vertical is #3.

1. Push #3 to the left.
2. Go up and around so you are above #2, push it down.
3. Push #3 back to the right.
4. Push #1 down.
5. Push #2 up again.
6. Push #3 into the water, then you can hop on it and go up the steps.  Keep 
going right until you come to a more challenging puzzle.

You come to a big area with water in the middle of it.  You can see a treasure 
chest in the far right corner, and an exit near the top left corner.  Go down 
to where the floodgates are and pull the switch.  This drains out the water 
and you can now shift the logs around to get where you need to be.  The 
directions are somewhat complicated, but here they are as easy as I can make 

Getting to the exit:

1. Move top and bottom vertical logs to the left. (the top is aligned
   with the exit)
2. Push the left horizontal log down, it should be touching the top of
   a log now.
3. Refill the water, and before the exit, push the log out of the way
   (on land, north of where you came in) so you can walk to the exit.

Getting to the exit was the easy part, here is how you make it to the treasure:

1. Drain the water.
2. Push horizontal logs to the very top of the area.
3. Push vertical logs to the very right.
4. Push the top right log down.
5. Push the bottom vertical log left.
6. Push the top left log down.
7. Refill the water and claim your treasure.

The pattern the logs make is a zigzag which takes you from one side of the 
water, diagonally across to the other.  You find a Fur Coat in the treasure 
box.   Now you must go back, and if you moved the log before, walk right up 
to the exit.

Talk to Laurel, and she will warn you that you should leave.  Head over to 
Tret and climb the vine to go inside the tree.  Walk around the little maze 
and climb the vine.  In the room with all of the spider webs, head over to 
the door on the right of the room.  It takes you outside, go all the way right, 
climb the vine, and go all the way left.  Inside here you can either grab 
the Psynergy Stone, or the Healing Ring, either way, you can come back for 
the other one.  To proceed, climb the vine near where the Healing Ring was 
located, it will take you up another level.  In this room, take the door at 
the bottom, on the limb go to the right, climb the vine and keep going to 
the top.  A Djinni is sitting on the limb.

This Djinni is a pretty tough battle, it uses a lot of powerful attacks and 
they usually target the entire party.  Use your Djinn summons, or use the 
most powerful attacks you have.  It will take around 3-4 turns to defeat it.  
You get 88 exp., and 100 coins for beating it, as well as having it join you.  
Your new Djinni is named "Breeze".

While you are up there, head into the door on to the left and open the treasure 
chest, inside is a Nut.  Now just fall through the web and come back up to 
the room (on the other side of where the chest is).  You want to fall on the 
middle leaf, so get to the leaf left of the treasure chest and jump back into 
the middle.  Isaac and crew falls all the way to the very bottom of the tree, 
get around the maze and up to the big face in the wall.  Tret will tell you 
he's going to make you into a tree, then battles you.

Tret - 226 exp., 700 coins, Potion

It is going to take a lot of hits to defeat Tret.  Start off by using Djinn 
powers, especially the summons, which can take off over 100 HP.  Also use 
the Granite Djinn's ability, which will put a protective barrier on the party 
to soften the blows and keep adverse effects away.  All you can really do 
is use the most powerful attacks, I don't recommend using any regular attacks 
unless you really need to.  Use Herbs or Heal if a party member gets a little 
low on HP. 

After you have beaten Tret, use Retreat to return to the beginning of the 
forest.  Go back through the barricade and head for Bilibin.  Buy any items 
you might need and stop at the Inn too.  Go up to McCoy's place and he will 
thank you for what you've done.  He offers to give you one prize from his 
treasure room.  From left to right they are: Vial, Potion, Psy Crystal, Water 
of Life.  After you are done in town, head north, across the bridge and follow 
the path west.  You'll cross another bridge and then you can see a cave on 
the side of a mountain.

---Bilibin Cave---

- Items
Elven Rapier

- Enemies
Drone Bee - 19 exp., 28 coins
Ghoul - 34 exp., 42 coins
Gnome - 29 exp., 40 coins
Mauler - 37 exp., 45 coins
Ooze - 26 exp., 40 coins
Rat Soldier - 17 exp., 19 coins
Troll - 30 exp., 34 coins

- Recommended Level: 

Go straight up and you will see a little moving plant next to the cliff.  Use 
Growth on it, and it will grow into a vine, climb it, and hop over the water 
to the other side.  Then go to where you see a piece of the cliff broken off 
and you can go into the door.  The treasure chest inside contains an Elven 
Rapier.  Head back out and slide down the cliff again, then enter the cave.

Take a left as you walk in, then the first right and through the door.  In 
this room, go right until you come to the two torches you can move around.  
Push one next to the big ice block, and it will melt.  Hop over and go up 
the stairs to find a Vial.  Head back down and you are out of the cave and 
on to the world map.  It's a pretty good distance walking from here to the 
next town.  Go all the way left and it will curve up and back over which brings 
you to the next town, Imil.


- Items 
9 coins
Empty Bottle
Lucky Medal
Lucky Pepper
Sleep Bomb

- Djinni

This town is covered in snow, and apparently from what the villagers say, 
there is a terrible cold going around.  Everyone seems to be hoping that a 
girl name Mia will show up.  First of all, loot the town.

Right as you walk in town, go into the first house and open the box in the 
back, it contains an Empty Bottle.  Also, talk to the old man standing next 
to the fireplace in here.  Outside of the house, go right, and you slide across 
the ice, search the back left tombstone to find a Lucky Medal.  North of the 
graveyard is house, look at the jar outside of the house and it has 9 coins 
in it.  Across the bridge and into the weapons store, search the barrel behind 
the counter for a Sleep Bomb.  The head to the inn, and search the stove to 
find Lucky Pepper.  

To get the treasure next to the tree, go onto the ice from the side where 
the graveyard is.  Hop on the ice, and do the following:
1. Go up, left, up, left, up, right, up.  You should now be right near 
   the bridge.  
2. Go left, down, left, up and right, you are now at the ladder and you
   can go up to get the Vial.

Before getting the Djinni, Go across the bridge at the top, and walk up to 
where the snowman is sitting behind the fence.  Use Move to push it onto the 
ice.  Now go back down to where you started to get to the treasure chest, 
and hop on the ice.

1. Go up, left, up, left, up, right, up, same as before, you are near
   the bridge.
2. Go left, up, then right.  You should now be next to the snowman.  Go
   up and into the cave.  In here is the Djinni "Fever", it joins you
   automatically.  Now go out of the cave and back into the town.

Go into the sanctum and talk to the person inside.  She tells you that Mia 
has just left, and you should go to the house with the old couple (where the 
Empty Bottle was).  You see Mia help the old man by using Ply, and then there 
is a bright flash from outside, which she says is the lighthouse, then runs 
off.  Exit the town and go northeast to the lighthouse.

---Mercury Lighthouse---

Psy Crystal
Sleep Bomb
Psynergy Armor
Psynergy Stone

- Enemies
Cuttle - 27 exp., 49 coins
Gnome - 29 exp., 40 coins
Harpy - 38 exp., 53 coins
Lizard Man - 42 exp., 52 coins
Ooze - 26 exp., 40 coins
Mauler - 37 exp., 45 coins
Mimic - 164 exp., 178 coins
Siren - 45 exp., 56 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 10+

Go up and talk to Mia standing in front of the statue.  Help her out by using 
Move to push the statue out of the way.  You will help her again inside, as 
there is a monster blocking her path, defeat it for her.  Take either door 
in the next room, they both go to the same place, and then jump on the block 
and into the door.  Mia is stuck again, use move to pull the block down into 
the pit and she will then join you.  Go past the room with the waterfalls, 
and into the pipe room.  Push the pipe over, which connects the whole thing 
and makes water flow out.  Just walk into the water and follow the steps the 
whole way around.  You end up back where you started, on the other side of 
the pipe.  Push it out of place again, and go to the treasure chest, which 
contains a Psy Crystal.  Then take the exit at the bottom of the room.

Hop over the pit on the right side of the wall when you walk in, then (don't 
go down ladder) walk around the parameter of the room.  Push the statue all 
the way over to the mark, and the door will open, luckily you don't have to 
walk all the way back, just look for the place to slide down, its directly 
below where you moved the statue from.  Go though the little tunnel and through 
the door, in the next room, slide down again.  You drop into the area you 
were before.  Hop onto the statue, and use Mia's Ply.  Now the block you were 
standing on is blinking, it allows you to hop on the water, so go back into 
one of the doors on the side where the statue is.  

Go to the right side, and hop on the blinking tile and jump to the other one, 
then through the door.  You come out of a door behind the waterfall.  In here 
is a treasure chest, but it is actually a Mimic, a pretty strong creature 
that will give you a bunch of experience and coins for fighting it.  Walk 
into the door behind the third waterfall, and in the box is a Psynergy Armor.  
Go back out and into the first waterfall, then hop over the blocks and into 
the door at the middle of the room.  Jump on the only block you can, and go 
to the one on your right, then up, and up again.  From there, go left, and 
you should be able to reach the box with a Sleep Bomb inside it.  

To get to the door, start at that block where you came in the room.  Jump 
to the right and from that block, to the right again (you should be in the 
bottom right corner now).  Go straight up from there, and then go up 3 and 
left 1.  From that block, jump once to the right, and then up to the little 
platform in the top right corner.  Jump left 3 times, and down onto the block.  
Jump over onto the ground, follow it around and then keep going straight down.  
You are now at the door, it can be a little confusing at first.

Hop over and go through the door, then walk into the middle waterfall.  Proceed 
into the next door where you find more pipes that you need to connect.  Push 
the top horizontal one first, then the bottom horizontal, and finally the 
vertical one.  This fills up the water in the previous room.  Go back and 
jump from one block to the next and into the door.  Keep going up the stairs 
until you come to another pipe room.  Use the stairs in the very back to go 
around and move the vertical pipe to the left.  Then push the horizontal one 
down, and move the vertical one back to the right.  The statue should be 
against a pipe now, so move the horizontal one back up and the vertical back 
to its original place.  Finished? Nope!  Repeat the first process again 
(vertical to the left, horizontal down, vertical right).  This moves the 
statue down into the room below, so exit the pipe room.  Push the statue onto 
the button and go in the door. 

You come into a room with 5 statues, 4 on one side, and 1 on the other.  Push 
the 3rd one away to reveal a door, go in it and open the box which has a Nut 
inside.  Now go around to the single statue and use Move to push it aside.  
Go in the door there and connect the pipe which will open up another door.  
Go into the 4th waterfall, which leads to a Mercury Djinni.  It's a good idea 
to save here because it sometimes runs away or defeats you.

Try and set up your Djinni so that you can use two summons during the battle.  
This will take away a good portion of its HP.  Use the Djinn powers as much 
as possible, and while they recover, use Psynergy.  It only took me 2 turns 
to defeat it, so it's really not that hard to beat.  Once its beaten, you 
get 151 coins and the Djinni "Sleet" will join you

Go through the door at the left of the room, and it is pretty straightforward 
from here.  Just follow the halls and go though the doors.  You come to another 
set of waterfalls, go through the last one, then use Move to push the statue 
out of the way.  Go through the door and down the hall into the room with 
a statue and a rainbow.  Stand in front of the statue and use Ply.  Mia goes 
up the waterfall and the party follows.  You will end up in front of a Psynergy 
Stone, so do all of the healing you need and pick it up.  Hop over the floating 
platforms, and up the stairs.  After a little dialogue, Kraden, Jenna, Felix, 
Saturos and Menardi appear.  Saturos tells Menardi and the others to head 
for the next lighthouse.  You must now face Saturos.

Saturos - 331 exp., 800 coins

This is a tough fight.  Saturos has many powerful attacks, such as Fireball, 
which target numerous people, and many strong single attacks.  Use Djinns 
as often as possible, since they do the most damage.  Also, keep the party 
members in high HP, even if they aren't in the yellow numbers, heal them when 
they have around 35-40 HP left.  Like before, use Granite to put the barrier 
around the party, which will help a lot here.  Just keep hitting and healing, 
and Saturos will go down......kinda.

Alex shows up and explains why Saturos went down so easy.  After his little 
speech, he goes off along with Saturos.  The party decides they need to get 
to the lighthouses before any more are lit.  Mia will come along with you, 
so hop across the floating platforms and onto the elevator.  At the bottom, 
be sure to use the Empty Bottle and fill it up at the spring to get Hermes' 
Water.  Leave the lighthouse, and go back to Imil, get supplies, rest, etc.  
After you finish, head back to Kolima Forest.

---Kolima/Kolima Forest---

- Items
Turtle Boots

It's the same as before, just go through the whole thing again until you reach 
the area where Tret and Laurel are at.  Go over and talk to him, which will 
bring up your menu.  Give him the Hermes' Water, which you got at the Mercury 
Lighthouse.  He regains his power and un-curses the people in Kolima.  Once 
you have finished with him, use Retreat to go back to the beginning of the 
forest and head to Kolima.  

As you go back into Kolima, all of the people will be normal again.  Talk 
to the 3 people inside the bottom house (or tree, whatever), and they will 
mention a secret.  You can use Mind Read to get some extra clues such as its 
in a forest, but outside of Kolima Forest.  Go West of the village to where 
you see what looks like average trees, hit A and you will search the ground 
and find the Turtle Boots.  When you are done, head east of the village and 
follow the path all the way around, and you will come to Kolima Bridge.  Keep 
going along the path, and to the right of it you see a new area.

---Fuchin Temple---

- Items
Arctic Blade
Orb of Force
Psynergy Stone
Unicorn Ring

- Enemies
Dirge - 47 exp., 61 coins
Lizard Man - 42 exp., 52 coins
Mole - 39 exp., 60 coins
Ooze - 26 exp., 40 coins
Spirit - 49 exp., 67 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

Head up the steps and enter the temple, look in the jar to the right of the 
meditating man.  You find a Unicorn Ring in there.  Also outside is a Psynergy 
Stone, so if you need PP pick it up, if not than leave it for later.  Go up 
to where Master Nyunpa is meditating, and use Mind Read on him.  He will then 
tell the man in front of the waterfall to let you through. 

Step on the right log and press up, this will roll the log up to the chest, 
which is a Mimic

Mimic - 190 exp., 207 coins

Simply use the strongest attacks and summons on the Mimic, Heal any members 
that might be getting a little low on HP, and it should be dead in no time.  
Good experience for this guy, and you get a Game Ticket.  Go back and take 
the log on your left and go through the door.  Hop on the stone right directly 
up from where you walk in, then keep going, and it will take you around a 
big circle until you reach the door in the left of the room.  Follow the path 
up until you come to a room with no lights, and go into the door to your left 
and up a little bit.  Walk to your right and take the vertical log across 
to the left and there is a chest with an Arctic Blade inside.  Go back, and 
take the log down and into the door, and in this room, walk along the left 
side of the wall so you avoid the spikes on the ground.  Ride the log to the 
right, go through the door and take another log to your right.  Now you are 
in a room where you can see the Djinni.  Take the horizontal log down, get 
on the vertical and roll it to your left.  Now ride the horizontal one back 
up, jump on the stone, and to the vertical log, and roll it right.  Prepare 
to battle the Djinni.

Use the most powerful summons and Psynergy, the Djinni only has around 500 
HP, so the fight shouldn't take to long.  Heal when necessary, but it shouldn't 
be a problem for you.  Just keep hitting it and it will go down.  You get 
150 exp., 176 coins, and the Djinni "Zephyr" will join you.

Go down and take the log all the way to the top of the room.  There are two 
horizontal logs right on top of eachother, take the top on up, then go on 
the vertical one and take it to the left, now hop over and take the other 
horizontal one up.  It should hit the vertical one so you can go into the 
door and get the Dragon's Eye.  Go back out, and take the door in the upper 
left of the room, which takes you to the dark room again.  Go up the ladder 
and put the Dragon's Eye in the socket, which lights the room.  Go back to 
the room with the logs, and take the door at the bottom left of the room, 
it takes you back to the place with all of the rocks in the water.  Head back 
over to the door on the left side.

Go up into the now lit room, and you'll notice a shadow on the ground.  There 
is an invisible bridge you can walk on, go across it and it takes you up to 
the upper right door.  Slide down the cliff, and enter the door, inside the 
treasure box is an Orb of Force.  Exit the room, go up the ladder and slide 
down the cliff in the next room.  You have mastered the secrets of Fuchin 
Temple, exit the caves.  Go up and talk to the master again, he will give 
you some advice and you can go on your way.  Head south of the Temple and 
enter the forest.

---Mogall Forest---

- Items
Psynergy Stone
Elven Shirt

- Enemies
Ape - 96 exp., 160 coins
Bone Fighter - 51 exp., 63 coins
Death Head - 55 exp., 73 coins
Dirge - 47 exp., 61 coins
Mole - 39 exp., 60 coins
Spirit - 49 exp., 67 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

This forest is kinda odd, many of the paths you can take will just lead you 
nowhere by repeating the same screen over and over.  For the most part, only 
one path will be the correct one, but there are a few exceptions.  Use Force 
to hit the stumps and the creature will run in the direction you need to take.  
Sometimes it will battle you.

When you enter, a creature hops into a hole, from there just go down, and 
then just walk down again.  Cross the little bridge, and you come to (surprise!) 
more logs.  Move the vertical to the right, horizontal down, vertical to the 
left, then push the horizontal into the water.  There is a Nut in the tree, 
stand to the left of it, just below the little tree stump and use Catch to 
grab it.  Hop across and take the right path, and right again, you'll come 
to an area with a treasure box containing an Apple.  Go back to the previous 
screen and take the path down.  Stand above the log and push the rock into 
the hole, using Move.  Push the horizontal log down, move the vertical one 
to the left, push the horizontal one up again, and push the log into the water.  
You'll see a Djinni sitting at the bottom left of where you are, go over to 
it and prepare for battle.  

This Djinni is extremely easy to defeat.  On the first turn use summons with 
everybody, and on the second use your most powerful Psynergy.  It will use 
Mad Growth on you, which shouldn't be a problem if you've got good armor on.  
It gives you 172 exp., and 201 coins.  After you defeat it, the Djinni "Quartz" 
joins you.

Go to the left side of the area you are in, and go left three times.  Push 
the stone into the hole using Move, and push the log over.  Get the treasure 
box, which has an Elven Shirt in it.  Go out of there and head up, you find 
a Psynergy Stone in here, so pick it up and use it after you've healed all 
the party members.   After that, go back down, and then down again into another 
area with logs.

Use Move to push the stone into the hole, and push the log in the water.  Now 
go move the top vertical log right, the horizontal one down, and push the 
bottom vertical into the water.  Hop over to the other side and take the bottom 
path.  Walk around to the middle and that little green thing will jump out 
again and scurry away.  If you follow it, a giant one appears behind you.

Killer Ape - 460 exp., 1500 coins

Killer Ape is a pretty easy battle.  It has a spell called Bind, which can 
block the use of a member's Psynergy, and a few mid-ranged attacks.  Use Djinns 
or powerful Psynergy as always and it'll go down in a short time.  You get 
a lot of experience and coins (especially) for beating it, as well as a Douse 

After the Ape goes down head out onto the world map.  Follow the path going 
left up to the next town.


- Items
Lucky Medal
Sleep Bomb

- Djinni

Look in the back of the orchard for a Lucky Medal and in the house northeast 
of it to find an Elixir.  There are two doors to the left of a set of stairs, 
go in the left side and a Sleep Bomb is in a jar.  There is a girl bringing 
water from the stream, she tells you to not bother her or the water will fall, 
so talk to her when she gets in front of the right door.  Use Frost to freeze 
the water, and go up the steps, hop on it and go down to the Djinni.  No battle 
this time, the Djinni "Mist" will join you.  Now go into Feh's School (building 
at the top of the steps) and look in the barrel next to the jumping girl to 
find an Antidote.  Head to the weapon/armor/item shop, and buy all of the 
things you need. 

When you have everything you need, go north of town, and you cross a bridge 
onto a small patch of land. Walk around and a Djinni will battle you, which 
is very easy.  Use a summon with all members and it will be defeated.  It 
gives you 173 exp., and 210 coins, you now have the Djinni "Corona".

From there, go west across the bridge and keep going, you can't see it on 
the map, but it will take you to a new place.

---Alpine Crossing---

- Items
Power Bread

When you walk in, you can see a little green plant (like the one you find 
at Bilibin Cave entrance).  Use Growth on it, and then walk down to where 
a puddle of water is and use Frost.  Climb up the vine and slide down the 
edge of the cliff, then use the ice block to hop over to the other side.  In 
the treasure box is a Power Bread.  Slide down off the cliff and go to the 
exit at the top.  There is a town very close to the Crossing.


- Items
9 coins
Lifting Gem
Lucky Medal
Psy Crystal

- Enemies
Ape - 96 exp., 160 coins
Bone Fighter - 51 exp., 63 coins
Calamar - 54 exp., 79 coins
Dirge - 47 exp., 61 coins
Rat Fighter - 63 exp., 83 coins
Slime Beast - 51 exp., 77 coins
Tarantula - 58 exp., 81 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

As you enter the town, the first thing you notice is that a good portion of 
it is underwater.  Apparently monsters have been spewing an amazing amount 
of water into the village, flooding it.  Use Move on the statue near the 
entrance and go into the door.  There is a chest with a Psy Crystal inside 
it, go out and head for the ladder on the west side of the village.  The monster 
who has been flooding the town is down there, and runs inside a door, follow 
after it.  Keep chasing it, it makes an ice block, goes to the other side 
and spits more water.  Go up to it and fight it.

Living Statue - 377 exp., 900 coins

Make everybody in the party do a summon on the Statue, which will take away 
most of its HP.  For the next turn just use Psynergy on it and it will go 
down.  Not a tough battle at all, but it gives you a good amount of experience 
and coins.  You also get a Frost Jewel for beating it.

After you beat it, go back out into the town, where the water has dropped 
a level, and the item shop, the mine, and a house are now accessible.  Go 
into the house and check the barrel to find a Nut, and pick up any items you 
are running low on in the Item Shop.  When you have everything you need, 
proceed into the mine.

In the first section, just follow the tracks all the way around to the top, 
and do the same for the next screen.  You should be in a room with water in 
it now, go left and you'll come across another of the water-spitting monsters.  
A mine cart is waiting for you, but before you hop in, go pull the switch 
near the other rail, which will send you in the correct direction.  Now jump 
in the cart and watch Isaac zoom around and leap over the water.

Living Statue - 377 exp., 900 coins

Simply follow the same plan you used to defeat the other Living Statue before, 
and it will be defeated and you obtain another Vial.  Go in the cart again, 
and head back for 2 screens, then take the door in the upper left of the room.  
Follow the mine cart tracks to the left and down, then pull the switch.  Go 
back towards the entrance and keep going right and jump into the mine cart.  
Once it stops, go into the door and proceed forward.  There are two paths 
here, going down will take you to the next part, and to the left is a treasure 
box, which is actually another Mimic.

Mimic - 241 exp., 267 coins

Using the Psynergy 'Planet Diver' is really useful against the Mimic.  It 
only takes 7 PP but does 100+ damage every hit.  Use this a few times on it 
and the Mimic will go down, and you get a Game Ticket.  Go down and into the 
next room, before climbing the ladder, go over to the puddle and use Frost.  
Hop across, go in the door, and you'll come to a room that has another of 
the Living Statue monsters.  Go to the left and use Frost on the puddle that's 
sitting between the two cliffs, then climb the ladder right there.  Hop over 
the ice and into the cart, it will take you to a treasure box that has a Dragon 
Shield in it.  Take the cart back, and go down the ladder, walk to the far 
left and hit the switch to change the track direction.  Go back into the cart 
and it will stop close to where the monster is.  Head down and fight it.

Living Statue - 377 exp., 900 coins

By now these should be easy to defeat, as you've done it twice before, as 
always, use summons, Pysnergy.  You get a Vial for beating it and the water 
level will drop again.  Use Retreat to get to the beginning of the mine, unless 
you feel like fighting some more.  Go into town and buy some weapons in the 
weapon shop, there are some good ones in there.  Also, check the barrel in 
the shop to find 9 coins. Another mine is now accessible, so if you've got 
all you need, enter that one.

Go right, it will take you into the next room, and from there just keep going 
along the tracks.  In the room where the track ends, go straight down and 
on the left is a chest with a Lucky Medal in it.  Go right, and keep going 
along that route and it takes you up to a door.  There is a Djinni in this 
room that you can see right when you walk in.  To your right is a puddle, 
use Frost on it, use Move to push the wood to the left, then go up and climb 
the ladder.  There are two puddles up here, use frost on both of them as well.  
Flip the switch (arrow pointing left).  Jump over the ice and wood blocks 
and hop in the cart.  It will take you to a dead end, but jump in again and 
it takes you to the Djinni.

Use the summons (as always), Tiamat and Cybele do the most damage, the Djinni 
should go down in one turn.  You get 190 exp., and 226 coins, and the Djinni 
"Spritz" joins you.

Jump back in the cart and at the dead end, go to your left, up the ladder 
and across the ice blocks to the door.  Follow the path to the left and just 
keep going along that way, its pretty long.  When you come to the next room, 
go up around all of the rocks and you come to a sign and a piece of wood.  
It warns you about falling rocks, Garet gets angry and then the party reenacts 
and Indiana Jones scene.  The boulder creates a large hole in the ground, 
slide down and use the broken track as a ladder.  Go down and you come to 
a rather large monster.

Hydros Statue - 496 exp., 2400 coins

Use Tiamat and Cybele summons, their damage is in the 250-300+ range each.  
The lesser ones do less damage, but still pack a punch.  Use Planet Diver 
and Ragnarok which do 100+ each hit after the summons.  Make sure to keep 
all party members above the 70 HP range, as the Hydros Statue does some 
powerful attacks that target 3 members.  It will only take a few turns to 
kill it, but its pretty challenging, you also get a Lucky Medal for your 

Climb back out of the hole, and go down.  Exit the mine, and go into the top 
one again.  Go to where the Living Statue was before (take right path, keep 
going), and there is a door at the bottom of a ladder.  Go inside and use 
Lift to move the rock, and in the chest is a Cookie.  Use Retreat and head 
back to the bottom mine.

In the first room is a boulder behind a switch for the cart tracks.  Use Lift 
to move the boulder, and enter the door.  Take the far left path, use Move 
to push the wood block over and go in the door which has a Vial inside.  Go 
back out and take the middle path, use Lift to go under the boulder.  This 
will take you out to the world map, go just to your left and enter the village.

---Lama Temple---

- Items
Psynergy Stone
Water of Life

This place resembles the town of Xian, they are connected as they both have 
masters of Chi, and students from Xian continue training here.  Go into the 
top left building, and Master Hama will teach Ivan the Reveal ability.  Feizhi 
comes in sensing that a man named Hsu is in trouble, and the master runs off 
with Feizhi.  

Go across the stream where a rock is sitting and there is writing on the wall.  
Use Reveal to show a hidden chest with Water of Life in it.  Also, there is 
a Psynergy Stone sitting to the left of the steps if you need it.  When you 
are done, exit the temple and head to your left on the world map.  You come 
into a place called Alpine Crossing, which is where you were before (found 
the Power Bread).  Use Reveal where there is a half circle dotted out on the 
ground.  Enter the door and go around to where the master and Feizhi are 
standing with Hsu trapped under a boulder.  Use Lift to pull it off him, they 
will thank you and you are back in Lama Temple.  Now head out again and go 

---Lamakan Desert---

- Items
777 coins
Lucky Pepper
Psynergy Stone x2
Vulcan Axe

- Enemies
Ant Lion - 168 exp., 320 coins
Fighter Bee - 67 exp., 90 coins
Grub - 62 exp., 88 coins
Orc - 68 exp., 113 coins
Rat Fighter - 63 exp., 83 coins
Salamander - 84 exp., 190 coins  

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

There is a meter on the left of your screen, when it fills up the party receives 
damage, to drop it you must use Reveal to find an oasis.  Walking on the dirt 
won't fill it up, but walking in the sand will, use Reveal wherever you see 
a circle of stones.  Go up and left, there will be a circle of stones, use 
Reveal and they will hop into the hidden oasis.  Keep going and take the path 
to the left, use Reveal to find a Psynergy Stone, then go up.  Use the oasis, 
go up, and you can find a chest with a Vulcan Axe inside.  Go back down and 
to your right, there is an Ant Lion that can suck you in with the quicksand 
around it.  Above that area is an oasis and right above is the exit to the 
next part.  

*If these directions are confusing (which I know they are), check the
 diagram below.
To your left is a Potion, and left of that is an oasis.  Above those two is 
another Ant Lion (makes a triangle between the 3 rock circles).  If you go 
directly north of the oasis, it takes you to another, and going northwest 
from the Ant Lion takes you to one.  Stand at the oasis north of the one in 
the triangle, go east and it takes you to the Djinni "Smog", you don't have 
to battle it, an Ant Lion is right next to it.  Go north of the oasis (left 
of the Djinni) and there is an Ant Lion on the right and some Lucky Pepper 
to the left (these two are directly below a waterfall of sand...if that makes 
any sense).  An oasis is to the right of these things.  Head down from the 
sand-fall, another Ant Lion on your left, and just a little left you come 
to the dirt.  To the right of the exit is a chest with 777 coins, and when 
you get that, go into the exit on the left.

Desert2 Map:

###    [Sandfall]   ########  (Oasis)    ###     #
##(L.Pepper)(AntLion)  ####              #       #
#                                    (Psyn.Stone)#
#(AntLion)                                       #
#            (Oasis)  [Djinn](AntLion)           #
#                                                #
[Exit]    (Coins)                                #
#                                 (Oasis)        #
#(Oasis)   ##     (AntLion)                      #
#            #                  ###            ### 
##        ###(Oasis)   (Potion)#####[Entrance]####
#######################################     ######

In this area, there are to sand streams, just walk across them both, you can 
use the steps on the second one if needed.  Proceed left around all of the 
cliffs and when you come to the area with sand, use Reveal to show a door 
behind the falls.  Loop around the little cave and you come out on the other 
side to be met by more streams of sand. If you go down, there is an oasis 
on the right, an Ant Lion above that, and a chest with a Mint above that.  
When you are done down there, use the steps to go up and make your way all 
the way across the streams.  Use Reveal on the last sand-fall to the left 
and you see a big monster blocking a cave.

Manticore - 590 exp., 3400 coins

Manticore is probably the hardest enemy you'll face so far.  Most of its 
attacks target 3 members, and it also uses Dilusion a lot.  The best attack 
against it is to use the summon Boreas, which can do 600+ damage, also Procne 
can do around 300 damage.  Try to keep all of your members at 80 HP and above 
because the Manticore can sometimes attack twice during a single round.  
Defeat it and you get a large bounty of coins and a Psy Crystal.
Use Reveal to go into the door it was blocking, walk through the short cave 
and you'll be back on the world map.

---World Map---

- Enemies
Death Cap - 48 exp., 56 coins
Fighter Bee - 67 exp., 90 coins
Mad Vermin - 55 exp., 80 coins
Undead - 74 exp., 90 coins

- Djinni

There are two bridges you can see when you walk out of the cave.  Go across 
the north one and onto another little island.  A Djinni can be found here 
(I walked in the little patch of forest).  Once again, use summons and it 
will go down easy.  You get 230 exp., 277 coins and the Djinni "Vine" will 
join the party.  Go back to the southern bridge and keep heading south, you'll 
come to a new village.


- Item
11 coins
Nut x2
Water Jacket

- Djinni

Search the back jar next to the graveyard close to the entrance, and use Catch 
to pull the Nut off of the tree.  There are 11 coins in a barrel in the house 
right of the weapon shop.  An Elixir is downstairs of the inn, and a sleep 
bomb is located outside and behind the armor shop.  

Walk up the steps on the outside of the house that is to the right of the 
inn.  A piece of it is broken off, so jump from there to the cliff, use Move 
to push the statue out of the way, and go inside.  Push the statue in front 
of the flowing water, which will drain the area and allow you to go up the 
ladder to the Djinni.  Talk to it and the Djinni "Scorch" will join you.

Everybody in town seems to be all excited about the Colosso tournament.  A 
tour heading for Tolbi has stopped by here on their way to it.  Be sure to 
talk with the tour guides, its very important to do this!  Head to the top 
of town where two guards will stop you.  They recognize Ivan, and let him 
through to talk to Lady Layana.  After the discussion, go out of her quarters, 
and take a right down the hall and into the room.  There is a nut near the 
stove, go out and take the left hall and in the room is a Water Jacket.  Try 
to leave town and you'll see a scene with the tour group.  They need to get 
on a ship to head for the Colosso, so they head out and after you get your 
supplies and rest, do the same.  Before you proceed to the next part of the 
game, head back to vault, which is north of Kalay, across the bridge, then 
east across another.


- Items

- Enemies
Cave Troll - 106 exp., 134 coins
Death Cap - 48 exp., 56 coins
Fighter Bee - 67 exp., 90 coins
Gargoyle - 84 exp., 119 coins
Ghost Mage - 80 exp., 110 coins
Ravager - 90 exp., 95 coins
Undead - 74 exp., 90 coins

- Djinni

Go into the inn, and use Reveal next to the barrel on the left, you see a 
bone sitting on top now.  Pick it up, walk up the stairs and go around to 
where the dog is sitting near the graveyard.  Give it to the dog then keep 
walking left, climb the tower and ring the bell.  A djinni will pop out and 
land on the other side.  Go back to the graveyard and then use Reveal again.  
Go down into Vault Cave, to your right is a treasure chest, which is actually 
a Mimic again.

Mimic - 321 exp., 356 coins

Like before, use summons and it should die on the first turn, nothing to 
difficult about them anymore.  Go right and up through the door, and pass 
the room with the water.  Push the torch onto the button to open the gate.  
Use Whirlwind on the ivy and go through the door to find a chest with a Vambrace 
in it.  Then use Frost on all of the puddles of water in the previous room.  
Jump on the ice from left of the ladder, then down, and up, and onto the other 

Go down the ladder in this room, and up the other one and through the door.  
Go up the staircase on the right and hit the switch, the water drains out 
then head back to the previous room.  Go to the door at the bottom, then proceed 
through the next one into a room with two lit torches, and one unlit.  Timing 
is everything in this puzzle, here are the directions:

1. Move the unlit candle 2 spaces down.
2. Move lit candle up 1 space
3. Stand to the left of it, when the water drops to the right of it,
   PUSH!  You must move it two spaces before the next drop falls.
4. Push it around the square, so that it is aligned with the square on
   the left, and the main path outline.  Stand on the right of it.
5. When water drops in front of it, PUSH!  Move it until it is against
   the small square on the left.
6. Push it down and around until it is on top of the smaller square,
   and the drip is right in front of it.
7. When the drip falls, push it out until it hits the side and then
   move it up to the button.

The door will open, go through the door and then through the one to your left.  
Go down into another door, climb down the ladder and into yet another door.  
Hop across to the other side, up the ladder and into the door to your right.  
Now just go through one final door and you are outside where the Djinni is 
sitting.  You now have the Djinni "Sap".

Luckily the trip back is much easier than the one forward.  Go to the room 
where you had to make all of the ice blocks, and slide down the cliff.  
Backtrack to the beginning and you're done!


- Items
1 coin
3 coins
5 coins
6 coins
123 coins
Halt Gem
Nut x2
Power Bread
Psynergy Stone
Smoke Bomb

- Enemies
Death Cap - 48 exp., 56 coins
Fighter Bee - 67 exp., 90 coins
Ghost Mage - 80 exp., 110 coins
Mad Vermin - 55 exp., 80 coins
Ravager - 90 exp., 95 coins

- Djinni

You can use the giant Psynergy Stone on the way in to restore your PP.  Go 
behind the item/weapon/armor shop and use Whirlwind on the vines to the left.  
Inside is a chest with Power Bread.  Go up the steps, then up the smaller 
set and into the house where you can find a Smoke Bomb, and also there is 
1 coin on the top floor of the inn.  Diagonal to the house with a Smoke Bomb, 
you can find 3 coins inside.  Enter the place that looks like a little barn, 
inside is a Vial, 123 coins, and a Psynergy Stone.  Exit the barn and go left 
to the other side of Vale.  

In a house to the right of the waterfall is an Antidote, and on the left side 
of the falls (up the stairs), use Catch to get the Nut in the tree.  In the 
house left of yours is 6 coins, you can now go and visit Isaac or Jaret's 
houses.  Isaac's mother is a little less than happy to see you, but there 
is much joy in Jaret's house.  When you are done, head over towards Kraden's 
house.  There are 5 coins in his house, go out and use Lift on the stone 
blocking the fence.  Go up and into the door, which leads to Vale Cave.

On the left is 6 stones in the water, hop on one and use Reveal to show the 
middle one to get across.  Go up the ladder and in the next room, use Move 
on the crate to your left to drop it into the water.  Use the door going down 
from where you moved the crate, there is a chest with a Nut in it (I guess 
you could call it a chestnut! haha ....  *walks away*).  Go back out and use 
Move twice on the crate to your left to put it in the water.   Hop across 
and step on the log, than press right on the d-pad to run on the log and it 
will take you to the other side.  

Take the path on your left and push the two logs into the water.  Slide down 
the cliff and push the horizontal one in as well.  Walk across and through 
the door, then pick up the Halt Gem from the chest.  Equip it on someone, 
then walk over to the Djinni.  It sees you and runs, slide down and it will 
run again.  Now use the Halt Psynergy to stop it, and the Djinni "Kite" will 
join you.  Exit the cave and exit the town.

From here you can go back to Bilibin Cave, and up in the room where you found 
the Elven Rapier.  Use Reveal around where the stones are, and go through 
the door, and then go around where you can hop on an ice block and into a 
door.  There are two chests which contain a Psy Crystal and the other one 
has a Water of Life.  Its not necessary to get these, but if you wish, go 
ahead.  Now head back down to Kalay Docks, which are southwest of Kalay.

---Kalay Docks---

- Items
23 coins
Anchor Charm
Boat Ticket
Lucky Medal

- Enemies
Lizard Fighter - 
Man o' War - 55 exp., 87 coins
Rabid Bat - 
Virago - 87 exp., 120 coins

- Recommended Level: 

Go into the building and buy a ticket at the counter, it will be 600 coins 
total.  Get onto the ship and there are three people talking.  They are worried 
that they won't make it and something could attack them, but the captain feels 
safe as long as he's got his amulet.  One of the men walks off making a menacing 
comment.  Follow him, he'll run away, and go into the captains quarters.  There 
is a Nut in one of the barrels.  Climb up the ladder on the mast (above the 
steps going below deck) and you'll find an Anchor Charm.  Go into the door 
above where the ladder is, and check a barrel to find 23 coins, you also hear 
the people on the tour from Kalay getting impatient.  Go below deck to find 
a Lucky Medal, then return to the captain's quarters.

The captain and passengers argue, then give him his 'lost' Anchor Charm, and 
agree to help him out.  The ship, after much dialogue, will finally set sail.  
Go down to where the oarsmen are (room where you found 23 coins, stairs are 
behind the tour guide) and after some talking the ship will leave port.  Almost 
immediately, the ship is attacked.  You must defeat the enemies, then choose 
a new oarsman from the tour group, do this three times and you must face a 
much more difficult foe.

Kraken - 711 exp., 5200 coins

First off, make sure that Granite is Set to someone, and put the rest on 
standby.  Your first move should be to use Granite's barrier on the party, 
then summon Judgement, Meteor, and Thor.  This will give your party much 
needed protection against Kraken's attacks, and take off a good chunk of its 
HP.  Ragnarok and Planet Diver are two good Psynergy spells to use as well.  
Make sure that the party keeps its HP around 100 at least.  Use Ply, or Cure 
Well when needed and it should be a somewhat easy battle.   Along with the 
exp and coins, you get a Water of Life for defeating it.

After Kraken is defeated the sailor will finally spot land and you can get 
off of the ship.

---Tolbi Docks---

- Items
35 coins

There are 35 coins in a box on the dock.  Below the ticket office, use Move 
on the left crate twice, and use it once on the right crate.  Hop over and 
get a Potion from the chest.  When you are finished head off to the left and 
onto the world map.

---World Map---

- Enemies
Gnome Mage - 86 exp., 126 coins
Mad Mole - 71 exp., 88 coins
Rabid Bat - 61 exp., 82 coins

- Djinni

Before going into Tolbi, head west of the town, and go up on the first bridge 
you see, then go east.  This loops you back around to Kalay Docks (funny, 
walking would've been shorter than that boat!) and you can get the Djinni 
"Ground".  Just go up to it and it joins, now go back towards Tolbi.  

Go to the west of Tolbi, and up across the bridge.  Go north for a little 
and there is a bridge to your left, go down it and head to the forest area 
next to the mountains.  You can find a Djinni here, you have to battle it 
first, pretty easy though, just cast a few summons on it.  You will then get 
279 exp., 340 coins, and the the Djinni "Hail" will join you.


- Items
9 coins
Hard Nut
Lucky Medal x2
Power Bread

- Djinni

Tolbi is a very lively town, what with the Colosso happening and everything.  
There are lots of mini games to play here, and then there is the Colosso 

At the entrance, there are two trees to your right, walk behind those and 
up the the cliff.  Use Growth to make a vine, and then use Frost on the puddle.  
Walk down into town and go to outside the inn, hop on the ice and walk up 
to the Djinni.  Talk to it and the Djinni "Ember" joins you.  Look in the 
barrel outside of the house to the right of Tolbi Springs for a Lucky Medal, 
and there is another one on the top floor of the weapon/armor/item shop.  Use 
Reveal at the graveyard to find a chest with Power Bread in it.  Outside of 
the house next to the steps leading to Babi's Palace is a barrel with 9 coins 
in it.  Go into Babi's Palace (steps on the back left of town).  There are 
two wood doors to your left and right when you walk in, talk to the woman 
behind the counter and you can sleep there for free.  Take the steps below 
the right door and go to the very top floor where you can find a Lucky Medal.  
Go down and take the other set, head down the middle red carpet and you see 
a man named Iodem talking to guards.  Apparently Tolbi's ruler, Babi, is 
missing, when he's done talking, take the stairs to the left of Babi's chamber.  
It goes to an Alchemist's room, there is a Hard Nut down there.  Go up, and 
down the right steps you can get into the Colosseum to see two of the trials.  
When you are done, leave the Palace.

Right above the steps when you enter is Tolbi Springs.  You can play a little 
mini game here where you toss either a coin or a Lucky Medal into it and try 
to win prizes.  The object is to NOT hit one of the creatures inside so that 
it will land on the bullseye.  The closer you get to it, the better the prizes.
There are five places you can land them in, here are the prizes:

- Center   - 20 coins
- 2nd Ring - 10 coins
- 3rd Ring - 2 coins
- 4th Ring - 1 coin
- Outside  - 0 coins

(Lucky Medals)
- Center   - Assassin Blade, Earth Shield, Spirit Armor
- 2nd Ring - Burning Axe, Adept's Helm
- 3rd Ring - Guardian Armlet, Earth Shield
- 4th Ring - Cocktail Dress, Kimono
- Outside  - Ninja Hood, Guardian Armlet, Water of Life, Potion,
             Grievous Mace, Glittering Tiara, Battle Gloves

Above and to the right of the Spring is a dice game.  The rules are fairly 
simple:  Roll dice, depending on what you roll, different amounts are paid 
to you.  Its 200 coins per roll, and if you roll a pair, you get 200 back 
(come out even).  2 pair will double your money, 3 of a kind will triple it, 
and 4 of a kind will get you 5x what you paid to play.  From what I've seen, 
its completely random.

Another game you can play is located on the top floor of the inn.  This is 
a slot machine where you can play for various prizes such as boots, shirts, 
items, and rings.  Use however many tickets you want, the more tickets, the 
better your chances are of making a match.  There are 6 symbols:  Boot (line 
up 5 to win a boot prize), Shirt (same), Ring (same), Star (Item, same), Heart 
(Item, same) and Moon.  The Moon is like a Joker, it can be used as anything.  
You can line up 3 Rings and 2 Moons to win a ring prize, etc.  The prizes 
are as follows:
*This is not a complete list, more to come...

Mythril Shirt
Running Shirt
Silk Shirt

Fur Boots
Hyper Boots
Quick Boots

Adept Ring
Sleep Ring
War Ring

Psy Crystal


After you get tired of the little mini games, head north of Tolbi, you find 
a cave on the side of a mountain, enter it.  

---Altmiller Cave---

- Items
Mystic Draught

- Enemies
Armored Rat - 77 exp., 100 coins
Clay Gargoyle - 100 exp., 147 coins
Dread Hound - 116 exp., 176 coins
Foul Dirge - 82 exp., 100 coins
Golem - 105 exp., 161 coins
Mad Mole - 71 exp., 88 coins
Wight - 92 exp., 115 coins
Worm - 60 exp., 94 coins

- Djinni

- Reccomended Level: 

The lights will dim as you enter, so you'll have to wander around in the dark 
for a short while, you can use reveal if needed in some areas.  Go through 
the first path, walk around the rocks in the next.  When you walk into the 
room, you can see a chest from the light of a torch, its a Mimic.

Mimic - 374 exp., 415 coins

Still a fairly easy enemy to defeat, should only take a turn or two to kill 
it, you get a Water of Life for beating it.  Head left and then up where you 
see a white outlined person in the shadows.   Go and talk to him, he cannot 
move and needs your help to return his draught to him.  He will tell you its 
located deep in the cave, and gives you directions on how to pass the puzzle, 
which will come later on in the cave.  Go into the door to the left of him, 
when you walk in go to your left and up, the path leads to a treasure chest 
with a Vial.  Go back and take the path on the far left, and then from the 
bottom take the far right path and go up into the door.  

Go down the steps and over to the other set of stairs where the broken pillars 
are.  Push the horizontal one to the right, use Frost to make an ice block, 
push the bottom horizontal one down, then push the vertical one to the left.  
Finally push the top horizontal one down and head over to the Djinni.  You 
will have to battle it this time, but it is very simple, just use two of your 
strongest summons and it will be defeated.  Not much effort needed, you get 
295 exp., 352 coins, and the Djinni "Squall" will join you.  Push the log 
down and hop across into the next room, where you are back in the darkness.

Take the first left when you come in the room, it goes to a chest with a Cookie, 
go back and then take the path going down.  Find the path around the rocks 
in the middle of the room which takes you right, up then left to the door 
and into the next room.  The lights are on in here, instead of messing with 
the pillars, go down and up the steps which will loop you around, slide down 
the cliff and into the door.  You are in the room that the man had mentioned 
before.  Rotate the rock on the left, then the one on the right.  5 colored 
orbs will appear and show you the color you need to do.  The rocks are in 
this order from left to right: Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Red.  Rotate the 
rocks according to the color given (if you are confused, use Reveal to show 
the color on the rocks).  You'll have to rotate two rocks and then a door 
will open, go in and get the Mystic Draught.  Walk back to where the outlined 
man is and give him the Draught.

He will get up and Ivan reads his mind.  It turns out that it is Babi, the 
one who all of the guards in Tolbi have been searching for.  He mentions 
something about Lemuria and Kraden, but the guards interrupt the talking.  
Babi has to get back to see the finals, and suggest you be in Colosso finals 
as well.  Head back to Tolbi.


- Items
Chain Mail
Iron Shield
Nut x5
Oil Drop
Sleep Bomb
Smoke Bomb x2

- Recommended Level: 

Take a quick nap before heading to the Colosseum.  After that go there, and 
up the steps where the guards are.  They don't seem to confident in your skills 
as a warrior, they take you inside and after a little talking, a guard will 
give you a tour.  Talk to the attendants to find out about the different stages 
and whether or not you want a party member to cheer for you.  There is a trick 
to selecting who will cheer from the different stages:

Stage 1: Member with Move
Stage 2: Anyone
Stage 3: Member with Growth
Stage 4: Anyone

When you have the option to use the people cheering, use Move to push the 
wood block over, and then use Growth on the little plant with the other person.  
It will go back to Isaac, step on the white circle and the finals will begin!  
In the first stage, just hop across the log that was moved before, and get 
the Nut.  Then push the pipes together and hop across the scale.  In Stage 
3, climb up the vine to get an Oil Drop, then keep going right.  Use the 
vertical log and go all the way to your left, then take the horizontal one 
down.  Go back to the vertical one, roll it left and go get the Nut in the 
treasure chest.  Go up, take the vertical one to the right and head into the 

Azart - 

First battle is pretty easy, just use a strong Psynergy to hit him a few times 
and he won't be a problem.  When you finish your first match, you will be 
taken to the second part of the finals.  Talk to the attendants to get 
descriptions of the stages, then set the people to cheer in this order:

Stage 1: Member with Move
Stage 2: ----
Stage 3: Member with Frost
Stage 4: ----
Stage 5: Member with Force

When they are 'cheering', use Move on the middle log, Frost on the puddle 
on the left, and Force on the piece of wood.  Run down and heop across the 
logs you moved and onto the moving platform area.  You can jump 2 at a time 
before they move, make sure you do that to save time.  On the last one, while 
it is up, go to the chest, get the Nut, and return to the platform and hop 
to the other side.  Take the bottom log in the water to your left, and jump 
down across the ice block.  Run straight to where the outline is on the gound 
around the wood block, use move to pull it back, then climb the wall and come 
down to the chest where you find a Smoke Bomb.  Go back up, slide down the 
middle slide on the wall and proceed left.  Push the log to the left, go up 
and move the wood block to get a Nut, and then back down and climb the ladder 
on the wall.  Hop on the log and across the platforms and up to the circle 
where you get a Chain Mail.

Satrage -

Follow the same technique you did before, try and use summons first, or 
powerful Psynergy.  Keep your life above 70 or 80, use a Nut if you need it, 
which will keep you good for another few rounds of attacks.  Keep hitting 
and he will go down after a few rounds of punishment.  When he is defeated, 
you will be taken to the final part of the finals.  Set the characters like 
this when you have the option to talk to attendants:

Stage 1: Member with Frost
Stage 2: Member with Move
Stage 3: ----
Stage 4: ----
Stage 5: Member with Force
Stage 6: ----

When you can use the other characters to "lend a hand", use Frost on the puddle 
below the scales, use Move to drag the wood block to the right, and use Force 
to knock over the piece of wood into the water.  When Isaac begins, run down 
and hop across the scales and go up to find a treasure chest with a Smoke 
Bomb.  Jump on the log in the middle, over one and then down to where the 
other party member moved the wood block, then over to the other side.  Go 
carefully across the pistons, falling down will be very time consuming, move 
the log at the top and get a Nut.  Go down the ladder, use Growth on the little 
plant, climb it and run down the set of steps to your right and across the 
now non-moving belt.  Go around the vertical log, and over to the far right 
wood block and stand behind it.  Use Move to pull it back so you can go down 
and grab the Sleep Bomb.  Go up again, push that block down into the pit, 
and push the middle one up to the top.  Push the vertical log into the water, 
hop across, enter the circle and get the Claymore.

Navampo - 

Basically the same as the previous two fights, except he's got a little more 
HP, and he's more powerful.  Do whatever you did in the first two battles, 
and it shouldn't be to hard to win this one.  After you defeat him, you pass 
out and wake up back in Babi's Palace.  Babi wants to speak with you, so go 
to his room, he will give you a Lure Cap.  He then finishes the conversation 
you didn't finish in the cave and tells you where to go, which is a lighthouse.  
Before going, to Gondowan Passage to meet Iodem, go downstairs into Babi's 
room to get the Cloak Ball, then head southeast of town to Gondowan Cave.

---Gondowan Cave---

- Items
Lucky Medal

- Enemies

Dirty Ape - 114 exp., 149 coins
Kobold - 107 exp., 154 coins
Rat Warrior - 100 exp., 160 coins
Warrior Bee - 65 exp., 104 coins

Go left and up through the door, use Lift on the boulder in your way.  Go 
up into the door, then hop across the stones to get a Lucky Medal in the chest.  
Hop back, and go up to get the Apple in the other chest.  Head into the door 
on the right, use Move to drop the block of wood into the water.  Do the same 
for the next log on your right, and after that, go out the door and onto the 
world map.  You are across the water, south of Kalay.  Head up towards Lunpa, 
which is northeast of Vault.  Don't go into the village, go into the cave 
to the left of it.  Use Frost on the puddle under the door, then go into the 

---Lunpa/Lunpa Fortress---

- Items
44 coins
100 coins
Cell Key
Elixir x2
Lucky Medal x2
Mythril Circlet
Power Bread
Psynergy Stone
Sleep Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Water of Life

- Enemies
Brigand - 162 exp., 190 coins
Kobold - 107 exp., 154 coins
Vile Dirge - 75 exp., 98 coins
Rat Warrior - 100 exp., 160 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 

In town, there is a Sleep Bomb on the back left grave, and a Psynergy Stone 
in the middle of the rock circle (use Reveal).  Outside the house to the right 
of the well is a Lucky Medal, inside that house is a Nut, and in the room 
above the weapon/armor shop is a Vial.  Go up to where the entrance to Lunpa 
Fortress is, use Reveal near the rock right in the middle of the gateway.  
It shows a puddle, use Frost on it, climb the ladder and hop across to the 
other side.  Go all the way around to to the other side, use Reveal and then 
touch the shining thing on the wall, it will open up a door.  Go into it to 
find 6 treasure boxes with a Water of Life, 44 coins, a Smoke Bomb, a Lucky 
Medal, an Elixir, and an Antidote.  When you are finished, go up to Lunpa 

*Sorry if its confusing, there is a lot of doors in this place.
The guards won't let you in, so step to the left (in the shadow) and use Cloak.  
Walk along the shadows and it will get you past the guards and into the 
fortress.  Remember that you should have Cloak on whenever possible, as the 
guards inside can see you without it.  Inside, go to your right, and stay 
along the left wall and walk up to the door, the light will reveal you, but 
the guards aren't looking your way.  Go into the door at the top of the next 
room, get a vial, and then down through the door at the bottom left.  There 
is a guard walking around in this next room, he will come up and then go left, 
that is when you should run down and out the door.  Go straight down into 
the door, then you come to a place with guards pacing very quickly.  Run when 
they are moving to the right, and then up through the door where 3 Brigands 
await you.  Defeat them and proceed forward, there is another Brigand a few 
rooms later.  Beat him and go to the bottom door where there is another guard 
walking along a square path.  Wait until he is at the bottom of it and heading 
right, then run down the left side and into the door.  Use Catch to grab the 
Cell Key, fight the Brigand and then return to the room where you first saw 
a walking guard.  Go into the cell in that room to get an Elixir, 100 coins, 
a Mythril Circlet, and a Lucky Medal.  Go back to where you got the Cell Key, 
then into the door, after that go through the door to your left.  Use Whirlwind 
on the ivy, use Reveal and pull the switch, which opens the door.  Go up the 
stairs on the right, use Whirlwind on the ivy and inside is a Power Bread 
in the middle cell.  Go through the bottom left door, and push the crate all 
the way down into the pit.  Hop across it to your left, use Whirlwind again, 
then Reveal.  Pull the switch to open the door, go in and you find where Hammet 
is at.  After a little dialogue, Dodonpa appears and releases a monster on 

Toadonpa - 999 exp., 3200 coins

Toadonpa is actually a pretty easy fight, it will only take about 2-3 turns 
to kill it.  Use the best summons, especially Meteor, which takes off a very 
good chunk of its life.  Also Judgement is great, and even some of the lesser 
summons, such as Atalanta, take off a decent amount.  It won't attack you 
very much, and usually its spells won't even affect you at all.  Keep hitting 
it and it will die pretty quickly, you get a Psy Crystal for beating it as 

The monster ends up on top of Dodonpa, you can pull it off him if you wish.  
As the party tries to figure out what to do with him, Dodonpa's dad, Donpa, 
walks in.  He promises you that Dodonpa will change his ways, and he'll talk 
for a while and you end up outside the fortress.  Get any weapons/armor/items 
you need, and head back into the cave where you came in the town.  When walking 
out, a shadowy figure appears behind you, his name is Bunza.  He offers to 
give you a lift back to Lunpa in his wagon, tell him you have some unfinished 
business still, and him and Hammet will take off.  Go back into the fortress, 
and find the room where Donpa is laying in bed.  Talk to him, and as a reward, 
he offers you a monster he fought before.  Walk into the back room and you 
get the Djinni "Tonic".  Use Retreat to get back to the beginning and head 
down to Kalay.  Talk to Hammet in his mansion, then go back to Kalay, and 
into the cave where you got the Djinni "Scorch"

---Kalay Tunnel---

- Items
200 coins
Lucky Medal
Sleep Bomb
Spirit Gloves

Go down into the tunnel and you will find that the gates which previously 
were locked, are now open.  Head to the place where there was a gate blocking 
a statue and a set of four treasure chests and get the items inside, they 
are: a Sleep Bomb, a Lucky Medal, a Potion, and 200 coins.  Push the statue 
inside the room all the way over so it blocks the flow of water, then go down 
and use Frost on the puddle.  Climb up the ladder, hop over to the chest and 
you get Spirit Gloves.  Take the long corridor up and then take the hall on 
your left.  There is an Apple in the chest here, once you get it, go outside, 
use Catch to get the Nut off of the tree and slide down.  You may now continue 
on your quest, so head back across the water towards Tolbi.  Directly south 
of Tolbi is a bridge called Gondowan Passage, meet up with Iodem, and continue 
on out.


- Items
5 coins
Hard Nut
Lucky Medal
Smoke Bomb

Right as you enter, there is a box below you which contains a 5 coins.  Go 
to the small house south of the sanctum and look inside the oven to find a 
Smoke Bomb, then walk on right side of the sanctum (outside), and hop across 
the little stream and walk left to get a Hard Nut from the chest.  While you 
are back there, check the pot on the left side of the sanctum to find a Lucky 
Medal.  Some of the people in town will warn you about the cyclones that appear 
inside Suhalla Desert, and they also appear to contain monsters...  When you 
are done in town, head directly south of the village and you come to the 

---Suhalla Desert---

- Items
Lucky Medal
Virtuous Armlet

- Enemies
Acid Maggot - 86 exp., 102 coins
Brutal Troll - 150 exp., 190 coins
Harridan - 150 exp., 164 coins
Magicore - 169 exp., 208 coins
Orc Captain - 125 exp., 142 coins
Roach - 144 exp., 120 coins
Stone Soldier - 98 exp., 98 coins
Tornado Lizard - 620 exp., 477 coins
Vile Dirge - 75 exp., 98 coins 

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 23+

Go to the right when you walk in, you'll get caught in a tornado.  To get 
out of it, use Douse on it and you must fight a Tornado Lizard.  The Tornado 
Lizard gives good experience and coins, and is pretty easy to beat, you'll 
fight one everytime you use Douse on a tornado.  Go down and pick up a Virtuous 
Armlet in the chest, then go back to you left and down to where there are 
three paths.  The one on the left loops around to the one in the middle, which 
has a chest that's a Mimic.

Mimic - 669 exp., 547 coins

You should be good at defeating these things, as you've come across quite 
a few in the past already, defeat it and get a Water of Life.  Take the path 
on the right and it leads you into the next part.  There are three more paths 
right here, on the right you get a chest with a Lucky Medal, the left you 
get a Cookie.  Also when I fought the Tornado Lizards here, I got a Weasel's 
Claw from them.  Take the middle path all the way around and you can see a 
large tornado to your right behind a cliff.  Use Reveal around here and you 
can see foot prints leading left, hop across the wood block to the other side, 
then go down the ladder and over to the Djinni.  It gets easier and easier 
to defeat them, just use the best summons and it goes down in 2-3 hits.  You 
get 460 exp., 445 coins, and the Djinni "Flash" will join you.  Go up in the 
cave up from where the Djinni was sitting and when you get to the big tornado, 
go in and wait for a few seconds.  It takes you to a myserious island, go 
into the center of it.  I highly reccomend that you gain some levels before 
entering here, it will really help you out.  If you use Douse on this tornado, 
you will fight a pretty tough enemy.

Tempest Lizard - 1360 exp., 6400 coins

The Tempest Lizard is probably harder than the boss of Suhalla Desert.  Just 
use basic boss strategies such as using one person as a healer, biggest 
summons and Psynergy spells with the rest of the party.  

---Crossbone Isle---

- Items
1 coin
111 coins
222 coins
333 coins
444 coins
555 coins
666 coins
Blue Key x4
Demon Axe
Elixir x2
Fairy Ring
Hard Nut
Lucky Medal
Lucky Pepper
Mystery Blade
Ninja Garb
Nut x2
Psy Crystal
Red Key
Sleep Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Storm Gear
Water of Life

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 24+

Use Growth on the little plant to the left, and on each of the levels until 
you reach the top.  At the top, go all the way to your right, and use Catch 
to grab the Nut from the tree, then drop down the cliff where a chunk is taken 
out to get a Mint in the treasure chest.  Climb back up and fall down the 
middle part of the cliff, you get a whopping 1 coin.  Finally, climb back 
up and drop down the one on the left and enter the cave.  Before each door 
you enter, you must fight sub-bosses, they are more difficult than regular 
enemies encountered, but less dificult than a normal boss.  The further you 
go down into the cave, the more difficult they become, basically the strategy 
for all of them is use summons and powerful Psynergy.  Many of them have 
attacks which target multipul members and inflict a good amount of damage, 
or various status effects.  Always keep the party in good health and be sure 
to save before walking into the doors.

Level 1: Platforms
Virago & Hobgoblin - 397 exp., 1040 coins

The first room you enter is filled with platforms.  Walk right, all the way 
around the room and pick up an Antidote.  Go back and jump on the platform 
in front of the log, use move to push it left, then hop over to the chest 
on the right of it to get a Nut.  Exit the room and come back in, than move 
that same log right and get 111 coins in the chest to the left.  Above this 
chest is another log, move it right, and go up where you'll find a Hard Nut, 
then go back and Move that log left, and hop all the way around until you 
get to the log at the very top.  Move it from the left into the center of 
the platform (stand on the left side, use Move to drag it towards you), go 
back around and Move the log below it right.  Hop up so you are on the walkway 
along the left side of the room, and exit through the door.  When you get 
out, push the log down into the pit and continue on down the steps.

Level 2: Pillars
Grisly & Succubus - 587 exp., 1543 coins

There is a chest sitting right in front of you which contains an Elixir, then 
walk around to the right of it to find 222 coins, and to the right of that 
chest is another with Lucky Pepper in it.  Right next to the Lucky Pepper 
is a vertical pillar, push that to the left, and push the horizontal pillar 
just below that up.  Go down to the bottom horizontal pillar, push that up, 
and move the bottom vertical one to the right.  Finally, push the left 
horizontal pillar up and get the Mystery Blade inside the chest.  Exit the 
room, push the log into the pit and proceed down the steps.

Level 3: Keys
Lich & Feindish Ghoul - 437 exp., 1418 coins

Walk so you are in front of the key above where you walk in, use Catch to 
grab it.  Hop over to the right and  get another in the same manner.  Keep 
going right and you can get another key, you'll be under a circle of platforms, 
after you get it, jump back to where you came in the room.  Hop to the left 
side and grab the final Blue Key along the way, then go all the way up to 
the back of the room, where you can see a set of four blue doors.  Walk over 
to where the circle of platforms are, jump on the top one and use Reveal, 
you can now use Catch to get the Red Key in the middle of it.  Go into each 
of the doors and get the treasure chests inside, the items are as follows: 
333 coins, Fairy Ring, Cookie, Smoke Bomb.  After you grab each of the items, 
go back down a few platforms and into the red door to the left.  Exit the 
room, push the log into the pit, and keep going down.

Level 4: Statues
Gryphon - 606 exp., 3800 coins

In this room, you find there are many statues, and they move in your way if 
you try to pass them.  Go right and up to the first statue you see, make it 
move to the left or right, and use Halt on it.  You can now pass them without 
being blocked, go up and get the Sleep Bomb from the chest.  Go back down, 
and head right to the next statue where you need to use Halt on this one as 
well.  There is another statue behind it, so use Cloak and walk right past 
it, then grab the 444 coins from the chest.  There is part up there where 
you can walk to the right and past the statue, make sure you still have Cloak 
on, in the back corner of the room is a chest with Storm Gear in it.  Head 
back towards the entrance, and take the hall left of it, use Cloak to get 
near the statue and use Halt on it, then get the Psy Crystal from the chest, 
exit the room, push the log into the pit and go down the steps.

Level 5: Water Logged
Lizard King, Harridan, & Stone Soldier - 881 exp., 1560 coins

You may remember doing a puzzle similar to this one back in Kolima Forest, 
its the exact same concept, so you should be familiar with how it works.  It 
is much easier this time, pretty easy to figure it out.  There are four 
moveable logs, I will give them labels to make it easier to explain:  Top 
vertitical is 1V, bottom vertical is 2V, top horizontal is 1H, bottom 
horizontal is 2H.  Before moving the logs, walk right and go all the way up 
to a chest with 555 coins in it, then head down the steps to where the logs 

To get chest #1:

1. Push 2V left, then push 2H down.
2. Push 1H down, 2V to the right, and then 1H back up.
3. Fill water (by pulling switch near the gate) and go to the chest,
   you get a Ninja Garb.  Go back to the switch, pull it and drain the\
   water then go to the log area again.

To get chest #2:

1. Push 1V and 2V left, then push 2H all the way up.
2. Push 1V to the right and go back to the switch.
3. Fill water, and get a Lucky Medal in the chest, and drain the water

Getting to the exit:

1. Push 1H down, and go back to the switch.
2. Fill the water, hop over to the other side, get the Potion in the
   chest.  Exit the room, push the log into the pit and walk down the

Level 6: Wood Blocks
Chimera - 930 exp., 1600 coins

There are two wood blocks sitting right next to each other just right of where 
you came in.  Move the left one all the way to the left, and the right one 
to the left one space.  Go up the path left of those two, and you find a wood 
block with a chest sitting on top of it, push it all the way up.  Head back 
and climb the ladders, slide down onto the blocks you moved and get the chest 
with an Elixir.  Keep going, climb down the ladder, and up the other one and 
head to the left, you'll see a Djinni sitting there, it will hop down trying 
to escape you.  Keep going and when you come to the block, push it down where 
the chunk is taken from the wall, slide down onto it, and use Frost on the 
puddle.  Hop on those and get the chest which contains 666 coins, then go 
up to where the Djinni is sitting and it runs again.  Push the log next to 
where it was down, then go and use Move to push it right two spaces.  Climb 
down the ladder so you are on top if it, and hop right to get the chest with 
a Demon Axe in it.  Go to where the log is sitting to the left of the ice 
block, use Move to drag it so it is on the right of the ice block (before 
you push it to where it will block your path, stand behind the little barrier, 
drag it right then up).  Go up the ladder hop across the ice and wood, and 
get the Water of Life from the chest.  Finally, go to where the Djinni is 
sitting now, and chase it until it keeps going in circles from you, use Halt, 
then the Djinni "Bane" will join you.  Go to the exit, push the log into the 
pit, and head downstairs.

Level 7:
Earth Lizard - 1090 exp., 1840 coins

After you beat this sub-boss, you cannot continue on any further through the 
cave.  You will obtain an item later that will help you get through here, 
so just head back up and out of the cave.  Go into the tornado that took you 
to the island, and it will drop you back in Suhalla village, get anything 
you need, and head back to the desert.

---Suhalla Desert---

- Items
Psynergy Stone

Take the same route you did before, and when you get past the part where you 
headed left for the isle, a giant tornado will chase you.  Just let it hit 
you and you fight the boss.

- Storm Lizard - 1300 exp., 6100 coins

Average boss fight, do whatever you've been doing so far and he won't be a 
problem.  Summons work best, especially Judgement, watch the party's HP so 
it doesn't drop to low and keep hitting.  After you beat him, use reveal on 
the circle of rocks to find a Psynergy Stone, keep going towards the exit, 
and Iodem will have a talk with you about what lies ahead.  Exit the desert 
and keep following the path and you will come to a new area.

---Suhalla Gate---

- Items
Black Orb
Psynergy Stone

- Enemies
Cannibal Ghoul - 194 exp., 160 coins
Earth Golem - 218 exp., 183 coins
Gnome Wizard - 219 exp., 176 coins
Goblin - 221 exp., 170 coins
Horned Ghost - 199 exp., 166 coins
Mole Mage - 191 exp., 132 coins
Nightmare - 241 exp., 198 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 25+

Climb up the stairs to where the guards are laying on the ground, the guards 
say a powerful group came by and they were defeated.  Iodem suspects Felix 
and crew, when they are done talking, proceed to the next part.  Slide down 
the cliff just right of where you walk in, to get a Mint from the chest, then 
climb the vines and go right to the next area.  There are many places to slide 
down the cliff here, drop down the 3rd one and you will be right next to a 
Djinni that you must fight.  Its a very easy battle, as always, defeat it 
and you get 606 exp., 484 coins and the Djinni "Dew" will join you.  

Go right, up the tiny vine, and then right into the cave, inside you will 
find a Psynergy Stone.  Keep walking outside and you can find the ancient 
ship in the water, Iodem will give you a Black Orb to control it, but it doesn't 
work.  He'll take it back and suggest you continue on to Babi Lighthouse.  
Head back through the cave, up the vines, and go right and down the steps.  
When you come out on the world map, the Lighthouse is just to the right of 

---Venus Lighthouse---

- Items
Carry Stone
Lucky Cap

- Enemies
Earth Golem - 218 exp., 183 coins
Gnome Wizard - 219 exp., 176 coins
Goblin - 221 exp., 170 coins
Horned Ghost - 199 exp., 166 coins
Nightmare - 241 exp., 198 coins

- Recommended Level: 27+

Apparently the group from before has gone on a rampage in front of the Venus 
Lighouse, leaving soldiers and scholars all over the place.  Walk inside and 
when you come to the tree symbol on the gound (looks like the Timberland logo), 
use Reveal, go into the door and you find the Carry Stone.  Go back and into 
the next room, which branches off into two paths.  Take the one on the right, 
hop across the platforms in the room and it takes you to a chest with a Lucky 
Cap inside.  Go back and take the left path, (you can take the door in front 
of you, a person will just say Kraden and crew were there) and go into the 
door around and to the right, then try to push the box.  Garet will give a 
not so suttle hint that you should use Carry to drop the box down.  When you 
walk into the room, use Reveal and go into the door that appears on your right, 
then go up and talk to the big statue.  Be sure to talk to it twice (so that 
the light aligns on the left side) then you can exit the Lighthouse and head 
north to the next town.

- Items
Psy Crystal
Lucky Medal
Warriors Helm
Water of Life

- Djinni

There are more soldiers laying on the ground in front of the entrance.  
Obviously the crew has been through here, only this time, with seven people.  
They believe the seventh to be a person named Sheba, and they are heading 
for Babi's Lighthouse.  Check the stone pillar in the middle of town to find 
a Psy Crystal, and in the bottom right house inside a barrel you can find 
a Lucky Medal.  Look in the item shop to find an Antidote, then head for the 
house at the bottom left of town.  Climb the ladder inside, then from the 
roof, hop over to the wall and climb down the vine when you get to it, the 
chest contains a Warriors Helm.  Get back down and climb the ladder found 
inside the weapon/armor shop, hop on the wall and go all the way around until 
you come to the end of the wall and walk on the roof.  Jump from that place 
across to the other house, climb the vine and you will get the Djinni "Torch".  
Go back and from the wall, jump on the sanctum, then the house with the vine 
on it, climb up and there is a Water of Life in a jar.  

---Crossbone Isle---

- Items
777 coins
888 coins
999 coins
Demon Mail
Lucky Medal
Psy Crystal
Sleep Bomb
Smoke Bomb
Water of Life
Wicked Mace

- Recommended Level: 30+

Level 7: Carry the Crates

Go up as far as you can then hop over to your right, there is a silver box 
on the gound.  Push it up once, and to the right twice, then use Carry to 
put it up on the wall.  Go up the ladder and across the box to get a Lucky 
Medal in the chest.  Exit the room, come back in, then go to that same box.  
Push it left two times, use Carry to put it up on the platform.  Go left to 
where the ladders are, then go over to the box, push it up and use Carry again 
to put it on the wall.  Go across it to get a Psy Crystal from the chest, 
exit the room, come back to the same box.  Repeat the previous steps (push 
it left twice, Carry onto the platform), then instead of pushing it up, push 
it down. Use Carry to move it left one space, then push it (left) off the 
ledge, go down to the box and use Carry again to move it left one space.  Now 
hop across the box to the other side and get a Wicked Mace from the chest.  
Get down, and go to where the other box is sitting, push it down twice, and 
to the left five times.  Use Carry to put it up, climb the ladder and go across 
it.  Get the 777 coins from the chest, exit the room, push the log into the 
pit and go down the steps.

Level 8: Puddles
Poison Toad & Thunder Lizard - 2576 exp., 2642 coins

Go up to where the puddle is under the white scale, use Frost to move it up 
and then go up the ladder and get a Smoke Bomb out of the chest.  Stand behind 
the puddle left of where the dragon statue is and use Frost, then hop across 
it to get 888 coins from the chest.  Keep going left and head down the ladder, 
and push the rock sitting beneath the logs all the way right.  Go back up 
towards the ladder, stand on the back side of the puddle, use Frost and jump 
across the ice block to get a Potion.  Walk right and slide down the place 
below the dragon statue, use Frost on the puddle beneath the scale to melt 
the ice block, and push the bottom log down.  Head back over to the other 
side, push the top log down and get the Cleric's Ring from the chest.  Exit 
the room, push the log into the pit and proceed down the steps.

Level 9: Water Logged 2
Cerebus - 3726 exp., 6400 coins

Walk right and then all the way up, take the very top log left to reach a 
Sleep Bomb.  Go back and take the very first log (above where you walked in) 
up, then take the horizontal one right.  Walk down and hop on the only 
horizontal one, take it up, then go down and take the log in the bottom right 
corner to the left.  You can now get the 999 coins from the chest.  Now, to 
get onto the other side, first take the log you took (getting the 999 coins) 
back to the right.  Walk all the way up, and walk across the logs, the left 
one should move a space to the right.  Hop down to the log below it and take 
it across the water onto the other side.  Inside the chest is a Water of Life.  
For the next part, I will label the logs, there are 3 vertical, and 3 
horizontal: Left vertical is 1V, middle is 2V, and right is 3V.  Bottom 
horizontal is 1H, middle is 2H, and top is 3H.

1. Move 1H, 2H, and 3H up.
2. Move 1V and 2V to the left.
3. Move 3H down, then move 3V left.

You now have access to the chest at the top, which contains the sword Muramasa.  
Exit the room, push the log into the pit and keep going down the steps.  Finally! 
A change of scenery, head up the wooded walkway and onto a ship you may 
remember from before.  The chest in the middle next to where you walk in is 
a Mimic.

Mimic - 1009 exp., 643 coins

You can use normal attacks and Psynergy against it, but if you feel like it, 
use summons.  Should be a pretty easy victory as your party is a lot stronger 
now.  You get some decent experience for it and a Potion.  Walk to the top 
of the ship and you'll have to battle a very tough boss.

Deadbeard - 8000 exp., 9000 coins

Deadbeard is probably the toughest battle you'll fight up to now.  If you 
are in the range of Level 30, it will be a long fight, so make sure you get 
your Djinn and what not exactly how you want it.  Psynergy and Djinn ablities 
that boost the party's Defense are a major help for here, and also make sure 
that more than 1 (3 is the best) party member has the Psnergy 'Revive', has 
Water of Life, or has a Djinni with a Revive ability on them.  This is just 
a precaution as Deadbeard has two attacks per turn and can do some serious 
damage to muliple members.  Also be sure that at least 3, if not all, members 
have things to provide HP (Ply, Cure, Nut, Potion, Djinni abilities, etc.), 
you will need to use them a lot during the fight. Keep all members around 
the 120 HP and up range, its kinda risky going anything below that.  Summons 
are pretty much the best thing you can use against him, summon the biggest 
ones first, and be sure to use the Djinn abilites quickly so that you can 
get the best ones again.  Most of the Psnergy will do little damage against 
Deadbeard, so use the most powerful ones when you are not using Djinni.  Keep 
hitting and after some time, he will go down.  For your efforts, you get a 
great amount of exprience, coins, a Water of Life, and in the chest behind 
him you can find a Demon Mail.  

When you are finished, use Retreat to get back to the beginning, take the 
tornado back to Suhalla and rest in the inn.  Now you must head back towards 
the Lighthouses, so go past the desert, and the gate and up to the lighthouse 
beyond the town of Lalivero.

---Babi Lighthouse/Tunnel Ruins---

- Items
Asura's Armor
Lucky Pepper
Oracle's Robe
Psynergy Stone

- Enemies
Chimera Mage - 362 exp., 300 coins
Gnome Wizard - 219 exp., 176 coins
Ice Gargoyle - 307 exp., 170 coins
Manticore King - 342 exp., 240 coins
Nightmare - 241 exp., 198 coins
Orc Lord - 260 exp., 198 coins
Plated Rat - 208 exp., 135 coins
Skull Warrior - 301 exp., 188 coins
Wild Gryphon - 322 exp., 290 coins
Willowisp - 227 exp., 160 coins

- Djinni

- Recommended Level: 32+

*The Lighthouse is a good place to gain some levels, so use the Lure Cap and 
fight for a while.
When you walk in, there is a ladder to your right, take it and go up to where 
the box is and push it to the left twice.  Use Carry to put it up, then use 
it again to move it left.  Hop across it to get a Lucky Pepper inside the 
chest, then continue onto the next area.  There is a ladder to your left, 
go down inside then use Move to pull one of the two columns on the platform 
to the left.  Exit and go to the right side (push the statue off it), use 
Move to push the other column left and hop across, then climb the ladder.  
Use Growth on the plant, climb it and slide down.  You'll end up right next 
to the Djinni which you must battle.  Defeat it to get 677 exp., 506 coins, 
and the Djinni "Luff" will join you.  

Slide down again, then take the door on the upper left side, when you get 
to the top, slide down the part just to the right of the door.  Down at the 
bottom, you'll meet a small group trying to figure out how to get through 
the door, Iodem will show his faith in your abilities, so use Reveal near 
the door and then push the button to open it.  The group seems shocked, tries 
to walk through but can't, as only those who posess Psynergy can enter it.  
Go past it and through the door, and keep going past the room with the statue 
and little lighthouse (you may remember a similar room in Venus Lighthouse).  
Use Move to pull the right pillar out one space, and move it to the right 
two spaces.  Then pull the left one out and use Move to pull it right one 
space and hop across to the other side and into the door.  Jump across the 
platforms, into the next room where there are more pillars.  Pull the right 
one out, and push it all the way to the left, then pull the right one out, 
move it down as far as it will go, then all the way left.  Hop across to the 
other side, into the door where you come to, you guessed it, more pillars 
(hurrah...).  Move the left pillar all the way left, and the right one to 
where you can jump on it from the top of the steps.  Use whirlwind on the 
ivy twice to reveal another pillar which you must move it left and push it 
off the ledge.  Move and push it as far around the path as it will go, then 
move the top right pillar all the way right.  Hop across, use Whirlwind on 
the ivy, go through the door and across the bridge.

Now that you are done with the pillars, its time to move onto the blocks.  
Use Carry to drop two blocks onto the right scale, then hop across and out 
the door.  From here, go into the left door, and up the steps to where the 
statue is.  Use Reveal to find a chest containing an Oracle's Robe, then go 
back and take the right door.  In the room are five colored statues and a 
locked door, to open it, position the statues on each of the five squares 
on the ground in a certain pattern.  Use Mind Read to get clues as to where 
they go, if you cannot figure it out, here is the pattern:

[ Red ]   [ Blue ]
[Green]   [Violet]

The door will unlock, go through it, and into the door above the tree symbol 
and you'll come into Venus Lighthouse again.  Walk through the door on your 
left, past the Psynergy Stone.  Use Move to pull the statue on top of the 
button which will get rid of the electricity barrier below.  Go down to where 
the statue and small lighthouse are located, and talk to it again.  Use Retreat 
to get back across the electricity barrier, then go back into the Tunnel Ruins 
(right door in the room with the tree in the middle).  Pass the colored statues 
room, and then when you get through the door,  hop across to the right side.  
Enter the door, slide down twice, and into the next door.  Hop across all 
of the platforms and use Reveal on the statue in the next room to find Asura's 
Armor.  Exit the room, go back into the bottom door, use Move to pull the 
pillar out and push it all the way around.  Stand on the middle level (right 
behind it) and use Douse to fill it with water, then Frost to make a pillar.  
Go up and jump across it and return to the room with the tree symbol.  Enter 
the north door and it will lead you to the next area.

---Venus Lighthouse---

- Items
Dragon Scales
Gaia Blade
Psynergy Stone
Thunder Crown

- Enemies
Boulder Beast - 278 exp., 164 coins
Chimera Mage - 362 exp., 300 coins
Fenrir - 402 exp., 212 coins
Grand Golem - 412 exp., 208 coins
Ice Gargoyle - 307 exp., 170 coins
Manticore King - 342 exp., 240 coins
Recluse - 243 exp., 153 coins
Skull Warrior - 301 exp., 188 coins
Thunder Lizard - 422 exp., 221 coins
Wild Gryphon - 322 exp., 290 coins
Willowisp - 227 exp., 160 coins

Take the door to your left, push the box over and use Carry to drop it down 
in the pit.  Jump across and in the next room, go to the top and run across 
the sand river to the other side.  Enter the bottom door to find a Thunder 
Crown, exit and go to the upper door.  There is a hidden passage behind the 
third sand-fall, hop across the blocks and into the one at the bottom of the 
room.  Push the missing piece into place to make the current reach the door 
and open it.  Step on the button to move the blocks so they are on the left 
side now, then go through the door to your left.  Climb down the ladder and 
across the river.  Go down the ladder, use Move to pull the left pillar out 
and walk under the little tunnel.  Push the pillar all the way left, go up 
and hop across it to the other side.  Go through the door and you come to 
another of the current puzzles, it is set up like this:

[ ]-A1     [ ]-B1
   [2]  [3]
[ ]-A2     [ ]-B2

Numbers 1-3 represent the pieces you can move.  
A1-A2, B1-B2 are the slots to put the pieces in.

1. Push [3] into B2
2. Push [2] into B1
3. Push [1] into A2

When the door opens, go in and hop across the sand river and go until you 
are on the top left of the place, go through the bottom door.  Enter the first 
sand-fall (hidden passage) to find Dragon Scales, then exit and go through 
the sand-fall on the left.  Drop the boxes using Carry onto the left scale 
and go into the door.  Step on the button to move the platform over, enter 
the door at the top of the room.  You can now get to the bottom left door, 
so go there and through the next place until you come to a little sand maze.  
To get the chest, step onto the sand maze and the pattern is: Down, right, 
right right, then when you loop around the chest, go up to get it.  Inside 
is the Gaia Blade, step back into the maze and let it take you to the beginning.  
To get to the door, the pattern is: Down, right, up, up.  Go into the door 
and take the other door on your right.   You will now see a bigger current 
puzzle like the ones before.  I will label each of the slots to push the blocks 
in to make the instructions easier.  The room is set up like this:


    [ ] - A4    [ ] - B4
    [ ] - A3      [ ] - B3
[ ] - A2        [ ] - B2
[ ] - A1          [ ] - B1

Numbers 1-4 represent the pieces you can move.  
A1-A4 are the slots on the left side of the room, B1-B4 on the right.

1. Drop [1] into B1
2. Drop [2] into A4
3. Drop [3] into B2
4. Drop [4] into A3

The current will reach the door and open it.  Go through, step on the button, 
then go to the door above the floating platform.  Enter the door in the upper 
right of the room across the sand river, then proceed through the doors until 
you come to a room with a tree symbol, a slide down, and a Psynergy Stone.  
This slide will take you to the final battle, if you have missed anything 
or need more levels, go back now.  I recommend that you go back to town and 
stock up on anything you may need, including Water of Life, etc.  When you 
are finished, come back here to continue on in the game.  Slide down and the 
floating platform will take you up to the top of the lighthouse.

You see Saturos and Menardi trying to light the beacon, then Felix returns 
to get Sheba.  There is a little argument between them over trust.  Before 
you go over, make sure you are prepared for battle, be sure that each person 
has Water of Life on them, and also they should have healing items like a 
Nut.  Isaac and friends go over to save the day, but it doesn't work like 
that.  Saturos and Menardi need a certain rod to get into Jupiter Lighthouse 
(the Shaman's Rod), they will not harm Sheba in exchange for the rod, but 
that doesn't mean they'll give her up either.  After that, the fight begins.

Saturos & Menardi - 6900 exp., 8880 coins
*Apparently you can get different amounts for this battle so this may not 
be the same for you.

Not surprisingly, this duo isn't that hard to defeat.  For the first round, 
use the barriers/aura Djinn abilities on your party, or use the most powerful 
summons.  Same goes for second round unless someone has lost a good amount 
of HP, in that case, use Mia to heal them.  Just summon and heal for a few 
rounds and they'll lose, not that hard of a battle at all.  Make sure that 
after you summon and the Djinni become set that you use them right away.  
Having them on standby will help you immensely in the next part...

Felix won't let Sheba go, and he plans on lighting the beacons still.  The 
elemental star is thrown into the lighthouse, Saturos and Menardi have 
another surprise for you.  The beacon gives them their Psynergy back, they 
send Felix, Sheba off to the ship.  All of a sudden they start glowing and 
fuse together and become one.

Fusion Dragon

Fusion Dragon has some pretty impressive attacks, which do a large amount 
of damage.  Make sure you have the barriers/auras used first to protect your 
party from his attacks.  Use Mia as a healer because the Dragon has two attacks 
per turn and they can be devastating.  Using the barriers on the party can 
drop the damage done to the party below 10, which is VERY helpful to you 
(obviously).  Make sure to use the Djinni every round so that you can continue 
to use the best ones, these will deal the most damage out of any attacks and 
will greatly speed up the process.  Always keep the party in good health, 
and if a member goes down, try not to use Mia to revive them.  It will take 
a little bit to beat him, but shouldn't be an extremely hard battle.

After they are defeated, Saturos and Menardi fall down the middle of the 
lighthouse.  Felix still wants to light the other beacons and plans on taking 
Sheba with him.  Suddenly the lighthouse splits and Sheba falls off the side 
as it begins to crumble.  Felix jumps after her and out of nowhere, the 
lighthouse comes together again as if nothing happened.  You end up back in 
Faren's house in Lalivero where you will have a conversation about Lemuria, 
Sheba, and Jenna.  Wait outside the house and you will get the Black Orb again.  
Head up into the upper left building in the town to find the ship.  Use the 
Black Orb on the pier and the ship rises and you hop on.  The credits roll 
and when they finish, there is a little scene with Kraden and Jenna.  They 
are adrift at sea on a floating piece of land.  Alex comes by and leads you 
to where Felix and Sheba are laying on the ground.

To be Continued...

VII. Item List

Anchor Charm      A trinket in the shape of an anchor
Antidote          Cures Poison
Apple             Boosts Attack
Black Orb         Controls the ancient ship
Blue Key          The Blue door key from Crossbone Isle
Boat Ticket       A ticket needed to cross Karagol Sea
Bone              A bone from the girl at the inn
Carry Stone       Bestows Carry when equipped
Catch Beads       Bestows Catch when equipped
Cell Key          The key to the cells in Lunpa Fortress
Cloak Ball        Bestows Cloak when equipped
Cookie            Boosts maximum PP
Crystal Powder    Causes damage with ice
Douse Drop        Bestows Douse when equipped
Dragon's Eye      A shining red jewel with flames inside
Elixir            Cures Delusion, Stun, & Sleep
Empty Bottle      Extracts water from a magic spring
Frost Jewel       Bestows Frost when equipped
Game Ticket       A special ticket from Tolbi
Halt Gem          Bestows Halt when equipped
Hard Nut          Boosts Defense
Herb              Replenishes 50 HP
Hermes' Water     Replenishes all HP
Lifting Gem       Bestows Lift when equipped
Lucky Medal       A special medal from Tolbi
Lucky Pepper      Boosts Luck
Mars Star         Fire Elemental--requires Mythril Bag
Mint              Boosts Agility
Mystic Draught    A stragely colored mysterious potion
Nut               Replenishes 200 HP
Oil Drop          Causes damage with flames
Orb of Force      Bestows Force when equipped
Potion            Replenishes all HP
Power Bread       Boosts maximum HP
Psy Crystal       Replenishes all PP
Red Key           The Red door key from Crossbone Isle
Sacred Feather    Reduces monster encounters
Sleep Bomb        Lulls enemies to sleep
Small Jewel  
Smoke Bomb        Obstructs enemies' sight
Vial              Replenishes 500 HP
Water of Life     Revives Downed characters
Weasel's Claw     Causes damage with claws

VIII. Weapon List

- Legend
(C): Cursed
At:  Attack
P:   Power
R:   Resist

-Type/Name-      -Effect-          -Other-

- Axe
Battle Axe       At+24             ----
Broad Axe        At+50             ----
Demon Axe        At+132            Unleashes Poison Cloud (C)
Dragon Axe       At+100            Unleashes Heat Mirage
Great Axe        At+80             ----
Vulcan Axe       At+76             Unleashes Barrage

- Light Blade
Assassin Blade   At+90             Unleashes Mortal Danger
Bandit's Sword   At+12             Unleashes Rapid Smash
Battle Rapier    At+58             ----
Elven Rapier     At+44             Unleashes Vorpal Slash
Hunter's Sword   At+28             ----
Master Rapier    At+86             ----
Mystery Blade    At+84             Unleashes Life Nourish
Ninja Blade      At+94             Unleashes Cyclone Attack
Short Sword      At+8              ----
Swift Sword      At+104,P+10       Unleashes Sonic Smash

- Long Sword
Arctic Blade     At+55             Unleashes Blizzard
Broad Sword      At+40             ----
Claymore         At+70             ----
Gaia Blade       At+135,P+20,R+20  Unleashes Titan Blade
Great Sword      At+90             ----
Long Sword       At+14             ----
Muramasa         At+126            Unleashes Demon Fire (C)
Shamshir         At+99             Unleashes Acid Bath
Silver Blade     At+108            Unleashes Aqua Shock

- Mace
Battle Mace      At+56             ----
Heavy Mace       At+26             ----
Grievous Mace    At+88             Unleashes Terra Strike
Mace             At+6              ----
Righteous Mace   At+112,HP+3       Unleashes Blinding Smog
War Mace         At+84             ----
Wicked Mace      At+130            Unleashes Poison Death (C)

- Staff
Angelic Ankh     At+83             Unleashes Life Leech
Blessed Ankh     At+46             Unleashes Psyphon Seal
Crystal Rod      At+106            Unleashes Drown
Demonic Staff    At+92             Unleashes Bad Omen (C)
Frost Wand       At+76             Unleashes Frost Bite
Magic Rod        At+16             Unleashes Murk
Psynergy Rod     At+64             Unleashes Psynergy Leech
Shaman's Rod     At+10             ----
Witch's Wand     At+32             Unleashes Stun Voltage
Wooden Stick     At+4              ----

IX. Armor List

- Legend
A:   Attack
Ag:  Agility
De:  Defense
HP:  HP recovery
Lu:  Luck
P: Power
PP:  PP recovery
R:   Resist

-Type/Name-      -Effect-           -Other-

- Armor  
Armored Shell    De+30              ----
Asura's Armor    De+42,A+5,HP+8     Boosts Attack;replenishes HP
Chain Mail       De+25              ----
Dragon Scales    De+44,R+30         Resists Water & Fire
Leather Armor    De+12              ----
Plate Mail       De+33              ----
Spirit Armor     De+32,R+15(all)    ----
Steel Armor      De+35              ----

- Boots
Fur Boots        De+2,R+15          Boosts Defense; resists Water          
Turtle Boots     De+3,Ag*0.5        Boosts Defense;decreases Agility

- Bracelet
Armlet           De+17              ----
Heavy Armlet     De+25              ----
Leather Armlet   De+7               ----
Silver Armlet    De+30              ----
Spirit Armlet    De+38,P+10         Use to cure ailments
Virtuous Armlet  De+35,P+10         Use to restore 100 HP

- Circlet
Circlet          De+6               ----
Glittering Tiara De+27              Prevents Delusions
Guardian Circlet De+25              ----
Mythril Circlet  De+34,PP+3         Replenishes PP
Platinum Circlet De+29              ----
Silver Circlet   De+16              ----

- Clothing   
Adept's Clothes  De+18,MPP+8        ----
Cotton Shirt     De+3               ----
Elven Shirt      De+22,Ag*1.5       Boosts Agility
Kimono           De+25,R+10,Ag+10   Boosts Agility; resists Fire
Ninja Garb       De+36,Ag+30,R+10   Boosts Agility; resists Wind
Silver Vest      De+28              ----
Storm Gear       De+42,R+30         Resists Water,Fire & Wind
Travel Vest      De+7               ----
Water Jacket     De+30,R+30,R+20    Resists Water & Fire

- Crown          
Jeweled Crown    De+39              Deludes enemies
Lucky Cap        De+33,PP+2         Boosts Critical Hits;restores PP
Thunder Crown    De+40,PP+4         Replenishes PP (cursed)

- Gloves 
Battle Gloves    De+26,A+8          Boosts Attack
Gauntlets        De+23              ----
Leather Gloves   De+10              ----
Padded Gloves    De+2               ----
Spirit Gloves    De+34,P+5(each)    Boosts Elemental power        
Vambrace         De+27,A+5          Boosts Attack
War Gloves       De+32,A+10         Boosts Attack

- Hat
Leather Cap      De+3               ----
Mail Cap         De+23              ----
Wooden Cap       De+10              ----

- Helm
Bronze Helm      De+14              ----
Iron Helm        De+20              ----
Knight's Helm    De+33              ----
Open Helm        De+9               ----
Silver Helm      De+30              ----
Steel Helm       De+27              ----
Warrior's Helm   De+35,P+10         Boosts Earth power,Critical Hits

- Ring  
Adept Ring       ----               Use to restore 7 PP        
Cleric's Ring    ----               Remove's a curse's effects
Fairy Ring       ----               Acts like an Elixir in battle
Healing Ring     ----               Use to restore 70 HP
Sleep Ring       ----               Use to Lull enemies to sleep
Unicorn Ring     ----               Use to remove poison

- Robe 
Blessed Robe     De+36,HP+5         Replenishes HP
China Dress      De+19              Drops enemy's Attack
Feathered Robe   De+45,R/Ag+30,P+20 Resists Wind
Jerkin           De+26              ----
Magical Cassock  De+39,PP+2         ----      
One-Piece Dress  De+4               ----
Oracle's Robe    De+43,R+40,HP+10   Resists Water;boosts HP recovery
Silk Robe        De+20              ----
Travel Robe      De+10              ----

- Shield         
Bronze Shield    De+14              ----
Dragon Shield    De+26,R+30         Resists Fire
Earth Shield     De+31,R+20         Use to restore 150 HP
Iron Shield      De+20              ----
Knight's Shield  De+28              ----
Mirrored Shield  De+35,Lu+5         Boosts Luck
Wooden Shield    De+6               ----

- Shirt
Mythril Shirt    De+10,HP+5         Boosts Defense & HP
Running Shirt    De+1,Ag+15         Boosts Agility

X. Item Drops

Obviously this list is incomplete, I havn't had time to type the rest of it 
up.  I'll try and get a better one up sometime within the next few days if 
I have the time.  This is just here so you can have a general idea of what 
I'll be doing with this section.

BL = Babi Lighthouse
S.Des = Suhalla Desert
VL = Venus Lighthouse
* = Boss

-Enemy Name-         -Location-           -Item Drop-        

Acid Maggot          Suhalla Desert
Ant Lion             Lamakan Desert
Ape                  Mogall For., Altin
Armored Rat
Bone Fighter
Brigand              Lunpa Fortress
Brutal Troll         Suhalla Desert

Cannibal Ghoul       Suhalla Gate
Cave Troll           Vault
Chimera Mage         Babi Lighthouse
Clay Gargoyle
*Deadbeard           Crossbone Isle
Death Cap
Death Head

Dirty Ape            Gondowan Cave
Dread Hound          Altmiller Cave
Drone Bee
Earth Golem          Venus Lighthouse
Fighter Bee          Lamakan Desert
Foul Dirge
Ghost Mage

Gnome Mage
Gnome Wizard         V/BL   
Goblin               Venus Lighthouse
Grub                 Lamakan Desert
Harridan             Suhalla Desert
Horned Ghost         Venus Lighthouse
*Hydros Statue       Altin

Ice Gargoyle         Babi Lighthouse
*Killer Ape          Mogall Forest
*Kraken              Kalay Boat
Living Statue        Altin
Lizard Fighter
Lizard Man
Mad Mole
Mad Vermin
Magicore             Suhalla Desert

Man o' War           Kalay Boat
*Manticore           Lamakan Desert
Manticore King       Babi Lighthouse
Mimic                S.Des.               Water of Life
Mole Mage
Nightmare            V/BL, Suhalla Gate

Orc Captain          Suhalla Desert
Orc Lord             Babi Lighthouse
Plated Rat           Babi Lighthouse
Rabid Bat
Rat Soldier
Rat Warrior          Lunpa Fortress
Ravager              Vault, Vale
Roach                Suhalla Desert

*Saturos             Merc. Lighthouse
Skull Warrior        Babi Lighthouse
Slime                                     Herb
Slime Beast
Stone Soldier        Suhalla Desert
*Storm Lizard        Suhalla Desert       ----

Tempest Lizard       Suhalla Desert       Potion
*Toadonpa            Lunpa Fortress
Tornado Lizard       Suhalla Desert       Weasel's Claw
*Tret                Kolima Forest
Undead               Vault                Antidote
Vile Dirge           S.Des., Lunpa F.

Warrior Bee
Wight                Altmiller Cave
Wild Gryphon         Babi Lighthouse      Feathered Robe
Wild Mushroom
Will Head
Willowisp            Babi Lighthouse
Worm                 Altmiller Cave

XI. Psynergy List

-Psyn. Name-    -Effect-                               -PP-

Angel Spear     Boost Attack with a heavenly blade.    12
Annihilation    Attempt to annihilate a foe.           18
Astral Blast    Attack with celestial force.           5
Avoid           Encounter fewer monsters.
Bind            Block a foe's Psynergy.                4
Blast           Attack with a massive explosion.       5/7
Blue Bolt       Attack with a lightning bolt.
Bolt            Attack with a lightning bolt.
Break           Eliminate an enemy's bonuses.          5
Briar           Attack wtih sharpened briars.          11
Carry           Lift and move light objects.           2
Catch           Grab light objects from afar.          1
Clay Spire      Attack with earthen spire.             13
Cloak           Hide away in shadows.                  1
Cluster Bomb    Attack with a bomb blast.              11
Condemn         Disable your enemy with evil power.    8
Cure            Restore 70 HP.                         3
Cure Poison     Cleanse the body of poison.            2
Cure Well       Restore 150 HP.                        7
Curse           Draw the Spirit of Death to a foe.     6
Cutting Edge    Inflict damage with a shock wave.      5
Death Plunge    Plunge your weapon into a foe.         14
Debilitate      Drop enemy party's Defense.            6
Delude          Wrap multiple foes in delusion.        4
Demon Night     Unleash a myriad of monsters.          12
Demon Spear     Boost Attack with a demonic blade.     7
Destruct Ray    Attack with a magnetic storm.          21
Douse           Attack with a surge of water.          5
Dragon Cloud    Strike an enemy with Dragon Cloud.     6
Drain           Drain enemy's HP into yourself.        3
Drench          Attack with a torrent of water.
Earthquake      Attack with a mighty tremor.           7
Enfeeble        Drop enemy party's Resistance.         6
Eruption        Attack with volcanic might.            14
Fiery Blast     Attack with an explosive blast.        19
Fire            Attack with a scorching fireball.      6
Fireball        Attack with a scorching fireball.      12
Fire Bomb       Attack with a bomb blast.              5
Flare           Attack with flaring flames.            4
Flare Storm     Attack with incenerating flames.       12
Flare Wall      Attack with searing flames.            7
Flash Bolt      Attack with a lightning bolt.
Force           Strike a distant object.               2
Frost           Attack with frigid blasts.             5
Froth           Attack with frothing bubbles.          5
Froth Sphere    Attack with frenzied bubbles.          12
Gaia            Attack with the earth's might.         7
Gale            Attack with the wind's might.          3
Glacier         Attack with frigid blasts.             15
Growth          Attack with wild plants.               4
Guardian        Boost Defense with divine might.       3
Hail Prism      Attack with ice crystals.              16
Halt            Stop a moving object.                  2
Haunt           Haunt a foe with an evil spirit.
Heat Wave       Attack with fiery bolts.               6
Helm Splitter   Paralyze a foe with a mighty blow.     8
High Impact     Boost party's Attack.                  12
Ice             Attack with spikes of ice.             5
Ice Horn        Attack with spikes of ice.             11
Impact          Boost ally's Attack.                   7
Impair          Drop enemy's Defense.                  4
Inferno         Attack with a scorching fireball.      23
Lava Shower     Attack with a volcano's might.         4
Lift            Lift an object vertically.             2
Mad Blast       Attack with an explosive blast.        9
Mad Growth      Attack with ferocious plants.          10
Magic Shell     Boost Elemental Resistance.            3
Magic Shield    Boost Elemental Resistance.            5
Mind Read       Read someone's mind.                   1
Mist            Wrap a foe in a cloud of delusion.     4
Molten Bath     Attack with a volcano's might.         12
Mother Gaia     Attack with the earth's might.         17
Move            Move an object on the ground.          2
Nettle          Attack with stinging nettles.          23
Nova            Attack with a massive explosion.       13
Planet Diver    Leap skyward and lunge onto a foe.     7
Plasma          Attack with a barrage of bolts.        8
Ply             Restore 100 HP with faith's power.     4
Ply Well        Restore 200 HP with faith's power.     8
Potent Cure     Restore 300 HP.
Prism           Attack with ice crystals.              7
Protect         Boost party's Defense.                 5
Protector       Boost Defense with divine might.       5
Pungi           Attack with a bamboo weapon.           7
Pungi Strike    Attack with a bamboo weapon.           24
Pungi Trap      Attack with a bamboo weapon.           13
Pure Ply        Restore 1000 HP with faith's power.    12
Quake           Attack with a powerful quake.          4
Quake Sphere    Attack with a massive quake.           15
Ragnarok        Strike with a massive sword.           7
Ray             Attack with a magnetic storm.          6
Resist          Boost Resistance.                      5
Restore         Remove sleep, stun, and delusion.      3
Retreat         Return to the dungeon's entrance.      6
Reveal          Perceive hidden truths.                1
Revive          Revive a downed ally.                  15
Rockfall        Attack with a blast of rocks.          5
Rockslide       Attack with a blast of rocks.          15
Shine Plasma    Attack with a barrage of bolts.        18
Shuriken        Attack with a huge throwing knife.     8
Slash           Attack with a blade of focused air.    4
Sleep           Lull multiple foes to sleep.           5
Sonic Slash     Attack with a blade of focused air.    20
Spire           Attack with earthen spire.             5
Storm Ray       Attack with a magnetic storm.          10
Thorn           Attack with stabbing thorns.           6
Thunderclap     Attack with the storm's fury.          9
Thuderbolt      Attack with the storm's fury.          19
Tornado         Attack with a mighty tornado.          14
Tundra          Attack with frigid blasts.             8
Typhoon         Attack with the wind's might.          12
Volcano         Attack with volcanic might.            6
Ward            Boost Resistance.                      3
Weaken          Drop enemy's Resistance.               4
Whirlwind       Attack with a swirling tornado.        5
Wild Growth     Attack with giant plants.              19
Wind Slash      Attack with a blade of focused air.    9
Wish            Restore 80 HP to the whole party.      9
Wish Well       Restore 160 HP to the whole party.     13

XII. Djinn List/Location


- Flint: (World Map, south of Vale)  
Strike a blow that can cleave stone.

- Quartz: (Mogall Forest)
Revive a downed ally.

- Granite: (Kolima) 
Create a mighty earthen barrier.

- Vine: (World Map, north island from Desert exit)
Tangle foes to drop Agility.

- Sap: (Vault)
Attack a foe and steal HP.

- Ground: (Kalay Docks)
Use gravity to hold a foe.

- Bane: (Crossbone Isle Cave)
Attack with nature's venom.


- Forge: (Goma Cave)
Boost party Attack with flame's fury.

- Corona: (World Map, north island near Xian)
Boost party Defense with a heat aura.

- Fever: (Imil)
Wrap a foe in feverish delusion.

- Scorch: (Kalay)
Stun a foe with a blast attack.

- Ember: (Tolbi)
Restore party PP with passion's flames.

- Flash: (Suhalla Desert)
Block damage to party with a firewall.

- Torch: (Lalivero)
Penetrate defense with a melting blast.


- Gust: (Bilibin)
Attack with mighty wind gusts.

- Breeze: (Kolima Forest)
Boost party resistance.

- Zephyr: (Fuchin Temple)
Boost party Agility with swift wind.

- Smog: (Lamakan Desert)
Veil a foe's vision in smoke.

- Kite: (Vale Caves)
Attack twice next round.

- Squall: (Altmiller Cave)
Paralyze a foe with a storm.

- Luff: (Babi Lighthouse)
Steal a foe's Psynergy.


- Fizz: (Mia owns it)
Restore HP with calming water.

- Mist: (Xian)
Lull a foe into deep sleep.

- Sleet: (Mercury Lighouse)
Drench a foe to drop its Attack.

- Spritz: (Altin)
Restore party HP with soothing mist.

- Hail: (World Map, west of Tolbi)
Freeze a foe to drop its Defense.

- Tonic: (Lunpa Fortress)
Heal all party ailments.

- Dew: (Suhalla Gate)
Revive a downed ally.


Name        Wind   Fire   Water   Earth

Venus        0      0       0       1
Mercury      0      0       1       0
Mars         0      1       0       0
Jupiter      1      0       0       0
Ramses       0      0       0       2
Nereid       0      0       2       0
Kirin        0      2       0       0
Atalanta     2      0       0       0
Cybele       0      0       0       3
Neptune      0      0       3       0
Tiamat       0      3       0       0
Procne       3      0       0       0
Judgement    0      0       0       4
Boreas       0      0       4       0
Meteor       0      4       0       0
Thor         4      0       0       0


When I get mail from readers, there is always some with the same questions 
that many have had before, so  here are some of the ones I frequently receive:

- Q: I missed a Djinni and I can't get back through Mogall Forest!
- A: After you pass the first desert, you can go back around to any
     place you've been before and pick up anything you may have missed.

- Q: I'm stuck at Kalay Docks, the ship won't leave, what do I do?
- A: Make sure you saw the little tour group scene when you left Kalay. 
     If you didn't see it, go back and talk to the tour people in the

- Q: I took the boat across, but I want to go back for something, what
     do I do?
- A: Southeast of Tolbi is a cave, go through it and you'll be on the
     other side.

- Q: Where do I get the Psynergy 'Cloak' at?
- A: After the Colosso tournament, go down into Babi's room at his
     palace and pick up the Cloak Ball in his chamber.

- Q: How can I get past the tornadoes in the desert?
- A: Use Douse and you'll be able to get past them.

- Q: I'm in the Altin caves, and I read the sign but nothing happens,
     what do I do?
- A: Use Force on the wood, make sure you line it up correctly though.

- Q: Can I use your FAQ on my site?
- A: Chances are, you won't be able to use my FAQ on your site. 
     Depending on the situation, I might agree to it though, but more
     than likely it will stay right here on gamefaqs.com.

- Q: I'm writing my own FAQ, can I use parts of yours for mine?
- A: Depends on which part you'd be using.  Mail me for more info.

XIV. Legal

This FAQ is (c) Copyright 2001 to James Pelchar aka 'jesterguy'.  This is 
for personal use only, you may not put this on your site or use it to make 
a profit.  If you do wish to use this FAQ, contact me at my mail and I will 
consider it.  Do not distribute this document, or alter it in any way shape 
or form.  It can be printed out for personal private use only.  You can NOT 
use this document without my permission.  Period.  

Please contact me if you found this FAQ on a site other than GameFAQs.com

XV. Credits

I'd like to thank:

The People - For reading my FAQ, I hope its helpful, comments and things to 
add are always welcomed. 

Nintendo/Camelot - For making this wonderful game, one of the best I've played 
in a while.

CJayC - For putting this FAQ up, and making an excellent site. 

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