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FAQ/Walkthrough by Jaksiel

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 11/20/01

Golden Sun FAQ/Walkthrough
Version 1.1


I.    Contact Info
II.   Legal Stuff
III.  Update History
IV.   Controls
V.    Basic Storyline
VI.   Character Overview
VII.  Walkthrough
VIII. Psynergy
IX.   Djinn Information
X.    Classes
XI.   Item List
XII.  Monster List
XIII. Boss List
XV.   Credits


Feel free to e-mail me at GohanDZ45@yahoo.com or to AIM me at GohanDZ45 or
Jaksiel.  If you are asking a question about the game, make sure I am at that
point by now.  (Right now, I am in Tret).  If you want to contribute to the
FAQ...well, don't.  Not yet anyway.  I am not seeking contributions right now,
and I will not until I feel the FAQ is completed.  Only this will I accept
contributions for things I may have missed.


You can use this FAQ/Walkthrough on your site as long as you meet the following
1. You must e-mail me and ask permission.
2. You must not alter the FAQ/Walkthrough unless I permit it.
3. You must give me proper credit for writing the FAQ/Walkthrough.
4. You cannot sell the FAQ/Walkthrough for profit.

The following sites are the only sites that are allowed to post this
FAQ/Walkthrough without asking my permission:
GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
RPGamer (www.rpgamer.com)
Gamespot (www.gamespot.com)
Any other site must ask first.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is (c) 2001 GohanDZ.


Version 1.0 (11/19/2001): Initial submission to GameFAQs.  Controls and
Walkthrough up to inner Sol Sanctum completed.  Early Djinn Locations also

Version 1.1 (11/20/2001): Wrote walkthrough up to first foray onto the world
map.  Began Psynergy section and Items section.


Taken from the Instruction Manual.

L Button:
In towns, villages, and dungeons, uses Psynergy shortcut.
On the world map, checks surroundings.
During battle, displays the Status screen.

R Button:
In towns, villages, and dungeons, uses Psynergy shortcut.
On the world map, displays the entire map.  Use the control pad to move the
cursor.  Moving the cursor over an important location will display the name of
that location.
During battle, displays the Status screen.

Control Pad:
In towns, villages, and dungeons, walks, jumps forward, and pushes objects. 
(On the world map, it only walks.)
During battle and on menus, selects a command or item.

In towns, villages, and dungeons, and on the world map, displays the Pause

In towns, villages, and dungeons, and on the world map, displays field

A Button:
In towns, villages, and dungeons, and on the world map, displays field
commands, examines objects, and speaks.
In conversation and battle, displays the next message.
On menus and in battle, confirms selections.

B Button:
In towns, villages, and dungeons, and on the world map, runs (when used in
conjunction with the Control Pad).
In conversation, displays the next message.
On menus, cancels selections.


Taken directly from the instruction manual.

"A forbidden power is unleashed...

"Nestled away at the foot of Mount Aleph, the most sacred peak on the continent
of Angara, rests a quiet village called Vale.  For ages, the elders of this
remote community have been the caretakers of Sol Sanctum - an ancient temple on
the mountain's slope that for eons has guarded the seal on the ancient science
of Alchemy.

"Now, that seal has been broken.  A mysterious figure is attempting to release
the powers of Alchemy upon the world, a power so great that one who wields its
full force can attain any of his heart's desires - countless riches, endless
life, even the power to destroy the world.  Once the combined power of the four
elements - earth, water, wind, and fire, which together make up all matter - is
unleashed, the world will fall to its knees before the one who wields it.  If
this horrible fate is to be averted, a brave soul must now arise!"


I will not begin work on this section until I have completed the game, and as
such have met every character.


Before starting the game, you must name your main character.  You can name him
anything, but he defaults to Isaac, and I will refer to him as Isaac in this


You begin the game with Isaac's mother waking you up.  Apparently, the Mt.
Aleph boulder is about to fall.  Before going downstairs, your mother will ask
you whether or not you have everything you need.  Regardless of whether you
choose Yes or No, you're immediately led downstairs and out of the house.  Both
Dora (Mom) and Kyle (Dad) are going to help others evacuate, so you're left to
find the plaza on your own.  When Dora asks you if you can find your way, just
say Yes.  If you say No, she'll keep asking you until you say Yes.  I guess she
just doesn't get the point.

Oh well...you're on your own now.  At least she tells you to "just go south". 
Seems simple enough.  (Note-at this point you can finally pause the game and
save if you like.  I also suggest turning off the annoying speech sound, but
that's just a personal preference.)  You can attempt to go into the house to
the northwest, but you will get shoved out the way by someone who proceeds to
run to the plaza (whether you answer Yes or No).  So, try to go down the stairs
below your house...dammit!  A boulder blocked your path!  OK, go down the
stairs near the rude person's house...DAMMIT!  Another boulder!

Well, with no choice left, you may as well head north.  You will run into
Garet, who is attempting to save his "stuff".  He'll ask you if he should ditch
his stuff.  If you say No, he'll say he would probably die...and then say
"You're right, I should ditch my stuff."  Apparently, Garet has a short memory.
 Anyway, go north and cross the bridge to the west.  Try to go south, and the
Mt. Aleph boulder will begin to fall, but it will be held in place by a group
of four villagers.  One of them will tell you to run away.  After all, you're
just kids, so you can't figure out that it's a bad idea to stand in the path of
a very large boulder.  Go down the stairs and attempt to go south...dammit all!
 These boulders have impeccable timing; always managing to block your path
right before you can use it.

Well, looks like you have to go to the west now.  Go all the way to the west
and talk to the person on the ground, who asks you if he's hurt badly.  If you
say No, he'll realize he's fine, get up, and run off.  That's why I suggest
saying Yes, as he tells you to "save yourselves", which we were planning on
doing anyway.  Go south and down the stairs, and you'll probably get into your
first fight pretty soon.  Whatever you fight, it shouldn't be much of a
problem, however.  Proceed east and onto the next screen.  If you cross the
bridge and follow that path, another boulder will fall in your way.  With this
in mind, simply proceed south down two sets of stairs.

You will see five villagers attempting to save a boy named Felix from drowning.
 They discover, much to their chagrin, that they're all out of Psynergy and
must seek help some other way.  Dora will head north and Jenna, Felix's sister,
will head south.  Dora instructs you to follow Jenna south, so do so.  Climb up
the stairs and cross the bridge.  Continue east onto the next screen.  No one
is any of the first three houses, so continue down until you see people milling
about.  Someone is blocking the Inn, but that's not important.
Continue south, and you will run into Jenna (among others).  A few people with
Psynergy left will run off, and another one will join you (along with Jenna). 
Hurry back to Felix the way you came.

The instant you're about to save Felix there is another event of poor timing:
the Mt. Aleph boulder comes tumbling down.  It kills the people who had
attempted to save Felix before (except Dora and Jenna...but including Kyle),
and Felix is also presumed dead.  You must now head back across the bridge to
seek help.  Garet will run after you.  You will overhear a conversation between
two mysterious persons discussing the events.  Unfortunately, Garet calls out
to you, and the two strangers take notice.  They'll ask you if you were
eavesdropping.  No matter whether you answer Yes or No, they'll conclude you
have to forget and initiate a battle.  THIS IS AN UNWINNABLE BATTLE.  After
knocking you out, the two run off.


It is now three years later.  You're mending the roof.  Garet is practicing his
Psynergy.  For some reason, this prompts Jenna to bring up your accident. 
Garet begins to talk about it, but stops soon after.  After finishing the roof,
your mother allows you to head off with Garet and Jenna to the house of some
man named Kraden.  You also discover your house is low to the ground, as your
mother is somehow able to jump right back up to the roof after falling off.  If
you want, you can talk to Garet's sister, who is apparently pissed just because
Garet wrecked some of her flowers with his training stone.  Pfft.

You can try to go up Mt. Aleph, but some lady will stop you once you get up the
nearest stairs.  If you're clever, you can get by when her back is turned, but
Jenna will stop you anyway and suggest you go to see Kraden.  May as well, I
guess...just cross the bridge to the west, go down the stairs, and head to the
next screen.  Before you can get much further, you will overhear another
conversation between the two mysterious people who knocked you out three years
earlier.  They mention the possibility of using Kraden for his knowledge.  I
wonder if that's an omen of things to come?  Anyway, Saturos (the blue one)
realizes you're eavesdropping again.  In the ensuing conversation, you will get
two Yes or No questions, but as usual, your response is irrelevant.  Saturos
and Menardi (the red one) allow you to proceed to Kraden's cottage.

When you go up the stairs, Kraden will openly wonder who those two are.  He
appears worried...another omen?  When you talk to him, Garet will mention
Kraden seems worried.  How observant.  In the conversation that ensues, Jenna
supposes that Saturos and Menardi are thieves, and Garet suggests telling the
high elders of the town.  Kraden halts you and suggests you go
into...*gasp*...Sol Sanctum yourselves!  As usual, whether you respond Yes or
No to any of the questions is irrelevant.  You will become the group leader no
matter what.  If you're already desperate for money for some reason, you can
get 5 coins from a jar in Kraden's cottage.  Retrace your steps to the town. 
It is now necessary to sneak by the woman and gain access to Mt. Aleph and Sol


Go straight north and enter the Sanctum.  Go north through the entrance.  It's
jumping puzzle time!  Jump onto the block furthest to the right.  Jump up to
the next block, and move up and right.  Jump up to the next block and move up. 
Jump left two blocks.  Jump down two blocks and move right.  Jump left and then
jump up.  Move up and right, and then jump up to the next block.  Jump across
the water and proceed to the next screen.  There is only one path, so just
follow it to its end and proceed to the next screen.

Hooray, another jumping puzzle!  Jump onto the center block, move up, and jump
to the right.  Jump up, move to the left, and jump up again.  Move to the left
and jump up twice to get to land.  Get the treasure; it's a Small Jewel.  Go
back to the blocks.  Go back to the set of three horizontal blocks.  Move all
the way to the right on this and then jump right.  Jump up, move left, and jump
up twice to get to land.  Follow the path and place the jewel in the minotaur's
left eye.  Go back to the room entrance and take the leftmost path of blocks,
which is pretty straightforward.  Follow the path to the next screen.

You're in a room with many statues.  Kraden will remark that, based on the
comments of Saturos and Menardi, there should be a hidden passage somewhere. 
Go to the leftmost and rightmost statues of the room.  Notice how they're on a
seemingly outlined path?  This means the statues can be moved use the Psynergy
move.  (Note-You will be frequently using Move through the course of the game,
so I suggest setting Garet's Move to the L Key, thereby preventing you from
wading through a few screens to use it.)  Move the rightmost statue to reveal a
passage.  Take the stairs.

It doesn't matter which path you take here; they will connect soon enough
anyways.  When the path splits into a left, center, and right path, take the
left to gain a Small Jewel.  Go back and take the center path now.  (Ignore the
right path-it just leads to the center path.)  Turn left when you get the
chance, and head to the next screen...which is filled with more statues.  Move
the left-most statue and insert the Small Jewel.  Then move the right-most
statue and enter.  Take the first path up and turn left when possible.  Follow
the path to get an Herb.  Return to where you went left and follow the path
right until you can turn up.  You are now in a room with four statues and a sun
symbol on the floor.  This is what Kraden calls the heart of Sol Sanctum.

This revelation that Saturos and Menardi were truthful about the hidden passage
leads Jenna to once again conclude that they were thieves.  Your goal was
merely to find out whether or not Saturos and Menardi had really been in Sol
Sanctum, and this seems to prove that they were.  You're ready to leave, but
Kraden hesitates.  He doesn't want to have come all this way to not go any
further.  (Once again, whether you say Yes or No is irrelevant.  I will not
mention this anymore unless it is relevant at some point.)  Your group agrees,
and you continue on.

Go to the right, and you will discover a room with four statues and a moon
symbol on the floor.  Kraden concludes that there must be a secret hidden in
these two rooms.  Go down out of the room, and go up the stairs.  (If, after
ascending these stairs, you want to refill your Psynergy, you can go down and
enter a room with a Psynergy-recharging stone.)  Go up, and you'll see a room
remarkably similar to the one below.  However, this room has water in the
center, and the four statues are movable.  Why don't you try moving one?

Whoops, that set off sparks in Kraden's room.  I guess that was a mistake. 
Kraden determines that it is a trap.  While he warns you not to move any of the
Luna (moon) statues again, you can do it without it making any difference. 
However, you will not accomplish anything either.

Go into the upper Sol room.  You should notice that the two lower statues are
already on the outlined squares, and the two upper statues can be moved onto
some outlined squares.  Push each of these statues up two spaces and over one
to create a giant hole in front of the main statue.  Jump across the water and
walk right up to the hole.  Use Move to drag the main statue down into the
hole.  You can now safely move a Luna statue onto an outlined square.  This
excites Kraden to no end.  After explaining your methods to Kraden, you can
push the remaining three statues onto their respective squares.  Go down to the
lower Luna room.

Kraden is shocked.  Other than the Luna floor symbol changing to a Sol symbol,
nothing seems to have changed.  You can probably guess this is untrue, however.
 Simply move into the lower Sol room, and you'll discover that the Sol symbol
has changed to a Luna symbol...and there is a ray of light shining on it.  Walk
up to the source of this light, and press A.  This will uncover a portal, which
Kraden jumps into and you follow.

When Kraden enters this place, he seems to orgasm or something.  It turns out
this is the resting place of the Elemental Stars...Stars which Kraden claims
hold so much power that one could conquer the world with just one of them. 
Wow.  He gives you four catch bags to catch the four Elemental Stars
(Mars-Fire, Venus-Earth, Mercury-Water, Jupiter-Wind).  And how do you get to
these stars?  You guessed it...jumping puzzles!

Jump onto the uppermost "island" that you can access from where you are.  Move
right, jump right, jump up, and move right.  Jump right three times, then move
to the right of this problem and jump right again.  Move down, jump right, move
right, jump down, and move down.  Jump left, move to the left of this island,
and jump down three times.  Jump left and claim the Venus Star.

Jump all the way back to where you had the choice whether to jump up or right,
and you chose to jump right.  It's pretty straightforward, so I shouldn't have
to spell it out for you.  Now jump up there (obviously),  and jump up to the
next island and move right.  Jump right twice and claim the Mercury Star.

Jump all the way back to the main island.  This path should be straightforward
as well.  Now take the lowest jump and follow another straightforward path to
claim the Jupiter Star.  To put it in clich├ęd terms, this is when the **** will
hit the fan.

Saturos and Menardi have shown up again to steal the Elemental Stars!  Jenna
openly worries that they will dispose of her and Kraden, but a mysertious
masked figure shows up and assures her that this is not the case.  They demand
for you to give them the stars.  No matter whether you answer Yes or No (as
usual),  you will refuse.  You demand a guarantee that you will not be hurt. 
Menardi suggests that the masked figure will be the guarantee...and then tells
FELIX to remove his mask.

Your group openly questions this name Felix, since you're certain you saw him
die three years ago.  However, it is true, and Felix is alive and well.  (And
evil, apparently.)  It turns out Saturos and Menardi themselves saved him from
certain death!  Once again, they will demand that you hand over the Elemental

Oh wow, this Yes or No question actually makes a (tiny) difference.  If you say
Yes, you will jump a few islands before a man called Alex intercepts you to
take the Stars.  If you answer No, Garet will take the stars from you and then
have the stars taken from him!  Wow!  He then tells you that you must get the
last Star yourself to have them free Jenna.  Lazy-ass bastard.

Go back to the main platform and once again jump onto the uppermost island. 
Make your way back to the up-or-right intersection.  This time, jump up four
times.  Move left, jump left, move up, and jump left.  Move to the left of the
island, jump left twice, and move down.  Jump left, jump down, move left, and
jump down.  Jump left, move down, jump left, move left, and jump down.  Move to
the left of the island and jump left.  Claim the Mars Star.

Oh great, more **** hits the fan.  It turns out since you've removed all of the
Elemental Stars, the chamber cannot sustain itself any longer and it seems the
chamber is collapsing.  Whoops.  Suddenly, what looks like an eye made out of
rock appears.  Kraden hypothesizes that it is the "Wise One".  Since he's the
guardian of the Elemental Stars, the evil gang decides now is a good time to
run away.  They realize they're leaving without the Mars Star...Saturos thinks
you're done for, but Menardi thinks you could make it out.  Alex decides that
they will kidnap Jenna to make sure they gain the Mars Star from you.  They
also decide to kidnap Kraden just for the hell of it.

The Wise One informs you that some things called "Elemental Djinni" have been
released.  He reveals that if all four lighthouses are lit with the Elemental
Stars, the power of Alchemy will be released...a power that could destroy the
world.  At this point, the volcano begins to erupt, and the Wise One generously
decides to save your lives.  You wind up back in Sol Sanctum, with the need to
escape.  You COULD backtrack all the way back through, but why not just make it
easy on yourself and use Isaac's Psynergy Retreat to go back to the dungeon's


Once you get the hell out of there, it cuts to the Vale villagers observing the
eruption.  When you appear, the crowd comes to learn that you were in Mt. Aleph
and Jenna and Kraden have been kidnapped.  They demand to hear the whole story.
 You relate the story within the town's sanctum.  After the retelling, the
Great Healer reveals that the Wise One has been psychically contacting him.  It
turns out the the eruption is impossible to stop, but the Wise One will prevent
the lava from reaching Vale.  He also reveals to the people in the sanctum the
fright of the Elemental Stars.  The Great Healers tells that the Wise One has
chosen Isaac and Garet to undertake the quest of saving the world, much to the
chagrin of the others.  You are asked if you want to undertake the quest. 
Obviously, you should say Yes.  If you say No, and exit the sanctum, the game
is over.  That would be bad.  The Wise One himself appears at this point, and
creepily says that he will be "watching you".  You are once again told to seek
the Djinn.  You will set off tomorrow, onto the World Map!

(Note-I suggest you upgrade your weapons and armor before heading off, but this
is not absolutely necessary.)

To be continued...



PP: 4
Target: 3 enemies
Description: Attack with flaring flames.

PP: 4
Target: 3 enemies
Description: Attack with a powerful quake.

More to come.


None yet.


PP: 3
Target: 1 ally
Description: Restore 70 HP.

More to come.


PP: 2
Description: Move an object on the ground

PP: 6
Description: Return to the dungeon's entrance.

More to come.


Earth Djinn #1-Flint
Visible on the World Map the first time you go on the World Map.  Just run into
him to get him to join.
Setting Effects (Isaac):
HP +9
PP +3
Attack +3
Battle Effect:
Strike a blow that can cleave stone. (One enemy)

The rest coming in later updates.



Long Sword
Cost: 200
Sell Value: 150
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Attack +14

Cost: 80
Sell Value: 60
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Attack +6

Short Sword
Cost: 120
To sell: 90
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Attack +8

Wooden Stick
Cost: 40
To sell: 90
Who can equip: ?
Equip effect: Attack +4


Leather Cap
Cost: 30
To sell: 22
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Defense +3


Cotton Shirt
Cost: 20
To sell: 15
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Defense +3

One-Piece Dress
Cost: 25
To sell: 18
Who can equip: ?
Equip effect: Defense +4

Travel Vest
Cost: 50
To sell: 37
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Defense +7


Padded Gloves
Cost: 10
To sell: 7
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Defense +2

Wooden Shield
Cost: 40
To sell: 30
Who can equip: Isaac, Garet
Equip effect: Defense +6


Coming in later updates.


Coming in later updates.


None yet, obviously.


Myself-For taking the time and effort to write this FAQ/Walkthrough.

CJayC-For running the best gaming site on the internet, GameFAQs.

Camelot-For designing the first real RPG for the Game Boy Advance.

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