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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ikillkenny

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             FAQ by Ikillkenny             \_____/
    Golden Sun Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough
    FAQ by Ikillkenny (Mike Bentley)
    	with a Djinn Guide by Baby M
    	with an Item Guide by LJUMP12
    	with a Psynergy-Learned Section by Koop and Levatation 0
    Version 2.0a - Final Version
    My New E-Mail Address Is: gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com
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    I have recieve about 15 copies of the Klez virus a day.  Please run
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    1) Frequently Asked Questions
    2) Introduction
    3) Game Play
    4) Monster List
    5) Item List
    6) Walkthrough
    Sub Sections:
    	Sol Sanctum
    	Going Away...To Vault
    	On the Road to Bilibin
    	To Kolima/Forest
    	Kolima Forest
    	Heading North
    	Mercury Lighthouse
    	Back to Kolima Forest
    	Fuschin Temple
    	Mogall Forest
    	On the Road Again...
    	Altin Peak
    	Lama Temple
    	Lamarkan Desert
    	Bilibin Cave...Again
    	Kalay Docks
    	Tolbi Docks
    	To Altimer Caves
    	Altimer Cave
    	To Lupna
    	To the Suhulla/Desert
    	Suhulla Desert
    	Suhulla Gate
    	Venus Lighthouse Part 1
    	Babi Lighthouse
    	Venus Lighthouse Part 2
    	What!? We're Backtracking!?
    	Crossbone Island
    	Venus Lighthouse Part 3
    7) Boss Strategies
    8) The Arena
    9) Leveling and Character Classes
    10) Weaknesses and the 'Dark Panther' Method
    11) *Spoiler* Spelled Backwards: EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
    12) Codes, Secrets and Tips
    13) Where To Get Further Information
    14) Credits/Copyright Information
    Chapter 1: Frequently Asked Questions
    | Read these following Frequently Asked Questions before asking me a |
    | question via E-Mail.								   |
    Q) Where are all the Djinn?
    A) See the Djinn section or search for a particular Djinn name in the
    walkthrough by pressing Control + F on a PC.
    Q) What are those numbers in parentheses after "go back from whence you came."
    A) These numbers are some stupid joke that the author of the FAQ through in
    that count the number of times up until then that he has used that phrase. 
    Anyone else notice I'm talking in the third person point of view?
    Q) Can I get back to Vale, Vault, etc. later in the game?
    A) Yes, look at the section Vale...again and a few of the sections before it.
    Q) What do I do with Game Tickets and Lucky Medals?
    A) Game Tickets are used for a game in Tolbi.  The game is one of the ones near
    the fountain, I believe.  Lucky Medals are also used in Tolbi in the fountain
    coin throwing game.
    Q) I have a question not answered here.  How can I ask one?
    A) E-mail me at gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com
    Q) How do you get those nuts in the trees?
    A) Thanks to Jagoros@tricorpgames.com for this information: Use the Catch
    Psynergy on the trees that contain nuts in order to get them.  Nuts are quite
    helpful in the early part of the game.
    Q) Who is Robin?
    A) The default Japanese name for the main character.
    Q) How do I Mind Read the monk?  Whenever I go up to him and want to bring up
    my menu I just talk to him.
    A) Press Select or set Mind Read as a hot key button.
    Q) Where do I get the Cloak Ball?
    A) It's on Babi's Desk next to his bed.  You can get this after you talk to him
    after winning Collosso.
    Q) What things do I need before entering Crossbone Island?
    A) You need the Cloakball that you find on the desk of Babi in Tolbi, the Halt
    Gem (not required) that you find in Vale, and the Carry Psynergy that you get
    by equipping the Carry Stone that you find in Venus Lighthouse.
    Q) What level do your characters learn their last spells?
    A) Somewhere around 54 if you're at the right classes.  Look for an in-depth
    FAQ on Class Changes for more information.
    Q) How do I get the pink tornado that goes to Crossbone Island back if I
    accidently use Douse on it?
    A) You have to head out of Suhulla, and when you re-enter it will be back.
    Q) Is there any advantage to going to Crossbone Island from the ship to Tolbi
    A) No, you can't go very far in there without Cloak, Carry and Halt.
    Q) I heard this code that if you tap the R button 3 times then the B button 7
    times finally the A button 5 times and you'll hear a click and all of your
    characters have infinite PP.  Where do I do this?
    A) This code is BS and doesn't work.  However, there are a few Game Shark codes
    available at http://www.gameshark.com/gameboyadvance/objects/379896_106.html
    that can give you infinite PP, although the game is less fun to play when you
    Q) What is the correct way to pronounce "Djinn"?
    A) Well, Djinn is from, I believe, Arabic and it means Genie.  So, the singular
    form of Djinn (Djinni) is Genie, leading me to believe Djinn is pronounced like
    the alcoholic drink "Gin."
    Here's some updated information from Taz 2012 on the dictionary definition:
    jin+ni or jin+nee also djin+ni or djin+ny
    n., pl. jinn also djinn (jin http://www.atomica.com/lookup2/pronkey.html).
    In Muslim legend, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and
    exercising supernatural influence over people.
    [Arabic jinn?, demonic, demon, from jinn, demons, from janna, to cover,
    Q) Can you give me the Rom of Golden Sun?
    A) No, I do not support roms and/or emulation.  Go pay for the game you lousy
    Q) How do I get Growth?
    A) Equip 1 Fire Djinni on Isaac or 1 Earth Djinni on Garet to have the spell
    growth (see the Leveling and Character Classes Section)
    Q) I missed Force!  What do I do?
    A) You don't actually need force to accomplish anything in the game.  However,
    you do need to enter the cave in Fuschin Temple in order to get the Djinni
    Zephyr, and without Force you don't get the Xian side story.  However, if you
    don't have force you can still go through Mogall forest, and Garet will kick
    the log in Altimer Mines instead of you using Force on the tree stump.  any
    ways, if you missed Force, keep going to Kalay, then head north across the
    bridge to reach Vault again.  Retrace your steps to Fuschin Temple, and see the
    Walkthrough about getting Force.
    Q) Is it true that no one really asks these questions, but you like to make it
    appear as if people talk to you?
    A) Quiet you... plus, this question was actually asked.  Give Kevin Mofo and
    e-mail at skafusion0@mac.com for further information.
    Q) What is the best way to contact you?
    A) The best way to get help is through my forums at
    http://www.doc-ent.com/forums/index.php.  However, if you want to message me
    privately, send me an e-mail at gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com.  Sorry, I am no longer
    allowing people to Instant MEssage me.
    Q) What exactly does the Mystery Blade do?
    A) I don't recommend using the Mystery Blade because it's not very powerful. 
    occasionally Mystery Blade will let out Life Nourish which has a chance of
    restoring a little bit of health to the character that its equipped on.
    Q) I saw this code on the GameFAQ's Message Board:
    I don't know if this has been found out yet but I'll tell you how to get her.
    In order to get her to join your party you need the cursed emerald necklace. To
    get the necklace you need to go to Tolbi springs and win it from the fountain.
    I would advise you to get as many lucky medals as possible and save before you
    start tossing them. The odds of getting it are probably less then 1%. It took
    me about 300-350 tosses(I lost count). When I did win it, the medal bounced 3
    times( once of crab and twice of the turtles) and it landed in the middle.
    Unfortunately this happened to me before and I didn't get so I'm guessing this
    just increased your chances of getting it. Anyway when you get the cursed
    emerald necklace, go back to Xian and talk to Feizhi. She will say"Where did
    you find my necklace?" Give it to her and then she'll join your party. You have
    to alternate between characters since you can only have four at a time. The
    best thing about her is she can equip all cursed weapons and she won't be
    cursed (with or without the clerics ring)!!!!
    A) This is a BS code started by an idiot I don't want to give the credit of
    Q) I'm having trouble getting across the sand waterfalls.  How do I do it?
    A) You need to hold the B button (aka run), the direction you're going and up
    on the D-Pad.  This should keep you from falling down.
    Q) What is the maximum level that you can get to?
    A) You can get to Level 99, but I've only heard of anyone getting to this level
    with a Gameshark.  In theory you could level up this high, but it's not worth
    it because it would take an insane amount of time and you stop learning spells
    in the mid-50s.
    Q) How do I get the Bastard Sword?
    A) You can't get the Bastard Sword as it was changed from its earlier name to
    the Bandit's Sword (or maybe the Assassins' Blade.  I've heard two different
    accounts).  Plus, you don't want it any ways (in the manual there's a screen
    shot of it doing about 7 damage) later in the game.
    Q) When I go to load my save, it says "Corrupt Data.  Would you like to save
    from the last sanctum?"  What does this mean?
    A) This means that somehow the power went out when you were saving the game
    (either you turned it off or the batteries ran out.)  Luckily you can still
    play (as opposed to other games where all of your data is gone), although you
    may be missing some of your items potentially.
    Q) When should I turn off my Game Boy Advance to avoid getting a Corrupt Data
    save file?
    A) I recommend not going for longer than 30 minutes after the light starts
    turning red or you risk losing power during a save which could be devastating.
    Q) Is it possible to get to Lemuria or Hesperia in this game?
    A) No, you'll just have to wait for the sequel ;-[.
    Q) When is Golden Sun 2 coming out?
    A) It will be out June 2002 in Japan, and will be out by Christmas 2002 in the
    United States.
    Q) Do you know of any secret codes or secret information on Golden Sun 2?
    A) Anything I know is in this FAQ.  I don't hold anything back from the
    Q) How do I go back through Mogall Forest?
    A) Sorry, it's not possible to get back through Mogall Forest.  If you want to
    get back to the earlier towns you need to make your way to Kalay where you want
    to head north.  The bridge broken earlier in the game will be rebuilt and you
    will be able to get back to Vault, etc.
    Q) How do I get into Collosso Stadium?
    A) You first need to save Babi.  See the appropriate section in the Walkthrough
    for that information.
    Q) How many Djinn can one character hold?
    A) Each character can hold a maximum of 7 Djinn each.
    Q) Why can't I give a Djinn to another character?  All I get is the option to
    A) You must have a balance in your Djinn.  You can not have more than 1 Djinn
    on one character than another.  For example, Isaac can't have 3 Djinn on him
    while Garet has only 1 Djinn.
    Q) Why are my characters with 0 HP not healing in an inn?
    A) Characters with 0 HP have fainted and they need to be revived using the
    following methods:
    • Visit a Sanctum
    • Use Water of Life
    • Use a Revive Psynergy or Djinni.
    Q) I got to the sign in Altin Peak.  Garet isn't kicking it.  What's up?
    A) Garet isn't kicking it probably because you have the Force Gem.  Equip Force
    and aim Force at the log.  If you absolutely don't have the Force Gem, try
    going as far forward as you can, facing right at the log.  This will most
    likely trigger Garet to kick it.  Of course, if you haven't got all of the
    Living Statues yet (except the last one), he will not kick it.
    Q) I went to Imil before I went to Kolima Forest.  Did I do something wrong?
    A) No, Golden Sun is a "non-linear" game, so there are no right or wrong ways
    to go.  I just consider Kolima easier than Imil, so my walkthrough went that
    way first.  You're free to go as you choose.
    Q) What Psynergy does Jenna learn?
    A) From BlackMaurderer on my Forums:
    Class: Flame User
    Flare: starts with
    Flare Wall: Level 6
    Flare Storm: Level 18
    Q) Can I play as Jenna, Felix or Sheba?
    A) Not normally, but with a Gameshark you can.  See the following site for more
    Q) How do I un-curse an item?
    A) You cannot actually un-curse an item.  However, you can remove the
    "sticking" side-effect when you have a cursed weapon equipped by equipping the
    Cleric's Ring that's found on the 8th Floor of Crossbone Island.  However, you
    will still be cursed and will have to go to a Sanctum to remove the curse.
    Q) Can I get more than one Cleric's Ring?
    A) No, the whole point of putting cursed items into the game is so that you had
    to strategically plan who has what item.  If everyone had the best items, that
    wouldn't make for a very non-linear game now would it?
    Q) How can I unequip a hotkey for a certain Psynergy?
    A) You need to set the Psynergy to an item Psynergy (like Catch Beeds) and then
    trade that item to another character to no longer have the hotkey.  Thanks to
    Gail Smith [GailSmith@kscable.com] for this information.
    Q) How do I get out of Lalivero once I've beaten the Fusion Dragon?
    A) You can't get out of Lalivero, sorry.
    See some other FAQs at my Quick Tips Section:
    About This FAQ
    This FAQ (short for Frequently Asked Questions which you should already know)
    should be a helpful guide to anyone stuck and wanting tips for the Gameboy
    Advance game Golden Sun.  This FAQ was written by me, Ikillkenny, for use on
    Gamefaqs.com and my web site Golden Sun Anonymous (see the link in the header).
     I wrote this FAQ because I love Golden Sun and I wish to help others playing
    it.  If you'd like to contribute to this FAQ, give me an e-mail at
    This guide's primary focus is the walkthrough.  If you want very in-depth
    analysis of Classes, Psynergy, Items, etc. please visit www.gamefaqs.com to
    find in-depth FAQs there.
    For easy navigation to the chapters, hold Control and hit F (when you're on
    Windows any ways) in your browser window and type in the chapter you want to go
    to.  For example, type in CHAPTER 3 to go to the walkthrough chapter.
    FAQ Versions
    -Completed June 28th, 2003.
    -Updated the URL to my website.
    -Very little work on and off from January 2002-June 19th, 2002.
    -Fianl version of this guide.
    -Added 'Dark Panther's Method' Section.
    -Added information on Sending Data to the Lost Age.
    -Removed Lost Age rumors.
    -Lots of corrections.
    -Updated my e-mail address to gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com.
    -A few minor changes.
    -A little bit of on and off work from about January 3rd, 2002 - January 28th,
    2002 (most work was done on January 26th - January 28th).
    -Added Psynergy Section with a little information on when certain characters
    learn certain Psynergy.  Thanks to Koop and Levatation 0 for that information.
    -Updated Frequently Asked Questions and Boss Strategies
    -Added Codes, Secrets and Tips section.
    -Added Further Information section.
    -Spell Checked
    1.95 - Started and Finished on January 1st, 2002
    -Added information to the Boss Strategies section
    -Added walkthrough for the southern path in Venus Lighthouse (not sure how I
    missed putting this in.)
    -Changed web site information, turned off Instant Messenges
    -Minor additions
    -Fixed all of the Chapter number errors
    -Added a good Item List
    -Added several notes to the chapters to clear up confusion
    -Corrected several errors (far too many of these for my liking)
    -Fixed "Issac" spelling error
    1.93 - Off and on Work from December 11th, 2001 to December 19th, 2001
    -Started Item List
    -Semi-finished Level 29 Class Changing Section (Level 54 coming soon)
    -Update to the Linked Battle section
    -Help Wanted added for Item List
    -Added Screen Shot Link
    1.92 - Off and on Work from November 30th-ish, 2001 to December 10th, 2001
    -Won the "FAQ of the Week" award ;-]
    -Added several minor things.
    -Worked a little more on the Class Changing section (I'll have part 1 of that
    finished in the next version)
    1.91 - November 27th, 2001 through November 29th, 2001
    -Changed "Robin" to "Isaac"
    -Added Pointless ASCII Art
    -Started Several New Sections
    -Many New FAQs
    1.9 - November 26th, 2001
    -Spell Checked everything
    -Added Monster List by Nova Mage
    -Added ****SPOILER!***** (spelled backwards): EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
    -Added Coming Soon Section
    -Starting to Tidy Things Up A Little More
    -Added More FAQs
    -Added ASCII Art Request
    1.8 - November 25th, 2001 through November 26th, 2001
    -Finished the Walkthrough (now a blue dot worthy FAQ)
    -Added Djinn FAQ by Baby M
    1.7 - November 25th, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to and including all of Venus Lighthouse (save the
    boss) and some of Crossbone Island.
    1.7a - November 25th, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to and including some of Venus Lighthouse and some of
    Crossbone Island
    -Pre-release version.
    1.6 - November 24th, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to and including the first part of Suhulla Desert
    -Added Help Wanted ad (see above)
    1.5 - November 22nd through November 23rd, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to and including Collosso.
    -Walkthrough about 2/3 done now.
    -100 KBs
    1.4 - November 22nd, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to the boat to Tolbi
    1.3 - November 21st, 2001 through November 22nd, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to and including Altin Peak
    -Added a *little* to the Djinn section.
    1.2 - November 21st, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough up to and including Mercury Tower.
    1.1 - November 20th, 2001
    -Expanded Walkthrough to Kolima
    1.0 - November 17th, 2001 through November 20th, 2001
    -First Version of this FAQ
    -Walkthrough up to Vault
    -Game play Section
    -FAQs barely started
    D-Pad: Select choice
    A: Yes/Confirm/Next
    L, R: Next
    B: No/Back
    D-Pad: Move
    A: Talk To Someone/In-game Menu
    Select: In-game Menu
    Start: Pause Menu
    L, R: Use preset command
    B: Run/Back
    Notes: Golden Sun's controls are pretty straightforward and you shouldn't have
    any problem with them.
    Regular Play
    A good deal of Golden Sun is spent in regular play, where your character is
    walking around performing certain tasks within towns, forests or dungeons.  In
    regular play, you can talk with different people, use Psynergy that will have
    effects on the map (for example: using Move will move a rock out of the way),
    and move around accomplishing whatever goal you may need to achieve.  When
    you're outside of protected towns or villages, each step you take will have a
    small chance of a random enemy coming up, unless that attempt is thwarted by
    obtained a feather or something to that extent.
    World Map
    The World Map operates much like Regular Play, except there won't be any people
    to interact with or villages to explore.  Instead, the World Map (which is
    available once the first temple has been beaten) allows a player to move from
    one place to another quickly due to the greater scale of movement (you'll
    notice that your character is more pixilated because he is zoomed in on more.) 
    You will be able to go through trees, but not over water or mountains.  Random
    battles occur here, too.
    Battle Screen
    The battle screen, like most other RPGs, is a separate screen from the regular
    game window where you and your allies fight various enemies that come along. 
    You will have the option of picking what attack, item, etc. each character uses
    and on who before each round of attack.  Generally your faster characters will
    attack first, then the enemy will attack, then your slower characters will
    attack.  This cycle is repeated until you or the enemies are dead.  There are
    several important things to look out for in the Battle Screen.  Each character
    has HP which represents how much health he has left, and PP which represents
    how much Psynergy he or she has left.  When HP runs out, that character will
    die and can only be brought back by an item that revives, or a Djinn that has a
    revive move.  When PP runs out, a character can no longer use Psynergy attacks
    with Psynergy requirements greater than what is left.  PP can be restored by
    finding energy stones.
    Inside each village there are several things to look out for.  The first is an
    Inn where you can rest for a small charge and replenish all of your party's HP
    and PP (note: this doesn't affect passed out characters who have no HP left.) 
    To revive a character, cure a poison or a bad spell, look for a Sanctum which
    is a building with an old man in it (note: If all of your party members die in
    battle, you'll end up in the last one of these you visited.)  For a larger fee
    than what you paid in the Inn, you will be able to get treated with the things
    listed before.  Other important buildings include the Armor and Weapons shops
    where you can buy the latest and greatest attack and defensive boosts for your
    characters.  I recommend getting the most expensive weapons and armor that you
    can afford for each character in each town, because it is very important.  Also
    in each town is a shop where you can buy items, but this is not a very
    important shop because you should have plenty of the items that the lady sells
    from random battle collections.
    These little characters probably made their way into the game thanks to the
    success of Nintendo's PokTmon, but they are a very welcome addition.  Djinn are
    collected usually by battling them (they usually put up a pretty good fight)
    when you encounter them in the wild.  A Djinn has the power to alter a
    character's stats, moves and even his or her type.  Djinn are useful because
    they expose different abilities in different characters, so mix and match
    between characters to find the best combination for your situation.  When Djinn
    are on standby, a character can summon an extremely powerful elemental attack
    that uses the power of many Djinn's combined to inflict strong blows on the
    enemy.  If you fight a Djinn and it runs, head out of the screen and come back
    to fight it again.
    There are 28 total Djinn located in a variety of places along the map.  Use
    this FAQ to find the Djinn as you go along, or in the future use this section
    as a stand alone to find where the Djinn are.
    And now, Baby M's Djinn Guide (exclusive to this FAQ).  Note, this section is
    not written by me, and I can't be held accountable for inaccuracies in this
    Golden Sun Database Guide by Baby M-Version 2.01
    1. Thanks
    OK everyone, thank you to Camelot/Nintendo for making the game and me for my
    amazing RPG skills, and other web sources.
    2. Copyright
    I copyright this data base that means you can put it on your site or whatever
    provided you DONÆT ALTER IT IN ANY WAY (That means KEEP MY NAME ON IT!!!). Baby
    M is a worker of Mario Nursery, a subdivision of the division of Useless
    Products Inc., which is a division of SushiWorld.
    Please send mail regarding SushiWorld or any of its divisions/subdivisions to:
    SushiWorld Tower
    Main Tower of Crystal Street
    KirbyÆs Dream Land-The closest thing to Heaven in your mortal life.
    3. The Guide
    Wellàhere it is.
    Part 1-The Djinn
    Djinn are vital to your quest. When I was constantly being wiped out at Venus
    Lighthouse, I went back and got all the Djinn I missed. My HP nearly doubled,
    my Psynergy was much stronger, and my stats were greater! Don't skip a single
    Djinni-youÆll regret it later if you do! Set and Standby-some of the simplest
    yet toughest strategy decisions youÆll make in your RPG gaming life. To get the
    great stats, you must put your Djinn on set. So why, you ask, would you put
    them on Standby? The answer is summoning. When you summon, a great being will
    come out and make a great attack on your opponent. Your Djinni wonÆt be able to
    be on Set or Standby after being summoned until it has recovered. Summons can
    be anything from the weakest summons (yet still powerful) such as Mars and
    Venus to the amazingly powerful wraths of Judgment and Boreas. Experiment a
    bitàand save a lot! ALSO: Save before you try to get a Djinni. Some might run
    Earth Djinn
    1.) Summon
    1 Earth=Venus
    2 Earth=Ramses
    3 Earth=Cybele
    4 Earth=Judgment
    2.) Set
    Name-Ability-Setting Effects-Location
    Flint-Swift Strike-HP+8, PSY+4, ATK+3-When you leave Vale, heÆll come right up
    to you (just walk forward on the world map).
    Granite-Reduce Damage-HP+9, DEF+2, AGL+2, LUCK+1-In Kolima Village, youÆll see
    him behind a fence. Walk directly into the back of the house the fence is
    connected to (you canÆt see the door, camera angle). Follow that secret passage
    and youÆll come out to him.
    Quartz-Revival-HP+10, PSY+3, AGL+3-In Mogall Forest, youÆll eventually see an
    Earth Djinni. There is a puzzle involving moving a rock into a hole, pushing
    logs, etc. to get to him.
    Vine-Lower FoeÆs Agility-HP+12, PSY+4, DEF+3, LUCK+1-At the end of Lamakan
    Desert, go north then left over a bridge to a central island in the middle of a
    circle river. Keep walking around and battling here until a Djinni attacks you.
    Sap-Steal Enemy HP-HP+10, ATK+3, LUCK+1-Revisit Vault when you have Reveal. Go
    up to the bell tower and ring the bell. A Djinni will run to a certain spot. Go
    to the west side and climb the stairs. Now go around until you find a dog with
    a bunch of tombstones. Use Reveal, and then go into the cave and on the other
    side will be the precious Djinni.
    Ground-Stun Enemy-???-HeÆs above the mudslide at Kalay Docks. To get him,
    youÆll have to sail across the sea to Tolbi, and then walk back (top of sea) to
    the docks. You will be only accessible to the mudslide platform, but thatÆs all
    you need! Grab that Djinni!
    Bane-Attacks w/ Venom-???-HeÆs in Crossbones Isle Cave. You will need the Cloak
    Ball, and several other things. First, go to the place where you got Flash, the
    Fire Djinni. Go into the cave, which ends at a pink tornado. Let it suck you
    up, itÆll transport you to an off-map placeàgo under the mountains and then
    into the gap to get into Crossbones Isle.
    *WARNING-Dousing the cloud will cause a fight with the Tempest Lizard-a monster
    you may not be ready for yet!*
    Fire Djinn
    1). Summon
    1 Fire=Mars
    2 Fire=Kirin
    3 Fire=Tiamat
    4 Fire=Meteor
    2.) Set
    Name-Ability-Setting Effects-Location
    Forge-Raise Attack-HP+10, ATK+2, AGL+2, LUCK+2-In Goma Cave, heÆs on a ledge
    above a man. YouÆll have to Move a bottom pillar so you can jump over later.
    Fever-Delude Enemies-HP+12, ATK+3, LUCK+1-In the Northern part of Imil (top
    floor), you will see a snowman. Move it with your Psynergy onto the ice. Now go
    down to the ice and slide around until you get into the waterfall, where you
    will find Fever.
    Corona-Increase Defense-HP+12, ???+3, DEF+3, LUCK+1-When you leave Xian, head
    North past a bridge. A Djinni should be around.
    Scorch-Stun Enemy-HP+8, ATK+3-Go to the top right part of Kalay and go up on
    the two story house. Jump onto the grass and head North. Move the statue to get
    into a tunnel. Block the water pipe with a statue and get the Djinni.
    Ember-Recover PP-HP+9, PSY+4, ATK+2, AGL+2-In the southernmost part of Tolbi,
    squeeze right and grow the vine, freeze the puddle and then go to the inn, jump
    across using the ice pillar and get the Djinni.
    Torch-Lowers Defense-???-In Lavilero, look for a house on the east side with a
    ladder going to the roof. Go into the house and climb the ladder, then jump on
    the wall, jump to the roof with a Djinni on it.
    Flash-Block Damage-???-In Suhalla Desert, youÆll come to a ridge (before the
    big storm tornado). At the beginning of it (when you come out of the narrow
    crevices) use reveal to show a stump. Jump across and climb down to the Djinni.
    Wind Djinn
    1.) Summon
    1 Wind=Jupiter
    2 Wind=Atalanta
    3 Wind=Procne
    4 Wind=Thor
    2.) Set
    Gust-Repeated Wind Attack-HP+9, ATK+2, AGL+2-Climb the stairs on the right side
    of the town, and walk south to get onto the fence. Whirlwind the vines and
    enter the cave. Move the statue inside to get the Djinni.
    Breeze-Element Resist Up-HP+12, PSY+5, DEF+2, LUCK+1-HeÆs hiding on the highest
    branch on the right at Tret Tree.
    Zephyr-Raise Agility-HP+11, PSY+3, AGL+2, LUCK+1-In Fuchin Temple, there is a
    puzzle you can solve to get the Djinni.
    Smog-Delude Enemies-HP+9, ATK+3-At the top of the second screen in Lamakan
    Desert, one of the circles of stones will have a Djinni in it (use Reveal to
    see it).
    Kite-Move Twice-HP+8, PSY+4, AGL+3-When you have Lift, go to vale and Lift the
    boulder near where you met Kraden. Inside the small cave beyond youÆll get the
    Halt psynergy after solving a puzzle, which you must use on the Djinni to catch
    Squall-Paralyze Foe-???-I forgot how I got this oneà^_^; its in Altmiller Cave
    Luff-Seal Psynergy-???-At the entrance to Babi Lighthouse, there are two
    ladders. Go down the left one and Move the pillar. Now go to the one on the
    right and Move the other pillar. Jump across and go outside, grow the vine, go
    through the door, and jump down the slide.
    Water Djinn:
    1.) Summon
    1 Water=Mercury
    2 Water=Nereid
    3 Water=Neptune
    4 Water=Boreas
    2.) Set
    Fizz-Recover HP-HP+9, PSY+4, DEF+3-When Mia joins your party, sheÆll have this
    with her. Two-for-one! Cool, huh ^_^?
    Sleet-Lower Enemy ATK-HP+12, ATK+3, LUCK+1-At Mercury Lighthouse in the room
    with 6 waterfalls, and Sleet will be behind one of them.
    Mist-Put to Sleep-HP+11, ATK+4-In Xian there is a girl on the dock that carries
    water. Go right of her to the second door on the right. Go right up to it, but
    donÆt go in. Wait for her to come over. When she stops moving (as you are in
    her way), talk to her. SheÆll get ticked off because you spilled her water.
    Freeze the puddle and climb upstairs, now jump across to the Djinni.
    Spritz-Recover Party HP-HP+8, PSY+4, AGL+3-Defeat the water spitting beasts in
    Altin Peak (all 3), then enter the bottom mine. Go on the path to the right,
    and solve a puzzle to get the Djinni.
    Hail-Lower Defense-HP+9, ATK+4, LUCK+1-Leave Tolbi. Go west until you come to a
    vertical bridge (go over it). Head Northwest over the other bridge. Run around
    for a while, the Djinni will eventually pop up in this area.
    Dew-Revive the Downed-???-On the third screen at Suhalla Gate, go down the
    third dirt slide from the left.
    Tonic-Cure Party Ailments-???-After beating Toadonpa and seeing Master Hammet
    off to Bonza at the cave, go back and find DonpaÆs quarters. HeÆll open a path
    for you to get the Djinni.
    Part 2: Psynergy
    Outside of Battle:
    Name-Effect-PP used-How to Get
    Move-Move an Object-2 PP-Isaac and Garet know this automatically when you get
    to start playing again after the ôThree Years Lateràö
    Retreat-Return to Dungeon Entrance-6 PP-Same as above, but Garet doesn't have
    Mind Read-Read SomeoneÆs Mine-1 PP-Ivan knows this all the time.
    Force-Hit from Distance-2 PP-Get this from a special item you get in Fuchin
    Falls Cave. If you are stuck in the Dragon room, simply go back, get onto the
    left ledge in the room, and feel along the ledge until you start walking in
    air. Just feel your way to the next part.
    Lift-Lift Rocks-2 PP-You get this in the treasure chest at the bottom of Altin
    Peak (tiled room, after beating the big, BIG statue).
    Reveal-Show Hidden Stuff-1 PP-At Lama Temple, Master Hama will give Ivan this
    Cloak-Invisible in Shadows-1 PP-After winning Collosso, go to BabiÆs bed and
    ôborrowö (heh, not likely ;]) his Cloak Ball.
    Halt-Stop Moving Object-2 PP-When you revisit Vale with the Lift and Reveal
    Psynergies, enter the cave near KradenÆs house and solve the puzzles to get the
    Halt psynergy before Kite, the Wind Djinni.
    Carry-Lift and Move certain things-2 PP-Use Reveal on the weird stone with
    faint pics on it. Inside youÆll get Carry somewhere.
    Catch-Grab Hanging Things-1 PP-When you leave Vale, a girl will give you a
    present from your Mother. ItÆll be Catch Beads.
    Grow-Grow Vines-4 PP-Several weird classes have this, but the easiest way to do
    it is give Isaac a Fire Djinn and heÆll have the Grow Psynergy.
    Whirlwind-Blow away leaves-5 PP-Ivan also knows this, as long as you donÆt give
    him Djinn besides Wind Djinn.
    Frost-Turn Puddle into Pillar-5 PP-Mia should automatically know it, but you
    can also get it from beating the first water statue thing at Altin Peak.
    Douse-Put out Fires & Tornadoes-5 PP-Give Mia Wind Djinn and she should learn
    it, or you can get the Douse Drop, which youÆll get somewhere along the way (I
    forgot ^_^;)
    Cure-Recover 70 HP-3 PP-Isaac automatically knows this move.
    Cure Well-Recover 150 HP-7 PP-Evolves from Cure.
    Potent Cure-Recover 300 HP-10 PP-Evolves from Cure Well.
    Ply-Recover 100 HP or Honor Statue (used in some puzzles)-Mia knows
    Ply Well-Recover 200 HP-8 PP-Evolves from Ply.
    Pure Ply-Recover 1000 HP-12 PP-Evolves from Ply Well.
    Wish-Party Recovers 80 HP-9 PP-Mia learns in time.
    Wish Well-Party Recovers 160 HP-13 PP-Evolves from Wish.
    Pure Wish-Party Recovers 400 HP-20 PP-Evolves from Wish Well.
    Revive-Self Explanitory-15 PP-Isaac learns in time.
    Cure Poison-Self Explanitory-2 PP-Mia automatically knows it (if not, she will
    learn it over time).
    Avoid-Less Enemy Encounters-5 PP-Many mix and match Djinn classes have this
    move. Example: Isaac as a Defender.
    Gale-??? (Theory: Whirlwind Substitute)-3 PP-The Ninja class knows this.
    2 Earth=Knight
    4 Earth=Gallant
    6 Earth=Lord
    1 Fire=Brute
    2 Fire=Ruffian
    4 Fire=Savage
    5 Fire=Barbarian
    1 Wind=Apprentice
    2 Wind=Illusionist
    4 Wind=Enchanter
    6 Wind=Shaman
    1 Water=Swordsman
    2 Water=Defender
    4 Water=Cavalier
    6 Water=Shaman
    1 Earth=Brute
    2 Earth=Ruffian
    4 Earth=Savage
    5 Earth=Barbarian
    2 Fire=Soldier
    4 Fire=Warrior
    6 Fire=Champion
    1 Wind=Page
    2 Wind=Illusionist
    4 Wind=Enchanter
    6 Wind=Ascetic
    1 Water=Swordsman
    2 Water=Defender
    4 Water=Cavalier
    6 Water=Ascetic
    1 Earth=Seer
    2 Earth=Diviner
    4 Earth=Shaman
    6 Earth=Enchanter
    1 Fire=Pilgrim
    2 Fire=Wanderer
    4 Fire=Ascetic
    6 Fire=Enchanter
    2 Wind=Magician
    4 Wind=Mage
    6 Wind=Magister
    1 Water=Hermit
    2 Water=Elder
    4 Water=Scholar
    6 Water=Savant
    1 Earth=Seer
    2 Earth=Diviner
    4 Earth=Shaman
    6 Earth=Cavalier
    1 Fire=Pilgrim
    2 Fire=Wanderer
    4 Fire=Ascetic
    6 Fire=Cavalier
    1 Wind=Hermit
    2 Wind=Elder
    4 Wind=Scholar
    6 Wind=Savant
    2 Water=Scribe
    4 Water=Cleric
    6 Water=Paragon
    More coming soon!
    Here is a very small, but growing monster list by Nova Mage written for this
    FAQ.  This will be the next section that I myself will work on, so it will get
    much large pretty quickly.  Note: Nova Mage has discontinued working on this
    section and if you have experience writing FAQs please e-mail me your resume if
    you'd like to help.  My e-mail gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com.
    Enemy		Exp.	    Gold	Item			Found
    Vermin		2	2	Herb			Vale
    Bat			1	1	Herb			Vale
    Wild Mushroom	1	2	none			Vale
    Slime			2	2	none			Sol Sanctum
    Amaze			3	3	Oil Drop		Sol Sanctum
    Zombie		7	8	none			World Map: Vale
    Thieves		66	110	Bandits Sword	Vault
    Skeleton		10	11	none			Goma Cave
    Will Head		9	10	none			Goma Cave
    Ghost			9	9	Oil Drop		Goma Cave
    Rat Soldier		15	14	none			World Map: Bilibin
    Rat			14	17	none			World Map: Bilibin
    Ooze			26	40	none			Bilibin Cave
    Troll			37	42	none			Bilibin Cave
    Ghoul			34	42	none			Bilibin Cave
    Gnome			34	40	none			Bilibin Cave
    Drone Bee		19	25	none			Bilibin Cave
    Mauler		37	45	none			World Map: Imil
    Lizard Man		54	67	none			Mercury Lighthouse
    The item list is a currently incomplete list of all of the items in the game. 
    Please the top of this FAQ for how to contribute items that I have missed on
    this Item List.
    ITEM: Type: Details: Location
    Key: (C) = Cursed; _ = Blank; (R) = Random Battle;
    Note: My Weapons/Armor section was removed due to the fact that there are
    several existing (and better) guides.
    Here's some further information on item drops in Venus Lighthouse and a few
    surrounding areas from BlackMaurader from the GameFAQs.com message board
    Kikuichimonji: Dropped by Fenrirs
    Blessed Mace: Dropped by Thunder Lizards
    Feathered Robe: Dropped by Wild Gryphons
    Zodiac Wand: Dropped by Grand Golems
    Spiked Armor: Dropped by Chimera Mages
    Giant Axe: Dropped by Earth Golems
    Aura Gloves: Dropped by Magicores
    Prophet's Hat: Dropped by Dread Hounds
    And finally here's a much more complete item guide:
    Note: If you find an item that is not in this guide, please e-mail LJump12, not
    myself (Ikillkenny), since I did not write this portion of the guide.
    VERSION 1.5.1
    Name                                     Effects of Equping              
    Battle Axe		ATK  +24		Axe
    Great Axe		ATK  +80		Axe
    			--Light Blades--
    Short Sword		ATK  +08		Light Blade
    Hunter's Sword		ATK  +28		Light Blade
    Battle Rapier		ATK  +58		Light Blade
    Mater Rapier		ATK  +86		Light Blade
    Swift Sword		ATK  +104		Light Blade: Unleashes Sonic Smash
    Mace			ATK  +06		Mace
    Battle Mace		ATK  +56		Mace
    			--Long Swords--
    Long sword		ATK  +14		Long Sword
    Broad Sword		ATK  +40		Long Sword
    Claymore		ATK  +70		Long Sword
    Great Sword		ATK  +90		Long Sword
    Wooden Stick		ATK  +04		Staff
    Shaman's Rod		ATK  +10		Staff
    Witch's Wand		ATK  +32		Staff: Unleashes Stun Voltage
    *Zodiac Wand		ATK  +102		Staff: Unleases Shining Star
    Frost Wand		ATK  +76		Staff: Unleashes Frost Bite
    Bandit Sword		ATK  +12		Unleashes: Rapid Smash
    Magic Rod		ATK  +16		Unleashes: Murk
    Eleven Rapier		ATK  +44		Unleashes: Vorpial Slash
    Blessed Ankh		ATK  +46		Unleashes: Psyphon Seal
    Arctic Blade		ATK  +55		Unleashes: Blizzard
    PsyEnergy Rod		ATK  +64		Unleashes: Psyenergy Leach
    Angelic Ankh		ATK  +83		Unleashes: Lifeleach
    Mystery Blade		ATK  +84		Unleashes: Life Noursish
    Burning Axe		ATK  +84		Unleashes: Broil
    Assasin Blade		ATK  +90		Unleashes: Mortal Danger
    Ninja Blade		ATK  +94		Unleashes: Cyclone Attack
    ShamShir		ATK  +99		Unleashes: Acid Bath
    Burning Axe		ATK  +100		Unleashes: Heat Mirage
    Crystal Rod		ATK  +106		Unleashes: Drown
    			--Extra Abilities--
    *Blessed Mace		ATK  +126		Mace: Unleases shining Star
    			HP Rec. +2
    Demonic Staff		ATK  +92		Unleashes: Bad Omen
    Silver Blade		ATK  +108		Unleashes: Aqua Sock
    			- Wind Power +10
    Righteous Mace		ATK  +112		Mace: Unleashes Binding Stone
    			HP Recovery +3
    Muramasa		ATK  +126		Unleashes: Demon Fire
    Demon Axe		ATK  +132		Unleashes: Poison Cloud
    Wicked Mace		ATK  +132		Unleashes: Poison Death
    Gaia Blade		ATK  +135		Unleashes: Titan Blade
    			- Earth Pow/Res +20
    Name                                     Effects of Equipping             
    One Piece Dress		DEF  +04		Robe
    Jerkin			DEF  +26		Robe
    Padded Gloves		DEF  +02		Gloves
    Gauntlets		DEF  +23		Gloves
    Circlet			DEF  +06		Circlet
    Silver Circlet		DEF  +16		Circlet
    Gaurdian Circlet	DEF  +25		Circlet
    Platinum Circlet	DEF  +29		Circlet
    Wooden Cap		DEF  +10		Hat
    Leather Cap		DEF  +03		Hat
    Mail cap			DEF  +23		Hat
    Open Helm		DEF  +09		Helm
    Iron Helm		DEF  +20		Helm
    Steel Helm		DEF  +27		Helm
    Knights Helm		DEF  +33		Helm
    Cotton Shirt		DEF  +03		Clothing
    Travel Vest		DEF  +07		Clothing
    Silver Vest		DEF  +28		Clothing
    Leather Armor		DEF  +12		Armor
    Chain Mail		DEF  +25		Armor
    Armored Shell		DEF  +30		Armor
    Steel Armor		DEF  +36		Armor
    Wooden Shield		DEF  +06		Shield
    Bronze Shield		DEF  +14		Shield
    Iron Shield		DEF  +20		Shield
    Knight's Shield		DEF  +28		Shield
    Leather Armlet		DEF  +07		Braclet
    Heavy Armlet		DEF  +25		Braclet
    			--Extra Abilities--
    Mythril Shirt		DEF  +10		Shirt: Boosts HP
    			Max HP +05
    Running Shirt		DEF  +01		Shirt: Boosts Agility
    			AGL  +15
    Silk Shirt.		DEF  +06		Shirt: Boosts Luck
    			LCK  +01
    Dragon Shield		DEF  +26		Shield: Resists Fire
    			- Fire Resist +30
    Earth Shield		DEF  +31		Shield: Resists Earth; Restores HP
    			- Earth Resist  +20				
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Hyper Boots		DEF  +04		Boots: Critical Hits Increase
    Quick Boots		DEF  +03		Boots: Boosts Agility
    			AGL  +20
    Fur Boots		DEF  +02		Boots: Increases Resistance to Water
    			- Water Resist +15
    Turtle boots		DEF  +03		Boots: Decreases Agility
    			Agility X .5 (1/2)
    War Gloves		DEF  +32		Gloves: Boosts ATK
    			ATK  +10
    Spirit Gloves		DEF  +34		Gloves: All elemental power +5
    			- Fire power +05
    			- Earth power  +05
    			- Wind Power +05
    			- Water Power +05
    Aura Gloves		DEF  +36		Gloves: Use to resist all elements.
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Gaurdisn Armlet		DEF  +27		Braclet: Boosts Defense
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Spirit Armor		DEF  +32		Armor:Resists all Elements
    			- Earth Resist +15
    			- Water Resist +15
    			- Fire Resist +15
    			- Wind Resist +15
    Spiked Armor		DEF  +34		Armor: Boosts Attack; Crit. Hits Increase
    			ATK  +10
    Dragon Scales		DEF  +44		Armor: Boosts Water and Fire Resist
    			- Water Resist  +30
    			- Fire Resist  +30
    Elevin Shirt		DEF  +22		Armor: Boosts Agility
    			AGL X 1.5 (1-1/2)
    Storm Gear		DEF  +42		Armor: Boosts Water,Wind, And Fire Resist
    			- Water Resist  +30
    			- Fire Resist  +30
    			- Wind Resist  +30
    Ninja Garb		DEF  +36		Armor: Boosts Agility; Boosts Wind Resist
    			AGL  +30
    			- Wind Resist  +10
    Demon Mail		DEF  +50		Armor: Decreases Wind Resistance
    			- Wind Resist  -10
    Asura's Armor		DEF  +42		Armor:Boosts Attack;Replenishes HP
    			ATK  +05
    			HP Recovery  +8
    Water Jacket		DEF  +30		Clothing:Resists Water & Fire.
    			- Water Resist +30
    			- Fire Resist +20
    Blessed Robe		DEF  +36		Robe: Recovers HP
    			HP rec. +05
    Featherd Robe		DEF  +45		Robe: Increses Wind Power Water Resist; Agility
    			AGL  +30
    			- Wind Power +20
    			- Water Resist  +30
    Kimono			DEF  +25		Robe: Resists Fire; Boosts Agility
    			AGL  +10
    			- Fire Resist  +10
    Oracle's Robe		DEF  +43		Robe: Resists Water; boosts HP recovery
    			- Water Resist +43
    			HP recovery  +10
    China Dress		DEF  +19		Robe: Drops Enemy's Attack
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Magical Cassock		DEF  +39		Robe: Replenishes PP
    			PP Recovery +2
    Mirrored Shield		DEF  +39		Shield: Deludes Enemies
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Vambrace		ATK  +5			Gloves: Boosts Attack
    			DEF +27
    Battle Gloves		ATK  +8			Gloves: Boosts Attack
    			DEF  +26
    Spirit Armlet		DEF  +38		Braclet: Used to cure Ailments
    			-Earth Power +10
    			-Water Power +10		
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Virtuous Armlet 	DEF +35			Braclet: Used to restore 100 HP
    			- Fire Power +10
    			- Wind Power +10
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle
    Lucky Cap		DEF +33			Crown: Boosts Critical Hits; Restores PP
    			Critical Hits Increase
    			PP Recovery +2
    Thunder Crown		DEF  +40		Crown: Restores PP
    			PP Recovery  +4
    Jeweled Crown		DEF  +35		Crown: Boosts Luck
    			Luck  +05
    Prophet's Hat		DEF  +30		Cap: casts Cure
    			- Number of Uses
    			- It might Brake
    			- If used in Battle		
    Ninja Hood		DEF  +28		Cap: Boosts Agility
    			AGL  +20
    Warriors Helm		DEF  +35		Helm: Critical Hits Increase
    			- Earth Power +10
    Lure Cap		DEF  +20		Cap: Increase battles when equipped.		
    			Boosts monstor encounters
    Name                                     Effects of Equping              
    				--Psyenergy Items--
    Catch Beads		Bestows Psyenergy	Bestows Catch When Equipped
    Orb Of Forcce		Bestows Psyenergy	Bestows Force When Equipped
    Frost Jewel		Bestows Psyenergy	Bestows Frost When Equipped
    Douse Drop		Bestows Psyenergy	Bestows Douse When Equipped
    Lifting Gem		Bestows Psyenergy	Bestows Lift When Equipped
    Halt Gem		Bestows Psyenergy	Bestows Halt When Equipped
    Healing Ring			-		Ring: Used to restore 70 HP
    				--Healing Items--
    Herb			Single-Use		Replenishes 50 HP
    Nut			Single-Use		Replenishes 200 HP
    Vial			Single-Use		Replenishes 500 HP
    Potion			Single-Use		Replenishes all HP
    Antidote		Single-Use		Cures Poison
    Psy Crystal		Single-Use		Replenishes all PP
    Water Of Life		Single-Use		Revives Downed Characters
    				--Attack Items--
    Crystal Powder		Single-Use		Causes Damage with Ice
    Weasles Claw		Single-Use		Causes Damage with Claws
    VERSION 1.5.1
    CREATED 12/2/01
    MY E-MAIL IS: ljump12@msn.com
    MY AIM S/N IS "ljump12" (NO QUOTES)
    Note: a * Before name of Item = very rare
    Special thx to lilb0706 for all the help getting back to the earlier cities,
    (and making me feel stupid for not knowing how to do it.)
     I would also like to thank him for giving me all the higher level weapons,
     and Armor. You've been a great help
    12/6/01 Version 1.1
    Added more weapons from earlier stages.
    12/6/01 Version 1.1.5
    Put in order.
    12/7/01 Version 1.2
    Added more lower level items
    Fixed Formatting problems... i think... i hope.
    12/8/01 Version 1.3
    Adeed Categories
    Added Many Higher Level Weapons
    12/17/01 Version 1.4
    Finally Finished adding in all of the things that Lib0706 has given to me.
    As i find new items in the game i will update it. This is close to the final,
    if not the final version.
    If you would like to make any corrections, Or add any any Items, put them in
    the format of this FAQ and
    send it to me. ljump12@msn.com.
    12/18/01 Version 1.5
    I added a New Items Section, There will be another Update containg more items
    12/19/01 Version 1.5.1
    I added 3 new Rare Items( they were found off of monsters.)
    The first thing to do in Golden Sun is to name yourself.  The default name is
    Isaac, but you may want to change this because it will be the only name you can
    change (unless you press select three times to change the names of other party
    members.  NEW: (source midgetjackietran) After pushing select three times, push
    up, down, up, down, left, right, left, right, up, right, down, left, up, and
    select to name Felix, his sister, and the girl that King Babi kidnaps.)
    Golden Sun starts off in a small village in Vale.  Dora, your mother, tells you
    to get up and that a storm is brewing and a giant boulder will crush you if you
    don't make it to the town plaza.  Well, after lots of conversation and cut away
    shots, you finally get to command your character.  You're told to get down to
    the town plaza in order to escape danger from falling boulders.  Ordinarily,
    you would be able to get to the town plaza by just going down the various steps
    in Vale.  However, small boulders fall in all of these staircases (jee, what
    are the odds?) due to the storm, and prevent you from walking down.  So, head
    north a little bit to find your first party member, Garet.  After instructing
    him to leave his bags where he's standing so that he won't die, Garet joins
    your party and you two are off westward.  Climb the ladder and cross the bridge
    westward.  Eventually you'll arrive at the western most part of the town, and
    at this point you'll want to pull a U-Turn and start heading southeast.  Before
    doing this you'll meet up with a guy who's faking an injury worse than a
    Brazilian soccer player (although if you say that he is going to die he will
    disappear and actually die.)  He tells you to watch out for some monsters on
    the way.
    Heading back east you probably will encounter a few monsters, but they're
    nothing to worry about at all.  Climbing down a long staircase you'll see a
    tragic incident in which a young boy, Felix, is hanging on for dear life to a
    small tree stump in a raging river.  The tragic thing about it is that his
    relatives are all out of Psynergy and can't help him.  Two sisters will be
    deployed for help after everyone is done talking, and, surprise, it's up to you
    to go to the town plaza to find someone with enough Psynergy remaining to save
    Fenix.  Travel south under the bridge, then take a ladder back up and cross the
    same bridge.  Shortly there after you'll arrive in the Town Plaza.  Walk to
    some of the men in the southern part of the plaza and one of them will
    volunteer to help Felix (the other two will go to help save the town against
    the boulder).  Jenna and a muscular dude with some Psynergy left will join you.
     After returning to the house where Felix is drowning, Jenna and her relatives
    engage in a conversation.  Right as the muscular guy who's with you goes down
    to save Felix, the giant boulder breaks lose and tragically drowns the people
    on the dock and Felix.  It's now up to you to go find someone to save everyone
    from drowning.  Head back towards the town plaza to discover a man and a woman
    talking about the awesome power of Alchemy and how it unleashed the boulder on
    the town.  They then battle you.  Don't worry about this one, because you're
    meant to lose it (there is no way to win.)  NEW: If you use a Game Shark and
    cheat to win the battle, you still will have the same result as if you lose the
    battle (like you're supposed to.)  Left for dead, so begins the first part of
    Golden Sun (as you'll see by the intro screen appearing.)
    Three years later the town is still rebuilding.  In fact, you're patching up
    the roof for Dora which results in a really LONG conversation.  Jenna and Garet
    arrive and dish their deal about how you've now started to master Psynergy. 
    After Garet breaks your roof, you're off to see Kraden in the Western most part
    of the town.  On the way you'll meet up with the evil duo you met earlier. 
    This time they won't want to fight, but instead will just run off to the
    mountains.  Keep going a little further west, and head up the stairs to meet
    with Kraden.  He'll ramble for a while about Alchemy and how Saturos and
    Menardi seemed to have actually been in the Sanctum before, and eventually give
    you a mission: take him the Sol Sanctum up in the mountains.  Once the
    conversation is done, head back east back towards the direction of your house. 
    Once you get across the bridge, head to the left of the brown sanctum.  A guard
    will stop you and tell you that no one is allowed up there.  Simply walk back
    that way again and you're on your way to the first dungeon, Sol Sanctum.
    Sol Sanctum
    Once you arrive in the Sol Sanctum, head forward until you get to a stepping
    stone area over water.  Use the right most path, and once you get near the top,
    turn left and then do a U-turn.  Head through the unusually long tunnel and
    fend off the easy monsters that will attack you.  Eventually you'll arrive in
    another room with stepping stones on it, and head up the middle, arriving on
    the other side in the middle path.  Open the treasure chest at the end of the
    path and head back.  When you're on the stones again head right, advance in the
    pathway.  Use the gem you got from the chest on the statue there to open up a
    new path accessible by traveling on the far left stepping stones.  In the next
    room you'll find a "dead end" with lots of statues that Kraden doesn't think is
    the actual Sol Sanctum.  Obviously this isn't a dead end, so go up to the
    statue in the right hallway that has a white dash around it.  Push that statue
    to the side and go through the door.  You'll end up in a large chamber with
    many different paths.  Head left, then up, then right to the wall, then up to
    the wall, then left to the wall, then down to the second narrow path on the
    left where you'll want to enter and find a treasure chest with a small gem in
    it.  Head back from whence you came (I love saying that) and go up to the
    narrow hallway to the left that you skipped earlier.  At the end of the hallway
    go through the door to find Kraden talking about using your Psynergy to move
    statues across the river.
    Go up to a ledge and press A to activate your in-game menu.  Choose the
    Psynergy option and then choose Move under Isaac or Garet.  The ledge you want
    to go to first is the one on the farthest left.  Move this to reveal a figure
    that you will put a gem into.  This opens a path in the door all the way to the
    right of the room.  Head to the right to enter the real Sol Sanctum room.  Here
    you learn that Saturos and company were here to rob the Sol Sanctum (oh no!) 
    Head right to enter the Luna room where Kraden will hang out until you find a
    secret passage.  To activate this secret passage, head to the bottom of the
    Luna room and up the stairs.  In the first room with the four statues, don't
    touch anything because it's a trap.  Instead, go to the left to the sun room. 
    Push the two statues at the top corners onto the white squares, then hop into
    the center and use your move psynergy to move the big statue into the lighted
    area.  Move back to the room on the right and start pushing the statues into
    the gray squares.  Once all of the statues are in place, head back down to the
    bottom staircase if you want a Psynergy stone that will restore all of your PP
    (you may not need this though.)  Then head back from whence you came (how many
    times will I say that in this FAQ?) and go back to where Kraden is.  He'll get
    very excited and tell you that you need to find something that's changed.  Head
    left and observe the crack of light coming from the wall.  Once Kraden's done
    talking walk up to it, press A and open up a portal that takes you to the inner
    Sol Sanctum.
    You'll find yourself on a small blue rock in the middle of a large room. 
    Kraden will start talking his head off about the Elemental Stones and you and
    Garet will have to go retrieve them.  You'll obtain a bag to place the stones
    in.  Now, go to the northeast corner of center rock and hop to the ledge.  Make
    your way to the right and eventually down once you can go right no longer. 
    You'll end up on an island with a white statue.  Press A when facing it to get
    the first stone.  Now, head back up north, and you'll notice that it's now
    possible to get to the statue in the northeast corner.  After activating this
    one, make your way back to the center island.  Now, use the path leading from
    the bottom of the island and SAVE BEFORE YOU GET THIS STONE.  Once you get this
    stone get ready for one of the longest conversations of the game.  When Kraden
    doesn't tell you to go get another stone, you both look back towards the center
    island to find Kraden and Jenna being held hostage by Saturos and company. 
    They demand the elemental stars and want you to go get them the last one.  Here
    an interesting plot twist develops, where it turns out that Felix is still
    alive and was in fact saved by the evil duo.  Garet will give your current
    elemental stones to Alex who mysteriously appears on one of the stones. 
    Finally you will take command of your character again, and you'll want to save.
     Head back right and to the center island.  Go to the northwest ledge again,
    and start heading all the way north.  Once you get all the way north, start
    heading to the left until about 3 squares from the Northwest corner where
    you'll want to head down and the further left.  Get the last stone and get
    ready for more conversations.  This time a giant eyeball who is actually the
    protector of the Sol Sanctum appears and starts creating a fierce eruption. 
    The gang in the center will take off with Jenna and Kraden as their hostages,
    and the "giant eyeball thing" as Garet calls it will transport you back into
    the Luna room.  Here you'll want to use your "Retreat" psynergy to get
    transported back to the start of the dungeon.  Congratulations, the first
    dungeon is complete!
    Going Away...To Vault
    Head out and back towards town to find many people gathered near the brown
    building worrying that you two might be hurt in the eruption.  You go into the
    Sanctum and discover that the Great Healer had a vision from the Giant
    Eyball/Protector of the Sol Sanctum.  He says that Vale will be protected, but
    a terrible power is coming to ruin Vale's future.  Surprise, surprise, it turns
    out that the only ones who can save Vale and the rest of the world's future is
    you two.  Once that sequence is complete, there's a going away party for you at
    the town gate.  Your Mom, Dora, has Garet's sister give you the item Catch
    Beads which allows you to grab items that you couldn't normally get (such as
    nuts in the tree or keys beyond a jail cell.)
    You're now in the world map.  See the "game play" section for some more
    information about the World Map.  Start heading south to find your very first
    Djinn, Flint a Venus Djinn, flying around.  He'll come up to you and explain
    the advantages of collecting Djinn and exactly what they do.  He'll teach you
    the basics of using Djinn in battle, so pay attention if it's your first time
    playing.  Once that's all finished, make your way along the dirt path, heading
    southeast to the town of Vault.  Before you can enter the town, you'll see
    Master Hammet, the greatest merchant of all time, leaving the town in his group
    of covered wagons.  He'll talk about how Ivan is responsible for his rod
    getting stolen, and how he has Psynergy that he'll need to retrieve it. 
    Getting scared by a falling rock, he eventually ends up heading north to Lupna.
     Now you'll find yourself in the town of...
    Note: There is a Djinn in vault in the trees.  It may look like there's a way
    to get this Djinn, but there is no way (at this time.)  Keep playing the game
    until you finally come to Vault...Again where you will have the skills
    necessary to get this Djinn.
    The first thing that you want to do in any town is head to the inn.  Here, for
    a small fee, you can get all of your characters' health and psynergy points
    completely restored.  Next, head to the weapons shop in the northeastern part
    of town and buy the best weapons and armor upgrades that are available (you'll
    want to do this routine at every town.)  Now it's time to find Ivan, the one
    that Master Hammet said lost his rod.  Head to the house on the hill in the
    northwest part of the town.  In the northwest corner of the house stands Ivan. 
    Talk with him and he'll start to read your mind.  You tell him about psynergy
    and the works, and decide that you can use his Mind Read to find who stole the
    rod.  Ivan will then join your party, and you're off to the inn in the south
    part of town.  If you talk with the people in the downstairs floor of the inn
    you'll discover that the two people upstairs were gone during volcanic eruption
    at the Sol Sanctum.  So, head upstairs to find the two men with incredibly bad
    Beatles-esque haircuts.  They'll be scared of you, and no matter how hard you
    try you won't be able to corner one of them to mind read them.  So, leave the
    room and Ivan will suggest that you split up to corner them.  You and Ivan will
    now easily corner one of them and he'll read the criminal's mind.  You end up
    outside of their room and Ivan concludes that the people upstairs are the
    criminals.  He also reveals that the stolen goods are somewhere in the inn. 
    Head outside the inn and climb up the ladder going up to the roof of the inn. 
    Walk over the hole in the roof to fall into the hidden cellar where the
    criminals are hiding the stolen goods!   Use your psynergy to move the large
    box blocking the door, then jump across the gap and go into the room.  Talk to
    the kid tied up to have the three bandits come in and start talking about
    Lupna.  To keep you from "ratting" them out, the criminals attack you.  Get
    ready for your first boss fight of the game!
    These guys are very easy to beat.  Have Ivan and Garet use their Psynergy on
    them, while Isaac uses Flint's attack and the Mercury Summon them.  You
    shouldn't even have to use any health boosting substances to defeat these easy
    evil do-ers.  Now the mayor will come and get back his stolen Precious Urn. 
    Ivan also finds Master Hammet's stolen rod in one of the chests.  Climb back
    out of the cellar and head back to the house where you found Ivan at (it's in
    the Northwestern part of town up on a hill.)  The Mayor will give you some
    Water of Life that can revive a downed character.  Before you leave town, stop
    back at the inn to get your HP and PP recovered once more.
    On The Road To Bilibin
    Note: If you have not yet completed your tasks in Vault, you will not be able
    to pass through the cave because Ivan won't follow you up there.  Please see
    the section above for more information.
    From Vault you want to head east.  Keep heading east until you cross the
    bridge, and from there you want to start heading north.  Keep progressing this
    way until you find a cave entrance.  Make your way up the ladders until you get
    to a gap with a tree stump covered by leaves.  Your psynergy isn't going to
    help you for this one, so try jumping over.  When you try this, Garet comes out
    and tells you that your Psynergy isn't going to work.  By totally random
    coincidence here comes Ivan who will blow the leaves off of the stump thanks to
    his new rod.  He now wants to join your quest, and you're back in command. 
    Now, move the stump, jump across and use Ivan's Whirlwind psynergy to clear the
    leaves at the gate to get in the cave.
    In this cave you'll find a lot of ghosts and skeletons which aren't too tough. 
    Primarily, you should use group attacking Psynergy that hits multiple enemies
    at once (like Ivan's lightening attack.)  Inside the cave head up until you get
    to a stopping point (as in a cave wall.)  Hop over the stepping stone there and
    head down.  Next, head up the stairs and through the door.  Head down the
    stairs and to the right.  Here you'll see a traveler on the ground a Djinn on a
    ledge.  Push the wood tree stump as high as it goes and so that it's in the
    middle of the two ledges.  Now, head back from whence you came (3), but instead
    of going back up the staircases, head south and hop across a small stream. 
    Continue along the path going through the various doorways.  Eventually you'll
    get to a stepping stone that you'll want to hop across and to the other side. 
    Go up the staircases and start ledge hopping.  When you arrive at a ledge with
    a large tree stump, use Move to push it to the right.  Hop onto this ledge then
    the ledge to the south, then Move the stump back to the left.  Hop over and
    then over and to the right to obtain the treasure chest.  Make your way back
    from whence you came (up to 4) and get back to the ledge surrounded by water. 
    Go to the stepping stone to the right of the stairs, hop across and go up the
    stairs there.  From here jump across the stump that you placed earlier to get a
    battle the Mars Djinn on the ledge.  This Djinn is harder than your normal
    enemy, but he's not too tough.  Use your existing Djinn on him, and also use
    your lone summon plus Psynergy attacks to beat him pretty Handily.  Once he's
    defeated you will obtain this Mars Djinn, Forge.  Head back to the ledge with
    the staircases and proceed upwards.  You'll see a stump blocking the ledge that
    you have to hop to, so use Move to push that into the water.  Hop across, go up
    and across the bridge and at the end of the hallway you'll be out of the
    tunnel.  3 seconds of moving right later and you'll be in...
    When you first enter this town you'll find a tree that looks like a man and is
    spooking everyone in the town out.  Well, the deal about the tree is that it
    was cursed by the big, evil, dieing tree in the forest that you'll travel to
    later.  Head into the Inn to restore all your stats, then to the weapons shop
    not too far from there.  If you were clever you would have noticed that there's
    a statue in the center of town that you can move.  This statue leads to an
    underground tunnel.  However, you're not going to be able to get the Djinn down
    there by this entrance.  Instead, head to the Northeastern part of town and
    take a walk on the wooden logs that make up the fence of the town.  Make your
    way all the way to the western part of the town and whirlwind a leaf covered
    entrance.  Go down the ladder, and move the statue back using Psynergy, then
    hop across and press A to the Djinn to get it (no battle required this time.) 
    You now have the wind Djinn, Gust.
    Come back all the way from whence you came (5) and proceed to the north part of
    town.  Go up the large stairs and arrive at the town castle.  Talk to the guard
    on the left and he'll let you in.  Keep heading forward to arrive at Lord
    McCoy's chambers.  He'll offer you the key to get past the Barricade he set up
    to block passengers from going to Kolima forest, but then he decides that he
    doesn't want to send warriors so young to their "deaths" so he retracts his
    offer.  However, thanks to another guard leaking some information you discover
    that the barricade was very hastily built.  Head out of town and you're now on
    your way to Kolima forest.
    To Kolima/Forest
    Head southeast until you get to the Barricade.  Here, go up to the box on the
    far left and use your Move psynergy.  Tada!  The Barricade has been broken, and
    you're now off Northeast to Kolima.
    At this point you have a few options in the game.  You can go either to the
    town of Kolima, to Kolima Forest, or to Imil to the north.  This guide
    recommends you go to Kolima first to obtain the Djinn there and then to Kolima
    Forest because it will be much easier than Imil.
    Kolima, as it turns out, has been completely turned into a log-person town. 
    The opening cinematic shows how the people of Kolima were turned into
    log-people, and explains the instinctive Psynergy that occurs only when it's
    needed and can't be controlled.  After the particularly long and dull
    explanation, you can start exploring Kolima.  However, the only way to figure
    out what's going on in Kolima is Ivan's handy mind-read function, but it really
    isn't too useful.  in fact, the only thing to do in Kolima right now is head to
    the eastern part of town where there is a Tree-House with a Djinn surrounded by
    a fence.  Go in the non-visible door in the back of the Tree-House and travel
    around the especially long basement to end up in fenced-in area.  Here you will
    obtain an Earth Djinn, Granite without a battle.  Head back form whence you
    came (5) and out of the town completely.
    Kolima Forest
    Kolima forest is not a long walk away from Kolima.  Head northwest and you'll
    see on the map a forest with a gold entrance to it.  Go up to it and prepare to
    enter Kolima forest.  The enemies in Kolima forest will start to become more
    plentiful and a little more difficult than usual.  They're still nothing to be
    afraid of, but make sure that you don't run out of PP on Isaac and get left
    without a heal.
    Head due north to get to the first easy puzzle of Kolima forest.  Head
    northeast and go across the river using the log path that's already there. 
    Head west, push the log that's in your way west and then go around it to the
    north.  Keep going west until you get to the next screen.  Here you want to
    head south and then west, pushing the log in your way to the left.  Keep
    heading north along that trail until the path pulls a U-turn that will take you
    to the next stage.  On the next screen, hang to the right and go up.  Push the
    vertical log towards the west, then head north around all the stumps.  Push the
    horizontal log down, then the vertical log east, then go down to the log on the
    bottom and push that one down.  Push the horizontal log above it back up, and
    then push the vertical log all the way back to the west.  This will place the
    log in the water, so jump across it.  Head up the stairs and to the east to get
    to the next stage.  This next screen is a little tricky, but at least there
    aren't any monsters on it.  Go east until you see a switch that a sign says do
    not touch.  Obviously you have to switch that, so press A when you're next to
    it to lower the water level.  Now, head down the stairs and push the topmost
    vertical log to the left.  Go back to the switch and hit it again to fill up
    the water level, then hop across the logs to get to the ledge on the other
    On the next screen you will find Tret and his lady counterpart.  Head over to
    the east to find Tret, and climb the vine on the front of him to enter in the
    door above his head.  The main objective of the Tret "Dungeon" is to get to the
    top floor where you will then proceed to fall down on a leaf in the middle, and
    continue to fall through those open holes in the middle of each screen to reach
    the basement where Tret is.  So, when you first enter the tree give it a nice
    save incase you die later on.  Now, head to the right, then proceed north and
    then to the left.  Climb the vine to reach the next floor.  On this floor, head
    all the way to the bottom most part of the ledge.  Now, jump across the three
    leaves on the bottom to reach the other side.  Note: jumping back over a leaf
    you've already jumped on means falling down at least 1 floor.  Head out the
    door on the right to end up in one of Tret's branches.  Head east without
    deviating from the main branch to find a vine to climb up to.  Do so, and then
    start heading back west.  Once you're back in the tree, head around the tree
    clockwise, until you can reach an inner ledge.  Note: You can jump for the Psy
    Crystal at the north part of the screen, but you really shouldn't need it. 
    Jump to the leaf and continue north, as you don't especially need the treasure
    chest (it contains a healing ring that will restore 70 HP (thanks to Josh Moore
    for that correction) when equipped, although it gets worn out reasonably
    On the next floor, head out the bottom door and go east until you get to a
    branch which you should climb up.  Follow the branch until you get to the main
    one, and here head left just a little and then up the first branch to the
    north.  Here you'll find a Djinn that you're going to have to battle, so save
    and heal before you fight him.  This guy is a little harder than usual, so make
    sure that you keep your health up using herbs and Isaac's Cure Psynergy.  When
    you're in the battle, use Flint to his best abilities, also try to summon any
    elements that you have.  This Djinn doesn't like to be captured, so unless you
    beat him substantially he will run.  If he does run, head back to another
    screen and then back to where he was.  He should show up again and you can give
    another shot at him.  Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinni Breeze.
     Head back into the tree using the main branch to get a treasure chest that has
    a nut in it.  Then you'll want to intentionally drop down to the previous
    level.  Now that you're on the previous floor, head counter clockwise and out
    the door on the left.  Go off the first deviant to the south and up the vine. 
    From here, go back east until you get back in the room.  Here, go to the
    southern most part of the room and hop to the middle leaf.  Once there, hop one
    to the right and then back to the middle leaf to fall down the center and into
    the basement.
    Now that you're in the basement, it's time to fight Tret.  Save before you do
    this and inactivate all your Djinn.  Make sure you have full health, as well. 
    Tret has about 350-450 HP, so it's going to take you a few rounds to get him. 
    Your best bet is using Summons, then Flint with Isaac, and using Psynergy with
    the others.  Tret's attacks aren't too great, so you shouldn't have too much of
    a health problem.  Once he's dead Tret will come to, realizing that he
    shouldn't have turned people into trees.  However, he no long has the strength
    to cure Kolima, so you need to begin a trek to get an item to heal him (more on
    that later.)  Once Tret is done talking the talk, use retreat to get to the
    entrance of the tree, then use retreat again to end up back at the start of the
    Heading North
    The next village that you'll have to go to is the plague infected Imil.  Head
    back west to Bilbin Barricade.  Here you will find several trees scattered. 
    Hop up on the stepping stone and use Move to move the trees back to the land. 
    You'll get a "Hard Nut" (let's not make any bad jokes about that one ;) which
    boosts defense after you complete your tasks in Imil.  Thanks to Thomas Kim
    [tdkim@umich.edu] for that information.  First you'll want to head back west to
    Bilibin to stop at the inn and heal all of your party members.  Once you're
    done, head out of Bilibin and start heading northwest.  You'll cross over a
    bridge and have to go due west for a while, fighting a few easy monsters on the
    way.  Cross the other bridge and continue along the white dirt path.  Finally
    you'll reach the Bilibin Cave entrance.  Hop the waterfall and enter in the
    open cave door there.  Head right at the first fork and continue that way until
    you can go down the stairs.  Do so and head east through a room with lots of
    ice cylinders around (it's getting colder.)  Follow that straight through to
    get to the exit door and arrive very close to Imil.  Start traveling north and
    then to the west and gradually you'll end up in the town of...
    Imil is being plagued by a terrible cold, and the only one who can save them is
    Mia.  The first house you want to enter is the first one directly ahead of you
    when you first enter town.  First, go to the treasure chest and get the empty
    bottle.  This is very important for later on!  Now, talk with the old man and
    he suddenly becomes very ill (what did you do to him? ;-] )  You're told to go
    find Mia right away, so head out and take a rest at the inn.  Hey, Mia can wait
    for you to regain health.  Once you're done sleeping, head to the northwest
    part of town, go up the stairs and then head south.  Proceed to the church and
    talk to the girl near the entrance inside the building.  She'll say that Mia
    had just gone back to the old people's home and you must have missed her.  So,
    go back to their home to find Mia curing the old man in bed.  Suddenly there's
    a flash at the lighthouse and Mia runs off.  Before following her to the
    lighthouse, let's get another Djinn!  Go up the bridge in the north part of
    town, and go to the stairs on the right.  Right before going down the stairs,
    go up and on the snow face the snowman there and move him to the left using
    your Psynergy.  Now, go across the bridge to the left, and head down until you
    get to the first opening of ice.  Here's the exact movement that you have to do
    now: Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Up and you'll
    now find yourself in an ice cave.  You'll automatically slide right up to the
    Mars Djinn Fever, and without a battle you've obtained another Djinn!  Head out
    of the cave and to towards the graves in the town.  Press A against the
    northwest grave to find a Lucky Medal.  Thanks to kent smith
    [apocalypse155@hotmail.com] for that information.  Now, head to the east part
    of town and leave that way.  Proceed the few steps to the large lighthouse on
    the coast.
    Mercury Lighthouse
    Go up the stairs and talk to Mia.  Once she's done talking, go up the ledge to
    the right of the statue and use Move to move the statue out of the way
    revealing a portal.  We now learn that Mia is an adept and part of the Mercury
    clan.  Using Ply Mia opens the door and you're now free to follow her.  Go up
    to the large lizard blocking Mia's way, press A and get ready for a battle. 
    The Lizard Man isn't anything to worry about, he's just a little stronger than
    your standard enemy.  Head the either door in the next room, and then the door
    in the center in the following room.  Now, jump across the stone directly in
    front of you and go up the staircase.  Down the hallway in this room you'll
    find Mia who once again has had her path stuck.  Move the statue towards you to
    clear the boundary and have Mia join your party!  Here's an interesting note
    about Mia: In this lighthouse she has infinite PP so feel free to use her
    Psynergy to the fullest extent.  Hop over the statue and proceed to the next
    room to find several waterfalls.  Unlike later waterfalls, you can't go through
    any of these so just move east and go through the door there.  In this room you
    will find a series of pipes that roll just like logs, only this time you'll
    want to connect pipes to make water flow.  Move the first vertical pipe that's
    in your way right to connect it and start the water flow.  Now move down and
    then go down and then up the stair case.  Go down again, and the around
    clockwise to another down-and-up staircase.  Go all the way up the right wall
    to find yet another down-and-up staircase.  Here you will find a discolored
    pipe on your left, so push that to your left.  Go down and then through another
    staircase until you can finally go south to a door.  Go directly down, jump the
    gap and then stay on the ledge (read: don't go down the ladder.)  Go all the
    way around until you get to a statue.  You'll notice a LONG dotted line path
    and a square on the other end.  Taking about 57 seconds, push the statue all
    the way from where it originally was to the square on the western side.  Once
    that's been dong, head back all the way from whence you came (6 I think) and
    head down the ladder.  Travel back west once you're down the ladder, through
    door, up the ladder and into the next room.  In the next room slide down into
    the hole to land in the middle of the room with water surrounding a plank and a
    goddess on the wall.  Hop over the goddess and use Mia's Ply Psynergy on her. 
    Now, jump back on the square.
    Now that you're on this square you have a special power to jump 3 times over
    water, and then one last time to a safe place.  So, jump to your right and then
    head up the door.  From here go to the right, and using the water hopping
    ability you just got, jump over to a ledge and then down into the door.  In
    this room there will be three waterfalls.  In this room there will be a
    treasure chest in the right corner.  Watch out!  It contains a powerful Mimic! 
    If you did get this chest, though, use your powerful one person attacks,
    Psynergies and your summons.  While Mimic doesn't attack very hard, he has a
    ton of health and has the ability to drain PP from a character.  When you beat
    him you'll get a handy Water of Life which will revive fallen characters.  Any
    ways, head through the third waterfall by pressing up on it and across the
    water to get Psynergy Armor, which you should equip on a character.  Head back
    out from whence you came (7) and into the center door.  Hop onto the only
    square you can get onto, then move east making sure to end up on another
    square.  Head east again, then go north.  Continue along the side wall,
    remembering that you have exactly four hops to get where you want to go.  Head
    counterclockwise around the corner, and then keep heading south until you reach
    a door.  You'll end up to the left of the door where you entered the large room
    with all of the hopping.  Head through the door and then through the center
    waterfall.  Head straight the next door and into the door to the north.  In
    this room go to the northern most horizontal pipe and push that up.  Now, push
    the other horizontal pipe up, and then push the vertical pipe to the left. 
    This will fill the water up in the other room, allowing you to now hop over the
    water using your water hopping ability.  So, go back and hop over and go up the
    stairs.  Head up the stairs twice, ignoring the switch.  Head all of the way
    along the left wall, and go through the down-then-up staircase.  The objective
    of this room is to push the statue with flowing water in the hole below.  Push
    the discolored vertical pipe all the way to the left, then move the horizontal
    pipe so that the vertical pipe can only move back to the right once.  Do so and
    get the water moving the statue in the first out of three directions.  Now,
    move the horizontal pipe out of the way and push the vertical pipe all the way
    to the right.  Finally, move the pipe back to the left and the statue will be
    dropped below onto the floor below.  Head back from whence you came (8) all the
    way down the stairs and then push the statue onto the switch.  Now, head
    through the open door.  This room will have a series of statues that,
    surprise!, have hidden doors behind them.  Head all the way to the right, then
    go down the ladder and up the ladder all the way to the right.  Use Move
    Psynergy to move the statue here.  Now, jump through the door and push the pipe
    into connection to reveal a door in this room.  Head through this door to enter
    *another* waterfall room.  Go through the 4th waterfall in this room to find
    another Djinn.  This time you're going to have to battle, so save before you
    fight it.  Watch out for this Djinn, because he has a very powerful Water of
    Life.  Your best strategy is to throw everything you have at him as fast as you
    can before he can attack you very much.  Once you beat him you'll get Sleet, a
    Wind Djinn.
    Now, head to the west and through the door.  Go down the hallway and go to the
    next room.  Go down this hallway, and hop the gaps present.  The next room has
    still more waterfalls, jeez.  Go in the very last waterfall and go
    counterclockwise along the bottom and right walls in the new room you just got
    in.  Move the statue using Psynergy, hop across and go up the staircase.  Head
    down the hallway, and you'll end up a room or two later in front of a waterfall
    with a statue there.  Use Ply on that statue to float up the waterfall and end
    up on the top of the statue.  Note: Before going up this waterfall you may want
    to level up to around Level 9 or 10 as the upcoming boss is very difficult.
    As soon as you can here, save.  You'll also get a handy Psynergy Crystal, so
    heal up before you use that.  Jump across the ledges and head up the stairs to
    find none other than Saturos, Jenna, Felix, Kraden and the rest.  After some
    rambling back and forth Saturos will finally challenge you to a battle. 
    Saturos is not going to be a pushover, so you're going to need to work out a
    good strategy to beat them.  One good one that I used was to pummel Saturos
    with Flint/Summons with Isaac, use regular attacks and occasionally fire
    psynergy with Garet, use plasma and occasionally impact with Ivan, and keep
    using Ply with Mia.  After a long time, you should be able to "fell" Saturos. 
    Remember, his AI is pretty bad and you'll have some luck in keeping characters
    Once you finally defeat Saturos, it's revealed that no, it wasn't a fair battle
    and his powers were weekend by the Mercury Tower's strength.  Don't worry, you
    don't have to fight him again (yet ;-])  After a particularly long and
    repetitive conversation, you'll finally be able to hitch a ride back down the
    light house.  Also, Mia will permanently join your party!  So, when you finally
    get command of your character again, head west and watch as the elevator comes
    back up.  Hop across the stepping stones and onto the elevator that will take
    you down to the now overflowing fountain.  This fountain water has the power to
    heal whomever it's used on, so the town no longer needs Mia.  The water also
    has the power to heal Tret, so go up to the fountain and use your Empty Bottle
    item on it to fill it up.  If you do not yet have the empty bottle, exit the
    Lighthouse and go to the house with the two sick old people in the southern
    part of Imil.  The bottle is located in a chest in the northwest part of that
    house.  If you for some reason dropped the empty bottle, I believe you can pick
    it up in the "Artifacts" menu in the Item Shop in Imil.  Now that you have
    Herme's Water, save your game and head down and out of the Mercury Lighthouse. 
    Congratulations, you've now beat this dungeon of sorts!
    Back To Kolima Forest
    Head out of the light house and go to Imil.  Heal all of your characters at the
    Inn, and if you want to see a little optional story head to the monasteries to
    say your good byes to the two children there. Next, head back to Bilibin cave. 
    Backtrack your way in the Bilibin cave and head back to Bilibin.  Next, keep
    heading east through the barricade and into Kolima forest.  You'll want to head
    back to Tret, and if you need help with that refer to the Kolima forest walk
    through earlier in this FAQ.  Once you get to Tret talk to him then give him
    Hermes' Water that you got from Imil.  Suddenly the forest will light up and
    Tret will realize what he's doing.  He will now revive the people of Kolima to
    their original state.  The other lady tree will also use her powers to deduce
    that the monsters that you fight now were once monsters and that they exist in
    more horrible forms elsewhere (who would have figured?)  Once you're back in
    command, retreat out of the forest and head to Kolima.  Here you can buy the
    latest upgraded weapons and armor, but there's not much else to do in the town.
    Now head all the way back west to Bilibin and give Lord McCoy a visit.  The
    guards will actually call you "Sir" before arresting you.  Don't worry, though,
    you'll just be taken to Lord McCoy.  He'll tell you how he's gracious of you
    restoring Kolima to its original state and lets you pick from one of four of
    his treasure chests.  Thanks to altrongundamcustom of the GameFAQ's message
    boards for this information: The chests contain, from left to right, Vail,
    Potion, Psy Crystal, Water of Life.  I for one would take Water of Life because
    you'll find it to be a little more useful than a Psy Crystal later in the game.
     Now, exit the city and start heading east once again towards Kolima.  This
    time you won't go to Kolima, but instead go well past it.  Follow the dirt path
    around until you get to a bridge.  A guard will now open it (he wouldn't open
    it if you had gone before).  On the opposite side of the bridge you still want
    to continue along the dirt path.
    Fuschin Temple
    You'll see Fuschin Temple wedged between two mountains to the north of a dirt
    path.  Once you get in, head up the stairs and go into the lone building in
    Fuschin Temple.  Use Ivan's Mind Read Psynergy on the main monk there and he'll
    talk about you taking a test.  In order to mind read him you have to either set
    Mind Read as a hot key (hold L or R when you have it highlighted in the
    psynergy menu) or press Select to bring up the in-game menu.  Talk with him
    afterwards and he'll tell you to go talk to the monk down in the waterfalls. 
    Before, doing that, check around the barrels behind the monk to find a Unicorn
    Ring that un dues poison (thanks to Thomas Kim [tdkim@umich.edu] for this
    information.)  Do as he says, go down the stairs and hop the stones to talk
    with the monk at the waterfalls.  He'll step aside and you'll be able to pass
    through the waterfall into the Fuschin Temple Cave.
    In this cave there will be logs that you can move to cross water gaps.  Right
    as you get in you'll notice a relatively easy treasure chest to get.  However,
    this treasure chest is really a trap!  Yes, if you try to open that chest
    you'll be attacked by a Mimic.  Where you want to go is on the log to the left
    and then advance up to the next screen.  Here you'll have to hop across
    different wooden stumps in water.  You'll want to make your way to the western
    part of the screen, as you don't really need to go in the doors to the east and
    north.  Once you've hopped the hop to the western door, enter it and proceed
    north through the hallway until you get to another door.  In this room there's
    a "secret path" that you'll need to cross to get force.  However, you won't be
    able to get across without guessing and checking until you find the Dragon Eye.
    So, instead of taking the secret path, head to the staircase on the left hand
    side of the room that's also near the bottom.  Go down this staircase and
    you'll arrive in a room with two logs.  Head across the vertical log to the
    south to find a treasure chest with an Arctic Blade which can be very useful. 
    Now, head back across that log and roll down on the horizontal log that was
    near the door.  Go through the door in here.  In this room hug the left wall
    and go down until you reach a vertical log.  Take this log across, go north and
    then east and down the door.  You'll now find yourself in the starting room,
    but this time you'll be all the way to the west.  Take the vertical log east
    and enter the door on the other side.  Hug the wall here going down to avoid
    taking damage in the spiky rocks.  Here you'll want to take the horizontal log
    down, then take the vertical log to the left.  Head down on the ledge below and
    take the horizontal log back up.  Hop over the stone from one log to the next
    and head east.  Now take the horizontal log that you can now get to all the way
    north to get to a new door.  In this room you'll see two horizontal logs in a
    row a little north of the door.  Ride this log all the way up to the northern
    part of the screen, then take the vertical log there west.  Hop on the
    horizontal log and bring that one up, then head all the way around clockwise
    hugging the wall and take the horizontal log up.  Head across the stone and
    down the stairs to get the dragons eye.  Now, hop north along all of the logs
    and then quickly into the next room to the north.  Now you can use your
    dragon's eye item you just go on this dragon to light the room.
    Along this path you'll find a Djinn that's not very hard to fight and beat. 
    It's a Mercury Djinn called Zephyr.  Here's one of the descriptions I got from
    macserv@home.com: Hop over the stone from one log to the next and head east. 
    To the north you'll find a Mercury djinn, and he wants a fight.  He has some
    speed and power, but it's not a very difficult fight.  Once you've beaten
    Zephyr, head due south and take the horizontal log all the way north to get to
    a new door.  I'll revise this when I have a chance.
    Once you've put the dragon's eye in the dragon, start heading back from whence
    you came into the room with the three logs.  Head all the way down and across
    the small log at the southern part of the screen to get near the entrance. 
    Make your way back into the dark room.  Now that the dragon eye has been put in
    place, a shadow of a bridge is revealed.  Head 1 square above this bridge in
    order to find a path that leads you to a ledge in the northern-middle part of
    the room.  Enter it, and continue into the next room.  Here you want to jump
    across the water and get the treasure chest.  Held within it is force!
    Use retreat to get to the entrance of the waterfall.  From here just backtrack,
    go out of the waterfall and up to the temple.  Here the monk will talk to you
    about the powers of Force you just got.  It turns out that it will show all of
    the monsters in the upcoming forest, and they'll run away from you if they're
    seen.  So, Force is basically just a monster repellent.
    Mogall Forest
    Note: It is not possible to go back through Mogall Forest.  However, it still
    is possible to make your way through Mogall Forest without Force (just follow
    the directions to go in this walkthrough.)
    No, not Muggles from Harry Pottery but Mogall.  Here you'll see a green monster
    climb into a tree.  Use force on this tree to see the Djinn run out to the
    south.  On this screen you'll see another big stump, but you don't want to use
    force on this or you'll have to fight an Ape.  Push the vertical log to your
    right, the horizontal log down, the vertical log back to the left, and then the
    horizontal log up.  This will land the horizontal log in the water and you
    should jump across it.  Use Force on the stump you're now next to in order to
    see the monster escape the east.  Follow him!  Use Force on the western most
    stump to see that pesky monster run south, so yet again follow him.  On this
    screen head east to arrive at a horizontal log that's being constricted from
    moving due to a rock.  Use your Move Psynergy on this rock to push it in a hole
    and move the horizontal rock down.  Roll the next horizontal log in your way
    down, then move the vertical log to the right.  Move the horizontal log all the
    way up, then once again move the vertical log west into the water.  Before you
    hop over to the next part, go to the southwest part of the grass section you're
    currently on to find a Djinn!  Save before you fight this guy, because you'll
    need to battle him.  He's not very tough to beat, so you don't need to worry
    too much as long as you have your Djinn inactive before hand to hit him with
    summons.  Now, hop across the log and use Force on the stump there.  The
    monster will jump across the island gap, but you won't be able to jump across
    that.  So, head back from whence you came (9 I think) to the northern part of
    the screen.  Walk across the log path that was already there, and go through
    some trees to arrive at the big stump.  Force on the stump to have the monster
    run off to the west.  Follow him and go through the screen going west.  You'll
    now arrive at a place with three stumps.  Here you'll want to use Force on the
    middle screen to have the monster run south.
    Here is a tip from Benjamin Baker <baker@cms-stl.com>:
    "Using Force on the stump on the right will cause an Ape to attack you.
    After I used force on the middle stump to cause the monster to run
    south, I went ahead and used force on the left stump.  Another monster
    came out and ran west.  I followed west and you come to a screen with a
    treasure chest on top in the middle, a vertical log and a rock that you
    have to use Move on three times, once to push it east, once to push it
    north, and then once to push it east again into it's hole.  This allows
    the vertical log to be moved out of the way and you can get to the
    treasure chest.  It contains the Elven Shirt, which boosts agility.
    Defense +22, Agility +49.  It is best to equip it on Ivan, who should
    have the highest agility of the group already, so this just makes him
    super agile.  Isaac should have the Psynery Armor at this point and
    Garet and Mia are left with Adept's Clothes, provided that you are
    keeping your characters in the best stuff available.  After getting the
    Elven Shirt, there is one one way out, to the east, so go back from
    whence you came and you will be back at the three stumps."
    Head west and then down the log over water path there.  You'll see a vertical
    log blocked by a rock here, so use Move to move the rock into the hole.  Once
    you've done this, push the vertical log right and jump across the water to the
    island in the middle.  Use force on this stump to have the monster jump across
    to the water to the south.  Jump back across to the west and head around the
    mini-stumps counter clockwise.  Push the vertical log east, then the horizontal
    log south.  Head around counter clockwise again and push the vertical log east
    into the water.  Save before you hop across this log, because you're about to
    get a boss battle.  Use your Force Psynergy once again to force the monster out
    of the stump and to the south.  Follow him and make your way towards the stump
    in the middle on the next screen.  When you walk towards the log in the center
    you'll see the monster jump to the south.  Follow him, but get ready for his
    BIG counterpart to ambush you.
    It's now time for a boss battle against Killer Ape.  This guy has a lot of
    health, and his attacks aren't too shabby.  The first thing you want to do is
    cast all of your summons against him to do a good deal of damage (by now you
    should have at least one 3-Summon) to him.  Now, Isaac should also have a nice
    new attack called Ragnarok that packs a huge wallop (it's my favorite looking
    attack in the game.)  Have Garet use his normal attack (I equipped that Arctic
    Blade on him that I liked pretty much for this point in the game), use Ivan's
    Plasma and occasionally Impact on Isaac, and keep using Ply with Mia to keep
    your other party members alive.  When you beat this Ape you'll get 1500 coins
    and Douse Drop that's required much later in the game.  Head south once more to
    find yourself out of Mogall forest.  Note: You can't go back through Mogall
    forest no matter how hard your try.
    Head east and go north over a bridge to reach Xian.
    Note: If you do not have Force, do not bother about knocking over the log in
    Master Feizhi's temple, as you can't do it.  Simply continue along on your
    quest, it will not affect your game in the long run.
    It may not look like it, but the building just north of you when you enter town
    is an inn.  Stop there and heal up all of your characters.  Right away you
    should notice a Djinn on a cliff in the eastern part of town.  In order to get
    this, you're going to need Frost.  Mia should have this if you equip two
    Mercury Djinn on her.  Now, you want to talk to the girl walking back and forth
    between the docks and near the cliff.  Where you want her is 1 from the top and
    1 from the right in order to be able to jump on the pillar once you freeze it
    from one side of the garbage blocking your way to the other.  So freeze it, go
    up the stairs and hop over to the eastern cliff.  You won't need to battle this
    Mercury Djinn, Mist.  Now, head back across the ice and into the building right
    there on the cliff.  Here you'll see a tree stump surrounded by a white line. 
    Get *right* up next to that white line without physically touching it and use
    force to knock it down.  If you didn't hit the white line the door will open
    and out come Feizhi and her father, Master Feizhi, discussing her visions. 
    They also mention that Hsu is late and Feizhi will run out to find him.  Now,
    Master Feizhi will come over and make you use Force on the log again.  When you
    do this Master Feizhi goes into a long conversation about how you use Chi from
    your mind (aka Psynergy) instead of Chi from you hand like him.  All of this
    doesn't really do anything for you, as you don't get any items or anything
    important, but you do get a little more feel for the plot.  Now, head to the
    weapons shop in the northwestern part of the town and buy the latest and
    greatest weapons.  You're now done in Xian, so head out of town.
    On The Road Again...
    The first thing you want to do is to go due north of Xian.  Continue going past
    a forest and over a few bridges until you get to a small island.  On just about
    all islands like this you'll find Djinn, and this is no exception.  Here you'll
    find a Djinn in a random battle, so get ready for a fight.  When you defeat him
    you'll get the Mars Djinn, Corona!  Head back south until you get past the
    forest area and then head northwest over a bridge to arrive at Alpine Crossing.
     Here Feizhi will meet up with you and will start moaning about how Silk Road
    is blocked due to a boulder.  Before heading north, fine a puddle in which
    you'll want to use Freeze on (equip only Mercury Djinni on Mia).  Then, you'll
    want to use growth (equip a Mars Djinni on Isaac) on the small beanstalk plant
    in plain site.  Climb the plant, and slide down the ledge once you get up
    there.  Hop across the Ice Pillar and head down the ledge to a treasure chest
    that contains Power Bread.  Once you're done that, head north at Altin Crossing
    and you'll see the town of Altin.
    Note: If you're having trouble going north at Altin Crossing STOP USING THE ROM
    You arrive in Altin and things are a mess.  The water is overflowing and
    flooding most of the homes in the village.  Head west a little and you'll see a
    statue that you can move.  Use Move on it to enter a small cave with a treasure
    chest in it.  This chest will give you a useful Psy Crystal that you'll want to
    hold onto for later.  Head to the inn to rest up, then go down the ladder right
    in front of the inn.  Head south to find a Water Monster who's spitting water
    into the lake that was once a town.  He'll flee into the cave and you should
    follow him.  Go a little north in the cave to find the monster hopping very
    slowly up a ledge and to the other part of the cave.  You'll probably want to
    save this point and inactivate all of your Djinn.  Hop across the ice and then
    slide down the cliff and press A to battle the Living Statue.  These guys are
    hard core water, so fire attacks are simply devastating against them.  Like
    most of the earlier bosses, he has a lot of health but his attacks aren't all
    that powerful.  As always, cast all of your summons against him off the bat,
    then hit him with Ragnarok with Isaac, Heat Wave with Garet, Plasma with Ivan
    and either attack or Ply with Mia.  Once he's been defeated, you'll obtain a
    frost jewel that lets you use Frost when equipped (note: Mia should already
    know Frost.  If she doesn't, make sure that you only have Water Djinn on her.) 
    Go down the ladder and frost the puddle.  Now, jump across the ice pillar and
    go out of the cave.
    You'll now notice that the water level is a little lower than it once was, but
    it's still not what it should be.  Head to the east part of the town and go
    down the two ladders there.  You'll now be able to go into the Mine Shaft
    Altin Peak
    To find the first Water Monster in Altin Peak you're going to want to follow
    the mine track for several screens.  Eventually you'll arrive at a screen that
    has a large lake with another one of those Living Statues there.  In order to
    get this guy, you're going to have to take the mine cart, so head around the
    bottom and Left walls clockwise to find the mine cart.  However, you'll need to
    flip the switch a little east of the mine cart first in order to have the track
    go the correct direction to reach this water monster.  After a roller coaster
    ride of sorts, you'll end up right next to the Living Statue, so save your game
    and inactivate all of your Djinn.  Approach the Living Statue and press A when
    next to it to challenge it to a battle.  See above for my strategy to beat this
    enemy.  When you beat him you'll get a Vial that restores 500 HP and the water
    level will drain a little again.  You'll now want to head back from whence you
    came (8) on the mine cart, then go east followed by south towards a ladder and
    a door.  There is a treasure chest in this door, but it's blocked by a large
    rock that you'll need lift to get past (more on that later.)  Head up the other
    ladder, and go clockwise until you get back at the door.  Continue back along
    the track until you get to the next screen.  On this screen continue going
    along the track until you see a door to the north that you haven't gone in yet.
     Proceed through this door and climb down the ladder in this room.  Go through
    the door and head west.  You'll see a train track going south when you get to
    the western wall, so go down from there.  Here you'll want to change the switch
    to go west as opposed to east, then head north along the train track.  When you
    reach the mine cart head in and find yourself across the lake next to a door. 
    Proceed through this door.  In this room head west until there's a fork where
    you'll want to head south.  In the next room, don't go up the ladder until you
    freeze the puddle of water in between two ledges.  Now that you've done that,
    head up the ladder and jump over the ice pillar to the other side.  Go through
    the door to find a room with a mine cart and a Living Statue visible.  Hrmmm, I
    wonder if you'll have to use the mine cart to get this living statue? ;-] 
    Climb down the ladder from the ledge you were on and head west.  When you see
    another ladder going up to a connecting piece of mine track (it's got jumps on
    either end) head north just to the west of this and freeze the puddle there. 
    Don't go up that ladder just yet, though.  Instead, go west some more and go up
    the ladder there.  Flip the switch from left to right, then go down that ladder
    and up the ladder in the middle.  Jump across the ice pillar and hop in the
    mine cart.  You'll end up on a ledge northwest of the lake.  Here you should
    climb down the ladder, save your game and standby all of your Djinn and get
    ready for another Living Statue battle.  See above for strategies.  By this
    time you may even be able to beat him in one round ;-].  Now, use retreat and
    head out of the cave and stop by the inn and weapons shops.
    Now, you want to go to the lowest entrance of the mine and follow the mine
    tracks.  When you get to a fork near the beginning of the track, head right and
    continue until the track ends a few screens later.  When the track ends, go
    clockwise in that room and then head south.  In this part, you'll want to head
    east then start heading north.  Keep going along the path to eventually end up
    a door that you want to go through.  In this room, you'll see a Djinn on a
    ledge.  Let's go get another Djinn!  Go to the eastern part of the room where
    you'll see a stump and a puddle of water.  Move the stump one square to the
    left and freeze the puddle.  Head north and climb up the ladder.  Change the
    switch when you get up there and head south along the mine cart.  Hop across
    the ice pillar and stump and into the mine cart.  You'll first go in the
    apparent wrong direction off to the right, but hop in the cart again to land
    just north of the Djinn.  Head south and prepare for a battle.  By this point
    Djinn really shouldn't be posing much of a challenge to you, especially if you
    use the right attacks against them.  For example, fire attacks wreck havoc on
    this Mercury Djinn, Spiritz.  Now, head back in the mine cart and get out. 
    Head west to find a water puddle that, surprise, you'll have to freeze.  Don't
    climb up the ladder quite yet, as there's another puddle you have to freeze a
    little further west.  Now, go back east and head up the ladder.  Ledge hop and
    go through the door.  In this new room, take a left and head south for a long
    time until you reach a door.  In this room, go north through a rock filled
    tunnel until you find a sign and a dead end.  Read the sign that talks about
    falling rocks.  If you didn't have Force by now Garet would get angry and kick
    the tree causes a boulder to come after you.  If Garet does not kick down the
    log, try using Psynergy on the log, getting as close to it as possible, reading
    the sign again, etc.  He will eventually kick it.  If you do have Force, line
    up facing the tree stump and use force on it.  A giant rock will fall and
    you'll automatically run away.  It will cause a giant hole in the middle of the
    rail road tracks.  Climb down the ladder then slide down the mountainside. 
    Now, head to the north part of the hole and climb down the broken track as if
    it was a ladder.  Head west to find a paved area that apparently was a secret
    buried deep beneath the mines.  At this point you'll want to save your game
    because it's just about boss time.
    It's time to fight the final boss of Altin Peak.  As always put all your Djinn
    on standby.  Cast all of your summons against this boss to do a substantial
    amount of damage.  Now, use Ragnarok with Isaac, Heat Wave with Garet, Impact
    on Garet and Storm Ray with Ivan, and Ply with Mia.  This boss has a really bad
    attack and the fear of dieing really shouldn't be there.  On his death you get
    2400 coins and a Lucky Medal.  Plus, you'll get a treasure chest behind the
    boss that contains the Lifting Gem that lets you lift large rocks in your way. 
    Now, use retreat and heal your wounds in the Inn.  If you haven't done so yet,
    get the latest weapons and armor from the shops in town.
    Once more enter the mine entrance at the lowest possible point.  Go along the
    mine tracks until you reach the fork.  Here you'll want to go forward at the
    fork, and use the Lift Psynergy that you got from that Lifting Gem on the brown
    rock there.  The rock will now hover over your head allowing you to pass to the
    door.  In this screen head left, but don't go to the far left unless you're
    really interested in getting a Vial behind a statue.  When you head up the
    middle path there will be another rock there that, surprise, you have to lift. 
    Continue along this path, and the next door you go through will put you back on
    the world map, this time near...
    Lama Temple
    There's not a lot of things to do in Lama Temple except go up to the main
    building in the northwestern part of town.  Before you get there, however,
    there's a Psynergy stone that you really don't need but can get if you really
    want it.  Walk in the temple to start talking with Master Hama (who is a girl
    by the way.)  She apparently has the power of anticipation.  After a lengthy
    conversation she'll reveal to you how to make Ivan use reveal (bad pun.) 
    Reveal is a very useful tool to find hidden objects, doors and other things in
    the game and is required crossing the Lamakan Desert.  During this conversation
    Feizhi who was off to find Hsu and the others earlier will pop in and said that
    the transfer did work.  Then Master Hama and Feizhi will rush off to Alpine
    Crossing where Hsu is trapped.  You'll want to follow them, but before you
    leave town jump the small stream to end up on the east part of town.  Use your
    new Reveal Psynergy to reveal a chest that contains some Water of Life.
    Head directly east of Lama Temple to reach Alpine Crossing and to see the
    trapped Hsu.  At first it appears there's no way to get to him besides going
    back through Altin, but once again use Reveal to open up a secret door.  Pass
    through the small temple to reach the other side.  Go up the rock and use Lift
    on it to free Hsu from the boulder.  When you come back later the rocks will
    now be cleared and you can freely pass through Alpine Crossing.  Once you save
    him you'll end up back in Lama Temple where the characters go on and on and on
    about whether or not Master Hama looked at Ivan.  Sheesh, what bad
    storytelling.  Leave the Temple Area and head southwest to reach...
    Lamarkan Desert
    When you first enter Lamarkan Desert you'll notice something different.  There
    is a heat bar on the left, and if it reaches the top you will lose about 1/4 of
    your health on all the characters.  To make the heat bar go down, you must find
    Oasases which are pulls of water surrounded by a circle of rocks.  In order to
    find these pulls of water you'll need to use reveal.  However, some of the
    rocks are traps, so use reveal when you're well away from them or you risk
    getting sucked into one and fighting a difficult monster.
    Head along the path for a while until you reach the first circle of rocks.  Use
    reveal on this to reveal a pool of water that you should jump into.  Continue
    along the path and at the first branch off go up it to find another rock circle
    that has water in it.  Head northwest up the narrow path, and take the eastern
    path over the western one.  Don't go in the rock circle at the beginning of
    this path because it contains a crab ready to attack you.  Instead, continue
    along in that direction to find a rock circle after the path starts heading
    north that contains much needed water.  After cooling down, continue up to
    reach the next screen.  This screen is much more open than the other screen, so
    you have to know which way to go.  Stay south, finding in the first rock group
    a treasure box with a potion in it and in the next one a pool of water.  After
    cooling down, head north a little and go around the cliff there.  Shortly after
    going around that cliff you'll find another pool, this one containing a water
    hole.  Just northwest of there is the entrance to the next zone.  However,
    don't go there quite yet, as we have a Djinn to get!  Head all of the way north
    and the start heading east.  You're not going to be able to get enough water to
    sustain yourself, so be prepared to do some healing.  Once you get to the
    eastern wall, head one group of stones south then start heading back West. 
    You'll see a rock formation that has a full circle with a semi-circle on its
    side (it looks like this: c0)  In the small semi-circle you'll find the Jupiter
    Djinn Smog, who you'll get without a battle.  Now, start making your way back
    north, then keep heading west until you get to the wall where you'll want to
    head south.  Once you can move left to the next screen do so, and you'll find
    yourself in an area with several sand waterfalls.  Simply run across these sand
    waterfalls to the other side and they won't cause much trouble.  Keep your
    bearings along that trail until you reach a "dead end" with a sand waterfall
    where you'll want to use Reveal to reveal a hidden door to a cave entrance. 
    Head around this cave and come out the other side.  Cross the sand waterfalls
    and get ready for a tough boss battle.  Here you'll see another "dead end", but
    before using reveal save your game!
    Now, use reveal on the sand waterfall to expose Manticore, who will scare you
    off.  Approach him, press A and get ready for battle.  As always use all of
    your summons against him right off the bat to inflict major damage.  You have
    to watch out, though, as Manticore attacks twice every turn.  So, you'll
    definitely want to just use Ply and Ply
    Well with Mia each turn (if you have Wish or Wish Well you will want to use
    that instead of Ply and Ply Well).  As always, use Ragnarok with Isaac, use
    regular attacks with Garet, and use Plasma and occasionally impact on Isaac
    with Ivan.  Manticore has some pretty lethal attacks that pack a whollop even
    after the initial attack has been done.  Watch out for his pesky poison and
    curse attacks that will take health away from you each time that character
    attacks.  If a character is poisoned, have Mia use Cure Poison on him, and use
    a healing item or Isaac's heal on that character to keep him alive.  Manticore
    has about 1500-1800 HP, so don't expect to beat him in the second round as you
    may done with previous bosses.  As long as all of your party members stay alive
    you should be able to squeak past Manticore.  When you beat him you'll get a
    load of coins, a Psy crystal and you'll be able to pass through the hidden
    passage that he was blocking thanks to Reveal.
    Head through the tunnel going through the linear path.  Head out of the door to
    get back on the world map.  Head due north for a little, then cross a bridge to
    reach a small island.  On this island is a new Djinn that you'll encounter in a
    random battle.  Defeat him to get Vine, the Venus Djinn.  Now, head south and
    cross the bridge going west.  Continue going west until you reach the town of
    Kalay is just bustling with tourists who are eager to board the ship at Kalay
    Docks that's heading towards Collosso.  Head to the inn and buy the latest
    weapons and armor as usual.  Once you're done with that, head to the north part
    of the town and up the stairs to reach Lord Hammet's castle.  The guards won't
    let you in at first, but the Ivan (remember, he was originally Lord Hammet's
    servant) will persuade the guards to let you in.  You then go meet with Lady
    Lana and engage in an exciting (sarcasm alert) emotiocon conversation with her.
     She talks about how she can't declare war on Lupna or they will kill Lord
    Hammet.  Once she's done talking the talk (which, by the way, will take a very
    long time) head out of the castle and down the castle stairs.  Head into the
    inn, but instead of taking a rest talk with *everyone* in the inn in all of the
    floors of it.  Now, head out of the inn and out of town.  But before you can
    leave the tour guide summons everyone up and in a very pointless and very long
    conversation the tourists will finally make their way to Kalay Docks where the
    ship to Tolbi will be.  Once that's all over, head out of town and start
    heading north.
    You'll reach the bridge that was broken earlier when Lord Hammet tried to cross
    it with his caravan before heading to Lupna.  Now that the bridge is fixed,
    freely cross over it and the bridge just north of it to find yourself back in
    Vault.  In most of these old towns there are now Djinn to get that you couldn't
    get before.
    Head to the northwestern part of vault and go up the stairs there.  Continue
    past the graves and over the bridge.  Keep going counterclockwise until you
    reach a large tower where you should climb up.  Ring the bell on this tower to
    have the Djinn jump to the ledge to the east.  Now, head clockwise back around
    the town until you get to a bunch of graves with a dog near them.  Use reveal
    on this area to expose a secret ladder in the middle of the graves that leads
    to the Vault caves.  Head down this ladder, and don't fight the treasure chest
    that you see immediately because it's actually a Mimic.  Instead, head west and
    then north and go through the door.  The next room you'll enter has some water
    in it with several underwater doors and ladders.  Head east and then go down
    the stairs to find a room with a movable torch.  Move this onto the Flame
    square on the ground to open the gate there.  Head through the door to find a
    room with a *lot* of water drops in it.  Head north to find a door obstructed
    by a group of leaves.  Use Ivan's Whirlwind Psynergy to open up this door.  In
    here there's a treasure chest that has an item that will boost your attack when
    equipped, which is quite useful.  Head back down and climb down the ladder. 
    Freeze all of the water drops here expect for the eastern most drop, then head
    back up the ladder.  Hop across all of the ice pillars you just made and enter
    the next room.  In this room head down the one ladder and then up the ladder to
    the left of it.  Head into the door, then go east a little and up the stairs. 
    Flip the switch here to force the water into the room you were just in with the
    two ladders.  Head back into the previous room and go down the stairs in the
    south part of that room.  Go down the stairs again to find a room with several
    torches.  Push the torch that has a flame on it on the flame switch to open the
    gate.  Now, go through the gate and through the door.  Take the stairs to the
    west and continue south through this room.  You'll now be able to go down the
    ladder that once was drowned by water.  Do so and proceed through the door into
    the next room.  In here hop over the gap and up the ladder.  Go to the next
    room and out the door to find yourself right under the Djinn.  Go up the stairs
    to get the Venus Djinn Sap without a battle.  Head back into the cave and use
    retreat to go back to the beginning.  Climb up the ladder and then proceed out
    of Vault.
    Bilibin Cave...Again
    While there are not any Djinni in Bilibin Cave, there is are some useful items.
     Head northeast of Vault to find this cave.  Here's a description from Thomas
    Kim [tdkim@umich.edu] on a good way to get a few items:
    "Enter the cave from the normal entrance. In the room with ice pillars, use
    douse on the fire that's not on a pillar. An ice column should automatically
    form. Exit the cave from the entrance you came in, and then take the alternate
    entrance (the one after climbing the vine). Where the open treasure chest is,
    use Reveal where the suspicious stone formation is and a door will appear. Use
    douse on the fire in the next room. Now you should be back in the ice pillar
    room. Go left and jump towards the ledge on the left side of the screen and
    proceed to the next door. Inside, you will get a water of life and Psy crystal.
    If you decide to head back towards the lighthouse, you can get Herme's Water
    again. You can use Herme's Water like a potion or sell it for extra cash."
    Once you're done with this task, head back towards your home town of Vale
    (located to the west incase you forgot.)
    Yes, there is a Djinn in your home town as well.  However, before you go get
    this Djinn go get a power bread that's located in a cave behind the Shop in
    town.  You'll need to use Ivan's Whirlwind Psynergy on this (equip just Wind
    Djinn on Ivan to get this Psynergy) bush blocking the entrance.  Thanks to
    Michael Sutton (suttmi@selwyn.ca) for this tip.
    Now, go west from Vault across the bridge, then go north to find yourself back
    in Vale.  The Djinn in Vale is in the far western part of town, behind the
    fenced in area next to Kraden's house.  So, climb up the staircases then start
    making your way west across the bridge.  When you get to the fence next to
    Kraden's house you'll notice a large, brown rock.  Guess what, it's time to use
    that Lift Psynergy (!)  Lift up the rock and proceed north to the next screen
    and then into the cave.
    Head north as soon as you get into the cave and you'll notice a circle of
    stepping stones on your left.  At first it appears it's impossible to cross
    these stepping stones, but a true RPG gamer knows that rarely are there
    complete dead ends in RPGs.  So, use your Reveal Psynergy to reveal a hidden
    square in the middle and hop across to the other side.  Climb up the ladder and
    go through the door.  In this room jump across the stepping stones and hop onto
    the platform to the west.  Face the large box and move it into the water to
    create a makeshift stepping stone that you can use to jump to the log above
    you.  Roll this log all the way east go through the door here.  In this room
    take the western path and head north.  Keep following the path all the way
    until it gets to a door.  Go through the door and push down the logs on either
    side into the river.  Now, slide down the cliff via the indentation on the
    western cliff and push the horizontal log north.  It will slide across the two
    logs and allow you to hop to the ledge to the north.  Proceed along the hallway
    until you get to the next room.  In here you'll see the Djinn you're after. 
    There's also another very important item that you'll need to get another Djinn
    *much* later in the game, along with this Djinn, the Halt Gem that's in a
    treasure just right after you climb the ladder to the north of the door.  Once
    you get the gem, head south towards the Djinn who will slide down the cliff. 
    Follow him and he will continue to run away.  So, head down the cliff and use
    the Halt Psynergy that you get by equipping the Halt Gem on the Djinn.  This
    will freeze him in his place, and simply go up to him to get Kite, a Jupiter
    Djinn.  Head through the door and continue south eventually getting out of the
    Before you head back to Kalay, take this time to round up any Djinn that you
    may have forgotten to get earlier in the game.  If you have all the Djinn, head
    back from whence you came (hrmm, I haven't said that in a while... I think it's
    9 now) all the way back to Kalay.  When you get back to Kalay heal in the Inn
    and then proceed to Kalay Docks which you can get to by simply going around the
    south pole of the caves.
    Kalay Docks
    Note: If you have not yet talked with the tourists in Kalay and went through
    the cut scene with the missing passenger, please go back to Kalay and read the
    topic about the tourists in that section.
    Second Note: Before going on the ship, I recommend going back and getting all
    of the Djinn that you don't have up until this point.  Not only is it more
    convenient to get these Djinn now, but you will definitely need a good bit of
    Djinn for the boss battle on the ship.  See the previous sections for more
    As soon as you reach Kalay Docks Garet will run out and look at the Sea that's
    not really an Ocean.  Someone in town will correct him, and so unfolds another
    pointless plot development.  Once Garet is done, head into the building
    directly north of you.  Talk to the lady at the counter to buy your ticket for
    going to Tolbi for 800 coins.  Once you've bought it, head out of the house and
    go west to the docks to board your ship.  When you get onto the ship head over
    to the captain to find a crew mate and the captain talking about not setting
    sail due to monsters.  The captain will come around and decide that the ship
    should sail, but a crewman won't agree with him.  You'll notice that he's up to
    something as he runs off into the Captain's Quarters.  Follow him and he'll
    uneasily sneak back to the top of the ship.  Jee, could he have done something
    wrong?  any ways, head into the room at the northern part of the ship and head
    to the northern part of that room.  Several warriors /passengers will start to
    get impatient about the ship not setting sail and will rush to the captains
    quarters to persuade him.  Follow them down and enter the room in the southern
    part of the ship.  Climb up the ladder here and talk with the guy blocking your
    path.  In this (like always) pointless and dull conversation the captain will
    realize that his Anchor Charm is gone.  Also, there will be discussion about
    the sea being a dangerous place due to the monsters, and it's going to take
    passengers to help row incase some of the rowers get hurt.  Once you get
    command back of your character, head out of the room and go to the observation
    deck which you can get to by climbing up a ladder in the middle of the ship. 
    Press A when you get up on the plank up here to find the Captain's Anchor
    Charm.  Now, go back in the Captain's Quarters and give him the charm.  After
    doing that it's time for *another* conversation where you'll be volunteered for
    helping to protect the rowers down below decks.  Once you're back in command
    head to the crew quarters (the room at the top part of the ship) and head down
    the *very* hard to see stairs that are directly behind where the tour guide is
    standing.  Once the crewman stops talking down here you will finally set sail.
    Sailing, at first, is pretty interesting.  It cuts back between the different
    people doing different jobs and the actually try to avoid the monsters. 
    However, this sequence is going to repeat 3 times, so it starts to get tedious
    after a while.  Each time a monster attacks, 1 of the row men will go down and
    you'll want to head upstairs and pick a member of the passengers to replace
    him.  It really doesn't matter who you pick, although you can actually get to
    Crossbone Island as a detour is you pick the following people in this order
    (thanks to dbzman@ptd.net):  The lady with the green skirt, then the lady with
    the blonde hair and a brown skirt, the old, bad guy, then finally the Merchant
    who is not near the staircase.
    According to Camelot's Japanese web site, you need to have a "weakness of
    power" on the right side of the ship in order to visit the island early.  So,
    stick strong people on the left and weak people like the Chef on the right.
    The first enemy that you encounter will be three Man O' War squids.  These guys
    are basically just normal enemies and you shouldn't have many problems against
    them.  Once those squids are defeated, the crewmen will come down and realize
    that a rower is unconscious.  So, go upstairs and talk to someone to make them
    a replacement.  Pick someone, head downstairs, and get ready for the process of
    setting sail to begin again.  The next group of monsters to attack are the
    Lizard Monster and two rabid bats.  If you used any summons in the previous
    round, walk back and forth along the top part of the rowing deck to get your
    Djinn able to set inactive again.  Then, head down and get ready for a battle. 
    These guys are a little tougher than regular monsters because that Lizard Man
    has a little more HP than usual.  However, one summon should beat them pretty
    handily, or just regular attacking.  Now, go replace another oarsmen and get
    ready to set sail.  Before you pick a passenger to row, I'd recommend healing
    all of your characters.  Once the ship gets sailing again you'll be attacked by
    two Man O' Wars and a flying blue bird called a Virago (sort of sounds like
    Viagra).  Once again, these enemies are pretty easy.  One summon or just a few
    psynergy attacks will take them down pretty handily.  Go replace *another*
    crewman and get ready to set sail again.  Suddenly it will be attacked again,
    this time by a monster that actually means business.
    Here's some information on Krarken from Aditya Durgam [adurgam777@hotmail.com]:
    "I have some info on the HP power of Kraken, the water demon you encounter on
    your way to Tolbi on the ship. Kraken is the fourth monster/ beast you
    encounter while sailing.
    -He knows Ply Well, so be carefully.
    -He has approx. 2447 HP. It would be best if you used all the appropriate
    summons with the respective elemental adept (Thor with Ivan, Judgment with
    Isaac, etc.). I works better that way (duh)."
    Head up to the deck of the ship to fight Kraken.  However, make sure you're all
    healed up and have all of your Djinn inactive for this battle, because you will
    probably need them.  Kraken, just like the last boss you faced, will attack
    twice each round, so you have to be prepared for taking twice the damage.  Once
    you've cast all of your summons, start using Ragnarok with Isaac, Heat Wave
    with Garet, Impact on Garet with Ivan, and Ply Well then Wish (get this when
    the four water Djinn on her get set after a summon) with Mia.  As long as you
    don't let your party members die, you should be able to defeat Kraden without
    that much trouble, although he is tough.  When you defeat him you'll be awarded
    5200 coins and some Water of Life.  Now, go select another oarsmen and get
    ready for the ship to set sail.  This time, though, instead of seeing a
    monster, the guy on top of the mast will spot land and you'll arrive at Tolbi.
    Once everyone's said thank you and the likes, head off the ship to arrive at
    Tolbi Docks.
    Tolbi Docks
    There isn't a whole lot to do in Tolbi Docks.  There's a simple puzzle to solve
    that involves moving those boxes at the northwestern part of down so that they
    allow you to jump from the ledge next to the house to the ledge 4 spaces down. 
    When you hop across them and go up you can find a treasure chest that has a
    potion.  Now, head out of Tolbi Docks and go into Tolbi.
    Tolbi is a bustling town that's loaded with tourists getting ready for
    Collosso, an event sort of like the Roman Gladiator games where warriors battle
    one each other in front of crowds of cheering people.  Usually in a town you'd
    head for the inn, but because the town is so packed there are no rooms
    available for you to sleep!  Instead, head to the weapons and armor shop in the
    southwestern part of town to buy the latest upgrades.  Now, remember all of
    those game tickets and lucky medals that you go earlier in the game?  It's now
    time to cash them in the gambling capital of the world, Tolbi.  Head to the
    fountain in the middle of the city and throw in a lucky medal.  If you can get
    it to stay in the bulls eye you'll win some handy armor.  Here's a little more
    information from Weird Ed [weirded_79@hotmail.com].
    "The most imortant (and the hardest to get) is the Grievous Mace, a strong
    weapon that both Isaac and Mia can equip. It's not as powerful as the Assassin
    Blade, but it's great for Mia (in this point of the game, it's a true
    blessing), and it performs a special attack that's very similiar to earthquake
    spell.  To get this weapon you should throw your medal in the top-left part of
    the fountain, outside the circle... and have luck ^_^.  Other good items are:
    the Glittering Tiara, the Guardian Amulet (second blue circle or clear circle,
    boosts your defense) and the Battle Gloves (boost attack)."
    Next, head to the shop with a die on top of it (that's singular for dice) which
    is located in the northeastern part of the town.  In here, talk to the man on
    the left to start playing craps.  This game is *insanely* easy to win coins at,
    so you shouldn't have any problem scoring a good deal of money if you play it
    for a while.  Once you're done there, head for the large stairs located at the
    northwestern part of the town.  Two guards will stop you and ask if you've seen
    Babi.  They'll go on their way and you should keep going up the stairs to
    arrive at Babi's palace.  Head to the door along the north wall that's all the
    way on the left to enter a room with a lot of beds.  Talk with the lady at the
    desk and she'll get you beds to sleep in, which will restore all your health
    and PP just like an inn.  Once she's shown you the beds, simply press A when
    facing one of them to go to sleep.  Once you're done sleeping, go out the door
    of the room with the beds in it, and go up one of the large staircases on the
    left or right.  Head north through the hallway to overhear a conversation
    talking about how Lord Babi is somewhere in Altimer Cave, but no one can find
    him.  Naturally, it will be up to you to find him, but let's save that for just
    a little later.  Now, head out of the castle and go to the second floor of the
    inn which is located in the northeastern part of town.  Here you'll see a
    Djinn, but we won't get that one quite yet.  First, take you shots at the slot
    machine here.  Thanks to AlphabetMan of the GameFAQs.com message boards for
    this information on the slot machine and odds of winning:
    (working from the center outward)
    •Center Blue Circle: Assassin Blade, 90%
    •Center Blue Circle: Earth Shield, 10%
    •First Yellow Circle: Earth Shield, 70%
    •First Yellow Circle: Assassin Blade, 30%
    •Second Blue Circle: Defense Bracelet, 50%
    •Second Blue Circle: Spirit Armor, 50%
    •Second Yellow Circle: Spirit Armor, 50%
    •Second Yellow Circle: Adepts Helm, 50%
    •Clear Circle: Water of Life, 20%
    •Clear Circle: Adepts Helm, 80%
    •Outer Circle: Water of Life, 70%
    •Outer Circle: Adepts Helm, 30%
    •FAR Outer Circle: Potion, 70%
    •FAR Outer Circle: Water of Life, 30%
    Here's some additional information from Rotevni:  You can also get a Ninja
    Hood, and a Burning Axe.  The stuff you get varies depending on how many of the
    crabs or turtles you bank off of.
    Note: there are other items to get but these are the most valuable ones.  Once
    you're done in there, head outside and let's go get that Djinn.  Head south and
    out of the gate in town, but don't go out of the city so that the world map
    would come up.  Instead, stay very close to the outer cliff of the city and
    proceed counterclockwise until you come to a vine.  Use Growth on this and
    climb up it.  Once you climb up the vine you'll see a pool of water.  Surprise,
    surprise, you have to freeze that puddle of water.  Do so, then head down the
    vine and go back into town.  Go up two stairs facing east to find that ice
    pillar you made.  Hop across it to get the Mars Djinn Ember without a battle. 
    It's now time to exit the town and start looking for Babi in Altimer Caves.
    To Altimer Caves
    From Tolbi, start heading northwest along the dirt path.  Eventually you'll
    start heading in more of a due north direction, and there will be a bridge
    going west.  Take this bridge and run around in this location trying to draw
    random battles.  In this forresty area should be a Mercury Djinn.  He's really
    not very hard to beat, especially if you've defeated Kraken on the ship. 
    Simply use fire attacks with Garet and do what you always do with the other
    characters to beat him and get the Mercury Jinn, Hail.  Head back northeast
    from this area and across the bridge.  Continue heading east for quite a while
    until you see a bridge to the north of you.  Don't go up this bridge quite yet,
    because there's another Djinn to get.  Keep going east hugging the coast line
    until you get to the Northern Parts of Kalay Docks.  Simply walk down to get
    the Venus Djinn Ground without a fight.  Now, head back north to that bridge
    and cross it.  Keep heading north until you enter...
    Altimer Cave
    Head north along the hallway and notice how the cave starts to get darker. 
    This can be a hassle later on when you have to solve moving around rock puzzles
    with only a small amount of light.  One way to combat this problem is to use
    Reveal which will expose a large area of ground being lit.  any ways, keep
    heading along the hallway as it does a U-Turn.  Go through the door when you
    get to it to reach a room with several rocks blocking your path.  Use reveal to
    get a better view, or simply go left, then up a square, then go to the right,
    then up to the stairs.  The next room you enter will have a few lighted spots,
    which can be helpful.  Head west in this room and head along the hallway.  At
    the fork head left to find an outline of a man.  Talk to him and get very angry
    at your stupid party members for not realizing that this invisible man is
    actually Babi.  The invisible man talks about how he can't move because he's
    out of Draught and it's up to you to go find him some.  He'll go into a really
    confusing explanation on how to get the draught from the puzzle below.  Just
    disregard it because I'll reveal the information later on ;-].  Once you get
    back in command head past the invisible man and go down the staircase there.
    Head west and then south along the hallway.  Keep heading along the wall even
    though there appears to be a path going north that you can take.  When you get
    to a fork head right and when you get to the top wall start heading west.  Go
    down the door when you get to it.  Someone let there be light in the next room,
    which is quite helpful.  Head down the steps and then up the stairs to the
    north to get another Djinn.  Before you get that Djinn, however, you'll have to
    solve a log rolling puzzle.  Push the vertical log in your way right, then push
    the horizontal log at the bottom north.  Now, freeze that puzzle in the middle
    and head around the rocks on the bottom.  Push the vertical log back left. 
    Now, you have to push the lower of the two horizontal logs down by going behind
    the log that's sticking up on the western part of the screen.  After pushing
    this down, push down the top horizontal log and continue on to the Djinn. 
    Warning: You will have to battle this Djinn, although it won't be too hard. 
    Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinn Squall.  Now, head back east. 
    Push the logs out of your way so that you can get east and push the wooden
    stump into the gap in order to jump across to the ledge and the door. 
    Unfortunately, the light that was once there is now gone, and you'll have to
    operate in the dark again.  Head south along the hallway and then start heading
    west.  Keep heading west until you reach a large wall of rocks.  You can get
    through this rock maze by heading south, then head north when you see a rock
    break (try using reveal for a better view.)  Head east, and then north when you
    get back into the hallway.  Start heading west until you get to a staircase and
    go down it.  This next room will be lighted, which is nice, but you do have a
    log maze to solve.  Push the first vertical log left, then go southwest until
    you find a staircase.  Go up the stairs and head counterclockwise all around
    the wall and slide down the cliff.  Push the vertical log to the left and enter
    the door.
    You'll enter a room with 5 rocks.  Use reveal to find out the colors of them. 
    The correct rock that you want is the rock that makes a chime sound when you
    press it.  So, press the left most rock, then the right most rock to reveal a
    color wheel.  Press the rock that's color is on top of the color wheel three
    different times until you solve the puzzle.  The color wheel will pseudo  and
    reveal a door.  Enter it and open the treasure chest in it.  Inside of the
    treasure chest is, you guessed it, the draught that the invisible man wanted
    you to retrieve.  Now, use your Reveal psynergy then go back to the invisible
    man.  Talk to him and give him the draught.  He will eagerly drink it and
    reveal himself as Babi (didn't guess that one a lot earlier.)  Lots of talk
    will ensue about Babi using Lamarkian powers to keep himself alive, and
    eventually the guards will come and inform Babi that the finals have begun.  As
    he starts to walk off, he'll invite you (as in Isaac alone) to enter in the
    finals of Collosso.  Once you finally get command of your character again,
    retreat out of the cave and start heading back southwest to Tolbi.
    Before I start discussing Collosso, here is how to get the general Psynergies
    listed below:
    Growth - Equip an Earth Djinn on Garet
    Frost - Have only Water Djinn active on Mia.  Also try equipping the Frost Gem.
    When you get back to Tolbi, head to the castle which you can get to by going up
    the stairs in the northwestern part of the town.  Head into the room with the
    beds that, if you remember, you can get to by entering the small door on the
    left.  Once you're all rested, head out of the castle and go north up the main
    path in the middle of the town.  Here you will reach the stadium.  Head up the
    stairs on the right to have the guards recognize you and take you to the
    briefing room.  Here you'll be told that only Isaac is entering the finals, and
    the rest of your party members can only cheer Isaac on.  However, the other
    party members will have important roles.  Before each round begins, there is an
    obstacle course that you have to get through quickly in order to get the best
    weapon in the center rink.  There are also nuts and oil drops in treasure
    chests that you can get that will help you a little in battle.  So, the
    characters get to use 1 Psynergy before the match begins and can do useful
    things such as grow vines to find shortcuts and freeze ice to hop over easily. 
    Once all the guards stop talking in the preparation room you'll be taken to the
    stands of Collosso.  He'll explain the rules of the obstacle course.  Now, go
    up to the first guard and get him to explain what the first event is like. 
    He'll show you a snippet of what the first leg is like, then ask if you want a
    friend to cheer you on.  Select Garet for this task.  The next stage you'll
    want Mia to go cheer.  The following one you'll want Ivan, but make sure that
    he has a growth spell on him.  Take a look at the 4th and final leg of the
    course, although you won't need anyone to cheer for you there.  Now, go all the
    way back to the guard who's along the south wall.  Talk to him to go back to
    the Preparation room.
    In this room go over to the circle that's all the way to the right.  Step on it
    and watch as the contestants are told that the matches are about to begin. 
    Once you leave the preparation room, you'll take command of Garet in the
    stands.  Use his Move Psynergy to move the stump to the left.  Have Ivan use
    grow on the vine, and have Mia just talk to the guard to say that she's ready
    for the match to begin.  Now you will take command of Isaac.  As soon as you
    can save your game in case you lose against the competitor you're facing.  In
    this first round simply jump over the gap thanks to the stump that Garet moved.
     Right after there you'll see a stump that's in the way of a path.  Move that
    to the right and go up to get the treasure chest.  The next leg has a pipe that
    you need to push west to make the water flow.  Once you do that, jump across
    the gap thanks to the now elevated platform.  Now, go further right and climb
    up the vine that Ivan grew.  When you get up here you'll see a path going north
    that gets to a treasure chest that you'll want to get.  The next screen has two
    logs.  If you just want to get across and don't want to get the nut this is
    very simple.  However, if you want to get the nut (I recommend it because the
    other guy is slow getting there) take the vertical log right, then go up and
    take the horizontal log down.  Get off that and take the vertical log back
    left.  Now, climb back up the ladder, take the vertical log right and hopefully
    you'll get there before the other player.  If you get there first you'll get
    the iron shield which will help in your defense.
    Your first enemy will be Azart.  The first thing you'll want to do, like
    always, is cast your one and only summon against him.  Judgment will do about
    315 damage to him.  Now you'll want to use Ragnarok against him for the next
    round.  You'll now be down to about 50 or less HP, so you'll want to use Cure
    Well on yourself.  Continue using Ragnarok and Cure Well on him, with the
    occasional helpful Djinn if you need it.  After he wastes both his nuts just
    keep pounding him until he goes down.  He really shouldn't be overly tough, and
    you should get an easy first round victory.
    Once you win you'll be taken to the next set of stages where once again you can
    get your characters to lend a helping hand.  Take this time to put all of your
    Djinn on standby.  Take a look at all of the stages first to get an idea of
    what they're like.  In the first stage you can get Garet to cheer for you, but
    moving the statues around isn't going to help you one way or another.  The
    second stage doesn't require anyone in it either.  Put Mia in the 3rd stage. 
    No one can help in the 4th stage, so don't worry about it.  Stick Ivan at the
    5th place simply because you need to put him somewhere and head back to the
    guard at the entrance to the stands.  In Lend A Hand mode have both Ivan and
    Garet talk to the guard to say they're finished.  Have Mia freeze the western
    puddle and then get ready for the match to begin.
    As always save right at the beginning of the Obstacle Course.  The first screen
    is very easy to solve, just head around the blocks.  On the next screen, make
    sure you jump twice when the blocks are in the center.  When you get the
    western most block, head up and get the treasure chest which is a nut.  Head
    back down onto the block and continue left.  On the next screen take the bottom
    log left.  Head down the stump to the ledge and hop over the ice pillar to the
    other side.  On the next level climb the wall.  When you get to the top head
    left and slide down the MIDDLE crevice.  Hop over to the next screen which is a
    simple log puzzle.  Basically you just have to move each log twice, once to the
    left then once to the right.  You shouldn't have that much trouble getting to
    the rink first.
    It's now time to fight Satrage.  This guy has a little more HP than his
    predecessor and does a little more damage.  Get him with Judgment right away,
    then use the Ragnarok/Cure Well strategy that you used before.  Once again he
    shouldn't pose that much of a threat to you.  Once you beat him you'll once
    again be taken the next set of stages.  This one is pretty dang hard, so make
    sure to study all of the stages before you start.
    As usual, inactivate all of your Djinn before you start placing your friends. 
    In the first stage you'll want to put Mia who has freeze.  In the next stage
    put Garet who has move.  Don't place anyone in stage three, nor stage four, nor
    stage five, and just stick Ivan at stage 6.  However, if you have the Halt Gem
    (found in Vale) stick it on Ivan and stick him in Stage 3 with the moving wedge
    blocks.  Head all the way back west to go the guard to start the next match. 
    When you start to Lend a Hand have Garet move the stump one to the right.  Have
    Ivan use Halt on the man pressing the lever, and have Mia freeze the puddle
    that's under the moving lever.
    It's now time for the Final Round obstacle course.  This one is the toughest
    yet.  On the first screen just run past that log and hop over the two gaps.  On
    the next screen hop to the first stump, then head down to the stump that Garet
    moved for you.  Keep going right until you get to the next screen.  This next
    stage is pretty tricky if you didn't have Halt to freeze the man controlling
    the pillars.  Take you time going past the moving traps that will push you off.
     If you get really good you can get past two at a time, but don't push your
    luck.  Ignore the easy to get treasure chest because you'll need all the time
    that you can get.  The next stage, the wall, is pretty straightforward.  Just
    climb primarily sideways until you get to the top.  Go down the stairs and run
    across the conveyer belt.  The final stage is another log maze.  On this
    screen, DON'T PUSH THE LOG WHEN YOU GET THERE.  You'll lose a lot of time if
    you do this.  Instead, run past and push all three logs to the top, out of the
    way of the log.  Then push the vertical log into the water and hop across to
    the rink.  Hopefully you'll beat your competitor and get ready for a battle.
    It's now time to battle Navampa, the final Collosso competitor.  He'll have
    much more health than the others and do more damage.  Use the same strategy
    that you've used for the previous two, summoning firs then using Cure
    Well/Ragnarok.  Even though he has more HP and does a little more damage, he's
    really not too hard to beat as long as you remembered to inactivate your Djinn
    so that you had a 4 Level summon available.  Once you beat him you'll collapse
    from exhaustion and eventually end up in your bed in the Castle.  The
    characters will be annoying as ever and start talking about how you collapsed
    after Collosso.  Once you're finally done and you're back in command, head out
    the door to that room and go up the stairs.  Go up the hallway and through the
    big door to meet Babi once more.  He'll start talking about how he needs more
    draught and that the only place to get them is an island long disappeared. 
    Then he asks you to go to Babi lighthouse to find the island.  He'll also give
    you the Lure Cap which you can use to encounter more monsters than you usually
    do, which is useful in leveling up for bosses.
    Once you finally get command back of your character, follow Babi off to the
    west and down the stairs.  Go through the door and take the item on Babi's
    desk.  This is Babi's sacred Cloak Ball and he says that he will lend it to
    you.  It's now to time go rescue Lord Hammet from Lupna.
    To Lupna
    Head out of the palace and continue south out of town.  Head south along the
    dirt path until the path starts going east.  Follow it east for a while until
    you reach a cave.  Once you enter you'll be inside of Gonodown Cave.  At the
    first fork head west and continue north through the door and into the next
    room.  In here you'll find a large rock that you'll have to use the Lift
    Psynergy to get past.  Keep going along this hallway and into the next room. 
    In this room there will be a small amount of water in the middle with a few
    stepping stones to a ledge with a treasure chest.  This chest contains a Lucky
    Medal that can be useful in obtaining items back in Tolbi.  Head across the
    stepping stones the north and go back west a little until you find a treasure
    chest.  In here you'll get an Apple that will boost your attack.  Once you've
    done that head east along the wall until you reach the next door.  Head up the
    staircase and then head south to arrive a log that's in your way.  Use your
    Move Psynergy to move this log to the west and get it out of your path.  Keep
    heading east until you come to a tree that you have to Move into a gap so that
    you can cross the path.  Hop the gap, head south and go through the door to get
    out of the cave.
    Head around the cliff and then start heading north to reach Kalay.  You have no
    business in Kalay at the current time, so head right past it and start heading
    north.  When you cross the bridge head northeast and cross another bridge to
    find yourself outside of Vault.  As with Kalay, you have no business in Vault
    at the present time, so keep heading past it to the north.  After going north
    for about 15 seconds you'll see the town of Lupna and an entrance to a cave a
    little to the west of it.  You'll want to enter the cave entrance because the
    guards won't let you through the gates.  In this cave head north along the
    hallway until you reach a gate.  Under this gate you should see a small puddle
    of water that needs freezing.  Do so to have the gate open up allowing you to
    pass through.  Keep heading along the hallway and out the door to find yourself
    inside the town of Lupna.
    Note: To beat Lupna's fortress you'll need the Cloak Ball that you get on the
    desk of Babi and also Catch which you get by equipping Catch Beads (you have
    this even if you don't think you have this.)
    Things in Lupna look pretty cheerful, and the villagers of the town won't have
    any problem with you roaming around the town.  However, if you try to buy the
    latest weapons and armor you'll find that they dealers have nothing to sell
    because no one can get in and out of Lupna (well, except for you ;-].)  The inn
    won't be much help either, because for some reason the owner of the Inn has an
    attitude and won't let anyone stay rest in his beds.  There are a few items to
    get in Lupna, though.  Head to the north part of town to find the northern
    gate.  Here there will be a small rock in the middle that you will want to
    reveal.  On revealing, you will find a puddle that you should freeze.  Then,
    head up the ladder a little to the west and hop over the ice pillar.  Make sure
    that you don't step out of the reveal area or the ice pillar will disappear and
    you'll have to do it again.  Once you're to the other side, keep heading
    clockwise until you reach an apparent dead end.  Use reveal on the cliff to
    find a small sparkle that you should press A against to reveal a hidden
    entrance.  Go through here to find a room with a ton of treasure chests in it. 
    Here's what they have:
    Water of Life  Smoke Bomb	Lucky Medal	 Antidote
    		   44 Coins		Elixir
    When you get all of the items you want in this room, head back counterclockwise
    and slip down the crevice in the side of the cliff that's next to the Potion
    shop.  Head to the southwest part of the town to find a small rock circle that
    has a Psynergy stone in it.
    Once you're done with everything, head to the north pat of the town to find
    yourself at the Lupna Fortress Gate.  You'll notice some guards here, and the
    only way to get past them is to use cloak.  So, equip the Cloak Ball that you
    got from the desk of Lord Babi on one of your characters, get in the shadows
    and use the Cloak Psynergy.  Why do you have to be in the shadows to use Cloak?
     Well, if you go out of the shadows it won't work, which can get quite annoying
    later in this cave.  any ways, sneak around in the shadows and go into the
    Fortress.  At this time you'll want to set Cloak as one of your Hot keys (the L
    or R button) for quick going to in the future.
    Here's some information from Aditya Durgam [adurgam777@hotmail.com]:
    "I have some information on the first group of three guards you encounter in
    Lunpa Fortress: Guard #1 has anywhere from 248-492 HP; Guard #2 has anywhere
    from 353-704 HP; Guard #3 has anywhere from 247-493 HP. Guard #2 has a smoke
    bomb. Guard #3 does approx. 81 damage with his regular attack. Guard #1 has
    some weird attack called "Slice". By beating them, you get 570 coins and some
    "Crystal Powder".
    Also, I have info on the second battle with the other guard. Here, he has
    anywhere from 402-446 HP, most likely 446 HP. He has a smoke bomb. If you beat
    him, you get 190 coins and approximately 160 experience points."
    Head through the first door and go off to the right.  There will be two guards
    here that you have to sneak past in the shadows, so use cloak to get by them. 
    Go down the stairs and as soon as you get into the next room use Cloak.  Go all
    around the center rock counterclockwise to sneak past the guard.  When you get
    to the top your cloak will go away, so make sure to re-Cloak or risk getting
    thrown out and having to start over.  Head through the door and then stop.  Put
    on cloak and wait a few seconds for the moving guard to come up.  When he
    branches off to the left sneak past him south and go through the door.  In the
    next room use Cloak right away and start heading south along the shadows.  Head
    up the stairs here and once again turn cloak on.  Here there will be two guards
    going back and forth quickly in two separate hallways.  Between the two guard's
    light will be a crevice where you can hide until the top guard goes back and
    you can sneak past him too.  So, when the first guard starts going west sneak
    past him and into the crevice.  When the next guard goes past sneak past him as
    well and go into the next room.  In this room don't go up the stairs but
    instead go along the hallway until you get to a door going south.  In here
    there will be three guards in red that want to battle you as opposed to the
    others who would kick you out.  These guys aren't the least bit tough, and 1
    4-Level summon should knock these guys out.  Once they're defeated run past
    them and go the next room.  Go along the hallway in this room to come to a
    guard who will, like the three before him, want to fight.  He's just as hard as
    any one of the three previous guards, so you shouldn't have any problem with
    him.  Once you're done with him there will be two doors, one going north and
    one going south.  Head through the door going north first to reach Donpa, who's
    sick in bed, and his wife by his side.  There's a door behind her that she
    blocks you from entering, so simply talk to her and see what she has to say
    then leave.  Go through the door to the south to find a rather tricky guard
    (you may want to save prior to going in this room.)  Right as you enter this
    room use Cloak and stay where you are.  When the guard reaches his highest
    point on the left, wait for him to go down a little then start heading south. 
    You should be able to sneak past him and get to the next room.
    The next room pits you behind some jail bars with a large key on the desk in
    front of you.  To get this you'll have to use the Catch Psynergy that you got
    in the beginning of the game when you left Vale for the first time.  Look
    around for the Catch Beads item and equip it.  Go up to the bars and press
    Select to bring up the in-game menu.  Go to Psynergy and use Catch to bring
    yourself the key.  As soon as you go through the gate a guard will challenge
    you to a fight.  He's as easy as ever, and you shouldn't have any problem
    defeating him rather handily.  Continue down the stairs to find another room
    with bars in it.  You need not go through the bars as the door in there leads
    you to the start of the Fortress.  Go down the stairs and find yourself in a
    room with a locked door an some leaves to the west of it.  Use Ivan's Whirlwind
    Psynergy to clear the leaves.  Next, use Reveal to find the hidden switch that
    you have to hit which opens the door.  In the next room hop across the small
    river gap and go northeast.  Here you will find a door concealed by some
    shrubs, so whirlwind then reveal the door to go through it.  In this room head
    through the path in the middle to find a treasure chest with some Power Bread
    in it that boosts a party member's attack.  Head down the hallway to the south
    and go through the door.  Go up through the jail cell and start pushing the
    large box south.  This is going to be a *long* push so go grab a snack while
    you hit the down button.  Once the box is finally pushed down the ledge jump to
    the left and go through the jail cell.  Do the whirlwind/ reveal thing again to
    open the door.  In this next room save, because you're about to fight a boss. 
    Put all of your Djinn (save Mia's so that she has Wish) on Standby and head
    through the jail door.  In this room you'll find Lord Hammet (finally), and
    after a little bit of conversation Dodonpa will come in.  He'll pull a lever
    and reveal a giant monster that you'll have to fight.  Man, what a wuss... not
    even fighting his own battles.  any ways, you're about to fight another boss,
    this one being Toadonpa.
    As always cast all of your summons on him to have him take a huge amount of
    damage.  However, he's got a lot of HP so summons alone aren't going to do it. 
    Watch out for his individual attacks that really pack a whollop, so have Mia
    use her Wish on everyone each turn.  Have Isaac use his Ragnarok attack, have
    Garet use his Heat Wave or Nova attack and have Ivan use his most powerful
    Tornado attack each turn.  As long as the characters stay alive, and you use a
    few Djinn each turn to get your Summons back, this guy shouldn't be too
    difficult.  When you beat him you'll get a Psy Crystal which will be helpful
    later in the game.
    Once the battle is over you'll find Dodonpa trapped underneath the monster you
    just fought.  Hammet will make you get it off of him and then talk for a while.
     This is one of the weakest moments of the plot that makes no sense ("Dodonpa
    kidnapped you, remember?" "Oh yeah") and has you do nothing to Dodonpa because
    he "learned his lesson."  Donpa will eventually come in and tell you that
    you'll have to sneak out of town or some of Dodonpa's loyal henchmen will hunt
    you down (oh not the tough guards that you fought before, anything but them). 
    You'll automatically escape to outside of the Fortress, and from there go back
    into the town and back into the cave from whence you came (10).  In the cave go
    back along the hallway and flip the switch that's a little north of the gate. 
    Keep heading south towards the cave exit to find one of Hammet's servants
    (Bunza) sneaking around.  He'll offer you a ride in his wagon which you will
    want to decline (if you did take it you will eventually leave you back in
    The reason for declining the wagon ride is to get a Djinn in Lupna Fortress. 
    To do this, you'll have to revisit Lupna after the whole conversation below
    finishes.  Head back into and through the cave.  Head north in Lupna to the
    fortress and sneak in.  This time there will be a nice little shortcut to get
    where you want to go.  Head to the door to the southeast once you get into the
    first large room to find a jail door that you can go through now that you have
    the Cell Key.  Go through the jail door and up the stairs to the northeast. 
    Fight the guard in here and then head through the jail cell and up north
    through the door.  In the next room act quick, equip cloak and then run as
    quickly as you can north to evade the guard.  Go through the door and fight the
    guard blocking the entrance to Donpa's room.  Once you've defeaten him, head
    into Donpa's room and talk to him.  He'll get up and he'll make his wife move
    from blocking the door.  In here will be the Mercury Djinni Tonic that you will
    get without a fight.  You're now free to leave Lupna, so retreat out, exit, and
    continue on with your quests (see below.)
    Head to the Inn in Kalay to heal all of your wounds that you got in Lupna. 
    Once you're all rested, head out the inn and to the castle in the north part of
    the town.  In the main hallway of the castle you'll see that servant Bunza
    who's wagon helped Lord Hammet and your party flee from Lupna.  He'll tell you
    that he left the Secret Entrance to the castle open.  Before you go to the
    secret entrance, head to Lord Hammet's room to find a *really* ungrateful and
    bitter Lady Layana who says that she didn't want you to go and that Kalay
    should have handled it.  Once she's done being ungrateful, head out of the
    room.  Before you go to the tunnel, you may want to get the water jacket
    located in a treasure chest in a room in the west-going hallway in the castle. 
    Once you're done doing that, head through the door on the east and go down the
    stairs.  Go through the now open gate in this room and down the stairs.  In
    this room keep going south to get 4 treasure chests with a few minor items in
    there.  Now, it's once again time to push a statue a long distance.  Push the
    statue next the treasure chests all the way to the north and then to the west. 
    The objective here is to have the statue block the water fall to empty the
    water in the room.  Once you've stopped the water flow, climb down the ladder
    on the east and freeze the lone drop of water still left.  Now, climb up the
    ladder and hop across the ice pillar to get some handy Spirit Gloves.  Head
    back up the ladder on the right and go up the long tunnel to the north.  Head
    up the stairs here, and in the next room proceed south then east.  When you get
    to the east wall head north and down the stairs.  In this room head south along
    the hallway to find another waterfall and a Djinn.  Like the previous
    waterfall, push the statue into it to block its flow and drain the water. 
    Simply head down the ladder and up the other ladder to get the Mars Djinn
    Scorch without a battle.  Head back up the ladder and go to the east to find a
    door that will take you on top of a cliff to the east part of Kalay.
    Head out of Kalay and go southeast to get to reach Gondowan Cave again.  Back
    track through this cave hopping over the river via the stumps you pushed in
    earlier to backtrack more quickly (you could also use Retreat.)  Once you're
    outside of the cave head northwest back towards Tolbi.  Head to the castle in
    Tolbi to rest and then exit Tolbi once more.
    To the Suhulla/Desert
    Once you've exited Tolbi, head south over the bridge to meet up with Iodem, the
    servant who was going to help you get to Babi Lighthouse after Collosso.  Once
    you're across the bridge, keep heading southeast until you reach Suhulla.  The
    first thing you want to do in Suhulla is to head to the house with a red carpet
    on the roof which is located in the southwestern part of town.  In here Iodem
    will find two downed warriors who were unable to get past the monsters in
    Suhulla Desert.  They'll also reveal that they lost Sheba, a girl who has some
    importance to Iodem.  They also reveal an important detail for getting past the
    sandstorms, which is that you can get past the sandstorms with water.  Finally,
    they also reveal that Saturous, etc. got through and are at this very moment on
    their way to Babi Lighthouse (dramatic music plays.)  Once Iodem's done talking
    in there, you can now head out of the town and south into the Suhulla Desert.
    Suhulla Desert
    When you first enter the desert, you may be surprised to see that there isn't a
    heat bar on the side this time like there was in the Lamarkan Desert.  Instead,
    the main obstacle of this desert is small tornados that will sweep you up and
    land you back in the village of Suhulla.  In order to get past these Tornados
    you'll need to drench them with Douse that you get by equipping Douse Drop (you
    should have this item from beating Manticore in the previous Desert.)  Set
    Douse as one of your Hot keys (such as the L or R button ) and get ready to go
    through the Suhulla Desert.  Besides the tornados, the random battle monsters
    that you fight in this level are going to be much more difficult than what you
    had experienced in the past.  Make sure to not go into random battles without
    full health.  Here's a neat little thing about Suhulla Desert: If you use
    reveal you can sometimes find footsteps of hints on where to go (of course, you
    can also just use this walkthrough ;-] ).
    Thanks to Aditya Durgam [adurgam777@hotmail.com] for this information on the
    enemies in the desert:
    The Tornado Lizards that dwell in the Suhalla Dessert have approximately 642
    HP. After beating them, you get 477 coins and 620 experience points (may vary
    from lizard to lizard). The Storm Lizard has 3123 HP. His attacks include Wing
    Stroke, Impact, Tempest, Storm Ray, and Resistance. His normal attack has done
    an average of 95 HP damage.  He gives you 6100 coins when you beat him.
    When you enter the desert you'll want to head West until you get to a wall
    where you'll want to head south.  When the path becomes very narrow it will be
    time for the first sand storm to appear.  When it does, Iodem will pop out and
    mention how there are so many of these in the desert and that it's unusual. 
    Now, head into the sand storm and use Douse.  After the rain stops, you'll fall
    down to the bottom of the Cyclone and face the large monster, Tornado Lizard. 
    Tornado Lizards are much harder than regular Random Battle enemies, but they're
    not quite boss like.  1 or 2 4-Level summons should be able to whipe these guys
    clean off of the face of the earth.  So, before going into any tornado put all
    of your Djinn on Standby (except Mia's, of course, so that you get Wish) and
    get ready for a battle.  Tornado Lizard really doesn't have a devastating
    attack, so you can afford to not use Wish every turn.  If you don't want to use
    your Summons on him, do the simple Ragnarok/Attack/Plasma/Attack strategy
    (going from Isaac to Mia) strategy with the occasional Wish and Djinn to beat
    him pretty easily.
    When you beat the Tornado Lizard the sand storm will disappear and you'll be
    able to continue southeast.  Keep going until you get to three sandstorm paths
    that you can go through.  You'll want to hit the path that's most the east and
    fight another Tornado Monster.  Use the same strategy mentioned before.  Once
    you defeat him, keep going along the path as it progresses to due west and end
    up on the next screen.
    As soon as you get to the next screen there will be another 3-Path choice each
    with its own sandstorm.  The path that you want to take is the middle path. 
    So, go up in the sandstorm and use Douse on it to fight another Tornado Lizard.
     Once again use the same strategy that you used before to defeat him easily. 
    When you've defeated the Tornado Lizard, continue advancing north along the
    hallway.  The hallway will head very linearly for quite a while.  Eventually
    you'll see a pink sand storm on your right.  This pink sand storm will take you
    to Crossbone Island, which I'll cover a little later in the game.  However, you
    will want to head that way to get another Djinn.  In order to find the Djinn,
    use Reveal to find a hidden stump to jump over to a ledge to the west.  This
    ledge is a little north of the ladder leading down from the ledge.  Once you've
    revealed the stump, jump across it and head down the ladder.  Here you'll find
    a Mars Djinn that you will have to battle.  He'll have some reasonably powerful
    fire attacks, so make sure to heal with Mia and don't be arrogant.  Once you
    beat him you'll get the Mars Djinn Flash.  Flash is a *very* useful Djinn
    especially later on in the game because he has the ability to block a lot of
    damage taken to the whole party.
    Now, head back up the ladder and go east (going through that cave will take you
    to the pink sand storm which we don't want to go to yet.)  Before you head down
    the ladder, you'll want to save and inactivate all of your Djinn (of course,
    keep 4 of Mia's active.)  However, if you have much more than 4 Djinn for some
    the characters, you may want to activate Djinn like Flint, Quartz, Scorch,
    Flash and Squall.  Now, head down the ladder and go south a little.  Suddenly a
    giant sand storm will come after you.  My advice is to just stay where you are
    and let it get you to avoid random attacks.  Once you're in it, use Douse like
    usual to drop down and fight the monster.
    This monster isn't just another Tornado Lizard.  The monster that you now face
    is a Storm Lizard and he's a mean mama-jama (a la Shaft.)  Storm Lizard has a
    Sonic Slash attack that's simply devastating.  It will attack all of your Party
    Members and do at least 150 damage to all of them.  First things first, cast
    all of your Summons.  For each round use Wish with Mia.  With Isaac, use
    Ragnarok and occasionally Flint.  Also, if a player goes down use Quartz that
    you should have active by now to restore that player.  With Garet you'll want
    to use Heat Wave unless the party is hurting when you'll want to use the Djinn
    Flash who will reduce damage taken to each character in that round to about 8. 
    With Ivan you should use primarily Djinn that attack or do some sort of status
    change to Storm Lizard in hopes to stunning him.  Another good Djinn to use
    with Ivan is Zephyr which will boost party agility.  If you use a lot of Djinn,
    it's possible to cast another high level summon on the Storm Lizard which will
    really help you out.  Generally by the time you cast another Summon, Storm
    Lizard will be under 500 HP and you should be able to kill him with it.  When
    you kill him you'll get 1300 experience and 6100 coins in addition to a handy
    Psy Crystal (keep saving these.)  If you are unable to beat Tornado Lizard,
    here a few tips to help you out:  Try running south to a rock circle similar to
    that in the Lamarkan desert with a Psy Crystal in it.  You can also outrun the
    tornado all together if you're quick, because you really don't need to fight it
    (although I recommend doing it for the experience and Psy Crystal.)
    any ways, once you've defeated the Storm Lizard, head south and grad the
    Psynergy Stone in the rock circle.  Keep going along the sole path to finally
    spot an exit going east.  Iodem will jump out and mention how they didn't find
    Sheba.  Don't worry about her, you'll meet up with her later.  Instead, keep
    going out the desert and head east to enter Suhulla Gate.
    Suhulla Gate
    Head up all of the stairs at Suhulla Gate to find two guards injured on the
    ground.  They'll tell of a strange group of people who came through without any
    papers (wonder who they could be?)  Once Iodem is done talking , head north
    through the gate to find a small door that contains a minister that will revive
    downed characters.  Once you're done with him, head east to get to the next
    screen.  On this screen you'll see an area where you can slide down the side of
    the mountain almost immediately.  Slide down to find a treasure chest with a
    mint in it.  Climb back up all of the vines and advance to the next screen.  On
    this screen you'll see several areas that you an slide down the mountain in a
    row.  The one that you want to slide down is the third from the left.  This
    will land you right next to a Mercury Djinn who you'll have to battle.  Use the
    typical Ragnarok/Attack/Plasma/Wish strategy with optional summons in the
    beginning of the battle.  Defeat him to get the Mercury Djinn Dew.  Now, slide
    down the cliff you're on and head east.  Head up one vine to find a cave that
    you need not enter at this point in time (this leads to a ship that you'll use
    much later in the game.)  Keep heading up the vines until you get to the top of
    the cliff once more and head east.  Keep going east past the downed guard and
    down the stairs.  Eventually you'll find yourself back on the world map.  Start
    heading northeast towards the Venus Lighthouse.
    Venus Lighthouse Part 1
    When you get close to Venus lighthouse you will get out of the world map and
    into the Venus Lighthouse entrance.  Head past all of the downed guards (you
    don't need to read what they say) and keep going along the path until you get
    to Venus Lighthouse.  Enter the lighthouse and go through the first room which
    is just a hallway.  In this next room you'll see a large tree on the ground. 
    Use reveal when standing on this tree to expose a hidden door in the wall just
    above you.  Head down this door and open the treasure chest to get the Carry
    Stone which gives you the Carry psynergy.  The Carry psynergy allows you to
    pick up small blocks and place them in different positions.  Head out of this
    room and back into the room with the tree on the floor.  Go through the door to
    the north.  Here there will be two paths.  The first one you should take is the
    path to the east.  Head down the stairs and into a room with several stepping
    stones.  Head west, then southeast to reach the south part of the room.  Head
    up the stairs here to find the Lucky Cap.  Now, head back and you'll want to
    take the path on the west in the room past the tree room.  Go through the door
    and into the next room.  In this room there will be stairs leading up that you
    need not take.  Instead, head through the door in the northeast part of the
    room.  In the next room you will find a small block preventing you from
    entering the other staircase in this room.  So, use your new Carry Psynergy on
    it and carry it south to drop the block out of the way.  Now, go up the stairs
    and into the next room.  In here you will see several bands of electricity that
    you can not pass.  So, use the Reveal Psynergy to find a new, secret staircase
    right next to the one you just came from.  Proceed up the staircase and in the
    next room go north along that long, narrow passage way.  Here you will come to
    a room with a miniature lighthouse and a statue of a women at the northern part
    of the room.  Go talk with the statue to have her speak to your soul and reveal
    a path on the ground.  This path should have one light in the center with a
    different color from all the rest.  Once you've done this, use retreat and head
    out of the lighthouse.
    Head out the Venus Lighthouse entrance area to the east to arrive back at the
    World Map.  Head north and then west along the dirt path to arrive at the next
    town which is...
    As soon as you enter Lalivero, you'll find two guards to the city lying on the
    ground injured.  Iodem will talk to them and discover that Sheba was with
    Saturous and the rest and that they went through town destroying whoever was in
    their path.  Once that's over with, head to the Inn in the northwestern part of
    town to heal all of your party members.  Once you're done, head out the inn and
    locate the weapons and armor shop in the southeastern part of town.  Buy the
    latest upgrades for all of your characters, but don't exit the shop.  See that
    ladder in the back?  Head up that to arrive on the roof.  When you arrive on
    the roof, hop over the gate on the right.  From here start to head north until
    you reach the northeastern corner.  Jump the building a little south of that
    and across the next building.  Go up the vine and check the jar on the left to
    get some Water of Life.  Now head back down the vine and back across the gap
    and onto the gate again.  Go around the northeast corner and start heading
    west. You'll see the Djinn on top of the roof, but go a little past that to the
    next building where you can hop onto.  Do so and then hop across to the
    building with the Djinn and then up the vine.  Go up the Djinn to get the Mars
    Djinn Torch without a battle.  Now, head back from whence you came (11) all the
    way around the city gate and back down the ladder in the weapons shop.  Now,
    head to the building in the southwestern part of town that also has a ladder on
    top of it.  Go in the building and climb up the ladder to arrive on the roof. 
    Hop onto the gate and start moving counterclockwise.  After going over the gate
    the city you should see a vine going down leading to a treasure chest.  Open
    this treasure chest to get a Warrior's Helm.  Head back to the building and go
    down the ladder and out of the building.  Now, head out of Lavlivero via the
    path to the north.  Right above Lalivero is Babi's Lighthouse.
    Note: If you ever need it there is a Psy Crystal hidden in the Pointed Statue
    on a small island in the middle of the town.  You shouldn't need it, however,
    since there is an inn in this town.  Thanks to Alan Quirino
    [grayfox_2510@hotmail.com] for that information.
    Babi Lighthouse
    Note: If you have not yet visited Venus Lighthouse, please go back and do so
    (see Venus Lighthouse Part 1 topic above.)  You will need to talk to the statue
    in there to avoid a dead end in Babi's Lighthouse.
    Babi's Lighthouse is under construction, and you don't actually enter the tower
    in this game.  Instead, you're going to want to find the hidden entrance to
    Venus Lighthouse through the ruins that Babi Lighthouse were built on.  Head
    north along the west part of the screen along the orange logs until you reach
    the next screen.  UPDATED: Keep going north and go down the ladder next to the
    statue.  In the dungeon down here you'll see two large pillars.  Move the left
    most pillar to the left, then go back from whence you came (12).  Go east to
    find another statue.  Move this to expose another ladder which you want to go
    down.  Move the pillar on the right to the left and now hop across the gap to
    the other side.  Keep going north and head up the ladder here.  You'll arrive
    outside of Babi's Lighthouse on top of a ledge.  Use Grow on the vine near you,
    and climb up it.  Head down the Crevice hear and go through the door.  Now,
    head down the crevice here to land right next to a Jupiter Djinn who you'll
    have to battle.  Once you defeat him you'll get the Jupiter Djinn, Luff.  Head
    down the crevice.  In this room head around the gap clockwise and go through
    the door to the north.  Go up the stairs once more to arrive in a room with
    three crevices to drop down.  You want to drop down the first crevice that you
    can get to, heading just south.  You'll fall *all* the way down past the first
    floor that you entered to a dirt cave with a door blocking the path.  There
    will also be several archeologists who mention that Saturos and company went
    through this door that they had not been able to open prior to Saturos and
    company coming through.  Once they're all done talking, go up the door and use
    Reveal.  A switch will appear where the sign once was.  Flip this to open up
    the door.  The others in the room will be amazed that you solved such a
    "complex" puzzle and try to run through on their own.  The door will close shut
    because non-adepts are not allowed through the door.  So, Iodem will now leave
    your party (he didn't do too much any ways) while you continue through the
    door.  Head down the stairs to find yourself in the Temple Ruins.
    In this room you'll see another statue exactly like the one that you saw in
    Venus Lighthouse.  You don't need to touch this one, because it will just throw
    you off saying it's not going to open your path.  any ways, go through the door
    going south to arrive in the next room.  In this room you'll see two large
    pillars that you'll have to move to jump from the main ledge to the next ledge.
     Move the pillars in such a fashion so that the first pillar is all the way
    against the right wall and 1 square from the top.  The next pillar should be 2
    squares under if so that you can jump from the gap to the two pillars and to
    the ledge.  Do so and continue to the next room.  This next room is the
    crossing into Venus lighthouse, and the formation of the stepping stones you
    hop depends on which pattern the statue in Venus Lighthouse part 1 showed.
    Venus Lighthouse Part 2
    This walkthrough is now going to fork depending on the path that you take (your
    path is determined by the tiles on the floor that you can change by talking
    with the statue in Venus Lighthouse.)  This first part is the guide for going
    In this next room there will be another similar pillar puzzle.  Move one of the
    pillars one down and directly left and another pillar 2 squares below it to
    allow you to hop from the top ledge to the ledge to the west.  Head down this
    ledge and into the next door.  Yet another pillar moving puzzle awaits you in
    the next room where you should push 1 of the pillars all the way to the left,
    and another two squares to the east of it.  Cast Ivan's Whirlwind against the
    large plant and then do it again to the other side to reveal another pillar. 
    Now, push one of the original pillars all the way back to the east and push the
    next pillar 2 squares directly south of it.  Now, head back up the stairs and
    hop over the pillars onto the ledge.  Whirlwind the brush there and head
    through the door.  Head all of the way south through the narrow hallway in the
    room to arrive at a door.  Head through to find a room with three small
    pillars.  Push one of them directly above the little white ledge and use Carry
    to put the statue down there.  Repeat the process to bring the ledge on the
    left all of the way up allowing you to jump the large ledge to the left.  Head
    through the hallway and through the door.  In this room you'll have two paths
    to take.  Take the path to the left to find a large statue on an elevated
    platform.  Head up the stairs south of the platform and use reveal to expose a
    treasure chest with an Oracle's Robe in it.  Head out of the room and hop
    across to the ledge on the right now.  Go south to enter a room with 5
    different color statues.  This is where this path meets the Southern past, so
    skip past the following section to continue with this guide.
    Here is the guide for going South:
    Once you get into the room after the stepping stones you will see a pillar with
    water in it and a path leading to a water drop.  Push the pillar onto the water
    drop to make another pillar come up.  Hop across this pillar to the ledge on
    the west.  Head south and do the same pushing to water drop thing you just did
    with the pillar down there.  However, this time you're going to have to use
    Douse (equip Douse Drop on a character) to cause this pillar to be heavy enough
    to bring the pillar up.  Then, head across the pillar and into the next room. 
    This next room contains more stepping stones, with a fork in the path.  Head
    west to find a room with a statue and apparently a dead end.  Use Reveal to
    expose a treasure chest with Asura's Armor in it.  Once you get the armor, head
    back out of the room and head to the ledge in the southwest part of the room. 
    This room is a little tricky, so pay attention.  Head down the southern most
    part that you can get to.  Get as close are you can to a 1 square gap between
    you and the pillar.  Move the pillar south and then start pushing it to the
    northeastern most point.  Now, use Douse on this pillar and head up the stairs.
     Stand facing the pillar and use Frost on it.  Now, go up the final set of
    stairs and head from the top ledge to the ice pillar to the ledge to the east. 
    Head south and out of the room.  In the next room, head left across the
    stepping stone and continue south into a room with 5 colored statues.
    In order to open the door in this room with 5 colored statues, you'll have to
    mind read the statues, or you can just put them in this order:
    Red	Blue
    Green Violet
    Once all of the statues are on their squares head through the now open door to
    find a room with a tree in it.  No secret rooms this time, just head up the
    stairs.  In this room there will be a Psynergy stone, so heal and use any other
    spells you want to use before getting the stone.
    Head into the room to the north and go to the first door on your left.  Here
    you have to use carry on the small block to put it into the gap.  Now, hop over
    it and go through the door.  Head up the narrow hallway and then cross the sand
    going east.  Head up the stairs to find a room with several small sand
    waterfalls.  Head through the sand waterfall to the far right to find yourself
    in the next room.  Head west to get to a stepping stone path where you'll want
    to head along the right wall.  Head all the way down to the door there to find
    a room with a statue and an elevated piece that looks like this: [ | ].  That
    solid line in the middle is for flowing electricity, so put that in the empty
    hole in the room to have electricity come from the statue and open the door. 
    Head through it and step on the small purple switch in the next room to change
    around the sand waterfalls.  Continue counterclockwise around this room until
    you get to the next door going south.  This will get you back to a room you
    were in earlier.  Here you'll want to head down the ladder and up the ladder to
    the north of it.  Head across the sand waterfall and go through the door.  Head
    to the southeast part of the room and go down the ladder.  Move the two pillars
    there to expose a doorway leading to the other pillar to the north.  Push that
    pillar all the way to the west and then head back and up the ladder.  Hop from
    the ledge to the west onto the pillar and then onto the ledge to the north and
    up the stairs.  Go down the ladder and under the bridge in the next room then
    up the other ladder.  Go up the stairs here and through the door to get to the
    next room.
    It's now time for another one of those electric current puzzles.  Push the
    right most block into the southwestern hole, push the left most block into the
    northwestern hole and push the north most block into the northeastern hole. 
    Leave the southeastern hole without a block in it.  If you did this correctly
    there should be a solid line for the electric current to go through and it will
    open the door.  Proceed through the door to reach another room with a sand
    waterfall in it.  Hop over the pillar here and go up when you get to the ledge
    directly east of the sand waterfall, then cross the sand waterfall and hop over
    the gap to the northwestern ledge via a pillar.  Head through the south door to
    find another room with many sand waterfalls.  Head through the eastern most
    sand waterfall to find the Dragon Scales.  Head through the sand waterfall on
    the left and up the stairs.  In this room you'll have to use Carry to drop 2
    small blocks on the western white ledge.  Doing so will allow you to hop across
    the eastern white block and to the ledge to the east.  Go through the door and
    step on the purple switch to change around sand waterfall locations again. 
    Head directly north from the switch across a gap and go down the stairs to
    arrive in the room with the large sand waterfalls.  Now that the waterfall on
    the left is flowing, go down it and to the ledge in the southwestern part of
    the room.  Head up the staircase on this ledge to get to the next room.
    In this next room head south through a door to find a new room with moving sand
    currents.  The objective of this room is to get to the ledge to the east and to
    get the treasure chest in the south which contains the best weapon in the game,
    the Gaia Blade, so you're going to have to time your movements well.  There
    really isn't too much to right about, it's more about execution in this room. 
    One thing to try, however, is running to get a little more control (you need to
    know where you're going, though)  Head to the door to your right to find
    yourself in yet another electric current puzzle.  This is the toughest puzzle
    yet, and it took me a few trial and errors to figure out the correct way. 
    Rather than describing this I drew a picture.  Go to
    http://comicsoft.hypermart.net/gsa/w_001.gif for the solution to the puzzle. 
    It's not great, but you should be able to figure it out.  The tan squares with
    lines drawn through them correspond to what shape you want to put where.  Once
    you've done that the door will open and you should head through it.  In the
    next room, head west a little bit to expose a purple switch that you'll have to
    press to once again mix up and create new sand waterfalls.  Hop directly north
    from the switch and continue along the path.  In the middle of some empty space
    will be a blue and white colored pad hovering in mid air.  This will be the pad
    that you'll fall down to just a little bit later.  For now, head north across
    the gap and down the stairs.  Head south through the next door to find yourself
    slipping down the middle waterfall.  Head to the ledge to the right, then move
    all the way north and head east across the sand.  If you're having trouble
    getting across the sand waterfall, remember to hold B to run, the direction
    you're going and up at the same time so that you won't fall.  Head up the
    stairs on this ledge and then up the stairs again.  ABSOLUTELY FOR THE LOVE OF
    On this floor you will find a Psynergy stone (don't take this yet) and a
    crevice leading down to that blue and white floating elevator that you saw
    earlier.  Do not head down the ledge until you are ready to go to the top of
    the lighthouse and fight the boss of the game.  At this point, I would equip my
    Lure Cap and start leveling up if you're under about Level 24 or so.  This
    probably won't take a lot of leveling up, but do make sure to conserve your
    Psynergy.  Try to use only your Djinn and normal attacks reserving Psynergy for
    only healing attacks.  You may also want to use Herbs and Nuts at this time to
    save yourself from wasting Psynergy (you won't be needing these against the
    boss.)  Save frequently here, as the monsters are very tough and occasionally
    they can get one or more of your character's down.  Alternatively, another way
    to level up is to use Retreat and backtrack to Crossbone Island.
    What!?  We're Backtracking!?
    Yes, it's time to go *back* to Suhulla Desert to get to Crossbone Island.  Why
    didn't we just go earlier, when we were in Suhulla Desert?  This is because you
    needed to get Carry to solve a few of the puzzles in Crossbone Island and it
    would be trivial to go earlier because you'd just have to go back from
    Crossbone Island when you got stuck.  Nevertheless, head out Venus Tower via
    Retreat and make your way out of Lalivero and start heading southwest.  If
    you're trying to level up, stop at the inn, put on the Lure Cap and start
    fighting enemies in the base of Babi tower.  Go west through Venus Lighthouse
    entrance and keep going west until you reach Suhulla Gate again.  Backtrack
    from there all the way until you get outside of the gate and back into the over
    world map.  Keep going west until you reach the Suhulla Desert.  At this point
    you'll want to make a separate save game different from the save game that you
    have at Lalivero.  When you get into Suhulla Desert, head west around the
    hallway and up the steps.  Remember the hidden pillar that you had to reveal to
    get the Djinn a little earlier?  Well, reveal this again and hop across.  Head
    down the ladder here and this time go through the cave.
    Head east along the long passage way and up the stairs when you get to them. 
    Head south out of the next room to find yourself right next to a pink sand
    storm (I wonder if Isaac sees pink sand storms when he's drunk as opposed to
    pink elephants ;-] ).  Go into the sand storm, but DO NOT DOUSE THIS TORNADO or
    you'll have to go out of Suhulla Desert and then back in.  Instead, let it
    sweep you up and take you to...
    Crossbone Island
    When you get to Crossbone Island, head to the southern part of it.  You'll see
    an indentation in the mountains when you get to the southern part of the
    island, so head north to it to find the entrance to Crossbone Island.  When the
    world map disappears, go to the west to find a vine that you have to use growth
    on.  Repeat this process two times until you're at the top of the cliff.  There
    will be three crevices to fall down here.  The crevice on the left will take
    you to the north of those tree stumps and next to a shrub that you should
    whirlwind to expose the entrance to Crossbone Island Cave.  The middle crevice
    leads to a chest with 1 coin, and the right crevice leads to a chest with a
    mint in it.  When you go down the crevice on the left and whirlwind the door,
    enter it to enter the cave.  Head north along the hallway until you get to a
    large staircase to go down.  Do so and arrive at the first floor of Crossbone
    Island Cave.
    On each floor in Crossbone Island there are several treasure chests.  In this
    guide I will mention how to beat the boss in the first paragraph, how to get
    the treasure chests in the second paragraph, and in the third paragraph I will
    mention how to actually solve the room and get to the next one.
    One thing to note about Crossbone Island is that there aren't random battle
    encounters, which is quite nice.  Instead, there are "Door Enemies" that you'll
    have to fight before you can enter in a door.
    Also, whenever you come out of a door in Crossbone Island make sure that you
    push the stump down so that you'll have easy access past rooms you've already
    gone through if you need to head out of the cave and then back in for any
    -Floor 1-
    The first of these Door Enemies is a Hobgoblin and a Virago.  These guys aren't
    all too tough, because you'll be free to cast all of your summons right off the
    bat (remember, there aren't any random battle encounters in Crossbone Island.) 
    3 Level-4 Summons should wipe these guys out of the cave, giving you a Lucky
    Medal and access to the first floor.
    CHEST 1:
    Location: Southwest corner of the room.
    Item: 111 Coins.
    Directions: Hop onto the ledge right below the stump and push it to the left. 
    Head counterclockwise across the gaps to get to the treasure chest.
    Notes Before Obtaining the Next One: Head out of the room.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: Southeast corner of the room.
    Item: Nut.
    Directions: Hop onto the ledge below the stump and move it to the left.  Jump
    onto the platform with the stump and head right.  The chest is directly east of
    the platform.
    Notes.....: Head out of the room.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Northwest corner of the room.
    Item: Hard Nut
    Directions: Hop onto the ledge below the stump and move it to the right.  From
    the ledge head to the left and move the stump to the north and move the log
    there to the right.  Head north along the stepping stone path on the left.
    Notes: Head off of the platform but you need not go out of the room.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: North-center part of the room, not on a stepping stone.
    Item: Antidote
    Direction: Head counterclockwise all of the way around the outer ledge.
    To get out of the room you'll need to make sure that you haven't moved any
    stumps yet (head out of the room if you have.)  Hop onto the small stepping
    stone below the only log visible.  Move the log to the right and head northwest
    to the next stump on a ledge.  Move this log to the left and start making your
    way east until you can't go east any further.  Once you're there, head north
    until you reach the northeast corner.  Start heading west until you come to a
    ledge with a stump to the left.  Move this stump east one square, then start
    heading back from whence you came (13?)  Make your way to the stump in the
    middle that you haven't moved yet.  Move this to the right and jump onto it. 
    Now you'll want to make your way to the log you moved earlier northwest of the
    log you just moved.  Move this log to the east, hop on to the platform and make
    your way to the long outer ledge.  Head all the way down this ledge and out the
    door.  When you exit the room there will be a treasure chest here that's
    actually a Mimic.  You probably will want to fight him at this point for his
    experience points.
    -Floor 2-
    The next enemies that you'll have to face are two Grislys and a Sucubus
    (reminds me of a South Park episode.)  As always, put all the Djinn on standby
    (even Mia's at this point) and just let the Summons Rip.  These guys will die
    to approximately three Level-4 summons, so you really don't have anything to
    worry about.
    CHEST 1:
    Location: Just north of you when you enter the room.
    Item: Elixir
    Directions: Just head north, this isn't head to get.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: Northeast of Chest 1.
    Item: 222 Coins.
    Directions: Simply head around the blocks counterclockwise from Chest 1 to find
    Chest 2 without having to roll and logs.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Northeast corner of the screen.
    Item: Lucky Pepper
    Directions: From Chest 2, head around the block and head to the east most point
    then go up.  No rolling required.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: Northwest from Chest 1.
    Item: Mystery Blade
    Directions: Push the log above Chest 1 up, then head to near Chest 3 in the
    northeast part of the screen and push the vertical log to the left.  Head down
    and around the broken pillar and go next to Chest 2.  Push the horizontal log
    there up, and then push the horizontal log that was right below it up as well. 
    Now, head northwest of Chest 1 and push the vertical log to the right and the
    horizontal log up.
    Notes: None.
    To get out of Room 2, simply follow the directions for Chest 4 and just head
    south along the west corner of the screen to find the exit.
    -Floor 3-
    The next door enemies that you'll have to face are a Lich and two Fiendish
    Ghouls.  These guys still aren't very tough and three Level-4 summons should
    get them.  When they're defeated you'll get a handy Psy Crystal for use in
    battles later in the game.
    CHEST 1: (Left Most)
    Gem Location: Just a little northeast of the door.
    Item: 333 Coins.
    Directions: Equip Catch Beads and use Catch when facing the blue gem on the
    part of the original platform that you were on when you entered the room that's
    the most northeast.
    Notes: To get to the Blue Door where you need to use this game, simply go back
    to the main platform and then head along the northwest stepping stone path to
    get to the top ledge (the same applies for getting to all of the blue doors.)
    CHEST 2: (2nd to the Left)
    Gem Location: Due east of Gem 1.
    Item: Fairy Ring
    Directions: From the northwest corner of the original platform start hopping
    southeast.  Eventually when you get to the eastern wall the stepping stones
    will allow you to make a U-Turn and arrive directly east of the gem.  Use Catch
    on it to get the second Gem.
    Notes: See Chest 1's Notes.
    CHEST 3: (2nd from the Right)
    Gem Location: Northeast of Gem 1.
    Item: Cookie.
    Directions: Head along the western stepping stones as if you were going to the
    blue doors, but head one square to the east when you can.  Start moving north
    until you arrive at a row with two long platforms with a small platform in
    between them.  Face south towards the gem and use Catch to obtain it.
    Notes: See Chest 1's Notes.
    CHEST 4: (Right Most)
    Gem Location: North-northeast of Gem 3.
    Item: Smoke Bomb
    Directions: From the main platform head northeast, then due north when it
    starts to straighten out.  You'll find yourself right underneath Gem 4 which
    you should use Catch to get.
    Notes: See Chest 1's Notes.
    From Chest 4 (not Gem 4) Head directly south to land on the northern most
    square of a circle.  Use reveal to expose a hidden Red Gem in the middle which
    you should use Catch on.  Once you get the gem start heading west along the
    north ledge when there blue doors were and head down the stepping stones on the
    western side of the screen.  About three from the south you'll be able to jump
    west to the ledge with the red door.  Do so and continue through it, then head
    south and out of Floor 3.
    -Floor 4-
    The door enemies for Floor 4 are two Gryphon birds.  As always, use all of your
    Summons against them.  This may or may not kill all of them, and if there's one
    remaining just use Ragnarok with Isaac, attack with Garet, defend with Ivan and
    Wish with Mia.  The Grpyhons shouldn't have too much HP after getting hit by
    four Level-4 Summons, so don't worry about dieing too much.
    CHEST 1:
    Location: North and a little east of the center of the screen.
    Item: 444 Coins
    Directions: Go up to the second statue that you reach when going east from the
    door.  Use Halt on this statue when you have it up against a wall to sneak by
    it.  Once you get into the shadows use cloak to sneak by another concealed
    statue and use reveal to figure out where you're going.  This statue can be
    obtained by heading to the north wall and going west a little.
    Notes: Head back outside the statue.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: Due north of the first statue that you get to going east from the
    Item: Sleep Bomb
    Directions: Go up to the first statue that you get to when going east from the
    door.  Move to the right on it and halt it, then sneak past and use reveal to
    find a treasure chest at the northern most part of this hallway.
    Notes: Go back south once you're done.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Northeast corner of the screen.
    Item: Storm Gear
    Directions: Go up the second statue that you reach when going east from the
    door and halt it.  Go north and put on cloak to sneak past the first statue. 
    Use reveal to find out where you're going.  A little past the statue in the
    dark take a right to arrive near a statue in pure daylight.  Sneak past this
    statue by staying in the shadows and head clockwise past the statue to get to
    the treasure chest.
    Notes: Head back out to near the entrance door when you're done.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: Near the exit door.
    Item: Psy Crystal.
    Directions: See exiting the room in the next paragraph.
    Notes: None.
    To exit the room, head west from the entrance door and go up the narrow passage
    way.  Put on cloak when you get to the shadows, and stay in the shadows for as
    long as possible to get past the statue here.
    -Floor 5-
    The next door enemies are a Lizard King, a Harridan and two stone soldiers.  As
    always summon the hell out of 'em (make sure the big arrow falls on the
    Lizard.)  After one or two summons everything but the Lizard King will be gone,
    but he'll stay alive through four summons.  The Lizard King also deals a pretty
    good blow, and if you're not careful Ivan might get hurt (you may actually want
    to defend him in the first round and do a 4-Summon in the next round if you're
    afraid of him dieing.)
    CHEST 1:
    Location: Northeast corner of the screen, near the stairs.
    Item: 555 Coins
    Directions: Just head around the ledge counterclockwise to find this Chest. 
    It's near the stairs.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: North-center part of the screen
    Item: Lucky Medal
    Directions: Head down the stairs located at the northeast part of the screen. 
    Move the first vertical log that you seen to the left and move the horizontal
    log directly southeast of that up.  Move the vertical log back to the right,
    and head out of the lower area and flip the switch to bring water in.  Hop
    across the log pattern you just set up to reach the chest.
    Notes: Head out of the room when you've completed this.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Southwest part of the screen.
    Item: Ninja Garb
    Directions: Head down the stairs into the lower area of the screen.  Head west
    until you see two vertical logs with the edge of a horizontal log in between
    them.  Push the lower vertical log to the east, then push the horizontal log
    south.  Push the lower vertical log west, then push the horizontal log to the
    right of the upper vertical log south.  Now, push the lower vertical log that's
    to the west back east, then push the horizontal log you just pushed back up. 
    Now, go back to the switch to fill the area up with water, and hop across the
    path you made to get the chest.
    Notes: Go out of the room when you've completed this.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: Northwest part of the screen
    Item: Potion
    Directions: See exiting the room in the next paragraph, it will be directly
    west of when you hop off the logs in the pattern below.
    Notes: None.
    To get out of the room, head down the stairs in the northeast part of the
    screen.  Push the 2nd east most horizontal log south, then move the
    northeastern most vertical log east.  Move the horizontal log one square
    southwest of it north.  Push the northern most vertical log west, then push the
    horizontal log you moved south earlier back north.  Push the vertical log
    that's now up against the west wall back east, then push the horizontal log
    directly north of it south.  Now, flood the area by hitting the switch, and
    head across the path you've created.  Hop to the ledge and head all of the way
    south and out of the door.
    -Floor 6-
    The door enemies for this floor are two Chimeras, which are three-headed lion
    type creatures.  As always, unleash all of the summons on them in the first
    round.  One of them will probably die to four Level-4 summons, with the other
    being badly damaged.  Ragnarok with Isaac, Attack with Garet, Defend with Ivan
    and use Ply Well with Mia to get this guy.  If you have a Level-3 Summon
    available at this point (by having 7 Djinn) use it and you'll almost certainly
    wipe out the last Chimera.  When you defeat him you'll get a potion and advance
    through the next door.
    CHEST 1:
    Location: North-northeast of the door.
    Item: Elixir
    Directions: Move stumps that you see when you enter the door so that 1 is all
    the way to the left and another is one from the right.  Hop across the stumps
    to get the treasure chest to the north.
    Notes: None.
    Location: Northwest corner of the screen (initially)
    Directions: From Chest 1, head north until you get to the north wall.  Head
    down the ladder and then up the ladder to the west.  Keep going west along the
    northern ledge until you get near the Djinn.  He'll run away, and you'll have
    to keep going around the corner until you get to a movable stump with a crevice
    on the side of the ledge.  Push the stump down the crevice, then go down the
    crevice yourself.  Head down the ladder and freeze the puddle a little east of
    the ladder.  Head back up the ladder and jump across the pillars and go north
    along this ledge.  Here you will find Chest 2.  Keep going north and the Djinn
    will flee.  Push the stump to the right and go up the ladder.  Go east to find
    the Djinn in the northeast corner.  He'll flee once more, and you should go
    down the large ladder and up the smaller one.  Head south, then jump across the
    two stumps you had moved earlier and go up the ladder.  Go directly south of
    the Djinn (there will be a block in your way) and use Halt on it.  You can now
    go up to it and get the Venus Djinn Bane!  Jeez, that was pretty complicated.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: Go up the northern ledge towards the second location of the Djinn
    (see Djinn step.)
    Item: 666 coins (how evil)
    Directions: See Djinn Directions.
    CHEST 3: (Get the Djinn before doing this, but don't go out of the door)
    Location: The middle of the screen on top of a stump.
    Item: Demon Axe
    Directions: Go to the middle of the screen without climbing up any ladders and
    push the stump with the chest on top of it as far north as it will go (make
    sure it's still in the center.)  Now, head back south and go up the ladder on
    the east.  Hop across the two stumps you had moved earlier and start heading
    north.  When you get to a small ladder, head down it and go up the large ladder
    to the west of it.  Go west past the large ladder until you get to a small
    ladder.  Go down this ladder and push the stump to the east.  Climb down the
    ladder and Move the log all of the way to the east.  Go back up the two smaller
    ladders and then go down the large ladder.  Hop from the stump onto the ledge
    in the middle and get the Chest.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: Middle-southern part of the screen.
    Item: Water of Life
    Directions: From Chest 3, head back to the stump and up the large ladder. 
    Then, go down one small ladder but not the other and start heading south.  Keep
    going until you reach the Ice Pillar that you freezed, and hop across that to
    the stump and then down the ladder.  Now, move the stump all of the way to the
    east.  However, before moving it into its final position north, you'll have to
    get north of it and use Move Psynergy so that you don't get trapped behind it. 
    Head back up north and go up the small ladder.  Then, head south and jump from
    the ice pillar to the stump to the next platform.  The treasure chest is right
    on top of here.
    Notes: None.
    To get out to the level (these directions are from after getting Chest 4) head
    back across the two pillars and start going north.  Head down the small ladder
    when you get to it and go south until you reach the stump that you had moved to
    get Chest 4.  Use Move Psynergy to move this south and then west.  Keep heading
    south to find your way out of the door.
    -Floor 7-
    At the door this time will be two Earth Lizards.  This time, for a change, try
    activating all of your Djinn to have your stats boosted up a *ton*.  Use
    Ragnarok with Isaac, Attack and Impair with Garet, Plasma and High Impact with
    Garet and Wish Well with Mia.  It will take a lot longer but there's less risk
    of a character going down thanks to more health and more defense.  When you
    eventually defeat them you'll get some Water of Life and access to the next
    CHEST 1:
    Location: Northeast part of the screen.
    Item: Lucky Medal.
    Directions: Head northeast along the hallway and across the gap to the west
    when you get to it.  Keep going west until you reach a small block that you'll
    have to move all the way to the right and then all of the way north.  Now, use
    the Carry Psynergy that you got in Venus Lighthouse to place to block 1 square
    north on the ledge.  Now, climb up the ladder and keep going east until you
    reach the chest.
    Notes: Head out of the room before attempting Chest 2.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: North-center part of the screen up on a large single platform.
    Item: Psy Crystal
    Directions: Head back to where that small block was when obtaining Chest 1. 
    This time, move the block all of the way to the left without changing its
    vertical position, and use Carry on it to bring it up the ledge to the left. 
    Now, jump the gap and head up the ladder and down the one to the east of it. 
    Move the block one square to the north and use Carry on it to move it up to the
    ledge above.  Head back up the ladder and jump to the pillar you just made to
    get the chest.
    Notes: Head out of the room before attempting Chest 3.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Almost dead center portion of the screen.
    Item: Wicked Mace
    Directions: Head back to where that small block was
    in getting the previous chests.  Move it west just like you did in getting
    Chest 2 and Carry it onto the ledge.  Hop the gap and go up the large ladder
    and then down the small one.  Move the block all of the way to the left of the
    platform and push it off.  Now, move the block so that it is 2 squares to the
    left of the bottom most square of the ledge.  Now, go up the large ladder and
    down the small one and jump across the small pillar to the platform against the
    west wall.  Head southeast on this platform to get the chest.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: East of the exit door.
    Item: 777 Coins
    Directions: Thanks to Peter Mentink for this information: It's real easy, you
    can just jump on the ledge where the chest is (jump below the chest).The square
    you jump to is only not visible because off the walls!
    Notes: None.
    From Chest 3 head back across the gap and up and then down the large ladder. 
    Jump across the gap and start heading south at the narrow passageway.  Hop to
    the west when you come to the end of this platform to find another small block.
     Move this down as far as it will go and then all of the way to the left.  Use
    Carry to place this block on the ledge to the north of it, then climb up the
    ladder and hop across the gap.  Head down the ladder to the west and go south
    to go out of the door.
    -Floor 8-
    The next group of enemies are a Poison Toad, and two Thunder Lizards.  These
    guys are pretty tough because they have the ability to stun your entire party
    which wont' allow them to attack.  I'd go into this with 4 of each type of
    Djinn on standby with the rest of the active.  This is a compromise between
    stats and having Summons (although you may want to keep all of Mia's Djinn
    active for Wish Well).  Three Level-4 summons will take care of the Thunder
    Lizards, leaving only the Poison Toad.  Here you will probably want to use
    status changing Djinn that will paralyze or put Poison Toad to sleep.  Once
    he's injured, blast the hell out of it with regular attacks to defat it.  On
    defeating the group you'll earn some Water of Life.  If you're running low on
    PP, instead of wasting Psy Crystals, just run around for a while to restore PP
    (you don't have to worry about random battles.)
    CHEST 1:
    Location: Northeast part of the screen.
    Item: Smoke Bomb.
    Directions: Head north along the hallway until you reach a white platform with
    a puddle of water underneath it.  Freeze this puddle and head north up the
    ladder.  Once you're up on the cliff, head south to get the chest.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: North-Center part of the screen.  This chest is the top one.
    Item: 888 coins.
    Directions: From Chest 1 head down the ladder and freeze the puddle in your
    way.  Now, head back north and up the ladder.  Cross the gap to be right next
    to this chest.
    Notes: Head out of the room before attempting Chest 3.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Directly below Chest 2.
    Item: Cleric's Ring
    Directions: Make your way to Chest 2, freezing the puddle south of the ladder
    leading up to the cliff on the east.  Do *not* freeze the puddle under the
    platform or you'll have to start over.  From Chest 2, slide down the crevice on
    the side of the mountain and make your way around the logs so that you can now
    push the small black rock east.  Do so, then head up the ladder northwest of it
    and back across the gap towards the dragon.  Head down the crevice, push the
    horizontal log down, and freeze the puddle under the white platform.  This will
    now have the dragon burn down the ice pillar in your way to the ladder to the
    north, so hop across the puddle and refreeze it when you're north of it.  Head
    up the ladder and across the gap.  Head down the crevice on this cliff and push
    the horizontal log down.  You can now get up the ladder and get the chest.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: Along the northwest wall.
    Item: Potion.
    Directions: From Chest 3, head down the ladder and head northwest.  Hop over
    the puddle, then freeze it and go up the ladder.  Jump across the ice pillar to
    the cliff to get the item.
    Notes: None.
    After you get the 4th Chest, head down the crevice and go out of the room via
    the door to the south.
    -Floor 9-
    The door enemies for this floor are two Cerebuses.  Go into the battle with 4
    inactive Djinn for Isaac, Garet and Ivan and all of the Djinn active for Mia. 
    Cast all of the summons for Isaac, Garet and Ivan in the first round.  Have Mia
    use Wish or Wish Well throughout the battle.  Once the summons have been cast,
    have Isaac start to use Ragnarok, have Garet use the Djinni Flash or re-summon
    Flash, and have Ivan use High-Impact then Plasma in the following rounds. 
    Defeat them to get a handy Psy Crystal.
    CHEST 1:
    Location: East-center part of the screen in the middle of the lake.
    Item: 999 Coins
    Directions: Head north to get to the lake with many logs to cross.  Take the
    horizontal log to the west of the lake up north.  Now, take the vertical log
    right above it to the east.  Head off onto the eastern ledge and head south. 
    Take the horizontal log here up north, then hop east to the double vertical
    logs.  Head down to the south and take the vertical log in the southeastern
    corner of the lake west to reach the island in the center.
    Notes: Head out of the room before attempting to get the next Chest.
    CHEST 2:
    Location: Northwestern part of the lake.
    Item: Sleep bomb.
    Directions: Head up the eastern ledge of the lake and take the northern most
    vertical log west.  Hop north to get the treasure chest.
    Notes: Head out the room before attempting to get the next chest.
    CHEST 3:
    Location: Middle of the room in between the two lakes.
    Item: Water of Life
    Directions: Take the western most horizontal log in the first lake you come to
    north, then take the vertical log above it east.  Head onto the cliff on the
    east and head south.  Bring the horizontal log here north, then hop east to the
    vertical log.  Move that west, then hop south to the vertical log below it. 
    Head all of the way to the west to reach the platform with this treasure chest
    on it.
    Notes: None.
    CHEST 4:
    Location: Northwest past of the screen.
    Item: Muramasa (a sword)
    Directions: From Chest 3, head southwest.  Take all of the horizontal logs
    north.  Now, go and take the lowest vertical log west, and then take the
    horizontal log above it south.  Go back and take the middle Vertical log west,
    then take the horizontal log above that south.  Go all the way back from whence
    you came (13) and take the final vertical log at the northern part of the
    screen west.  Jump up north to get the item.
    From Chest 4, simply take the vertical log back east and head south down the
    ledge to find the exit door.
    -Floor 10-
    When you get to floor ten, you'll be thrilled to know that there are no longer
    anymore puzzles to solve.  However, you're about to face one mother of a boss. 
    Save your game, inactivate 4 Djinn for everyone but Mia, and make sure
    everyone's healed.  It's time for the battle of your life (you meaning Isaac
    and company.)  Head west up the dock to find a treasure chest.  This chest is
    actually a mimic that you may want to fight for the experience.  Now, head up
    the deck the ship (to the north) to encounter Deathbeard in a random battle.
    If you're around level 25-26 and have at least 6 Djinn for each character (If
    you've been following this walkthrough you should by now), then Deathbeard
    shouldn't be that difficult of an enemy.  In the first round, Cast your three
    Level-4 summons on him, and have Mia use Wish Well on the whole party.  Once
    the first round is done, start using Ragnarok with Isaac.  With Garet you'll
    want to use the Djinn Flash *each* turn whether you're casting him or setting
    him to be active again.  This will provide a heat barrier that frees your party
    from almost all damage that Deathbeard dishes out.  With Ivan, use his Impact
    spell on Isaac (you'll pretty much use this throughout the whole match because
    Deathbeard will occasionally use Break which will decrease all of your party
    member's stats down to normal.)  With Mia use Ply Well throughout the battle to
    keep healing stats.  Whenever someone's PP starts to get down, use a Psy
    Crystal on him or her (you'll only had to use about 2 or 3 throughout the whole
    match...when Ivan's PP starts to get low don't worry about it, just have him
    defend or use his Djinn.)  Try to time using Psy Crystals to when you're being
    defended by a Flash heat barrier.  Also, whenever a character goes down, wait
    until you're under a Flash heat barrier to revive that character with Isaac's
    revive.  While this strategy is pretty boring, you should be able to defeat
    Deathbeard in about 10 minutes.  This strategy works because you'll have a lot
    of HP, PP and defense thanks to having lots of Djinn active.  When you finally
    defeat Deathbeard you will get 8,000 experience points, 9,000 coins and some
    Water of Life.  You'll also be able to get the treasure chest at the very north
    part of the ship.  This box contains the Demon Mail that's unfortunately
    Congratulations!  You're now done Crossbone Island!  Save your game and use
    Retreat to head out of the cave.  Head back northwest towards the pink tornado
    to arrive back at Suhulla.  Head all of the way back to Babi's tower where you
    want to go through the entrance there.  Also, you will probably want to take a
    rest in the inn at Lalivero before you enter the tower.
    Venus Lighthouse Part 3
    Go through the Babi Lighthouse entrance to the tower.  Now, keep making your
    way through the tower using the guide earlier in this game.  For the most part,
    you're going to have to re-do all of the puzzles in the tower.  When you
    *finally* make your way to the top room, save your game, heal all of your
    characters and grab the Psy Crystal.  Put 4 Djinn on standby for everyone but
    Mia just like you did with Deathbeard, and slide down the crevice.
    You'll now get an elevator ride up to the top of the lighthouse where you'll
    find Menardi and Saturos talking about lighting the beacon.  Suddenly, Felix
    will come up and get in a fight with Saturous and Menardi.  He talks about how
    he doesn't trust them with Sheba (remember her?)  When you finally get your
    SAVED BEFORE GOING DOWN THE CREVICE!  You will not be able to return to the
    rest of the game without losing to Saturos and Menardi after this point.  Make
    any final adjustments and head over the blue and white gaps, up the stairs and
    get ready to find Saturos and Menardi!  Well, after 3 minutes of conversation
    at least ;-]
    In this battle, don't be afraid to use any valuable items that you may be
    saving, as this is the final battle.  Cast all of your summons at the beginning
    and have Mia use Wish Well throughout the battle.  You're the most vulnerable
    at the beginning of this battle because characters such as Ivan will have very
    little HP until he regains some of his HP.  If he goes down at any point, use
    Water of Life or Revive with Isaac to bring him back to life.  Otherwise, use
    Ragnarok with Ivan, Flash each turn with Garet (be it summoning or using), and
    High Impact and Ivan's most expensive attack PP wise for each round.  Saturos
    and Menardi will start to become less and less effective against you, and
    eventually you'll destroy them.
    Once Saturos and Menardi go down, Felix will mysteriously not let Sheba go and
    mention that he himself wants to light all of the towers.  Then, out of
    nowhere, Saturos and Menardi will get up and throw an elemental stone into the
    tower.  Felix will leave and Saturos and Menardi will merge into one GIANT
    Fusion Dragon.  This Fusion Dragon really isn't as difficult as it seems, and
    the same strategy that you used against Saturos and Menardi will work very well
    against this boss.  The only problem is that you don't have any Summons this
    time, so it will take much longer to kill this guy.  After about 20 minutes of
    fighting you'll finally be able to defeat the dragon if you've stuck to the
    strategy.  Saturos and Menardi will fall into the Lighthouse (not much of a
    death, I bet they'll be back.)  You'll talk with Felix again and suddenly the
    Lighthouse will break in half.  Sheba will fall to here death and Felix will
    jump after her.
    You'll find yourself somewhere in Lalivero talking with Iodem.
    !Absolutey Do Not Save Over Your Pre-Boss Battle File While In Lalivero!
    !It is not possible to get out of Lalivero at this point.              !
    In here you'll learn that Sheba and Jenna have not been found, and that Idejema
    has been washed out to see along with Sheba and the rest (apparently Sheba
    didn't die.)  You'll all say your farewells, although Iodem will want to talk
    to you a little more.  Head out of the house to have Iodem come and talk to you
    about how you saw Iodem.  He'll give you the Black Orb that has the power to
    raise the sunken ship from the sea.  Once you get command back, head to the
    northwest part of the town to the building where the soldier is guarding.  Talk
    to him and he'll let you through.  Head west along the bottom ledge and north
    along the dock.  Use the Black Orb when you get to the northern most part of
    the dock to raise the Ship from the sea.  Your friends will start talking about
    how this is the Lemurian Ship and that the quests are just beginning.  The ship
    will set sail and the credits will start to roll.  Once they're all done a To
    Be Continued message will appear.  What does this mean?  It means that another
    Golden Sun is on the way for GameBoy Advance and it's coming out by Christmas
    But it doesn't end quite there.  After this you will see a short cinematic
    scene which explains what happened to Sheba, Felix, Kraden, Jenna and Alex. 
    Makes you thristy for a sequel, doesn't it?
    Chapter 7: Boss Strategies
    This section features alternate strategies than are listed in the walkthrough,
    and also features Boss HP, how many coins they give, and how much experience
    points they give.  If you've got a very well described Boss Strategy, please
    send it to me at gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com or post them at my forums at
    http://www.doc-ent.com/forums/index.php.  Also, if you have stats on bosses,
    please also send them to me ASAP.  Those who contribute will be credited.
    Here's a general strategy from Tim Stankiss [jedimstr@sdf.lonestar.org]:
    "I found that a really easy way to beat the most bosses *excluding* saturos,
    menardi, and the fusion dragon is to equip all venus djinn on Issac (or
    whatever you named him).  You get a power called curse that makes the spirit of
    death embrace somebody.  After the spirit of death embraces somebody, they have
    4 turns to live.  Keep your party alive for four turns, and you win.  Works on
    Hydros Statue, Manticore, Kraken, the Gladiators, Toadonpa, the Storm Lizard,
    and all the smaller creatures too."
    From MysticDragon2100: These guys give 66 EXP and 127 Gold.
    Tret Tree
    From Ben Rechter [weirdo007@hotmail.com]:
    "This guy isn't that tough, so it doesn't really matter if you do him before or
    after the Mercury Lighthouse.
    Tret will just do a normal hit attack, while you can use your Psynergy. If
    you're going well around this time, Isaac should have Ragnarok, which will be
    useful. If Mia has enough Water Djinn, then she should be able to use Wish.
    Ivan's best attack at this stage would be Plasma, so use that and with Garet
    use Heat Wave."
    Saturos on Top of Mercury Lighthouse
    Here is Saturos' breakdown of stats:
    From lotaion on the GameFAQ's message boards:
    "Make sure that you have all of the Djinn up to this point, and that you're
    around Level 10.  Keep all of your characters healed by distributing herbs and
    nuts evenly to all characters.  Take in mind that Mia has slow agility and let
    Isaac do some healing work.  Put all of your Djinni on standby and unleash the
    summons.  Then use attacking Djinn like Gust, Flint and Fever.
    As for attacks don't use any Psynergy with Garet, and with Ivan use Plasma."
    From Flumens on the GameFAQs message boards:
    "Saturos is easy this fight. Have all your Mars Djinn on Isaac (stand-by), all
    your Jupiter Djinn on Garet (set), all your Venus Djinn on Ivan, and all your
    Mercury Djinn on Mia. This way, Isaac and Ivan both have Cure and Mia has her
    ply, making recovering from Saturos' Fireball easier. Attack with everybody
    each turn with Garet using his Djinn and summoning them when they are all on
    stand-by. When HP is low, cure, but be careful not to let anybody's HP drop too
    low as a Fireball will finish them off. The best bet is to use Mia's Ply every
    single turn. As she recovers 4 PP every turn anyway, she will never run out. If
    no one was hurt, I generally healed Ivan as he is always hit by the Fireball,
    and since Mia was slower than Saturos (can't remember agility or level), she
    would heal after the fireball, reducing the number of people I had to heal next
    turn. Healing all the time is a bit slow, but it encourages survival. Garet
    should attack every turn regardless."
    From Aethereal on the GameFAQs message boards:
    "I beat him rather easily by equipping (and setting) the Djinni that match the
    characters (i.e. Flint and Granite on Isaac, Forge and Fever on Garet, etc.). I
    started by having Isaac, Garet, and Ivan cast their Assist Djinni (Granite for
    defense, Forge for attack, and Breeze for resistance) and Mia used Sleet,
    dealing the first dose of damage. Then I used the attacking Djinni and used
    Fizz on Ivan, and always Ivan (because Saturos always does Heat Flash and then
    Fireball on the first two turns). After that, unless someone was *really* about
    to die (i.e. had less than 35 HP), I had everyone summon. Then I focused on
    healing and casting spells such as Spire (I had yet to acquire Ragnarok by this
    battle), Tundra, Plasma, and having Garet attack and use items...Mia and Isaac
    assisted with the healing as well. I found the fight pretty easy as long as
    Saturos didn't attack Ivan practically every round :)"
    Hydros Statue
    From Ben Rechter [weirdo007@hotmail.com]:
    "By now, you should have at least two of Each Djinni, so use your summons-
    Neried, Ramses, Tiamat and Atlanta. If that doesn't work, then keep using
    Ragnarok, Heat wave, impact and taundra. After a while he should die so that
    you can get the Lift Stone."
    From Ben Rechter [weirdo007@hotmail.com]:
    "This guy shouldn't be too hard if you have done enough training up to here. In
    the Lamakan Desert, use Reveal on the big Sand Fall and the Manticore
    will be blocking a cave. Press A on it to get started.
    With Ivan use Storm Ray, Ragnarok with Isaac, Ice Horn with Mia and Heat
    Wave with Garet. If you want, using Summons could also be useful."
    Here's some information on Krarken from Aditya Durgam [adurgam777@hotmail.com]:
    "I have some info on the HP power of Kraken, the water demon you encounter on
    your way to Tolbi on the ship. Kraken is the fourth monster/ beast you
    encounter while sailing.
    -He knows Ply Well, so be carefully.
    -He has approx. 2447 HP. It would be best if you used all the appropriate
    summons with the respective elemental adept (Thor with Ivan, Judgment with
    Isaac, etc.). I works better that way (duh)."
    From Dumont [ajdumont@sympatico.ca]:
    Toadonpa has approx. 3500 HP.
    Storm Lizard
    Jarrod M: "If you want to get rid of the storm lizard quickly all you need to
    do is go to Tolbi and use your lucky medals and aim for the center you'll
    usually get a weapon called the "Assassin Blade" it's special abilities can
    kill enemy even at full HP then get 3 of these and just go and fight him if
    your lucky you can kill him in one hit with one of the blades although it may
    be a glitch i couldn't tell you for sure."
    Here is information from Ben Rechter [weirdo007@hotmail.com]:
    "When you find the pirate ship, go to the front of the ship and Deadbeard
    will appear.
    The best attacks to use are Destruct Ray with Ivan (though if you don't have
    it use Tornado or Shine Plasma). With Isaac use your Ragnarok. Every turn with
    Mia it would be safe to use Wish or Wish Well. With Garet
    use Heat Wave.
    Deadbeard will attack you will fire attacks like Fireball and Inferno.
    Although if you use High Impact with Ivan about 3 times, he will use Break.
    Deadbeard is and extremely tough boss, so i suggest you take a few nuts, Psy
    Crystals, Water of Hermes and always try to keep Mia and Isaac alive- Isaac
    to attack and Mia to heal. It could be an extremely long fight, so be
    Here's some information from UnrealBlizzard@aol.com:
    "i have some info on deadbeard on Crossbone Island. When i fough him, my
    characters were at level 28 (Ivan was 27). He had approxamately 6023 HP and he
    liked to use Impact and Break. All my characters fell except for Mia, and i
    killed him when she had 27 HP left. I just summoned the hell out of him and
    then used Ragnorak with Isaac, Heat Wave and Djinni with Garet, Djinni with
    Ivan, and Wish Well with Mia. Watch out, because, like most bosses, Deadbeard
    attacks twice per round."
    From "Chris Pestak" <cpestak@core.com>:
    "When I fought deathbeard I used wishwell almost every turn with either my
    dragoon Garet at lv 30 or White Mage Ivan. Issac's Samurai attacks are good and
    don't be afraid to use his status-changing Psyenergy. The ultimate weapon,
    however, against Deathbeard is by far and away Earth Summons. Regular old
    'VENUS' will do between 200-300 damage. I did over 1000 damage with Judgement.
    I had Mia doing the summoning just because the other characters were busy
    attacking or wishing in the well. Good Luck!"
    Saturos, Menardi, Fusion Dragon
    According to RaGiNGTDRaGoN@aol.com, The Fusion Dragon has between 5200-5300 HP.
    From Paratroopa1 on the GameFAQ's message boards:
    "With Ivan, do whatever you want. Some people like to use Impact on Isaac.
    Myself, I prefer to use a lot of Djinni and then summon Thor to get a lot of
    damage done.
    Isaac should attack with the Gaia Blade, use Ragnarok, or use Djinni and then
    Summon. Don't use Djinni too often or his stats will fall. Be careful."
    From TennisPro6988@aol.com:
    "Start out with all the earth Djinni on Isaac, all the Fire Djinni on Garet,
    etc. Go into battle and use all the defensive djinni first. The main thing in
    this fight is to get rid of Saturos. His attacks will do at least 100 to all
    your people, while Menardi just heals and does 40 damage (if your level 25). So
    keep on using your Djinni's special abilities until you finally have enough on
    standby to use four level 4 summons. Remember to concentrate the attack on
    Saturos. A few more attacks after that and he should go down. Now you just have
    to deal with Menardi. She won't have that much HP(because of the summons you
    used) so just do regular attacks and remember to heal. After that you get
    really happy and say " Yay I finally beat the game!"........ NO. just NO. Your
    characters will get happy to until suddenly Saturos lights the light house(
    c'mon you knew it was gonna happen) Then somehow him and Mernardi fuse into a
    big ugly rabid Dragon. Just use the same tactics and you should beat him."
    From Syk0224@aol.com:
    "This may vary from other people's strategies, but when I used this one, I beat
    it easily:
    First off, put all the djinn on standby, except for Granite, Flash, and any
    other djinn you would like to use in battle. (only set up to 3 djinn for each
    person, because the summon would be weakened, if you have all of them--28 djinn
    total). Then, in the first round of attacks, use Granite and Flash. Then, tell
    Ivan to use djinn or summon Thor. Definitely, and I mean DEFINITELY, summon
    Second round of attacks
    Tell Isaac to heal whoever needs healing, (Probably Ivan.) Garet--Summon
    Meteor. Ivan--summon Thor or cast most powerful spells. Mia--aid in healing.
    Third round of attacks
    Tell Isaac to continue healing, but if everyone has enough HP, summon Judgment.
    (And no, judgment is not spelled wrong!!) Garet--Same as b4. Ivan--Cast most
    powerful spell. Mia--if has enough djinn, use Wish or Wish Well on party often.
    Fourth round of attacks, and so on (press A and watch the pretty colors)
    OK, now you have it sort of easy, unless the dragon keeps using Outer Space.
    Isaac--Use djinn often to put in Standby, and cast most powerful spells.
    Garet--Same as Isaac.
    Ivan--Same as Isaac.
    Mia--Use Wish Well often, cast most powerful spells.
    Last few attacks
    Now, you should be low on PP. Use the items to regain PP. Everyone should do
    the same things as before, and if a lot of the djinn are on Standby, SUMMON!!
    The Fusion Dragon should collapse soon, and watch the close-to-ending
    From Ben Rechter [weirdo007@hotmail.com]:
    "Use Level 4 summons first of all. With Mia use a level 3 so that she can
    still do Wish Well. After Summons have been done, use your Djinni to hold
    Saturos because he is the stronger fighter although Menardi has more health.
    Use your strongest attacks (like Destruct Ray, Galcier, Inferno, Mother
    Gaia) until they die.
    Now the fusion dragon isnt much stronger than Menardi and Saturos, but this
    time it should be easier because u can use stron ger attacks like Ragnarok
    and Heat Wave. Don't worry if Isaac and Garet are on low pp after fighting
    Saturos and Menardi, their pp will get restored. Keep fighting, using High
    Impact with Ivan and Wish Well with Mia. After dieing, Saturos and Menardi
    will fall into the lighthouse, which probably means that they will come
    back, Felix and Sheba will fall into the sea and the lighthouse will split."
    From HiddenFlame@aol.com:
    "1st, before entereing the battle make sure everyone is at full HP and PP. The
    set all of your Djinn except Ground(On Isaac) and Flash(On Garet). When you
    start off send all damage to Menardi with this combo: summon Judgement with
    Isaac, use the Flash Djinn with Garet, then Thor with Ivan, and Boreas with
    Mia. On the second go round, use the Ground Djinn with Isaac on Saturos, then
    Meteor with Garet but with it directed at Saturos, summon Procne with Ivan
    directed at Menardi, and Neptune with Mia directed at Menardi. This second
    round combo should fell Menardi if you're on a high enough level, and/or have
    all Djinn set to the users by type. On the third round, use Ragnarok w/ Isaac,
    then Inferno or set Flash w/ Garet, then Destruct Ray w/ Ivan, and anything you
    want with Mia. With that, they should have beaten and you hadn't taken any real
    damage. "
    From "Bonnizzio" <hbonnizzio@qwest.net>:
    "I found an easy (but long) way to defeat the 3 final bosses. Just equip all
    the Djinn the characters are good at. Isaac= 7 Venus, Garet= 7 Mars, Ivan= 7
    Jupiter, Mia= 7 Mercury. Put them all on stanby except Granite, Corona, Flash,
    Kite, Zephyr, Fizz, and Spritz. As soon as you start battling the duo, have
    Isaac unleash Granite, Garet summon Meteor, Ivan summon Thor, and Mia summon
    Boreas. Make surem the larger arrow is on Menardi. After the duo attacks, have
    Isaac summon Judgment, Garet unleash Flash, Ivan unleash Kite*, and Mia unleash
    Spritz. After the duo attacks, have Isaac cast Ragnarok or Clay Spire, then the
    other I just mentioned. After this, just unleash any Djiini that are
    status-changing or attacking. Have Mia summon Mercury, Neried, Neptune, or
    Boreas whenever possible. This should also get Fusion Dragon after about 5-10
    minutes of battling."
    Chapter 8: The Arena
    The Arena in Golden Sun has a handful of uses.  To get to it, choose Battle
    instead of the usual Load Saved Game when you press A from the Main Menu
    screen.  In this mode you'll notice that you can use your "Clear Data" file
    that contains the save you made once you beat the game if you have one (this
    leads me to believe that you will be transferring your data via a link cable as
    opposed to another method.)
    When you select a file to load you'll find yourself in the lobby area.  You'll
    notice that in this lobby none of your Psynergy works, but this doesn't matter
    because there won't be any monsters or puzzles to fight in the lobby.  You also
    won't take home any experience points, items or health that you may get as a
    result of fighting in the Lobby.  The Lobby is more of just a practice area
    where you can battle other monsters or a friend.  So, you want to head to the
    girl at the counter north-northwest of the door to set up either a Monster
    Battle (single player) or a Linked Battle against another player.
    Monster Battles
    Talk with the lady at the counter and step onto the circle in the middle of the
    two desks.  In here the bars to the stairs will open and you'll start to head
    up it.  These monster battles won't give you any experience points, but they
    can be reasonably fun.  In here you'll find any monster or monster-type boss
    that you've already faced in the save file you have loaded.  When you defeat a
    monster you'll arrive back in the circle in the Lobby and you'll be asked if
    you want to fight another battle.  You won't have time to change around Djinn,
    so make sure that you stick with a solid plan before staring your first monster
    battle.  Take note, however, that if you quit your consecutive monster battle
    tally will be stopped and you'll have to start over again.
    If you've beaten the game expect to see several odd monsters that you usually
    aren't used to seeing in regular random encounters.  Some of these monsters
    include Bosses, Mimics and tough monsters from Crossbone Island.  If you're
    struggling to defeat some of these monsters, try leveling up in one of your
    games, saving it, and then playing again.  This should make monster battles a
    lot easier.
    The Monster Battle Consecutive Win Record doesn't seem to affect anything in
    the game, although I could be mistaken.  Has anyone gotten anything special by
    winning a *lot* of monster battles in a row?  If so, e-mail me at
    Linked Battles
    Linked Battles are probably the best part of Golden Sun once you've beaten the
    game.  They offer a great deal of challenge (pending that you can actually find
    a friend with another Game Boy Advance and who has this game) and are generally
    very exciting.  Before I go into strategies, here is some general information
    on Linked Battles
    •The 3 left-most characters will participate in the battle.  To change the
    order of the characters, go to Status, and press L and R to swap around
    character order.
    •Talk with the lady at the counter when linked to propose a linked battle, then
    talk with her again once your friend accepts your offer.  Next, head into the
    white circle to enter the arena.
    •In the battle you will have as long as your rival takes to make his or her
    move and 15 seconds afterwards.  If you fail to choose a command for any
    character before the clock runs out, those characters will be assigned to
    •Feel free to use any items in the battle as these won't transfer over to your
    normal game (read: you won't lose your items that you consumed in the battle.)
    •Agree with your friend to OUTLAW PSY CRYSTALS.  This is for the best because
    if both you and your friend are at high levels and have many Psy Crystals the
    battles will go on for a *long* time.
    Now, here are a few strategies for Linked Battles:
    •Turn your sound all of the way down, even before the battle.  This will
    prevent your friend from listening in on what you're doing and planning a
    counter strike against you.  Alternatively, if you hear your friend
    inactivating all of his or her Djinn, be prepared for an onslaught of summons
    at the beginning of the battle.
    •In your first battle, put enough Djinn on standby so that you have 3 Level-4
    Summons.  Unleash these your first time to catch your friend off guard.
    •In the remaining battles, don't try the same Summon-First strategy for a
    while.  Instead, try faking your friend out by turning up your volume before
    the battle and having him listen to your putting all of your Djinn on standby. 
    Then, as soon as the battle begins, simply do stat boosting spells while your
    friend uses his defensive Djinn, etc.  If it works you should be able to catch
    him or her off guard in the next round and blast him with summons.
    •Even if you're going for a normal battle, you will probably want to have at
    least 1 Level-4 summon handy.  These will do 200-350 damage against your
    opponent which is a sure-fire way to hurt him when he's down.  Since the
    battles are usually long, you should be able to get back the stats by regaining
    Djinn after casting the summon any ways.
    •Djinn like Kite and Flash are your friends during this battle.  Make sure that
    you have these Djinn active at all times.
    •I like Mia over Ivan, but you may have your own preference.
    •The Spell "Break" is one of the best spells in this battle.  If your friend
    spends all of his time boosting his stats, simply cast 1 Break spell on him to
    return his stats back to normal.
    Chapter 9: Leveling and Character Classes
    This section is for those who like to level up at the end of games for not much
    reason at all (although, with a sequel on the horizon it may be of some use.) 
    It also will provide help to finding the best Djinn combinations to fit your
    needs.  any ways, in this section I will hope to cover all Attacks gained by
    characters in their various classes.  This will take a very long time, so bare
    with me as this section is updated quite slowly.
    Here are a few pointers for use when leveling up:  The fastest way to level up
    is to have all of your Djinn Active so that they have the best stats.  This
    seems to require less experience points to get to the next level than when you
    don't have your Djinn active.  Naturally, you should have the Lure Cap that you
    got from Babi after winning Collosso.  Here are a few other items that you want
    to have equipped:
    •Your best equipment for all of the characters except...
    •Any equipment that replenishes PP for the character with Wish Well
    Here's a general break down of class changing:
    •The best Djinn combinations seem to be with all of one type of Djinn early on
    in the game.
    •Characters are a little stronger with their class of Djinn as opposed to
    another class (for example: Isaac is best with Earth Djinn)
    •Characters are by far much better when they have all of their Djinn equipped
    as opposed to when they don't have any Djinn equipped.
    •Combinations that mix up many Djinn aren't as strong as pure Djinn
    combinations unless you have enough Djinn (which would be 7 of each type) to
    get the Ninja, White Mage, etc. classes (see below.)
    •When leveling up try to have as much "Luck" as possible in order to get the
    best items.
    •The "Pink Tornado" strategy of attacking the Storm Lizard in the Pink Tornado
    on Crossbone Island and then re-entering Crossbone Island's entrance and
    fighting it again is not an effective strategy.  I recommend sticking to the
    top floors of Venus Lighthouse.
    New: If you're not at the end of the game, here's a method from Chris R.
    (Wallkill, NY) for leveling up your characters:
    Go to Altimer Cave (northwest of Tolbi, it's where you first find Babi).  In
    Altimer Cave, walk around getting in battles until you encounter an enemy party
    with atleast 1 Worm.  Kill all the of the enemies except the Worm and let it
    start to call for help.  If a worm shows up, let it live.  However, if anything
    but a worm is called kill it.  Ideally, you want worms in positions 1,2,5,6
    (from left to right.)  Kill everything in the middle, repeating this for
    several minutes.  You'll get about 9,000 expererience points if you keep it up
    for 20 minutes with a good deal of coins.
    The first section in this chapter deals with when characters learn their
    Psynergy at their pure classes (only Earth Djinn on Isaac, only Fire on Garet,
    etc.)  Most of the information is from Levatation 0 and Koop from my message
    boards.  If you have something to add to this section, feel free to e-mail me
    at gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com.
    Level Needed to Learn Psynergy - Psynergy Name: Description. PP needed.
    Enemies/Allies affected.
    lvl 2 - Quake: Attack with a powerful quake. PP4. 3
    lvl 4 - Earthquake: Attack with a mighty tremor. PP7. 5
    lvl 6 - Spire: Attack with earthern spire. PP5. 1
    lvl 10 - Cure Well: Restore 70 HP. PP3. 1
    lvl 13 - Ragnarok: Strike with a massive sword. PP7. 1
    lvl 14 - Quake Sphere: Attack with a massive quake. PP15. 7
    lvl 19 - Revive: Revive a downed ally. PP15. 1
    lvl 20 - Clay Spire: Attack with earthern spire. PP13. 3.
    lvl 42 - Stone Spire: Attack with earthern spire. PP22. 3.
    Issac lvl 54 - Grand Gaia: Attack with the earth's might. PP32 7
    lvl 2 - Flare: Attack with flaring flames. PP4. 1.
    lvl 4 - Fire: Attack with a scorching fireball. PP6. 3.
    lvl 6 - Flare Wall: Attack with searing flames. PP7. 3.
    lvl 8 - Volcano: Attack with volcanic might. PP6. 1.
    lvl 12 - Heat Wave: Attack with fiery bolts. PP6. 1.
    lvl 14 - Fireball: Attack with a scorching fireball. PP12. 5.
    lvl 18 - Flare Storm: Attack with incinerating flames. PP12. 3.
    lvl 22 - Eruption: Attack with volcanic might. PP14. 3.
    lvl 36 - Inferno: Attack with a scorching fireball. PP23. 5.
    lvl 48 - Pyroclasm: Attack with volcanic might. PP29 5
    lvl 8 - Plasma: Attack with a barrage of bolts. PP8. 3.
    lvl 12 - Sleep: Lull multiple foes to sleep. PP5. 3.
    lvl 14 - Storm Ray: Attack with a magnetic storm. PP10. 3.
    lvl 17 - Bind: Block a foe's Psynergy. PP4. 1.
    lvl 18 - Tornado: Attack with a mighty tornado. PP14. 5.
    lvl 21 - High Impact: Boost party's Attack. PP12. All.
    lvl 36 - Destruct Ray: Attack with a magnetic storm. PP21. 3.
    lvl 44 - Tempest: Attack with a fearsome windstorm. PP27. 5.
    Ivan lvl 50 - Spark Plasma: Attact with a barrage of bolts. PP37 7
    lvl 13 - Restore: Remove sleep, stun, and delusion. PP3. 1.
    lvl 16 - Ply Well: Restore 200 HP with faith's power. PP8. 1.
    lvl 17 - Ice Horn: Attack with spikes of ice. PP11. 3.
    lvl 31 - Break: Eliminate an enemy's bonuses. PP5. All.
    lvl 34 - Pure Ply: Restore 1000 HP with faith's power. PP12. 1.
    lvl 42 - Ice Missile: Attack with spikes of ice. PP23. 3.
    lvl 46 - Pure Wish: Restore 400HP to the whole party. PP20 All
    Isaac (Beginning at Level 29)
    Isaac's Classes Based on a Level 29 Character (coming soon: A Level 45-ish
    Scquire - 1 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 6
    -PP + 3
    -Attack + 4
    Knight - 2 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 41
    -PP + 11
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 17
    -Agility + 15
    -Luck + 1
    Knight - 3 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 11
    -PP + 3
    -Agility + 3
    Gallant - 4 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 48
    -PP + 15
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 18
    -Agility + 13
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Gained: Gaia, Mother Gaia, Revive
    Gallant - 5 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 10
    -Attack + 4
    -Luck + 1
    Lord - 6 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 50
    -PP + 14
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 16
    Lord - 7 Earth Djinn
    -HP + 13
    -Attack + 6
    Brute - 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP - 15
    -PP - 9
    -Attack + 31
    -Defense - 15
    -Luck - 1
    -Psynergy Gained: Planet Diver, Growth, Mad Growth, Wild Growth, Blast, Nova,
    Haunt, Curse, Condemn
    -Psynergy Lost: Ragnarok, Quake, Earthquake, Quake Sphere, Spire, Clay Spire,
    Cure, Cure Well, Potent Cure
    Ruggian - 2 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 67
    -PP + 12
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 17
    Ruggian - 3 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 11
    -PP + 3
    -Defense + 2
    -Agility + 3
    Savage - 4 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 67
    -PP + 10
    -Attack + 31
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 12
    -Psynergy Gained: Spire, Cure Spire, Revive, Impair, Debilitate
    Barbarian - 5 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 76
    -PP + 13
    -Attack + 28
    -Defense + 19
    -Agility + 12
    -Luck + 1
    Barbarian - 6 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 13
    -Attack + 4
    -Agility + 3
    Barbarian - 7 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 16
    -Attack + 3
    -Agility + 3
    -Luck + 1
    Apprentice - 1 Jupiter Djinni
    -HP - 15
    -PP + 39
    -Attack + 3
    -Agility + 15
    -Luck - 1
    -Psynergy Gained: Astral Blast, Gaia, Mother Gaia, Weaken, Enfeeble, Delude,
    Sleep, Haunt, Curse
    -Psynergy Lost: Ragnarok, Quake, Earthquake, Quake Sphere, Spire, Clay Spire,
    Cure, Cure Well, Potent Cure
    Illusionist - 2 Jupiter Djinn
    -HP + 65
    -PP + 16
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 17
    -Agility + 12
    -Luck + 1
    Illusionist - 3 Jupiter Djinn
    -HP + 13
    -PP + 4
    -Agility + 2
    -Luck + 1
    Enchanter - 4 Jupiter Djinn
    -HP + 65
    -PP + 16
    -Attack + 30
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 13
    -Psynergy Gained: Impact, High Impact, Ward, Resist
    Enchanter - 5 Jupiter Djinn
    -HP + 12
    -PP + 5
    -Agility + 4
    Shaman - 6 Jupiter Djinn
    -HP - 47
    -PP + 11
    -Attack - 49
    -Defense - 15
    -Agility - 13
    -Luck + 1
    Shaman - 7 Jupiter Djinn
    -HP + 13
    -PP + 7
    -Defense + 2
    -Luck + 1
    Swordsman - 1 Mercury Djinni
    -HP - 15
    -PP + 13
    -Defense + 18
    -Agility - 23
    -Psynergy Gained: Cutting Edge, Thorn, Briar, Revive, Cure Poison, Restore
    -Psynergy Lost: Ragnarok, Quake, Earthquake, Quake Sphere, Spire, Clay Spire,
    Cure, Cure Well, Potent Cure
    Defender - 2 Mercury Djinn
    -HP + 65
    -PP + 11
    -Attack + 31
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 12
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Gained: Ply, Ply Well, Avoid
    Defender - 3 Mercury Djinn
    -HP + 13
    -Attack + 5
    Cavalier - 4 Mercury Djinn
    -HP + 67
    -PP + 14
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 15
    -Psynergy Gained: Wish, Wish Well
    Cavalier - 5 Mercury Djinn
    -HP + 13
    -Attack + 5
    -Luck + 2
    Shamon - 6 Mercury Djinn
    -HP - 53
    -PP + 45
    -Attack - 56
    -Defense - 28
    -Agility + 25
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Gained: Froth, Froth Sphere, Growth, Mad Growth, Wild Growth, Cure,
    Cure Well, Potent Cure
    -Psynergy Lost: Cutting Edge, Thorn, Briar, Ply, Ply Well, Avoid
    Shamon - 7 Mercury Djinn
    -HP + 16
    -PP + 6
    -Agility + 5
    Brute - 1 Earth Djinni, 1 Fire Djinni (From 1 Earth Djinn)
    -HP - 15
    -PP - 9
    -Attack + 29
    -Defense - 15
    -Agility + 3
    -Psynergy Gained: Planet Diver, Growth, Mad Growth, Wild Growth, Blast, Nova,
    Haunt, Curse, Condemn
    -Psynergy Lost: Ragnarok, Quake, Earthquake, Quake Sphere, Spire, Clay Spire,
    Cure, Cure Well, Potent Cure
    Brute - 2 Earth Djinn, 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 9
    -PP + 1
    -Agility + 3
    Brute - 3 Earth Djinn, 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 10
    -Attack + 4
    -Luck + 1
    Brute - 4 Earth Djinn, 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 12
    -PP + 3
    -Defense + 2
    Brute - 5 Earth Djinn, 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 10
    -PP + 2
    -Agility + 3
    Brute - 6 Earth Djinn, 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 9
    -Defense + 2
    -Agility + 2
    -Luck + 1
    Ruffian - 1 Earth Djinni, 2 Fire Djinn (From 1 Fire Djinni, 1 Earth)
    -HP + 64
    -PP + 9
    -Attack + 29
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 15
    -Luck + 2
    Ruffian - 2 Earth Djinn, 2 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 12
    -PP + 3
    -Agility + 3
    Ruffian - 3 Earth Djinn, 2 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 12
    -PP + 13
    -Defense + 3
    Ruffian - 4 Earth Djinn, 2 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 12
    -Attack + 4
    -Luck + 1
    Ruffian - 5 Earth Djinn, 2 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 10
    -Attack + 2
    -Agility + 4
    At This Point I'm Just Going To Skip Ahead To Isaac's Best Classes:
    Savage - 4 Fire Djinn, 3 Earth Djinn (Stats from 3 Fire, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 75
    -PP + 11
    -Attack + 30
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 14
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Known: Planet Diver, Growth, Mad Growth, Wild Growth, Blast, Nova,
    Haunt, Curse, Condemn, Move, Retreat
    -Psynergy Learned: Spire, Clay Spire, Revive, Impair, Debilitate
    Cavalier - 4 Water Djinn, 3 Earth Djinn (Stats from 3 Water, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 73
    -PP + 16
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 26
    -Psynergy Known: Cutting Edge, Thorn, Briar, Ply, Ply Well, Revive, Cure
    Poison, Restore, Avoid, Move, Retreat
    -Psynergy Learned: Wish, Wish Well
    Enchanter - 4 Wind Djinn, 3 Earth Djinn (Stats from 3 Wind, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 78
    -PP + 19
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 18
    -Agility + 12
    -Psynergy Known: Astral Blast, Gaia, Mother Gaia, Weaken Enfeeble, Delude,
    Sleep, Haunt, Curse, Move, Retreat
    -Psynergy Learned: Impact, High Impact, Ward, Resist
    Ninja - 4 Wind Djinn, 3 Fire Djinn (Stats from 3 Wind, 3 Fire)
    -HP + 19
    -PP + 7
    -Defense + 3
    -Psynergy Known: Death Plunge, Shuriken, Punji, Punji Trap, Fire Bomb, Cluster
    Bomb, Gale, Typhoon, Thunderclap, Thunderbolt, Mist, Move, Retreat
    Enchanter - 3 Water Djinn, 4 Wind Djinn (Stats from 3 Water, 3 Wind)
    -HP + 78
    -PP + 54
    -Attack + 28
    -Defense + 3
    -Agility + 50
    -Luck - 1
    -Psynergy Learned: Astral Blast, Gaia, Mother Gaia, Impact, High Impact, Ward,
    Resist, Weaken, Enfeeble, Delude, Sleep, Haunt Curse
    -Psynergy Lost: Cutting Edge, Thorn, Briar, Ply, Ply Well, Revive, Cure Poison,
    Restore, Avoid
    + BEST +
    Dargoon - 3 Water Djinn, 3 Fire Djinn, 1 Wind  (Stats from 3 Water, 3 Wind)
    -HP + 139
    -PP + 36
    -Attack + 56
    -Defense + 34
    -Agility + 12
    -Luck + 2
    -Psynergy Known: Cutting Edge, Thorn, Briar, Ply, Ply Well, Cure Poison,
    Restore, Avoid
    -Psynergy Gained: Blast, Mad Blast, Fiery Blast, Wish, Wish Well
    -Psynergy Lost: Revive
    Garet's Classes
    Stats are currently just based on a Level 29 Garet, and for his best classes.
    Guard - 1 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 11
    -Attack + 2
    -Agility + 1
    -Luck + 2
    -Psynergy Known: Heat Wave, Flare, Flare Wall, Flare Storm, Fire, Fireball,
    Volcano, Eruption
    Soldier - 2 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 65
    -PP + 9
    -Attack + 23
    -Defense + 16
    -Agility + 13
    Soldier - 3 Fire Djinni
    -HP + 15
    -PP + 3
    -Defense + 3
    -Luck + 1
    Warrior - 4 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 71
    -PP + 10
    -Attack + 25
    -Defense + 16
    -Agility + 11
    -Psynergy Learned: Guard, Protect, Impair, Debilitate
    Warrior - 5 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 14
    -PP + 4
    -Defense + 3
    -Agility + 2
    Champion - 6 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 85
    -PP + 13
    -Attack + 21
    -Defense + 19
    -Agility + 12
    Champion - 7 Fire Djinn
    -HP + 16
    -Attack + 4
    -Luck + 1
    Savage - 3 Fire Djinn, 4 Earth Djinn (From 3 Fire, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 82
    -PP + 11
    -Attack + 27
    -Defense + 16
    -Agility + 12
    -Psynergy Known: Planet Diver, Growth, Mad Growth, Wild Growth, Blast, Nova,
    Haunt, Curse
    -Psynergy Learned: Spire, Clay Spire, Revive, Impair, Debilitate
    Cavalier - 3 Fire Djinn, 4 Water Djinn (From 3 Fire, 3 Water)
    -HP + 77
    -PP + 14
    -Attack + 21
    -Defense + 17
    -Agility + 14
    -Psynergy Known: Cutting Edge, Blast, Mad Blast, Fiery Blast, Ply, Ply Well,
    Cure Poison, Restore, Guard, Protect, Avoid
    -Psynergy Learned: Wish, Wish Well
    Enchanter - 3 Fire Djinn, 4 Wind Djinn (From 3 Fire, 3 Wind)
    -HP + 80
    -PP + 15
    -Attack + 22
    -Defense + 17
    -Agility + 14
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Known: Astral Blast, Volcano, Eruption, Ward, Resist, Weaken,
    Enfeeble, Delude, Sleep
    -Psynergy Learned: Impact, High Impact, Guard, Protect
    + BEST +
    Samurai - 3 Wind Djinn, 4 Earth Djinn (From 3 Earth, 3 Wind)
    -HP + 119
    -PP - 7
    -Defense + 37
    -Agility + 35
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Learned: Dragon Cloud, Demon Night, Rockfall, Rockslide, Lava Shower,
    Molten Bath, Demon Spear, Angel Spear, Guardian, Protector, Magic Shell, Magic
    -Psynergy Lost: Death Plunge, Shuriken, Punji, Punji Trap, Fire Bomb, Cluster
    Bomb, Gale, Typhoon, Thunderclap, Thunderbolt, Mist
    Ivan's Classes
    These are based on a Level 29 Ivan, and I'm only listing Ivan's best classes
    because it's pointless to go through all of the work to list bad classes.
    Wind Seer - 1 Wind Djinni
    -HP + 7
    -Attack + 2
    -Agility + 2
    -Psynergy Known: Ray, Storm Ray, Whirlwind, Tornado, Plasma, Shine Plasma,
    Sleep, Bind
    Magician - 2 Wind Djinn
    -HP + 34
    -PP + 18
    -Attack + 19
    -Defense + 12
    -Agility + 13
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Gained: Impact, High Impact
    Magician - 3 Wind Djinn
    -HP + 10
    -PP + 4
    -Agility + 3
    -Luck + 1
    Mage - 4 Wind Djinn
    -HP + 61
    -PP + 12
    -Attack + 23
    -Defense + 9
    -Agility + 13
    -Psynergy Gained: Ward, Resist
    Mage - 5 Wind Djinn
    -HP + 9
    -PP + 7
    -Agility + 5
    Magister - 6 Wind Djinn
    -HP + 67
    -PP + 12
    -Attack + 25
    -Defense + 10
    -Agility + 13
    Magister - 7 Wind Djinn
    -HP + 14
    -PP + 9
    -Defense + 2
    -Luck + 1
    Shaman - 3 Wind Djinn, 4 Earth Djinn (From 3 Wind, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 42
    -PP + 13
    -Attack + 24
    -Defense + 9
    -Agility + 13
    -Psynergy Known: Bolt, Flash Bolt, Blue Bolt, Growth, Mad Growth, Cure, Cure
    Well, Potent Cure, Bind
    -Psynergy Gained: Revive, Ward, Resist
    Ascetic - 3 Wind Djinn, 4 Fire Djinn (From 3 Wind, 3 fire)
    -HP + 45
    -PP + 16
    -Attack + 20
    -Defense + 13
    -Agility + 13
    -Psynergy Known: Slash, Wind Slash, Plasma, Shine Plasma, Bind
    -Psynergy Gained: Volcano, Eruption, Ward, Resist
    Scholar - 3 Wind Djinn, 4 Water Djinn (From 3 Wind, 3 Water)
    -HP + 66
    -PP + 12
    -Attack + 25
    -Defense + 10
    -Agility + 13
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Known: Prism, Hail Prism, Plasma, Shine Plasma, Impact, High Impact,
    -Psynergy Gained: Wish, Wish Well
    + BEST +
    White Mage - 3 Earth Djinn, 4 Water Djinn (From 3 Earth, 3 Water)
    -HP + 75
    -PP + 13
    -Attack + 24
    -Defense + 10
    -Luck + 4
    -Psynergy Known: Revive
    -Psynergy Gained: Prism, Hail Prism, Plasma, Shine Plasma, Wish, Wish Well,
    Cure Poison, Restore, Dull, Ward
    -Psynergy Lost: Haunt, Curse, Bolt, Flash Bolt, Blue Bolt, Froth, Froth Sphere,
    Cure, Cure Well, Potent Cure
    Mia's Classes
    Mia's Classes are based on a Level 29 Mia, and only her best classes and
    natural classes are listed.
    Water Seer - 1 Water Djinni
    -HP + 13
    -PP + 5
    -Defense + 3
    -Psynergy Known: Ply, Ply Well, Cure Poison, Restore, Frost, Tundra, Glacier,
    Ice, Ice Horn
    Scribe - 2 Water Djinn
    -HP + 33
    -PP + 13
    -Attack + 23
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 24
    -Luck + 1
    Scribe - 3 Water Djinn
    -HP + 10
    -Attack + 4
    Cleric - 4 Water Djinn
    -HP + 55
    -PP + 18
    -Attack + 20
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 17
    -Psynergy Gained: Wish, Wish Well
    Cleric - 5 Water Djinn
    -HP + 10
    -Attack + 4
    -Luck + 2
    Paragon - 6 Water Djinn
    -HP + 60
    -PP + 18
    -Attack + 21
    -Defense + 18
    -Agility + 13
    -Luck + 2
    Paragon - 7 Water Djinn
    -HP + 17
    -PP + 6
    -Agility + 5
    Shamon - 3 Water Djinn, 4 Earth Djinn (From 3 Water, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 35
    -PP + 17
    -Attack + 20
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 18
    -Psynergy Known: Froth, Froth Sphere, Growth, Mad Growth, Cure, Cure Well,
    Potent Cure, Cure Poison, Restore
    -Psynergy Learned: Revive, Wish, Wish Well
    Ascetic - 3 Water Djinn, 4 Fire Djinn (From 3 Water, 3 Fire)
    -HP + 39
    -PP + 15
    -Attack + 20
    -Defense + 19
    -Agility + 14
    -Luck + 2
    -Psynergy Known: Douse, Drench, Plasma, Hail Prism, Cure Poison, Restore
    -Psynergy Learned: Volcano, Eruption, Wish, Wish Well
    Shamon - 3 Water Djinn, 4 Earth Djinn (From 3 Water, 3 Earth)
    -HP + 35
    -PP + 17
    -Attack + 20
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 18
    -Psynergy Known: Froth, Froth Sphere, Growth, Mad Growth, Cure, Cure Well,
    Potent Cure, Cure Poison, Restore
    -Psynergy Learned: Revive, Wish, Wish Well
    Scholar - 3 Water Djinn, 4 Wind Djinn (From 3 Water, 3 Wind)
    -HP + 60
    -PP + 13
    -Attack + 23
    -Defense + 15
    -Agility + 17
    -Psynergy Known: Prism, Hail Prism, Plasma, Shine Plasma, Impact, High Impact,
    -Psynergy Learned: Wish, Wish Well
    Ranger - 3 Wind Djinn, 4 Fire Djinn (From 3 Wind, 3 fire)
    -HP + 12
    -Attack + 4
    -Luck + 1
    -Psynergy Known: Slash, Wind Slash, Douse, Drench, Volcano, Eruption, Ward,
    Resist, Bind
    Here are a few suggestions for good classes for Mia from Rommel O Morales
    "Give Mia 6 Fire Djinn and 1 Water Djinn to have a Water Monk
    Give Mia 6 Earth Djinn and 1 Water Djinn to have a Druid
    Give Mia 6 Wind Djinn and 1 Water Djinn to have a Sage
    Give Mia 6 Wind Djinn and 1 Fire/Earth or all Wind Djinn to have a Savant"
    Chapter 10: Weaknesses and the 'Dark Panther' Mehtod
    There is actually a better way to get guaranteed weapon drops.  Please search
    the gamefaqs.com forums for the RNG method.
    Before I get into the details, here is a breakdown of this section:  It has
    been recently discovered by 'Dark Panther' on the GameFAQs.com Message Boards
    that attacking enemies with the opposing Djinn types will generate at the very
    least a special "flashing death" and more experience points.  Other players,
    while not all, have found it also greatly increases the chance of recieving an
    item dropped.
    Now, the first section of this Chapter deals with how to execute the 'Dark
    Panther' Method.  The next section lists a great deal of enemy weaknesses and
    was created by Alex on the message boards at my site, Golden Sun Anonymous
    Now, here are the instructions for executing the 'Dark Panther' Method:
    •If you're trying to get rare item drops on the top floors of Venus Lighthouse,
    here's a method on how to have a greater chance on getting rares (note: This
    method is not guaranteed to work):
    •Get into a random battle, making sure that you have all of your Djinn set. 
    Instead of attacking like usual, simply use Attacking Djinni of the opposite
    type of your enemy.  For example, if you're against a Fire (Mars) type enemy,
    use Venus (Earth) type Djinn like Flint on the enemy.  Do not attack or use
    Psynergy that will hurt the enemy (note: you can still use defensive Psynergy
    and Djinn).  Once you've defeated the enemy, you should notice a series of
    flashing colors.  This means that you did it correctly.
    •Once you've defeated all of the enemies, you should notice that you've
    obtained more experience points (this is guaranteed to happen.)
    •If you're lucky, you will also have a good chance of recieving an item dropped
    by the enemy.  However, this is not guaranteed to work.  For some unknown
    reason, certain people get item after item after item, whilst (I said whilst)
    others only recieve items very rarely, or not at all.
    Here is a Weakness Guide by Alex from the message boards at my site, Golden Sun
    Anonymous (http://goldensuna.tk).
    Manticore King- Water
    Nightmare- Earth
    Brutal Troll- Fire
    Vile Dirge- Wind
    Kobold- Wind
    Warrior Bee- Wind
    Dirty Ape- Fire
    Orc Captain- Wind
    Orc Lord- Wind
    Gnome Wizard- Wind
    Plated Rat- Fire
    Rat Warrior- Fire
    Earth Golem- Wind
    Horned Ghost- Wind
    Mole Mage- Fire
    Cannibal Ghoul- Fire
    Stone Soldier- Water
    Magicore- Water
    Harridan- Wind
    Acid Maggot- Fire
    Tempest Lizard- Earth
    Tornado Lizard- Earth
    Storm Lizard- Earth
    Roach- Water
    Rabid Bat- Wind
    Armored Rat- Fire
    Mad Mole- Fire
    Gnome Mage- Earth
    Foul Dige- Wind
    Death Cap- Fire
    Fighter Bee- Wind
    Undead- Fire
    Mad Vermin- Fire
    Ant Lion- Water
    Rat Fighter- Fire
    Orc- Wind
    Death Head- Earth
    Will Head- Earth
    Bone Fighter- Earth
    Dirge- Wind
    Ape- Fire
    Mole- Fire
    Spirit- Wind
    Amaze- Wind
    Calamar- Fire
    Cuttle- Fire
    Salamander- Water
    Bat- Wind
    Vermin- Fire
    Zombie- Fire
    Wild Mushroom- Fire
    Slime- Fire
    Ooze- Fire
    Boulder Beast- Water
    Chimera Mage- Water
    Ice Gargoyle-Earth
    Thunder Lizard- Earth
    Willowisp- Earth
    Skull Warrior- Earth
    Recluse- Fire
    Fenrir- Fire
    Grand Golem- Wind
    Wild Gryphon- Wind
    Grub- Fire
    Also, he has created a list of the weaknesses for all of the door bosses at
    Crossbone Island.  Here goes:
    Floor 1:
    Virago- Wind
    Hobgoblin- Wind
    Mimic- Fire
    Floor 2:
    Grisly- Fire
    Succubus- Fire
    Floor 3:
    Lich- Wind
    Fiendish Ghoul- Fire
    Floor 4:
    Gryphon- Wind
    Floor 5:
    Stone Soldier- Water
    Harridan- Wind
    Lizard King- Fire
    Floor 6:
    Chimera- Water
    Floor 7:
    Earth Lizard- Wind
    Floor 8:
    Thunder Lizard- Earth
    Poison Toad- Fire
    Floor 9:
    Cerebus- Fire
    Pirate Ship:
    Mimic- Fire
    Deadbeard- Earth (Note: Gives 10400 exp and 11700 coins if beaten with an Earth
    Chapter 11: Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age
    It's impractical to update the whole guide every time new information from the
    new Golden Sun game, the Lost Age, comes out.  So, I have put all of the
    information, screenshots, movies and speculation on my site Golden Sun
    Anonymous (http://goldensuna.tk).
    Sending Data To the Lost Age
    Here is how to send your data to the Lost Age.  Note: You will need a Clear
    Data file that you get when you beat the game.  This DOES NOT mean an empty
    slot for saving.
    •Turn on your GameBoy Advance with Golden Sun in it.
    •Proceed to the menu where you choose to make a New
    •Hold the Shoulder Buttons (L and R), Hold Left, press B once.  Note: You
    should still be holding L, R and Left after pressing B.
    •The menu will disapear for about a second.  When it reapears you can release
    L, R, and Left.  You should now see an option to Send data if you were
    In the Send option you will have the option of sending your Clear Data via a
    link cable to another GameBoy Advance with the Lost Age in it or you can write
    down a password.  The passwords go from Gold to Bronze, with Gold being the
    longest and Bronze being the shortest.
    Chapter 12: Codes, Secrets and Tips
    Welcome to the Codes, Secrets and Tips section.  In this section are all of the
    known codes, secrets and tips that I have for Golden Sun (hence the title of
    this chapter.)
    Name Other Party Members:
    When you are naming your characters at the start of the game, press select
    three times to name your other characters.
    Name Enemies:
    Source: midgetjackietran.
    After pushing select three times, push up, down, up, down, left, right, left,
    right, up, right, down, left, up, and select to name Felix, Jenna, and Sheba.
    Restore HP Without Using Psynergy:
    Thanks to Michael Sutton [suttmi@selwyn.ca] for this information:
    "I have a good tip for when healing party members. For example, if Garet has
    500/700 hp, you do not have to spend pp on curing 200 hp for him. Instead, you
    just have to put all of his djinn on standby first and then his hp will be at a
    lower number but with less damage. The percent of damage according to his hp
    stays the same but it is a smaller number than the original number of hp
    missing. This means that now instead of having to heal 200 hp you will only
    have to heal about 100 hp. After he is healed, set back all of his djinn and he
    will be at full health. So, you saved pp by only having to cure 100 hp instead
    of 200 hp. You can do this for all party members. It is a way to save pp with
    Mia or Isaac, but it does take a few minutes."
    See Chapter 10, Weaknesses and the 'Dark Panther' Method, for a description of
    a possible way to have better chances of getting rare item drops.
    See Chapter 11, Golden Sun: The Lost Age, to see how to access the secret Send
    Data mode.
    Chapter 13: Where To Get Further Information
    In-depth FAQs on Djinn, Class Changing, and Items:
    Gameshark Codes:
    Codebreaker Codes:
    Golden Sun Anonymous (my site):
    Golden Sun Network:
    Golden Sun Hacking Information:
    Golden Sun Anonymous Forums:
    Chapter 14: Credits/Copyright Information
    =Walkthrough Written By......Mike Bentley=
    =Djinn Section By...Baby M=
    =Item List By...LJUMP12=
    =Psynergy Learned Section By...Levatation 0 and Koop=
    =Enemy Weaknesses Section By...Alex=
    =ASCII Art...casa "casa@itookmyprozac.com"=
    =Various Contributions Mentioned As They Show Up=
    =Aditya Durgam [adurgam777@hotmail.com]...*Lots* of Tips ;-]=
    =Other People Who Contributed Are Mentioned As Their Information Appears In
    This Guide=
    =My E-Mail Address...gsa@comicsoft.zzn.com=
    =My Web site......Golden Sun Anonymous=
    =I am sorry, I am no longer allowing anyone to Instant Message me.  However,
    you can still get a very quick response by posting on my forums at
    http://www.doc-ent.com/forums/index.php.  Your post will be answered quickly
    after posting.=
    =Your Name Here!  Contribute!=
    For the most up to date versions of this FAQ please visit either
    www.gamefaqs.com or
    If you're not on those sites and have a question that's not answered in this
    FAQ, please look at these sites and make sure that you have the leatest version
    of the guide before asking a question.
    Copyright © 2001 - 2003 Mike Bentley
    Feel free to use this FAQ on your web site without getting my permission as
    long as it isn't altered significantly.  Although it would be great if you
    could e-mail me and give me the URL.  It boosts my ego when sites want my work

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