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FAQ/Walkthrough by TimeAssassin

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 12/09/01

 GG       GG    OO      OO    LL           DD       DD     EE          NN NN      NN
GG             OO        OO   LL           DD        DD    EE          NN  NN     NN
GG             OO        OO   LL           DD         DD   EEEEEEE     NN   NN    NN
GG             OO        OO   LL           DD         DD   EEEEEEE     NN    NN   NN
GG    GGGGGG   OO        OO   LL           DD        DD    EE          NN     NN  NN
 GG      GGG    OO      OO    LL           DD       DD     EE          NN      NN NN

                   SSSSSSSSSS     UU           UU     NNNN          NN
                  SS              UU           UU     NN NN         NN
                 SS               UU           UU     NN  NN        NN
                 SS               UU           UU     NN   NN       NN
                  SS              UU           UU     NN    NN      NN
                   SSSSSSSS       UU           UU     NN     NN     NN
                          SS      UU           UU     NN      NN    NN
                           SS     UU           UU     NN       NN   NN
                           SS      UU         UU      NN        NN  NN
                          SS        UU       UU       NN         NN NN
                 SSSSSSSSSS          UUUUUUUUU        NN          NNNN

           _____                              English Version
          (_   _)      
            | |                           Walkthrough v. 2.2
            | |      
            |_| imeAssassin

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|        Contents        |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

                1. Legal Information
                2. Notes on the first English Version Walkthrough
                3. Controls
                4. Character Names in walkthrough
                5. Walkthrough
                    I.     Evacuate
                    II.    The Journey To Sol Sanctum
                    III.   The Secret Of Sol Sanctum
                    IV.    The Elemental Stars
                    V.     The Quest Begins
                    VI.    The Thieves' Stash
                    VII.   The Road to Bilibn
                    VIII.  A King's Quest
                    IX.    The Curse Of The Trees
                    X.     The Tret Tree
                    XI.    The Cure To The Curse
                    XII.   The Lighting Of The Mercury Lighthouse
                    XIII.  Save The People Of Kolima
                    XIV.   A Kingly Reward
                    XV.    The Waterfall Grotto
                6. Djinn Information
                7. Classes
                8. Tips & Tricks
                9. Credits
                10. Contact

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|                                                                         /
| 1. Legal Information   |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

You may not copy, sell, eat, burn, or modify this walkthrough in anyway.
If you would like to put it on your website, link to it (if you want to
link to it, you have to ask GameFAQs too), or modify and re-release it,
email me at drace@spacelab.net,and I will be happy to allow you
(I just want to know where it will be posted).

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|                                                                         /
| 2. English Vrs. Notes  |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

This is (as far as I know) the first walkthrough of the American release.
This means that many puzzles can be solved better (now that you know
what the people are saying), and that it will be easier to find secrets
(many secrets can be found out only be the hints people give you).
Please enjoy the first English version of Golden Sun walkthrough,
and use it as a last resort only, as it will make the game less fun.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
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|      3. Controls       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

World Map/Adventure Mode
  -Direction Pad: Move your character
  -Start: Save/Configuration Menu
  -Select: Character Menu
  -B: Hold to run
  -A: Character Menu\Talk\Action  
  -L: Preset Energy
  -R: Preset Energy 
Save/Configuration Menu   
  -First Icon:  A book with a quill pen. This will save your game.    
  -Second Icon: A man with a night cap on. This will put your GBA to
                sleep. Press 'L' and 'R' at the same time to wake up
                your GBA. This feature is very useful.
  -Third Icon:  A black, blue, and green window on a pink background.
                This is the configuration menu. The options are self
Character Menu       
  -First Icon:  A man with casting a spell. This is where you can
                access your Psynergy.          
  -Second Icon: An earth Djinn. Here you can set and standby
                your Djinns.                 
  -Third Icon:  A wooden box. This is your items directory.              
  -Fourth Icon: A piece of paper with writing on it. Here you can check
                your character status.                                     
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|                                                                         /
|  4. Character Names    |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

This walkthrough will use the default (english version) names:
NOTE: These names are different then than the Japanese version, Isaac
is named Robin in the Japanese version, and the other names are changed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|                                                                         /
|    5. Walkthrough      |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

==========Part I - Evacuate
The game begins as a boulder is falling on the town of Vale, and your
mom wakes you up to evacuate you. Your dad walks in, and tells you to
hurry. Outside your mom and dad decide that they will help hold the boulder
off, and you are told to head to the plaza (south). As you descend the
stairs near you, a boulder falls, and blocks your path. Head up past your
house, and turn left, a boulder will fall in your path again. Go north and
right until you get to another staircase. Head past the house, and talk
to the person trying to pull the chest. You will learn that he is your
friend Garet. Answer yes when he asks you if you want him to leave his
stuff, and he joins your party. Head north, then turn left and cross the
bridge. You will see four people using their psynergy to stop the boulder
from falling. Your father tells you to run. Descend the stairs and go south.
A boulder will block your path. Go back up to the stairs, but turn left
before you go up them to reach a new area. Follow the path around the first
boulder, and turn right (north) at the second one. Talk to the guy on the
floor and tell him that he is not going to die. He runs south, follow him.
Proceed down the stairs and turn to the right (your left, because you are
going down). Go up and then right and you will reach the exit to the area.
Go south and cross the bridge. Follow the path, and descend the stairs.
A boulder will block your path. Go back, cross the bridge and go south.
Descend the stairs and continue to go south. Someone will cry out for
her brother. You will see Felix drowning, and your mother and father
with three other people trying help him. None of them have psynergy
to help him, so Jenna and your mom will go looking for people with
psynergy. Your mom will see you and tell you to help Jenna. Go south
as far as you can, and then go up the stairs. Cross the bridge, and
continue moving forward. Do not go down the stairs. go south as
soon as you near the first house, and go down the stairs. continue
going south until you see more stairs, and descend them. Go south
more, and descend the third staircase. You are now in the plaza.
go south after you pass the second house, past the lake, and go 
near the four people at the bottom. Jenna and a man join your
party. Lead them back to where Felix was drowning. The boulder will fall
just as you are about to save Felix. Your dad will die, Felix will
die, and both of Jenna's parents will die. Head back to the plaza alone,
Garet will join you when you leave the area. You will see two weird people
talking. They will ask you if you were eavesdropping. It does not matter
how you answer. They will attack you and kill you anyway.

==========Part II - The Journey To Sol Sanctum
You see an older Jenna going up stairs, an older Isaac mending his roof,
and an older Garet practicing moving a stone pillar with psynergy.
They will talk for a long time, and then go get Isaac. He will finish
fixing the roof, then Garet will break it again, and they will join 
your party. You have to go find Kraden. Go north, and up the stairs,
head left after Garet's house, onto the bridge. Go down the stairs,
and go west, like before, into a new area. Head towards the stairs,
and the two evil weird-looking guys, (Saturos, and Menardi). Your
answers to their questions do not matter, they will let you pass.
Go up the stairs, and north. You will see Kraden worrying and walk-
ing in circles. Once he is done ranting, go up and talk to him.
He will explain what they told him, and you will decide to travel to
Sol Sanctum yourselves to see if they were telling the truth. Kraden goes
in his cottage, and gets some sort of potion. He joins your party. Head back
out of this area the way you came. Then go back up the stairs and across
the bridge, and go north, up the stirs with the rocks at each side. Do
not go into the sanctum (The rock structure in front of you is a sanctum,
or church. There is one in each town.), but turn left right in front of
it, and go behind the red and green tree. A priest will stop you and tell
you that it is forbidden to go into Mt. Aleph. When he goes to the right
of the sanctum, and you are not in his direct sight, run past the tree
again, and this time he won't be fast enough to stop you. Ascend the stairs,
go forward, and into Sol Sanctum (the large white and green temple in
front of you).

==========Part III - The Secret Of Sol Sanctum
Kraden will ask you if it is your first time at Sol Sanctum. Answer
yes, so you can learn more about Sol Sanctum. Head north, though the
doorway. Here is your first puzzle. The challenge is to get to the
other side by jumping on the blocks. You can only jump across 1
square of water though, so a jump like this is possible (B-block,
W-water) B-W-B, but not B-W-W-B. Jump on the rightmost block, then
go up, walk to the right part of the L-shaped block, and jump up
onto the longer block. Go to the tip of this block, and jump onto
the long block to the left, then left again, then down, down, left,
up onto the L-shaped block, and up twice to get to the shore. You
enter a cool room, with blue, glowing lights. travel west, until
you reach  a wall, then go south, and west again, to reach the door.
You reach another water block room. First, go up (onto long block),
right, up, up, up, and up to get to the middle of the three passages.
Pick up the small jewel in the chest. Now go back onto the long
block that has three squares. Instead of going down, towards shore,
go east onto the little block, and up three more times to reach the
passage on the right. Go through the passage to reach a bull's head
with a sparkling eye. go to your item menu (press 'select' and choose
the wooden box icon) and in Isaac's inventory (unless you switched
character order) there should be a small jewel. Press 'A' to be able
to use objects in Isaac's inventory, and select the small jewel with 
'A'. From the menu choose use. Isaac will put it into the eye socket
of the bull, and you will hear rock sliding. Now go back to shore, and
go up (onto the L-shaped block), and up 4 more times, until you reach
the left passage. At the end there will be a doorway (which appeared
only after Isaac put the stone in the bull's eye. When you enter, Kraden
will be wondering about what the evil duo said, and will be looking
around. He tells you that there may be a secret passage here. Your
answer to whether you want to help him does not matter. You will have
to anyway. Go forward and right to the end of the right corridor. Push the
last statue, by going near it and walking into it. You will find a secret
passage. At the end of the passage there is a staircase. Ascend it. Go 
east and then north until you reach a three-way fork. You can go forward,
right, or left. Go left, and pick up the small jewel in the chest. This 
time take the right passage, and follow it until you reach a fork, go west
and follow this passage to a doorway. In the next chamber, there are many
statues on the other side of water. You can not get to them by jumping on
the blocks, because you would have to jump on the statues from the blocks.
Go to the leftmost one, and use move psynergy (go to the menu, go to psynergy,
and select 'move')to push it aside. Now you can jump over to that side and
place your small jewel in the eye of the bull you discovered. Once again
you hear rock moving. Now go to the rightmost one, and move it using the
move psynergy. Enter the secret passage. Go right, then up, the left for
a herb, and turn right instead of left to reach the inner chamber of Sol
Sanctum. Kraden is surprised that they were telling the truth, and he
asks you to look a little further with him. Turn right, between the two 
statues on the right to enter the Luna (moon) goddess room. Kraden will
be scared, but then discover it is dedicated to Luna. He concludes that
the rooms are connected in some way, and asks you to go further up the
passage Go south, and you will find the stairs. If you go south in the
new area, you will find a room with a Psynergy stone (heals all PP). Go
north, and you will enter a strange room with a moon, water, and statues.
Move one of the statues into square with the white outline, and it will
spring a trap in the Luna room. Kraden comes up to tell you this, and
tells you that it may be guarding the secret to Alchemy. He goes back to
the Luna room. Go west, into a room with a sun, and 5 statues. Move the
top two statues into the white-outlined squares, each will light a beam
on a square. Once both are in place, the square will become a hole. Jump
to the middle island, and use your move psynergy to move the large center
statue into the hole. Now move the Luna statues into the squares. Once you
move the first one Kraden comes up to explain and see how you disarmed the
trap. Once he leaves, move the remaining statues into the squares. The moon 
turned into a sun. Now go downstairs to Kraden. He is upset that not much
happened in the Luna room, but go into the Sol room. The picture is now a
moon, and there is a ray of light in the middle. Go near the wall where the
ray is shining and press 'A', and a portal will open. Your party steps through.

==========Part IV - The Elemental Stars
You end up in a strange place which Kraden thinks is the ocean. He later
discovers that it is actually where the elemental stars are stored. He sends
Isaac and Garet to get them for him. To get the stars, first get the Venus
star by jumping to the block to the right of the portal. Follow the block-path
until you reach a fork, and can go up or right. go right, and follow this path
until you reach another fork, and can go down or left. Go down, this path will
lead you to the Venus star. Now you can get the Mercury star. Go back to the
first fork, but take the other path this time. The Mercury star will be to your
right. To get the Jupiter star, go back to the main island, and take the path
leading down. This will bring you directly to the star. Now, the evil duo will
appear, and they brought some new friends. They tell you to hand over the ele-
mental stars, and they kidnap Jenna and Kraden. (Your answers to the next
questions do not matter) You are assured that Jenna and Kraden will not
be hurt, because their masked friend is Felix. You learn that Felix never 
actually died, and that the evil duo saved him. You are about to hand over
the stars, and Alex, another bad guy, comes over and takes  them. He tells
you to get the last star. Go back to the center island, and take the top route
again. At the first two forks, go up, and at the third one, go down. When
you grab the Mars star, the water will disappear, and the volcano will start
to erupt. Just when you think it is over, a big eyeball-rock pops out of the
ground. The evil quartet kidnap Kraden and Jenna and run away. The Wise One
(eyeball-rock) move towards you, but it seems to be on your side. You learn
that is holding back the eruption with its psynergy. It talks for a while,
then tells you to run. Use the retreat psynergy Issac has. It will bring
you to the exit, just walk down, and you will be out. Now run back to town.
There will be a bunch of people waiting for you. You will talk for a while,
and your mission for the whole game will be revealed. You learn that you must
keep the evil quartet from lighting the lighthouses. You get some useful items
before you leave. Equip the catch beads, and set off.

==========Part V - The Quest Begins
Once you leave Vale, head along the pale yellow road. You will encounter a
fluttering thing that looks like a fairy from Zelda games. You find out that
it is a Venus Djinn (Earth) and it joins your party. It teaches you the basics
of Djinn management. Now follow the path over the bridge and go down at the
fork. Enter the town, and you will see four caravans exiting because they
think it is too dangerous. They head back towards Kalay, but find that the
bridge is broken, so reluctantly they go north to Lunpa (the city of thieves).
Now you enter the town. First go north, and enter the door in the cliff that
has a picture of a sword and shield on it (all weapon\armor stores will have
this picture by the door). Buy the best weapons and armor you can, and sell
your old stuff. You should buy weapons, caps and shields mostly now, because
the armor is bad. Go west, up the stairs and into the house. Talk to the kid
at the back, and he will try to read your mind. He will feel that you guys
have so much in common, and start telling you a secret. Tell him that you will
help him get his master's rod, and he will join your party. He then reads Isaac
and Garet's minds to find out information about them. He explains that only
Adepts can see psynergy, and you 3 set off to mind read people and get the rod

===========Part VI - The Thieves' Stash
Set Mind Read to 'L' or 'R' for easy access. Exit the house, and go south
to the Inn. Go upstairs, walk near the beds, and two people will try to avoid
you. Chase them for a bit, and then leave the bed area. Ivan thinks up a plan,
and you must try to surround them. Chase theem until you trap them in the
lower-right corner. Ivan will Mind Read them, and learn that they are the
thieves, and that you must find their stash. Leave the Inn, and climb the
ladder into the hole in the roof. Go on the carpet, and use Move to move the
crate to the left. Now jump over the gap and go through the door. Talk to the
guy that is tied up, and you will cut him from his ropes. While you are talking
to him, the thieves walk in. Your answers to their questions do not matter. You
fight them anyway. So here is the Boss Fight Data:

Boss Fight 1: Bandit and Thieves
===Boss Data
Name          Bandit           Thief1          Thief2
Approx. HP    250              120             120
Psynergy      Slice            N/A             N/A
Items         Smoke Bomb       Herb            Herb
Use group-attack psynergy such as Quake, Flare, and Ray. Focus your physical
attacks on the Bandit. Release Flint, and attack the Bandit, and then summon
Venus. The battle should be quick, and you probably won't need to heal if you
focus your attacks on the Bandit first, because the thieves will not attack much.

After the boss fight, some your characters should level up, and you should gain
the Bandit's Sword (equip this to Isaac immediately, it is a good early weapon).
The person you freed goes to get the mayor, and the mayor finds some of the
town's stolen valuables, and arrests the culprits. He leaves, and Ivan leaves
your party, then takes the rod.

==========Part VII - The Road To Bilibin
Leave the Inn roof, sleep in the Inn to heal yourself, and go back to Ivan's
house. Talk to his dad (the mayor), and you will receive Water of Life (it can
revive dead party members. Answer yes to his question, and he will give you a
hint. When you are ready, leave town, and go east along the road. If you follow
it for a while, you should eventually reach a small opening in the mountain.
Go up, and hop across the broken bridge. Push the big pillar out of your way, and
climb the ladder, Proceed east, and use Move to push the stone pillar across from
you into the gap. Cross over and go up the ladder. Proceed north-east, and you will
see a tree stump stuck in some vines. Try to use move to push it, and you will see
that it can't be moved. Ivan comes in, and frees the stump with whirlwind (he is
pretty useful). He then re-joins your party. Now you can move the stump to make it
fall. Jump where the stump was before, and use whirlwind on the suspicious-looking
pile of leaves on the wall. It reveals the entrance to Goma Cave. Follow the stone
path for as long as you can, then jump over river using the rock. If you go south,
and then west you will see stairs. Ascend them, and go through the doorway. Go forward
in the new room, until you reach a fire Djinn that you can't reach yet, and a pillar.
Push the pillar as far north as possible, and backtrack to a place where you can go
south (in the same room), near the river. Jump across the river, and head east.
You will see a doorway with stair behind it. Descend them, and go north in the new
room, then west. Jump on to the stone in the river, then jump left onto land. Keep
on going forward untill you reach another door/stairwell. In this room, use Move to
push the pillar forward. Now jump on the pillar's island, and then onto the island
below you. Now push the pillar back to where it was before. Jump back onto the
island, and east onto the island with the chest. It contains a lucky medal,
which will be useful later. Now jump back onto the pillar island, and south
again. At the end of this island, there is a stump. Push it forward with move,
and it will fall into the river below. Now exit this room. In the rock/island
room (this is what I am going to call this room), go east, and onto the rock,
then east again onto another island. Ascend this door/staircase. Now you can
hop over the pillar you moved, and get the Djinn. You will have to fight it.
If it runs, leave the room and come back, and it will reappear. To defeat it,
unleash Flint (and later summon Venus), and use your most powerful spells
(Ray, Fire, and Earthquake) the battle will be easy, but it may run, and you
will have to start all over. After you get Forge, set it to Garet. Go through
the other door/staircase, and follow the passage. It will lead you to a stump.
Push it with move, and jump on to where it was. Go north, through the doorway.
Just follow the passage and it will bring you to the exit of the cave. Now go
to the city to your east (you should be able to see it). You have entered Bilibin.

==========Part VIII - A King's Quest
Your first stop in town is the Inn, it is in the bottom right-hand corner. Rest,
then go to get another Djinn. Go north, until you see stairs leading to a
Sanctum. Do not go in the sanctum, but rather, walk along the wooden wall
south-ward. Walk over the wooden plank at the gate, onto the grassy ledge, and
then go north. Use whirlwind on the pile of leaves on the wall, and enter.
Climb down the ladder, move the statue and jump across where there is a wind
Djinn. You won't even have to fight it. Set it to Ivan, and re-trace your
steps back outside, near the Sanctum. Go north, past the weapon/armor store,
and up the grand stairs (that is what I will call these wide stairs). Talk
to the guard on the right, and answer yes to his question, and they will let
you in the castle. Proceed north into the King's cambers. No matter what you
answer, he will refuse to allow you to save Kolima. You'll save it anyway
though. Leave the castle, and the town, and head south-east. At the barricade
use move on the protruding crate at the right, and move it south (towards the
bottom of the screen). Go through the hole (ignore the tree-people) and exit
the barricade. Now follow the path until you reach a fork. Go east at the fork,
and you will reach Kolima.

==========Part IX - The Curse Of The Trees
You find many tree-people, and while you are pondering what to do, you three
fall on the floor, paralyzed. Sparkly stuff that turns people into trees
starts to fall, but you can't run. Oh no! Just when the sparkly stuff
(which I will call tree dust) is about to hit you, your psynergy creates
a protective bubble around you. After you are un-paralyzed, and talking,
more tree dust falls on you but the bubbles re-appear and save you. Trees
start talking to you and you learn that Tret, an evil tree, causes this curse.
You learn that to stop the curse, you must rekindle Tret's good side. You must
go find him. But before you do, stop and get an Earth Djinn by going into a secret
door behind the southern-most house. Go down the ladder, and through the tunnel.
You will come up in a fenced area with a Djinn. Set it to Issac, and he will
change classes to a Knight (see 7. Classes to learn more about the different
classes). Leave town, and follow the road west, but at the fork go north-west
this time. You will enter Kolima forest. This area is full of puzzles, and I
will try very hard to explain them. Go north as you enter the forest, and then
east, and north again. you should reach a vertical log. Push it into the water,
ang go across the log-bridge. Now push the vertical log north-west of you, and
go around it, and follow the path to the exit of the area. Push the log in front
of you, to be able to pass. (note that if you want the hut hanging on the tree
you must use Catch, which you have from the catch beads Isaac's mom gave you).
Walk south and then west, until you reach a vertical and a horizontal log. Push
the vertical log to the right, then push the horizontal log down, and push the
vertical log back to the left. Now you can pass, follow the straight-forward
road that goes north, then east, and north again. In this area, go around on
the right, and push top horizontal log up, the bottom one down, and then the
vertical on the left. You can now get over the river. Go up the stairs and
follow the path into the next area. Here, go south and west until you reach a
wooden gate. Flip the switch to its right, and the water will drain. Go down
the stairs near the entrance to this area. Push both horizontal logs up, the
top vertical log right, the bottom vertical log right, the right horizontal
log down again, the bottom vertical log left, and the left horizontal log down.
Now flip the switch again, and go across on the logs to get to a chest with a
Fur Coat inside (good armor). I would suggest equipping it to Ivan. Flip the
switch again, and this time move the logs in this sequence: both horizontal
logs up, top vertical log left, and left horizontal log down. Flip the switch
and cross over to the next area. Talk to the tree in front of you, then go
east, and north, and climb the vines into the hole in the tree.

==========Part X - The Tret Tree
Go left, up and left again and up the vine, to go deeper into Tret. Go
to the bottom row of leaves and hop across them, onto the land above them.
Exit out the door to the west. Continue on the main branch of the tree and
climb up the vines at the end. Continue on the main branch again, into the
tree. Get any treasures you want, but on your way back, you will fall, and
will have to come back. Eventually jump over the leaves on the right, and
climb up the vines. Make you way to the exit at the bottom, and go to the
end of it, up the vine, but before you go in the tree, go up on the branch
near the entrance to find a Wind Djinn. It should be an easy battle, but it
may run. Set Breeze to Ivan, and he will now change class to a Magician.
Enter the tree, and get the nut (heals 200hp) from the chest. Now go back
to the lower level, but go through the exit on the left side of the room
this time. Go down onto the branch below you, then up the vine, and into
the tree. In this room, jump onto the lowest leaf, and go right, up, right,
and left. You will fall into the tree's basement. Make your way towards the
top of the room, and talk to Tret. You get to battle him (aren't you lucky?).

Boss Fight 2: Tret
===Boss Data
Name          Tret
Approx. HP    750
Psynergy      Quake
              Sleep Star
Items         None

Begin the battle by using your Djinn, then use the strongest
summons you can (Ramses, Atalanta, Mars). To finish him off, use
your strongest spells (Plasma, Flare Wall, Spire). When needed heal.
If you do all this, it should be an easy battle.

Everyone will talk for a while, but nothing will change, because Tret
does not have enough power to remove the curse. His face will disappear.
Leave the dungeon, and go back to Bilibin to rest and shop.

==========Part XI - The Cure To The Curse
You must heal Tret to cure the curse. So it's off to the Mercury Lighthouse.
Follow the north-ward path, and it will eventually lead you to Bilibin cave.
Go north, and you will see a twitching sprout. Set an Earth Djinn to Garet,
and use growth on it. Climb up the now-vine, and go the only way you can.
Hop over the gap, and drop down near the entrance to a cave. In there you
will find a chest with the Elven Rapier, a really good weapon. After
equipping it, head out of the cave, and drop down to the other cave entrance.
In this cave, go forward until you reach a fork, there is nothing to the
right of the fork, so go left. Follow the path to another fork, and go
right. If you follow this path, it will bring you into a new area of the cave.
In this room, there are a lot of ice pillars. Go to the end of the room, and 
push a torch near the ice pillar. Go up the stairs in this room, and take what
is in the chest at the end of the passage. Since you can't get any of the other
chests currently, leave through the exit under the torch area. You are now in
a snowy area. Just follow the barely visible road that goes east, then south,
then north, and then west, and you will reach Imil. First rest at the Inn,
then its time to get another Djinn! Head north until you reach a bridge,
but instead of going across it, walk of it to the area near the snowman.
Use move to push the snowman on the ice. Now go on the other side of the
bridge, and go south until you reach a break in the fence., step onto the
ice, and go (not including the step to the right you took to get on the ice):
up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, and up into the ice cave.
Here you will find a fire Djinn without battle. Set it to Garet to make him
a soldier. Now exit the cave, and after sliding to about the middle of the
river, go: right, down, left, down, left and up. You will reach a ladder.
Climb it, and you will find a chest with a Vial. Now leave the river, by
going down the ladder, and left, down and left. Head south a little, to
reach an area with four rocks. If you go onto the river wear the break in
the fence near these rocks, it will bring you to the other side. I will
call this the river-bridge. Do not cross it now, but go to the Sanctum to 
the north. Talk to the two people there, and then cross the river-bridge,
and enter the house that is in front of you. You will see Mia healing an old
man. When she is done she will talk to you, and then see a flash of light
from the lighthouse, and run. After you take the empty bottle from the chest
in this room, head along the path that goes east, to the Mercury Lighthouse
(the tall blue pillar). Go in the lighthouse, and get ready to fight.

==========Part XII - The Lighting Of The Mercury Lighthouse
When you enter, go up one of the two staircases, and talk to Mia (the tall
ladder leads to a dead end). She will find a statue blocking her path. Use
Move to push it, and she will ask you if you moved it. Say Yes, and you will
learn that she is an Adept, and she'll use ply to open the passage, and go
through. Hop in behind her, and you will find that she is being blocked by a
Lizard Man. Fight it, it is easy to beat, it isn't even worth the title of
a miniboss. Use physical attacks, and it will soon be dead. Mia will run off
again, follow her. Go through either door in this room, and then go through
the door at the end of the island. Hop up to the doorway/staircase, and go 
along the passage until you find Mia again. Talk to her, and use move to 
push the statue into the gap. She will now join your party. You just got a
free Djinn (she is carrying Fizz, a water Djinn). Jump over the statue, and
over the gap in the north passage to reach an area with waterfalls. Just exit
this room, and you will be in a room with many pipes. Push the loose piece near
you to the right, to complete the flow to the water. Now head south, walk into
the second stream of water, and through the up-down staircase (the is what I
will call these staircases that just go under a pipe, and bring you back up).
Walk into the stream of water in the south part of this area, and follow the
pipe-passage to another up-down staircase. Go through it, then head north, and
go through another one. Push the loose pipe back to the left, and go south,
then east, to another up-down staircase. Go through it, then south, and you
will be able to reach a chest with a Psy Crystal by going around the nozzle
where water was before, and going north. Retrace your steps, until you reach
the fork where you went east. Go west this time, then south, and you will
reach an up-down staircase. Go through it, and then south, to exit. In this
room, hop onto the long part of the floor sticking out, and go around the
pit where the ladder leads to. After walking all the way around, push the
statue onto the button (a lot like Zelda games), and slide down into the 
pit by going through the slide-gap (that is what I will call the things
you can slide down, but not up to get to a new area. Go through the 
tunnel/doorway, up the ladder and through the now-opened door. Slide down
the slide gap in this room, and you will fall on a small block in front of
the Goddess Statue. Jump onto the statue, and use Ply on the glowing gem.
Now when you hop on a block with an X design on it, you will get the ability
to hop on water four times. Go through the door on the right of the statue,
and hop on the X-block in front of you. Hop across to the island to your
right, and enter the next area. The chest at the end of this room is a
Mimic, or a trick chest, now you must fight it, it's good experience.
Just use Spire, Volcano, Ice, and Plasma, and it will die rapidly. You
get Water Of Life from killing him too, so that is good. Go into the last
waterfall by just walking forward into it. Get the items in the chest, by
using the X-blocks. Go back through the first waterfall, and hop back on
to the middle island. Exit through the door at the top of this island.
Now, in this room, you can travel around the water with thee X-blocks.
Hop onto the one in front of you, and go: right, right, right, down,
right, up, up, up, left, up, up, up, left, left, left, left, and left
onto an island with a chest. Now make your way back to the starting
X-block by going down a couple of times, until you get onto the 
staircase-island. Now hop back onto the starting block, and go:
right, right, right, down, right, right, right, up, up, up, up, up.
up, up, left, right, up, up, up, left, left, left, left, up, down, left,
and left onto the long island, which will lead you to another X-block.
From this block, go: down, down, down, down, and you will reach the exit.
Go through the door to the south, and walk through the middle waterfall.
Go through the only exit you can go through at this time. In this room,
pushing all the pipes in place is not hard, do it in this order, top
horizontal pipe, bottom horizontal pipe, and finally, the vertical pipe.
Exit this room, and now the previous room has water. Hop across using the
X-blocks. In the next room, just make your way to the exit. In the next
room, go through the doorway-staircase, because you can't unlock the locked
door yet. In this pipe-room, go all the way north, and through the up-down
staircase, to push the vertical pipe in place. Now go around, and push the
vertical pipe back. Once again, push the vertical pipe to the left, now
push the horizontal pipe down, and go around to push the vertical pipe
to the left again. The statue should fall through the hole in the floor.
Go back to the previous room. Now push the statue onto the switch and exit
through the door. Push the third statue in this room to get a Nut, then
hop over the gap near the bottom of this corridor, and climb down the
ladder. Climb up the other ladder, and use move to push the statue.
Hop over, and into the doorway. In this room, push the pipe in place,
and the wall will be pushed away, and a door will appear. Enter the
next room through this door, and go into the fourth waterfall to get
a water Djinn (Sleet). Set it to Mia, and she will become a Scribe.
Now, exit the room from the bottom left corner. The next room is just
a long tunnel. The room after that is a long tunnel as well. After
the two tunnel rooms, you reach another waterfall room. Enter the last
waterfall, go along the right wall of the room, Move the statue, and
go into the doorway/stairwell. After another tunnel room, you will
reach a room with a rainbow and a statue. Use Ply on the statue, and
your party will step into the waterfall. It teleports them up to
the Lighthouse Aerie. use the Psynergy Stone, and hop across to the
main part of the Lighthouse Aerie. When you climb the stairs, you
find that it has already been lit. While you are talking, you hear
Jenna. She is with the Evil Quartet, minus Saturos, and Alex. When
you think the odds might be in your favor, Saturos pops out. After talking
for a while, he battles you alone, while everyone else leaves for the next
lighthouse. Here is the Boss Fight Data:

Boss Fight 3: Saturos
===Boss Data
Name          Saturos
Approx. HP    1200
Psynergy      Eruption
              Heat Flash
Items         None

Begin the battle by using your defensive Djinni, that either increase
your stats, or decrease enemy stats (Granite, Forge, Breeze, Sleet),
next turn, use your other Djinn (Flint, Fever, Gust, and Fizz), and
the next turn, unleash your summons (Ramses, Kirin, Atalanta, and Nereid).
On the third turn, heal your most badly damaged characters, and with the
ones that can't heal, use their strongest psynergy. Repeat this process,
and after two or three times, you should win the battle easily. 

You find that he is not really dead, and Alex pops out. They teleport
away, and take the elevator down. Jump on the elevator to the left,
and go down. Go down the stairs, and then the ladder, and you will find
many people around the fountains healing waters. Fill your Empty Bottle
with water from the fountain (use it while you are in front of the
fountain). It's time to go back and cure Tret with the water.

==========Part XIII - Save The People Of Kolima
Make your way back to Kolima Forest, and follow these instructions
to get through again (or refer back): Go north as you enter the forest, and then
east, and north again. you should reach a vertical log. Push it into the water,
ang go across the log-bridge. Now push the vertical log north-west of you, and
go around it, and follow the path to the exit of the area. Push the log in front
of you, to be able to pass. (note that if you want the hut hanging on the tree
you must use Catch, which you have from the catch beads Isaac's mom gave you).
Walk south and then west, until you reach a vertical and a horizontal log. Push
the vertical log to the right, then push the horizontal log down, and push the
vertical log back to the left. Now you can pass, follow the straight-forward
road that goes north, then east, and north again. In this area, go around on
the right, and push top horizontal log up, the bottom one down, and then the
vertical on the left. You can now get over the river. Go up the stairs and
follow the path into the next area. Here, go south and west until you reach a
wooden gate. Flip the switch, and move the logs in this sequence: both horizontal
logs up, top vertical log left, and left horizontal log down. Flip the switch
and cross over to the next area.
Go up to Tret's face, and use the Herme's Water. He will turn everyone
back into humans. Use retreat.

==========Part XIV - A Kingly Reward
Go to Bilibin to get the King's reward. The guards will notice you, and
will arrest you. After a talk, the guard will lead you to the treasure
room. There are four chests, the first contains a Vial, the second has
a Potion, the third contains a Psy Crystal, and the last one has Water
Of Life. I suggest taking the Water Of Life. Now go back, near Kolima,
and east, south and west along the path to a bridge. The guard will open
the gate, and you should follow the path untill you reach a small town
with a waterfall. Go up the big staircase in the town, and Mind Read
the guy sitting down in the temple. Answer yes to his questions, and
he will open a dungeon where you can get a usefull (but unnecessary)
spell. Go down the staircase, hop up to the guy in front of the
waterfall. Talk to him, and he will let you enter the waterfall. 

==========Part XV - The Waterfall Grotto
Roll over the lake with the log to the right, and fight the Mimi (in
case you didn't know, a Mimic looks like a chest, but is a monster).
Hit it with Spire, Volcano, Plasma, and Ice over and over again untill
it dies. It will drop a Game Ticket. Roll over the other side of the
lake with the log on the left, and go up into the next area. Make your
way to the door to the left by hopping onto the stone in front of you,
and hopping right, right, up, left, up, right, right, up, left, left,
left, down, and down. Proceed forward into the next chamber. Enter
the next room from a door hidden in the shadows on the left wall. Roll
down the lake, and go through the southernmost door. In this room, go
left and down to avoid the spikes, and roll across the lake. Now go up
and into the nearest door. Roll across the lake in this room, and go into
the door at the east. In this room, you can get a Djinn, by going down,
rolling across the lake, rolling the vertical log to the left, rolling
back up with the horizontal log, hopping onto the vertical log, and rolling
across. Take the Djinn out with your most powerfull spells, and set it to
Ivan. Roll back up with the log at the bottom, and enter the next room.
Roll up with on of the logs, then roll sideways with the vertical log
at the right of the room. Now roll up with the second horizontal log.
and hop into the room at the left. Get the Dragons' Eye, and go back.
Hop up to the north door, and proceed to the next room in this room.
Climb up the ladder, and use the Dragon's Eye on the coiled dragon.
You will see a shodow form on the floor (yes that dark path is a 
shadow). Roll the bottommost log to the left to get back into the stone
hopping room. This time go into the left door again. Proceed foward a bit,
untill you reach the room you lit. Walk over the shadow path, be one step
over it all the time, and go into the next room. Here, go forward, drop down
into the pit, enter the room down there, and hop over to the chest which
contains the Orb Of Force. Equip it to someone to teach them Force, and climb
up the ladder in the pit you came from. If you follow this path you can get
back to the dragon room and walk out, but it is easier to use Retreat.
--I know alot of you are dissapointed that I didn't update in a while, and I did
not update much today, so from now on, I will update 3-4 Parts daily. Thanks for
your patience, and sorry I didn't update for a while, I had a science proj. due--

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| 6. Djinn Information   |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

[Djinn Guide]

Type    Name      Location          Fight?   Battle Ability
Earth   Flint     Outside Vale        no     Deals damage with earth.
Earth   Granite   Kolima              no     Reduce enemy damage.
Fire    Forge     Goma Cave          yes     Boosts party attack.
Fire    Fever     Imil                no     Casts delusion on a foe.
Wind    Gust      Bilibin             no     Deals damage with wind.
Wind    Breeze    Tret Tree          yes     Boosts Party Resistance.
Water   Fizz      Mercury Lthouse     no     Restores ally's HP.
Water   Sleet     Mercury Lthouse    yes     Lowers enemy attack.
Wind    Zephyr    Waterfall Grotto   yes     Boosts party agility.

-The rest will appear as I go along in the walkthrough-

[Summon Guide]

Name               Djinn Needed
Venus              1 Earth
Rameses            2 Earth
Cybele             3 Earth
Judgment           4 Earth
Mercury            1 Water
Nereid             2 Water
Neptune            3 Water
Boreas             4 Water
Mars               1 Fire
Kirin              2 Fire
Tiamat             3 Fire
Meteor             4 Fire
Jupiter            1 Wind
Atalanta           2 Wind
Procne             3 Wind
Thor               4 Wind

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
|                                                                         /
|      7. Classes        |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/


Class       Djinn
Squire      none
Knight      2 Earth
Gallant     4 Earth
Lord        6 Earth
Swordsman   1 Water
Defender    2 Water
Cavalier    4 Water
Shaman      6 Water
Apprentice  1 Wind
Illusionist 2 Wind
Enchanter   4 Wind
Shaman      6 Wind
Brute       1 Fire
Ruffian     2 Fire
Savage      4 Fire
Barbarian   6 Fire


Class       Djinn
Guard       none
Soldier     2 Fire
Warrior     4 Fire
Champion    6 Fire
Swordsman   1 Water
Defender    2 Water
Cavalier    4 Water
Ascetic     6 Water
Page        1 Wind
Illusionist 2 Wind
Enchanter   4 Wind
Ascetic     6 Wind
Brute       1 Earth
Ruffian     2 Earth
Savage      4 Earth
Barbarian   6 Earth


Class       Djinn
Wind Seer   None
Magician    2 Wind
Mage        4 Wind
Magister    6 Wind
Seer        1 Earth
Diviner     2 Earth
Shaman      4 Earth
Enchanter   6 Earth
Pilgrim     1 Fire
Wanderer    2 Fire
Ascetic     4 Fire
Enchanter   6 Fire
Hermit      1 Water
Elder       2 Water
Scholar     4 Water


Class       Djinn
Water Seer  None
Scribe      2 Water
Cleric      4 Water
Paragon     6 Water
Seer        1 Earth
Diviner     2 Earth
Shaman      4 Earth
Cavalier    6 Earth
Pilgrim     1 Fire
Wanderer    2 Fire
Ascetic     4 Fire
Cavalier    6 Fire
Hermit      1 Wind
Elder       2 Wind	
Scholar     4 Wind
Savant      6 Wind

--More classes (combos) will be in a future update--

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|   8. Tips & Tricks     |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

-Save often, especially when you enter or finish a dungeon, solve a
 difficult puzzle, reach a new town, or listen to a long talk.
-Always check suspicious places, and use reveal if you see a suspicious
 circle of stones, or tree stumps, or a blank wall surrounded by objects.
-Go into boos fights with Djinn at standby. This was you can use their
 powers, and by the end of the battle you will be back in your class
 so your stats go up more, and you will gain a better psynergy spell.
-Talk to people, they will often tell you solutions to puzzles, hints
 on how to defeat enemies, and will advance the plot.

-On the naming screen for Isaac, push Select 3 times, and you will be
 able to input a name for Garet, Ivan and Mia. Now, confirm a name
 for Isaac, and it will allow you to choose the other names.
-If you press the following on the Control Pad after you do the above:
 Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left,
 Up, then Select, you will also be able to custom input the names for
 3 other in-game characters.

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|      9. Credits        |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

_Azlan_ -      Creating the original guide of the Japanese version, which
               helped me a lot on my first time playing.
TimeAssassin - That's Me! I'd like to thank myself for writing this guide,
               and beating Golden Sun (after many weekends wasted).
[serge] -      For getting me to the buy the game and having someone to
               laugh at because he was still stuck on the 1st Lighthouse.
GameFAQs -     For hosting this FAQ.

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|     10. Contacts       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=/

Contact me (TimeAssassin) at:
email: drace@spacelab.net
ICQ:   138330530
AIM:   DarkPaladin2002

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