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    Djinn Location List by plz2bstfu

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    English FAQ FINAL Version
    Well, here it is.  I've been playin` this game for about a week and here's the
    Djinn Locations, jotted down, as well as I can remember them, and writing others
    down as I went through the game.  Hope this helps all you people, especially you
    guys posting on the message board every day about the Djinn Locations.
    Note:  When a Djinni runs away from you in a cave, leave the screen and come back.
           They should be there again, waiting for battle.  Thanks Kevin Quindlen for
           that useful info.  When you are fighting the ones on the world map, if they
           run away, you will encounter them again in that same area.
    01) Venus   - Earth1 - (Flint)
        This Djinni you meet right after you leave Vale, he's the only one who's visible
        on the world map.
    02) Mars    - Fire1  - (Forge)
        You find this Djinni in Goma Cave, on a ledge above a man.  You'll have to 'Move'
        a pillar over from the bottom area, so you can reach the Djinni later on the
        top area.
    03) Jupiter - Wind1  - (Gust)
        In Bilibin, go to the east side of town, and climb the stairs.  Next, head south
        to walk on the fence.  Use 'Whirlwind' to clear the vines, and enter the cave.
        'Move' the statue out of your way, clearing your path to the Djinni.
    04) Venus   - Earth2 - (Granite)
        In Kolima, there is a fenced in area with a Djinni.  Go behind the tree house
        that the fence that surrounds the Djinni connects to.  There will be a secret
        tunnel leading to it.
    05) Jupiter - Wind2  - (Breeze)
        In Tret, you'll find this Djinni on a top branch whilst walking in the areas
        outside of the trunk.
    06) Mars    - Fire2  - (Fever)
        In Imil, you'll find a snowman.  'Move' him to the left, then make your way down
        on the ice.  Slip and slide around until you reach the frozen cave, to get this
    07) Mercury - Water1 - (Fizz)
        When Mia joins your party in the Mercury Lighthouse, this is what she brings with
    08) Mercury - Water2 - (Sleet)
        In the Mercury Lighthouse, search behind the waterfalls as you progress through
        the lighthouse.  Eventually, you'll be able to walk through some, and in the room
        with 6 waterfalls, pick the right one, and you'll find this Djinni.
    09) Jupiter - Wind3  - (Zephyr)
        You'll have to solve a puzzle in Fuchin Temple to get this, it's a fairly easy puzzle.
    10) Venus   - Earth3 - (Quartz)
        As you progress through the Mogall Forest, this Djinni will eventually catch your
        eye.  Solve a simple puzzle to reach it.
    11) Mercury - Water3 - (Mist)
        In Xian, there is a girl on a dock that is carrying water.  Wait for her to bring
        the water to the 2nd door on the right, 1 step south of it.  Talk to her, she'll
        drop the water.  'Freeze' the water, and head to the ledge above and jump to the
        next Djinni.
    12) Mars    - Fire3  - (Corona)
        Go north of Xian, until you go past a bridge.  On the island you will fight this
    13) Mercury - Water4 - (Spritz)
        In Altin, defeat the 3 water spitting beasts to make the flood go away, then enter
        the bottom mine.  Follow the path on the right, and solve a simple puzzle to get
        this Djinni.
    14) Jupiter - Wind4  - (Smog)
        In the Lamakan Desert, go to the northern part of the second screen and use 'Reveal'
        on the stones that form a circle pattern until you find the right spot, there will
        be a Djinni there.
    15) Venus   - Earth4 - (Vine)
        After you exit the Lamakan Desert, go to the north-western bridge and to the little
        island in the middle of the circular land formations.  After a few fights, you'll
        run into a Djinni.  Be prepared.
    16) Mars    - Fire4  - (Scorch)
        In Kalay, go to the north-eastern part of town, and get on top of the 2 story house.
        Jump across the gap to the grass, and go north.  Use 'Move' to reveal a passage.
        In the first room, push the statue in front of the drain pipe to stop the flow of
        water and get the Djinni.
    17) Venus   - Earth5 - (Sap)
        In Vault revisited, when you have 'Reveal'(get this in Lama Temple), find the tower
        in town and ring the bell.  This moves the Djinni to the desired spot.  Now go to
        the west side of town and climb the steps to the upper part of town, and follow it
        around to a dog and a circle of stones.  Use 'Reveal', go down the hole, solve the
        cave, and come out and get the Djinni.  Make sure you rang the bell.
    18) Jupiter - Wind5  - (Kite)
        Revisit Vale later in the game and use 'Lift' to lift the boulder by Kraden's house.
        Go in the small cave, seek out the Djinni and use 'Halt'(which you get in a treasure
        chest right before you meet the Djinni) on the Djinni when he tries to hide behind
        the rocks that you can chase him around.
    19) Mars    - Fire5  - (Ember)
        In Tolbi, go to the southern part of town and go east on the outskirts.  'Grow' the
        vine, and 'Freeze' the puddle, then run to the inn, and jump around the corner to
        get this Djinni.
    20) Venus   - Earth6 - (Ground)
        You first see this in Kalay Dock.  You'll have to take the boat to Tolbi, then exit
        Tolbi and travel, keeping the coast on your hero's RIGHT side, and you'll reach the
        other side of this dock, and you can pick up the covetted Djinni.
    21) Mercury - Water5 - (Hail)
        This Djinni is found west/northwest of Tolbi.  Head west to a bridge facing north,
        trek on over it, then head north-westish over the other bridge.  Run around in this
        area and you'll eventually encounter and fight this Djinni.
    22) Jupiter - Wind6  - (Squall)
        In Altmiller Cave, follow the path until you get past the invisible man, then head
        into the doorway.  See the door on the right?  Find your way to it, and in this
        room, push the first pillar on the left all the way to the right, then push the
        bottom pillar all the way up.  'Freeze' the puddle, then push the pillar on the
        right over to the frozen puddle.  Push the 2nd pillar from the top(you'll have to
        get behind this pillar by stepping behind the standing pillar to it's left)down
        to the frozen puddle too.  Walk around the room to the top pillar, push it down,
        and viola! Djinn city!
    23) Mars    - Fire6  - (Flash)
        In Suhalla Desert, as you're travelling through it, eventually you will come to a
        ledge to your left.  Use 'Reveal' and jump across to grab this Djinni.
    24) Venus   - Earth7 - (Bane)
        In Suhalla Desert, where you get the Mars Djinni, go through the cave, and come
        out and get swept up by the pink tornado.  It takes you to an island.  Go to the
        center of the isle, and enter a place called Crossbones Isle.  You'll enter a cave,
        and on the 6th floor I think it is, this Djinni will beg to be chased around the
        room.  Chase him until he just starts going around 3 stones in circles, like the
        last Djinni did that you had to use 'Halt' to get, and do the same thing as you
        did last time.
    25) Mercury - Water6 - (Dew)
        In Suhalla Gate, in the 3rd screen, there will be slides you can take down to the
        lower level.  Go down the 3rd slide, and get the Djinni.
    26) Mars    - Fire7  - (Torch)
        In Lalivero, go to the east side of town and enter the house with the ladder to the
        roof.  Get on the roof, and walk around on the wall to the building that holds Babi's
        treasure that the guard won't let you enter.  Get on that building, jump across to
        the next roof, climb the vine, and grab the Djinni.
    27) Mercury - Water7 - (Tonic)
        After you beat Toadonpa, in Dononpa's Fortress, revisit it after the scene in the
        ice cave near Lunpa, and go to Dononpa's quarters.  Talk to him and he'll reveal a
        path for you to grab the Djinni.
    28) Jupiter - Wind7  - (Luff)
        In Babi Tower, there's 2 ladders at the entrance that go underground.  Take the one
        on the west, 'Move' the pillar 1 step to the west, then go on the other side and
        'Move' the other pillar out of your way.  Jump over the gap, go outside, and 'Grow'
        the vine.  Head in the doorway and jump down the slide to get this one.
    As far as I'm concerned, this list is complete.  If you can explain some of these in better
    detail than me, if you feel it's needed, send me an e-mail about it with the new description.
    If it is a decent description, I may consider adding your description.  You'll get full credit
    of course.
    Thanks to Skywalker, Lacan Kasim, and countless others  from the GameFAQS Golden Sun
    Message Board for their help filling in some of the blanks I had in this FAQ.  You
    made it much easier on me.  Thanks guys. :)
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2001 by me.  If you wish to post a link to this FAQ, or
    put it on your site unaltered, that's ok too.  Enjoy.
    'spoon', or, on GameFAQS msg board 'plz2bstfu' - i.give.up@home.com

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