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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Azlan

    Version: 5 | Updated: 11/21/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

            ggGGGGgg     ooOOOOoo   Ll         DDDDDDdD    EEEEEEEEEE NN      nN  
           gG      Gg   oO      Oo  Ll         Dd     dD   Ee         NnN     nN  
          gG           oO        Oo Ll         Dd      dD  Ee         NnnN    nN  
          gG           oO        Oo Ll         Dd       dD Ee         Nn nN   nN  
          gG           oO        Oo Ll         Dd       dD EeEEE      Nn  nN  nN  
          gG           oO        Oo Ll         Dd       dD Ee         Nn   nN nN  
          gG    gGGGGG oO        Oo Ll         Dd      dD  Ee         Nn    nNnN  
           gG      GgG  oO      Oo  Ll         Dd     dD   Ee         Nn     nNN  
            GGggggGG g   OOooooOO   llllllllll DDDDDDDD    EEEEEEEEEE Nn      nN  
                                                           /\       |             
       ssSSSSss   Uu       uU NN      nN                  /--\ --/  |   /\ |-\    
      sS      Ss  Uu       uU NnN     nN             ____/____\ /___|_/_\_\| |____
     sS           Uu       uU NnnN    nN                                          
     sS           Uu       uU Nn nN   nN                         ^      \  |  /   
      ssSSSSss    Uu       uU Nn  nN  nN  [-English-      ]     /|\      \ | /    
             Ss   Uu       uU Nn   nN nN  [Golden Sun     ]      |   ____/===\____
             Ss   Uu       uU Nn    nNnN  [Walkthrough/Faq]      |   ___|     |___
    sS      Ss     Uu     uU  Nn     nNN  [Version Five   ]      |       \___/    
     ssSSSSss       UuuuuuU   Nn      nN  [By - - - - - - ]------/       / | \    
                                                                        /  |  \   
                                                                     [Golden Sun] 
    This is version 5. It was made by _Azlan_. It was finished 11/21/2001 12:13AM.
    -=-=-[Refer to the bottom of this walkthrough/faq for update information]=-=-=
    | Contents       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
                                     1) un-legal stuff                            
                                     2) *please note*                             
                                     3) my opinion                                
                                     4) basic controlls                           
                                     5) characters                                
                                     6) walkthrough                               
                                     7) all about djinns                          
                                     8) a few good tips                           
                                     9) credits                                   
                                    10) contact                                   
    | Un-legal stuff   |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
          Feel entirely free to steal it, market it, burn it, and use it all the  
    way around. I lay NO copyright on this document whatsoever. That is why i made
    this 'un-legal' section. I dont know if you can link directly to this faq,    
    because it will be hosted on gamefaqs, but if you want to have it on your site
    or whatever, you have my permission. Oh, and try to give credit where it is   
    needed.  :)                                                                   
    | *Please Note*    |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
         Please note, i do NOT know or understand japanese, but still i have found
    this game VERY fun and intersting (notice the word very). And because i dont  
    know japanese there are some limitations on my ability to play this cool game.
    When the english version comes out in october (i think that is the release    
    date) i will be able to add some story to the walkthrough and it will         
    hopefully be alot better. Oh, and if you are using a flash cart use that      
    'crash patch' for golden sun found at
    the game wont ever crash, but it will have a few graphic glitches, the crash  
    patch will fix that.                                                          
    | My Opinion       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
         I would like to tell you is to get some headphones, because that tiny    
    little speaker under your right hand does not do the music from golden sun any
    justice, it will be WAY better with stereo headphones than with that 2        
    centimeter speaker.                                                           
    | Basic Controls   |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
     -World Map/Adventure Mode                                                    
        Direction Pad: Move your character                                        
        Start: Save/Configuration Menu                                            
        Select: Character Menu                                                    
        B: Hold to run                                                            
        A: Character Menu                                                         
        L: Preset Energy                                                          
        R: Preset Energy                                                          
     -Save/Configuration Menu                                                     
        First Icon: A book with a quill pen. This will save your game.            
        Second Icon: A man with a night cap on. This will put your GBA to sleep.  
    Press 'L' and 'R' at the same time to wake up your GBA. This feature is very  
    useful if you are playing and writing a walkthrough/faq at the same time. It  
    will save batteries.                                                          
        Third Icon: A black, blue, and green window on a pink background. This is 
    the configurations menu. You can figure out what all the stuff does.          
     -Character Menu                                                              
        First Icon: A man holding his with some type of magic coming out of it.   
    This is where you can access your energy spells.                              
        Second Icon:  An earth Djinn. Here you can 'equip' and 'un-equip' your    
        Third Icon: A wooden box. This is your items directory.                   
        Fourth [4] Icon: A peice of paper with writing on it. Here you can check  
    your characters status.                                                       
    | Characters       |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
         Isaac is the main character. His element is of the earth. Isaac has the  
    Best attack rating.                                                           
         Garet is Isaac's childhood friend. His element is of fire. He comes from
    the same town as Isaac. Garet has the best defense rating.                   
     -Mia (if some one could tell me the correct spelling, please do)         
         Mia comes from the same town as Isaac. Her element is of ice/water.  
    She comes the same town as Isaac. She was kidnapped along with an alchemist   
    (to whom i have given the nickname 'enstien').                                
     -Ivan (is this character male or female?)                                    
         Ivan joined the party after solving the mystery of the quick carriages.  
    Her/His element is of wind/air/lightning. He/She has psycic abilities. Ivan   
    has the highest speed.                                                        
         Mari meet the party in her house after trying to heal an elderly man.    
    Her element is of ice/water. She joined the party in the lighthouse (also     
    known as ice tower, mercury tower). Mari is the best at healing.              
    | Walkthrough      |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
        Ok now, when you start and you come to this screen with lots of freaky    
    symbols (japanese) you can enter your name in english, just put the cursor at 
    the top and the right and press 'a'. But through out this walkthrough i will  
    refer to the main character as 'Isaac'.                                       
         You wake up to the sound of your mother calling you. The scene unfolds   
    and you are in bed. The storm outside is raging and rain is batering against  
    the windows. 'get up' she says. Your mother uses her 'energy' to grab your bag
    off the wall hanging above your bed. You and your mother hurry down down the  
    stairs. You meet your dad here and you all go out side. Your dad needs your   
    mothers asistance for something and they both go away. Before leaving, your   
    mother asks if you can get to the town square by yourself. As you start to    
    head upwards, you see a boy trying to pull something heavy by a rope. From    
    what ive heard this guys name is Garet. Go up to Garet and talk to him, he  
    now joins your party! yippy skippy.                                           
         As you start to cross the bridge, you hear a terrible rumble, but it is  
    not comeing from the storm. What could it be? you both are supprised to see an
    enormous boulder rolling down some stairs! It will surely crush you, but there
    are four people holding it back with all their might and NRG (energy). 0ne of 
    these people notices you and says something about it to you. Garet decides to
    get away fast, so you both go down the flight of stairs on your side of the   
    bridge. As you wander around in the next screen you find some body that looks 
    like they have been struck by a smaller boulder. You talk to him but he seems 
    to be ok, just sleeping i guess. :) Ok, the only place to go is down the      
    stairs south of the guy that was hit by the boulder. You walk down those      
    stairs and suddenly you are attacked! this is where you learn how to fight.   
        When you just barely start a batttle there will be three icons, the       
    first: a man with a dazling sword in one hand and a sheild in the other,      
    selecting this means you want to fight. The second icon:a coward without      
    sheild and sword running away, selecting this means you want to run away. The 
    third: 3 peices of written on paper, selecting this means you want to check   
    your current status (using 'L' and 'R' switches between characters). After    
    selecting the first icon, you will be given four [4] more icons. The first: a 
    man swinging his sword downwards, selecting this mean you want to physicaly   
    attack the opponent you choose. The second icon: a man holding out his hand   
    with some type of magic coming out of it, selecting this means you want to use
    your magic or so called NRG (energy). *note, your NRGs (energies) can do      
    diferent stuff like heal or attack or ^up^ your stats for that battle* The    
    third icon: a little wooden box, selecting this means you want to use an item.
    The fourth icon: a man croutching behind a shield, selecting this means you   
    want to defend yourself. If you get hurt in your battles, there are what looks
    like pot leaves in your item directory that can heal you.                     
         As you come to the next screen there is another bridge. When you cross   
    that bridge you notice that all the stairs you come to are blocked by huge    
    boulders. So dont cross the bridge just yet. you go south down the extra long 
    flight of stairs and then somebody calls out to you. Suprised, you and Garet 
    look down to see some man holding on to a log in the river for all his life!  
    Then without warning he is swept away by the raging current of the flooded    
    river. what are those people there? what were they doing? how did that man get
    stuck in the river? we will all find out when the english version comes out   
    (if you dont know japanese). but wait! he is still there! hanging on dearly!  
    your mother goes to get some help and notices you. she says something and you 
    go across the bridge below the house because you cant help at all. you head   
    west into the next screen. there are many houses here, you have arived in town
    square! you and Garet head down to thetown square and some guy in a lab      
    jacket and other people are talking. they start to talk to you and some people
    join you. if you jump to the rock in the middle of the lake type puddle and   
    press 'A' at it, it will fill up all your magic points.                       
         you get confused and dont know what to do, so you start heading back. as 
    soon as you get to the bridge you stop and see that the man in the river is   
    still there. you talk for a little while then you guys decide to take a closer
    look. then all of a sudden, a huge earthquake is unleashed! rumbling and      
    shaking you and your party are confused. but when you look up, the enormous   
    boulder is crashing and smashing its way down the slope. did the people that  
    were holding back this enormous boulder fail? did they fail to hold up this   
    boulder to save their own lives? all hell breaks loose as the huge and        
    devistating rock completely smashes the house and squishes some people (this, 
    i think, is where your father dies). the raging river relentlessly washes away
    the terrified man, drowning under its currents. [at this point of time you    
    should be crying.] after the scene recovers, you see that everybody has been  
    shaken up. not knowing what to do next you start to run for town square. but  
    before you can leave the screen, your friend calls out to you and follows     
    after you.                                                                    
         when you arrive in the next scene, Garet calls for you again. but some  
    one has been talking to another person, they look evil. these evil looking    
    people ask you if you have been listening to them. no matter what you say they
    get pissed and attack you. your party could never take these guys, so you are 
    completely waisted by their supreme fighting skills. [dont reset the game     
    because you lost, like i did.] you and Garet get knocked out and next thing  
    you know three years have past with out your notice. the next scene kinda     
    takes along time, so just press 'A' rapidly to get through it kinda quick. i  
    think they just reminess about the last three years. you are patching your    
    roof using your NRG (energy) and some hay. every body talks and falls through 
    the newly patched holes. after thats over dont forget to save it because its a
    pain to do that all over again.                                               
                                    {end of prologue}                             
    [1st dungeon: abandoned temple]                                               
        ok, you notice that your weapons realy suck, so you head into town square 
    to get better ones. always get the best weapons for your party at every town, 
    always. if you cant afford it, just fight a lot of monsters to get the        
    funding. never settle for something less. now head back to your own house and 
    scross over the bridge. go west into the next screen. when you enter the two  
    evil people are there! they talk. but this time the decide not to beat you up.
    ignore them and go towards the house north wards. you will came upon some     
    enstien looking                                                               
    guy with a beard and glasses. talk to him and he joins your party. now head   
    back to your own house and go north. youl come to some steps leading up to a  
    church with a ]GOLDEN SUN[ on the arch. you dont need to go into it. but go   
    past the church and north. some preist stops you and says its dangerous up    
    there. but you dont listen to him. when he has walked around the right side of
    the church, quickly run upwards, that way he wont see you. and enter up the   
    stairs. you have come apon your first dungeon.                                
        as you walk into the dungeon, the enstien guy will say something. in the  
    next screen you will come upon a maze of blocks surrounded by water. you can  
    only jump over one space at a time start at the farthest right as possible and
    jump to the nearest block, find your way to the other side, and enter the     
    door. follow that awsome blue hallway. you come upon some more blocks         
    surrounded by water. you need to get the gem from the middle passage, insert  
    it into the figure in the right passage (rumble rumble), then enter the opened
    doorway in the left passage. enstien says that youve come to a dead end! how  
    could that be? well, as you look around, there are some statues with dotted   
    lines around em. use your hand NRG (energy) [it is usefull to preset this NRG 
    (energy) to 'L' and/or 'R'] and move the satues. when you enter the doorway   
    and come upon a four [4] way intersection, take the left route, get the       
    treasure (in which you need) then go through the only other door there.       
       enstein goes 'another dead end?' yeah right smarty pants! use your hand NRG
    (energy) to move the left statue, put the gem in the figure, then move another
    statue to find a passage! [one passage is a fake and leads nowhere]. in the   
    next screen there is a pot leaf to heal you if you go left a bit, but then go 
    straight up to find cuirous statues and celestial symbols on the ground.      
    enstien goes nuts and you guys talk alittle. go into the next room and he     
    departs. continue on and go into the passage. ignore the four [4] statues in  
    the next room and go to the room with the five statues. move the two statues  
    on the left and right by physicaly pushing them (as to not waist your NRG     
    points) until you cant move them anymore. then use your hand NRG to move the  
    statue with the hub cap on its head towards you. it will fall into the hole!  
    now go back the the room with the moon surounded by water and the four [4]    
    statues and move the four [4] of them. something will happen down with        
    enstien, and he will have another fit. continue moving the rest of the        
    statues. go downstairs and talk to enstien. then press 'A' at the beem of     
    light coming from the wall. a porthole!!                                      
         when you get to your destination, enstein will go crazy. he is excited   
    about something. a long conversation starts. !boring! [what i think went on   
    is enstein has been doing his studies or experiments and has come up with some
    type of thorey about how the world is made or something. look at the statues, 
    they represent the four [4] NRGs. wind, earth, fire, water/ice. i guess this  
    proves his thorey.] you must reach these cool lookin statues. you need to get 
    to the lower right one first, when you get to it and press 'A' at it, things  
    will shake and columns will be raised from the water so you can reach the next
    statue. next, you must reach the top right statue. next, you must reach the   
    lower left one. after this you notice that some one has been following you.   
    the evil duo! then shortly thereafter, some one new arives. is he dangerous?  
    whos side is he on? well i dont know. every body talks again. then after a    
    while some new chick arives! too many people to keep track of! now find some  
    way to get to the last statue. and then it puts out some nice pyrotechnics.   
    then this weird eyeball thing appears, where did that come from? i have know  
    idea. i dont know what purpose it serves either. when every body  leaves, the 
    whole cavern starts to deteriorate. what are you to do? AAHHHHH!! MAN! that   
    eyeball thing is scary! it talks to you and does some type of magic. it makes 
    you leave. now use Isaac's NRG that makes him leave dungeons, it looks like   
    pink doors, or leave manualy. go to town and youll have a little firework show
    with a big crowd. when your mother sees you she is very happy :) to bad Isaac 
    doesnt have a girlfriend to wellcome him back [heheh!:)] then a few of the    
    crowd goes into the church and you tell the whole story. the high preist does 
    some magic stuff, every body talks. then.....    THE WEIRD EYE BALL THING     
    AHHHHHHH!!! and then its gone. that was a close call. finally, that long, time
    consuming conversation is over! yes! in the next scene there is a boy and his 
    girl, they talk. then it moves to town square. there is a family reunion of   
    your inbred family relations, and Garet is your half-father half-brother!! jk
    :) every body talks and then you can leave town! your first map experience.   
                         {end of first dungeon: abandoned temple}                 
    [mystery of the quick carriages]                                              
        right outside your home town you will see some weird animal, this animal  
    is called a Djinn. this ones name is 'solo' he is an earth Djinn. talk to him,
    he will show you how to properly take care of him and how to use him in       
    battles. the more Djinns you have, the better! use the 'L' button to zoom out,
    and use the 'R' to view the world map. within the world map use 'L' and/or 'R'
    to find your current position. ok, go south and go east, go across a bridge   
    then go south and you will find the next town. but when you enter the town, a 
    scene happens. four [4] carriages drive south and come upon a broken bridge.  
    they get pissed cause the bridge is out. why are they in such a hurry? are    
    they carrying stollen valubles? are being chased? but some type of ice thing  
    falls down and they get scared, i guess they will have to go the long way     
    around. trust me, it is VERY long around! but dont worry about the bridge     
    right now, its not needed. go back into the town.                             
    * note: always talk to                                                        
    -everybody- in every town, it is very important! *     when you enter a       
    certian house you will meet a guy that introduces himself as Ivan and then    
    reads your mind! how dare he! what an amazing talent! you get alittle scared  
    and back off abit. he corners Garet and reads his wildest dreams :) oh yeah! 
    as always, get the best weapons money can buy, armour too! after you buy your 
    best armour and weapons, go into the inn and go upstairs. if you hadent       
    noticed these strange individuals before, they look quite suspicious! i think 
    its the bad haircuts! did they have anything to do with the quick retreat of  
    those four [4] carriages? maybe so, maybe no. well, try to corner one of em   
    and read their mind. i mean try realy hard cause this is a very hard part of  
    the game. they are very fast! as fast and slippery as buttered slugs! yum.    
    well after mutiple failures, i got really pissed so i went to kill some bad   
    guys, but this is what your supposed to do. your new found psycic friend has  
    devised a plan, split up! how smart. well with the help of Ivan, corner a     
    guy and you will read his mind. after that, try to talk to em again, these    
    guys are realy scared of you! i wouldnt go near a mind reader, ive got to much
    to hide! after you laugh at those dumb guys go outside and there will be a    
    ladder leaning on the inn. go in it and use your hand NRG to move the box     
    crate. jump over and go in the door. you will find a pitifull guy crying. talk
    to him and talking will last to long. after a while you fight these three guys
    (the third one was above the church). when you beat these guys you will be    
    given a reward the last treasure (the other two are taken by some guy),       
    Ivan takes the reward [a staff] because only  he can equip it, and then  he   
                    {and so ends the mystery of the quick carriages}              
    [your 2nd dungeon: a very dungeony dungeon]                                   
         when you are all suited up for another adventure, leave for another      
    adventure (good, huh). ok, this might be hard to find, so just go east as far 
    as you can go, crossing a few or two bridges. then you will come upon a cave  
    looking thin on the side of the mountian. upon entering you will see a river  
    with a broken bridge, with a log, rock, peice of the broken bridge, or        
    whatever it is in the river so just jump to that, then to the other side. move
    the tall rock to get up the ladder. use your hand NRG on the next rock to pull
    it in the gap. then come up to a spot where you cant jump across cause there's
    a rock there and you cant move the rock with your hand NRG cause there is a   
    bush that is growing near, on, and around it. try some stuff. do something,   
    (im typing from memory right now) and Ivan, you met in the last town, will    
    come up to you.  he uses his tornado NRG to blow away the bush. now move the  
    rock with your hand NRG. enter the dungeon. in the dungeon jump across the    
    water using the rock. now on the other side of the water, go south and use    
    stairs and door. in the next room go east alot until you come to a vertical   
    rock on a gray coloured floor (the spaces in which you can move the rock). and
    move as far north as you can, then talk to the guy near by. ok now, in the    
    same room go west and south a bit, you will find some water. jump to the other
    'shore' and go in the door. there will be a big pool of water in the middle.  
    jump around tha corner using the rock in the water. if you pass the door you  
    will see a similar corner without a rock. it needs a rock so we will put one  
    there! go in the door if you passed it. here there will be pretty high ledges,
    so dont get scared. yeah, im not afraid of hights. well, push the vertical    
    rock to jump next to it and if you want to get the treasure (it looks like a  
    white blood cell, i dont know what its use is), jump south and move the       
    vertical rock back to its origin. then simply jump to it. now jump back to the
    other ledge and use hand NRG to move the fat rock off the ledge. now go back  
    into the door. now you can jump around that corner. go into the door. if you  
    moved that rock into place, you can steal that guys Djinn. the guy gets mad   
    and runs off. hey, finders keepers, right? now jump back across and go in the 
    northern most door. go north, move the rock using hand NRG, follow the path,  
    and your out.                                                                 
                      {the very dungeony dungeon has come to an end}              
    [A small journey]                                                             
        As soon as you get out of the very dungeony dungeon there will be a town  
    where you can sleep at an Inn and equip better weapons and armour. Do you want
    another djinn? Then go north as soon as you enter the town and use the stairs 
    on your right. Step onto the wooden wall and follow it all the way around to  
    the other side until you can go no further. Use ivan's tornado NRG to clear   
    leaves covering the doorway. Use you hand NRG to move the statue. Did you     
    notice that weird looking tree at the entrance? weird huh. Head north some    
    more and go inside the mansion. When you find the guy in charge he will talk  
    to you about something, i dont know, and he'll hand over a key. But a moment  
    after he gets upset about something and hell pull it back. What was that key  
    for? Well when your done get out of town and go south east, you will come upon
    a wooden building. When you enter, you see that it is a wall blocking the path
    with a locked door. What are you to do. Use you hand NRG to move a tall block 
    on the left of the door, it will be sticking out. Now you may pass.           
        When you have passed through that building, go north and you will find a  
    grove of trees. Here you guys start talking, then all of a sudden... what!?   
    aliens? Here all of you are put to sleep. The aliens put some type of bubble  
    or force field around you three. Then it disapears and you guys wake up! Oh no
    not again, the bubbles are back around you and some angry lookin creature     
    starts to talk to you. Oh man, its scary. Then another creature, not quite as 
    sinister. Then they have some type of argument and the bubbles are listed from
    you. Regroup and head north. [this is the point where the stereo headphones   
    are quite useful, dont you just love that beautiful music?] If you got the    
    best staff for ivan, when you get into a battle you will notice an awsome     
    spell it casts randomly with out using EP (energy points). When you physicaly 
    attack it will sometimes cast a lightning spell that will shock your enemy and
    sometimes paralyze your enemy (pikachu's thunderwave?). It is very useful!    
    Paralyze your enemy then kill the other ones while the paralyzed one cant     
    attack. Its neat, press 'A' right before ivan finnishs the attack and you are 
    more likely to paralyze. Go north then east and push the log into the water.  
    Push logs to move on to the next screen. Ignore the first log you come upon   
    and stay low. Move the lower log down and head north to the next screen.      
         Ok, this is hard for me to explain so ill try to make it visual. When you
    see the next bunch of logs it will look something like this.                  
       _______              __                                                    
      |_______|             ||                                                    
           ________         --                                                    
    First move the only log you can touch. like this.                             
     _________ __                                                                 
               || <-------                                                        
    Now move it back.                                                             
     _________       ------>__                                                    
    |_________|             ||                                                    
         ________           --                                                    
    Now move the top one up                                                       
          ^                 __                                                    
          |                 ||                                                    
         ________           --                                                    
    Then move the bottom one down. Then move the right one into the water. And    
    then jump across the water and head into the next screen.                     
                            || <-------                                           
             |              --                                                    
         Before doing anything hop around on the logs floating in the water and   
    you will notice a treasure box on the other side of the lake. This will be    
    harder than the last one and i think my diagrams realy suck so im just going  
    to explain it. Go over to the right and find a switch. When you see the water 
    go down, move the two horizontal ones that are side by side up. Then move both
    of the vertical ones to the right. Now move the top right horizontal one down 
    and it wall make a 'T' on another log below it, move that log left. Now move  
    the top one down and raise the water using the switch. Hop to the treasure.   
    To continue on just move the two horizontal ones up and then the far right one
    left, then move the two back down, raise the water and continue on. When doing
    so, you will find the two creatures that did those weird things to you before 
    (i guess it wasnt aliens). Talk to them and enter the angry tree.             
                                   {small journey}                                
    [The severe beating of a sinister tree]                                       
         When entering the sinister tree, you will notice your only option is to  
    go up, so do so. In the next room there are some large leaves on a spider web.
    You only get once to jump on the leaves, so choose carefully. Go all the way  
    south and jump across the three bottom leaves then up. Head right out into the
    open until you come to a a vine rope. Use it and go left into the tree again. 
    You will find a treasure box but you will have to fall through the spider web 
    to get back. It wont hurt. The item is some sort of ring that heals you and   
    you can equip it! There also is a purple stone in this room. It will fill your
    EP. So use the 'heal' NRG if you have the right djinns equipped before you use
    the purple stone. Now jump across the right leaf and climb the vine rope. In  
    the next room there will be an opening south, go through it and head north as 
    far you can. Here you will find a wind djinn, if it runs away, just go in the 
    tree and come back out. Now go back down into the same room, but head left. Go
    out onto the limb and up the vine and go back into the tree. There is a large 
    web with leaves on it. Jump onto the lowest leaf, then right, then up, then   
    right, then left. You will fall into the basement of the tree. Now go to the  
    top wall. The tree gets mad and he wants a fight. You gotta severely beat him 
    cause he was too simple to beat. Let him talk his number and leave. Get out   
    and pass the lake with logs in it and into the next screen. There will be a   
    groove in the wall, you can slide down this and get out. After getting out, go
    to the town east of the grove of trees, here there are lots of little trees   
    around, this is a cursed village. Now head back to the last _uncursed_ village
    and use the inn and get new items if you need it.                             
                    {You have now severely beat the sinister tree}                
    [It's not an ice tower, it's not a mercury tower, IT'S A LIGHTHOUSE!!!!]      
         Now get suited up for another adventure. Start to go north and you will  
    find a bridge, just follow the path after the bridge and you will come to an  
    entrance to the mountains. When you you get there you will see a little sprout
    by the side of the mountian. Equip the earth djinn to Garet and he will have 
    a new type of energy that looks like the little sprouts twin brother. Use that
    sprout NRG on the sprout and it will grown into a vine. Climb it and explore  
    and you will find a treasure box. The sword in the box is quite powerfull. It 
    has a magic ability like ivan staff but it will dammage alot more. I equipped 
    it to Isaac. Now enter the cave in the real entrance from ground level. Find  
    the door and go into the room with a whole bunch of torches and ice. You will 
    find two torches with dotted lines around them. Move one towards the ice. The 
    ice will melt and you jump over the puddle to get a treasure. The exit is in  
    this room.                                                                    
         You are now in snow country. Be carefull cause bears will attack without 
    warning. Do not feed the bears. In the next town you will see there is a      
    frozen river. At the top of the river there is a hole in the ice, this is     
    where a djinn is hidden! Use you hand NRG and move the snowman onto the ice.  
    Cross the bridge and get onto the river at next hole in the fence. To get the 
    treasure by the large tree, go right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left,
    down, left, up, right, then up the ladder. To get the Djinn start from the    
    same place and go right, up, left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right   
    (you should hit the snowman), then up. Now go into the church by the graveyard
    and talk to the little girl sitting down. If you were to enter the town again 
    go into the house right in front of you. This is where you meet Mari (Mary).  
    She will be trying to heal an elderly man by using her pray NRG. When she just
    barely notices you a shinning light comes through the windows. She get anxious
    about something and scurries away. Despite your honesty issues, steal the item
    from the treasure box in Mari's house. It's a jar! (Zelda64?). Now go to the  
    light house in the north. You will se Mari stand alone there. She can't get in
    the light house. Use your hand NRG to move the object in front of the door.   
    She uses her pray NRG to un-seal the door ang hops through. Oh no!, a monster 
    is terrorizing her. Kill it, it's not that tough. She thanx you and runs off. 
    Continue on and you will find a lake with a block in the middle of it. Take   
    either door and the next one after. Hop the block and go down the stairs. Here
    you will find Mari again. Move the statue into the hole in the path and she'll
    be very impressed and join you party! Hop over the statue and go through the  
    door. There will be water falls here, sometime there will be doors behind them
    but you cant see em. Just push into them and if there is a door you will go   
    through them. But there are no doors behind those three. In the next room     
    there will be pipes and water spilling out of disconnected pipes. Push the    
    pipe to complete the flow. Follow the stairs and push the pipe back from      
    behind. To get the treasure, go the same route without the water flowing. Go  
    into the next room. Hop the gap and dont go down the ladder yet, but go and   
    push the statue on the button. Fall down the groove on the ground and go in   
    the door and fall down the second groove. This is the spot where i was stuck  
    for days! Jump to the figure on the wall and use Mari's pray NRG on the       
    glowing gem. it will activate the block and allow you to use the blocks energy
    to levitate over the water! But you only have three jumps so you need to      
    strategicly plan them! Go through the door and jump on the block then across  
    the water. Oh! a treasure out in the open! How convenient! Its a trick        
    treasure. Good experience points. Go through the last water fall to get some  
    armour. Head back and go into the north door. There is a treasure if you go   
    right then around, close to the wall from the right around to the left. Go the
    same way to get to the next door. You will find three water falls in the next 
    room, use the middle one. Go on till you see some pipes, connect em all to    
    fill up the empty pool. Hop across the recently full pool and continue on till
    you see some more pipes. The object here is to use the pipes hydro power to   
    push the statue in to hole. Use the stairs at the top of the room and push the
    pipe into the other pipe, now push it back, then push it back again! (It      
    should be on the far left). But this time move the horizontal one down, then  
    move the other one right. Push the statue on the button and go through the    
    unlocked door. Move the second to the last statue to get a treasure. Go on and
    use your hand NRG to move the statue to get to the door. Move the pipe in     
    place and go through the door. If you check all the water falls you will find 
    a water/ice djinn. Continue on until you find some water falls, use the last  
    one, move the statue with you hand NRG, then when you find a rainbow. Use     
    Mari's pray NRG on the statue near by. The light house is alight once more.   
    You will end up some where at the top. Heal yourself then use the purple rock 
    if you need it. Go to the top of the light house and.....   THE EVIL DUO!!    
    This time you get to fight and win! Just be sure to use you djinn summons and 
    it will be a peice of cake. But before you can finish him off the chick you   
    saw at the abandoned temple comes and save him. They go down the elevator, and
    you should do the same. When you get down you see water flowing near the      
    entrance. Fill your flask you got at Mari's house with the special water. Now 
    go back to Mari's town and get new stuff, the weapons arent that good, but the
    armour is swell. Now meet back up with the weird tree creatures in the grove  
    of trees. And feed the angry tree the flask of water. After doing that go     
    south and find that cursed village full of weird trees. They are now people!  
    Go towards the right and you will find a house with a fence attached to it. Go
    axactly behind the tree so you are lined up with the door on the front side.  
    Press 'A' at the tree and it will lead you down a path to get your second     
    earth djinn. You have uncursed the village!                                   
                         {You have uncursed the village!}                         
    [The Forest of Ilusion]                                                       
         After getting the djinn and the best weapons/armour in the shop, go east 
    and south until you find a drawbridge. Before you had uncursed the tree       
    village, the man at the drawbridge was a tree, therefor, prohibiting you to   
    pass. Just follow the light brown path on the world map until you find another
    town. In this town there is nothing of importance, as far as i know. But there
    is a waterfall with a door in it, exept some guy is blocking it. Continue on  
    until you find a bridge. Cross it, and you will end up in the forest of       
    ilusion. Upon entering, you will see this tiny little grimlin creature jump   
    into the hollow of a tree stump. As you walk left and right, you will notice  
    that you have gone in circles! So go south. Then go south again. Move the     
    vertical log to the right. Move the horizontal log down. Then move the        
    vertical log left. Then move the horizontal log into the water. Jump across   
    and go east until you find an apple in a treasure box which will increase your
    HP. Now go west then south. You will find another puzzle. Use you hand NRG to 
    move the rock forward into the hole. Move both horizontal logs down. Then move
    the vertical rock left and get the earth Djinn. Now head east two screens. Go 
    north for a puprle crystal. Go west for a treasure. Just move the rock up,    
    then right with your hand NRG. Then move the log. I always equip the armour to
    the weakest character. Go east then go south. I have no idea what the rock and
    log are for. I pushed the log into the water and jumped to the small peice of 
    land, but i didnt know what to do after that. So ignore that for now. Go down 
    alittle. Move the top vertical log right. Move the horizontal log down. Move  
    the bottom vertical log into the water and go south. You will see that little 
    grimlen guy again, he'll pop out of the hollow of a stump and run away        
    terrified. Try to chase him and his BIG brother come out to kill. This guy is 
    quite easy if Ivan has his Sleep NRG. Just put him to sleep and attack your   
    best. I didnt even get hurt using this tactic. Continue on to the next town.  
                                {Forest of Ilusion}                               
    [The Drowning of a Town]                                                      
         In this town buy the best weapons and armour. To get the djinn on the    
    east wall, talk to the little girl when she is in front of the right door. You
    can use Mari's freeze NRG to freeze the water that the girl dropped. Now you  
    can jump to the east wall and get the djinn. For another djinn go directly    
    north of that town and cross the bridge onto the island and walk around until 
    the djinn fights you. If he cant beat you, he'll join you. Ok, now start      
    heading west. Follow the light brown path and you will come upon a mountian   
    pass. In the mountian pass there is a little sprout. Change an earth djinn to 
    Garet and use Garets plant NRG. Go to the puddle and freeze it using Mari's 
    ice NRG. Use the plant vine and hop from the ice to the other side to find a  
    loaf of bread, this will increase your HP, not heal you, but make it larger.  
    Now head north to the next town. The whole town is flooded! You must solve    
    this situation! Move the statue to get an 'EP Star' (i named it that) which   
    will recover your EP. Use the inn if you need it then go down the ladder below
    the inn. You will see some sort of monster filling in the town lake with      
    water! You will frighten him, and he'll run into a cave. So follow after him. 
    The more you chase after him, the more he runs. But when he starts to barf    
    into the water come up behind him and suprise him! This guy wasnt that hard to
    beat. When you beat him he'll leave a rain drop for you. Equip it and you will
    have an NRG that Mari has: freeze. The water level will go down a bit. Freeze 
    the puddle and jump across and go into town. Go down the first ladder you see 
    and follow the mine cart tracks into the new cave. Just keep on following the 
    tracks until you see a large underground lake. Go left and flip the red arrow 
    and get into the cart. Fight the monster barfing into the lake and the water  
    will go down a bit. Now go back until you see another door that you passed, it
    should have a ladder next to it. When you see some tracks follow em left and  
    switch the red arrow. Follow the tracks back to a mine cart and get in. Kinda 
    like a roller coaster, huh? After the fun ride go into the cave door. There   
    will be a fake treasure box that will attack you. Just put him to sleep and it
    will be easy. Now head south. Dont go up the ladder, but go and freeze the    
    puddle to the left, now go up the ladder and into the cave door. Go down the  
    ladder in front and freeze the puddle to the left. Skip the ladder on your    
    left and go up the ladder on your far left and switch the red arrow (if you   
    want the treasure box dont switch the arrow). Now go up the ladder that you   
    skipped and get into the mine cart. Go down the ladder and fight the monster. 
    Now go back to town and but weapons/armour/items. Now go into the lowest part 
    of town and into the cave entrance. Follow the tracks until they stop, now go 
    south. There will be a treasure box with an item that looks like a white blood
    cell, i dont know what this is used for. If you know email me. Continue on and
    you will find a door. Enter and go right to find a puddle and a vertical rock.
    Move the rock and freeze the puddle. Now go up the ladder and freeze the next 
    puddle and the one on the left. Switch the red arrow and jump into the cart   
    bellow. After the first ride jump into it again and you will meet another     
    water/ice Djinn! Now climb the ladder at the north of the room and hop on the 
    ice pillars and enter the door. Continue on and you will find a bunch of rocks
    at one point. Go through this little maze of rocks and you will see a sign    
    with a support log behind it. The sign says 'Danger! Falling Rocks! Keep      
    Away!'. But Garet is too brave for danger or even little rocks. He gets smart
    and starts to run. Then all of a sudden the biggest boulder come crashing down
    and starts to roll after you. You escape, that was close. The boulder crushes 
    into the ground leaving a big hole in the ground. The mine cart tracks have   
    been smashed into the ground making a way of climbing down into the hole. It  
    is a secret and ancient room. In here you will find a big boss. He is pretty  
    easy if you put him to sleep and use your summons. After you beat him you will
    be given a treasure: a square gem that allows you to lift small boulders! You 
    had probably noticed some boulders in that dungeon so if you want to go back  
    and get the items behind the boulders go ahead and do so.
    More to come in the next update!                                              
    | All About Djinns |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
    |-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/  This section will hopefuly be in the next update.        
    | A Few Good Tips  |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
         -You can never save to often.                                            
         -Always get the best items/weapons/armour.                               
         -Exploring is a good idea, always use this or any walkthrough/faq as a   
    last resort because it will be alot more fun!                                 
         -If you dont understand Japanese, talk to everybody in every town. That  
    if some scene needs to happen, it will.                                       
    | Credits          |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
        If you beleive you belong in this section, email or message me to file a  
    complaint. Please tell me what you need to be credited for and how i shall    
    credit you if you do, infact, need to be credited. Thank you. :)              
    -Lord Brahms                                                                  
        -alias: 'Lord Brahms' -email: 'qing@twcny.rr.com'                         
       lord brahms helped me get into the light house and uncurse the tree        
    village, so credit goes to him/her/it/lord brahms for those sections.         
        -alias: 'DarthWufei' -email: 'sgdarthvader2000@yahoo.com'                 
       darthwufei told me the names of all the characters. I didnt know them      
    because i cant read japanese. Credit goes out to him/her/it/darthwufei for    
    that information.                                                             
    | Contact          |=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-/ 
       -alias: _Azlan_                                                            
       -email: 'The1AndOnly_Azlan_@hotmail.com'                                   
       -AIM screen name: 'The1AndOnlyAzlan'                                       
       email or message me for quetsions or comments. i love suggestions on how to
    improve my walkthrough cause i need em. if you have any good ideas tell me!   
          /\       |                                                              
         /--\ --/  |   /\ |-\                                                     
    ____/____\ /___|_/_\_\| |____                                                 
    [All i have done in this version is change the characters names. My flash card
    is broken so i wont be playing this game for a while, but once i get a new one
    i will update my walkthrough more thouroughly.]                               

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