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Djinn Location List by JLOO

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 08/13/01

Golden Sun for GBA
Title: Djinn Location
Version: 0.9
Updated: 13/08/2001
Author: JLOO
Email: joell@time.net.my

All the translation are yet to finallize. use it on ur own risk.

1. Solo     - Outside of Haidia village.
2. Guranito - Koria village, behind the fence. There is a hidden door 
              behind the tree house.
3. Maika    - In the Illusion Forest.
4. Karuku   - Kupup village, use 'detect illusion' at cemetery. 
              But u must first ring the bell and fed the dog with bone.
5. Aibi     - Northwest of Makran Desert, a small island with enemy. 
              Try a few times.
6. Maguna   - In the habour with blocked road. Travel with ship to the 
              another harbour and walk back to the first habour.
7. ??       - Treasure island Level 6th.

1. Ban      - At Goma mountain.
2. Corona   - In Imiru village, in a cave beyond the freeze waterfall.
3. Faiba    - A small island north of Shan village, with enemy.
4. Daina    - A cave behind a statue northeast at Karei village, 
              jump from a house with broken wall to the right.
5. Jene     - At the east of the road in Torebi, from the front of an 
              entrance go to the right of a canyon.
6. Maguna   - Suhara Desert, left of the boss. Use 'detect illusion' 
              and follow the footprints.
7. Hitto    - On one of the roof top in Raribero town, climb upstair 
              at the weapon shop and jump to the wall.

1. Geil     - Biribino, Pass by the fence of a church where wind blow 
              the grass.
2. Shirukii - Inside the Torena Wood, right side of the top branch.
3. Baisu    - Fuchin Temple, inside the cave of waterfall.
4. Smoky    - Makran Desert, use 'detect illusion' at the stone circle 
              right of the desert.
5. Tsuwai   - Haidia village, deep inside Sukuruta house, must lift the rock.
6. Ereki    - Inside Arutanira cave, need 'stop watch' when it try to avoid you.
7. ??       - BaBi Tower, the arches at the left and right in front of the tower 
              is the passage that lead to it

1. Faizu    - Mary got it from the beginning.
2. Sorube   - Makyuri Lighthouse, inside a waterfall. Be sure to check for
              hidden passage behind waterfall.
3. Miruki   - Shan village, talk to a girl and she will spill some water 
              on the floor, 'freeze' the water.
4. Machin   - Aldin village, deep inside the bottom part of the mine. 
              Somewhere right...
5. Swaizu   - West of the Torebi town, walk pass the bridge twice. 
              With enemy.
6. Mint     - Runpa village. After you defeat the boss, go in for second time 
              and visit an old man. A lady beside him will show the way.
7. Chi Chi  - A hill outside Suhara Desert, have to slide down from the 

Special thanks to,
Kenui for the translation.
??(Japanese guy) for the information.

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