Game Trivia

  • This entry into the famous Fire Emblem series is the seventh overall, and only the first to have been released outside of Japan.

    Contributed By: KeyBlade999.

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  • This game is often referred to as "Fire Emblem 7" or "FE7" since it is the 7th main entry in the series. Another common name is "(The) Blazing Sword", which is a translation of its Japanese subtitle "Rekka no Ken".

    Contributed By: OrangeCrush980.

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Famous Quote

  • Linus: Pray. I'll give you that much time. All the evil that you've done up to now... Repent it, and sleep.

    Contributed By: Super Archer.

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  • Eliwood: Craven Cur!

    Contributed By: Super Archer.

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  • Denning:This is a message from Lord Nergal. "I await you on the Dread Isle.”

    Contributed By: Super Archer.

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