GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File01/26/04ingo464K
*Sharked Game Save* Awesome Items in inventory.
Save Game File05/26/05CharlieF64K
100% Music, 100% Support, 100% Bonus Disk Items, Hard Modes Available
Save Game File05/24/05Gigashock64K
100% Support
Save Game File04/24/04Samurai Edge64K
Eliwood's last stage. Kent (paladin) is level 20 with S in lance. A lot of characters have changed class, but a few characters are dead.
Save Game File12/05/03FF TLSOK64K
Final Chapter
Save Game File01/07/04FF TLSOK64K
Final Chapter: Light.
Save Game File01/09/06Alexander_8664K
Fire Emblem Save with all the characters and all the modes unlocked
Save Game File01/08/04Relle64K
Saved at the final chapter of Eliwood's story. Many characters promoted and equipped with great weapons.
Save Game File07/03/04Samurai Edge64K
Two slots. First at final battle. Second after final battle with suport conversions. Hector and Guy are promoted at Level 20 and is now level 20 after promoting. Karel and Karla are in the troop.

GameBoy Advance GameShark SP Save File (North America)

Save Game File02/23/06kryptomaster33K
all 3 saves on HHM chapters are 17,22,and 24 some characters have had their classes modified

GameBoy Advance Pro Action Replay Save (North America)

Save Game File08/13/04Cyan of Doma64K
77% supports complete, 5 full support teams on new file
Save Game File05/05/04Cyan of Doma64K
AR save. All stats maxed. Awesome arena teams/weapons/supports
Save Game File03/18/06the zelda master64K
At Chapter 9 with all characters still alive. All extra chapters are completed so far with 69% of the Sound Room unlocked
Save Game File05/30/04NeoDhaos64K
At final chapter light in Hector story mode
Save Game File06/07/04Cyan of Doma64K
Ch: Light All new supports and weapons/items. Stats are capped, new endless link possibilites. A true gem.
Save Game File08/14/04SilentAssassinB64K
In Chapter 16: Whereabouts Unkown, Decent Levels, Don't know if you guys'll think it's good or not! Tell me what ya think! (AIM:GamemasterMage)
Save Game File07/05/04Cyan of Doma64K
New file: Maxed characters, best weapons, formidable link arena teams.
Save Game File05/28/04Cyan of Doma64K
Some new arena teams, all have maxed out stats.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Japan)

Save Game File11/14/05Gargant64K
Saved at chapter 2 Lyn has max stats

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File09/01/04Tails0764K
3 files 1.Hector ~ CH16 2.Final chapter 3.Epilogue
Save Game File11/07/11HenryEX64K
Clean file with 100% sound room, 100 % background art, 100% conversations and all (usually not attainable in Europe) GC bonus items. For the game version with languages English, French and German.

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