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Well, it took them years 13 years, but Fire Emblem is finally in the US! 02/13/04 Aganar
An unforgettable GBA game 08/16/04 plasmabeam
Quite possibly the BEST GBA game ever created 05/29/07 bluej33
A fun but very frustrating game 08/23/04 bluesky
A must have for your inner gaming spirit and pretty much everything else! 04/18/05 bullet sword
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! 02/21/06 Combat Crustacean
A Legend of Swords and Dragons (10 for a Reason) 11/24/03 Dark Flare Star
I've beaten every single Fire Emblem game so I know what I'm talking about. 11/14/03 Dark Gaia
The best tactical RPG ever! 06/17/04 Darrrrrrt7
As good as Golden Sun! 02/21/06 Dracoknight2006
Awesome RPG? I think so. 05/31/05 DreiKitsagi
The Fire Rages on with a bright future! 03/23/05 eliwood155
Very Impressive with Little Room for Improvement 12/30/04 evangelion92
I Was Expecting Much More From This Game 01/08/08 LordShibas
Best strategy game ever! 10/25/06 methedemon
A spellbinding, deep game with tons of depth 07/28/10 mrblotgun
It's about time Japan let us taste some of this turn-based strategy RPG series. 08/25/06 Oliwam
The First Localized Fire Emblem is Still a Strong Contender for Best in the Series 06/11/13 OrangeCrush980
My very favorite game, and possibly the best GBA has to offer 06/26/09 RavenousGuy
The Lance Is Mightier Than The Sword 06/15/04 Rottenwood
Fire Emblem, truly a must own strategy/RPG 04/15/04 shadow silvite
No Marth or Roy. But it does have dragons. And Pirates. 07/05/06 Shivan Reincarnated
An interesting twist for the Strategy RPG genre... 07/13/04 Snoop54
A Tactical RPG that gets lost in the shuffle 06/10/04 Tribulations
Uncle Longfellow's Fire Emblem Review 04/06/15 UncleLongfellow
One of the best Strategy RPGs ever. 05/09/08 Xenon
Sometimes frustrating, but for most of the time really addicting. 12/14/10 Zylo the wolf

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About frikkin' time! 04/29/04 AceWhatever
One of the best strategy games of all time 01/17/08 basaka55
One of my favorite video games of all time. 02/28/11 Big Bob
A Must-Play for Tactics Lovers 01/26/15 buruburu1
Burn Baby Burn... 03/05/04 Do0m5 D4y
Wish This Had Been Brought to NA Earlier! 02/10/04 Gamrr4Life
The best strategy game on the Gameboy Advance. 03/25/08 Gylgamesh
Headline: Snarky Reviewer Gives Game a Perfect 10?!?!? Blasphemy! Seriously. 05/14/10 Hanging10
Medieval-style Advance Wars Delivers the FUN 11/29/03 HYPERMECHA
Maybe I Just Don't Like These Type of Games... 02/16/04 Link3490
The best game on the GBA. And I don't say that lightly! 07/10/08 LtCardboard
Fire Emblem, THE best gameboy advance game 09/15/08 meat1337
And Advance Wars said "I was an empty shell without you..." 02/08/04 Monheim
This game has assassins! Many, many assassins! 04/05/04 Notyou4488
Best. GBA Game. Ever. 04/04/04 Orcanta of the Light
A warm, cozy Fire to check out 02/09/04 Perch
MUCH more than I'd dared to hope for. 11/16/03 Plibit4
After six games, Nintendo finally brings its strategy RPG series to the US 11/06/03 Relle
Nintendo surpases Squaresoft at an RPG........word! 11/11/03 rond556
This is one of the best games ever. Period. 03/01/04 schwagles bagels
This Game is Really on Fire! 01/26/04 Shadow Trunks
I love this game, you will too.. 01/20/04 Side Order
A Challenging Strategy Game 11/12/03 Webapprentice
Wooooooo! 02/24/04 wilbur0960
Nintendo at its best 05/26/04 xcamel

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