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FAQ/Walkthrough by Xel23

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 08/06/04

Fire Emblem
Written by Xel23
Version 1.8 - Friday, August 6, 2004
Contact: frostmourne@gmail.com (Xel23)


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                     `888'     `8  `"'                     
                      888         oooo  oooo d8b  .ooooo.  
                      888oooo8    `888  `888""8P d88' `88b 
                      888    "     888   888     888ooo888 
                      888          888   888     888    .o 
                     o888o        o888o d888b    `Y8bod8P' 
  oooooooooooo                    .o8       oooo                              
  `888'     `8                   "888       `888                              
   888         ooo. .oo.  .oo.    888oooo.   888   .ooooo.  ooo. .oo.  .oo.   
   888oooo8    `888P"Y88bP"Y88b   d88' `88b  888  d88' `88b `888P"Y88bP"Y88b  
   888    "     888   888   888   888   888  888  888ooo888  888   888   888  
   888       o  888   888   888   888   888  888  888    .o  888   888   888  
  o888ooooood8 o888o o888o o888o  `Y8bod8P' o888o `Y8bod8P' o888o o888o o888o 


1.0) Introduction
     1.1) Guide Information
     1.2) Acknowledgments
     1.3) Version History
2.0) Lyn's Route Walkthrough
     2.1) Ch. 1: Footsteps of Fate
     2.2) Ch. 2: sword of Spirits
     2.3) Ch. 3: Band of Mercenaries
     2.4) Ch. 4: In Occupation's Shadow
     2.5) Ch. 5: Beyond the Borders
     2.6) Ch. 6: Blood of Pride
     2.7) Ch. 7: Siblings Abroad
     2.7x) Ch. 7x: The Black Shadow
     2.8) Ch. 8: Vortex of Strategy
     2.9) Ch. 9: A Grim Reunion
     2.10) Ch. 10: The Distant Plains
3.0) Eliwood's Route Walkthrough
     3.11) Ch. 11: Taking Leave
     3.12) Ch. 12: Birds of a Feather
     3.13) Ch. 13: In Search of Truth
     3.13x) Ch. 13x: The Peddler Merlinus
     3.14) Ch. 14: False Friends
     3.15) Ch. 15: Noble Lady of Caelin
     3.16) Ch. 16: Whereabouts Unknown
     3.16x) Ch. 16x: The Port of Badon
     3.17) Ch. 17: Pirate Ship
     3.18) Ch. 18: The Dread Isle
     3.18x) Ch. 18x: Imprisoner of Magic
     3.19) Ch. 19: Dragon's Gate
     3.20) Ch. 20: New Resolve
     3.21) Ch. 21: Kinship's Bond
     3.22) Ch. 22: Living Legend
     3.22x) Ch. 22x: Genesis
     3.23) Ch. 23: Four-Fanged Offense
     3.24) Ch. 24: Unfulfilled Heart
     3.25) Ch. 25: Pale Flower of Darkness
     3.26) Ch. 26: Battle before Dawn
     3.26x) Ch.26x: Night of Farewells
     3.27) Ch. 27: Cog of Destiny
     3.28) Ch. 28: Valorous Roland
     3.29) Ch. 29: Sands of Time
     3.29x) Ch. 29x: Battle Preparations
     3.30) Ch. 30: Victory or Death
     3.31) Final Chapter: Light
4.0) Hector's Route Walkthrough
     4.15) Ch: 15: Talons Alight
     4.19xx) Ch. 19x pt2: A Glimpse in Time
     4.25) Ch. 25: Crazed Beast
5.0) Character Evaluation
6.0) Weapons and Items
     6.1) Sword
     6.2) Lance
     6.3) Axe
     6.4) Bow
     6.5) Staff
     6.6) Nature
     6.7) Light
     6.8) Dark
     6.9) Item
7.0) Frequently Asked Questions
8.0) Secrets
     8.1) Mine Glitch
     8.2) Abusing the Random Number Generator
     8.3) Bonus Disc Items
     8.4) Support Benefits
     8.5) Battle Mechanics
9.0) Conclusion
     9.1) Contact
     9.2) Legal Information


1.1) Guide Information

First and foremost, this guide does not cover anything that can be found in
the game's tutorial, or worse, the instruction manual, such as how to attack,
etc. That's because we assume you're not completely helpless, and because we
don't want to waste KB with that kind of stuff like those other crummy FAQs.
Second, if you want to submit something, please do, as Fire Emblem is a very
large game and it's highly unlikely a single person can cover all of its
secrets. Third, in the Character Evaluation section, the first paragraph of
opinion for each character is Xel23's, and the second is Maxmagnus20019's.
Finally, due to this being a strategy game and there are a lot of factors to
consider in formulating the right move, the strategy section of the
walkthrough is somewhat generic. It's only intended to be a basic guide of the
approach you should take in clearing the chapter. If it is stated to use a
specific character and that character is really weak or whatever, then feel
free to use another one.

1.2) Acknowledgments

Me, for obvious reasons.
Maxmagnus20019, for contributing his character ratings, item information, and
battle mechanics, among other things.
A nameless Japanese website, from where I got the Growth Rates from.
gamersara, for letting me use her item and weapon locations list in my FAQ.

1.3) Version History

Version 1.0 - Tuesday, June 1, 2004:
First version of the FAQ, and the walkthrough part is halfway done. Expect
more chapter strategies and a completed Item section next update.

Version 1.5 - Monday, July 12, 2004:
More chapters of the walkthrough have been added. Maxmagnus20019 has also
contributed the first three categories of items. He had the locations too, but
I'm still trying to figure out how to incorporate that into the FAQ in a
visually appealing way. More chapters and items are to come.

Version 1.8 - Friday, August 6, 2004:
The item list has finally been completed, with locations thanks to
Maxmagnus20019 and gamersara. More chapters have also been written up, so this
FAQ is not far from being totally complete.


2.1) Ch. 1: Footsteps of Fate

Defeat all enemy units

Sain (Turn 1 automatically)
Kent (Turn 1 automatically)

Iron sword (Turn 2 automatically)


Follow the tutorial on terrain bonuses, etc.
Use the forests as much as possible.
Only use swords on the brigands.
Have Lyn and Sain go northward to the boss.
Have Kent go southward and defeat any lone brigands.
Defeat the boss with any character using an Iron sword.

2.2) Ch. 2: Sword of Spirits

Seize throne


Vulnerary (Defeat boss)
Mani Katti (Seize throne)


Follow the tutorial on how to visit houses, etc.
Move Lyn, Sain, and Kent to the forests and fortresses.
Defeat any brigands in your immediate vicinity.
Have Sain break the crack in the wall.
Move Lyn and Kent inside the building and defeat the nearby brigand.
Defeat the boss with Sain or Kent's Iron lance.
Seize the throne.

2.3) Ch. 3: Band of Mercenaries

Defeat all enemy units

Florina (Turn 1, automatically)
Wil (Visit southern village)

2000G (Visit northern village)

Armory (Iron sword/Iron lance)

Follow the tutorial on long-ranged attacks, etc.
Have Florina finish off the Archer.
Move Lyn, Sain, and Kent to the east and mow down the brigands with swords.
Have Florina visit the northern village for 2000G, and move her to the east.
Go northward with Lyn, Sain, and Kent, and defeat the enemies to the north.
Be sure to let Florina get the finishing kills for more experience.
Defeat the boss with one character from the south and one from the west.

2.4) Ch. 4: In Occupation's Shadow

Protect Natalie for 7 turns

Dorcas (Talk to Dorcas with Lyn)



Station Lyn to the east exit.
Station Wil to the left cracked wall to pluck any enemy trying to get in.
Station Sain and Kent, side by side, to the bottom.
Put Florina behind Lyn for later.
Have Lyn recruit Dorcas.
Make Florina attack the enemy who appears in the corner every turn for EXP.
Get Dorcas with Wil to assist in plucking enemies from the wall's other side.
Survive for several more turns.

2.5) Ch. 5: Beyond the Borders

Defeat all enemy units

Serra (Talk to Serra with Lyn)
Erk (Talk to Serra with Lyn)

Iron sword (Defeat Brigand)

Armory (Javelin/Hand axe/Iron bow)

Follow the tutorial on staves, etc.
Use Serra to heal instead of wasting a Vulnerary.
Have Sain, Kent, and Florina go east along the path north of the valley.
Have the rest of your characters go through the valley.
Keep going east, making sure to kill the Brigand for an Iron sword.
Head south toward the boss.
Defeat the boss by attacking at a range with Wil and Erk.

2.6) Ch. 6: Blood of Pride

Stand on the 3 triggers

Rath (Turn 1, automatically)
Matthew (Visit northern village)

Door key (Visit southern village)
Angelic Robe (Open Chest)
Armorslayer (Open Chest)


Visit the northern village and get Matthew.
Have Matthew unlock the door and Rath wait on the trigger.
Order Matthew to open the chest and unlock any doors in the room.
Make sure Matthew opens the second chest as well.
Visit the southern village to get a Door key.
Have two or three characters take the Door key and go southeast to a trigger.
Make someone wait on the trigger to reveal the boss.
Attack the surrounding units with Rath, Matthew, whoever before the boss.
Defeat the boss with Lyn's Mani Katti or Erk's Fire.
Wait on the third and final trigger.

2.7) Ch. 7: Siblings Abroad

Defeat the boss
Complete this chapter in under 15 turns to unlock Ch. 7x

Nils (Turn 1, automatically)
Lucius (Turn 1, automatically)

Iron lance (Defeat Brigand)
Pure Water (Visit eastern village)

Vendor (Vulnerary/Heal/Fire)

Use the Preparation screen to trade items, change the formation, etc.
Follow the tutorial on using Nils and Lucius.
Use Lucius to finish off the Shaman.
Go to the vendor to the west if you are running low on items.
Have Florina Rescue Lyn then carry her south across the mountains.
Drop off Lyn in a forest, and have Florina and Lyn clear out nearby units.
Slay all the units near the boss, making sure to use Lucius against Shamans.
Defeat the boss with whoever, making sure to use Serra if necessary.
Accept the side-quest!

2.7x) Ch. 7x: The Black Shadow

Defeat all enemy units


Hammer (Open Chest)
Vulnerary (Defeat Soldier)


Have characters with magic or bows attack enemies from the right side.
Have your melee characters head north on the left side.
Have Lyn and some other characters go through the central path.
Unlock the doors and get the Hammer in the chest using Matthew.
For the boss, bring Sain or Kent along with high Resistance characters.
Bring high Resistance characters to deal with the nearby Mage and Shaman.
Defeat the boss with a lance.
Mop up any remaining foes.

2.8) Ch. 8: Vortex of Strategy

Defeat all enemy units


Lancereaver (Visit eastern village)

Armory (Iron sword/Iron lance/Iron axe/Iron bow)

Send someone with decent Resistance east to the village and get a Lancereaver.
Hold back Florina until the Archer is defeated.
Lead a Cavalier south to make way for your other troops.
Hop your units from one forest to the next for safety.
Make destroying the Archer highest priority.
Keep heading south, leading with axe-users when you get near the Soldiers.
Heal units with Serra or fortresses, then go after the boss when you're ready.
Defeat the boss using an Armorslayer or Mani Katti, preferably.

2.9) Ch. 9: A Grim Reunion

Seize the town gate

Wallace (Turn 1, automatically)

Torch (Visit village)


Fog reduces your sight, so surround your fragile units with strong ones.
Follow the tutorial on promoting units.
If you are playing Hard Mode, I recommend not promoting Wallace.
Have a cavalry unit visit the nearby village for a Torch.
Lead your army east with Matthew, because he can see farther.
Use Wallace only when necessary, he wastes experience.
Get to the boss.
Defeat the boss with Lyn's Mani Katti, or surround him from a distance.
Remember not to use Wallace too much.
Seize the town gate.

2.10) Ch. 10: The Distant Plains

Seize the castle gate


Energy Ring (Visit eastern village)

Armory (Steel bow/Armorslayer/Heavy Spear/Hammer)
Vendor (Vulnerary/Heal/Fire/Thunder/Lightning)

Bring your Armorslayer, Lancereaver, anything good against Generals.
Rain reduces your movement, so go quickly as you can.
Send Florina immediately south to deal with the Mercenaries.
Lead your army east, then south all the way to the snags.
Make sure to visit the village for an Energy Ring.
Use your Angelic Robe and Energy Ring NOW, if you haven't already.
Break down the snags, then head west toward the castle.
Watch out for reinforcements from the fortresses that will arrive.
Buy some Armorslayers or Hammers at the Armory if necessary.
Take down the nearby Knight, to prepare for the boss, Lundgren.
Use the Combat Information window to see if any of your units can survive an
attack from Lundgren's Silver lance.
If they can, attack with a Mani Katti, Lancereaver, Armorslayer, or Hammer.
Also make sure to attack from a distance with Javelins or Magic, if possible.
Remember to heal low-health characters with Serra!
If you are still having trouble, weaken-up Lundgren with Wallace.
Seize the castle gate.


3.11) Ch. 11: Taking Leave

Seize the town gate


Dragonshield (Visit northern village)

Vendor (Vulnerary)

This starts the beginning of your adventure with Eliwood.
Do not use Marcus ever, see his Character Evaluation to understand why.
Save your good weapons, such as the Rapier or the Silver weapons, for bosses.
Move towards the boss, keeping Rebecca in the center for safety.
Make sure to give Eliwood or Rebeccas the finishing kills for EXP.
This is because they are somewhat weak at low levels.
Visit the northern village with Lowen for a Dragonshield.
Use the Dragonshield on a character you plan to USE with low defense.
Defeat the boss using Bartre's Hand axe, Rebecca, or Eliwood's Rapier.
Seize the gate.

3.12) Ch. 12: Birds of a Feather

Defeat all enemy units


Secret Book (Visit northern village)

Vendor (Vulnerary)
Armory (Iron sword/Iron lance/Iron axe/Iron bow)

Send Marcus to visit the northern village for a Secret Book.
Move your team east, and draw out the nearby Brigand and Archer.
Defeat them, then start inching northward.
This is a hard chapter, so keep units in pairs so they can't be surrounded.
Use Marcus to buy an Iron axe and an Iron sword from the Armory.
When Hector and Oswin arrive, give Hector the Iron axe.
That way, Hector won't waste his Wolf Biel.
Defeat the boss by going in a forest with Hector, equipped with the Wolf Biel.
You can also use Eliwood for a finishing kill or Bartre and Rebecca.

3.13) Ch. 13: In Search of Truth

Seize the gate
Unlock Ch. 13x by visiting the western village

Matthew (Turn 1, automatically)
Serra (Turn 1, automatically)
Guy (Talk to Guy with Matthew)

Torch (Visit the western village)
Vulnerary (Defeat Soldier)
Mine (Visit the southern village)

Vendor (Vulnerary/Heal)
Armory (Iron sword/Javelin/Hand axe/Iron bow)

Send Marcus west to visit the village, get the Torch, and unlock Ch. 13x.
Lead Bartre with Hand axe and other unit south to clear out the Archers.
Follow with the rest of your team south.
Keep Rebecca in the forests.
Once you get near the village, make a unit visit it for a Mine.
Defeat all enemy units in the forest area. 
Then make your units wait at on the forts to heal.
Make sure all your units are outside Guy's range (press A on him to see).
Position Matthew near Guy, and take Matthew's Iron sword away just in case.
Talk to Guy with Matthew to recruit him.
Now go north to the castle, clearing out the Cavaliers.
Buy an Iron sword for Guy, and a Heal for Serra at the shops.
Don't waste Guy's Killing Edge, it's really good.
Defeat the boss using Eliwood's Rapier, Hector's Wolf Biel, or Oswin.
Keep Serra in back for healing.
Seize the gate.
Accept the side-quest!

3.13x) Ch. 13x: The Peddler Merlinus

Protect Merlinus for 7 turns


5000G (Visit northern village)


Use Marcus to rescue Merlinus and keep him safe.
Have Matthew and Guy go south to take out guys from the corner.
Have Eliwood and Hector clear out the enemies in the north.
Take Bartre and Rebecca to visit the village for 5000G.
Bring Serra and Oswin with Eliwood and Hector.
Once Lowen and Rebecca have visited the village, bring them back to Merlinus.
Take Serra, Oswin, Eliwood, and Hector to the northwest for the boss.
Defeat the Myrmidons with Oswin's Iron lance.
Kill the Nomads with Hector's Iron axe.
Defeat the boss with Oswin's Iron lance with Eliwood for support.
Wait out the remaining turns.

3.14) Ch. 14: False Friends

Defeat all enemy units

Merlinus (if Ch. 13x was completed)
Erk (Talk to Erk with Serra)
Priscilla (Visit the southern village with Marcus or Guy)

Iron Blade (Visit the western village)

Vendor (Vulnerary/Heal/Fire)
Armory (Iron sword/Iron lance/Iron axe/Iron bow)

Position Serra in the formation so she is close to the western village.
Bring Marcus to protect Merlinus against reinforcements.
Let some axe-wielders get rid of the enemies directly east.
Escort Serra with two other characters to Erk and recruit him.
After getting Erk, visit the nearby village for an Iron Blade.
Have Guy and Matthew go south to the southern village to recruit Priscilla.
Make sure Guy and Matthew get there quickly before the village is destroyed.
Have the rest of your team go west towards the boss.
Lead with Oswin and Hector and exterminate the Cavaliers.
Kill the Knights with Bartre and Rebecca.
If Matthew and Guy got to Priscilla, get rid of the nearby Pirates.
Defeat the boss with Oswin, or Hector's Wolf Biel.
You can also use a Hand axe or Iron bow from a distance.
Be careful either way, the boss can kill units in a single attack.
Make sure Serra and Priscilla are protected and healing.
Get rid of any remaining forces.

3.15) Ch. 15: Noble Lady of Caelin

Seize the gate

Lyn (Turn 1, automatically)
Sain (Turn 1, automatically)
Kent (Turn 1, automatically)
Florina (Turn 1, automatically)
Wil (Turn 1, automatically)

Heavy Spear (Visit the southeastern village)
Red Gem (Visit the southwestern village)
Horseslayer (Defeat Mercenary)
Thunder (Defeat Mage)

Vendor (Vulnerary/Door Key/Heal/Fire)
Armory (Slim sword/Iron sword/Steel sword/Iron axe/Steel axe/Hand axe)
Armory (Slim lance/Iron lance/Steel lance/Javelin/Iron bow/Steel bow)

Yay! Almost all your old characters are back!
Go west with Lyn's party to the Armory.
Buy an Iron sword for Lyn, and a Slim lance for Florina.
Also buy an Iron bow for Wil/Rebecca is you need it.
Continue west with Kent and Wil and visit the village for a Heavy Spear.
Send two characters from Eliwood's party towards the village for a Red Gem.
Try to unite all your units in the center of the battlefield.
Remember to leave behind someone with Merlinus.
Heal Lyn's party with Serra and Priscilla, they'll probably need it.
In fact, always try to level-up your healers, it will make things easier.
Once your units are reunited, creep northward, taking out enemies one by one.
Now go east, and take out the Cavaliers.
Heal at the fortresses or with your healers.
Defeat the boss with Iron bows or Javelins, or with any Lord's special weapon.
Seize the gate.

3.16) Ch. 16: Whereabouts Unknown

Seize the throne
Keep at least one green soldier alive to unlock Ch. 16x

Merlinus (if Ch. 13x was not completed)
Raven (Talk to Raven with Priscilla)
Lucius (Talk to Lucius with Raven)

Unlock (Open southwestern chest)
Hero Crest (Open southeastern chest)
Knight Crest (Open northwestern chest)
Silver sword (Open northeastern chest)
Chest key (Defeat Archer)
Door key (Defeat Archer)
Door key (Defeat Knight)
Hammer (Defeat Brigand)


Position Priscilla in the most northern position.
Leave behind two units to guard Merlinus against Cavalier reinforcements.
Kill the northern units with magical attacks.
Immediately go north, and let Matthew and another unit go west to the chests.
Kill the Archer and Shaman nearby.
Open the western chests for an Unlock staff and a Hero Crest.
Raven should be free now, so get to him as soon as possible.
Clear the way towards Raven with your high-movement units like Sain.
Let Priscilla talk to Raven and recruit him.
Have Raven go back to the cell and talk to Lucius and recruit him.
Rescue one green soldier to ensure you unlock Ch. 16x.
Make Matthew catch up to the rest of your party.
Keep heading northward, leading with axe or magic users to kill the Knights.
Have a unit sit on the stairs to prevent additional reinforcements.
Order Matthew to open the northern chests for a Knight Crest and Silver sword.
Go east, and make your way towards the boss.
Get rid of the nearby foes first, then gang up on the boss.
Defeat the boss with the usual Lord's special weapon tactic if you wish.
Seize the throne.
Accept the side-quest!

3.16x) Ch. 16x: The Port of Badon

Talk to Fargus, the Captain

Canas (Visit northeastern village)

Lancereaver (Visit northwestern village)
Short bow (Visit northern village)
Sleep (Visit western village)
Devil axe (Visit southern village)

Vendor (Heal/Mend/Fire/Thunder/Lighning)

This chapter can be hard, so bring characters with good defense or dodging.
Position your characters in the formation so the ranged units are inside.
Merlinus is not at risk so don't worry about him.
Send Eliwood and Rebecca northward to deal with the low-level Pirates.
Visit the nearby western villages to recruit Canas and get a Devil axe.
Try to keep most of your army together to avoid getting ganged up.
Move the rest of your army westward directly to Fargus.
Keep Hector or Oswin near the south so they'll be by the boss when he appears.
Visit the northwestern villages for a Sleep stave and a Short bow.
Keep Eliwood and Rebecca moving west.
Make sure they visit the village for a Lancereaver along the way.
When the level-18 Pirates start attacking, focus fire and kill one by one.
They are powerful, but inaccurate so attack from a range with magic or bows.
Make sure NOT to attack Dart, or you won't be able to recruit him later.
When the boss appears, quickly get rid of him.
It's suggested to just throw Hector, or any other anti-cavalry weapons at him.
Magic and Oswin also work well.
Move Eliwood and Rebecca south towards Fargus.
Kill any remaining Pirates except Dart if you want experience.
If you want to quickly level-up some characters, use the Arena for a while.
If you do, only accept bets under 900 or the enemy might be too strong.
Surrender if necessary using B to avoid losing a character.
When everything is done, talk to Fargus to clear the chapter.
If it's still too hard, send all your units through the northern alley.
This might be a safer method to avoid fighting.

3.17) Ch. 17: Pirate Ship

Survive for 11 turns or defeat the boss


Pure Water (Defeat Mercenary)
Guiding Ring (Defeat Shaman)
Red Gem (Defeat Archer)
Longsword (Defeat Mercenary)

Vendor (Vulnerary/Door Key/Heal/Mend/Fire/Thunder/Lightning/Flux)
Armory (Iron sword/Steel sword/Steel lance/Javelin/Steel axe/Hand axe/Iron     
       bow/Steel bow)

Bring Florina, Matthew, both healers, Canas, and some strong melee units.
Leave one unit with Merlinus and buy two staves, and some Iron weapons.
Situate Canas, Guy, and two other units east on the planks.
Press the R button on enemies to see which ones have the items.
Make sure you kill these units, especially the Shaman with the Guiding Ring.
Take Florina, Matthew, maybe Raven, and some axe-users west.
Defeat the nearby Shamans one by one, with Florina.
When the Pegasus Knight reinforcements arrive, use an axe-wielder or Archer.
You should be able to hold off the eastern ship very easily.
Creep south toward the boss with your western army.
Have Matthew steal the boss's Speedwings.
Defeat the boss using Florina, and another fast character.
Most of your units should be fast enough to make double attacks.
Pray that the boss doesn't get a critical, or you're certainly dead.
If you want more experience, don't kill the boss and wait out the turns.

3.18) Ch. 18: The Dread Isle

Defeat the Nomad Trooper Uhai
Clear the chapter in under 15 turns to unlock Ch. 18x

Dart (if he survived in 16x)
Fiora (Talk to Fiora with Florina)

Torch (Defeat Thief)
Nosferatu (Defeat Shaman)
Torch (Defeat Nomad)
Long bow (Defeat Nomad)
Orion's Bolt (Defeat boss)


This chapter's boss is tough, so bring only your strongest.
Bring a Torch, and lots of Vulneraries.
If you didn't kill Dart in Ch. 16x: Port of Badon, he will join you.
Bring Florina, lance-users, an Archer, and some high-HP characters.
Leave behind Sain and Raven to protect Merlinus.
Have half of your army go directly south, and the other half go east.
Make sure you have a healer in each group.
Keep Florina where she is until Fiora shows up.
Have Florina talk to Fiora to recruit her.
Defeat the Thief, Shaman, and Nomads with the Torch, Nosferatu, and Long bow.
Start heading toward the southeast corner of the map where the boss is.
When the boss comes into view, reunite your army.
Keep fragile, Archers and Magic users in the center.
Keep high-defense users on the outside.
Always stay in a forest, and don't attack the boss - just counterattack.
When he gets low on HP, send in a melee unit when he has a bow equipped.
When he has his Killing Edge equipped, attack from the center of your army.
Surrounding the boss is not smart, someone will most likely be killed.
Defeat the boss using Horseslayers and other anti-cavalry weapons.
Accept the side-quest!

3.18x) Ch. 18x: Imprisoner of Magic

Seize the gate
If playing Hector's route, kill Kishuna, the Magic Seal, to unlock Ch. 19x pt2


Goddess Icon (Visit the southern Ruins)


Bring 1 healer, and no other magic units, you won't be able to use them.
If playing Hector's quest, bring characters with high Strength and Skill.
Guy, Oswin, and the three Lords are especially recommended.
The Wolf Biel, Rapier, Mani Katti, and Killing edge are also recommended.
Leave Sain to protect Merlinus from Pegasus Knights and Mage reinforcements.
Send Florina or Fiora south to visit the Ruins for a Goddess Icon.
They can also defeat the nearby Mages while they are at it.
Lead your army westward to the boss with Hector and Dart to kill the Knights.
When the Magic Seal appears, hide in the red area and defeat Mages from there.
Kill the boss blocking the gate with whoever you want.
If you are playing Eliwood's route, seize the gate.
If you are playing Hector's route, kill off the units guarding Kishuna.
Attack the Snipers with any melee unit, and attack the Knights with Hector.
Surround Kishuna with as much units as possible, but don't attack yet.
You must kill Kishuna in one turn to unlock the side-quest.
Use characters or weapons with the best Critical chances first.
He is very hard to kill, so don't be surprised if you have to restart.
When you finally do kill him, seize the throne.
Accept the side-quest!

3.19) Ch. 19: Dragon's Gate

Seize the throne

Legault (Talk to Legault with any Lord)

Brave bow (Open southern chest)
Door key (Defeat Archer)
Door key (Defeat Sniper)
Door key (Defeat Cavalier)
Barrier (Open northeastern chest)
Guiding Ring (Open southeastern chest)
Armorslayer (Defeat Cavalier)
Short Spear (Defeat Knight)
Chest key (Defeat Knight)
Luna (Open northwestern chest)
Blue Gem (Open southwestern chest)
Halberd (Defeat Paladin boss)
Member's Card (Steal from Thief)

Secret (Iron blade/Steel blade/Silver blade/Physic/Unlock)
Secret (Killing edge/Killer lance/Killer axe/Killer bow/Elixir/Chest         

Bring both healers, the Unlock staff, and some Door keys.
Also bring an Armorslayer, and one or two calvary units.
Don't worry about Legault stealing some items, you'll get them back.
Kill the Knight immediately north of you with Bartre.
Send Matthew west to open the door, kill the Sniper, and get the Brave bow.
Only 1 unit is necessary to protect Merlinus this chapter.
Each turn, check to see if a Thief holding a Member's Card has appeared.
The Thief should be in the east, so rush your Thief there and steal the item.
Divide your army into three.
One group will cover the west, one the middle, and the last the east.
Make sure each has a Lord, and a healer, if possible.
Have one group open the northern door and head eastward toward the chests.
If Legault didn't get them, open the chests for a Guiding Ring and Barrier.
Have the other two groups go northward, until you get to another door.
Order one group to go through the door west to the other chests.
Open those for a Blue Gem and Luna.
Make the last group go north to fight the Paladin.
He shouldn't be too hard, so don't sweat it.
By now, Legault should be going westward, so you can intercept him.
Talk to Legault with a Lord to recruit him.
Use Legault to steal the Member's Card, if you haven't already.
Reunite your army just outside the General's area.
This boss is going to be hard, so kill any nearby enemies and heal yourself.
Defeat the boss using Magic, Armorslayers, and the Lord's weapons.
Now that you have the Member's Card, you can access two Secret Shops.
Simply have the unit holding the item stand on a specific square of the map.
If you are on the right square, an option with the words 'Secret' will appear.
The first store is in an alcove in the northern part of the map in the grass.
The second is in the extreme southeastern corner of the map, on a forest tile.
When you are done buying stuff, seize the throne.

3.20) Ch. 20: New Resolve

Defeat enemy warrior, Oleg

Ninian (Turn 1, automatically)

Antitoxin (Defeat Archer)
Shine (Defeat Monk)
Light Rune (Visit southwestern village)
Restore (Visit northwestern village)
Elysian Whip (Visit northeastern village)
Wyrmslayer (Visit southeastern village)
Torch (Defeat Cavalier)
Hero Crest (Steal from boss)

Armory (Iron sword/Iron lance/Javelin/Iron axe/Hand axe/Iron bow
Vendor (Heal/Mend/Fire/Thunder/Lightning/Flux)
Armory (Steel sword/Steel lance/Steel axe/Steel bow)
Vendor (Vulnerary/Door key/Pure water/Antitoxin)

Bring a Thief, and any low-leveled characters you want to use in the Arena.
No units are necessary to protect Merlinus in this chapter.
Visit the western Villages for a Light Rune and a Restore.
Buy around two Iron swords, Iron lances, Iron axes, and Iron bows for later.
Also stock up on some Heals, Fire, Lightning, and Flux.
Go east towards the Arena, and form a defensive wall by it.
Send someone in the Arena if you want.
Ninian's ring could help a character in the Arena survive.
Visit the north and south Villages for an Elysian Whip and Wyrmslayer.
If you plan to use the Arena a lot, don't go past the town's gate.
Now you can choose to wait out the reinforcements for more experience, or...
You can continue east directly for the boss.
The first method may make it easier to take on the boss later.
When you finally do decide to take on the boss, move east, then south.
Have a Thief steal the Hero Crest from the boss.
Figure out who can survive a Killer axe, then move them into a Forest.
Defeat the boss using Oswin with a Axereaver or something...
Canas armed with Luna can also be effective, as will most other magic.
If Oleg is using a bow, mostly anyone will work.
Ninian could also allow a character to attack twice and finish off Oleg.

3.21) Ch. 21: Kinship's Bond

Protect Nils for 11 turns or defeat the boss

Isadora (Turn 1, automatically)
Rath (Talk to Rath with Lyn)
Heath (Talk to Heath with Eliwood)

Door key (Defeat Fighter)
Door key (Defeat Fighter)
Door key (Defeat Fighter)
10000G (Open western Chest)
Brave axe (Open eastern Chest)
Knight Crest (Defeat Cavalier)
Spear (Defeat boss)

Secret (Elixir/Chest key/Lockpick/Physic/Torch/Unlock/Barrier)

Bring the Member's Card, an Archer/Sniper, and a Thief.
Let Eliwood or a Thief hold the Member's Card.
Only one unit is necessary to protect Merlinus.
Use Isadora's Angelic Robe on a unit with low HP, like Priscilla.
Send Eliwood and a Thief west, and an Archer/Sniper with your army south.
Send Lyn east.
With your Thief, open the door and position Eliwood to the west.
Defeat the nearby Fighters for Door keys.
Recruit Heath by talking to him with Eliwood as soon as possible.
Have your Thief continue south and open the Chests for 10000G and a Brave axe.
Meanwhile with your army, go south toward the ballistas and ride one.
Target the boss with the ballista.
Make sure you defeat the nearby Cavalier for a Knight Crest.
When Rath appears, talk to him with Lyn to recruit him.
Order Eliwood, the Thief, and Heath go back to Nils.
On the way, have Eliwood step on the diamond tile to access the Secret Shop.
Buy Lockpicks and Physic staves if you want.
Start cornering the boss with your army, and attack him with Dart.
You can also try using the ballistas as well.
Be aware of reinforcements that may appear close by.
An alternate approach to this chapter is to just wait out the turns.
You could wall yourself in and just go out for items and for Heath and Rath.

3.22) Ch. 22: Living Legend

Defeat all enemy units and protect Pent
Unlock 22x by recruiting Hawkeye and gaining a total of 700 or more EXP

Hawkeye (Talk to Hawkeye with Eliwood)

Ocean Seal (Wait on tile 3 squares left of the southeast edge of map)
Luna (Defeat Shaman)
Body Ring (Wait on tile 7 squares left of the house)
Eclipse (Wait on tile 1 square north of center bones)
Filla's Might (Wait on tile 1 square south of center bones)
Light Brand (Wait on tile 1 square east of northern bones)
Hero Crest (Wait on tile 1 square west of northern bones)
Guiding Ring (Steal from Jasmine)


For more information on how to get the buried treasure, see the FAQ section.
Don't bother bringing calvary, they will move too slow to be helpful.
Bring one or two flyers, like Heath and Fiora, and two Thieves.
No units are necessary to protect Merlinus in this chapter.
Have a flyer rescue Pent IMMEDIATELY.
Wait on a square by the corner of the map for an Ocean Seal.
Defeat the northern Knights first using axes.
Recruit Hawkeye when he appears by talking to him with Eliwood.
Head towards Jasmine first using whatever route you want.
When your flyer has rescued Pent, reunite him or her with your army.
Defeat the Shaman for a Luna tome.
When you get to Jasmine, first steal the Guiding Ring from him.
Then, defeat him using Lyn or someone else who is fast or has high Strength.
Now, have a Thief go north towards the bones and wait.
Wait on both sides of the northern bones for a Light Brand and Hero Crest.
Order the rest of your army to head towards Paul.
Get the Filla's Might and Eclipse from the center bones.
Before engaging Paul, have a Thief head past him outside his attack range.
Get the Body Ring from the square 7 units left of the house.
Paul is dangerous, so use a character who can survive a critical attack.
Hawkeye is your best bet, as he can kill the boss in one critical.
Accept the side-quest!

3.22x) Ch. 22x: Genesis

Defeat all enemy units


Door key (Defeat Bishop)
Door key (Defeat General)
Berserk (Open eastern Chest)
Door key (Defeat General)
Silver blade (Open western Chest)
Secret book (Open center Chest)
Silver axe/Elfire (Defeat Fighter/Mage)
Silver bow/Nosferatu (Defeat Archer/Shaman)
Silver lance/Shine (Defeat Knight/Monk)
Silver sword/Recover (Defeat Mercenary/Troubadour)
Afa's Drops (Clear chapter)


When the chapter begins, a wall will form on the left of your main Lord.
This will split your army, so give each group balanced characters and healers.
Make sure both groups have Chest and Door keys, or Thieves.
Group #1 will be referred to as the one on the right with your main Lord.
Group #2 will be referred to as the other group.
Stay away from walls if there is a ranged enemy unit nearby.
No one is necessary to protect Merlinus in this chapter.
Send Group #2 westward, destroying the wall.
Have Group #1 go southward, break the wall and open the door in the next room.
Order Group #2 to destroy the wall and open the southern door.
Also have that party defeat the two nearby enemies for a Door key.
Make Group #1 open the door, break the wall, and kill the General.
In Group #2, send a Thief and south toward the Chest with the Silver blade.
Order the rest of the units in Group #2 to go eastward toward Group #1.
With Group #1, open the door and kill any nearby enemies.
Reunite your parties, and send two units south to open the Chest for Berserk.
Head around towards the center room of the map.
Kill the General nearby for the third Door key.
Kill the Sniper sitting on the Chest and open the Chest for a Secret book.
Proceed to the center room of the map.
If you attack Kishuna without opening the door first, you'll fight MAG users.
Otherwise you'll fight STR users.
Once you decided open the door, and destroy the four enemies inside.
The MAG users will give you an Elfire, Nosferatu, Shine, and Recover.
The STR users will give you the 4 Silver weapons.
Destroy any remaining enemies.

3.23) Ch. 23: Four-Fanged Offense

Defeat the enemy hero, Linus (Total level of your Lords is above 50)
Defeat the enemy swordmaster, Lloyd (Total level of your Lords is below 50)

Geitz (Linus's map, talk to Geitz with Dart)
Wallace (Lloyd's map, talk to Wallace with Lyn/Sain/Kent/Wil/Florina)

Earth Seal (Linus's map, visit the eastern village)
Orion's Bolt (Linus's map, visit the southern village)
Silence (Linus's map, visit the northern village)
Red Gem (Linus's map, steal from Wyvern rider)
Earth Seal (Lloyd's map, visit the eastern village)
Silence (Lloyd's map, visit the northern village)
Orion's Bolt (Lloyd's map, steal from Sniper)

Vendor (Fire/Thunder/Lightning/Flux)
Vendor (Vulnerary/Antitoxin/Heal/Mend/Restore)
Armory (Iron sword/Iron lance/Javelin/Iron axe/Hand axe/Iron bow)
Armory (Steel sword/Lancereaver/Steel lance/Axereaver/Steel axe/Swordreaver/   
       Steel bow)
Secret (Armorslayer/Longsword/Heavy spear/Horseslayer/Hammer/Halberd/Ocean     

There are two different versions of this chapter; see the Mission section.
For Linus's map, no one is necessary to protect Merlinus.
Bring Dart, at least one Sniper and flyer, and some high-defense characters.
Bring the Member's card, Swordreavers, Luna, Killer weapons, and Elixirs.
Go east and recruit Geitz with Dart immediately.
Also visit the nearby village for an Earth Seal, which is very useful.
Have the rest of your party go north, and maybe buy some supplies if you want.
Stick a few units by the edge of the lake to take care of the nearby Pirates.
Visit the two northern villages for an Orion's Bolt and Silence.
Defeat the enemy Heros with a good tank like Oswin, or just swarm them.
Use the Arena to level some of your weaker characters, like Heath.
Quickly defeat the Archers guarding the ballistas.
Send over a flyer east to the forest on the big island for the Secret shop.
Start creeping east with your army towards the boss, Linus.
Make sure you clear out a majority of the Wyvern riders beforehand, though.
Form a small wall with your speedy dodgers to block off the boss.
Finish off Linus with Canas's Luna, or with a Killer lance or Killing edge.
You can also try attacking at a distance with regular magic or with Snipers.
If you still can't do it, use the Arena after clearing out all the enemies.
For Lloyd's map, leave behind two units to protect Merlinus.
Bring Lyn, Sain, both Thieves, and characters with high resistance and speed.
Bring the Member's card, some Killer weapons, Anima magic, and some bows.
Immediately sent Sain, a Thief, and another unit eastward to recruit Wallace.
Steal the Orion's Bolt from the Sniper near Wallace, and kill him quickly!
Visit the eastern village for an Earth Seal as well.
Use the Arena to make all your characters stronger.
Have the rest of your army go northward towards the castle where Lloyd is.
There is a Secret shop 3 squares down, 2 squares left from Lloyd's position.
Order two axe-wielders to go northeast and visit the village for a Silence.
Station a Sage or two south of you to deal with the onslaught of Monks.
Likewise, keep a Sniper or Warrior to the west to take down Wyvern riders.
Gather your forces just outside Lloyd's attack range.
Your best bet is using ballistae, bows, Javelins, magic, or Spears.
Do NOT go in for melee attacks, as Lloyd gets critical hits insanely often!
As for Linus, train at the Arena if you still manage not to beat him.

3.24) Ch. 24: Unfulfilled Heart

Survive for 11 turns


Luna (Defeat Shaman)
Knight's crest (Steal from Cavalier)
Hammerne (Visit village)

Armory (Killing edge/Killer lance/Javelin/Killer axe/Hand axe/Killer bow)
Vendor (Heal/Mend/Elfire/Shine/Flux)

Whatever you do, you MUST stay out of Vaida's attack range!
She is way too strong for you to currently take down, and she will kill you.
Besides, you'll want to keep her alive anyway, so you can recruit her later.
Beware of the western Shaman as well, if you attack him, you might lure Vaida.
Bring ALL your good bow-users, as there are plenty of Wyvern riders.
You should bring some magic-users as well, for they will come in handy.
Use Pent's Heaven Seal on one of your level 20 Lords.
I recommend using it on Lyn, because she'll be able to use a bow.
Send all your units south, then west.
Try to pick up the Hammerne at the village quickly before an enemy gets it.
Use the Hammerne stave only on rare weapons such as a Wo Dao or Mani Katti.
Defeat the nearby Shaman for a Luna.
Make sure to steal the Knight's crest from the Cavalier with an Armorslayer.
Once you got all the items, try to put groups of 4 units together.
This will make it so there is less room for enemy units to attack you.
Put high-defense axe-wielders on the outside to kill the Wyvern riders.
Then, put your bow-users behind the axe-users.
Stick any remaining units around in forests to mop up anything left behind.
Wait out the remaining turns.

3.25) Ch. 25: Pale Flower of Darkness

Defeat all enemies

Karel (Jerme - Before turn 9 open 4+ doors, talk to Karel with Eliwood
       Kenneth - Don't kill 3 promoted units, talk to Karel with Eliwood)
Harken (Jerme - Don't open 4+ doors, talk to Harken with Eliwood
       Kenneth - Before turn 9 kill 3+ promoted units, talk with Eliwood)

Door key (Defeat General)
Door key (Defeat Paladin)
Door key (Defeat Wyvern Lord)
Door key (Defeat Hero)
Door key (Steal from Cavalier)
Bolting (Open Chest)
White gem (Open Chest)
Short spear (Defeat Falcoknight)
Hero crest (Open Chest)
Talisman (Open Chest)
Antitoxin (Steal from Brigand)
Light brand/Aura (Defeat boss)


Like Four-Fanged Offense, there are two versions of this chapter.
Jerme will be the boss if your STR people are stronger than your MAG people.
Kenneth will be the boss if your MAG people are stronger than your STR people.
Bring both Thieves, or a lot of Door keys and Chest keys.


4.15) Ch. 15: Talons Alight

Defend the throne for 7 turns


Silver axe (Open western Chest)
Mend (Open eastern Chest)
Steel bow (Defeat Boss)


Send Matthew south then west towards the Chests.
Open the Chests and get a Silver axe and a Mend.
Have Hector defend the area behind the throne.
Have Bartre or someone else defend the throne from the west.
Fend off the enemies from the south by forming a wall.
For the boss, start by escorting Oswin with someone south along the wall.
Defeat the boss by using Oswin and his Javelin to get in some hits.
You could also have Hector assist from the rear with his Wolf Biel.
Watch out for the reinforcements of Cavaliers and Myrmidons from the south.
Wait out the rest of the turns.

4.19xx) Ch. 19x pt2: A Glimpse in Time

Seize the throne


Eclipse (Open southwestern chest)
Dragonshield (Open southeastern chest)
Talisman (Open northern chest)


This is an ultra-secret chapter, so congratulate yourself on unlocking it.
This chapter is somewhat long, so don't make any hasty decisions.
Don't bring any characters with low resistance, for they are weak to Sleep.
Bring Matthew, or some Door Keys and Chest Keys.
Merlinus is not at risk, so don't bother leaving someone to guard him.
Send Matthew, Sain, and Lyn east along the narrow corridor.
Have everyone else go northeastward.
If you brung a Pegasus Knight, stay alert until you destroy the ballista.
Kill any Troubadours on sight; they have a Sleep staff.
Rescue any unit who has fallen asleep.
Destroy the Knights quickly with Hector.
Unlock the eastern chests to get an Eclipse and a Dragonshield.
Have Sain and Lyn go north to the boss.
Order Matthew to go northwest to the final chest for a Talisman.
Regroup outside the boss's chamber and prepare for any Pegasus Knights.
Don't worry about the boss's Eclipse, it is very inaccurate.
While the boss has Eclipse equipped, attack with any high Strength character.
It shouldn't be necessary to waste any good weapons.
Seize the throne.

4.25) Ch. 25: Crazed Beast

Earn 3 points

Farina (Turn 5, she will appear and talk to Hector, pay her 20000G)

Elysian whip (Visit village)
Divine (Defeat Monk)

Vendor (Mend/Thunder/Lightning/Flux)
Armory (Steel sword/Steel lance/Steel axe/Steel bow)

Merlinus should have promoted now, if you used him every possible chapter.
Now, instead of leaving behind a guard, simply take him with your army.
Take any low-leveled character you want to train, as this is a good chapter.
Also take a flyer, a high-resistance character, and someone with good Str.
Bring Axereavers, an extra Iron lance for Farina, and Anima magic.
Position Hector on the southern bridge to wait for Farina's arrival.
Have Raven, Eliwood, and Canas go west and wipe that island clear of brigands.
Defeat the Warrior using Eliwood's Rapier, and wait on the gate to seize it.
Use your flyer to quickly go east across the water, out of the Archers' range.
Use him or her to buy items, and visit the village for an Elysian whip.
Kill one of the Monks to get a Divine.
If your flyer has good Resistance, kill one or two more Monks.
Otherwise, have him or her quickly rejoin your army.
Order the rest of your army north, using bow-users to take down any flyers.
Lead with Oswin, Dart, or Bartre to deal with the Cavaliers.
If Farina appeared by now, wait for her to fly over and talk to Hector.
She will demand 20000G; pay her, as she is worth it.
Have Hector and Farina wipe out any surviving enemies that your army missed.
Once your army has reached the ballistas, divide them into two groups.
Keep your tough guys like Hector and Oswin here and kill the Cavaliers.
Defeat the boss using the Wolf Biel, or at a distance with Hand axes.
Magic users like Serra are also useful, but make sure to heal so no one dies.
Seize the castle.
Have Priscilla/Erk along with some other high-Resistance characters go east.
Use them to swarm the Monks, and finally take down the Bishop.
The Bishop is easy, just use anything basically when he has Purge equipped.
Wait on the gate where the Bishop stood to seize the castle.


Athos - Archsage
Recruited - 31 (Eliwood)/33 (Hector)
Stat Growth - N/A
Affin - Anima
Support - N/A
- Aw hell yeah. Awesome character we got here. Athos is one of the Eight
Legendary Generals, so of course he's going to be awesome. He could almost
single-handedly beat the last chapter, including the dragon. Athos also has
the unique aspect of having S-levels in 4 different weapon types, so he can
use every single magic tome in the game. If I have to pick out a weakness, I'd
say it's Athos's relatively low HP. Luckily, that problem can be completely
nullified if you have some spare Angelic Robes. Athos also makes you feel kind
of cheap for using him. He is overall a great character, and is fun to play
around with the Link Arena.
- It's Santa Claus! I mean Gandalf! I mean Athos! Athos has some very demonic
stats and the ability to use all the magic in the game. But he suffers from
low SPD and HP because of his age probably. Use him, he rocks and owns you
all... well you kinda have too... Give him Luna if you're not using Canas :P.
Athos has great MAG, SKL, LUK and RES.

Bartre - Fighter/Warrior
Recruited - 11 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 85%/Str 50%/Skill 35%/Spd 40%/Luck 30%/Def 30%/Res 25%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Karla/Dorcas/Canas/Raven/Renault
- I like Bartre better than Dorcas. He is recruited at a lower level than
Dorcas, but is much better to train. I like Bartre's HP and strength. His main
advantage over Dorcas is his speed, but it's still pretty bad. If you are
playing Hector's route, train this guy to at least a level 5 Warrior so you
can recruit Karla, who is pretty cool.
- Bartre... Bartre is the best of the Warriors but has only 1 problem, he
starts out with 3 SPEED!!! In Hector Hard mode, this guy is almost unusable
because he'll get double attacked like mad. Bartre, unlike Dorcas, doesn't
only have 2 good stat growths. His Speed growth is MUCH better the Dorcas's. 
He doesn't have Dorcas's HP or STR however. Bartre's good stats are HP and STR
but all his other stats beat Dorcas's.

Canas - Shaman/Druid
Recruited - 16x (Eliwood)/17x (Hector) [Visit the village]
Stat Growth - HP 70%/Mag 45%/Skill 40%/Spd 35%/Luck 25%/Def 25%/Res 45%
Affin - Anima
Support - Pent/Nino/Renault/Bartre/Vaida
- The only Druid you get, but this is to your advantage: Canas gets all the
Dark books to himself! Canas is really awesome, and his Resistance is GODLY!
Level him up a bit and you'll find that even Light magic does minimal damage
to him. Still, he's a tad slow, so keep him in the back for support and to
protect him from physical attacks, which he is somewhat weak to. The best
thing about Canas is his ability to wield Luna, a very powerful spell. If
Canas maxes his MAG he'll do 30 damage NO MATTER what with Luna. If he is fast
enough, he'll get two hits, which is enough to kill ANYTHING!
- He's a good Shaman, well he's the only one...He has balanced stats all
around and has the power of Luna! He can do some decent damage to the final
boss! YAY! He can also score some good damage on anything else! Canas has good
MAG and RES. His others stats are pretty good at the exception of DEF and LUK.

Dart - Pirate/Berserker
Recruited - 18 (Eliwood)/19 (Hector) [Dart must of survived 16x/17x]
Stat Growth - HP 70%/Str 65%/Skill 20%/Spd 60%/Luck 35%/Def 20%/Res 15%
Affin - Fire
Support - Rebecca/Wil/Geitz/Karel/Farina
- Dart is the ideal axe-wielder. Perfect HP, Strength, and Speed. Given enough
training, he will hold his own in battle. It's helpful to have him use a high
accuracy weapon like the Iron axe instead of a Steel axe to make up for his
little skill. Make sure you find an Ocean Seal for Dart, because he'll be able
to help you tremendously late game. When he promotes into a Berserker, he
gains a critical bonus, making Dart armed with a Killing axe, Supports, maxed
STR and SPD incredibly deadly.
- Dart is one of the best axe-users in the entire game. He's an axe user with
HIGH SPD!!! OMG!!! One of the favourite choices for the Arena, Dart stands
strong with his extremely high HP, STR and SPD which is usually maxes them
all. His SKL and LUK suffer tremendously, however. His RES is also quite
low...Dart stands strong with his HP, STR and SPD.

Dorcas - Fighter/Warrior
Recruited: 4 (Lyn)/11 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 80%/Str 60%/Skill 40%/Spd 20%/Luck 45%/Def 25%/Res 15%
Affin - Fire
Support - Bartre/Geitz/Oswin/Vaida/Farina
- I was never really into Dorcas, or axe-wielders in general. Still, Dorcas is
very powerful, and in my game an HP-powerhouse. He can definitely hold his own
in battle. I prefer Batre though, because Dorcas's speed is HIDEOUS. Really,
it gets me angry when he double-attacked every turn. Also, you think with him
being so big-looking he would have defense to match, but he doesn't. Don't use
this one.
- Yes, it's the winner of the Nintendo Game of the Year poll for weirdest
character name! ALL HAIL DORCAS! Now back to stats. Dorcas is probably the
worst non-prepromoted character in the game. He has low stats overall apart
from STR and HP. Use him only for fun or if you really like him. Dorcas's good
stats are HP and STR.

Eliwood - Lord/Knight Lord
Recruited - 11 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 80%/Str 45%/Skill 50%/Spd 40%/Luck 45%/Def 30%/Res 35%
Affin - Anima
Support - Hector/Ninian/Harken/Marcus/Lowen/Lyn/Fiora
- Eliwood is just plain average. He's also not Roy. None of Eliwood's stats
stand out that much, but he's still worth using most of the time. Usually
he'll excel especially in HP and Skill. Eliwood gets automatically promoted at
around Chapter 27, so make sure you level him up a bit prior to then. Did I
mention he's not Roy?
- Eliwood is the worst of the lords but that doesn't make him bad at all.
Unlike Lyn, who is very quick and Hector, who is very strong, Eliwood has no
specialty area. His Speed Cap is the worst thing about Eliwood, his speed caps
at 24... He does have the highest movement of the Lords AFTER promotion
because he gets a horse. Eliwood is a balanced guy, meaning he will either
turn out great or extremely sucky. His Good stats are HP, SPD and LUK.

Erk - Mage/Sage
Recruited - 5 (Lyn)/14 (Eliwood)/14 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 65%/Mag 40%/Skill 40%/Spd 50%/Luck 30%/Def 20%/Res 40%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Pent/Priscilla/Nino/Louise/Serra
- Erk is the average spell caster. He usually gets stat-ups in two or three
different categories, which is decent, I guess. Outclassed severely by Nino,
Erk is usually not worth using. At least he's usually better than Pent. Erk's
fantastic Supports often make up for his iffy, almost-lackluster stat growths.
- I like Erk, because you get him early and his growths are pretty balanced,
which can turn against him if your not lucky  like Eliwood he can turn out
great, or completely sucky  Erky has good LUK and RES, his other stats are
balanced at the exception of DEF. Erk's better stats are LUK and RES.

Farina - Peg Knight/Falcoknight
Recruited - 25 (Hector) [Talk to Farina with Hector and pay 20000 Gold]
Stat Growth - HP 75%/Str 50%/Skill 40%/Spd 45%/Luck 45%/Def 25%/Res 30%
Affin - Anima
Support - Florina/Fiora/Dart/Karla/Dorcas/Hector/Kent
- Farina is annoying. You have to pay a ton of money to recruit her, as she is
obsessed with money in all her Supports. She's usually worth it though, thank
goodness. While Florina is good all-around and Fiora benefits the most from
Supports, Farina is more offensive in terms of stats. She is also more able to
withstand hits. Her great battling skills and ability to take quite a few
strides are just one thing; she is also the final piece of the legendary
Triangle Attack. So get her!
- She costs 20,000 G for a good reason, she's the best of the Pegasus sisters!
She has higher overall stats. Has a better DEF then her sisters, better
EVERYTHING almost. USE HER!!! Farina's best stats are STR, SKL, SPD and RES.

Fiora - Peg Knight/Falcoknight
Recruited - 18 (Eliwood)/19 (Hector) [Talk to Fiora with Florina]
Stat Growth - HP 70%/Str 35%/Skill 60%/Spd 50%/Luck 30%/Def 20%/Res 50%
Affin - Wind
Support - Florina/Farina/Kent/Pent/Sain/Eliwood/Geitz
- This Pegasus knight is more specialized than her sister, Florina, who is
more of an all-around character. I personally like Florina better. You simply
have more time to level Florina up. But that shouldn't really hinder your
efforts to raise her any. Also, my Fiora at level 7 had stats comparable to my
level 14 Florina. Weird huh? Still, use both if you wish, because Falcoknights
can be some of the best units around, especially with that Triangle attack...
- Fiora has better overall stats then her sister Florina but has one problem,
she suffers from low LUK. She gets high RES and good SPD and STR. If you
didn't use Florina because she was too hard to train then use Fiora, she's
just as good. Fiora's Best stats are STR, SPD and RES.

Florina - Peg Knight/Falcoknight
Recruited - 3 (Lyn)/15 (Eliwood)/16 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 40%/Skill 50%/Spd 55%/Luck 50%/Def 15%/Res 35%
Affin - Light
Support - Lyn/Fiora/Farina/Ninian/Hector/Nino/Serra
- At first, I had my doubts about Florina. She just couldn't take the hits
from Bandits and Archers in the early chapters. But if you take the time to
level her up to about 7, she becomes incredibly powerful. So powerful, she has
become an essential for almost any party. If you need help training her, I
suggest using your Angelic Robe on Florina for more HP. She makes a great
anti-magic tank, so use her! In fact, use all the Pegasus Knights; they only
seems bad in the beginning.
- I like Florina, she has good STR, SPD and LUK. I must admit, she's harder to
train because she starts out so weak...but that quickly changes. She never
gets high HP or DEF but she can get a very high SPD and LUK count. The only
problem is that her CON is so low that she can't lift an Iron lance without
taking a speed penalty. Florina's best stats are STR, SPD and LUK.

Geitz - Warrior
Recruited - 23 (Eliwood)/24 (Hector) [Talk to Geitz with Dart]
Stat Growth - HP 85%/Str 50%/Skill 30%/Spd 40%/Luck 40%/Def 20%/Res 20%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Dorcas/Dart/Isadora/Karel/Fiora
- Mediocre Warrior. He's better than Dorcas most of the time, so you're left
with either Bartre or Geitz. Geitz is not that bad, but I still wouldn't
recommend using him. Maybe it's just my bias against Warriors that keeps me
from using one...
- Nice... Geitz, I always likes his name...Anyways, Geitz is a pre-promoted
unit, lowering his overall value. But for those who played FE6 you should know
his growths are almost identical to his brother Geese's. Unlike Dorcas, Geitz
has high speed for a Warrior. He starts out with B in bows which helps to
bring his value back up. I actually prefer using Geitz over Dorcas... quite
sad since Geitz can use the Brave bow effectively without taking a penalty.

Guy - Myrmidon/Swordmaster
Recruited - 13 (Eliwood)/13 (Hector) [Talk to Guy with Matthew]
Stat Growth - HP 75%/Str 30%/Skill 50%/Spd 70%/Luck 45%/Def 15%/Res 25%
Affin - Fire
Support - Rath/Matthew/Karel/Priscilla/Louise
- Guy is decent, and is a better swordmaster than Karel so you might as well
use him. Like anyone in his class, Guy gets critical hits very often, despite
not exactly being a powerhouse. His Luck and HP is pretty good too, but never
send him into the fray alone. Also, too many people compare him to Raven, who
is in an entirely different class. Overall, this character can either have the
highest critical hit chance in the game (over 80%!), or can be weak and suck.
Use at your own discretion.
- GO GUY GO! This dude is one of the best dudes in the entire game. I really
like swordmasters in case you didn't know. Guy's main weakness is that his STR
can be shaky... sometimes he will really have low STR. His critical hit rate
makes up for it. With the ability to easily achieve a 94% critical hit rate
with Thor's Ire is amazing. Guy has the highest HP or all the swordmasters.
Guy's best stats are his SKL and SPD (which he usually maxes both.)

Harken - Hero
Recruited - 25 (Eliwood)/27 (Hector) [Speak to Harken with Eliwood or Hector,  
            does not appear if Karel does]
Stat Growth - HP 80%/Str 35%/Skill 30%/Spd 40%/Luck 20%/Def 30%/Res 25%
Affin - Fire
Support - Isadora/Eliwood/Lowen/Marcus/Vaida
- Harken was rarely used in any of my games. It just seemed that Raven was
overall more useful. Raven also has better growth rates, so that's something
else to consider. But if you are playing Hard Mode, the 2 extra points to each
stat Harken gets is pretty useful, and leaves Harken with quite a few almost
maxed stats! So growth rates might not even matter. Also, I think Harken looks
cooler, not that it effects combat, but it's just something extra to consider.
- Harken is to Raven like Karel is to Guy. He's the weaker counterpart with
less HP and he's pre-promoted. He's good in Hector Hard Mode because of the
stat bonuses he gets but in all other modes, stick with Raven. Harken's good
stats are STR, SPD and DEF is quite good.

Hawkeye - Berserker
Recruited - 22 (Eliwood)/23 (Hector) [Talk to Hawkeye with Eliwood/Hector]
Stat Growth - HP 50%/Str 40%/Skill 30%/Spd 25%/Luck 40%/Def 20%/Res 35%
Affin - Wind
Support - Pent/Louise/Ninian
- Outclassed by Dart easily. The only reason you'll want to use Hawkeye
instead is if you miss the Ocean Seals. Hawkeye's main problem is the lack of
good Supports. He can't get an A level with Pent or Louise, and Ninian leaves
later in the game. So you're left with nothing. Also, Hawkeye is very weak in
the end of the game, with the only stat he usually maxes out being HP. In
fact, sometimes he doesn't even max that. Trust me, Hawkeye is just like
Marcus. He kills everything when you get him, but that does not last long and
he quickly fizzles out.
- YUK!!! This dude is big and slow... he has better stats then Dart overall of
course but his SPD is just too low for my taste... having an average 15 speed
is not something to be proud of Big Guy. His pre-promotion status also makes
him worse. His good stats are HP and STR.

Heath - Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord
Recruited - 21 (Eliwood)/22 (Hector) [Talk to Heath with any Lord or Ninian]
Stat Growth - HP 80%/Str 50%/Skill 50%/Spd 45%/Luck 20%/Def 30%/Res 20%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Vaida/Priscilla/Legault/Kent/Louise
- Another one of my favorite characters. Heath is the best Wyvern Lord you'll
get in the game so use him. He almost always maxes out his HP, and usually his
Strength and Skill. Incredibly low Resistance is what makes Heath rather
fragile, but it shouldn't be that hard to keep him from any magic-users.
Overall, Heath is a great unit and you should really try to level him up.
Equipped with a Delphi Shield, Heath has nothing to fear.
- Heath is one of the coolest and most powerful characters in the game. He has
better DEF then the Pegasus Sisters but pays for it with RES. His RES is VERY
low... but he makes up for it with good STR, SKL and SPD. His LUK suffers
tremendously...His good stats consist of HP, STR, SKL and SPD.

Hector - Lord/Great Lord
Recruited - 12 (Eliwood)/11 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 90%/Str 60%/Skill 45%/Spd 35%/Luck 30%/Def 50%/Res 25%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Eliwood/Matthew/Lyn/Oswin/Florina/Serra/Farina
- Hector is my favorite Lord. His stat growth is phenomenal. Lovely defense,
power, everything. Magic attacks seems to be his downfall though. I don't
think it really matters, because Hector is a great unit to have out all the
time. He has overall better accuracy than most axe-users.
- Hector is DA BEST! That's all there is to it, he just beats the crap out of
everyone. Hector has High HP, STR, and DEF. Those are his best stats, he
usually has a decent amount of skill and speed. At first Hector misses a lot
because his SKL starts out very low and Hector never has a lot of LUK, both
early and late.

Isadora - Paladin
Recruited - 21 (Eliwood)/22 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 75%/Str 30%/Skill 35%/Spd 50%/Luck 45%, Def 20%, Res 25%
Affin - Dark
Support - Harken/Marcus/Lowen/Geitz/Sain/Legault/Renault
- Isadora is already promoted, so she already has one disadvantage. There are
much better Paladins overall, so I suggest using Sain or Kent for your team.
But like each Paladin, she does have a speciality, and in this case it seems
to be Speed and Luck. That's usually not enough to justify using her though,
but at least she's better than Marcus and Lowen.
- Isadora is strange... she has an extremely high SPD but only to counter her
extremely LOW CON. She can't lift most weapons without taking a penalty...
which is quite sad because without her speed Isadora doesn't add up to much.
She start out Lv1 Paladin which is another reason why I wouldn't use her.
Isadora's good stat is SPD.

Jaffar - Assassin
Recruited - 26x (Eliwood)/28x (Hector) [Talk to Jaffar with Nino]
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 15%/Skill 40%/Spd 35%/Luck 20%/Def 30%/Res 30%
Affin - Ice
Support - Nino/Legault/Matthew
- Good character. Very, very, good character. Jaffar's low strength growth
doesn't matter at all, because he's one point to maxing out anyway. I don't
like the rest of his stats though. Luck, Defense, and Resistance are somewhat
bad. But Jaffar's still pretty good overall. Use if Matthew and Legault get
screwed in stat-ups. In fact, you might want to use all three; with the proper
Supports and Killing edges you'll most likely getting plenty of instant kills,
which the main reason Assassins are used in the first place.
- This is the worst of the Assassins but he has one major edge, he's
RNG-proof. Even if his STR growth is REALLY bad, he only needs 1 point to max
it. He starts out with really high stats which makes up for his low growths.
If your Thieves both sucked, he use this assassin, he might not be the best
but he still owns a lot of ass. His main weakness is his REALLY low HP.
Jaffar's best stats are STR, SKL and SPD.

Karel - Swordmaster
Recruited - 25 (Eliwood)/27 (Hector) [Speak to Karel with Eliwood or Hector,   
            does not appear if Harken does]
Stat Growth -HP 70%/Str 30%/Skill 50%/Spd 50%/Luck 30%/Def 10%/Res 15%
Affin - Light
Support - Karla/Guy/Dart/Geitz/Lucius
- In my opinion, Karel is much less susceptible to the wrath of the RNG than
Guy. That means, if you're Guy is getting screwed in stats, Karel can be a
great choice. But usually, they come very close to each other.
Personality-wise, Karel does not have the stats to match up with his quirky
personality. On my first few games I got Harken instead of Karel, so I never
really got to use Karel that much, but when I did he was somewhat impressive.
Harken isn't as good as Raven for a Hero, but Guy can be pretty iffy, so use
at your own discretion.
- The amazing psychopath! AKA Karel! He's pre-promoted, that's all you need to
know... alright, he's a GOOD pre-promoted character because he's not Marcus,
has decent growths and starts out a good level. Use him if Guy got screwed in
STR. Karel's good stats include STR, SKL and SPD.

Karla - Swordmaster
Recruited - 31x (Hector) [Have Bartre use the arena, both must survive]
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 25%/Skill 45%/Spd 55%/Luck 40%/Def 10%/Res 20%
Affin - Dark
Support - Bartre/Karel/Farina/Vaida
- Unfortunately, Karla rarely maxes out anything besides Speed, and you get
her really late in the game. This is her major downfall. You'll hardly be able
to use her. Not to mention her stat growths are...lame. I like her more than
Karel though. Plus her Supports can be pretty good, I guess...
- This girl is a lot like Karel but with MUCH lower STR and you get her VERY
late in the game. It's quite hard to level her up properly because she comes
way too late... ah well, nobody's perfect. Karla's good stats are SKL and SPD.

Kent - Cavalier/Paladin
Recruited - 1 (Lyn)/15 (Eliwood)/16 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 85%/Str 40%/Skill 50%/Spd 45%/Luck 20%/Def 25%/Res 25%
Affin - Anima
Support - Sain/Lyn/Fiora/Wallace/Heath/Falina
- Kent is just like Sain, only a bit more defense-orientated. He's still
pretty good, though. With nice skill, he hits pretty often. I prefer him over
Sain, if you feel inclined to use one of them. Overall, Kent will get the job
done in battle. Don't use him for long though, later in the game you'll find
he'll almost NEVER dodge anything.
- Kent is normally the better of the Kent and Sain duo. He doesn't have as
much STR as Sain but makes up for it by having more SKL and SPD. If you want
to use a Cavalier, then I suggest using either Kent, Sain or even Lowen. Kent
has high SKL and SPD.

Legault - Thief/Assassin
Recruited - 19 (Eliwood)/20 (Hector) [Talk to Legault with any Lord]
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 25%/Skill 45%/Spd 60%/Luck 60%/Def 25%/Res 25%
Affin - Ice
Support - Matthew/Heath/Nino/Jaffar/Isadora
- I prefer Matthew greatly to this guy. Since only a Thief can Steal, keep
Legault a Thief and promote Matthew. Overall, Matthew and Legault can be
pretty equal, and I suggest using whichever is coming out better. Matthew has
better growth rates, but Legault has better starting stats. Many say the
starting stats is the only difference, and that Legault is better because his
stats are vastly better. This guy is also sometimes less risky to use.
- Hey it's Legolas with who is trying to hide from us! Oh no... It's just The
Hurricane. They call him the Hurricane and they not lying, this guy rocks. If
your Matthew turned out bad, use this dude. He has Higher SKL then Matthew but
lower LUK and SPD. He maxed DEF in my last game. O_o He also has the highest
CON of all the Assassins. Legault's good stats are SKL, SPD and LUK.

Louise - Sniper
Recruited - 24 (Eliwood)/26 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 40%/Skill 40%/Spd 40%/Luck 30%/Def 20%/Res 30%
Affin - Light
Support - Pent/Hawkeye/Rebecca/Erk/Guy/Heath/Sain
- I don't like Louise much at all. As mentioned above, she is already at
A-level Support with Pent, so there's only room for 1 B or 2 C's with other
characters. Louise still sucks compared to Rebecca though. She most likely
won't dodge nearly as much hits, which is bad attribute for a Sniper. Overall,
don't even waste your time with this one.
- Another pre-promoted unit. Alright, I'll keep it simple, she sucks. She has
horrible STR and all stats overall compared to the mighty Rebecca and Wil and
starts out with A support with Pent. So you can't get anybody else to have A
support with her. Don't use her unless you really want to. Her good stat is

Lowen - Cavalier/Paladin
Recruited - 11 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 90%/Str 30%/Skill 30%/Spd 30%/Luck 30%/Def 40%/Res 35%
Affin - Fire
Support - Marcus/Harken/Isadora/Eliwood/Rebecca
- A great tank. Lowen is even more defense-orientated than Kent. Perhaps, a
bit too much defense-orientated. His strength, skill, and speed are all
lacking...goodness. The low Skill growth is probably a consequence of having
all that hair covering his face. Also, my Oswin came up within two points of
speed of Lowen. A guy on horseback barely outrunning armor man, WTF? Luckily,
even though he can't dodge, his high HP and Defense will keep you alive.
- Lowen is your basic Knight... wait... HE'S ON A HORSE!? OK... never he's
your basic cavalier with a few personal adjustments. Unlike Kent and Sain,
Lowen's specialty rely on going into the front of battle receiving all the
blows he can take and still being able to fight. He's your Tank on a horse...
note that he has a higher constitution then all the other Cavaliers. Lowen's
best stats are his HP and DEF.

Lucius - Monk/Bishop
Recruited - 7 (Lyn)/16 (Eliwood)/17 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 55%/Mag 50%/Skill 60%/Spd 40%/Luck 25%/Def 10%/Res 60%
Affin - Light
Support - Raven/Priscilla/Serra/Renault/Karel
- A below-average character, or so it appeared in my game. He seems to be a
bit out shined by other Bishops later on. However, his combination of low Luck
and Defense means he'll get hit often, and hard. In fact, this makes him so
fragile it might become impossible for him to survive later on. Lucius can
still be OK to use, if only he didn't look like a girl. >_< Hopefully you will
get lucky and he'll turn out alright, but for me he didn't.
- Lucius has even LOWER defense then Serra but he's MUCH easier to train and
he maxes his MAG, SKL, SPD and RES almost ALL THE TIME! He also suffers from
Low HP and DEF syndrome... too bad for him... He can be trained much more
easily then Serra early on because he starts with Light Magic and gains staves
afterwards. His LUK is VERY low... some of the worst in the game...Lucius'
shining stats are MAG, SKL, SPD and RES.

Lyn - Lord/Blade Lord
Recruited - Prologue (Lyn)/15 (Eliwood)/16 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 70%/Str 40%/Skill 60%/Spd 60%/Luck 55%/Def 20%/Res 30%
Affin - Wind
Support - Florina/Rath/Kent/Wil/Hector/Wallace/Eliwood
- Lyn is quite decent, and I believe her greatest strength is her mad dodging
skills and speed. She is a great sword-user, and a nice bow-user. I find her a
bit fragile though, with low defensive growth. Strength could use a little
work too. At least she attacks twice, as long as you stick to light weapons.
She is not that good with a bow though. It just doesn't seem natural for her.
- Lyn is the 2nd best of the lords coming in close with Hector. She is like
the crossover between a Nomad and a Myrmidon when it comes to her promotion
class. She can weal the Mani Katti which is a great weapon to use since it
gets a power boost against horses and knights. You also start out with Lyn
which gives you more time to train her giving her some better stats maybe. Lyn
is a great asset and one of the Lords, so USE HER. Lyn has high SKL, SPD, and

Marcus - Paladin
Recruited - 11 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 65%/Str 30%/Skill 50%/Spd 25%/Luck 30%/Def 15%/Res 35%
Affin - Ice
Support - Lowen/Isadora/Eliwood/Harken/Merlinus
- Marcus, is the Eliwood's route version of Wallace: a giant freaking EXP
waster. Except, Marcus can move at much faster, allowing him to steal your
precious EXP at a greater pace. Seriously, don't use Marcus. I used him for
like two chapters, and just to go around villages collecting items. In
closing, I pity the fools that use Marcus!
- Marcus... ok... only one word can describe this purple-haired dude, YUCK!
Marcus has some of the worse stats I've ever seen for a Lv1 Paladin when you
get him and his growths suck EVEN MORE! Do not use this Paladin, stay far, far
away...Marcus' good stats are... nothing...

Matthew - Thief/Assassin
Recruited - 6 (Lyn)/13 (Eliwood)/11 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 75%/Str 30%/Skill 40%/Spd 70%/Luck 50%/Def 25%/Res 20%
Affin - Wind
Support - Hector/Guy/Oswin/Legault/Serra/Jaffar
- Matthew is one of my favorites. Some people might claim Jaffar or Legault is
better, but Matthew definitely has better HP, Speed, and sometimes Luck. He
will almost always attack twice. That almost makes up for his lack of power
though. I suggest using an Energy Ring or two on Matthew, then he just might
max it. Compared to the other Assassins though, he still has "good" strength.
Personality wise, he is also really cool, but stat-wise, it is often debated
whether Matthew or Legault is superior. They usually come pretty close, so
promote which ever one is coming along better.
- I like Matthew, he rocks and owns all of you. Well... not really. I just
tend to get lucky and he seems to always have high STR for me. :D Matthew is
good overall Thief and an even better Assassin. I prefer Matthew over Legault
only because Matthew is cooler and Red is my favorite color! GO RED CAPE!
Matthew's main stats are SPD and LUK.

Merlinus - Tent/Transporter
Recruited - 14 [if 13X is completed]/16 (Eliwood)/17 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 120%/Str 0%/Skill 90%/Spd 90%/Luck 100%/Def 30%/Res 15%
Affin - Dark
Support - Marcus/Nino/Vaida
- Just to clear things up, Merlinus is a merchant, not a fighter, so you can't
really evaluate him. Merlinus is EXTREMELY useful, because he can hold up to
100 items for you, and if one of your characters gets another item when he
can't hold anymore, you can send it to Merlinus instead of dropping it. Always
have a character stay behind to guard Merlinus, as he can never fight back.
One last thing, bring Merlinus every chapter, because if he survives he gains
a level automatically, and therefore is harder to destroy.
- Not much I can really add here, my partner in crime...er... FAQ writing,
covered it all.

Nils/Ninian - Bard/Dancer
Recruited - 7 (Lyn)/20 (Eliwood)/21 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 85%/Str 5%/Skill 5%/Spd 70%/Luck 80%/Def 30%/Res 70%
Affin - Ice
Support - Eliwood/Florina/Hawkeye
- For anyone who does not realize it, Ninian and Nils are the exact same
character with identical stats, the only difference is the sprites and that
Ninian can get Supports. Anyway, these characters are useful beyond words. The
Play/Dance ability gives you an extra chance to finish off a boss, save a
character, among other things. The rings they can get also have some useful
special effects that are pretty cool. They seem fragile at first, though I
guarantee it later nothing will ever hit them.
- Very good in my opinion... use them because they can use their power-up
rings in case of emergencies *cough*tough boss*cough* or of course the classic
infinite ring trick in the arena. They both have good SPD and LUK.

Nino - Mage/Sage
Recruited - 26 (Eliwood)/28 (Hector) [Talk to Nino with a Lord]
Stat Growth - HP 55%/Mag 50%/Skill 55%/Spd 60%/Luck 45%/Def 15%/Res 50%
Affin - Fire
Support - Jaffar/Erk/Canas/Rebecca/Legault/Florina/Merlinus
- Considered by many to be the best Sage of the game. With Nino, Skill, Speed,
Resistance, and Magic are quite easily capped. HP is pretty decent too.
However, most new players don't bother to use Nino as she starts out at LEVEL
FIVE, as a MAGE when you get her, making it very difficult to level up. She's
always worth it though. Is it just me, or in the Fire Emblem universe all the
hard-to-train characters such as Florina, Serra, etc. usually come out the
best? The point is, the more effort you put in, the better the reward you get
in the end. Use a Body Ring on Nino so she doesn't lose too much accuracy or
speed holding heavier magic tomes.
- Nino is the pure Ownage Mage in the game. If leveled up properly, she can
beat the crap out of everyone there is  Her only disadvantages are her VERY
LOW CON and that fact that you get her so dam late in the game as a Lv5 Mage 
her good stats are EVERYTHING but HP and DEF. She's long to train, but well
worth the effort for an arena team. Nino's Good stats are MAG, SKL, SPD, LUK
and RES.

Oswin - Knight/General
Recruited - 12 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 90%/Str 40%/Skill 30%/Spd 30%/Luck 35%/Def 55%/Res 30%
Affin - Anima
Support - Hector/Matthew/Priscilla/Dorcas/Serra
- Oswin, like Wallace, is a General and therefore is very slow, and can't move
that much. That's why I use Oswin primarily as either Merlinus's bodyguard or
a shield. He's definitely better than that bald guy Wallace in terms of stat
growth. Oswin's portrait is also not as scary. Use Oswin, his STR and DEF are
highly above-average so he'll outlast everything. Plus, his high CON allows
him to wield some of the more powerful weapons without any loss in accuracy.
Of course, Oswin's SPD is horrid so he'll get double-attacked often, though
he'll most likely be able to take it.
- Oswin is an excellent Knight... he has good stats all around and what you
can expect from a Knight. Good HP, STR and DEF. His SKL isn't bad either but
his SPD and LUK are very bad... use him if you want to use a Knight because he
rocks so much...Oswin has excellent HP, STR and DEF.

Pent - Sage
Recruited - 24 (Eliwood)/26 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 50%/Mag 30%/Skill 20%/Spd 40%/Luck 40%/Def 30%/Res 35%
Affin - Ice
Support - Louise/Erk/Hawkeye/Canas/Fiora
- Slightly even compared to Erk but not as good as Nino, Pent is a very decent
character. His starting stats are very nice, but his growth rate is less than
good. Not to mention he already has an A-level support with his wife, Louise,
severely limiting his chances with other characters. My point is, use Pent if
you have no one better or if you are lazy. If you took the time and tried
playing with Erk and he's a decent level, use Erk instead. Erk will most
likely come out slightly better.
- Pent is a good Mage, I must admit, his starting stats are pretty good and
his growths aren't THAT bad  He also starts out with A in staves which makes
him a great healer in case your in need of one more. Use him if your Erk got
screwed or if you wanna use Louise. Remember that, unlike Erk who has great
supports, this guy is stuck with Louise. Pent's good stats are SKL, SPD and

Priscilla - Troubadour/Valkyrie
Recruited - 14 (Eliwood/14 (Hector) [Visit the village at the bottom]
Stat Growth - HP 40%/Mag 40%/Skill 50%/Spd 40%/Luck 65%/Def 15%/Res 50%
Affin - Wind
Support - Raven/Erk/Lucius/Guy/Heath/Oswin/Sain
- The only Valkyrie you can get in the game, so you might as well use her.
Priscilla is on horseback, granting her improved mobility to heal other
characters. She is extremely helpful in situations where you have to rescue
people, but like all healers difficult to level up, and has low defenses.
After promotion she is capable of using Anima magic, but I still like to use
her as a healer. It's too bad her HP is pathetic, and in the Link Arena her
horse leaves her susceptible to Horseslayers and other weapons. You might want
to use a Body Ring on Priscilla so she can use something better than Fire.
Overall Priscilla is very good, with one of the highest evasion rates of the
- She is one of the best Anima magic users in the game... apart from her
HORRIBLE HP and DEF, she has good stats all around. Like Serra, she's hard to
train early on but is worth it after promotion. She also has a very low CON
but that isn't so bad... almost all magic users have low CON. Priscilla has
good MAG, SKL, SPD, LUK and RES.

Rath - Nomad/Nmd Trooper
Recruited - 6 (Lyn)/21 (Eliwood)/22 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 80%/Str 50%/Skill 40%/Spd 50%/Luck 30%/Def 10%/Res 25%
Affin - Dark
Support - Lyn/Guy/Wil
- I hate Rath. It seemed every enemy liked to gang-up on him, and being a
bow-user couldn't really fight back. Luckily, Nomadic Troopers can use swords
as well as bows so that was no longer a problem. I guess Rath can be good, if
you take the time to power him up a bit with items. Another gripe I have with
Rath is while he starts off great in Lyn's levels, he usually comes back
pretty weak compared to the rest of your characters. So train him a bit while
you have the chance.
  Rath is an excellent Nomad... he has VERY good HP, STR, SKL and SPD. His
other stats are... meh... He can use swords after promotion which is a
bonus... Many people argue about who is better, Rath or Rebecca. In my
opinion, they are both good... His first row of stats are good, but his second
row are... meh...Rath has very good HP, STR, SKL and SPD.

Raven - Mercenary/Hero
Recruited - 16 (Eliwood)/17 (Hector) [Talk to Raven with Priscilla]
Stat Growth - HP 85%/Str 55%/Skill 40%/Spd 45%/Luck 35%/Def 25%/Res 15%
Affin - Ice
Support - Lucius/Priscilla/Rebecca/Wil/Bartre
- Raven is a damn good character. He will destroy enemies effortlessly, and
has minimal trouble with anything once a Hero. In the beginning, I was only
getting one or two stat ups with every level up, but Raven still came out on
top with quite a few stats maxed out. Overall, use Raven. He's definitely
worth it. He may be hard to level when you get him, but that quickly changes.
Watch out for the low Luck.
- Everybody Loves Raymond, and so should you! Raven kick major ass and
everyone knows it's true! Raven ties with Guy has the best sword-user in the
game. It's a never ending debate between Guy and Raven fans. Anyways, if
you've never used Raven, you don't know how much kickass power you've never
experienced before. Beware his low Luck of DOOM! Raven's good stats are HP,

Rebecca - Archer/Sniper
Recruited - 11 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 45%/Skill 50%/Spd 60%/Luck 50%/Def 15%/Res 30%
Affin - Fire
Support - Dart/Wil/Louise/Nino/Lowen/Sain/Raven
- Great speed, skill, and luck growth. She'll usually dodge just about
anything. Plus, if you just give her a chance, she'll soon be able to take out
entire groups of enemies single-handedly. Her strength is not fantastic, but
it is just enough to deal a considerable amount of damage. I still don't like
Snipers though. There's not that much to say. Rebecca and Wil are very similar
to each other. Use whoever comes out better.
- Rebecca is the best of the archers because all her stats, at the exception
of HP and DEF, rock. Rebecca prefers to dodge all the enemy attacks unlike Wil
who likes to take them as they come. She usually ends up with high STR, SKL,
SPD and LUK. Rebecca's best stats are SKL, SPD and LUK.

Renault - Bishop
Recruited - 30 (Eliwood)/32 (Hector) [Visit the northern Ruins]
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Mag 40%/Skill 30%/Spd 35%/Luck 15%/Def 20%/Res 40%
Affin - Anima
Support - Lucius/Canas/Wallace/Isadora/Bartre
- Arguably the worst character in the game. Renault starts off with
unbelievably low Magic compared to the rest of your characters, and other
totally weak stats as well. He even defies gravity by sucking and blowing at
the same time. The only good things about Renault are the Fortify stave he
comes with and all that awesome storyline his Supports add to the game. But in
terms of everything else, this guy is pathetic.....
- This guy is the sucks... get him for his staff then dump him... his MAG is
so low he seems to be reaching for Lucius's LUK... Marcus rocks more then this
dude...Renault has half-decent SKL and SPD.

Sain - Cavalier/Paladin
Recruited - 1 (Lyn)/15 (Eliwood)/16 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 80%/Str 60%/Skill 35%/Spd 40%/Luck 35%/Def 20%/Res 20%
Affin - Wind
Support - Kent/Fiora/Rebecca/Serra/Priscilla/Isadora/Louise
- Sain and Kent are both powerful units to have around. I think they lose
their usefulness a bit over time, though. Paladins just aren't that great of a
class, but at least they can wield such a large variety of weapons. You would
almost always have the advantage, making Paladins in general very versatile.
Sain has a very good HP and Strength growth. I like to use him to rescue units
in danger, because he almost never dies. It's too bad his Strength caps so
low, because it's obvious he could get higher.
- Sain, unlike his counterpart, is no very skilled with his weapon but his
makes up for it with extremely high STR. He usually maxes his Strength at
20/06 or 20/08 because of his inSAIN STR growth. He has ALOT more Luck then
Kent, I'll tell you that. He tends to suffer in RES but that's alright, he has
so much STR, he'll kill all those spell casters with one hit of his mighty
lance! Sain has high STR, that's about it... his other stats are pretty good.

Serra - Cleric/Bishop
Recruited - 5 (Lyn)/13 (Eliwood)/12 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 50%/Mag 50%/Skill 30%/Spd 40%/Luck 60%/Def 15%/Res 55%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Sain/Lucius/Hector/Oswin/Matthew/Erk/Florina
- Serra is one of my all-time favorite characters in the game. She is
essential for any party with her awesome healing skills. Many prefer Priscilla
as a healer, but I like to use both. Priscilla is better at healing early
game, but Serra actually makes a good attacker later on. Serra usually becomes
a better Bishop than Lucius as well. Use Serra and add her powerful magic to
your army. Even though her CON is too low to make use of more advanced magic,
a Lightning will usually suffice anyway. However, sometimes her MAG might come
atrociously low, so save up some Energy Rings just in case.
- Serra has VERY high LUK but very LOW HP and CON. She has some good MAG, SPD
and RES but her DEF and HP leave room for improvement. She's also pretty hard
to train because she has to heal in the beginning to be able to gain any EXP.
Use her or Priscilla, or why not both? She gets the ability to use Light Magic
after promotion, remember that. Serra's good stats are MAG, SPD, LUK and RES.

Vaida - Wyvern Lord
Recruited - 27 (Eliwood)/29 (Hector) [Talk to Vaida with Eliwood]
Stat Growth - HP 60%/Str 45%/Skill 25%/Spd 40%/Luck 30%/Def 25%/Res 15%
Affin - Fire
Support - Heath/Canas/Wallace/Karla/Dorcas/Harken/Merlinus
- Ugliest character. Ever. Also a worse Wyvern Lord than Heath. In the first
chapter you encounter her, where she's a boss, her stats seems godly. However,
take away those bonuses, and Vaida literally becomes a sitting duck. No matter
what you do with her, she will die. Don't use her. Period.
- OK... if she kept those stat bonuses she had when you first fought her, she
would rule, but she doesn't, even though there is a trick to keep her stat
boosts but I'll not talk about that...Vaida has fantastic DEF and that's about

Wallace - Knight/General
Recruited - 9 (Lyn)/23 (Eliwood)/24 (Hector) [You only get Wallace again if    
            the combined level of your Lords is below 50, and you talk to      
            Wallace with Lyn/Sain/Kent/Wil/Florina]
Stat Growth - HP 70%/Str 45%/Skill 40%/Spd 20%/Luck 30%/Def 35%/Res 35%
Affin - Thunder
Support - Lyn/Kent/Wil/Vaida/Renault
- I don't like Wallace, partly because you're forced to promote him early. But
even if you were playing Lyn's Hard route where you weren't forced to promote,
you only have two chapters to keep the Knight's Crest. Plus, in order to
recruit him again, you'll have to keep your Lords weak on purpose. Oh well.
Oswin is better anyway. Don't use Wallace at all, he just wastes experience
that could be given to your superior characters.
  Wallace is usually very bad because you have to promote him early... but if
you train him in Lyn Hard mode before promoting him *cough* Lungdren Abuse
*cough* then he can kick some major ass. But his stats are all lower then
those of Oswin's apart for LUK, MUAHAHAHAHA! Wallace has good HP, STR and DEF.

Wil - Archer/Sniper
Recruited - 3 (Lyn)/15 (Eliwood)/16 (Hector)
Stat Growth - HP 75%/Str 50%/Skill 50%/Spd 40%/Luck 40%/Def 25%/Res 20%
Affin - Wind
Support - Rebecca/Dart/Lyn/Rath/Wallace/Raven
- It is often argued who is better: Wil or Rebecca? Usually, it comes down
pretty close, but Wil just seems to handle hits better, and is a little
stronger, while Rebecca can dodge. Actually, I'm not that fond of Snipers
anyway because if someone gets up close, you're dead. Other units can use bows
as well, which also influences my opinion. Wil is still cool though as long as
you keep him at a distance, and DON'T use him in the Link Arena.
- Wil is your average archer with average everything. He has higher HP and DEF
then Rebecca but has lower SPD, RES and LUCK then her. Wil likes to take the
blows while Rebecca dodges almost all of them. Use Wil and you won't be
disappointed, I can tell you that much. Wil's best stats are his STR and SKL.


6.1) Sword

Emblem blade -
Sword   E       Rng     1       Wt      5
Mt      5       Hit     90      Crit    0
A tactician's sword.

Iron sword -
Sword   E       Rng     1       Wt      5
Mt      5       Hit     90      Crit    0

Slim sword -
Sword   E       Rng     1       Wt      2
Mt      3       Hit     100     Crit    5

Armorslayer -
Sword   D       Rng     1       Wt      11
Mt      8       Hit     80      Crit    0
Effective against infantry.

Iron blade -
Sword   D       Rng     1       Wt      12
Mt      9       Hit     70      Crit    0

Longsword -
Sword   D       Rng     1       Wt      11
Mt      6       Hit     85      Crit    0
Effective against cavalry.

Poison sword -
Sword   D       Rng     1       Wt      6
Mt      3       Hit     70      Crit    0
Coated with lethal poison.

Steel sword -
Sword   D       Rng     1       Wt      10
Mt      8       Hit     75      Crit    0

Wo Dao -
Sword   D       Rng     1       Wt      5
Mt      8       Hit     75      Crit    35
Improves critical hit rate.

Killing edge -
Sword   C       Rng     1       Wt      7
Mt      9       Hit     75      Crit    30
Improves critical hit rate.

Lancereaver -
Sword   C       Rng     1       Wt      9
Mt      9       Hit     75      Crit    5
Strong against spears.

Light Brand -
Sword   C       Rng     1-2     Wt      9
Mt      9       Hit     70      Crit    0
Suffused with light magic.

Steel blade -
Sword   C       Rng     1       Wt      14
Mt      11      Hit     65      Crit    0

Wyrmslayer -
Sword   C       Rng     1       Wt      5
Mt      7       Hit     75      Crit    0
Effective against wyverns.

Brave sword -
Sword   B       Rng     1       Wt      12
Mt      9       Hit     75      Crit    0
Can strike consecutively.

Wind sword -
Sword   B       Rng     1-2     Wt      9
Mt      9       Hit     70      Crit    0
A magic sword capable of killing flying units.

Runesword -
Sword   A       Rng     1-2     Wt      11
Mt      12      Hit     65      Crit    0
Imbued with dark magic.

Silver blade -
Sword   A       Rng     1       Wt      13
Mt      14      Hit     60      Crit    0

Silver sword -
Sword   A       Rng     1       Wt      8
Mt      13      Hit     80      Crit    0

Regal blade -
Sword   S       Rng     1       Wt      9
Mt      20      Hit     85      Crit    0
For experienced units only.

Durandal -
Sword   Prf     Rng     1       Wt      16
Mt      17      Hit     90      Crit    0
Boosts strength by 5 points.

Mani Katti -
Sword   Prf     Rng     1       Wt      3
Mt      8       Hit     80      Crit    20
Effective against infantry.

Rapier -
Sword   Prf     Rng     1       Wt      5
Mt      7       Hit     95      Crit    10
Effective against infantry.

Sol Katti -
Sword   Prf     Rng     1       Wt      14
Mt      12      Hit     95      Crit    25
Forged to battle wyverns.

Armorslayer------chap 6 chest, chap 19E/20H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Brave sword------chap 25E/27H Harken
Durandal---------final chapter Athos
Emblem blade-----Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
Iron blade-------chap 19E/20H secret shop
Iron sword-------most common shops
Killing edge-----chap 13 Guy, chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 24E/26H shop,
                 chap 26XE/28Xh Jaffar, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Lancereaver------chap 8 village, chap 16XE/17XH village, chap 23E/24H shop,
                 chap 29XE/31XH shop 
Light brand------chap 22E/23H hidden item, chap 25AE/27AH Boss
Longsword--------chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Mani Katti-------after chap 2, chap 15E/16H Lyn
Poison Sword-----enemy only
Rapier-----------chap 11E/12H eliwood, chap 28E enemy
Regal blade------final chapter Lloyd
Runesword--------chap 32XH chest, chap 32XH enemy (normal only)
Silver blade-----chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 22XE/23XH chest
Silver sword-----chap 16E/17H chest, chap 21E/22H Isadora, chap 27E/29H shop, 
                 chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if the door of the certre room is 
                 opened by you), chap 29XE/31XH shop
Slim sword-------chap 15E/16H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Sol Katti--------final chap Athos
Steel blade------chap 19E/20H secret shop
Steel sword------chap 11E/12H Marcus, chap 15E/16H Kent, chap 16E/17H Raven
                 most of the shops
Wind sword-------Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
Wo Dao-----------chap 25E/27H Karel, chap 31XH Karla
Wyrmslayer-------chap 20E/21H house

6.2) Lance

Emblem lance -
Lance   E       Rng     1       Wt      8
Mt      7       Hit     80      Crit    0
A tactician's lance.

Iron lance -
Lance   E       Rng     1       Wt      8
Mt      7       Hit     80      Crit    0

Javelin -
Lance   E       Rng     1-2     Wt      11
Mt      6       Hit     65      Crit    0
Doubles as ranged attack.

Poison lance -
Lance   E       Rng     1       Wt      8
Mt      4       Hit     65      Crit    0
Coated with lethal poison.

Slim lance -
Lance   E       Rng     1       Wt      4
Mt      4       Hit     85      Crit    5

Heavy spear -
Lance   D       Rng     1       Wt      14
Mt      9       Hit     70      Crit    0
Effective against knights.

Horseslayer -
Lance   D       Rng     1       Wt      13
Mt      7       Hit     70      Crit    0
Effective against cavalry.

Steel lance -
Lance   D       Rng     1       Wt      13
Mt      10      Hit     70      Crit    0

Axereaver -
Lance   C       Rng     1       Wt      11
Mt      10      Hit     70      Crit    5
Strong against axes.

Killer lance -
Lance   C       Rng     1       Wt      9
Mt      10      Hit     70      Crit    30
Improves critical hit rate.

Short spear -
Lance   C       Rng     1-2     Wt      12
Mt      9       Hit     60      Crit    0
Doubles as ranged attack.

Brave lance -
Lance   B       Rng     1       Wt      14
Mt      10      Hit     70      Crit    0
Can strike consecutively.

Spear -
Lance   B       Rng     1-2     Wt      10
Mt      12      Hit     70      Crit    5
Doubles as ranged attack.

Silver lance -
Lance   A       Rng     1       Wt      10
Mt      14      Hit     75      Crit    0

Rex Hasta -
Lance   S       Rng     1       Wt      11
Mt      21      Hit     80      Crit    0
For experienced units only.

Axereaver--------chap 21E/22H Heath, chap 23E/24H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Brave lance------chap 26E/28H chest
Emblem lance-----Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
Heavy spear------chap 15E/16H village, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Horseslayer------chap 14H boss, chap 15E enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop 
Iron lance-------everywhere
Spear------------chap 19E/20H enemy, chap 21E/22H Isadora, chap 25AE/27AH      
Killer lance-----chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 24E/25H and chap 29XE/31XH     
Poison lance-----enemy only
Rex Hasta--------final chap enemy
Short spear------chap 21E/22H boss, chap 27 Vaida
Silver lance-----chap 14E boss, chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you open the door
                 to the center room), chap 23BE/24BH Wallace
Slim lance-------chap 15E/16H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Steel lance------chap 11E/12H Marcus, chap 15E Sain, chap 18E Fiora, most      

6.3) Axe

Devil axe -
Axe     E       Rng     1       Wt      18
Mt      18      Hit     55      Crit    0
Might injure its wielder.

Emblem axe -
Axe     E       Rng     1       Wt      10
Mt      8       Hit     75      Crit    0
A tactician's axe.

Hand axe -
Axe     E       Rng     1-2     Wt      12
Mt      7       Hit     60      Crit    0
Doubles as ranged attack.

Iron axe -
Axe     E       Rng     1       Wt      10
Mt      8       Hit     75      Crit    0

Steel axe -
Axe     E       Rng     1       Wt      15
Mt      11      Hit     65      Crit    0

Halberd -
Axe     D       Rng     1       Wt      15
Mt      10      Hit     60      Crit    0
Effective against cavalry.

Hammer -
Axe     D       Rng     1       Wt      15
Mt      10      Hit     55      Crit    0
Effective against knights.

Poison axe -
Axe     D       Rng     1       Wt      10
Mt      4       Hit     60      Crit    0
Coated with lethal poison.

Dragon axe -
Axe     C       Rng     1       Wt      11
Mt      10      Hit     60      Crit    0
An axe designed to strike down wyverns.

Killer axe -
Axe     C       Rng     1       Wt      11
Mt      11      Hit     65      Crit    30
Improves critical hit rate.

Swordreaver -
Axe     C       Rng     1       Wt      13
Mt      11      Hit     65      Crit    5
Strong against swords.

Swordslayer -
Axe     C       Rng     1       Wt      13
Mt      11      Hit     80      Crit    5
Good against myrmidons.

Brave axe -
Axe     B       Rng     1       Wt      16
Mt      10      Hit     65      Crit    0
Can strike consecutively.

Silver axe -
Axe     A       Rng     1       Wt      12
Mt      15      Hit     70      Crit    0

Tomahawk -
Axe     A       Rng     1-2     Wt      14
Mt      13      Hit     65      Crit    0
Doubles as ranged attack.

Basilikos -
Axe     S       Rng     1       Wt      13
Mt      22      Hit     75      Crit    0
For experienced units only.

Armads -
Axe     Prf     Rng     1       Wt      18
Mt      18      Hit     85      Crit    0
Lightning-charged axe.

Wolf Beil -
Axe     Prf     Rng     1       Wt      10
Mt      10      Hit     75      Crit    5
Effective against infantry.

Armads-----------Final chap Athos
Basilikos--------Final chap enemy
Brave axe--------chap 21E/22H chest
Devil axe--------chap 16XE/17XH house
Dragon axe-------Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
Emblem axe-------Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
Halberd----------chap 19E/20H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Hammer-----------chap 16E/17H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Hand axe---------most shops
Iron axe---------most shops
Killer axe-------chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 22E/23H Hawkeye, chap          
                 25BE/27BH Geitz, chap 24E/25H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop 
Poison axe-------enemy only
Silver axe-------chap 22XE/23XH enemy drop(only if you open the door to the 
                 center room), chap 27E/29H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Steel axe--------most shops
Swordreaver------chap 23E/24H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Swordslayer------chap 29E/31H enemy
Tomahawk---------chap 28E/30H boss
Wolf Beil--------chap 12E/11H Hector, chap 30H chest and enemy

6.4) Bow

Emblem bow -
Bow     E       Rng     2       Wt      5
Mt      6       Hit     85      Crit    0
A tactician's bow.

Iron bow -
Bow     E       Rng     2       Wt      5
Mt      6       Hit     85      Crit    0

Longbow -
Bow     D       Rng     2-3     Wt      10
Mt      5       Hit     65      Crit    0
Extended attack range.

Poison bow -
Bow     D       Rng     2       Wt      5
Mt      4       Hit     65      Crit    0
Coated in lethal poison.

Short bow -
Bow     D       Rng     2       Wt      3
Mt      5       Hit     85      Crit    10
Improves critical hit rate.

Steel bow -
Bow     D       Rng     2       Wt      9
Mt      9       Hit     70      Crit    0

Killer bow -
Bow     C       Rng     2       Wt      7
Mt      9       Hit     75      Crit    30
Improves critical hit rate.

Brave bow -
Bow     B       Rng     2       Wt      12
Mt      10      Hit     70      Crit    0
Can strike consecutively.

Silver bow -
Bow     A       Rng     2       Wt      6
Mt      13      Hit     75      Crit    0

Rienfleche -
Bow     S       Rng     2       Wt      7
Mt      20      Hit     80      Crit    0
Can strike consecutively.

Ballista---------appear on some maps
Brave bow--------chap 19E/20H chest
Emblem bow-------Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Bonus Disc
Iron ballista----appear on some maps
Iron bow---------most shops
Killer ballista--appear on some maps
Killer bow-------chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 24E/25H and chap 29XE/31XH     
Longbow----------chap 18E/19H enemy, chap 21E/22H Rath, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Poison bow-------enemy only
Rienfleche-------final chap enemy
Short bow--------chap 16XE/17XH house, chap 21E/22H Rath, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Silver bow-------chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you open the door to the centre 
                 room), chap 29XE/31XH shop
Steel bow--------most shops

6.5) Staff

Heal -
Staff   E       Rng     1
Restores HP to allies in adjacent spaces.

Mend -
Staff   D       Rng     1
Restores many HP to allies in adjacent spaces.

Torch -
Staff   D       Rng     MP/2
Lights an area. The light grows weaker each turn.

Unlock -
Staff   D       Rng     1-2
Unlocks doors, even from a distance.

Barrier -
Staff   C       Rng     1
Increases magic resistance of adjacent units briefly.

Hammerne -
Staff   C       Rng     1
Restores adjacent ally's weapon to new condition.

Recover -
Staff   C       Rng     1
Restores all HP to allies in adjacent spaces.

Restore -
Staff   C       Rng     1
Returns allies to normal condition. (Cures sleep, etc.)

Berserk -
Staff   B       Rng     MP/2
Sends enemies into a berserker range.

Physic -
Staff   B       Rng     MP/2
Restores HP to allies at a distance.

Rescue -
Staff   B       Rng     MP/2
Moves allies from distant space to adjacent ones.

Silence -
Staff   B       Rng     MP/2
Halts all enemy magic for several turns.

Sleep -
Staff   B       Rng     MP/2
Puts enemies to sleep for several turns.

Fortify -
Staff   A       Rng     MP/2
Restores all HP to allies in range.

Warp -
Staff   A       Rng     1
Moves allies in adjacent spaces instantly anywhere.

Barrier----------chap 19E/20H chest, chap 21E/22H secret shop, chap 30E/32H 
                 secret shop 
Berserk----------chap 22XE/23XH chest
Fortify----------chap 30E/32H Renault, chap 32XH chest
Hammerne---------chap 24E/25H village
Heal-------------most shops
Mend-------------chap 14E/H Priscilla, most shops
Physic-----------chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 21E/22H secret shop, chap
                 24E/26H Pent, chap 30E/32H secret shop
Recover----------chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the magic sealer), chap
                 26XE/28XH chest, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Rescue-----------chap 26E/28H chest
Restore----------chap 23E/24H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Silence----------chap 23E/24H house
Sleep------------chap 16XE/17XH house
Torch------------chap 18E/19H enemy, chap 21E/22H secret shop
Unlock-----------chap 16E/17H chest, chap 19E/20H 21E/22H 30E/32H secret shops
Warp-------------chap 27E/29H village

6.6) Nature

Fire -
Nature  E       Rng     1-2     Wt      4
Mt      5       Hit     90      Crit    0

Thunder -
Nature  D       Rng     1-2     Wt      6
Mt      8       Hit     80      Crit    5

Elfire -
Nature  C       Rng     1-2     Wt      10
Mt      10      Hit     85      Crit    0

Bolting -
Nature  B       Rng     3-10    Wt      20
Mt      12      Hit     60      Crit    0
Long-range lightning strike.

Fimbulvetr -
Nature  A       Rng     1-2     Wt      12
Mt      13      Hit     80      Crit    0

Excalibur -
Nature  S       Rng     1-2     Wt      13
Mt      18      Hit     90      Crit    10

Forblaze -
Nature  Prf     Rng     1-2     Wt      11
Mt      14      Hit     85      Crit    5
Boosts luck by 5 pts.

Bolting----------chap 23AE/24AH enemy, chap 25E/27H enemy/chest  
Elfire-----------chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the boss), chap 24E/26H 
                 Pent, chap 24E/26H shop, chap 26E/28H Nino, chap 29XE/31XH    
Excalibur--------final chap enemy 
Fire-------------most shops
Fimbulvetr-------chap 30E/32H boss
Forblaze---------final chap Athos 
Thunder----------most shops

6.7) Light

Lightning -
Light   E       Rng     1-2     Wt      6
Mt      4       Hit     95      Crit    5

Shine -
Light   D       Rng     1-2     Wt      8
Mt      6       Hit     90      Crit    8

Divine -
Light   C       Rng     1-2     Wt      12
Mt      8       Hit     85      Crit    10

Purge -
Light   B       Rng     3-10    Wt      20
Mt      10      Hit     75      Crit    5
Long-range magic attack.

Aura -
Light   A       Rng     1-2     Wt      15
Mt      12      Hit     85      Crit    15

Aureola -
Light   S       Rng     1-2     Wt      14
Mt      15      Hit     90      Crit    5
Boosts resistance by 5 pts.

Luce -
Light   S       Rng     1-2     Wt      16
Mt      16      Hit     95      Crit    25

Aura-------------chap 25BE/27BH boss
Aureola----------final chap Athos 
Divine-----------chap 29XE/31XH shop, chap 30E/32H Renault
Lightning--------most shops
Luce-------------final chap enemy
Purge------------chap 25BE/27BH boss (hard mode only)
Shine------------chap 20E/21H enemy, chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the 
                 boss), chap 24E/26H shop, chap 27E/29H 29XE/31XH shop

6.8) Dark

Flux -
Dark    D       Rng     1-2     Wt      8
Mt      7       Hit     80      Crit    0

Luna -
Dark    C       Rng     1-2     Wt      12
Mt      0       Hit     95      Crit    20
Negates enemy resistance.

Nosferatu -
Dark    C       Rng     1-2     Wt      14
Mt      10      Hit     70      Crit    0
Drains enemy HP into caster.

Eclipse -
Dark    B       Rng     3-10    Wt      12
Mt      --      Hit     30      Crit    0
Reduces enemy HP by half.

Fenrir -
Dark    A       Rng     1-2     Wt      18
Mt      15      Hit     70      Crit    0

Gespenst -
Dark    S       Rng     1-2     Wt      20
Mt      23      Hit     80      Crit    0

Ereshkigal -
Dark    Prf     Rng     1-2     Wt      12
Mt      20      Hit     95      Crit    0

Eclipse----------chap 22E/23H hidden item
Ereshkigal-------Nergal's weapon (anyone can use it if you use cheat to get    
Fenrir-----------chap 26XE/28XH chest
Flux-------------most shops
Gespenst---------final chap enemy
Luna-------------chap 19E/20H chest, chap 22E/23H enemy, chap 24E/26H enemy
Nosferatu--------chap 18E/19H enemy, chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the 
                 boss), chap 30E/32H enemy

6.9) Item

Afa's Drops -
Gives a little treat to the unit that uses it.

Angelic robe -
Increases HP by a max of 7 points. Vanishes after use.

Antitoxin -
A medicinal solution that cures poison.

Blue gem -
A rare gemstone worth 5,000 gold.

Body ring -
Increases Constitution by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Boots -
Increases movement by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Chest key - 
Opens chests.

Delphi shield -
An amulet of the god Delphi. Protects fliers from arrows.

Door key -
Opens doors in adjacent spaces.

Dragonshield -
Increases defense by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Earth seal -
For some units above Lv. 10 who have not changed class.

Elixir -
A powerful solution that restores all HP.

Elysian whip -
For flyers Lv. 10 and up.

Energy ring -
Increases Mag or Str by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Fell contract -
Awaiting the signature of a thief Lv. 10 or higher.

Filla's Might -
A dance that increases allies' attack for a turn.

Goddess icon -
Increases luck by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Guiding ring -
For magic wielders and troubadours Lv. 10 and up.

Heaven seal -
For lords above Lv. 10 who have been deemed worthy.

Hero crest -
For mercenaries, myrmidons, and fighters Lv. 10 and up.

Iron rune -
A device that negates enemy critical attacks.

Knight crest -
For knights and cavaliers Lv. 10 and up.

Light rune -
A device that blocks units from entering spaces.

Lockpick -
Opens doors and chests. Usable only by thieves.

Member card -
If someone with this card stops in a suspicious space...

Mine -
A trap that damages units that step on it.

Nini's Grace -
A dance that increases allies' defenses for a turn.

Ocean seal -
For seafighters Lv. 10 and up.

Orion's bolt -
For archers and nomads Lv. 10 and up.

Pure water -
A draught that boosts Res. Grows weaker each turn.

Red gem -
An uncommon gemstone worth 2,500 gold.

Secret book -
Increases Skill by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Set's Litany -
A dance that increases allies' dodge for a turn.

Silver card -
A special card that gives a half-off discount.

Speedwings -
Increases Speed by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Talisman -
Increases resistance by 2 points. Vanishes after use.

Thor's Ire -
A dance that increases critical hit % for a turn.

Torch -
A staff with burning pitch. Grows dimmer with each turn.

Vulnerary -
A medicinal solution used for healing minor wounds.

White gem -
A very rare gemstone worth 10,000 gold.

Afa's drops------after chap 22E/23H, Eliwood/Hector
Angelic robe-----chap 7 chest, chap 21E/22H Isadora, chap 26Xe/28XH enemy
Blue gem---------chap 15E/16H Lyn(only if you get 4 stars for Fund for Lyn's 
                 route), chap 19E/20H chest, chap 25BE/27BH chest, chap        
                 26E/28H enemy, chap 27E/29H enemy
Body ring--------chap 22E/23H hidden item, chap 29E/31H chest
Boots------------chap 26E/28H chest
Chest key--------chap 16E/17H enemy, chap 19E/20H enemies, chap 19E/20H        
                 21E/22H secret shops, chap 25E/27H enemy
Delphi shield----chap 26E/28H chest
Door key---------lots of places
Dragonshield-----chap 11E village, chap 19XXH chest, chap 29E/31H chest
Earth seal-------chap 23E/24H house, chap 26E/28H enemy(hard mode only and     
                 need to be steal from), start of chap 30E/32H, chap 30E/32H   
                 secret shop
Elixir-----------lots of places
Elysian whip-----chap 18H enemy(hard only), chap 18XE enemy(hard only), chap 
                 20E/21H house, chap 25H house, chap 26E/28H steal from enemy
                 chap 29E/31H secret shop
Energy ring------chap 10 village, chap 11E Dorcas
Fell contract----chap 26XE/28XH boss, chap 30E/32H secret shop
Filla's Might----chap 22E/23H hidden item
Goddess icon-----chap 14E/15H Erk, chap 18XE/19XH village
Guiding ring-----chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 19E/20H chest, chap 22E/23H boss, 
                 chap 25BE/27BH chest, chap 27E/29H steal from enemy, chap
                 29E/31H secret shop
Heaven seal------start of chap 24E/26H, after chap 26E/28H
Hero crest-------chap 16E/17H chest, chap 20E/21H boss, chap 22E/23H hidden 
                 item, chap 25AE/27AH chest, chap 29E/31H secret shop
Iron rune--------chap 27E/29H boss
Knight crest-----chap 9 Wallace(cna't be used freely in normal), chap 16E/17H 
                 chest, chap 21E/22H enemy, chap 24E/26H steal from enemy,     
                 chap 29E/31H secret shop
Light rune-------after chap 16E/17H if two NPC survive, chap 18E/19H enemy, 
                 chap 19E/20H Legault, chap 21E/22H Rath, chap 27E/29H enemy
                 chap chap 30E/32H Renault
Lockpick---------most enemy thief
Member card------chap 19E/20H steal from enemy thief that appear later
Mine-------------chap 13 village, chap 16E/17H if one NPC survive, chap 18E/19
                 H steal from enemy, chap 21E/22H Heath, chap 26XE/28XH enemy, 
                 chap 27E/29H enemy
Nini's Grace-----chap 20E/21H Ninian
Ocean seal-------chap 22E/23H hidden item, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Orion's bolt-----chap 18E/19H boss, chap 23E/24H house, chap 29E/31H secret 
Pure water-------chap 17E/18H enemies, chap 20E/21H shop, chap 28E/30H enemy
                 chap 29XE/31XH shop
Red gem----------chap 15E/16H village, chap 15E/16H Lyn(only if you get 3 
                 stars for Lyn's route), after chap 16E/17H if all three NPC
                 survive, chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 23E/24H enemy, chap 
                 26XE/28XH enemy
Secret book------chap 12 village, chap 16XE/17XH Canas, chap 22XE/23XH chest
Set's Litany-----chap 30E/32H village
Silver card------chap 18XE/19XH boss(Hard only), MKDD bonus disc
Speedwings-------chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 26XE/28XH chest
Talisman---------chap 25 chest, chap 30 village
Thor's Ire-------chap 26XE/28XH chest
Torch------------chap 13 village, chap 18E/19H Dart, chap 18E/19H enemies,     
                 chap 20E/21H enemy
Vulnerary--------lots of places
White gem--------chap 15E/16H Lyn(only if you get 5 stars for Lyn's route), 
                 chap 24E/25H Louise, chap 25AE/27AH chest, chap 29E/31H chest


Q: Are Marth and Roy in this game?
A: Marth is in an entirely different land altogether, and Roy makes a short
appearance as a child at the end of the game.

Q: What's the best way to get Supports?
A: Go to a chapter where you have to kill the boss or seize something to
complete the chapter. Instead of doing that, simply position your characters
next to each and keep ending the turn. Then when you're ready beat the

Q: When should I promote my characters?
A: Always promote at level 20. That way they will be able to gain more levels.

Q: Is there a way to revive my characters?
A: If you are playing Lyn's story, they'll come back in Eliwood's or Hector's.
Otherwise, you'll have to restart the chapter to keep them.

Q: What does the Afa's drops do?
A: The Afa's Drops will increase the growth rate of every stat category of a
character by 5%. So use it on your lowest leveled character.

Q: What does the Affinity affect?
A: The Affinity of the Tactician grants characters with the same Affinity 5%
extra growth to all stats. The Affinity of characters also decides the effects
of Supports characters have with each other.

Q: What is Hector's mode anyway?
A: It's often described as a mirror mode of Eliwood's quest only with Hector
as the main Lord, and extra characters and chapters.

Q: Where are the Arenas?
A: In the Port of Badon, New Resolve, Four-Fanged Offense, and Battle
Preparations chapters.

Q: What's the deal with Secret Shops and the Member's Card anyways?
A: The Member's Card, which you get in the Dragon's Gate chapter by stealing
it from a Thief by the sixth turn, allows you to access Secret Shops. If you
stand on a specific square holding the Member's Card, an option to go into the
shop will be available.

Q: How do I get all the songs in the Sound Room?
A: Simply put, you have to watch every single cut scene in all three Lord's
stories, and get the Eliwood/Ninian A-level Support in Eliwood's story and the
Hector/Lyn A-level support in Hector's story.

Q: What does Constitution affect?
A: It affects who you can rescue and how you wield weapons. Characters with
lower Constitutions than the Weight rating of Weapons will be slowed down by
it and not be able to hit as accurately. So consider the weight of a weapon
before you give it to a character.

Q: How do I get the buried items in the desert?
A: The items are located near the bones. Have a character WAIT on an adjacent
square by the bones, and they might pick up the item. You have a better chance
of getting the items if you use a high-luck character like Ninian or Eliwood,
and the best chance if you use a Thief.


8.1) Mine Glitch

This is a fascinating glitch to use if it's come down to everything and you
just cannot beat the chapter. It's also useful just for fun. Basically, it
allows you to control enemy units! You can move them back away from one of
your characters, drop their weapons so they have nothing to attack with, etc.
This is how you do it:

Step 1: Get a Mine, found in quite a few places.
Step 2: Drop the Mine by an enemy unit.
Step 3: Hopefully the enemy will step on the Mine.
Step 4: While the enemy is taking damage, turn off the game.
Step 5: When you resume play, you'll be able to control the enemy units!

Keep in mind you'll only be able to control enemy units for that one turn, and
only the units that have not moved already that turn and are visible. That
means they cannot be hidden by the Fog of War.

8.2) Abusing the Random Number Generator

The Random Number Generator, or RNG for short, is what controls what attacks
hit, miss, or critical. It also controls what chances you have of raising a
particular stat in level-ups. Basically, at the start of every battle, the
game produces a very long string of numbers which it will use to decide what
happens. If the set of numbers are above 50, the chances of hitting or
leveling-up in a stat are halved, and vice-versa for numbers below 50. These
numbers are hidden by the game. Abusing the Random Number Generator involves
finding out if the numbers are below or above 50, then using the numbers that
are above 50 up so you get the good, below 50 numbers to use in stat-ups and
in attacks.

The first step involves in finding out what numbers are stored. Take a unit
that can move an odd number of spaces, and has no enemies or terrain that
slows down it's movement in the 8 squares surrounding the unit. This is easier
with flying units, because no terrain slows them down. Now, after you've found
a unit with no enemies or bad terrain around it, select the unit, then press
right and make a square around the unit with the blue arrow going clockwise.
As soon as the arrow changes to a different direction, stop. Look at how the
arrow is going now. If the arrow is coming out of the unit vertically, the
number is below 50 and good. If the arrow is coming out of the unit
horizontally, the number is above 50 and bad.

#####           #####
#|-># Good.     ###^# Bad.
#O###           ###|#
#####           ##O-#
#####           #####

Record whether the number is above or below 50 on a piece of paper, then press
B and make the square around the unit again, record the number, press B, and
repeat. Do this repeatedly until you have around 20 or more numbers. Now reset
the game by pressing A + B + Start + Select. This will make the game forget
you used those numbers. Resume the game, then look at the list of numbers you
recorded. Find a good group of consecutive numbers below 50.

What you want to do now is use up all the numbers before that group. The game
uses up 1 number when you do the square thing, 3 to hit, 2 to miss, 7 to
level-up, and the computer takes 1 extra number to think of it's moves. So say
you recorded the following string of numbers:

0 represents numbers below 50, 1 represents numbers above 50.

Now, see that group of 7 numbers below 50? You would want to use all the
numbers before that through the square trick and battling so you use those 7
for your level-up. Keep in mind it's very rare to get a such a large group of
consecutive numbers below 50, so don't tear out your hair over it.

Still confused? Let's do an example, using the same string of numbers as shown
above. Let's say Heath is about to level up. You spot an enemy nearby who will
die in one hit. You would do the square trick around a unit to use up a few
numbers, then attack the enemy and use up the 3 numbers before the 7 you want
to use for your level-up.

8.3) Bonus Disc Items

The Bonus Disc was a special promotional GameCube game disc that came with the
release of Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The disc is very hard to find now, but if
you do have it, you are in luck. The Bonus Disc grants you some very special
items, including:

Dragon axe - An axe super effective against all Wyvern units.
Silver Card - Whoever's holding it can buy items for half the price!
Wind sword - A 1-2 range sword super effective against all flying units.
Energy Ring - Increases a character's Attack by 2 permanently.
Emblem Seal - Whoever's holding it dodges better.
Dragonshield - Increases a character's Defense by 2 permanently.
Emblem Blade - Basically an Iron sword with 60 uses.
Body Ring - Increases a character's Constitution and Aid by 2 permanently.
Emblem axe - Basically an Iron axe with 60 uses.
Thor's Ire - A Ring for Ninian/Nils that increases critical hit rate.
Angelic Robe - Increases a character's HP by 7 permanently.
Emblem lance - Basically an Iron lance with 60 uses.
Secret Book - Increases a character's Skill by 2 permanently.
Emblem bow - Basically an Iron bow with 60 uses.
Goddess Icon - Increases a character's Luck by 2 permanently.

You're going to need a GameCube, GameBoy Advance, Fire Emblem, the Bonus Disc,
and a GCN-GBA Cable to get the items. Simply connect everything before you
turn on the GameCube. Then, turn on the GameCube, select the Fire Emblem part
of the disc, and follow the instructions. After the data has been transferred,
go to the Extras menu of the Fire Emblem game and select Transfer Data.

8.4) Support Benefits

The Support feature is never really explained thoroughly in the game or it's
manual, so many people do not understand it very much. First and foremost,
Support is made available between two compatible units (see the Character
Evaluation section to see who can Support with whom) when they have stood
side-by-side for numerous turns. Once they complete that requirement, the
Support option appears, and the two characters have a short conversation.
After the conversation has been made and the game announces their Support
Level has increased, both characters will receive helpful benefits when the
two units are within three spaces of each other. The higher the level of
Support, the more benefits the units get.

Support benefits vary from receiving extra attack power, defensive power,
evasion, critical hit chances, and critical evasion. Which ones and how much
of these benefits the two characters get is dependant on the affinities of
both characters. Like previously mentioned, the Support Level also is a
factor. A-level Supports are 3x more beneficial than C-level ones, and B-level
Supports are 2x as beneficial as C-level ones. Here is a chart to visualize
the bonuses certain affinities give in Supports:

|             Support Bonuses            |
| Affinity | Atk | Def | Avo | Cri | Cra |
| Fire     | 0.5 | 0.0 | 2.5 | 2.5 | 0.0 |
| Ice      | 0.0 | 0.5 | 2.5 | 0.0 | 2.5 |
| Wind     | 0.5 | 0.0 | 2.5 | 2.5 | 2.5 |
| Thunder  | 0.0 | 0.5 | 0.0 | 2.5 | 2.5 |
| Nature   | 0.5 | 0.5 | 0.0 | 0.0 | 2.5 |
| Light    | 0.5 | 0.5 | 2.5 | 2.5 | 0.0 |
| Dark     | 0.0 | 0.0 | 2.5 | 2.5 | 2.5 |

This is how to use the chart: Add the bonuses the first character's affinity
gives to what the second character's affinity gives, then multiply the results
by the Support Level then round everything down to calculate the total bonuses
each character receive. For example: Serra and Matthew are Thunder and Wind
affinity, respectively. They have an A-level Support. The Thunder affinity
gives 0 Attack, 0.5 Defense, 0 Avoid, 2.5 Critical, and 2.5 Critical Avoid
while the Wind affinity gives 0.5 Attack, 0 Defense, 2.5 Avoid, 2.5 Critical,
and 2.5 Critical Avoid. That adds up to 0.5 Attack, 0.5 Defense, 2.5 Avoid,
5.0 Critical, and 5.0 Critical Avoid. Now multiply each of these bonuses by 3
(They have an A-level Support, and A-level is 3x as powerful as C-level,
remember?) Rounding down, you get a grand total of 1 Attack, 1 Defense, 7
Avoid, 15 Critical, and 15 Critical Avoid.

8.5) Battle Mechanics

I, Maxmagnus20019, will now explain the battle system and calculations in the
game. Please remember that during all calculations, we round up to the lowest

1. Calculating if your attack should hit:

(Attacker's Hit) - (Defender's Avoid) = Hit chance

We calculate the Hit like this . . . 
(Skill x 2) + (Luck/2) + (Weapon Hit %) + (Support bonuses) = Hit
To this we add various bonuses like Support bonuses and a 5% bonus if you have
S-rank with the weapon you are attacking with.

Avoid is calculated like this . . . 
(Speed x 2) + (Luck) = Avoid
Also remember Support bonuses and terrain bonuses (especially mountains).

Remember that if your weapon beats the other in the triangle (Sword > Axes >
Lances > Swords or Anima > Dark > Light > Anima) you receive a 15% bonus to
Hit and the one with the weapon being beaten loses 15% Hit chance. Also note
that an advantage in the weapon or magic triangle gives you a one damage bonus
and a one damage disadvantage if your weapon is in a disadvantage.

2. Critical hits and how to calculate them:

(Skill/2) + (Weapon's critical bonus) + (5% if you have S-rank with this
weapon) + (Support bonuses) - (Defender's Luck) = Critical hit %
Swordmasters and Berserkers receive a 15% critical boost free.

A successful critical hit deals triple damage on the opponent.

An Assassin dealing a critical hit has a chance (people say it's one-half or
one-fourth of your critical hit rate) of instantly killing his target,
ignoring damage, Defense, and HP.

*tiny spoiler*

You can even kill Nergal with a OHKO (One Hit Knock-Out), heck, I once did it
but I've tried on the dragon and it doesn't seem to work on him. Some people
claim it works but I've never been able to do it.

*end tiny spoiler*

3. Calculating your damage:

Damage is VERY simple to calculate.
(Attacker's STR or MAG) + (Weapon MT) + (Support bonuses) - (Defender's DEF or
RES) = Damage
Remember that a triangle advantage/disadvantage adds/subtracts one point of

4. Double attacks:

You probably noticed that sometimes characters attack twice during the same
battle and here's how to determine if a character double attacks or not (This
is WITHOUT the Brave weapons.)

If you beat your opponent's Speed by four or more (counting the CON modifier
with weapons) then you attack your opponent twice.

5. Constitution information:

A lot of people are wondering what is CON and what's it do? Well I will

Constitution or CON is a value that represents a character's build. A
well-built character is able to lift heavier weapons more easily then
characters who are not as well-built.

Now for in-game statistics. Each weapon has a WT value. This represents a
weapon's weight. If your CON is lower then the weight of the weapon, you incur
a penalty on speed and skill as long as you have this weapon equipped. The
penalty is counted like this . . . 

Weapon's WT - CON = Speed and Skill penalties.

This does not work both ways though, if you have a CON higher or equal to the
weapon's WT, you do NOT receive Speed and Skill bonuses.

6. Example:

Let's make up some fictional characters and have them battle!

Bob -
Lv20 Berserker
HP: 60
Str: 25
Skl: 20
Spd: 20
Luk: 20
Def: 15
Res: 10
Con: 13
A-Rank in Axes
Weapon: Killer axe
11 Mt (damage)       65 Hit
11 Wt                30 Crit

George -
Lv20 Assassin
HP: 50
Str: 15
Skl: 25
Spd: 30
Luk: 20
Def: 15
Res: 10
Con: 7
S-rank in Swords
Weapon: Killing edge
9 Mt (damage)         75 Hit
7 Wt                  30 Crit

Bob Attacks George . . . 

Bob's hit = (20 x 2 "Skill x2") + (20/2 "Luck/2") + (65 "Killer axe base hit
chance") = 115
Bob's avoid = (20 x 2  "Speed x 2") + (20 "Luck") = 60
Bob's critical rate = (20/2 "Skill/2) + (30 "Killer axe") + (15 "Berserker") =

George's hit = (25 x 2 "Skill x2") + (20/2 "Luck/2") + (75 "Killing edge") +
(5 "S-rank in swords") = 140
George's avoid = (30 x 2 "Speed x 2") + (20 "Luck") = 80
George's critical rate = (25/2 "Skill/2") + (30 "Killing edge") + (5 "S-Rank
in swords") = 47%

Swords > Axes so . . .  -15% to Bob's hit and + 15% to George's Hit. Bob takes
-1 on his damage for having a weapon disadvantage while George gains a one
point bonus on his damage.

Now for the final calculations . . . 

Bob -
Hit: (115 "Bob's Hit" - "15 for weapon disadvantage") - (80 "George's Avoid")
= 35%
Mt: (25 "Bob's Strength") + (10 "Killer Axe - 1 for weapon disadvantage) - (15
"George's defense) = 20 damage
Crit: (55 "Bob's crit rate") - (20 "George's Luck") = 35%

George -
Hit: (140 "George's Hit" + 15 for weapon advantage) - (60 "Bob's avoid") = 80%
Mt: (15 "George's Strength") + (10 "Killing Edge" +1 because of weapon
advantage) - (15 "Bob's defense") = 10
Crit: (47 "George's Crit rate") - (20 "Bob's Luck") = 27%
George double attacks because his speed beats that of Bob by 10 which is much
higher then the minimum four required for a double attack.

Final results:

Bob -
Hit: 35
Mt: 20
Crit: 35

George -
Hit: 80
Mt: 10                 X 2 (double attack)
Crit: 27

George has a 13.5% of dealing a OHKO. (If we consider OHKOs to happen one half
of the time)

If you have any questions about this information then go on the boards and the
members will be more then happy to help you (I hope . . . )


9.1) Contact 

Xel23 - frostmourne@gmail.com

Don't bother sending spam, or obvious questions already answered in this
guide. It will be deleted instantly. Please put "Fire Emblem" or something
similar in the subject line so your e-mail can be identified. If you do have a
legitimate question involving game-play, want to correct an error, or
contribute something, e-mail me! Contributions will be gratefully accepted,
and you'll get full credit for it as well. Finally, as a friendly reminder,
please do a virus scan on your computer every so often, this is because most
viruses start spreading themselves through your Contact lists.

9.2) Legal Information

This document is copyright year 2004 by Caleb Perkins. Feel free to distribute
this document as long as it remains unaltered, intact, and the author of the
work is properly credited. Fire Emblem, and any other related items are
copyrighted by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems.

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