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FAQ/Walkthrough by Linksan

Version: Final | Updated: 09/27/04

Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword
GBA Version
Written by: Link-san and Cho-mie who helped a little
Website: http://fe.musoka.net
*Note my old e-mail doesn't work anymore if you sent a e-mail
re-send it. check the new e-mail in the contact section.


- Because of the style of the game I can only give pointers on how to 
Complete the chapters; how you do it depends on you :P
- Gaiden chapters are side quests you don't have to do them but i advise you 
Do :P
- Unlike other Faqs i will only explain the levels not anything else, because
 i'm too lazy :P

Characters gained: Lyn

Objective: Seize Gate

This Level is a tutorial, so just follow the instructions, defeat all enemies,
including Batta, then move Lyn into the entrance of the Dre thing.

Chapter 1
Footsteps of Fate

Objective: Defeat all enemies
Characters gained:  Saint, Kent

Again another tutorial level, except this time you get 2 new characters.
Follow the instructions on screen and defeat all foes.

Chapter 2
Sword of Spirits

Objective: Seize Throne
Characters Gained: N/A

This chapter teaches you how buildings can be used to recover HP, and how 
Land can alter movement.
At the start move your characters onto the houses at the left hand bottom 
Screen and choose the top option to get some cut scenes with people.
Then move your characters back up and defeat the enemy here, make sain 
and the other guy on the horse attack the crack in the wall, continue down 
with Lyn
and remove the enemies here, and move her towards the throne, and defeat 
the boss guy here, weaken him up using Sain and that other guy, lances are 
best against Glass, then move Lyn onto the throne
and choose the top option to finish the chapter and gain a new weapon for 

Chapter 3
Band of Mercenaries

Objective: Defeat all enemies
Characters Gained: Florina, Wil

Straight away move Lyn in the house closest to her to gain Wil,
 then move him to where you are shown and attack the swordsman on the 
other side of the wall.
Next select Florina and move her next to the swordsman you attacked with 
Wil and finish him off, Note, Florina is weak against archers so keep her 
out a range of them. Attack the first archer with the guy on the horse with a 
spear and end your turn.
Next turn move Florina into the house behind you to get 2000 money and 
move her wherever. Move Lyn forward and finish off the archer with the 
horse dude.
On your next turn take out the Axe man, and move your archer so he can 
attack the other archer. Attack the Swordsman with Florina which should 
finish him off, or run away because she will most likely get killed by the Axe
Take out the two remaining Axe guy near Lyn with your new sword and move 
towards the boss. If you go to the building at the bottom right corner this is a
 shop where you can buy weapons if you wish.
Use Lyn and the magic sword to take out the boss easy, you can use the 
archer to attack from behind the old building if you wish. 
Once defeated you will move onto the next chapter.

Chapter 4
Occupations in Shadows

Objective: Defend girl
Characters Gained: Dorcas

Move Lyn right, and position everyone else wherever you want, next turn
 move next to the Axe thrower, he'll then convert sides and you'll get Hector 
the Axe thrower.
After this defend the girl for 7 days, Dorcas, Lyn and sain and Kent guys can
 take out most of the enemies in a few hits, keep at it and you will win!
Defeat the leader if you want for extra exp.

Chapter 5
Beyond The Borders

Characters gained: Serra, Erk
Key points: Magic

Move Lyn towards the 2 people in green, for a cut scene they will then join 
you. Use Serra to heal Erk, then Erk attack the archer with a fireball.
Really this is a very easy level take out every one anyway you want, a house
 on the far right is a shop with some decent weapons in there, but just kill 
every one on screen and defeat Bug the boss, though don't attack him with 
Erk other wise he'll be killed xp

Chapter 6
Blood of pride

Characters Gained: Rath, Matthew
Objective: Open Doors.

Move Lyn straight up into the house to gain the thief Matthew. Move Matthew 
right next to the door to unlock it move Rath onto of the blue tile to reveal a 
chest, a few more rooms and a few more enemies. Erk can take out the enemies
easily as well as Wil. You have to use the thief to open all the doors and
the chests which you get items inside. Remember you must open all doors
and hit the blue tile on the bottom right corner to reveal the boss above the
first chest, which?s taken down easily no problems if you use the armour slayer
 from the chest.

Chapter 7 
Siblings Abroad

Objective: Defeat Heintz
key points: light magician, flute player, aliments

This chapter see's you acquiring a light sorceress and a person who plays a 
flute to give you a second go.
First attack to dark magician with you light sorceress.
The aliment for this battle is light>dark so the light side will over power.
The Dark magician will not be killed then the game will get you to use the 
flute player on the sorceress.
Then after wards basically move down the field towards the shield dark 
magician and finish them off with Lucius.

Chapter 7x
The Black Shadow

objective: Defeat all Enemies
Key points: labyrinth, gatekeeper, stairs

This chapter see's you in a labyrinth the best person to use in this chapter is 
the gate keeper you got in chapter 5.
Aka the guy with the daggers you used to open the gates.
He himself is the only one who can go down the stairs.
Send him also round to the left hand side and use a more powerful character
 to break down the wall.
Then open up the chest and get the hammer give it to the axe thrower this 
weapon is relatively powerful but has a low hit count.
Then do the same as the other chapters kill all enemies and go for the shield
 guy :P.

Chapter 8
vortex of strategy

Objective: Seize Gate

You will have to be careful of the long range archer, who has a VERY large
 range but only has 5 shots if you bring Florina fly here over the mountain 
and take the archer out. Dispose of the people in front of you and head down
 past the mountains, you might want to send some one to the town to get a 
new sword first, defeating every one here as you go along. 
I found that Lyn can take out everyone on her own including the boss in 1 hit,
 use the armour slayer if you?re having trouble. finish every one to finish the 
chapter :)

Chapter 9
A Grim Reunion

Objective: Seize castle
New Characters: Wallace

This is the chapter where you finally get control of one of the lance men that
 you see the enemy use and lord is this lance man great.
You should start by making him stay in the same position going to item 
select and choosing the last item of his list.
There should then be a cut scene where he will turn into the gold lance man.
His turn ends.
move everyone like normal and on the enemy turn enemies will appear from 
the house in the mountains.
These enemies will keep reoccurring they will not stop!
When you cross the bridge and kill the first swords man F.O.W will occur 
(fog of war) this is probably the most irritating thing in all RTS style games.
Test out the lance man on one of the mountain guy now lance man has 
absolutely NO dodging power which is why he has high HP 
This chapter is pretty basic to be honest after that just go after the sir 
knight guarding the palace, and then capture it using Lyn.

Chapter 10
The Distant Plains

Objective: Take over castle
Key points: Changing weather, Shops

During this chapter the weather will change every few turns making your 
movement slower. what you got to do really is move in a circle around the 
mountains, Lyn and Wallace can take out most the enemies easily. 
Make sure to visit the town to get a ring. Move Lyn across the water to a 
couple of shops and buy the lance from here and give it to any one whom 
rides the horse and the hammer if you have the axe throwing guy. 
With these items attack the boss which should take him out easily, if you
 need Lyn cut down the tree on the left to cross over? 
Archers are completely useless against Generals so don't bother, attack with 
the magic lance you just bought or the hammer to take him out quick, or use
 Wallace to kill him more slowly if that doesn't work.

End of Lyndis Chapters

Elwoods Chapters

Chapter 11
Taking Leave

New Characters: Eliwood, Rebecca, Bartre, Lowen, Marcus
Objective: Seize gate
Key points: Shop

An easy mission defeat the boss and capture the town. Dorcas and Bartre will 
join during the second turn. Nothing Difficult here.

Chapter 12
Birds Of a Feather

New characters: Hector, Eosin
objective: Defeat all enemies
key points: none

Move some one straight up to the town to get a magic spell book, and then move 
every one else forward.
Around turn 3 or 4 Hector and Osin will appear to help so take out the 
 nearby. Continue to remove all enemies and defeat the boss, because the 
boss has so much HP use Eliwood to defeat him easily and defeat anyone left.

Chapter 13
In search For Truth

Move some units left and cut the tree down to gain access to the shops there.
 Move every one else down take out any one there, visit the town here
 to get your mitts on a mine.

Watch out for Guy as he is very strong, you can get him to join you by 
talking to him with Matthew.

Mind i found it easier to send everyone over the tree path to avoid all the
 battles, but send someone if you want the mine, such as Osin.
Make sure to get guy, then defeat Boies using Marcus.

Chapter 13 x
The Peddler Merlinus

Objective: save Merlinus

Defend Merlinus for 7 days. F.O.W makes this chapter a bit tougher, move 
Matthew into the middle bit to get a large range of vision.
 Move Osin right as he can take down every one who appears from here. 
The Boss is in the top left hand hiding in the fog, send Eliwood, Hector and 
Guy after him, the bandits should cut down the wood that will lead you to 
him, defeat him easily with Guy, then defeat any one else who tries to attack 
you. Survive for 7 days to win.
Visit the town to get some extra money as well.

Chapter 14
False friends

Defeat Enemies: 21
New characters: Priscilla

Make sure to visit the town at the top to get a big sword and the other Town.
Quite an easy chapter. Except pirates make an appearance, and can walk on 
It will start to rain after a few turns. defeat Erik to get a Silver Lance, 
visit the Town at the bottom to gain a new character Priscilla!
Defeat all enemies to complete chapter.

Chapter 15
Noble Lady of Caelin

Objective: Seize Gate
New Characters:  The "Lyndis Legion"

Lyn, Sain, Kent, Florina and Will rejoins you at the start of this mission. 
Visit the town at the bottom of the map to get a Heavy Spear. 
Use this on Bauker to kill him easily.
Buy some new items from the shops. It's pretty much move everybody into
the middle then move upwards, movement will be slowed by the forests.
To defeat the boss use a armour slayer/hammer/heavy spear against the General
who is easy to take out if you use Marcus or Hector. Magic users are also 
good to pick health of him.

Chapter 16
Whereabouts Unknown

Objective: Seize Throne
New Characters: Raven, Lucius

This one is easy. Just barge your way towards the throne.
Make sure to bring Priscilla and have her talk to Raven to recruit him, then
have Raven talk to Lucius to Recruit him. Have a Thief open the chests to get 
some good items, and have someone defend Merlinus from the cavaliers
who appear later on in the Chapter.
4 Shamans will appear from the stairs in the middle of the square room,
so be careful when moving past them, or take them out with Lucius.
The Knights and Generals can be taken down easily by magic users, 
and anyone with strong weapons against them. Use Hector and Marcus
to finish Bernard and steal his throne.
Make sure at least one NPC survives by rescuing one to get a side quest.

Chapter 16x
Port of Bern

Objective: Meet Fargus
New Characters: Canas

First visit the house in front of you to get Canas a Mage. Next you need to move
 your team up and along the narrow path one at a time, taking out the Pirates as
you go. When you reach a certain point some Cavaliers will appear and a Paladin.
Use your best unit to take down them as you move around. Make sure to visit
every town because you can get some good items from them.
DO NOT KILL DART, because he joins you in a later mission, he won't attack you
There is an Arena you can use to level up/get money if you wish.
Once you reach Fargus talk to him to complete the mission.
 Do not attack him unless you want to die :P

Chapter 17
Pirate Ship

Objective: Survive
New Characters: N/A

There are 2 shops here as pointed out during the cut scene, shop here if you
need because their won't be any for a while after this. 
Bring Lucius if you have him and Matthew as you can steal some items.
Attack the sword users with Lance users watch your Peg Knights if you
bring any for the Archers.
Have Lucius head left towards the Mages and dispose of them easy. The boss is 
quite hard though i can't really remember, but one of the mages has a 
Guilding Ring you need to steal.
Anyway survive for long enough or defeat the boss to win.

Chapter 18
Dread Isle

Objective: Beat boss person
New Characters: Dart, Foira

A F.O.W mission, but easy kind of but bring touches and a thief.
Move some characters left and the rest down, destroy the snags
so you can reach the island to kill more units hidden there.
Pirates appear at the top two corners so
leave some one there to take care of them - use a sword user as this
is good Exp for them. When you move down use the buildings for extra
defence and evasion and to heal, Cavalier units and nomad troopers
occur mostly down here, thankfully there are a lot of forests down there
so their movement is cut.
After a while another Peg Knight will appear you must speak to her with 
Fiona torecruit her. 
The boss is hidden at the very bottom right hand corner next to the trees.
He is a Nomad Trooper with a Long and Short bow and a sword, try using 
Marcus , Hector or Lyn with Horse beating weapons and hopefully you
 should take him down use Lyn?s Mani Katti and hope for a critical.

Chapter 18x
Imprisoner of Magic

Objective: Beat boss guy
New characters: N/A

Choose nine people for this mission; i took Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, Wil,
 Rebecca, Lucius, Erk and Osin or some axe users.
 This mission is over run with Knights and magic users.
Your magic users are good against the other magic users and the knights,
 have Wil  and Rebecca sit on the forts above you so they can take out the
 Peg knights and stop more recruits for the enemy. 
After a while a Magic seal will appear - everyone within the red area has their
magic sealed so keep yours out use Hector, Lyn and Eliwood and whoever
 else to attack within the red areas, fortunately for you the bosses magic is 
also sealed.
Force yourself around the mountain and take down the boss with anyone you 
like he can't fight back :P You can attack the magic seal but you have to take
down the snipers around him first, although i haven't managed to kill the seal 
yet he always  runs, and if you want to try, do it after you kill the boss :P.

Chapter 19
Dragons Gate

Objective: Seize Throne
New characters: Legult

Bring a thief you'll also get Legult if you can catch him and speak to him with 
Eliwood, be careful of the other thief?s because they steal items in chests, one
thief holds the members card which you need to access hidden shops.
If your lucky Legult will come right towards Eliwood, you will need to trap him
at the top right corner by putting 2 characters there so he can't get past then
have a thief steal it then kill him, if he runs of the map you've lost it.
There is a barrier and a Guilding ring in the 2 chests on the very right,
 i forget what are in the other chests. There are 2 hidden shops here one sells 
Killer  weapons and i forget what the other one sells but I?ll tell you as soon 
as i can, and i forget what?s in the other chests but I?ll check them soon.
If you need help to find the shops use the maps on my site.
Start by having your thief open the door on the left then the chest to get a 
brave bow, then have him open the door on the right, i think a archer has a door
key on normal so you could wait or open it with a key of your own. Use Hector
to get rid of the knights or anyone else capable. Send some units you the side
and some others through the door on the right. The path oh the left is over
run with cavaliars, nomads and a healer.
Mages appear in the small square use a magic user or archers to kill them.
Pegasus Knights appear at the start so you will need to defend Merlinus 
if you deploy him. Mercenaries or druids appear in the room on the right
but not many. Oh and Archers appear where the first chest was.
There are 2 bosses here a Paladin and a General take down the Paladin with
horse slaying weapons, Marcus is good for this and use Marcus or Hector
or Fighter with a hammer or Wolf Beil to kill the General and take his throne
,if you have trouble with him buy a killer lance/axe from the secret shop.

Chapter 20
New Resolve

Objective: Defeat Omult
New characters: Ninan

This is a small town at night, pretty simple but introduces 2 new things.
One aliments (Poisoning ETC.) and 2 a special item that Ninan uses a ring
 that will raise Resistance and Defence.
First head backwards from where you started to the top open house to get a 
wand that will cure poison.
Give it to a healer and keep moving till you get to the end of the level you'll
 then meet a warrior.
He's pretty simple just make sure to lure him away near a wall or something.
Get him to hit someone with a bow and perhaps afterwards swamp him with 
some strong people that should do him gooood.

Chapter 21
Kingships Bond

Objective: Defend Nils 11 days
New Characters: Rath, Heath 

There's 3 people you can earn here.
Heath and Rath and a female paladin.
Heath starts off as enemy but then get Eliwood to talk to him and he will 
switch sides.
Rath is a horseback rider who's an NPC he will appear after a few turns in 
the top right corner.
Talk to him with Lyn to get him.
You get then female paladin straight away.
Then send some people to clear the centre path and some thieves to knick stuff 
from chest's an head on down to the boss.
Kill him off and the level's done.
There's a secret shop here as well in the small square room at the top right
on the odd tile.

Chapter 22
Living Legend

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
New Characters: Hawkeye

Horse Riders are bad for this mission as are generals/Knights. 
Use Peg Knights and Wyvern Riders
as well as Magic users since they have no loss of movement to the sand. 
If you?re lucky Pent will take out most enemies for you, including hopefully 
the 2 warriors. Hawkeye will appear after a few turns talk to him with Eliwood 
to get him to join you.
Make sure to bring a thief to collect the hidden items which are located next
 to the bones.
Not a very hard mission, just a slow one due to the loss of movement to most
 of your units.

Chapter 22x

Objective: Defeat all enemies.
New Characters: None

The magic seal returns, your group will be split into two at the start 
of the chapter.
Bring a theif as there are chests you can open and doors that need opening,
so bring keys aswell, you will also need to break down walls to procced.
You will face many tough promoted enemies however many of of these are
magic units and their magic will be sealed. Basiccly make your way
around the map  to join your group back up and follow the path that
leads to where the magic seal  is go for the chests if you want.
Attack the magic seal if you don't want to to take on the Hero and
Swordmaster protecting him use a archer from the
other side of the wall, after you attack he will run and all the promoted units
will dissapear. A mage,monk,shamanand troubadour will appear each of them has
a item you can obtain by killing them ;
(a Nosferatu, Elfire, Recover staff and shine).
Defeat all enemies to win.

Chapter 23
Four Fang Offence

Objective: Defeat Loyd/Linus
New Characters: Wallace/Geist

This Chapter changes depending of the total level of the 3 lords.

Total Level 50+ = Linus

Geist will apear to the left of you,you must use Dart to recruit him
 but becareful as he will attack you.
 There are 2 ballistas next to you to use souse them to shoot
down Wyverns. There are alot of heros in this chapter so best to use lance
 users such as Florina or Osin.
 There is a secret shop on the island in the middle of
the water where the lone forest is. Make sure to visit all the villages to get
 a Orions Bolt, and a Seal staff. 
Lots of pirates and Wyverns reinforcements appear of the water so use the 
ballistas to shoot them down and use axe users to cut them down.
To take out Linus i found that Canas with Nosferatu and Luna take him down
easily, if not use a good lance user and sword user if he uses his hand axe.

Total Level less than 50 = Lloyd

This level you get Wallace back by talking to him with one of the "Lyndis 
Fog of War is in this chapter as well so bring torches and thieves.
 Split your group into 2 a small team goes right over the snag
and the rest head upwards.
On the right are 2 Snipers a Brigand and a Knight, hopefully Wallace 
will take down most of these himself, have Hawkeye kill the Snipers.
Visit the village to get a Hero Proof, have some one take to Wallace
to recruit him.
Head the rest of your team up towards the arena and go past it here
there are a few Wyvern riders here so be careful, recruitments 
appear on the forts so have a couple of units sit on them, a lot
of Myrmidons will attack so take them down with Lances.
Make sure to kill the Sniper because it can cause some trouble if 
it uses the ballista. Make your way forward through the attacks
of Myrmidon and Monks, watch out for the Ballista at the back of 
the map, so have a high defence unit take the attacks so it runs out
of ammo. The village at the top right hand corner has a Silence staff
this will come in useful later on.
Lloyd is found around the castle at the back he is a sword master and
may be able to attack twice, try attacking with a Killer Lance for a
high critical rate, or try using Wallace. Kill him to win.

Chapter 24
Unfulfilled Heart

Objective: Survive (11 days)
New Characters: Pent and Louise

She gets a stat boost that makers her impossible to kill besides you can 
recruit her later. Simple mission really air borne units are good with Axe 
reavers to take out the Brigands on the mountains. Archers are good to 
bring down the Wyvern riders, also use the ballistae. A cavalier unit
has a Knight Crest you need to steal with a thief. Visit the village to get a 
Hammeriene staff. Wyvern riders appear late on and constantly reappear
Pent should be able to take them down easy enough and so can Louise
though you might want to move some units around the mountain to 
join them to help out. A Shaman has a Nosferatu you can get after killing
him so make Lucius move in a space out of reach of the Wyverns to lure
him towards you. A Brigand on the bottom right corner has a Halberd
you can take when you kill him.
Survive for 11 days to win.

Chapter 25
Pale Flower of Darkness

Objective: Seize Throne
New Characters: Harken/Karel

Again this level changes depending the level of some of your units.
You either fight a bishop or a assassin. Either a easy-ish chapter.
Snow slows you down a lot however. Watch out for the long range 
magic spells, have a magic user take the attacks as they shouldn't
get hurt much. If you fight the assassin you will need a thief open the
doors so you can see inside the buildings which usually hold enemies
though there are 3 chests some where. Wyvern riders are aplenty
so archers are good. Harken appears late in the chapter you need
to have Eliwood speak to him to recruit him or open 4 doors/defeat
4 promoted enemy units to get Karel - beware Harken he will
attack you and he has a brave bow and can attack up 4 times.
To kill the bishop use magic users, the assassin just use some good
lance users *cough* Wallace or Marcus*cough* and magic casters.

Chapter 26
Battle before Dawn

Objective: Defend the Prince (15 days)
New Characters: Nino

First split the group into 2, 1 goes left and one right, if you have both 
Thieves bring them along and split them up each side.
 Move along taking out the enemies as you go.
 Make sure to have Eliwood go right, and have him talk to Nino to
 recruit her.
Then move along into the middle and kill everybody!
Watch out for the boss because she has bolting - a 3-10 range magic spell,
so have someone with high resistance take the attacks, until she runs out
(she only has 5 shots :P) i find Marcus good for this with some water drops
on him, and a horse slayer to kill her with.
 You might want to rescue Jaffar, but after you talk to him with Nino to get 
chapter 26x.
Survive for 15 days to win!

Chapter 26x
Night of Farewells

Objective: Seize Throne
New Characters: Jaffar

Jaffar will join you  this mission. This is very annoying seeing as the paths 
are very narrow and they change after a few turns.
Air born units are great for this chapter as are Bezerkers/Pirates who can walk
over water. Bring only those with high hp/defence as they tend to be killed
easily. You might want to rescue Nino to protect her. Watch out at the stairs
because a lot of back up units appear here. The boss once again has bolting
so have Pent/Marcus lead and take the hits, then heal them up, until she runs 
Using Silence is good to stop the boss counter-attacking you when you 
attack her. Use Pent, Lyn, or anyone strong to attack her. Then seize the 
There is some chests at the top right which is defended by archers which 
is bad since you can only reach the chests with air units,
or Berserkers/Pirates. 
And some Wyvern Riders, unless you have levelled up Florina a  lot.
One chest has the dark spell Fenrir, Ore dance ring and a recover staff.
Oh yeah bring some anti toxins and restore staffs because some enemy units
have poison weapons, and beserk staffs.

Chapter 27
Cogs of Destiny

Objective: Defeat Enemies (50+)
New Characters: Vaida , Jaffar (if you didn't do 26x)

A rather easy mission as long as Hector and Lyndis have been upgraded to 
Blade Lord and Great Lord, make sure to bring Pent, Wallace and Osin
as they are good for this mission. Also bring some Paladins along as well. 
Move Lyn straight up with some one else, Lyn can take care of the 
horse riders here. Then split your group up into 2 and move across the 
Bring some antitoxins because a few units have poison spears.
Visit the shops to buy some good weapons and spell books, and visit the
village to get a Move staff.
Have some people guard Merlinus because a group of Wyvern riders appear 
in groups of 3 where you started of at, make sure to get Eliwood to talk to the
leader to get her to join you.
Use the forts to restore HP,
defeat all enemies, becarefull because a lot reappear.
Note that one of the Snipers hold a guilding Ring so steal that of it before 
killing it.
Once you killed all move into to defeat the boss who uses a Light brand and 
has a lot of HP. I recommend using Pent or a promoted Erk and attack him 
with Elfire from a distance his Light brand shouldn't be able to hurt you :P

After defeating him you will get a iron rune, and Eliwood will get promoted 
during the story.

Chapter 28
Valorous Roland

Objective: Seize Area

You can only take 5(?!) characters with you including Eliwood. 
Make sure to take some magic users with you and some one with Physic to 
heal from a distance.
The thing to beware of here are certain tiles that damage units every turn if 
you step on them. Also a Sage has bolting so be careful of that.
This is a easy mission really, on the left and right paths you will need to 
destroy the walls. If the boss tries to attack you use long range weapons to 
take him out from behind the wall. Lyn is good for this. 
Once done move Eliwood onto the red square to finish off.

Chapter 29
Sands of Time

Objective: Defend throne (11 turns)

A rather easy mission as long as you can get close range attacks in against 
the archers and snipers. Magic users are good for this mission.
Almost every enemy has a poison weapon so many of your units will get 
poisoned. I found it best to gang up on the boss using Lyn, Hector, and 
Hawkeye. Their is a Druids that can put people to sleep but shouldn't be too 
hard to defeat. A lot of reinforcements will appear at the bottom
entrance. Use your best units for this chapter and it should be pretty easy.

Chapter 29 Gaiden
Prepare for Battle

Objective: Shop
New Characters: Karla
All you have to do is stock up on items and weapons, and go to the arena to 
level/ earn money. You only have 5 turns to do it.
You get 30,000 gold at the start as well.
To get Karla you need to level up Bartre to a lvl 5+ warrior by this chapter,
Karla will appear ontop of the Arena talk to her with Bartre they will fight
make sure to give Bartre the Iron Rune and equip a bow so he does attack her
and she doesn't critical Bartre survive one round and she will join you.

Chapter 30
Survival or Death

Objective: Defeat Nergal
New Characters: Athos

Most Enemies will have been people you have killed before - but stronger.
First Move Hector down first then use Nils to let him move again and attack 
the Nomad, move any people near the wall
away so they cannot get attacked.
Use a Thief or someone with a Door Key to open the door on the bottom left 
and attack the Troubadour with Jaffar
with a killing edge which should finish her.
Move Athos to the very top left area and wait.

Next Turn finish of the Nomad, use Jaffar to finish of the Assassin. 
Have Athos attack the Bishop with some dark Magic, 
on the enemies next turn he will finish them off easily.
In the next few turns finish of the Snipers with Hector.
When the warriors appear take then out using Lyn pretty easily.

When the 2 Generals appear use Athos an any other magic users and Hector.
Then take out the 2 sword using people, use magic users or a good Lance 

After you defeat everyone Nergal will appear along with a lot of Magic users 
and 3 Generals. The magic people are easily
 disposed of, use Hector against the Generals.

Use Athos against Nergal and use the Ultimate Light magic against him. 
Use a healer to heal him with Physic. 
Use Athos only just keep healing him.

Final Chapter

Objective: Defeat Dragon

Attack the Dragon using Hector, and Eliwood using their Ultimate weapons
(well don't attack him with Eliwood 
if Eliwood not very strong.)
Use Fortify to heal the group after you finished attacking him. Next turn they 
will deal some damage while taking some more.
At the start of your next turn heal them then attack again. When the dragon 
has around 20-40 HP left finish him with Athos and
his ultimate Light Magic.

Hectors Story

Chapter 15
Talons Alight

Objective: Defend Throne

If a enemy unit touches the throne you fail the mission, so it is a good idea to
have someone sit on it to defend it. Try to get Matthew to open the chests
to get a Silver Axe which is great for Hector and a Mend staff. Try to kill
the boss as quickly as possible, this will stop reinforcement units from 
appearing. The boss has a Short and Long Bow and tends to hide behind the
wall, lure him as close as you can to the wall and use javalins to bring him 
down. The map is rather small and isn't too difficult, you are attacked from
3 sides which makes it slightly tougher.

Chapter 19x Part 2
A Glimpse of Time

New characters: N/A

A F.O.W misson so bring Matthew and some torches along. There's a ballista
right in front of you, you should use becareful as the enemy also has
a ballista. The chests at the bottom right corner has a Eclipse and a
Dragon Shield, the chest at the top left corner has a talisman. 
This chapter has mostly theifs, knights and a few archers and one or two
monks who are easy to take down. 
The boss has the Eclipse spell and a very long range so have some one with
a high resistance or speed go a head, if Hector is strong enough he can  beat 
him with two hits with a Silver axe.

Chapter 23
Living Legend

Objective: Defeat all enemies

This is pretty much the same as Eliwoods, only you start lower on the map.
In Hard mode you have F.O.W.s

Chapter 25
Savage Beast

Objective: Score 3 Points
New Characters: Farina

This is a fun misson you must chapture 3 castles, only this time any unit can 
capture them! There are 3 ballistas at the top of the map, have units with
high defence to take the attacks until they run out.
There are ALOT of units in the chapter and a lot of Cavaliers about so horse
slaying weapons are good for this. Farina appears after a while, hopefully she
will head to Hector if not rescue her and bring her to him, you must buy her 
for 25,000 gold o.O  >_<. The last boss (the Monk) has a long range spell
so let units with high resistance go first and take the attacks until it is
used up.

The Beserker

Objective: Steal a Spot
New Characters: N/A

Only 2 characters can be brought into this chapter, Hector and one other-
choose someone who is good against generals, and bring a lot of elixers
unless you bring a healer like pent. try avoid the gaps in the walls as these
release poisons that ,well poisons you. In the chests are some Elixers and a
new Wolf Beil, you can get some chest keys of soem theifs in the level.
 Make your way to the boss and attack him, he's pretty strong
so Hector is pretty good against him, if you brougth a sword wielder use him/her
or cast magic on him, after he's down stand on the red tile to win.


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