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Item/Weapon Locations FAQ by gamersara

Version: 0.9 | Updated: 05/18/04

=================================FIRE EMBLEM===================================

=======================ITEMS & WEAPONS LOCATIONS FAQ===========================

==========================Copyright 2004 Ying Qian=============================

This FAQ is currently used for the following sites
and my web page at

==============================Table of Contents================================
I.      Updates
II.     Intro
III.    Swords
IV.     Lances
V.      Axes
VI.     Bows
VII.    Staffs
VIII.   Anima
IIX.    Light
IX.     Dark
X.      Promotion Items
XI.     Stat Boost Items
XII.    Other Items
XIII.   Credits

I.      Updates

17/5/04 Fixed a few things...

II.     Intro
First FAQ made by me, do expect flaws here and there and please do info me of
them if you find any (gamersara@hotmail.com). This FAQ is made in hope to help 
some of the players to find weapons/items they are looking for and if there is
any changes you wish to see feel free to contact me.

How to use this FAQ:
E stand for Eliwood's route
H stand for Hector's route
X stand for side quest
A/B stand for different version of the same chapter (see notes below)

Points to note:
all locations are based on normal mode, in hard mode some of the weapons/items 
that enemies drop are different.

there are two different versions of chap 23E/24H, version A is where Linus is 
the boss (obtained by have all lord's combined level higher than 50) and 
Version B has Lloyd as the boss (combined level of lords less than 50).

there are two different versions of chap 25E/27H, Version A contain lots of 
locked rooms (obtain by having characters that need the hero's proof as 
promotion item at higher level) while Version B has an bishop as boss (obtain 
by having characters that need the guiding ring as promotion item at higher 

III.    Swords
Armor Slayer-----chap 6 chest, chap 19E/20H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Brave Sword------chap 25E/27H Harken
Durandal---------final chapter Athos
Iron Blade-------chap 19E/20H secret shop
Iron Sword-------most common shops
Killing Edge-----chap 13 Guy, chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 24E/26H shop,
                 chap 26XE/28Xh Jaffar, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Lancereaver------chap 8 village, chap 16XE/17XH village, chap 23E/24H shop,
                 chap 29XE/31XH shop 
Light Brand------chap 22E/23H hidden item, chap 25AE/27AH Boss
Longsword--------chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Mani Katti-------after chap 2, chap 15E/16H Lyn
Posion Sword-----enemy only
Rapier-----------chap 11E/12H eliwood, chap 28E enemy
Regal Blade------final chapter Lloyd
Runesword--------chap 32XH chest, chap 32XH enemy (normal only)
Silver Blade-----chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 22XE/23XH chest
Silver Sword-----chap 16E/17H chest, chap 21E/22H Isadora, chap 27E/29H shop, 
                 chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if the door of the certre room is 
                 opened by you), chap 29XE/31XH shop
Slim Sword-------chap 15E/16H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Sol Katti--------final chap Athos
Steel Blade------chap 19E/20H secret shop
Steel Sword------chap 11E/12H Marcus, chap 15E/16H Kent, chap 16E/17H Raven
                 most of the shops
Wo Dao-----------chap 25E/27H Karel, chap 31XH Karla
Wyrmslayer-------chap 20E/21H house 

IV.     Lances
Axereaver--------chap 21E/22H Heath, chap 23E/24H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Brave Lance------chap 26E/28H chest
Heavy Spear------chap 15E/16H village, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Horseslayer------chap 14H boss, chap 15E enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop 
Iron Lance-------everywhere
Spear----------chap 19E/20H enemy, chap 21E/22H Isadora, chap 25AE/27AH enemy
Killer Lance-----chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 24E/25H and chap 29XE/31XH shop
Poson Lance------enemy only
Rex Hasta--------final chap enemy
Short Spear------chap 21E/22H boss, chap 27 Vaida
Silver Lance-----chap 14E boss, chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you open the door
                 to the certre room), chap 23BE/24BH Wallace
Slim Lance-------chap 15E/16H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Steel Lance------chap 11E/12H Marcus, chap 15E Sain, chap 18E Fiora, most shops

V.      Axes
Armads-----------Final chap Athos
Basilikos--------Final chap enemy
Brave Axe--------chap 21E/22H chest
Devil Axe--------chap 16XE/17XH house
Halberd----------chap 19E/20H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Hammer-----------chap 16E/17H enemy, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Hand Axe---------most shops
Iron Axe---------most shops
Killer Axe-------chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 22E/23H Hawkeye, chap 25BE/27BH 
                 Geitz, chap 24E/25H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop 
Poison Axe-------enemy only
SilverAxe--------chap 22XE/23XH enemy drop(only if you open the door to the 
                 centre room), chap 27E/29H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Steel Axe--------most shops
Swordreaver------chap 23E/24H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Swordslayer------chap 29E/31H enemy
Tomahawk---------chap 28E/30H boss
Wolf Beil--------Chap 12E/11H Hector, chap 30H chest and enemy

VI.     Bows
Ballista---------appear on some maps
Brave Bow--------chap 19E/20H chest
Iron Ballista----appear on some maps
Iron Bow---------most shops
Killer Ballista--appear on some maps
Killer Bow-------chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 24E/25H and chap 29XE/31XH shop
Longbow----------chap 18E/19H enemy, chap 21E/22H Rath, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Poison bow-------enemy only
Reinfleche-------final chap enemy
Short Bow--------chap 16XE/17XH house, chap 21E/22H Rath, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Silver Bow-------chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you open the door to the centre 
                 room), chap 29XE/31XH shop
Steel Bow--------most shops

VII.    Staffs
Barrier----------chap 19E/20H chest, chap 21E/22H secret shop, chap 30E/32H 
                 secret shop 
Berserk----------chap 22XE/23XH chest
Fortify----------chap 30E/32H Renault, chap 32XH chest
Hammerne---------chap 24E/25H village
Heal-------------most shops
Mend-------------chap 14E/H Priscilla, most shops
Physic-----------chap 19E/20H secret shop, chap 21E/22H secret shop, chap
                 24E/26H Pent, chap 30E/32H secret shop
Recover----------chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the magic sealer), chap
                 26XE/28XH chest, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Rescue-----------chap 26E/28H chest
Restore----------chap 23E/24H shop, chap 29XE/31XH shop
Silence----------chap 23E/24H house
Sleep------------chap 16XE/17XH house
Torch------------chap 18E/19H enemy, chap 21E/22H secret shop
Unlock-----------chap 16E/17H chest, chap 19E/20H 21E/22H 30E/32H secret shops
Warp-------------chap 27E/29H village

VIII.   Anima
Bolting----------chap 23AE/24AH enemy, chap 25E/27H enemy/chest  
Elfire-----------chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the boss), chap 24E/26H 
                 Pent,chap 24E/26H shop, chap 26E/28H Nino, chap 29XE/31XH shop 
Excalibur--------final chap enemy 
Fire-------------most shops
Fimbulvetr-------chap 30E/32H boss
Forblaze---------final chap Athos 
Thunder----------most shops 

IIX.    Light
Aura-------------chap 25BE/27BH boss
Aureola----------final chap Athos 
Divine-----------chap 29XE/31XH shop, chap 30E/32H Renault
Lightning--------most shops
Luce-------------final chap enemy
Purge------------chap 25BE/27BH boss (hard mode only)
Shine------------chap 20E/21H enemy, chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the 
                 boss), chap 24E/26H shop, chap 27E/29H 29XE/31XH shop

IX.     Dark
Eclipse----------chap 22E/23H hidden item
Ereshkigal-------Nergal's weapon (anyone can use it if you use cheat to get it)
Fenrir-----------chap 26XE/28XH chest
Flux-------------most shops
Gespenst---------final chap enemy
Luna-------------chap 19E/20H chest, chap 22E/23H enemy, chap 24E/26H enemy
Nosferatu--------chap 18E/19H enemy, chap 22XE/23XH enemy(only if you hit the 
                 boss), chap 30E/32H enemy
X.      Promotion Items
Earth Seal-------chap 23E/24H house, chap 26E/28H enemy(hard mode only and need
                 to be steal from), start of chap 30E/32H, chap 30E/32H secret
Elysian Whip-----chap 18H enemy(hard only), chap 18XE enemy(hard only), chap 
                 20E/21H house, chap 25H house, chap 26E/28H steal from enemy
                 chap 29E/31H secret shop
Fell Contract----chap 26XE/28XH boss, chap 30E/32H secret shop
Guiding Ring-----chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 19E/20H chest, chap 22E/23H boss, 
                 chap 25BE/27BH chest, chap 27E/29H steal from enemy, chap
                 29E/31H secret shop
Heaven Seal------start of chap 24E/26H, after chap 26E/28H
Hero Crest-------chap 16E/17H chest, chap 20E/21H boss, chap 22E/23H hidden 
                 item, chap 25AE/27AH chest, chap 29E/31H secret shop
Knight Crest-----chap 9 Wallace(cna't be used freely in normal), chap 16E/17H 
                 chest, chap 21E/22H enemy, chap 24E/26H steal from enemy, chap
                 29E/31H secret shop
Ocean Seal-------chap 22E/23H hidden item, chap 23E/24H secret shop
Orion's Bolt-----chap 18E/19H boss, chap 23E/24H house, chap 29E/31H secret 

XI.     Stat Boost Items
Angelic Robe-----chap 7 chest, chap 21E/22H Isadora, chap 26Xe/28XH enemy
Body Rings-------chap 22E/23H hidden item, chap 29E/31H chest
Boots------------chap 26E/28H chest
Dragonshield-----chap 11E village, chap 19XXH chest, chap 29E/31H chest
Energy Ring------chap 10 village, chap 11E Dorcas
Goddess Icon-----chap 14E/15H Erk, chap 18XE/19XH village 
Secret Book------chap 12 village, chap 16XE/17XH Canas, chap 22XE/23XH chest
Speedwings-------chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 26XE/28XH chest
Talisman---------chap 25 chest, chap 30 village

XII.    Other Items
Afa's Drops------after chap 22E/23H, Eliwood/Hector
BlueGem----------chap 15E/16H Lyn(only if you get 4 stars for Fund for Lyn's 
                 route), chap 19E/20H chest, chap 25BE/27BH chest, chap 26E/28H
                 enemy, chap 27E/29H enemy 
Chest Key--------chap 16E/17H enemy, chap 19E/20H enemies, chap 19E/20H 21E/22H
                 secret shops, chap 25E/27H enemy
Delphi Shield----chap 26E/28H chest
Door Key---------lots of places
Elixir-----------lots of places
Filla's Might----chap 22E/23H hidden item
Iron Rune--------chap 27E/29H boss
Light Rune-------after chap 16E/17H if two NPC survive, chap 18E/19H enemy, 
                 chap 19E/20H Legault, chap 21E/22H Rath, chap 27E/29H enemy
                 chap chap 30E/32H Renault
Lockpick---------most enemy thief
Member Card------chap 19E/20H steal from enemy thief that appear later
Mine-------------chap 13 village, chap 16E/17H if one NPC survive, chap 18E/19
                 H steal from enemy, chap 21E/22H Heath, chap 26XE/28XH enemy, 
                 chap 27E/29H enemy
Nini's Grace-----chap 20E/21H Ninian
Pure Water-------chap 17E/18H enemies, chap 20E/21H shop, chap 28E/30H enemy
                 chap 29XE/31XH shop
Red Gem----------chap 15E/16H village, chap 15E/16H Lyn(only if you get 3 
                 stars for Lyn's route), after chap 16E/17H if all three NPC
                 survive, chap 17E/18H enemy, chap 23E/24H enemy, chap 
                 26XE/28XH enemy
Set's Litany-----chap 30E/32H village
Silver Card------chap 18XE/19XH boss(Hard only), MKDD bonus disc
Thor's Ire-------chap 26XE/28XH chest
Torch------------chap 13 village, chap 18E/19H Dart, chap 18E/19H enemies, chap
                 20E/21H enemy
Vulnerary--------lots of places
White Gem--------chap 15E/16H Lyn(only if you get 5 stars for Lyn's route), 
                 chap 24E/25H Louise, chap 25AE/27AH chest, chap 29E/31H chest
XIII.   Credits
Thanks to all of you who uses this FAQ!
If anyone wish to use this else where please contact me first.

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