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Promotional Disk Bonus Items FAQ by greengravy294

Version: 1.30 | Updated: 05/25/04

Fire Emblem- Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Promotional Disk Bonus Items FAQ



Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Version Updates
3. How to get the items
4. Item List
5. FAQ
6. Copyright Information
7. Contact Info
8. Credits

1. Introduction

Welcome to my FAQ. Fire Emblem is a long time Strategy Role Playing game (SRPG)
that was only for Japan until early November 2003. In this game, you play as
three main characters (Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector.) during the game. This FAQ is
solely to explain how to get the promotional items from Mario Kart: Double
Dash!! Bonus Disk. Well, whatever, here’s my FAQ.

DISCLAIMER- Please don't ask me for general advice for Fire Emblem. If you HAVE
to, don't ask for specific infomation (IE- How many enemies in Chapter 30.)
2. Version Updates

1.0- First version of FAQ. Added sections One through Seven.

1.10- Added in Comments for the fifteen items. Changed the Copyright Infomation
section around.

1.20- Added in a Mini-FAQ for basic questions. Fixed some ratings of items
around, and added some infomation from e-mails.

1.25- Changed and added info.

1.30- Info on the glitchy info for Dragon axe and Wind Sword has been sent in
and I clarified that the items can be transfered infinite times, but only
transfered once per game save.

3. How to get the items.

In order to get the items, you will need to get:

+ A Gamecube

+ A GCN-GBA link cable

+ A Gameboy Advance (SP)

+ Mario Kart: Double Dash!! or buy the bonus disk separately

Once you have all of this, you’re ready to go!

You load up the bonus disk, and locate the Fire Emblem section of the disk, and
enter it. Right now, you need to have your GCN controller in Port 1, and the
linked up GBA in Port 2. You’ll be brought to another screen shortly after.
Follow the instructions on your screen.

Now that you have the items onto your Fire Emblem cartridge, you are able to
access them by going to “Extras” on the FE start-up screen. Go under “Transfer
Data” and pick a save file in which to put your items onto. Now you will be
able to select from 15 items. Press A to send one item to either your main
character or Merlinus. These items CAN be used multiple times, but they must be
transfered to another walkthrough of the game, or they'll just be blacked out.

Congratulations! You have gotten the 15 items!

Note- You only can use the items once per game save, but you can transfer
infinite times.
4. Item List

Here’s the meat of the FAQ: The Item list. Here, I will include the name of the
item, it’s description, and other stuff that you’d like to know. This is an
example of how I will be doing it:

Name: Iron Sword
Weapon Level: E
Range: 1
Weight: 5
Might: 5
Hit: 90
Critical: 0

Well, here are the items!

Name: Dragon Axe (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Uses: 40
Weapon Level: C
Range: 1
Weight: 11
Might: 10
Hit: 60
Critical: 0
Info: An axe designed to strike (Also not finished. One could conclude the
sentence is "An axe designed to strike dragons." for the simple fact that this
axe is strong against Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord and the final boss.)
Rating: 8/10 Very good. Though the hit rating isn't spectactular (Like most
axes.), it's good when paired up used with Hector. The Might to Use rating is
really good (40 uses with 10 Might.) and the weapon level is better than the
Silver Axe's level (Level A). It's pretty much an all around item that can be
used without fear of early weapon break. Effective against wyverns.

Name: Silver Card
Info: A special card that reduces the cost of all items by half.

Name: Wind Sword (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Uses: 40
Weapon Level: B
Range: 1-2 spaces
Weight: 9
Might: 9
Hit: 70
Critical: 0
Info: A magical sword capable of... (Unfinished. Probably something like
"...killing flying units." or "...attacking from a distance.")
Rating: 8/10 An all around sword. The Weight, Might and Hit rate is near
identical to the Light Brand. A bit weaker than the Runesword, but has better
accuracy and lower weapon level than the Runesword. Though, it's weapon level
is kind of high (Level B), so I recommend using it on Sword users, such as
Raven, Guy, or Eliwood. Effective against any flying units (wyvern, pegusus,

Name: Energy Ring
Info:  Increases Magic of Strength by two points. Vanishes after use.
Comments: 9/10 I like it. Good for units that are having sucky Strength/Magic
growth, or lesser leveled units.

Name: Emblem Seal (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Info:  Mark’s (Or whatever you named your tactician.) scroll. Gives it’s
carrier an advantage.
Comments: 9/10 Pretty good. Stick it on a person with low evasion; it helps.

Name: Dragonshield
Info: Increases defense by two points. Vanishes after use.
Comments: 9/10 The 2 points added to your defense is great. Use it on a
character, such as a Mage or a Pegasus Knight.

Name: Emblem Blade (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Uses: 60
Weapon Level: E
Range: 1
Weight: 5
Might: 5
Hit: 90
Critical: 0
Info: A tactician’s sword.
Comments: 9/10 Good sword with high hit rate. Best stuck on a unit with high
strength like Raven, as the low Might rating won't really hamper you down. The
only downfall of this sword is that it isn't very usefull on weaker units, like

Name: Body Ring
Info: Increases constitution by two points. Vanishes after use.
Comments: 7/10 The Body Ring is like a double edged sword. Though you do get 2
more points of Constitution to you, you get an added two points of Aid.

Name: Emblem Axe (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Uses: 60
Weapon Level: E
Range: 1
Weight: 10
Might: 8
Hit: 75
Critical: 0
Info: A tactician’s axe
Comments: 10/10 The Emblem Axe is to me one of the best items you can get off
of the bonus disk. The hit rating is quite high, and the Might level is decent.
Might level really doesn't matter, as *most* axe wielders have high strength
stats. Lots of the times when you are facing Lance or Axe wielders, you will be
able to strike twice, which is great.

Name: Thor’s Ire
Info: A dance that increases critical hit % for a turn.
Comments: 8/10 A decent dance. Good if you have Nils/Ninian on the field who's
a high level, so that they can use Thor's Ire if you need a critical hit to
defeat an enemy/boss unit. Too bad it only lasts for a turn.

Name: Angelic Robe
Info: Increases HP by a max of seven points. Vanishes after use.
Comments: 10/10 Good for using it on the Magic wielders, or units with horrible

Name: Emblem Lance (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Uses: 60
Weapon Level: E
Range: 1
Weight: 8
Might: 7
Hit: 80
Critical: 0
Info: A tactician’s lance
Comments: 7/10 Decent. It's alright, but it really doesn't stand out to me.
It's good on a strong Lance unit, such as Sain or Kent.

Name: Secret Book
Info: Increases skill by two points. Vanishes after use.
Comment: 9/10 It's basically an extra point of critical, so use it on a unit
with bad skill.

Name: Emblem Bow (Bonus Disk exclusive)
Uses: 60
Weapon Level: E
Range: 2
Weight: 5
Might: 6
Hit: 85
Critical: 0
Info: A tactician’s bow
Comments: 7/10 I never really used it. Stick it on a high strength unit, such
as Rath, and it'll be decent.

Name: Goddess Icon
Info: Increases luck by two points. Vanishes after use.
Comments: 10/10 An extra two points of luck is good, as I think Luck is the
most important stat. I'd save it, until one of the last chapters, just to make
sure you use the item correct, as you won't know what the RNG will turn up in 5
level-ups, than in 1 level-up.
5. FAQ

Question- Is Marth and Roy in this game?
Answer- Marth is in another world/universe. Roy can be found at the end of the

Question- What inspired you to make this FAQ?
Answer- I wanted to make a contribution to GameFAQs, even if it were to be

Question- Should I buy MK:DD just for the Bonus Disk?
Answer- No. Even though some of the items are pretty good, I think it would be
a waste of money for 15 non-reuseable items.

Question- Can I host this on my website?
Answer- Depends. Most likely. Just make sure to contact me beforehand.

Question- How come I didn't get the Bonus Disk!? I want those items!!!
Answer- Calm down. You can most likely get it from a video game store (EB,
Gamestop, etc.), or you can buy another MK:DD. Make sure it says "Includes
BONUS DISK with playable demos!" on the bottom right corner on the game box. If
it's not there, there isn't the Bonus disk there.
6. Copyright Information

Fire Emblem is © 2003 Nintendo/Intelligent Systems. You can use this for
private, personal use, but please give me credit of making this. If you find
this guide on any other site other than the ones mentioned below, please
contact me by any means possible. This document cannot be altered in any way,
blah blah blah. If you sell this, well you’re in trouble, I think you get the

As of now, the only sites who can host this faq is:

GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)

RPGClassics (http://www.rpgclassics.com/)

7. Contact Info

If you have any questions, comments, or infomation, you can contact me at:

AOL Instant Messanger: greengravy101
E-Mail: greengravy117@attbi.com
Fire Emblem boards at GameFAQs

If you are to e-mail me, please include Fire Emblem in the title, or I’ll just
give you a lame response. Please be patient as well, I don’t typically check my
e-mail too often. If you are submitting info, tell me what name I should call
you, to make my life easier.

8. Credits

Myself- For writing this FAQ.

CJayC- He created the site. He deserves credit.

Zerohellforce- For telling me that Body Ring also adds two points of Aid, not
just Constitution. Also for telling me the stats for the Runesword.

Painful Sense- Also for telling me the stats of the Runesword.

GlenboLake@aol.com and Greenbomb156@aol.com- For clarifing that the Dragon
Axe's and Wind Sword's info wasn't just a glitch on my behalf.

You, the reader- If you made it this far, I congratulate you.  Well, without
you, there would be no point to this, would there?

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