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Game Script by APujanata

Version: 0.60 | Updated: 05/09/04

                       F I R E   E M B L E M   ( U S A )

                         FIRE EMBLEM GAME TEXT GUIDE
                          May 9, 2004, ver 0.60
                 for the Game Boy Advance  (English version)
               created by Agung Pujanata (apujanata@yahoo.com)

 Copyright 2003-2004 Agung Pujanata

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
 Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
 be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
 form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used
 in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
 it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
 anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
 my advance written permission.
 This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Agung Pujanata <apujanata
 (at) yahoo (dot) com>. It can be found at (www.GameFAQs.com) or other
 website listed in section "Website Hosting of this FAQ".
 I would like to hear from you if you've spotted this FAQ being
 plagiarized in any sort of publication, or hosted at website other than
 the ones I have listed in that section.  You can reach me at:
 All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by
 their respective trademark and copyright holders.

 If you're reading a version of this FAQ that has been translated,
 HTML'ized, or whatever, please send all inquiries to those people who
 did the changes and not me, as they may have an older version or have
 added their own corrections and I won't be able to help you.

 I WILL NOT answer any gameplay related questions about this game.

The Fire Emblem series is (c) Intelligent Systems and (c) Nintendo



        4.1   Chapter One
        4.2   Chapter Two
        4.3   Chapter Three
        4.4   Chapter Four
        4.5   Chapter Five
        4.6   Chapter Six
        4.7   Chapter Seven
        4.7X  Chapter Seven X
        4.8   Chapter Eight
        4.9   Chapter Nine
        4.10  Chapter Ten
        4.11  Chapter Eleven
        4.12  Chapter Twelve
        4.13  Chapter Thirteen
        4.13X Chapter Thirteen X
        4.14  Chapter Fourteen
        4.15  Chapter Fifteen
        4.16  Chapter Sixteen
        4.16X Chapter Sixteen X
        4.17  Chapter Seventeen
        4.18  Chapter Eighteen
        4.18X Chapter Eighteen X
        4.19  Chapter Nineteen
        4.20  Chapter Twenty
        4.21  Chapter Twenty One
        4.22  Chapter Twenty Two
        4.22X Chapter Twenty Two X
        4.23A Chapter Twenty Three
        4.23B Chapter Twenty Three
        4.24  Chapter Twenty Four

      5.1  Talk Text
      5.2  Dying Text
      5.3  Support Text


VERSION 0.60 (May 9, 2004)
 - Returning to writing FAQ, after resolving family issue.
 - Played up to chapter 23B.
Size : 356 KB

VERSION 0.55 (February 8, 2004)
 - Played up to chapter 22X.
Size : 328 KB

VERSION 0.50 (February 1, 2004)
 - Played up to chapter 21.
Size : 285 KB


The purpose of this FAQ is to give gamer a place to see all of the in-game
text, including conversation, support text etc.

	     Once, dragons and men coexisted.
	   They shared a peace forged in wisdom,
	   a peace that lasted many generations.
	 All that was lost when mankind disrupted
	   this balance in a sudden onslaught.
	    Man fought dragon in a savage war
	that shook the foundations of their world.
	    This war was called The Scouring.
	          Defeated and humbled,
	     dragons vanished from the realm.
	   In time, man rebuilt and spread his
	      dominion across the land and
	        on to the islands beyond.

	          A millenium has passed
	       since those dark days ended.


 1.  GAMEFAQS (www.GameFAQs.com)

If you found any other website who posted my FAQ, but I have not listed them
here, please let me know by e-maiLyng me at apujanata at yahoo.com. The only
site that I update directly is the GameFAQS, so it is possible that other
site does not have my latest FAQ, since they have to download the latest FAQ
from GameFAQS themselves.


Tactician entry text :

You are a tactician traveling across Elibe.
Set your name, birth month, and gender.
Use the + Control Pad and the A Button to enter info.
To start with the default settings, simply select No.


Lyn  : Are you awake? I found you unconscious on the plains. I am Lyn, of the
   Lorca tribe. You're safe now. Who are you? Can you remember your name?
   Your name is Agung? What an odd-sounding name... But pay me no mind. It is
   a good name. I see by your attire that you are a traveler.
   What brings you to the Sacae Plains? Would you share your story with me?
   Hm? What was that noise? I'll go see what's happening. Agung, wait here
   for me.

Lyn  : Oh, no! Bandits! They must have come down from the Bern Mountains!
   They must be planning on raiding the local villages. I... I have to stop
   them! If that's all of them, I think I can handle them on my own. You'll
   be safe in here, Agung! What? You want to help? Well, can you use a
   weapon? Ah, I see... So you're a strategist by trade? An odd profession,
   but... Very well. We'll go together!

Lyn  : Over here! If you want to help, Agung, I could use your advice. I'll
   protect you, so stay close to me.

Unit Information :
Lyn is the blue unit. The enemy units are red. Agung, you are green.
Essentially, battle consists of blue (allied) units and red (enemy) units
taking turns moving on the field. You're only here as a strategist, Agung.
You will only appear during special events. Your job as strategist is to
place the cursor on blue units to issue their orders.
First, select a unit. Place the cursor on Lyn and press the A Button.

Lyn  : I need to be closer to the enemy.
Lyn  : Yes, this should be close enough.
Lyn  : Uh-oh! That bandit's spotted me! He's coming this way! Let's close in
   and attack!

You have selected Lyn. When a unit is selected, the map changes color like
so. Lyn can move anywhere in the blue area. Move her to the space with the
flashing cursor. Place your cursor there, and then press the A Button to
Select Lyn. Move to one of the areas adjacent to the bandit.

Lyn  : I have to be right next to him to attack!

Now, strike. Select attack!

Lyn  : Victory! But I've been injured. I have need of a vulnerary.
Lyn  : There's another bandit over by the ger to the west. You don't know what
   a ger is? It's a type of round hut. Many nomads live in huts like these.
Lyn  : Hmm... I would do well to use this time to administer a little first

Move to the space marked by the flashing cursor.
Open the Item menu and select a vulnerary. Next, choose Use.

Lyn  : I'm carrying a couple of vulneraries in my satchel. They should heal me
   up. Would you get one for me?
Lyn  : Thank you, Agung! Now, let's go get that brigand over by the ger!

Batta : Who do you think you are?	You think you can stand up to Batta
   the Beast?

Lyn  : Whew! He's tough... It all comes down to this next blow! Agung, if I
   fall, I want you to flee. You must escape!

Batta : What? How… How did you--

Lyn  : Whew... That was close. I sorely underestimated him. Sorry if I
   worried you. I'll need to be stronger if I'm going to survive... Strong
   enough that no one can defeat me.

Lyn gain experience in each encounter. When she has enough experience, she
will level up. As she increases in level, her abilities improve. Over time,
she will grow much stronger.
It's time to bring this chapter to a close. Select Lyn and move her to the
gate where Batta the Beast was standing. Select Seize to complete Lyn's
victory and your own!


Lyn  : Good morning, Agung! Are you awake yet? That fight yesterday must have
   taken a lot out of you. Say, Agung... I want to talk to you about
   something. You have some experience in the ways of war, I can see. Would
   you allow me to travel with you?
Lyn  : What? You want me to get permission from my parents? My mother and my
   father... died six months ago. My people --- the Lorca--- they don't...
   I'm the last of my tribe. Bandits attacked, and... they killed so many
   people. The tribe was scattered. My father was our chieftain, and I
   wanted to protect our people. I am so young, and my parent are old-
   fashioned. They wouldn't follow a woman. No one would follow me.
Lyn  : Sniff... I'm sorry. I've been alone for so long... No. No more. I will
   shed no more tears. Thank you. I'm better now.
Lyn  : Agung, I want-- I must become stronger, so that I may avenge my
   father's death! Yesterday's battle taught me something. I won't become
   stronger by sitting here alone. Agung, tell me you'll train me, that
   you'll let me travel with you! You will? That's wonderful! Thank you! Oh,
   thank you! We'll be better off working together, I know it. You'll be my
   master strategist, and I'll be your peerless warrior! We can do it! Right?

Travel with Lyn, Agung. Give her your aid, and master the art of combat.
Complete the tasks set out in each chapter, and help Lyn in her quest.
Turn the instruction windows on or off by pressing SELECT.


The apprentice tactician Agung and the young swordfighter Lyn. A strange pair
on an even stranger journey. To prepare for the long road ahead, they go to
Bulgar, the commercial center of Sacae. Unbeknownst to Lyn, she will discover
something that will alter her life forever.

Lyn  : Agung! Over here! This is Bulgar, the biggest city in all of Sacae.
   We should purchase supplies for our journey. Oh, my heart! What a dazzling
   vision of loveliness! Hm?
Sain : Wait, O beauteous one! Would you not favor me with your name? Or
   better yet, your company?
Lyn  : Where are you from, sir knight, that you speak so freely to a stranger?
Sain : Ha! I thought you'd never ask! I am from Lycia. I hail from the
   Caelin canton, home to men of passion of fire!
Lyn  : Shouldn't that be "home to callow oafs with loose tongues"?
Sain : Ooooh... You're even lovely when you're cruel.
Lyn  : Let's go, Agung. I've nothing more to say.
Sain : Wait! Please...
Kent : Sain! Hold you tongue!
Sain : Ah, Kent! My boon companion! Why so severe an expression?
Kent : If your manner were more serious, I wouldn't have to be so severe!
   We still have a mission to complete, Sain!
Sain : I know that. But how could I remain silent in the presence of such
   beauty? It would have been discourteous!
Kent : What do you know of courtesy!?
Lyn  : Excuse me! You're blocking the road. If you would be so kind as to move
   your horses...
Kent : Of course. My apologies...
Lyn  : Thank you . You, at least, seem honorable enough.
Kent : Hm? Pardon me, but... I feel we've met before.
Lyn  : I beg your pardon?
Sain : Hey! No fair, Kent! I saw her first!
Lyn  : Tsk! It seems there are no decent men among Lycia's knights! Let's go,
   Agung! I've run out of patience!
Kent : Wait, please! It's not like that. Sain, you lout!
Sain : Huh? Not like that? I thought you were...
Kent : I am NOT you!!! Come, we must follow her. I suspect she might be--
Sain : Be what? She's our mission? You're joking! Wait!

Lyn  : Run!!! We're being pursued! Could it be those knights from town?
   No... It's not them. These men are out for blood!
Zugu : Heh heh hehhh... Aren't you the pretty one! Your name is Lyndis, is
   it not?
Lyn  : What did you call me?... Who are you?
Zugu : Such a waste. An absolute waste. The things I'll do for gold. Ah,
   well. Time to die, darlin'! C'mon out, boys!
Lyn  : Oh, no! There are more than I can handle... But I'll not give up!
Sain : Hey! There she is!
Lyn  : Huh?
Lyn  : What?
Sain : Whew... Finally caught up... Hold! You there! what is your business?
   Such numbers agains a girl? Cowards, every one of you!
Lyn  : You! You're from--
Kent : We can discusss that later. It appears these ruffians mean to do you
   harm. If it's a fight they want, let them look to me! Stand back! I'll take
   care of this!
Lyn  : No! This is my fight! Stay out of my way!
Sain : Well, I can't just stand here and do nothing...
Kent : I have a solution. You there, command us. I am Kent, a knight of Lycia.
   My companion is Sain. We will follow your orders in this battle. Is this
   acceptable, milady?
Lyn  : Yes, it is. Agung and I will lead! Let's go!


Sain : You! You are called Agung? I want to impress my beauteous one! Let me
   attack first!

Blue units are allies. Direct them on the field as you did with Lyn before.
Be warned: If Lyn is defeated, your journey is over, as is your game.
If other blue units are beaten, the game will continue, but fallen companions
will be unable to return to battle for the rest of the tutorial. Use caution
and good judgment. After all blue units have been moved, it automatically
becomes the enemy's turn.
To begin with, select Sain. Place the cursor on Sain, and press the A button.

Sain : Attack! Move me to a space next to my foe!
Sain : Whoa! I missed!?
Kent : Sain! Why aren't you using your sword?
Sain : The lance is more heroic. A knight should look heroic, don't you think?
Kent : You're hopeless. If you don't take fighting more seriously, you're
   going to find yourself on the end of a blade!
Sain : Truth be told, I...forgot to buy a sword.
Kent : Forgot? Or were you simply too busy dallying with the ladies?
Sain : Don't be so mad! I'll be fine with a lance. I'm that good!
Kent : I'd prefer to rely on your skill, not your empty bragging! Take my
   spare blade and use it to attack next time!
Sain : Are you sure? My thanks, Kent!
Kent : You're almost more trouble than you're worth. Almost.

Sain got an Iron Sword.

Kent : Agung! Allow me to make up for my companion's blunder. I am at your

Weapons possess a unique hierarchy.
Swords best axes. Axes best lances. Lances best swords.
This is called the weapon triangle. Remembering this is of the utmost
First, let's illustrate that swords are strong against axes.
Select Kent.

Kent : The enemy wields an axe. Use a sword for my attack! He's almost
   defeated. Now, let's deliver the final blow!
Lyn : I must be next to the enemy!

Sain : Agung! Give me another chance! I failed you once before, but give me
   another chance... I'll not fail you again! Axe-wielding foes should be met
   with swords. Brandish your blade! Gah!
Kent : Sain! Are you all right?
Sain : Yes. Yes, I am. I was able to dodge in time. I can't believe he evaded
   my sword stroke so easily. This is no jest.
Kent : Look closely. The enemy is hidden in the woods. The branches make it
   difficult to attack, don't they?
Sain : You're right. I was so focused on attacking... I didn't see.
Kent : Your lack of attention may someday cost you your life!
Sain : Fine! I understand already! Let it go, Kent!
Kent : If you truly understand, then act like it!
Sain : Kent worries too much. He's going to grow old before his time.

Each type of terrain has unique characteristics. For example, look at woods
and plains. Battle an enemy from the woods, and the enemy will likely miss
you. However, your attacks will be unimpeded, giving you a distinct advantage.
The same is true for foes. If an enemy is in the woods, he is more difficult
to hit. Factoring in your terrain benefits and the weapon triangle is vital
in combat.
The windows at the bottom of the screen gives information on the terrain the
cursor is placed on.
Check to see what terrain type is advantegous by using the cursor.
Now, let's put this to the test. Select Kent.

Kent : I'm ready for battle. Command me as you will! Let's use my sword to

Lyn : It seems like a wise decision to leave that bandit to the knights. For
   my part, if I'm going to take care of the other foe, I'll need to close
   the distance between us. The knight said that the woods are advantageous,
   right? In that case... That looks good. Let's move there, Agung!

Lyn  : You... Your name is Sain, right?
Sain : Yes! Sain, the gallant man of Caelin. That's me!
Lyn  : If you insist... Why have you not healed yourself?
Sain : Huh? Hey! I've been injured? What a cad I am! To wrinkle that perfect
   brow of yours with worry for me...
Lyn  : Uh... I was thinking of giving you a vulnerary, but... It looks like
   you're fine. So, never you mind.
Sain : No, wait! I'll take it! Please! I'll take it!!

To give away an item, use the trade command. Trade can only be used by units
that are adjacent to one another. Let's use the trade command now. Select Sain
and move him next to Lyn.

Sain : I can't keep such a generous offer waiting! The healing power of love
   awaits with yon angel! Agung! Tarry no longer!

Now select the trade command. Sain's and Lyn's possessions will be displayed
together. Use the cursor to select a vulnerary from Lyn's items, and give it
to Sain. After you've finished your trade, press the B Button to end the
process. The B Button is the cancel button. It can be used to rescind
mistaken commands and other things.
Place the cursor on Lyn's items. Press right on the + Control Pad. Press up
or down on the + Control Pad, and select a vulnerary. Then, press the A
Button. Press the A button to accept the vulnerary from Lyn. Press the B
Button to stop trading.
Sain can now use Lyn's vulnerary. Select the vulnerary from the items and use
it. Furthermore, mounted units have the unique ability to move again.
Essentially, this allows cavalry to move the number of spaces left in their
movement range if they haven't done so already. However, the attack command,
among others, nullifies the move again ability, so be careful.
Select Sain and order him to move again.

Sain : Ah, much better! Thanks, Agung! And you have my gratitude as well,
   my angel!
Lyn  : ...

Mission goal change from chapter to chapter. This chapter's goal is to defeat
all enemies. Check the chapter goals in the window to the upper right of the
screen. To open the map menu, place the cursor on an unoccupied space and
press the A Button.
You can confirm the chapter goals here by choosing "Status" from the menu. The
map menu also has the "Suspend" command. This is useful if you need to stop a
chapter midway. Time to continue this chapter! Best of luck!

Zugu : Accursed knights. Alway tampering in other's affairs.

Zugu : Blast... There was only... supposed to be a lone... girl..


Lyn  : That's the last of them! Fantastic work, Agung! And now for these
   knights of Lycia. You were going to share your story with me?
Kent : Yes. We have ventured from Caelin, in Lycia, in search of someone.
Lyn  : Lycia... That is the country beyond the mountains in the southwest,
   isn't it?
Kent : Correct. We've come as messengers to the lady Madelyn, who eloped with
   a nomad some 19 years ago.
Lyn  : Madelyn?
Kent : Our lord the marquess of Caelin's only daughter. He was heartbroken
   his own daughter would abandon him so. Eventually, the marquess simply
   declared that he had no daughter.
Sain : And then this year, we received a letter from Lady Madelyn. It said
   that she, her husband, and their daughter were living happily on the
   Sacae plains. The marquess was ecstatic to learn he had a granddaughter
   of 18 years. I remember the smile on his face when he announced that he'd
   suddenly become a grandfather. The granddaughter's name is Lyndis. This
   was also the name of the marquess's wife, who passed away at an early age.
Lyn  : Lyndis?
Sain : That she should bear this name thawed the marquess's heart. Now, his
   only wish is to meet his daughter's family at least once. This is why
   we're here. We didn't know that Lady Madelyn died a few days after sending
   her letter... We only learned this shortly after we arrived here in Bulgar.
   But we also learned all was not lost. Her daughter yet lives. We heard that
   she was living alone on the plains.
Kent : I... I knew it immediately. You are the lady Lyndis.
Lyn  : Why would you think that...
Kent : Your resemblance to your departed mother is remarkable.
Lyn  : What? Did you know my mother?
Kent : I'm sorry to say I never met her directly, but I saw her portraits in
   Castle Caelin.
Lyn  : To the rest of my tribe, I was always Lyn. But when I was with my
   parents... When it was just the three of us, I was Lyndis. It's all so
   strange. I was all alone in the world, and now I have a grandfather.
   Lyndis... I never thought I would hear that name again.
Kent : ...
Lyn  : Wait. That bandit! He called me Lyndis, too!
Kent : What? How could he have--
Sain : He was a henchman of Lord Lundgren, wasn't he?
Lyn  : Lundgren? Who's that?
Kent : He's the marquess's younger brother. Everyone assumed the lady Madelyn
   was gone forever. This made Lord Lundgren heir to the marquess's title.
Sain : To be blunt, milady. Your existence is an obstacle to your granduncle's
Lyn  : That's-- But I have no interest in inheriting any title!
Sain : Unfortunately, your granduncle is not the sort of man to believe that.
   I believe the attempts on your life will persist.
Lyn  : What should I do?
Kent : Accompany us to Caelin. Continuing on this way is dangerous.
Lyn  : I feel I have little choice. I will go with you.

Lyn  : Agung... I'm sorry. This changes everything. What will you do, Agung?
   You... want me to decide? Of course, your companionship would do much to
   ease my journey, but... It's going to be so dangerous. You'll come? Are you
   sure? Thank you! Let me ask once again for your friendship and your aid.


A small altar lies on the outskirts of Bulgar. This ancient temple, sacred to
the people of Sacae, has long been know for its powerful bond to the world of
spirits. Before starting their journey, our travelers come here to pray for
their well-being. At this altar, Lyn's hand is directed to a grand

Lyn  : Agung, hold a moment, and allow me a short detour. There is a sacred
   sword enshrined in an altar east of here. The people of Sacae go there to
   pray for safety at the onset of a long journey.
Sain : Oh! How quaint!
Kent : The teachings of Elimine have the most followers in Elibe. It is nice
   to see that, here at least, the ancient customs are still observed.

Glass : Old man! Stay where you are, and hold your tongue!
Priest : Threaten me as you will, but I'll not give up the Mani Katti. The
   Mani Katti is a sacred blade, under divine protection. It cannot be removed
   from it's place of rest!
Glass : You're a fool, old man. What good is a sword, if you can not use it?
Priest : Use it? In combat? Sacrilege!
Glass : Sacrilege? I am Glass! The gods fear my name! My swordplay is
   peerless! And if I want this sword, then this sword I shall have! Now, get
   out of my way!
Priest : Oof!
Glass : This is it! It's more magnificent than I'd imagined! This sword was
   made for a swordsman of my skill. Hmm? What's this? I can't... draw the
   sword... from it's scabbard?
Priest : The spirits of the blade have judged you. You have been found
   wanting. They have rejected you.
Glass : What? Listen, you senile old fool, if you value your own life, you'll
   get out of my sight!!! Curses! Miserable spirits! I care nothing for you!
   I'll tear this altar down stone by stone!

NPC  : I beg your pardon,milady. Are you headed east? To the altar?
Lyn  : Yes, we are indeed.
NPC  : Then you must hurry and help the priest there. I saw a band of ruffian
   head in there not long ago. They seemed intent on stealing the altar's
   sacred sword!
Lyn  : The Mani Katti... They're going to steal it? I cannot allow this to
NPC  : You look like a virtuous group. Please, help him!
Sain : Lyndis, what are you planning?
Kent : If you hope to go to the priest's aid, you'll need to prepare.
Lyn  : You're right... Say, Agung... There are some homes to the south of us.
   Perhaps we should go there and question the residents.

The three buildings to the south are homes. You can speak with the people who
live there. They sometimes give you combat hints or useful information about
the land and the people. It pays to listen!
Lyn  : Shall I take the lead? All right. Tell me what you would like me to do,


Lyn  : You want me to visit that home, right? I understand.

House ()
NPC  : Say, aren't you the... Oh! You're going to help the priest! Well,
   perhaps you could benefit from something I saw earlier... The bandits may
   have the main entrance guarded. However, one of the altar's walls is
   cracked and in poor repair. You might be able to create another entrance by
   hitting that section with your weapons. We're all counting on you!

Next, send Sain to visit another home. Start by selecting Sain.

Sain : I'm next, am I? Well, I'm ready to go!

House ()
NPC  : Mountains make it more difficult to be hit, but they're difficult to
   traverse. If you're riding on horseback, you can't cross them at all. Be

Remember, your mounted units possess the ability to move again. After moving,
cavalry can move the rest of their movement range, unless they've received
attack or staff commands. This also goes for units mounted on pegasi and
wyverns. Now, give Sain his command.

Finally, let's send Kent to visit the remaining home. This visit isn't
necessary for combat purposes. However, it's residents may have useful
knowledge. I recommend stopping by. Select Kent.

Kent : I'm next to move, am I not? I await your command.

House ()
NPC  : Do you know much about the sword held at the altar? It's called the
   Mani Katti, blessed by the spirits. According to the priest,the Mani Katti
   is waiting for its rightful owner to appear. It's so odd, don't you think?
   The idea that a sword can choose who will wield it?

You should know something about fortresses. Fortresses offer more protection
than woods do. Fighting from a space in a fortress is beneficial. Remember,
this holds true for friend and foe alike. Keep this in mind before engaging
your enemy.
Fortresses also allow injured units to regain hit points. Your units
automatically regain some HP at the beginning of your turn.
The HP you recover in one turn is fairly small. As long as you remain in a
fortress, you'll regain HP every turn, so a full recovery is possible.
There are other places where units can recover HP, including castle gates,
thrones, and areas where bosses are found.

This chapter's goal is to seize the throne.
The leader of the enemy is on the throne now. Defeat him and have Lyn seize
the throne to finish this battle.
His name is Glass. He's a sword-bearing mercenary. Think of the weapons
What weapon is able to best a sword? Correct! the lance! Using the right
weapon is like a shortcut to victory.
To get into the altar, try using the method that you heard earlier.
It's up to you, Agung. Good luck.

Glass : Who do you think you are? What chance do you think you have against

Glass : You... You... Urr... urgh...

Sometimes, you'll get items after defeating enemies.
A single unit can carry a maximum of five items.
you might need to drop some old items to pick up new ones. Bear this in mind.
You can see what items your enemies will drop by checking their inventories.
Place the cursor on an enemy or ally, then press the R button to view their
personal data.
This data screen contains information about the unit you've selected.
Press the + Control Pad left and right to change pages and view items.
If any of the items are glowing yellow, you will get them if you defeat the
unit. Don't forget!


Priest : Ah, your clothing... Are you of the Lorca tribe?
Lyn  : I'm Lyn, the chieftain's daughter. Are you hurt, sir?
Priest : Thanks to you, I am unscathed. You have my gratitude.
Lyn  : And the sword? Is it safe?
Priest : Yes, I have sealed the sword safely away. Until I remove my spell,
   the sword cannot be drawn. Now, as a token of my gratitude, I shall allow
   you to lay hands upon the Mani Katti. Touch the blade's pattern, and pray
   for a safe journey.
Lyn  : Oh, thank you so much!
Priest : Hm?
Lyn  : What? Did-- The sword... It's... glowing.
Priest : Ah. Hm... It's the power of the spirits. Lyn, they have looked into
   your soul, and they call out to you.
Lyn  : What does that mean?
Priest : You are its rightful owner. You are to wield the Mani Katti.
Lyn  : No... I can't... I couldn't...
Priest : It is the sword's wish. If you require proof, draw it from its
Lyn  : Um... It came out... effortlessly.
Priest : I never dared to hope that I might meet the wielder of the Mani Katti
   in my life. I am indeed fortunate to see your sword reach your hands.
Lyn  : My sword?
Priest : It is time for you to go, Lyn. You face a great many ordeals. Grip
   this sword, and meet your destiny head-on.
Lyn  : Yes... Yes, sir!

Got the Mani Katti.

Sain : So this is the Mani Katti. A blade with no equal.
Lyn  : This is all so unbelievable. Perhaps the most famous sword in all of
   Sacae... in my hand.
Kent : It's not so strange. In fact, many legends tell similar tales...
   Special blades all over the land call out to their proper owners. And yet,
   when I saw you draw that blade, Lyndis... I felt something extraordinary.
   That sword was waiting for you. You were meant to draw it.
Lyn  : Stop it! I... I'm nothing special!
Sain : Think of it this way: Some weapons feel more comfortable in your
   hand, right? Well, the Mani Katti itself feels very comfortable with you.
   Does this make it any easier for you to accept? It doesn't appear that
   either of us can use it.
Lyn  : It... does feel right in my hand. A blade that only I can wield. That
   seems reasonable enough. I can understand that. Look at it, Agung. This
   is the Mani Katti. This is... my sword. I must care for it well.

Castle Caelin :
Lundgren : What? Madelyn's daughter is still alive?
Soldier : Uh... Yes, Lord Lundgren. The girl is traveling with Kent and Sain.
   What are your orders? If we let them be...
Lundgren : Bah! I've heard that northern Bern is full of bandits. She's just
   a girl. She'll not survive her journey here. I'm more concerned with my
   older brother. His life must be ended quickly. The poison... There must be
   no blunders.
Soldier : yes, m'lord. He suspects nothing and continues to drink it. The
   marquess's death, due no doubt to "sudden illness", is not far off.
Lundgren : Heh heh heh. Soon... Soon Caelin will be mine!


The secrets of her past revealed in the words of two Knights of Lycia. Now,
to meet her grandfather, Lyn heads west, to Lycia, and to her destiny. A
mountain range separates the Sacae Plains from Bern. There are many bandits
lurking here, the crueslest of which are the Taliver.
They wreak havoc on both Sacae and Bern, and their savagery knows no bounds.
On her tenth days away from the plains, Lyn witnesses their atrocities

Lyn  : This place... It's...
Sain : The entire area is in ruins. Why doesn't their marquess do anything to
Lyn  : Taliver Mountain is home to a gang of vicious, ruthless bandits. No
   marquess holds power here. My village was near here, on the other side of
   the mountain. My people were.. The Taliver andits came at night. It took
   only one night. The survivors numbered less than ten, including me. They
   are soulless beasts. I will never forgive them. Never.
Sain : Lyndis...
Kent : ...
Lyn  : I am not running away. I will be bac... someday. I'll be stronger...
   I will break their sowrds beneath me like twigs beneath a stallion's
   hooves. I will avenge my people. I'll do everything in my power.
Sain : When the time comes, bring me with you.
Lyn  : Sain.
Kent : Don't forget me, either.
Lyn  : Kent... Oh! You, too, Agung? I... You're... thank you.

Migal : Wait right there, little lady! What are you going to do to
   apologize? Huh?
Florina : Uh... I... That is, I...
Brigand : hey, she's quite a catch, eh, buddy? I bet the boss'd give us a
   pretty penny for her.
Migal : Yeah. She roughed me up a bit, so I figure fair's fair. It's no more'n
   she deserves.	
Florina : I... I...
Brigand : What are we gonna do with her flying mule?
Florina : Don't you dare touch her!
Brigand : What? You just watch your mouth, girlie!
Florina : Do what you will with me, just... Let her go. Please, I beg of you.
Migal : Ha ha ha! Silly twit! Pegasi can only be found in Ilia. They're rare
   beasts, worth more than you by far! We can sell it for a mountain of gold.
   Let it go? HA!
Florina : No, you can't...
Migal : C'mon! Let's move!
Kent : What's this? Be on your guard, Lyndis. There seems to be some sort
   of commotion over there.
Lyn  : That's... That's a pegasus. Could it be? Florina? Is that you, Florina?
Florina : Ah! Lyn?
Lyn  : Florina! What are you doing in a place such as this?
Florina : Lyn! Is it really you? I... I...
Lyn  : Come now, no crying!
Florina : I'm sorry.
Kent : You are acquaintances?
Lyn  : She's my friend. This is Florina, a pegasus knight in trainig from Ilia.
   She's a little uncomfortable around men. Tell me, Florina. What happened
Florina : Well... um... When I heard that you had left... I decided to follow
   you. Then I saw this village... I flew down to ask if they had news of you.
   I didn't see these two, and... well...
Lyn  : Did your pegasus land on them?
Florina : Well, I... A little...
Brigand : Aha! You heard her! She admits her fault! She stepped on my friend,
   and now she's got to pay!
Lyn  : Did you apologize, Florina?
Florina : Yes! I told them I was sorry many times over. They just wouldn't
Lyn  : Don't cry. It's all right.
Florina : Lyn...
Lyn  : Listen, she's obviously sorry. Can't we just let this pass? You don't
   appear to be injured or anything.
Taliver : No chance. The girls goes with us-- by force if need be! Hey!
   C'mon out now, boys! The men are fair game, but don't put a scratch on the
Lyn  : Agung! We've got to fight back!
Florina : Lyn! I!
Lyn  : You're a pegasus knight, aren't you? You can fight, can't you?
Florina : ...Yes!
Lyn  : Listen carefully, Agung. We're facing bandits. They're underlings, but
   we can't take them too lightly. Let's clear them out of here. Are you
   ready? The layout around here might make it difficult to fight. The same
   holds true for our foe, too. If we use these walls just so, they may ensure
   our victory.
Florina : Lyn... Who's that?
Lyn : This is Agung. He's still an apprentice, but he's my tactician.
Florina : Oh, I see... Uh... Agung? I'm pleased to meet you.


The red-roofed buildings are villages. Villages are in danger of being
attacked. If an enemy unit reaches a village before one of our units does, the
village will be destroyed. As quickly as possible, visit the residents and
give them warning. Only good can come of it. So, let's visit them. Please
select Lyn.

Lyn  : I'm to visit a village, right? Then issue the command.
Lyn  : Is anyone there?
NPC  : Leave us alone, you thugs! Go away! Go away! We've no more gold for
Lyn  : No, wait! Please! We're not bandits! We want to help the village.
   Please listen!
Wil  : Remain inside, everyone. I'll go see what's happening. Not bandits,
   huh? So, who are you?
Lyn  : My name is Lyn. My colleagues and I are just traveling through here.
   We saw some bandits about. We're going to deal with them, but... We need
   you to go and warn the villagers.
Wil  : Hey! Wait! The name's Wil. I'm a traveler of sorts, too. Listen, these
   villagers have been kind to me. Mind if I fight with you?
Lyn  : Not at all. We need all the help we can get! Welcome aboard, Wil!

By visiting a village, we gained a new companion. Wil is an archer. He uses
a bow to fight. Bows can be fired at foes more than 1 space away. Obstacles
won't affect your line of fire.
Attacking enemies without moving next to them is called indirect combat. If
the enemy has no weapons capable of indirect combat, there's no fear of
counterattack, and that's to our benefit.
However, you cannot fire on adjacent spaces. If someone moves next to you
and attacks, that's it.
Units with bows are best suited to lend assistance from the rear.
Let's try some indirect combat, shall we? Select Wil.

Wil  : Hey, it's me! Wil, remember? Why don't you issue me a command?
   I'd love to help!

Next is Florina, a pegasus knight. As you might guess, pegasus knight have
the ability to fly. They can move over almost any terrain type. This small
wall would stop most units, but it poses no problem for a pegasus knight.
Select Florina.

Florina : I... I am ready to fight. I'll follow your orders...

Knowing your units and their abilities and knowing how to use them in battle
is a shortcut to victory. To learn everything about a unit, place the cursor
on that unit and press the R Button.

Florina : Lyn! What should I do? There's an archer!!!
Lyn  : What? Where!? Oh, that's Wil.
Wil  : Hi! You're one of Lyn's friends?
Florina : Um... ... ...
Wil  : What... What is it? Are you unwell?
Lyn  : I'm sorry, Wil. Her name is Florina. She's timid around men, and
   you... you've got a bow.
Wil  : Oh! I see! You must be a pegasus kngiht! I apologize for frightening
   you, but I do understand your fear of bows.
Florina : I... um... ...I'm sorry... Even looking... at a... bow... frightens
   me ever so much...
Wil  : Of course, I understand! But you should really only fear the enemy's
   archers, not your own.
Florina : Yes... of course...

Units that fly, like pegasus knights, are very vulnerable to bow attacks.
Arrows will deal critical damage to them. If the enemy has bow-wielding units,
you must be extremely cautious.

NPC  : You came to help the village? That's good. With so many bandits, I
   wasn't sure what to do. It's not much, but please, take this money. There's
   an armory to the southeast of us. Equip yourself as you see fit, and help
   us, please.

Weapons have the strength to be used only a limited number of times. As you
fight, their endurance drops. At zero, the weapon breaks and disappears from
your inventory. Check your weapon endurance by placing the cursor on a unit
and pressing R Button. You can also check on the item screen.
The number next to the weapon is it's endurance. Be careful. without a weapon
a unit cannot enter combat.

Lyn and Migal
Lyn  : Hey, listen! There's something I wanted to ask you.
Migal : Begging for you life so soon, wench?
Lyn  : Are you... Taliver bandits?
Migal : Taliver? Those greedy monsters? We're nothing like them!! Those fiends
   will even kill women and children! We're from Ganelon, and we know a little
   something of honor. We don't harm women, for one thing. Heh heh heh. After
   all, why kill what you can sell?
Lyn  : If you're not Taliver, then there's no reason for you to die here
   today. If you would like to tuck your tails and flee, do so now.
Migal : You... You... No more courtesies! You're going to learn to watch your

Florina and Migal
Florina : Um... Excuse me...
Migal : Huh? It's you! So, you changed your mind about coming with us, eh?
Florina : Well... no... But... this really is... my fault... Really... So,
   can we...
Migal : What?! C'mon, lass, out with it!
Florina : I'm sorry. Can we... Can we just stop fighting now?
Migal : You've got to be kidding. After I've been made to look like a fool? No
Florina : Eeek!
Migal:You're coming with us! I promise you that!! Now, if you don't want to
   get hurt, give yourself up!

Migal : Draw your swords! We're not listening to any of your stinking

Migal:Ugh... You'll live to regret this... My brothers... The Ganelon bandits
   will not let this stand...


Lyn  : That's finally taken care of!
Florina : Lyn!
Lyn  : Florina... Why did you follow me? It's so dangerous.
Florina : Do you remember the knighting ceremony of the Pegasus Knight of
Lyn  : Yes, you join a band of freelance soldiers to further your training.
   Is that what brought you here, Florina?
Florina : Uh-huh. I wanted to talk to you before I set out. But when I went
   to Sacae, I heard that you had left with some strangers, and...
Lyn  : You were worried for me? Thank you, but I'm more worried about you.
Florina : Me?
Lyn  : Listen, most mercenaries are men, right? Bands of men? I can't imagine
   you being at all comfortable around them.
Florina : I know, I know. It's just... I've always dreamt of being a pegasus
   knight. I imagined I would just... work it out. Somehow. After today, I'm
   not so sure. Maybe I should just... give up.
Lyn  : Florina... Don't cry... Yes! There's no reason to give up your dream!
Sain : Lovely Florina! I have the most brilliant idea!
Kent : Sain!
Sain : You should come with us! With the addition of Wil here, we're a fine
   group of soldiers, and freelance to boot!
Wil  : Wait, did you just include me?
Sain : Of course! We were destined to meet here! It's fate! Come now, Lyndis's
   band of mercenaries is as good a training group as you will find anywhere!
Kent : Sain... This is no joking matter!
Florina : Lyndis? Um, Lyn? Mercenaries?
Lyn  : I can give you details later. This is all a bit rushed. However, Sain
   is right. Will you come with us, Florina?
Florina : Travel with you, Lyn? Truly? I would be so... so happy!
Sain : Fantastic! Beauteous Florina! I am a knight of Caelin. My name is
Florina : Eeek! Stay back! Don't get so close.
Sain : Ah... Beautiful, and yet so modest!
Kent : I beg your forgiveness. Calling us mercenaries...
Lyn  : No, I approve. We can't leave Florina on her own. She requires special
   attention, though. Can I count on you?
Kent : Yes! You have but to ask.
Wil  : So... Is it really all right if I travel with you?
Lyn  : Oh, yes. Of course! If you're willing, Wil.
Wil  : Actually, I'm very grateful. Truth be told, all of my money was stolen,
   and I'm... at a bit of a crossroads. I would be honored to count myself one
   of Lyndis's Legion!
Lyn  : "Lyndis's Legion"? This is getting stranger with every day, Agung.


After defeating the bandits, Lyn continues westward.
She and her colleagues stop for the night at a ruined fortress.
The Ganelon bandits are in a rage after their brethren fell to Lyn's swords.
They race in pursuit of the companions.
Their angry footsteps sound closer and closer...

Wil  : Ah, this should suffice! Tonight's bed!
Sain : This mildewy old fortress? Is this the best we can do? Come, Wil!
   Surely you jest!
Wil  : The bandits keep everything in turmoil around here. No one has time to
   worry about travelers. And there are rather a lot of us.
Lyn  : This will be fine. Who wants to be stuck inside, anyway? I prefer a
   place where I can feel the wind blow.
Florina : As long as I'm at Lyn's side, I'll be fine.
Sain : And for your protection, your man-at-arms Sain will be right here by
   your side, ladies.
Kent : Sain, both you and I are to remain awake. We will alternate the watch.
Sain : Ah, alas...
Natalie : Your pardon, milady...
Lyn  : Who's there?
Natalie : I... Forgive my intrusion... My name's Natalie. I'm from a village
   not far from here... Ah! Ow...
Lyn  : Are you all right? Hm? Your leg...
Natalie : It's fine. Don't worry. It's from a childhood sicknes... I can't
   travel far on it, but it doesn't trouble me much.
Lyn  : What are you doing here all by yourself?
Natalie : I'm looking for my husband... I heard he was in this area. He said
   he wasy going to raise money to have my leg mended. He left the village
   and hasn't returned. He's a kindhearted man, but I think he might be
   involved in something dangerous. I got so worried... Here's a sketchof him.
   It's a poor likeness at best, but... His name is Dorcas. Do you know of
Lyn  : I'm sorry. I don't believe I've seen or heard of him.
Natalie : I see... If you do meet him, please give him a message. Tell him
   that Natalie is looking for him.
Lyn  : I will tell him. I promise.

Carjiga : Here they are. We've finally tracked down the band that defeated
Bandit : So they've decided to hole up in this ruined fortress. Perfect. We'll
   wait til it gets dark, and then...
Carjiga : You'are and idiot! There are only a few of them, and some are women!
   If we attacked them at night, I'd be a laughingstock! Besides, we might
   hurt the women by mistake! I will not be so wasteful!
Bandit : You're right, Carjiga! You're so smart!
Carjiga : We'll avenge Migal and get some pretty souvenirs to boot. Who knows,
   maybe I'll be a leader after all. Ha ha ha! Let's go! Spread out and
   encircle the place, you rogues! Let's finish this before it gets too dark
   to see!

Carjiga : Hey, you! Your name's... Dorcas, right?
Dorcas : ...
Carjiga : You haven't done much since you joined us. If those weapons of yours
   aren't just for show, today's the day to let us see what you can do.
Dorcas : ...
Carjiga : I want you to attack from the back entrance to the east. There's
   supposed to be a woman inside. I want you to capture her. Do that, and
   I'll incrase your share of the take. If you want gold, you'll get the job
Dorcas : A bunch of women, huh? It would break Natalie's sweet heart to see
   me sink so low.

Kent : Lady Lyndis! Outside the fortress! Bandits!
Lyn  : What did you say?
Sain : Persistent bunch, aren't they? What do you think? Shall we go out and
   face them?
Lyn  : No... Natalie cannot move well, and that would put her in danger. Let
   them come to us. We'll fight here, within these walls. Agung, take over.
   The command is yours. All we have to do is hold out until they tire and
Natalie : Oh...
Lyn  : Rest easy, Natalie. No one will harm you! Listen, everyone! Fight with

In this chapter, your goal is protect a special character for a set period
of time. Keep Natalie safe for 7 turns. Agung, Natalie, and other green units
are called NPCs. NPCs are not enemies, but they cannot be moved or given
orders. Sometimes, green units will be attacked because they are on the field
of combat. Be careful not ot let enemies close in on Natalie.


Lyn : Agung! This fortress has two entrances. That's where we must meet the
   enemy! I'll take the eastern door. Agung, you and the others guard the
   main entrance.

When the enemy far outnumbers your group, it's safer to restrict the battle
to smaller areas. No matter how strong an enemy is, if he's attacked on all
sides, he's sure to take massive damage. So, the east door is Lyn's, and the
south door is everyone else's. Be on guard. Select Lyn, move her to the
space indicated by the cursor, and have her wait.

Lyn  : Agung! The fighter who just attacked me... Doesn't he look somewhat
   like that picture of Natalie's husband?

Sometimes, you can speak with enemy characters. If you think you can converse
with someone, move one of your units to an adjacent space. By and large,
you'll know whom to send from hints you receive in other conversations. When
you're not sure, just try using Lyn. Select Lyn now.

Lyn  : You! Tell me, are you Dorcas?
Dorcas : ... How do you know my name?
Lyn  : Natalie told me. What are you doing with these rogues?
Dorcas : I need money.
Lyn  : That may be, but... joining up with mercenaries?
Dorcas : It's the only way to earn gold in these parts. I'll do anyting...
   even this.
Lyn  : For gold? Anything? Would you hurt your wife? Natalie is here! We're
   protecting her within this fortress!!
Dorcas : What!? Natalie's... She's here?
Lyn  : She was so worried that she came looking for you. Think, Dorcas!
   Would your actions please your wife?
Dorcas : ... ... You're right.
Lyn  : Well?
Dorcas : I understand. I can't do this. I'm done with these bandits. Here
   and now.
Lyn  : Really?
Dorcas : Yes... And I would repay you for your kindness toward Natalie. Allow
   me to fight for you.

In this way, you can sometimes turn enemies into allies. Never underestimate
the power of persuasive speech. Your new companion, Dorcas, is an axe-wielding
fighter. Do you remember the weapon triangle ? Axes are strong against lances
and weak against swords. Axes have more power than other weapons, but they
are also more difficult to hit with. Try using Dorcas to attack. Select Dorcas
The weapon Dorcas is wielding is called a handaxe. Use it to attack an
adjacent opponent, or throw it in indirect combat in the manner of a bow.
This versatility makes it a valuable weapon. It's difficult to hit with,
though, so don't rely on it too much. Now let's use the handaxe and try some
indirect combat.

Right now, after all of your units have moved, it automatically becomes the
enemy's turn, right?
Sometimes, there are moments when you might not want or be able to move all
your units.
When it's bothersome to tell your units to wait one by one, select end from
the map menu to speed things up. To display the map menu, place the cursor
on an unoccupied space and press the A Button.

Carjiga : What are you waiting for? She's just a child! A Girl! Grrr! Get
   more men up here now!

Carjiga : Urgh! How? Why are they so tough? You! Bring more men here right

Carjiga : Arrgh.. This isn't... Not me...

Text If Natalie was killed :
Natalie : Ah...
Lyn  : I wasn't strong enough... ...I couldn't protect Natalie. I'm sorry,
   Mark... I need to be alone. ...I... I failed her when she needed help most.


Bandit : Curses! They're not human! Listen up, rogues! Retreat! Pull back!

Lyn : The enemy has fled! Agung! We've won!!!
Natalie : Dorcas!
Dorcas : I'm so sorry, Natalie.
Lyn  : All's well that ends well. Right, Natalie?
Dorcas : Our village is close. I'll take Natalie home and return tomorrow.
Lyn  : Hm? Why can't we just say our farewells today?
Dorcas : Well, I... I spoke with Agung. I... I've been invited to join your
Lyn  : Bu we're going to Lycia...
Dorcas : I have to go somewhere to earn money. If you think I'll be of use,
   I'd like to fight for you. You helped my wife... I owe you.
Lyn  : Dorcas...
Natalie : Please, Lyn. We are both in agreement on this. Watch over my

Lyn  : Things have finally calmed down.
Kent : We'll continue taking turns keeping watch. Please rest easily.
Lyn  : Is that all right? Are you sure? Sain?
Sain : Oh! Er, yes! Of course!
Lyn  : Let me warn you... If bandits sneak up on you, they'll cut you down
   without mercy. Do you understand that?
Sain : What, do you doubt my bravery? Am I not a knight? There's no need to
   worry! Right, Kent?
Kent : If there's anything suspicious, We'll take care of it. Rest assured.
Lyn  : Really? Well, good night then. See you tomorrow, Agung.
Kent : Let's go.
Sain : Ha! No one ever trusts me...


The next morning comes too quickly.
Lyn has fought back the bandits' attack.
Now, she rushes for the border of Bern.
If she can reach it, Lycia itself is not far off.
For a moment, Lyn stops to imagine the face of a grandfather she's never seen.

Kent : We've almost reached the Lycian border.
Lyn  : Once we cross, we'll be safe from the bandits, right?
Wil  : We should be. I doubt they'll be willing to pursue us accross the
Sain : Lycia at last! It's been a long time. Tomorrow, we'll dine on a feast
   of Lycia's finest foods! And the mistress of the inn at the crossing is
   said to be a beauty. Ah, ye... Food and love. No better way to restore a
   man's sould! This is going to be a fine evening, eh, Kent?
Kent : If your behavior is as deplorable as ever, we'd best stay elsewhere.
   We're not here for sightseeing.
Sain : Oh, come now! That's not fair!
Lyn  : Kent, the inn will be fine.
Kent : As you say, milady.
Sain : Lyndis! You are truly an angel from on high!
Lyn  : It's nothing. Forget it.
Florina : Ah! We'll finally be able to get a good night's sleep.
Lyn  : Oh, no... Those bandits are persistent, I'll give them that much.

Bug : Ah! Here they are! I've found 'em!!
Wil  : What? Not again! They're still after us?
Bug : He he heh heh heh! Don't think you're getting away so esily!
Brigand : You leave alive, and everyone'll think the Gaemlon bandits have gone
Lyn : So? We care nothingfor you or your reputations. We must get to Lycia!
   Get in our way, and you'll pay!
Bug : Cheeky little thing, aren't you? Let's get 'em, lads! And no holding
   back just 'cause there's women with 'em! Wipe 'em out!

Serra : Oooh... We're lost. This makes me so mad!
Erk  : You told me you were certain this was the correct path.
Serra : What's your point, Erk? What are you trying to say?
Erk  : ... I swear, you are NOT the woman I agreed to escort...
Serra : What? What's that supposed to mean?
Erk  : I heard someone was needed to escort a frail Lycian priestess to
Serra : yes, and I'm that priestess.
Erk  : Frail? You? Serra, you have no need of any escort to protect you. Even
   the most hardened criminal would flee in terror after five minutes in your
   company. I'll return your money. Gladly. NOw, will you please go on to
   Ostia alone?
Serra : NO! Youre MY escort, Erk! MINE! You're so clean and tidy. A noblewoman
   like myself can't be seen without a proper escort. Your personality's
   nothing special, but you're not bad to look at.
Erk  : I believe that's my line. And I have to take you all the way to Ostia?
   I only hope my nerves can endure the journey.
Serra : What are you mumbling about? You're so gloomy! Hm? Something's
   happening over there. Let's take a look!
Erk  : Ah. Of course. The first opportunity to get involved in trouble, and
   she jumps right in. No amount of money is worth this. Hoo...

Serra : Wow! A fight! A fight! Erk! Take a look! Fighting those bandits...
   It's a young girl!
Erk  : Fool! Keep your voice down!
Brigand : Eh? What's this? You in league with that she-devil?
Serra : Hm?
Erk  : Ah... This is so wrong...
Brigand : Gyaaa! I'll take care of you with one swift stroke!
Serra : Eeeeeek! Eeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeeeeek! Erk! Help me!!!
Erk  : So... loud... Serra! Behind me! You there! See if you can match me!


Lyn  : That scream... Look! Agung, someone's over there!

Sometimes, you can talk to different NPCS (the green units on the map). The
process is the same as talking to enemies. Give it a try. Please select Lyn.

Lyn  : You want me to talk to that person? Understood. Um, excuse me... Hello?
Serra : Hm?
Lyn  : Why are you fighting these bandits?
Erk  : ... It just happened.
Serra : That's not true! Those ruffians thought that we were with you!!! You
   got us into a terrible situation! Now, how are you going to get us out?
Erk  : Serra, if you'd not been so meddlesome, this all could have been
   avoided. My apologies. Please trouble yourself with us no more.
Lyn  : But... if you're going to have to fight anyway, shouldn't we team up?
   It will end things faster, right?
Serra : That's true. Yes! That's a good idea. Erk! Go and help these ladies.
Erk  : But I... Fine!
Lyn  : Very good. My name's Lyn. So, tell me, will you join arms with us?
Serra : Yes, we'd be glad to. My name is Serra, This is my escort, Erk. Be a
   good boy, and go fight now, Erk.
Erk  : ...Sigh...

Erk, a mage, and Serra, a cleirc, have joined your group. Mages use the magic
of truth to attack and damage their enemies. Clerics use staves to restore
HP to their allies. Let's try them both. First, select Serra.

Serra : Hello. You're Agung, right? I'm Serra. Nice to meet you. By the way,
   see this contrary mage here with me? His name is Erk. I think he's been
   hurt. I am Erk's employer. "Master", I suppose you could say. What I'm
   getting at is... I was thinking of healing him free of charge. I know, I
   know. I'm generous to a fault. Hm? Why are you looking at me like that?
   Praise my generosity! Anyway, that's the deal. Please direct me to him.

Press the A Button, and select staff from the menu.

Serra : I'm going to use my staff. Watch in wonder!

Clerics cannot wield weapons; therefore they can't engage in combat. However,
they can use their staves to restore HP to allied units. Besides healing
staves, which restore HP, there are other staves with different abilities.
It's always a good idea to test out any new abilities you receive, so let's
do that now.
Have Erk demonstrate his magic. Begin by selecting Erk.

Erk  : You are Agung? I am Erk. I'm not sure how I got in this mess. If I am
   going to fight, however, I will show you the true power of magic!

Magic, like Dorcas's throwing axes, can strike enemies in adjacent squares as
well as those at a distance. It's very useful. Magic can penetrate even the
strongest defenses, so it can be used in many situations. However, mages have
few HP and low defensive abilities. To avoid counter-attacks, move in close to
archers, and attack other fighters from 1 space away. Try and formulate battle
strategies like this to be successful on the field of combat.

House (11,3)
NPC  : Tell me, are you using the R Button? If there's something you don't
   understand, use the R Button to investigate. It's essential. Place the
   cursor on a unit and press the R Button. This displays detailed information
   on the unit. You knew that, right ? While that information is displayed,
   press the R Button again. That will get you even more detailed information.
   Did you know that? The R Button can be used in many other places, too.
   Anyway, when you come across something unfamiliar, try pressing the R
   Button! Won't hurt to remember that!

House (9,7)
NPC  : Magic can be used to attack enemies both near and far. Plus, you
   might find that magic can hit an enemy that normal weapons do not harm.
   However... Mages are notoriously susceptible to physical attacks. Just
   because they're versatile doesn't mean you should put them in harm's way.
   It does you no good if they are lost because of your carelessness.

House (14,8)
NPC  : Ah, so you're a traveler? Listen to my advice: handle your money
   wisely. If you spend too much too soon, you'll run out early and suffer
   later. There are other shops, so save about, oh, half of your money.

Bug  : You're gonna learn why people fear the Ganelon Bandits!

Bug  : Blaaaaah... Scum... You're all scum...


Lyn  : Nicely done, Agung. That should just about do it.
Serra : What a surprise. You are very strong, Lyn.
Lyn  : Your staff is a wondrous thing. Healing powers amaze me.
Serra : only those in the service of good can wield them.
Lyn  : You helped us tremendously. Well, it's time for us to go.
Serra : Take care. Good-bye, Lyn.
Lyn  : Fare you well. You, too, Erk.
Erk  : Good-bye.
Serra : Well, let us be on our way, Erk.
Sain : What have we here? Another wildflower? Perhaps a butterfly? What an
   absolutely delectable creature!
Serra : Oh my! Are you one of Lyn's companions?
Sain : Please, call me Sain.
Serra : I'm Serra. I serve House Ostia.
Sain : Serra... What a lyrical name. I am in service to Castle Caelin.
Serra  : Oh! So is Lyn a member of the marquess's family?
Sain : She is the granddaughter of our lord, the marquess.
Serra : Hmmm... Such an important person.
Erk  : Serra... what deviousness are you contemplating now?
Serra : Tee hee! Having a person of power in your debt is never a bad thing!
Erk  : You can't be serious...
Serra : Oh, Sain! Do you think we could join the lady Lyndis's company? She
   seems like such a nice person, and I would ever so much like to help her.
Sain : Of course! We couldn't be happier!! Why, we were only just saying how
   we need some more fighting power!
Serra : Are you being hunted or something?
Sain : Yes, it's an inheritance dispute. Assassins everywhere.
Serra : Oh my! In that case, my healing staff and Erk's magic should come in
Erk  : Well, I, er... It sounds... dangerous...
Sain : Your staff and magic would be extremely helpful! Please wait here! I
   will go and speak with Lady Lyndis on your behalf.
Erk  : Unbelievable...
Serra : This is fantastic, Erk! Our good deeds will earn us gratitude beyong
Erk  : I... I... I think I'm going to be ill.

Castle Caelin
Lundgren : That little girl crossed the border!?
Soldier : Yes, Lord Lundgren. She's en route to Araphen...
Lundgren : Fool! Send out soldiers to meet her! Hold nothing back! Do anything
   to finish this now! First the old man, and now the girl... They cling to
   life like a drowning man to a rock! Double the poison's strength! If he
   struggles, hold him down and pour it down his throat! Once the girl is
   gone, Caelin is mine. I will let no one stand in my way!


At long last, Lyn arrives in the land of her mother's birth.
Lycia is a federation of territorise, each one ruled by a powerful marquess.
Now, Lyn takes her leave of one of these territories, Araphen, and sets out
to meet her grandfather, the marquess of Caelin. However, the marquess's
brother, Lundgren, hungers to rule Caelin. He is preparing a deadly welcome
for Lyn, who stands to threaten his grasp for power.

Lyn  : What city is this?
Sain : This? This is Araphen. After Ostia, it's the second biggest city in
Lyn  : The second biggest, hm? It does seem awfully busy. By the way, where's
Sain : He said he was going ahead to the castle, but... Ah, here he comes now.
Kent : Milady Lyndis! Let us proceed to the castle. They've prepared supplies
   for us. The marquess has agreed to aid us on our journey to Caelin.
Lyn  : He's going to help us?
Kent : Yes. Araphen and Caelin have enjoyed a sturdy friendship for many
   years. Once I informed the marquess of our plight, he agreed to lend us
   his strength.
Sain : Looks like we've got a smooth road ahead!
Kent : If we could pick up some soldiers, the road to Caelin would be that
   much safer. I'm truly sorry for hardships you've suffered so far.
Lyn  : Don't be silly. You are so capable, Kent.
Sain : Kent!?
Lyn  : Hm? OH, and so are you, Sain.
Sain : Of course I am!
Kent : The castle awaits...

NPC1 : This is terrible! The castle is burning!!
Sain : What did you say? What's happening?
NPC1 : Smoke! From the castle! Hey! What are those men doing?
Lyn  : Who are you?
Assassin  : You! You're Lyndis, aren't you?
Lyn  : Ah! What do you--
Assassin : No questions! Prepare yourself!!!
Lyn  : Hey!
Rath :
Assassin : Aaaargg! Aaaaah!!
Lyn  : What? An arrow?
Rath : ...
Lyn  : Who are--
Kent : Milady Lyndis! Are you all right?
Lyn  : I'm fine. He... This man saved me.
Kent : May I ask your name?
Rath : ...
Lyn  : Wait! Why did you help me?
Rath : I thought a Sacaean plainswoman was being attacked. I was mistaken.
Lyn  : No, you were right! I am from Sacae. I'm Lyn, the daughter of the Lorca
Rath : The Lorca? There were survivors?
Lyn  : Yes.
Rath : You should leave at once. A blaze has started in the castle, and it's
   spreading. Don't be foolish and waste the life I just saved.
Lyn  : You're from the castle? What's happening? How severe is the fire? Is
   the marquess safe?
Rath : The castle is under attack, and the marquess has been accosted. The
   man who attacked you was probably one of the marauders. As captain of the
   castle guard, it's my duty to rescue the marquess.
Lyn  : I see... All right then, we'll help you.
Kent : Milady?
Rath : Why?
Lyn  : These brigands are after me. If they're attacking the castle, it's
   because of me. So I must help if I can...
Rath : It sounds like you're involved somehow... Let's go.
Lyn  : You'll accept our aid?
Kent : ...
Rath : I am Rath of the Kutolah. Our tribes may be different, but I will not
   abandon a woman of the Sacae.
Lyn  : Thank you, Rath! A thousand blessings upon you!
Rath : And a thousand curses upon our enemy!
Lyn  : Come!

NPC2 : You! What are you doing in my house?!
Matthew : Peace! I mean no danger to you! Your home offers a good view of the
   battle outside. Look, I'll pay you for the privilege. Please.
NPC2 : Like a vulture waiting for the spoils, eh? Terrible! Pay up! I'll be
   hiding below, so don't bother me.
Matthew : I wouldn't dream of it. Now then, which side has the most to offer?

Rath : Once the marquess is safe, my men can move in. Perhaps the secret
Lyn  : Secret passageway?
Rath : An underground tunnel leading to the throne room. There are triggers
   in the barracks that will open the tunnel.
Lyn : Head through the passage to the throne room... and rescue the marquess.
   Once that's done, can you drive the enemy from the castle?
Rath : Mmm... If we can release those triggers, my men and I can handle the
   rest. There are three triggers, though. All three need to be released, or
   the entrance won't open.
Lyn  : But the doors to the barracks are locked.
Rath : The enemy's within. If we don't get inside and finish them, we're
Lyn  : So opening those doors is our first objective.


The goal of this chapter is to open the doors and reach the 3 triggers located
inside. To open doors, you need door keys or the services of a thief.

Lyn  : What shall we do, Agung? We don't have any keys with us. Perhaps some
   of the marauders are carrying keys...

There may be times when you are unsure how to proceed. Start by checking
Status on the Map Menu. Visiting homes or villages is also a good way to get
information. Who knows what hints you might find. Let's try visiting a house.
Please select Lyn.

Village (5,12)
Matthew : Hey, you! Can I talk to you?
Lyn  : Who are you?
Matthew : I'm Matthew, a specialist in acquisitions of all kinds. Would you
   like to buy my services?
Lyn  : I've no need for a thief.
Matthew : Really? And how do you plan on opening the barrack doors?
Lyn  : What? How did you know about--
Matthew : Bullseye!
Lyn  : ...
Matthew : Don't be mad. Hire me. For you, I'll even lower my normal rate.
Lyn  : I do need those doors opened. OK. You're hired. Why did you choose to
   ally yourself with me?
Matthew : Hm? I was watching the battle from up above. Your group looked like
   a lot more fun than the dead guy. Pretty simple, really.
Lyn  : You're so odd.
Matthew : It's time to get to work!

The thief Matthew has joined your group. Thieves have picks, which they use
to open doors and chest. Picks are usable by thieves alone. It's time to
open that door. Select Matthew.

Matthew : Pardon! You're Agung, right? I'm Matthew.

The door has been opened. With that, you can also see inside the room behind
the door. Within the room there's a different-colored floor tile. Tiles that
seem different in some way might be the triggers we're looking for. Select
Rath, move him to that tile, and order him to wait. Triggers can be released
by having allied units wait on them.

Rath : That takes care of the first one. Two more to go.

Village (8,6)
NPC  : We can't do business with all the fighting in town. You're mercenaries,
   right? Can't you do something? Huh? You can't get the barracks open? I bet
   a thief with a set of picks could open any door you needed. Hold on. I may
   have something here to help you. Here it is! This is it. One door key. Door
   key can only be used once, but anyone can use them. Here! No charge. Now go
   get those thugs, will you?

Get a Door key.

Village (2,7)
NPC  : So what's your weapon of choice? Swords, lances, spears? Or do you
   favor bows or magic? Staves? Whatever it may be, the more you use it, the
   more skilled you become. Swinging your sword about will allow you to master
   it. Eventually, you'll be able to wield weapons of greater power. It's as
   they say: Practice makes perfect. You can check your skill level by
   pressing the R Button.

Village (5,2)
NPC  : The captain of the marquess's guard is a fellow named Rath... I've
   heard tell that he's a nomad from the plains of Sacae. Odd, considering
   how the marquess so obviously hates the nomads. I guess the marquess is
   pleased to have a nomad under his control. The ways of aristocrats are
   beyond my comprehension.

Village (3,12)
NPC6 : The marquess of Araphen's hatred for the people of Sacae is well
   known. Nomads are barred entrance to the city on the marquess's orders.
   He says he will not allow the nomads' stench to infect his city. Long
   ago, the marquess was in love with Marquess Caelin's daughter. It's said
   she spurned him in favor of a nomadic prince. Even so, I think the
   marquess goes too far in his treatment of the horsemen.

Matthew : Hey! Unless my eyes deceive me, that's a chest! Say, Agung! Since
   we came all this way, what say we help ourselves? Huh? What do you mean,
   "No"? Don't be such a bore. If you want to win, you've got to use every
   means at your disposal. That's an ironclad rules! Yeah, I know stealing's
   bad. I'm well aware of that. We're saving the marquess, right? Let's just
   call this an advance on our reward, OK?

Thieves can use their picks to open chests. Move Matthew onto the chest, and
the chest command will appear. Choose this command, and the contents of the
chest will become yours. Why don't we see what we can find? Go ahead and
select Matthew.

Matthew : Hey! Changed your mind? Hurrah! Treasure time! Treasure time!

Got an angelic Robe.

Matthew : Hey! This is an angelic robe. This is good for those of us on the...
   less robust side. Like me, for example. Magic items like this that increase
   one's abilities vanish after being used. Give them to the people who need
   them most. But don't fret too much about it, or you'll never use them.
   Simply holding on to a useful item does no one any good.

An angelic robe increases a character's max HP by a small amount. Select the
item on the item list and use it. To view more detailed information on items,
press the R Button on the item list. A thief has the skill to open doors and
chests, right? That ability can only be utilized if the thief has a set of
picks. The number next to an item is the number of times the item can be used
before the item breaks. Keep that in mind.

Matthew : An armorslayer! Just as the name suggests, armorslayers are useful
   against knights in armor. You want to know something? You need to give
   weapons to those who can wield them. Otherwise, it's just a waste of a
   perfectly good weapon. Take this blade, I mean. I can use it, but... I'm
   not too strong, and... I just hate being counterattacked. Anyway, think
   strategically about who you wipe weapons to.

If you get a weapon or staff you can't use, don't worry. Other members of your
party might be able to wield them. Item's you cannot use appear in gray text.
Try trading, these items to others in your group. Don't forget: you can only
trade items with one other character at a time.

Bool : Bah. Lyndis and her cadre. When did you arrive? No matter. I shall deal
with you.

Bool : Gah! Lord Lundgren...

Florina : Hey... This just might be the last trigger. So, I only need to...
Lyn  : Here it is, Agung! The hidden passageway! Good work! We'll Rath take
   over from here.


Marquess : Ah, it's Rath! You've done well. What a performance!
Rath : Sir... If you have praise, it should be given to this group.
Marquess : Hm? Who are you?
Lyn  : My name is Lyndis. I'm pleased you're well.
Marquess : Oh... It's you. You're Marquess Caelin's--- Leave us, Rath. I would
   speak with this girl.
Rath : ...
Marquess : Now... Lady Lyndis. Do you know the identity of those responsible
   for this uproar?
Lyn  : I believe it to be the work of my granduncle, Lundgren.
Marquess : That's exactly right. Whih means my castle has been damaged in your
   family's petty inheritance dispute.
Lyn  : My-My apologies...
Marquess : When I heard that Lady Madelyn's daughter was in trouble, I thought
   to lend my assistance... I find I've changed my mind. I withdraw my offer.
Kent : Marquess Araphen! You gave me your word, my lord!
Marquess : Your name is Kent, is it not? You failed to inform me of one most
   vital detail!
Kent : What... What do you mean?
Marquess : This girl does resemble Lady Madelyn, but... I didn't expect to
   see her so tainted with the blood of Sacae.
Lyn  : What?!?
Marquess : Don't you feel the marquess of Caelin would be troubled to meet
   this... nomadic mongrel?
Sain : You--!
Kent : Sain! Hold! My apologies, my lord Marquess.
Marquess : Hm... Your man is poorly disciplined.
Kent : Marquess Araphen! Please... If you would grace us with your aid...
Marquess : ... I hear Marquess Caelin is ill and abed. I question whether he
   will survive to meet this girl. In which case, his brother, Lundgren, will
   claim his title. And I certainly wish to avoid trouble with the coming
Sain : You scheming...
Lyn  : Sain! I understand. Kent, Sain, we take our leave at once.
Kent : Milady Lyndis! We--
Lyn  : I am proud of the Sacae blood that runs through my veins. I will NOT
   accept aid from one who disparages my heritage.

Sain : That was well done, milady! The marquess is a lout. Don't worry about
   anything. We're all here for you! Isn't that so, Kent?
Kent : I beg your forgiveness.
Lyn  : Why are you apologizing, Kent?
Kent : I've been so concerned with seeing you to Caelin. I failed to take
   your feelings into account.
Lyn  : Is that it? Trouble yourself no more. You have put my safety above all
   else. I have seen that... Hold your head up and be proud.
Kent : Milady Lyndis...

Marquess : Bah! Arrogant child! If she had but shed a single tear, I would
   have granted her request. We Lycian nobles will never understand those
   prideful savages.
Rath : ... Are those your true feelings toward the nomads of Sacae, milord?
Marquess : What? Oh, Rath! I didn't see you there. My comments do not reflect
   on you. Yo are my captain. I'm proud of your service.
Rath : Of course. As long as we bend our knee to you, you care not where
   we're from. But when an equal comes from my lands? What conceit.
Marquess : Rath! How can you speak to me like that? I have treated you well,
   have I not? I have paid you well. I have treated you better than your kind
Rath : You will never understand. My service ends here.

Lyn  : The marquess of Araphen... He said my grandfather was ill. We must
   hurry to Caelin...
Kent : As we approach Caelin, Lundgren's obstacles will be more difficult to
   overcome. However, I've vowed to see you through to the end, milady!
Lyn  : I'm counting on you, Kent.
Sain : I'm with you, too!
Lyn  : Thank you, Sain. Agung... Thank you for always standing at my side.
   It's because of all of you that I... I will persevere! They will never
   break my spirit!

Rath : ...
Lyn  : Rath! WHAT IS IT? What are you--
Rath : I overheard the marquess talking to himself. Lyn of the Lorca...
   Proud daugther of the Sacae... I would join you. I would add my strength
   to yours.
Lyn  : Really?
Rath : And this... I want you to take it.
Lyn  : This is... Gold!? It's too much. I can't accept it.
Rath : I have no need for it. And if it will help you...
Lyn  : But...
Rath : I cannot take back something once offered.
Lyn  : Rath... I thank you.

Got 5000 Gold.


Lyn takes her leave of Araphen, finding no aid from its spiteful marquess.
Now, she and her companions resume their march toward Caelin in earnest.
Racing against time, with here grandfather's life the price. Harried and
impatient, Lyn presses onweard. Suddenly a young boy appears and pleads for
their assistance.

Nils : Please! Somebody... Somebody, please help!
NPC1 : That's enought! Get out now! I want none of your trouble!
Nils : But, sir... Why? YOu were so kind yesterday...
NPC1 : I thought your were just two kids, a couple of traveling performers...
   If those men are chasing you, you must be up to no good! Now get up and
   get out! You're a plague on decent folk!
Nils : But.......
NPC1 : Whew... What a mess.

Lucius : Hmmm...

Lyn  : Where are we, Kent?
Kent : This is Kathelet. If we head due south, we'll pass into Caelin.
Sain : From here, I'd say we're about ten days' ride to Castle Caelin.
   Assuming we don't run into any delays, of course.
Lyn  : Ten days...

Nils : Pardon me, but...
Lyn  : Yes? Can I help you?
Nils : You and your friends... Are you mercenaries?
Lyn  : And if we are?
Nils : I need your help!
Kent : Milady Lyndis, you musn't let your guard down. Not even for a child.
Lyn  : I know. Forgive me, but we're in a hurry. Is there someone else you can
Nils : There's not time! Ninian's been... It's my sister! Some men have taken
   her away!
Sain : Your sister? Did you say your sister's been accosted?
Kent : Sain...
Nils : That's right! By some cruel, awful men. I don't know what I'll do
   without Ninian.
Sain : Milady Lyndis! We must help him!
Kent : Nonsense! We haven't the time! If the marquess is as ill as we've
   heard, we must proceed!
Lyn  : Kent, I... I want to help this child.
Kent : Milady?
Lyn  : I'm worried about my grandfather, of course. But this! I cannot stand
   by and let a child be taken from her home!
Kent : I see...
Lyn  : I'm sorry, Kent.
Kent : I'm your loyal retainer. You owe me no apologies. You must do as your
   heart dictates, milady. I will follow you, no matter where that may lead.
Lyn  : Thank you.
Sain : Hah! Such a noble speech! Ever the true knight, that one! Ah, well.
   You're in luck, laddie! Let's go get your sister!
Lyn  : Will you lead us to the men who've done this?
Nils : Uh huh. They're really tough, so be careful.
Lyn  : Leave them to us. We're pretty tough ourselvs. Right, Agung?

Nils : Ah! Oh, no...
Assassin : Heh heh heh... Found him! C'mon, it's back to Nergal with you.
   Quiest now.
Nils : No! Let Ninian go!
Assassin : We ain't supposed to kill you, but we sure can rough you up! Get
Assassin : Huh? Who do you think you are?
Nils : Lyn!
Lyn  : Let the boy's siser go.
Assassin : Ah... So you want to help the kid, huh? What a shame. You're gonna
   die for something that don't concern you.
Lyn  : You think so, do you? Do we look so meek to you? I think you're in for
   a terrible shock!
Assassin : Stupid girl... You'll regret those words. Take 'em down, boys!

Starting with this chapter, you'll be able to use the preparations screen.
On this screen, you can choose who will fight, equip different items, and
arrange your formation, among other things. If you have no special
preparations to make, simply press START. This starts the chapter with the
same group you were using at the end of the last chapter.


Lyn  : I see we're facing a shaman, Agung. I've heard that practitioners of
   the dark arts are feasome foes. We'll have to be careful... What!? Who are
Lucius : Please forgive me. I never meant to startle you.
Lyn  : Your robes... They look liek religious vestiary. Are you an Elimine
Lucius : Yes... Well, no. I'm only an acolyte, an Elimine monk, to be
   specific. My name's Lucius.
Lyn  : Do you have business with us?
Lucius : I was at the inn when this child came seeking help. The innkeeper
   was afraid to get involved. He was... unpleasant.
Nils : I wan't afraid of him! I'm used to being treated that way.
Lyn  : That's awful.
Lucius : May I please lend you my services? I truly wish to help the boy. If
   only a little.
Lyn  : Of course.
Lucius : Thank you very much. The blessings of St. Elimine be upon you

The monk Lucius has joine your group. Monks are users of the magic of light.
Those who wield magic are highly attuned to its flow, so they have a high
magic resistance. Units with high magic resistances can reduce the damage
caused by magical attacks. When magic users battle each other, they often
find it hard to inflict damage. The light magic of monks is strong against
the dark magic favored by shamans. Lucius should come in handy here. Let"s
put his magic to the test. Have Lucius attack the shaman nearest him.

Lucius : You wish me to attack the shaman? Very well.

Nils : I can help, too!
Lyn  : Nils! Can you fight?
Nils : No... But I'm a bard, and bards are useful to have around!
Lyn  : A bard? Do you mean you're a minstrel? This is no place for a ballad
   or a saltarello.
Nils : C'mon, trust me! I'm all yours, Agung.

It's time to see what Nils can do. The music played by bards allows your
allies to move twice in the same turn. However, bards cannot engage in combat,
so be careful not to expose them to danger.

Nils : You'd like me to play for Lucius, right?

Nils : What do you think?
Lyn  : That was lovely... Invigorating, even. You ought to play for me
   sometime. I could use the boost!
Nils : Everyone could! My music can refresh you all!

Through the power of Nil's music, Lucius can move again this turn. Bards gain
experience by playing music. Use Nils's powers often, and increase his skill.

House (4,12)
NPC  : Hmmm... Maybe I could get some firewood out of it... Hm? Who's there?
   Who are you? Ah, you're just passing through? Pay me no mind. I was just
   thinking out loud. Yu see, there's an old tree on the other side of this
   mountain. It's just a dead old snag, really. I was just thinkingof some way
   I could put it to good use. As I said, it's nothing that need concern you.

House (5,13)
NPC  : That's quite a group you've gotten yourself involved with. You do know
   you're facing the Black Fang, right? Anyone they target winds up... Well,
   you know. No one escapes the Fang! That's what they say, anyway. You and
   those odd children? I'd say you're finished. Not that I'll have any part of
   it. Course not!

Village (18,12)
NPC  : So how much do you know about magic, huh? Magical attacks are special.
   You can't just avoid 'em like a sword or an axe. Not even if you're
   wearing armor. Who's tough against magic? Let me think... Well, anyone
   who uses magic or staves. Pegasus knights, too. Hm? You got others who
   need to battle magic users? I got something for 'em. It's a special kind
   of water. "Pure water," it's called. Just sprinkle a bit on you. It'll
   protect you and lessen the damage you take a bit. Go on, take it. Don't
   be shy. It's not like I'm givin' you gold or anything. This stuff's
   strongest when you first put it on. It gets weaker as time passes, so
   be careful.
Got a Pure Water.

Heintz : Who are you supposed to be? Playing the heroes in some foolish
   knightly romance? You may think you're helping the children, but you're
   only rushing to your doom!


Heintz : You were only... striking at air... You are... too late. The girl
   is already--

Lyn  : Nils! Where's your sister?
Nils : Ninian! Ninian... She's not here. Why? Where could she be?
Kent : My lady Lyndis! A villager spotted a group of men riding south.
Sain : The boy's dear sister... They must have her!
Lyn  : Come! We must give chase!
Nils : But... But... We won't make it! What if they've already...
Eliwood : Are you looking for this girl here?
Nils : Ninian! Ninian!
Eliwood : She'll be fine. She's just lost consciousness.
Lyn  : Who are you?
Eliwood : I'm Eliwood, of Pherae. My father is the marquess.
Lyn  : The marquess's son.
Eliwood : She was with a band of ruffians. She seemed upset. She looked in
   need of rescuing... Was I wrong to involve myself?
Lyn  : No, you saved her life. Thank you. My name is Lyn. I'm from Sacae. I'm
   Marquess Caelin's granddaughter.
Eliwood : Marquess Caelin?

Lyn  : And that's my story. It's not an easy tale to believe, I know...
Eliwood : No. I do believe you.
Lyn  : What?
Eliwood : At first glance, all I saw was a daughter of the plainsfolk. Now I
   can see it, though. You have your grandfather's eyes.
Lyn  : Do you know my grandfather?
Eliwood : The marquess, Lord Hausen, is my father's good friend. I also know
   that the proud people of Sacae tell no lies. It's true, isn't it?
Lyn  : Yes... Thank you. I would not have expected any Lycian noble to be so
   courteous to a Sacaean nomad.
Eliwood : You seemed to be in trouble. May I be of assistance?
Lyn  : Thank you fo ryour kind offer. This is my problem, though, and I'll
   deal with it.
Eliwood : I see. I'll be in the area for a few days longer. If you need
   anything, please let me know. Lyndis, I'm on your side.
Lyn  : Eliwood... Thank you.

Nils : Ninian! Are you awake?
Ninian : Nils? Is it really you? Oh, you're safe!
Nils : Uh-huh. These people helped me.
Ninian : Who are they?
Nils : Uh...
Lyn  : I'm Lyn. I'm glad you're feeling better.
Ninian : Milady Lyn... Thank you. I'm called Ninian. My brother, Nils, and I
   are traveling performers.
Nils : Both of you? Your brother's a musician. How about you, Ninian?
Ninian : I... I dance.
Sain : What? Oh my... you're a dancer!
Lyn  : Sain... Later, please.
Sain : Um, yeah. Of course.
Lyn  : A dancer? Your clothes don't look like those of a dancer.
Nils : Ninian dances to honor life. It's special... Sacred.
Lyn  : A sacred dance? What does that mean?
Ninian : I... The dance I perform when we travel is just a normal dance. My
   other dance, though... When they caught me, I twisted my ankle. I cannot
   dance to aid you... I'm sorry.
Lyn  : Please don't worry. We're just happy to see that you're out of harm's
Ninian : Thank you.
Lyn  : But I am concerned about your leg. You can't travel on it...
Nils : I've an idea. Would it be too much to ask that we travel with you?
Lyn  : I can't allow that! It's far too dangerous. We're being hunted. We
   never know when we're going to be attacked.
Nils : We wouldn't be a hindrance. We could even help you. Right, Ninian?
Ninian : Yes. We might be able to repay our deb using our... special talents.
Lyn  : Special abilities ?
Ninian : When something poses a threat to us, we can sense its approach.
Lyn  : Truly? That's amazing!
Nils : We can feel it coming, but we can't do anything to stop it. You're
   warriors, though, so you don't have that worry.
Lyn  : What do you think, Kent?
Kent : I think leaving them here would cause Lady Lyndis more worry than
   having them travel with us.
Lyn  : Sain? Oh, never mind. I know what your answer is. Do you really want
   to travel with us?
Nils : Of course!
Ninian : You have our gratitude, milady.

Ninian : Oh...
Nils : What's wrong, Ninian?
Ninian : I've lost my ring.
Lyn  : Your ring?
Nils : Not Ninis's Grace?
Ninian : The very one.
Nils : They stole it? Those curs!!!
Lyn  : Was it valuable?
Ninian : It was a keepsake from our departed mother.
Nils : It was blessed by the spirit of Ninis... There's no other like it in
   the world. And now we have lost it to those villains. There's nothing we
   can do.
Ninian : You're right.
Lyn  : ...

Lyn  : Can I talk to you, Agung? You heard all of that, right? What do you
   think? I'd realy love to retrieve Ninian's ring for her. But if Nils is
   right, those thieves might prove to be too strong for us. What should we

When you fulfill certain conditions, side quests may make themselves apparent
to you. Side quests allow you to learn things that aren't part of the main
story. You might meet tough new eneimes or find new companies to travel with.
However, side quests are very difficult, and once you begin one, you must see
it through to its end. If you plan to challlenge a side quest, I suggest you
keep the save data from the previous mission. Not accepting side quests will
not effect your ranking. If you're in a hurry to pursue the main story, skip
the side quests. Embark on side quest?

Choose "Yes" to go to chapter 7X, "No" to go to chapter 8.

Yes choice :
Lyn  : You want to help them? That's great! I was hoping you'd say that,
   Agung. Kent! Sain! Those men were headed south. We must give pursuit!
Sain : On your word, milady!
Lyn  : There's no turning back now. Let's ride!

No choice :
Lyn  : I understand. That is the logical decision. If it had been up to me,
   I'd have ridden off and put us all in great danger. I'm glad you're here
   to calm me down. Thank you. Let's get moving! To Caelin!


A myserious group seems hell-bent on capturing Nils and Ninian... Having
failed, this group, the Black Fang, flees. Rumor has them traveling
southwest. Lyn and her colleagues follow in hopes of recovering a lost
heirloom. The Black Fang have made a stronghold of an abandoned castle in
Khathelet. Its dark halls are alive with shadowy figures...

Girl : So the brother escaped, and the sister was rescued by a band of
   strangers. Do I understand you?
Beyard : Yes... They ambushed us, and...
Girl : Hold your excuses. The end is all that matters.
Beyard : Yes, ma'am.
Girl : And your plan for recovering the siblings is?
Beyard : We've word that the entire group is headed this way, with the brats
   in tow.
Girl : They're coming here? Why would they do that?
Beyard : They may well be after this ring.. It's a rare piece. We took it
   from the girl. It was a stroke of luck that we did, especially if it
   brings them to us now. I'll grab the whole lot of 'em with this to bait
   the trap.
Girl : I see... Very well, I'll give you another chance. I've business
   elsewhere, but I shall return once it's finished. You have until sunrise
   tomorrow. Do you understand?
Beyard : Yes.
Girl : If you do not have the children when I return... my hand will deal you
   the fang's punishment. Remember that. Bear it closely in your mind.
Beyard : ...

Lyn  : I believe they went in here.
Nils : Milady, are you really going in there to get the ring back?
Lyn  : Yes, we are.
Nils : But this is their stronghold! They're bound to be well defended, not to
   mention well armed!
Ninian : Please forget about the ring. It's OK...
Lyn  : Agung's agreed to attempt this... recovery. I wouldn't be here if not
   for that. Agung believes we can do this. I'm sure that decision was not
   made lightly. With Agung at my side, I'm confident we can win. Let's get
   your ring back, Ninian.
Nils : Milady...
Ninian : ...

Sain : Milady Lyndis! There are more of the foe inside than we thought.
Lyn  : This is their stronghold. It's imperative we move carefully.
Kent : Exactly, milady. This narrow corridor can be used to our advantage. If
   we draw the enemy through here, we can engage them in small numbers and
   remain relatively safe. If time is a concern, we can always rush them...
   If we do that, we'd better be sure we can win.
Lyn  : So, Agung. What do you think? How we move forward is completely up to

Beyard : How? This can't be... They should be dead! Everyone! Get in there and
   finish them! This is our final chance!

Beyard : I mustn't fail... I cannot fail. The consequences are too--

Beyard : Earghh...


Beyard : Aaah... No... I... I cannot...
Lyn  : Give us the ring! And swear us this oath... You must promise to leave
   these two alone. If I have your vow, I'll spare your life...
Beyard : Failure... means death...
Lyn  : What?! Poison? He took his own life...
Kent : These are no common brigands we're dealing with. This man was trained
   by a well-organized group.
Lyn  : What do they want with Nils and Ninian?
Nils : ...
Lyn  : Nils, Ninian. Everything's going to be fine. As long as you're with us,
   you'll be safe.
Nils : But...
Lyn  : You witnessed our victory, right? With Agung's planning and my sword,
   you've no worries. If we all work together, there's nothing we can't
   overcome. I don't care who comes after you; I'll not let you be taken.
Nils : Really?
Lyn  : Yes, on my honor. Right, Agung?
Ninian : Milady...
Lyn  : Oh, yes... This is yours.
Ninian : Ah... It's...
Lyn  : You called it Ninis's Grace, did you not? That lout had it.
Nils : Milady Lyndis! Thank you so much!
Ninian : I have no other words, save thank you.


Passing through Araphen and Khathelet, Lyn and her friends arrive in Caelin.
However, Caelin is now under the rule of Lord Lundgren. Lundgren's henchmen
lay in wait to assassinate Lyn. They wait for her approach and ready a special

Lyn  : Look, Agung! The mountains seem so far away now. We've come such a long
Sain : Milady Lyndis! Agung! We can't be very far from the castle now!
Kent : By my reckoning, we can reach Castle Caelin in two days if we hurry.
Lyn  : Two more days... Hold on, Grandfather. Please...
Florina : Cheer up, Lyn. If they see you looking so sad, the entire company
   will lose heart.
Lyn  : Florina... You're right. There's nothing to be gained by worrying. We
   just have to press onward.
Florina : That's the spirit!

Nils : Lyn... Danger approaches...
Lyn  : What did you say?
Sain : I don't see anything. Are you sure?
Ninian : I feel it, too. I'm sure of it. Ah! Milady, don't move!
Lyn  : Hm?

Lyn  : What in--Where did this bolt come from?
Kent : They have a ballista!
Sain : Lord Lundgren is getting serious. Deploying siege engines is no mean
Lyn  : What is a ballista?
Kent : It's a weapon designed for long-distance attacks. Only archers can use
   them, but they can be devastating.
Sain : Florina! You must stay aground! Do not take to the air! The ballista
   would target you in an instant.
Lyn  : Is there a way to combat it?
Kent : The safest course is to use someone with good defence as bait, so the
   enemy wastes arrows.
Sain : Then you can walk up and knock the fool on the head.

Lyn  : Wil, can you use a ballista?
Wil  : I've never tried, but... It's just a really big bow, right? I should be
   able to figure it out.
Lyn  : All we can ask is that you try... Let's see what we can do!

Matthew : Ah, Lady Lyndis! Agung! I have some minor... business... to attend
   to. I'm unable to join you. If you need any of my possessions, please take
   them now.


On the far side of the hill to the south is a ballista. As Kent said, it's a
weapon intended for trained archers. The attack range of ballista is
extremely large, so they can fire on enemies at great distances. As they can
attack without fear of counterattack, they're quite useful. To use one, move
an archer onto an unoccupied ballista, and select the ride command. After
that, you can attack as usual. Ballistae can also be moved while in use.
Additionally, ballistae can be used by an archer in the field. So, if you can
remove the enemy manning the ballista and move of your group onto it...
you'll find it most useful.

Village (14,15)
NPC  : Do you remember the weapon triangle? Axes over lances and whatnot?
   This is important, so pay attention. There are some weapons that don't
   follow the normal rules. This here lancereaver is one of those. It's a
   sword that reverses the triangle. So if you wield this blade, you can
   best a lance with it. Of course, there's a downside... Axes can best this
   sword. Take this as a gift. It's your reward for listening to an old man
   ramble. Don't be so shy. It's not like I can use the thing. Not everyone
   can wield a sword of this caliber. I'm sure you know someone who can use
   it, though.

Yogi : What are you curs waiting for? They're nothing but fleas! Call up for
   reinforcements,and rush 'em!

Yogi : Curses! The ballista must have been taken... What's going on here!?
   Somebody, get that girl!

Yogi : Lord Lundgren... I've failed you... I pray you hurry... with those
   reinforcements... you promised.


Lyn  : Is it over?
Kent : Yes. I see no more enemy soldiers. However, something is bothering me.
Lyn  : What is it?
Kent : I noticed it during the fighting. Our opponents... They were soldiers
   of Caelin. I even recognized some of those we fought. I trained with many
   of them... And yet they attacked us without hesitation.
Sain : They're black-hearted traitors who've joined Lord Lundgren. Good
   riddance, I say. It also means less resistance at the castle.
Kent : I hope you're right...
Lyn  : I'm just glad Nils and Ninian were with us. If that first shot had hit
   me, I might not have survived.
Ninian : We are honored to have served you well.
Nils : We won't let you down!
Lyn  : I know. I'm relying on you.
Matthew : What's this? You dealt with the ballista, too? Nicely done!
Lyn  : Matthew, where were you during all this?
Matthew : I went to the village to sniff about for information. I got some
   interesting news for my trouble, too.
Lyn  : Let's hear it!
Matthew : First, about Marquess Caelin's illness. He really is unwell. He's
   been abed for nigh on three months.
Lyn  : Oh, no... Grandfather...
Matthew : I heard an interesting rumor about his condition, though. The people
   believe that someone's been poisoning the marquess...
Lyn  : He's being poisoned!?
Matthew : And this someone... Well, everyone's too afraid to mention a name.
   However,they say that, as soon as the marquess took ill, a certain noble
   took control of the castle as though it were his own. I fed a hungry
   innkeeper some coin, and he fed me a name. The marquess of Caelin's own
   brother, Lord Lundgren.
Lyn  : How can this be? How can they allow him to get away with this? The
   villagers know he's the one poisoning my grandfather, and yet no one raises
   a hand against him? Why?
Kent : They are afraid, and they lack proof. The whisperings of the common
   people means nothing.
Matthew : That's the truth of it. And of the marquess's loyal retainers who
   might have lent credence to these rumors, there is no sign.
Lyn  : Are you saying they've been silenced?
Matthew : It's a fair assumption.
Kent : This is beyond believing.
Matthew : The worst news is yet to come.
Sain : What? There's more?
Matthew : An imposter's appeared, claiming to be the marquess's granddaughter.
   At least, that's the story Lundgren's telling to all who'll listen.
Lyn  : What does that mean?
Matthew : It means that people are waiting for two traitorous knights and a
   baseborn child to appear and lay calim to Castle Caelin.
Sain : But... But that... It can't be!
Kent : Traitors? Us? Ridiculous!!!
Lyn  : He says... I'm an imposter?
Matthew : Don't you have anything that proves your lineage?
Lyn  : When my mother joined the Lorca, she brought nothing of Lycia with her.
Sain : Milady, Marquess Araphen himself remarked at your resemblance to Lady
   Madelyn! Your face is your proof!
Kent : They'll say we found a look-alike somewhere... We're seen as betrayers
   of our knightly vows. Our word means nothing. No, our only hope is to see
   Marquess Caelin himself.
Lyn  : We must hurry. If not, my grandfather... I must see him!. With my last
   breath if need be.
Matthew : But we must formulate some manner of plan! Even if we set out for
   the castle, the troops patrolling the area will cause no end of problems.
   You have been branded as oathbreakers, after all.
Lyn  : I've got it! Eliwood... He seemed sympathetic to our plight. He should
   be still in Kathelet. If we can talk to him, he might help us!
Kent : Of course! A sound idea!
Sain : Let's hurry!
Lyn  : Yes! Back to Kathelet!!


Lyn and her friends have been branded as traitors, pretenders to the throne.
Lundgren has sent word to Caelin's neighbors, warning them of Lyn's approach.
He calls for reinforcements to put an end to the "imposter". If the other
realms of Lycia choose to act, Lyn will never reach Caelin alive. Lyn places
her faith in Eliwood and waits.

Eliwood : I've received word from Caelin's neighbors, Laus, Tuscana, Kathelet,
   Tania, and Santaruz. They will not interfere in Caelin's affairs. This they
   have promised.
Lyn  : Eliwood, I don't know how to thank you...
Eliwood : All I've done is convince them to remain neutral in this dispute.
   However, this means I cannot aid you in any way either. Will you be all
Lyn  : I will win. I have to. It's the only way that I can help my
Eliwood : I understand. Although I cannot help you directly, as a friend, I
   pray for your success.
Lyn  : Thank you. I won't waste the opportunity you've given me.

Lyn  : All right, everyone! Let's get going!!
Sain : This weather is turning foul. It looks like a fog is rolling in.
Kent : This is no good. If the fog thickens, we'll be blind in battle. It will
   be difficult to fight what we cannot see.
Lyn  : We can't let it delay us, though. Let us press on. We must get closer
   to the castle. What's the best route?
Kent : Let me think... Our best path is to the south... However, that runs
   through General Eagler's estate. It looks like we still have one final
   obstacle to pass.


Matthew : Agung, put me in the lead, please. Surely you know that we... er...
   thieves, if you must, can see through fog. Follow me, everyone!
Wallace : So you've come...
Sain : Aah!
Kent : You! You're... Lord Wallace!
Lyn  : Kent, who is this?
Kent : He used to be the commander of the knights of Caelin.
Sain : Aren't you supposed to be retired? I heard you were sowing fields now.
Wallace : I am, and I was. Then I received orders from Lord Lundgren. I was
   told to capture an imposter and a pair of rogues knights.
Kent : Lord Wallace! Surely, you don't believe us to be oathbreakers, do you?
Wallace : Bring me the girl that claims to be Lady Madelyn's child.
Sain : What are your intentions?
Wallace : If I don't like what I see, I will take her.
Kent : We will prevent you.
Wallace : You? Prevent me? You must be--
Lyn  : Enough! I'm right here! I am Lyndis.
Wallace : Ah...
Lyn  : I'll understand if you don't believe me. But I've had enough of you
   and your foolish posturing!
Wallace : Hmm... Such beautiful eyes...
Lyn  : Pardon?
Wallace : I've been a knight for 30 years, and there is one thing I learned.
   A person with eyes as bright and true as yours is no deceiver. Ha ha ha ha
   ha ha! Ah, yes! I like you, girl! Why, I believe I'll even join your little
   band of mercenaries!
Sain : Are you... Are you serious?
Wallace : This old bull's pledged his loyalty to Caelin. I would never allow
   an usurper on the throne. Let's march!
Kent : Lord Wallace! He... He hasn't changed at all.
Lyn  : I like him. He's... honest.
Kent : That he is. He deserves our respect.

Wallace : I'd planned on living out my days in peace on my farm... Ah, well...
   It looks as though it's time to take up arms once more. Agung! You're the
   tactician of this group, correct? What are my orders?

Wallace is a level 12 knight. He can rise as high as level 20. Most units can
change classes once they reach level 10. By changing classes, units can
improve all of their abilities. Movement range, constituion, usable weapons...
Everything. There are many benefits. With a single action, you can make your
units significantly more powerful. In order to change classes, units need to
be of a certain level. However, you also need a special item. For example,
Wallace is carrying a knight crest. With this, cavaliers and knights can
change classes. Each character class has its own unique item that allows units
of that class to switch to a different class. Well then, why don't we try
changing classes now? Select Wallace, then choose knight crest from his items
and use it.

Wallace : Ha ha haaaa! So you've noticed my knight crest, have you? You've
   eyes like an eagle, my friend! Once I've used the crest, I'll be even
   stronger! A terrifying thought, isn't it? Ha ha haaaa! What are you waiting
   for? Order me to use the knight crest!!!

Wallace : Ha ha ha haaa! Look! a giant walks among you!! My defense is
  impenetrable! Come! Break your weapons against me!

Village (2,10)
NPC  : Hey, you... Do you have any torches? What? You don't? There's a thick
   fog rolling in, and you have NO torches? Wandering about without a torch
   is... Well, it's ridiculous! Here. Take one of mine. Use this when it's
   foggy, and you can see a bit better. Hm? No, no need for thanks. I know all
   about you and your comrades. We all, well... Not one of us believes what
   Lord Lundgren is saying about you. We all want to help the marquess... and
   his rightful heir. Good luck!

Lyn  : Agung... The fog's rolling in. We can't hit an enemy we can't see.
   Keep your eyes open, everyone!

Eagler : Bring forth the imposter who calls herself "Lyndis"! She shall not
   pass beyond this place!
Lyn  : I am Lyndis. I'm no pretender. I'd ask you to believe me, but your
   heart and mind seem set.
Eagler : Enough talk... Draw your sword!

Sain : General Eagler...
Eagler : Sain... I never imagined you could turn traitor...
Sain : Who's the traitor here? I am following the orders of my sworn liege
   lord. Not Lundgren, but my true liege, the marquess himself!
Eagler : You speak with conviction. I think it's time to tes the bounds of
   your loyalty!

Eagler : Kent! Is that you?
Kent : General Eagler! We found Lady Lyndis on the orders of the marquess. We
   have worked so very hard to return her safely to Caelin.
Eagler : And yet you have no proof of the girl's identity. Is that not true?
Kent : Yes, but...
Eagler : Then our talk is finished! Draw your weapon and come!

Eagler : Imposters to the throne, you shall not pass! No quarters for

Wallace : Eagler!
Eagler : General Wallace... So you have sided with the girl, too!
Wallace : I fight for Caelin's honor, not for Lundgren's lies!
Eagler : Ah... Is that so? You are-- Enough! There's nothing more to be said.
   I name you traitors all! Come! Do your worst!
Wallace : Fool... At the very least, let mine be the blow that finishes you!

Eagler : Nnng... Go... Go quickly. The marquess... he knows nothing of this...
   His life is... There's no illness. Only... poison... Please... for the
   marquess... for all of Caelin...


Lyn  : What kind of man was General Eagler?
Kent : When Sain and I first became knights, he was our captain. Our
Lyn  : I think he must have known we were telling the truth. Why did he force
   the fight?
Sain : Something must have... Lord Lundgren was exerting some hold on him...
   Eagler was trying to protect someone. A friend perhaps, or family.
Kent : ...
Lyn  : May Lundgren never know the peaceful embrace of Mother Earth! I care
   not what others do. I WILL stop that man! Agung! The final battle is

Castle Caelin
Lundgren : How are you feeling today, my dear brother?
Marquess : Lundgren... You... You fiend...
Lundgren : Your granddaughter is dead by now. And soon, you will join her.
Marquess : Lyndis... Why did this happen? I... I only wanted to see her once.
Lundgren : Have you lost all hope? Has your life lost all meaning? Then hurry
   up and die, you miserable old dotard! You and your precious granddaughter
   are in my way!!! I curse your name! I despise you! My worthless wretch of
   a brother!


General Eagler has been defeated. Lyn and her band draw ever nearer to Castle
Caelin. Within the castle walls, Lyn's bitter enemy, Lundgren, awaits... A man
who would kill his own kin for a throne. He is the source of all her troubles.
He must be stopped.

Kent : Lady Lyndis, you should be able to see Castle Caelin once we pass these
Lyn  : Grandfather... I'll be with you soon.
Kent : Everything rests on this next battle.
Sain : Lundgren will not be receiving the reinforcements he expected. He'll
   move against us with everything he has soon.
Lyn  : Let him come! Let them all come! I will not be turned away! I will see
   my grandfather... I've coe too far to let anyone stand in my way. This is
   it, Agung. This is our final test. My friends, for one last time, lend me
   your strength!


Lyn  : Those clouds look bad. It's going to rain soon. Let's go, Agung. We
   should press on while we're still able.

Lyn  : Look! The clouds are breaking. This rain should stop soon...

House (4,17)
NPC  : Oh,no! If I don't bring in the laundry now... Oh, hello. Are you a
   soldier? Sounds like a hard life... Especially when it rains. Rain must
   make it difficult for you to move around. I used to ride horses when I was
   little. Oh, I remember how those horses disliked the rain. It's better to
   be on foot when it's wet. Nomadic horses are trained on the plains, so
   they're better with rain, but... Well rain just seems to make it hard for
   everyone to get around. The weather around here can change in no time at
   all. I recommend just staying in one place until the rain clears up.

House (17,16)
NPC  : You're here to fight Lundgren, aren't you? Do you have enough weapons?
   Lundgren's no ordinary knight: he's a general. Iron weapons lack the edge
   to penetrate his armor. If you need something, visit my father's armory.
   You should go to the shop next door to his, too. They've many powerful
   weapons and items you can use against Lundgren. Head south and cross the
   river. You'll see them. Lundgren's a tricky one. He's destroyed the bridge.
   There's an old snag next to the river, though... If you knocked it over,
   you should be able to cross. Travel well. You fight for us all.

Village (16,6)
NPC  : You've finally made it her, have you? Such a long way... We're all
   behind Lady Lyndis. All of us. Here, take this. Use it in your battle
   against Lundgren, please. It's an energy ring. It'll increase your strength
   and magic power a bit. There are lots of items that augment your abilities.
   These are hard to come by, so think carefully before you use them. Of
   course, not using them at all would be a terrible waste as well, right?
   Items like this might vanish once you've used them. Bear that in mind, and
   use them wisely.

House (14,2)
NPC  : You know, you really should visit ther armory next door. They've got
   all you need if you're fighting knights and generals. You need something
   to defeat Lundgren, right? Once he's been beaten, maybe peace will return
   to Caelin. Good luck to you!

Lundgren : This is my realm, and you've entered without my permission. You
   will not leave these lands alive!

Lundgren : That annoying little girl... Nothing but a savage from Sacae...
   The Caelin throne... should be... mine...


Lyn  : We've won... At last, I can see my grandfather.
Reissmann : You are Lady Lyndis, are you not?
Lyn  : Who are you?
Reissmann : I am Reissmann, the chancellor of the Caelin royal family. I had
   received word from Kent and Sain when you first met, but the Lundgren
   discovered the message and imprisoned me. It is my great pleasure to
   welcome you to your true home.
Lyn  : Thank you. May I see my grandfather now?
Reissmann : Yes, of course. Do not be shocked by what you see. Lundgren has
   been poisoning the marquess's meals for some time. His body has been
   ravaged... He's been bedridden for months.
Hausen : Who is there? I said no visitors. I will see no one.
Lyn  : .....
Hausen : What are you doing? Leave me... to die...
Lyn  : Um... Pardon me... My name is... I'm Lyndis.
Hausen : Eh? Did you say Lyndis? Is that...
Lyn  : My father's name was Hassar, chieftain of the Lorca. My mother was...
   Madelyn. I was raised on the plains.
Hausen : ... Could it be? Come, come here. Let me see your face. Oh...
   Yes... There is no doubt... You are Madelyn's trueborn child... Uhhh...
Lyn  : Grandfather!

Hausen : Lundgren told me that my daugther had died. My heir... and you,
   too. He told me you were dead. Thank you... Thank you for living. Aahhh...
   I am blessed...
Lyn  : Mother and Father were slain last year by brigands. I... I was the only
   survivor. I lived on, but...
Hausen : Lyndis, please forgive a prideful old man. If I had but accepted
   your parent's love... There would have been no bandits. We would have lived
   here together in perfect peace.
Lyn  : Grandfather. My parents... My tribe... Our life was one of love and
   peace. The end was tragic, but... up until the attack, we were truly
Hausen : Truyly ? Madelyn had a life of happiness? Knowing that gives me so
   much joy. Thank you, Lyndis. I can die in peace now...
Lyn  : No! Grandfather! You musn't say that!
Hausen : There's no avoiding it, Lyndis. I've taken too much poison for far
   too long. It's too late...
Lyn  : Be brave, Grandfather! You will recover! Believe me! On the plains, we
   say that illness fails in the face of a strong heart! I am with you now!
   You mustn't give up!
Hausen : You're... with me...
Lyn  : Yes. We have so much to talk about. Walks to take, music to listen to.
   There's so much I want to do with you, so much lost time we can recover!
Hausen : That does sound... nice.
Lyn  : Doesn't it? And once you're well, I'll take you to the plains. I'll
   show you the endless sky, the oceans of grass... I want you to know the
   lands my mother loved so much!
Hausen : The lands Madelyn loved... You're right. I still have... quite a bit
   of living to do.
Lyn  : You can do it, Grandfather!
Hausen : Lyndis...

Sain : Lady Lyndis! Do you honestly plan on remaining here? Tell me truly!
Lyn  : Yes, until my grandfather is well. I can't leave him now. I won't.
Kent : The physician says that Lord Hausen looks like a new man. It's like
   he was never ill. And it's all thanks to you, milady.
Lyn  : He's the only family I have left. I want him to have a long life.
Florina : Lady Lyndis!
Lyn  : What is it, Florina?
Florina : I've been taken into service by House Caelin! From here on, Lyn...
   I mean, Lady Lyndis... We'll be together always!
Lyn  : Really? Oh, that pleases me so... but... Please don't call me Lady
   Lyndis. For you, I'm still just Lyn.
Florina : My pegasus and I fly for your house now. I am your servant. There
   are rules to follow.
Lyn  : Florina!
Florina : I'm happiest when I'm with you. That's more important than how I
   address you... Please...
Lyn  : I suppose I'll just have to get used to it, right? Very well, I
Florina : Oh, thank you! I do love you, Lyn! Oops! I mean... Lady Lyndis!
Lyn  : Ha ha ha... Oh, Florina!
Wil  : Lady Lyndis! I've decided to stay, too!
Lyn  : Wil? Weren't you planning on returning home?
Wil  : Well, I was, but... I've grown quite fond of Lyndis's Legions, you
   know... I couldn't possibly leave everyone behind. I'll send word to my
   family regarding my decision.
Lyn  : I'm pleased to have you, Wil. Thank you.
Wil  : Thank you, milady.

Lyn  : Agung... you're leaving, aren't you? No, I'm not asking you to stay.
   It's just... I'll miss you. When I found you unconscious on the plains...
   I had no idea we would be together for so long. You've helped us so much,
   and I'm sure you've learned all you can from us. You'll do just fine on
   your own. I have the utmost faith that you'll be a master tactician, Agung.
   That's from someone who's seen you at work!
Lyn  : Well then, take care... I... I hope I see you again. I'm sure that I
   will someday...

Kent, Knight of Lycia
For his bravery in fulfilling his command, Kent is named Knight Commander of
Caelin. It is a high honor, for one so young, but no one denies his worth.

Sain, Knight of Lycia
Sain has ernaed the honor of being named subcommander of the Caelin knights.
Despite his promotion, he still scoffs at authority and woos the village
girls. He is much loved by the citizenry.

Florina, Pegasus Knight of Ilia.
Florina has arranged to stay in Caelin. She spends her every waking hour in
rigorous training, hoping to become invaluable to Lyn. Her fear of men has
lessened, but... only slightly.

Wil, Archer of Pherae.
With his cheery outlook and his happy-go-lucky demeanor, Wil has become quite
dear to Marquess Caelin's household. Kent is teaching him manners befitting a
sworn man of Castle Caelin.

Dorcas, Fighter of Bern
Once Lyn's true heritage is recognized in Caelin, Dorcas returns to his home
in Bern. There, he cares for his wife and makes a good living as a mercenary,
fighting the local bandits.

Serra, Cleric of Ostia
Ultimately, Erk succeeds in seeing Serra safely to Ostia. While her behavior
is irritating at best, she is sorely missed. Her ascerbic tongue has become

Erk, the Wandering Mage.
His contract with Serra complete, Erk sets off for Eturia. His time as a
mercenary is just part of his training, and he is glad to see it end. He has
since returned to his mentor.

Rath, the Sacaen Nomad
In the celebration following Lyn's return to Caelin, Rath slips out unseen.
Whether he has returned to Sacae or has continued to work as a mercenary, no
one knows.

Matthew, the Enigmatic Thief
Matthew vanishes after the final battle, and his whereabouts remain a mystery.

Nils, the Mysterious Musician
Nils and his sister, Ninian, take their leave of Castle Caelin after a few
days. He may well be traveling the land, mastering his musical skills

Lucius, the Traveling Monk
Lucius studies in Caelin for a time, but he departs after receiving summons
to another land. He has since been seen traveling with a hard-eye mercenary.

Wallace, the Caelin General
For Wallace, Lyn's struggle only whets his appetite for battle. He sets off
in search of a cause worthy of his blade.He lacks any sense of direction, so
it may be years before he returns.

Agung, the Tactician
Agung leaves Lyn to continue his training. He plans on traveling throughout
Lycia. Lyn refuses to say good-bye, believing in her heart that she will see
him again.

Lyn, the Swordfighter from Sacae
Lyn now lives with her grandfather as Lady Lyndis of Castle Caelin. Under her
loving care, Lord Hausen recovers, and now the two of them go for many walks
in the Caelin gardens.

On clear, dry nights, Lyn can be seen high atop a hill near the castle.
Perhaps she is remembering the home of her youth, the plains of Sacae.

Here ends Lyn's story. Would you liek to save your progress?
Yes No
Would you like to continue playing?
Yes No


As of Chapter 11, Eliwood becomes the story's main character. Agung's role
will be to act as tactician, aiding his group.
Help Eliwood to fulfill the chapter goals and fight his way to the end of the
game. You'll start your first campaign with Eliwood, then meet his friend,
Hector, in chapter 12. And who knows? You might even meet Lyn again. If any
of these three is defeated, your game will be over. The game will continue if
any other allied units are defeated. However, a defeated unit can never take
part in combat again, so be careful!

One Year Later...
Once, dragon fought man in a war called the Scouring... Mankind vanquished
the dragons thanks to the efforts of eight heroes. These eight mighty generals
brought peace to Elibe. The continent was divided into nations, and the people
enjoyed an easy prosperity.
The hero Hartmut settled in the east and founded Bern, famed for its military
St. Elimine moved west, and her sacred name flourished among the artisans of
The horseman Hanon's legacy lived on with the nomads of his beloved plains
of Sacae.
The birthplace of the knight Barigan is now home to the renowned Knights of
The berserker Durban's final glory was to create a warrior's clan in the
Western Isles.
The archsage Athos is said to have retired to the barren wasteland of Nabata.
The heirs of the champion Roland themselves became the lords of the Lycian
Elibe has enjoyed a peace that spans 980 years... How much longer can this
peace stand before its foundations begin to crumble?

Deep within the Lycian League lies Pherae, a land that has known no conflict
for many generations, but which now finds itself touched by a shadow of
unease. Its beloved and benevolent ruler, Lord Elbert, has mysteriously
vanished... as have a number of his sworn men, loyal knights who serve at
his side. A month has passed without word from the marquess. Rumors of his
death abound. However, the marquess's son believes his father lives, and he
has vowed to find him.
Marquess Pherae's son, Eliwood: A red-haired youth who will one day become
the finest knight in all of Lycia. His long journey begins here.


Marcus : Lord Eliwood, we leave on your word.
Eliwood : I see. Thank you, Marcus.

Eliwood : Mother, it's time for us to go.
Eleanora : Eliwood... Promise that you will return to me safely. I'm worried
   about your father, but... If anything were to happen to you... My heart
   could not bear that sorrow.
Eliwood : I know, Mother. Please do not worry. Father is alive, I know it.
   I vow that I will find him and return him to your side.
Eleanora : I have your word then.
Eliwood : Yes, of course. Isadora, I entrust my mother to you in my absence.
Isadora : Yes, milord. I will guard over her well.
Eliwood : Mother, I will return. Rest easy.

Eliwood : Well, Marcus, it looks like it's just the two of us.
Marcus : Not so, milord. My man Lowen will be traveling with us.
Eliwood : Lowen? That's reassuring.
Marcus : I've sent him ahead to the village. He hopes to seek out a few able
   men who are skilled at arms. Normally, I wouldn't venture forth without a
   larger company, but... I bow to your will on this matter, Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood : I'm sorry, Marcus, but I would rather not deprive my mother of even
   a single guard. The best knights in the realm disappeared with my father.
   If anything were to happen to my mother while I am gone, I...
Marcus : I understand, milord. Hmph! What's keeping Lowen!?

Groznyi : We've all heard that the knights of Pherae have vanished, right?
   Well, your misfortune is my good luck! I have an announcement to make! As
   of now, this village is mine! Groznyi is your new liege! Now, bring every
   last piece of gold, down to the smallest fleck!
Lowen : Lord Eliwood! Co-Commander Marcus! I...
Marcus : Lowen! Calm yourself! A knight must be in control at all times.
Lowen : The village is under attack! It's bandits!
Marcus : What? Bandits? Here!?
Eliwood : Are you sure, Lowen?
Lowen : This girl has more details.
Rebecca : My lord Eliwood? I'm the daughter of the village magistrate. My
   name's Rebecca. The bandits came without warning. They're stealing
   everything! I beg you! Please help us!
Eliwood : I see. Marcus! Lowen! We must aid the village!
Lowen : Yes, milord!
Eliwood : Rebecca, stay here, and keep out of sight.
Rebecca : If it please you, milord, I would rather fight. I hunt almost every
   day, and I have some skill with a bow.
Eliwood : Is that so? Very well, but be careful!
Rebecca : Yes, milord.

Lowen : Lord Eliwood, one more thing. There is another in the village who has
   offered to help. A traveling tactician who was staying at the inn.
Eliwood : A tactician?
Lowen : Yes, milord. This is Agung.
Eliwood : Agung!
Lowen : Do you know this person, milord?
Eliwood : Yes, I met Agung during the trouble in Caelin last year. A fantastic
   military advisor, if memory serves. If not for Agung, the marquess of
   Caelin and his granddaughter, Lyn, might not have survived Lundgren's
   uprising. What brings you to Pherae, my friend? Ha! Still traveling about,
   honing your skills? Of course... A worthy pursuit. Let's give thanks to
   providence for our chance reunion. We have need of your aid. Please lend
   us your skill.

Bartre : Look, Dorcas! Can you believe it? It's just like that knight said!
   That's Lord Eliwood!
Dorcas : So it seems.
Bartre : What's he doing? Hey, he's taking on those bandits. Protecting
   innocents? That's a right lordly thing to do, isn't it? Right, Dorcas?
Dorcas : You talk too much. The lordling needs our help.
Bartre : Right! Leave these mountain weaklings to me! I'm Bartre the Brave!

Village (17,10)
NPC  : Is Lord Elber well? We've heard nothing but foul rumors hereabouts...
   All of Pherae is worried for his well-being. We hear tell that Lord
   Eliwood is going to find the marquess. This dragon shield is our village
   treasure... It boosts the defences of the one who uses it. Take it please.
   And may it see you and Lord Elbert home safely.

House (11,10)
NPC  : You've got some skill with weapons, but do you understand weapon
   levels? The more you use a weapon, the more skilled you become. Still, you
   can only reach the highest level with a single weapon... But to look at
   you, I think it'll be a while before that happens.

Hose (10,10)
NPC  : There's a young traveler been stayin' with the magistrate. Been staying
   in the village for a few days now. I know, you're thinkin' it's just
   another good-for-nothing courtier lookin' for a handout. But there's
   somethin' more to this one... Those eyes... They miss nothing. Got a
   mission, that one has.

Groznyi : What is this, a pack of children coming to play? You think you can
   challenge me? What? Pheraen knights!? But that's impossible!!!

Groznyi : Ugh... I thought my luck... was finally turning around...


Magistrate : Ah, you would be Lord Eliwood, yes? Our deepest thanks for coming
   to the aid of our fair village.
Eliwood : Think nothing of it. It's a lord's duty to protect the citizenry.
Magistrate : Would that were true, milord. The good folk of Laus know no such
   protection. Their marquess, Lord Darin, is too busy preparing for war. He
   ignores all complaints of bandits and thieves.
Eliwood : Preparing for war? Are you sure?
Magistrate : I would not lie, milord. My brother lived in Laus until a few
   days ago. His home was torched, and he had no choice but to flee here.
   According to him, Laus could go to war any day now. It's all the people of
   Laus are talking about.
Marcus : Lord Eliwood, if this is true, the situation is a grave one. If
   Marquess Laus is readying for war... His target is most likely another
   Lycian territory. Perhaps this is connected to Lord Elbert's disappearance.
Eliwood : My father and Marquess Laus? It seems a tenuous connection, but it's
   as good a start as any. Let us travel to Laus. We must learn more.

Eliwood : Thank you for your guidance, Agung. Where are you bound for next?
   If you have no destination in mind, perhaps you could travel with us. OUrs
   is a small group, with a single purpose-- to find my father. I do not know
   where our road will lead, but... We would be stronger with you in our
Eliwood : You will travel with us? Splendid! Thank you! I pray we give you no
   cause to regret your decision.

Magistrate : Rebecca! Where do you think you're going, young lady?
Rebecca : Father, I... I intend to accompany Lord Eliwood.
Magistrate : Don't be ridiculous, girl! Lord Eliwood is not going on a picnic.
   He's riding into danger.
Rebecca : I know that, Father. That's why I want to go. We owe him our lives,
   and I want to repay him. My bow may not be all that much, but I know I can
   be of service!
Magistrate : But...
Rebecca : And, Father... I may meet up with my brother somewhere. You're the
   magistrate-- you have responsibilities. I... This is all I can offer. I
   need to do this! Please, Father! Let me go!
Magistrate : Dear me... You're just as stubborn as your mother was.
Rebecca : I'm sorry, Father...
Magistrate : You must bow to Lord Eliwood's wishes on this matter. If he
   consents, you may go.
Rebecca : Thank you, Father!
Magistrate : Lord Elbert has always been kind of us. Follow his son with a
   true heart, Rebecca. Serve Lord Eliwood well, as I have served his father.
Rebecca : I will, Father!


After speaking with the village magistrate, Eliwood and company set their
sights on Laus. The road from Pherae to Laus passes trough Santaruz. Eliwood
suspects his missing father must have visited Santaruz en route to Ostia.
Eliwood arranges a meeting with the local ruling lord to see what he can

Santaruz Castle
Helman : What? Eliwood is here?
Ephidel : Yes, He has set camp up on a hill south of here. He seeks
   permission to enter Santaruz. He seeks an audience with you.
Helman : Could it be... Do you think Eliwood's come to ask of his father?
   If that's the case... I... I know not what to tell him.
Ephidel : Tell him you know nothing, and let him be on his way.
Helman : Yet... I know young Eliwood well. His father, Elbert, and I are old
   friends. I've no children of my own, and I've always treasured Eliwood. I
   do not believe I could look him in the eye and... I could not lie to him.
   I could not.
Ephidel : We've no choice then. Let us chase the boy away. If you do not
   speak with him, you need tell no lies.
Helman : Wait! Do you mean to harm Eliwood?
Ephidel : Not harm. Frighten. A scratch or two will leave no scars. He will
   run home to Pherae and be done with his adventure. He is, after all, all
   that Pherae has left...
Helman : ...

Marcus : Instead of entering Laus with such a small group, we should meet
   with Marquess Santaruz and request his assistance... I see the sense in
   that. It's a good plan, Agung.
Eliwood : Truly so. I tell you again, I'm pleased to have you with us. Lord
   Helman... He's not only my father's friend. I've known him since I was a
   child. I'm sure that he will help us.
Marcus : What? Lord Eliwood! Beware!
Zagan : Heh heh heh... Noble sires, Alms for a poor villager.
Marcus : Poor villager? You look nothing like an honest man. Clear the road.
   Step quickly or...
Zagan : Step quickly? Heh heh... Good advice. Maybe it's you who should follow
Marcus : What?
Zagan : Someone wants the boy in an early grave. A shame if you ask me, but
   he'll die here today. C'mon, boys! Earn your keep!

Dorcas : Here we go again, eh, Agung? Just like old times... Seems our fates
   are bound. Natalie? Oh, she's still in Pherae. I'm working or you this
   time, so she's not too worried. Guide my axe, Agung.


Village (2,8)
NPC  : Hmm... You look like you've some experience with battle. No need to
   conceal it. I've fought in many a battle in my time, I assure you. Let me
   tell you one thing about combat, though. The most important thing is
   technique. If you've no skill, you'll rearely strike your enemy. My
   instructor gave me this secret book long ago. It will improve the fighting
   prowess of the one who reads it. I'm too old to make use of it, so why
   don't you take it?

House (1,3)
NPC  : I saw them, I did. About a month ago... Marquess Pherae and his men
   passed right through here. They've all gone missing, haven't they? A group
   as strong as that just up and vanishing... Couldn't have been bandits,
   but... I don't believe it. Must've been something terrible. The world's
   become a dangerous place, it has.

House (8,1)
NPC  : It's really important to trust your companions, yes? If you have a boon
   companion fighting at your side, you feel stronger and more confident.
   Hm? Who do I think make good companions for whom? Well, I am a fortune-
   teller, so I could do a reading, but...

House (8,12)
NPC  : The marquess who leads Santaruz is Lord Helman. He doesn't aks for
   much, and he's a nice enough fellow. I wouldn't call him weak, but he is
   more follower than leader. Lately, he's been meeting with Marquess Laus
   quite a lot. I hope nothing bad comes of it, but...

Zagan : Bah! He puts up a good fight for a pampered noble pup. It's up to me
   to finish him.

Eliwood : How many are there? This looks ---

Hector : Hey! What's going on over there? Looks like some rough business. You!
   Soldier! Are you just going to stand there watch?
Soldier : Who do you think you are? This is Santaruz. What occurs here is no
   affair of any foreign lordling!
Hector : I believe I'm going to have to disagree with you. You see, the man
   they're attacking happens to be a friend of mine.
Soldier : A friend? What? ...Urrrgh!!
Hector : Sorry, but I'm in a hurry.
Serra : Ewww! That's terrible! I loathe violence!
Matthew : Nicely done, my lord! You're a fighter born.
Oswin : I cannot condone resorting to force so quickly...
Hector : Chastise me later, Oswin. First, we deal with these brigands! Come!
   We must help Eliwood!
Oswin : Help Eliwood? Sounds like a convenient excuse for more violence.
Hector : Oswin!
Oswin : yes, yes. I'm coming!
Hector : Matthew! Take Serra and find someplace to hide.
Matthew : What? With... Serra?
Serra : No! I'm going with you!
Hector : You are not! You'll slow us down!
Serra : Oh! How rude!
Hector : Oswin! Let's go!

Zagan : Curses! What are you waiting for!? Let me show you boys how it's done!

Zagan : Oh... aaurr... This... was not... so easy... as it seemed...


Hector : Whew... Is that all of them?
Eliwood : Hector! Where did you come from?
Hector : Well met, Eliwood.
Eliwood : Yes, but... what are you doing here?
Hector : You wound me!
Eliwood : How do you mean?
Hector : You're looking for your father, right? Why didn't you send word?
Eliwood : Your brother was just named Marquess Ostia. He's going to be very
   busy setting up his court council. Lord Uther must need your support. You
   are his brother, after all.
Hector : My brother is not so weak. Oh, he has mentioned some things in
   public, but... He knew exactly what I was planning, and he let me go.
Eliwood : Is that so? Well then, it would be unwise to refuse his kindness!
   It does me good to see you, Hector. Thank you.
Hector : Think nothing of it. You know Oswin, don't you?
Oswin : Well met, Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood : It is good to see you again, oswin. So you came as well?
Oswin : Yes. Lord Uther was worried about Lord Hector traveling alone. I've
   been ordered to keep a close eye on him.
Eliwood : Ha ha ha! Of course! Good to have you with us.
Serra : Lord Hector! Why didn't you tell me the fighting was done!?
Matthew : I apologize for the interruption. I couldn't restrain her any
Eliwood : Are these your companions, Hector?
Hector : Oh... Yes, I suppose they are. One might have hoped for better,
Serra : That was uncalled for! I can't believe you said that! Matthew, did you
   hear what he said about you?
Matthew : Me? He was talking about you!
Eliwood : Hector, why don't you introduce us?
Hector : The noisy one is Serra. Believe it or not, she's a cleric.
Serra : yes, I am Serra, my lord. Pleased to meet you.
Hector : And that's Matthew. He does a lot of... sneaking around.
Matthew : My lord.
Eliwood : Sneaking... around.
Matthew : Well... I, er... gather information, open doors, chests, and such.
   I've got... nimble fingers.
Eliwood : That sounds... like a thief's work...
Hector : Well... Don't let it worry you.
Eliwood : But...
Hector : This journey... I suspect it will be harder than you imagine. You may
   have to accept things like this if you want to survive.
Eliwood : What is it, Hector? Do you know something?
Hector : Nothing specific. Rumors abound, though. A league of assassins from
   Bern has been moving around in Lycia. Experienced bounty hunters and
   mercenaries are vanishing...
Eliwood : That reminds me. One of the men who attacked us said something odd.
Hector : What was it?
Marcus : Lord Eliwood, if I may?
Hector : Marcus! Good to see you!
Marcus : Lord Hector, it's been far too long. Your assistance is greatly
Hector : Come now, Marcus. No need for such formalities. Tell me what you
Marcus : Of course. The apparent leader of that gang of thugs... He indicated
   that someone was watching Lord Eliwood... That someone needed him dead.
Hector : Hmm... That is troubling. Actually, a captain of the guard was
   watching the fight when we arrived. He was a knight of Santaruz, and yet he
   just stood there and let a lord be attacked. I think he was planning on
   seeing you die.

Eliwood : So, Agung. What do you think? ... You might be right. Something may
   have happened to Lord Helman, too. Come! We must hurry to the castle!
Hector : Eliwood! Who is this?
Eliwood : This is Agung. I required tactical aid in the search for my father,
Hector : Oh, I see. So this is who directed the battle plan back there, hm?
   You know, Agung, you're very young. We've many strategists in Ostia, but
   none so young. Eliwood, are you sure about this one?
Eliwood : Agung is still a student of military strategy, but... We've
   received nothing but sound advice so far. Agung has my trust.
Hector : All right. I suppose I shall witness your skills firsthand. Well met,

Matthew : Hello! How have you been, Agung? Eh? My secret's revealed? Oh, that.
   Yes, it's true. My guise as a common thief was but a ruse. I've served
   House Ostia for some time as a spy of sorts! Suprised? Well, regardless,
   it looks like we'll be traveling together again. Here's to our mutual

Serra : Eeeeeeee! Agung! Is it really you? It's been far, far too long! You
   missed me, didn't you? Of course you did. I knew it. Hm? Didn't I tell you
   before? I'm in the employ of Ostia, Lycia's ruling territory. I'll be here
   to help you just like before! Aren't you lucky!


Eliwood enters Sanruz, only to be attacked by a strange group. In a desperate
moment, he is rescued by a childhood friend, Marquess Ostia's younger brother,
Hector. The assailant's leader reveals that an unknown party seeks Eliwood's
head... Eliwood cannot help but think this is related to his father's
disappearance. In search of more traces ofhis father's footsteps, Eliwood
sets out for the castle of Lord Helman, the marquess of Santaruz.

Santaruz Castle
Helman : Master Ephidel! What is the meaning of this?
Ephidel : Peace, Lord Helman. Whatever is wrong?
Helman : You said you were just going to frighten Eliwood! Your men almost
   killed him! My patience is at an end! I've decided I must tell Eliwood
   everything and apologize.
Ephidel : ..... You would betray us?
Helman : I am tired of you and the Black Fang! Now, remove yourself from my
   castle! Your presence pains me!
Ephidel : Lord Helman... Is there nothing I can do to change your mind?
Helman : Nothing!
Ephidel : In that case...you're no longer of any use.
Helman : What!? Gaa... urrgh...

Hector : There's the castle, Eliwood!
Eliwood : We have to speak with Lord Helman...
Boies : That's not gonna happen, laddie!
Eliwood : Who are you?
Boies : Who am I? Ah, boy, you'd do better to worry about yourself. You'll be
   worm's meat before much longer.
Hector : You think so? I think my axe'll change your mind.
Boies : Ha! the cub thinks he's a wolf! Does your bite match your bark? Tell
   you what: if you make it to the castle alive, we'll find out, eh? Geh heh
   heh hehhh!

NPC  : Hey, you! Yeah, the new dog! Get this right, or you're gone!
Guy  : I know, I know. I just got this job! I don't want to lose it! 'Course,
   the smart thing to do would have been not to get involved with this ugly
   bunch. Got to have gold if I want to eat, though. I was too picky before.
   If I think about the time I passed out in Caelin... Ooooh. Nothing funny
   about that! That man... What was his name... Matthew? If it hadn't been
   for him, I would've starved to death...
NPC  : What are you mumbling about? Get over here now!
Guy  : Yes, yes, I'm coming! At least I've got work!

Lowen : Nice to be working with you, Agung! As a journeyman knight of Pherae,
   I'm here to serve Lord Eliwood and you, Agung! I await your command!

House (11,11)
NPC  : A merchant just went running past here in a panic. He dropped some
   things. I tried to tell him, but... It looked like he's the sort that drop
   things a lot...

House (16,16)
NPC  : If you value your lives, stay clear of the castle southwest of here.
   There's a swordsman named Guy... He's young, but deadly. He carries a
   killing edge, a feaful sword to be sure. I'm warning you: find another
   road to the castle.

Village (2,15)
NPC  : This will never do! Look at the time! I must leave for Caelin now, or
   my business will be ruined. Time is money, after all. Hurry hurry! Rush
   rush rush!
Marcus : Huh? What's this? That man must have dropped it...

Village (13,8)
NPC  : Ah, what good timing. Would you try this for me? It's an invention of
   a great withc! Me! It's a mine. It contains some very explosive magic.
   Hide it on the ground, and when an enemy steps on it... KA-BOOOOM!!! Hee
   hee hee... I'm still testing them, so that one's free. Come back and tell
   me how it works.

House (3,2)
NPC  : Your group moves like lightning. You must have an expert tactician
   giving you direction. I'd love to study under someone like that.

Boies : What's this? You've made it this far? Ah, I paid too much for that
   worthless pack of sellswords!

Hector : Come on out! We're here!
Boies : Well, well, well! You survived, I see. You'll find that I'm a bit
   tougher than those fools you faced before!
Hector : What have you done with Marquess Santaruz?
Boies : You want to know? You'll have to best me first.

Boies : You've done well to come this far, laddie!
Eliwood : Where is Marquess Santaruz?
Boies : I imagine he's on his way to a better place. Gehah! Geh heh hehhh!
Eliwood : Wretched cur!

Boies : You've beaten me... but you're too late to save him... Too... too bad,
   eh, laddie? Geha ha... geha!


Eliwood : Lord Helman!!
Helman : ... Is that you... Eliwood?
Eliwood : Hold on, my loard!
Helman : I... I must apologize... Your farther... He...
Eliwood : Do you know something, sir?
Helman : I... If I hadn't told Elbert... about... Darin's plans... This
   would... never... have... Cough cough...
Eliwood : Lord Helman!
Helman : ... Go to Laus... Darin... the marquess of Laus... knows all.
Eliwood : Marquess Laus?
Helman : I'm sorry, Eliwood... I... I can't...
Eliwood : Hold on!
Helman : Beware... the Black... Fang.........
Eliwood : Lord Helman!
Hector : He's gone...
Eliwood : It can't be...

Eliwood : Lord Helman... Why... ...Why did this happen?
Hector : Blast! What is going on?!?
Eliwood : ... We go to Laus. We must speak to the marquess of Laus, Lord
Hector : You're right. We should leave quickly. I'm not sure how far we can
   go today, but... I can't sit still.
Steward : Pardon me...
Hector : Hm?
Steward : If I may?
Eliwood : Who are you?
Steward : I'm the steward of Santaruz. With our lord gone, what are we to do?
Hector : First, you give Lord Helman a proper burial. After that... I'm sure
   the Lycian Council will have to meet. Stay here and defend the castle until
   you hear more.
Steward : I understand.
Eliwood : Let's go. We must keep moving.
Hector : Yes... and now we seek answers for Marquess Santaruz, too.
Eliwood : ... Lord Helman... May you find peace.

Accept side quest?
Yes     No


The dying words of Lord Helman stun Eliwood beyond belief. "Darin, the
marquess of Laus, knows all..." Despite the pain it brings, Eliwood takes this
newfound knowledge to heart and setus out for Laus once again. On the way to
Laus, he travels through a Caelin village. Eliwood and his party decide to
rest there for a night.

Hector : Bah! Dark already.
Eliwood : We'll have to stop here for the night. We'll set out for Laus at the
   first sign of sunlight. Marcus, prepare the camp.
Marcus : Yes, my lord.
Hector : So this is Caelin? You think we ought to present ourselves to Lord
Eliwood : We're simply passing through, so I don't see the need. I am curious
   how Lyndis is getting along, though.
Hector : Lyndis?
Eliwood : Marquess Caelin's granddaughter.
Hector : Oh, her. The missing heir who dealt with Lundgren last year. Didn't
   you have something to do with that?
Eliwood : Mm.
Hector : And? The granddaughter? Is she a beauty?
Eliwood : A beauty? She's... I don't... she's... I think it must be her Sacae
   heritage. She's... striking...
Hector : Striking? Too bad, isn't it?
Eliwood : What?
Hector : That we don't have time to see her, loverboy.
Eliwood : No! Lyndis and I are... We're not...
Hector : You're not? Then why are you getting so worked up?
Eliwood : Hector! Don't make me angry!
Hector : Ha ha ha ha! You are so much fun to tease! Huh? What was that? Did
   you hear something?
Eliwood : It was a scream. Someone's being attacked!
Hector : Do we help?
Eliwood : Of course!

Merlinus : Oh noooooo! Someone! Help!!!
Bandit1 : Grrr! Stupid old fool! He's kept us running in circles for hours!
Merlinus : My... My valuable merchandise! What are you going to do?
Puzon : Hey, look at this. The old fool's wealthy.
Bandit1 : Huh huh huh. Our lucky day. Eh, Puzon?
Merlinus : Let go! Let go!! Will you let go!!!
Bandit1 : What a racket! Puzon, can we get rid of this simpleton ?
Puzon : I suppose so. There's no reason to let him live.
Merlinus : Oh my!! Eeeyaaaaahhh!
Eliwood : Release him!
Puzon : Who--
Eliwood : I told you to let the man go!
Hector : If you move quickly, we'll let you live.
Puzon : Ha! A pair of dandies like you? You know what I think? Living off your
   parent's names, prancing about... I despise you! Come on! Don't hold back!
   We'll kill you all!

Merlinus : Aaaiiieeee!!! You! They call you Agung, am I right? I am Merlinus,
   a humble and lowly merchant. I know nothing of combat. Please! You must
   protect me!

Village (15,12)
NPC  : Oh, my! Those ruffians are attacking you? Our village is in danger,
   too. We talked it over and... here. It's all the money we collected. If
   you'll chase off the bandits, it's yours.

Puzon : Heh. Looks like you've breathed your last!

Puzon : Unbelievable... I was helpless to stop them...


NPC : Ooof... Blast! I won't forget this!
Hector : Then you're smarter than you look! Get out of here!!
Eliwood : Are you all right?
Merlinus : Hm? Oho!! I... I've been saved!
Eliwood : We've driven them off. Are you injured?
Merlinus : No, not at all. As you can see, I'm as fine as fine can be.
Eliwood : I'm glad to see that. We'll take our leave then. Let's go, Hector.
Merlinus : Wait a moment, please! A token of my thanks...
Eliwood : Do not worry yourself. We did nothing to merit reward.
Hector : That's right. We've no need of a peddler's junk.
Merlinus : P-P-Peddler?
Eliwood : Hector!
Hector : Oops!
Merlinus : Ahem! I am Merlinus. You'll find no other traveling merchant whose
   goods compare. Don't let your eyes fool you: I'm quite prosperous.
Hector : Huh? You're a merchant? Books and knives and all that, eh?
Eliwood : Hector, your manners are terrible. Merlinus, please... Pay no mind
   to what this oaf has to say.
Merlinus : No, of course not. I wasn't concerned at... Ahem! By the way, you
   two obviously come from highborn houses. Would you grant me the honor of
   your names?
Eliwood : I am Eliwood, son of the marquess of Pherae.
Hector : I'm Hector. Marquess Ostia's brother.
Merlinus : Goodness! Ostia! Pherae! The greatest houses is all of Lycia!!
   Ahh... To be saved by noblemen such as yourselves... It is an honor beyond
Hector : It's nice to be appreciated for a change. Lately, people just seem
   to want us dead. Tell me, Merlinus, what are your plans?
Merlinus : Pardon? My plans, my lord? I had planned to travel Lycia selling
   my merchandise, but... It may not be possible in such dangerous times.
Hector : If that's the case, why don't you come along with us?
Eliwood : Hector?
Hector : Our travels will not be ending anytime soon. We've gained more
   people and more items, right? It might be good to have help managing our
Merlinus : Oho! Now THAT is a splendid idea! Managing merchandise is my
   specialty, after all!
Eliwood : Are you sure?
Merlinus : Quite sure, my lord. To be honest, I've dreamt of working for a
   noble house. To have my fondest wish granted in such a way... I cannot
   stem these tears of joy! Lord Hector! Lord Eliwood!! Take me into your
   bosoms and keep me safe forever!
Eliwood : Uh... Thank you. Well met, Merlinus.
Hector : We're counting on you! Now, I've got some things I want you to
Merlinus : Yes, of course. Whatever you have, Merlinus will keep!


A droll merchant named Merlinus now joins Eliwood's group. With Merlinus in
tow, they set out for Laus the following day. Laus is located in the heart of
Lycia, a territory ruled by the power-hungry marquess of Laus, Lord Darin.
Preparation for the war of which the Pheraen magistrate spoke... The
disappearance of Eliwood's father,Elbert... The death of Marquess Santaruz...
Do these all revolve around Lord Darin? In Eliwood's heart, the need for truth
is drowned in fear... A fear of what that truth may hold.

Darin : Are you certain? Pherae's heir is here?
Erik : Yes, Father. We've just received word from our lookouts.
He's still beyond that hill, but he'll be here before long.
Darin : Lord Ephidel, what is the meaning of this?
Ephidel : Perhaps when they reached Santaruz Castle, Lord Helman was still
   clinging to life.
Darin : You can't be serious!
Ephidel : He couldn't have lasted too long, but... maybe he told them
Darin : That's terrible! Our plan! It's all for naught, isn't it?
Ephidel : No need to be so alarmed, my lord. Even if he told young Eliwood
   something of our schemes, Pherae no longer has any power. All Eliwood could
   do is perhaps inform Marquess ostia.
Darin : Ostia?! That would ruinous! Lord Uther may be young and new to the
   throne, but he's dangerous. That addlepated Helman! He was a coward to the
   end! To betray us now, when we're so close... We only need a little more
   time to complete our plans for rebellion!
Ephidel : Then before Marquess Ostia becomes aware of any of this, you would
   do well to stop them here.
Darin : Yes, you're right, of course. We do have a chance. They have to pass
   through Laus to get to Ostia. We can still silence them!
Ephidel : They must not pass. No matter the cost.
Darin : Let us make haste. Call up our finest troops.
Erik : Father! Please, let me take the command.
Darin : Erik! Tell me, Son, can you succeed?
Erik : That clod Eliwood and I studied together in Ostia. He's a trusting
   fool. If he sees me, he'll lower his guard. And when he does, we strike!
Darin : I see.
Ephidel : I beg your pardon. Is this not too much for him? If, by strange
   chance, he fell, things could turn for the worse.
Darin : No, I know I'm the lad's father, but Erik's quite clever, I tell you.
   Snuffing Pherae's whelp will be no trouble at all. It's settled! It's up
   to you now, Erik. Bring me the head of Pherae's darling son!
Erik : Yes, Father! I will not fail you!

Hector : Look around... They truly are preparing for battle. Bah! Marquess
   Laus! What is he scheming?
Eliwood : .....
Hector : You don't much look like you want to go to the castle.
Eliwood : If we go and learn the truth, we may have to go to war.
Hector : That's fine with me!
Eliwood : I... I've no love for war. If I concentrate on the foe before me,
   I'm fine. If I picture families, innocents caught up in our foolish
   politics? If I imagine them... All I can do is pray for a way to solve
   things peacefully.
Hector : Eliwood....

Marcus : Lord Eliwood! A knight has ridden forth from the castle.
Eliwood : A lone knight?
Marcus : Yes, my lord. Our scouts say it's Marquess Laus's son, Erik. He is
   asking to see you.
Eliwood : Erik?
Hector : Gah. Why did it have to be taht buffoon?
Eliwood : I will see him. Bring him here.
Hector : I'm leaving. I never could abide him. I'll go for a ride and
   survey our surroundings.

Erik : Hello! It's been a long time, Eliwood!
Eliwood : Erik... What is your business?
Erik : My business? What do you mean? I heard my old friend was here in
   Laus. I merely thought I'd ride out to greet you!
Eliwood : .....
Erik : So tell me, friend, what brings you to Laus? Are you... on your way
  to Ostia?
Eliwood : Hm? Why would you think that?
Erik : Well, you were always such good friends with Hector. He and I
   never... got along very well. For a noble, his behavior was crude, and
   his manner of speech... You would have thought him a peasant on first
   glance. You're still friends with Hector, aren't you? When did you see
   him last? How do you communicate?
Eliwood : Erik... You're after something. What is it?
Erik : Pardon?
Eliwood : Everywhere I look, Laus prepares for battle. What are you and
   your father planning? I will know the truth!
Erik : Hm... I'd hoped to wait until you'd told me of Ostia. Of whether
   you've spoken with the marquess or not.
Eliwood : What are you talking about?
Erik : Hm heh heh... Eliwood, I have always despised you. How I've longed
   to smash you and your pathetic morality into pieces! I've dreamed of
   this day, and here it is at last!
Hector : Too bad you'll not live to see the end of it.
Eliwood : Hector!
Erik : Y-You! Hector! You couldn't... Have you spoken with Ostia already?
Hector : Maybe we have, maybe we haven't. Eliwood, this mongrel has troops
   lying in ambush all around us. Laus regulars, every one. We're in for a
   rough time.
Erik : Heh heh... There's little point in fighting. You're trapped! My
   forces will overwhelm you, an unending torrect of soldiers! Laus's elite
   knight are at the ready as well. Heh heh... How long do you think you
   can survive?
Eliwood : Craven cur!

Hannah : Hee hee hee... A world of trouble you've landed yourself in, yes?
Hector : Who--!? You startled me, old woman! You should get out of here.
   This is going to be a bad place to stay if you plan on living.
Hannah : I want to see the one searching for his father. Marquess Pherae's
Hector : Listen up, old woman! You're close to death as it is! Quit your
   yammering and move on!
Eliwood : Hector! You should mind your manners. I am Eliwood. May I ask your
   name, milady?
Hannah : Ho ho ho. What a polite young man. I'm Hannah, a fortune-teller. I
   came here to help you.
Eliwood : Can you tell me where my father's gone?
Hannah : No... but... I can see other things... useful things. I can tell
   you what weapons to take into battle, as well as who should wield them.
   Things of that nature.
Eliwood : I see...
Hector : Don't tell me you believe any of this.
Eliwood : I have no reason to believe or disbelieve in Hannah's powers. But
   I'll not rule out anything if it helps me find my father.

Merlinus : Lord Eliwood! Lord Hector! I make my living as a humble merchant.
   If you have any items you no longer need, please let poor Merlinus take
Hannah : Heh heh heh. I'm here, too. Speak to me for auguries before you
   engage the enemy. My service are not free, but they may save you from
   paying a greater price!

Augury :
Many of your foe will be carrying spears. You should take axes... Yes, many
axes. Hmm... And if that shrewish cleric girl is with you, take her as well.
She might well meet an old friend.
The weather, though... It doesn't look very good. Be prepared for sudden
You know, you should take a rapier. It will serve you well against many a foe.


Merlinus : Lord Eliwood! Shall I join you? If you deploy my tent, I can help
   with equipment. I can switch items for you and hold them if your packs are
   full. However, my tent cannot be moved about, so if you deploy it, it will
   rquired a guard. I beg your understanding.

Merlinus's merchant tent can be deployed on this map. If you deploy the tent,
any items you cannot carry can be sent to the tent. However, the tent is
vulnerable to enemy attack. If the tent loses all its HP, it will vanish from
the map and remain unavailable until the next map. Merlinus's tent gains one
level for every battle it survives. The tent will be harder to destroy as it
increases in level.

Deploy Merlinus?
Yes     No

Marcus : Agung! Let me take the point. There may be many of the, but numbers
   are meaningless! We are knights of Pherae. These mice of Laus will never
   defeat us!

Erk  : Hm. We certainly could stand some assistance...
NPC  : I'm sorry, but it's just not possible. If we disobey Marquess Laus, who
   knows what might happen to us?
Erk  : I understand. We'll seek our aid elsewhere.
NPC  : You'll find the same answer everywhere you go. Eventually, you'll have
   have to do as the marquess orders. You would do well to tell your employer
   the same thing.
Erk  : Hm. Good day to you.

NPC  : Priscilla! Has your escort returned yet?
Priscilla : No. He left yesterday in search of a way out of here... I just
   hope the soldiers of Laus haven't captured him.
NPC  : His search for help must have been fruitless. Maruqess Laus has ordered
   that no aid be given to you. There's really nothing that any of us can do.
   I apologize, but...
Priscilla : No, no. You could turn me over to the marquess, and yet you
   continue to grant me asylum. I'm grateful for that, Of course, if I simply
   went to the castle, this would be all over.
NPC  : Don't fret over that. None of us are overly fond of the marquess. He's
   always threatening us. He treats us like slaves. All of those war
   preparations? We want nothing to do with them. We may be divided into
   territories, but we're Lycians one and all. We may be invaded by another
   country one day, but why does he want to start a war here at home? None
   of us understand what he is doing.

Priscilla : Again ? Are you another messenger from the marquess? Please, do
   not waste your time. I will not change my decision. Pardon? Marquess Laus
   did not send you? I... I beg your forgiveness. It was my mistake. Say...
   If it's not too much trouble, might I leave with you? I'm on a journey.
   Marquess Laus is barring my way, and... I'm trapped. I am trained in the
   use of staves. Please, help me.

House (23,16)
NPC  : Listen to this! Have you heard tell of the marquess's infatuation?
   There's a young woman staying in a village on the harbor. Her speech, her
   looks, everything about her has the seeming of a princess. The marquess's
   attentions border on obsession. He's sent countless envoys to invite her
   to the castle, but she rejects him at every turn. Now, the marquess has
   guards around the village keeping her trapped. She has no way to escape.
   It's so sad.

House (24,16)
NPC  : The pirates from that citadel in the south keep raiding a nearby
   village. The marquess ignores our pleas for help. We'll all be overrun
   someday. Someone should go to that village and warn them...

Village (10,15)
NPC  : You're battling Erik and his men, right? Let me tell you, I'm on your
   side! My granddaughter... Marquess Laus took her away. He found her pretty,
   and forced her to the castle. It's not much, but please take this. It's a
   large sword, so you have to be strong to use it. It's a bit unwieldy, but
   it is a might weapon nonetheless. I hope you can defeat the marquess's son,
   Erik. It would make our lives more pleasant. Good luck to you.

House (8,14)
NPC  : Is it true we're battling Castle Ostia? What could that foold of a
   marquess be thinking? Laus has no chance of defeating Lycia's most powerful
   territory! The marquess's son, Erik is nothing but a power-hungry dullard!
   And the marquess himself is a lecher, plain and simple! What a pair! Do
   they believe they're a match for an Ostian general? Oh... Forget everything
   I said. We never talked, OK?

Bandit : Eh? What's all this? Looks like a war's broken out. Aha ha ha!
   Perfect! Time for a raid! Up and at 'em, mates! That village is ripe for

When it is about to rain :
Hannah : Mmm... My bones ache... The signs point to rain, yes? Watch

When the rain is about to stop :
Hannah : Mm... Hm... This rain... It will end shortly.

Text that will only show up if you have not killed Erik by end of turn 4 :
Erik : Blast! They're stronger that I had supposed! To the castle! I want all
   the reinforcements available, and I want them now!
Soldier : Lord Erik is struggling! He requests reinforcements!
Darin : What? Ready the men.
Ephidel : Unbelievable... These numbers cannot stop them.
Darin : Ephidel? W-Where are you going?
Ephidel : it seems that conquering Lycia might have been too much to ask of
   you after all. I must inform my master. The Black Fang will be leaving at
Darin : No! You... You can't abandon us! Not at this stage!
Ephidel : Who was it that said Ostia mustn't learn of our plans? Wasn't it
   you, Lord Darin? The marquess of Laus himself?
Darin : Y-Yes, it was. There's no turning back for me. Not now! P-P-Please!
   One more... Give me one more chance. I assure you, I will not disappoint
   Lord Nergal!
Ephidel : Very well... Assemble your men. We will regroup elsewhere.
Darin : Eh? You can't mean... My son... my home... Am I to abandon them?
Ephidel : Would you fall in disgrace along with your son? Our master, Lord
   Nergal, is offering you the throne of all Lycia... Surely a few sacrifices
   are not too much to ask?
Darin : Yes... You're right. My destiny is greater than this. I was born to
   be king of Lycia.
Ephidel : And as for an heir? You're still young, my lord. You will have time.
   You must not let a moment's sentimentality cloud your judgment.
Darin : ...
Erik : Where are my reinforcements? Why haven't they come? I've no choice. I
   must attack! You! To the castle! Find more men!
Soldier : Yes, my lord!

Erik : You've always been... an eyesore to me. No matter how hard I tried...
   You two garnered all the attention... all the praise. In the classroom...
   on the training grounds... Everywhere and everything!
Hector : Erik. You always did care more about appearances than ability. If
   you'd had even a hint of skill, perhaps you'd--
Erik : Hold your tongue! I will hear no more! No more!

Erik : Unhand me! I am no one's prisoner! Gwaaa!


Hector : Come on, Erik! Get up!
Erik : You... You peasants... You can't treat a proper noble like this!
Hector : It's too late for niceties! Be thankful you're still breathing!
Eliwood : Erik, you must tell me. Where is your father? We've searched the
   entire castle, and there's no one here.
Erik : D-Don't be ridiculous! My father would not abandon... No! He'd never...
Eliwood : Ephidel? Who's that?
Erik : ......
Hector : Speak, cur!! Do you want to die here?
Erik : Ah!
Eliwood : Hector! Erik... please. You must tell us everything you know. I...
   I just want to know where my father is.
Erik : ..... ...Ephidel... He appeared at the castle one year ago. He came...
   and my father changed. Ostia's position had always bothered my father...
   He felt Laus deserved to rule all of Lycia. But he'd never gone so far as
   to speak of rebellion.
Hector : Did you say... rebellion?
Erik : Ephidel had something... With it, he convinced my father to set this
   plan in motion. My father then sent envoys to several other marquesses.
   Marquess Pherae,he had approved of the idea.
Hector : What?
Eliwood : Never! My father would never agree to such a thing!
Erik : Believe or disbelieve. That is your choice. First was Marquess
   Santaruz. Then Marquess Pherae's reply arrived. Marquess Pherae visited
   here six months ago to seal his approval.
Eliwood : That's not... possible...
Erik : My father and yours argues vehemently that day. Marquess Pherae always
   distrusted Ephidel. He tried to convince my fahter to sent Ephidel and the
   Black Fang assassins out of Lycia. My father would not be persuaded, and
   Marquess Pherae left the castle. As you know, he then disappeared. I doubt
   he's still alive.
Eliwood : No!
Hector : Shut your mouth!
Erik : Eliwood said he wanted to hear everything. My father... He is but
   Ephidel's puppet. He'll listen to anything that villain says. Even watch
   his own son... die... Those are the sort of people you're dealing with.
   Marquess Pherae betrayed them. They would not let him live! Ha ha... ha ha
   ha ha ha ha...
Eliwood : Ah...
Hector : Wait! Eliwood!

Hector : Eliwood...
Eliwood : My father is alive... And... I cannot believe he supports...
   rebellion. There must be... There has to be a reason...
Hector : I know. I don't believe any of this for an instant. My brother
   trusted Marquess Pherae more than anyone. First, we'll find your father
   and discover the truth. We'll talk to my brother after that.
Eliwood : Hector, I'm sorry...
Hector : Don't look like that. Your father is surely alive. Right?
Eliwood : Yes, of course... Marquess Laus... Black Fang assassins... Now this
   mysterious Ephidel... I'll find them all and prove my father's innocence!


In Laus, Erik tells Eliwood of a plan. A plot to use Laus as starting ground
ina rebellion against Ostia. Eliwood needs proof to believe these accusations,
and so he and his allies pursue Darin, the fleeing marquess of Laus. Where
that chase would lead, Eliwood could not have known.

Laus Castle
Hector : Blast! Where on earth has that snake Darin gone?
Eliwood : I doubt he's left Lycia yet, but... Hector... it's been five days.
   The death of Marquess Santaruz... Our attack on Laus Castle... Word of
   these things must have reached Lord Uther by now. And yet he shows no sing
   of action... Why?
Hector : I'm sure he has his reasons. My brother has other concerns tying his
   hands right now.
Eliwood : What do you mean?
Hector : It's Bern. We've received disturbing reports over the past few
   months. King Desmond is behaving oddly. If he sees even the slightest crack
   in Lycia's defenses, we believe he'll invade with all of Bern's might
   behind him. My brother has only recently become marquess, as well as head
   of the Lycian League. He can't allow another country to see any weakness or
Eliwood : He has to present the face of stability and strength, is that it?
Hector : Yes. It seems every country has a spy working in Ostia right now.
   They all want to assess the new marquess's temperament and skill. If they
   sense anything wrong, word will spread like wildfire.
Eliwood : Hector, you're the marquess's brother... Would not being at his side
   be seen as someting "wrong"?	
Hector : The marquess's brother is a well-known lout. If I WERE at court,
   they'd sense something wrong.
Eliwood : You're not too proud of that reputation, are you?
Hector : Not in the least.

Marcus : Lord Eliwood! Lord Hector!
Eliwood : What is it, Marcus? Have you heard something?
Marcus : Yes, my lord. A messenger from the east! Castle Caelin has fallen to
   a surprise attack from Marquess Laus!
Eliwood : Castle Caelin?!
Hector : They've struck again.
Eliwood : Lord Hausen, is he unharmed?
Marcus : We've no word on Lord Hausen or his granddaughter, the lady Lyndis.
Eliwood : I never expected them to attack Caelin... Lord Hausen... Lyndis...
Marcus : Lord Eliwood, Lord Hector... What should we do?
Hector : They might still be alive, right? There's only one thing we can do!
Eliwood : We ride to their aid! There may still be time!

Castle Caelin
Kent : Milday, I've returend, and I have brought news. Laus soldiers are
   scattered from the castle to the edge of this forest. There must be at
   least 50 soldiers!
Sain : Are you sure about this, milady? We barely escaped. Going back to the
   castle would mean almost certain death.
Lyn  : My grandfather is in the castle. I left the castle on his orders,
   but... I can't leave him in there alone!
Wil  : The numbers we face... Rescuing Lord Hausen will be no easy task.
Sain : I wonder if we can expect any reinforcements.
Kent : I overheard some of the Laus soldiers talking. They claim that Lord
   Eliwood invaded Laus and drove them out.
Lyn  : Eliwood? Why would he attack Laus?
Kent : It gets even more interesting... Not only did Marquess Laus abandon his
   castle, but he also left his son, Erik, behind when he fled here to Caelin.
Sain : That's despicable! He abandoned his own son?
Lyn  : But at least we know Eliwood is in Laus. We might be able to ask him
   for help. ...Assuming there were a way to contact him.
Wil  : If we are to avoid being caught, the best path would be through the
   forest. Shall I go?
Lyn  : I suspect you're right. Horses cannot move well in woods... It'll take
   you a while, but you can travel lightly...
Florina : Lady Lyndis! I'll go! I can fly above the forest. I can be in Laus
   faster than anyone else.
Lyn  : Florina? You can't do this on your own! It's not possible!
Florina : Thanks to my time here, I'm no longer as timid around men as I used
   to be. And I've met Lord Eliwood before. I'm sure I can do this on my own.
Lyn : It will be terribly dangerous... You understand, don't you?
Florina : yes. But... I promised myself I would become braver for you. I'm not
   the weak little Florina I used to be. I'll be fine. Trust me.
Lyn : You've convinced me. The job's yours, Florina. But you must promise me
   that you won't try anything impossible!
Florina : Yes, my lady. Farewell!

Sain : Did you hear our meek Florina? She sounded most forceful! Beautiful!
Kent : She's become a full-fledged pegasus knight.
Lyn  : Yes, she has.
Wil  : All for you, Lady Lyndis. That's quite gallant.
Lyn  : When we lived on the plains, I was always her protector. I know I
   shouldn't feel sad, and yet...

Soldier : Commander Bauker! There's something in the southern skies.
Bauker : Is that... a pegasus knight? Where do you suppose she's going? It
   doesn't matter. We've been told not to let anyone out of Caelin. Archers!
   Advance! Bring her down!
Florina : To reach Laus, I must go over the forest... and fly north. Then,
   I'll have to... Wait! Who are those people? They fly no banner, and yet...
   Ah! That man in the lead! It's Lord Eliwood! He's come to Caelin's aid!
   That's wonderful. I have to tell him where Lady Lyndis is waiting!

Hector : I've spotted the enemy... Why are their archers advancing? They're
   aiming at something up high.
Marcus : Lord Eliwood, look! Up there! A pegasus knight!
Florina : Lord Eliwood!
Eliwood : Could it really be... Florina, is that you?
Florina : Yes! I'm Lady Lyndis's...
Eliwood : Florina! Fly lower!
Florina : Wha-- Oh! Aaaaaaah!!!
Eliwood : Florina!!!
Florina : ...... Ah...
Eliwood : Can you hear me? Florina?
Florina : Lord Eliwood? ...I...
Eliwood : Those archers almost hit you. You avoided the arrows, but you lost
   your balance.
Florina : I'm sorry. I'm such trouble...
Eliwood : I'm just glad you're not hurt. Tell me, Florina, weren't you with
Florina : Yes! Lord Eliwood, Lady Lyndis is beyond that forest. She's waiting
   for a chance to assault the castle.
Eliwood : She's what!? Ah... Still, it's good to hear she's safe.
Florina : She's fine. However, Lord Hausen's been captured. He's still in the
Eliwood : I see. Let's go then!

Bauker : Someone get up there and scour the area! I want to know if we brought
   down that pegasus knight! If she's still breathing, make her stop!
soldier : My load! To the west! We're under attack! It's the Pheraen noble,
Bauker : He's here, eh? Now's our chance to show Marquess Laus our loyalty.
   Our opponents are a motley band of fools! They're no match for us!

Augury :
I see a new companion... Strong of heart, strong of will. You must combine
your strengths and work together. Lances... Yes, lance wielders are invaluable
here. Use the woods well. You... You will need magic, yes? And rapiers and
hammers, as well.


Text only show up if you use Erk in this chapter :

Erk  : Pherae's new tactician... It was you all along, wasn't it, Agung? Me?
   I'm still traveling in pursuit of knowledge. I'll never outstrip my tutor,
   but I'm getting a bit closer... Well, Agung, tell me what you need me to

House (10,12)
NPC  : Are you one of Eliwood's soldiers? You have that look about you. The
   villagers are saying that you can defeat an enemy in the blink of an eye.
   When I get older, I'm going to be that swift! Just you waint and see!

House (7,13)
NPC  : Your company seems close-knit. It's vital to have friends who support
   and assist you, isn't it? You have to be close to someone if you really
   wanted to get along. Stay close to those with whom you're compatible
   to strengthen your bond. A reading by a fortune-teller will tell you who
   you're compatible with. But don't become so concerned about it that you
   forget to fight!

House (20,3)
NPC  : Different shops carry different items for sale. If you find something
   you've never seen, you should buy it, just to try. By the way, have you
   been to the local shop? If not, you should drop in. My daughter runs the

House (22,6)
NPC  : Weapons are only as strong as the material they're made of. Most of
   the weapons you have now are made of iron, right? Iron is a poor match for
   steel, and poorer still for silver! Slim weapons are weaker than iron ones,
   but easier to wield. Good weapons are expensive, but they're worth the

Village (13,3)
NPC  : Ah, you there! You're Caelin knights, aren't you? Marquess Laus's man,
   the one called Bauker... He seems like a gentle man, but his skill is near
   legendary. Do you carry weapons suited to battling knights? Take this if
   you please. Got a Heavy spear.

Village (2,6)
NPC  : Castle Caelin's been seized by Marquess Laus's men. We don't know
   what's become of Lord Hausen... We've been saving this for our daughter's
   wedding, but... it might serve you better now. Please help Marquess Caelin.
   Our lord needs rescuing. Got a Red Gem.

Bauker : Prepare to fall before your master!

Bauker : We've been... defeated? Such... a shame...


Eliwood : Commander Bauker... He was a fierce enemy. Lyndis, once we've
   defeated the remaining foe, the castle's yours.
Lyn  : Thank you, Eliwood. If not for your help, I don't know where I'd be
   right now.
Eliwood : All of this happened because we routed Lord Darin at Laus. It's
   only right that we help.
Lyn  : You explained your motives to me, Eliwood. This is about your father.
   I would do the same thing in your position. What happened in Caelin is not
   your fault.
Eliwood : Thank you. However, until your castle is yours again, I take
Lyn  : I understand. Thank you.
Hector : Eliwood! We're moving into the castle!
Eliwood : All right.
Lyn  : Who's that?
Eliwood : Oh, yes. Let me introduce you. Hector!
Hector : What?
Eliwood : This is Lyndis. She's Lord Hausen's granddaughter. Lyndis, this is
   Hector. He's Lord Uther's brother.
Lyn  : His brother? Really?
Hector : Yes.
Lyn  : I was watching the way he fights... He's not like you, Eliwood. He's
   somewhat like my own knights, but different still. He relies so much on
   power. It's like he's never been...
Hector : I haven't. I taught myself how to fight.
Lyn  : I've no issue with that, but the way you swing that axe around...
   You're a threat to your allies! You should be more watchful.
Hector : What did you say?
Eliwood : Lyndis? What's come over you?
Lyn  : Hm? Oh... I... My apologies. I didn't intend to seem so critical.
Hector : ......
Eliwood : Granted, Hector's style may be a tad dangerous, but... There's no
   one I depend on more. You may think him careless, but he's always aware of
   his surroundings.
Hector : The more you praise me, the less worthy I sound.
Eliwood : Lyndis, once you fight alongside Hector, I'm sure you'll understand.
Lyn  : I'm sure you're right. I apologize, Hector. I'm honored to have your
Hector : No apology necessary. I'm glad I can lend a hand.
Eliwood : Let's go inside, shall we?

Lyn  : Agung! Is it really you, Agung? So good to see you! Have you been well?
Kent : Well met, Agung. Good to see you again.
Sain : Well! This really is a pleasant surprise!
Wil  : Hello, Agung! Has it really been a year?
Lyn  : What's wrong, Florina? You needn't hide back there.
Florina : Um... Nice to see you again. I don't suppose you... Do you remember
Lyn  : Everyone who remained in Caelin speaks of you fondly. We're always
   saying "I wonder where Agung is..." Yes, you are right here. This isn't the
   best time to catch up. We're here to rescue my grandfather. Agung, will you
   help me again?

Darin : Ri... Ridiculous... Even Bauker?
Hausen : Lord Darin, it's time to give up this madness. Further resistance is
   meaningless. For what you've done, you may never be forgiven, but it's not
   too late to try. Tell Eliwood everything. He'll intervene with Marquess
   Ostia on your behalf...
Darin : I... I've lost...
Hausen : Hurry! Eliwood will be here in no time. Let me speak for you. Gurr...
Ephidel : None of that now. Marquess Laus needs no troublesome advice.
Darin : L-Lord Ephidel?
Ephidel : There is no turning back for you now. You should know that. First,
   Marquess Santaruz... and now Marquess Caelin. Both deaths are on your head.
Darin : What? It was by your hand that they both died! I-I never asked for
Ephidel : yes, I killed them... for you.
Darin : To... trap me?
Ephidel : Don't be absurd. I follow my master's orders. My only wish is to
   deliver your dreams to you. The crown of a united Lycia... And once that is
   done, dominion over the entire continent. Is that not what you desire?
Darin : ... ... ... Yes... Yes, of course. That dream IS still worth a few
   sacrifices, isn't it?
Ephidel : You're exactly right. Our plans may have gone drastically awry, but
   as long as we have the master's power behind us, we cannot be defeated.
   We'd do well to leave now, before those meddlesome worms arrive. You will
   leave everyone from Laus behind. We will use them to delay our foe.
Darin : Everyone... My soldiers? But... who will protect me?
Ephidel : The Black Fang and I will more than suffice for that task. There is
   nothing else you need, I assure you.
Darin : yes... I... I see that now. Where do we go from here?
Ephidel : To the Dragon's Gate... Our master awaits us there. The master has
   informed me our hostage may be all we need. If all goes well, we may be
   able to perform the ceremony with him alone.
Darin : oh! Is that so? I suppose we've nothing to worry about.
Ephidel : That is correct. Now please, begin your retreat. I have two or three
   orders to give, then I will be right behind you.

Ephidel : Pathetic imbecile... Leila? Where are you?
Leila : I'm here.
Ephidel : While Eliwood is occupied, finish off Marquess Caelin and hide the
   body. The enemy will waste precious time searching for him.
Leila : As you command...
Ephidel : You know, you've only been with the Black Fang a short while.
   However, you are quite skilled... I look forward to watching you.
Leila : Yes, sir.


Eliwood and colleagues defeat Bauker, one of Marquess Laus's lackeys. They
then press on toward Castle Caelin. Yet inside the castle many Laus soldiers
remain. Eliwood and friends begin their assault on the castle to save Marquess

Eliwood : There are still quite a few Laus soldiers in the castle.
Hector : Where are the Caelin guards?
Lyn  : I think about half of them were killed in the surprise attack. The
   survivors must be here somewhere...
Eliwood : They might be locked away as prisoners... We'd better rescues them
   quickly. If Marquess Laus decides to hold them hostage, it will make
   seizing the throne much more difficult.
Hector : It's settle! Let's find the guards and retake the castle!
Lyn  : Hold on, Grandfather. We'll be there shortly.
Eliwood : Seize the throne! It's time to reclaim the castle!

Augury :
Sky riders beware... This battle is not for you. You will need a thief. There
will be a meeting... Take the polite girl... The flame-haired beauty. And
again, take your rapier and hammer.


Eliwood : Agung. The captured Caelin soldiers are most likely exhausted. I'd
   like to protect them and keep them from having to fight. I realize that
   makes it difficult for you to play a strategy, but... I will do my best
   to take up their share of the fighting. Now, please tell us what we should
   do, Agung.

Raven : Hey, you. Let me out of here.
Soldier : What?
Raven : Marquess Ostia's brother is among your enemy, right? Let me out, and
   I'll help you. But I must have the brother. I've a score to settle with
   house Ostia.
Soldier : Do you think me a fool? You work for house Caelin! I cannot trust
   your word!
Raven : Then I'll have to break down this door and go through you. You were
   using Lucius as a hostage, but now he's here with me...
Soldier : Uh...
Lucius : No, Lord Raven! You musn't! You cannot betray your debt to Marquess
Raven : Shut up, Lucius. You think me foolish, but you don't understand...
   How about it?
Soldier : Very well. You! Get out! Remember, if you betray us, your companion
Raven : I see. Just remember, if that happens, you die next.
Soldier : Urr...
Lucius : Wait! You can't go alone! It's too dangerous!
Raven : Lucius, stay here and be quiet. I'll be back for you.
Lucius : Lord Raven!

End of Turn 6 :
Soldier : What in blazes!? It's getting even noisier than before.
Lucius : Isn't that the sound of combat?
Soldier : It must be Lady Lyndis! She's found reinforcements! It's time...
Lucius : Hm? What... What are you doing?
Soldier : I thought aid might come, so I hid keys and weapons here.
Lucius : Oh, I see.
Soldier : What are you going to do?
Lucius : Uh...
Soldier : Your master... He's betrayed us. Lucius, I must ask. What will you
Lucius : I... I want to stop Lord Raven. However... In his current state, I...
   doubt he will lend me his ear. And so... I will... wait. I will wait for
   Lord Raven here. I'm sorry... I cannot fight. ...Please understand.
Soldier : I do. Here, these are for you.
Lucius : For me? Vulnerary and a book of light magic?
Soldier : You don't have to fight, just protect yourself. I've known you only
   a short time, but you're a friend. I don't want to see you die.
Lucius : Thank you... Thank you.
Soldier : All right, lads! Open that door!! on our honor as Caelin knights, we
   will save the marquess!

Let me give you a brief explanation of magic. Magic can be divided into three
large groups. Anima magic is baded on nature. Its attacks include Fire and
Thunder. The basic attack of Light is Lightning, while Dark magic uses a spell
called Flux. Each type of magic has an affinity for other types of magic,
similar to the weapons triangle. Light is strong vs. dark, dark is strong vs.
anima, and anima is strong vs. light. This is the Trinity of Magic. So, a
monk's light magic is strong against a shaman's dark magic. Remember which
class has an advantage over which other class.

Bernard : I am bernard, Knight Commander of Laus! I would test the might of
   those who bested Bauker!

Bernard : This is a just reward... for Laus's brutality...


Lyn  : Grandfather! Grandfather! Where...
Eliwood : Lord Hausen? Where are you?
Hector : Eliwood. Here, on the throne... It's blood.
Lyn  : Blood? No! It can't be!!
Eliwood : Lyndis! Calm down. He might only be injured. Come, let us find him.
Lyn  : Yes, you're right. I must be calm. There! Over there! There's
Eliwood : Who's there? Show yourself!
Leila : .....
Hector : You... Leila!
Leila : Yes, it's me, Lord Hector. It's been a long time.
Eliwood : You know her ?
Hector : Yes, her name's Leila. She... works for Ostia... All right, she's a
Leila : Lord Eliwood of Pherae and Lady Lyndis of Caelin, correct? I am Leila.
   Pleased to make your acquaintance. Lady Lyndis, Marquess Caelin is back
   there receiving treatment.
Lyn  : My grandfather is safe?!
Leila : ... His life is yet his own.
Lyn  : Ah! Father Sky and MOther Earth! I thank you for your mercy!!
Hector : Leila, what are you doing here?
Leila : I... I'm following Lord Uther's orders. I'm investigating Marquess
   Pherae's disappearance.
Eliwood : My father? What have you learned?
Leila : Come with me. We should talk in private.
Eliwood : .....
Hector : Huh? Come on, Eliwood.
Eliwood : Ah...
Hector : Worrying about things won't change them.
Eliwood : I know. I'm fine. Let's go!

Leila : Let me start with my conclusion.
Eliwood : .....
Leila : Marquess Pherae... is alive.
Hector : Whooooo! Eliwood!
Lyn  : That's wonderful!
Eliwood : Are you sure?
Leila : I've been posing as a member of the Black Fang for several months.
   That's where I got this information. I believe it is true.
Eliwood : Black Fang... They're the assassins guild that Erik spoke of.
Leila : Yes, we've known of their existence for quite some time.
Hector : Explain.
Leila : The Black Fang is a guild of assassins founded about ten years ago
   by Brendan Reed. They're based in Bern. Their arms reached quickly in
   several other countries. Originally, they targeted only nobles who abused
   their positions. The masses saw them as chivalrous, defenders of the common
   man. Their activities found wide support.
Hector : Chivalrous...
Leila : Then about a year ago, Brendan got married again. Black Fang's
   operations have slowly changed since then. Now, they'll take on any target,
   no matter how difficult, as long as they're paid. And they're no longer
   killing only criminals; anyone is a fair target.
Lyn  : Is this Black Fang responsible for what's happened to my grandfather?
Leila : Yes. We've learned of a mystery man named Nergal, behind Reed's wife.
   It seems the Black Fang is performing secret tasks across Lycia for Nergal.
   Nergal's trusted retainer Ephidel is with Marquess Laus. He manipulated
   Laus into hatching the rebellion plot against Ostia. The first to answer
   Laus's call for rebellion was... Marquess Santaruz.
Eliwood : Lord Helman... Why would you...
Hector : .....
Leila : Next was Lord Elbert, Marquess Pherae.
Eliwood : You're telling me that my father endorsed this plan?
Leila : I cannot say. I do know that he is with Marquess Laus currently. In
   a place called... the Dragon's Gate.
Eliwood : Dragon's Gate? Where is that?
Leila : On an isle called Valor, off the southern coast of Lycia. I apologize,
   but that is all the information I have.
Hector : Of all places to be, Valor... Blast!
Lyn  : What kind of place is it?
Eliwood : It's said that those who step onto the island never return. The
   common folk call it the Dread Isle. If that's where my father is, however,
   I will go and find him. And this "Dragon's Gate," too!
Hector : I'm going with you. I'll tell you right now, you can't stop me.
Lyn  : I'm also going.
Eliwood : Lyndis, I appreciate your kindness, but... Shouldn't you stay with
   Marquess Caelin?
Lyn  : Laus must be stopped. Otherwise, they might target my grandfather
   again. I also wish to help Eliwood's father. Losinga parent... It's an
   unbearable pain. It's something I'd rather you didn't have to feel yet.
Eliwood : Lyndis... Hector... Thank you. YOu give me strength.
Hector : Don't mention it.
Lyn  : We're friends. It's what friends do, Eliwood.
Leila : I'm also going to continue searching. Lady Lyndis, I think it would be
   prudent to let the world think Marquess Caelin is dead.
Lyn  : I understand. I'll do that. Thank you.
Leila : No thanks necessary. If you'll excuse me.
Hector : Leila!
Leila : Yes?
Hector : Nergal and this... Ephidel? What are they like?
Leila : I've yet to lay eyes on Nergal. I've spoken to Ephidel on several
   occassions, however. He's... eerie. He always wears a cloak that covers his
   face. And yet...
Hector : What is it?
Leila : His eyes glow golden... You can't miss them. They seem... inhuman.
Eliwood : .....

Matthew : Is that you, Leila?
Leila : Matthew. It's been a long time.
Matthew : What have you been doing? More dangerous work?
Leila : We're spies, Matthew. Everything we do is dangerous.
Matthew : That's true. So how long do you think this mission's going to last?
Leila : My objective is the same as yours: to rescue Marquess Pherae. If
   things go well, I'll be in Ostia at the same time as you are.
Matthew : Is that so? You need to visit my hometown.
Leila : Is this where you were born? Why?
Matthew : ... To meet my parents.
Leila : Hm? Matthew...
Matthew : Ha ha. Well, that's that! See you.
Leila : As slippery as ever... Didn't even wait for my reply.

Soldier : Lady Lyndis!
Lyn  : Everyone... I'm happy to see you all well. I'm going after Marquess
   Laus. Protect my grandfather.
Soldier : One moment, Lady Lyndis. Please take this jewel before you leave.
Lyn  : Jewel?
Soldier : We were able to move it before Laus's men ransacked our vaults.
   We will take care of Lord Hausen. Please, Lady Lyndis, return to us safely.
Lyn  : I will. Thank you.

Got a Red gem.


After speaking with the Ostian spy Leila, Eliwood realizes he must travel to
Valor, the Dread Isle. The small island, located south of Lycia, is said to be
home to the Dragon's Gate. Heading for the southern coast of Caelin, they seek
passage in the port of Badon.

Hector : Listen! We need a boat to Valor!
Sailor : You want a boat to the Dread Isle? You're mad! No way! Never! There's
   no one in this village who'll sail there!
Lyn  : Please, we're in a hurry. Can you give us passage?
Eliwood : If you won't help us, can you take us to someone who will? Please.
Sailor : You must be on urgent business, that's certain. ..... There may be
   one way...
Eliwood : What is it? Tell us, please!
Sailor : Pirates.
Lyn  : Eh? Pirates?
Sailor : Uh-huh. The're fearless, or as close as makes no difference. and
   they'll go anywere for a fee. Who knows? They might decide to accept your
   mad offer.
Hector : Pirates... Looks like we've no choice.
Lyn  : Are you serious, Hector? Working with pirates? That's unbelievable!
Hector : You're considering it, aren't you, Eliwood?
Eliwood : If there's no other way, what else can we do?
Lyn  : You, too, Eliwood? I've misjudged you... It's foolishness to trust the
   goodwill of pirates! I'm finding another way!
Hector : Why is she so angry?
Eliwood : I heard that Lyndis's parents were slain by bandits. Bandits at
   land, pirates at sea... They're all the same to Lyndis. Lawbreakers and
Hector : I see... My parents died of illness... But I can appreciate her
   feelings. Shall we abandon the pirate plan?
Eliwood : But...
Sailor : Too bad about the girl, but there's no other way.
Eliwood : Let's meet the pirates. We can't decide until then.
Hector : That's true.
Sailor : That inn over there is a known favorite of the local freebooters.
   They're reckless and unpredictable. Best be prepared.

Fargus : What do you want, whelps? You're here to see me, aren't you?
Eliwood : You're commander of the pirate armada, aren't you?
Fargus : Gwah hah hah! "Commander of the pirate armada!" I like the sound of
   that! Are you lads that naive? Or are you just dumb? Which is it?
Hector : You insolent...
Eliwood : Peace, Hector! If I've insulted you, I apologize. How should I
   address you?
Fargus : Hmph... You don't frighten easily, do you? Well, at least it seems
   you're not stupid. "Captain" will do, whelp. I'm Fargus, captain of the
Eliwood : Fargus... Master Fargus? Or should i call you Captain?
Fargus : You're not one of my mates. Call me Fargus. Now, what do you want?
Eliwood : We want to book passage to Valor.
Fargus : How much will you pay?
Eliwood : We don't know the current rates. Tell us how much you want.
Fargus : 100,000 gold.
Hector : Wait, 100,000 gold?
Fargus : Well? Will you pay?
Eliwood : We've no choice, but we need a little time. We'll get the gold and
   return as quickly as possible. Come, Hector.
Hector : Wa-Wait a moment! Eliwood!

Hector : Eliwood! Hold on! Where do you think you're going to get 100,000
Eliwood : I'm sure there's an arena here. We can raise gold somehow...
Hector : What? You're not serious!?
Eliwood : We've no other way, do we?
Hector : Well, no. Sometimes you surprise me, Eliwood.
Eliwood : Did you say something, Hector?
Hector : No, nothing. Let's go earn some gold!
Dart : Ahoy! Hold your ground, boys!
Hector : What now? We don't have the money yet.
Dart : Fool! Of course you don't! I know that. The captain's got a message for
Eliwood : A message?
Dart : All of my mates in this village are going to attack you. If you can
   beat us all and get to the ship unharmed, he'll give you passage.
Eliwood : For free? No gold?
Dart : The captain's a tad off-kilter. He'd rather have a bit o' fun with you
   than take your gold. Smooth sailing to you.

Dart : Hey, Landlubber! Over here! I'm over here!
Hector : Oh, for... This is a joke, isn't it?
Eliwood : Looks serious enough. Here we go!
Dart : Listen! The captain's waiting at the docks. Talk to him, and you're the
   winner! Trust me, though... Don't make the mistake of attacking him! You
   anger the captain, and there's no turning back! Don't forget!!

Lyn  : I couldn't find a ship after all. But we have to get to that island...
   Looks like I'll have to endure pirates. Hm? What was that? Commotion in the
Hector : Oh! Lyn! Nice timing. We need your help!
Lyn  : You're battling the pirates?
Eliwood : Fighting and... Look, we have to reach the docks and speak to the
   captain! This is a test to see whether or not he'll give us passage.
Lyn  : I don't understand, but... I'm here, so let me help!

Augury :
Oh... Oh, my... Things have gotten out of hand, haven't they? Concentrate...
Go around... Around is best. You should speak with the locals. You might even
meet someone. Don't waste your time with every single house though.


Lucius : Good to see you again, Agung. Our reunion is surely the work of
   blessed Elimine. I'm most pleased to travel with you once more. Your
   commands, please.

Tavern (22,9)
Anna : I heard about your contest with the pirate captain, Fargus. You've got
   nerve, I'll give you that! Let me give you some advice. Don't try to
   overpower the pirates. Take the narrow path next to us, and follow the wall
   toward the sea. Pass in front of the last house, and stay close to the
   sea wall. You should be able to get to Fargus and win your game! Why do I
   know all this? Well, my sweetie's a pirate. His name's Jake, and he's the
   best. If you see him, tell him Anna's worried about him!

Village (16,6)
NPC : This path leads to danger. The pirates are waiting for you. Do you think
   it would be better to find another route? You've risked much to come here.
   I can't let you leave empty-handed. Take this axe. What do you think? Nice,
   isn't it? However... it's cursed. It's a might weapon, but if one with bad
   luck wields it... Oooh! Terrible, terrible, I tell you. Don't use it unless
   you have to.

Village (18,9)
Canas : Pardon me! I was speaking with an old sailor a few moments ago. He
   told me that you're planning to travel to Valor. Is that so? Really? And
   that's why you're playing tag with these pirates? ..... I see. In that
   case, would you mind if I joined you? My name is Canas. I'm a scholar of
   sorts... I've been seeking passage to Valor, but none will take me. My
   proposal probably sounds somewhat selfish, no? You should know, I can help
   in combat. I've some skill with a form of elder magic... Some call it dark
   magic, a rather biased term, if I must be blunt. But at the very least, I
   can take care of myself, and perhaps others.

Village (13,11)
NPC  : You're being tested by pirates, with passage to the Dread Isle hanging
   in the balance? Here, use this bow. It's a rare beauty, eh? A Sacaean
   friend gave it to me, but I can't use it. Don't get yourself killed out
   there, OK?

Village (9,10)
NPC  : You're a brave soul to come to such a perilous place. Here. You should
   have this staff. You can use it to make those whose magical resistances are
   weaker than your own fall asleep for a while. Whether it works or not
   depends on the skill of the wielder. Ho, yes. Looks like those pirates are
   bearing down on you. Maybe this staff will help you get away.

Village (9,3)
NPC  : Have you been to the arena yet? It's filled with toughs and bravados.
   You can get rich there... All you have to do is wager and win. If you're
   beaten, however, you lose both money and life. If you think you're going to
   lose, press the B Button to give up. Remember, you can't give up if you're
   dead, so don't wait too long.

Village (4,14)
NPC  : Are you interested in this sword here? It's called a lancereaver. It's
   an incredible sword to take against lances. Still, it is a little weak
   against axes. Go ahead, take it. You're going to the Dread Isle, right? If
   you want to avoid the pirates, go behind the shop. From there, just head
   straight down the alley. Good luck to you.

Fargus : What mooncalves! I would've let 'em sit there if they hadn't come any
   closer. Up and at 'em, mates! Attack!

Damian : What an interesting diversion. Maybe we should join in. Lord Eliwood
   of Pherae... You don't yet know to fear the Black Fang. Start grieving...
   for I will teach you that fear.

Damian : You're about to die. Scream if you must.

Damian : Gaa...ha... Crow in... triumph... you've--


Fargus : Aha! You made it, whelps!
Hector : That was... hard...
Eliwood : Haa... haa... You'll give us passage now, wont' you?
Fargus : I'm a man of the sea. I always keep my word. Are my old eyes lyin' to
   me? Is this beauty really with you? Gwaa ha ha ha!! My lucky day!
Lyn  : .....
Hector : Listen, I know how you feel, but you have to accept it. We've no
   other choice!
Lyn  : I know that! I haven't said a word, have I?

Eliwood : We can go to the Dread Isle now. Please, Father... be well.


Text that show up if you skip chapter 16x.
After speaking with the Ostian spy Leila, Eliwood realizes he must travel to
Valor, the Dread Isle. They head straight to the port city of Badon, seeking
passage. After a long journey, they spot a fog-enshrouded isle on the horizon.
Eliwood's father is on the isle, as is the Dragon's Gate. As they draw closer
to the isle, Eliwood no longer fears that his father might be one of the
conspirators. As the moment of truth nears, Eliwood only prays that he is

Text that show up if you do not skip chapter 16x.
Fargus's ship sails along smoothly. At last, they spot a fog-enshrouded isle
on the horizon. Eliwood's father is on the isle, as is the Dragon's Gate. As
they draw closer to the isle, Eliwood no longer fears that his father might
be one of the conspirators. As the moment of truth nears, Eliwood only prays
that he is safe.

Fargus : Ahoy, laddie! You don't get seasick, do you?
Eliwood : I'm fine, sir. This is a beautiful ship.
Fargus : Gwaa ha ha! For a sea rover, eh?
Eliwood : May I ask you a question?
Fargus : What is it?
Eliwood : Why did you agree to give us passage? When we said that we wished
   to travel to Valor, the people in the harbor treated us as though we were
Fargus : I'm sure they did. It is the Dread Isle, after all. If not for good
   reason, we wouldn't want to go either.
Eliwood : And yet... you've given us free passage. Why is that?
Fargus : Listen to me, laddie. Men are strange beasts. We can't resist a
   challenge. Something appears on the horizon, and we immediately set sail.
   Some dreams we conquer, others we abandon. ...I've grown old. I haven't
   had a good challenge in many a year. Then you mooncalves appear seeking
   passage to the Dread Isle. I was impressed with your courage. I think you
   may be the ones to survive the Dread Isle.
Eliwood : We won't disappoint you. We will return.
Fargus : All right. Then we'll weigh anchor and wait for you. Light a signal
   fire when you want to return, and we'll pick you up.
Eliwood : Thank you.
Dart : Captain! There's a dory adrift to port! It looks like there's someone
   aboard. What're your orders?
Fargus : Bring 'em aboard. Looks like we've got a visitor. Odd though, finding
   a boat adrift near here...
Eliwood : Odd? Why is that?
Fargus : The sea currents in this area... Anything drifting around here
   must've come from the Dread Isle.
Eliwood : Oh...
Fargus : Shall we greet our guest?

Hector : Eliwood! You done talking to old man Fargus?
Eliwood : You saw us?
Hector : No, I heard you'd gone off with him. You learn anything?
Eliwood : ...We can trust him. We got lucky, finding him.
Hector : Hmmm. If you say so.
Lyn  : Hey, you two! Come here! They've pulled the dory aboard! I wonder who's
   on board. It's... It's a girl!!?
Dart : ...Uh...uhnn... Oy! You there!
Lyn  : Me?
Dart : Give me a hand, will you? I don't know where to... grab her.
Lyn  : ...OK.
Hector : Such the gentleman.
Dart : Stow it!

Lyn  : Hm? Ninian!? Ninian! Wake up!!
Eliwood : Unbelievable... What are the chances?
Hector : Do you know her?
Eliwood : She's how Lyndis and I met a year back. I rescued Ninian from a band
   of villains.
Lyn  : Please, Ninian! Open your eyes!!
Ninian : ... ...Ah...
Lyn  : Ninian, can you hear me?
Ninian : ... .....Unnn... I.......
Lyn  : Are you well? Why were you on that boat? Where is Nils? Why wasn't he
   with you?
Ninian : ..... Ah...ah...
Lyn  : Ninian?
Eliwood : Lyndis, something's wrong with her.
Ninian : Who... Who...

Dart : Captain! Pirate ships approaching from the northwest!
Fargus : Do they dare attack Captain Fargus and the Davros? They must be mad!
Dart : What flag are they flying? I've never seen that pattern before.
Fargus : These seas belong to us! Whoever they are, they're in our waters!
   This is a day for strange occurences, it seems. You whelps watch you own
   hides. We've no time to waste on you!

Sailor : Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!! Water!!! The hull's been breached! We're taking on
Fargus : Breached? Those scum are more dangerous than I'd thought!
Dart : It's bad, Captain! We need all hands belowdecks, or we'll sink!!!
Fargus : Take care of it! I'm going to carve these scallywags some new
Sailor : We need your help! The water's up to the galley! You must come below,
Fargus : Grrr...
Eliwood : Fargus! Leave the enemy to us!
Hector : Fighting is something we're good at! But a sinking ship? That's your
   affair! You have to do something, or we'll all drown!
Lyn  : We'll deal with things up here. Please! Hurry!
Fargus : Fine!! The deck is yours! I'll be back as soon as we've plugged the
   breach in the hull!
Eliwood : Go!

Eliwood : Lyn! Take here to that room!
Lyn  : I will.
Hector : Here they come!

Zoldam : All we want is the girl. Kill the rest.

Augury :
Stay... still. Choose your ground, and fight where you stand. Danger for
...knigths... Armorslayers to the east, magic to the west. ...Heh heh heh.
You'll understand when the fighting starts. Pegasus knights... yes. It
couldn't hurt to have thieves along, either.


Guy  : Ohhh... I'm going to be sick. Doesn't this bother you, Agung? This ship
   moves too much... I... I can still fight, though. My sword arm's fine!

Dart : Ahoy! We'll leave the fighting to you. Hold on until we can help! Oh,
   and we've merchants aboard. This is the armory. This is the shop. You wont'
   be able to stock up once we reach the Dread Isle. I suggest you buy as much
   as possible while you've the chance!

Zoldam : Don't worry about any ambush. Board their ship. You don't know how to
   fight? Go now, or die here...

Zoldam : You possess... this much... power...?


Fargus : Ahoy! I'm back! Now, who wants to die first? What's this? You've
   routed 'em already? Nicely done, whelps!
Hector : Those sea dogs were no match for us!!
Eliwood : .....

Lyn  : Ah! Ninian! You can't come out yet! There's blood everywhere!
Ninian : ...Blood?
Eliwood : Look out!
Ninian : ...Ah! I'm sorry.
Eliwood : Are you OK? Ninian?
Ninian : Ninian? Is that... me? Is that... my name?
Lyn  : Ninian! What's happened to you...
Ninian : ...I... My head... is so foggy. Am I... at sea?
Lyn  : Yes. We found you adrift in a small boat.
Fargus : Those scum were after the girl, it seems. Will you take her with you?
   The men are afraid she, well, she might be cursed, you know?
Hector : Cursed...?
Lyn  : Are you suggesting we leave Ninian behind?
Hector : We can't take her with us, can we? We're heading for the Dread Isle.
   It's dread for a reason, you know!
Lyn  : Regardless... she goes with us!
Eliwood : Lyndis?
Lyn  : When I saw her, I remembered something. The last time I saw Ninian...
   She and her brother were being hunted by some dark-robed men.
Hector : Dark-robed? Are you sure?
Lyn  : Yes, I think it must be the Black Fang. It didn't occur to me before,
   but now I'm certain.
Eliwood : How can you be sure?
Lyn  : I can't explain... There's something in the air that hints at their
Eliwood : If it's true, then she's likely to be attacked again.
Lyn  : Almost certainly. We can't leave her behind. I will watch over her.
Eliwood : I understand. We should be by her side to protect her.
Lyn  : Thank you.
Eliwood : We're all going to that island. Will you come with us?
Ninian : Yes... Please... take me with you.

Fargus : We've arrived.
Eliwood : Thank you very much.
Fargus : We'll wait two weeks. Finish up by then.
Hector : That's more than enough time!
Fargus : And I've got a half-wit sailor who wants to go sightseeing. C'mere,
Dart : I'm here, Captain! Ready to serve!
Eliwood : We're pleased to have you.
Fargus : His only redeeming feature is his sturdiness. Maybe he'll come in
Dart : Come on, Captain! I'm better'n that!
Eliwood : You've done so much. I can't thank you enough...
Fargus : Come back alive! That's all the thanks I need.
Eliwood : All right. Farewell!
Hector : We'll be back before you know it!

Lyn  : ...There are good people, even among pirates.
Hector : I don't think the old man and his group are your average pirates.
Eliwood : Somewhere within that forest is the Dragon's Gate.
Hector : Eliwood! No matter what it takes, we're coming back with your father!
Lyn  : ...We'll surely find him. We'll all do our best to make it so.
Eliwood : You're right. Let's make preparations to enter the forest.
Hector : Oh!
Ninian : Dragon's Gate...
Lyn  : Ninian? What is it?
Ninian : It's nothing... ...


Eliwood arrives on the shores of Valor with a new companion in his numbers, an
enigmatic young girl named Ninian. The majority of the island is covered in
dense forest. Legend has it that no one has ever returned from those dark
woods. A dense fog crawls over the party, engulfing them one by one...
Cautiously, they move deeper into the trees.

Dragon's Gate
Nergal : Shame on you, Marquess Pherae. You freed the boy AND the girl?
Elbert : I will not let ou move unopposed!
Darin : Wh-What shall we do, Lord Nergal? With both siblings gone, we can no
   longer hold the ceremony.
Elbert : How many times must I tell you, Lord Darin? You are being used by
   this man!! By helping him bring dragons back into this world, you are
   helping him destroy mankind! Do you understand?!?
Darin : Pah...ha ha ha... Destroy mankind? Dragons may have been a threat to
   mankind in ages past, but with Lord Nergal's power, we've got nothing to
   fear! Lord Nergal can control dragons!!! Ha ha...ha ha ha...
Elbert : Lord Darin... You're already lost.
Nergal : I'd planned to start a war in Lycia. The war I was plotting in Lycia
   would've generated a glorious amount of FORCE in one blow. You were not
   equal to the task, it seems. Not to worry. I've other means at hand.
Elbert : Black hearted fiends! Guuuh!!
Nergal : Hold your tongue. There is still a task you must perform for me.
   Ephidel! Limstella! My beloved morphs, my beauteous works of art. I've new
   jobs for you, my pets. First Limstella. You will go to Bern and contact
   Sonia. I want you to arrange a meeting with the king.
Limstella : Understood.
Nergal : Ephidel, take this... man, Marquess Laus, and go. I want you to
   exterminate the mice who've landed on the island.
Ephidel : Yes, master.
Nergal : That leaves you, Marquess Pherae. It seems your legacy is one of
Elbert : !?
Nergal : ...The mouse who interfered with my conquest of Lycia is named
   Eliwood. Should he be congratulated on making it this far?
Elbert : Eliwood? My son is here? Stop! Do with me what you will, but let my
   son be!
Nergal : Hm? Heh...Hehahahaha!!! Remember the siblings you freed? The girl's
   here, too. As a matter of fact, she's with your son, Eliwood. Quite a
   delicious twist of fate, wouldn't you say?
Elbert : ... This can't be...
Nergal : Eliwood will die in these woods. The girl will be returned to me, and
   the ceremony will take place. Hm... Despite those long hours of torture,
   you remain undaunted. Such courage will make you the perfect sacrifice,
   Marquess Pherae.
Elbert : Eliwood... Turn back... Take the girl and flee... ...Please...

Leila : I can't believe it's come to this. I must inform Lord hector of these
   events... If I hurry, I may be in time. What!?
Ephidel : Leila... Where are you going?
Leila : Lord Ephidel... The sentries... I'm going to check on...
Ephidel : You overheard, did you not? ...And I had such hopes for you. Jaffar!
Leila : Ah!!
Jaffar : The punishment for traitors is death.
Leila : !!!!! Aa... ...Ma...Matthew.....
Ephidel : ...Impressive, Jaffar. Your power is beyond compare.
Jaffar : .....
Ephidel : Take this woman's corpse and leave it in the forest. Let it serve as
   a warning to those fools.

Valor Isle
Lyn  : Let's get through these woods. It's starting to get foggy... Try not to
   get separated.
Hector : "Enter and be lost." It feels like we're not coming back.
Lyn  : Hector!! Are you trying to curse us?
Eliwood : Are you well, Ninian?
Ninian : ...Y-Yes... I'm... I'll be fine.
Eliwood : !? Someone's there!
Hector : Who? A sentry? Leila! Is that you? Impressive work, finding your way
Eliwood : ... Something's wrong, Leila? Lei--!!
Lyn  : She's... dead...
Ninian : No!
Hector : ...This can't be. She was one of our best spies, Leila...

Matthew : .....
Hector : ...I'm sorry, Matthew.
Matthew : ...Why do you apologize, my lord? Leila blundered. ...That's all.
Eliwood : Matthew... Leila was.. She was...
Matthew : After his mission, I was going to ask here to put this life behind
   her... Waited too long, didn't I? Ha... ...My lord, might I... rejoin you
   later? She has to be buried...
Hector : ...Of course.
Lyn  : Ah... I'll go with you...
Eliwood : ...Let them be alone. There's nothing else we can do...
Hector : Blast! They put her out here for us to find like this!
Lyn  : Unforgivable! This is... a fould deed. Beyond foul.
Eliwood : Let's go. The foe is somewhere in this forest. We must stop this
   before any more die!

Ninian : Ah! ...Beware! Something comes!
Lyn  : What!? Kyaa!
Eliwood : Lyndis!!
Uhai : If you value her life, send the girl to me.
Ninian : ...Ah.
Lyn  : You, you're Sacaen!
Uhai : That's correct... I am Uhai of the Black Fang. I've been sent to
   capture the girl... And to kill the lot of you. If, however... you hand
   over the girl and depart the island at once, I'll grant you your lives.
Lyn  : And if we refuse?
Uhai : You know nothing, little lord. Nothing of Nergal's might. Nothing of
   his terrible power. You are ignorant, and so you hope to oppose him. You
   are insects railing against the heavesn. Your actions will change nothing.
   Speak no more foolishness and begone!
Eliwood : ... Maybe we don't know what it is we're fighting... But if we flee,
   our loss is assured. So we will continue to struggle, and we may yet
Uhai : ...Folly.
Lyn  : What! Why are you letting me go?
Uhai : Holding a woman hostage during battle is shameful. You, too, are of
   Sacae, and I've a mind to show you mercy. I will let you die with a sword
   in yourd hands. But rest assured... I will kill you all here. But be of
   good cheer! In dying, you shall all be spared the calamity that is to come!
Ninian : .....
Eliwood : Ninian, you must hide. We will meet the enemy!

Augury :
What!? You'd take an old woman to the Dread isle!? Oh, who are you to wish
such a terrible thing on me? You should be more careful of the demands you
make on this weary old frame, yes? Oh, aye, the augury... Yes, yes. Of course.

...Hmph! Fog! You should take thieves with you... and torches will make things
easier, too. I sense the foe has a strange item... watch you possessions
closely,,, Take the orchid-haired sky rider... There is someone she should


Dart : You're Agung, right? I'm Dart, leader of Fargus's suicide squad! The
   captain's ordered me to follow your commands. So, who do you want me to
   take care of?

Matthew : I'm back, my lord!
Hector : Matthew! Are you sure? You don't have to--
Matthew : What are you talking about? Look at this eerie place, this thick
   fog... This is exactly why you brought me with you.
Hector : Yet...
Matthew : If Leila... If Leila knew I was shirking my duties, she would never
   have forgiven me. I'm fine. I will work twice as hard for Ostia in her
Hector : I understand... I'm counting on you!
Matthew : As well you should, my lord! Tell me, Leila... This is what you'd
   want, right? You wouldn't want me to give up. I'll mourn for you when our
   batle is won. I must fulfill my duty. So rest... I promise I will take
   care of everything.

Fiora : I found them... These men are Black Fang... Look, everyone. Your
   sacrifices were not in vain. I'll fulfill our duty, even if I must do it
   myself. I am a true knight of Ilia!

Uhai : I am Uhai! I am the Soaring Hawk! Come!

Eliwood : I'm searching for my father. If you are determined to block our
   progress... Then you shall be moved!!
Uhai : Do your worst!

Lyn  : ... How can a proud man like you live as an assassin?
Uhai : ... I symphatize with Brendan Reed's ideology. He wants to help the
   weak, to break the overly proud... Discussing this philosophy with Breandan
   and his sons, training together, getting stronger together... For me, the
   Black Fang was the first place... that felt like home.
Lyn  : "Felt"? Is that feeling gone?
Uhai : The Black Fang has changed. Nergal sent that woman... ...But it's too
   late for me to change now.
Lyn  : Why? Talk to us, we may be able to help.
Uhai : Expect no quarter merely because we are both nomads. Prepare yourself!

Uhai : Oh.. So, you're from Sacae, too, are you?
Guy  : I am Guy of the Kutolah!
Uhai : Kutolah... The Ash Wolf, Dayan's tribe! They're said to be the
   strongest on the plains. But you're still a child. Do you fight like one?
Guy  : No!
Uhai : Then show me. Come!

Uhai : Guuu... Well...done....... You are... stronger... stronger than I
   expected. Out of respect... ...a final gift from me... From here, go south.
   ...Turn at the rotted tree. Head... west. There lies the path to the...
   ...Dragon's Gate... Unnh...


Eliwood : Uhai... I wish we could've met under different circumstances.
Hector : ...Do we trust him?
Lyn  : He was a Sacaen. He would not lie. ...I, at least, choose to believe
Hector : ...Let's go then.
Eliwood : To the Dragon's Gate!


With Uhai's dying words still sounding in their ears, they venture deep into
the forest's heart. Lyn moves in utmost silence, cautious not to alert any
hidden enemy. However, following on her path, a new Black Fang shadow appears.

Eliwood : A great, rotted tree. This would appear to be the place of which
   Uhai spoke.
Lyn  : So if we move west from here, we'll reach the Dragon's Gate, right?
Hector : OK, let's go!
Eliwood : .....
Marcus : Lord Eliwood, are you well? You have a pallid look about you...
Eliwood : ...Oh, it's you, Marcus.
Marcus : Is something amiss?
Eliwood : You heard what Erik said when we were in Laus, Marcus... What do you
Marcus : That Lord Elbert was involved in a rebellion plot?
Eliwood : Yes.
Marcus : It must be a mistake. Your father is loyal to Lycia. He'd never break
   his oath.
Eliwood : You're right. I can't believe he'd be involved in this conspiracy.
   Yet... why do I feel so anxious? When I think of my father, I can't catch
   my breath.
Marcus : Lord Eliwood, do not mistake your feelings. That feeling that strikes
   you when you think of Lord Elbert? It springs not from a distrustful heart.
   It comes from concern for your father, who needs your help. He is involved
   in someting larger than all of us. This is all happening so fast; it's easy
   to lose sight of that.
Eliwood : I see... You... You're right. ...Thank you, Marcus. I feel a bit
Marcus : I'm glad to be of service. Bah. The air on this accursed isle... It's
Eliwood : ...It feeds the despair already lurking in our hearts. If you hadn't
   been here for me, Marcus, I--
Marcus : Eh? Something is happening ahead.
Eliwood : It's Hector. Let's go!

Lyn  : Stop yelling at me! It's because of that clattering armor you're
   wearing! I'm just saying we have to move cautiously. Nothing more!
Hector : I know! and I'm saying that I'm doing my best!
Eliwood : Quiet, both of you! Armor or no, if you two keep shouting like that,
   every enemy from here to Pherae itself will hear us!
Lyn  : Ah...
Hector : Sorry.
Eliwood : We must proceed with caution. I can't believe Uhai was the only
   Black Fang in these woods.

Assassin : Lord Aion, we've received word from the pegasus unit. Targets are
   approaching from the far side of that mountain to the east.
Aion : Hmph... Uhai must have failed after all. I'm not surprised. We're
   talking about the shallow wisdom of a Sacaen nomad, after all. He possessed
   a certain rough talet, but no mind for planning. Our units are in place,
   are they not?
Assassin : Yes.
Aion : Ha ha... Good. Very good. In confined spaces like this, my thunder
   magic devastates. The battle has already been won... I cannot lose. Combat
   is an equation. Those with intelligence have a natural advantage. Those
   imbecile will not reach the Dragon's Gate. Never. I will bury them here in
   this forest!

Eliwood : I can see ruins. Is that the Dragon's Gate?
Ninian : .....
Eliwood : Ninian? Are you all right?
Ninian : ...Beware! .....The enemy comes!
Eliwood : Enemy?
Shaman : Eliwood of Pherae! Prepare yourself!
Eliwood : Oof!! We won't reach the Dragon's Gate if we stay on the defensive.
   Hit their commander, and attack the ruins!

Augury :
...Mmm... .....You must beware magical attacks... They will not attack from
the front... If you wait, though... something may happen. For good or for ill,
that I cannot say. Ah, I can see no more.


Ruins (19,3):
Marcus : Oh! Who's there!? What are you doing?
Renault : I'm Renault. I'm on a pilgrimage.
Marcus : So you're a bishop!? Forgive my rudeness...
Renault : What are you doing here? You don't appear to be with the black-robed
   group I saw earlier.
Marcus : No, we stand opposed to them. ...This is a battleground. We can't let
   you get caught up in our fight. You should stay here, out of sight.
Renault : I'm sure that I cannot convince you to lay down your arms. That
   being the case, I give you this.
Marcus : This...
Renault : It may help you live longer. Even if you face the misery of defeat
   in combat, you might yet find another road if you but live.
Marcus : You have my gratitude.
Renault : May you be watched over and protected in your venture.
Marcus : Hm. Blessings upon you, too.

End of Turn 3 :
Kishuna : ..........
Aion : Wha-What?! The magic power of this place... The source is... distorted
   ... I... I can't use any of my magic!
Assassin : Lord Aion! Disaster! A magic seal!
Aion : A magic--- That good-for-nothing has shown his face?! Curse... I'd not
   foreseen this!!

Text when Aion still under Magic Seal :
Aion : Thunder! Thunder, hear my cry!

Aion : This can't be... happening...


Eliwood : Is everyone well?
Hector : yes, somehow.
Lyn  : Eliwood, I'm sorry. I said things I shouldn't have.
Hector : No, I was shouting without thinking. I was wrong. Forgive me.
Lyn  : No, it was my fault. If I hadn't...
Eliwood : It's no one's fault. There's an eerie power here.
Hector : Eerie power?
Eliwood : I don't feel it any longer, but... It was meant to make us uneasy.
   Was it connected to that area where magic was nullified?
Lyn  : Now that you mention it, I was so irritable... I couldn't let even the
   smallest thing go by without complaining. ...What could that have been?
   The Black Fang couldn't use magic either. So it wasn't an ally of theirs...
Eliwood : Who knows?
Hector : It's gone now, so no sense in worrying about it. We should
   concentrate on pushing forward.
Eliwood : Hmm. Let's make haste to the Dragon's Gate.


Following Uhai's last words, Eliwood ventures toward the heart of the forest.
He is greeted by an extraordinary sight. A building unlike any he's ever seen.
It was clearly not wrought by human hands... It is wating... waiting for the
masters who abandoned it centuries past. Massive beyond belief, these ancient
ruins have nothing to do with humankind. Eliwood has arrived. He has found
the Dragon's Gate.

Eliwood : ...We're here. The Dragon's Gate...
Ninian : .....
Eliwood : What's wrong, Ninian? You're trembling.
Ninian : ...This place... so frightening. Something... powerful...
Lyn  : It's her power, isn't it?
Hector : Her power? What's that?
Lyn  : Ninian has the ability to sense impending danger. Her memory may be
   gone, but her power remains.
Eliwood : What is it you sense, Ninian?
Ninian : I... should not have... come here. Something awful will happen if I'm
   here. Ah!!
Eliwood : Ninian!? Snap out of it!
Ninian : This place... No... I...I...
Eliwood : She's getting worse! Let's get her away from here!

Ephidel : You'll not be going anywhere. That little bird has escaped this
   island cage twice. Now that she's back, she'll not be allowed to fly away
Eliwood : Who are you!?
Ephidel : We meet at last. I am Ephidel. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Hector : You're Ephidel? I've been looking forward to this.
Ephidel : ...Gallantly spoken. Of course, I know who you are. Marquess Ostia's
   younger brother, Lord Hector. And here we have Caelin's beloved princess,
   Lady Lyndis.
Lyn  : .....
Ephidel : By the way, the gift I left for you in the forest... Was it to your
   liking? The corpse of that filthy red-haired traitor?
Hector : Monster! Stay right there! I'm going to crush the life from you with
   my bare hands.
Ephidel : Now I see! She was an Ostian spy, wasn't she? Don't worry, she did
   not suffer. It only took one blow.
Hector : Die!!
Eliwood : he vanished!!

Ninian : Wha--!?
Ephidel : This girl is needed for my master's ceremony.
Eliwood : Ninian!
Ninian : Lord Eliwood! Let me go!

Lyn  : Vanished...
Hector : Blast!!

Darin : Lord Ephidel! Is the girl with you?
Ephidel : As you can see...
Darin : Oho! The ritual can take place at last!
Ephidel : Yes. However, we have an infestation of mice to deal with... They
   should be scurrying in here momentarily. They must be dealt with before
   the ritual takes place. May I entrust this task to you?
Darin : Of course. Who do you think I am?! I am Darin, Marquess Laus! Ruler
   of this world!
Ephidel : Very well. I leave it to you.
Darin : Ruler of the world... Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Ephidel : Humans... They are so very fragile.

Nergal : Ah... you've done well. Precious Ephidel. Shall we prepare for the
Elbert : Nergal!!
Nergal : Does it gall you, Marquess Pherae? It's destiny. There could be no
   other outcome. Despite all of your mischief, the girl was fated to return
   to me.
Elbert : My son... Where is Eliwood?
Nergal : He's still alive. Of course, it's only a matter of time before the
   Black Fang finishes him.
Elbert : ...Nergal! Prepare to die!!
Nergal : Eh!?
Jaffar : ...
Elbert : Urrgg... grrr...haa...!!
Nergal : ...That was a surprise. When did he undo his bonds? Heh heh... Why
   do you not heed my warnings, Lord Elbert? You cannot alter destiny. Stop
   this foolishness.
Elbert : ...Urrgg... grraa...
Nergal : Jaffar, take Marquess Pheraeand the girl to the far chamber. I will
   begin preparations for the ritual.
Jaffar : Thy will be done.

Cameron : I've been waiting for you, son of Pherae.
Eliwood : Where is my father?
Cameron : Inside... He's farther inside. You will never see him, though.
   Even if you break through here, the path you seek is guarded by Marquess
   Laus. Will you not withdraw? It's too late for that, isn't it? You'll never
   leave here alive. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Augury :
...Aha... Powerful foes everywhere. Leave those with timid hearts behind.
...Strong defense... and those with distance attacks. Those would be good to
have. And... rapiers, armorslayers... magic... These things you need.


Sain : Agung! The final battle is approaching. That traitor, Laus... He harmed
   Lord Hausen, caused grief to Lady Lyndis... As a true knight of Caelin, I
   will make him pay! Leave him to me!!

NPC  : Hey, you! What are youdoing there?!
Legault : What am I doing? Is that a proper greeting? If you don't know me,
   you must be a new recruit, yes?
NPC  : Uh... I was assigned to the Dragon's Gate about one month ago.
Legault : I though as much. I am Legault. You've heard my name, yes?
NPC  : Legault.. Ah! You... You're the Hurricane? Second in ability to none
   but the Four Fangs?
Legault : Yes, yes. That's me.
NPC  : I... I beg your pardon.
Legault : No worries. ...Now then, time to fill my purse with treasure and
   leave the Black Fang behind. No sense staying on a sinking ship. No sense
   at all.

Fight with Lyn :
Lyn  : Are you Darin? My grandfather... You tried to...
Darin : What? Who are you?
Lyn  : I am Marquess Caelin's granddaughter, Lyndis!
Darin : Oh... that senile fool? ...That doddering wreck dared disagree with
   me... I was so happy to be rid of him.
Lyn  : You're a dead man!

Fight with Eliwood :
Eliwood : Darin! Your treachery ends here!!
Darin : Ha ha ha ha. I will never fall to the likes of you!!

Fight with Hector :
Darin : Oh... You're Marquess Ostia's younger brother...
Hector : I couldn't care less if you've a grudge against Ostia. I'll put up
   with your treachery no longer!
Darin : Heh Heh heh... Ostia is no longer my main concern... Nor is the whole
   of Lycia... The only goal worthy of my attention is the entire world!
Hector : You're mad!!

Standard fight text :
Darin : Hah...hah ha ha! You dare challenge me? I, who will rule the world!?

Darin : Blood? Is this... my blood? Ephidel! Come to me!! Your master... calls
   you! I am the ruler... of... the... world...


Lyn  : He was mad.
Hector : Consumed by his own lust... Pitiful fool.
Eliwood : ...Lord Darin.
Hector : C'mon, Eliwood! This is no time for sentiment.
Lyn  : Your father needs you!
Eliwood : ...Let's go!

Eliwood : Father! Father!? It's me! Eliwood!! I've come to save you! 
Hector : It's dark in here. Can't see a thing...
Elbert : Eli... Eliwood...
Eliwood : Ah!!

Eliwood : Father! Where are you?
Lyn  : Back there! Eliwood!! His voice is coming from back there!!

Eliwood : Ah! Father! You... You're all right...
Elbert : Eliwood... Wait! For-Forget me! Take that girl and flee!

Eliwood : Ninian?!
Ninian : .....
Elbert : That girl... She's the key to the Dragon's Gate. Hurry! Go, before
   Nergal notices you!
Eliwood : Ninian! This way! We must flee!
Ninian : .....
Lyn  : Something's wrong with her... Yet we've not time to hesitate.
Hector : Eliwood! I've got your father! You take Ninian!
Eliwood : I understand!

Hector : Lord Elbert! I'm going to move you a little. Be strong.
Elbert : Hector... you came, too? ...Thank you.
Hector : Don't worry about that. Come, let's leave this place.
Lyn  : Eliwood! Hector!! Hurry! This way!! Ah!!

Jaffar : ..... You will not pass here.
Lyn  : When did you?
Elbert : You must not fight that man!!
Lyn  : What!?
Elbert : That man... is dangerous. You cannot defeat him on your own.
Eliwood : Father, there's no time. This danger must be faced.
Ephidel : ...Be a good boy, and listen to your father, young master Eliwood.
Eliwood : Ephidel!!!
Ephidel : Even among the Black Fang, this man is feared for his skill... You
   are no match for him, not even as a group. ...You've done well, Jaffar.
   That is all. Return to Bern and begin your next assignment.
Jaffar : .....
Ephidel : Hear my word! I have an invitation from my master. In honor of your
   hard-fought arrival, he's prepared a special show for you.
Elbert : Stop it! You cannot release the dragons!!!
Eliwood : Father? What's all this about?
Ephidel : ...You will know shortly. At the expense of your father's life!

Elbert : Guwaah! ...Gaa...ghaa...
Eliwood : Father! What's wrong? Father!
Hector : Lord Elbert! Hold on!
Eliwood : Huh? ...Ninian?
Ninian : Pow...pow...er... ...power...
Elbert : Gahaaa!
Eliwood : Father!!!
Nergal : Now, Ninian... at last. Open the Dragon's Gate.
Ninian : ...Gate... Open...gate...
Nergal : Yes... that's it... This way, dragon...
Hector : Whoa! What's... What's this rumbling!?
Lyn  : Unh! I can barely keep my feet!
Eliwood : Nergal... What... What's happening!?
Ninian : Here... Come, children of... flame. Come... to me...
Hector : ...It can't be.
Lyn  : Ah... No... It isn't...
Eliwood : Is that... trully....... a dragon?
Nergal: Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! Use all your strength! Squeeze every drop from
   your body! You will call dragons!
?? : ... I will not allow this!!

Ephidel : Who's there?! ...You!
Lyn  : Nils!
Nils : Ninian! Come to your senses! You must not do what they want!
Ninian : ...Ni... .....Nils...
Nergal : Nils? Not now! Grrr ...Ehpidel! Stop him!!
Ephidel : Desist, Nils! The power... It runs wild!!
Nils : Ninian!!
Ninian : ..... ...Nils?
Nils : Here! Hurry!! The dragon is crumbling. Everyone flee!!
Nergal : .....
Ephidel : Hyaaaa! Stop... You mustn't come here!! Lord Nergal! Lord Nergal!
   Please.....!!! Guwaaaaaahhh!!!!!!
Hector : ...Something...happened.
Eliwood : Is it... gone?

Nergal : No! I've failed! Nils, you whelp! If not for your interference...
   ...Come! Both of you!
Ninian : What? No!
Nils : Never! We will not follow you!!
Eliwood : Ninian! Nils!
Nergal : Eh!!
Elbert : You will...not!
Nergal : What!? ...Impossible... Not... by your hand...
Elbert : ...I told you. I will...oppose... you always.....
Nergal : ...Why... won't... you... die? Nnn...
Eliwood : Father!!
Elbert : ...Eliwood. Be prepared. He will return...
Eliwood : All right, but for now... Let's leave this island... Let's go home.
Elbert : No, my son... I'm done here. You, Eliwood... You must finish this.
Eliwood : Don't say that! Mother is waiting in Pherae... She's waiting for
   you, Father!
Elbert : Ah... Eleanora... She will be cross with me. Eliwood... Your
   mother... I'm sorry... Tell her... I'm... sorry...
Eliwood : Father?

Eliwood : no... Please, not now... Not after all we've done to find you
   again... Father... Please... Open your eyes..... Faaatherrrrrrrr!!!!


At last, Eliwood's long-awaited reunion with his father, as well as their
painful farewll. After escaping the Dread Isle, they return to the port city
of Badon. Eliwood remains silent for the duration of their passage. He sits
cradling his father's cold hand as if to warm him back to life.

Lyn  : ...Ninian, are you feeling better?
Ninian : Yes...
Lyn  : That's good. ...Long time, no see, Nils. You've grown, haven't you?
Nils : ...Is it really you, Lyndis? It seems like it's been so long.
Lyn  : Even though it's only been a year since I saw you last?
Nils : So much has happened since we left you and Caelin.
Hector : Hey, care to talk about things the rest of us can follow?
Nils : Hmph. Who's he?
Lyn  : This is Hector. He's Marquess Ostia's brother. Don't let his attitude
   fool you. He acts mean, but he's decent enough.
Hector : "Acts mean" seems pretty mean to me!
Lyn  : Heehee... And you might remember this one. He's...
Nils : Yep, I remember. He's the man who helped Ninian. You're Elbert's son,
   aren't you? Your red hair, entle eyes, and even voice. You're just like
Eliwood : Where did you meet my father?
Nils : At the Dragon's Gate. He set up free after we'd been captured. We
   escaped in a small boat, but I was thrown out in a storm. When i woke up,
   I was back on Valor. For a time, I hid in the ruins by myself. Then... I
   sensed something really dangerous. When I raced to the Dragon's Gate,
   I... I saw everything.
Ninian : ...Nils.
Lyn  : When we pulled Ninian from the bot, she'd lost her memory. I can't
   believe we brought her right back to her captors. What a horrible thing
   to do. .....I'm sorry.
Ninian : Lady Lyn... Lady Lyn, you did nothing wrong..... When Nils fell
   overboard, I didn't know what to do. ...I became lost within myself. If
   only I'd been stronger... .....All of this could have been avoided... I
   am truly... sorry.
Nils : ...Ninian's power is greater than mine, but it costs her physical and
   emotional strength. .....Nergal exploited that... weakness...
Lyn  : ...Ninian ...Nils...
Eliwood : ...Was he after you because you have the power to call dragons?
Nils : ...I think it's because we can open the Dragon's Gate. Just calling
   them? Nergal can do that on his own.
Hector : Are you serious?
Nils : Yes, but it requires a tremendous amount of quintessence.
Lyn  : Quintessence?
Nils : That's what Nergal called it. The substance of the human spirit...
   Power. Energy. The essence of life itself. ...Nergal, he stole this
Hector : ...What happens to those whose quintessence is stolen?
Nils : ...They... They die...
Lyn  : .....
Nils : Neither Ninian nor I have that power. Lyn knows. We only have our
   special power... Anyway, Nergal needed to gather a large amount of
   quintessence. So he sent his henchman, Ephidel, to get close to Marquess
   Laus. He sought to plant the seeds of war in Darin's power-hungry heart.
Eliwood : ...To what end?
Nils : It seems the quintessence in each person varies in strength. A person
   of strong mind and body has hundreds of times more energy than the average
   person. It sounds like there aren't many people like that, though. It took
   too long for Nergal to find people with enough strength. Althoug it would
   take time, Nergal said the easiest way to get that much quintessence was by
   starting a war.
Hector : ...So he planned to make up for quality with quantity? Is that it?
   Black-hearted fiend! Are all men nothing but pawns to him?
Nils : ...Ephidel brought Elbert to the Dragon's Gate. He said he'd found the
   ideal source they had sought. Nergal's plans for war had been stopped, and
   yet... he was happy. He'd taken so much energy from the knights traveling
   with Elbert. He was sure he'd get even better quintessence from Elbert...
Lyn  : Nils!
Nils : Oh, I'm sorry... Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood : It's all right... ...When I found my father at the Dragon's Gate, I
   knew his knights were no longer alive...
Hector : Eliwood...
Nils : ...Your father told us that he had a son. He said you were blessed with
   natural fighting ability. But he also told us you were compassionate and
   disdained fighting. He told us that his son would be a better ruler than he
Lyn  : .....
Nils : He told us that he would sooner sacrifice himself than see his
   homeland, Lycia, embroiled in the flames of war.
Eliwood : ...That's...
Nils : When we'd lost all hope at the Dragon's Gate, your father always spoke
   to us of happy things. ...Well, he mainly spoke of his cherished son and
   his dear wife, but Ninian and I... We loved him very much. His stories
   about his family... ...They saved us.
Eliwood : Oh, Fa-- ...Father... .....
Hector : ...
Lyn  : ... Hector?
Hector : We should let him be alone for a while...
Lyn  : ...Sure. Come on, Ninian, Nils.
Nils : ...As you say.
Ninian : ...Lord Eliwood...
Eliwood : Hm? Ninian... I didn't see you. I'm so sorry about before, I just...
   needed some time to think.
Ninian : ...
Eliwood : Should you be up? You've had a rough time... Your coloring's not
   very good. You should rest.
Ninian : ...
Eliwood : ...Look at you, all scratches and bruises... You need to be properly
   taken care of...
Ninian : ...Why?
Eliwood : Hm?
Ninian : Why was Lord Elbert so... Lord Eliwood, whywere you both... so kind
   to us? It's... This is... This is all my fault... These nightmares... All
   these terrible things...
Eliwood : Ninian, crying ill suits a girl of your beauty. I'm fine... Please
   don't cry.
Ninian : I'm sorry... So... sorry...
Eliwood : There's something you must hear. You're not responsible for what
   happened to my father. You suffered as much as he did. Please don't punish
   yourself further.
Ninian : ...Lord Eliwood... I... I... Ah!!
Eliwood : Huh? What is it?
Ninian : ...Oh...
Eliwood : Ninian?
Ninian : ...Enemies... .....Enemies draw near!!

Hector : So, what do we do now?
Lyn  : I wonder what happened to Nergal. Lord Elbert gave him a grievous wound
   when he stabbed him.
Nils : His wounds will not kill him.
Hector : That's what Lord Elbert said, too. Do you know what he meant?
Nils : ...Nergal uses quintessence on himself as well. His wounds heal
   quickly. ...HIs body does not age.
Lyn  : So he isn't... human?
Nils : ...If nothing else, he's... Ah!!
Hector : What is it?
Nils : Call everyone! Enemies approach!
Hector : Bah. Eliwood deserves a little more time to rest...
Lyn  : Well then, we'll handle this ourselves, shall we?
Eliwood : Here you all are!
Hector : Ah!
Lyn  : Eliwood!
Eliwood : Listen! Get ready for battle! I want to get this over with quickly
   to protect villagers. Meet the enemy commander, and drive them out of
Hector : Hey, little guy! Go hide in the village!
Nils : No way! I can help you out!
Lyn  : Nils, you really are a big help, but... shouldn't you be with Ninian
Nils : Ah... All right!
Eliwood : Let's go!

Augury :
This battle will be fought in darkness, so thieves are good. Torches or
light-bringing staves are also good. Bow wielders... Archers or snipers should
come along. Antitoxin... the Sleep staff. These are heartening items.


Nils : Ninian! Stop! Where are you going?
Ninian : I... I'm going to help!
Nils : OH, no, you're not! You're still too weak!
Ninian : But... I merely wish to help Lord Eliwood... Even if just a little.
   I... I stole his father's life from him... ...I know this... this will
   never make up for it... Nils! Please...
Nils : ...I understand. Give me your hands.
Ninian : Nils?
Nils : I'll give you some of my power. You'll just get in the way if you go
   out like this.
Ninian : Nils, I'm sorry.
Nils : ...Whew! That should do it. Help them for me, too.
Ninian : Thank you.

Ninian : Lord Eliwood!
Eliwood : Ninian!? You shouldn't be here!!
Ninian : ...Please allow me to help.
Eliwood : Help? I've no intention of making you fight...
Ninian : ...I'm no mere dancer. My dances... They will help you.

(Execute Nini's Grace)

Eliwood : ...This is..... I'm wrapped in... some sort of... energy...
Ninian : I used Nini's Grace and danced for you, Lord Eliwood. It will only
   last a short while, but while it does, you are protected. ...Please...
   allow me... to remain at your side.
Eliwood : Ninian... Of course. If it will make you feel better. Let's rejoin
   the battle. Don't leave my side.
Ninian : OK! Agung, please tell me what you want me to do. I cannot fight,
   but... I can aid with my dance. I ask for your understanding and

Village (2,6)
NPC  : Can't believe Badon's under attack. If only Fargus were here... Say,
   I've got something here you can use to buy some time. Set this Light Rune,
   and it'll block the enemies' advance. Only thing is, it'll stop allies,
   too. So... watch your step!

Village (4,9)
NPC  : Why all the noise? It's the middle of the night!! What? A fight? Are
   you going to do something? Really? Then... here, take this. It should aid
   you. It's a Restore staff. It'll wake you from sleep and cure poison.
   Basically, it'll cure what's wrong and bring you back to normal. Now I'm
   tired... Why can't you people fight at a decent hour?

Village (8,13)
NPC  : Ah... Those emeral eyes, that lustrous blue hair... She was... so
   beautiful, beautiful beyond words... If only I could see her again... A
   lovely knight of Pherae, searching for her lord... ...I wonder why she's
   a knight. A famed knight and me, that's a dream of a dream... Wah! You...
   I... I was just thinking out loud... You... didn't hear anything, did you?
   Waaaaaaaaa! You mustn't tell anyone! Promise me! You mustn't!!

Village (12,4)
NPC  : Are you a mercenary? You all look like you've been fighting for years
   and years. What kind of tactician would put together a group like yours?

Village (18,4)
NPC  : Hey! Wasn't that a wyvern rider that flew by here a while back!? I want
   to know what Bern's wyvern riders are doing here! Are we under attack?
   C'mon, do something! I've heard that wyvern riders are fast and really
   tough. Sure, arrows and magic can bring them down, but... This'll cause 'em
   trouble, too! It's a wyrmslayer. Here! Take care of 'em!

Village (20,14)
NPC  : You need special items to change classes. The item's different for
   different units, too. Cavaliers and knights need a Knight crest. Folks
   skilled in magic and staves need a Guiding Ring. And wyvern riders and
   Pegasus knight need this: an Elysian Whip. You can have it. Don't be shy
   now. It's not like I'll ever be able to use it. Now, if I were a cute
   little Pegasus knight, I'd use it in an instant!

Oleg : It ends here. Your journey is over, and only oblivion awaits you.

Eliwood : ...Black Fang?
Oleg : I bring an invitation from my master, Nergal. "Return the children to
   me." Seems foolish to deliver the message... After all, I can take them
   both myself and go now!
Eliwood : You'll never take them!!

Oleg : In defeat... there is only... death. Urgh...


Hector : Hey, are you OK?
Eliwood : Mm. Sorry to worry you.
Lyn  : You don't have to push yourself so.
Eliwood : We'll have time for mourning when this is all finished. For now, in
   my father's name... I will do everything I can to stop Nergal and protect
   our lands.
Hector : I see. So, what do you have in mind?
Eliwood : ...We need to see Marquess Ostia.
Hector : My brother?
Eliwood : After all we've learned... We can't not tell him, can we?
Hector : Sure, I guess...
Lyn  : Hector? Why that odd expression?
Eliwood : Hector doesn't want to meet Lord Uther. He's been lax in contacting
   him and is afraid to face him, right?
Hector : What! And how did you expect me to send him any messages when we're
   traipsing about the isles like merchants on holiday?
Eliwood : Ha ha ha! He is going to be so mad!!
Hector : C'mere!
Lyn  : Ha... They're both in good spirits. ...It's a lot better than giving in
   to despair, I suppose.

Marcus : Lord Eliwood... Are you feeling better?
Eliwood : Marcus... I'm fine. I know I worried you.
Marcus : About Lord Elbert... At my own discretion, I sent a messenger to Lady
Eliwood : ...I see. Thank you, Marcus. That was well done.
Marcus : ...I thought she should know as soon as possible. The marquess's
   final moments were so... very noble.....
Eliwood : .....
Isadora : Lord Eliwood! Commander Marcus!!
Eliwood : Ah!!
Marcus : Is... Is that you, Isadora?!
Isadora : I've finally found you. I'm glad you're well...
Eliwood : Isadora, what are you doing here? Don't tell me something's happened
   to Mother...
Isadora : No, Lady Eleanora is well. Do not worry. When word of Lord Elbert's
   death reached her yesterday... She said not a word... She merely gave her
   full attention to the messenger.
Eliwood : ...Mother.
Isadora : Then, she issued me orders without hesitation. She commanded I
   deliver this sword to Lord Eliwood and remain at his side.
Eliwood : But... the castle defenses will be shorthanded.
Isadora : Lord Eliwood... please... Understand your mother's feelings. Lord
   Elbert is not coming home. All your mother can do now is pray for your
   continued safety. "Obey your father's dying wish." That is her message to
   you, and I have delivered it.
Marcus : Why not petition ostia for reinforcements to help ward Castle Pherae?
Eliwood : ...Good idea. I guess it would ease my mother's fears and bow to her
Isadora : It's that thinking that makes you Lord Eliwood.
Eliwood : Our battles are like nothing you've ever prepared for. ...Are you
   ready to face them, Isadora?
Isadora : Yes. I will serve with my very life.

Eliwood : Agung? Is something wrong? Oh, you were worried about me. I
   apologize for all of the trouble. I'm fine now. I have my friends to lean
   on. Hector, Lyndis, and you, Agung... Thanks to all of you, I'm getting
   stronger. I am coming to believe that together, we can overcome anything!

Nergal : Sonia. Limstella.
Sonia : You called, Lord Nergal?
Limstella : .....
Nergal : My wound... needs time. It was a deep cut, and my strength is not
   what it was. The man who did this to me is dead. I'd like his son's death
   as compensation. Sonia. You will use Brendan to move the Black Fang. I do
   not need mere underlings now. I need the Four Fangs.
Sonia : Hee hee, leave it to me. I'll have them bowing their heads to you, my
Nergal : Limstella. I want you to gather my quintessence. For this injury to
   heal, I will need much. You are the strongest of all my morphs. Kill all
   those who bear signs of great power.
Limstella : As you will...


Eliwood travels westward to meet with Uther, the marquess of Ostia. They pass
through Laus and continue to through two more territories. After a time, they
arrive at a fortress separating Thria and Ostia.

Sonia : Jaffar. Ursula. Lloyd. Linus. That's everyone, is it not? If I
   have you, the Four Fangs, together, I need no one else. I have need of you
   to eliminate a man whose living plagues me. His name is Eliwood, a noble of
Jaffar : .....
Ursula : ...Pherae's located in Lycia, is it not?
Sonia : That's right. But he is no simple country lord. He has friends.
   Other Lycian lords. Individually, they are no match for you, and yet...
   Carelessness invites death.
Ursula : Do not made that mistake.
Sonia : Llyod, Linus... I have work for you, the Reed brothers, as well.
   All right?
Lloyd : One question. Are these our father's ord-- I mean... the orders of the
   head of the Black Fang?
Sonia : Hee hee... Why, naturally. Isn't that right, my beloved?
Brendan : Mmm... Ah... yes.
Sonia : There! Are you satisfied? Remove Eliwood. Your orders come from the
   head of the Black Fang, Brendan Reed. As members of this group, you will
   follow that order, yes? Or... does your opponent frighten you into
   immobility, Lloyd?
Linus : Sonia! How dare you speak to my brother in such a...
Lloyd : Linus.
Linus : ...I know.
Lloyd : Sonia, we do not need to be chastised by you. Under our father, we are
   the ones who've carried out the law of the Fang. If Eliwood is an evil
   person, there is no reason for us to hesitate.
Linus : The Fang lets none escape.
Lloyd : We, the brothers Reed, dispense the Fang's justice.
Sonia : ..... Ursula, Jaffar, you understand your orders, yes? Once you find
   the target, you eliminate him at once!
Ursula : It will be as you say, Lady Sonia. Anything for you.
Jaffar : ... I've received my orders. I will do my duty.
Sonia : Your target's name is Eliwood, noble of Pherae! Bring him down. On the
   Black Fang's honor!

Hector : ...I've had word from my brother. He's already on his way here. We're
   to wait for him.
Eliwood : Lord Uther is coming here himself?
Hector : So it appears. I told you of this before, but Castle Ostia, not to
   mention the city itself, is filled with countless foreign spies. I assume
   he thinks it will be easier to speak freely here.
Eliwood : But... wouldn't leaving Ostia generate even more attention?
Hector : He's traveling in secret with very few attendants. He's skilled at
   this sort of thing. There's no need to worry.
Lyn  : How unconventional. It must run in the family.
Hector : ...And what exactly is that supposed to mean?
Lyn  : Nothing. I'm very much looking forward to meeting him.

Ninian : Nils, are you well? You seem... distant.
Nils : I'm fine. Just a little tired. If we can sit still for one night, I'll
   be bet...ter...
Ninian : No! Nils!? Nils!!

Lyn  : Nils!?
Hector : Nils! You all right?
Ninian : Nils!!! Open your eyes!
Eliwood : Ninian! Calm down!
Ninian : ...Ah, I.....
Hector : Let's move him into the back room and call a healer.
Ninian : You mustn't move him!
Hector : Huh?
Lyn  : Ninian?
Ninian : I'm sorry. I... Um... Please, just for now... Don't move him.
Hector : But...
Ninian : Please...
Eliwood : ...Let's do as Ninian says. She must have her reasons.
Ninian : ...Please, just one night's rest... That should... make things right.
Hector : If it's going to make him feel better, fine. Whatever you do, don't
   move him. I'll let the others know.
Ninian : Lord Hector... ...My apologies.
Hector : No worries.

Eubans : ...So this is where the Pheraen noble and his friends are, eh?
Heath : yes, Commander Eubans.
Eubans : Very well, Heath, your units will attack from west of the fortress.
   Your mission is to put an end to the entire group. Make no mistakes.
Heath : ...Are you serious? Marquess Laus abandoned us and just vanished.
   We've no reason to engage this group.
Eubans : We answered Marquess Lau's call, and we will honor our duty.
   Regardless, we cannot remain in Lycia any longer. We rebelled against
   Ostia, and our entire mercenary force is hunted... If we take their heads,
   we can join the Black Fang in Bern.
Heath : I'm opposed to this plan. There are women and children in their group.
   What you would ask of us... It's something no knight... no man could do
   without shame.
Eubans : Listen well, Heath. You're a wanted man, a fugitive from Bern. How
   about we take you and hand you over to Bern's wyvern riders? We might even
   be knighted as a reward, given honest work.
Heath : .....
Eubans : Hah! Thought as much. Everyone wants to protect his own skin. Now,
   get your unit together. We attack!!

Soldier : Sir! We're under attack! It's the east gate! The foes is already
Hector : Blast! They would show up now.
Eliwood : We can't move Nils. Let's try and hold them off! Protect Nils! Don't
   let them near him!

Augury :
Someone is ill... collapsed... This person cannot be moved. ...Illness will
not stay your foe's hand, however... You must protect the fallen. Do not let
your foes in. Mines and light runes can be used to block their path. Ah... I
see a meeting. A sky rider... He carries justice in his heart... He might
listen to one of your leaders.


Isadora : You're Agung, correct? Lord Eliwood has told me much about you. I'm
   a knight in service to House Pherae. My name is Isadora. I'm under your
   command. Please instruct me.

Soldier : Lord Hector! We'll serve as your reinforcements. We're a small
   group, and we've some mercenaries among us. Rath of Sacae! Take charge of
   the mercenaries!
Rath : ...Understood.
Soldier : Hear me!! we're here to protect Lord Hector, Lord Eliwood, and Lady
Rath : Lyn...

Eubans : ...I didn't imagine they were this capable.... Heh! Still, I won't
   lose! I live and breathe the air of ar! I can't be beaten!

Heath and Eubans :
Eubans : You are a traitor, Heath. You know nothing of honor!
Heath : I... No. I simply must live a life of which I am not ashamed.
   Commander Eubans... It is not too late. Give the order to stop. If you
Eubans : Ha ha... You're so naive! You're no knight. And you're no mercenary,
   either, you dolt! You know nothing! You can carry your precious morals
   straight to the grave!

Eubans : No regrets... My life... and death... are my own!

Soldier : Commander Eubans has gone down... Uh... Sound the retreat!! We've no
   more reason to fight!!


Uther : So, brother, you're alive after all. You were so long gone that I
   feared you dead. Another day, and I might have arranged you a funeral rite.
Hector : ...My apologies. Been a little busy.
Uther : yes... Leila's final report covered much. ...Eliwood. I am sorry about
   Lord Elbert. I was powerless to help.
Eliwood : No... Nothing could have been done. ...More importantly, do you know
   of Nergal?
Uther : Only what was reported to me. He appeared a year ago and seized
   control of Black Fang. Then he ensnared Laus in a plot of rebellion against
   Ostia. I can't see what he's after...
Eliwood : The dragons that vanished after the Scouring... He wants to... bring
   them back again.
Uther : What!? Can that be done?
Eliwood : Yes. Let me explain.

Hector : This has even got my brother brooding. He's always been a firm
   believer in quick decisions. Yet he wishes for more time... that's never
   happened before.
Lyn  : ...It's gone from a simple rebellion to a threat to the human race. We
   saw it with our own eyes, and yet... It's all so unbelievable.
Eliwood : Yet... it's all true.
Hector : Yes. I wonder what will happen next. Ideally, we could bring the
   whole of our lands together to fight as one. It would be a return to the
   time of the Scouring...
Eliwood : However, this all hinges on the existence of dragons themselves.
   Unless dragon are seen in the skies, I doubt anyone will believe us.
Lyn  : Right. And once the dragons are here it'll be too late.
Eliwood : We must stop all of this now. And we're the only ones who know
   enough to do it!
Hector : Right!
Lyn  : I agree.
Hector : There we have it! Come on, let's speak to my brother!
Eliwood : Agung, Ninian. Will you go with us?
Ninian : Ye-Yes...

Uther : I would sooner not place this burden on your shoulders alone. And yet,
   I can see no other choice before me. Listen, my brother... Eliwood, Lyndis,
   are you determined to act on your resolve?
Eliwood : yes, we're prepared.
Lyndis : Me, too... I don't care for sitting back, waiting for others to act.
Uther : And you, Agung. My brother and his friends are in your debt. What role
   will you play? Will you help them? See them through their coming trials?
   ...I see. Then I have no more to say. I will aid you as much as I can.
   ...Good luck to you all. ...And what of the girl? The one we spoke of
Hector : Oh, Ninian.
Ninian : It... It's an honor to meet you, Marquess Ostia...
Hector : Both Ninian and her brother, Nils, possess a special power.
Uther : Is that so? Then I would ask you. Do you know where Nergal is at this
Ninian : Yes, I can sense him... To the east... He is... very far.
Lyndis : East... Is he targeting Bern next?
Uther : That bodes ill. Bern is a powerful and militant country. If Nergal
   ensnares it... We're done for.
Ninian : ...There's still time. He is still... very weak... Now... We must
Lyndis : So, Nergal can't act right away, is that it? Yet, what can we...
Hector : We've no choice but to depart for Bern.
Uther : ...If there's time, make your destination Missur.
Hector : Missur!? That's the wrong direction!
Uther : Go to the Nabata desert... You may find aid there.
Eliwood : What do you mean?
Uther : Go and meet the living legend.
Eliwood : Living... legend?


The Nabata Desert. A wasteland of scorching sun and frigid nights. It rejects
human life. Any careless enough to enter its embrace is doomed to wander lost.
Uther,the marquess of Ostia, spoke of a living legend. Guided by his words,
Eliwood heads straight into the desert.

Nils : ...So hot. I'm... going to die.
Hector : Hey, do you want me to carry you on my back?
Nils : Huh?
Hector : Why are you looking at me like that?
Nils : Such kindness from you surprised me, Lord Hector. Is this some fever
Hector : What's that supposed to mean? I was concerned that you might collapse
   again, like the other day.
Lyndis : You're usually so brusque. It's no wonder he's confused. Don't be
   shy, Nils. Let him help you out.
Nils : ...But...
Hector : Do as you're told, boy!
Nils : Waaa!! Waaaaaaa!!! I'm going to fall! I'm going to fall!!!

Ninian : ...Marquess Ostia said, "Enter the desert and move west. Someone will
   meet you." ...And yet we've seen no one.
Eliwood : I wonder if we need to move farther in?
Ninian : ...You might be right.
Eliwood : Here.
Ninian : What?
Eliwood : This heat is taking its toll on you. If you please, take my arm.
Ninian : I couldn't...
Eliwood : Oh, come now.
Ninian : ...Very well. Forgive me... .....
Eliwood : Hm? Is something wrong?
Ninian : ...It's strange.
Eliwood : What is?
Ninian : All of you treat my brother and me so... normally. Doesn't it bother
   you? Our powers... our looks... We're different from... people...
Eliwood : Has that been bothering you? What's wrong with being a bit different
   from other people? When I look at you, I don't see other people. I see
   Ninian. I see a normal, kindhearted girl.
Ninian : Do you speak truly?
Eliwood : Mm.
Ninian : Lord Eliwood.

Athos : ...I believe someone approaches.
Louise : Is it Lord Pent?
Athos : No, it's a group sent by Uther of Ostia. Hawkeye will find them soon
   and bring them here. Hmph,. Your companion is still searching in the
Louise : He's not having any luck finding what he's after, is he?
Athos : No. I believe he'll find it before long. ...However, a group of bandit
   is also moving. They've found Pent and are preparing to attack.
Louise : Oh, that's...
Athos : Are you concerned for his safety?
Louise : No, Lord Pent can take care of himself. However, if his return here
   is delayed...
Athos : Yes?
Louise : Will you take your evening meal without us? I will wait for Lord
   Pent, but I'm sure you must be hungry.
Athos : Ha ha ha ha...
Louise : Lord Athos? What is it?
Athos : ...It's you, Louise. You are a most amusing woman. Since Pent brought
   you here, I feel I've laughed enough for ten years! You have my gratitude.
Louise : Hm? I'm not sure I understand, but I'm pleased to have been of
Athos : Ha ha ha.
Louise : By the way, the visitors are coming from Lycia, aren't they? I wonder
   what they want.
Athos : .....
Louise : Lord Archsage, your coloring... Are you well?
Athos : Once it begins to turn, none can halt the wheel of fate. But as long
   as there is hope, people continue to try. ...They do not know the despair
   that awaits...
Louise : .....

Ninian : Um, Lord Eliwood?
Eliwood : Ninian?
Ninian : Over there... Someone is under attack.
Eliwood : Are you sure?
Hector : Ah! That must be him!
Eliwood : Looks like... a lone man and a crowd of bandits.
Lyndis : Let's help him! I dislike seeing someone facing overwhelming odds!
Hector : Hold on, Lyn! I'm going with you!
Eliwood : Hey, you two!
Nils : Where do they get all that energy? Unbelievable.
Ninian : ...What will you do?
Eliwood : Let's go! Have to keep up with one's friends, right?

Paul : Oh, look at this kindly soul, Jasmine! He's waiting all by himself to
   give us his treasure!
Jasmine : Oho, Paul! I do believe you're right! Such generosity!!
Pent : ...It's taken me many days to find this. I've worked too hard to hand
   this over to you thugs.
Jasmine : So rude! And to think we were going to let you live...
Paul : We're fragile creatures! You can't trifle with our emotions so! You're
   a bad man! He's so bad, Jasmine!
Jasmine : Oh, Paul. I know it. I really do. My heart, it is breaking.
Paul : What? You, too, Jasmine?
Jasmine : And you as well, Paul?
Paul : Let's go! We must convince him to reconsider!
Pent : ...I've no wish to hurt you...

Augury :
Sand, sand, and more sand, as far as the eye can see. Those on horseback will
be slowed. You should take flyers... especially pegasus knights. Magic will
tip the scales in your favor. Mages, monks, shamans... Bolster your strength
with these.


Canas : Actually, this is quite fascinating. Agung, the Nabata wasteland is a
   bit of a paradise to magic adepts. Stories tell of the many magical
   artifacts lost in these sands. I'll keep my eyes open. Of course, I'll be
   fighting as well.

Village (13,3)
Fa : You know what? I'm watching the house all by myself. Do you know how to
   do that? You have to sit and be good. So that's why I'm here. What are all
   of you guys doing? Are you hunting for treasure, like that other guy? Let
   me tell you a secret. There's something good buried near the bones. I know
   stuff like that.

Jasmine : I got hit, but it feels gooood... These people are too strong,

Paul : I can't believe we lost, Brother... Aaah... It's a tragedy, Jasmine.


Pent : You really helped me out. Thank you.
Eliwood : We couldn't watch such a lopsided battle. That's all.
Pent : So why have you come to this wasteland?
Eliwood : Well... We were told to come here and meet a "living legend."
Pent : "Living legend"? Ha ha ha! I see. That's well said.
Lyn  : But do you know what it means?
Pent : Yes, I suppose I do. Looks like we share a common destination. Hawkeye!
   You're here, too.
Hawkeye : Pent, did you find it?
Pent : That I did. And as I thought, it's spectacular.
Hawkeye : It's getting dark. Let's go back.
Pent : Yes, let's make haste. Desert nights are treacherous.
Eliwood : Oh... OK.

Accept Side Quest ?
   Yes   No

Choose Yes :
Hector : I don't mind going with you, but how far do we have to walk? No
   matter how far we go, there's just more sand... Whoa!?
Lyn  : Hector? What is... it... Hect... Kyaa!
Eliwood : Hector? Lyndis? Where did those two... Hnh? What in blazes!? I'm...
   I'm sinking into the sand!

Choose No :
Go to Chapter 23 : Four-Fanged Offense

Hawkeye : ...I've brought them.
Athos : Welcome, children of Roland.
Hector : We've come from Lycia, old man. Do you understand?
Lyn  : What do you mean?
Eliwood : I think I know. Thousands of years ago, man and dragon fought on
   this continent.
Lyn  : Yes, mankind won, and the dragons fled this world.
Eliwood : That's correct. Man against dragon... The war that we know as the
   Scouring. And you know of the Eight Legends, the heroes who led man to
Lyn  : Yes, we've all heard the stories of the Eight Legends. I was raised in
   Sacae, so I know of Hanon, the horseman.
Hector : Sacae is where Hanon was born. Our country, Lycia, was founded by the
   hero Roland.
Lyn  : That's why you called us "children of Roland", right?
Athos : That is correct, daughter of Hanon and Roland.
Eliwood : Who are you?
Athos : I am Athos. Many choose simply to call me Archsage.
Eliwood : Athos?! It can't be...
Lyn  : Huh? What?!
Hector : Archsage Athos was one of the Eight Legends. If you were really him,
   old man... you'd have to be over a thousand years old.
Athos : The world is full of mysteries. Solve one, and along comes another...
   Before i knew it, I'd grown distant from my fellow man. Hunger... It knows
   no bounds.
Lyn  : A thousand years... That's a long time.
Eliwood : Yet thanks to such longevity, we're meeting here today.
Hector : "Living legend"... Now I see it.
Athos : You're here because you want to stop Nergal, aren't you?
Eliwood : Yes. Did you receive word from Marquess Ostia?
Athos : No... I am aware of most things that occur in the continent. However,
   knowledge is not enough for me to prevent disaster.
Lyn  : Nils said something similar to that before. "With my special power, I
   can sense danger coming, but I can't do anything to stop it."
Athos : Nils... One of the children of destiny.
Lyn  : He's here with us, but something outside caught his attention.
Athos : ...I'm sure something stopped him...
Eliwood : Hm?
Athos : Let's talk about Nergal. How do we stop him?
Eliwood : Yes, what can you tell us? What wisdom can you share?
Athos : Mm. Your foe is, like me, no longer... altogether human. It will be
   difficult to slay him through traditional means. He wields a terrrible
   power. His endless strength stems from an ancient, forbidden magic... To
   defeat him, you will need a suitable response.
Eliwood : Response?
Athos : ...While he is resting, you must find the power the oppose him.
Eliwood : Tell us what it is! We'll do anything!!
Athos : it will be harder than you can imagine. Great trials await you. ...As
   does great despair. You may regret your decision. Will you stay the course,
Eliwood : ...Our will remains fixed. This is a road from which you cannot
   turn back.
Hector : We've known that all along!
Lyn  : We can overcome anything. You'll see. Together, we are strong.
Athos : ...Very well. Let me tell you what you must do.

Athos : Have you understood all that you have heard?
Eliwood : Yes. We are to seek out the Shrine of Seals in Bern, right?
Athos : Take Hawkeye with you. Add his skills to your own.
Eliwood : Thank you.
Athos : ...And you? What will you do, Pent and Louise?
Pent : Nergal, a magic user who rivals you, Lord Athos... And the return of
   the dragons. An intriguing story.
Eliwood : ...
Pent : Forgive the late introductions. I am Pent, Count Reglay of Etruria.
   This is Louise, my wife.
Louise : It's nice to meet you.
Eliwood : Count Reglay? You are Count Reglay?
Lyn  : Who? Is he someone special?
Hector : Yes. He hails from the most prominent noble house in Etruria. He's
   known as the Magic General. what has brought you to this place?
Athos : Bern's successor will soon have his coming-of-age ceremony. Pent and
   Louise are to attend as representatives of Etruria. Pent claimed there was
   time to search the desert for a magic artifact said to have been lost in
   the sands here long ago. You arrived shortly after we did. Perhaps
   something was guiding you.
Pent : Bowing to the dictates of fate, my wife and I would like to join you
   if we may.
Lyn  : Well, of course. That's fine, right, Eliwood? Will you send word of
   your mission to your countrymen?
Pent : There's no reason to, and if we did, who would believe us? Besides, it
   is not unusual for us to remain absent for long periods. I doubt anyone
   will be surprised by our absence. Right, my dear?
Louise : Tee hee. You're right, my love.
Eliwood : Not unlike a certain you noble we've heard of...
Hector : That's great! Thanks a lot!
Eliwood : In any event, we welcome you both with all our hearts.
Pent : Thank you.
Athos : ...There's not much time. I'll send you to Lycia. Hawkeye! Gather
   everyone here in the plaza.
Athos : You are Agung, correct? Fate blows a strange wind in your direction.
   Much rides on our shoulders and in your abilities. I want you to take this.
   It enhances natural abilities, skills with which one was born. Give this
   to whoever you feel will benefit the most. Do not waste its powers holding
   on to it. Use it.

Got an Afa's Drops.

Hawkeye : Everyone is here.
Athos : Thank you. Eliwood, your territory is the closest to Bern, is it not?
Eliwood : Yes. The border lies in the mountains.
Athos : Very good. Now please envision a nice, wide place in Pherae... Next,
   think of the name of a person you might meet there.
Eliwood : As you say. ... ...
Athos : Now, children of Roland, it is time to says farewell. You must reach
   the Shrine of Seals. There, your destinies' doors will open wide before

Eleanora : My beloved. I cannot believe you are gone. Every time I close my
   eyes, I see you at my side. Your memory haunts me, and I am filled with
   sorrow. ...Elbert... If by some chance you can hear my prayer... Please
   look after our son.
Eliwood : Mother...
Eleanora : What!? Eliwood? Where-- Where are you?
Eliwood : Mother! I'm home! I've returned!
Eleanora : Ah!! Eliwood! Is it really you? Oh, how did you... You startled me
Eliwood : Forgive me, Mother. The Archsage sent us.
Eleanora : You look so tired. ...Have you lost weight? Oh, come closer and let
   me see your face.
Eliwood : ...Mother, about Father...
Eleanora : I heard his last moments were glorious. Though he's gone, he will
   ever be my life's joy.
Eliwood : I know.
Eleanora : Come... Let us make everyone comfortable. You all look in need of a
Eliwood : I'm sorry, Mother. We must hurry onward...
Eleanora : I know that! But for one night... here in the castle... Eliwood...
   just for tonight.
Eliwood : Mother...
Hector : One night's not going to hurt us. Who knows when we'll be back this
Lyn  : Yes, let's do it. I am so exhausted.
Eliwood : Hector, Lyn... Thank you.

Eliwood : Hello, Agung. So you're still awake. Agung, do you know Bern well?
   No, nor do I... Nothing more than I've heard at the court. I'm sure that,
   with all of your travels, you know more than I. By the way, Agung, where
   were you born? Before you met Lyndis in Sacae, where were you? If it's
   difficult to speak about, you needn't worry. It's just that we've been
   together for so long, and I really know almost nothing about you. If you
   don't mind won't you tell me about yourself? I would like to learn more
   about you and your life.


Eliwood : Oof... A rock wall? ... Where am I? ...Where is everyone?
Pent : Hello. You're awake! Are you well?
Eliwood : ...You're... from before...
Pent : Hawkeye's friend.
Hawkeye : .....
Eliwood : Um... Hawkeye? What is this place?
Hawkeye : ...I don't know.
Pent : Eh? You don't know? I would never have imagined a place such a this
Hawkeye : My master never spoke of anything like this.
Nils : Ah! Lord Eliwood! I'm so glad I found you.
Eliwood : Nils! Is everyone all right?
Nils : Yes, they're nearby. I can't see them, but... I can sense them. So they
   must be OK.
Eliwood : That's good.
Nils : Do you know where we are? I wonder how we get out of here...
Eliwood : I'd like to know, too.
Pent : ...Something strange is here. I can feel it in the air.
Nils : Yes! You're right. It's strange. Unsettling!
Eliwood : This disquieting feeling... I know it... I've felt it before. Back
   on Valor.
Nils : On the Dread Isle?
Eliwood : Yes, we first felt it in those ruins near the Dragon's Gate. That
   was right before all our magics failed us.
Hawkeye : Pent, doesn't that sound like...
Pent : ...Like a magic seal.
Eliwood : What's that?
Pent : I'm not entirely certain how to explain it. It's... someone whose very
   presence nullifies all magic.
Eliwood : Why would this person be here? Why now?
Pent : I have no idea. All I know is that we're being watched.
Nils : Uh-oh! Something's happening!

Nils : He… He's called some friends. They are... very powerful.
Pent : He summoned them here? I'm beginning to suspect the magic seal created
   this place.
Hawkeye : If we kill him, can we get out of here?
Pent : Perhaps.
Eliwood : Then we fight! If they have strength, then we'll match their
   strength and challenge them! We don't have time for this!!
Hawkeye : I will fight, too. Pent, you stay here and guard the others.
Pent : Understood.
Hawkeye : Select those who will go with us. ...And choose carefully.

Augury (first time Nils do it, and it is FREE!)
Hannah : Oh, it's you, Agung. You have good timing. I need to talk with you.
   I'm old... and I'm weary. You all fight so much. Day in, day out... A magic
   island one day, a burning desert the next... I'm worn out. Exhausted. .....
   Truth be told... It's too much for me. I'm a simple fortune-teller. These
   battles are too much… .....I can't take anymore. Hm? Ah... Don't worry
   about the auguries. I've arranged for someone to take my place. Take care
   of yourself. I'll pray for your success.
Hannah leaves. Nils appears.
Nils : I've seen this before... There's someone who can block magic. Use this
  to your advantage, and you may well win. This will be a vicious battle. Take
  only your strongest. Take your most powerful weapons as well. Dont' try to
  match blades with the enemy, though. Pick your spot, and let them come to 
  you one at a time. ...That's it.


Eliwood : All right! Are you ready, everyone? Try not to get separated.
Hawkeye : ...Don't move!

Eliwood : Ah! ...The wall!
Hawkeye : ...He's responsible. He's watching us from somewhere.
Eliwood : .....

Hawkeye : Agung, is it? I must see you all safely back to my master. If you
   have need of it, I will lend you my strength.


Pent : The air... It's returned to normal! The magic seal has fled.
Eliwood : What in the name of all that is decent is that? It has human form,
   but it's... It's not human!
Pent : .....
Hawkeye : .....
Ninian : ...That was a creature of heresy. Its existence makes a ruin of
   nature's most basic laws.
Eliwood : Ninian?
Ninian : ...Ah, Lord Eliwood. I...
Pent : ...In this world, there are many mysterious things that fall beyond our
   realm of understanding. Come, let us leave this place. A living legend
   awaits us.
Eliwood : Ah... Yes!
Ninian : .....
Hawkeye : ...Daughter of...
Ninian : ...Hm?
Hawkeye : ..... Be strong...
Ninian : .....Ah...

Hawkeye : ...I've brought them.
Athos : Welcome, children of Roland.
Hector : We've come from Lycia, old man. Do you understand?
Lyn  : What do you mean?
Eliwood : I think I know. Thousands of years ago, man and dragon fought on
   this continent.
Lyn  : Yes, mankind won, and the dragons fled this world.
Eliwood : That's correct. Man against dragon... The war that we know as the
   Scouring. And you know of the Eight Legends, the heroes who led man to
Lyn  : Yes, we've all heard the stories of the Eight Legends. I was raised in
   Sacae, so I know of Hanon, the horseman.
Hector : Sacae is where Hanon was born. Our country, Lycia, was founded by the
   hero Roland.
Lyn  : That's why you called us "children of Roland", right?
Athos : That is correct, daughter of Hanon and Roland.
Eliwood : Who are you?
Athos : I am Athos. Many choose simply to call me Archsage.
Eliwood : Athos?! It can't be...
Lyn  : Huh? What?!
Hector : Archsage Athos was one of the Eight Legends. If you were really him,
   old man... you'd have to be over a thousand years old.
Athos : The world is full of mysteries. Solve one, and along comes another...
   Before i knew it, I'd grown distant from my fellow man. Hunger... It knows
   no bounds.
Lyn  : A thousand years... That's a long time.
Eliwood : Yet thanks to such longevity, we're meeting here today.
Hector : "Living legend"... Now I see it.
Athos : You're here because you want to stop Nergal, aren't you?
Eliwood : Yes. Did you receive word from Marquess Ostia?
Athos : No... I am aware of most things that occur in the continent. However,
   knowledge is not enough for me to prevent disaster.
Lyn  : Nils said something similar to that before. "With my special power, I
   can sense danger coming, but I can't do anything to stop it."
Athos : Nils... One of the children of destiny.
Lyn  : He's here with us, but something outside caught his attention.
Athos : ...I'm sure something stopped him...
Eliwood : Hm?
Athos : Let's talk about Nergal. How do we stop him?
Eliwood : Yes, what can you tell us? What wisdom can you share?
Athos : Mm. Your foe is, like me, no longer... altogether human. It will be
   difficult to slay him through traditional means. He wields a terrrible
   power. His endless strength stems from an ancient, forbidden magic... To
   defeat him, you will need a suitable response.
Eliwood : Response?
Athos : ...While he is resting, you must find the power the oppose him.
Eliwood : Tell us what it is! We'll do anything!!
Athos : it will be harder than you can imagine. Great trials await you. ...As
   does great despair. You may regret your decision. Will you stay the course,
Eliwood : ...Our will remains fixed. This is a road from which you cannot
   turn back.
Hector : We've known that all along!
Lyn  : We can overcome anything. You'll see. Together, we are strong.
Athos : ...Very well. Let me tell you what you must do.

Athos : Have you understood all that you have heard?
Eliwood : Yes. We are to seek out the Shrine of Seals in Bern, right?
Athos : Take Hawkeye with you. Add his skills to your own.
Eliwood : Thank you.
Athos : ...And you? What will you do, Pent and Louise?
Pent : Nergal, a magic user who rivals you, Lord Athos... And the return of
   the dragons. An intriguing story.
Eliwood : ...
Pent : Forgive the late introductions. I am Pent, Count Reglay of Etruria.
   This is Louise, my wife.
Louise : It's nice to meet you.
Eliwood : Count Reglay? You are Count Reglay?
Lyn  : Who? Is he someone special?
Hector : Yes. He hails from the most prominent noble house in Etruria. He's
   known as the Magic General. what has brought you to this place?
Athos : Bern's successor will soon have his coming-of-age ceremony. Pent and
   Louise are to attend as representatives of Etruria. Pent claimed there was
   time to search the desert for a magic artifact said to have been lost in
   the sands here long ago. You arrived shortly after we did. Perhaps
   something was guiding you.
Pent : Bowing to the dictates of fate, my wife and I would like to join you
   if we may.
Lyn  : Well, of course. That's fine, right, Eliwood? Will you send word of
   your mission to your countrymen?
Pent : There's no reason to, and if we did, who would believe us? Besides, it
   is not unusual for us to remain absent for long periods. I doubt anyone
   will be surprised by our absence. Right, my dear?
Louise : Tee hee. You're right, my love.
Eliwood : Not unlike a certain you noble we've heard of...
Hector : That's great! Thanks a lot!
Eliwood : In any event, we welcome you both with all our hearts.
Pent : Thank you.
Athos : ...There's not much time. I'll send you to Lycia. Hawkeye! Gather
   everyone here in the plaza.
Athos : You are Agung, correct? Fate blows a strange wind in your direction.
   Much rides on our shoulders and in your abilities. I want you to take this.
   It enhances natural abilities, skills with which one was born. Give this
   to whoever you feel will benefit the most. Do not waste its powers holding
   on to it. Use it.

Got an Afa's Drops.

Hawkeye : Everyone is here.
Athos : Thank you. Eliwood, your territory is the closest to Bern, is it not?
Eliwood : Yes. The border lies in the mountains.
Athos : Very good. Now please envision a nice, wide place in Pherae... Next,
   think of the name of a person you might meet there.
Eliwood : As you say. ... ...
Athos : Now, children of Roland, it is time to says farewell. You must reach
   the Shrine of Seals. There, your destinies' doors will open wide before

Eleanora : My beloved... I cannot believe you are gone. Every time I close my
   eyes, I see you at my side. Your memory haunts me, and I am filled with
   sorrow. ...Elbert... If by some chance you can hear my prayer... Please
   look after our son.
Eliwood : Mother...
Eleanora : What!? Eliwood? Where-- Where are you?
Eliwood : Mother! I'm home! I've returned!
Eleanora : Ah!! Eliwood! Is it really you? Oh, how did you... You startled me
Eliwood : Forgive me, Mother. The Archsage sent us.
Eleanora : You look so tired. ...Have you lost weight? Oh, come closer and let
   me see your face.
Eliwood : ...Mother, about Father...
Eleanora : I heard his last moments were glorious. Though he's gone, he will
   ever be my life's joy.
Eliwood : I know.
Eleanora : Come... Let us make everyone comfortable. You all look in need of a
Eliwood : I'm sorry, Mother. We must hurry onward...
Eleanora : I know that! But for one night... here in the castle... Eliwood...
   just for tonight.
Eliwood : Mother...
Hector : One night's not going to hurt us. Who knows when we'll be back this
Lyn  : Yes, let's do it. I am so exhausted.
Eliwood : Hector, Lyn... Thank you.

Eliwood : Hello, Agung. So you're still awake. Agung, do you know Bern well?
   No, nor do I... Nothing more than I've heard at the court. I'm sure that,
   with all of your travels, you know more than I. By the way, Agung, where
   were you born? Before you met Lyndis in Sacae, where were you? If it's
   difficult to speak about, you needn't worry. It's just that we've been
   together for so long, and I really know almost nothing about you. If you
   don't mind won't you tell me about yourself? I would like to learn more
   about you and your life.


Heeding the archsage Athos's advice, Eliwood sets out for Bern.
Bern: the greatest military force on the continent. The Lycian League has
always enjoyed close relations with the kingdom of Bern.
Recently, however, King Desmond has begun to flaunt his military strength.
Lycian nobles can no longer move freely within Bern's borders.
Eliwood and his group enter the country in the guise of simple travelers.

Eliwood : We move to Bern from here in an instant. ...Incredible. Even in a
   remote village like this, they've heard announcements for the prince's
   coming-of-age ceremony.
Lyn  : Well, Prince Zephiel's ceremony is only ten days away. There's no
   helping all the excitement.
Hector : They've no idea what's happening. ...Carefree fools.
Eliwood: ..... Tell me, Hawkeye, do you know the location of the Shrine
   of Seals?
Hawkeye : I've heard it's north of Bern. But the location of the shrine
   itself is secret. I doubt if anyone outside the royal family knows how to
   reach it.
Lyn  : So, if we want to reach the shrine, we'll have to contact the royal
   family, is that it?
Hector : Without revealing our identities or our motives? There's got to be
   another way to find where it is.
Pent : ... I can provide you with its general location.
Eliwood : Lord Pent?
Pent : I'm privy to the highest secrets of military information in Etruria.
   When we learned of the shrine's existence, we investigated. However, none
   of our operatives returned. Bern's defenses are formidable.
Hector : So, even if we reach the shrine, we're as like as not to be
Pent : Most likely. And if your identities are discovered, Bern will see it as
   an excuse to invade Lycia.
Eliwood : That, above all else, must be avoided.
Pent : That's where I come in.
Eliwood : What do you mean?
Pent : Duty demands that I attend the post-ceremony festivities. However, I
   will greet the queen privately before the ceremony.
Eliwood : Privately? You can do that?
Louise : Queen Hellene was born in Etruria. She and I are related, albeit a
   distant relation.
Pent : When we meet, I will discreetly ask about the Shrine of Seals. Most
   like, she'll not say much, but anything will help, will it not? Rest
   assured, even if I fail, I will not reveal your presence.
Eliwood : Lord Pent! That's--
Pent : If we do not return by tomorrow, return to Lycia and come up with a
   new plan. Understood?
Eliwood : ...If you fail, what will become of you?
Pent : Everything will work out. It wouldn't be a bad life. Abandoning my
   position... Living on the run with Louise...
Louise : If I'm with you, my lord Pent, I care not where we go.
Hector : I pray for your success.
Pent : Please do! Let us proceed, Louise.
Lyn  : Come back safely! We'll be waiting for you!!

Hawkeye : ... Pent, hold on.
Pent : What is it, Hawkeye?
Hawkeye : I was holding this for the master.
Pent : It's a ... Heaven seal!
Hawkeye : Mm... There are only three in existence.
Pent : What is Archsage Athos's plan?
Hawkeye : I'm to give it to them when the time is right.
Pent : I see.
Hawkeye : I... I might not know the right time when it comes. I want you to
   take care of it.
Pent : Thank you, but what if we do not return?
Hawkeye : You will. You and Louise... ..... without fail.
Pent : ...I understand.
Louise : Lord Hawkeye, we... we will most certainly return.

Linus : Well, if it isn't Nino.
Nino : Yeah! Lloyd! Linus! What is it? Are you working?
Lloyd : I suppose we are.
Linus : How about you? Where are you off to in such a hurry?
Nino : I have a job to do, too! I'm carrying messages for Mother, so I have to
   do my best! See you! Let's do something when your job is finished.
Lloyd : She's a good lass.
Linus : Yes. Hard to believe she's that woman's child.

Eliwood : This waiting is hard. There must be something we can do.
Hector : I know what you mean, but we have to lay low...
Legault : Why don't we try and gather some information on the Black Fang?
Lyn  : Hm? Information?
Legault : Yes. Black Fang's headquarters are here in Bern. The location was
   never disclosed to me, though. The Black Fang is so much different than it
   once was. Any information we could gain would be beneficial.
Eliwood : That's a good idea. Thanks, Legault.
Legault : Think nothing of it.

Eliwood : What do you think, Agung? ...You're right. Any information we find
   would be a starting place. Then it's settled. Let's get started.
Eliwood : Let's split up and go. Try to blend in.
Hector : We'd better be careful.
Lyn  : Especially you, Hector.

Eliwood : Those two... I can't tell if they're friends or not.
Ninian : Tee hee...
Eliwood : Is something funny, Ninian?
Ninian : It's just... Listen to you grumble, Lord Eliwood! You sound like
   you're their chaperon!
Eliwood : Really? Is that what it sounds like to you?
Ninian : Uh-huh.
Eliwood : That's great...
Ninian : Ha ha ha.
Eliwood : ...I like it when you laugh.
Ninian : Excuse me?
Eliwood:Oh, nothing. Come on! Let's go!

Lloyd : ...Can it really be them? I thought they were in Nabata!
Linus : What does it matter where they've been? We've found them, so let's
   take care of them.
Lloyd : I guess you're right... Linus, go tell Father what's happening.
Linus : Why!? They're right in front of us! You and I can finish this now.
Lloyd : Moron. It's a precaution. Fangs cannot afford mistakes. Don't worry,
   I've underlings aplenty. I'll taunt the foe and draw them to the fortress
   in the north. I doubt I'll lose, but... They've survived this long, so
   they must be tough. I might run into trouble. Deliver your report, then get
   back here with reinforcements.
Linus : You can't be serious. They don't look like they can last long against
   you, the White Wolf.
Lloyd : Just get moving, Linus.
Linus : ...Understood. I'll be back soon, though, so leave some for me!

Assassin : You must be Eliwood…
Eliwood : Ah! Black Fang!?
Assassin : That's right. You have the honor of dying at the hands of the Four
   Fangs. Our commander is Lord Lloyd, the White Wolf.
Hector : Eliwood! Is that the enemy?
Eliwood : Counterattack! To arms, everyone!
Assassin : ...Come. You'll get your throats ripped out...


Wallace : Grrrr!! Not again! This is the 75th time! I could have SWORN Caelin
   was in this direction! Grrr... Eh? Something's wrong... Is it a sneak
   attack!? You cowards, waiting there in the fog!! My name is Wallace! The
   boldest knight in all Caelin (wherever it is)! If you're not afraid to
   die, show yourselves!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Village ()
Soldier : I will repeat it as often as necessary, Lord Murdock! If we let the
   king's tyranny continue, Bern will--
Murdock : Hold your tongue.
Soldier : But--
Murdock : Be still. Is someone there?
Lowen : Oh!

Nino : Let's see... I'm sure this is the place, but... I guess he's not here
   yet. ... ... Hmm! Fog's thick today. It's the perfect weather for taking on
   evildoers! Yet here I am again, running errands... I wish I were more
   worthy, so that I could help out in battle. Waah! Don't… Don't scare me
   like that, Jaffar. What's wrong? You're never late for anything.
Jaffar : ...My last job took longer than expected.
Nino : What? There are things that can slow you down? I would never have
   expected that.
Jaffar:…If you've my next mission... let me hear it.
Nino : Oh, right. Mother gave this to me... Huh? Oh! Wha-What happened!?
   You're covered in blood!
Jaffar : ...It's a scratch. Pay it no heed...
Nino : Scratches don't bleed like that! Let me see.
Jaffar : Forget it. Next target... hurry... ......
Nino : Jaffar! Come on, wake... Wake up! What should I do?



Heeding the archsage Athos's advice, Eliwood sets out for Bern.
Bern: the greatest military force on the continent. The Lycian League has
always enjoyed close relations with the kingdom of Bern.
Recently, however, King Desmond has begun to flaunt his military strength.
Lycian nobles can no longer move freely within Bern's borders.
Eliwood and his group enter the country in the guise of simple travelers.

Eliwood : We're in Bern now. I wonder what's happened? The village seems so
Lyn  : I spoke to some villagers on the way here. They said Prince Zephiel's
   coming-of-age ceremony is in ten days. There's no helping all the
Hector : They've no idea what's happening. Carefree fools.
Eliwood: ..... Tell me, Hawkeye, do you know the location of the Shrine
   of Seals?
Hawkeye : I've heard it's north of Bern. But the location of the shrine
   itself is secret. I doubt if anyone outside the royal family knows how to
   reach it.
Lyn  : So, if we want to reach the shrine, we'll have to contact the royal
   family, is that it?
Hector : Without revealing our identities or our motives? There's got to be
   another way to find where it is.
Pent : ...I can provide you with its general location.
Eliwood : Lord Pent?
Pent : I'm privy to the highest secrets of military information in Etruria.
   When we learned of the shrine's existence, we investigated. However, none
   of our operatives returned. Bern's defenses are formidable.
Hector : So, even if we reach the shrine, we're as like as not to be
Pent : Most likely. And if your identities are discovered, Bern will see it as
   an excuse to invade Lycia.
Eliwood : That, above all else, must be avoided.
Pent : That's where I come in.
Eliwood : What do you mean?
Pent : Duty demands that I attend the post-ceremony festivities. However, I
   will greet the queen privately before the ceremony.
Eliwood : Privately? You can do that?
Louise : Queen Hellene was born in Etruria. She and I are related, albeit a
   distant relation.
Pent : When we meet, I will discreetly ask about the Shrine of Seals. Most
   like, she'll not say much, but anything will help, will it not? Rest
   assured, even if I fail, I will not reveal your presence.
Eliwood : Lord Pent! That's--
Pent : If we do not return by tomorrow, return to Lycia and come up with a
   new plan. Understood?
Eliwood : ...If you fail, what will become of you?
Pent : Everything will work out. It wouldn't be a bad life. Abandoning my
   position... Living on the run with Louise...
Louise : If I'm with you, my lord Pent, I care not where we go.
Hector : I pray for your success.
Pent : Please do! Let us proceed, Louise.
Lyn  : Come back safely! We'll be waiting for you!!

Hawkeye : ... Pent, hold on.
Pent : What is it, Hawkeye?
Hawkeye : I was holding this for the master.
Pent : It's a ... Heaven seal!
Hawkeye : Mm... There are only three in existence.
Pent : What is Archsage Athos's plan?
Hawkeye : I'm to give it to them when the time is right.
Pent : I see.
Hawkeye : I... I might not know the right time when it comes. I want you to
   take care of it.
Pent : Thank you, but what if we do not return?
Hawkeye : You will. You and Louise... ..... without fail.
Pent : ...I understand.
Louise : Lord Hawkeye, we... we will most certainly return.

Linus : Well, if it isn't Nino.
Nino : Yeah! Lloyd! Linus! What is it? Are you working?
Lloyd : I suppose we are.
Linus : How about you? Where are you off to in such a hurry?
Nino : I have a job to do, too! I'm carrying messages for Mother, so I have to
   do my best! See you! Let's do something when your job is finished.
Lloyd : She's a good lass.
Linus : Yes. Hard to believe she's that woman's child.

Eliwood : This waiting is hard. There must be something we can do.
Hector : I know what you mean, but we have to lay low...
Legault : Why don't we try and gather some information on the Black Fang?
Lyn  : Hm? Information?
Legault : Yes. Black Fang's headquarters are here in Bern. The location was
   never disclosed to me, though. The Black Fang is so much different than it
   once was. Any information we could gain would be beneficial.
Eliwood : That's a good idea. Thanks, Legault.
Legault : Think nothing of it.

Eliwood : What do you think, Agung? ...You're right. Any information we find
   would be a starting place. Then it's settled. Let's get started.
Eliwood : Let's split up and go. Try to blend in.
Hector : We'd better be careful.
Lyn  : Especially you, Hector.
Hector : What!?

Eliwood : Those two... I can't tell if they're friends or not.
Ninian : Tee hee...
Eliwood : Is something funny, Ninian?
Ninian : It's just... Listen to you grumble, Lord Eliwood! You sound like
   you're their chaperon!
Eliwood : Really? Is that what it sounds like to you?
Ninian : Uh-huh.
Eliwood : That's great...
Ninian : Ha ha ha.
Eliwood : ...I like it when you laugh.
Ninian : Excuse me?
Eliwood : Oh, nothing. Come on! Let's go!

Lloyd : ...Can it really be them? I thought they were in Nabata!
Linus : What does it matter where they've been? We've found them, so let's
   take care of them.
Lloyd : I guess you're right... Yet the timing's not right. Attacking them
   while they're in town is against our creed. ...Shall we tell Father and
   awaits his orders? Linus, I'll go and tell Father. You stay here and watch
Linus : Why don't you and I finish them now?
Lloyd : We can't! You have to be patient. All you need to do is watch where
   they go. Understand?
Linus : Uh-huh. ..... Even so,  I can't ignore game when it's nibbling on my
   line. Hey! Igor!
Igor : What is it, Linus?
Linus : We're going hunting! We'll taunt them and pull them to the center of
   the town.
Igor : Hold on a minute. You're not really going to ignore Llyod's orders, are
Linus : ,,,He doesn't want the villagers harmed. That's what he said, right?
   So we make sure they're not.
Igor : I understand, but...
Linus : Come on, Igor! We want to show my brother we can do this, right? I'm
   counting on you!
Igor : ...Grrr! You just never, ever listen to anyone!

Igor : You are Eliwood?
Eliwood : Who-- Ah, you're Black Fang?
Igor : That's right. You have the honor of dying at the hands of the Four
   Fangs. Our commander is Linus, the Mad Dog.
Hector : Eliwood! Is that the enemy?
Eliwood : Yes. Let's meet his challenge!
Igor : ...Come. You'll get your throats ripped out...

Augury :
Oh... I'm not sure what to do. The enemy is so very strong. One, a fallen
hero... A potent adversary. You must be careful. To survive this trial, you
will need lances, bows, and... strong magical attacks. As for items... take
pure water and a Barrier staff. Swordreavers should come in handy, too.
Something else... You'll meet someone. Very powerful... with an axe. He may
aid you. Send an envoy who smells of the sea to treat with him.


Heath : Bern.. ...Hm? Oh, Agung. I have few fond memories of my homeland. I'm
   a deserter. Yet... I can't say I'm not a little glad to be here. I hope
   that, someday soon, I can clear my name and return home.

Geitz : What's all this? A skirmish... But which side is in the right? I
   cannot tell... Not much I can do. I guess I'll slip in on this end.

Village (2,8)
Nino : Let's see... I'm sure this is the place, but... I guess he's not here
   yet. ... ... Hmm! Beautiful weather. It's perfect for taking on evildoers!
   Yet here I am again, running errands... I wish I were more worthy,so that I
   could help out in battle. Waah! Don't... Don't scrare me like that, Jaffar.
   What's wrong? You're never late for anything.
Jaffar : ...My last job took longer than expected.
Nino : What? There are things that can slow you down? I would never have
   expected that.
Jaffar : ...If you've my next mission... let me hear it.
Nino : Oh, right. Mother gave this to me... Huh? Oh! Wha-What happened? You're
   covered in blood!
Jaffar : ...It's a scratch. Pay it no heed...
Nino : Scratches don't bleed like that! Let me see.
Jaffar : Forget it. Next target... hurry... .....
Nino : Jaffar! Come on, wake... Wake up! What should I do?

Village (2,8)
Nino : Er... Is there something I can help you with? I have an injured man
   here. Please keep your voice down! No, I don't know anything about the
   Black Fang! Leave, please! You'll upset my patient!

Village (2,15)
NPC  : Tell me, traveler, have you heard of the Four Fangs? The folk of Bern
   know all about them. They're the four strongest members of the righteous
   Black Fang. The one they call the Mad Dog is a great man. When I was
   attacked by bandits, he rescued me. It was night, so I really couldn't see
   his face, but... I've heard some troubling rumors about the Black Fang
   lately, though. I wonder what's going on.

Village (4,15)
NPC  : Long ago... the lord who ruled this area was an awful man. Every night
   he would hold an extravagant feast below the castle. Meanwhile, we
   villagers slowly starved to death. One day, though, it ended. The lord was
   dead. The Black Fang had given him a death sentence. To us, the Black Fang
   were heroes. It matters not what others said. That's what makes it so
   hard... Why did they have to change? Helping you... means that I'm
   betraying the Black Fang. And yet... I want you to have this.
Got an Orion's bolt.

Village (2,18)
NPC? : ...Stop right there.
Heath : Who?
NPC? : No need for alarm. For reasons of my own, I wear the gard of the Black
   Fang, but I'm a loyal citizen of Lycia, and I am not your enemy.
Heath : .....
NPC? : A woman now leads the Black Fang around by the nose. When at last you
   confront her, use this staff. This woman is the ringleader you seek. Her
   name is Sonia. Do not forget. Sonia.
Got a Silence staff.
Halts all enemy magic for several turns, B, MP/2

Village (12,18)
Soldier : I will repeat it as often as necessary, Lord Murdock! If we let the
   King's tyranny continue, Bern will--
Murdock : Hold your tongue.
Soldier : But--
Murdock : Be still. Is someone there?
Lyn  : Oh!

Village (25,4)
NPC  : Long ago, I used to work in Bern's royal palace. I was Prince Zephiel's
   teacher of history. The prince is a wise lad. He's the royal family's first
   prodigy. Yet King Desmond ignores the boy's talents, and they wither.
   Here... I'd like you to take this. This is an Earth seal. This one item
   contains the powers of many: Knight crest, Guide ring, Hero crest, Elysian
   whip... I am unsure why I would entrust this treasure to a complete
   stranger. I cannot explain it, but I have a feeling. For some reason, I
   believe you will aid the prince... Strange... Go on!Humor an old man and
   take it.
Got an Earth Seal.

Linus : Pray. I'll give you that much time. All the evil that you've done up
   to now... Repent it, and sleep.

Linus & Eliwood
Linus : Hey! You're Eliwood, right?
Eliwood : ...Are you the leader of this group?
Linus : I am.
Eliwood : I've a question for you... I heard that the Black Fang possessed
   strong convictions. If so, then why do you follow a man like Nergal?
Linus : ...Nergal? Oh, that eerie man Sonia introduced my father to. This has
   nothing to do with him. I merely complete the missions given me!
Eliwood : And you never question the justness of your missions?
Linus : Question? What's to question? Neither my father nor my brother makes
Eliwood : Yet, the...
Linus : Will you stop yammering! I don't need my brother to finish you off. I
   will crush you myself, in the name of the Fang!
Eliwood : Ah!!

Linus : Urrg...rr.....

Eliwood : ...Are you well?
Linus : .....I lost. My brother tried to warn me... YOu're strong... Too
Eliwood : .....
Linus : But... I will not die quit so easily!
Eliwood : What!?
Linus : You'll go with me!!
Hector : Eliwood!
Eliwood : ...Do as you must.
Linus : Huh!? ...What did you...
Eliwood : ...I noticed something during the battle. You did your best to keep
   the villagers clear of the fighting.
Linus : Of course. They've nothing to do with this. You are our target, not
Eliwood : You are not evil. The Black Fang fights with honor. So why is it
   that we are enemies?
Linus : It's your fault! You're evil... .....Bah!
Eliwood : Huh!?
Linus : None of this makes sense! Sonia told Father that you're a band of
   criminals. Father agreed, and I obyed, but...
Eliwood : Sonia? Isn't that...?
Linus : ...I'm going to withdraw for the moment. I'll be back when this is all
   straightened out.

Hector : That was close.
Eliwood : Forgive me. I wanted to speak with him at least once.
Lyn  : Don't worry. It's fine. After all, we learned a little something about
   our opponent.
Eliwood : The Black Fang seems to have some honor after all. Perhaps they
   really are just being used by Nergal. We should talk to their head, Brendan
Lyn  : Perhaps we can resolve this without any more fighting.
Hector : I don't like it. Sounds like a terrible plan.
Eliwood : Hector?
Hector : Let's get back to camp. We might have some word from Pent and the
Lyn  : I wonder what that was all about.
Eliwood : .....

Linus : ...I've got to talk with my brother... ...I'm not sure it's wise to
   trust that woman... !! ...Uhh...how...
Sonia : .....
Linus : You... I never felt you... ......nothing.....
Sonia : ...Mad Dog Linus. Such wonderful quintessence.
Linus : .....Curse...s... ...I've...blun...blundered... Brother...I'm sorry...
   ... ... ...

Jaffar : .....
Nino : Are you awake? Thank goodness...
Jaffar : You... I know you...
Nino : Uh-huh. We've met many times. I don't think I told you my name, though.
   I'm Nino! Sonia's daughter.
Jaffar : What are you doing?
Nino : Huh?
Jaffar : Have you forgotten the law of the Fang? "Sacrifice the wounded to
   salvage the strong"
Nino : That's not...
Jaffar : I was unconscious and alone outside of our safe halls. You should
   have obeyed the law... Killed me, and then fled. Yet you didn't. Why?
Nino : Bu-But... Letting a comrade die? I... couldn't do that.
Jaffar : Don't be a fool!
Nino : Sniff...
Jaffar : ...Tsskk...
Nino : Don't move! Here! Lean on me!
Jaffar : ...Don't... touch...
Nino : Please, don't move. So much blood... You're bleeding again. What do I
   do? It won't stop.
Jaffar : .....
Nino : Please... don't die. You mustn't die.

Lloyd : ........ Linus... You fool, after all I told you... ..... ...Wait for
   me. I'll be joining you soon enough. And I'll bring you their corpses as a

Soldier : Your Royal Highness, His Majesty the king has arrived.
Desmond : Where's Zephiel?
Hellene : Your Majesty... 'Tis a pleasure to see you. What a glorious day that
   sees you grace us with your presence.
Desmond : ...Enough. Call the boy!
Hellene : Your son is practicing his falconry.
Desmond : You knew I was coming, and yet you sent him away. Hmph... As crafty
   as ever, woman. Very well, you will have to do. It's ten days until the
   boy's coming-of-age ceremony. I would speak of it.
Hellene : At last... Once the ceremony ends, our son, so long lingering in the
   shadows, will be received by all as the legitimate heir to your throne. Do
   you know he has longed for this day?
Desmond : Cease your complaints. You and Zephiel, queen and heir of Bern, have
   never wanted for anything.
Hellene : We are here in this manse, while you live in the palace with... that
   woman. You must be so disappointed that she bore you not a prince but a
Desmond : Hellene! You go to far!!
Hellene : My child, who through me carries the noble blood of Etruria in his
   veins, will in ten days be named as the right-born heir to the throne. Ha
   ha ha! No matter how you may dote on her, your illegitimate daughter,
   Guinivere, is destined to be nothing more than a baseborn shadow... It is
   my son who shall reign in Bern! My son, Zephiel! Ha ha ha ha ha! How it
   gives me such pleasure to say those words!
Desmond : Have you said your mind? Well, I have something for you to hear as
Hellene : What could it be?
Desmond : Last night, from the palace, the Fire Emblem was stolen away by some
Hellene : It can't be! ...Ha ha ha. You are so wicked, Your Majesty. Pray
   tell, who would believe such a tale?	The Fire Emblem is Bern's greatest
   national treasure. No gem in existence is its equal. Stealing such a
   heavily guarded object is impossible, is it not?
Desmond : Unfortunately, I speak true.
Hellene : No...
Desmond : You know of the importance of the Fire Emblem. It's the symbol of
   the heir, the heart of the ceremony. Without the Emblem, the ceremony must
   be canceled.
Hellene : No!! Thi-This was your doing, wasn't it? How can you despise
   Zephiel so? He is of your blood. He is your beloved son, is he not?
Desmond : I have heard that Zephiel is... a gifted student, a stunning
   fighter, excelling in all he tries. And I've also heard that he is much
   loved by the people.
Hellene : Yes! It is true. All of it! He is a worthy son.
Desmond : I... excelled at neither books nor blades.
Hellene : What do you--
Desmond : I cannot say that I command the love of my subjects... Zephiel and I
   are opposites in every way. It is hard to believe that he is my son.
Hellene : Zephiel is Your Majesty's child! Your Grace, you know this is truth!
Desmond : Mine or not, without the ceremony... He will not be named heir. Mark
   my words, and prepare yourself, woman.
Hellene : Your Majesty! King Desmond!! Please... Please wait! He is your heir!
   Your son! Please... What am I to do? Zephiel...

Soldier : I beg your pardon, Your Highness. You have a visitor...
Hellene : I will see no one. Send him home.
Soldier : Your Highness, I...
Louise : It's all right. You may go. I will take care of this.
Soldier : Yes, my lady.
Hellene : Who?
Louise : Lady Hellene, it's been far too long. It is I, Louise.
Hellene : Louise? Is it truly you? Ah... Louise...
Louise : What is it? Your eyes are so red. It's a shame to see such beauty
   marred by tears.
Hellene : There is something... I...
Louise : If it please you, I would hear your troubles. My husband is here
   with me. Perhaps he will be able to lend you his aid.
Hellene : Lord Pent is also here? I see... ..... ...To be honest...

Eliwood : Lord Pent! Lady Louise!!
Pent : Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Eliwood : ...How did everything go?
Pent : ...I can't say it was a complete failure, yet...
Lyn  : What do you mean?
Louise : We've a task to perform.
Hector : What do you mean?
Pent : Queen Hellene is looking for something. If we find it for her...
Eliwood : She will listen to our request, is that it?
Pent : We have until the morning of the tenth day from today. ...What will you
   do? The decision is yours.
Eliwood : ...We'll do it. It is most certainly a test we were destined to


The Bern royal family is a pageant of power, love, and hate. Eliwood find
himself embroiled in their troubles. He has been sent to recover the Bern
family treasure : the Fire Emblem. It has been stolen from the palace vault.
Eliwood enters the royal palace seeking clues.

Hector : We've finally arrived. I can't believe they built a palace in these
Eliwood : Bern is the only country on the continent where wyverns still fly.
   With its wyvern riders, I imagine this castle is the best-defended
Lyn  : I agree. Look at the path leading up the mountain's face. It would be
   impossible to scale that in a direct assault.
Hector : Defenders positioned higher up would have a clear advantage. Even the
   best soldiers would be taken out with ease. Hm... Look at that. They don't
   have any sentries posted. They must have a lot of faith in their defences.
Eliwood : Look at these surroundings! They probably make do simply with
   patrols within the castle. The might Bern. I'd not like it as an enemy.
Lyn  : And yet, from this impregnable fortress, a treasure was stolen. Perhaps
   the king really is responsible for all this. It's hard to imagine any thief
   cracking Bern's defenses.
Eliwood : You're right. But I can't imagine why the king would do this. To
   find the Fire Emblem, we're going to need clues.
Lyn  : Listen, why don't we try sneaking into the castle?
Hector : That's what I was waiting for! I like the way you think.
Eliwood : Whatever happens, we must not be caught. If it looks impossible,
   turn around and come back here.
Hector : Got it!
Lyn  : Of course!

Lyn  : This is... An inner garden?
Eliwood : Shh! Someone's coming this way.
Hector : Here! Into this thicket!!
Guinivere : Brother! Hello, Zephiel!
Zephiel : Ah, Guinivere. Have you been well?
Guinivere : Uh-huh! I've been fine. But if you would come and see me every
   day, I'd be even better! Much, much better!
Zephiel : Every day? Well, that's an awful lot, but I'll come by as often as
   possible. All for you, dear sister.
Guinivere : Yippee!
Desmond : Guinivere! Guinivere! Where are you, lass?
Guinivere : Here I am, Father! Welcome home.
Desmond : Ah, there you are. Were you a good girl while I was gone? Come, give
   your father a kiss. You're as adorable as ever.
Zephiel : Well met, Father.
Desmond : ...Zephiel. Hmph... You take the same unpleasant tone as your
Zephiel : What!? I... I...
Desmond : Silence. What brings you to my castle?
Zephiel : Ah, yes... Murdock.
Murdock : Yes, my lord.
Zephiel : We were hunting the forest earlier. ...We found this and thought
   Guinivere might like it.
Guinivere : Eeek! A baby fox!? How cute! It's so very cute!! Is it for me?
Zephiel : Do you like it?
Guinivere : Yes, I do! Thank you. I do love you, Brother!
Desmond : ...Guinivere, go play for a while.
Guinivere : OK! Come on, let's go! You lovely little fox!
Desmond : ...I've told you to stay away from the castle.
Zephiel : Yes... I know.. I beg your pardon. I heard that Guinivere was ill
   and I was... worried.
Desmond : Hah, you mean you came to see if she would die, don't you?
Zephiel : Father...
Murdock : I beg your pardon, Your Majesty, that...
Desmond : Hold your tongue, Murdock! Do not forget whom you serve! The king of
Murdock : .....
Zephiel : It's all right, Murdock... Father, I would never want to see
   Guinivere harmed in--
Desmond : You and your mother think of nothing more than stealing my throne.
   You plague me. Return to the manse!
Zephiel : ...As you wish. I beg your leave... Father.
Desmond : ...No matter how i warn him, he comes. Why is it that the very sight
   of him tries my patience so? He is truly of my own fleash and blood, yet...
Sonia : Hee hee hee. It is jealousy, my king.
Desmond : Eh? Who's there?
Sonia : It is I, Sonia.
Desmond : You... Well? Is the Emblem safe?
Sonia : Yes. I have it in my possession. It is all as we planned.
Desmond : it is unlikely, but... The queen might attempt to win the Emblem
   back. Are you prepared?
Sonia : I will not fail... It is secreted away within the Black Fang's
Desmond : Keep it concealed until dusk of the tenth day, then return it to me.
Sonia : AS you will, Your Grace.
Desmond  And what of my other request...
Sonia : One of the Four Fangs will tend to it. There will be no mistakes.
   However, General Murdock, the man protecting the prince... He is young, yet
   well respected. Shall we finish him, too?
Desmond : ...Murdock... His birth is low. And yet his combat skills have won
   him the tile of Wyvern General. It would be a great blow if Bern were to
   lose him. I'll tink of something to remove him from Zephiel's side. Will
   that do?
Sonia : Yes. It would be a great help. Wait! .....
Desmond : What? What is it?
Sonia : I... sense someone.
Desmond : Where!?
Guinivere : Father! Brother! Where are you?!
Desmond : Do not worry. It's my daughter.
Sonia : Of course. Do not forget the Black Fang's role once we are successful.
Desmond : of course. Now begone. Quickly.
Sonia : Farewell.
Guinivere : Zephiel! This kit, it... Hm? Where is my brother?
Desmond : He had an errand to perform and left.
Guinivere : Oh, no! No, no, no! I wanted to play!
Desmond : Come, Guinivere. I will play with you.
Guinivere : No! I want to play with him, not you! I'll go and call him back.
   Here, hold my fox!
Desmond : ...... Attend me!!
Soldier : Yes, my lord.
Desmond : Take this beast and kill it! Do not let Guinivere know what you do.
Soldier : Understood.
Desmond : ...Zephiel, you knave. Trying to steal my Guinivere's love... ...You
   will learn your place!

Hector : That was close... I was afraid they'd catch us.
Eliwood : This is worse than I'd imagined. The Black Fang has already reached
   the king.
Lyn  : Their plans for Lycia failed, and now they're targeting Bern.
Hector : If a country as powerful as Bern moves, peace knows no hope.
Eliwood : What Nergal desires is powerful quintessence. Calling dragons
   back... Does he wish to embroil the world in chaos? Whatever his plans, he
   must be stopped at any cost!
Hector : Right. Find the Fire Emblem and return it to the queen. We do that,
   and she'll point us toward the Shrine of Seals.
Lyn  : If we go the Black Fang fortress...
Eliwood : That's our goal. I must meet with everyone and seek out their

Ninian : I wonder if Eliwood and the others are well.
Nils : Please, Ninian. That's all you've spoken of since they left. I
   understand your concern for Lord Eliwood, but...
Ninian : Nils! I...
Nils : You don't have to hide anything from me. But you must not fall in love
   with him, you know? We... are different from them.
Ninian : ...I know. But I cannot... .....I...
Nils : Ninian! Where are you going?
Ninian : I need time to think. May I be alone, please?
Nils : Ninian...

Hector : We'd better hurry and rejoin the others. Oh, no! Look! It's a wyvern
Eliwood : She's coming closer... Has she seen us?!
Lyn  : No, it's not us she's seen. It's... It's Nils!!!
Eliwood : Let's go! Hector!!
Hector : OK!

Nils : Ahh! Who... who are you?
Vaida : Light green hair, crimson eyes... No mistake. You're one of Lord
   Nergal's lost toys. Yes! Found you at last!
Nils : ...What are you? Why can't I sense you?
Vaida : What happened to your bodyguards? I heard they were tough. I wanted
   to see for myself. Well, you're here, so they can't be too far away, can
Nils : ...
Vaida : C'mon, boy! Scream! Call your friends to you! I grow weary of waiting.
   I am not known for my patience!!!
Lyn  : I'm the one you're looking for! Unhand the boy!
Vaida : You've come! I've been looking forward to this!
Eliwood : Looking forward... What do you mean?
Vaida : The chance to crush you! Then hand the children over to Lord Nergal.
Hector : Nergal? So you're one of his dogs, are you?
Vaida : ...I'll not be called a dog by you, blackheart! True, we've a
   contract with the Black Fang, but... I am loyal to one master only! He
   who sits on the throne of Bern!
Eliwood : Then why are you in the employ of the Black--
Vaida : There's been far too much talking. Let's get started, shall we? I've
   long hungered for someone to test my strength against. Make this last
   awhile, will you? I want to enjoy this!!

Vaida : Listen up, everyone! It's playtime! Come on out!! The palace has
   promised to stay out of this! Be as wild as you will!!

Eliwood : Agung! Our allies are hidden here and there to avoid being spotted.
   This is not to our advantage. We must gather everyone quickly!!

Augury :
... The enemy seeks to scatter and destroy you. You must come together...
I see... wyvern riders... They cloud the sky... You should take archers, as
many as possible. The leader of the enemy forces... I sense... something.
There is an... energy.
If you are able to avoid the leader, you should do so. Don't move about too
much. Staying in one place will make the battle easier.


Pent : We'll help, too. Tell us what to do.
Eliwood : You as well, Lady Louise?
Louise : Of course.
Pent : No need for concern. She is quite skilled with a bow. Those Bern
   wyvern riders will be sorry to meet her.
Louise : Despite what you may think,I shoot much better than I dance or
   sing. I believe I can be of some small assistance.
Eliwood : I understand. Thank you for your help.

Pent : ...Now let me give you this. It's from Lord Athos.
Eliwood : What is it?
Pent : A Heaven seal... It reveals hidden strengths. It only works for a
   select few, but ...
Eliwood : It has an air of mystery to it.
Pent : Do you think you can use it?
Eliwood : ... ... .....No, it won't work for me.
Pent : Wait for the proper time, and have the other two try it. It might not
   work now, but I'm sure that you will all be able to use it at some point.
   Just keep trying.
Eliwood : I understand. Thank you very much.
Got a Heaven seal.

Pent : You're Agung, is that right? Please... forget about my title and
   standing in my country. You are our tactician, and I will do as you
   command. Well then, I hope we'll work well together.

Ursula : Oh, my. It's you...
Bartre : Me?
Ursula : That's right. You're with them, right? I know that this isn't what
   I'm supposed to do, but... I'll not hand glory over to that newcomer,
   Vaida... What? Oh, nothing... I'm talking to myself. More importantly, I
   want to give you this. It's a hammerne staff. It repairs items. It can
   make most items like new again. Promise me you'll bring that wyvern-riding
   hag down. I'll be seeing you again, I'm sure. Hee hee...
Got a Hammerne.

Hector :




  5.1  	TALK TEXT

Dart and Geitz :
Dart : Wait a minute. I've seen you before.
Geitz : What? Do you think you can just come up and start--
Dart : Ah, I know! You're that guy who worked for Belger... Geitz!
Geitz : Dart!? Is that you? What are you doing here?
Dart : I like to raise some trouble on land every now and then. How about you?
   What are you doing? Working for your father?
Geitz : Don't mention the old man!! As far as I'm concerned, I'm no part of
   that family anymore!
Dart : Well then, what are you doing here?
Geitz : Nothing... I was wandering about when this battle erupted. ...Say,
   Dart, do you think I could join up with you?
Dart : Huh? Of all the stupid...
Geitz : you're "raising trouble," right? So, let me in on the action.
Dart : It's fine with me. We're up against a pretty tough bunch, though.
Geitz : I've nothing else to do. I'll fight 'til I get bored!
Dart : Let's go then.
Geitz : Yeah!

Dorcas and Natalie :
Dorcas : Natalie!
Natalie : Is it you?
Dorcas : Natalie! Are you all right? What were you thinking, coming out all
   this way?
Natalie:I was worried about you. Please, don't let my leg trouble you
   anymore. You mustn't put yourself in such danger. Please!
Dorcas : I'm sorry. I must have been out of my head. I didn't realize... That
   girl Lyn made me open my eyes.
Natalie : Lyndis brought you here?
Dorcas : I'll explain later. We've got to drive back these bandits first.
   Listen, stay put. Don't move from here.
Natalie : All right. As long as you're here, I know I'm safe.

Eliwood and Heath :
Heath : Do you command this group?
Eliwood : Who are you?
Heath : I'm Heath, a wyvern rider serving Eubans's mercenaries. I wish to
Eliwood : Surrender? Why?
Heath : I've no wish to harm women and children. I'm a soldier, but... I'm
   trying to be human, too.
Eliwood : ...I understand. However, as you know, we're under attack. It will
   be hard to guarantee your safety.
Heath : No, that's fine. I will fight alongside you.
Eliwood : Yet...
Heatch : I will stop Commander Eubans when the moment comes... With this, my

Eliwood and Hawkeye :
Eliwood : Who are you?
Hawkeye : I'm Hawkeye, defender of this desert.
Eliwood : Defender? Of a desert?
Hawkeye : I will drive out the bandits. Guests need not fight.
Eliwood : Please wait! Guests!?

Eliwood and Legault :
Legault : Well now, a welcome visitor, indeed. I must thank you for coming so
Eliwood : What!? You're a...
Legault : Mmm... To be accurate, I would say a former Black Fang member.
Eliwood : Black Fang!!
Legault : Ha, no! "Former" Black Fang. Now I'm simply a thief.
Eliwood : Huh? So you're not my foe, is that what you're saying?
Legault : Correct. So let's pretend we never saw each other.
Eliwood : Hold on!
Legault : Hm?
Eliwood : If you're not my enemy may I ask for your aid?
Legault : Me? Help you?
Eliwood : I want to know about the Black Fang. ...Please.
Legault : This is a surprise. Are you really going to battle the Black Fang?
Eliwood : Yes.
Legault : Your enemy is not Brendan Reed, but a horrible man named Nergal.
Eliwood : Yes, I know this already.
Legault : You're quite plucky. I like you! However, I know almost nothing of
   the current Black Fang. If you still want my aid...
Eliwood : I do! Thank you. My name's Eliwood.
Legault : I'm Legault. I'll help you as long as I feel safe.

Eliwood and Lyn :
Eliwood : Lyndis!
Lyn  : Eliwood?! You made it!
Eliwood : Florina told us where you were. We're here to help.
Lyn  : Thank you!

Erk and Lyn :
Erk  : Lady Lyndis, please stay back. I'll serve as the advance guard.
Lyn  : Hm? You... Is that you, Erk?
Erk  : Yes, my lady. A pleasure to see you.
Lyn  : Erk, why are you here in Caelin?
Erk  : For reasons of my own, I've joined up with Eliwood's company. We're
   here to rescue Caelin. Please, Lady Lyndis, would you kindly withdraw?
Lyn  : My grandfather is in the castle. I'm not going to retreat from this
Erk  : You might be a noblewoman, but you haven't changed at all. Very well,
   at least stay near me. I'll be your escort.
Lyn  : Thank you, Erk.

Erk and Serra :
Serra : Ohmigosh! It's Erk! It's been SO long! What are you doing here?
Erk  : Oh... Serra. You're the last person I wanted to see...
Serra : Oh, that's so sweet! You wanted to see me again!
Erk  : ...
Serra : Hey, I know! This is perfect. Come with us and lend a hand, Erk.
Erk  : I beg your pardon?
Serra : Come on! I'll even introduce you to Lords Hector and Eliwood! I know
   you. You're probably just wandering about without work.
Erk  : No, Serra. I'm afraid I am gainfully employed. However... If you're
   fighting Laus... This might work out after all.
Serra : What are you babbling about? Make up your mind, will you?
Erk  : My employer is hiding in a village south of here. If you'll help me
   protect her, I'll join up with you.

Fiora and Florina :
Florina : Sister ? Fiora!
Fiora : Florina! Why are you here?
Florina : I'm here with Lady Lyndis. What are you doing here?
Fiora : ... I was investigating the Dread Isle for someone.
Florina : By yourself?
Fiora : No... There were others... a full unit of pegasus knights. We were
Florina : You can't mean...
Fiora : I misjudget our situation. ...All of my knights are dead because of
   me... I'm a failure.
Florina : That's not true! You're a splendid pegasus knight! I chose this path
   because I admired you so! Please... don't do this to yourself!
Fiora : ...Florina, please don't cry.
Florina : ... ...I'm sorry.
Fiora : No, it's my fault. The pain of being the sole survivor... It had me
   trapped. ...Thank you, Florina. I can see clearly now.
Florina : ...Fiora! Come and travel with us! It's better to travel with
   friends than to struggle alone.
Fiora : ...You're right. I hate to admit it, but I can't do everything alone.
   Nor can I render my companion's sacrifices moot by going home. Florina,
   please introduce me to your commander. I'll see if I can offer my services
   for a short while.

Florina and Lyn :
Lyn  : Florina!
Florina : Lady Lyndis!
Lyn  : You're unharmed! I'm so relieved. Really!
Florina : Was my service at all helpful?
Lyn  : Of course it was! You saved us! Thank you!
Florina : Tee hee! I'll do even better next time!
Lyn  : I'm counting on it.

Guy and Matthew :
Matthew : Hold on! I know you! Isn't your name Guy?
Guy  : It's-- Is that you, Matthew?
Matthew : What a pleasant surprise! How's your swordwork coming?
Guy  : You are aware this isn't the best place to be catching up, aren't you?
   You and I... We're on opposite sides here.
Matthew : What? Are you saying you're going to fight me?
Guy  : I... Well, yeah. I'm much improved. You can't beat me.
Matthew : You're quite a terror, Guy. Well then... Hold on! I think I'd prefer
   it if you repaid what you owe me.
Guy  : Huh?
Matthew : Last time I saw you, I gave you food. If I remember correctly, you
   said you owed me your life.
Guy  : I only said that 'cause you said you'd feed me if I did! I hadn't
   eaten in ten days, and you were cooking meat! You... This... This isn't
Matthew : The people of Sacae never lie. Isn't that right, Guy?
Guy  : Grrr... Fine! I finally find work, and now I have to throw it away!
   This is all your fault!

Heath and Hector :
Heath : Do you command this group?
Hector : Who are you to ask?
Heath : I'm Heath, a wyvern rider with Eubans's mercenaries.
Hector : In that case, you're my enemy. You're gutsy, aren't you? Prepare
Heath : Hold, I've not come to fight you. I wish to surrender to your group.
Hector : Surrender?
Heath : I've no wish to harm women and children. I'm a soldier, but... I'm
   trying to be human, too.
Hector : ...You're an odd one. Right, well. We could use all the help we
   can get. You'll fight under my command.
Heath : Understood.

Heath and Lyn :
Heath : You're... a woman?
Lyn  : What!? Underestimate me, and you'll find you die regretting it! Now
   come, if you've the nerve!
Heath : Hold, I am not here to fight you. I'd sooner surrender.
Lyn  : Surrender? You're giving up? Why?
Heath : I've no wish to harm women and children.
Lyn  : ..... I understand. We're no army. I won't hold you prisoner. If you
   are not going to fight, go someplace where you'll be safe. However, you
   are welcome to join us and fight at our side. We're trying to protect a
   sick child traveling with us.
Heath : I see... and I will help you protect this child.

Heath and Ninian :
Ninian : Ah...
Heath : A girl...This place is dangerous, you should flee quickly.
Ninian : .....
Heath : ...Wait! Do you know the commander of these forces?
Ninian : Ah... Yes...
Heath : Then deliver a message for me, please. I am Heath, a wyvern rider in
   Eubans's mercenaries. Tell him I want to join your group. I will fight with
Ninian : Wait... Why?
Heath : I've no wish to harm women and children.

Hector and Lyn :
Lyn  : Are you an ally, too?
Hector : Yep, that's what it looks like.
Lyn  : In that case, I have something to tell you.
Hector : We're a bit busy now. Save it for later.
Lyn  : What? Hold on! Wait just a minute!

Lucius and Raven :
Raven : Lucius.
Lucius : Lord Raven! I'm so pleased to see you well!
Raven : Things have changed. For the time being, we side with Caelin.
Lucius : That is good... So you've had a change of heart?
Raven : No, I will still have my revenge against House Ostia. The closer you
   are to your enemy, the easier it is to strike, right?
Lucius : Lo-Lord Raven...
Raven : Let's go, Lucius.
Lucius : Yes...

Lyn and Matthew :
Lyn  : Hey! You! You're--
Matthew : Um... No, I'm not. You've got the wrong fellow... Bye now!
Lyn  : Stop right there, Matthew!
Matthew : Saw right through my disguise, didn't you, Layd Lyndis?
Lyn  : What are you talking about? How could I not recognize you? You're...
Matthew : Yes, but I had to at least try to fool you. Being memorable is not
   the best quality for a spy to have.
Lyn  : Spy? I thought you were a thief?
Matthew : Oops!
Lyn  : What's this about? Come on, tell me!
Matthew : I can't... It's a... secret.
Lyn  : A secret? Would you have your mouth sealed if you spoke it?
Matthew : You're very knowledgeable!
Lyn  : Very well, I'll ask no more questions. If you have any trouble, though,
   you can talk to me. I'm sure I'll be able to help.
Matthew : Ah... Lady Lyndis? I believe that you are the one currently in
   trouble. You're either generous to a fault, or... something else

Lyn and Rath :
Rath : ...So you're being hunted again, are you, Lyn of the Lorca?
Lyn  : Rath! Rath of the Kutolah! Well met! What are you doing here?
Rath : ...After we parted company, I've made my way as a mercenary here.
Lyn  : I see... You haven't changed at all. It's... good to see you again.
Rath : ...Do you need my help?
Lyn  : Are you offering?
Rath : ...You... If you desire it.
Lyn  : Yes, please! Lend us your strength! We're... involved in something
   terribly dangerous!
Rath : I see. When this is finished, I will end my service to this place.

Lyn and Serra :
Serra : Ah! Lyn! I'm so happy to see you safe!
Lyn  : Serra! What are you doing in Caelin?
Serra : I'm with Lord Hector. We've come to save you!
Lyn  : Hector?
Serra : Oh, come now! Lord Hector! Marquess Ostia's younger brother! He's a
   good friend of Lord Eliwood's, by the way.
Lyn  : Oh... I see. Well, thank you for coming, Serra. I'm glad to see you
Serra : It's no trouble at all! When a dear friend's in trouble,you have to
   help. It's a rule!
Lyn  : A dear friend?
Serra : Don't worry! Social positions never bother me. I know we'll get along
   fine, Lyn!

Serra and Matthew in Chapter 6 :
Serra : I feel something... I feel it!!! Someone's staring at me! It must be
   some poor fool who's smitten with me. Alas, my beauty has rendered him
   speechless. Ah... I'm so cute it's almost criminal!
Matthew : What in the world is that woman doing here? I cannot let HER find
   the passageway...

Priscilla and Raven :
Raven : You...
Priscilla : Hm?
Raven : Can it be?
Priscilla : I...
Raven : You don't... recognize me. That's not surprising. You were so young
   when we were separated.
Priscilla : what? Are you... Raymond? My brother, Raymond?
Raven : You've grown, Priscilla...
Priscilla : Brother! My brother!!
Raven : What are you doing here? It's been ten years since Count Caerleon of
   Etruria took you in as his foster daughter...
Priscilla : That's right. My adopted father has treated me with much kindness.
   But I am of Caelin's House Cornwell by birth. I still remember Father and
   Mother. I've never forgotten them. Or you, Raymond.
Raven : ...Priscilla.
Priscilla : ... When I heard that House Cornwell was lost... I... I was so
   worried about you.
Raven : So that's why you left Etruria? You've come quite a way.
Priscilla : Dear friends of mine in Etruria helped me. They provided a young
   mage to be my escort. Then we passed through Laus... The marquess learned
   of my lineage and refused to let me leave. I would be there still if not
   for Lord Eliwood and his companions.
Raven : His... companions?
Priscilla : Lord Hector, Lady Lyndis... They're all such kind people. I'm so
   glad I came to Lycia. And now I've found you...
Raven : You've become friends with... him?
Priscilla : Raymond?
Raven : ..... I see. Then I will join you.
Priscilla : Dear Brother! Will you truly come with us?
Raven : I could not refuse my little sister. And besided...
Priscilla : What is it?
Raven : It's nothing. You're better off not knowing. Tell me, your lineage...
   Do Eliwood and his friends know of your heredity?
Priscilla : No, we've never spoken of it.
Raven : I see... That is best.
Priscilla : Brother?
Raven : Priscilla, we must keep our relationship secret. OK?
Priscilla : All right... If you say we must...
Raven : Another thing, my name is Raven now. Raymond is... a name I've
Priscilla : Brother... You have your reasons, don't you? I understand. As long
   as we can travel together, I'm happy.
Raven : .....
Priscilla : If we countinue on, we'll be able to see Father and Mother, too!
Raven : ...Priscilla... That's.....

Sain and Caelin Soldiers in Chapter 16 :
Sain : Rejoice, one and all! Your beloved subcommander is here to rescue you!
Soldier : Subcommader! You're unharmed!
Sain : Are you ready to fight?
Soldier : Absolutely, sir!
Sain : All right! Direct your energy on your foes and drive them out!
Soldier : Yes, sir!

  5.2  	DYING TEXT

Lyn (Tutorial) Chapter :

Dorcas : Uggghh...
Lyn  : Dorcas! Are you all right!?
Dorcas : I... I must retreat.
Lyn  : Dorcas! Are you OK?
Dorcas : I'm... sorry.
Lyn  : So...
Dorcas : Ah, this is as far as I go. I wanted to be with you until the end.
Lyn  : Will we see you again?
Dorcas : If we survive... and if fate wills it. Good health to you, Lyn...

Erk  : Argg...
Lyn  : Erk!
Erk  : Please forgive me... I must rest.
Lyn  : Erk, are you hurt?
Erk  : I don't believe I can continue traveling in this condition.
Lyn  : Really?
Erk  : Could you…return this money to Serra?
Lyn  : Hm? What's this?
Erk  : That's the money I received when I was contracted to her. I failed to
   see her safely to Ostia.
Lyn  : I understand.
Erk  : So... I will take my leave.
Lyn  : Be careful.
Erk  : I will.

Florina : Aaaiiieee!!!
Lyn  : Florina!
Florina : Lyn, I'm sorry. I... I can't go on...
Lyn  : Agung! Take care of her! Get her to safety!
Florina : I'm... I'm sorry.
Lyn  : Florina, are you feeling better?
Florina : I'm sorry to have worried you. I'm fine. Look, it was nothing.
Lyn : Your left arm! Show it to me!
Florina : Ah... Ow!
Lyn : As I thought! The bone's broken!
Florina : I'm sorry...
Lyn : Florina, why would you lie to me?
Florina : If I can't fight... You'll leave me behind. That's why I...
Lyn : ... Florina, I could never leave you behind.
Florina : What?
Lyn : You don't have to fight anymore. I will protect you myself. I want you
   by my side when we reach Lycia.
Florina : Oh, Lyn! Thank you!!

Kent : Ahh! Defeat...
Lyn  : Kent!
Kent : Lady Lyndis, Agung. I'm no good to you in this condition. My
   apologies, but I must withdraw.
Lyn  : Kent! Should you be up?
Kent : I'm fine. Please forgive my earlier behaviour. The injury to my right
   leg was more serious than I thought.
Lyn  : Ah! That's terrible!
Kent : I apologize for my negligence.
Lyn  : You should find someplace to heal and rest your wound.
Kent : No. We must hurry and move forward.
Lyn  : But--
Kent : Milady, my goal is to present you to the marquess as quickly as
   possible. I'm unable to fight, and I may slow you down, but... Please
   allow me to continue traveling with you.
Lyn  : Of course. I understand. We go together. However, you mustn't
   overexert yourself. If your injury grows graver, I will force you to
   stop and rest!
Kent : I understand. Thank you.

Lyn  : No... It's not... I'm sorry, Agung... Everyone... forgive me...

Matthew : Ooh! That's it!
Lyn  : Matthew!
Matthew : Lady Lyndis! Agung! I do not not want to slow you down. I'll pull
   back for now. Look for me later!
Matthew : Hey! Over here! You two looking for something?
Lyn  : Stop fooling around, Matthew. How are your injuries? Agung and I were
   worried about you.
Matthew : My injuries? Well... that's where we have a problem.
Lyn  : What? What is it?
Matthew : It's my hand. It's been injured pretty badly. I don't think I'll be
   of much use...
Lyn  : Really... It's that bad?
Matthew : Unfortunately, yes. That's my only wound, though. But a thief who
   can't use his hands? I'm fired, right?
Lyn  : What do you want to do?
Matthew : I'd like to continue traveling with you. I can be pretty useful
   off the battlefield, you know?
Lyn  : As I thought... You are an odd one.
Matthew : Odd?
Lyn  : You can come with us. "Useful off the battlefield," hm? You've piqued
   my interest.
Matthew : I'll not give you cause to regret your decision! Aha! Good times

Lyn  : Nils!
		Are you all right?
	   Nils:I'm sorry, Lyn…
		I've been injured.
	    Lyn:Mark! Take
		care of Nils!
	    Lyn:How are you
		feeling, Nils?
	   Nils:I'm… I'm fine.
		So, please take
		me with you.
	    Lyn:Don't worry, Nils.
		We won't leave you.
		Leave the fighting to me.
		You stay with Ninian.
	   Nils:Lady Lyndis…
		Thank you.

Rath : ...Gaah...
Lyn  : Rath!
Rath : Must... withdraw... I'm sorry...
Lyn  : Rath! Are you OK?
Rath : ...
Lyn  : What a terrible wound…
Rath : I... I cannot fight like this. I must stay here.
Lyn  : Will I see you again?
Rath : ..... ...I don't know.
Lyn  : Thank you. I'll never forget you.
Rath : May the blessings of our Mother Earth be upon you…
Lyn : Rath...

Sain : NO!!! Oh, now I've done it...
Lyn  : Sain!
Sain : Lyndis, Agung. I'm no good to you like this... I'll only slow you down!
   I'm sorry, but I must retreat!
Sain : Lyndis! Please forgive all my nonsense on the battlefield. It was... a
   moment of weakness.
Lyn  : Oh, but, Sain, you look much better now!
Sain : Yes. I'm almost as good as new!
Lyn  : That's as may be, but your coloring is still awful.
Sain : Huh?
Lyn  : You should find someplace to rest and heal your wounds.
Sain : No! You must keep moving forward!
Lyn  : Well, we can't just leave you behind like this!
Sain : I'll be fine! I may not be able to defend you, but I can still ride!
   I'm sorry that I won't be any help in combat.
Lyn  : For all your jests, you truly are a knight, aren't you?
Sain : Ha ha ha. My ears! Please, stop!
Lyn  : I suppose we must continue then. But you mustn't	overexert yourself!
   If your injury worsens, I will force you to rest!
Sain : Well spoken, milady. I abide by your decisions.

Serra : Owww! This can't be happening! Why me!?
Lyn  : Serra!
Serra : I... I'm going to excuse myself for a moment. I'll see you later.
Lyn  : Serra! Are you well?
Serra : It's not good. My apologies, but we must part here.
Lyn  : I see... I'm sorry.
Serra : How's this? You can borrow Erk. I've paid his fee in advance, so work
   him hard. I pray you meet your grandfather in good health.
Lyn  : Thank you.
Serra : See you again!
Lyn  : Yes, again...

Wil  : Oh... I'm done for...
Lyn  : Wil!
Wil  : Lyn, Agung. I'm no use to you in this condition. Forgive me. I have to
Lyn  : Wil! Are you well?
Wil  : Well now, I'm not completely…
Lyn  : That's an awful wound... Let's stop someplace and rest.
Wil  : That's not necessary. Just leave me. If I can't fight, I'm useless to
   you. You should continue on without me.
Lyn  : No! You told me yourself that you're penniless!
Wil  : Well...that's true, but... I cannot cause you any trouble.
Lyn  : Listen! Wil, you are a member of Lyndis's Legion! You're one of us. A
   part of our family. You see?
Wil  : Lyn...
Lyn  : That means you rely on us when you're injured! Do you understand?
Wil  :Yes, I do. You have my thanks!

Eliwood's Chapter :

Canas : Ah, what a shame. There was so much more that I wanted to learn...

Dorcas : I'm sorry, Natalie... I swore I'd help you... and now, I've broken...
   my oath...

Eliwood : Mother... Father... Please... forgive me...

Fiora : Ilia... I will not... see your soild again... Florina... Farina...
   Be... strong...

Florina : I'm so sorry... I'm... I'm always such trouble...

Guy  : I will be... the best... swordsman in all of Sacae...

Heath : I fought with honor... I can ask nothing more...

Hector : No! Not here! Not now... Forgive me, Eliwood. Tell my brother...

Kent : Lady Lyndis... Travel safely...

Lowen : A knight of Pherae... must never falter...

Lyn  : Oh... But I have so... so much... Oh, Agung...

Lucius : Lord Raymond... May your future be bathed in light...

Priscilla : Raymond, my brother... I wanted only one more...

Lyn  : Rath! Are you OK?
Rath : .....
Lyn  : Rath... Oh! What a terrible wound!
Rath : ..... I must leave until this wound heals.
Lyn  : Forgive me, Rath. I've brought you so much trouble. Here today, and a
   year ago...
Rath : I've never for a moment felt that you caused me trouble. Lyn. My proud
   sister of Sacae... I'm saddened that I will not be with you in the end. The
   road you follow... Mother Earth's... blessings...
Lyn  : Rath!
Rebecca : Forgive me... Brother...

Raven : I'm done for. Is this really... the best I could aspire to?

Sain : Lady Lyndis... I... was... so happy...

Serra : Ooh! Why me? This is SO annoying!

Wil  : That's it... I'm finished...


Eliwood and Hector, Level C :
Hector : Ah, Eliwood! It's good to see you're still well!
Eliwood : Hm. You expected otherwise?
Hector : No, of course not. I knew you'd be fine.
Eliwood : Hector, wait for a moment. What did you want?
Hector : Nothing. It's enought to see that you live and are still fighting.
   Just wanted to make sure you weren't overdoing it with me not around.
Eliwood : I should say the same to you.
Hector : Me? Don't worry about me. I'm fine. I'm built though, you know. A
   little too much is just enough for me. But you, you've never been a hardy
   one, Eliwood. Nor are you used to travel. Go on too long, and you'll
Eliwood : We're all weaklings compared to you, Hector. ...Thankfully, wars are
   not won by strength alone, eh? We've been sparring once very two months
   since we were twelve, and of 30 matches, 14 I won, 12 I lost, and 4 were
Hector : Erh? I think not! I recall 31 matches-- an even 13-13 split, with 5
Eliwood : Yes, well, you recall wrong. I'm in the right.
Hector : Hmph. And what makes you so certain?
Eliwood : Whose snoring was it that shook the rafters in numbers class?
Hector : Ah, good point.
Eliwood : ...Still, I'm touched you were worried about me. Now, back to the
Hector : Hey, wait! ...Blast.

Eliwood and Lyn, Level C :
Lyn  : Eliwood!
Eliwood : Lyndis? Something the matter?
Lyn  : I was watching your swordplay just now. You're quite good. I had no
   idea you could handle a sword so well.
Eliwood  : I've had my share of practice. Just... I'm not sure how well it
   will serve me in real battle.
Lyn  : Where did you learn that style?
Eliwood : My father taught me the basics. Then, I received some instruction
   from Marcus. I spar once every two months with Hector, too.
Lyn  : Sparring, huh? Interested in a new partner?
Eliwood : Who, you? I don't have a problem with that.
Lyn  : Just so long as you don't go easy on me. I'm very serious when I spar.
   Wouldn't want you to get hurt.
Eliwood : Of course, I understand. I'll be ready.


Darin : Marquess of Laus. Has weakness for women. Priscilla was one of the
   woman he likes.

Desmond : King of Bern

Erik  : Son of Darin, Marquess of Laus. More concerned about appearances than
   skill. Power hungry. Hates Eliwood and Hector. Afraid of Hector.

Elbert : Marquess of Laus, father of Eliwood.

Eleanora : Wife of Elbert, mother of Eliwood.

Guinevere : Princess of Bern

Hellene : Queen of Bern

Laus : One of the state in Lycia, member of Lycian League.

Linus : 
   Description : The Rabid Hound of the Four Gangs. Brendan's young son.

Zephiel : Prince of Bern


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- Emperor ServingSpoon (emperorservingspoon@hotmail.com). He/she contributed
  a lot with text that I missed (especially dying text and talk text) 


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