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  1. Im raising up my team.
    i know i should keep rath and wallace but should i raise florina/dorcas/will
    im raising erk and serra aswell
    help plz

    User Info: DRLDRL_TLOZ

    DRLDRL_TLOZ - 10 years ago

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  1. My opinion:
    Rath - Definitely keep him. Good stats, and swords upon promoting. Be ready to baby him a little when he rejoins in Eliwood/Hector mode, though.
    Wallace - Are you on Lyn Hard Mode? If so, he's okay to use since he doesn't auto-promote. Compared to Oswin he'll get higher strength and luck in exchange for lower skill and speed. But if you're on Lyn Normal Mode... Ditch him. Oswin can squash 3 Lyn Normal Mode Wallaces all by himself. (If it's Lyn Hard Mode and you're determined to use him... make sure you get Lloyd's version of the 'Four-Fanged Offense' chapter by controlling your lords' levels)
    Erk - He's definitely better than Pent if you use him. Nino will outclass him, but you get her too late at a waaay too low level. In short: use him if you can't bear to raise a lvl 5 mage with only about 5 or so chapters remaining. If you think you can endure the ultimate baby-sitting, go for Nino. (In my opinion, Erk's superior availability wins over Nino's high stats. No good having great stats when you don't have much opportunities to use it)
    Serra - She's okay, but in terms of a Light magic user Lucius will turn out more offensive. However, Lucius has really low defense and luck so... it's your choice. Keep in mind that, unless you promote her really early Serra has no chance of wielding the S rank Light tomes...
    Florina - Great unit, but really fragile. Be careful when you use her. If using her seems to be too hard, use Fiora instead as she's a bit sturdier than Florina. Or, go for Farina if you're planning on Hector's route and can spare 20,000 gold.
    Dorcas - I'd say no. Good strength and skill, but bad speed and defense ruins him. Go for Bartre instead, he has much more rounded stats. Or use Dart if you love criticals so much you can overlook his abysmal skill.
    Will - Use Rebecca instead. Same class, but overall better stats.

    User Info: Distant_Rainbow

    Distant_Rainbow (Expert) - 9 years ago 3   1


  1. Don't use Will, why would you need 2 archers? Rath is on a horse and can use swords when promoted, and you get him pretty early in the game, so use him. Wallace gets almost no Lyn's-story leveling, and gets 3 exp. per person killed, and you have to promote him at level 12 instead of 20, so I wouldn't use him either. I've heard that Florina gets good if you level her, but I prefer to wait until around chapter 19 to get her older sister, Fiora, who is better. Serra's good, but gets quickly replaced by Prisilla, a mounted healer, around chapters 15 or 16. Dorcas again gets replaced later on by better axe-people. Actually, almost all of your ending party will be found after Lyn's story. But, as KingKilvas said, its your game, and anyone can be really good depending on how you use them. I just wanted to say which characters people generally use.

    User Info: kittkattgamer

    kittkattgamer - 10 years ago 3   2

  2. Screw Rath. Wil, by the end of the game, is a beast. I've beaten all the english Fire Emblem games, and I've found that Wil is the most powerful archer. In the final chapter, other than the mandatory five, I believe I had: Oswin, Dart, Priscilla, Jaffar, Vaida, Canas, and the legendary Wil. It makes a nice, well-rounded team. The other Characters I used throughout the game were: Legault, Guy, Erk, Florina, Lowen (whom I regret making my main cavalier. He is the worst of the three. Choose Kent. If not Kent, then Sain. Lowen blows), Pent, and Matthew. I kinda wish I had remembered to train up a light magic user, so use Lucius. I always promote at level twenty, so I tend to forgoe using pre-promoted characters. But dude, by the final chapter, the level twenty promoted characters make the morphs, Nergal, and the dragon look like little beotches. Overrall, the ones I would recommend DEFINATELY having are: Priscilla, Canas, Wil, Lucius, Oswin, Legault, and Kent. Beyond them, I think you should just think ahead and train unpromoted units to have a balanced and powerful team

    *Though Nino is potentially a powerhouse (as would many of the weak unpromoted characters that seem too weak for the level you gain them), I wouldn't reccomend wasting your time and effort on training her like people recommend.

    **The only prepromoted units I would advise using are: Vaida, Pent, and Jaffar. I did use Geitz a little bit though, if you happen to get him instead of Wallace.

    Hope my advice helps. You should listen to it. I'm a Fire Emblem veteran who has made ll the english games his beotches. Trust me, follow my advice, and restart the chapter if ANYONE dies :D Later

    User Info: Wilactuallypwns

    Wilactuallypwns - 9 years ago 1   0

  3. People i recommend leveling up in Eliwood's/Hector's story:
    All of the Lords- this is a MUST in the final chapter.
    Oswin- better than Wallace
    Priscilla- better stats and movement than Serra
    Rath or Will- either one is good, but i prefer Will
    Guy is a possible, depends on wether you like using him or not
    either one of the cavaliers, but only one-using both will suck up exp

    There are also some pre-promoted characters you acquire later on that do quite well.
    Also, always try to wait until your non-promoted units are atleast level 15 before promoting them. Otherwise they will suck up early exp and not have the best stats.
    Final tip: DO NOT USE MARCUS

    User Info: untuxable

    untuxable - 9 years ago 5   5

  4. Well, I guess it depends on which story mode you're on and what your preferences are.

    For the Lyn story, if you're on normal mode, don't bother with Wallace since you're forced to promote him at level ten. He'd just suck up too much Exp, unless of course, the rest of your party is under leveled. Then by all means bring him along. You can, of course, bring everyone along to level them up to 20 on Lundgren. For me, I would personally bring along:

    Dorcas- give him a hammer and he'll prove to be a match for Lundgren.
    Lyn- well, she's kind of forced to come along, plus her Mani Katti will come in handy.
    Sain- he's got a higher strength stat than Kent so he's in for me.
    Serra- well, we do need a healer.
    Will- Cause horses have less movement in the rain.
    Erk- his magic will pwn the crap out of Lundgren.
    Florina- usually use her for rescue operations. (Ex: If say Dorcas were to take a lot more damage than I expected after he attacks, I rescue him and bring him aside.)
    Nills- For extra turns.

    That's just about it for me.

    For the Hector/Eliwood story, it all depends on how your units are towards the end and what unit you prefer. I usually focus on training some specific characters throughout the story and build them all up so I can completely pwn at the end of the game. For me, (aside from the Lords, Athos, and Nills) I usually bring:

    Raven- He has the most balanced stats out of all of my characters. He only suffers in Luck, Def, and Res.
    Guy- He's fast and can usually land all criticals with a Wo Dao or a Killing Edge.
    Mathew, Legaut, or Jaffar- I depend on their Silencer ability with a Killing Edge.
    Nino- She has high magic stats and can really help with healing as well.
    Dart- High strength allows for major damage, High Hp for endurance, High speed to allow double attacks as well as evade, and the 15% in critical really helps in the long run. Give him the Basillikos when you get it or a Killer Axe and see him pwn.
    Rebecca- With some high speed and, if you're lucky, a decent attack, she'll be hitting twice with decent damage.
    Oswin- for his high defence and high attack, he'll be a match for the Genrals you'll have to face off in the stage.

    As a final word, you might want everyone to have at least one space free in their items for the super weapons you get in the final level and bring along that Fortify Renault has cause that will REALLY help when facing the Dragon, an Eclipse so if you're lucky, you can halve the Dragon's life right away, and of course, Luna for Nergal and the Dragon. I think that's just about it.

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    Zethrath132 - 9 years ago 1   1

  5. Whoever you like. Really. You can win the game with any party. even just archers. Whoever you like. I personally always use Isadora, even though she is seen as an average unit I still always without fail use her.

    User Info: magus_of_cookie

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  6. Any unit will be good

    User Info: Jackz_Guyz

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  7. By the way, I'm sorry, but the only axe fighter (other than Hector) that I like is Dart. I beat the entire game, LM and EM, and Dorcas killed two pwoplw all together. Bartre didn't kill any. I had no problems winnig without them

    User Info: Wilactuallypwns

    Wilactuallypwns - 9 years ago 0   0

  8. If you're still in Lyn's chapter i really like Sain and Wil, in my eyes Rath sucks unlike wil the only thing hes good for is his movement. As for the final battle i love using Dart and Raven i also liked Serra because of her extremely high magic power rate after promotion not to forget the lords. as for mages im a big fan of mages so i used 2 Canas and Erk, i didn't use Nino because of her low hp and because im a very absent-minded person and tend to forget to place my units in the right place. I also used the pegasus knights but only farina and florina. the rest was Sain, matthew, jaffar, oswin and other generally used characters

    User Info: Bio_Hazardss

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  9. Basic team model:
    Lords (all)- Eliwood, Hector, Lyn
    Cavalier (1 or 2)- Kent, Sain, or Lowen. Kent is concentrated on speed and skill, Sain on strength, and Lowen on defense and HP. I personally like Kent the best, but all three are good.
    Fighter/Pirate (0-1, maybe 2)- I don't really like any of them that much but Bartre or Dart are your best bets.
    Archers (0-1)- I would stick with Rath.
    Knight (0-1)- Lose Wallace. Oswin, no contest.
    Mymridon (0-1)- Guy
    Thief (1)- Matthew is a must early on, but once you get Legault you could switch if Matt is underlevelled.
    Healer (1)- Either Serra or Priscilla. I like Prissy better because of her mobility.
    Magic Users (1-3)- Lucius and Canas are obvious candidates. You could also use Erk, I like the prepromote Pent better, and he also substitute as a healer.
    Mercenary (0-1)- Not necessary, but I usually use Raven. Harken is also good if you don't use Raven.
    Fliers (1-3)- I sometimes use fliers, as they are useful for their mobility. For your first run, I would recommend Florina and Heath. If you don't want to baby Florina, then Fiora is also good.

    You probably cannot use one from every category listed, as the recommended number of your party is 10-15. If you had to cut any, I'd leave out myridons and probably the axe-users, as Lyn and Hector, respectively, usually do the job of those two groups. You could probably cut mercenaries as well. Finally, archers are fairly useless as they usually cannot counterattack, but since you want a varied party, I'd use them for your first run.

    User Info: walugitheweener

    walugitheweener - 8 years ago 0   0

  10. It really doesn't matter who you bring, as long as you have Wil. He's pretty much the best FE character ever.

    User Info: Wil_Stormchaser

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  11. Do whatever you want. Its your game, just choose the best character that you have or the one you want to use.

    User Info: KingKilvas

    KingKilvas - 10 years ago 3   4

  12. -all 3 lords should be leveled up
    -if u want defense take wil as your archer...otherwise train rebecca
    -train oswin..his stats are waaay better than wallace any day
    -i would take erk over pent despite the low level in staves
    -if u want physical defense over magical, take heath over florina
    -priscilla would be better than serra later in the game hands down
    -i would probably take two out three from these:
    jaffar, raven, guy

    But likethe others said its your game..have fun with it

    User Info: ghostee23

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  13. Lyn's Story

    Rath-He is a fantastic archer, kicks butt at the arenas, can wield swords, and murders all magic wielders and Uhai in the final chapter.
    Lyn-You eventually have to use her and she becomes amazing at dodging at endgame. She has a high critical rate.

    Eliwood's Story

    Eliwood-Durandal is awesome, he is amazing endgame, he is super strong
    Hector-He can solo the final boss, he normally takes no damage, ARMADS!
    Canas-His lack of defense is compensated with his dodging, he can solo the final level like Hector, his criticals are amazing
    Priscilla-Great healer, moves further than Serra, magic is stronger than Serra
    Heath-Better than Vaida, best flyer in the game, great attack
    Raven-Fantastic until some of the enemies in the final level, can wield axes and swords
    Oswin-Tied for best tank in the game with Hector, can take billions of hits
    Legault/Jaffar-Take one but Jaffar is better with Instant Kills
    Athos-No need for explanation

    User Info: dsispro

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  14. Fist, lets get the obvious out of the way.

    Eliwood: He is hit or miss, but he usually ends up pretty good for me.
    Lyn: A swordmaster that gets bows instead of innate critical. She is very good.
    Hector: Need i say more?

    I usually use Kent and Sain, and have used Marcus on this level. He might be a little slow, but he is the best Axe using Paladin. Give him a Hammer if you have a few extra.

    Rath is an excelent choice, as are BOTH Pent and Louise. They can feed off eachothers supports.

    I didnt use Canas for about 4 or 5 levels, then brought him back because i had enough room to, and boy, was he still good, though a bit fragile.

    Use Oswin. He is a Knight with good spd. Just use him if you were smart enough to upgrade him.

    Use either Hawkeye or Dart (but only if you upgraded him). They will kick major general butt with a hammer or a killer axe.

    Oh, and Athos rocks, too.

    User Info: tacticdavid

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  15. This sounds like lyn's story. That's just the first 10 chapters, there are 20 or so more to go depending on sidequests. Statwise, Raven, Oswin, lords , any cavalier/paladin not called isadora, any magic user not called renault, and Pegasi are good.

    User Info: TacticianX

    TacticianX - 9 years ago 1   3

  16. Guy and Karel are all you need.

    User Info: vivi_donagus

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  17. why would you need 2 archers? one is enough
    if you hate babying an unit well i will say to use:
    The Three Lords - since you will bring those three lords in the final chapter
    Sain/Lowen/Kent - i can't resist to have a great pallie on my team (Sain for Strength,Lowen for Defense,Kent for Speed) but only use one of them
    Raven/Guy - you only need one of them (i think...) if one of them dies use another
    Erk/Pent - if Erk dies use Pent
    Hawkeye/Dart - yeah, Berserker Rules with High Speed and Strength
    Rebecca - She awesome for an archer
    Fiora - if you want a falco knight, use her since she sturdier than florina
    Priscilla/Serra - either are great but use one of them
    and finally
    Canas - He can OWN the fire dragon with Luna

    User Info: Chiki120

    Chiki120 - 9 years ago 0   3

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