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  1. Where can I find promotion items?

    User Info: RossSenju

    RossSenju - 8 years ago

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  1. I believe these are the correct locations at least in normal mode:

    Hero Crest:
    16E/17H (Whereabouts Unknown) - Right southern chest
    20E/21H (New Resolve) - Steal from Oleg
    22E/23H (Living Legend) - Hidden in the sand left of the leftmost skeleton (place a thief on it)
    25E/27H (Pale Flower Of Darkness, Jerme's version) - Southermost chest

    Knight Crest:
    9L (A Grim Reunion) - Wallace joins with it
    16E/17H (Whereabouts Unknown) - Left northern chest
    21E/22H (Kinship's Bond) - Dropped by enemy Cavalier
    24E/26H (Unfulfilled Heart) - Steal from enemy Cavalier

    Orion's Bolt:
    18E/19H (The Dread Isle) - Dropped by Uhai
    23E/24H (Four-Fanged Offense) - Linus version: one of the villages; Lloyd's version: dropped by enemy sniper

    Guiding Ring:
    17E/18H (Pirate Ship) - Dropped by enemy Shaman
    19E/20H (Dragon's Gate) - Southern one of the eastern two chests
    22E/23H (Living Legend) - Steal from Jasmine
    25E/27H (Pale Flower Of Darkness, Kenneth's version) - Northwesternmost chest in the treasure room
    27E/29H (Cog Of Destiny) - Steal from enemy Sniper

    Elysian Whip:
    20E/21H (New Resolve) - Visit the northeastern village
    25H (Crazed Beast) - Visit the single village
    26E/28H (Battle Before Dawn) - Dropped by enemy Bishop

    Earth Seal:
    23E/24H (Four-Fanged Offense) - Linus version: visit the southeastern village; Lloyd's version: visit the central village
    30E/32H (Victory Or Death) - Received automatically at start of the chapter

    Heaven Seal:
    24E/26H (Unfulfilled Heart) - Received automatically at start of the chapter if you've recruited Hawkeye and he's still alive
    26E/28H (Battle Before Dawn) - Received automatically at the end of the chapter
    28E (Volarious Roland)/30H (The Berserker) - Your main lord automatically promotes with it

    Ocean Seal:
    22E/23H (Living Legend) - Hidden in the sand in a 2x2 square 2 spaces left of the southeastern corner (place a thief on it)

    Fell Contract:
    26x/28x (Night Of Farewells) - Dropped by Sonia

    Additionally you can buy promotion items in some secret shops:
    29E/31H (Sands Of Time) - Warp to the small patch of grass on the southern side of the map. For sale are Hero Crest, Knight Crest, Elysian Whip, Orion's Bolt and Guiding Ring; all at a cost of 10,000 G.
    30E/32H (Victory Or Death) - In the far northeastern corner of the map, one square left from the edge. For sale are Earth Seal (20,000 G), Fell Contract (50,000 G) and Ocean Seal (50,000 G),

    User Info: DemonKingu

    DemonKingu - 8 years ago 0   0

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  1. Check this webpage:

    h t t p://

    Lists all of the promotion items and where to find them.

    User Info: Distant_Rainbow

    Distant_Rainbow (Expert) - 8 years ago 0   0

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