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  1. So, I've been leveling up everybody BUT Marcus, but I've always wondered, who are the best to use in the units. See, even after leveling up almost everybody, I've found that a few people are still weak and/or still below the level up requirments. So, if you had to choose who would help me in the long run, who would you choose?

    User Info: Consmiths_Angel

    Consmiths_Angel - 10 years ago

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  1. Deciding who are the best units of all is extremely difficult since so many people have such different opinions. It comes down to personal opinion really, but some are better than others when comparing characters of the same/similar class.

    For example, I'd recommend trading Serra out for Priscilla once you get her since not only does she heal like Serra, but her movement is far better, plus she's good at rescuing units if they need it. Also, most pre-promoted units aren't very good when you bring unpromoted ones up to their level. Does it take longer to do that, yes. So if your lazy, use the pre-promotes, but I'd highly recommend taking the time to level others up, since their stats are usually far superior. If you choose to level up any of the other Cavaliers and match them to Marcus, its pathetic how weak Marcus is.

    I like cavaliers, but later in the game they do lose their usefulness, I just had a particular liking for Kent. And that's okay, because if you level characters up properly, you can handle most of the levels as long as you have a decent brain. Pick characters that you like, but keep your ranks even. Don't have too many of one class, that spells disaster. Using the Lord's (Lyn, Eliwood, Hector) are a sound choice since they're very good, despite Eliwood being a weaker main character, physically, than past FE characters.

    Have a couple strong magic users. I'd recommend Canas and Pent, or you can try and level up Nico when you get her, but that can be tough and annoying. I personally think Erk is a weak mage and an average character all around, so I personally let him go. Invest in Canas though, he's the only Druid you get, he might be a little sluggish but I've seen him kill the final boss on his own. Not to be underestimated.

    Also, if your starting a new game, take the time to level up Florina. She's frail at the start, but my favorite airborne character, she gets very powerful if you level her. Oswin and Rebecca are great choices as well. However, they both lose some points since by the time Oswin gets to where the fighting is, its usually over and Rebecca's defense is deplorable, but she can do great damage. Archers are underestimated in this game, but they are quite frail. Magic users tend to one up them later on since they can also attack from afar, but tend to have around the same, or a little better defense, and obviously far better resistance.

    All in all, choose who you like, just be aware that some characters/classes lose their usefulness over time. Level up your Lords, especially Lyn early, since they end up being a tremendous help. And remember to promote your units when they reach lvl 20 or close to it so you can max some of their stats. Some might consider it cheap, but the Arena can be your best friend, as long as your careful. Just don't abuse it too much before the desert level, or else you'll have a less likely chance of getting the bonus chapter.

    User Info: ExireHG

    ExireHG - 10 years ago 2   0

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  1. Use ALL lords
    For Axes I recommend Dart and Sain/Kent (Both are great).

    For Lances I like using Florina or Fiora, and if your on hector Definately save up money for Farina, shes the best pegasus knight, but keep the to just using one or 2. Oh and, Heath is Great, but hes really, really a trouble to raise.

    For swords, Guy and legualt. Legualt is definatly worth it. Oh AND RAVEN, YES HES AWESOME!

    For Bows, Will is the best untill you premote Lyn.

    For Staves, Early in the game just us Presilla, but later, replace her with the other premoted magic units unless her stats are really good, REALLY.

    For Anima, Erk, is OK, but Pent is SLIGHTLY better. if your Erk is a higher level then Pent when you get Pent, don't switch. Also, Nino probably has the highest avrage stats at premoted 20. So just raise her... a lot. But really, if you can raise her to level 20 you can probably sack erk, pent AND canas. I mean, even at level 18 unpremoted, stick her in the middle of a mob and she probably will survive...

    For Light, just use Lucius.

    For Dark... Canas really sucks after a while so just wait till Athos, but Canas isn't too bad.

    And now for what I like for the final boss.
    All Lords
    Nino, and if you sisn't raise her, Erk
    Legualt, and if you didn't raise him, Jaffar.
    Raven/Guy. If you didn't raise Raven use guy, but if you raise both of them compare whos stats are better.
    And Farina, if you didn't raise her, Fiora, and if you didn't raise her, Hath, and if you didn't raise him, Florina.
    And then everyone else you raised, but these, I think are the best people.

    User Info: crazycolorz5

    crazycolorz5 - 10 years ago 1   1

  2. There's only a handful of prepromos that are actually worth using, since your unpromoted units can and often will turn out better. Among the ones worth using I'd like to mention Pent and Hawkeye. Athos is also, predictably, very strong.

    Among unpromoted units, I absolutely recommend Canas. Hector, Oswin, Dart, Serra, Erk, Guy, Florina and Rebecca are all good. If you can develop her properly, Nino also has the potential to be the best magic user in the game.

    I'd personally stay away from Lowen, Kent and Sain, because Paladins are inherently limited aside from weapon triangle abuse (their stats are average defined, and not in a good way), and instead get a Wyvern Rider/Wyvern Lord.

    User Info: GenocideHeart

    GenocideHeart - 10 years ago 1   2

  3. Don't mind Johnsondaddy. Pre-promoted units actually have an advantage, since they don't require a promotion item and are thus cheaper, and didn't need to gain 1000+ experience to reach such a high level.

    Some of the better units (Hector Hard Mode) are Guy, Raven, Serra, Priscilla, Lowen, Kent, Sain, Marcus, Erk, Eliwood, Matthew and perhaps a few more I can't remember from the top of my head :/

    User Info: tino_1190

    tino_1190 - 10 years ago 0   2

  4. Be sure to have a good balance of pre-promoted units and unpromoted ones. The unpromoted units are essential to your experience score, but using their promotion items on them can lower your funds rating. If you have a promoted unit that is clearly (or even debatably) better than an unpromoted unit would be at that level, then use the pre-promote. Also keep in mind that it is better to have a balanced array of classes and good supports, rather than just picking units based on their stats.

    User Info: lil_literalist

    lil_literalist - 10 years ago 0   2

  5. The best of the best, in my opinion are Hector, Lyn, Rebbecca, Sain, Florina, Oswin, Raven, Serra, Priscilla, and Dart. The others can be good as well, and I wouldn't recommend just forgetting about them without giving them a chance. Additionally, the "good" units I mentioned above may not turn out nearly as good in your game. And preferably, try to find units with good support options.

    User Info: Dream_Song

    Dream_Song - 10 years ago 0   2

  6. Honestly, I would use anyone who isn't promoted. Promoted units will not get a lot of expirience fighting weaker units. Your better off eith using promoted units like Marcus at a later level.

    User Info: Johnsondaddy

    Johnsondaddy - 10 years ago 0   3

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