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All the "DSS Action cards" are named after Roman gods and goddesses except for 'Uranus' which uses it's Greek name. Uranus is the Greek name of the God of the Heavens, the Roman name of this God is 'Ouranos'.

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Equipping a special obtainable item called the "Bear Ring" and activating the Pluto & Black Dog combo will change the main character, Nathan, into a cartoon bear known as Beartank from the game ''Rakugakids''.

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Famous Quotes

Dracula: It is a wasted effort. I will never be truly gone. So long as there is darkness and desire in the soul of man. I will continue to be revived.
Nathan Graves: And we will be there to stop you. You can bet on that.

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Connection to Other Media

Arachne, the spider-human hybrid boss, is based on a Greek mythological creature of the same name. In the myth, she started as a mortal woman and master weaver who challenged Athena. After her loss, Arachne was changed into a spider.

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