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Reviewed: 06/11/01 | Updated: 06/11/01

THIS is on Gameboy?! Welcome to the future!

What can I say? I went out, excited to get my new Gameboy Advance. ''Wow!'' I say, ''A new Castlevania!'' I always loved Castlevania, especially the depth of Symphony of the Night. Well, I got that from trading in my Game Boy Color and rushed home. As soon as I popped the game in and heard the haunting opening tune, I knew that this was the new fangled GBA showing off its power.

Graphics: 9
Okay, I usually don't start on Graphics, but being as it's a GBA launch title, I figured it be fitting. The graphics are AWESOME. They surpass the SNES in many parts. No hints of slow down, pixilization was rare, only when numbers or letters expanded, (Like the LEVEL UP! thing that pops up). The backgrounds are incredibly detailed, your character has plenty of personality, beautiful character designs... this is the start of something beautiful. The only reason it isn't a ten is due to the large amount of stuff to show on the screen, the characters aren't the most detailed, but beautiful none the less.

Sound: 10
My god. The haunting opening music, a chorus sings out, crystal clear. The music befits Castlevania in every way, and it's very clear too. This stuff beats the SNES, if you have headphones. The mono sound may leave you a little off, believe me, headphones give you a full experience. Just emerse yourself in every single crack of the whip.

Story: 7
Dracula is back. Dracula is bad. Kill Dracula. Story isn't exactly big for Castlevania, but there are plenty of characters in this one, and a lot more story than other Castlevanias.

Gameplay: 10
Castlevania. You play it, you love it, and you want more. This time, you have plenty of moves, running, jumping, sliding, whipping, swinging around your whip (Which is quite fun, actually), but sorry, no multidirectional whipping due to the amount of buttons. There is plenty to smack around with your whip or large amount of sub weapons. There is equipping, leveling up, and item usage to keep you busy with RPG elements. There is also a pretty cool feature called DSS. You choose two cards, and depending on the combination they will do different things for a staggering amount of spells. It'll keep you experimenting for quite a while! Flaming whips, barrage of ice, all to take down the demons! A great time, it's one of the few handheld games you will spend hours on while you are at home. And plus, it can go with you on vacation! Have some fun on the plane while thwacking demons with your whip of spiffness.

Replay value:10
Okay, this may depend on your tastes, but I can play Castlevania games time after time after time. It is such fun to just see demons explode time and time again.

Buy or rent? Buy it! It is the best launch game, it's like having a SNES in your pocket at all times. You won't regret buying it.

So basically, allow me to say: I have taken too much time away from Castlevania doing this, so do yourself a favor and join me in the bliss that is Circle of the Moon.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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