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I think the hero's constipated. Where're those laxative Life Savers I had a few days ago...? 11/08/01 Achilles Heel
Drac is back looking for a quick snack to pack the power to give you a swift smack in the... Ack! 07/17/02 Aussie2B
It feels like Castlevania to me, IGA.... 07/14/11 Bkstunt_31
Bark at the Moon 07/06/10 BloodGod65
The First GBA CV Game Remains, Arguably, Its Best 05/15/05 Diplocephalus
'Amusing. To use my nemesis' life to return my power.' 05/05/03 Halron2
A higher standard of gaming 04/24/03 JIrish
Evil Never Dies... 10/15/03 Kain Stryder
Circle of the New Moon. For real. 11/01/07 Kashell Triumph
"How many people wanna whip some ass..." 02/04/03 KasketDarkfyre
Circle of the Moon's expertly crafted level design, sharp environments, and hard-boiled mechanics shine on the GBA. 12/18/06 Korubi
A wonderful followup to Symphony of the Night 06/24/01 Leetdude
Not quite Symphony of the Night, but still a great game 06/03/09 LordShibas
You know, the moon is only viewed as being round for approximately three days of the lunar cycle 07/17/02 matt91486
A bit more tedious than the average trip to Castlevania 09/01/04 Overdrive
The Castlevania legacy lives on! 08/31/01 Pancakes
Coming Soon: Sphere of the Sun! 11/01/01 Psycho Penguin
Superb 2D Platforming With RPG Elements 11/28/05 Raumien
C is for Circle, that's not enough for me 08/11/15 SethBlizzard
Still My Favorite GBA Castlevania. 08/07/04 Tarrun
A Metroidvania with elements of traditional Castlevania games. 11/05/07 The Vic Viper
High quality platformer that pleases... sort of 09/28/02 zephyrmaster

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The best portable alternative to Symphony Of the Night. 06/12/01 Alterwolf
A MUST HAVE GBA game!!! 06/09/01 ANTYaz925
One question: Why must Drac remodel his crib EVERY new game? 07/13/01 Arcademan6
The best launch game! 09/17/01 birch2001
A few problems keep this game from true excellence 06/07/10 buruburu1
You buy or you miss out! 06/19/01 DaGame007
I just don't like this game 06/16/01 dmbf5guster
I wonder if Hugh and Nathan Baldwin are related to Alec Baldwin. 05/20/02 Doodleheimer
Definately the best GBA game out there right now 07/11/01 FFIX369
So this is GBA...I like it! 01/18/02 Gauntlet Man 99
A Must buy 07/05/01 GValko
Metroidvania on the GBA 02/25/16 horror_spooky
Dont try this at home children 07/13/01 hyncer
Pretty Darn Good 07/16/01 Jark
By far the best launch game for the GBA. A must have!!!!! 07/16/01 JD 13
Ever wonder why the moon is circular instead of square? 07/23/01 Larcen Tyler
C:SotN has finally been dethroned!!! 06/18/01 mgsisthebest
Simon Belmont would be proud. 07/19/01 Mikey4004
Great game, if you forget Symphony for a bit... 06/10/02 MurderDeathKill
The best selling launch title, but is it really the best? 07/13/01 PsiStorm
A Whippin' good time! 06/17/01 Raziel
2D Castlevania Lives 03/25/01 S. Sage
This game easily rivals Symphony of the Night. 06/20/01 shigman
The best in the series 01/05/09 srgeman
Disappointing, but not all bad 06/27/01 The JW
THIS is on Gameboy?! Welcome to the future! 06/11/01 TigerSolo
An instant classic and a must-buy release game! 06/20/01 Uncle Fuz
A great game to start out the release of a great system 06/14/01 ViagraPolice121
The great Castlevania series has a great GBA game 06/18/01 Videogamer
There's something for everyone in the Castlevania series next haunting installment 07/16/01 WainioTheMaster
Gah! I can't see! 10/10/07 wolverinefan

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