• Sunset background

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Sunset backgroundComplete all normal cups with gold trophies

    Contributed By: joekisvcool.

    1    0

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    3rd Night Background on Title ScreenBeat 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc Cups with *** ranking
    SNES Tracks in Grand PrixBeat any cup/class in 1st place, then replay cup and collect 100 Coins
    SNES Tracks in Time TrialUnlock the SNES tracks in 150cc class first
    Special CupBeat the Mushroom, Flower, Thunder, and Star Cups in first place on the difficulty setting you want
    Special Cup in Time TrialBeat the Mushroom, Flower, Thunder, and Star Cups in first place on 150cc

    Contributed By: djsonic, TK n Happy Ness, DBM11085, and Dallas.

    18    3


  • Extra Speed Boost!

    When you have a Mushroom Turbo boost Power up and you are about to go on a Spring Ramp, Use you're Turbo Boost power up, If you use it JUST BEFORE you go on the ramp/spring You can go much further and faster.

    This works on just about every course with a spring/boost on it, but I don't think it is very effective on massive red and yellow ramps...

    Contributed By: Lagunathemoron.

    12    1

  • Fast Item

    Once you have an Item and it is scrolling to decide which one you get press ''L'' a few times and the scrolling will stop so you get the Item twice as fast!

    Contributed By: ScrawlKnight.

    8    6

  • Player Select Tricks

    On the Player Select screen, press L to make the rotating image of the character you put the cursor on shoot a green shell straight ahead. You can also press R to make that character jump. And pressing select makes your character honk their horn. Do this as many times as you please, it's just a little trick to try if you want.

    Contributed By: DBM11085 and I_AM_GOD.

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  • Power Sliding

    As in Mario Kart 64, you are able to power slide in this game as well! To perform a power slide, press and hold R to hop while holding Left or Right. When you land, you'll slide in the direction you were holding. After about 2 seconds, let go of the R button and stop sliding. When you drive straight, you'll be given a boost, which is the result of a power slide. It may take a little bit of practice to pull it off, but it helps when trying to get around hairpin turns, or if you want to cut a couple seconds off your time when racing in Time Trial mode.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

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  • Recover before Spinning Out

    When you run straight into a Banana or another hazard, you'll notice your kart goes off balance before spinning out totally. To get back on balance before spinning out, release the acceleration and press the brakes (you must do this before you actually spin out, or else it'll be worthless). If you did it correctly, you'll see a music note appear above your character's head, showing you pulled it off successfully.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

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  • Turbo Boost after Lakitu Retrieval

    If you fall off the track or get stuck underwater for more than a couple moments, Lakitu comes to pull you out and place you on the track again. When he picks you up, wait until just before you touch the track again, then press the acceleration and you'll get a turbo boost if you timed it correctly.

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

    15    1

  • Turbo Boost at Start of Race

    To get a turbo boost to give you a head start in the race, do not press/hold the acceleration button before the race. Wait until just before the final light appears, then hold down the accelerator If you time it correctly, you'll be shot ahead, giving you a quick start!

    Contributed By: DBM11085.

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