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Games in the "Siren" Franchise

2003 - Siren
PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4
Resist the Call! 0:00, Midnight. A Siren calls and a sea of red water mysteriously surrounds the mountain village Hanuda. Slowly, a terrible force transforms the inhabitants into Shibito, undead husks of their old selves, fueled by evil and hate. Play as one of ten characters caught in a...
Forbidden Siren 2
2006 - Forbidden Siren 2
PlayStation 2
Forbidden Siren 2 is a haunting tale set on the island of Yamijima. The story starts as a group of characters are washed up on the island's shore after their boat is caught in a violent storm. Unbeknown to them, 29 years earlier all the inhabitants of the island mysteriously disappeared in a...
SIREN: Blood Curse
2008 - SIREN: Blood Curse
PlayStation 3
Blood-splattered episodes of this Japanese Survival Horror are available as downloads, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the next episode arrives. The story follows a TV crew from America, who has journeyed to research and film an expose on the urban myth of Hanuda, the Vanished Village....