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Games in the "Drakengard" Franchise

2003 - Drakengard
PlayStation 2, Mobile
Conflict has erupted between the Empire and the Union. Caim, a Union warrior, teams up with a dragon to unravel the mystery behind the Empire's sudden rise to power. In Drakengard, you must guide several characters, including Caim and his dragon, as they engage and destroy enemies on multiple...
Drakengard 2
2005 - Drakengard 2
PlayStation 2
The flames of war are ablaze once again. Eighteen years have passed since the war between the Empire and the Union. Nowe, a young soldier raised by a dragon, meets Manah, a woman with a mysterious past. Together they take on Gismor, the leader of the Knights of the Seal, and his band of twisted...
Drakengard 3
2013 - Drakengard 3
PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3
A prequel to the original Drakengard, Drakengard 3 transports players to a medieval world where six sisters wield special magical abilities as the 'Intoners.' These sisters have brought peace to the earth with their power to manipulate magic through song. Harmony is disrupted, however, when the...

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