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Games in the "Atlantis" Franchise

Atlantis: The Lost Tales
1997 - Atlantis: The Lost Tales
PC, Saturn, PlayStation
Travel in time and step into the world of Atlantis, a civilization rich in wonder and sophistication. Reigning over this island of peace and plenty is Queen Rhea who has mysteriously disappeared. Find the truth by entering the life of a young hero named Seth and solve the mysteries of this...
Beyond Atlantis
1999 - Beyond Atlantis
PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Macintosh
Your journey awaits... Step into the land of dreams and legends. Explore worlds of unparalleled beauty as your travels take you to the fascinating lands of Tibet, China, Yucatan, Ireland, Atlantis and the mystical land of Shambhala.
Beyond Atlantis II
2001 - Beyond Atlantis II
PC, PlayStation 2
In this story, the player takes the role of a young Egyptologist who hopes to find an antediluvian city she believes can be found somewhere in the barren Hoggar desert. She is joined by a local man called Tuareg, a loner who has chosen to leave modern civilization and live his life as his...
Beyond Atlantis Combo Pack
2004 - Beyond Atlantis Combo Pack
Beyond Atlantis Combo Pack is a Miscellaneous game, developed by Cryo Interactive and published by DreamCatcher Interactive, which was released in 2004.
Atlantis Evolution
2004 - Atlantis Evolution
Atlantis: Evolution follows the adventures of Curtis Hewitt, a photographer who becomes caught in a vortex that brings him to the lost city of Atlantis. A stranger in a land of technology and archaic faith, Curtis soon finds himself assisting the Atlanteans as they attempt to overthrow their...
The Secrets of Atlantis
2006 - The Secrets of Atlantis
PC, iOS (iPhone/iPad)
It's 1937 and Howard Brooks, a young aeronautical engineer, is attacked by members of an occult sect. He soon learns that these evil-doers covet the mysterious secret of a forgotten civilization of which, it seems, he is an heir. Caught up by his past, Howard sets out on an adventure that leads...